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  1. Pics commissioned by Merunyaa

    Theses are some pics that I've commissioned from Merunyaa over last year
  2. Gaming

    I'm a very avid gamer. Been playing ever since I was five years old. I mainly stick with RPG's, rhythm games, fighting games, and a few shooters. I'm mainly playing Persona, Overwatch, Tyranny, and Metal Gear Solid right now
  3. New discord server

    Hey everyone. I just started a discord server and I figured I'd post the link to it here. I've been a part of other ABDL discord servers and they um...ended poorly. They kind of dissolved into constant bickering and arguing. Hoping to avoid that. Anyway, figured I'd give this a try, see how it works. Feel free to visit if you want! The room is set up to accommodate both ABDL chat and gamer chat. https://discord.gg/PcAeeKD
  4. If you had the choice....

    Easily choice A. Actually, I've had a few 24/7 weekends where my roommate was out of our apartment.
  5. Spring Break

    Hey everyone. I'm currently on Spring break visiting my home town. Just wondering if anyone was in the Northern Virginia/ Metro DC area

    Mine is Skullgirls05. Feel free to message me any time. I'm always up for chatting.
  7. Looking For Group

    I would definitely be interested in this Lyra. Might have to coordinate my schedule a bit, but I would like to join.
  8. Who Is Where...?

    While I don't officially live in Michigan, I attend college in Holland for most of the year.
  9. Yay for Art

    Very cute artwork Leaf.