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Found 168 results

  1. SayuriKitty

    A New Home

    The day started out like any other. Sayrui was stirring awake in her bed as the sunlight shined down into her eyes from the window. She slowly stretched and glanced around the blurry room. Her eyes slowly widen as she realizes she wasn’t in her own bedroom. The walls were all painted blue and had butterflies painted on them as well. Her gaze lingered over to the future which looked to be bigger sized baby furniture. Finally she had sat up only to realize she had woken up in a white crib and covered by a light green blanket. She panicked and started to cry as she was sure it was just some nightmare and that she would wake up once she panicked enough. Slowly standing up to climb at the crib bars as she peers over at the bedroom door rather sure she heard the door knob turning. (looking for an RP partner, feel free to join. I’d much prefer longer post then one liners, thank you!)
  2. This role play is about a women who has agreed to be a couples little girl.
  3. jan241989

    reborn (open)

    Laura is 24 years old and would like to be reborn as a baby so she goes online to find a mommy and daddy to help her become a baby again. She has already got herself some diapers that she is using.
  4. Max's son hadn't been doing well in school at all. This wouldn't be an issue on its own; he usually helped his son with homework when he was younger and he wasn't all that great in school either as a kid, but nowadays it seemed less like Danny was having trouble and more like he was slacking off. On top of that, he'd been going out past his eleven-o-clock curfew and didn't even bother telling him where he was going or how long he'd be gone. Sometimes, his son just flat-out ignored him and he was getting sick of being disrespected. When Danny came home, he'd have a surprise waiting for him. Max decided to renovate his room; he replaced his bed with a crib, gutted the rest of the room and replaced everything with babyish furniture, like a playpen and changing table in the corner. If Danny was going to ignore him and stop trying in school, if he was just going to stop following the rules, he'd have to punish him. Max had always wanted his baby boy back again, so he discovered the wonders of diaper punishment, and decided he'd be giving this a try. Max would have his baby back, and little Danny would learn to stop misbehaving; what was not to like? He couldn't wait for his son to come home and see what he had prepared.
  5. Hi all. I'm a abdl in Southampton and I would really like to get to know if there are anyone else like me around my area. I would love to get to know more people that loves to ware and use there nappys as well. But I would also really love a daddy or a big brother someone who could look after baby a little and have fun with I'm very open minded and like to get to know people and making friends. Hope to hear from you soon BabySparkster
  6. It was tiresome, and Max didn't know if he could handle it anymore; eventually, he just sighed and threw up his hands. "Ugh, fine. Listen, I need to tell you something about my brother. You know, the one we're going to be staying with?" He shuffled his feet and rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, he isn't exactly adult-material. You'll see when he comes to pick us up-" That was when the car pulled into his friend's driveway, and Max slapped his forehead the instant he saw the tired-looking teen slouched in the front seat. Not only was he wearing a coffee-stained shirt-again, for the millionth time, even after he specifically asked him to wear something clean-he wasn't even wearing it properly. The damn thing was on backwards, and his long, black hair was a total mess. He hadn't even shaved the stubble off his face, so now he looked like a hobo, and he was even drinking the coffee while driving! He'd told him not to do that. Perfect first impression, Max thought to himself, scowling as he walked over and slipped into the seat alongside his friend after helping him with his bags. "Bill, you have got to be kidding me." The eighteen-year-old rolled his eyes at him and drummed his fingertips against the steering wheel as he started to drive, "What is it this time, mom?" Max rolled his eyes and shot back, "Your shirt's on backwards again, you obviously didn't brush your hair, you haven't shaved, and I bet you drank that coffee on the way here and spilled it on yourself again, didn't you?" The boy just slouched and muttered something unintelligible under his breath. Max waited for him to speak up, before finally commanding him, "Speak up so I can hear you, Bill." Bill simply pouted at him from the front seat before raising his voice so he could hear, "Yeah, I might've spilled it a little, but I diddit yesterday an' you were fine wit' it. Not like it matters, anyway." He mumbled childishly, swinging his feet as he drove them to his and Max's abode. Max didn't have the energy to keep arguing; he just glared at him from the corner of his eye. He sighed, looking back at his friend when the car stopped as if to say "do you see what I have to deal with" before sitting back in his seat.
  7. This role play is about a adult girl who has agreed to become a baby for a couple that can not have any children.
  8. This role play is about a little girl who is named anna. Who travels back in time to the 1950's from the year 2018 and has to adapt.
  9. Hi Guys and Gals, I am a very long time lurker here. I have finally had the confidence to reach out and create this post. I believe that I am a daddy who will enjoy looking after people. Just wondering if there is anyone in my local area with this interest. Please feel free to message me if you are. Thanks guys. Dessi
  10. This role play is about a women who is seeing a therapist about her childhood. She would like to relive her childhood.
  11. This role play is about a little girl named Laura. Who is adopted by a loving couple who live in a big house.
  12. Hi my name is Lea and i'm looking for a caregiver close to me. i'm a sweet baby girl and I always down to have fun.
  13. marxthebaby


    If anybody is willing to be a Daddy who forces my character into diapers(and eventually babyhood) then please let me know. I am into my character being older and eventually forced to wear diapers/gets babied by someone younger. I also enjoy my character being humiliated/talked down to by the Daddy who dresses them like a big baby. Other than that, I have no preferences; like I said, I just prefer it to be noncon and very embarrassing for my character. If anybody is interested or has any ideas for some scenarios involving my character getting forced into babyhood please let me know.
  14. Hi there all! My name's Anthony - I'm trying to get back into the ABDL community after a long hiatus. I identify as a Daddy/Caregiver primarily interested in adult baby girls. I am looking for a partner, ideally a girl around my age or an older woman with more experience. I'm also excited to meet friends in the community. I've tried other sites to meet people in the Twin Cities but they are a lot more focused on other kink and not necessarily ABDL or diapers for that matter.
  15. Hello, I am looking for someone to rp with who would wind up forcing my(male) character into diapers. I would like it to be noncon(obviously) and I want it to be semi-advanced at least. I am open to any scenario ideas, just hit me up here or pm me with any ideas. The only thing I want to establish is that my character is an adult, other than that the scenarios are open and you can suggest just about anything.
  16. Let's see - this is a complete story, but I'm only giving it to you a chapter at a time. Does that make me the Grinch, or is it in the spirit of the holiday? Well, either way, here's the first one. Hope you enjoy! Ornaments 1 Gina blushed as they walked toward the entrance of the mall, clutching Daddy's arm tightly. She couldn't believe she'd let him talk her into this. Under her heavy overcoat, under the long skirt she wore, was one of the Tranquility ATN's he'd been putting on her at home during the day on occasion, what he referred playfully to as her “little-girl panties”. At home, they made her feel little, playful, and very affectionate toward Daddy, much the same way the much thicker Drynite 24/7's made her feel at bedtime. She'd even gotten somewhat used to wetting them, though she was very fussy about being changed immediately after. But here, now, in spite of all the layers of clothes, Gina could hear the rustle. And she was quite certain everyone in the mall would be able to hear it too. But Daddy said they needed to go shopping for an ornament, something to celebrate their first Christmas together, and he hadn't given Gina any time to think about what she was wearing before he helped her put her overcoat on and whisked her out the door. By the time it sank in what was happening, it was much too late to protest. Daddy was very strict about Gina wearing panties of some sort at all time. It was a bad habit she used to have before she met him, going commando, and during the week, when they were apart, she had to send Daddy a picture of her in the panties she chose each day before going to “school”, and then show him that she still had them on when they video chatted in the evening. She actually enjoyed those little show-and-tell moments, and she suspected Daddy did as well. A cold gust of wind bit their cheeks, and they quickened their pace. It was such a relief when they passed through the air curtain and into the warmth of the food court. “So, where shall we start our search?” Daddy asked. “Um...” Gina was trying not to fixate on her underwear, but it wasn't working very well. “How about Justice?” His sly smile gave away his real intent there. There was only one reason ever to go to Justice, and that was to add to Gina's growing collection of very little-girly hair accessories, barrettes, headbands, and other oddities that just made the 42-year-old look that much more like a 3-year-old when she looked in the mirror after Daddy dressed her on the weekends. Not that Gina didn't enjoy the heck out of it. She loved feeling little, and looking the part just pulled her that much deeper into her little-space. “Daddy, there's no ornaments in there!” It was a distraction, and it was helping. She had to give him that. “There aren't? Well where do you think we could find some?” “Macy's has a whole Christmas section, Daddy!” “Ah yes, I seem to recall it right near the little girl's section. Perhaps we can find you something pretty to wear while we're there?” “Daddy! We're supposed to be shopping for ornaments, not baby clothes!” Being five feet tall and very slender made for constant awkward moments whenever they were near girls' clothes, since she could easily fit a girls' 14, and routinely wore girls' size 12 jeans because of how tiny her ass was. “Well then by all means, let's go shopping!” Daddy playfully swatted her on the bottom, redirecting her attention right back to the thick padding hidden underneath those clothes. No girls' size 12 jeans were fitting over her current underwear, that was for certain. She blushed deeply as they began to make their way through the crowds, his hand on the small of her back. They didn't go straight to Macy's, though. They wound up stopping at Justice, where she found the absolute cutest little headband with a cluster of pink flowers over the top. And they stopped at Hallmark, to look at their little ornament offerings. There were lots of adorable ones there, and she would have bought them all just because they were so cute, but nothing really said “Daddy and babygirl,” especially not for this, their first Christmas together. They stopped at Bath and Body Works too, just because she loved smelling all the smells, not to mention watching Daddy cringe at all the smells. Lobbying for a rather expensive gift pack got her what she really wanted, which was a bottle of “Sea Foam Cotton” scented body wash she'd been lusting after for weeks. Then the inevitable happened. She had to pee. She was sure this little shopping trip would be done and over before she had to face this. The worst part was, her body almost betrayed her right away, as relaxed as she'd become wearing diapers and wetting them over those few months. But she couldn't do that, not here! People would see! They'd know she was peeing herself! Everyone would know! And what if it leaked?! She'd be mortified! Everyone in the mall would laugh at her, with pee in her socks! She froze stock-still right at the entrance to Macy's, feeling the heat fill her face, and her knees buckled in not very subtle fashion. “What's wrong, princess?” Daddy whispered. “I gotta go pee, Daddy!” she whispered back, her voice trembling. “So what's stopping you?” “I don't wanna do it here! Everyone will see!” “Everyone will see right through your overcoat and under your dress and watch you pee in your pampers?” “No, they'll see my potty-face, and they'll know what I'm doing!” “And you really think all these people are going to stop and pay attention to you instead of worrying about what they're here to do, which is go Christmas shopping? Close enough attention to recognize that someone they've never met looks like she might be going tinkle in the middle of the store instead of the bathroom?” “No, but...” “But you're just being silly, then. Come on, let's go find a pretty ornament for the tree.” He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to him in a side hug, kissing her forehead. And that was that. Daddy had issued the verdict, and she knew making a scene would be far more humiliating here and now, not to mention painful later over Daddy's knee, than what was about to happen. They moved through the store, him setting a brisk pace that forced her to abandon any attempt to clench. Within minutes she was leaking, and the heat rose up into her face as she stared at the escalator stairs in front of her. They stepped on, and she finished her business, the swollen warm mass between her legs simultaneously comforting and teasing her. She wanted a change. Even at home, she hated sitting in a wet diaper very long. Didn't matter how meticulous Daddy was about putting cream and powder down there to make her feel dry, that was still her pee, and it was still wrapped around her waist, and she wanted out of it. But a change now would mean trudging all the way back out to the truck in this cold weather, not to mention the mortal fear of some passerby catching a glimpse while Daddy changed her in the back of the truck. And there was no way Daddy was going to just let her take it off and dispose of it in the ladies' room. Little girls needed to be wearing panties, that's all there was to it. And then she saw it. There, hanging on the fake tree set up in the Christmas department, she saw it. The most perfect ornament for their first Christmas together. She reached out and picked it up by the string. “Oh Daddy. It's perfect...” Wet diaper was forgotten. Shame and embarrassment was forgotten. The crowd was forgotten. All else ceased to exist but her, and Daddy, and the perfect little ornament. He smiled broadly and pulled her close to him. “It's adorable. Just like you, babygirl. A perfect ornament for our first Christmas tree together. Good girl!” Her toes curled involuntarily, and pleasant little electric shocks shuddered up and down her spine, as they always did when he said those two words... ---- Gina smiles as she hangs it on the tree, right at eye level, right in the front, right where it belongs. Their very first Christmas together, commemorated with a little girl, head full of blonde curls, snuggled up in a red blanket with white fur trim at the base of a beautiful Christmas tree. “Baby girl's first Christmas,” it read on the placard below. She takes a long look at it, and a sigh escapes her lips. She reaches back down into the box...
