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    From Georgia

    I'm closer to Calhoun,Ga. area; it's about 1 1/2 or 2 hrs northwest of Atlanta. Depends on the traffic. Since most people know Atlanta from the news I give that as a starting point. I also hope to get back to the Atanta munch soon. I enjoyed the time I did get to go before.

    Greetings And Salutations

    Hi like said above try and get some time for yourself off and on.

    Anyone Ever Stuff Goodnites?

    I have lined a Goodnite with a prefold baby diaper before does that count?

    This Guy

    Welcome here. For me it was embarrassing to buy the first few diapers. I started wearing at 14 in 1971 cloth diapers were at most stores then. After 16 my first few adult disposible diapers LOL I'd drive to the next town. Hard to tell someone you know "who seen" you buying those.... "Oh the diapers are for washing the car with." I told Dad that after he seen some cloth diapers in the trunk before. Man was I glad I put the diaper pins in the house...

    Shopping (Guess Where!)

    terryfighter all I can say is try to block-out that any1 else is there- practice-practice. diapered chris you have two ways to change (1) have a bag in the car go to the empty end of parking lot (2) take the bag into a bathroom with you. Either way have supplys wipes diapers powder lotion & a few plastic bags for the used stuff. /// I have just stuck a diaper 1/2 way down my pants under my shirt & used wet paper towels from the sink b4.

    Shopping (Guess Where!)

    I was young the time I didnot wear plastic pants. I know better now.LOL The other day I only wore 1 adult prefold with 2 baby prefold stuffers & was afraid to wet to much= mental block. But I did learn it held pretty good; I'll keep that in mind next time. If I had been out-of-town it would not have bothered me as much either. I kinda wanted to leak. Anyone else ever feel that way???

    Shopping (Guess Where!)

    I've been off for 2weeks so been drinking lots more water & wearing more. I feel it might have been nerves & knowing I had a thinner cloth diaper on; than I been wearing at home. Also I held out not wetting it to soon didnot want a leak with wife there too. Millman LOL I (around 17-19) wore 2 weeks almost 24/7; then wore diaper without plastic pants shopping. I ran to the car after hearing laughs & then I felt something "warm & wet going down my legs. I can LOL now about it.

    Psoriasis And Diapers

    I have seen it in pics b4. But with lotion under gloves maybe hard to do.

    Shopping (Guess Where!)

    Just spend about an hour getting food.... yep diapered. But just couldnot wet it till I started out. Maybe next time I'll try harder while I'm shopping.
  10. I have diapers & plastic pants; 2 footedpjs; bottle; & onsie....& a small crib.... boohoo no pasi or bib or sippy cup or mobile.
  11. LILJIM

    Pvc Pants Material

    The things I have ran across is: 1) I love to wear very thick diapers = finding bulky plastic pants to fit over them is hard & still have the tight fit around the waist & legs I need. I have not tried making any yet tho.
  12. That explains why I'm mostly always in a GOOD mood. I'm a coffee FREAK.
  13. LILJIM

    Spanking As Therapy

    With your age (mine too) we were raised about the time Dr.Spock came out with his book on raising kids. It said basily SPANKING was a bad way to raise kids. Dad & Mom didnot agree with it at all. You seem to have come out better than some of the kids from that time. Some got into more police trouble.(unless you just didnot say???) With your thought of spankings = love; Dad & Mom loved me alot LOL. They were from the "spare the rod spoil the child" part of that time. I find a great deal of truth in what you said about putting things behind you; but not feeling you paid for it fully. Things "said or done" still being in the back of our heads. Maybe with the way you two dealt with it now; you two can truely put it behind you.