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Hi folks! I have posted my stuff on other sites, notably Reddit and Wattpad. Someone recently encouraged me to post here, and I thought I would give this community a try. I have a fair backlog of stories, but I won't be posting them all at once on here. That seems spammy and rude.  Plus, I think it's fun to have regular content to look forward to.


For the medium-term, I'll be posting one chapter of a story a week on here, starting with my short novel "Baby Briana". It has twenty six chapters, so we'll be a while on that one. :)


I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and otherwise talk to me in this thread. I don't know how often I will be checking my inbox here, as I already have a lot of inboxes, so my story threads are probably the best place to talk to me.


Content Warnings: NSFW content including sex scenes. Spanking and discipline. Consent is not explicitly spelled out; a person acting as a child is considered to be giving implicit consent to be treated as one.


Without further ado: Chapter 1 of Baby Briana.


Brianna lifted her head and let out a yawn that stretched her jaw. Discomfort made her squirm in the bed. She slid a hand under the covers and immediately teared up. The bed was wet again. She froze in bed, listening and hoping that the house would be silent. No luck.

By the sounds of it at least two of her roommates were already awake. The sun blazed through her white daisy curtains; a sign that it was likely they were all awake. For a few minutes she burrowed back into the covers despite the dampness. She wished she could vanish into the bed and disappear. Or better yet, that the stain would.

“I don’t know why this is happening!” Briana despaired. “I haven’t wet the bed since I was six. It’s been ten times this month, and it’s happening more and more often.”

With a groan she crawled out of bed and stripped off her soaked panties and nightshirt. She was able to scamper to the bathroom to shower without running into anyone. Scraggly red hair greeted her in the mirror. She sighed and tied it up. Haircuts were another thing that weren’t happening. At least the rest of her looked good. A smattering of freckles across a slim body. “Nothing like being poor to keep you trim.”

Back in her room she dressed in dry clothes and faced her bed grimly. The comforter was too bulky to launder easily and seemed to be barely damp. She stripped the sheets and wrapped them in her wet bath towel. With the window open and a bit of febreeze on the mattress, she hoped no one would notice.

Her feet creaked on the old wooden floors. Normally she loved an old house with tons of character. Now it was a traitor reporting her every move. Since quiet wasn’t an option, she made her way down the stairs quickly to the living room.

Her roommate Suzie was there, curled up on the green antique couch. Brianna froze for a moment, but the blonde girl didn’t look up from her phone. Brianna rounded the wall that supported the stairs and opened the basement door. Another flight of creaky stairs and she was on nice quiet concrete. Even better, the washing machine was free. A huge wave of relief washed across Brianna when she set the washer running.

Briana checked her bank balance for the hundredth time while she leaned on the kitchen counter. Only a couple hundred dollars left. Her roommates had been generous enough to let her skip the rent. They even let her eat from the groceries they bought. It was a lifesaver, but a guilt-inducing one. The college’s work study wasn’t taking any new student workers mid semester either.

“There’s nothing online for jobs.” Briana sighed. “I’m sending out three applications a day but nobody replies.”

“Hey, Bri?” Suzie startled Briana out of her thoughts. “Can you come to the living room? We wanted to talk to you about something.”

“This is it. They’re kicking me out.” Briana’s mouth went dry, her stomach knotted. She managed a nod but couldn’t speak. Her fears redoubled when she saw her other four roommates sitting in the living room.

Suzie led her to the armchair and took a seat on the right-hand couch next to Jane. As a film school student she was the most quirky of the group, short blue hair and a lot of tattoos. When she’d first moved in everyone called her Manic Pixie Dream Girl until it got to be too much. Anything but plain Jane was still in pajamas, her long black hair pulled back in a ponytail. She had striking German features with a resting bitch face that was legendary in the Economics department.

Erin and Casey were on the left-hand couch, still dressed for their morning run. The only sporty members of the house, Erin was freckled and burnt, while Casey tended to evenly tan. They always seemed to sit together; Erin was the only one in the house who wouldn’t be dwarfed by Casey’s six and a half feet.

Across the coffee table in the other armchair was Veronica, dressed in her usual black house dress. She had a quiet, commanding presence most of the time. At a meeting like this she had the look of royalty. Not condescending, just the assumption that she was in control. She didn’t even need to flex her wealth or Postdoc status to have authority in the house, but they certainly helped. Brianna sat at Veronica’s direction, eyes already brimming with tears.

“I think you probably know why we wanted to talk.” Veronica said.

“I’m sorry!” Briana burst into tears. “I can have my stuff packed up in a couple of days.”

“What? Huh? No!” Several of the girls responded in unison.

“Briana, no.” Veronica said with a concerned frown. “Nobody is kicking you out.  I’m sorry you thought that’s what this was!”

“What then?” Brianna sniffled.

“You have been… having to do a lot of laundry lately.” Veronica said.

Briana flushed. “That was really kindly worded. Carefully worded. I wonder if she learned that in the counseling program.”

“We’re worried about you, and we want to help.” Veronica continued when Briana didn’t seem like she was going to reply.

“Help how?” Briana sighed. “I don’t have insurance, or money for a doctor. I can’t ask you to cover me on that too!”

“That’s not what we were offering.” Veronica said kindly. “We did get you a couple of things that might help though.”

Erin hopped up and grabbed a package from behind the couch. A package of incontinence undergarments. Brianna’s heart sank and her face flamed again.

“I uh, I don’t know why it’s happening but I’m not sure that I really need…” She stammered.

“I know it’s rough even thinking about wearing those!” Erin said. “So I got you some different ones too.” She placed a second package on the coffee table.  This one had bright colors, proudly proclaiming the efficacy of its pullups.

“Uh, I’m pretty slim but I don’t think I can fit into pullups.” Brianna said, confused.

“They’re adult sized!” Casey chimed in.

“I know they look kind of kid-y.” Erin said. “But they’re way prettier than the Depends.”

“I don’t think…” Brianna began.

“Please think about it.” Veronica said. “Use them until you figure out what’s going on.”

“Veronica’s the one covering my rent…” Briana hesitated, “Those things probably weren’t cheap either. This is actually really nice of them, even if it’s embarrassing.”

“Um, okay. I’ll try them for at least a couple of days.” Briana said. She blushed and sank back in the chair as the other girls applauded.

“We want you to be okay.” Jane said.

“We’re here to help you, okay?” Suzie smiled at Briana.

“It takes a lot of courage to accept help, especially about something like this.” Veronica said.

Briana wiped away tears. Her roommates rose up en masse and helped her out of the chair. Surrounded in warm group hug, Brianna sobbed a couple of times and took a deep rattling breath.

“Thanks everybody.” The hug closed tightly around her again. “You’ve all been really nice.”

“We’re friends!” Suzie declared.

“Just because we’re not a sorority doesn’t mean that I don’t think of you all as my sisters.” Veronica said. “We’ve had this house together for three years.”

Brianna nodded, wiping her eyes. Jane helped her carry the supplies up to her room, giving her another hug before she left. Briana put the packages in the far back of her closet and realized there was a third one as well.  A plastic mattress cover, that had been sitting under the depends.

“I can’t afford to replace my mattress.” Briana thought grimly. She slipped the cover on her mattress and made the bed with new sheets. You couldn’t tell by looking at it, and when she crawled under the covers, the feel wasn’t too bad. “I sure have good friends. I wish I knew why this was happening!”


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I really enjoy stories where a combination of circumstances "forces" a young adult to wear and use diapers.
This story seems to be heading in that direction, and I'm really looking forward to the next parts.

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On 3/23/2022 at 12:48 AM, Bel George said:

I really enjoy stories where a combination of circumstances "forces" a young adult to wear and use diapers.
This story seems to be heading in that direction, and I'm really looking forward to the next parts.

I think you'll really enjoy this one then!  Also, I've decided to revise the posting schedule. It's going to take a long time to get everything up at once a week so at least for a while I'll be posting twice a week. Look for another Briana chapter this afternoon. :)

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Hi all! I'm switching to a Monday / Thursday posting schedule for a while. Hope you enjoy! As always, I love to hear your thoughts, reactions, critiques, or other comments. ❤️


Content Warnings: NSFW content including sex scenes. Spanking and discipline. Consent is not explicitly spelled out; a person acting as a child is considered to be giving implicit consent to be treated as one.


Chapter 2 of Baby Briana


As a thank you, Briana made dinner for the house. At least she hoped it was a thank you, since she was making it with food she hadn’t bought. Everyone seemed appreciative, especially Veronica.

“Movie night!” Casey declared.

“I’ll do the dishes too.” Briana said. “You all get set up.”

With a chorus of “Thanks Bri!” her roommates piled into the living room.

The dishes went fast, Briana smiled happily at the clean kitchen and dining room. “At least I can contribute this way!”

The living room had been re-arranged to face the TV. Everyone had converted to pajamas. Veronica had one armchair, Suzie the other. The rest of the girls were gathered in a pile of blankets on the two couches.

“Hey Bri, we need a fashion show!” Suzie said.

“You’ve seen my pajamas like a million times.” She said, confused.

“We want to see you in the pullups!” Erin grinned.

“What?” Briana blushed.

“We don’t want you to be embarrassed around us.” Veronica said. “We didn’t get them for you to shame you. We’ve all seen each other in underwear or swimsuits. We want you to know that this isn’t anything different.”

“I don’t know…” Briana dug at the old wood floor with one toe.

“You’ll feel way better about it if you don’t feel like you have to hide it.” Erin said.

“Show off a little and let us support you!” Suzie nodded.

