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  1. My favorite is Dry 24/7. Bambino is too loose.
  2. Melissa Gets Her Bottom Changed

    Was that the last chapter or writer's block?
  3. Cousin that wears the same kind...
  4. Test

    It's alive!
  5. Modern Family

    The daughter's boyfriend brought her father jeans. The father was commenting on how comfortable they were: like a diaper.
  6. Join Dd'S Village!

    Where's the new one?
  7. Melissa Gets Her Bottom Changed

    *adds another 2000 thread views with this post* Would like to see more.
  8. Wow.... I Can'T Believe I Just Bought That

    Over $2000 for a semester at college.
  9. [Dd] Site Updated 05/15/2012

    Got some pics in the wrong catagory on the main pic page
  10. Two Broke Girls

    The two mains are in a drug trial to raise money for a lawyer. After mentioning certain side effects ealier in the episode, they were late because they had to buy diapers for "a friend"
  11. Technology Is Crazy

    The manager computer my previous employer uses runs on Windows 95.
  12. The OP reminds me of someone that I used to work with. They asked me questions like: what woud you do if I stuck my hand in the fryer? What would you do if I put my hand on the grill. Make sure to dial 91 first so you only have to dial only one 1.
  13. It'S In The Bible!

    Can anyone with a bible confirm this? I highly doubt that this is legit.
  14. Top 'O The Morning... In A Cup!

    You had a frappe and are concerned about nutritional value?! I had a death treat earlier today, tyvm.