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Found 9 results

  1. My character in this story is a young (college age) girl Who is struggling through life, and not doing too well. She goes to your character (a hypnotist, bartender, florist, masseuse) and asks them for help. You decide that what's best for her is to give up responsibilities and become your baby girl, and so hypnotize her to respond to verbal triggers to make her helpless and fully dependent on you. Slowly you add more and more triggers, to make her act like a baby, wet herself, possibly mess herself, forget how to talk, forget how to walk, and other things to make her more babyish, and more dependent on you at your command, or perhaps even the commands of others.
  2. Hello friends. I fully intend on continuing "The Biggest Little Vacation", but here's a story that has been eating my brain for the past week or so - KWOceans and I have written this together (we'll see if you can figure out who wrote which parts!). This one is not as light and fluffy as Vacation, but I hope you enjoy it. I won't be doing my usual one-per-day update schedule on this, as I'm going out of town this week, so it will be a little more irregular than I prefer. Well, here we go... enjoy the ride. ------ CHAPTER ONE Sabrina sat at her computer, typing away, finishing up one last chapter of the book she was working on before she could call it quits for the day. Days like today made it hard to be one's own boss. She wanted nothing more than to toss her computer out the window and go play, but she had bills to pay. She was lucky, honestly - good, steady work that was suited to her talents, she worked from home and thus didn't face a lot of day-to-day discrimination... but in Allemagne that was much less of an issue than on the other islands. Allemagne was very proud of its native Little population and while they weren't quite as socially progressive as Gaule, Littles were safer in Allemagne than on any other island in Europa. As she marked her place in the book she was editing - it wasn't bad, it wasn't top tier fiction, it was a little trope-y here and there... the idea of a Little gaining magic powers and escaping to a world where they weren't on the lowest rung of the societal ladder was done to death at this point, ever since that Witch School series that took the world by storm. But, people were reading more and that meant people needed more books to be edited, and that meant that there was more work for her to do. She had been languishing in obscurity before she got her own short story published in an anthology. She smiled at her copy of An Amazon Below sitting on her desk and ran a finger along the spine. It was almost entirely filled with stories by anonymous authors, very few people were willing to put their name on a story that had Amazons as slaves to Littles, but she had... and she scored no fewer than three new clients off of it. Sabrina Weber - it felt so good to see her name on the cover of the book. She got top billing since there were so many fake names or Anonymous authors in the anthology. No risk, no reward, she smiled to herself. Sabrina hopped down from her chair and got dressed - it was Wednesday night, and that meant Littles night at the club. Violet Intrusion, a hot nightclub downtown that didn't discriminate - if you had ID and credit you were in, they didn't care. She'd been going there a lot since An Amazon Below came out - she had only made a small amount on the book itself, but the other business had her wallet flush in a way it hadn't been before in her life. She stepped out of her loose flannel pants and baggy shirt - she hated pants in general, but they were super comfortable to write in - and put on a bra, which she didn't need normally but she always padded the cups to make her look more shapely, more adult, like the Amazons - it was a risky move, Native Littles were generally small chested... only Portal Littles looked like tiny Amazons and no one wanted to be confused for a Portal Little, they had no rights at all, they were pets and property. Like an Amazon should be, she smirked, wishing. Sabrina had a taboo desire - she wanted to see an Amazon grovel at her feet. It's what all her stories were about, it's what all the stories in An Amazon Below were about. Littles owning Amazons. She imagined having a docile Amazon on a leash as she stepped into her black clubbing dress, pulling it over her well-padded bra. She would be a kind enough mistress, she would love her pet... but the Amazon would know beyond a shadow of a doubt who was in charge. She couldn't wipe the grin from her face as she selected her jewelry for the night - bangles for the left wrist, leather for the right, nice big hoops for the ears and... yes, a simple black choker. She let her waist-length dark brown hair down, cascading as she removed her ponytail holder, and imagined sliding her hands along a naked Amazon body, kneeling before her, begging to be touched. She released a deep shuddering breath before doing her makeup for the evening - a dark red lipstick and heavy eyeliner over her usual foundation and powder. Like the addict she was, she sat down at her computer one last time to check her favorite AmzDom message boards - places where like-minded Littles gathered and shared their fantasies. She had fans from all over Europa, but the majority were here in Allemagne. She was practically untouchable by the Amazons, in order for an Amazon to claim a native Allemagne Little, they had to have a Hunting Permit - which were not easy to obtain, you had to have a target picked out who had been proven to be unfit for society. Unfit meant unable to control their bodily functions AND were unable to support themselves financially. The first could be easily faked, that had been the downfall of the last of the Albion natives who had thought themselves so safe after their Adulthood Declaration laws were passed... but Amazons were clever, they'd get a Little in a position where they couldn't make it to the bathroom one way or another and then before they knew it, they were claimed. Albion didn't even have any free Natives left. Allemagne solved this with the permit system, as well as the requirements. And Sabrina was safer than even most Littles - she was self-employed. She wasn't at the mercy of any boss or company, she was her own boss. Sometimes that was rough - sometimes she had to go a month or two without a contract, but she was booked up for six months solid now, there was a waiting list to get her attention, and things were looking up. So were her points on the AmzDom board, her latest chapter was doing well. She loved each and every person who commented on her stories, she was LittleDomme on the boards and she had a small stable of fans who would read anything she wrote - and she tried to keep them entertained by writing often. There was Ellie, and Ocean, and Trip... but her favorite by far was TinyRebel4. Rebel was always the very first commenter on every thread and always showered her with compliments and tried to predict the twists in her stories, and half the time she was right. Any day that Rebel commented was a good day. Rebel was some kind of scientist - nobody said their real names on the boards, it could make a person's life hard to be outed as an AmzDom fan, but she had dropped enough hints that she worked for some chemistry lab. Sabrina wished that she could crow to the message board that she was in the Amazon Below anthology... but it was risky enough that her name was attached to that book but if her two identities were tied together, it could really make things hard - the story for the anthology was far, far milder than the stuff she posted on the board. Just as she was ready to walk out the door, she noted that Rebel had sent her a message, but if she didn't leave now the wait for the robocab would be dreadful, and she was looking forward to the club. She sat on the small bench next to the front door and pulled on her platform boots - knee-high, laces all the way up, black patent leather, but the best part were the 4" platform soles. Sabrina had always been on the tall side for a Little, but between the padding in her bra and the extra height from her shoes she really felt like she passed for a Mid - and they dealt with substantially less discrimination. She glanced over one more time at the computer, wondering what Rebel had to say. Rebel would have to wait, however - it was Littles Night. The club was gorgeous as always. It was an older building in a part of downtown that was being revitalized, it had been here a long time but the owner had spent a lot of money over the past couple of years renovating it. Now it was ultramodern with a black and silver theme and clean lines, but Sabrina cared much less about the architecture than she did the music. The Violet Intrusion always seemed to have the best DJs, the best bands, and it was one of the few places she wouldn't get hassled for being a Little... well, hopefully people just assumed she was a Mid. She'd still get in for free, her ID showed that she was a Little, but she hoped that the patrons inside wouldn't realize it. Even though it was Littles Night, not many Littles actually showed, this part of town wasn't very Little friendly - the bathroom facilities alone around here weren't adequate for Little needs, but that didn't generally bother Sabrina. She was relatively tall. "Hey Anna," Sabrina smiled as she took her spot at the bar. "Hey Sabrina," the bartender greeted her - the club was just getting warmed up and Sabrina was early, as usual. She liked to make friends with the staff anywhere she went on a regular basis, she was actually pretty good at making friends. "How are you doing?" "Honestly," the Little grinned, "I'm on top of the world. I don't think it could get much better. Work is going great and I feel good. How about you?" "Not as good as you, apparently," Anna laughed. Sabrina loved that laugh, that alto chuckle that she had - Anna had some kind of insecurity, she always covered her mouth when she laughed, but Sabrina didn't mind. A fair share of her Amazon domination fantasies had featured Anna lately. Kind Anna, gentle Anna. She wondered what it would feel like for the woman to actually kneel before her, to submit to the collar... she was snapped out of her reverie, however. "... and then I twisted my ankle! It's better now, but it was a rotten day." "Oh that sucks!" Sabrina sympathized, though she wasn't entirely sure how the story had begun. "I'm glad your ankle is okay, standing all night on a twisted ankle would be awful, and I'd miss you if you weren't here." "You're sweet," Anna smiled, putting away the last of the clean glasses. She was quite attractive, shoulder-length blonde hair, green eyes and pale skin. Her teeth were the tiniest bit crooked, an oddity seeing as how dental correction was a well-understood science, but there was likely a reason. "What are you starting off with tonight?" "Let's see," Sabrina began ponderously, pulling out her comm and loading her wishlist. "Next on the list is the 'Dark N Stormy’." "Sorry," Anna smiled sadly, "I don't know that one - what's in it?" "That's okay," Sabrina knew better than to let anyone mix a drink they didn't know - she was out to try new ones, and if it was mixed wrong, she'd never know if she actually liked it. "How about the Gaule 75? That one's supposed to be really good." "That one I know," Anna grinned, pulling out the ingredients. Anna - Sabrina was pretty sure - thought she was a Mid, she always got Mid-sized drinks here. The frustrating thing about most food and drink places downtown was the fact that even though Little portions were so much smaller, they were almost always the same price as a Mid or an Amazon portion - it was just the way things were, if she wanted fair she had to go to a Little-specific restaurant that only served Little portions. Amazons wouldn't bother going there, it would cost them a fortune to get enough to eat. Sabrina took her first sip of the pale yellow drink - it was strong, but it wasn't as sweet as she had been hoping, but it wasn't bad. She took a long draw from it, savoring the way it burned on the way down. She knew she probably shouldn't drink so much, but an over the counter hangover cure before bed would keep her from feeling it tomorrow after she enjoyed the buzz tonight at the club - alcohol always made the music feel better. She could appreciate the music either way, but if she really wanted to lose herself in it, a drink helped immensely. "Oh," Anna said, walking back to Sabrina's spot at the bar. "I'm supposed to tell you that you have an invitation to the VIP lounge tonight." "What?" Sabrina asked, surprised. "Upstairs? Why?" "No clue," the bartender shrugged. "I just got word that if you came in tonight, you were invited up. I think it's from the boss directly." "Who's the boss?" The Little raised an eyebrow. "Naomi Alexis," Anna replied, but the name didn't ring any bells. "She's nice, a real kind and understanding type. She's a good boss, I'm pretty sure she's up there tonight herself. You'll like her." "Sounds good, I guess I get a glimpse of how the other half lives, huh?" Jump to Chapter 2!
