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More exceptance from wife now

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Lately my wife has been more excepting, its hard to put my fingers on it but, not rolling her eyes as much, tone of voice talking about diapers, ect. I am wearing a little more and feel more comfortable wearing around her. I realize a couple of years and some recognized stresses lately contribute, however a biggy was I got her Tattoo gift certificates for Valentines. Now I dont really care for Tattoos, but she wants a few small ones, and already got one. I dont understand tattoos, and she knows that. But by allowing her to, and supporting her in her "fetish" or bodily interest I believe that made her more excepting of my diaper/ LG fetish. Not only do I feel more comfortable but I have a feeling I might be able to do more soon, such as wear in front of her or before sex even. This might be a model for others.

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acceptance bro not exceptance but thats good that she is more understanding

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Communication is extremely important my wife is going through some of those same emotions but lately she has even cooed at me and tickles me more and helped me pick out an over sized stuffie.

Last June we almost divorced because of my secret life. She knew of it but I have kept it a secret because she hated it. Last June she blew up via text message and I really thought she was gonna leave me but she arrange for the kids to be watched back home and she drove down to wear I am staying for work. We talked and cried and talked some more. We started with setting some boundaries  for me and giving me some waddle room. We also made a vow to be more considerate and communicating. Then we went and saw beauty and the beast where I snuggled up to her the whole movie. The next couple of weeks were still hard but we also asked some friends to help and explained the situation. They are mutual friends and understanding. This gives her a support system when she scared to come to me first.

Since then she has made great advances in her abilities at supporting me as you can tell from my initial paragraph. She still does not do diaper changes or really want to see them. Also pacis are in the dark only and after we done talking for the night but I will take it. Soblike I said communication is key.

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