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  1. Monday in homeroom I got another note from Mrs. Johnson, my guidance counselor to drop by when I got the chance. I swung in at lunchtime. “Hi, Jason,” she asked. “How are things going?” “Pretty good,” I stated. “How about the diapers? Any problems there?” “No, I’m kind of getting used to it.” “Good, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you this, but the school requires me to check up on these things. Can you drop your pants?” I stared at her a second and then slowly stood and slid my pants down exposing the diaper. It was one thing that my mom and the girls saw it, but this is the first time I had to show someone else since summer school. “OK, that’s fine. Sorry to have to do that. So have you figured out where you want to apply to college?” “Kim, Kaitlyn, and I were thinking about Danielson.” “Good, if you’re going to do an early decision, you need to apply by November 15. You can get the application forms from their website.” She flipped through a folder on her desk. “Your test scores are OK, and your grades aren’t too bad. You have a good selection of classes. Danielson wants well rounded rather than just high marks. You’ve got some student activities, good. You’ll need some letters of recommendation. I’ll write one. Find a favorite teacher and ask them for one. Now, one thing that they like to see is some community service.” I thought to myself how I could do that. November 15, that’s just over a month away. “You’re going to think this is weird, but I did have a community activity ask me for volunteers.” “What?” I asked. “The Metro Diaper Bank needs people to help with the collection. I guess you might be more qualified than most,” she said with a smile. I took the card. After school, Kim was busy sewing our costumes, so Kaitlyn and I headed over to the diaper bank. We met a college student named Kara. She explained what we needed. “We have a set of donation boxes at various places. Here’s the list. All you need to do is cruise by them from time to time and empty them out and bring them here. We’ll sort them and get them out to the people who needs them.” This seemed simple enough. Kaitlyn and I hit the road. At the first store, I parked the car, and we went inside and got a few diaper packages out of the bin. “This is going to take too long,” Kaitlyn said. “Just pull up at the front of the next place, and I’ll run in and get them.” So we made our route. The backseat of my car was full of bags of diapers and we headed back to the bank and unloaded. So far so good. “My diaper is soaked,” I told Kaitlyn. Let's find a place we can change. Your place isn’t too far. “No, let's go to yours,” she said quickly. “OK, suit yourself.” Thinking about it I realized I’d never been inside Kaitlyn’s house. We’d been to Kim’s and mine a lot. “Is there some reason we never go to your house?” I asked. “Nah, just not that interesting of a place.” I let it go.
  2. I give up.
  3. I awoke slightly confused but quickly oriented myself. I was sandwiched between the two girls. Yes, this made wearing the diaper worth it. I had to pee, but was really unable to move. It didn’t much matter, I wouldn’t be able to unzip the sleeper by myself anyhow. I just relaxed and wet. I was getting better at being able to do this. Finally, Kim roused and turned and kissed me. “Awake?” she asked. I nodded and we crawled to our feet. Kaitlyn moaned but started to get up as well. “Do you need a change?” Kim asked. “Yes, let’s go find my mom,” I said. We got down to the kitchen and mom was cooking breakfast. We decided to eat first. “So what’s on your agenda for today,” my mom asked. “We’re going to the fabric store,” Kim said. “I’ve got the list of what I need for the constumes and then we need to shop for hats and a shirt for Jason.” “Great,” mom said. As we finished breakfast, mom took the girls away for a change. Time passed and they didn’t return. Then my mom appeared, “Your turn.” She took me back to my room and got me out of the sleeper and wet diaper. She then led me to the bathroom. The girls were already sitting in a tub full of bubbles splashing around. I was dumbfounded and my penis was rapidly coming to attention so I had no choice but to sit down in the tub as well. This was amazing. I had seen a bit of the girl’s bodies during class and diaper changes, but to be sitting with them completely naked. It brought me back to the fantasy of me showering with them. We played in the water and washed each other. Of course, my mom was watching the whole time and offering suggestions which was a bit strange. Eventually mom produced towels and we got out of the tub and drived off and wrapped the towels around us as mom led us back to my room to be diapered and dressed. We were about to leave when my produced a small bag. “Look what I found when I was looking through the basement,” she said. It was a small light blue bag with teddy bears on it. “It’s was your diaper bag when you were a baby. I thought you might it