“Uh, this is weird.” Briana chuckled nervously.  “But okay, just for tonight.”

“Of course, you don’t have to walk around in them every night.” Veronica smiled. “We really do want to normalize it for you.”

“Okay okay.” Brianna nodded and hurried upstairs.

She pulled both packages and opened them, placing the garments side by side. There was no getting around how ugly the incontinence panties were. No getting around how childish the adult pullups were either. It was going to be embarrassing to show them off either way.

“At least the pullups are pretty. The ones with flowers on them aren’t as bad as the ones with little bears and stuff I guess.” Briana looked at them ruefully. She’d have to wear one or the other eventually. With a sigh, she dropped her panties and slipped on a pair of the adult pullups. They felt odd, soft and bulky. She squirmed in them, trying to get used to the feel.

“They’re pretty quiet, that’s nice.” Briana thought. She selected a long nightshirt and pulled it over her head. It fell to her mid thigh.  She twirled a little, and was glad to see that the pullups didn’t show. “Quick fashion show, and then I don’t have to show them any more.”

Briana was greeted by cheers as she came down the stairs. She blushed, “You guys are making too big a deal of this.”

“We’re making a big deal of you, we support you!” Said Erin. “Now flash us!”

Briana laughed and flipped her nightshirt briefly up. Her roommates cheered and catcalled her. She giggled and lifted her shirt again, did a quick turn before dropping it.

“They look good!” Suzie said.

“Are they comfortable?” Casey asked.

“Yeah actually.” Briana smiled shyly. It actually was helping to talk about it in a normal way.

“Walk through!” Erin grinned.  “Everyone gets to pat the butt!”

Feeling giddy and silly, Briana lifted her shirt and walked through the half circle of girls. The pat she got varied from a simple touch, to a squeeze, to a surprisingly firm spank from Veronica. Everyone giggled when Briana jumped at the swat.

Hunkering down for the movie with some popcorn, Briana felt herself finally relax. An action comedy and a hard lemonade pushed all the stress away. By the time she went to bed, she’d almost forgotten the pullups. She found they didn’t really bother her either. She pulled them down and up like panties as she went about her nightly routine.

“That was smart of Veronica.” Briana thought. “It was embarrassing, but the ‘fashion show’ did help.”

In the morning, Briana stretched out in bed. She was delighted to not wake up in a soggy puddle. A little less delighted when she felt the increased bulk between her legs. With a sigh she prodded at the pullup.  It was soaked, but her sheets weren’t. Briana decided to take that for a minor victory.

Without the stress of having to sneak laundry downstairs, the rest of the week seemed to go by in a flash. She was even completely dry the second morning of wearing the pullups. Happiness at a normal wakeup carried her through the day. Biochemistry labs were a breeze when she could concentrate on them!

Every other day of the week she woke to wet padding between her legs. By Friday it was getting hard to keep the enthusiasm. Her problem was accelerating.

When she arrived home on Friday, the house was quiet. Briana poked her nose into the kitchen and library, but no one was there. There wasn’t any noise upstairs among the bedrooms either. Briana was surprised to see Veronica’s door open, she was usually really private about her space.

“Veronica?” Briana called at the door.

“Briana? Come in please.”

Veronica had more than a room, she was the only one with a suite. Even before she’d covered Briana’s rent, she was paying twice as much as anyone else in the house. Briana found Veronica past the suite’s living room in the office. It was nicely set up with a vintage desk and two chairs. It boasted a bookshelf full of psychology texts and a file drawer. A woven rug from a trip to Asia was the only decoration.

“Hi Briana.” Veronica smiled slightly. She was seated at her desk in her usual black dress. Neat notes on the desk were being transcribed to digital.

“Hi Veronica.” Briana smiled shyly. “I saw your door was open, I think we’re the only two home.”

“Great, that will give us a chance to talk, can you sit for a second?” Veronica motioned to the chair next to her.


“How are things going with your medical issue?” Veronica asked.

“Oh uh…” Briana blushed, “I don’t want to bore you.”

“You don’t bore me.” Veronica said gently. “I know you’re worried about it, and I know you’re not able to see a doctor right now. If your problem is psychological instead of physical, I could try to help.”

“Do you think it is?” Briana bit her lip.

“It could be.” Veronica shrugged. “We could at least try. Erin’s in med school but she can’t prescribe anything yet. She can’t really diagnose, and I can’t either.  But she and I were talking about it, and we’d like to help if we can. We can’t offer anything official, but we can help with advice.”

Briana swallowed around a lump in her throat. “It’d be nice if you don’t mind. I actually… Well, the truth is, I had my issue every morning for the past four days.”

“It’s getting more serious, isn’t it?” Veronica asked, gently putting her hand on Briana’s leg.

“Yeah.” Briana rubbed at her eyes.  “I don’t know what to do.”

“Do you want me to try to help?”

“Yes please.” Briana nodded vehemently.

“Okay, let’s touch base daily.” Veronica said. “Right after you wake up. Don’t change your garments, come to my room however you are when you wake up, and we’ll talk about how you’re feeling.”

“Uh, are you sure you don’t want me to clean up?” Briana wrinkled her nose.

“I think it’s best to try to get as close to the state where it happened.” Veronica said. “If you’re willing to try.”

“Can’t hurt I guess.” Briana sighed. “Okay, I’ll try it. Can I stop if it’s too embarrassing?”

“Of course!” Veronica patted Briana’s leg. “This is all unofficial, all up to you how you want to engage with it.  I want to offer help if I can.”

“What about Erin?” Briana asked.

“She can’t order labs or prescribe medicine yet, so she didn’t see a lot that she could do to help as it stands.” Veronica said. “She’s on the lookout for any programs that could get you in for a free appointment though.”

“Thanks Veronica.” Briana wiped away grateful tears.

“Of course!”

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I really like the plan with the "fashion show" so that she no longer has to hide her problem and not feel ashamed.
And now she also has to show her used pull-up pants every day.

These events in the first chapters make me very curious about the sequel.


12 hours ago, SolSombraYSoldados said:

Hi all! I'm switching to a Monday / Thursday posting schedule for a while. Hope you enjoy!

I never thought that on Friday I would long for the next Monday.

And I'm also curious about your other stories.

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All my published stuff is up on Wattpad, under the same name as I have here.


if you'd rather not wait, the full story for Baby Briana and 16 chapters of its sequel are up there. :) I have some other stories on there too.

I guess it's a choice between the Weekly or Binge model of content consumption. :P

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Chapter 3


Briana wiggled in bed the following morning. She tried to put off inspecting her pullup, but it was no use. She could already feel the swollen padding between her legs. Worst night yet; the pullup had barely been able to catch it all.

She sat up and frowned at the floor. Going directly to see Veronica didn’t seem as reasonable as it had been yesterday. She had gone to bed in a cute blue pajama set, so modesty wasn’t too big a problem. Or rather it wasn’t a problem other than for the pullup.

“I have to get this solved.” Briana thought as the pullup squished clammy and damp around her crotch. “Veronica doesn’t have to do this for me, I should do whatever makes it easiest for her.”

She slipped out of her room and took in the buzz of her roommates downstairs.  As usual, she was the last to rise. Knocking lightly on Veronica’s door didn’t get a response. The prospect of standing in the hall in a soggy pullup gave her the courage to enter without permission. Veronica wasn’t in her office, but there was a note.

Briana – If you’re here and I’m not, I’m down at breakfast. Please text me and I’ll come right up so you don’t have to come downstairs.

Minutes after texting, Veronica arrived with Erin in tow. “Good morning Briana.” She said.

“I thought it was going to be the two of us.” Briana said.

“If you don’t mind I was going to take your vitals.” Erin said. “That way if anything is way off we can do something about it, or at least research.”

“Oh, okay.” Briana sat at Erin’s direction, wiggling a bit as the soggy pullup made its presence known again. Erin was quick and professional, taking down notes as she measured Briana’s blood pressure, heart rate, and listened to her lungs. So much so that she dropped her pajama bottoms to her ankles when Erin asked without thinking about it.

“This looks pretty full.” Erin said, gently prodding Briana’s pullup. “Has it been like this every morning?”

Briana flinched back. “Uh, no, not every morning. I didn’t have the problem at all on Monday. And this is um, I guess the most it’s been so far.”

“Thanks.” Erin smiled. “That’s all I need right now. I’ll come check each morning and see if there’s a pattern.”

“Oh uh…” Briana began.

“In that case it’s my turn. Go ahead and sit back down.” Veronica said. “Please leave your pajamas as they are.” She waved briefly to Erin as the other woman left.

“Why?” Briana hesitated, reluctantly taking a seat before Veronica answered.

“My initial guess is that there’s a lot going on for you subconsciously that’s causing this.” Veronica said. “I want to pull the issue into your conscious so that we can examine it and fix it.”

Briana licked her lips and fidgeted.. She felt weird, embarrassed and uncomfortable. There was more too, a nervous, guilty feeling. The pullup was very distracting, the sensation of it kept intruding on her thoughts.

“Is this something that’s been a problem for you before?” Veronica asked.

“No, not since I was really little.” Briana sighed. “It happened all of a sudden, and it’s getting worse really fast.”

“When would you say it started? When was the first time you were incontinent at night?”

Briana blushed at the word ‘incontinent’. “Uh, three weeks ago.”

“What was going on for you around that time?”

“I had a really bad day the day before. My advisor lost his grant, and I’d been out of a job for a while. I tried participating in a paid study, but the payout was really bad. The day after they paid me I woke up uh, you know.”

“You don’t have any contact with your family, correct?”

