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Found 48 results

  1. Creations for messing

    I am curious to see what this community has made for messing and simulating a mess. I want to see what tools you all have made to help you mess and fake a mess. Loaders and anything else that you all can recommend to get, make, or use. I'm interested to see what you all have in mind.
  2. I've read here for a long time, but never joined or posted. Today is the day! I have to share this with someone! I've always enjoyed wearing & wetting diapers, but haven't done it in years. This last week I picked up a package of depend pull up style diapers and tried them. What a waste of money! They leak so bad on the first wetting I just threw them out. I tried goodnights next which did better but are a little small for me. Yesterday I picked up the walgreens brand which is a step up from depend but still not what I want. I'm still trying to find something I like. Anyway. Today on the way home from work I had to poop. Although I'm interested in the idea of messing a diaper, I'm not a huge fan because of the clean up. Today I planned to put my diaper on, pee, then poop in the toilet and go back to my wet diaper. When I got home the house was cold so I started a fire and also laundry and at that point I had to poop and pee pretty bad so I went to get my diaper. As I was bending down to pull out a diaper I could feel my poop starting to poke out a little. It was a hard poop and this never happens to me! I can usually hold it for a long time, but not tonight. I've been experimenting a little with anal play so I wonder if that's the cause. So I pull my diaper on and try to pee..when my poop starts coming out! I grabbed the back of my diaper and tried to hold it in so I could pee, but every time I relaxed to pee it would come out a little more. When I wet my diaper I like to talk so I kept saying "Oh no, I'm having an accident in my diaper. My poop is starting to come out." I really didn't want to mess my diaper so I waddled to the bathroom but before I got there my big poop came out. I cried a little and said "Oh no oh no I can't hold my poopy, I'm having a big accident in my diaper!" It was a solid one and pushed the back of my diaper way out. I just stood there in shock wondering if I really just had an accident in my diaper or if I was subconsciously doing it on purpose. I started to pee a little by accident, but I held my hands over my diaper so I could try to hold it in. "Oh no now I'm going pee pee too! I'm a bad girl who needs diapers." I didn't want to make a bigger mess by wetting my diaper too. I took a few more steps to the bathroom but it was too late, I started peeing again. "I can't stop it, my pee pee keeps coming out. I'm making such a mess in my diapers." At that point I knew it was too late and I still had to poop so I pushed until the next one came out. My diaper was so full I could feel it squishing against my bottom and riding up the back of my diaper. I reached around and touched the back of my diaper and was so surprised by how warm and good it felt. I couldn't believe I had a accident. "I guess I really do need diapers if I can't hold my poopy anymore. I'm such a bad girl for making a mess in my diaper." I walked around in my mess for a little while. The walgreens diapers get really hard after they're wet for a while and I like that feeling because every time I move I'm reminded of how naughty I've been. After I cleaned up I put a new diaper on and now I feel like such a naughty little girl for having an accident. I kind of hope it happens again
  3. Fun Diaper Rolllplay

    Fun diaper rollplay I made a messy in my diaper
  4. So years ago now I saw a video by an Australian ABDL on Tumblr, his account is deleted now and I can't find the video anywhere!! who laid a nappy out on the floor and pooped at the front of his nappy, he then turned around and procceded to put the nappy on as normal so that the poop was spreading around his groin! I've never done this but was wondering if anyone else has? If so what did it feel like? Would you recommend?
  5. having a small Bladder private with Danny

    Jeremy is a 10 year old who is at school and pees himself after the teacher won't let him go to the bathroom and the school call his Megan and says Jeremy needs to be picked up. later on it happens for the the rest of the week and because of this Megan brings Jeremy to the doctor and they say that Jeremy have a small bladder and that he need diapers because he will lose control of his bladder overtime. bring me to the doctor and they say i have a small bladder and that i need diapers year old who is at school and pees himself after the teacher won't let me go to the bathroom and they call you and say i need to be picked up later on it happens for the the rest of the week and so you bring me to the doctor and they say i have a small bladder and that i need diapers
  6. Diapers at school

    Has anyone ever worn a diaper to school when they was in school, if so what kind and did you get cought? Yes I were attends and I never got cought or never could wet my diaper in class either.
  7. What do you think? How explicit should the descriptions of bladder or bowel voiding or sex be in a story written primarily for the ABDL community?
  8. Dan was 12yrs old, he was an only child with a mom who gave him everything, but something was about to change in his life. Unbeknown to him, his mom was engaged to someone, and it was the dad of a boy at his school, someone whom he knew because this boy was a target of constant bullying, and it was because he was known by the main bullies in school because he still wore diapers. Dan didn't do the bullying, he just went along with it, his mom had no idea, but this was soon to change... he didn't really know the boy, he only saw his friends teasing him. But he was about to find out that things were about to change.
  9. Dan was a troubled 16yr old boy, he wasn't good at school, his grades were falling, although he tried his best. He was also wetting the bed and not cleaning up after himself after a bowel movement. His parents, George and Brenda getting fed up with his laziness, and Tina decided that she would put a plan into action into getting him to stop acting like such a toddler..... It all started when he came home from school one Friday evening. He was late in, he had detention and he had lied to his mom saying he had a soccer match. Although she knew he lied and she hated lying. Dan walks in his house, nervous and hoping no one was home, but boy was he in for a shock......
  10. Banana diaper poop help

