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My Girlfriend's Sisters Baby

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"My Girlfriend's Sisters Baby"

Chapter 1

My girlfriend and I had been together for about 6 months, in as much as we had already been intimate with each other, we still had'nt shared or revealed our fantasy's with each other. One night while we were at home watching a series on fetish's and fantasie's on the HBO series, "Real Sex", my girlfriend snuggled up to me, looked me in the eye and said, "So what's your fantasy Big Boy"

I just laughed and told her that I wasn't sure she was ready for my fantasy just yet, not to mention the fact that I was a little embarrassed talking about it.

Now before I go any further, I should introduce my girlfriend and myself.....

My girlfriend, Beth, 23 years old, is stout, but in a very sexy way, she stands about 5'5", weighs approximately 130 lbs., has soft, flowing blonde hair and eyes as green as emeralds, she also does this little nose twitch that drives me crazy, especially if she smells something that doesn't agree with her.

As for me, my name is Rob, I'm 26 yr. old, I stand about 6'1", weigh about 210 lbs., I have what I consider a fairly decent build and a nice tan, I have brown eyes and brown hair, I'm clean shaven but have hair that hangs down just above my shoulders, we both live in the Phoenix area so we both have tans, literally year round.

With that said and done, on with the story.....

My girlfriend looked at me and got this inquisitive little smile on her face, then said, really, that embarrassing huh? I just nodded and we both laughed. My girlfriend then got a serious look on her face and said....

You're really not gonna tell me, are you?

That's when I made the horrible mistake of telling her that I didn't think she was ready for it yet.....

Oh My God, did she ever come unglued, she immediately sat back, away from me, and said.....

Oh, we can live together, share the same bed, have sex, and even see each other naked, but I'm not good enough or trustworthy enough for you to share your fantasy with, or as you so bluntly put it, not ready to even hear your fantasy!

I tried to calm her down but she was too mad and ready to go off the deep end, so, I went on the offensive, WOW, talk about mistake number 2.

When I told her, WELL HELL, you have no room to talk, you've never shared your fantasies with me either. She quickly replied, "WELL DUH !!!! When did you care enough about me to ask what they were?

It did not take long for me to figure out that this was definitely a battle I was not going to win, so I took a different approach.

I held up my arms and yelled, "TIME OUT, PLEASE, can we start this conversation over again, or at least, drop it for now"

She responded by saying, "Sure, we can start it over, but, we are most assuredly not dropping it, not now, not until we get it resolved"

I replied, "O-K, what did you have in mind"

She said, "Let's get this out of the way and tell each other our fantasy's, and, no matter how embarrassing, revealing or strange we might think they are, we'll both make a promise to be open minded, and try, if we can, to help each other with their fantasy, and I think this would be the ultimate test of our love for one another"

When Beth said this, what could I say, but I quickly thought up a devious plan, I would tell her a B.S. fantasy, for now, and maybe later, reveal my true fantasy, maybe.

Beth, on the other hand, had her own devious plan lined up, unknowing to me, Beth had discovered, apparantly some time ago, a secret stash of books and other miscellaneous items associated with my fantasy, a stash that I thought was not only well hid, but also secured in a trunk with a padlock.

I looked at Beth and nodded in agreement, then asked her, who goes first?

Beth already had a plan worked out, she replied, we each write our fantasy's down on a piece of paper, fold it and then place it in a hat, whichever is drawn out first gets to talk about their fantasy first.

Before I could even gather up thoughts about conjuring up a fake fantasy, Beth, in no uncertain words said, "These have to be our true fantasy's on this paper, if they're not, then this relationship has no chance of surviving"

With that said, I now knew I had to be honest, regardless of how embarrassing it might be, and just hope Beth wouldn't laugh at me, shame me, ridicule me or even just call our relationship quits.

This would prove to be, to this point, one of the most embarrassing and scariest nights of my life.

As we each wrote our fantasy's on the paper, my heart was beating a 100 miles an hour.

