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Found 171 results

  1. Max's son hadn't been doing well in school at all. This wouldn't be an issue on its own; he usually helped his son with homework when he was younger and he wasn't all that great in school either as a kid, but nowadays it seemed less like Danny was having trouble and more like he was slacking off. On top of that, he'd been going out past his eleven-o-clock curfew and didn't even bother telling him where he was going or how long he'd be gone. Sometimes, his son just flat-out ignored him and he was getting sick of being disrespected. When Danny came home, he'd have a surprise waiting for him. Max decided to renovate his room; he replaced his bed with a crib, gutted the rest of the room and replaced everything with babyish furniture, like a playpen and changing table in the corner. If Danny was going to ignore him and stop trying in school, if he was just going to stop following the rules, he'd have to punish him. Max had always wanted his baby boy back again, so he discovered the wonders of diaper punishment, and decided he'd be giving this a try. Max would have his baby back, and little Danny would learn to stop misbehaving; what was not to like? He couldn't wait for his son to come home and see what he had prepared.
  2. Gail: Nick can you believe we finally will have are own little girl (I'll play the parents)
  3. It was tiresome, and Max didn't know if he could handle it anymore; eventually, he just sighed and threw up his hands. "Ugh, fine. Listen, I need to tell you something about my brother. You know, the one we're going to be staying with?" He shuffled his feet and rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, he isn't exactly adult-material. You'll see when he comes to pick us up-" That was when the car pulled into his friend's driveway, and Max slapped his forehead the instant he saw the tired-looking teen slouched in the front seat. Not only was he wearing a coffee-stained shirt-again, for the millionth time, even after he specifically asked him to wear something clean-he wasn't even wearing it properly. The damn thing was on backwards, and his long, black hair was a total mess. He hadn't even shaved the stubble off his face, so now he looked like a hobo, and he was even drinking the coffee while driving! He'd told him not to do that. Perfect first impression, Max thought to himself, scowling as he walked over and slipped into the seat alongside his friend after helping him with his bags. "Bill, you have got to be kidding me." The eighteen-year-old rolled his eyes at him and drummed his fingertips against the steering wheel as he started to drive, "What is it this time, mom?" Max rolled his eyes and shot back, "Your shirt's on backwards again, you obviously didn't brush your hair, you haven't shaved, and I bet you drank that coffee on the way here and spilled it on yourself again, didn't you?" The boy just slouched and muttered something unintelligible under his breath. Max waited for him to speak up, before finally commanding him, "Speak up so I can hear you, Bill." Bill simply pouted at him from the front seat before raising his voice so he could hear, "Yeah, I might've spilled it a little, but I diddit yesterday an' you were fine wit' it. Not like it matters, anyway." He mumbled childishly, swinging his feet as he drove them to his and Max's abode. Max didn't have the energy to keep arguing; he just glared at him from the corner of his eye. He sighed, looking back at his friend when the car stopped as if to say "do you see what I have to deal with" before sitting back in his seat.
  4. Enji Todoroki had always taken care of himself; even as a child, he’d never needed anybody else’s help, never needed a hand to hold as he crossed the street. He practically potty-trained himself, and had done his best to be self-sufficient after that point. He had a job, a steady girlfriend, and a family that didn’t treat him badly; what more could a man ask for? Little did he know that this would soon change; he would be forced to depend on someone for everything, for the rest of his life. That his former life would be irreparably shattered into pieces at his feet on this day, that what he’d built up would come crashing down. When he thought he felt someone staring at him, he ignored the sensation; he was probably just imagining things. Hands at his sides, body relaxed and head held high, he moved with confidence and made sure to stand taller than usual. He had an image to uphold, after all. The man heard footsteps behind him, and a calloused hand came to rest on his shoulder, snapping him out of his reverie. Before he could ask what this stranger wanted, a chloroform-soaked cloth was pressed against his face, held tight to his nose and mouth. Angered, Enji glared at the person who’d done this, thrashing around in a futile attempt to escape. His struggle grew weaker, he felt a sort of heaviness in his arms and legs that made them hard to move. Enji tried to close his mouth, prevent the chloroform from getting into his system, but it’d already done its magic. His blue eyes flashed with defiance and he bared his teeth, indignant even when defeated. He collapsed to the ground in a heap, arms and legs no longer working. Conscious-just enough to think and feel, just enough to perceive but not enough to move-he tried to kick and scream for help, to do anything, but he couldn’t. His pants and underwear grew damp with piss he’d been holding in, and a puddle formed beneath his unresponsive body. All he could do was lay there, humiliated.
  5. I have been looking for an online girl to do ageplay with but since most camming sites don't allow it. I wonder if anyone knows a real beautiful girl who knows how to be a real little girl.
  6. jan241989

    reborn (open)

    Laura is 24 years old and would like to be reborn as a baby so she goes online to find a mommy and daddy to help her become a baby again. She has already got herself some diapers that she is using.
  7. SayuriKitty