“Yeah. I uh, don’t have anyone to rely on.” Briana looked down. “I want to thank you for helping me out. I know I’m not contributing right now, but so far nothing I’ve applied for is getting back to me.”

“Of course, of course.” Veronica smiled kindly. “The picture that I’m seeing is that you have a lot of stress about your situation. Would you say you’re feeling financial, housing, maybe even food insecurity?”

“Yes.” Briana said in a small voice. “I don’t know how long you can keep helping me but obviously not forever. I don’t have any alternatives right now.”

“Well first, please, don’t worry about accepting my help, and the help of the rest of us in the house.” Veronica leaned over and squeezed Briana’s arm. “My situation is that I’m very lucky financially and it’s not a problem for me to help you out. I want to try to reduce your stress in that area.”

“Thank you.” Briana smiled sadly. There was some relief from hearing that, but more guilt piled on too.

“Stress can do terrible things to a body.” Veronica said. “Temporary incontinence is actually a mild consequence for extreme stress, though I’m sure it doesn’t feel mild to you.”

“That makes sense,” Briana said, more to convince herself than because she believed it. She shifted in the chair, winced as she felt wetness on the seat. The pullup really was at its limit, her squirming was making it leak.

“I want to reduce your stress, especially before you get more, nastier symptoms.” Veronica said. “I think the biggest problem is the lack of a support network. Most people have a family to turn to, and you don’t have that right now. We aren’t the same thing as family, but the rest of us in the house are willing to help you. Will you let us be your support system?”

“You already are.” Briana said. “Everyone has been really nice, and supportive.”

“In a friend way.” Veronica said. “We can support you more, but it means a greater intrusion into your life. The level of support and interference that a family would have.”

“I can’t ask that of you.” Briana said. “Everybody has their own life to live, stuff going on. We’re all busy with grad school, and everyone but me has a job on top of that.”

“That’s why it would be spread out over the five of us.” Veronica said. “We can all pick an area of your life to help support you. That way, it’s not too much for anyone. If it does become a problem, I’ll make sure that we all feel comfortable talking about that.”

“I don’t really understand. What do you mean ‘pick an area of my life’?” Briana frowned. “I’m doing okay other than the job. I’m getting my schoolwork done, I made it this far.”

“Of course.” Veronica nodded. “I’ve always been really impressed by you. You got through undergraduate with no support at all, and from what you’ve told me, that was pretty much true of high school too. You’ve done a tremendous job with no one to lean on. But when I look at you the last few weeks, you’re exhausted. Emotionally, physically.”

Briana hung her head, tears dripping onto her thighs.

“You need someone to lean on, for a little while.” Veronica said. “Isn’t that right?”

Briana could only manage to nod while she held back a sob. Veronica took Briana’s hands, and pulled her to her feet.  Veronica pulled her closer, Briana pulled back in hesitation.

“You need the emotional support of a family member.” Veronica said gently. “Come here.”

Briana’s heart thudded and her stomach twisted.  She was a whirlwind of emotions. Shame, rage, sorrow, relief, joy all warred in her. Eventually the numbness of exhaustion flattened the storm out. She let Veronica pull her forward, gingerly sitting in her roommate’s lap. Veronica’s arms closed tightly around Briana. A seal had been broken; Briana clung to Veronica. Tears flowed down her cheek but she wasn’t sobbing. There was more relief than anything.  Relief, and warmth in her pullup. With a gulp she clamped her muscles down, glad that the flow had been a mere trickle. The shock did help her stop crying, she wiped her cheeks with the sleeve of her pajamas.

“A little better?” Veronica asked, stroking Briana’s hair.

“Yes. Thank you. This is all… I don’t know how I can thank you.”

“This is something I’m offering, happily.” Veronica said. “In order for this to be effective for more than this morning, I’m offering to take over keeping track of your schedule too.”

“What?” Briana asked, confused. “You mean my classes and stuff? I can do that fine.”

“Under ordinary circumstances, of course you can.” Veronica said, holding Briana firmly around the waist. “But your stress level isn’t going to go down if you have to do everything on your own. So what I want to do is go over your schedule. You’ll check in with me when you go to class and get back. I’ll make sure that nothing is missed, and that you can relax a little. Let things go, knowing you have a backup.”

“So you’ll basically be my mom?” Briana said, giggling nervously.

“A small part of one, in a way.” Veronica said. “You never really got to lean on an adult that did that for you. Right now I think you need it.”

“I don’t know.” Briana said reluctantly. It was hard to protest it too much when she was cradled on Veronica’s lap. She didn’t want the embrace to end either.

“You don’t have to accept.” Veronica said. “But I think your stress will stay, or get worse if you don’t put some of your burden on someone else.”

“I guess we could try it.” Briana said in a small voice.

“Good.” Veronica squeezed Briana. “Now, here’s my plan. I’ll handle your schedule. Erin will make sure you’re taking care of yourself physically. Suzie will make sure you’re leaving yourself time for entertainment and relaxation. Jane will keep track of your contributions to the household. Casey will look after you when you’re out of the house.”

“Woah, wait!” Briana struggled to face Veronica, still held tightly in the hug.

“Everyone is going to take a small piece, remember?” Veronica said. “You were right, it’s too much for any one person to handle. But together we can support you until you can overcome the stress.”

“It’s… that’s a lot.” Briana frowned.

“A lot like having parents watch out for you.” Veronica said. “It will feel invasive at first because you’ve never really had it. But I think you’ll enjoy the support more than you think.”

Briana bit her lip and considered. She was exhausted a lot of the time, there was no denying it. She’d put it up to simple unemployment blues. “Is it really that bad? Everyone is acting like it is. I guess I did start wetting the bed out of nowhere. Maybe I can try it.”

“Okay.” Briana took a deep breath. “I can try. It’s hard for me to imagine.”

“Good!” Veronica smiled.  “We’ll help you. The last thing we need to talk about is one form that help might take. In order for us to help you this way, we need to be able to impose consequences.”

“Like what?”

“Depends on where you fall short, if you do.” Veronica said. “It could be grounding you, or taking away your phone for a bit. For something minor it could be a quick swat on your bottom.”

“This is going too far.” Briana struggled against Veronica’s arms, in earnest this time. Veronica released her, and Briana hopped to her feet. “You are seriously talking about spanking me!?”

“The important thing is that it’s a consequence that impresses itself on you.” Veronica continued in a calm voice. “You’re right that all this structure is foreign to you. For you to really rely on it, on an instinctual level, you need to accept us as an authority in your life. Otherwise you’ll never be able to really relax and trust us.”

“I don’t think that getting a spanking is going to make me trust anyone.” Briana folded her arms.

“You don’t think so?” Veronica said. “You’ve trusted me a lot so far, and I gave you a pretty good swat during your fashion show.”

“That’s different!” Briana flushed.  “That was playing around!”

“So is this.” Veronica said. “You can end it any time you want to opt out. It’ll end naturally when you regain control at night. It’s designed to provoke an emotional response that will reach your subconscious. If your problem was rational we could talk it out, but I think you know it isn’t rational.”

“I guess.” Briana wrung her hands. “Are you basing all this on uh, data? Clinical studies?”

“Actually yes.” Veronica motioned to her notes. “My thesis was on behavior modification for self improvement. There’s a lot about people that isn’t rational, and it can have huge implications. Look at the placebo effect. Sometimes you have to trick your mind to get the best outcome.”

“So it’s a spanking… placebo?” Briana sighed.

“In a way.” Veronica nodded. “And it should work even if you know why we’re doing it. Are you ready to accept our offer?”

“You’ve already talked about this with everyone?” Briana whimpered.

“Only the basics. That we would split up the work of helping you out.” Veronica said. “I’ll go over it with them in detail, but I’m sure they’ll agree. And if someone doesn’t, we’ll split out that responsibility to the rest of us. We all really care about you, and we’re willing to do a lot to help you.”

“Alright.” Briana nodded resolutely. “I’ll do it.”

“Good girl!” Veronica said, chuckling when Briana flushed. “Go get cleaned up and bring me your schedule.”

“Yes Veronica.” As she returned to her room, Briana marveled at how good that felt to say. “Someone is watching out for me now.”


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Hmmm, is that a change in Briana's behavior?




Chapter 4

Giving Veronica her schedule was a load off. Getting a lunch packed by Erin was amazing. She found herself enjoying her labs in a way she hadn’t been able to for months. Even the most annoying of the other grad students couldn’t get under her skin. Casey checking in by text to make sure she was getting home okay was a little weird. It did provide a nice feeling of security though. She’d always envied the girls in undergrad who’d had a parent they could call to make their walk home a little safer.

She checked back in with Veronica when she got home. When Veronica praised her for doing a good job at school Briana nearly cried again. Being released from the responsibility of homework for the evening was a surprising weight off. Jane enlisted her to help with dinner, which turned into a silly catch up session on each other’s lives. Suzie took over her evening, and the two of them cackled at a terrible horror movie.

By the time Erin came to collect Briana to send her to bed, she was glowing. She realized she’d been avoiding everyone, too worried about the rent and food to enjoy her friends. Everyone had been imposing on her all day. Far from being stifled, she felt as free as she’d ever been. Erin set out a pair of teddy bear pullups for her, and even that made putting them on easier to swallow. It was less than ten minutes from her head hitting the pillow to blissful sleep.

The next morning she woke to Erin’s gentle voice. “Good morning Briana. Time to get up.”

“Ugh, what time is it?” Briana whined in protest. It felt early, way too early.

“Time to get up. Come on, let’s get your vitals.”