    Hello, i am new here but just looking for some suggestions for something I'm going to try. I ordered an inflatable butt plug and a hollow "tunnel" plug and when they arrive I am planning on using them to fill myself up with bananas and enemas and then eventually messing my diaper. I have done the banana challenge a couple times but always have to let them out earlier than I would like. so here's the plan. Going to put the hollow plug in, put in roughly 2 bananas cut up into smallish pieces, and then a 16oz bottle of water. Once that is all in I am going to put the inflatable plug inside the hollow plug and pump it until it's snug. Then hopefully I can hold that for a while, and repeat 1 or maybe 2 rounds of that. My questions are: Should I put the inflatable plug inside the hollow plug or just remove the hollow one and insert the pump one? Is there anything else you would suggest putting in my butt (suppositories, whipped cream, another kind of fluid)? Any other suggestions you have if I'm trying to just make myself really desperate to poop and then have a giant release? Thanks!
  11. A cooking failure

    I attempted to make a version of microwave fudge this afternoon with chocolate chips, milk, and peanut butter. You basically use a microwave to melt the chocolate, and then put it fridge to set. Unfortunately I think I had too much liquid and the set wasn't as firm as I hoped, so I scooped it out and created chocolate balls to put in the freezer. As a formed the balls I couldn't help but notice that it resembled something else. It had the same look and texture as a moderately soft BM, which is what I felt like I was playing with when I formed the balls. I'm pretty sure I created a pretty decent Halloween/April Fool's treat. BTW- the taste is pretty good. it just looks like crap- literally.
  12. Bouncy Horsie Poo

    I'd love to see a picture of someone with a poopy diaper on their bouncy horse! I've seen a few folks show an interest in bouncy horses in AB size - if anyone actually had the skill to make one, I'd happily collaborate on that project since I have a lot of "tack" that rarely gets used and would simply add to the authenticity.
  13. I am an AB who enjoys pooping in my diapers; I use both disposable and cloth. When using clothies, I have had serious problems with poop staining my plastic pants and thus ruining them. Does anyone know of a plastic pants that do not have this problem?
  14. Embarrassed

    Hello everybody! I am new to this site but I love it so far! I just wanted to ask you guys something.. does your daddy/mommy/caregiver/other change your messy diapers? Are they into it or do they just do it because you want them too? Ive only messed a few times because I hate the cleanup. I would love to have a daddy that would want to change me but at the same time, I feel like id be too embarrassed to let them.. does/did anyone else feel like this?
  15. Family Problems (w/ Skylove27)

    David and Naomi James are happily married with 2 kids. Skylar was 16 and becoming quite the handful. She was becoming perfectly content with C's, was constantly sent to the principal's office for back talking, and had even skipped class on multiple occasions. They knew teenagers went through rebellious stages, but this was becoming ridiculous. Christian, on the other hand, was a tad bit easier to handle. He was 4 years old, but still in diapers. Naomi and David had been trying their hardest to get his potty trained, but they were having no luck. Christian was perfectly content with using his diapers for and and all bathroom needs. It was a typical Friday morning. Christian was playing in the living room, Naomi was tidying the house up, and David was working from home. He was an accountant, and being such gave him a lot of leeway on where he worked. David walked out of his office and into the kitchen. "Guess what our daughter did this time?" He said once he was closer. "Miss Skylar apparently thought class was below her and decided to skip Geometry. What are we going to do with her?" Christian was sitting on the living room floor watching Sesame Street and singing along with the songs. He was wearing his usual attire: a shirt and Pampers diaper. David and Naomi felt that this made diaper check 10 times easier. "Elmo's World!" He sand happily.
  16. In a Messy Diaper

    I am diapered 24/7. When waking up in an Abena M4 or Tena Maxi and it is semi dry I poop within 20 minutes and can stay in it most of the day. I use plastic backed since they don
  17. So I use Attends diapers, but they are not really good enough for holding large messes, let alone large amounts of pee. I really need something top of the line. I'm looking for a diaper that can hold a nice big mess without leaking #2 out the side. I would appreciate any suggestions.
  18. Looking For My Princess

    I'm a new Daddy looking for a sweet little princess to baby online. I have experience changing diapers both wet and messy. We could RP or just talk about how our days are going. If you want someone to take care of you, I am your guy. If interested, please message me or reply to this post.
  19. First time ever

    So I got my diapers ever in. However, they were too small sadly. So I had to get rid of them. But not before I had fun with one. I did my best to get one on and then let go. And just like I imagined, I LOVE DIAPERS. It's so different to pee and poop into a diaper than it is underwear, and it felt amazing! I'll be ordering some new one ls tomorrow in the proper size.

    I particularly love the feeling of emptying my bowels and waited the last four days and have not had a BM so Sunday morning at 5:30 AM I changed into a fresh nappy and had a big glass of Apple juice with 2 tsp of Epson salts stirred in, (just the second time I
  21. Saggy pixie butt

    Yes that bulge is what you think it is... >///<
  22. I just had a thought and wondered if anyone has ever tried pooping in plastic pants? No diaper, just the plastic pants. I imagine that it would be an incredible feeling sitting down with a big mess in plastic or rubber pants. The poo would spread everywhere and I imagine that your butt would slide around on the mess inside of the pants. I'm going to have to get some plastic pants and give it a try.
  23. I've been having this problem recently, whenever I mess in my diaper, the poop likes to stick to my bum rather then going in the diaper, and I don't put my diapers on tight so thats not the problem. The only product I apply to myself before getting diapered is baby powder. Is there like certain ointments or creams you can put on yourself to keep the poop from sticking?
  24. Looking for RP partners! :)

    Looking to do a Male x Male or a daddy/ baby girl RP! I like to do detailed writing, so needs someone who can write in detail! (Wetting and messing of diapers will be included)