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  1. Great updates. Poor Cameron just can't catch a break. I had a feeling that letter to Grandma wasn't a very good idea and that turned out to be the truth. Now he is stuck with his biggest tormentor as his new babysitter. I wonder if Grandma did that intentionally just to further punish Cameron? I am really looking forward to reading more.
  2. That was a fantastic chapter. It was so full of differing emotions. It had me riveted to the phone to read it. Her parents really need to be told that she needs to live her life and not her parents life. I am hoping that Jordan might be the one to put them in their place. I am really loving the story and can't wait for more.
  3. This was a good update. Kind of seemed to be a filler chapter before we get to confront that wuss Liam. I still feel bad for Wendy and things only got worse for her when she overheard Tina and Sam at the wrong time. I do hope they can convince her of the misunderstanding. I am really looking forward to reading more of this. You are doing a great job. Keep it up!
  4. Nice updates. 200 yards with a scope, not all that impressive but for a boy pretty good. Wow that boy can poop! I would have to agree with dad, much better to find a tree to go behind than fill your diaper. He is going to have a horrible rash. Glad I'm not him.
  5. Kaoru is such a sweet caring girl. With all of the problems she has, she is still concerned about her friend. Great chapter wish we all could have friends like Kaoru. Looking forward to reading more.
  6. Pretty good start, the story was written well I thought. I'm not sure about how much I cared for the actual content of the story. Why is it that people believe several diapers are such a great thing? I believe that one alone works as good or better than multiple diapers worn at the same time. If the 1st one leaks the chances of one on top catching the leak aren't very good and because multiple diapers are tighter, they are more likely to leak to begin with.
  7. This is really good! You have been very busy putting out a fantastic story. I have really liked that Will is the focus here which is different than so many of these stories. I really don't think it's going to take long for him to adjust to his new lifestyle. I am still wondering what it was in the past that keeps being hinted at. I guess we will find out eventually. I can't wait to read more.
  8. I can't begin to express how bad I feel for Jaye. To have the one she truly loves turn against her and tell her so. There can't be much that she has to hang onto anymore. It doesn't matter how much babying she is given or how much loving that treatment seems to be, she has been told she isn't the one any more. My only hope is that she can escape and get as far from those horrible people as she can possibly get.
  9. I liked the story even though it is very apparent that he doesn't need diapers at all. I don't care much for anyone being dishonest so I hope his secret is exposed and he is forced to endure the consequences for his actions. I am still looking forward to reading more.
  10. Loved it! I actually laughed a few different times and was almost brought to tears as well. I am so emotionally attached to this story which is a fantastic thing. You continue to impress. Please keep it coming.
  11. That was a great start. I was a little surprised at how Grace acted. She started kissing Katelynn because she liked her and apparently wanted to be more than a casual friend so it didn't make sense that she would act the way she did. I will be looking forward to reading more.
  12. This is becoming a very interesting delema for the two of them. It would seem that Brian would be happy either way to an extent. Deep down he still wants to be a man. I think that Anita would prefer him to be a her. I just hope they decid what is actually best for both. Maybe continue on with Brian being a male but being treated like a female at times.
  13. I do appreciate the information and that you aren't judging me. Having a verbal discription will help me a great deal in visualizing the story. That makes reading the story all that more enjoyable.
  14. I really don't want to come across as to negative, but this really needs some work. I think you should start with writing an outline for your story. I actually see where you have an idea and where you want to take it. You really need to put some effort into it from there. You can't try writing a story like you are texting a friend u still isn't a replacement for you in a story. Then beyond that you need to concentrate on that outline and properly fill in the elements of that outline. In your story you were jumping around quite a bit. Break your story down into parts and complete each one and then transaction into each part to complete the story. I am positive that you can do this and I am looking forward to seeing a true effort and a great story.
  15. I continue to enjoy the story but because I haven't ever been into the pokmon thing I am having a hard time visualizing things. Is a Kit like a human baby? Orvis that one of the cute little yellow critters? I am sure you are thinking wow how can anyone be so ignorant but I honestly don't know and when I looked up pokmon kit on google there wasn't anything specific that came up.