  3. Hello everyone, this is the beginning of my West World inspired diaper story. Feedback is appreciated. Hope you enjoy! Chapter One Welcome to Infantile World Slowly, the tram came to a pleasant stop, with but a small hitch as it settled into its spot. The door slid open silently, but the two occupants of the private compartment didn’t immediately move, instead, they locked eyes, and a wicked smile came over one of them. “Are you ready, Brae?” the smiling one asked coyly. “Vivian, I don’t know if I can actually—” “Braelyn,” Vivian interrupted, quickly rising from her seat to approach the other girl. “I know you’re apprehensive, but this is going to be amazing. Trust me.” “But… Viv—” The encroaching girl was close enough to shove a finger against the other’s lips, silencing her. “You got me into this, remember? You’re the one who had the… fetish… originally, so the fact that I’m now mixed up into it too is all your fault,” Viv said softly, dropping her finger. “The least you can do is indulge me. And yourself, for that matter.” Vivian Locke, ever the dom. Tall, though aided in that affair by her ever-present high heels, and fit with a bit of muscle, she had long black hair tied up in a ponytail, with two short bangs left to hug her slender face. A face that, with but a look, could make Braelyn feel so many feelings at once. Dressed in a pencil skirt and white blouse, Vivian looked ready to kill. Brae blushed, breaking eye contact and looking away. A stark contrast, Braelyn Narmean was on the shorter side, with a slender frame, and light brown hair cut pixie style. She wore blue slacks and a grey t-shirt, looking ready to relax on the couch. The two of them were both twenty-four, though Vivian had always looked older. “You weren’t exactly hard to convin—” Brae started to protest, when suddenly the girl was silenced mid-sentence again, as the other girl shot forward and planted her lips onto hers, kissing her mute. They shared a moment. When their lips did break apart, Brae let out an uncontrollable raspy sigh. “Enough,” Viv commanded, “let’s go… and indulge…” and with that she snatched Brae’s arm up and started to pull the, still slightly unwilling, girl with her. Heels clacking on the floor of the tram, Brae’s flat shoes shuffling, Viv lead her to the still-open doors and out. The tram platform beyond was large and flat, with another empty tram track on the far side. To their left were several sets of escalators, going up to another level. The platform was abuzz with people, several exiting the tram still, but all who left the tram eventually looked to be paired up with a white-clothed person whom lead them to the escalators. Of that, Brae’s attention was drawn to the two white-clothed people standing before her and Vivian. Immediately she was taken by how gorgeous the two women were; truly stunning looking, they could have been supermodels. Letting go of Brae’s hand Vivian stepped forward to one of the women, a short-haired redhead, and immediately grabbed her around the waist, holding her tight. The woman did the same, causing a twang of jealously hit Brae, but she knew it was silly to feel that way. They weren’t exactly… real. “So, remember,” Vivian started, pointing her free hand straight at Brae, “you want the second option.” “Why, again?” Brae asked. “It’s the best, for us, so I’ve been told,” Vivian replied, and as she did so she started to let the redhead take her away, towards the escalators. “I mean, if you want to do one of the other two, by all means, just, you’ll be doing them alone…” “The second one… got it…” Brae said, half to Vivian and half to herself. “I’ll see you inside!” Vivian added, turning fully towards the escalators. But suddenly she craned her neck around and shouted, “and you’d better be padded when you get in there, or so help me!” Nodding, Brae watched Vivian go for a few seconds longer. She contemplated turning around and hopping back onto the tram, but then she caught the eyes of the woman who was still standing patiently in front of her. She was still gorgeous, of course, with shoulder-length blonde hair and the most welcoming smile. Taking a quick breath in and out, Brae stepped up to the woman. “Hi, welcome to Infantile World. You must be Braelyn Narmean, correct?” the woman asked, as if on cue. Brea nodded. “Great. I’ll be your introductory guide. There’re a few questions I’d like to ask you as we make way to the staging area. Follow me?” She stuck out a perfectly manicured hand towards the escalators. Swallowing the strange amount of saliva in her mouth, Brae started forward, following closely beside the woman. They were one of the last to leave the tram platform. As they started walking forward, Brea noticed a sound: a crinkling noise emanating from the woman beside her, which Brae immediately recognized. That sound alone was enough to shoot her heartrate up, and, for just a second, she started to feel excited. “This your first time to Infantile World?” the woman asked almost immediately. She held a small tablet-like device in her other hand, which Brae saw had a bunch of her personal information on it. “I tried out West World once…” Brea replied, just as they stepped onto the escalator, “it wasn’t for me…” “Great, we can skip some of the generic questions then. So, next, would you consider yourself to be more of a submissive or a dominator?” The question caused Brae to blush, which should have been enough to indicate what her answer was alone. “Submissive,” she replied anyways, in a bit of a hushed tone despite the next closest pair being almost off the escalator above her. “Noted. Next, do you consider yourself to be an Adult Baby, a Diaper Lover, or a combination of both?” If the last question had caused Brae to blush, that one caused several blood vessels to burst in her face. Stunned for a moment from the question, only by remembering the fact of where she was heading into kept her from falling over. “I’m… I’m, uh, primarily a Diaper Lover,” she started to answer in practically a whisper, but the woman showed no problem hearing her. “But I’ve… uh, well I’ve always been interested in the AB side, just not really explored it much… well, with Vivian yes but…” her voice grew so quiet she essentially stopped talking. “Great,” the woman replied, punching in something to the tablet, “so would you say about eighty percent DL, and twenty percent AB?” Brae nodded. “Fantastic.” Just then they got to the top of the escalator, and Brae was suddenly jolted forward as her shoes hit the top. Stumbling a bit, she caught her balance, and managed to not make a complete fool of herself. Straightening up, she paused for a moment, taken in by the massive screen wall before her brazenly displaying the words DIAPER WORLD, with some fast-moving ABDL images behind it. She recognized some of them from the sales video Vivian had shoved in her face days prior. The woman just smiled, and then, once Brae appeared to have righted herself, continuing to walk. Brae followed, immediately noticing the crinkling sound again. The guide woman started to lead to a hallway to the left of the screen. She continued with the questions. “Messing. How do you feel about it?” the woman asked plainly. “In our park you will find that messing is a fairly common occurrence, so we’d like to know your preferences towards it.” Blushing considerably less than last time, Brae answered, “I’m… okay with it… well, other than the smell. I think, well Vivian, she mentioned there’s something you’ll be able to do about that?” The woman nodded, “There is. Ah, here we are, through this door now, then the real fun can begin,” she added with a bit of a cheeky smile. Suddenly Brae noticed that the woman had stopped and had led her a door which was in a line of many doors in the hallway. Without much delay the guide stepped forward and swung open the door, beckoning Brae to step inside. With only considerable hesitation, Brae did so. Entering a long hallway, Brae was followed quickly by the guide woman after she’d closed the door. Now that she was presented with a tad more privacy, Brae felt herself relax a bit. The hallway didn’t last long, and led to a white-walled circular room, with a white bench in the middle. The hallway seemed to continue after the room, to another room Brae could see. Stepping into it, Brae noticed that in the walls were in-set displays, holding several peculiar objects that she didn’t know the purpose of—but she assumed she would learn of soon enough. “You can take a seat, if you wish,” the woman recommended, as she came to stand before one of the displays. Brae decided to do so, sitting atop the bench facing the guide, who smiled warmly at her. So convincing… so lifelike. “Before I can move onto these,” she motioned to the objects on the display behind her, “we need to discuss where exactly you’re going! You mentioned that you had been to our affiliate, West World, before?” “Y… yes.” “This park operates a bit differently, but I’m sure you’ll see the fundamentals are the same. You make the story. Here we have three different scenarios that you may choose from, each with a different level of baby-play, as we call it. I… believe I heard your friend mention the second option to you?” “Yeah, she wants us to do the second one… but she didn’t tell me anything about it. So, I’m curious, can you explain what all three options are? I’m still probably going to go for the second one, just because she’ll be there…” The guide smiled, “Absolutely. The first is called our Nursery Scenario. There, guests can regress to as young as they wish, with most choosing from the three-month to five-year range. Either that, or they may become a care-giver within the nursery scenario. It is typically more of a relaxing experience, with not as much in the way of stories to experience or challenges to overcome.” “Oh…” Brae’s face twisted up at that, “that sounds kind-of boring. What’s the third scenario?” “It is more for those with AB preferences,” she added, waving her hand. “The third is called our College Scenario. There, guests attend a college where everyone is diapered, and everyone knows about it. It’s more of an open DL side of things, but there are many stories, and even some challenges to overcome. It’s for those who are really into diapers, let’s just say…” She added a wink after, which Brae almost missed from staring at the woman’s crotch which crinkled as she moved. “That sounds interesting, but I can see why Viv didn’t pick it,” Brae commented, turning her attention back to the beautiful face. “And the last?” “The last is called our High School Scenario. It’s—” A low dull groan escaped Brae. “Is something wrong?” the guide asked. “No… it’s just that… Viv and I met in high school and… well, we we’re both kind-of in the closet at the time,” Brae lamented, explaining. “She admitted to me years ago that she regretted not asking me out back then and… well, she was a lot different… and we didn’t hook up until second year of college… so… that scenario sounds like it’ll be ideal for her.” “But not for you?” “Well…” Brae leaned back putting her hands behind her, the side of her mouth scrunching up, “I didn’t have the best time in high school, let’s leave it at that.” A wide smile came over the guide’s face. “I guarantee you that your second time through high school will be much better than the first. Now, have you decided?” “Yeah… the second one, I guess…” “Fantastic,” the guide exclaimed excitedly. “Now as you mentioned before, we do have a way that we can make messing experiences more pleasant for you. It involves these.” She turned around and picked up something off the display, then held them out in the palm of her hand for Brae to take. “What do they do?” Brae asked, taking them and holding them up to examine. They looked like earbuds, but without the wire connecting them, and they were a bit smaller. “They are olfactory filters,” the guide started to explain, “they go into your nostrils, and will lessen—or enhance—certain smells. Go ahead, put them in.” If Brae hadn’t spent those two days in West World—and seen the rather extraordinary things they had there—then she would have been considerably doubtful. She began to stick the things in her nose, though she was worried that she’d end up speaking like she had a stuffed-up nose the whole time. They slid in fine, sitting up and into her nasal cavity a bit, where they seemed to sit naturally, and not want to fall out. Immediately she noticed that she had no trouble breathing normally through her nose and, in fact, she almost instantly couldn’t notice they were in. “I’ve already calibrated them to a recommended setting,” the guide said, “would you like to test them out, and I can adjust if need be?” Brae raised an eyebrow at that. “Sure…” she said, not really sure. To her shock though, suddenly the guide closed her eyes, pursed her lips, and grunted. She looked to be pushing. A small fart sounded, before the not-so-foreign-to-Brae noise of a diaper filling filled the room. Brae was stunned, her eyes locked on the woman’s white-clad pants as she finished pushing. The guide even turned to the side a little, to show Brae the rather plump deposit sticking itself out of the woman’s backside. It took another second, but the smell finally hit Brae. It was neither pleasant nor unpleasant, though she was still able to tell what the woman had just done into her pants—well, diaper. A fact that made Brae’s her breathing quicken, as well as her heartrate—now she was excited. “Is that satisfactory to you? The intensity?” the guide asked. Nodding, Brae tore her eyes from the woman’s behind and back to her face. “Uh, yes. It is.” She was still trying to get over the fact that the woman before her—whom was extremely hot—had just done what she had done without hesitation. If this was even slightly representative of what was in store for her… “Good,” the guide replied, before turning around and snatching up the second object on the display behind her. She then turning around and presented it. It looked like a gun, but unlike any gun Brae had ever seen. “What’s that for?” Brae asked with slight horror. “This is customizable localized injection device,” the guide explained. “Like a… needle gun?” Brae’s voice grew quiet. “Does someone not like needles?” the guide asked in an almost patronizing tone. “Who likes needles…” Brae said back in a small voice. “So, what does it do?” “This is to enable some of the more… eccentric role-playing things in the park. It will allow us to inject you with specific chemical concoctions. Nothing is permanent of course. Would you like me to list off all the available options?” “Sure…” “We have… urinary and or bowl incontinence, of varying degrees, or we can just turn you into a bedwetter… reduced motor functions… reduced mental capacity… reduced emotion control… we can give you a lisp… increase or reduce libido…” she proceeded to list off nearly a dozen more. The possibilities were staggering. With the guide done listing off, Brae sat quietly for a moment, thinking hard. She tried to think of what Viv would pick, and if there were any that she could take that would compliment hers. Finally, she thought of one. “Urinary incontinence,” Brae blurted out after a long pause. “Not total, but I’d like to make it hard for me to get to the bathroom on time. Oh, and make me a bedwetter too.” “That can be done,” the guide said, before she turned back to her tablet and tapped a few things on it. Then, she placed the tablet on the display, and held the gun out towards Brae. “If you could present me your stomach for injection please.” Taking a deep breath, Brae rolled her shirt up and presented her belly to the woman. The guide leaned in, pressed the gun against the exposed stomach, and pulled the trigger. “Ow!” Brae exclaimed, the needle hurting a bit more than she was expecting. But that was apparently it, and the woman placed the gun back on the display and grabbed her tablet. Brae rolled her shirt down. “It’ll take a while for the effects to present themselves, so you’ll have time to get some protection on. Now, I believe we’ve spent enough time in here… let’s get you dressed.” And with that she immediately walked over to the entrance to the continuing hallway, though Brae noticed with slightly more of a waddle than she had before. “What about all these other things?” Brae asked, motioning around the room. “They are for the other scenarios…” the guide answered, “if you want to see what they do, you’ll have to come back!” she added cheekily. Brae got up and followed. The hallway was short, and quickly Brae was led into a room that was even more exiting to her than the last: the dressing room. “Everything is bespoke, and to your size,” the guide said, moving to the center of the room to let Brae take everything in. “Take your time.” On one wall was a small closet holding what looked like various sets of private-school uniforms, all adorned with the same red crest on the breast or on the side. Under that were shoes, which varied from standard running shoes to high heels, and even some Mary Janes that caught Brae’s eye. There was also a variety of other accessories, like purses and backpacks. Brae was already picking out her outfit mentally. But it what was on the other wall that made Brae’s heart start to race: diapers. Literally an entire wall of folded diapers, every kind and make that Brae could imagine from the ceiling to the floor. For a solid twenty seconds Brae was consumed with the sight, trying to see how many diapers she could name from the side alone. She had to pick one too, that was going to be impossible! Deciding that it would be best to pick her outfit