Briana sat up with a great groan, obediently presenting her arm for Erin to check her blood pressure. “Isn’t it bad to do this so early?”

“Actually, one of the best times to take someone’s BP is right after they’ve woken up and urinated.” Erin said. “Or in your case, urinated and woken up.”

Briana blushed slowly as she processed the sentence. Now that she was paying attention, she could feel the bloated pullup on her rear, as full as yesterday. Erin took Briana’s hand and led her to Veronica’s office. Briana blinked sleepily at Veronica.

“Is she wet?” Veronica asked.

“Yeah, looks about the same as yesterday.” Erin pulled Briana’s pajama pants down, eliciting a squeak from Briana.

“I see.” Veronica said, looking the sodden pullup over. Briana’s face flamed again, the embarrassment was waking her up and making her want to crawl under the covers at the same time. “Go ahead and sit down, Briana.”

“I’ll get the chair wet again.” Briana protested.

“Briana.” Veronica looked up into Briana’s eyes. “Sit please.”

Briana pouted and sat. The sun was barely up, it was way too early to be awake, especially on a Saturday.

“Now, how do you feel this morning?”

“Sleepy.” Briana said sourly.

“And a little bratty too?” Veronica smirked. “That’s a good sign actually. It means you’re letting go a little, letting yourself be vulnerable.”

“Not that it helped.” Briana sighed, pointing to her crotch.

“You have to expect that this won’t help right away. In fact, it will quite likely get worse before it gets better.”

“Worse? What worse could happen than waking up wet every morning?” Briana gave Veronica a horrified look.

“You may see other symptoms.” Veronica said. “You’ve been under a lot of stress for more than a month, and never really had a solid foundation before that. I want you to know that that’s natural, and it doesn’t mean you should give up. You’ve had months of the problem, and only a day of the cure.”

“Potential cure.” Briana said.

“Yes, but it’s the one we’ve got right now so let’s give it a shot.” Veronica said crisply.

“I wish you could hypnotize me and fix it that way.” Briana pouted.

“That doesn’t really work. I do know how to hypnotize people though, it’s a good party trick. We can do that if you want when it’s my turn to watch you in the evening.”

The end of Veronica’s last sentence was breathtakingly infantilizing. Briana swallowed nervously and squirmed in her pullup. A little puddle collected on the seat under her, but she couldn’t make herself stop.

“Let’s finish off the morning evaluation.” Veronica said. “You’re fidgeting a lot, which you also did yesterday. Are you uncomfortable in the pullup? Is it painful in any way?”

“It’s embarrassing.” Briana ducked her head, feeling a fresh wave of shame.

“But physically it doesn’t bother you much.” Veronica said. “You’ve felt embarrassed every morning that you woke up wet?”

“She doesn’t have to say it like I’m a baby.” Briana stared straight down at her thighs. “Yes, of course.”

“What’s important is that kind of embarrassment is strong negative feedback. Your subconscious is trying to get something that feels important enough to bring on that much embarrassment.” Veronica lifted Briana’s chin. “How did you feel yesterday, with everyone taking some responsibility for you? We were very invasive.”

“It was really nice.” Briana whispered. “I was really happy.”

“Are you worried that we’ll stop doing that if you stop waking up wet?” Veronica asked.

That idea hadn’t even occurred to Briana. The thought shot a spike of ice into her chest.

“Oh, I’m sorry sweetheart.” Veronica said, stroking Briana’s cheek. “I didn’t mean to scare you. I want to reassure you that we’ll help you for as long as you need.”

Briana nodded, her heart still pounding. Already feeling vulnerable freed her to shamelessly lean her cheek against Veronica’s hand.

“Do you want to sit on my lap again?” Veronica asked.

“Oh uh, that’s okay. I’ll get your dress all wet.” Briana smiled sadly. “I’ll clean the chair when we’re done.”

“I have a lot of these plain black dresses.” Veronica said, smoothing out her skirt and patting her lap. “Come here sweetie.”

Hesitantly, Briana stood. She sidled close to Veronica, giving her a chance to see the glistening wet surface of the pullup and the little puddle on the chair. She melted into Veronica when she was pulled close anyway, tucking her head into Veronica’s neck.

“There’s a good girl.” Veronica’ stroked Briana’s back. The touch didn’t dredge up sadness for Briana this time. It was comforting. She wrapped her arms around her roommate and closed her eyes. “One more question and we’ll get started on the day. Why did you pick the styled pullups instead of the plain ones?”

“They were prettier.” Briana said softly. She lay against Veronica, half dozing, enjoying the other woman’s warmth while Veronica entered her notes.

“Okay, let’s talk about the schedule for today. You have homework to do, and a few chores.”

“Homework?” Briana sat up and pouted. “But I usually do it on Sunday. There’s not that much.”

“All the better reason to get it done today, so you can enjoy your afternoon and all of Sunday.”

Briana rolled her eyes. “Not everyone is type-A like you.”

“Attitude, young lady.” Veronica tapped Briana on the nose. “You do get a choice, chores first or homework first.”

“What’s the chore?” Briana yawned.

“Sweeping the floors downstairs, and cleaning the kitchen surfaces.”

“I’ll do that first.”

“Alright. Erin is making breakfast for you, so get cleaned up and dressed.  When you’re done with breakfast, Jane will get you started on your chores. After all that, come back up to my office.”

“I have to do my homework here?” Briana asked, surprised.

“You have to check in with me at least.” Veronica said. “I can see you really don’t want to do your homework this morning.”

“Yes Veronica.” Briana pouted.

“What a dramatic pout.” Veronica kissed Briana tenderly on the cheek. “And how do you feel right now?”

Briana looked down at the floor with a secretive smile. “Safe.”

“Good girl. Off you go, you’re wiffy, and not only from the pullup.” Veronica gave Briana’s rear a gentle swat.

Giggling, Briana scampered off to her room.


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Content warning, lesbian flirting and tomfoolery. (Tammyfoolery?)




Breakfast and chores were a breeze. Briana was used to tidying up early on the weekend anyway. Jane even pitched in a little, which more than made up for her supervising Briana’s work. Veronica had a homework schedule all laid out. Bri was regretting having been so candid with her roommate about what assignments there were. In addition to everything due on Monday, Veronica had time set aside for working on an end of quarter paper, and all the optional readings her professor had suggested. Her easy half-day of homework had ballooned into a nine-hour nightmare.

She trudged, stomped if she was being honest, back to her room. The essential stuff was prioritized and Briana agreed with that much.  She hoped that meant there was some flexibility on the optional parts. Being forced into homework was a lot like having a deadline. Once Briana got going the work went by fast. She had all her Monday assignments done as well as the paper prep that Veronica assigned her by lunch.

Down the rickety stairs, she entered the wood and tile kitchen to the smell of bacon. She sidled up to Erin with a grin on her face. “Whatcha makin’?”

“Sliders.” Erin said. “Want to help?”

“Sounds fun!” Briana set up a toppings station, quickly assembling the little burgers as Erin dished them up. Jane and Casey drifted in to join them. The kitchen table was soon piled with a variety of sliders, lemonade, and a big bowl of chips.

“Is anyone else joining us?” Jane asked as she sat. “That’s a lot of food.”

“Ronnie is crunching on her thesis this weekend.” Erin said. “Suzie is at an event for her advisor.”

“Briana.” Casey caught Briana as she came to the table. “Make up a plate for Veronica and take it to her please.”

“Okay.” Briana smiled and arranged a plate. “She could have done it herself. Everyone really is treating me like I’m the kid.” The thought didn’t bother her, but it was odd. She delivered the plate to Veronica’s office and got a terse nod of thanks in response. Erin hadn’t been kidding, Veronica’s normally pristine desk was covered in notes.

She raced back to the kitchen and loaded up her own plate. A round of laughs traveled the table as Briana gulped down her first two sliders.

“I think that’s the most excited about food I’ve seen you in a while.” Erin said.

“You look a lot happier.” Casey said. “How are you feeling about this whole thing? Okay?”

“Yeah actually.” Briana blushed a little, focusing her gaze on her plate. “It’s been kind of amazing so far. Thank you. I know it’s a lot of work for all of you.”

“It’s really not that much work.” Jane chuckled. “Especially since we get to boss you around.”

“I was worried at first.” Casey said. “You like that part too, being bossed around?”

“Yeah.” Briana made little circles in the ketchup on her plate with a shard of chip.

“Who knew you were so subby?” Casey laughed and stroked Briana’s hair.

“Shut up.” Briana buried her face in her arms.

“Okay we’ll lay off.” Jane laughed. “Did you get your homework all done?”

“Yeah!” Briana nodded, glad to face her roommates on a different topic. “Everything due on Monday and more!”

“Veronica is a taskmaster.” Erin stood and stretched. “I’m going to do the Costco run. Jane, you mind coming with me?” Jane nodded and got up as well.

“I’ll watch Briana.” Casey said. Briana blushed, but couldn’t find the motivation to protest.

“Great!” A flurry of cleaning up later, Erin and Jane were out the door.

“Is everybody assigned to ‘watch’ me?” Briana asked Casey.

“We’re not supposed to leave you alone except when you’re in bed.” Casey said. “I thought it was extreme, but it seems to be doing you a lot of good.”

“So now what?” Briana sat on the edge of the table. “Since you’re the one in charge.”

“You really do like this stuff.” Casey approached Briana curiously. “What do you like so much about it?”

“I don’t know.” Briana kicked her legs. “It feels nice, I feel taken care of.”

“Is that all?” Casey raised an eyebrow. “It doesn’t turn you on?”

“Woah what!?” Briana stared at Casey in shock.