  17. Looking for a Daddy to RP with who will kidnap my character and make him into his baby. As long as it's noncon, I don't really give a shit what you do, just use proper grammar and punctuation please. Thanks.
  18. cookiemonster23


    So, my significant other knows I'm an adult baby. He's pretty accepting of it, but I'd like to ask him to maybe participate in it. We've done "daddy" roleplay a couple of times, but it didn't last, and I took on the role of a little girl rather than a baby. How do I go about asking him for this?
  19. Timmy is a adult male with a diaper fetish but he would like to be treated like a little boy all over again. He has a secret he loves the feel of diapers and would like to be in them full time.
  20. Logan Abernathy was on the move again, leaving the office after a busy day at work. He hadn't had any real "cases" in a while; he was just a paper-pusher these days, and it was boring work. The man had a haggard look to him; his eyes were tired, his hair tied back in a messy ponytail, and his suit was rumpled. He'd forgotten to shave the day before, and the stubble on his cheeks and chin lent itself to his worn-out appearance; he wanted to get home and groom himself, make sure everything was neat. Before the man could truly leave, however, the door to the law firm swung open with a loud bang, "Mr. Abernathy, sir, you forgot this!" Compared to him, the subordinate was weak-looking, small and weedy, with no muscle at all. He simply took the proffered suitcase from the shaking man with a curt nod, and walked away, one hand crammed deep into his pocket after he took a moment to loosen his tie. The dark-haired lawyer didn't even bother to thank his subordinate, simply carrying the suitcase slung over his shoulder with one hand on the handle, cigarette smoking between his lips. When he was sure the kid had retreated, he smirked; the little bastard was just a baby compared to him, so small and pitiful. In this world, he was on the top of the food-chain, the boss of the firm who'd crush everyone underneath his leather, wing-tipped shoes and leave his weak competition begging for mercy, choking in the dirt. A cruel smirk made its way onto his face as he stomped away from the law office, contemplating exactly how easily he could handle his next case. Sometimes, all it took was a little flattery, a little under-the-table bribery, and the clients fell to their knees in front of him and kissed the ground he walked on. It was almost sad, how easily he could twist these people around his finger without even expending any effort; part of him felt just a touch bad, but he soon quashed that sentimental nonsense. He had no time to pity anyone, not when he was in pursuit of prestige and nothing else. Besides, they were weak and he was strong; that was simply how life went. Those who were too sentimental usually also wound up being people he scorned; why waste time feeling bad about something when it doesn't involve or impact you in any way? As long as something didn't impact him, Logan was content to ignore it; he felt was above others' trivial affairs. Over the years, many people had tried coercing him into marriage, asking him out on dates, or convincing him to have children, but what purpose would that serve? It would only hold him back, to be attached to someone else; such sentimental things were just signs of weakness. He knew people who'd had babies-god forbid-and the shitting, pissing creatures often deprived them of their jobs until they were able to sustain themselves. To him, infants and those who behaved like them were the most disgusting examples of humanity rather than the most innocent; they were the weakest of them all, so helpless it made his stomach churn. Helplessness was something he despised in any person, no matter how young; it was better to grow up hardened by experience than to be trampled underfoot later in life by someone stronger and more self-sufficient. That was simply how life was; either you made yourself strong, or you were at the bottom of the food-chain. He didn't make the rules, he simply circumnavigated them to his own convenience, and now he was on top, a predator with enough strength and cunning to topple any obstacle. Over the years, he'd made quite a few enemies among those who saw him as unnecessarily cruel rather than efficient, but he'd long since stopped bothering to keep track of them all. They were a tiny minority in a sea of people who looked up to him and accepted their rightful places beneath him; a dirty speck in a clean ocean. Not worth his time in the slightest. Logan Abernathy simply kept walking, making his way towards the parking lot as he removed the cigarette from his freshly-parted lips, blowing smoke into the air. He looked bored, his expression set in a disinterested sort of frown as he strode forth with a lazy sort of confidence, his voice a tired drawl, "What do you want? Can't you see that I'm busy?" @dontyouloveyourmommy
  21. Take from the ABDL romance: Forever Young, here is a little story about overcoming your doubts and believing in what could be. ————— Sealing the Deal – Wednesday, 6pm Ella walked briskly down the sidewalk, ignoring the noise and the bright lights coming from the ball park two blocks away. This was not about fun and games, not for her and not tonight. She wasn’t as angry as she was last night, but she was certainly on edge – for good reason. At the end of the next block she walked into the Forever Young bar, that same watering hole establishment where all this trouble had begun for her. Opening the door and pushing past the bouncer, she marched right in – beginning to scan the faces in the room until she saw Dante sitting at the far end of the main bar. Waving the bouncer off, Dante stood up and weaved his way through the crowd of people who were there for drinking and for the bar’s dinner hour specials. Motioning Ella over to a booth at the side of the main room, he took a seat on the other side of the table. Placing his elbows on the table and folding his hands, he waited for her to start talking. But what could she say to him? What could he possibly expect to hear from her? “I have some explaining to do. I understand,” Dante said calmly, hoping to spur the beginning of the conversation out of her. And Ella tried to begin talking, but suddenly developed a tremendous degree of difficulty in doing so. Everything had just changed for her and this devilishly handsome man who dressed in all-black was at the center of all of it. Two days ago, he was a perfect stranger who had found a way to get her to open up. And she grew comfortable with him entirely too quickly. But now, looking across that booth table, she no longer knew him at all. And to an alarming degree, he was more frightening to her than anyone she may have stumbled into in a dark alley. “Okay,” Ella said, scrunching up her lips and lowering her chin for a moment to find the right words to begin with. “On Monday night, I walked into this bar and you had a conversation with me about the trouble in my irises I believed you called it. So, I foolishly told you what was wrong. I told you what it felt like to be on the doorstep of my 30th birthday and to see signs of aging that reminded me of how old I was every time I looked in the mirror … all of this while being single and beginning to believe I was meant to be alone. Do you remember having this talk with me?” “Yes, I do,” Dante replied, then sighing as he knew she was going to take her time with her explanation before eventually exploding. “Then you told me you wanted to make a deal with me,” Ella said a bit more sharply, making quotation marks in the air with her fingers. “This deal would … give me back my youthful appearance forever?” Dante nodded. “Like an idiot, I doubted you. But then you snapped your fingers and everyone in this bar froze in place,” Ella whispered, now holding back her rage as she leaned forward . “You showed me that it wasn’t some pathetic pick-up line you were using. So, I said Sure! Make me young again! I accept your offer!” “Ella, I was there,” Dante said, trying to get her to moved forward towards her point. “I remember all of this.” “I woke up yesterday and my skin was so soft and glowing that I almost cried. It was as if the time I spent baking in the sun in my 20s had never happened. My hair felt softer and I was even a bit more lifted in the chest than I had been in a long time,” Ella said, then reaching across the table and covering his mouth with her left hand to stop him from replying. “But I don’t remember the part of our conversation that included me losing control of my bladder?” Ella glared him down with anger in her eyes. “I am sitting here, wearing a pad that is so thick that it could suck up all the water in a category five hurricane and still have the ability to handle all the accidents I keep having,” Ella said, tears washing the anger out of her eyes as her voice grew shaky. “I can’t stop wetting myself. Tell me what you did to me to make all these things happen.” “I gave you eternal youthfulness,” Dante answered, lowering her hand from in front of his mouth as he reached into the breast pocket of his suit and handed her his red silk handkerchief. Ella sat back in the booth, carefully wiping the tears out of her eyes before they messed up her make-up. “Who are you, Dante?” she asked behind a sniffle. “You obviously aren’t human. You’re too cruel to be considered human.” “You’re right. I’m not human. Well … at least I didn’t used to be human,” Dante said, suddenly finding it difficult to put to words. “You do deserve to know. But it’s hard to explain and it will be even harder to believe who I am.” “Well … try explaining it to me,” Ella said with a slight huff in her voice. “I’m sitting here, wearing a flotation device in my underwear – scared to death that, at any minute, I’ll start wetting myself again. Do you have any idea how unnerving it is to wet yourself and to not know it happened until afterwards? I’m ready to believe the truth, no matter how far-fetched it may be. As a matter of fact, I’m ready to back out of this so-called deal altogether. Or is that not permissible on the alien world you come from?” “You’ve heard of fallen angels?” Dante asked, leaning back -his dark clothing drawing the attention to the dull golden glow in his irises. “Angels who fell from divine grace and were thrown out of Heaven?” “You’re a fallen angel?” she asked, raising an eyebrow and trying to control her anger once more. “So, you’re not some mutated creature from another world. You’re tell me you’re a fallen angel?” “No. I’m not a fallen angel,” Dante said, matter-of-factly. “I’m the opposite of one.” Ella paused her anger and looked him directly in the eyes. He wasn’t joking around. “The opposite of a fallen angel would be …,” she stated then pausing to think about it. “ … a demon who was kicked out of Hell?” Dante smiled, devilishly. “Satan kicked you out of Hell?” she asked, Dante nodding. “Why?” “He had to do something with me,” Dante said with a jocular tone. “I guess I just wasn’t bad enough for him.” “So, you go around Earth and try to make people feel better about themselves,” she said, trying to piece together what he was getting at. “And you do this because you failed at being one of Satan’s demons.” “That’s one way of putting it,” Dante said. “But I don’t just want to make people feel better. I want to nurture them. Females, especially, lack being nurtured. They spend their lives giving to other people and they are taken from on a daily basis. They learn to accept this and though they express how they feel, no one truly … truly listens.” “So, you believe you truly listen?” Ella asked, the corners of her mouth curling up in her own little devilish smile as she leaned forward – putting both of her elbows on the table and resting her chin on the backs of her hands. “Tell me something … when you truly listened to me the other night, what did you learn about me?” “I learned that you actually