Beth pulled out the first piece of paper and slowly unfolded it, I letout a sigh of relief when she stated it was hers, then handed it to me to read aloud. I looked at it, then at Beth, and said, "All it says is, I want everlasting, unconditional love and security"

I asked her, what's this?

She explained it was her fantasy and she knew deep in her heart, I was the person that would and could fulfill that fantasy.

In as much as it made me feel great to know she had that much trust in me and love for me, I also got a sick feeling in my stomach, when I explained to her that this didn't count because it was not a sex fantasy.

She replied, that there was no stipulation on what type of fantasy it had to be, then winked at me and said, "So you got a sex fantasy, huh Big Boy"

As she grabbed the last peice of paper from the hat, I asked her if I could change it to something a little bit more realistic before she looked it. She held the paper in her hand, thought for a minute, then asked.....

"Is what's on this piece of paper a true fantasy of yours"

I slowly nodded yes, she then asked.....

"And this is a fantasy you really want"

I once again nodded yes, what she said next, totally blew me away.....

She looked at me and told me, "I'll make you a deal, not knowing what's on this paper, I promise to try and make your fantasy a reality and for it to live up to your greatest expectations. If after knowing what it is, and I feel I can't deliver as promised, then you can write down any other fantasy you want, and I have to fulfill whatever it is, without question"

I thought about it and figured, even if she refuses to help with this fantasy (which I knew she would refuse), at least I had a chance to possibly reword my fantasy down the road and maybe even get the chance to get her girlfriends involved, and I could keep playing with my true fantasy when she was not home and I was alone, so I told her, O-K, it's a deal, you can read it.

She smiled and got a gleem in her eye as she slowly unfolded the paper, as she read the paper I noticed the smile turned more into a smirkish grin and her petite little nose sort of krinkled as she looked at me, all she said was......

REALLY, OH WOW, INTERESTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to be continued.......................................................................


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good start now take off with your story.

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Man what a cliff hanger. Way to go keep up the good work.

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More More More Please :)

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...continued when is a good question.

This was very addicting.


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On the contrary... i dont understand the title at all.


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lol, thanks for the comments all, but the title is a bit decieving, sophie's right, it was meant to be misleading, lol, chapter 2 is coming soon..........booboo

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I too am hooked already!

Great job as usual, buddy :D

Keep up the great work!!!!!

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"My Girlfriends Sisters Baby" Chapter 2


Beth read the paper once more, looked back at me and said, "Sooooooo, care to elaborate"

I looked at Beth and said, "What's there to elaborate, it's exactly what it says"

Beth looked at the paper once again, then read it out loud.....

"I want to be treated like a baby"

She looked back at me and said, "I think you need to explain this, a little bit further and in much more detail"

I looked at Beth and told her, "I want exactly what it says, I want to be treated like a baby, in any way and every way possible"

Beth looked puzzled, then asked, "Do you mean you want to be cuddled and loved like a baby"

I responded, "Yes, and everything else you would do for a baby"

Beth thought for a minute, then said, "When you say baby, exactly what age would you be talking about"

I sort of mumbled out, "You know, somewhere, approximately around, like 18 months old, I guess"

Beth looked at me and said, "You do realize an 18 month old, basically cannot do anything for themselves, I mean, even walking is more like toddling and waddling, and you do realize that most 18 month olds are not potty trained, which means they still wet and make poopies in their lil diapeys"

I could barely look at Beth, but embarrassingly nodded my head "YES", in agreement.

Beth held my chin up so I was looking at her directly in the eyes and said, "So you're telling me, you want to wear diapers, actually wet and mess them, then expect to be changed like a baby"

I told Beth I didn't want to necessarily use my diapers, I just wanted her to put one on me, then once in awhile, pretend to change me like she would a baby and treat me like she would a baby while I was in a diaper.

