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Best Adult Wipes?


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I use huggies wipes, the ones with the soft green tea and cucumber scent. I like them, but they are small so I am considering trying some adult-size wipes. Any recommendations for a quality, preferably scented wipe?

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14 minutes ago, minachan16 said:

Are they scented? 😮


Yes, the package I have in front of me says that are "Northshore Supreme Wipes with Aloe and Calendula"

This leave a nice clean scent and they are 9x13 in (22x32 cm):  They come in packs of 50, and I believe they come 12 to a box :)


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I love the Northshore wipes myself, but I've been using the medline ones recently because they were way cheaper. They're still pretty good, but I'm only using them for #1, so... 

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The generic adult ones from Walgreens (and the like) aren't too bad.   I also have a bunch of the NSC ones in both the large packages and the smaller travel packages.

The ones I bought a bunch of however were the Seni adult wipes.   These fit perfectly in the wipe compartment of my Fisher-Price diaper bag knapsack.


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