know what you want but you don’t know how to state it or how to show it,” Dante answered, then leaning forward and coming nose-to-nose with her. “There are guys out there who want the same thing that you do … just from the other end of it.” “I doubt it,” Ella stated bluntly. “And that is why you’re single,” he replied back, just as bluntly. Ella lowered her eyes at the harsh statement, only to have them lifted back up into his golden gaze. “Would you like me to show you the other half of what you want?” Dante asked. “I’ll give you a taste of it, right here and right now. And afterwards, we’ll see if you still doubt it. Deal?” “Will this show why I can’t hold my bladder anymore?” Ella asked with a scoff. “Don’t worry about that, right now. I’ll take care of that later,” Dante stated calmly. “Would you like me to show you the other half of what you want? Yes or no?” Ella raised an eyebrow. Oh my. Another deal from Dante. The first deal had her steadily moving towards incontinence, with troubled taste buds and a greater sense of insecurity than she had ever known. “Ella, I can read your thoughts,” Dante stated. “It sounds like you’ve got no direction to go but up. So, what would it hurt to try?” “Okay,” Ella said, swallowing a lump in her throat. “Show me.” Dante raised his left hand and snapped his fingers, the music going silent in the bar and everyone freezing in place. He had stopped time again, just as he had done when they first met. “Now let me see your hands,” he said, placing his palms upward on the table – Ella placing her palms on top of his as he gently wrapped his fingers around hers. “I want you to sit back and relax your body.” Ella sat back, relaxing into the cushiony booth seat and smiling. “You ready?” he asked, Ella nodding and widening her smile. “Now … inhale deeply. Then close your eyes and exhale deeply.” Ella did so, inhaling deeply – then closing her eyes and exhaling. And when she did, she suddenly found herself laying on her back in a bright room – looking up at a ceiling that was made just as bright by beautiful beams of sunshine pouring in through the windows. She had no idea where she was or how she got there, but she knew she wanted to be there … even though she didn’t know why. The bed she was laying in was so very soft, even the sheets having a softness to them that made her believe they were made from the finest Egyptian cotton in the world. It was so comfortable that she had no desire to even sit up, perhaps just stretching her limbs ever-so-slightly. Had Dante given her a new bed to sleep in? Was that what this was? Would she be able to “sleep like a baby” in this super soft bed? And for as much as this served as no explanation of the deal made or of a taste of what she wanted, she was thoroughly enjoying it. A gentle, warm breeze blew across the top of her body, Ella lifting her head slightly and seeing a man walking into this brightly-lit room. She had no idea who he was, but she felt no fear from his presence. If this was a representation of what she wanted, maybe just maybe, he was the man of her dreams … the man who could read her mind and decipher the real meaning of her emotions … the man who would know what to do. even when she did not. As he drew closer and closer to her, she began to make out details about him. He had a rugged appearance, clothing that wasn’t nearly as sharply-dressed as Dante had been. But then again, they weren’t out in public. And his relaxed appearance did the same for her, easing her nerves about what she looked like to him. But as he drew closer still, she couldn’t make out any details of his face. Squinting her eyes and focusing on his face, all she could see were the blurred traces of his facial features. But his voice, oh my, his wonderful voice just melted her. He had a clear timbre with a deep tone, the kind that made the feminine wiles within her come alive. He spoke so sweetly, so softly – never raising his tone and never looking away from her. Sitting alongside her, he set a bowl of strawberries next to her and began to feed them to her while asking her if she slept well. Ella nodded, then sinking her teeth into the sweet fruit. Oh, how she loved strawberries! How did he know? And the more he spoke, the more she was lured in by the tone in his voice. He was so calm, so inviting and so simply gentle with her. He was like an angel, sent to her directly from God Almighty – at the right moment in her life. And that last bit was the most important of all. Meeting the right person at the wrong time in one’s life was worse then never having met him at all. Reaching up, she traced the blurred features of his face – his strong jawline, his cheek bones, his forehead. She wanted so very much to be able to see him more clearly. But the details never emerged, only how he made her feel. It was just a taste of what she wanted. That was all Dante said it would be. Setting the empty bowl aside, his hands went to her waste and she felt him fumbling with her clothing. Oh my, what sensations he was putting into her … those little tingles that intensified with time. And yes indeed, she was happily counting the seconds. In her bliss, she didn’t notice what he was doing. In the blink of an eye and the batting of her eyelashes, she felt her waist being undressed – a cool rush of air now at the center of her body. But wait! Was that a diaper he just took off her? A diaper? Really? Sitting her up, he took hold of the lower hem of her baby-t and lifted it up off her frame. She sat there, completely naked and feeling more vulnerable than ever. But before she could even grasp how that truly made her feel, she was lifted up into his arms. And away they went, this man having a warmth to his body that she clung to as well as a mixture of scents that made her swoon. Scent was always a big thing for her and the cologne he was wearing along with the trace scent of detergent in his clothing was intoxicating. He carried her downstairs and through every room, the rustic house having a very home-like quality to it. Then he carried her back upstairs and into the bathroom where she saw a drawn bath that awaited her. Still holding her firmly, he knelt down alongside the tub and ever-so-slowly lowered her into the bath water. When her bottom touched the warm water, she gasped – her body going limp in the process. But he still held her firmly, incrementally lowering her into the water and allowing her time to adjust to it. It was like a warm blanket was being put around her, swaddling her and giving her a sense of safety. Leaning her back and easing her into a reclined position, he stroked her hair out of her face, his hand being just wet enough to pet back the fallen locks and to keep them from dangling down over her eyes again. He ran his hands all over her body. His hands were so huge, giving her the naughtiest of wishes to accompany this luxurious moment. He took a wash cloth and bathed her with his hands, all the while continuing to talk to her with a softened and inviting tone. She could tell he was concentrating on keeping his absolute attention on her. The warm water, the sensations across the body, the sentiments of care and of tenderness and of love … all of it melted her from the inside. He never took his eyes off her. Though she couldn’t see his eyes, her return gaze back to him showed how much she enjoyed what was happening to her. He was dreamy and loving … and nurturing all-around. This was exactly what she was looking for. After the bath, he dried her off and wrapped her up in an enormous towel. Sitting her on his lap, her combed out her wet locks – allowing her hair to dry in the air. Whoever he was, he had gifts that didn’t come with every guy. He knew how to use a brush, how to do so in a manner that would send wonderful sensations across her scalp – some of which traveling down her spine. She was still wrapped in that towel when he carried her into his bedroom, the king-sized bed making her eyes grow big-n-wide when she saw it. Her bed, back in her apartment, was a tiny single mattress. She had never seen a mattress as big as the one he had and when he placed her in the middle of it, she felt like she would never be able to get off it. It was like she had been placed in the middle of a sea of softness. Then he unwrapped the towel from around the front of her body, Ella now being on full-display for him. And oh my, did her mind drift into fantasies just then. But the fantasies would quickly fade away into something even better … reality. He leaned over her body and began to kiss down the front of her frame. Ella placed her hands up along either side of her head, allowing her body to relax into the mattress. Oh yes. This was way better than fantasies that would only happen in her mind. His lips pecked her skin, traveling downward and making her breathe just a bit heavier as he drew closer and closer to her center. Oh, she wanted so very much to reach down and grab his hair – forcing his head down between her legs. But she resisted the impulse, opting to maintain the modesty she would shortly lose anyway. Luckily, she wouldn’t need to resist that urge for very long as the tip of his tongue passed over her clit. It was those first bits of contact that were always the most alarming for her but also always the most invigorating. His tip then traveled down to the very top of her labia as he laid flat and slipped his arms under her thighs. Contouring the length of her labia, his tongue made long circles – drawing tighter until it reached her very center. Oh, the sensations were intensifying and he sure knew how to affect her most sensitive spots. Again, the urge to grab his hair filled her thoughts – smashing his face into her sweetness and maybe even begging him to slip his fingers inside her. And the more these thoughts filled her mind, the more her entire body fidgeted. Her heart began to beat with the pace of a galloping race horse. Her breathing turned so heavily that her chest heaved up with each inhalation. She felt the swell of her softest tissues, the wetness of a slickening path and the tightness of inner muscles – her body naturally preparing itself in response to instinct. And once again, as if he was somehow connected to her mind, he knew the exact moment to pull his mouth away from her peach – right as her trip to the summit was about to begin. And with arousal peaking in both of them, he slid up the front of her body, his hand undoing his belt and unzip his pants. Then the tip of his erection met the opening of her canal, that split moment before penetration commenced. She found a way to curb her fidgety disposition, now remaining still and waiting. Shifting his hips, his tip slipped into her opening as the sweetest words whispered out of him with breathy quality to them. “That’s a good girl,” he said as his stiffness entered her, filling her canal and causing her legs to instinctively wrap around his body. This was the ultimate moment of submission, when everything she had sought after had been attained – save for the climactic ending. Continuing to shift his hips downward, he withdrew his length and then slid right back inside her – her wetness increasing by the second and making easier his penetrations. And with each pass inward, his tip grazed the ridges on the front wall of her womb, searching for one more treasure – her G-spot, that precise location in amongst those ridges that would send her to the stars and further upward. Each pass helped him to pinpoint where to aim and when her spot was found, he concentrated on it as she came undone beneath him. At points, she cried out in elation and then at other points, she couldn’t make any sound at all – being reduced to full-body trembles. But at last, she erupted, her core muscles tightening inside her as a wave of pleasure rolled out of her and washed over her entire body. She went paralyzed as she orgasmed, not for lack of ability to move but for lack of desire to move. All that mattered to her just then was prolonging the