Beth said, "Rob, I love you dearly, and I didn't think there was anything I couldn't or wouldn't do for you, but to actually put you in diapers, regardless of if you used them like a baby or not, and then to treat you like an 18 month old baby, Rob Hon, I'm not sure if I can do this"

I looked at Beth and pretended I was pleading when I told her, "Please try, it would only be for one night"

Beth looked back at me and said, "I don't know Rob, I'm not sure I can deal with this fantasy, could you please, just give me a couple of days to think about it, and I promise you Rob, I'll give you my most honest answer then, and Rob, I'll really try to consider doing this for you"

With this only being Monday, the 4th of July just a week away and me with a 4 day weekend coming up, I decided I wouldn't bring my fantasy back up again, I would wait for Beth to mention it or even make the next move.

We had already made plans to drive to Beth's sisters house for a bar-b-que, since her sister would be alone, other then a couple friends from her work, Beth and myself, and her 2 year old baby girl, Beth's sister has been divorced since shortly after the baby was born.

Tuesday came and went with no mention of my fantasy, altho I must say, I don't know what Beth was thinking about but I sure know what I was thinking about and the sex we had Tuesday night was nothing short of incredible.

At breakfast the next morning, Beth told me she had talked with her sister, Kim, the day before, and Kim wanted to know if we could get there early and help her out with the bar-b-que, I told Beth I had no problem with that, when exactly did she want us there?

Beth said, if it was ok with me, she wanted to head out when I got off work Thursday afternoon, I told Beth that if Kim wanted to put up with us all weekend (the bar-b-que was set up for Monday, the 4th), I didn't mind heading out early and kicking back for a couple of days.

Beth was elated and said, "GREAT", and that she was gonna run to the store and pick up some groceries and miscellaneous stuff we needed for the trip (it was approximately a 5 to 6 hour drive from Phoenix to Las Vegas where Kim lived). I told Beth that was o-k and I had to get to work, Beth looked at me, gave me a little wink and said, "Did you need a pacifier for the long drive or will you be o-k"

I immediately and surprizedly said, WHAT?

Beth laughed and said, "OH MY GOD, I'm sorry, I forgot, I was talking about gum or snacks (I had just quit smoking and Beth knew the long drive would be rough on me), just a little bit red and blushing, I told Beth, "Snacks would be fine", as I tried to turn away, quickly.

Beth looked at me and noticed I was red and said, "AWWWW, HOW CUTE, YOU'RE ACTUALLY BLUSHING"

I told Beth I had to get to work, and made a rather hasty departure.

All morning long I thought about what Beth said about getting me a pacifier, and my arousal level was elevating by every passing minute. I wasn't sure if it was the pacifier or the humiliation I felt when she asked if I wanted one, or maybe even, a combination of both, I was sure however..........


to be continued.....

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I like it. Very suspenseful. The whole waiting a few days for the answer. Better than a straight out answer.

You might want to edit the tagline to read "Chapter Two Now Posted"


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Thanks Sophie, have never edited a tag line or topic line before, not sure how you do it..

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Honestly... neither do i. I'll go try to edit one of mine right now and see if i can figure it out for you.

***EDIT*** Not a clue. Absolutely no idea. You should ask DailyDi.


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Oooohhhhhhhh...ya got me hooked! This is goin' to be an excellent story!!!

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This story is really going well. I'm very interested. Please continue. :P

Baby Jay NY

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This is an Excellent Story that has Me Hooked! Keep Going & Keep Up the Good Work Looking Forward to the next Chapter.

Rockies Fan

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More Please :)

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Great story, can not wait to read the next chapter. I like that she is going to try to bring it all to life for him and that he is not seeing it. I also like the little commit about the pac.

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"My Girlfriends' Sisters Baby"

Chapter 3.....

Wednesday night was pretty uneventful, we were both in bed and asleep by 9 p.m., knowing we needed our rest for the next days trip. I was up early and off to work with the hopes I could get off earlier so we could get going.

