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Best baby wipes

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Hi i wanted to know what is the best thick scented baby wipes to buy cause i already bought 2 different cheap brands and they were really thin

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The best thick, scented baby wipe I've found is the Huggies One and Done wipes, but there's a catch... they smell like cucumber rather than any kind of babyish smell. So if by scented, you mean "babyish-smelling", you're going to have to stick with Pampers or generic brands (I really like the Target wipes nowadays for that. They are softer than before too). If you can forgo scent for thickness, then the door opens up a lot wider: Huggies Natural Care wipes are very thick, but they can be kind of linty... personally, I really love the Bloom baby wipes which are not only thick but also much bigger than most baby wipes, which is good for bigger babies like us. The only problem is they have become almost impossible to find.

So, like most things in life, you can't get the best of both worlds in one. If you don't mind that the wipes don't smell babyish, Huggies One and Done is the way to go, but if scent is important to you, I recommend more generic brands like Parents Choice (Wal-Mart) or Up and Up (Target) which have very potent babyish smells that I consider to be more in line with what a baby wipe should smell like as opposed to Huggies.


A baby girl who really loves her baby wipes :P

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I use Pampers Sensitive wipes.

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Tranquility wipes are the best. JDinVirginia got me hooked.

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