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Found 19 results

  1. Music Page Back

    I have my Little Girl's music page working in my ABOUT ME. What you do is Right Click, Open in a new window and follow the directions closely, When you minimize it, you can have music while you browse DD. The player is set to repeat. To stop or change, maximize from your status bar, stop the current one and start the new one Try Me
  2. Hey you people! I was showering and reminiscing a bit to one of the best concerts I've ever been to, Parkway Drive in Stockholm a few months back. Me and my friend had a blast and screamed the lyrics to every single song until our voices gave out. Then we just kept on headbanging and moshing until the end by which we were so tired it felt like dragging a ton of lead for each step. But what stuck with me the most that night was what happened afterwards standing in line to get our coats. Some random dude just picks up out of nowhere and start singing the refrain to Seek and destroy by Metallica. Two seconds later the entire building is alive with hundreds of people screaming along at the top their lungs. It was one of those moments in life where you know that this is where you belong. This is the meaning of life, simple and pure, found in the kinship of people living and breathing music. In that moment I knew, these people know the feeling when the music you love takes you to another plane of existence, letting the music run through your veins like a wild forest fire. And all of this got me thinking about how other people feel at concerts. So I thought I'd ask all you wonderful people on here; what's your best memory from a concert or a show of some kind?
  3. Disney :) I love it

  4. Being a Juggalo and an ABDL

    I have been a Juggalo sence early 2008. I found my little side in 2011 but have been unsure about telling my juggalo family about it! I dont real want to seen weak in the eyes of all the guys i am in the mash pit with or anything. Im scared how they would react and even more terrified if someone finds out i where diapers.
  5. Music that Makes You Feel Young?

    What music makes you feel young? For me, it's instrumental New-Age and Jazz from the late 80's and early 90's. As a chronological child, I loved this music and would have it on in my room while I played. I even took my radio outside and fixed it to the post on my swing set so I could hear it while I swang. So how about the rest of you?
  6. creative

