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  1. So before I got back in diapers, I wanted to be back in diapers but had some strange thoughts on how they worked... I thought a fart would make it swell up. Silly young me.... Any other strange thoughts in that transition between ages 4-14? EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot. Back in those days, I once had a dream that I bought some jeans with a diaper built in.
  2. dave_the_baby

    Would saying this get you a spanking?

    "My diaper is moist."
  3. For those of you who don't know what google cardboard is, it's Virtual Reality for Android in which you use a cardboard (or in some cases, plastic) headset that you put your phone in. There will eventually be a settings menu for a girly/jungle environment, change of music (for now it's just Greensleeves for discretion purposes), changing the length of the nap (it automatically quits in 30 minutes for now), and changing what the mobile looks like. It's still a WIP. It also will not be on the play store- I'm going to privately host it on google drive.
  4. White diapers with prints. Sometimes when I'm spending on a budget, I'll just have plain white diapers, or sometimes (if I'm not lazy), put custom prints on it
  5. dave_the_baby

    Well that was weird xD

    So many customers who say "This was supposed to be ringing up as <x>". 90% of the time, it's because they didn't read it properly. Even worse is when they hold up the line to ask to see a manager, thank goodness that part is rare at my store. .-.
  6. dave_the_baby

    Well that was weird xD

    Talk about unusual glitches in the system... I work retail, and a customer tried to buy some pull-ups for her daughter...and the system asked the cashier to confirm that the customer was over 21. Uh...okay then. xD
  7. dave_the_baby

    Odd diaper fantasies you have

    I mean I'd be allowed to take restroom breaks. It's just be so tempting to use the diaper XD
  8. dave_the_baby


    So I inherited a back massager which I find can be used on my diaper to cause orgasms, but I find it awkward as it has two vibrating balls and I kinda want something that I to can tape on to my diaper for multiple orgasms (once I gasm I find it harder to hold the back massager over my penis) Anyone have any recommendations? I don't care about high-quality as long as it'd get the job done.
  9. dave_the_baby

    Sexuality Expert Opinion

    Snopes.com talked about this. The expert was talking about older children (such as Autistic children) giving consent, not babies https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/did-educator-say-ask-babies-permission/?utm_source=facebook&amp;utm_medium=social
  10. I find you can get Abenas in smaller quantities and thus not pay so much at once, as well as Tranquility ATNs. Sometimes there's a sale which is nice. ^.^ Pickup's not too bad either, as there's a walmart near my house, so I can usually save on shipping expenses. Anyone else do that?
  11. dave_the_baby

    Odd diaper fantasies you have

    Being put in a comfortable chastity belt and being put in diapers 24/7. Stay dry for a week, the belt comes off. One wetting, it stays on for another week.
  12. dave_the_baby

    What do I do? Where do I go?

    In addition to having walks, I'd make some friends outside the AB/DL community and spend time with them when you can. I find having a little bit of social time outside of family does wonders for my mood. Even if it's just having lunch with a friend, playing video games for an hour, or having someone join you on the walks.
  13. dave_the_baby

    Spanked with your diaper on or bare bottom?

    Well, I'd like to be spanked with the diaper on, but not on the butt in said case- legs below the diaper hurt too. I found that out when I spanked myself with the leg of a broken off tripod (the end that was still fully intact, not the part that splintered out) and boy did it sting FAST. Makes me wish I had someone to do it to me because forcing myself is hard when I can just walk away. D:
  14. dave_the_baby

    Finish the article

    Attached is a fake screenshot I made. And nope, not telling strangers my magical technique to making it, sorry. D: The game is to finish writing the article, after the point where it says "Please complete the article." Try to make it silly but sound like a news article please.
  15. I actually think it's exactly as it looks with this guy- he wants fast solutions, and he's looking for someone else at this point since I don't want to give it to him. But really...I'm pansexual, and as much as the idea of accidentally impregnanting a girl and having a child I'm not ready to have yet...I obviously like women more. I bond with women more as friends, most of my wet dreams involve females (a few involve men but most involve women), and I have considered marrying a certain woman when I was 18. But at this point, I don't want a random hookup. My character, lil Mischief, feels REAL to me right now, like he's an actual 8-year old kid who's terrified he'll never get out of diapers (I don't have that problem in real life). I'd rather have a friend to talk to me right now than a sexual partner.