first she turned back to the closet and got to work. In a way she was thankful that there wasn’t as much choice, otherwise she’d be there for hours. A white blouse first, then one of the navy uniform jackets to go over it. She took a closer look at the crest and saw that it read Blaze Highschool. So, that was the name of her new school, she figured. Throwing that over her shoulder she faced a dilemma: pants or a skirt? She knew what she wanted to pick, but it was also a question of what Viv would want. The plaid skirt was thrown over her arm after little debate. Then finally, stockings of the white variety, and of course the Mary Janes she’d been eying. Oh, and a cute green backpack as well. The mass of stuff piled onto a bench in the center of the room, she stole a glance at the guide whom was still standing there silently. “Uh…” she started to say. “If you would like me to leave then—” “No, no you can stay. Just…” Brae continued, her eyes drifting to the wall of diapers again. There, near the bottom, some thick-looking pink ones with babyish designs on them were calling to her. Leaving her pile, she stepped over to them and pulled one from the wall. “Can you… um… put this… on… me?” She felt like her face was on fire. A tender smile crept over the guide’s face. “Of course. Come, lie down on here,” she said, walking over and motioning towards an adult-sized changing table that occupied the corner of the room, of which Brae hadn’t even noticed, she had been too distracted by the diapers. Excitement mounting, Brae walked over to the awaiting woman and changing table, clutching the diaper like it was a precious jewel. The guide held her hand out, and Brae handed the diaper over. She was panting heavily, the number of dreams that were coming true in that short moment were astounding! The guide didn’t move though, and it took Brae a second to realize what was wrong: she was still dressed. Her old outfit came off with surprising difficulty, her head got stuck in her shirt somehow, probably from her mounting excitement. Pants down, shoes off, she went to go unclip her black bra, only to realize that there wasn’t another for her to put on. She wondered how she was going to do laundry if she was supposed to stay a week in the park, but that was probably a non-issue. She left her bra on. Then, came her plain white cotton panties, which came off for what Brae could only assume would be the foreseeable future. Satisfactorily unclothed, without prompt she leapt up onto the changing table, laid back and waited. The guide got to work post haste, unfolding the diaper and slipping it under Brae’s bottom. Bending down for a second, she returned with a bottle of baby powder and proceeded to sprinkle it generously onto Brae’s crotch. Closing the cap, she then proceeded to gently rub the powder in and around, taking care to get it up a bit on her thighs. Brae was in heaven. She had been changed by Viv before, but this was different. There was a perfection to it, like the woman before her—whom Brae had momentarily forgotten was not exactly ‘alive’—had studied diaper changing like it was an art. Powdering done, the guide grabbed the diaper and pulled it up between Brae’s legs. It was a perfect fold, the first time. The flaps were folded down and tucked, and the tapes were taped up with expert precision. Even lying down, Brae could feel the fit was perfect. The guide stored the powder away and stepped back with a smile on her face. Brae was almost sad that it was over. Sliding over and off the changing table, the diaper was considerably thicker than she was expecting, causing her legs to stick out a bit. The biggest, dumbest grin was on her face. She looked to the guide, and said, “Thank you,” but, in the same moment she remembered the state that the guide was in. “Hey… uh… do… you… want a change?” she asked sheepishly. The guide almost looked taken-aback. “Well… nobody has ever asked me that before,” she replied. Brae found that hard to believe but didn’t say anything to the contrary. “Sure, if you’re offering.” Brae almost squealed, half at the proposition of getting to change the woman’s diaper, and half from getting to change the diaper of an extremely attractive woman. Viv wouldn’t care. In fact, Brae could have bet Viv to offer to do the same thing! The guide put her tablet down onto the bench, then started to slip off her shoes while she was down there. Shoes off, she moved to her pants, which had a set of three buttons at the top to undue. Brae was watching with bated breath, until finally she started to slip the pants down, with the back getting caught and needing a little extra maneuvering to get over the full diaper. The sight of the woman in just her white soiled diaper—the front even looked a little yellow—was enough to make Brae weak in the knees, but she composed herself as the woman walked up to and hopped onto the changing table. “Change me, please?” the guide asked in a sing-song-y voice. Brae was much inclined to oblige. The tapes came off with a bit of resistance. Then, grabbing the front, Brae pulled it back revealing just how full the diaper was. And, to their credit, the nose things worked wonders and the smell was hardly unpleasant. Luckily, it didn’t appear to be too messy, so after finding a box of baby wipes under the changing table, Brae set forth cleaning. Wipe after wipe after wipe went by the gorgeous woman’s sex, with Brae making extra care to get in between her labia—wiping front to back of course—until it was shining clean. She ‘probably’ didn’t need to be as thorough as she was being, but she couldn’t help herself. The used wipes stashed inside the diaper, Brae pulled it out from under the woman, rolled it up, taped it to itself, and then deposited it into a garbage that was sitting beside the changing table. Then, she turned to the wall of diapers. Going by instinct rather than spend an eternity deciding, she went and grabbed a colorful one with blocks on it, and brought it back over, unfolding it as she did. Diaper under, powder retrieved, sprinkled, and rubbed in. She didn’t get the fold correct the first try, having to hike it back a bit before pulling it up correctly. But the tapes were done up, though not quite as well as how the guide had done it, and the change was done. “Thank you,” the woman said as she sat up. “My pleasure,” Brae replied, which was the gospel truth. Deciding that it was probably time to get into the actual park, Brae turned to her pile of clothes on the bench. The guide’s tablet and pants were also in front of her, so, deciding to help, she bent down and picked them up. But upon straightening up she then spun around very quickly, which promptly caused the slick tablet loosely clutched in her fingers to fling out and fly into the wall. Not the soft wall of diapers, of course, the hard wall on the opposite side of the room. The tablet hit the wall, and Brae let out a gasp as she watched the tablet smash gloriously into it, falling down into a heap of broken electronics. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” Brae said, apologizing profusely. Just then though, a strange feeling came over her, like a chill up her spine, but it crossed all her bones simultaneously. It was gone as quickly as it had come, leaving Brae to question whether she’d even felt it at all. She shook her head. “No matter. Don’t worry about it, they break so easily,” the guide said sincerely. “Let’s worry about getting you into the park!” “Yeah… let’s…” she muttered, pushing the feeling out of her mind and returning to the task at hand. Brae walked over to her new clothes, and noted how great her diaper felt around her midsection, how snug and thick it was, and that it gave her a definite waddle, though that might have been exaggerated due to how new the experience was. Grabbing the skirt first she undid the single button and slid the zipper down, then stepped into it, sliding it up over the diaper without difficulty. Doing it up, she noted that it came to above her knees, which was just enough to cover the diaper, but her undergarment would be revealed easily if she wasn’t careful. Vivian would be thrilled. The blouse and jacket went on next, and lastly, she grabbed the backpack and slung it over her shoulder. She turned to the guide, whom was standing by the diaper wall now. “You can’t leave without a few of these,” she said, motioning to the wall behind her. “Take as many as you’d like. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more to be had in the park.” Smiling again, Brae quickly scanned the wall and found the remaining stack of diapers the same as she had on. She pointed at them, so the guide slipped them from the wall, walked over and put them into Brae’s green bag. Then, to Brae’s slight surprise, she got a light slap on her diapered rear from the woman. “Enjoy your time in Infantile Land,” the guide said, as she began to lead Brae towards the door at the end of the room, “and remember… act your age,” she added with a cheeky grin, before grabbing the door handle and pulling it open. After sharing one last smile with the guide, a small twinge of sadness that she was leaving her so soon hit Brae. She paused in the doorway. “Wait… I never got your name. If you… have one…” A small smile came to the guide, “it’s Leah. No one’s ever asked me that…” Chapter Two First Day of School “What the hell have you been doing, I’ve been waiting twenty minutes for you!” were the first words that Brae heard the second the door shut behind her, but she barely registered them due to the fact she was trying to figure out where the heck she now was. It was a school bus, that was certain. The seemingly normal door that Leah had opened for her had transformed into the back emergency door of the standard school bus that she now stood in, looking around, confused. The bus wasn’t unoccupied either, as other than her friend whom was sitting in one of the very last back seats of the bus, nearly every other seat was occupied by similarly dressed people as her—though she was unaware of just how similarly. To Brae’s relief though, they appeared to be slightly aged up than what they would typically look like for high school children. Like if the Disney channel had cast them all. It was one thing to go back to high school, it was another thing to have to do it with actual teenagers. “Braelyn! Earth to Braelyn,” Vivian repeated, and suddenly Brae felt a strong tug on her jacket, pulling her down at the same time it brought her back to reality. Vivian was dressed in almost the same outfit, though, as Brae had suspected, she had gone for the pants. She also had a larger black purse slung over her shoulder. “Sorry, just, a bit of a shock is all,” Brae replied zoning into her friend’s existence. “You did West World, how is this…” “Well, just after what I just went though its—” “You changed her, didn’t you?” Viv said with a snarky, knowing tone. The blush that came over Brae’s face was enough to tell. “I didn’t. Probably why I was so much quicker than you. Though that’s what a dom would do, wouldn’t they… make her stay in her own shit for—” suddenly the bus jolted, and began moving forward. Brae glanced out the window and saw that they were on a generic looking suburban street, with trees lining the roads before ticky-tacky houses. “Anyways… so, what did you have done?” “What do you mean?” Brae asked, though she realized it was a stupid question immediately. “Sorry, I… I may have a bit of trouble getting to the bathroom on time, and—” “And you’re a bedwetter?” “How’d… you guess?” “Because you were one, when you were starting high school. Or did you think I’d forget that little fact?” Vivian answered with an evil grin, causing Brae to blush again. She was well away that Vivian had been aware of that fact. “Probably why you developed a fetish for diapers, being kept in them at such a blossoming age… you grew to like them, you sicko.” Brae’s eyes narrowed. She knew straight away what was going on, how Vivian was going to be acting during their excursion—exactly like she’d acted in high school. “What about you, what’d you do?” Brae asked dryly. “I’m not telling,” Vivian replied, sticking her tongue out. “I actually read up before coming here. There’s different options offered between subs and doms. So, you’ll get to figure them out as we go. Oh, lemme see by the way.” She shot her hand forward and grabbed Brae’s skirt, pulling it up before she could do anything. “Hey!” Brae cried, trying to pull her skirt down, but it was to no avail. Vivian had always been stronger than her, but somehow she was way stronger than her now. Brae was starting to suspect she knew what one of the changes that Vivian had done was. “Oh, pink! Very nice, and they look thick, good, good wouldn’t want you to leak when—” Suddenly, Vivian was interrupted by the presence of a face popping itself over the seat in front, followed by a cheery, high-pitched voice. “Hey guys, you must be the new girls who—” the girl started to say, but her eyes immediately landed on the diaper that was presently exposed to the world. She was cute at least, with thick black glasses, thick black curly hair, and a button nose. Vivian let Brae’s skirt drop back down, though she wore a satisfied smile after doing so. The girl continued, “Oh… was that… I’m sorry. I won’t tell anyone, promise. I know there’s some other people that have some… problems too.” Embarrassment washing over her, Brae calmed herself, pushing thoughts of hitting Viv in the face from her mind. “That’s… okay… uh, yeah we’re the new girls. I’m Brae, and this jerk is Vivian.” “Pleasure to meet you, I’m Gabriel,” the girl said cheerfully. “Um, as I was saying, I was going to tell you to watch out…” “For what?” Brae said with a note of concern. She had been to West World, she knew that in order to get anything done one needed to ask questions, and ‘play along’. “Not what, who. Tanya Steiniger,” Gabriel replied, shuddering simply from uttering the name. “She’s like the most popular kid in school, and she wants to make sure that never changes. So, she has a habit of putting new kids in their place and will try to knock you down the second you set foot in school.” “Oh, I’d like to see her try…” Viv said, grinning madly. “So, if she comes up to you and asks you to be her friend…” Gabriel continued, ignoring Viv’s comment, “just say yes. If she asks you to be her enemy… say no. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many people fuck it up. Last year, Freya Longington did, and she had a rumor spread about her that she had chlamydia! Nobody would go to the spring formal with her.” “When’s the spring formal?” Viv asked inquisitively. “Oh, it’s Thursday night this year, so like, only four more days, I’m so excited!” Gabriel replied. “If you don’t have a date, you’re basically nobody, by the way.” “Ha, of course it is…” Vivian said, leaning back. “Thanks Gabriel, we’ll keep an eye out for Tanya. We owe you one,” Brae said, smiling at the girl, who nodded back and then disappeared behind the seat. A dull groan escaped Brae. High school. And she was going to have to do it in diapers… “why didn’t I pick the third option…” she muttered. “Huh?” Viv asked. “Nothing. Oh, hey, are you padded?” Brae asked, reaching over and trying to pat Vivian’s crotch, but she got her hand swatted away before she could do so. “Heck no! That’s not the point of this. You’re the only one who’s supposed to be pissing themselves!” she replied with a firm tone. “Not the point—what? West World didn’t have any point to it! That was the point!” “Well, this place is different. I tried to get you to read the brochure, but you were too embarrassed. Oh, are you in for a shock. I’ll tell you something though…” Vivian leaned in close to Brae, “there’s a really big difference between sub and dom, and it goes past what changes you can make to yourself. Though… I will say, the changes you made… they couldn’t be more perfect. I was worried you were going to go the whole way and be shitting yourself right off the batt!” “So, I’m the only one who’s stuck in diapers?” Brae replied with a huff. “Yep,” Viv answered plainly, before leaning in closer and planting a quick tender kiss on Brae’s lips, “and it’s going to get a whole lot more interesting, trust me…” she added, before leaning back and turning her gaze out the bus window. Something told Brae that ‘interesting’ wasn’t going to mean the same thing between them… - It took less than five minutes for the bus to find its way to the school. Soon enough Brae heard the brakes squeal for the last time as the bus came to a complete halt, and the door at the front folded open. Immediately her and Vivian rose from their seats, Brae throwing her backpack over her shoulder, and they put themselves at the end of the line of students shuffling out. “Have a good day at school boys and girls,” the elderly bus driver said cheerfully as he watched the parade go by. “Wait, we’re not going to have to like… go to class, are we?” Brae asked quietly to Viv. “What? No, not unless you want to, I don’t think,” Vivian replied in an almost condescending tone. “I read that we’re going to get presented with a bunch of options right away. Look at it like we’ve got nothing but spares.” That was a relief to Brae, the last thing she wanted was a reminder at how bad she was at math. Or English. Or science… or French… Stepping out of the bus presented Brae with the first look at her new school. It was a fairly large three-storey building made of maroon brick, with a large version of the crest adorning the front above the main entrance. It had a small yard in the front with a few trees and benches. Looking to her sides