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Found 12 results

  1. Meet and Play

    I am new to the website and a bit shy but i am an avid gamer, but I am trying to come out of my shell and meet the community! so if anyone interested in hang out message me.
  2. In the Nintendo DS game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the opening sequence shows Baby Bowser attacking Baby Peach's castle. About to attack Baby Mario, he refers to him as "Super Diaper Bro." Later in the games, a screenshot reads "That diapered fiend's eaten Kylie, too!" (in reference to Petey Piranha). Baby Bowser also refers to Baby Luigi and Baby Mario as "stinky babies" every once in a while. I know this forum is for videos and movies, but I don't think people will disapprove of this post really. I have screenshots of these scenes, let me know if you wanna see em'. Bye.
  3. Preschool game apps

    So I played two preschool games on my brother in law, dad's tablet today. His dad handed me his tablet to play some games and he suggested a game to me. It was grandma's preschool and then on my own I played Fishing with Grandpa. (Of course no one knows about this Fetish I like: so my reaction of course was but these are little kid games) But I ended up playing them and liking them even if the games were for four year olds and educational. It was fun. He didn't seem to care that I liked them. Anybody else play any preschool gameapps on there tablets or phones?
  4. Little Birthday Parties

    Has anyone ever attended an AB birthday party? Have you had an AB birthday party? What sort of games do you/would you play? Simply in the land of the AB utopian dream, what would be your ideal birthday party? What would you most like to do. I'm sure there'd be cake and ice cream all around. So if money were no object and acting or being an AB were more socially accepted, what would you want? Also, what would be your ideal birthday gift?
  5. i guess this is where i explain what i mean, ive had an idea for a game, and id like to see if i can maybe profit from it at least a little bit, i dont want to go into detail on what i want the game to involve, i dont really have a set path or anything on it, just an initial idea(like everything i want i know it will blow up in my face or not even make it off the ground, but on my days off i have some free time, and it would be better than looking at porn which im trying to get away from), i dont have any knowledge on coding or programming, so what i need is a suggestion on a tool or something that can be used to do the work, for lack of a better idea im thinking of how geocities had their web page builder, a drag n drop thing(homestead had the same kind of thing), anyone got any ideas?
  6. PC Games and Steam

    I saw an XBox Live thread and thought it might be fun to see if anyone else is on Steam or plays other PC games. My profile name is Jyrblz, feel free to get in touch.
  7. So I just got the first ever vibrator that can be controlled from anywhere in the world, and I'm looking for a mommy/mistress who wants to control me with it. It's called the Vibease, and has bluetooth built in so that through the Vibease app, anyone I allow can not only turn it on and off, but also adjust the settings to anywhere from a low buzz to super intense vibrations. I am a sissy baby, and I love playing games, having fun, and being punished, so I'd like a dominant female who wants to play. This could simply involve you changing the settings to tease me while I'm dressed up at home, or more intense tasks where you are controlling me every step of the way. For example, I've been nervously excited by the idea of being made to go out with diapers and panties on under my clothes and my vibe in, and having to go shopping for sissy baby things like stockings or a leotard. I would be forced to update mistress constantly so that she could tease and torment me with the vibrator as she saw fit. Maybe she turns it up to full blast every time I have to talk to a sales girl and I have to struggle to pretend nothings happening. Or maybe she puts it on high from the beginning and the only way she'll relent is if I use my diapers for their intended purpose. Hopefully mommy isn't too cruel about what she makes me do, but I guess I'll have to find out. If you're interested in playing send me a message, or simply respond here if that's easier!
  8. What Did You Want To Be....?

    I know there's some fabulous Rhode Islanders in this group but you guys have been so quiet. Let's try to liven up the group and get to know each other! As a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you get to the profession? If so, do you like it? If not, what stopped you?
  9. Hard or easy games

    does anyone think that some games that are too hard or too easy because I think that if a game is too hard or too easy gets boring cause you kind of give up playing the game in the end, I like the sore of games that aren’t too hard or too easy
  10. Story game

    here is a story game that is a text adventure game or one of them decide your own Destiny Games where you get to decide what happens next and this is written like a story, But what happens in this game is up to you all you got to do is continue from when the last person left off, But there is just a few rules no dads are allowed in the only grown up that you can only have is a mum, No sexual content such as inappropriate touching, masturbation etc, There can be how ever have a little bit of kissing, like a kiss on the forehead, Check and the lips but if it's on the lips no hungry and passion with urgent need, Also let your imagination run a bit wild and don't forget that it should all flow and make sense, I think that is the rules out and that of the way so let's start, It was a bright, sunny day, perfect for spending time outside and enjoying the sunshine instead of being stuck inside, While the older kids who lived locally were running around playing and making lots of noise outside, 2 month old Baby Graham was lying in his cot wearing a light blue T-shirt and a disposable nappy happily gazing up at the colourful toys and objects which hung above his head, After some though, Graham begun to get tired of them, Quietly, he set them aside, and turned his attention to looked out through the bars of his cot and looked about the empty room, The Light brown teddy which sat upon the changing table caught his gaze, Suddenly he heard some one coming towards the nursery, The door Flew open and Graham saw his
  11. For any LGBT gamers out there.

    I myself am not gay, bi, or transgendered, but thought some of you out there might appreciate this, especially if you are a gamer like I am. Always good to see a company not only sticking up for it's products, but sticking up for EVERYBODY who enjoys their products. http://community.feministing.com/2011/03/28/%E2%80%9Cstraight-male-gamer%E2%80%9D-told-to-%E2%80%98get-over-it%E2%80%99-by-bioware/