    I was feeling grumpy last week. So i told myself, you're an artist, use it! I made a grumpy song. Used (synthesizer) guitars and a recording of steam boiling mud. Ended it sounding like i just SMASH the guitar! yeah!
  7. Well, where should I begin? Well, I guess I should talk about my life a bit. I was born with the neat but strange power to speak music. What that mean you ask? Well, if you ask me what time it is, I'd say, "It's a five 'o clock world" and I'd sound just like the real song. When I first spoke music I was just a kid. I was listening to an oldies station. I think it was 96.3. Well, when I was young it was. Anyway, I was singing and my mom thought I had the radio on loud and she went to my room, knocked on the door, and after a few seconds she opened the door, walked in, and she was amazed that it was me that was singing. She even unplugged the radio to see if it wasn't playing tricks on her mind. She thought to put me on a talent show, but then she thought that they would think me was cheating and would break my heart and spirit. So, years go by and I traveled in teens like clothes and fancy girls/boys clothing like tuxes and prom dresses with a monocle in my right eye. One day, I was in a small town, short on money in my wallet, forgot my debt. card at the hotel, and hungry, I decided to walk in an inn for a sec. and think, when I bumped into him. My husband, The Captain. At the time I only just met him. He looked down at me and smiled. He said I looked pretty. I was amazed at his outfit, his tallness, and how handsome he looked that I didn't notice him handing his hand to help me up. I guess I should explain in detail about what happened. As he helped me up I was staring at him. He said, "Sorry I knocked you down, miss". I was almost speechless. Then he laughs, I didn't understand what was so funny, then he puts his hand on my head and shuffles my hair. "Your just a cutie, miss," he said, "How about you join my crew?". I didn't know what to say. I always wanted to travel by sea but never had the money. I was blushing, slowly stutter. He must have known I was a bit embarrassed for he decided the only way to break the ice in this stare down was to offer me a meal. I agreed. We went to a karaoke bar and we talked about each other and our travels, when I laughed like the oldies beach song, Wipe Out. Embarrassed, I quickly covered my mouth. The Captain looks at me. I thought he would think I was a freak then he spoke just like I do, and like the laugh in Napoleon XIV's They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haa laugh. I was amazed he could speak music like I do. I was now completely in love with him, but I was unable to say it. I smiled and giggled, blushing. He thought, smiled then he walked to the stage and he sang Knock Three Times by Dawn. I knew he was asking me to be his girlfriend, so after he finished I jumped on the table, waved at him, and knocked three times. He smiled and lightly nodded at me, and I lightly jumped and clapped with glee. He showed his hand to me, helped me off of the table, and we hugged and kissed. 8 weeks go by and I was thinking of how to propose to him. I decided to buy him a sword, but with my payment it was hard. So, I had $100 and decided to try and buy a cheap sword. So after I bought the sword, I tried and look for him on the ship. I checked his main room and then the door behind me closed a few seconds after I entered. I turned around and he was standing there, kneeling against the wall. He asked what I was doing. I was nervous, I showed him his present, I gave a gulp, and said, "W-w-will you marry me?". The Captain lightly laughs and I was hoping he wouldn't say no. Then he says as Elvis, "I'm all shook up". I lightly smile, he takes the present and opens it. His eyes widen. "Wow.", He said in his regular voice, "A Silent Ghost Katana sword!". He pulls out the sword and admires it. "How'd you get this?", he asked, then I said, "The net.". He looked at me with a confused look on him thinking I found it a sea. Obviously, he must have never heard or used the internet. "I'll explain and show you later, but what ya say?", I said. He puts the sword back in the case, then getting closer lightly puts his hand on my chin, slowly kisses me which made me blush, and he quoted a song, “Going to the chapel and we're going get married". I was so happy that I jumped on to him and he caught me with my arms around his shoulders. I looked at him for a few seconds and slowly, I started to cry. This must have confused a bit. He asked, "Why you cry, honey?", then I said, “I’m just so happy that I finally get to be your wife. I always hoped to find a good man, but I never expected to be married to him". He smiled and decided once we get to shore we'll get a white wedding dress and look for a chapel. Once we got to shore I first asked if he had any money for his sword took just about all my money. He said he his just about plenty of money. I clapped happily at that and asked if he's willing to pay for our wedding. He thinks. He walks onto the ship to his room. He comes back in a white zoot suit and is holding a white dress. I giggle at his outfit then he gives me a little purple box. I slowly opened it and it was a monocle with 100% real tiny diamonds on the front. I was awestruck then I asked, "Where did you get this?", then he said, “In an Octopus's garden.", I giggled then said, “No, really.", then Captain says, "I made it.". I was in awe that he would take that time to make that for me. He then reaches for a white top hat, twirls it in his fingers, puts it on his head, and with a cane in his hand tap dances off the ship. I giggled and said, “Captain. Honey.", he comes back. "Do you really need the cane?", I said, then he looks at the cane and tosses it to me. I catch it and put it in his closet in his room, put the diamond plated monocle back in the case, and followed Captain. As we walked to the chapel with our wedding stuff, he looks at me and says, "Ya wanna know what my real name is?", I nod and said, “Yes". He whispers his name in my ear. "That's a neat name, honey, but do you really want to keep it a secret?", I asked then he said, “Yes. I like myself to be a bit of a mystery.", then I said, ”Don’t it feel bad for people not to know you that well?", then he said,” It doesn't really bother me. Feeling lonely bothers me. Seeing people unhappy bothers me. I wouldn't want you or my shipmates to be miserable". I was so happy at how kind and caring he was. "So.", I said, “Where do we go?". He thought then he said, “How about a bar?". "Oh, honey.", I said, "Please, no drinking on our wedding day.". He gave a light hearty laugh then with my hand in his, we skip down to a chapel singing an old song called Black Strap Molasses. Hours go by and we prepared everything for our wedding. I was wearing the white dress with a bouquet in my hands waiting for Captain. 10 minutes went by and he was nowhere to be seen. I almost thought he had forgotten about me with all his trips and stuff. Suddenly, I saw him running with the small purple box with the diamond plated monocle inside. "Sorry, I'm late, Vanessa.", he said, "My pen pal friend got in a little trouble with some punk in a bar.". "Oh.", I said,"You mean Tresson got in some trouble again?", then he said, "Well, the guy who was about to attack him was drunk with a bad ego, and, as usual, Tresson tried to talk his way out of it. So, I had to sober the guy up with a few punches. After that, I had to get him back to the ship and clean the clothes at the cleaners before getting here. Luckily, I took the monocle out the pocket before I washed them.", then I said, "You mean you stripped down to your boxer shorts and washed them in the cleaners?", then he said, "Yes.". He then puts his White Kaminski Tenterfield hat on his head with no sigh of embarrassment. I was so amazed at how not worried he was of what people think. "You ready, honey?", I asked then he said, "I'm ready.". I put my arm around him and we walked down the aisle with Enya's Only Time playing. We said the words, he put the diamond monocle on my eye, and we kissed. And that's how I met my funny husband. Oh, and so far only me and Tresson know his real name. Oh, some footnote, at the time I was the only people on the crew. Now, we have 30 people now and possibly still growing if honey still wants to.
  8. The Fugs were an underground group of the late 1960's. So FUG YOU ALL!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWz75MYteX0&feature=youtu.be
  9. Photo-on-2012-01-13-at-00.04.jpg

