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Signaling Desperation

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Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Mental health shit and academics have been kicking my ass. But I wanted to flesh out the setting for Through the Storm some so here's a short side story from that universe. Also wanted to give a shout out to the folks at  The Dwarrow Scholar  for the Dwarvish translation.


05/23/7618 United Forces FOB "YEHEADRAN"


CP. Kayleen Brinwall walks out of the base commissary, uniform coat pulled tight and cradling her latte as she heads out for another graveyard shift, one of the shittiest parts of being a junior signals officer. It’s been about a month since she started her second deployment to the border region between Brosnaw and the Dwarvish Kingdoms. The young half-elf woman is scrunched up against the wind a wool cap protecting her large sensitive ears as it cuts through the Kehebabu Amah mountains (Translates from the Dwarvish roughly as Forge of Creation). "Fuck this posting it’s almost New Summer" the unseasonable cold is not uncommon this high up in the mountainous region that is the heart of Dwarvish civilization. This is no comfort to the young women who slips into the com shack with it’s struggling heater to begin her shift.


Two hours in and she is cursing the standard ass clownery of army logistics as the coffee works it way through her. The young corporal feels the all too familiar mix of caffeine jitters and building pressure as her leg bounces back and forth under the console. She can’t leave her post but the aforementioned clowns failed to install any facilities. Kayleen knows she can’t last the entire shift but doesn’t want to leave the meager warmth of the com shack. Cursing the entire logistics corp to some very creative damnations in some of the more obscure hells she jog walks out onto the walkway overlooking the valley below. The freezing wind whips her coat around her as Kayleen jogs in place, both for the warmth and distraction.


Unzipping her pants, she pulls down the front of her knickers and whips out her "girl cock". The life like prosthetic phallus sit’s just above her little nub anchored in place by some theatrical adhesive. It was a bit of a splurge at her paygrade but well worth it considering that both her girlfriend and boyfriend can’t get enough of it, that plus what she’s about to do. Kayleen has a shit eating grin on her face as she releases the pressure into the smart materials catheter sitting up inside her urethra. It then flows up a thin nearly invisible length of tubing before jetting out her cock in a powerful arcing stream. Letting out a sigh of relief and pleasure a still smiling Kayleen watches her own personal geyser fog the frigid air before gravity takes over and a frozen yellow rain splatters down into the valley half a kilometer below. Letting out one last contented sigh she shakes out the last few drops while looking up at the millions of stars and pulsing auroras overhead. 


About halfway through her shift Kayleen hears a knock at the door, glancing at the monitor she is surprised to see that it’s her boyfriend Daren. "What the hell are you doing up this late?" she says with a sarcastic grin.


It had taken a lot of work and favors owed but she had managed to get both her partners jobs with the civil service corp, while she went into the army. The economy world wide had been taking a bit of a beating after the most recent round of fighting in Brosnaw had spilled over the borders of several neighboring countries causing disruption in the supply of raw materials and manufactured goods coming out the Dwarvish Kingdoms. Things weren’t too bad in Zerramar compared to other countries and being in a polyfamily provided a good deal of support. They were able to pool their UBI checks, plus the little bit extra Lia made working as a dental hygienist. But it was still rough. She and Daren had just finished university, broadcast communications and statistics respectively, only to find that the sudden crash meant no jobs. Normally Zerramar was well prepared to handle this, but the treasury and interior ministers’ best efforts couldn’t fully counter act the price spikes and shortages caused by both the actual supply chain disruptions and the market panic.

This began the familiar dance of calls for relief efforts and the activation of mutual defense treaties resulting in the second deployment of a United Forces peace keeping mission to the Brosnaw conflict zone in thirty years. With no discussion required it was decided that where ever they wound up it would be together. Which brings us back to the present with Kaylee and Daren; broadcasting, receiving and analyzing information respectively. Lia works in the base dental clinic and of course our current situation with Daren surprising his girlfriend at her isolated posting halfway up a mountain; with coffee donuts and hot meat pies. 

"So only two months only before we rotate to reserve for the next three, what are you planning when we get back to Whitecliff?" Kayleen cocks her head while finishing off a donut "Hit up that gnomish bathhouse on 42nd, after grabbing dinner and drinks at the ‘Helium Banshee’ " "Yeah that one host Mia, best massage I’ve ever had." Both are smiling at the memory. "Our folks are probably going to want to visit." "And that’s probably going to include uncle Gary….. Fuck!" "Just toke up hon and use my hand as stress ball and you’ll be fine." "My hero" Kayleen’s tone is bemusedly sarcastic as she leans over and plants a kiss on Daren.


Kayleen is momentarily forced to attend to the console as the bases early warning system lights up. Thaumcomp confirms it’s a rather sizable adult dragon. Thankfully this one is less interested in burning villages and more in clearing out every fast-food place in in a 30km radius. Kayleen activates an automated sending spell because of course the dragon doesn’t have com-gear, fucking traditionalists, and spends the ten minutes arguing about respecting the 2km no fly zone around the base. Taking her frustration out on one of the meat pies while Daren rubs her shoulders.  


Kayleen is tired and cheesed off from playing sky traffic cop. She peals off her sweater and t-shirt leaving her in pants, a sports bra, and boots. Daren continues massaging. She knows a perfect way to burn off some extra energy and while not exactly professional Daren is an existing partner and outside the chain of command. So technically she isn’t violating any regs as she gets up and turns around before Daren pulls her in close and unzips her pants……

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That was pretty good. Not a hole lot to go on yet. Doing the horizontal mambo while on duty probably isn’t a good thing even if Daren isn’t in her chain of command. 

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7 hours ago, CDfm said:

That was pretty good. Not a hole lot to go on yet. Doing the horizontal mambo while on duty probably isn’t a good thing even if Daren isn’t in her chain of command. 

In universe I figure we could explain it as postings to the Brosnaw conflict zone DMZ are so common even when their isn't an active conflict, that everyone gets a little lax in terms of discipline. Like normally nobody even sees combat, it's basically act as a shiny steel shield for the civies and look busy. Most troops in Brosnaw are in population centers, guarding so called sanctuary zones, where civilians can be protected from the conflict. The rest guard the border and nearby infrastructure.

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