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Found 19 results

  1. Alexis was so happy to have a friend move in with her and her boyfriend (or girlfriend, whichever you choose). It was sad though that her parents had kicked her out. Her friend Grace was only 17 years old, Alexis was 20 and thought she was a bit young to be kicked out for no reason. So her and her boyfriend took her in and gave her the guest room.
  2. PetahPetah

    Lucky i had a paci

    So i had to go to the dentist to get a rotten tooth pulled out. apt. was at 4. By midnight, it still hurt when i bit even lightly. Thankfully, i thought to use my ABDL pacifier as a dental guard. While I'm not really used to sleeping with it in, it DID seem to help keep my top and lower teeth from touching and hurting so much. Something to remember/i reccommend next time any of you have dental work. *wink* Also, the store does not keep choc. shakes with the milk, have to look around some to find it.
  3. TheDadamal


    Hi! My name is Alisha and I’m still in diapers. My story with diapers starts from the day I was born, one cold February morning 34 years ago. You see, I was born normal in every way except as I passed through my toddler years, I would still have night time accidents. Doctors reassured my parents time and time again that my bed wetting would stop and the best way to handle it was to use protection at night. Luckily for my parents I grew up when disposable diapers were changing from thick bulky load diapers to slim cute quiet diapers and I loved everything about it. When I reached high school age, my pediatrician referred us off to a urologist which again checked out normal and I was pretty much left with a diagnosis of being a lifetime bedwetter. I think wearing diapers to bed every night have me a childish personality. I am not certain if it was the baby motifs on the diapers, my favorite being Barney or Cookie Monster, or the smell of baby powder, but something about having that diaper on made me want to be a baby. It’s kind of funny to me looking back at it, I was never embarrassed to run around the house in a T-shirt and a diaper on a hot summer night or even a wet diaper the next morning. However, I was embarrassed about anyone knowing that I had a pacifier and baby bottle I kept hidden in my room and would use every night when the house went to sleep. I definitely was not your average teenage girl and because of that I never dated in high school. When I reached college things changed. My freshman year I left home and went to school across the state. I was really excited to be out on my own but really scared to see how my diapered nights would go. Luckily for me, I had grown out of the largest baby diapers before college happened and Goodnites were just coming available. I figured this was a great translation as it would be easier explaining to my dormmate that I had to wear bedtime pants and not an actual baby diaper to bed. My roommate, Danielle, was super nice and fun. She was an out of state student and didn’t really know anyone at school so we became friends very quick. I was hesitant to tell her about my bed wetting when we met, which I think any normal person would have been, but knew she would find out sooner or later. Sooner or later turned out to be the second night in our dorm. I had finished showering, dried off, pulled my Goodnite on, and gotten ready for bed wearing a pink pair of flannel pajama pants and a purple tank top but I had failed to realize after getting dressed I had left my Goodnite package on my bed. Danielle had walked into the room from the bathroom and noticed it right away. Danielle was quick to ask about it, and I told her that I had wet the bed my whole life and these helped from dealing with the mess that brings with it. She took it well but seemed very curious. She said she had never heard of Goodnites before, were they diapers? I said kind of, they’re new, and they’re for bigger kids and smaller adults. She asked what I used before Goodnites and for the first time ever I blushed when I told her Pampers. She noticed that it embarrassed me but quickly said, hey, I would wear those over these boring plain pull on diapers any day. She told me to not be embarrassed about it and that it didn’t bother her at all.
  4. In Praise of the Dummy (pacifier, paci, dum-dum, binkie et al) Recently I have been spending time with my dummy. I have been surprised at just how useful this little piece of rubber and plastic actually is. As a baby mummy would slip in my dum-dum (what she called it) to soothe and ease my distress, it had never really occurred to me to use it now as an adult. Through these pages I know quite a few readers do so… but it hadn’t occurred to me why they are so special, or perhaps more to the point, why they aren’t used more on a daily basis. # Think of how many biros and pencils would be relieved of their chewed and disgusting ends? How exams would be a lot less stressful if we sucked on our pacis as we turned over that first page? Perhaps taking a driving test would be improved with the addition of a dum-dum? When those interminable hold-ups happen on our roads, just think how much less aggravating they’d be whilst spending that frustrating time waiting, sucking on a pacifier? Maybe, when surrounded by bills and receipts as you fill in your yearly tax return, the slurping on a dummy might make it so much better; or at least focus the mind? I’m not sure if every stressful situation would be improved with a dummy; for instance an army going into battle might look strange doing so whilst sucking away… but there again??? How much easier it would be to fill a bath but instead of lighting several scented candles to help relax and unwind, you simply popped in a paci? Don’t tell me you need that glass of chilled white wine, it’s merely a substitute for sucking on a dummy. Who’d have thought that Maggie Simpson was the sage who knew that: There is not a problem that cannot be improved by sucking on a dummy. Kojak didn’t suck on his lollipop for affectation he used it as a replacement for his paci. So, as pharmacies and stores stock adult nappies, diapers and plastic pants… (thank you very much) then I think they should (perhaps by law) also have to stock adult dummies. So let’s be more open and adventurous with our pacis, more creative and confident with our dummies and make sure there is - Suckcess for each and every one.
  5. sonofninasayers