“I’ve seen girls squirm like you and they were usually running pretty hot.” Casey leaned in as Briana opened her mouth to protest. “Also your nipples have been popping up every time we take charge.”

Briana closed her mouth and swallowed.  She tried to squirm away from Casey but her roommate had grabbed the table to either side of her. “It’s not that.”

“What is it then?” Casey asked. “I’ve got you trapped here and you’re all squirmy but not trying to get out. You don’t seem too upset, in fact, you look like you’re enjoying yourself.”

“I… I don’t know.” Briana gasped, twisting her hands in her lap.

“Well, think about it.” Casey said, backing off. “It’s got you really worked up.”

Briana folded her arms and frowned. It was all she could do to maintain the façade. This whole experience had made her hypersensitive to any wet feeling in her pants. There was definitely some dampness down there at the moment.

“We’ve both had a long week so let’s veg out for a bit.” Casey deliberately took Briana by the wrist and set out for the living room. She raised a brow to see her roommate follow along, docile as could be.

They took over a couch and scrolled through the Netflix selections. The list was as always simultaneously endless and frustratingly limited. Without thinking about it, Briana scooted up close to Casey, hip to hip and leaning on the larger woman. She even pressed closer when Casey wrapped an arm around her.

“Bri, do you want me to treat you like a kid, or a date?” Casey asked gently.

Briana stopped scrolling, looked away. “I’m sorry, it was comfy and I wanted to…”

“Hey, I’m not judging.” Casey said. “You’re cute. And if all you want to do is snuggle, that’s fine. But you did put your hand on my inner thigh.”

Briana snatched her hand back; tried to pull away from Casey. The arm around her easily held fast. “I’m really sorry, I’m confused right now.”

“It’s okay to be confused.” Casey said, stroking Briana’s cheek.  “It’s okay to chill. It’s also okay to ask for something you want, at least have a conversation about it.”

Briana felt moisture spread across her panties again. She licked her lips, swallowed to clear the dryness in her throat. “We’re roommates, and we’ve been friends forever, and I don’t want to mess anything up.”

“I’m not saying I’m going to take you right here on the couch.” Casey said, grinning when Briana softly gasped. “You are turned on by this.”

“I guess so.” Briana lightly clung to Casey. “I didn’t think about it until you said something.  There was too much other stuff going on. Now it’s impossible to not think about it.”

“I’m flattered that you think I’m sexy.” Casey smiled. “I don’t want to rush into anything, especially if you’re not sure what you think. I’d like to learn more about you, and this. For instance, I learned that my roommate likes to be told what to do so much that she’s turned on by it.”

Briana bit her lip. “I guess that’s true.”

“You learn anything about me?” Casey asked.

“You smell really good.” Briana said softly. She shivered as Casey caressed her neck.

“What’s a show you’ve seen a hundred times on Netflix?” Casey asked, then pressed when Briana’s only reply was a confused look. “Come on, there has to be one you’ve watched a bunch of times.”

“L-lost.” Briana said. “Why?”

“Because you’re not going to be able to pay attention to a new show.” Casey said. She queued up the first episode of Lost and pulled Briana into her lap. A hand slid under Briana’s shirt and stroked her belly.

“Ohhh.” Briana put an arm around Casey’s shoulders, arched her back.

“Been a long time, sailor?” Casey teased.

“Really long.” Briana squirmed. The damp between her legs was rapidly turning to wet. She wished she was wearing a pullup for a moment, before dismissing the thought as crazy.

“The problem with subby girls like you.” Casey said. “Is that what you want is for me to take charge. But I want to make sure that you don’t get uncomfortable or hurt.”

“I’m sorry Casey.” Briana said. “I’m not sure what I want.”

“And you don’t have to be, at least not right away.” Casey said. She continued her feather touches over Briana’s skin, grinning at the soft moans that followed. “We’ll talk about this more another day, okay? For right now, we’ll watch a couple of episodes and pet each other.”

“Sounds good.” Briana squirmed up against Casey and nuzzled her cheek.


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Oh dear, somebody is having trouble adulting.

Also, Briana is hella gay. Good for her. :)




Chapter 6

Briana made it two episodes before she had to completely untangle herself from Casey. Neither of them wanted to take things further, but holding back wasn’t really an option any more. She climbed the stairs to her room, lips still tingling with the taste of Casey’s kisses. Her panties were soaked, even leaving a spot on her shorts.

Heart pounding, she flopped down on her bed. “I never expected to find that with Casey. I hope it doesn’t make living with her weird.” Her hand slipped under the waistband of her shorts; she closed her eyes and trembled. She kept the fire inside stoked with slow circles while she relieved the past couple of hours.

The door opened, Briana looked over in surprise. Veronica stood there, apparently as surprised. “Taking a break?”

“Uh, what?”” Briana asked in confusion. “No I was watching some TV and came upstairs uh…” She stopped her hand with some effort.

“What about your homework?” Veronica didn’t show any signs of backing off, despite what she’d walked into.

“It’s all done.” Briana pulled her hand out of her shorts and sat up.

“Impossible, no way you had time to do all those readings.”

“Well no, but those are optional.” Briana said. “I got all the assignments done and the paper prep too.”

“Once I assigned them to you, they weren’t optional anymore.” Veronica put her hands on her hips. “You knew that.”

“I don’t feel like doing them!” Briana shouted. Her emotions had swung from shy to horny to angry. She was feeling out of control. A little scared really.

“Not. Your. Choice.” Veronica stepped forward and grabbed Briana’s arm. “Bend over the bed young lady.”

Briana struggled against the hold. She could probably break it, even push Veronica out of the room.  The wild feeling resurfaced, she felt a surge of fear weaken her legs. Everything was too out of control. Panting and trembling, she lowered her head. She bent over her bed and closed her eyes.

The first swat came about as hard as it had during the fashion show.  Enough to give her a push, but it didn’t hurt through shorts and panties. There was another, and another.  Pressure built across her rear and blossomed into a slight sting. Pressure built in her mind too, the wild feeling against embarrassment. Briana was panting, she felt like she couldn’t breathe.

Another smack caught her in a tender spot, sending a shot of pain through Briana’s rear. The pressure popped like a balloon. Embarrassment and wild feeling both were gone; replaced by energy-sapping relief. Her arms and legs felt like lead, her breath slowed, relaxation flowed down her neck through her muscles.

Hot and wet blossomed in her shorts. A little too much relaxation had opened the floodgate. She knew she should do something, try to stop it, apologize, but she couldn’t. She lay on the bed and let herself flow.

Veronica spanked Briana two more times then stepped back. “I didn’t expect that, but maybe I should have.” When she didn’t get a response, she leaned over the bed to look at Briana’s face. “Hmm, okay, can you move?”

Briana nodded in distraction, her mind elsewhere. She felt Veronica pull on her and complied, shakily getting up.  Veronica tugged on Briana again, she followed, lagging a few seconds behind. They left the bedroom and walked down the balcony hall that overlooked the living room. Something about doing that with wet pants seemed like it should bother her, but Briana couldn’t think of why it would.

In the bathroom Briana let Veronica strip her down, not even protesting when her shirt and bra came off too. She let Veronica wipe her down with a wet towel, then sat quietly on the edge of the tub. Veronica left with her dirty clothes and came back with a pullup, which Briana obediently stepped into.

Going back into the hall in a pullup was weird, but Briana didn’t let it bother her. She sat on a blanket in Veronica’s office and curled up on it. Eyes closed and listening to the sound of Veronica’s keyboard, Briana fell into a doze.

Briana sat up a few hours later, yawning. Still confused, she tried sorting out where she was. Veronica’s office felt familiar enough by now. Even wearing a pullup was a fairly familiar feeling. Being on the floor was disorienting, naked was alarming.

“Veronica, what the hell?” She pulled the blanket over herself to cover up.

“You’re back.” Veronica finished the sentence she was typing and swung her chair around to face Briana. “You had a bit of an experience there.”

“I did?” Briana remembered an argument, things were still fuzzy.

“You did. We should talk about it. How do you feel about me right now?”

“Um, I don’t know.” Briana fidgeted. “I trust you. I like you.” “I hope you like me.”

“I was hoping it would be something like that.” Veronica got out of her chair and squatted next to Briana. “Take the blanket off.”

With a little reluctance, Briana slid the blanket off her shoulders, leaving her topless again.

“You didn’t want to do that, did you?”

“No.” Briana shook her head.

“Why did you do it?”

“You told me to.”

Veronica smiled, and ruffled Briana’s hair. “Good girl. I think we had a breakthrough.” Briana beamed.

“I had a little chat with Casey.” Veronica said. “She’s worried about how things got between you.”

“Oh.” Briana bit her lip.

“I’m not upset with either of you, but I’m going to monitor your relationship. Casey was glad to hear that and agreed right away.”

“Okay!” Briana nodded happily.

“That makes you feel safer about being with her, doesn’t it?” Veronica asked, getting another nod from Briana.

“Now let’s talk about the rest of the afternoon. You finished lunch, and lied to Casey, Erin, and Jane about being done with your homework. You and Casey played with each other a bit, and you went up to your room to masturbate before it went too far. Is that right?”

Briana blushed and hung her head. “I’m sorry Veronica.”

“There’s room for you to make mistakes, but I am glad you’re sorry. There will be consequences. You’re grounded from your phone and computer tomorrow. I’ll print out the readings you didn’t do today, and you’ll have to take care of those and your chores before you can do anything else.”

Briana sighed, but nodded. She looked up at Veronica, feeling the embarrassment slip away. Whatever she’d done wrong, it was getting fixed.