    A New Home

    The day started out like any other. Sayrui was stirring awake in her bed as the sunlight shined down into her eyes from the window. She slowly stretched and glanced around the blurry room. Her eyes slowly widen as she realizes she wasn’t in her own bedroom. The walls were all painted blue and had butterflies painted on them as well. Her gaze lingered over to the future which looked to be bigger sized baby furniture. Finally she had sat up only to realize she had woken up in a white crib and covered by a light green blanket. She panicked and started to cry as she was sure it was just some nightmare and that she would wake up once she panicked enough. Slowly standing up to climb at the crib bars as she peers over at the bedroom door rather sure she heard the door knob turning. (looking for an RP partner, feel free to join. I’d much prefer longer post then one liners, thank you!)
  8. Hi. Looking for a daddy to look after me.
  9. Am a baby girl.... originated as submissive. Have dabbled in the abdl a bit. Intrigued me.... like to combine the 2 Any strict twisted mommy's daddy's or both who'd like to take complete control of me? I must do to myself as ordered . As if ur hands are guiding mine to use me. Punish me. Humiliate degrade me.  Forcing me to be in diapers. Crawling. Eating living as an infant 
  10. So....this story is basically a rewrite on a story that got lost in the shuffle a while back on this page. I haven't been on here as much. This story has some parts based on true events, but it's 90% fiction, so it is fiction. I have posted the first chapter on wattpad, so now I'm about to post the first chapter here as well! Enjoy. Also the first two chapters are short. But I've got the third chapter written out and started the fourth. Just trying to catch up typing wise! Chapter 1: The Introduction Everyone thinks I’m the most talented, hard-working person you’d ever meet. But I suppose that’s what people think, not really what I think of myself. Working full-time has it perks, especially with health benefits and 401 k. I have my own place-a one bedroom apartment where I reside, with a two year old rescue spaniel, Mike. To me, it is the perfect dwelling for me and my dog. I, often, am too busy to be in relationships, nor do I worry about them. Let’s just say it’s not my need, right now. I am from a life that is considered “standard” for most. I was born in a small town in Red Lake, South Dakota. I ended up moving for school at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Compared to South Dakota’s charm, the city was massive. I, at first earned a job in an office position as a junior business manager, the bottom of the totem. Most graduates would often get that position, sometimes lower. My four year degree in business helped me in that sense. I once had little faith in my abilities, however, once I got used to doing things the “Chicago” way, I began to earn respect. I could write, lead, promote and work like my life depended on it. And all at a tender age of twenty-four. Then, something happened, I earned a promotion to “upper” management. A lot of the older workers were envious of me, but if I could do the job better or just as well, I could do it, right? My current pay before moving up was about 32K a year. Which paid the bills and not much else, but to upper management would just over triple my salary to 100 K a year. I’d become practically rich because with the place I was living at, I didn’t need much more than that. Sure, I could’ve got a house or something, but reality was, it was not necessary. It was after all, just me. But I have a secret. I don’t know how it started exactly or when, but as a kid, I always seemed to remember the cartoon episodes where the characters were in diapers or dressed as a baby. Those episodes would be my favorite. I didn’t think much of it, but when I would stay with my grandparents I would sneak a couple of diapers. They were a little small on me, so I’d pretend my panties were my “diaper cover.” I didn’t actually use the diapers, but I’d hide them and toss them once done playing baby. Years passed and for a while, I did not do anything. I decided that maybe this was a thing. A fetish. It didn’t feel sexual for me; I just wanted that feeling again. One Saturday evening, while on the computer at home, I decided to look up “having a diaper fetish.” And it was something! There was even a whole website of like-minded people. I wasn’t a freak. I wasn’t alone! I mean there are people with all sorts of fetishes, right? There were many stories, role-play stories, chat rooms and forums, and I created my account with my personal email. “DLbusinesspal.” It was obscure. And a DL is a diaper lover. But it can be sexual, but they typically go mainly for the diapers. That’s how I started. I, then decided to order some diapers. I discovered an advertisement for some adult baby diapers. Absorbent, adorable and eighty bucks a case. Contained 50 diapers. I could not wait to put a “real” diaper on me. I ordered two-day shipping. The only diapers I could get at stores (which I had) were the pull up type diapers that would leak after one wetting and I’d have to change it. As expected, they showed up. They were in big, plain, brown box and no one would know what they were unless they opened the box. Of course, at work, I would not wear them. It was the weekend and it was the first day of my “baby girl” life. I had also ordered a pair of white plastic panties that would protect me from leaking. I soon learned that I wanted to be more of a baby-with the bottles, pacifiers, and little baby outfits while at home. I ended up ordering a pink, satin baby doll nightie. It was very comfortable and quite baggy in the bust area, which made me look less endowed. I had a decent sized chest, but you wouldn’t know it when I tried on the outfit to make sure it fit. I needed this, because I wanted to be less of a mature adult. I do that at work. I wanted to be “me.” And so it began! First, I laid out the outfit, the dress, the