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  1. So I recently was doing my regular restock order of diapers and figured that I would pick up some goodnites as well, so I went on amazon and ordered a package of 34 of them. I was excited since I haven't worn them since I was a teen, (and I have not really grown since then). So fast forward a week and my package has been delayed like 3 times. Eventually I get an email from amazon asking me if I want a refund or free replacement with express shipping. I decided on replacement because I was still excited about wearing goodnites again. Fast forward another couple days and I get my package of goodnites. I wore them all day enjoying being a "big girl", but when I got home, I had another package at the door. It was my delayed delivery of goodnites! Now I have so many goodnites on top of my regular case of diapers and all the bags of novelty expensive abdl brands. I can't find a place to put them all! My closet is filled to the max! I'm super excited about it, but at the same time. Where do I put the rest of them?
  2. Honestly I rarely use baby powder, but the smell is nice and nostalgic so I will every now and then just for the aesthetic. The idea of why it's needed is that the powder creates a protective layer on the skin that keeps the moisture from soaking into the skin and causing damage (aka a rash). Unless you are wearing for extended periods though, you don't really need anything like that. And imo ointments and cremes work better than powder. For the amount, you could use as much as you want as long as it's able to cover your entire "diaper area" which isn't a whole lot once you rub it into your skin. But you can always add more to make yourself smell a lot like baby powder or for the powdery feel it gives your bum.
  3. I'm really sorry to hear that I wish that there was something I could do. Is there no way to get a ride from someone? Maybe you could save up and go see the doctors over there for the initial perscription and then do the rest in town? I wish I could offer more advice. This is a tough situation...
  4. I suprised that neither your doctor or therapist could give you another reccomended doctor that could give you a perscription for all your hormones. I know things are hard right now, but have you tried reaching out to the other trans people in your area and see if they can help you out? They might know of a way around all of this, and be able to help you out. Or you could start a gofundme. I wish i could offer more advice. I know how hard it is, please hang in there leanna! You can do this!
  5. I had almost an identical experience with the OP. I always knew I was trans and little though. It was just kinda something that was always there. I knew and exolored my little side much more often than my trans side due to the fact that I was less afraid of being little than trans. But over the years of self exploration, I have noticed that I only am able to express myself fully when feeling and appearing feminine. That grew into a desire to change myself after the disturbing process that is male puberty and although I have yet to start HRT (which I will be doing later this month whoo!) I have made significant efforts to feminize and little-ize myself and my life. I do everything a normal functioning adult does, but I incorperate my little life and my gender into most aspects. Even if it's just some cute clothes and cloth training panties. I just feel better that way. It's took a long time to realize that though. It's weird how related they are, but all it comes down to is being honest with myself and my own desires. I'm just a girl who likes cute stuff and has a lot of childish tendancies, and that's okay
  6. As someone who's Daddy started out as my vanilla boyfriend, I can say that you do take a chance by telling her, but in the end it's the best thing to do. I waited just under 2 years to say anything and I realized after hiding it for so long, that a relationship built on mistrust and secrets just causes pain. Telling him was the best thing I ever did and he has made many of my fantasies come to life. I won't say the same will happen to you, but trust me. Hiding it is not the way to go because that is just being unfaithful.
  7. My Daddy always just gives my bum a squeeze. Usually he is able to know right away just from that. He checks me often with the bum squeeze or pat technique. And will let me know when it's time for a diaper change. Often times I'm not wearing anything over my diaper either so he can get a good idea just by looking.
  8. I've felt really similar things with my Daddy, and he and I have had numerous occasions where I end up grumpy and sad because I waited for him to innitiate little time. It never ends well. You should talk to your Daddy and let him know you want to be little more but don't want to feel like an obligation. I also find that most of the time, you are not an obligation and there is more at work here such as him forgetting or feeling like maybe you changed your mind because you didn't innitiate it. No matter what, talking about these feelings is the healthy thing to do and will help you two better understand each others feelings.
  9. I go through this periodically with my Daddy/bf. A good talk about how I am feeling usually qualms any fears and uncertainties I have. The best thing is that everytime we do have talks like this. It always makes us closer.
  10. Thank you willnotwill! I expect some awkward phases while transitioning. But your right! Eyes on the prize! it's always going to be worth it!
  11. I personally can't get enough of any smell that comes along with my age play (save for messy accidents). I even use a deoderant that is made to smell like baby powder for everyday use. So I smell like a baby even when I'm not diapered
  12. Thank you Freta! I have to say hearing success stories like yours helps my confidence.
  13. Thank you DailyDi! Thank you froggy! and I know, but I feel like it's going to be a good road to wander. Especially given the destination
  14. I always found diapers to help with my dysphoria. I think it's because a lot of us equate innocence to femininity and diapers are a sure sign of innocence. I know that correlation plays a definite part in things for me. Diapers help me not notice my genitalia as much also, save for the unfortunate occasions where I am *cough* "stimulated" *cough*
  15. Well after almost 8 years of second guessing myself, I finally have an appointment with my doctor to get started on HRT (Hormone replacement therapy). I have the say the adrenaline has been going crazy ever since I scheduled the appointment and I don't really know what to expect. It's scary and exciting at the same time, and it's hard to not go back to second guessing myself, but I know for sure that I can't live my life anymore without making strides to becoming the person I want to be.