I got home about 2 p.m., Beth was not home but I did notice she had packed 3 suitcases and 2 small travel bags, everything was sitting near the front door. I went to shower and get some fresh clothes for the trip, I saw that the closet had been rearranged and that my trunk had been moved. I immediately checked to see if the lock (a combination lock), was still secure, I found it to be secured, safe and sound.

By the time I had finished my shower, Beth had returned home. She was in the kitchen packing a small cooler with cold water, soda and sandwiches. I noticed there was now another bag by the rest of the bags near the door, it was a bright blue, bulky diaper bag with each side stenciled in big letters, "BABYS DIAPEYS". When I asked Beth what that was, she smiled and said, "It's a diaper bag silly, I told Kim I would bring her one down with us"

I said, "Oh, o-k", but thought to myself, that's strange, Kims' baby is almost 2 years old, I would think she already had a diaper bag.

Beth asked me if I could start loading the SUV, I nodded and yes and went to grab the 2 small travel bags and the diaper bag, Beth beat me to the diaper bag, saying she wanted to pack some more things in it, then told me to just grab the rest of the bags. I asked her why we needed 3 suitcases, she just smiled and said, "They're just extra clothes", then she winked and said, "You never can tell when someone's gonna have a little accident, now can you"

I grabbed the bags and headed out to the SUV, a little red in the face from Beths comment. When I finished, I met Beth in the kitchen just as she was flinging the diaper bag over her shoulder, I thought, Wow, she looked so mommy like doing that !!!!!

I got the cooler and sat in in the backseat, within reaching distance of the front seat, Beth also sat the diaper bag in the back seat, right next to the cooler, it was then that I noticed the tip of a baby bottle sticking up out of one of the side compartments of the diaper bag. I've seen a lot of advertizements of diaper bags and every one of them had a baby bottle sticking out of the side compartments so I just figured all diaper bags must come with the baby bottles automatically.

Finally, we were all packed and ready to go, we headed out west on Peoria to Grand Avenue, where we would go north to Wickenburg, to Kingman, and then up over the Hoover Dam and then drop down into Las Vegas through Henderson, but first, Beth wanted to stop at a Circle-K to pick up a couple of 32 oz. Thirst Quenchers, I told her we had soda in the cooler and she said she wanted a drink with ice in it.

I waited in the SUV while Beth ran in to Circle-K, when she came back out I had to lean over and open the passenger door for her, after opening the door, I started to lean back to the drivers side when Beth handed me one of the sodas, as I was leaning back I grabbed at the soda, pulling it towards me. When I did this, the lid popped off, spilling about 1/4 of the soda into my lap.

Beth was like, "Oh My God Rob, I'm sorry, I thought I had the lid on tight"

Beth immediately reached into the back and came out with a cloth diaper (I assumed it was from the diaper bag), she started wiping and dabbing my lap and crotch area with the diaper. I told Beth I could do it and handed her the rest of my drink.

As I dabbed my pants with the diaper, I couldn't help but notice how soft the diaper was, even wet, and as my mind became mesmerized with the feel of the diaper, I didn't notice what Beth was doing in the back seat. As I finished dabbing my wet pants, I went to hand Beth the diaper and she said, "Just leave it on your lap while I finish this"

I looked back to see what she was doing and I saw she was pouring the remainder of my soda into the baby bottle.

I asked her what she was doing as she sat back up in the front seat, she said....

"The lid for my drink was ruined and she didn't want any more spilled, plus she didn't want to waste the rest of it"

I told her I can't drink out of a baby bottle, what if someone saw me, Beth replied....

"Who's gonna see you, for one, the windows are tinted, and not only that, you don't even know anyone who might see you so who cares what a stranger thinks, plus, I think you'd look kind of cute drinking from a baby bottle while you're driving, MY CUTE LIL MACHO BABY"

I told Beth.....