bonnet, and a pair of socks to keep me warm at night. And the plastic panties. I made a note to buy some booties and maybe a pair of frilly rhumba panties on Friday. I decided I would enjoy each moment of it. It was time for my regression. Even though I was an adult in normal life. First, I got undressed, and I showered. I had bought baby shampoo and wash and lotion. After I showered, I decided during “baby time” I’d only use baby shampoo. I hadn’t thought much of it and I dried myself off, blow dried my hair and headed to my room to dress. I opened up the printed white thick diaper. It smelled so much like a baby diaper and I smelled it. Smelled like the plastic of a baby diaper. I then put the cream on and powder-then I opened the diaper and set it up. I sat down on the diaper and it felt like a cushiony pillow on my butt. I pulled up and taped it on. Then, came the plastic panties. They were snug in the leg area, but I guess it’d they’d prevent leaks. For me. That was my name. Next came the socks and the dress. I clipped the binky on my dress (for now) and tied the bonnet on my chin. I was done. I was now a baby girl. An eighteen month old baby girl. The only thing I was missing was a caretaker and maybe I’d find that eventually. Maybe. For now I’d have to make my own baby meals, bottles and so on. I just realized-would I use my diaper for both? I decided just for one until later on. I made myself a baba and put on a Disney movie to watch. While I drank the baba, I watched the movie. And the end of the baba, I was falling asleep. I heard a voice in my head say, “Sweet baby girl…” Several hours later, at four a.m., I awoke. The TV was still on and I had to use to pee and I was thirsty again. I made a new baba and fell back asleep. It was my day off and I could enjoy it. The next morning, I woke up with a soaked pamper. I removed the plastic panties and wiped myself down and changed myself. And this would just be the beginning…..
  11. Hello. My name is Ryan. I'm 32 from Ontario Canada. The greater Toronto area is where I am most. I'm looking for a little (female) that is In search of a daddy for a ddlg relationship. Lots to discuss. I'm handsome and stable. Dont be afraid and say hello. Sc rsb001 Kïk rubicon001
  12. Anyone like WWE and wanna roleplay? It will have adult baby themes as I kinda had an idea where a wrestler gets a concussion and wakes up with a baby's mind, leaving their tag team partner of someone else to care for them.
  13. So I'm a abdl in Leeds looking for someone to change me and maybe a little more.
  14. I am having a hard time as I first became very attracted to plastic pants when a lady I was dating showed up wearing cute pink PP under her skirt one evening. I have never been aroused so quickly in my life! However, I found it difficult to find another person who will even consider playing like that. Recently I began using diapers and plastic pants at night in bed for stimulation. However, now I like wetting them and I
  15. Hey im a man age 25 looking for a Caretaker ... Sweet or Strict im open Minded i live in Denmark in Scandinavia in Northern Europe im looking for a Mommy or even a Daddy around or inside Denmark that wanna care for me both online and Real Life my other interests is in Sports and Hobbies like Modeltrains or Gaming and so on if you wanna know more about me just ask i don´t bite i´d prefer a Mommy around age 18-45 or about same about daddies Have a Nice and lovely day ...... bletrosaid<<
  16. This role play is about a women who has agreed to be a couples little girl.
  17. Hi all. I'm a abdl in Southampton and I would really like to get to know if there are anyone else like me around my area. I would love to get to know more people that loves to ware and use there nappys as well. But I would also really love a daddy or a big brother someone who could look after baby a little and have fun with I'm very open minded and like to get to know people and making friends. Hope to hear from you soon BabySparkster
  18. This role play is about a adult girl who has agreed to become a baby for a couple that can not have any children.
  19. This role play is about a little girl who is named anna. Who travels back in time to the 1950's from the year 2018 and has to adapt.
  20. Hi Guys and Gals, I am a very long time lurker here. I have finally had the confidence to reach out and create this post. I believe that I am a daddy who will enjoy looking after people. Just wondering if there is anyone in my local area with this interest. Please feel free to message me if you are. Thanks guys. Dessi
  21. This role play is about a women who is seeing a therapist about her childhood. She would like to relive her childhood.
  22. This role play is about a little girl named Laura. Who is adopted by a loving couple who live in a big house.
  23. Hi my name is Lea and i'm looking for a caregiver close to me. i'm a sweet baby girl and I always down to have fun.
  24. marxthebaby


    If anybody is willing to be a Daddy who forces my character into diapers(and eventually babyhood) then please let me know. I am into my character being older and eventually forced to wear diapers/gets babied by someone younger. I also enjoy my character being humiliated/talked down to by the Daddy who dresses them like a big baby. Other than that, I have no preferences; like I said, I just prefer it to be noncon and very embarrassing for my character. If anybody is interested or has any ideas for some scenarios involving my character getting forced into babyhood please let me know.
  25. Hi there all! My name's Anthony - I'm trying to get back into the ABDL community after a long hiatus. I identify as a Daddy/Caregiver primarily interested in adult baby girls. I am looking for a partner, ideally a girl around my age or an older woman with more experience. I'm also excited to meet friends in the community. I've tried other sites to meet people in the Twin Cities but they are a lot more focused on other kink and not necessarily ABDL or diapers for that matter.