handy now.” She giggled and so did the girls. “It’s so cute,” Kaitlyn said handling it. “Let’s go load it up, you can use it today.” I reddened a bit but then I had to laugh too. We got into the car and headed off to the fabric store. Kim obviously knew her way around. She had explained that her mother sewed a lot and she had learned from her. She led us through rows and rows of fabrics, pulling out several bolts of cloth and some other things and made her way to a large table in the middle of the store. “Good morning, Kim,” the clerk said. “Hello, Mrs. Evans. How are you?” “Fine, how’s your mother,” she replied. “She’s good. “ “Tell her that we got some more diaper fabric in and the other things she ordered are here as well.” Diaper fabric? I guess those cloth diapers were homemade. I guess you can’t just go to the teenage cloth diaper store and buy them. “I’ll let her know,” Kim said. “I’m making us halloween costumes. I need four yards of this,” she said sliding over the first bolt. The chit chat continued as the clerk measured and cut the various fabrics. We then headed to the mall. We hit the formal wear store and found me a shirt with large sleeves. We found a costume shop had set up in one of the unused stores. We wandered through. “Look, they already have musketeer costumes,” I said. We looked at the bag but Kim said hers would look much better. We wandered around the store and did find some hats that would work and some big feathers. Finally, we wandered over to the food court and got lunch. We got our food and sat down. “Have you given any thought about college?” Kim asked. “I’m thinking about Danielson,” Kaitlyn said. “Yeah, me too,” said Kim. “I visited there last year. It seemed like a very cool place.” I had heard about Danielson. An old time, small liberal arts school. It was supposedly very good and very fun for the students. “It sounds intersting to me,” I said. “We should all apply then. Maybe we could be roomies.” Well maybe the girls could split a room, but what would I do. Would I continue to wear a diaper. Obviously it wouldn’t be required, but it was only required now because I did it to keep on good terms with the girls. I’d need a single room if I did. I couldn’t see sharing a room with another boy wearing a diaper. We finished lunch. “I need a change,” Kaitlyn announced. We all did. We had left our diaper bags in the car. I went out and unlocked the car and the girls got their bags. Kaitlyn handed me the little blue bag with the bears. “Carry your own,” she said. I was a little embarrased as I slung the thing over my shoulder. Of course, someone would assume I had a baby brother around someplacve, not that I was the one needing the diapers I hoped. We headed off for the family bathroom for a change.
  4. I pulled into the parking lot. The girls hopped out of the car and I followed. Darn they were cute walking hand in hand with their cute little diapered butts bouncing along. Diapered butts? Why weren’t they wearing anything over their diapers? A cool breeze blew through me. I looked down and I was bare legged as well. I turned to run back to my car but it was too late. A crowd had formed in the parking lot and was laughing and pointing. Beeeeeeeep. I opened my eyes. Another dream. These things were going to kill me, I was sweating like a pig. I got up and went downstairs and grabbed breakfast. I returned to my room and stripped off the diaper and got in the shower. I let the warm water wash over me for a good long time. I closed my eyes and imagined the girls there with me. Just us, no diapers. I towelled off and brushed my teeth and hair. Mom was waiting to put a diaper on me as usual. And as usual, she was chatting things up. “So what plans do you have today.” “Let’s see, Thursday. Math quiz tomorrow. Nothing much today. Oh,” I tried to add non-chalantly. “I was wondering if the Kaitlyn and Kim could come over tomorrow evening and stay the night. We’re working on our costumes for the Halloween dance.” I was hopping she wouldn’t take issue with this. Admittedly she did let me sleep over at Kim’s before. “That sounds nice. What are you going as?” “The Three Musketeers.” “Like the candy bar?” “No, Mom. Like Athos, Porthos, and Aramis,” I said with a little annoyance. “I’m just kidding,” she said. “I know what you meant. Sure you can have them over. I’ve been working on something with their mothers anyhow.” “OK,” I said. I got dressed and headed off to school. I met up with the girls at lunch time. “Mom says you can sleep over tomorrow,” I said. “Yeah, my mom says it was OK,” said Kim “Mine, too,” added Kaitlyn. “There’s only one thing. My mom says she was working on something with your mothers.” “Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on, but my mom has been on the phone a lot with Kim’s,” said Kaitlyn. “And I think yours as well.” “This might not be good,” I thought aloud. Anyhow, Friday came. I picked up the girls on the way to school. “No luggage?” I asked. “Mom said she’d drop my stuff by your house,” Kim