"O-k, I guess it wouldn't be too bad"

What she said next turned me so red from embarrassment, I thought I'd die, Beth looked at me as she handed me the baby bottle and grabbed the wet diaper off my lap and said.....

"Here you go baby, drink your baba while mommy gets that yucky, ole wet diaper off of you"

I was speechless, then Beth winked at me and said....

"Is baby already to go bye bye now"

to be cont.

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This is a dynamite story. :thumbsup: Your cliff hangers are killing me. :crybaby: I don't care how short they are. Just please keep them coming. :P

Baby Jay NY

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This is a wonderful story. As i agree with all the others, your clifhangers are great.. Keep them coming.!


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"My Girlfriends Sisters' Baby"

Chapter 4

The rest of the trip was pretty much uneventful, other then going over The Hoover Dam, that sight always amazed me, ummm, yea, uneventful other then the baby bottle, not that I would compare The Hoover Dam to a baby bottle, altho they're a close tie as in being amazing and interesting to me, hahaha, and to my surprize, the baby bottle nipple was quite easy to suck on and extract soda from. I asked Beth about that and she told me, she had made the nipple hole larger and easier to nurse on for me by cutting the nipple with a knife. I thought to myself, where did Beth come up with a knife in the backseat, hmmmm?

We arrived at Kims' early that evening, Kim had a 4 bedroom house with a fenced in swimming pool, the house and property, a result from a previous marriage. After I got all the bags unloaded and in the house (with the exception of the diaper bag, Beth grabbed that and handed it to Kim as they both giggled, walking in the house), everyone exchanged, hello's, hugs and kisses. Beth told me that her and Kim had some catching up to do (girltalk I presumed), and if I wanted, I could go to the casino and play some poker for awhile.

Well, me being a die hard Texas Hold-Em player, this sounded like a great idea to me, so I gave Beth and Kim both, a little kiss on the cheek, picked Cassidy up (Kims' 20 month old daughter), and gave her big ole baby hugs and baby kisses.

Kim only lived about 10 minutes from the strip and one of my favorite casino's was The Circus, Circus, probably because of my infantile personality, haha.

When I got to The Circus, Circus, I decided to just play the slots since there was a long waiting list for the hold em limit I wanted to play. I played the quarter slots for a couple hours, hitting just enough to keep me playing, but nothing big. I decided to check out the poker action once again. On the way to the poker tables I came across an unoccupied, dollar slot Wheel Of Fortune machine (one of my favorite slots to play), I put a twenty dollar bill in the machine and started to play, three dollars at a time. On my 3rd pull, I got a "Spin" in the third column, this gave me a chance to spin the wheel and I could win anywhere from 20.00 to 1,000.00. I hit the spin button and watched as the wheel went round and round.

I couldn't believe it when the wheel stopped on the $1,000.00 pay out slot, bells started ringing and lights started flashing. A floor tech. soon showed up and after he checked the machine to validate the win, he proceded to pay me ten, 100.00 bills, he then reset the machine and told me congradulations.

After hitting the dollar slots, I decided not to play poker and just headed back to Kims house. I knew Beth would be thrilled, this would give her some extra money to go shopping with. When I got back to Kims house, I found Beth and Kim in the living room, laughing hysterically. They settled down some when I walked in, Beth looked at me and said, "Hi Baby", they both busted out laughing again. I figured it must have been an inside joke between the two sisters and decided not to question it.

I told Beth about my good fortune at the casino, she was so happy, she jimped up and gave me a big hug, as we both sat down, Kim said....

"You know Rob, I think this is gonna be a very lucky weekend for you"

Beth quickly nodded her head in agreement as she said......

"Oh Yea, you're gonna be one lucky baby this weekend", both girls started giggling again.

Beth then asked me if I was tired after the long drive and the excitement at the casino, I replied yes, and I was thinking about taking a shower and then heading for bed. Beth said that sounded good, but before I could barely move, Kim jumped up, took me by the hand and said.......

