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  1. I pick you up and we go in the house and I put you in your pj's and I sit down on the rocker. now do you want some of mommy's num nums
  2. so your no different
  3. yes you do young lady all little boy's and girl's need there nap
  4. I get out and get you out. ok sweetie let's get you into your pj's
  5. we soon get home and I park the car
  6. yes you do I can see it on your face
  7. I buckle you in and I get in and we go
  8. but I need naps and now that your a baby you need them too
  9. Well he could have owned the buildings, And burnt them for the insurance money.
  10. we go to the car and I put you in your car seat
  11. will what about nap time. you blush
  12. goodbye miss Victoria. star says as she picks up kay making her blush and movie a little bit
  13. aww I want to fed baby
  14. and are you going to have a baba too
  15. mommy can I have my bottle of tea