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  1. Can we crowd source the twenty to thirty million that this would require? Also, you guys cool with paying close to hundred bucks for a twenty pack?
  2. ^is a "Scruffy Nerf Hearder"
  3. ^Makes his own Edison wax cylinders out ear wax, not his own though, that would be gross.
  4. Can you tell?
  5. I'm willing to bet there is some kind of long standing mental health issues going on here as well.
  6. ^eats candy bars with a fork and knife
  7. Came across this on WEF. World Economic Forum: The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  8. Went like 24/7 last week, cept for work and the few visits i had to make. If i had gotten some pull ups I would've worn em
  9. Yea should probably quit doing it, unless you want to lose some teeth. Mouth super dry when you are waking up as well I'm guessing?
  10. This is why you completely void before you start lifting!
  11. ^is unable to get anything they want at Alice's Restaurant.
  12. Please get out of my head Was it the magnets one? This stuff is right around the corner for the consumer market, provided we don't off ourselves as a species. The thing is eventually this will become dividing social standard.
  13. I'm curious as to where all this is going to head once it becomes standard to have integrated electronics in the human body, if we make it that far.
  14. You already made the forced chat beta thread, think that counts.
  15. Still can't believe it was real! Was super dead when I got there and Laura was really friendly about everything, will be going again. Plus she's a dog lover so that's always a plus in my book. Only thing that sucks is having to take US 30 there. EDIT: Forgot obligatory I went photos