Brae saw that there were ten other school busses, all funneling dozens more uniformed students out of every variety. All in all, it was a fairly standard looking suburban high school, not all that different to the one that Brae and Vivian had attended themselves, though they hadn’t attended a private school. Directly ahead, standing by the path into the main entrance, was a woman in her late thirties in a flower dress and glasses carrying a clipboard, with wispy blonde hair tied up in a bun. Immediately Brae noticed that there were three people standing talking to her who, just from their demeanor, she could bet were fellow guests. The woman told them something, and the people nodded, then carried on with the flow of students into the school. There, from the way that they were walking, Brae could tell that at least two of them were padded. “Come on, I bet that teacher will tell us where our lockers are,” Vivian suggested, grabbing Brae’s hand and pulling her towards the clipboard-wielding woman. Scanning around as she was pulled forward, Brae could make out a couple others who were distinctively guests, but they all seemed to be heading off in different directions, and not into the school—with a bit of a waddle of course—likely towards things they knew about already. If they’d done the basics already, and it was their second trip, they were probably looking for something more exciting right off the batt. Brae came to a stop beside Vivian, directly in front of the teacher. “Oh, hello you two, I don’t recognize you. So, you must be some more new students!” the teacher deduced with a cheery tone. “I’m Mrs. Folsom, you might have an English class with me. Did you two get your schedules already?” “No, miss,” Vivan replied in a sickeningly sweet tone. The teacher looked to her clipboard and started to flip through them, finding Vivian’s first, then Brae’s. “Thank you!” Viv added, taking hers and putting her nose to it as she started to slowly walk towards the entrance. “Enjoy your first day at school!” the teacher said. “Oh, and if you need anyone to talk to, or feel lost, I can usually be found in my office.” Brae nodded in thanks, and having obtained her sheet, started to walk away and read it. Before she got far, she felt a tap on her shoulder and stopped. Mrs. Folsom then leaned in close and whispered to Brae’s ear, “Also, if you need any other… special assistance, then I or Ms. Macey in the office can help you. Just letting you know!” Nodding in acknowledgement, and getting a warm smile in response, Brae put her face to the paper and read it over. Apparently, she was scheduled for classes. Three in the morning: Math, Science, and Drama. Then two in the afternoon after lunch: English, and Gym. Gym… Brae hated gym especially when she was in high school, she couldn’t imagine doing it as she was now. Suddenly, Vivian’s head was very close to hers, right beside her, reading off her sheet. “Oh, we have the same schedule, good,” Viv said, pulling Brae’s sheet closer to her. “We are so skipping math… but I guess we should attend at least one or two classes, see what they’re like. They is probably like some story we can stumble upon in them… oh, and our lockers are right beside each other! Well, of course they are…” Just then the two of them started up the stairs into the main entrance, and, right as they walked through the open doors, they found their path blocked. Brae almost walked into the person, but Vivian put a hand out to stop her. Dropping the paper away from her eyes, Brae was presented with the image of the most preppy looking girl she’d ever seen. Perfectly contoured makeup, black hair that looked like it had just come from the salon, perfectly plucked eyebrows, and fully lip-glossed lips. There was an expensive looking handbag over her shoulder. She was flanked by two other girls, whom equally looked as dolled up, though not quite as perfectly. Without the girl even uttering a word, Brae knew that this was Tanya. “Oh, hey guys! You must be new. I’m Tanya Steiniger, and I want to be your best friend!” she spoke with such a fake nice-girl voice, it was grating to Brae. “Anyone who’s anyone in this school knows that being my friend is the best thing ever.” She wore the most sickeningly fake smile too. Clearly remembering the words of the girl on the bus, without missing a beat Vivian stepped up closer to the girl, crossing her arms, “Hey, I’m Vivian Locke, and I like, am so looking for some friends in this place. I think we can become best friends, don’t you think?” The tone of voice that Viv was putting on made Brae almost want to vomit. It seemed to satisfy Tanya though, “absolutely, girl-friend,” she said, flashing a big smile. “How about your friend here?” she motioned to Brae with a perfectly manicured hand. “My friend here is as sweet as sugar,” Vivian said in a mocking tone, “aren’t you Brae?” Seconds away from opening her mouth to pledge her undying loyalty to the girl, a strong feeling overcame Brae, and her words were completely lost to her. She had to pee, really, really badly. The feeling had come out of nowhere! All of a sudden, Tanya went blurry as Brae’s vision focused on the only thing that mattered to her in that instant: the girl’s washroom sign, above a door down the hall. “I uh… excuse me,” she said meekly, before instinctively stepping to the side and attempting to rush past Tanya’s right-side crony. Of course, the crony did exactly what a crony would do, and that’s stick her foot out just enough to cause Brae to trip. She almost predicted it, and yet did nothing to prevent it. Tumbling down, Brae landed painfully on her outstretched arm and rolled to the side. At the very least her skirt didn’t go flying up, but, if it had, it would have revealed the diaper that was getting a considerable soaking from the profusely peeing girl it was attached too. Brae just lay there, peeing, her arm throbbing. The girls above started laughing. Glancing back to shoot daggers from her eyes, Brae was prevented from doing so by the sight of her friend joining in on the laughter as well. Brae couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so embarrassed! While the laughter started to subside, Brae attempted to pick herself up, noticing that her diaper had swelled considerably between her legs. “Well, I guess someone doesn’t want to be friends,” Tanya snapped sarcastically once Brae was standing. “Too bad. Hope you won’t regret it.” she added with a bit of malice. Then she turned to Vivian, and licked her glossed lips, “You on the other hand… I think we’re going to get along. Come on girls...” She waved her hand, and started to walk off down the hall, followed closely by her two lackies, one of which shoved her shoulder into Brae as she went by. Stepping up to Brae, Vivian and brushed a strand of hair from her almost pouting face. “Viv, I don’t know if I like this…” Brae said softly. “Oh, but I’m loving it!” she retorted. “Hey, I’m sure you’ll get to explore your diaper perversion fully soon enough. It’s probably more catered to you than me, so I’ll take what I can get! Speaking of which…” Before Brae could so much as flinch, Vivian reached down and snuck a hand under Brae’s skirt, feeling the girl’s crotch. “I knew it. You’re wet. Well, let me know if you need a change diaper baby. Come on, let’s find our lockers.” Grumbling, Brae started up following Vivian. Immediately she found it very hard to walk normally, as the swelling between her legs was much more pronounced than she’d realized. Of course, Vivian shot a glance over her shoulder and noticed that, smirking wildly. Trying ton force herself to stop blushing constantly, Brae kept her head down and waddled on. The hallway was bustling with students still going this way and that, checking their lockers or talking amongst themselves. It was just like the first day of high school, seeing everyone talking to their friends, sharing connections that Brae didn’t have. “A24… and A25! Here we are, super close to the door, nice,” Vivian declared coming to a halt, and presenting her arm out to a set of lockers. Just then Brae realized something. “We don’t have locks though…” she stated. “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem,” Vivian said with a smirk, as she pulled open her locker and tossed her purse in nonchalantly, “what, you worried someone is going to steal your diapers?” “No, just that I… don’t…” Brae started to say as she shoved her bag into her own locker, but her voice trailed off as something caught her attention. A few lockers down from them, a guy was standing in his open locker, sobbing silently to himself. She looked back to Vivian, who looked past her and caught sight of the crying boy as well. “Oh no, I bet he’s got some dumb problem that—and she’s walking up to him,” Viv started to object, but indeed Brae was moving to investigate. “Hey… uh, what’s wrong? You okay?” Brae asked the guy once she was close enough, not exactly sure how to act. A few heavy sniffles, and he turned to look at her with glassy eyes. “It’s Bonnie…” he said, his voice choked up, “she said she’s… done with me. Doesn’t want to go to the spring formal with me either…” he was overcome with sadness for a second. “Oh… that’s… why did she say that?” Brae asked with as much compassion as she could muster. She sensed Vivian come up behind her. “It’s… it’s personal,” the boy said, getting a hold of himself. “She found out something. I don’t want to get into it but—” “Yeah, thanks sob story,” Viv cut in. “You probably wet yourself when you get scared, or something.” She grabbed Brae’s arm and started pulling her away. “Maybe we’ll check in with you later.” “How did… you know?” the boy muttered dumbstruck. “Hey, why can’t we try to help him?” Brae asked, wincing at Viv’s vice grip. “We’re going to be late for our first class if we do!” “I thought we weren’t going to our first class?” “I changed my mind.” Unable to disagree, Brae let Vivian pull her down the hall, the sight of the boy crying into the locker growing farther away… - “Here we are, room 204,” Vivian declared as she and Brae came to an open door. They had gone up to the second floor on the wrong side and had to walk the length of the school to get to the smaller numbered rooms. Brae was almost out of breath, Vivian kept a steady pace that was hard to match in her slightly encumbered state. Once she’d caught up though, Viv stepped into the classroom, and Brae followed. The room was a buzz, with almost all the desks occupied by a student, most chatting lively to their neighbors. Few paid them heed as they entered. Brae couldn’t be one hundred percent sure, but there didn’t appear to be any ‘real’ people in the room already. One wall of the room was all windows, and it overlooked the back of the school, which Brae hadn’t seen yet. It looked like a beautiful courtyard with a few garden beds and trees, and then beyond that was a track field adjacent to a soccer or football field. There were two desks in the middle of the room that were open, which, coincidently, were right beside a somewhat familiar face. “Hey guys! We have the same math class together, isn’t that cool?” Gabriel exclaimed as Viv and Brae drew close and chose the two unoccupied decks. “Uh, yeah that’s great…” Viv responded coldly as she sat down, putting her back to the girl. Brae wasn’t going to be so cold. “Don’t mind her. It’s hard to be friendly when you have a stick up your butt.” Gabriel smiled at that. “Hey, you could probably let us know about stuff that’s going on around school that we might not know about, right?” That seemed to light up something inside Gabriel. “Oh, I sure can!” she exclaimed excitedly, almost too loudly. “At lunch today, there’s going to be club sign up in the cafeteria, so you’re not gonna wanna miss that if you wanna join any clubs. Also, tonight after school is cheerleading tryouts, if you guys are into—” “Did you just say… cheerleading?” Viv said abruptly, spinning around to face Gabriel. “Uh, yeah it’s—” “Where?” Viv asked intensely. “In the gym…” Gabriel replied slowly, a little taken aback by Viv, “but just be warned, Tanya Steiniger is the captain, and she doesn’t let just anyone join.” “Is she now? That’s good… good…” Vivian muttered to herself before putting her back to Gabriel again without another word. There was a look in her eye that Brae caught, that she was well aware of the meaning to. Vivian had been a little into cheerleading in high school. “Are you in any clubs Gabriel?” Brae asked after a small delay. “Heck yeah! I’m in AV club, and band, and I was in the debate club, but I had to cut it to make room for—” “Good morning class!” sounded a deep voice from the front of the room, cutting Gabriel’s listing short. Turning to face it, Brae saw that it was a black man in his forties, with greying short hair wearing a suit. Presumably the teacher. He walked over to the desk at the front of the room and plonked a briefcase on top of it. “Good morning Mr. Banners!” sounded off most of the classroom simultaneously. Brae shot a look over her shoulder at Gabriel, “We’ll continue our talk later,” she said. “Okay, friend!” Gabriel whispered back enthusiastically. Vivian let out a stifled snort. “Now, last week we were discussing exponents,” the teacher began, as he opened his briefcase and began taking some items out of it, “and some of you were having some difficulty understanding, so I thought that we would go over some of the—” “Mr. Banners?” a girl in the front row interrupted, her hand shooting into the air. The man in questioned sighed. “Yes, Felicity?” “We have some new students!” Felicity exclaimed. The teacher looked up and across the classroom for the first time since he’d come in, and his eyes slowly scanned the room until he landed on Viv and Brae. “Oh, so we do. Well, welcome to my class. My one rule is that you must have fun while learning and—” a boy near the back corner snorted loudly at that. “Really, Dominique? Anyways, I hope you do have fun. Now, back to what I was saying, some of you were struggling with—” “Mr. Banners?” Another sigh escaped the man’s lips, and he instinctively looked over at Felicity, but her hand was down. Then, at the same time that Mr. Banners did, Brae realized that it had been Vivian, behind her, whom had interrupted. Glancing back, she saw Viv even had her hand up. “Um yes… I’m sorry, I haven’t done attendance, I don’t know your name yet,” Mr. Banners said to Vivian apologetically. “That’s okay,” said Vivian, “I was just wondering if you’d let us introduce ourselves? Since we’re so new here, we were hoping that we could tell everyone who we are.” Snapping her head around Brae shot Vivian a nasty look. The last thing she wanted was to get up in front of everyone and introduce herself! Too bad that Viv was well aware of that fact. “Oh… well, I don’t see why not,” Mr. Banners agreed, and he motioned to the front of the room, “come on up.” “I’ll go first!” Vivian said in a sing-song-y voice before leaping out of her seat and practically skipping up to the front of the room. She turned to face everyone, smile wide. “Hi, I’m Vivian Locke and—” “Hi Vivian Locke,” some of the class repeated back to her. “Herm, well if I haven’t heard that before in a different context…” Vivian said half-under her breath, before continuing, “Some things about me: my favourite sport is volleyball, my favourite band is the Luck and Lovers—you’ve probably never heard of them—I hope to join the volleyball team here, uh… when I grow up I want to be a fashion designer, and my favourite food is… pizza. That’s all about me!” Brae noted that a solid half of those facts were completely false. “Thank you, Vivian…” Mr. Banners said dryly. “Next?” His gaze fell upon Brae. Knowing that even if she refused Vivian would do something to get her up there anyways, Brae rose from her seat and stalked up to the front of the room. As she passed by Viv, she got a slight brush on her behind from the girl, which thankfully went unnoticed by Mr. Banners. Swallowing hard, she turned to face the class. Immediately visions of botched class presentations, from both high school and college came wafting back to her, and she felt positively sick. Vivian found her seat and stared up at the poor girl with a shit-eating grin. “Go on…” Mr. Banners prodded. “Uh… hi, I’m Braelyn,” she started, and paused knowing what was coming after. “Hi Braelyn,” the class chanted, Vivian included. “Some… things about me. Uh, my favourite book is The Fault in our Stars. Well, it’s not my favourite… it’s just, uh, what I’ve read recently and—well, uh, my favourite soccer is… I mean, my favourite sport is soccer, and…” she was fading fast, the nerves getting to her. Suddenly she let out a tiny gasp, as she felt a bit of pee escape her into the already soaked diaper. The last thing she needed was a leaky diaper while standing at the front of the class! She tried to continue, “Uh… when I grow up… I want to be… a… teacher…” She said, though only because she happened to glance over at the teacher. It was far, far from her actual answer. “Great… is that all?” Mr. Banners said, seeming to grow a little impatient. “Ye—” “Hey Braelyn,” Vivian suddenly shouted, cupping her hands over her mouth, “what’s your favourite food?” “Favourite… food?” Brae repeated, like it was the toughest question she’d ever been asked. “Yeah, isn’t it… pudding?” Vivian answered for her. “Yes, it—” Brae started to say, when the strangest feeling suddenly overcame her, and her face went white. She felt an intense cramp in her abdomen, then the strongest urge to poo she’d ever felt. There was no way she was going to be able to hold it, it was too intense—it