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  1. Patapoom AB Clothes

    Hello Baby Katie Patapoom is well known in France for the high quality of its products, and also for veeeerryyyyy long delivery time. It is clearly stated in their website that delivery time is at least 8 weeks... Quite long, but worth it. You may find customer feedback in the shopping page of Abkingdom. It's all in French but the stars will help to find out what most of the customers think about Patapoom. https://www.abkingdom.com/product/shop/?id=24#comments
  2. Where has ABKingdom gone?

    ABKingdom is back.
  3. What are the kinks that make you go woah

    "Breath Play". I have sufffered from asthma and still I can't see the enjoyable side of breath restrictions.
  4. Where has ABKingdom gone?

    Hello, I have read this on another french forum : la mise
  5. Musicians of DD boards whats your instrument?

    I play mostly my acoustic guitar, a VGS RT 10. I also have a Gibson Les Paul XR-2 married with a Fender Amp. (!). I started guitar 25 years ago , then quit playing after a few years. (Lack of time and talent...) 6 month ago I decided to try again. My next goal is to make my way through the volume 1 of "a Modern method for guitar" by Bill Leavitt. Quite challenging...
  6. EURO 2016 Sweepstakes!

    Then no doubt, you can call yourself a big football fan!
  7. EURO 2016 Sweepstakes!

    ByeBye Albania . Elfy, Sorry if my question sounds stupid, but how do you write your reports? I mean you can't watch all the games , can you? Do you compile some informations you got from medias, or are you such a football fan that you record all the matches and then kind of "binge watch" them?
  8. EURO 2016 Sweepstakes!

    Thanks you elfy for your very clear , concise and I'd say professional reports. I still keep a bit of hope about Albania 's chances. Although they are low there is still some room for the glorious uncertainty of sport!
  9. EURO 2016 Sweepstakes!

    As I said, I am not a great specialist in Football. However, I somehow have the feeling that albania is not in the top favourite for the euro 2016. Eric Cantona changed my mind about the chances of Albania. Check this out (If you have no fear of our french accent..) http://video.eurosport.com/football/commissioner-cantona-football-is-about-heart-not-numbers_vid809757/video.shtml By the way thanks Elfy for that game.
  10. EURO 2016 Sweepstakes!

    Go Albaniiiiiiiiiiiiia!
  11. EURO 2016 Sweepstakes!

    Count me in please! Although I am not really interested in football
  12. About cultural boundaries, some figures about the ABDL /population ratio is very different between northern and southern european countries. On abkingdom, if you look at the number of foreign member by countries the north seems over represented. (figures : number of member/ total population(millions)/members per millon) South Italy: 1125/59/19 Spain 740/46/16 Portugal 134/10/13 There are 1999 south members over a total population of 115 millions North Sweden 776/9/86 Denmark 597/6/100 Norway 498/5/100 There are 1878 "nordic " members over a total population of 20 millions So the "Abkingdom member rate" is almost 6 times higher in the north countries than in the south... I know that there are certainly multiple biases with my little statistics, but I am curious about what can explain such a difference.
  13. AB Kingdom closing for good on March 1st.

    Next to zero activity? The french forum was vey active, many events have been organised. I'd say that the french section was as active as DD forum are. I guess you talk about the English subsection of the forum, which was next to dead.
  14. Baby and Sissy shoes in large sizes

    Thank you Baby Bonnie. Your link to the mary-jane forum is a goldmine. Duckfeet has really nice shoes in cute colors, avalailble in big size: http://www.duckfeet.com/duckfeet-womens-collection/duckfeet-himmerland-detail