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  1. That there would be the 8800. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  2. There are a few of us around.
  3. I'm a chubby little and proud of it! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I have I have tried them and I can honestly say that I prefer plastic over cloth. I tried them for probably close to a month and it was like I had a diaper rash on my inner thighs I don't know if it was because of the cloth or if it was because I was so used to plastic. I honestly think it was because of the irritation of the cloth when I would sweat instead of with plastic everything would just kind of in a sense be able to slide easy.
  5. 1200 miles in one day makes for a long day but I am home. made it the whole way in one diaper too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. mine are ham radio, model trains, and RC cars.
  7. I hate it when It is hot and humid out Diaper just way to hot to wear out side!!!!!!!!!!

  8. im always up for talking to people close to me!!!!!!!!
  9. both for me but sometimes its more for the comfort
  10. about a miute
  11. no i have bad short term memory thanks to my TBI thats why i liked my friends list
  12. yeah im with the few others i cant remember the names of everone so i used my friends list to see last online and what not. now i have no idea abot that because "follow" is so much better then actual friends............
  13. MOA not far from me and your right it is huge. you can spend all day there and it will take all day to walk the whole place.
  14. https:[email protected]/45S996 here is mine there is little of everything on there so have a peek.
  15. about 30 seconds standing against the wall. I found standing i got a better fit and what not.