"Let me give you a quick tour of the house and show you where yours and Beths bedroom is at"

After a quick tour of the house, backyard and swimming pool, we met up with Beth in our bedroom, Beth suggested that before we go to bed, after my shower, perhaps a moonlight swim would be relaxing. This sounded like a great idea to me and I asked Beth if she had remembered to pack my swim suit.

Before Beth could even respond, Kim jumped in and said.....

"If she didn't Rob, I think I have some extra Lil Swimmers, altho I'm not sure if they would fit, they're actually for much smaller babys", both girls started laughing and Beth said.....

"Yes baby, I brought you your own Lil Swimmers to play in"

As both girls continued laughing, I was turning redder by the minute and quickly excused myself as I headed for the shower.

When I got out of the shower, Beth was in our room and handed me a pair of my swimming trunks (I was kind of dissapointed she really didn't have Lil Swimmers for me). The three of us lunged around in the pool for about an hour (Kim had a baby monitor with her so she could listen for Cassidy who was snug as a bug in her crib and sound asleep in the nursery).

Now I've got to admit, even tho Beth was one hell of a good looking lady, her sister, Kim, was stunning. She had blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, a figure that would be the envy of any model and a golden tan that covered her entire body, wow, she looked almost Godess like, standing there in her bikini swim suit!

Kim had to get up early with Cassidy the next morning so she excused herself and went to bed, Beth and I just floated around in the pool on a couple of rafts for awhile, just chatting. I was just a little bit shocked when Beth told me that she had been thinking about my fantasy and then asked me if I was sure that I still wanted it, I told her yes I thought I did but if she was uncomfortable with it, it was ok, I understood.

Beth smiled at me and said, she understood to and that she had decided to go ahead and grant me my fantasy, but only on one condition. Curious, I asked her, what would that one condition be, she replied, "1st Rob, I need to know exactly what age you want to be treated like, and then, if I agree, you have to be that age, on my terms and only my terms, you cannot back out, for any reason. I want your fantasy to be as realistic as possible and if you really want to be treated like a baby, then you have to act the part, do you agree"

I was almost speechless but I managed to mumble out, "Yes, I agree, so what is your one condition"

Beth smiled and said, "First things first, let's get you in the house and out of those wet pants and into a nice, fresh, dry diaper", I was mortified as she wrapped a towel around me and took me by the hand like she would a two year old and led me into the bedroom. When we got into the bedroom I was surprized to see a plastic backed changing pad laying on the bed, I thought to myself, when did Beth have time to put this here, I was with her the whole time?

Beth led me over to the bed and told me to lay down on the changing pad, as I layed there, I watched Beth pull one of the suitcases out and I was shocked to see that she had quite a few of the items from my trunk in there. As She pulled out an adult, baby print disposable diaper and pair of clear plastic pants, she turned towards me, winked and said....

"I'm gonna let you sleep in one of your onesies tonight so it'll be easier to change you in the morning"

I was like, wow, this is incredible as Beth walked over to me, removed the wet towel, then slowly and carefully removed my wet swimming trunks. As I lay there completely nude, Beth leaned over me and gave my tummy a lil raspberry, then said, "Let's get my big ole baby ready for night night"

Beth unfolded the disposable diaper, shaking it out directly above me, like you would a baby diaper, she then told me to life my butt and slid the diaper underneath, as I lay back down on the diaper, Beth stopped, thought for a minute then said, "Don't you dare move that butt mister, I'll be right back"

I thought I heard Beth talking to Kim but I wasn't sure, a couple minutes later Beth came back into the room with a jar of Desitin Baby Powder, she told me to lift my butt up again and as she started sprinkling the baby powder all over my bottom, she said, "We wouldn't want this brand new baby to get a nasty ole diaper rash now would we".

