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  1. dave_the_baby

    Spanked with your diaper on or bare bottom?

    Well, I'd like to be spanked with the diaper on, but not on the butt in said case- legs below the diaper hurt too. I found that out when I spanked myself with the leg of a broken off tripod (the end that was still fully intact, not the part that splintered out) and boy did it sting FAST. Makes me wish I had someone to do it to me because forcing myself is hard when I can just walk away. D:
  2. dave_the_baby

    Finish the article

    Attached is a fake screenshot I made. And nope, not telling strangers my magical technique to making it, sorry. D: The game is to finish writing the article, after the point where it says "Please complete the article." Try to make it silly but sound like a news article please.
  3. I actually think it's exactly as it looks with this guy- he wants fast solutions, and he's looking for someone else at this point since I don't want to give it to him. But really...I'm pansexual, and as much as the idea of accidentally impregnanting a girl and having a child I'm not ready to have yet...I obviously like women more. I bond with women more as friends, most of my wet dreams involve females (a few involve men but most involve women), and I have considered marrying a certain woman when I was 18. But at this point, I don't want a random hookup. My character, lil Mischief, feels REAL to me right now, like he's an actual 8-year old kid who's terrified he'll never get out of diapers (I don't have that problem in real life). I'd rather have a friend to talk to me right now than a sexual partner.
  4. So a while back, this guy on fetlife, college student, 21 years old messages me and offers quite bluntly to change my diaper. Comes across as a bit stalkerish at first, but my intial reaction is, "sounds bad but doesn't feel dangerous." Eventually we became Skype buddies, he started to become a bit dominant, but in a nice way. Mainly telling me to be a good boy, put on a diaper and wet it. Conversation usually went in the way like "these are expensive, don't want to use them," he'd say to use them anyway and I would, and would end up enjoying it. He's not on skype very often (I assume he studies hard and puts pleasure last), so it's not like I'm burning through diapers quickly because of this. The kid's shy and doesn't want to meet up in person yet, and frankly I'm having a hard time respecting that. I do not like that I'm having a hard time respecting that. I'm worried about both of our behaviors, mine especially. It's starting to obsess me really. The idea of him dominating me with only his voice has a LOT of appeal. The guy is half my size, 5 years younger than me, is studying in a field that REQUIRES confidence to be good at it (any creative field does, really), but I feel like a one night stand will either make us stronger or break us. He says he wants friendship but does brush me off when I ask him questions like "Are there any TV shows you like that we could watch together?" I really feel like neither one of us is fully ready to be friends as much as we may both want it. I don't know what to do. I don't want either of us to be hurt from this, but this seems unavoidable right now. We pursue our obsessions, we both get hurt. We tear each other apart, we both get hurt. And if he was any age UNDER 21, I wouldn't be considering this at all. I've shared with him that I want us to talk as friends and attempt to put lust aside and talk as friends, and maybe pursue our sexual interests AFTER at least one real conversation, but that's the best I can think of right now. Any advice?
  5. dave_the_baby

    Anyone in Athens, GA?

    I'd prefer to meet up with ABs and/or daddies/mommies, but open to meeting whoever.
  6. dave_the_baby

    Silly sayings for kinks (in general)

    I'm a weird person and I've picked up a few weird things to say while practicing kinks.
  7. dave_the_baby

    A funny conversation on Furcadia

    Nah I'd rather not blow my cover.
  8. We were goofing around and I was acting weird...one of the people I was talking to was a mom (not an AB mom, regular mom), and the conversation went something like this: *Me throws a tantrum in front of Congress about the cost of livinng *Me is offered a job. *Me gets paid by Pampers to outlaw toilets Mom: I don't like Pampers.
  9. dave_the_baby

    Spanking machine with whip-- possible?

    I have a spanking machine that you need to hook on a flat surface and it can attach any light object which swats in an arc shape. The pain is the turn-on for me, not the spanking itself.
  10. dave_the_baby

    Chastity-- cruel and unsual? :D

    It actually hasn't happened to me.
  11. dave_the_baby

    Chastity-- cruel and unsual? :D

    So this thought popped into my head one day... Let's say that an adult baby has a chastity belt, and the dom says that it doesn't come off until he/she goes a week wearing diapers 24/7 and not using them.
  12. I've tried these diapers and I very particularly enjoy them.
  13. dave_the_baby

    Spanked with your diaper on or bare bottom?

    I might like it with the diaper on, but not on the butt if that's the case.
  14. dave_the_baby

    You are Invited!

    I've always wanted to see a business like this.
  15. dave_the_baby

    What do you REALLY wear?

    Ever since a diaper broke and the padding fell out at work, I usually wear underwear...