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You Know, I Love Storage Wars!

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I like the show also. In the US version, it seems there are a lot of commercials. I have a friend who owns units. It varies from state to state, but not paying rent for a certain period of time (90-180 days?) allows the business owner to sell the contents to recoup the lost rentals. My friend says he has auctions but they are much smaller than the show. Notice when they value the contents, they use the winning bidders estimated of worth. But I like the show anyhow, for some strange reason as I don't watch reality shows. And Barry is humorous.

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I've only watched it a couple times, but I did have my own storage story... lol.

A few years ago, I went to my own storage unit and noticed a silent auction sheet in the office. I jokingly put in a $50 bid on a forfeited unit and ended up winning. I was actually quite upset, because I was told I had to clear out the unit or be charged.

Anyway, I went to the unit with a truck, fully expecting to just take it all to the dump or goodwill. What I found, though, was boxes and boxes of nuts, bolts, washer and other assorted hardware. I took them to a local specialty hardware store and walked out with $3500. =)

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Hell you could have probably even just gotten a good chunk of money for them in scrap metal. Must have been a bitch to move though.

This reminds me of an odd Flickr account I ran into awhile back. It was a woman(I think?) who worked on a garbage truck and would open garbage bags and take photos of the contents for all the people on her route. I of course ran into it because I was searching for "Abena" on Flickr and a bunch of her photos had used Abena diapers in them.

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dave is an ass. He think he needs to make everyone pay high prices. Now they do one in Texas. But there like 4 show that do this. What happens is when people cant pay for their units it goes up for auction. And just like in the shows you can find very good things in there. i wish i could do it,

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Storage auctions are common here. Around here they usually wait till they have several units worth of stuff, then sell by lots or piecemeal. Only very full units go as a whole. The site owners have bvecome hip to knowing there are sometimes very valuable things lost in storage so they always pre-screen if they can and that stuff doesn't see the auction. But they generally snag only easy-to-dispose-of smaller items, they don't want to put any effort into it. And they can't know everything's value; they often overlook the obscure. And they don't always dig deep enough into boxes where some people hide smaller valuables. For someone who has the space to store auction buys and the time to sort through them and a vehicle to carry it, storage auctions can net you some decent income from valuables, but most of it isn't worth the handling. The non-storage auction houses get those 'left-overs' and the trash man gets all the rest.

I haven't seen the show and probably won't but I've always thought that owning a rental storage unit business would make for a wonderful retirement business ;)


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I sure would like to see Brandi in diapers. Think she would be hot!

Hadn't thought about, but now that you mention it....

Quick, someone rent a locker in SoCal, load it with Bambinos then default on it!

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I haven't seen the show and probably won't but I've always thought that owning a rental storage unit business would make for a wonderful retirement business ;)


My friend owns three of them in my area, and he loves it. He told me what happens on TV is actually harder these days, because many places push the "auto pay"

option, which automatically pays the months rent on a specific day. He had had payments suddenly stop as well, and he then sends a notice to the address on record, and if no response, he does nothing, same with 60 days, then at 90 days he sends a final notice, files some paperwork and on day 120(4 months) he cuts the lock, goes into the unit, looks for things that he can use to recoup what is owed, puts his own lock on, then calls his friends(myself included) and tells them if they want, to come down and look through the unit and take what they want.

One time a guy came in after the 5th month and the unit was rented to someone else and he tried to sue my friend in small claims court. The judge ruled for my friend because he had been given a 30, 60, and 90 day notice and did not bother to contact my friend. The guy was suing just for the value of the 64 inch LCD that was in the unit. he was pissed. Oh that TV is curently at my friends house lol

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I for one think that Dave doesn't spell what he says right it, isn't spelled Yuuuuppp? He says it more like Yeeeeeaaaappppp! Drives me nuts! Anyway I got a guy I know that will randomly yell it out while in public... Kinda funny! :)

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I worked at one storage place and the boss/owner had me taking junk and trash that should have gone into a dumpster after the space renter moved out and put in into a few units till he had auction. then some sucker got stuck with the load of total junk. he had a rule that all must be hauled off and kept the dumpter locked at the storage place.

Later i got even by telling people i knew the numbers of the dud units.

In the long run it backfired on the owner as most of the bids dropped to almost nothing as more people found out about this scam.

I go to storage unit auctions but i have a form i ask the owners or auction people to sign that all the units are as left by renters and not presorted ot collections from vacated units.

If they won't sign i leave and i always do it right before the auction while other bidders are there.

If they refuse to sign the other bidders drop there bid amounts.

By the way its against Calif law to misrepresent items sold at auctions.

so presorting and dumping junk is lying about the product sold.

Under calif law if you are selling the contents of a unit abandoned by a renter it must be just that.

and it must be as the renter left it. no sorting or splitting or pulling of valuable idems.

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have they had any units on the show that had diapers in them?

Yes, I've seen several episodes where you can see diaper packages in the units. One was even an older package of Attends that would've been worth several hundred dollars on eBay! Of course, no attention was paid to them after the unit was purchased. Sad to think they probably got thrown away and Barry missed out on $.

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