said. After school we went home. My mother did the obligatory diaper changes when we first arrived and we soon sat down to work. Kim showed us a pattern for a musketeer costume. “We really only have to make the cape and tunic. We can buy the shirt. Shirts are harder to sew. Then you just need black pants and boots and a hat.” “OK,” Kaitlyn said. “I’ve got boots that will work. And I think I have a shirt. What’s Jason going to do for a shirt?” “The tux place will have ones that will match. I found hats on Amazon, too.” “Cool,” I said. We set about figuring out what we needed. Kim pulled out a tape measure and measured me and Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn measured her. She transcribed the measurements and made up a shopping list. “This is the fabric and stuff that we’ll need. We can go to the fabric store tomorrow.” We put our designs aside and had dinner and then settled down to watch a movie. Afterward, my mom came in and motioned to Kaitlyn. They disappeared, and she came back for Kim. Finally, it was my turn. She got me undressed and changed into my nighttime cloth diapers and plastic pants. Then she held out something for me to put my legs in. I slid my legs into the soft fabric, and my feet found my way into the ends of it. My mother helped me get my arms into it and then I felt her zipping up my back. I looked in the mirror. It was like a little kid’s sleeper, feet, and everything. “Those nighties you wore last time are probably going to be a bit chilly for the current weather, and so is your current onesie.” I had to agree with that. Then it occurred to me. I reached back and tried to reach the zipper but couldn’t. “I’m not going to be able to get out of this thing.” “That’s the idea. When you need your diaper changed let me know. Now go join your guests.” I headed down to the rec room and found Katelyn and Kim similarly attired. “Aren’t these neat?” Kim said kicking her feet up. Kaitlyn just rolled her eyes, “Yeah, if you’re three. Besides, I liked Jason better in the baby doll.” I had to admit this was probably better than that. We chatted a bit more and then got down to sleep. “I’ve got our sleeping bags set up,” said Kaitlyn. I looked own and noticed that there was one large one there. “I zipped two of them together. The third is underneath for padding.” I crawled in the center, and a girl joined me on each side. I could get used to this. I kissed one and then the other, and they snuggled in close. One, Kim, I think, put her hand on my crotch and I drifted off to sleep.
  5. We welcome the pome bastard to god's own earth and remind him we don't like stuck up sticky beaks here
  6. Yep, with a 34" waist I can stretch into the L-XL size. This led to an amusing episode between my wife and another special ed teacher. A parent had sent in some goodnites for her so to work with for toilet training. The other teacher is looking at one and saying she didn't think they were going to fit. My wife, short of saying, well they fit my husband picks one up and starts stretching on it and says "it looks stretchy enough."
  7. Single tape diapers used to be pretty common (before Attends and Depend showed up they were single taped and not contoured). The truth of the matter is that given the larger size of adults, you do need at least two sets of tapes. I remember it was always a tradeoff on the single tape for the brands that placed them up high would leak at the legs and those (notably Curity) that put then low didn't really feel right up top either.
  8. You don't indicate what brand you've tried on her. The first thing no matter WHAT brand you are trying is to make sure they are sized appropriately. Too big or too small is asking for leaks. As mentioned Walmart as well as the mass pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens, etc..) can usually order more than what they stock on the shelves (see their website even. The Walmart / Walgreens / Sams Club house brand isn't too bad comparatively. You might call around to the local medical supply stores (and larger independent pharmacies) and ask what they have. Some do have the more "premium" brands. Many times they can even offer a sample. So again, what have you tried?
  9. Much as with my 2 yo grandson, anything I want to drink (he doesn't drink alcoholic beverages). He's got these neat sippy cups that self seal:
  10. For the first time since I got into diapers that I can recall, I did have a diaper on (and a shirt) right at midnight.
  11. Stinky to her covers just having ripe piss as well.
  12. Don't know, I've o nly really used the level 4's. I like the Northshore line better than the XP ones pretty much across the board though.
  13. Frankly, if you've got teeth, you really should not be sleeping with a pacifier no matter what size it is.
  14. Many people here would love to be in the situation of having a partner check/change them no matter how inconvenient it may appear. My wife just asked if I'm stinky.
  15. Yes, they changed the name a few years back.