was like her body wanted to mess. A small fart escaped her, and she was then powerless to hold it back any longer. She voided herself completely into her diaper. With a bit of a grunt, she pushed, filling her diaper with whatever was inside her. To say she was mortified would be an understatement. Devastated, beyond embarrassed, completely without self solace were more appropriate words. Looking out across the classroom, she saw the students looking at her, some with puzzled expressions, others, like Vivian and Gabriel, with knowing ones. Though Vivian looked positively pleased, whilst Gabriel looked concerned. “Braelyn are you—” Mr. Banners started to say, but Brae was having none of it. Feeling on the verge of tears, she put her hands over her face, turned towards the door and ran out as quickly as she could. The sagging backside of her diaper swayed a bit with every step. Out into the hall, the tears came. - Sobs wracked Braelyn as she stood in the washroom stall, crying hard into her hands. She, a twenty-four-year-old woman, had just messed her diaper in front of a high school classroom full of students. It didn’t matter that the place was all make-believe, it felt real to Braelyn. It recalled so many bad memories from her own high school experience. But, to make matters worse… she had no idea how it had happened! Why she was so suddenly overcome with the urge to void herself then and there. But… she had her suspicions… The washroom door opened, and someone stepped inside. Brae tried to hold back her sobs, half in case it wasn’t Vivian, and half in case it was. But she didn’t last long, her emotions overcame her, and she sobbed loudly once into her palms. “Braelyn?” Vivian called from outside the stall. “Go away!” Brae shouted back, her voice cracking. “Well, if you want me to…” Sliding her wet hands away from her face, Brae flicked open the lock and flung open the stall door with unnecessary force. Vivian stood with her arms crossed, looking calm at Braelyn, whom was trying to direct all of her anger towards her, trying to be intimidating. Which was very hard to do in the sobbing, soaked, and messy state she was in. “What the fuck was that!” Brae spat. “What… what did you do!?” “I told you it was going to get more interesting…” Viv answered plainly. “It got more interesting, didn’t it?” “That was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life!” She screeched back, saliva flying out of her mouth. “Yes… it was… and is that not the point?” Vivian said, turning the tone of her voice more directed. “Braelyn, isn’t one of the reasons you wear diapers because of the embarrassment?” She had a point, Brae had to admit. “Ye… yes, but that was too much! I didn’t ask for that. That’s not why I came to this park!” “See, I remember a time when you wore in public with me, and of you turning beet red when I asked you if your diaper was wet. But then after you were just an animal bed. So, don’t you go crying that that was too much for you to handle, because I know for a fact that you’re going to Jill yourself off later to the memory of—” Vivian’s explanation was cut short by the fact that Brae slapped her across the face. Stunned, Vivian staggered back a step, holding her cheek where she’d been slapped. Unfortunately, she looked more shocked than hurt. A second later a smile crept back onto Vivian’s face. “Admit it!” Viv said with force. “Fine, you’re probably right!” Brae replied. Her tears had subsided, as well as most of her rage. The slap was more satisfying than she was expecting, she’d been wanting to slap Vivian across the face from the moment that she’d forced her to buy the exorbitantly expensive tickets to the park. “But you have to tell me what the fuck is going on! Why did I shit myself like that? Or… how did I?” The smile turned plain evil, “I told you, there’s a really big difference between sub and dom in here.” “Explain. Now.” “Fine. If you want to be a spoil sport,” Vivian almost looked crestfallen. “Remember that injection they gave you, after you picked what changes you wanted?” “Yeah? What about it?” “Well… it had a bit more than what you were told about, in it. Namely… nanites. Tiny robots.” Brae didn’t believe her and raised her hand as if to slap Vivian again, causing Vivian to hold up an arm defensively. “Honestly, I’m not kidding! Nanites! It’s part of the Sub and Dom Experience. Little tiny robots floating through your bloodstream that allow for some very specific… things.” “What kind of things?” Brae said through gritted teeth. “Control. Through commands. I have a list of words that can make you do things entirely against your will! Here, I’ll demonstrate: sugar.” Brae’s eyes grew wide as suddenly she had an uncontrollable urge to pee. For a second she half considered turning around and attempting to use the toilet, but she realized how silly that was quick enough. Seconds later, she flooded her diaper for the second time that day—she could tell now that the garment was to it’s capacity and was probably close to leaking. As her bladder emptied, she just stood and stared at Vivian in disbelief. “See?” Viv said, with a smirk. “There’s like twenty-five command words. I’m likely to forget half of them before long… should have written them down… the hardest part is going to be not saying one of them by accident! Oh, and don’t worry, it only works when I say it.” “This is ridiculous…” Brae muttered in disbelief. But it wasn’t like she was about to run off… “Yes, but…” Viv said softly, as she reached forward and grabbed Brae’s hand. Brae didn’t resist. “It’s also incredibly hot. So yes, I embarrassed the fuck out of you, but… I can tell already that you’re starting to come onto the idea. So…” She took Brae’s hand and held it in both of her hands, caressing it. “As I asked before… indulge me? And indulge yourself?” Those words had significantly more meaning now that Brae knew what weight was behind them. But… her apprehension was slowly being outweighed by her perversion. Ultimately, she’d just gotten scared. There was no permanent harm to be done, just some intensely kinky play. A deep breath followed by a labored sigh, and Brae looked deep into her girlfriend’s eyes. “Sure. But… you’ve got to change me.” A mad grin came over Vivian, as she leaned in and gave Brae a quick kiss. “It would be my pleasure. Let’s check what the damage is first…” she said, as she reached down and flipped Brae’s skirt up. Looking down at herself Brae was genuinely surprised as, with two full wettings, the thing looked packed, yet it wasn’t leaking yet. After getting spun around by Vivian she examined her backside. It was sagging a bit, completely ballooned out and full-looking. Simply looking at it was mildly arousing to Brae. Of course, in that exact moment, the bathroom door opened. “Hey guys, are you okay, Mr. Banners is—” it was Gabriel, who stopped dead in her tracks, her eyes darting from their faces to the sagging diaper. “I’m… I’m s—sorry,” she sputtered, “I’ll tell Mr. Banners you’re not coming back, okay? Okay.” The poor girl then spun in place, yanked open the door, and dashed away. “I think we’ve scarred her a little…” Vivian commented. “Anyways, let’s get baby changed.” “Yeah, about that,” Brae said, slipping her skirt out of Vivian’s grasp. “I’ve got extra diapers in my backpack, but no changing supplies. No wipes, powder. I feel like I need a shower probably…” “That is a problem… well, surely a place in Infantile World has somewhere people can get their poopy diapers changed!” “Actually…” Brae said, suddenly remembering something. “I think I might know where to look…”
  4. I'm not guy myself, but I feel very different in my own way, in a way that I don't fit into any category. I feel like I can't relate to anyone. Before I ask the question, I"ll just say that, one of my long time fantasies regarding diapers is this: Being over powered by a cute girl or group of girls who are not nice and will utilize very strong boyfriends or body guards to control me. In other words, picture a girl who is like a Judge and sentences me to wear diapers for the rest of my life. The other girls in the imaginary court room all giggle and snicker cheering the girl on for her power over me. This causes me to explode in anger and run towards the girl giving the orders. But then I am quickly tackled by her many guards and forced to sit on the lap of the monster restraining me. As the hour's pass in the court room, I end up erupting the seat of my diaper in an unsuccessful struggle to escape the guard who has me on his lap in my dirty diaper. Question: Ok, I know the poopy diaper thing is not for everyone. But do gay guys like when girls have power over man? Do Bi-Girls like this ever?
  5. For just a dollar, you can see more stories like this at my Patreon. If you'd like a short story, you may pledge five dollars and I'll write you one about any image you choose.  https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6660213 Chapter 1: Abducted and Diapered Two large, humanoid, female aliens looked over their advanced tracking system which had located a high concentration of the desired energy which these creatures sought out. The women were tall, slightly pale and had large breasts. Each one looked at each other with pure excitement evident in their eyes. The readouts showed that the immaturity, relative to the subject's ages of the woman below, were absolutely off the charts. "Can you believe these readings!?" The taller female humanoid questioned her partner. "I am having a hard time. These have got to be the two most immature beings on Earth." "Quickly, we must have them on board right now!" The two creatures relayed a series of specific orders to various members of the crew. This was not a drill, typically such scans of alien worlds would be lucky to reveal a few dozen low level readings, but the planet known as Earth had two extremely high level beings. With a press of a button the ship went into cloak mode, rendering it invisible. Chi Chi and Bulma chatted on the patio of Capsule Corp's residential area, completely oblivious to the ulterior motives of the beings on the spaceship. Neither one could see the ship hovering a few hundred feet over head. They enjoyed the fair weather and the opportunity to get together on a beautiful sunny afternoon which was rarely afforded to the two mothers. Goten and Trunks were both quite a handful after all and their husbands were something else entirely. "That Goku is such--" Before Chi Chi could finish her complaining, a sudden energy had paralyzed her body. Bulma was experiencing a similar phenomenon as both women were levitating slowly until they instantaneous disappeared from Capsule Corp only to reappear aboard the alien vessel. Startled and confused they looked around the strange area that they were teleported to. "What happened?" Chi Chi questioned as she stood up from the floor. "I don't know, but everything in here is huge." Bulma replied, looking at a few large tables which stood close by. Her exploration was cut short by a door opening. A lanky, pale humanoid waltzed right in. This entity was eaaily the tallest woman she had ever seen. "Look at these two perfect specimens!" "It's a giant alien!" Chi Chi declared. "I can see that, Chi Chi. Just be calm. Let me do the talking." Bulma stepped forward towards the large woman and noticed that she barely came up to her thigh. Still, she was undeterred and unintimidated by this massive woman. "I'm Bulma Brief, head scientist and CEO of Capsule Corp." The blue haired woman held her hand out, waiting to shake hands with the enormous humanoid. "Oh, that's cute. Look at that, trying to be mature." Bulma felt a twitch of her eye as a big vein appeared on her forehead. "What do you mean by trying to be mature? I'll have you know that I'm a genius and run my father's company!" "Let's get you ready for the adoption protocol. You're going to make someone a very happy mommy!" The alien cooed, entirely ignoring the scientist. "Adoption?!" Bulma turned to run away, but was instantly scooped up by the giant woman as if she weighed nothing at all. "I'm an adult! I have two sons and a husband!" Chi Chi shrieked as a metallic arm grabbed her around the waist and pulled her towards the oversized humanoid. "Hold still, young lady!" The alien warned a squirming Bulma. "Hell no!" Bulma barked at her captor. "I want you to take me back to Earth right now!" "Can't do that, sweetie. You, and your little friend, are the perfect specimens for our home world. Now let's get you out of these silly clothes." Bulma was powerless to stop this crazy alien as it ripped her pants clean off of her body. Then she felt her top being pulled off with ease which was unmatched by even her husband, Vegeta.Lifting a grown woman like she weightless and then stripping her like it was nothing more than peeling an orange: This woman was strong! Chi Chi found herself in a similar state of undress after a multitude of metallic hands descended on her like ravenous vultures. Her trademark dress was torn to shreds and her bra and panties didn't stand a chance once they were out in the open. The raven haired woman struggled as best as she could, but she was no match for the machines. Both mothers were now butt naked. Speaking of butts, Bulma noticed that her captor was staring at her ass, almost mesmerized by it. "My stars. By the light of Azzelond, you have such a perfect rump. So fat and round. I just want to pinch it and squeeze it for eternity." "What? My ass is not fat!" Bulma fumed, pinned in the giant's hands. "Yes, it's quite the perfect bubble. Lucky for you, I can't pinch it or spank it. Violates the guidelines that state that the merchandise mustn't be damaged in any way." "Great. So, what? I'm cattle to you?" "No, you'll be the perfect pet or baby for someone who is lucky enough to get their hands on your bouncy booty." "That's exactly what I wanted to hear." Bulma shot back, sarcastically before continuing her rant. "Just you wait till my husband finds out about this. You'll all be sorry. I'm the wife of a prince!" "We've captured royalty before. They are always the most fun to train. Anyway, enough talk. Time to clean you both up." "I'm already clean!" "Yeah, me too!" Chi Chi added. "No, but you will be. Engage cleaning sequence Alpha Beta!" Once more, the machines renewed their assault on Chi Chi, but this time Bulma wasn't left out. Both ladies had their make up washed off, teeth brushed with a tiny high pressure spray from one of the smaller hoses and then a snake like tube slithered across Bulma's leg until it slowly pushed it's way into her ass. Her tight hole was instantly penetrated by the long, glistening tube. She felt it come to life and an odd sensation overwhelmed her stomach: It was pumping some kind of alien fluid up her rear end! "Oh my Kami!" Bulma cried out. "You're going to impregnate me, aren't you!?" Of course, the blue haired loud mouth failed to notice that Chi Chi was already finished with the enema, pissing out the vile oozing slime from her ass and into some kind of waste receptacle. "No, you're the baby. Baby doesn't make babies." The alien laughed while she held Bulma over her lap. The scientist still didn't trust this crazy alien. After all, her belly currently looked to be as large as when she was nine months pregnant with Trunks. Her stomach resembled a massive ballon. "Please, just let me go!" Bulma begged, but to no avail. She was held over the same type of receptacle which collected Chi Chi's waste and felt an intense pressure on her abdomen. She pushed with all her might and was rewarded with a hissing sound as the slime left her body, pouring into the space age bucket while she was held over it. "Thank you, that feels so much better!" Her relief was short lived thanks to the finger of the metallic hand being stuck up her fat butt. "What's the big idea?!" "Temperature, normal. Readings average." The machine spoke aloud while Chi Chi got an identical treatment. "Diaper Sequence: Engage!" The alien ordered. Soon both women were laid out onto a table, side by side. "I'm not going to wear a damn diaper!" "Me neither!" Chi Chi growled. Another bizarre, snake like device lowers down from the ceiling and did a quick scan over each woman's body. "Inappropriate hair detected!" "What's wrong with my hair?" Bulma retorted. "My hair looks great you bucket of bolts!" Unbeknownst to the two ladies, it wasn't refereeing to the hair on their heads, but their pubic hair. A small lazer rapidly burned off all their pubic hairs at the follicular level. Chi Chi lost her massive bush in the blink of an eye. Bulma had always kept her feminine area very well manicured, but the machine desired scorched Earth and quickly had Bulma looking as bare as a prepubescent girl. "What the hell did you do to my bush?!" Chi Chi screamed, utterly enraged. "Who cares about your bush? I spent hours grooming the Capsule Corp logo into my crotch!" While the two ladies bickered, they failed to noticed that two thick, white gleaming plastic diapers were ready, held in the robotic hands. The diapers were made of a special polymer which would allow for multiple wettings or messings. In a flash, the girls had their butts raised off of the table simultaneously . The metallic hands wasted no time and the mothers were oiled and powdered. Each one felt the bulky diaper fastened to their waists. "Well, looks like your both ready for nap time." The alien cooed. "Fuck that!" Bulma yelled at the top of her lungs while Chi Chi valiantly tried to rip her diaper off. The girls were sprayed with a gas specifically designed to knock out humans. "Sweet dreams, little ones."
