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  1. Thanks for the code @DailyDi, but it turns out us plebs across the pond have to wait for our own regional promo, US codes won't work on my account The code is still up for grabs for any of you lucky USians, it includes a butler and a maid outfit!
  2. Alright alright! I'll keep working at it!
  3. But but but we're not adults, we're adult babies and adult kids, we're supposed to be kids.
  4. I have only ever considered telling my (extremely supportive) mother as a sort of sidenote in relation to my issues with gender identity. Being an ABDL has been a fantastic outlet for my gender expression, so I'd find it tricky to discuss the subject without bringing my ABDL side into it, even just in passing.
  5. I'm not a summer fan either. Far too hot!
  6. Glad to see I'm not the only one that consumes Tangfastics on bad days.
  7. Goddammit DD, I could never play the AH like that.