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  1. I mean I have conflicting little ages but not in that sense. My little side is 3/4 so a toddler but is still diapered. Potty training is just too hard. But however you want your little do be, do it. Its only bad if you think so.
  2. Ill have to go searching. And when they restock again im going to order some of the tykables diapers from wearingclouds. Id like to try the cushies too. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! The crinkle and waddle factor are really the big kickers. Although I love the preschool ones just to throw on under some jeans and go out and about. But when home I like it to be known im diapered.
  4. Id have to say Preschool(cloth backed) from ABU. Theyre soft like all the ones we didnt have the chance to fit into. Or ABU simple(plastic backed).
  5. It sucks needing more diapers but not sure which to get. Looking for a 10-12 pack which comes out to around $40. But im really stuck on which ones. I love the preschool diapers and space diapers from abu but I also love the rearz diapers. But with space and rearz I feel like im wasting if not using to full capacity. And with the preschool diapers its not the absorbancy thats the problem, I just want the crinkle+ diaper waddle. 2 pk samples are an option but for the price I could pay $20 or so more for 8 more diapers :/ It was much easier when my mommy knew what was best.
  6. "I had an accident" or "I went potty mommy" seems to work
  7. Baby oil is most spot on for me
  8. I used to use nothing but pull ups... Then I found the magical land called abuniverse. Got a 2 diaper sample pack for $12. A bit pricey but worth a shot. 1 abu space diaper( one of the most absorbant out there) and 1 abu preschool. Just ordered 2 rearz safari diapers the other day. Anxiously awaiting those to be delivered. Theyre on the level of space diapers in matter of absorbancy. But if youre looking for storebought I go and get a pack of pull ups and go to dollar store and find the 5 diapers for $1 packs. And use the baby diapers as stuffers. Can do the same with depends. Happy diapering.
  9. Like, I dont know if id want her as a mommy role but more-so just to accept that I like to wear diapers sometimes. Because I cant seem to get into little space I kind of just put on a diaper and go about my regular activities around the house. Just while going potty when I need with no interruption.
  10. You should try the sleep like a baby recording. That one and one called "forever young" are free for purchase. Her recordings are the best.
  11. Hi there, Im finally opening up to my s/o about my little side. Ive bought pacis (one for her, one for me) and a onesie but I was going to push for the diaper angle, wasnt sure how to approach without scaring her. Other ideas/ approaches?
  12. Try Embers recordings. Mylittlelullaby.com -sleep like a baby. Its free.
  13. I never have but we can on here if you want. Id like to try. Maybe you could play daddy?
  14. What do you like to do while in diapers?
  15. Id be interested, never done it before. I could play either on message on here. Thanks!