  6. Taken from The ABDL MedFet Book 6, here is a little story about the power in dominance, the passion in passiveness and the patience in a patient. Part One “Hiya, Erin!” Charlotte said, putting her purse down in the nurses’ station, having arrived a bit early for her night shift - this to the surprise of her daytime counterpart, Erin. “You’re a bit early. Aren’t you?” Erin said with a smile, finishing her last bit of paperwork for the day and filing it away. “Well, yeah,” Charlotte admitted, sitting next to her. “But I wanted to hear about this hunky new guy in room 77 you were texting me about. Greg, I think you said his name was?” “Greg Townsend,” Erin confirmed, getting out his paperwork to show her. “28, white male, 5’10”, 180 lbs. He was admitted about an hour ago, brought straight from a car accident. Injuries include: bruised ribs and possibly torn stomach muscles … and yes, he’s a hunk.” Charlotte smiled, knowing how easily Erin would go weak in the knees for some of the more handsome patients left in her care. For the next week at least, Charlotte and Erin were going to be seeing very little of each other. They were also going to be seeing very little free time as they would be working 12 hours shifts each day. Normally, a third nurse split the job three ways for them. But that nurse was on vacation and with several other nurses in the wing being pulled away for quarterly training seminars that were taking place that week, Charlotte, Erin and all the others who were still there were going to be there quite a bit - the hospital saving on labor costs by not scheduling extra help for the 7th floor of St. Ignatius Hospital. Presently, Erin was covering 7am to 7pm and Charlotte was taking the other half through the night. But they would switch in a few days to allow for a little bit of human life to be shared between the two of them. Charlotte picked up Greg’s incoming paperwork and read, with wide eyes, about the accident he had survived. “Patient was struck by a female driver who was driving well above the speed limit. Patient had no time to react and when she hit his front bumper, his car went up in the air and landed on its side. His seatbelt kept him strapped to his seat, but it wretched him all over the place. And this was how his ribs became bruise as well as how his stomach muscles may have become possibly torn. Degree of the diastasis of the recti muscles to be determined.” “How did he survive this crash? His HPI reads like a horror movie,” Charlotte exclaimed, continuing to read the detailed a gruesome account. “And is the other driver alright?” “It’s a miracle he’s alive,” Erin said with sincerity. “The other driver is in much worse shape, but she was admitted to the ER at the same time he was brought in. I haven’t heard about her condition since. But I was told she was on her cell phone when the crash happened.” Charlotte scoffed. Oh, did she loathe things like that - accidents caused by the preventable carelessness of others. As a no-nonsense kind of person, she was thusly a no-nonsense kind of nurse. But it was Erin who kept her grounded to remember the human element in their work. Erin, on the other hand, was the overly-caring type. She was also a bit of a worrier. But she had learned from Charlotte to double-check herself while not second-guessing herself. Together, they balanced each other out, making a more complete pairing. Charlotte kept a close eye on Greg that first night, as she would have done for any newly-admitted patient. But despite his vital checks every hour, it wasn’t until the 4am check that he finally stirred awake. “Hello?” Greg said with a groggy voice, the lights in room 77 being kept very dim and only showing Charlotte as a silhouette until she walked up to his bedside. “I assume I’m not dead.” “You would assume correctly,” Charlotte said, Greg seeing her last name on her name tag. “Webb?” he asked, still quite groggy - Charlotte checking all three bags of IV fluid that were hooked up to quickly be changed out for him … an indication that his injuries, and therefore his pain, was severe. “I don’t suppose your first name is …” “…It is,” Charlotte said with a knowing grin, having been asked that same question more times than she could recall. “Charlotte.” “Charlotte Webb,” Greg said with a groggy smile. “My mother named me after the character,” she admitted, recording information on the laptop on her rolling cart. “Well, don’t feel too bad. My father named me after his favorite football player,” Greg said, grimacing a little. “I don’t suppose you could crank up the pain killers.” “Not without permission. But doctors will be in to see you in the morning,” Charlotte answered. “On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is extreme and 1 is mild or non-existent, what is your current pain?” “I’ve always thought some of the questions asked of hospital patients were ludicrous. That one right there is my favorite,” Greg said with a slight laugh, then cutting himself off from all further laughter as it only worsened the pain he was feeling. “Put down … 7. But you can write the word excruciating right after that.” “Most people just tell me 10,” Charlotte said, recording his answer. “Most people embellish. They will say whatever they think will get them more drugs,” he replied. “The real pain is mental, not physical.” “What do you mean?” Charlotte asked, his first impression showing him to be more than just a hunky-looking guy. “Well, tomorrow morning, doctors will come in here and tell me that I need to rest up while I am hospitalized and then they put all sorts of sleeping medication in me. And I will, in fact, go to sleep,” Greg said. “But then I will constantly be woken up for a list of various reasons, though I’m supposed to be resting.” Charlotte smiled, laughing at his response. How true it was. “How long have I been here?” he asked. “8 hours,” Charlotte said, still smiling at him. “It’s about 4am.” There certainly was a little something more to him than his handsome jaw line and strong build. Rarely did Charlotte ever take to her patients, but Greg was different. She just wasn’t sure how yet. “The girl who ran into me … is she okay?” he asked, a genuine sense of worry in his voice. He obviously knew how bad the accident had been. “She was admitted to the ER the same time you were brought here,” Charlotte answered honestly. “I don’t know anything more about her.” Greg closed his eyes, a bit of concern coming over him. “How long have I had this IV in my arm?” he asked, seeing his right forearm connected to the bags hanging behind him. “9 hours,” Charlotte replied, finishing her current check on him. “IV was first started for you when you were placed in the ambulance to be brought here.” “Before you leave, I’ve got to tell you something,” he said, stopping Charlotte in her tracks as she turned back to listen to him. “I have a weak stomach. I’m serious about that. I’m not joking about … whatever damage my stomach has at the moment. When this IV is taken out of my arm, I will begin to throw up repeatedly.” “Okay,” Charlotte said, not seeing his statement as being alarming. “I apologize in advance if it’s you who has to clean up after me,” he said with honesty. “It’s not gonna be fun for either of us.” “That’s my job. Now, get some rest,” she said, rolling her cart over to the door but then turning back one more time to say something to him. “I’ll be back in two hours to wake you up again.” Greg smiled, then quickly fell asleep. --------------- The next morning at 7:15am, Erin rushed in for her shift. “I’m sorry I’m late,” Erin apologized, setting her stuff down in the nurses’ station. “Traffic was a nightmare.” “It’s alright. Catch your breath, Sweetie,” Charlotte said, taking a seat next to her. “You were right about our hunky boy in room 77. I can tell already that his physical movements will be scarce for a while. But he has a sense of humor about the situation. Here, come with me for a minute. I want to show you something about him.” They walked down the hallway to his room, cracking the door open and peeking in at him. “He has been laying in the exact same position all night, flat on his back with his arms at his side,” Charlotte said. “Most patients do that, but he is doing it naturally. This position of sleep can lead to back pain, but he is smart enough to know, even when sleeping, that a crick in the back is nothing compared to what else he’s dealing with right now.” “Right,” Erin said, not understanding the point she was getting at. “Flat on the back is known as the soldier position,” Charlotte said, leading Erin back to the nurses’ station. “People who regularly sleep in that position have high expectations but also tend to instinctively protect. That’s why it’s call the soldier position. A soldier would sleep like that so he could get up quickly for battle or whatever, if needed.” Erin still wasn’t sure what point Charlotte was making, but throughout the day shift, she would learn a lot about Greg. And her softer nature would begin to rise to her surfaces, like always. But she would wait until he awoke that morning before bothering him again. Sure enough, he would stir as soon as the sun rose high enough to shine in through the Venetian blinds of room 77. “Good morning, Mr. Townsend. My name is Erin,” Erin said, rolling her cart into his room for an 8am check. Greg looked at her name tag, then smiled. “Your name is Erin Runner,” Greg said, the timbre in his voice almost making her knees wobble. “So, there’s Charlotte Webb at night and Erin Runner during the day.” “For now, at least. She and I will switch shifts in a few days,” Erin said, checking the drip bags and beginning to record the information. “Before you ask, just right down my pain as a 6 … with a side note of slowly getting better,” Greg said, trying to sit up but thinking better of the position shift when he felt pain from the movement. “Oh, no. Not yet,” Erin said, easing him back into a laying position. “Soon enough, though.” “I hear there are doctors coming to visit me some time this morning?” he asked, returning to his relax on the mattress. “Yes. They should be here by now. But they’re not always punctual,” Erin stated, then cryptically interrogating him. “Charlotte told me to look into the condition of the lady who hit you. Though, I can’t give you any details, I can tell you that she made it. She’s alive.” Greg sighed softly, closing his eyes - as if a sense of relief had overtaken him. Getting a bit bolder, she walked up alongside him. “Is there anyone you’d like me contact for you? Perhaps parents or relatives … or a girlfriend?” Erin asked with a sweet tone. “Well, you’re gonna have some trouble, there,” he replied with a smile. “Both of my parents passed away. My brother lives in New Mexico. And, if I have a girlfriend, it’s news to me.” Erin shared a smile with him, then going back to her paperwork at the rolling cart. “You have a very pleasant way about you, Erin Runner,” Greg said with a deep timbre that made her shudder and then smile back at him sweetly with raised shoulders of shyness. “Not everybody finds value in simply being nice. That’s a quality I hope you never lose.” “Greg Townsend?” a doctor said, walking into his room. “That would be me … or what’s left of me,” Greg said with a jocular tone, the doctor smiling and shaking hands with him. “As it turns out, you’ll be happy to know there’s more left of you than what we believed when you were admitted last night,” the doctor said. “We no longer believe you to have any muscular diastasis.” “And once I get my hands on a medical dictionary for translation, I’m sure that’s gonna mean a whole lot more to me than at the moment,” Greg said, the doctor laughing at the response. “You have no torn muscles anywhere,” the doctor restated, putting it into layman’s terms. “But you are more than likely in a great deal of pain. Essentially, you have internal bruising. And we are going to monitor you for a few days to make sure that everything inside you is working properly. I’d really like to see you up and walking around in a day’s time. That may not be possible, but here’s some incentive: until you can stand up and walk, you will be peeing in a bottle and relieving yourself in a bed pan. And you’ll return to solid food at dinner today.” “Well, Doc. You have given me all the incentive you’ll need to,” Greg said with a small laugh - anything more being too painful. “My time and my healing are for sale, but my dignity is not. I will be up on my feet before this day is over.” “That’s what I like to hear,” the doctor replied. Erin stood there, listening to Greg and that doctor speak - then feeling sympathy for Greg as the doctor had him sit up. She could tell by the look on his face that he was in tremendous pain. Then she thought about how concerned he was for the well-being of the cellphone-using lady who slammed into him and almost killed him. Charlotte was right about him. There was more than met the eye and it truly shocked Erin that he didn’t have a girlfriend. How was that even possible? He seemed like such a great guy, of what she knew of him. For this reason, she exercised caution in pursuing her curiosities about him. But seeing the doctor pushing in on Greg’s stomach and testing Greg’s limits of pain, Erin grew a soft spot in her heart for him. So, by the time the doctor stopped torturing him and left the room, she was already in a mode of I’m gonna take good care of you now. And with her added traits of worry, she slipped right into the same groove as always, wanting nothing but to make him become pain-free. Before easing Greg back down onto the mattress, Erin massaged the center point on his right shoulder blade while placing a cool right hand on his abdomen. Reaching under his hospital gown to touch his abdomen, she caught a glorious quick view of his endowment. And Wow! was all she could think of it. Trying to show no reaction to what she caught a glimpse of, Erin finally eased him down on the mattress. Then she massaged the very middle of his right foot, at a specific point which lessened the pain in his stomach area and his diaphragm. She wandered if it would be rude of her to tell him that she was also single and available but thought better of saying anything. “Breathe,” she said very quietly - almost in a whisper. “I am,” Greg said softly. Shyly, she smiled - a bit too embarrassed to reveal she was telling herself to breathe, not him. And she was even more too embarrassed to say why she was flustered to the point of needing to remind herself to breathe. His endowment! Oh, my. It would be a momentary vision that would remain in her mind’s eye for quite some time to come. And the massages worked, his pain lessening to a tolerable degree. Greg closed his eyes and fell asleep fairly quickly. But she would remain there by his side for a short while longer, studying the expressions on his face and wondering if he was dreaming. Doing her rounds, she finally had to admit to herself that she was smitten over him. Unlike so many of the other patients who were understandably miserable, Greg was not - though he had just as much right to be. Aside from the fact that he was a good-looking guy who obviously found importance in his appearance, when not in a hospital bed, he also seemed to have a positive-outlook on a negative situation. His heart was in a good place and his head was in a good place, despite where he was and why he was there. There were no red flags she could see. Greg went in and out of sleep all that afternoon. Erin kept checking on him constantly. When not checking on him or the other patients, she busied herself with text message after text message to Charlotte who was probably sleeping - telling her about how intriguing he was and also how well hung he was. By the time the dinner hour arrived, Greg was ready for some sort of sustenance and Erin was ready to dig a bit deeper into who he was - readying herself to open up to him - should all red flags remain at bay. “Be honest with me, Erin,” Greg said, leaning the bed upward to cheat so he wouldn’t have to hold himself up while eating. “Does that doctor really consider broth and Jello to be solid food?” Erin laughed aloud while tucking a napkin into the front of his hospital gown collar. His outlook certainly was a refreshing one for her to hear. He wasn’t really complaining like the other patients - instead, making light of that which needed it. “You’re completely overlooking the fact that he also thinks it’s actual food!” Erin added, sliding his dinner table over the bed and inadvertently trapping his arms underneath it. “Well, now it feels like a torturous tool used in interrogations,” Greg said with a monotone quality in his voice that broke Erin into hysterical laughter. In all honesty, Greg was happy to be able to put anything in his stomach, no matter how unappetizing the food may have seemed. “Where were you on the night of …?” Greg asked with a mocking interrogation tone until Erin cut him off by slipping a spoonful of broth into his mouth and holding the spoon there as he swallowed. “Oh, I’ve got better questions than that when I interrogate someone,” Erin said with a devilish grin and a playful tone, thoroughly enjoying the rapport they were building with each other. “Okay,” Greg, opening