ecstasy she felt inside. And as her muscle contractions clenched around his girth, he orgasmed as well. Ballooning down from the summit, she felt his still fully-erect and rock-hard condition inside her – indication that he still wasn’t done. Turning her over on her belly, he put her wrists behind her back and entered her rosebud. A whole new journey began, one that had a much-tighter pathway, that also used pain as fuel for passion. To be entered from behind was all it took to make her physically submit completely in the hope that no resistance would ease the ache. But my, oh my, it gripped her up with a sense of submission that was not only physical but also mental and emotional – stronger than in her most vivid and satisfying dreams. He orgasmed inside her again and she began to twitch with immediate afterglow the very moment he withdrew himself from her rosebud. Laying down, he came to rest on his back – Ella turning over and nestling alongside him, now overwhelmed with love and affection for him. Her heartbeat slowed down and she fell asleep a short while later – but not before he picked up another diaper to dress her in. And that was the moment when she opened her eyes, returning her mind to the present in the Forever Young bar. Her jeans and the pad in her underwear were soaked. The room was still perfectly frozen and silent and she began to breathe heavily as it was a jolting return to reality for her. Dante held her hands until she was able to collect herself and then he helped her to her feet, leading her to a back room in the bar where she found a beautiful little black dress. He left the room and Ella finally had a moment to collect herself a bit more fully, beginning with an emotional purging so intense that she wept tears inconsolably for a short while. And once the initial purge was over, she was able to function again – stripping out of her clothing and into the little black dress. All the while, she kept thinking about the trance Dante had just put her in, about that wonderful faceless guy and how he made her feel so good in so many different ways. Straightening the dress on her body and pulling it down to an acceptable height on her thighs, she heard the music return to its usual blaring level out in the bar – signifying Dante has snapped his fingers again. Wrapping her clothing up, she picked up her purse – opting to go commando for the second time in as many days. Walking back out into the main room, she saw Dante sitting at the bar – waiting for her. “Do you doubt now?” Dante asked her as she walked up to him. “No,” Ella admitted shyly. “Then stop dreaming about the other half of what you want and pursue it,” Dante said, handing her a small paper bag. “You make it sound so easy,” she laughed, then opening the paper bag and looking inside it to see a diaper. “Seriously?” Dante stood to his feet. “This is your solution to my … leaking problem?” she asked with a laugh. “What exactly are you trying to get me to believe this time?” “Ella, you know I didn’t plant any seeds in your mind,” he said with a devilish grin as he led her out of the bar. “Now that is something that I do doubt,” she said with a laugh. “I simply gave you the ability to get past your own insecurities long enough to finally embrace what you desire most … for once in your life,” he said, Ella’s eyes growing big and wide. “You mean … everything that happened to me in that trance …,” she asked with a tone of disbelief turning opposite. “… was the creation of your own mind, your own thoughts,” he said bluntly. “I showed you the pathway you couldn’t find. You made the decisions. And it became your yellow brick road to follow.” Suddenly, Ella had quite a bit to think about. Everything that happened in that trance was her own imagination? “Call me whenever you need me,” Dante said, kissing her forehead and walking back into the Forever Young bar. Ella looked inside the brown paper bag again, turning and walking back up the sidewalk towards her car. What did all of this mean? What was it she was truly after?
  22. This day started like any other. Brian Arb awoke to the ringing of his alarm and the sun peering in through the dormitory window. The honking of cars outside signaled that the world around him was awake too. However, Brian was assured as he saw the day on his phone's calendar: August third. Nothing happening today. Besides, it was Thursday and school hadn't started again.Climbing out of bed, he opened the window to the calming air around him. The morning warmth had already set in, but it was pleasing upon his bare upper body as the sight of the city loomed before him. Today was going to be a good day.The only difference that today brought was a moving van. It wasn't very large, but it was also closed so there was no telling what could be inside. Brian knew that school was starting soon, so he would probably be meeting the owner of its occupants soon enough. He thought that now might be the best time, especially if they needed help with settling in or getting the layout of the town.Grabbing a shirt, Brian descended the stairs and made his way to the parking lot. Sure enough, bending over into the vans open doors was the driver.She stood less than five feet tall, he could tell that. She definitely wouldn't come up to his chest, even if she were standing upright. Besides her height, the first thing that struck him was her natural deep red hair done in pigtails and hanging on either side of her shoulders. It ran down her back, curling softly at the end.Brian could see that her outfit looked very interesting as well. Her shorts were hanging down all the way to her knees and were decorated with a strips of purple and light blue across them. Beneath those, he saw that her socks came up past her knees and were pink, with cat paw prints dotting them cutely. Her top, on the other hand was white, but he could only just make out the tank from this side of her backpack.The pack was much bigger than she had any right to be carrying and looked like it could be full to bursting. The zippers were barely holding on and one or two were actually visibly loosening as he looked on. The neon pink and chartreuse bag was also covered in patches showing a bunch of characters Brian couldn't recognize.Just as he took note of the weight it appeared to be carrying, she stepped back with a box and began to trip. Quick on his feet, Brian moved forward and caught her under each arm and grabbed the box with his hands alleviating the weight tolerably. He breathed a sigh of relief and then addressed the small woman in his arms. "Hi." He didn't quite have his bearings completely as he had just leaped forward and was handling what felt like a minimum of a hundred and fifty pounds, but he was trying to keep his voice stable at least.Glancing upwards to him, the girl looked quite young. Her face still showed signs of baby fat around the tops of her cheeks and her eyes were large and gorgeous spheres of brown speckled with green. Her cute button nose and natural pink lips only proved to enhance her cuteness factor and made Brian blush as he saw her cheeks begin reddening as well."Hiya..." Her voice was soft like a pillow and quiet. She sounded as though she had barely been breathing since her incident."Um, let's get you back up." Brian spoke again, "Can I take some of that for you?"Her expression still remained with her surprised look and her mouth slightly open, but she slowly nodded upwards at him. He leaned down to ground his feet before he set the young girl back onto hers and gently removed the large box from her hands and lifted it over her head. It wasn't heavy, at least not to Brian. but he was also pretty strong.The girl stared up at him like he was a giant. He looked into her car and back at her. "Tell you what, you tell me your dorm number and I'll help you move this all inside. Deal?" She stared at him still, mouth slightly agape, before realizing that he was talking to her."Oh! Uh, sure, I guess. I'm, uh." Brian noticed her grabbing at her pockets and pulling a small paper out of her back pocket. He saw her bag was slipping open again and he could see inside just a bit as she stepped forward away from him. He could tell she had a few coloring books and crayons inside, but not much else. "I'm on the third floor, room 313." She spoke again, only slightly raising her voice."313? We can manage that." Brian replied. He adjusted the box in his arm so that he could carry another and he nodded towards the building. "Lead the way. You're gonna need to open the door before I can get in."They ascended the stairs and brought all of her things to her room. The university provided a bed and desk, so that took care of a few things, but he noticed that she had quite a few boxes in her van. Once they had arrived, he set the boxes gently onto the ground and she pulled her backpack off, only now noticing that her zipper was coming undone. She looked at him quickly, but saw that he was looking away. She swiftly zipped it back shut and pushed it too the side. "Uh!" She started, awkwardly loud suddenly, "I think we should start grabbing the other boxes before we start unpacking." Brian was startled by this sudden outburst, but he stood up slowly and nodded, following behind her.It took several trips to get all of her things into her new dorm but, by the end of it, Brian was happy to help. He always tried to help out if someone needed it and wanted to make sure that she had a good experience in her classes."Well," he said, laying a briefcase down next to her closet, "That's everything. Happy to help out." He turned to look at her to see that she was offering him a twenty dollar bill in her left hand. "What's that for?" He questioned."It's yours. You didn't need to help me, but thanks for getting all my heavy stuff up here." She pushed the money further out towards him, lowering her head and blushing as she did.Brian held up his hands. "Hey, no big deal. I was in the neighborhood. Keep your money.""But, you spent hours helping me! At least let me do something.""Well, how about this." He reached his hand out and held it like he wanted to shake her hand and he smiled broadly. "I'm Brian. Brian Arb."She seemed slightly taken aback by this. She blushed even harder and reached out to grab his hand, putting away her money. "Cindy." She spoke gingerly."Cindy, it's a pleasure to meet you. If you wanna pay me back, then meet me at the coffee shop down the block tomorrow, around eight. Let's just get to know each other and we'll work things out from there." Brian could tell that she was apprehensive and looked a bit skeptical, but she slowly nodded at him. His smile widened. "Great. I'll see you tomorrow then." He left her in her room to start unpacking, thinking back on the whole experience.He was quite happy to have met Cindy. He could tell that she was a shy and a bit on the socially awkward side, but he didn't think anything of it. He just hoped that she would be a friend. He had needed to move a state over for college, so he was a bit short on friends and not many people who he had already spoken to were very genuine. Most freshmen just seemed like they were trying to pretend to be tough or to be more of a presence then they actually were. He admired that Cindy, at least, was shy but didn't feel fake.The next night, Brian showed up to the coffee house around fifteen minutes early. He had on a dark purple polo that hugged his physique and khaki slacks and he was going to make sure to make a good second impression on Cindy. He wasn't sure how she took yesterday, but he wanted her to feel comfortable around him. At least then there would be nothing awkward if they both needed to use their dorms laundry.Cindy walked in a few minutes after him. She had on a baby blue dress that came up to the tops of her knees and a red shrug that wrapped her snugly. Her hands were cover in gloves that matched her shrug as well and her purse was the same color too. Brian was impressed."You look wonderful." He said, walking over to her. She blushed again, as he expected she would by this point."Thanks." She said, shuffling her feet slightly in embarrassment. "You look good too.""Thanks. Let's get something and sit down." He guided her to the counter and they glanced at the menu."I'd like a hot cocoa, please!" Cindy said, her eyes lighting up and her voice raising louder than Brian had heard her speak before. "And whipped cream too!" She rocked back and forth on her heels as she said this.Brian glanced at the cashier and smiled. "I'll have one too then." He began reaching for his wallet, before Cindy grabbed her purse and pulled her money out."You helped me move, so I'll pay." She spoke as if she were trying to sound mature, but she only seemed more childish to him as she said it. He let her pay, anyway. He was happy to just be out.As they sat, they began talking. Brian tried to make sure that he didn’t bring up anything awkward, but he wasn’t quite sure what would make her feel uncomfortable. He soon started to notice a small tick of hers: her tapping her feet to any music that came on.