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  1. From the album Pics commissioned by Merunyaa

    Elizabeth from the Persona series in a messy diaper
  2. From the album Pics commissioned by Merunyaa

    Chie and Yukiko still playing, although a little messy now
  3. From the album Pics commissioned by Merunyaa

    Chie and Yukiko realizes they may have just had an accident ;P
  4. From the album Pics commissioned by Merunyaa

    Chie and Yukiko from Persona 4 playing together
  5. I'm a very avid gamer. Been playing ever since I was five years old. I mainly stick with RPG's, rhythm games, fighting games, and a few shooters. I'm mainly playing Persona, Overwatch, Tyranny, and Metal Gear Solid right now
  6. Hey everyone. I just started a discord server and I figured I'd post the link to it here. I've been a part of other ABDL discord servers and they um...ended poorly. They kind of dissolved into constant bickering and arguing. Hoping to avoid that. Anyway, figured I'd give this a try, see how it works. Feel free to visit if you want! The room is set up to accommodate both ABDL chat and gamer chat. https://discord.gg/PcAeeKD
  7. Easily choice A. Actually, I've had a few 24/7 weekends where my roommate was out of our apartment.
  8. Hey everyone. I'm currently on Spring break visiting my home town. Just wondering if anyone was in the Northern Virginia/ Metro DC area
  9. Mine is Skullgirls05. Feel free to message me any time. I'm always up for chatting.
  10. I would definitely be interested in this Lyra. Might have to coordinate my schedule a bit, but I would like to join.
  11. While I don't officially live in Michigan, I attend college in Holland for most of the year.
  12. Very cute artwork Leaf.