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Light Up Shoes In An Adult Size?

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I wanted to know how much interest there would be in a kids style of light up shoe in adult men's sizes? The prices would probably be around $40 a pair, what do you all think of the idea?



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I think the more they look like toddler shoes the better, at least for me! Go for it!
:thumbsup: yup, a kids type shoe in adult sizes that light up like the little ones do....way cool!
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I hope this helps, I was at my local K-Mart store the other day shoe shopping and accidently found "light-up" shoes in my size, 11. I say accidently cause after holding the shoe looking at it I tossed it back in the box on thed shelf and it EFFFIN LITE UP, needless to say I bought them. The name on them is Catapult, I will try to post a video of what they look like. Oh BTW they were on sale for 20 bucks :D

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Here is an alternative to LIGHTED HEELS on shoes:


Search ebay for this item:

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