“You a music junkie?” He said. She noticed her foot and pushed both of them underneath her, blushing again. “Hey, I didn’t mean it like that. It’s cute. I don’t mind.”A minute of silence passed between the two of them. He couldn’t interrupt her thinking, but he also felt as the situation grew thicker on them by the second.“...why did you want to do this? You don’t even know me…” Cindy spoke, small and scared, raising her arms to hug her chest.Brian thought he had said something wrong. He held up his hands in defense. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it, I swear. I just-”“No!” She interrupted. “Why are you even here? Why do you care?”He paused, startled, but hurt. “Sorry. “ His voice lowered. “I just don’t like seeing people alone. I thought that you were, well, cute and thought that you might want a friend.” He felt strange. Normally, people wanted to be his friend, but it appeared as if the woman sitting in front of him was so apprehensive about opening it might be a lost cause. “Listen, I understand if you don’t want to be the kid’s friend here, but I’ll always be just down the hall if you need me. And thanks for the cocoa”Brian stood up, feeling slightly defeated, but knew he made his best effort. As he walked past Cindy, he saw her staring at him, and she kept watching as he left. ‘Oh well,’ he thought to himself, ‘I tried. I’ll find someone else.’ He began to walk his way back to his dorm, knowing it would probably still be close to empty. As he reached the second crosswalk, he heard the pitter-patter of feet racing towards him. He turned in time to see Cindy coming up behind him, panting as she reached him. She grabbed at his sleeve and held it as she caught her breath.“Can you take me home? It’s gonna be dark soon.” She said, voice sounding haggard from the run. He nodded down at her and waited for her to finish calming herself.She regained her breath, but the walk still took longer than it should have. Her small legs and quickly tiring herself out took a toll he could see. By the time they returned to their building, she had to lean against it to catch her breath. Brian offered out his arms to her. “I could carry you the rest of the way. It’s three flights of stairs if the elevator is in use or broken.”She glared at him for a few seconds before she relented. She climbed into his grasp and he began to hold her, one arm across her shoulders and down her back, while the other cradled her legs and met his hand at her lower back. The elevator was being repaired anyway so it was probably the safest bet.Brian climbed the stairs to Cindy’s room and helped her get her door open. She was already dozing as they entered, so he just carried her to her bed and helped her get her shoes off. He laid her head down and pulled her blanket over her. She nuzzled into her pillow and slowly pulled her arms and legs closer to herself, smiling slightly as she was almost in the fetal position. Brian left as he saw how comfortable she was and how quickly she was dozing off.He made it back into his dorm and began to mentally unpack everything that had happened tonight. This was his first time actually speaking to her for more than just a few words during the move and he wasn’t sure how to take everything that had happened. The one thing that kept coming back to him was she her last few questions:‘Why did you want to do this? What are you even doing here? Why do you care?”He felt hurt at that. He didn’t mean to make her uncomfortable. It had to be obvious. He wanted to be her friend. Maybe they could be more, but that didn’t matter. He didn’t have anyone here and, from the sound of her voice, she could use someone.The night was a restless for Brian and he noticed the rising sun before he could even get any rest. He could feel the ache of his body from the tossing and turning, but his mind wouldn’t quiet. He was worried for Cindy. If she was upset with him, he would at least try to make it better, once she had time to calm down. Getting up, he made his way to make sure that she was ok.Once, he left his dorm, Brian found that Cindy was still asleep. He could understand. It was early after all so he could wait. He was, however, extremely hungry, so he went to eat.By the time he had returned, he found that her car was no longer in the lot. Brian was upset about this, but he could accept her needing to be out. He wasn’t the owner of her life. He could apologize next time he saw her.Over time, Brian decorated his dorm sparsely. He set up his desk, made sure he had his computer and games properly wired in, and had a microwave and mini fridge to keep any drinks and snacks he needed. He felt comfortable and happy, but he did miss seeing anyone he knew. The only things he knew that anyone else was doing was partying, so he started to try going with them. He went to several new groups and found common interests, but he just wasn’t sure if they were as interested in being friends or just partying.Brian had to wait two weeks to see Cindy again. He always seemed to be on a different schedule than her and, whenever he tried knocking, she was out. He found a few other people to hang out with, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Something kept making him think back to helping her move and helping her back to her dorm.Then school started and Brian decided to put that aside. He had studies and knew he couldn’t keep up with his scholarships if he was distracted by some random girl he never saw or by partying all the time. The others weren’t happy, but he wasn’t gonna let them drag him down. He knew he could rely on himself and he could make real friends if he saw them more often.He was incredibly smart for his age, having gotten into college early on a full ride scholarship for in the field of psychology. He could read people really well if he could just see them. It almost felt second nature to him. ‘Your life is written in every action, every creased shirt, every discolored fingernail.’ He remembered saying that to a bully who told he had gotten expelled for smoking and his parents and school were keen to help him use this to the best of his abilities. He just wanted to make sure that he could help.Brian arrived in class early, cleanly shaven and dressed in his khakis with a red button up shirt, and noticed how much larger the room was then he anticipated. He noticed that all of the desks he had anticipated were gone, replaced with large arm chairs and several chaises longes. On the chalkboard, he read ‘Your seat and partner are yours for the year. Choose carefully.’ As the only one in class at this point he walked around, testing the seats and looking for the one he felt most comfortable in.The professor, Mrs. Harmon, walked in shortly. She was a young, looking no older than twenty-three, and had wild cinnamon brown hair but at her chin. She saw he was the only one in and smiled at him. Brian’s parents had known her when she was younger and they had been friends in the past. She had even babysat him when he was ten until he was fifteen. “Ah, Mr. Arb, a pleasure to see you in my class. I have to say, someone has grown up quite a lot since we last met. How’s the family?”“Fine, Mrs. Harmon,” Brian replied. “They are worried about me being away, but I told them I would be fine as long as you were keeping an eye on me. Mom and Dad haven’t changed much since you last saw them though. How’s your husband doing?”“I...don’t wish to speak of him today. He’s been getting under my skin a lot. I swear, one of these days, he’s going to end up out on his ass if he doesn’t straighten up.” Brian had never seen her get so emotional over anyone. He had known that her and Mr. Harmon had gotten married early, but he assumed that they truly did love each other once they moved. Hearing that she was upset about this made him feel nervous.He began to walk over to her, leaving his bag in the chair he had chosen, and hugged her. She paused for a moment before hugging him back. “Thank you, Brian. I needed that today.” After a minute, they separated and he caught Mrs. Harmon smiling brightly.“Just remember, you will always be Mrs. Harmon to me. I want to make sure that you can be proud of me too. So, let’s get to molding.” Brian made his way back to his seat and the others started to make their way into the room as well. There seemed to be an even divide in gender, he made note of, as they read the board and found seats. A few stayed with friends or significant others, while he saw just as many trying to just find a seat.The class was merely a few minutes from starting and Brian saw that all of the seats were taken, save for the lounge chair beside him. Mrs. Harmon looked in his direction while she scanned the class and looked back at her chart before looking back at him and holding up a single finger. There was only one person left. He got nervous, hoping that it wouldn’t be someone that he would hate.The door opened one last time, only a single minute from classes start time. The red hair was a familiar to him, but he couldn’t quite place it, the way it fell down her back in a braid as she turned to let the door close gently. Brian wasn’t sure who it was as she read the board, scanned the room and made her way to his chair.At first, Brian only saw the sensible red dress she was wearing as she made her way towards him. Then, he began to notice a few smaller details, like her matching wristbands, entwined with baby blue and purple, and her XX hi sneakers that reached her knees and were covered with neon laces. He couldn’t be sure at first if it was her, but he had a suspicion. It was confirmed as she saw him closer and almost gasped.“B-Brian?” Cindy said, in her surprised and quiet voice.Brian’s eyes widened as he realized finally who it was. “Cindy? Good to see you.”Her eyes were wider than any he had ever seen. She was startled to see him again, she could tell, but he wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t like he was stalking her. They went to the same school, so they were bound to meet eventually, but he didn’t imagine that they would be partners, and for the whole year. He didn’t know if his luck was amazing or terrible, but he could only hope that Cindy was at least nice.The teacher gave a short speech, introducing herself and handing out her syllabus, before she started discussing what we were expected to learn. She even discussed the partners. We were together for the entire year and we would both have to pull our weight as much as possible. We were to be studying each other and getting to know each other like we were both going to be the counselor to the other.“Now,” Mrs. Harmon said, winding down from her small lecture. “I want all of you to get to know your partner. I know that some of you don’t know each other, so I want you to at least know their name by the end of the day. I want you to understand that you both must learn the material and each other. The day is yours, but at least do something with your partner before your next class.”Everyone began to go their separate ways, either talking in their small groups or leaving with the partner they had to do something else. Cindy looked at Brian and he looked at her for a few moments before she turned away shyly.