    enjoying sucking on a pacifier

    I was just wondering for those of us that enjoy sucking on pacifiers what is it about sucking on a pacifier that you enjoy the most. For me I mostly like to suck on mine cause I like to pretend to be sucking on a breast
  6. wearer24/7

    christmas presents

    hello all of you lovely people, happy Christmas and for all of you who are not christian, happy holidays. Can i just ask what did you get as a gift that was either abdl, or kink related? I'm gonna start off here and say that i was really surprised to be given 5 identical onesies. And go!
  7. Skullgirls05

    Chie and Yukiko messy

    From the album: Pics commissioned by Merunyaa

    Chie and Yukiko still playing, although a little messy now
  8. Donnalein


    Hey guys I'm using my dummy and I'm really happy, it feels peaceful and calming to use it. There is just one problem: everytime I use it, my upper lip get's sucks between my teeth and the dummy and starts to feel sore and edgy Is it me, or the dummy?
  9. Jenny is a sixteen years old who lives with her (brother or sister) and they still treat her like a toddler. Before her parents died when she was 4 and 8 she was still treated like a normal little kid. But after their mom died after their dad did from a car accident things haven't been the same for Jenny. Since then her (brother or sister) has always been treating her like a toddler or younger and even family& friends have started to treat her that same way. Her brother or sister (you choose) feel it's a better way to cope but Jenny doesn't know that. So she suffers through the baby talk, childlike clothes, pull ups/diapers, playtime etc. She loves her (brother or sister) but can't take the babyish life style anymore. So does she suffer through it still or start to rebel against it.
  10. PoopyDiaper47

    Messy Diapers

    I recently became aware of my adult baby fetish. I have noticed i get a lot of pleasure from using my pacifier and making a mess of my diaper. Does anyone else feel the same? What are some of your favorite diaper experiences? I need new ideas. Thanks everyone!
  11. kawaiibaby

    Hello kitty protecting the pacis!

    From the album: Little Space

    © kawaiibaby

  12. kawaiibaby

    My Pacifer Collection so Far :)

    From the album: Little Space

    This is my pacifer collection so far hehe :3 Pictured are two small (regular baby size) generic binkys in pink and purple. I then have two adult nibblers (pacis you can fill with food) one has a rattle as a handle and the other has purple and pink star pattern. Lastly my favorite NUK 6 which was custom designed by myself :)

    © kawaiibaby

  13. nappies4fun


    From the album: Products

    cute modified nuk 5 pacis: [url="http://stores.ebay.com.au/AB-DL-Store-for-Aussies?_rdc=1"]http://stores.ebay.com.au/AB-DL-Store-for-Aussies?_rdc=1[/url]
  14. sonofninasayers

    What type of pacifiers are these?

    even though that I've already got a pacifier which I've lost a while back and before I bought the pacifier that I had lost I have often liked the look of these two red pacifiers and sometimes I dream or fantasize about suckling on them and tried looking in a few shops that sell pacifiers for the same ones. But I'm not quite sure what Types of pacifiers they are. Also I thought that I'd post two different close ups of the same one to make it easier to identifiy
  15. pacifiers

    Pacifiers 03

    From the album: Pacifiers

  16. pacifiers

    Pacifiers 02

    From the album: Pacifiers

  17. pacifiers

    Pacifiers 01

    From the album: Pacifiers