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  1. shydiaperboy86

    Dayton ohio

    Not sure but is there any female dl's near dayton area that would perhaps like to meet up and walk around like the cox arboretum or something for the fun of it hit me up
  2. Hey not from the city actually in Ohio but goto the city sometimes perhaps get to know each other so if im in the city we could meet up and develope a friendship hit me up people.
  3. looks awkwardly at you "mom what do you think your doing with that stuff."
  4. wakes up realizing that your standing over me smiling and holding a diaper and baby powder and paci in your hand
  5. tries to hide it from you but i think that you can notice the smell
  6. stomach starts to hurt tries to run off to the restroom but notices the door is locked yells for mom why is the door locked i got to goto the restroom bad
  7. goes to the kitchen cause i am kind of hungry comes back to my drink hmm taste a little funny but drinks it anyways
  8. it was ok mom goes to my room then comes back ummm mom where is all my stuff and are you expecting a baby theres a nursery am i gonna be a big brother
  9. welp the bell rings i gulp and gather my things and say goodbye to my friends then i take the long walk home i walk in the front door and its quiet mom im home
  10. stares at the clock and is really scared at remembering what mom said before left for school but dont thinks shes serious she couldnt be
  11. goes throughout the schoolday socializing with friends
  12. opens the door to get out bye mom
  13. turns on the radio listening and staring out the window
  14. grabs my bag off the couch and quickly follows behind