his mouth wide for the next spoonful. “How do you not have a girlfriend?” Erin asked, putting another spoonful of broth in his mouth and then using the tip of the spoon to scoop up the minor dribble on his lower lip - then feeding that to him as well. “And I want a real answer or I’ll break out the rice pudding next.” “I have no idea,” he responded after swallowing, his tone showing his honesty. “I guess I just haven’t met the right one yet.” “Have you ever been married?” Erin asked, feeding him another spoonful of broth, then switching over to the Jello. “Nope. Engaged, yes. But never married,” he admitted. “And why didn’t you get married?” she inquired, dipping the spoon into the red Jello and feeding him the first heaping spoonful of it. “Because engagement showed us exactly what engagement was supposed to show us,” he answered honestly again. “And what’s that?” she asked, really getting into this conversation. “That we weren’t meant to be married to each other,” he answered, trying not to laugh as laughter would have been painful for him just then. “How did you get into nursing?” Erin played very coy, returning to feeding him the broth and taking her time in deciding if she was going to tell him anything about herself. But the more intriguing thought in her mind was about what would be fun to actually tell him. She could be cryptic. She was in control and she could clearly see why Charlotte always leaned in the direction of dominating men. There was very satisfying fun in it. But Charlotte’s problem had always been about respecting boundaries. And she would quickly go from appearing as dominant to becoming domineering. Erin had no intention of disregarding her submissive nature. Instead, she would attempt a bit of topping from the bottom. But Greg’s reaction to this was her current primary concern. “I’ve always liked reading books about women who changed the world in some way and left a mark in their fields of work, like Florence Nightingale,” she said with a lowered tone, saucy to say the least as she fed him yet another spoonful of the broth. “She was a pioneer in the nursing field in the late 19th century. Her dedication to patient care got her nicknamed The Lady with the Lamp because she made rounds at night …… and this had never been done before.” Greg swallowed the broth and immediately received another helping of it. She was certainly taking charge of the situation … and of the talk. “Her example of care would forever change the way hospitals treated patients. Most consider her to be the founder of modern nursing,” Erin continued, leaning the bowl towards her as she scooped up more of the broth and fed it to him - Greg not resisting her at all. It seemed he suddenly had a bit of intrigue in her too … or so she was being led to believe. Finishing the last few spoonfuls of broth, she returned to the red Jello, only making him eat half of it. “That’s a really wonderful role model to have,” he said with a smile and authentic tone. “And nursing is noble work.” “It can also be messy work,” Erin laughed, picking up his dinner tray. “What you ate won’t take too long to digest right through you. So, when you get the slightest indication that you need to complete the digestion, please buzz me right away. Do you feel strong enough to take the painful trip to the toilet or do you want to use a bed pan?” “I’ll take the trip to the toilet,” he said with certainty, Erin smiling at the fearful look that momentarily crossed over his irises. --------------- At 7pm, Charlotte arrived for her shift, quite promptly after having awakened and read the string of texts she had been sent. Erin went right into talking to her about Greg, explaining how he was bruised internally but not damaged otherwise. And in the interest of time, she explained he had eaten his first meal at dinner. Charlotte knew what that meant and they both prepared for his forthcoming distress call. A few minutes later, his buzzer sounded and they moved quickly to his room, Erin explaining how flirting had become a common tone with him … and how he was playful about it all. “Okay, Mr. Townsend,” Charlotte said, entering his room and raising his bed to a sitting position as Erin helped him swing his over the side of the bed. “Just remember to keep breathing. It’ll be okay.” “Do most people make it to the toilet in time when they do this?” Greg asked, pain encouraging him to lean over and panic being evident in his tone. “Just be honest with me.” “It may seem like a surprise to you at the moment, but the answer is yes. Most everyone makes it to the toilet the first time,” Charlotte said with calmness, she and Erin helping him stand to his feet. “What may seem like urgency to you is actually anything but that.” “It doesn’t seem possible,” Greg said, going dizzy from being on his feet for the first time in 24 hours. “When you get there, you’ll be amazed how nothing will happen at first,” Erin said calmly, her voice softening in an attempt to ease his nerves. “It will be when you relax that everything begins.” He clung to both of them as they guided his sliding steps in the direction of the bathroom. “Thank goodness they put the bathroom on the other end of the room,” Greg said with jocular nature, seeing how far he still had to walk and wondering why his backside hadn’t let loose yet - for how urgent the need to release felt just then. “A few more steps. That’s it,” Erin said softly, encouraging him with a nurturing tone - Greg beginning to sweat from the whole ordeal. Well, he was either sweating or had just acquired a fever. He suddenly couldn’t tell. And with a dizziness to him that just wouldn’t quit, he likely wouldn’t find out until after all operations had finished. “Okay, just take your time and sit calmly,” Charlotte said as they got to the bathroom, Greg indeed making it to the toilet and sitting - then suddenly waiting for what he expected to have been immediate. “Would you like privacy?” Erin asked quietly. “No. It’s okay,” Greg said with grimace. “There’s no performance anxiety. There’s just currently a strange pad lock on the backdoor.” Charlotte and Erin joined him in a laugh. “A lot of people start to cry and fuss when they get to the toilet the first time,” Charlotte said, chuckling a little at the thought. “I guess I should laugh about that. But I sometimes have to walk out of the room to prevent them from seeing me smiling at their dilemma.” “Well, if you think about it, it’s a grown adult who suddenly can’t act like an adult … for understandable reasons, but still … I can see why that would strike anyone as funny,” Greg said, then freezing in his sitting position on the toilet. “You wanna hear something more funny, stick around a few more seconds. Okay … here it comes.” Greg found the relief his body ached for, never once blushing with embarrassment as that would have taken too much energy to do. But with the evacuation complete, he was much more relaxed - despite the fact that it was Erin who tended to the toilet paper conclusion for him. Then he was helped to his feet, carefully guided back to his bed. “So,” Greg said with a breathy whisper, sitting down on the side of his bed and swinging his legs up onto it before leaning back and sighing - then looking at Erin. “Where do you wanna go on our second date?” Charlotte laughed a bit harder, changing out his drip bags and giving him some medication to drift him off to sleep. --------------- At 2am, as Charlotte made her rounds for patient checks, he awoke. “You’re one of the lightest sleepers I’ve ever met,” Charlotte said quietly, recording his information and walking up alongside his bed. “Well, I have a tendency to talk in my sleep. I didn’t want give away any secrets if we suddenly struck up a conversation,” Greg said with a small laugh, his condition already having shown real improvement. “So, why did you become a nurse?” “The pay,” Charlotte stated frankly, then laughing at her bluntness. “But I’m also a bit of a sadist.” “Really? Well, giving needle shots might satisfy that craving for you, I guess,” Greg said with a grin. “Nursing hardly seems like a career for sadistic purposes, though.” “Well, it depends on how you look at it. Maybe even more than sadism is how I enjoy being needed by my patients,” Charlotte said, checking his drip bags. “That certainly is different than sadism,” he replied. “More maternal, in instinct than anything.” “Not really,” Charlotte said. “In truth, there’s not a maternal bone in my body. But the control factor is quite satisfying.” “I know what you mean, there. Every relationship I’ve been in always put me in a mindset where I thoroughly enjoyed melting her senses … babying her insides, so to speak,” Greg admitted. “So you play Daddy with you girlfriends?” she asked, raising her eyebrows with surprise. “Who’s playing?” Greg said with a devilish grin. “Get some sleep, Mr. Townsend,” Charlotte said, chuckling to herself as she left his room. --------------- At 7am, Erin arrived with as much promptness as Charlotte had the evening prior. And when Charlotte updated him about her talk with Greg, Erin’s eyes grew big and wide - her heart beginning to beat faster. “I don’t suppose that what he said means what I want it to mean,” Erin stated grimly but still with excitement. “Well there’s one way to find out. And I’ll even help you, to start,” Charlotte said matter-of-factly - Erin looking at her with confusion as to what she meant. “Remember that episode of Grey’s Anatomy when the nurses decide to see who was the more hardcore nurse among them?” “Do you mean the one when they wore diapers and took no breaks?” Erin asked, not recognizing the importance of the elephant-in-the-room suggestion Charlotte was making. “Yeah. I have an idea I wanna run past you,” Charlotte said, smiling at how Erin still hadn’t pieced it together yet. “I’ll stick around to help you bathe him in bed this morning. But there’s a little more I wanna do as well. And I know you’re really gonna enjoy it.” Continue on to Part Two
  7. I made some changes to the flow of this story after it was purged from the website. I did not have the first three chapters saved and as a result I went off of the last chapter I had been working on and added the backstory into that, the premise is about the same as I had it before. Enjoy. -BG Chapter One: Searing pain awoke Adam, it happened when he attempted to move his body, particularly his legs. During his futile attempts to move, Adam realized he couldn't move anything other than his head to look around. It was a weird feeling to Adam as his eyes began to focus taking in his current predicament. He noticed he was wrapped up in a very tight blanket as if he was tucked in, but it was more like he was a burrito. He couldn't move. His heart rate began to jump around as he began to panic; however, Adam tried to focus on his surroundings and looked for an escape from this hellish world. A sterile room with childish pictures greeted Adam when he looked around. The childish pictures of carousels and teddy bears made him feel very small, but the worst part was the inability to move his arms. It was unsettling, making Adam look back to his childhood and seeing his baby cousins wrapped up like this. Swaddled he thought. Everything looked massive, and Adams only thought was escape. Voices greeted Adams ears, and a feeling dread came over him as the voices became hushed and shuffling paper filled the silence. Adam didn't see the door open, but he could hear it as well as the massive steps following it. "Did you learn your lesson little one" said the same Amazon as before. Adam kept his mouth closed remembering the pain from before and shook his head in agreement. "Good, I am Doctor Fields, and will be starting you off with the basics" said doctor Fields. "You are going to fit right in when I am done with you, and I can not wait to begin the training". Adam jumped when her large hands reached down and picked him up. The blanket surrounding Adam let up enough slack allowing him to squirm, but his sore and bruised bottom kept him from moving much. Adam was carried like an infant in the Amazons arms, and it terrified him, but somehow it felt okay with him. Almost like Dr. Fields wasn’t a harbinger of pain towering over him, but the look in her eye said otherwise. The blanket wrapping Adam was taken off as he was set onto a cold plastic mat. There was a little bit of padding as it wasn’t very hard, but his naked skin was shocked by the drastic and unexpected change in temperature. He looked around like a panicked animal searching desperately for a way off when he looked over and saw the Amazon walking towards him holding a bottle of something and a white square that had animal wearing diapers on it. “What are you doing to me” Adam asked doctor Fields without realizing his mistake. “This is the least of your worries little one, you should know better than to open your mouth” said Dr. Fields as she set the items down and grabbed a gag of some sort and shoved it into Adams mouth and twisted the top. Dr. Fields looked down at Adam and decided she needed to make sure he remembers not to speak out again. She quickly flipped Adam over and preceded to make his already bruised bottom light up scarlet red, something that would surly leave a mark. Adam’s butt was in so much pain, and he couldn’t make a darn noise after the Dr. Shoved this damn thing into his mouth. It seemed like a pacifier but that didn’t make any sense why would he have a pacifier, most people in his world would have grabbed a ball gag instead. This pacifier would not leave his mouth no matter how hard he tried to spit it out. Dr. Fields flipped him around and another onslaught of strikes hit his butt relighting the pain from before. He couldn’t stop himself from crying, and pacifier seemed to muffle the noises. After Adam was done sobbing, Dr. Fields grabbed the diaper she had previously set aside and began to unfold it making sure Adam could see every step through his tear crusted eyes. Dr. Fields knew Adam had no idea what was in store for him, and frankly it made her happy knowing this. Damn, she thought this one was going to look so cute when she was done, as she grabbed his legs and thrust them into air quickly sliding the diaper underneath his bright red ass. She grabbed some of the powder from early and sprinkled it on Adam in short time gleaming with excitement at what was to come. However, Adam panicked as he felt himself lifted into the air realizing what was happening. He felt a soft shell enveloping his privates making a loud crinkling noise every time he moved. Dr. Fields looked down at Adam and simply smiled at her work. She knew what was about to come to Adam, now that the diapers had been introduced his life was only going to change. He will make a fine baby after she is done correcting some of his behaviors, but that was something she intended to do over the next couple of months. Chapter Two: Adam thought back at how he ended up in this predicament. He recalled his dimension when a portal opened up and Giants began coming out. The Giants stood roughly three times the size of a normal human. And quickly disarmed the population of his earth. Their superior technology was capable of stopping all medium and large caliber weaponry. Their conventional weaponry was simply ineffective to stop the Invading force allowing all the Giants to take over the planet with ease. Bullets had little effect against the giants other then enraging them. At first, it seemed the Giants were not evil when they conquered earth; they had managed to disarm nations of nuclear arsenals and managed to bring humanity to its knees. It wasn’t until people began to disappear that the population truly began to worry; although, the amount of people leaving was small enough most people never truly felt concern. The Giants surrounding Adam referred to themselves as Amazons, and it seemed they had been to Adam’s dimension before; however, the original time the “little humans” managed to sever the inter dimensional gateway allowing Amazons to Earth. This story had been butchered for humanities sake in the attempts to avoid reliving the horror. The butchered story was Jack the giant slayer, and there were numerous components missing. The biggest is the fact the Amazons never ate humans as some accounts of the tale were told, they simply turned them into pets resembling toddlers which Adam was beginning to find out. Adam recalled being in the woods hiking when he was picked up and sent to this hellish word where everything was massive in comparison to him. He found himself being checked out in a medical facility and was ruthlessly “disciplined” if he spoke out. He was beginning to find out the different rules, and slowly figuring out the history of this dimension. Chapter Three: Dr. Fields was pleased with her new find. She had put in a request to her broker for a little fitting Adam’s description. Her luck at finding a little in her dimension had been dismal, and frankly the laws made it difficult to claim one; however, inter dimensional littles had no rights according to the Government and frankly there were very few dimensions truly had littles. Agencies were set up immediately tracking down littles when they appeared in other worlds; however, the