“Look,” Brian said, taking the initiative, “I’m sorry if I came off too strong earlier. I don’t really know anyone around here just yet and I was hoping to be your friend. Can you forgive me?”She glanced back at him before looking at the ground, tapping the toes of her shoes together quietly.“I understand you’re apprehensive, but we are partners, so can we at least make sure that we both pass?”At that, Cindy did seem to come to an understanding. She nodded and then looked at Brian calmly. “Ok, Brian. We do have to do this together, so, at least for now, partners.” She reached her hand out and Brian shook hers back before her eyes widened in realization. She quickly reached into her bag and pulled out two suckers. She handed him one that was grape flavoured. “Here.”Brian took it and laughed lightly before putting it to his mouth. ‘At least she is cute.’‘Hey. Writing an essay, need something to eat. Can you grab me some lemon chicken from down the street? I’ll get you something too.’ Brian’s phone lit up. Cindy had messaged him. He smiled, getting up to grab her food.They had been talking for two weeks and she seemed to be opening up to him. He could tell that she didn’t have many friends around here and was very pleased to be there for her. He was happy to have someone closer again too.Their interests were pretty aligned as well. They both loved cheesy movies and energetic music, though his energy could lean more to metal and hers aired on the side of foreign pop. The two also found that they both wanted to get into careers for helping those that were less fortunate. Brian wanted to be a therapist for those of lower income, while Cindy wanted to help developing kids who may have issues. It made him feel like they had a bit more of a connection.Grabbing her food, he made his way back to her dorm. He knocked and waited as she opened the door. The sound of upbeat K-pop was playing as she invited him in for the first time since she had moved in. The walls had trails of pink and yellow lights affixed on them, accompanied by wall supported candle holders and stuffed animals on shelves.Cindy dug into the food Brian brought and he took in all the details.“Cute.” He commented as Cindy looked up from her food. She blushed again, a recurring trend of her reactions to his compliments. “I like it. You shouldn’t think too much on others opinion.”Her head lowered as she bit into her egg roll. “You’re the first to see it.” She said, mouth still partially full.“Hey.” Brian said, raising his voice slightly as he gently bopped her on the nose with his index finger. “Don’t talk with your mouth open. What will your boyfriend say? Sorry, or girlfriend.”Cindy looked up at him through her hair hanging in front of her face. She swallowed her food before speaking. “Don’t got one. Not really that interested in talking to most people.”Brian could understand her there, what with everything he had been through in the last year or so of high school as well as the friends he was partying with before college started. “Don’t worry. If you want someone, I know that you could have them.”Cindy blushed again. “Thanks, Brian.” Her dinner finished, she began to turn back to her essay, but looked at Brian again. “Hey, do you have class tomorrow?” He shook his head no. “I have a long day between classes and I need a few things. Can you get them for me?” She held out her hand and in it was a list and money.Brian looked from her hand to her eyes and smiled. “No problem. Need me to hide the bodies too?”Cindy snorted in laughter, before her face turned tomato red. “Oh gosh. No. they’re in the closet. Don’t go in there.” She smiled back at him. “And you’ll need this to get in while I’m gone.” In her hand this time was a spare key, which Brian took.Granola bars? Check. Ginger ale? Check. Veggie chips? Check. Oreo's? Check. Goldfish crackers? Check. Chocolate syrup and Milk? Double check.Eclectic was definitely a word to describe her snack choices. The few normal items seemed to be countered by something Brian would have found strange for someone her age to be getting. That being said, he had known his parents to love cookies and his papa wouldn’t drink anything save for water and root beer, so it wasn’t a bother.The trip was short and, as Brian had no classes, he finished gathering the items quickly. He almost left but noticed a candy shop near him and decided to surprise her. He gathered a few types of chocolate and a few bottles of ramune flavors.When he arrived back, he put everything away in Cindy’s room. He wanted to look around or wait to say hi, but he wasn’t sure when she would be back. Besides, he had to finish studying.A quick knock on the door alerted Brian to the arrival of a guest and brought his attention to the time. It was getting late and he needed to be getting to bed soon. He turned his music down and opened the door to find Cindy, eyes beaming at him. She looked at him, staring into his eyes, before she jumped into the air and hugged him with her arms wrapped around his neck. He buckled backwards for a second but quickly grabbed himself on the wall.“Thank you.” She whispered into his ear, her voice euphoric. “I really love it. I needed to stock up and I didn’t know who to ask to help me and I knew the mall would be closed before I got here and-”“Hey,” Brian said, rubbing her back, “I got you. Don’t worry. We’re friends, right?”Cindy had an errant tear roll onto his shoulder that he felt he shouldn’t address. “Yeah.” She sighed in relief as she said that. “You wanna come over to my dorm real quick?”He nodded and followed her back to her dorm. Once inside, she pulled out a small plastic container with two cupcakes inside of them. One was obviously chocolate, while the other was vanilla. Over the top of it was a small bow and a tag that read “Happy Birthday” on it. Brian came to a sudden realization.“It’s your birthday?” He nearly shouted, realizing that they left the door open too late. He quickly closed it and turned back to her as she began to giggle.“I kinda didn’t want anyone to know but...you’ve been so sweet to me. I was going to tell you tomorrow, but you really are my closest friend.”Brian walked over to her and hugged gently, making sure not to hurt the package. “Happy Birthday, Cindy. How old are you?”Nuzzling forward into his strong chest, she muttered, “Nineteen.”After Brain set her down, she handed them the vanilla cupcake. Brian had never tasted one as wonderful as that night. The company only helped to make it memorable.The next two weeks of classes saw Brian and Cindy getting closer. They spent plenty of time trying to see each other between classes and they talked every night. The next Friday night, she brought cocoa to him in his room to study and watch movies. Each of them picked out something to show the other.As she had warned might happen, Cindy began to doze partway into the movie he chose for the night. Brian found it cute, especially as she curled up in the chair next to his bed. He wrapped a blanket on her and gently placed a pillow under her head.Getting up to turn the movie off, he grabbed a drink. As he went back to his bed, he noticed a small patch of wetness as he stepped past the chair Cindy was in. Curious, Brian lifted the blanket to find that her sweatpants were soaked across the legs and crotch area.Brian wasn’t sure what to do. He knew about some younger kids wetting themselves in their sleep, but he never thought of someone this close to his age doing that.‘Wait,’ he thought, ‘The diapers...those looked like they could have been her size. And she never wants me to stay at her place late...were those…’He didn’t know what needed to be done about them, but he knew that she needed a change. He grabbed her spare key and went into her room. He didn’t think she would want him snooping around, but he knew that she needed a change.He opened her closet and pulled open the first box her found. In it, was her diapers, along with several containers of wet wipes, two bottles of baby powder, a bottle of lotion, and a large diaper bag. This only confirmed it.Brian grabbed everything he would need, put it inside the bag, and made his way back. As he opened the door, he prepared himself for the change and the talk that he knew was coming. There she was, still asleep in his chair.Slowly, Brian pulled the blanket off of her and set it aside, noticing a small wet patch on it as well. Her pants were still drenched and he could tell that they might leak, when he realized that she didn’t even wake up from this. He couldn’t do this to her. He didn’t know how she would react and it was an invasion of her privacy and trust.Gently shaking her, Cindy began to awaken at Brian’s attempts. Her eyes seemed unfocused as she sleepily smiled at him. “Hey, Brian. What time is it?” She rubbed her eyes, not noticing her predicament.“Um…” Began Brian, awkwardly, “It’s just past midnight. Listen, Cindy, it...uh...looks like you had an accident.”Confused for a moment, Cindy looked at him quizzically before the realization dawned on her. She reached down and felt the damp fabric on her legs as her face began to take on the scarlet hue familiar to her cheeks.“I-It’s ok.” Brian stammered. “I got everything from your room. You can get changed in here. I’ll step outside if you want.”Still flustered, Cindy just tucked her head downwards. She reached to grab the bag, pulling it onto the chair and tightly securing it as her arms intertwined over her chest. Brain turned to leave and left the door just open so that she wouldn’t need to open it, just in case anyone came by this late.The rustling of a plastic diaper and the clicking of the container of wipes filled his ears. He hadn’t heard anything like this in several years. A bit taken aback, he turned his head slightly and noticed that the opening in the doorway didn’t let him see inside. He breathed a sigh of relief, not knowing if he could stop himself with if that temptation were there.The smell of baby powder wafted towards him, gently caressing his nostrils. This smell was slightly familiar, just on the edge of memory. He knew it, but couldn’t place where.Then tapes tearing and being stuck back. This was louder than the other noises and would have been noticed by anyone walking by, but no one did, thankfully.“Ok, come in.” Cindy said again.Stepping back into his room, Brian saw something that he never imagined: the cutest girl ever dressed in a diaper before him with nothing else covering her legs. Cindy was blushing so much that her neck was showing reddening signs.“Wow.” Brian finally spoke. “Uh…” Cindy merely stood there, appearing to try to sink into the floor beneath her. “I...should probably clean the chair.”From his closet, he procured a bottle of fabric cleaner and some towels. As he cleaned, Cindy sat on his bed. When he was finished with the chair and the floor, Brian turned back to her and noticed that she was crying.“Hey, please don’t.” He set his hand on her bare knee as he spoke. “It’s ok. Everyone has an accident every once in a while. I don’t mind, honest.”She looked up at him through her bangs. Her eyes were red and she softly sniffled back a sob. She then put her face into her hands, as if trying to hide. Brian moved his left hand to her shoulder and softly rubbed it. "Don't worry. I understand. You don't need to be embarrassed about it."Slowly Cindy's hands came off of her face. She looked at him like she was relieved, but still hesitant. She nodded at him."Ok. I understand if you are too tired or if everything that has happened was too much, but I still want to be your friend. Do you?" Once again, she nodded. "I'm glad."Brian moved to sit next to her on his bed and she gently moved to lay her head onto his shoulder. She sighed in relief and her breathing calmed. He could tell she was relaxing.