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  1. Hmm, where'd you get the idea for that wristband? lol
  2. [DD] Site Updated! Site Update for 03/19/2017 www.dailydiapers.com 28 new Photos Added 02 new Stories Added 19 videos uploaded to abdl.space 12 new ABDL Ebooks spotlighted 118 New Forum members - Now 37,119 friends! 127 members added to DiaperMates - now 35,695 members. New Diapers in April, means stock clearing in March! Our v1 training pants are now 60% off. Just $9.00 Each - Don't miss out on this one!
  3. You's an admin silly, that's higher than 2017
  4. Give you more file and message storage space, and shows your support for the site
  5. Outside is waterproof PUL
  6. The software is paid for. The service is ongoing at $19 a month to $49 a month - Not sure what our usage will be once the old room is gone.
  7. I was wondering about the odd amount, lol. Thanks for helping! Actually got the Business package ($295) so it would work with our secure certificate and so we can add the push service to keep the speed up.
  8. Not to be rude, but you need to take responsibility for your medical needs. A vinyl mattress cover can be gotten for under $10, and nicer washable cotton-topped ones are just a bit more.
  9. I like 'em! Comfortable and good absorbency. Love the design.
  10. I declare @Diaperingdaddy the winner!
  11. They usually target sites categorized as "adult" so you will think its a site pop-up and won't remove their junkware
  12. It can wait Software is in place, and more donations next month will let us extend the service part
  13. Yes, BERT is totally AB-aware. Send him your ideas!