cost was excessively high to bring a little over from another dimension. Dr. Fields had spent nearly a years pay to bring Adam over, and she was certainly pleased with the results. She had a particular image in mind for her first little, and she was willing to pay the exorbitant fees the little broker had charged. Adam’s height was a little under four feet when he came through the portal. (It was completely normal for littles to shrink when transferring) His eyes were blue and his hair was blonde, and frankly the crisp white diaper she just put onto his red bottom was absolutely adorable. Dr. Fields stood over 13 feet tall with her green eyes and brown hair. She stood out in the Amazon community not only for her looks, but also for her extensive knowledge in little regression. She is a Medical Doctor by training, but she branched out into psychology focusing on littles from other dimensions. She has been researching ways to make little’s more cooperative to the demands of their adoptive parents pioneering ways to adjust littles from other dimension into their new homes; however, most of the dimensions put up almost no fight and allowed their new Amazons to take over. For the most part Amazons simply left the world in working order and traded the prospect of peace for resources. Adam’s dimension was different from the rest. The dimension Adam came from had a past with the Amazon world. When they were going through their first industrial boom, an Amazon equivalent to Albert Einstein figured out a way to cross dimensions and plunder resources for other worlds allowing the Amazon world to remain a lush thriving and beautiful environment. They had their own littles on the planet that had always been subjugated to the will of the larger Amazon’s who felt it was their obligation to take care of the smaller humans. Overtime this obligation turned into an addictive need where Amazon women simply had to have a little in their care; however, laws changed making it more difficult to claim littles. Everyone understood the reasoning behind the Governments laws about snatching littles off the street and why that might not be the best idea. When dimensional travel was discovered, the first dimension the Amazons discovered was a vastly inferior Earth completely populated by littles. The difference however was the littles put up a massive fight unlike the ones in their own world which nobody had anticipated and they managed to destroy the dimensional portal infrastructure to their world effectively shutting off the Amazons from the largest supply of littles they had ever encountered or would. Over the years, the Amazons were able to re-establish inter dimension travel, but for some reason they never made it back the dimension two. It took decades for the Amazon to finally reestablish the connection, and this time they were prepared. Dr. Fields was the first person to study the littles from the second dimension, and her results were astonishing. Unlike other dimensions where littles had been discovered, these would put up a significant resistance and fight. She found they would reluctantly give into their captors and simply what for an opportune moment to lash out. The only way to truly make the littles accept their new life was to break them hard and slowly eventually building them up with their new parents. Some littles would still resist by taking whatever they could and using it as a weapon which was a fruitless process. Dr. Fields loved the challenge with the littles from the second dimension, and she knew if she was going to have a little of her own, she would have to bring one over and dominate the little into submission. Chapter Four: Adam found himself sore from the earlier spanking and frankly the massive bulk between his legs just felt weird. He struggle to put his legs together, but it didn’t matter to Dr. Fields as she lifted him up sliding a cute onesie over his head and snapping up the bottom snaps. “Now don’t you just look adorable” Dr. Fields said looking down at her soon to be adopted little. Adams blue eyes looked up to her with a scared look as he began suckling on the pacifier she put into his mouth. Dr. Fields made sure to bring a mirror over allowing Adam to Gaze at himself in his new glory. As Adams eyes scanned the mirror for glimpse of himself, he slowly realized the image staring back was him. He had an extra thick Diaper on with a onesie decorated with babyish dinosaurs and a pacifier in his mouth that said “I <3 my Mommy”. He was shocked at the image and simply thought this can not be real. Dr. Fields commented ohh it looks like my new Baby is enjoying his paci aren't you! To Adam's horror he noticed he was in fact suckling on the damn thing which only helped to crush his spirit. Adam knew he needed to break out of this hell and escape, but he was stuck in this monster’s clutches with nowhere to escape. The table he was on seemed to be twice his height and the sterile white floor below him did not look inviting. A prick on Adams arm brought him back to reality as the Dr. began injecting something into him. Adam’s immediate response was to cry out, but the pacifier muffled his screams of pain making him truly sound like an infant with tears falling down his cheek. Dr. Fields immediately went into action. “It’s okay Baby, the shot I gave you will only help you relax and become more accustomed to your new life. You don’t need to worry about anything, Mommy is here” said Dr. Fields. The last phrase the Doctor said threw Adam off. What the hell did she mean Mommy is here? He was already dressed like a baby and had a damn pacifier in his mouth. Did this women think she could keep him hostage or hope Stockholm’s syndrome would kick in? There was no way he would allow that to happen, he needed a plan. At that exact second Adam locked up like a deer in headlights. He froze. Adam noticed his crotch was turning warm, and wet. He thought what the hell, am I pissing myself as a stream of urine flowed into his now wet and ever expanding diaper. Shortly after, Adams bowels began to cramp up and sure enough he defecated into the diaper he was wearing. At this point Adam truly became aware of his predicament and how badly he needed to escape this world. First, he needed to get out of the disgusting mess he was locked in and tried pushing the feeling of helplessness out of his mind like an addict attempts to walk away from their problems. Despair appeared to be the victor this time around as the smell of his bowels caught the Amazons attention...
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  9. It was as though an epoch had passed when he finally logged off his work computer. She was waiting for him, standing in the doorway, grinning like a Cheshire cat as he turned his chair and said "I'm done." "Good." was the last word he heard before she walked over, one hand behind her back. She came around to the back of the chair, and playfully pushed his head back down as he tried to look up at her. All of a sudden, the world went dark as the soft black silk was brought over his eyes, and he felt it quickly tied on the back of his head. "Shirt." she demanded. He dutifully pulled his t-shirt up and over his chest, and felt her hands reach in to the neck hole to assist in pulling it cleanly off his head without disturbing his blindfold. He heard the sound of the garment being tossed into a corner of his office, then felt her hand grab hold of his. He offered no resistance as she pulled him to a stand from his desk chair and led him down the hallway. He felt the familiar touch of the carpet in their bedroom meet his bare feet as she continued to lead him onward, then all at once spun him around and gave him a shove. The edge of the mattress took his knees out from under him, and he fell backwards onto the bed. He felt her hands immediately on the crotch of his pants as she deftly unbuttoned and then unzipped the pants, then reached to his hips to pull both pants and briefs down his hips, over his knees, and then off his ankles, tossing them to the side like so much debris. Naked and blind, he felt her hand slide teasingly back up his leg, briefly touching his growing erection before it continued to caress his belly, up his chest, then grabbing his arm suddenly and pulling it upward toward the head of the bed. One hand clutched his wrist tightly as the other wrapped a soft piece of fabric around it, then quickly tied it off. His member was positively throbbing with anticipation now, as he could sense here kneeling above him on the bed and attaching a similar restraint to his other wrist. He could feel her step over his arm and back onto the floor as she snickered "Now you're mine, little boy..." He heard her open a package, and it occurred to him that they had received two shipments via UPS today, both addressed to her, both hid away carefully before he got so much as a peek at them. His suspense as to what one of them was came to an abrupt halt as she chuckled, "or should I say little girl?" All at once she was slipping something incredibly smooth and soft up his ankles and knees, sliding it up to his hips, where he felt part of it stay as she slid the rest up to his chest, then tying strings over his shoulders. Still completely unable to see, he could feel the luxurious satin of the baby doll chamise against his skin, which made his already trembling erection seem to grow to proportions previously unknown. He felt the hem of the nightie lift in the front, and she sneered "Ooooh, you like that, don't you, little girl?" as she reached down to stroke him ever so lightly through the satin of the negligee. He involuntarily shivered from head to toe at her touch, and pulled reflexively against his silken restraints as her fingertips caressed his shaft and balls. It all made sense why, for the first time since they met, she demanded that he shave his face clean, after him wearing a thick beard for half a dozen years. All at once she gave his inner thigh a hard slap. "You're not getting off that easy." she said wickedly. He heard her unzip her pants and pull them down. She straddled his chest as he heaved his breath, rubbing her now bare crotch slowly across his pecs, up over his chin, then lifting up slightly directly over his mouth. "I think you know what to do with this." she stated authoritatively. Instinctively, he lifted his head and worked her clit with his tongue, sliding it down into her vulva periodically, excited even more each time he felt her tremble and moan. As he continued to pleasure her, she began to thrust herself into his face with each stroke, moaning her own pleasure, as he felt his crotch scream for attention under the satin. He was immediately aware of her first orgasm, tasting the spoils as they leaked out of her vagina, lapping them up greedily as her convulsing diminished. "Mmmm, Mommy's little bitch is getting better at her job, isn't she?" she snarled as she dismounted him with a light slap on the cheek. He shuddered with nervous anticipation as he heard her open a dresser drawer. He felt his amply long hair being pulled sharply to one side as she tied an elastic to it, then the other. "Did she just..." he thought, but was quickly distracted by a large object, latex by the taste, being stuffed into his mouth, and a string being tied around the back of his head, securing this gag... this... pacifier?... in place. He was stone still as he heard her footsteps around to the bottom of the bed, her toes now sliding up his calf and thigh ever so gently, causing him to shiver once more. "My baby bitch likes her new binky, doesn't she?!" she mocked. He was incapable of doing much more than moaning a response, muted by the gag. His hard-on was raging, almost to the point of being painful, as she finally pulled back the hem of the skirt and mounted him, sliding her already well-lubed vagina onto his quivering shaft, sliding down tortuously slow, all the way to the base, as he whimpered his delight. She rose back up and started to come down again, but this time stopped just as his tip was all the way in, and bounced up and down just on the head, the stimulation driving him crazy as he lay there, paralyzed, positively squeaking around the huge ball of latex stuck firm in his mouth, aching for her to take him all the way into her. She kept it up for what seemed like an eternity, working the head of his penis, occasionally dropping all the way down in a sudden thrust, which practically rolled his eyes into the back of his head with ecstacy, until he could hear and feel her coming once again, and he was nearly ready to explode. As soon as she completed her orgasm, she dismounted suddenly, leaving him in a heaving, whimpering puddle on the bed, still begging for satisfaction. "Oh, no... my little baby bitch isn't going to make messies on the bed." she snickered. He heard her open a dresser drawer, then heard the sound of plastic rustling. He didn't have long to consider what new torment she had in store before he felt her grabbing his ankles and folding them practically up over his head, then dropping him back down no longer onto the soft coverlet, but something else that crinkled loudly when his bottom made contact with it. She spread his legs and pulled the something... was it?... up between his legs and covered his throbbing erection. It was! She taped the diaper onto him with speed and precision as his hard-on protested painfully, and he whimpered his agreement. "Awwww, my baby bitch wanted to get off?" she sneered as she slapped his face just hard enough to sting a bit. He felt her hand clamp down on his dick through the padding and stroke it softly. "Baby bitch likes that, huh?" she said. He could hear the wicked smile in her voice as she stroked him faster and faster, his breath coming in gasps now through his nose. He was just on the edge of his own orgasm once again when she let go, laughing maniacally. "Aw, poor baby wanted to cream in her diaper, didn't she?" she snarled as he trembled. He had full on blueballs at this point, in near agony at being denied the orgasm he desperately needed. He felt the pacifier gag loosed and popped from his mouth, suddenly realizing he had been suckling the nipple furiously in response to her denial of his release. She once again grasped his desperately throbbing erection through the incredibly thick padding and said "Tell Mommy what you want, baby girl!" "I want to come!" he gasped. She moved her hand down and squeezed his balls painfully. "Wrong answer, baby! I said TELL MOMMY what you want!" "Mommy, I want to come!" he begged. "Is that what you want, baby girl?" she cooed sarcastically. "Tell me what you are." she sneered as she resumed stroking his shaft. "I'm... a baby girl..." he whimpered. "Tell me what a sissy you are." she snarled. "I'm a sissy baby, and I want to come, Mommy!" he groveled Her hand let loose again. "Not until you make me come again, you sissy bitch!" At once her crotch was in his face once more, and he desperately did the business she demanded as the pain in his crotch reached a level he had never experienced before, to the point where he was near tears by the time he had completed his task. As she dismounted once again, he begged "Please, Mommy, make me come!" He could scarcely believe the pitch his voice had reached. He practically sounded like a little girl at that point. "Good girl." she responded seductively, sliding back down onto his chest, her juices smearing all over him. She reached back once more and grabbed his member through the plastic and stroked it as he convulsed, mocking his involuntary movements, "That's right, bitch, BEG for it! Scream for Mommy, you sissy baby bitch!" which happened nearly instantly as he finally exploded into the diaper and collapsed into a quivering pile of gelatin under her. Her voice softened as she felt him release, whispering "good baby girl, good, good baby girl." She tucked the pacifier back into his mouth, which he accepted without a fight. He felt the snap of the leather string slip across his cheek as she pulled it away from the pacifier, then silence for a moment, until a familiar "click-ca-click". He felt her hand reach under his head and untie his blindfold as he heard the printer attached to their bedroom computer whirring away. His hands still restrained, he couldn't get much of a look at himself other than the light purple sheen of the chamise covering his chest, but she was happy to show him the completeness of his domination, a printout of the photo she had taken of him lying spread-eagle, the pale purple diaper clearly visible under the purple sheer nightie, blindfolded, in pigtails, tied to the bed, with the pacifier in his mouth. Were it not for the hair on his legs and arms, one might have confused him for a woman. After allowing him to gape at the image of himself, his dark-haired beauty of a wife tossed the paper aside, releasing his hands from the silken restraints and lying down beside him, turning the light off and pulling the top sheet over them as she rolled him over onto his side, facing away from her, and spooned him. "Think about that next time you think you're wearing the pants in this relationship." she whispered in his ear as she squeezed his still-diapered bottom, and he drifted off to sleep.