“If you do a good job and stay on task, there will be time to play with one of your roommates afterwards. If Casey is up for it, you can play with her. If not, I’m sure someone will watch TV or play video games with you.”

Brianna grinned. “Okay!”

“You have the rest of the evening off.  What do you want to do?”

“Uh, can I stay here? I won’t bother you.”

“Of course you can.” Veronica smiled. “Feeling tired? You had an emotional day, I’m not surprised. I’ll get you a pillow and some snacks.”

Briana sank back into her doze, curled up in the blanket next to Veronica. Occasionally she’d grab a cracker or a piece of fruit, but for the most part she slipped in and out of sleep. She was still sleepy when the night got late, grumbling as Erin untangled her from the blanket.

“She’s been like this all afternoon?” Erin was asking Veronica.

“Yes, had a bit of an event, and she’s recovering.”

“We were able to get all the stuff.” Erin unzipped a bag and laid a thick, plastic coated blanket on the floor.

“Lay down there.” Veronica said to Briana, indicating the new blanket. “Erin is going to change you.”

“Change me?” Briana frowned, poked at her pullup. It was still dry.

“Come on now, be a good girl.” Veronica said.

Briana lay down on the changing pad, arms casually over her head. “I still don’t understand.”

“I’m going to put you in a little bit heavier-duty garment.” Erin said. “You’ve been right at the limit of the pullups every morning, and you wet yourself today too.”

“That’s because… it was a whole situation.” Briana protested.

“I agree.” Veronica said. “But I think this is a good idea, and not because I won’t get damp when you sit on my lap tomorrow.”

Briana let Erin pull the pullups down, and shivered when a wet wipe caressed her legs. She was vaguely aware that she was completely naked in front of two of her roommates, with her legs spread open. She couldn’t trace the logic that had gotten her here, but something about it felt reasonable.

She lifted her hips when asked, then looked down at the thing that had been placed under her. “A diaper?”

“It’s an incontinence garment.” Erin said.

“That’s right, a diaper.” Veronica corrected, nodding at Erin’s questioning expression.

Briana blushed. “But, that’s. Isn’t that a little extreme?”

“No.” Veronica said firmly.

“You are being a really good girl.” Erin said, spreading lotion across Briana’s thighs and rear. “You’re getting the full treatment tonight, I’m a little worried about your skin down there.”

Briana tried to respond but had to bite her lip when Erin rubbed lotion across her sex. Erin’s tone was businesslike, but it really felt like she lingered down there. The smell of baby powder wafted up at Briana. She looked down in time to see her powdered crotch disappear under the expertly taped diaper.

“All better.” Erin said, helping Briana up. “Let’s get your teeth brushed and get you into bed.”

“Is this going too far?” Briana looked at Veronica and all she could feel was warmth. Erin’s strong arms invited her to relax and be taken care of. “Goodnight Veronica.”

“Goodnight sweetie.” Veronica said.

Once again, Briana was out like a light when her head touched the pillow.


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Chapter 7 - Wherin Briana makes a decision and no one interferes or overrides her. Yup, just a regular adult making decisions without any kind of caregiver taking a hand. >_>




Sunday morning, Briana woke to a puzzling bulk between her legs. She reached down and felt a thick soggy padding that crinkled at an alarming volume. Pulling back the sheets the memory of the last night came back. A diaper. They’d put her in a diaper. She blushed scarlet recalling Erin laying her down on Veronica’s floor and changing her like a baby. The diaper was the most childish one she’d worn so far. Fire trucks and kittens, though precious few of the shapes were left.

“How much did I go?” She wondered. The pullups had been enough before, and she usually had to go to the bathroom when she took her morning shower. Today she didn’t feel like she had to go at all. “I lost control completely last night? This is getting scary!”

She sat in bed and poked at the diaper. She really felt like she should get up and change, but Veronica had told her not to. It made her wonder how far she was willing to let this go. No more being changed like a baby, she decided. She clearly had to wear something at night, a full diaper if she was being honest. But that didn’t mean she needed to be naked on Veronica’s floor. “It might be time to stop going to Veronica’s in a diaper as well. I’ll let them see today’s diaper, but I can clean myself up after this.”

Her little pep talk made her feel better. She sat for a bit more, then realized she didn’t have to wait for Erin to wake her up. “I really am starting to think like a kid!”

Briana hopped out of bed and walked confidently to Veronica’s room. At least she tried. There was enough wet padding between her legs to force a slight waddle. Every step sucked out a bit of her confidence, by the time she reached Veronica’s office she peeked in the door rather than assertively opening it.

“There you are sweetie.” Veronica said, motioning her in. “Let’s see how last night went.”

“I had my problem again.” Briana said, giving her diaper a quick crinkle through her pajama bottoms. “A lot.”

“I need to see hon, come over here.” Veronica motioned and Briana reluctantly obeyed, dropping her pajamas. “You wet a lot. Do you have anything left in your bladder?”

“I don’t think so.” Briana sighed sadly.

“At least you’re not leaking this morning!” Veronica said brightly, patting her lap. “Take a seat and we’ll get started.”

Briana hesitated, but the close contact had felt really good. She sat, wincing as the padding squished wet against her skin. “I think I should start cleaning up in the mornings, before I come over.”

“Oh? How come?” Veronica put her arms around Briana and pulled Briana’s head to her shoulder.

“This stuff has gotten crazy really fast.” Briana said softly. “It’s too weird.”

“That discomfort you’re feeling is a good thing.” Veronica said, stroking Briana’s hair. “We want to bring this problem out of your subconscious, and force you to face it consciously, remember? Part of your stress was having to hide this from your roommates.”

“But it’s getting worse!” Briana said. “You said I could stop coming in my uh… garments if I wanted.”

“That doesn’t mean that I won’t disagree with you if I think it would be helpful.” Veronica said. “Of course you can if you want. You can stop all of this, any time you tell us to. Some of this has been really helpful for you though, you’ve said that. I realize that some of this is also uncomfortable, but that’s probably the part that is most helpful.”

“It was really embarrassing to be changed on your floor last night.” Briana whimpered, a couple of tears leaking from her cheeks.

“You mean that it’s embarrassing to remember it now?” Veronica asked. “At the time you weren’t embarrassed. You looked content.”

Briana sniffled. “How could it not be embarrassing? I was naked, getting powdered and diapered.”

“Oh, I see.” Veronica tilted Briana’s head up and used her sleeve to dry her roommate’s tears. “Is the problem that you think you should have been embarrassed, and you’re worried that you weren’t?”

“I don’t think so.” Briana frowned, confused. “It’s really embarrassing to think about.”

“Sure, it’s a very intimate experience, and it made you very vulnerable. At the time it’s what you needed, but afterwards, you’re worried that we judged you. That we weren’t in the same emotional place that you were.”

“I’m not a baby.” Briana whined. “I don’t understand why it should be okay for me to be treated like one.”

“As long as you consent, and we consent, I don’t see a problem.” Veronica shifted Briana further upon her lap. “You’re sitting in my lap right now, and I know you like this. But you were worried about that too this morning. You’re worried about a lot of this, and it’s natural to be worried, because it’s new, and yes a little extreme.”

“It’s too scary.” Briana sniffled again, tears running down her cheeks. “Scary? I was going to say weird.”

“Now we’re getting to the heart of it.” Veronica said. “If you make yourself vulnerable, we could hurt you. If you give up control, you could lose everything you’ve worked for.”

Veronica’s words cut like a knife. Briana buried her face in her roommate’s neck, trembling. “No, I can’t, I can’t. I worked so hard. I got out. I can’t go back.”

“Oh sweetheart.” Veronica stroked Briana’s back. “We really do care about you.” She held her roommate gently, stroking her until the tears and trembles stopped.

“Wh-what now?” Briana took a long, shuddering breath, wiped her eyes.

“I’m personally a fan of progress myself. I don’t like to stay stagnant. I think we should either keep going with what we’re doing, or back off or try something else.”

“What else would we try?” Briana sniffled.

“What we’re doing now is my best idea so far, and I don’t think a watered down version would feel good at this point. If we try something new I think that needs to come from you telling us what you need.”

Briana clung to Veronica, trying to think. Her thoughts swirled around, confused, chaotic. A lot of what Veronica had suggested had been good, but the spanking, the diaper, it felt like too much.  “How did a simple request to change out of a wet diaper in the morning get so spun up? She’s not telling me I have to do it. Why don’t I tell her no?”

“I think maybe there’s too much of a power imbalance here.” Veronica said. “The imbalance is part of why this is working, but I think it’s gotten big enough that you’re starting to lose trust.”

“I trust you.” Briana said. “It’s …”

“I understand.” Veronica said. “You made yourself very vulnerable, very fast, and I didn’t. So how about I tell you something embarrassing about me?”

Briana sat up, blinking away tears as she looked at Veronica. “Like what?”

“I like this too.” Veronica said, smiling gently. “That’s right. I enjoy having you on my lap. I enjoy the closeness we’ve had this past week. I even enjoyed seeing you get changed on my office floor. I like taking care of you.”

“But that’s, are you…” Briana’s eyes searched Veronica’s face in a near-panic.

“I’m not hitting on you, if that’s what you’re asking.” Veronica said, nodding when she felt Briana relax. “I enjoy the relationship we’re building. I don’t mind that you got my skirt wet the last few mornings. I like helping you, and I like that my relationship to you is much more maternal now.”