Once Beth was done covering my diaper area with baby powder, she methodically pulled the disposable diaper up snuggly between my legs and started fastening it at the waist, with this done, she then told me to lift my legs as she pulled my plastic pants up, making sure it was tightly secured with no part of the diaper sticking out at the waist and the thighs, with this done, Beth told me to sit up, when I did, Beth pulled the onesie over my head and pulled it down tight as she gently pushed me back onto my back, she then reached under my bottom, pulled the back of the onesie out and began to snap it, one snap at a time, very slowly. Once Beth was done, she rolled me off the changing pad, patted my bottom and asked me, as she was gathering up the changing pad, wet swimming trunks and wet towel, "Well baby, aren't you a lil cutie, all padded up and ready for bed, did you want to go give your Auntie Kim a nite nite kiss before you go beddie bye"

I was so embarrassed I immediately said, "NO WAYYYYY"

Beth just laughed and said, "O-k, get under those covers then before I ask Kim to come in here and tuck you in", I just laughed and said, "O-k"

Beth was in the bathroom for about 10 minutes, when she came back in she jumped into bed with me, snuggled up next to me and patted my diapered bottom, she then said.....

"So Robby Baby, do you like this, being treated like a baby and wearing diapers"

I nodded my head yes and told Beth, this is exactly what i wanted.

Beth said, "Are you absolutely sure you want to be treated like a baby and you want me to be your mommy, and Rob, remember, if you say yes, there's no backing out, if you want to back out, you can sleep as you are, then take care of yourself in the morning and we won't ever discuss this fantasy again, do you understand"

Once again I nodded yes, that I truly wanted this and would do anything she asked and agree to any condition she had.

Beth smiled, sat up in the bed and held my head up so she could see my eyes, then said....

"O-k Rob, you got it, your fantasy is about to come true, for this entire weekend, you will be treated just like a baby, and Rob, since I'm not sure exactly how a baby acts or how I should treat you, I talked it over with Kim and we both decided the best way to treat you like a baby is to treat you exactly as she does Cassidy, this means.....

When Cassidy needs fed, we feed you

When Cassidy needs bathed, we bathe you

When Cassidy needs a nap, you take a nap

When Cassidy gets a bottle, you get a bottle

When Cassidy needs her pacifier, you get a pacifier

and Robby Baby

When Cassidy needs her diaper changed, you get your diapers changed

If we do a diaper check on Cassidy, we're gonna do a diaper check on you

Now Robby Baby, you also need to understand, we will not attempt to try and hide the fact that you're just a 20 month old baby boy (within reason and the law), regardless of where we go, who we're with, who comes over here to visit and this includes the 4th of July Bar-B-Que we're having on Monday.....

And one last thing Robby Baby, I do hope you have noticed that I've said, WE ?

Awwwww, don't start blushing Robby Baby, Kim's gonna help me since I've never taken care of a baby by myself before, and not only that, but I'm not always gonna be available to change your diapers right away, especially if you're all yucky and stinky, so Kim will pitch in and help keep your lil bottom dry and clean"

Just when I thought I might recover from this shock, there was a knock on the door and Kim came walking right on in, carrying a baby bottle of what looked like milk, she came over, plopped down on my side of the bed and said, as she slowly pulled the covers off of me and stuck the baby bottle in my mouth.....

"Sorry for the interruption, but I knew my sis wouldn't mind and we all know, babys have no need for privacy, but I had to come in and give my new, cute lil nephew his night baba, nite nite kisses and just pat his cute lil diapered bottom and let hims know, Auntie Kim will be here to check his lil diaper in the morning when hims wakes up"

As Kim patted my bottom and inspected my onesie, she looked at Beth and said, "Nice job, this should keep him from leaking, but if it doesn't, no biggie", as she patted the bed, and it was then that I heard the distinct sound of plastic krinkling under the sheets and I knew this was gonna be a long weekend, not to mention, an extremely embarrassing weekend, as both girls looked at the shocked expression on my face, Kim kept patting my bottom and they both started laughing, again?

to be cont.

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Awesome Chapter Update! Keep 'em Commin'!

Rockies Fan

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