    Me playing my cello. I named her Emily and she was my absolute favorite instrument I had ever owned! It nearly broke me a few weeks ago when I had to return her. She wasn't the prettiest cello, but dear god did she fill a room. ='] I'll have some good memories of her.
  10. Music and Recording

    I spent most of the day working on a page with links to computer music software for a person I deal with IRL. I decided to put in in the first "off topic" part of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME in case anyone here is interested http://offtipic.sandralyn.net/musicstuff.html And not even ONE tiara or babydoll
  11. Sometimes when I'm playing a video game such as sonic Generations for Xbox 360 or playing a game or two on my Nintendo DS I sometimes like to listen to some music while I'm playing and I was just wondering if anyone else listens to music while playing a video game
  12. 'Specially For Girls

    Who have put on a pretty dress and dreamed...
  13. Crystal MouthPiece

    I recently made the purchase of a Pomarico crystal clarinet mouthpiece. For those of you not in the music world, most mouthpieces (thing at the top of the clarinet you put the wooden reed on) is usually made of plastic but crystal mouthpieces are made of glass and carry a sound much better that plastic. The model I got was a sapphire and it has yet to arrive but my excitement is still unhinged. I can't wait for when it get's here. I shall soon sound like the jazz musicians of old. Now I am picturing myself in a diaper with a fedora, a leather jacket, black sunglasses, and a diaper, blasting away jazz in front of a crowd. A few questions is if there are other baby musicians and if so what your instrument is and do you picture yourself with it and a diaper?
  14. I love music! Especially when you feel love when you listen to it. So what is your favorite Bob Marley Album? or if you're not a big fan of Bob what you're favorite band or song that sings the message of love? MIne is Soul Rebel by Bob Marley released in 1970.
  15. Songs for Daddy

    Hi Everyone! My daddy and I are long distance lovers and I want to send him a song that shows how much I love and depend on him. Any ideas? Please post here! Thank you!
  16. Like A Baby

  17. Any Musicians On?

    Any DD musicians out there? What do you play? How long for? What are your influences? I play a little piano and a little guitar. My parents bought me a Yamaha keyboard when I was younger so I learnt most of my musical knowledge from my early years with that - I learnt to read music, learnt chords and generally got a decent understanding of how playing music worked. However, recently I have been trying to move away from playing keyboard style (IE - playing chords with the left hand, melody with the right) and try to play a more traditional piano style, with the left hand playing more bass melodies rather than just the chords. Although I have managed to learn a few pieces this way, I still find myself simply playing the root octave of the chord and I'm struggling to get creative with my left hand playing. Ideally, I would love to be able to play blues piano and be comfortable improvising with both hands in different keys and time signatures but I am a long way off this yet. If any pianists have advice for me that would be great, if not I'm simply happy to hear from other musicians of any genre - who knows, we could form a band!