“So, what now?” Cindy said.“Well,” Brian Began, “We don’t have class tomorrow. We could watch another movie or we could split.”“I think that, after everything that’s happened, I need to lay down. Maybe we can talk tomorrow.”“I understand. You're gonna need something to wear if you are going back to your room. I'll let you have a pair of shorts or something."Cindy packed everything and went back to her room, both her and Brian feeling exhausted from the night, but with too much on their minds to sleep properly. Eventually, Brian was able to sleep.The next week went by and they barely spoke of the event. The only time it came up was when they were going to spend more time in and Brian told her to remember to make sure to get her ‘night aid’ in case of issues. Cindy was grateful he didn’t say it out loud when people were around.Friday night came again and it was Brian’s birthday. Cindy wanted to make it something special for him, so she offered to make him dinner in the communal kitchen. He agreed.Brian never knew Cindy could cook, but was not going to turn down a free meal. He was excited to see what she could do. When she walked in, he saw her dressed in a way he hadn’t before. She was clothed in a knee length, sleeveless maroon dress. She was stunning.The dish she brought smelled exquisite and he could see she had not skimped on anything. Before him was the most gorgeous steak dinner he had ever seen. The flavours were sublime to him and he was finished before he could realize how quickly he had eaten. Cindy giggled at him. “Hungry?”“Yes, but it was also fantastic.” Brian stated“I’m glad you liked it. Now, what do you want to do?”“I’m low maintenance. I’d be ok to just stay in and watch movies again.”Cindy giggled and blushed. “That sounds lovely.”They both made themselves comfortable again and they were almost halfway in before Brian asked her the big question:“Did you remember to put your diaper on?”Cindy blushed hard and looked at him like a deer in the headlights. “Um...no. I brought them, but I didn’t know what to expect.”“Do you need to change? I can leave again.”Cindy looked down and started playing with her thumbs. “I was, actually, thinking that, maybe, if you wanted to, could you please, uh...diaper me? I can walk you through it.”Now it was Brian’s turn to blush. He was shocked that she would suggest that, but at the same time, he was intrigued. He wanted to do this and that surprised even him. He placed his hand on hers and said, “I can do that.”She smiled and pulled her bag closer, opening it to reveal the supplies inside. Brian reached in and started pulling everything out. Diaper, wipes, lotion, and, lastly, a changing pad. He laid the pad across his floor and patted it, looking up into Cindy’s eyes as he did. She sat down on it and leaned back, making sure to still be able to see and walk him through the process.“Do you want me to remove those?” Brian commented as he lightly pinched the baby blue sweatpants she was wearing. She nodded in affirmation and he slid both the pants and panties off together.Seeing her vagina was not what Brian was expecting. He had never had sex before, but he had seen a lot on the internet, but this was different. She had a small patch of curled, blonde hair over her lips, but nowhere else, nor did she have stubble or any other marks of shaving. She just must not get very much hair.Getting to work, Brian wiped her down gently, trying to make sure that she was completely clean. Cindy looked so relaxed as he continued, appearing like she could drift to sleep at any point during this exchange. He was very happy at how calm she was about this.After her wipe down, the lotion came out. His hands rubbed from her abdomen down to where her thighs met her butt. Unconsciously, he did squeeze a small amount around there, but she didn’t seem to mind. Completely clean and now properly moisturized, the next step was clear.The diaper in his hand was different then the others from before. Though it was in the same size, it was completely purple except on her butt where it had her handwriting on it: Spank me! A smile came to Brian’s face, but he kept at his task, lifting her butt from the pad and sliding the diaper underneath, before lifting the front up and over, taping it snugly onto Cindy, then checking the tabs to make sure there wouldn’t be any leaking.His job done, Brian petted the front of her diaper. Cindy moaned slightly and sat up, smiling brightly and looking very childish. She hugged him and kissed his neck. “Happy Birthday, Daddy!”Taken aback, he pulled away from the hug. “Daddy? Do…” Not very often did it happen that he lost his words, but this was one of the few times in their friendship he had. He looked at her and, slowly, the words came out of his mouth. “Daddy? I c-can do that. I can be your daddy.”Cindy’s cheeks flared a bright red as she hugged him closely, a shy smile covering her face. The embraced lasted almost a minute before they pulled away and sat on Brian’s bed to watch their movie, with her panties and sweats still laying on her floor.Nearly an hour into the second movie, Brian heard Cindy snoring softly. He smiled to himself and began to slide a blanket over her until he noticed that she had wet herself by the feeling of a wet sheet on him. He gently roused her from her sleep, not wanting to be too mad.After cleaning the bed, Brian removed the sheet and sat Cindy in his chair. “Cindy, how come you are so wet? You’re leaking.”Cindy looked sleepily at Brian, now standing over her. “I wet, um, I just after we stopped hugging...and it was a big one. I had to go a lot during the movies too and I must have let it go when I was sleeping…” Her voice trailed off at that and she looked away, her blush nearly maroon on her cheeks.“You should have told me. I can change you. But now you messed up my sheets.” A thought then occurred to him. He wasn’t sure how she would take it, but he wanted to try. He sat back on his unmade bed and patted his lap. “Get your diapered butt over here, little lady.”Cindy’s eyes grew wide and her cheeks flushed. This look was much different from her normal, embarrassed state, she looked like she had seen a ghost. The color came back to her cheeks and she slowly stood up. “Um, that’s ok Brian. I can-”“No Cindy. You wet your diaper and didn’t tell me and you have ‘Spank Me’ written right across your butt in your own handwriting. If you didn’t want me to do this, you wouldn’t have done either of these things.” With that, he patted his lap again. “I know what I’m doing, sweaty. This is for your own good.”Cindy’s head lowered and her chin touched the base of her neck. Her hands clasped in front of her sodden diaper and she slowly inched forward. When she reached Brian, she leaned forward and rested her padded front onto his lap with her tiptoes touching the ground and her upper body hanging loosely off of him. Brian placed his hand onto the spot with her writing and started to rub it.“This is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you, but it’s for your own good.” As he said this, he lifted his hand and, when the sentence ended, it came down.The reverberations felt strange travelling up Brian’s arm as he spanked Cindy. He had never done this to anyone before, but he found that he did enjoy it. The way he felt in control made him smile. Even the plastic, slightly loose and squishing from the earlier wetting made him really excited.Tempered were the blows coming down on Cindy, Brian being careful to not hurt her more than a small amount. A bit of fun was fine, but it would be bad if he left any bruising or damage. All he wanted was to play with her and make sure that she wouldn’t do it again.After ten spanks, she was lifted from his lap, the redness on her face spreading down to her chest. She hadn’t been crying or anything, she merely looked like she was embarrassed. Brian stood up and kissed her on the forehead gently.“Daddy has to go take care of the sheets you messed.” He said, pointing to the corner next to his closet, one that no one would see unless they entered the living space of his room. “I want you to stand in the corner and face the wall until I get back.” Patting her butt one last time, he watched her as she took her place, facing the walls, and he went to start his soiled sheets washing.Once the sheets were started, Brian returned to his room. As he closed the door and entered, he found Cindy still facing the wall, but her legs were crossed and she was holding her arms in front of her stomach. Unsure what had changed, he stepped forward.“Cindy? What’s wrong? Are you ok?” He gently placed his arm on her shoulder and turned her to face him. No resistance was offered, but she wasn’t looking him in the face. “I’m sorry. If you want me to, we won’t talk about this and we don’t have-”“NO!” She said, more firmly than any other time he had ever spoken to her. Her blush had receded and she look Brian directly in the eyes. “I just- um...I liked it. A lot, actually. I wanna know if you would like to do that more. I have toys and things and, if you wanted, you could be my daddy more.”Brian was stunned. He had really liked it too and hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it the entire time he was doing laundry. “Oh.” A small pause followed as everything she had said caught up to him. “Yeah. I can do that. Anything for you.”Gently she pressed her face into his chest and the rest of her body slowly followed suit until they were only separated by the small amount of clothing they wore. His arms wrapped around her again, the presence of each other calming.Cindy spoke up again. “I really have to go potty again and I didn’t want you to be mad, so I held it while you were gone. I wanted to ask where you wanted me to go.”Brian laughed, then lifted her up and carried her into the bathroom. Setting her next to the toilet, he removed the soaked garment from her waist and guided her to sit down. He slowly ran his hand over her hair, petting her gently to help relax her, and leaned down to speak as softly as possible. “That’s a good girl. Daddy wants you to be happy and let everything go. Go potty for me, sweaty. Just relax.”The sound of water cascading into the toilet told him that she had relaxed quite a lot, the sounds signaling the relief of her bladder. Cindy sighed as she urinated. Neither one of them had an experience like this before, from either side, but both of them were very happy to be sharing this together.As she finished, she sat back and let out another sigh. She reached for the toilet paper, but she was stopped as she saw Brian holding it. He made sure to wipe her slit carefully to clean any excess before he dropped it into the toilet and flushed it for her.She was lifted again. The next trip they made was back to the living room as the changing mat was being used for the second time that night. Laying her back down, Brian began his work of recleaning her, wiping her down again, lotioning her, and diapering her, this time in her pink, princess themed diaper. Finishing the task, he took the garment and wipes and threw them away, making sure to wash himself afterwards.Cindy was laid back in the bed again, her cheeks slightly red again, but her smile as wide as could be. ‘She is gorgeous.’ Brian thought to himself as he kissed her on the forehead again. “I have to go and take care of the sheets. Don’t stop being cute.” Her blush spread as her knees touched and her hands came up to her chest, but her smile didn’t leave, only being accompanied by an adorable giggle.Brian returned as quickly as he could, having rotated his sheets. He couldn’t contain himself with how this was making him feel really good. It was nice to take care of someone in this way. Nothing felt like this.When he returned, Cindy was asleep again. She looked incredibly happy and peaceful. He pulled a blanket over her to keep her warm and moved into his chair.He began to consider what was going to happen between them. Did he really like her? He thought he did, but he was repetitious of jumping into another hasty relationship. Did she like him? She obviously trusted him, but that didn’t mean that she loved him or anything. What about the ‘Daddy’ thing? Was he ready to be this responsible for her and himself? He barely had any money, only a small amount from his parents each month to help him live.He would have to get a job, which would definitely pull him away from her. They would only see each other during class, maybe weekends or whenever he didn’t work, and when he ate or when he had to be sleeping. Would it really be great for them to be separated like that? Would she even want him if it would mean barely seeing each other until they were out of college?His thoughts were interrupted as Cindy rolled over and looked at him, eyes slowly blinking off the sleep. Her smile widened as she stretched and yawned. “Hey, birthday boy.”Brian looked down at her, cute as ever, and couldn’t help smiling back. “Hey, you. Still dry in there?”“Mmmhm.” She nodded. “I’m fine.”“Good. You still tired? Stay up a bit too late past your bedtime?”Cindy stuck her tongue out at Brian and made a noise as she did. “I am still tired. Maybe I should go back to my room.”“That’s fine. I had a lot of fun today.”Cindy put her pants back on and began putting her stuff into her bags. “It was a dream come true. Thank you.”Brian hugged her as she stood back up. “I had fun too. If you ever need a Daddy again, I’d be happy to oblige.”Cindy blushed again, but less then before, almost like she was enjoying or getting used to it. As she was nearing the door, he spanked her butt once again, a bit softer than when she was on his lap but enough that she could tell it was intentional. She froze for a second, hearing the crinkle and basking in the pressure of his hand. Then, she bent over, pushing her butt out towards him and swaying her hips side to side.Brian pulled back his hand and spanked her again, as hard as he was earlier, five more times across her diapered butt. Each slap coming down only made him want this more. He wanted to be her Daddy. He wanted to be here for her.After the fifth, he kept his hand resting on her and began to rub her butt in small circles. She sighed and held her arms outwards to steady herself against the door. He couldn’t help himself as he saw this as he slowly lent over and kissed her diaper clad butt, eliciting a squeal from Cindy.“What was that about?” She said, blush intensifying.Brian shrugged. “What can I say? You have a wonderful butt. It’s a lot of fun.”Cindy just turned around, giggling again, and left him alone in his room.Another few weeks of classes, social calls, and making sure to spend as much time together as they possibly could followed Brian and Cindy. Brian wanted to do everything with Cindy and she seemed to reciprocate. They were only apart when studying or when their classes conflicted.Brian was conflicted however. He could tell that he didn’t just want to be friends with Cindy like this. He had changed her diaper, spent late nights talking about everything from politics to coffee preference, he’d even listened to her pee as she used the bathroom, but he couldn’t tell what she wanted from this. She liked calling him Daddy, but was that just a game? He had to know.Friday night came again and he was ready. He knew that he had to ask her tonight. If she just wanted a friend, he would accept that and would make sure that she didn’t feel awkward. No pestering, no anger, just friends was fine if that was what was to come.He didn’t want to think about losing her friendship forever. It made him really nervous. If she didn’t like him, could she stand knowing that he liked her? If she didn’t want to be friends, could she even work with him in class?A knock came at his door. He knew it was her. The moment of truth was here. He opened the door and saw the most gorgeous girl in his life again, two bags draped over her shoulders and a third in her hand, the telltale bulge of her diaper in her shorts. As he let her in, the nerves kept climbing and he almost felt like he would explode from the pressure.Cindy set everything on the floor in front of the entertainment center and came back to hug him after the door was closed. He could smell gentle hints lavender and honey on her today. ‘Maybe she has a new soap or lotion on.’ Brian liked it. The scent was calming him as was the feeling of holding her again.“Hey there, Daddy. How are you tonight?” She said, her voice raised in excitement.Brian sighed. “Better now that you are here. Listen, I need to talk to you.” As he said this, he pulled away from her and moved his hands to her shoulders.Cindy looked at him quizzically, cocking her head to the side in the most adorable way he had ever seen. “What’s up? If this is about wetting, don’t worry.” She unbuttoned her jeans and showed off a teal nylon garment over her diaper. “I’m covered, in more ways than one.” She giggled as she finished her statement.Brian smiled. She had become more open with him and it was becoming so cute and easy to share these things, but it wasn’t what he needed right now. “No. I know that you won’t. I just need to ask something about...this.” He took one hand from her shoulder and pointed between the two. “I need to know what you want and what we are.”Cindy still seemed confused. “Us? We’re friends, right? Or do you mean you being my Daddy and me being your little girl?”“No. I mean, kinda. I love having you as my little princess,” she blushed at that, having never heard him call her such before, “but I need to know something else. I...do you want me to be more than your Daddy?”Cindy’s eyes grew at that and her blush, having become less and less prevalent around him suddenly returned. She dropped her head slightly, not daring to look him in the eyes. “UM...what do you mean, Brian?”‘She called me Brian.” He thought. ‘She hardly calls me that anymore.’ The nerves begin to rise again and Brian moves to sit down, motioning for Cindy to do so as well. As they do, Brian continues, facing downwards as the embarrassment takes hold of his words. “I like you.” The sentence came out slowly, as he knew he had to pick his words carefully. “I really like you. These past few months have been very fun and I’m so glad you opened up to me. That being said, I felt that you should know that I actually really want to be more than just your friend. I really want you to know that I think I love you.” With everything said, he raised his head to look her in the eyes.The redness on her face had reached critical levels. She was wide eyed, her smile was gone and she looked stunned. There was no sound between the two of them, save for breathing. Cindy finally spoke up. “I...I...You don’t want to be my Daddy anymore?”“Of course I do. I love it so much.” He quickly responded. “I just want to know if you want to also, you know, date me. Like, go out, see a movie, have a picnic at a beach, that sort of thing. I want to know if you could see us in a relationship.”Cindy still looked at him like she couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth. She looked down for a moment and then lifted her head back up smiling while tears were running down her cheeks. “Yes.”Every inch of tension began relieving itself in Brian’s body. He couldn’t help but to lean over to her and hug her. She began to hug him back, a small moan escaping from her lips. “Thank you.” He said, almost crying himself.A sniffle escaped from Cindy as she laughed for a few seconds. “Thank you, Daddy.”Brian squeezed her tightly in his embrace as he began to think about everything that had happened, settling back on their first meeting. He was so happy he offered to help her move in. Now, the best girl in the world was in his arms and wanted to date him. He couldn’t be happier. As he pulled away from her, Cindy leaned back into him, kissing him directly on the lips. He stood corrected.This kiss melted him. He couldn’t believe how good her lips felt and how it felt to be this intimate with her.Slowly, their lips came apart. Their gazes met again. Smiles returned to both of their faces as the realization of what had just happened came to them, both of their faces turning red to match.“My diaper is still showing.” Cindy whispered, eliciting a laugh from Brian. He reached down to her pants and began to try to push the button back in before he was stopped by her hands. “We can always take these off. It’ll be easier to change me.”They both began to take of her pants, Brian working his hands to the back of her hips while Cindy slid down the front side as she stood. It was slower than if one of them was doing it, but they didn’t care. The pants hit the floor and he pulled them off of her legs, leaving her in just a long sleeve pink shirt, her diaper with a heart on the front, and her teal cover.“Does my special little princess need to go potty?” Brian said, his hands sliding up to rest on her thighs and gently rubbing them.Cindy moaned and softly threw her head back. “Yes, Daddy.”“Do you want to use your diaper or the potty?”The blush returned and her hand raised up as she bit her thumb in excitement and embarrassment. “Can I go potty in my diapee, Daddy?”He smiled and kissed her stomach through her shirt. “Of course.”Cindy’s thumb went completely into her mouth as she began to wet herself. The noise of her urine soaking her diaper made Brian smile, knowing how much it made her happy and knowing it meant she would need a changing. The heart on the diaper began to shift its color, but the teal only made it appear to go from grey to a slightly different grey. She finished with a moan as the noises ceased.“Feel better?” He said, patting her diapered butt.Cindy nodded. “Mmmhm.”“Good girl. Now, does my little princess need another diaper on?” She stared down at him, her eyes softening again as she nodded. “Such a good girl, and so big, telling Daddy when she has a messy diaper. Soon you won’t even need them anymore.”“NO!” She whined, playful but firm. “I wanna wear my diapee all the time. I don’t want to grow up.”“Ok, ok. I understand. You can always be my little girl.”She smiled back at him, removing her thumb and sticking her tongue out.“Now that is where I draw the line.” He lifted her up, her squealing and giggling as he did so, before setting her on his lap. She recognized this position and began to shake her butt back and forth.“Daddy wouldn’t hurt me, right?” He could hear the suggestive nature in her voice.“Daddy knows what’s best for her, so he will if she need it.” With that, he pulled down her diaper cover and began to spank her. He was more forceful than last time. She was moaning with each time, enjoying every blow that came down on her padded behind.As the thirtieth smack came down, Brian stopped. Cindy was panting from the ordeal and was smiling broadly. He picked her back up and set her onto the ground as her began to get the changing supplies from her bag.“I think my little princess can get a changing now. Then we can have more playtime.”Cindy smiled up at Brian as he beamed down at her. They were both so happy and they were both ready to start a new chapter of their lives together.
  23. I am based in Plainfield, IN and looking for someone to play with. I am new to the AB/DL community and have been introduced to it by a friend before I had to move. I am looking to delve more into the fun that involves it and willing to do just about anything to play. I am unable to travel to place but more than happy to welcome you in my home.Please contact me for details.
  24. Since I'm new to the abdl community, I wanted to start off on the right foot and make some friends! If you're in or near the Columbia area, let me know! I also want to get to know some mommies and daddies too. (No one over 30, please.)
  25. Havent found much luck, finding locals on fetlife. Even tho im open to travel. It would be alot easier to travel within missouri =D So i figured id take a shot here.