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RE-design the adult diaper

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A pefect diaper would have elastic around the top and back for better fit. Baby diapers are designed better than adult diapers so if you could take the design of a baby diaper and build it on a larger scale with the absortion of an Abena L4 plastic backed would be aperfect diaper. Perfect diapers are plastic back.

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Gary with xp medical is currently making and modifying a new diaper design. If anyone wants a better diaper design make sure you go to his web site and email him your requests.

Personally I like his L4s but they need leg bands, elastic waist bands, and better tapes.

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i agree with BabyLee75 the best way to build a diaper is to start with one that works "a baby diaper"


1. increase the size till it fits a specific size adult (find the % in size increase) starting with the through the croch you mightg have to increase the around the waste as well

2. make sure that theres is absorbent material for side sleepers

3. increase all dementions by the % above

4. increase the tape size by the % above

5. increase the absorbant material by the % above(i can actualy care less if my diaper was 5 inches thick as long as it does not leak on me[i currently have to ware 2 diapers at a time because of this])

6. forget about cloth backings thay suck and get pinholes(every time i try a cloth backed diaper i get weeping ware the glue causes pinholes)

7. if you intend to use SAP and want to save space for packaging for god sakes do not compress the diaper till the SAP causes pin holes in the backing

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I completed your survey.

I would be very interested to hear what you think a "smart diaper" might be.

I'm also curious about how and why you became interested in designing a better adult diaper. Are you incontinent, or an AB, or related to someone with incontinence issues? Or what?

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Bin clothed backed diapers. Every one of them leaks pee, what's the point of wearing one. Makes me wanna scream at these companies. For example. Lille supreme maxi is supposed to hold something like 3.5l........no..... How about 2 small wee's and I'll drip pee on the floor....useless! Plastic backed all the way and I second not compressing them in packaging to get pin hole leaks.

I think the top tapes should sit a little closer to the top edge to prevent the top of the diaper folding over.

More elastic around the waist.

Black finish to mimick a pair of briefs. Inget supplied euron form diapers through the nhs and they just scream, 'look at me I'm wearing something medical blue coloured! Plain white or black would be perfect.

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It's not going to be possible to have a diaper that works for every situation.

Night diapers need to have high waist and bigger fit with padding out to the sides.

Daytime diapers need to have low waist and discrete fit with thin padding.

Many diapers have tapes too close together, the tapes need to be near the edges to get a good seal at the legs and waist.

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I'd say within 15 years this is going to be a problem that isn't a problem anymore. Will have 3-D printing products! All custom-made! At a fraction of the costs.

3d printing whatever is needed is only half the problem...the other half is figuring out what shape it needs to be and what other properties (baby scent? fresh scent? no scent?

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Pull-ups don't work, you need to understand this.


Yes, this is the design of the number one best selling incon product in the US. That does not means they are good, just popular. Look at the number of people who voted for Sarah Palin.

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