Briana looked down, lost in thought.  Every once in a while she’d shudder as the last of the sobs left her. Her rear and crotch were swimming in wet. She didn’t know why she wasn’t desperate to get the diaper off. It felt really good to be on Veronica’s lap. “This is the most confusing thing that has ever happened to me. Coming out as bi was easier than this.”

“Briana?” Veronica stroked her roommate’s hair. “Would you like me to change you?”

Briana hesitated for a long time. Veronica let her sit there in silence. “I… I don’t need a diaper during the day.”

“It worries you to wear it when you don’t need it, doesn’t it? We don’t have to put you in a new one, but I can get you cleaned up.”

Briana sighed, nodded. “Yeah, that would be nice.”

“Let’s do that then.” Veronica said, brushing Briana’s hair out of her face. “I’ll get you ready for the day.”

Veronica ran a bath in her private bathroom, and undressed Briana while the tub filled. She put Briana down on the changing blanket, and popped the tapes on the wet diaper. Briana lifted her lips when the diaper was pulled away. She didn’t bother to close her legs.

“I see you keep yourself shaved.” Veronica said, dumping the diaper. “That’s probably good with what you’re wearing at night.”

“Veronicaaaa!” Briana put her hands over her crotch.

“You seem to like it when I treat you like a fussy kid.” Veronica said, ruffling Briana’s hair. “Into the tub with you.”

Briana didn’t have much modesty left when Veronica was done washing her. It was another layer of trust, she supposed. It also felt good to have her hair shampooed and her body washed. When Veronica left her to soak for a bit, she even blew some bubbles in the water.

After the bath Veronica insisted on dressing Briana. The outfit seemed designed with a purpose. Cotton panties and leggings, a skirt, a blouse, and a sports bra that felt like a training bra with the rest of the outfit.

“Now, how do you feel?” Veronica asked.

“Like a kid.” Briana chuckled.

“Good.” Veronica smiled. “Does that feel better? You were pretty sad this morning.”

Briana smiled. “Yeah.”

 “Good girl. Now, go get your phone and come back to my office.  We need to go over what you’re doing today.”

Briana nodded. “Yes Veronica!”


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New Baby Briana chapter. Also, I'm on Patreon now. :) Check it out for exclusive stories and early access.



Meanwhile, in chapter 8 of our story, Briana brats-around and finds out...




Briana returned to Veronica’s office with her phone in hand. She cocked her head curiously when Veronica held her hand out for it.

“You’re grounded from your phone today, remember?” Veronica said. “Your computer too.”

“Oh yeah.” Briana reluctantly handed over the phone. “How am I supposed to do those readings if I can’t get on my computer?”

“I’m glad you remember those. I printed them out for you. You’ll do them here, in my office.”

Briana made a face.

“Yes Veronica.” Veronica prompted.

“Yes Veronica.” Briana rolled her eyes.

“If you need a spanking, keep going in that direction, young lady.” Veronica said.

“Okay, MOM.” Briana smirked.

“Aww, that’s really sweet.” Veronica’s words and tone distracted Briana enough that she couldn’t dodge the swat Veronica laid on her rear.

“Ow!” Briana hopped.

“Do I have your attention now?” Veronica asked? Briana nodded.

“Good girl. Okay, chores first, then up here to do homework. Jane is going to bring you up here herself, so there’s no chance for you to skip out.” Veronica folded her arms. “Don’t pout at me. You weren’t reliable yesterday. When you’re done with your homework you can play. Do you want to spend time with Casey? Or would you rather not deal with that today?”

“Casey sounds fun but uh, you said you were going to talk to her?” Briana’s stomach had butterflies.

“I will. What would YOU like to do with her? It’s okay if it’s hanging out, nothing physical.”

“Physical is okay.” Briana blushed lightly. “No um, sex? Maybe nothing under the clothes below the waist?”

Veronica chuckled. “You two are going to be very worked up after that. I’ll talk to Casey, and see if she agrees.  I’ll let you know when you’re back for your homework, okay?”

Briana nodded. “Um, Veronica?”

“Yes hon?”

“Is this all… really okay? I’m not weird, or going crazy, or bad? You’re not humoring me, because I can’t get straightened out by a doctor?”

“You are a good girl.” Veronica gave Briana a gentle hug. “This is very unusual, but if it’s what you need, that’s okay. I think about the happy Briana who moved in here, and the wounded girl who cried when she thought she was being kicked out. After cleaning you up this morning, dressing you, and taking charge of your day, I see way more of the first Briana.”

“Okay.” Briana smiled shyly. “I worry.”

“I know you do. We’re working on that.” Veronica patted Briana’s cheek. “Now get your butt down to Jane. She’s got a bunch of stuff for you to work on today.”

“Bleh.” Briana sighed, blowing her bangs out of her face. Without further complaint, she headed downstairs.

Veronica had not been kidding about the list of chores. Jane had her mop the kitchen, then handed her off to Suzie to dust the furniture. Suzie sent Briana to Casey, who put her to work pulling weeds in the flower beds. From Casey she went to Erin, who had her rotate and fold the laundry.

“She has me doing everyone’s Sunday chores.” Briana realized. “Well, helping them with their chores.” It wasn’t all bad, she got a chance to catch up with everyone at least. Chores carried her to lunch, and after washing the dishes Briana was marched to her room by Jane.

“Okay, last thing for today.” Jane said, looking around. “Let’s get this room totally clean. Everything put away, bed made, surfaces wiped down.”

Briana sighed. It looked to her like Jane was going to stand and watch. She started with the bed, wincing when the plastic sheet crinkled.

“How are you doing Bri?” Jane asked. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, kinda. I mean, I wish this wasn’t all happening.” Briana said.

“Veronica said you’re enjoying her program.” Jane said curiously. “Does it help you?”

“I think it does.’ Briana sat down on her bed. “It makes me happier at least. It hasn’t helped with the uh… problem yet.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Jane sat beside Briana.

“Uh, about waking up wet?” Briana blushed.

“No, I mean, anything you want to talk about.” Jane leaned gently against Briana’s shoulder. “Veronica says we’re taking kind of a parental role for you. Is that how it feels?”

“Sort of?” Briana pulled her feet up and picked at her toes. “It does take a lot of stress off to have someone else in charge.”

“Veronica said you gave us permission to spank you. Is that true? And I mean, true for me?”

“Well uh…” Briana blushed and stared at her toes. “Uh… yeah?”

“You don’t sound very sure.”

“It’s a weird thing to talk about with my roommate.” Briana said. “But I did give permission. It includes you.”

“Well you’ve been really obedient so far, maybe I won’t have to.” Jane chuckled.

“Are you okay with it?” Briana asked.

“Yes.” Jane grinned. “Maybe it is weird but if it helps you then it’s okay. Sounds kind of fun too.”

“I bet it does.” Briana stuck out her tongue.

“There’s something about you that makes this feel okay.” Jane shrugged. “Maybe how well you’re taking to it.”

“You think so?” Briana asked.

“You do seem happier.” Veronica nodded. “If what you need to be happy and productive is a spanking now and then, I don’t see the harm and I’m happy to help.”

“Oh my god you’re so German right now.” Briana giggled. “Anything to make work more efficient!”

“Speaking of work, you can clean and talk.” Jane motioned. “I know you still have homework to do.”

“Aww come on, it’s clean enough. I’m not a slob.”

Jane cocked her head to the side. “This is something Veronica told me to expect. Bratty-ness, she said.”

“Yeah?” Briana asked challengingly. Veronica’s discipline wasn’t too bad, and getting dominated by Casey had been a lot of fun. “Veronica said this is like playing. Let’s see how Jane plays.”

“Huh, you actually do want me to spank you.” Jane reached over and took hold of Briana’s wrists.

“Hey!” Briana squirmed, though not in earnest.

“She said you need this to believe that we are in charge.” Jane pulled with surprising power, dragging Briana over her lap. “Or does it spoil it for you when I talk about it?”

Briana tried to get up, only to be pushed down with a heavy push on the middle of her back. “Oof! I don’t really understand it. I don’t know if Veronica is right.”

“But you’re not stopping me or withdrawing your permission.” Jane grabbed the clothes at Briana’s waist, pulling down skirt, leggings, panties and all.

“Woah, hey!” Briana froze.

“If I’m going to spank you I’m going to do a proper job.” Jane said, raising an arm.

“Wait!” Briana yelped as Jane’s hand came down. The sudden pain in her rear took her breath away. An equally hard slap followed on her other cheek. Briana gripped the comforter. Four more slaps rained down, spreading a hot blush across Briana’s cheeks. Tears leaked out of her eyes, she was shocked at the sheer intensity of it. She’d been spanked for bondage play before, but this wasn’t playful. There had been no lead up, no easing into it.

Briana trembled and awaited more strikes, feeling very punished. She panted as her hot tears dripped onto the comforter.

“Do we know who is in charge now?” Jane asked sternly.

“Yes Jane.” Briana whispered.

“Louder.” Jane said. “Who is in charge?”

“You are, Jane.” Briana said, tensing her rear again.

“That’s right.” Jane stroked Briana’s rear. It soothed and stung at the same time. Briana whimpered.

“If you try to get out of your chores again, you’ll get another one.” Jane said. “When you get sent to me for chores, you need to come right away and tell me that you’re ready.”

“O-okay.” Briana nodded.

“If you forget, I’ll spank you in front of everyone, wherever we are.” Jane slid Briana across her lap, helping her roommate stand.

“I understand.” Briana hung her head. She stood there, covering her crotch with her clothes around her knees. After a while she peeked up to see Jane looking at her curiously.

“You are still okay with this?” Jane asked.

“Yes Jane.” Briana nodded submissively.

“It helps you?”

Briana hesitated. She nodded.

“I will be as strict as you need me to be, Briana.” Jane stood up and hugged her roommate. “Now, pull up your clothes and get this room done.”

“Yes Jane!” Briana set about dusting and putting things away, moving quickly despite the sting in her rear. She kept catching Jane watching her in surprise, and had to admit she was a little surprised herself.

“I had better be careful being bratty with anyone else in the house.” Briana thought. “Some of them are taking this really seriously.”

Jane delivered Briana to Veronica and gave a report on Briana’s work. Veronica’s only comment on the spanking was a thanks for ‘taking care of that’. Briana was handed a stack of printed readings and pointed to the blanket on the floor.

“Can I sit on the couch in the next room?” Briana asked. “My butt still hurts.”

“Are you saying you need some padding there?” Veronica asked.

Briana shut her mouth and laid down on her stomach, opening the first packet.

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Late post today. It's been crazy, family tech support. :P

Warning, gay smoochy content.



Chapter 9

“Briana, let’s talk for a minute.” Veronica said.

Briana looked up right away, sitting up cross legged and putting her reading aside.

“Casey agreed to your restrictions for a date. Are you still up for it?”

“Yes.” Briana grinned. “When can I go?”

“When you finish your reading.”

Briana sighed and got back to work. She had only two articles left and they were the least interesting ones. Her attention kept wandering to her date. She started to skim the pages. Skimming became turning pages at roughly the same pace she had when she was reading.

“Done!” She said triumphantly to Veronica.

“Good job.” Veronica said. Briana felt a little guilty but consoled herself that she’d already read way more of the optional stuff than she normally would have.

“Can I change clothes for the date?” She asked, lightly bouncing on the floor.

“Of course. Do you have an outfit in mind?” Veronica asked.

“A simple one but um… can I wear a pullup?” Briana asked.

“Yes, if you want. Are you worried about having an accident?”

“No, but uh, I got really wet last time we played, and it would be nice to have something on since uh, nothing down there will be coming off.”

Veronica smiled. “Whatever reason you have is fine. Make sure you wear a decent top. Don’t go wandering around the house in your bra, or topless.”

“I would never!” Briana protested.

“Your behavior has been a little off lately, it’s a reminder.” Veronica said. “When your date is done, check in with Erin. She’s in charge of you until bed tonight.”

“Yes Veronica.” Briana hopped up and fled the office.

The date outfit was simple indeed. She wasn’t going to wear a bra with her loose blouse. Pullups and leggings. The shirt should be easy to remove. Briana stared at her pullups, trying to decide which were the most ‘adult’. The answer was the gray ones for seniors, but she dismissed them out of hand. Eventually she settled on a pair with cars printed on it. Pulling them on during the day felt weird. Especially since she was preparing for a date. That had its own set of weird, she wasn’t sure why she was going ahead with dating Casey.

“I guess because Veronica is taking control of it?” Briana thought. “If anything looks like it’s going wrong, she should stop it. She can fix it if we get upset at each other.”

She did a turn in front of her mirror, the cobalt blue top flared out and settled enticingly on her chest. Her black leggings were immaculate, no stains or tears. Barely suppressing a giggle, she walked down the balcony-hall and knocked on Casey’s door.

Casey had clearly not gotten the same talk from Veronica. She was wearing bike shorts that left little to the imagination. Her only top was a swimsuit top with a zipper in the front. Briana had enough time to smile in surprise before she was pulled into the room. She gasped when Casey pushed her up against the wall, moaned when Casey pinned her there.

“I have been thinking about you all day.” Casey grinned. “I heard what you wanted from Veronica, but I want to hear it from you. Nothing under clothes that are below the waist. No outright sex. Is that right?”

Briana nodded, reaching out to run her hands over Casey’s flat belly. “Yes, that’s what I want. She didn’t tell me what you want.”

“She didn’t need to. If I stay in your bounds, I can do anything I want to you.” Casey smiled and kissed Briana’s neck. “I can control you, play with you however I want.”

Briana answered that with a moan.

Casey picked Briana up, and effortlessly carried her to the bed. Briana barely had time to roll over before Casey was on her, kissing her deeply. Both Briana’s hands went up; Casey pinned them under one hand. The other caressed Briana through her blouse.

Delighted, Briana wiggled against Casey and struggled to free her hands. Discovering that she genuinely couldn’t escape stoked heat between her legs. Their lips parted, Casey pulled Briana’s top up and off.

“No bra? You want this as badly as I do.” Casey grinned at Briana.

“Yes.” Briana said breathily. “Do whatever you want.”

“Oh, I will.” Casey’s free hand pushed Briana’s legs apart, cupped her crotch. Casey paused, surprised.

“You’re wearing a diaper?”

“No, a pullup.” Briana squirmed, rubbing her crotch against Casey’s hand.

“Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose?” Casey obliged by pressing the heel of her hand against Briana, eliciting a loud moan.

“No, see?” Briana panted. “And this way I won’t be all uncomfortable and wet.”

Casey laughed. “Nice strategy.” She pulled Briana into the center of the bed and released her. “Lie still.” She commanded.

Briana let herself lie sprawled out, quivering as Casey inspected her. Casey lifted her legs one by one, stroking up each of them. She ran her strong hands over Briana’s chest, lifted her to stroke her back. There were little tingles of electricity up and down Briana’s body as she wriggled against Casey’s touch.

“You’re beautiful.” Casey said. “Now, take my top off.”

“Okay.” Briana sat up and unzipped Casey’s swimsuit. She took her time peeling it off; ran her hands down Casey’s sides. Her hands caressed Casey’s rear, sliding around to her crotch. Her hand found a damp patch in Casey’s shorts, making her glad she was wearing pullups. Briana pressed her fingers gently against the damp.

“Oh, it is going to be hard to keep to the rules if you’re doing that.” Casey pushed Briana onto her back and wrapped around her, pinning arms and legs. Their lips met, Casey spent a long time exploring Briana’s mouth with her lips and tongue.

Casey grinned at the dazed look on Briana’s face. She stroked along the smaller girl’s body, casually manhandling her. Casey’s eyes sparked with delight at the squirms and moans she got out of Briana each time she was rearranged.

Casey’s chest was heaving. She pulled Briana’s ankles up and played her fingers over the layers of leggings and pullup. She spread Briana’s legs out, sliding her hands up and down Briana’s padded crotch. Turning her head into the comforter muffled Briana’s moans only a little.

“You really like that.” Casey pulled Briana’s arms behind her back, forcing her to arch upward. “You like being in a diaper.”

“No I don’t.” Briana whined. The whine became another wanton moan when Casey gripped her crotch.

“You do.” Casey whispered in Briana’s ear. “That’s why you wore it for our date. Because you wanted me to play with you while you were wearing one.”

“It’s a pullup.” Briana protested.

“Call it whatever you want.” Casey presented one of her breasts to Briana’s mouth, sighed in pleasure when Briana started licking. “You’re my diaper sub, aren’t you?”

Briana closed her eyes and sucked on Casey’s nipple so she wouldn’t have to answer. She devoted herself to worshipping Casey. A strong hand pushed her from one breast to another, or down Casey’s belly with Briana happily obeying.

“I was going to have you kiss right around the legs of my shorts.” Casey panted. “But I don’t think I’d be able to stop from shoving your face in my crotch.”

“I wouldn’t stop you either.” Briana thought. “I’m glad Veronica made us have rules… kind of.”

Another long session of kissing left Briana so soaked she could feel it even with a pullup on. The room, she was sure, reeked of sex. She wished it would go on forever, but at the same time, nervousness was building in her belly.

With a shuddering sigh, Casey disengaged from Briana. The crotch of her shorts were soaked. Casey stood up and opened a window, taking another deep breath to steady herself. “I think we need to call this here.”

Briana pouted, then nodded. Relief and frustrated disappointment made a strange combination. “I had a lot of fun.”

“Me too.” Casey grinned. “One more thing before I let you go. Take down your leggings. I want to see your pullup.”

Briana blushed, and peeled her leggings down. The pullup was not as pristine as it had been when she put it on. A couple of the cars were even missing over the crotch.

“Stand up, turn around.” Casey ordered. Briana crawled off the bed and complied.

“That doesn’t look bad at all. You’re pretty cute in it.” Casey walked over and grabbed Briana’s rear through the pullup. “Feels good too.”

“Thanks.” Briana nuzzled Casey’s chest.

“From now on, you need to be wearing a pair of those every time we go on a date.” Casey declared.

“What?” Briana blinked.

“That’s right, even if it’s not making out in my room.  Even if I take you out somewhere.”

“But Casey!” Briana frowned.

“I’m not saying you’ll have to use them, yet.” Casey said. “That’s an order, no discussion. If we’re playing, you’re in pullups, understand?”

Briana felt like she was blushing down to her toes. She licked her lips and nodded.

“Does it turn you on?” Casey asked relentlessly.

“Yes.” Briana said in a tiny voice.

“I thought so.” Casey palmed Briana’s crotch. “You look good in them. Very fuckable, my subby diaper girl.” Briana buried her face in Casey’s chest.

“You hungry?” Casey teased.

Briana pushed Casey away and stuck out her tongue. “Meanie.”

“Yeah, so mean that some of your cars are faded.” Casey pressed.

“Stop it!” Briana giggled, pulling on her leggings and blouse.

“Looking forward to playing with you again.” Casey said.

“Me too.” Briana said. “With less rules maybe.”

“Or rules that I make.” Casey said.

Briana shivered and nodded. She kissed Casey again, tenderly, and slipped out of the room.


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