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  1. Today is Friday. Friday is the day that I magically switch from being a high powered Big Girl Angelise to being Baby Angelise and have to obey Daddy for the whole weekend until I go back to Big Girl life again. This weekend started out like all the other weekends with Daddy. I went straight to Daddy’s house after work and as soon as I stepped in the garage I had to take off all my Big Girl clothes and go find Daddy, give him a kiss and let him turn me into his Baby Angelise. Today was more than the usual work crazy and Daddy has learned my stress signs. Daddy saw my face and immediately went to start a bubble bath. When he came back from the bathroom he just pointed to the floor by his feet which was my signal that I can kneel and suck Daddy’s lollipop as much as I need to leave my Big Girl worries behind and be Daddy’s little girl. After several minutes Daddy had his release and I was ready to play in my bubble bath and have the rest of my stress melt away. Daddy says this is his favorite part of Friday when he gets to watch his Big Girl transform into his baby. Daddy got me from the bath and dried me off. Daddy had me climb up on the changing table and put lotion all over. That’s one of MY favorite parts of the day. I knew something was up when Daddy didn’t diaper me right away though. Even when I’m a Big Girl and not at Daddy’s house, Daddy still micromanages me and my body and Daddy knew I hadn’t gone potty for a few days. I told Daddy it didn’t matter because I felt fine but DADDY wouldn't listen. When I saw Daddy reach for the suppository jar with the GIANT suppositories I panicked and kicked at Daddy to make him stop. Every little girl knows you don’t EVER kick Daddy no matter what! Daddy grabbed my ankles with one hand and grabbed that nasty wooden spoon he keeps nearby the changing table and started peppering my bottom with the nasty instrument of torture. I began to yell at Daddy, “NO Daddy NO!!” And Daddy did something he’s never done before… he stopped spanking immediately. I then told Daddy I was so sorry for kicking him. Daddy didn’t respond but just proceeded to force my pacifier into my mouth and fasten it around my head rendering me literally speechless. Now I began to cry in earnest as Daddy’s Step 2 plan was to secure mittens on to my hands so I was completely helpless to stop Daddy. He then put his favorite pink fuzzy restraints on my ankles to prevent me from kicking him again or even walking. All I could do is cry like a helpless little baby which is what I am for the next 72 hours. Daddy told me how disappointed he was in me and he was doing everything for my own good. Once I was secured and I couldn’t speak, Daddy picked up the wooden spoon again and began spanking even harder than before. I was crying in earnest now mumbling how sorry I was and begging Daddy to stop. Daddy ignored all my protests and continued to spank my bottom until it was cherry red all over. Daddy finally put down the poon when he was satisfied that I learned my lesson and reached for the suppository jar again. I just shook my head NO over and over but Daddy didn’t even seem to notice! Daddy took 2 GIANT ice cold suppositories out of the jar and showed them to me. He told me that since I couldn't go the way Big Girls can, that he was going to help me so I wouldn’t get a tummy ache. Daddy proceeded to insert the suppositories one by one. Daddy said only good girls get lube but since I was a bad girl I had to take them plain. To make sure they were all the way in so they would do the most good, Daddy then took the handle to the wooden spoon and proceeded to push those horrible bullets all the way up as far as they would go. I was still crying over the pain and humiliation but once again, Daddy didn’t deem to care about my plight. He then flipped the spoon around and began to spank my bottom hole over and over again saying little girls who don’t mind their daddies and say NO get spankings and sore bottom holes all weekend. I could not stop crying now and was a blubbering mess. Daddy covered me in Baby cream which helped with my pain and put a stuffer in and wrapped me in a SUPER thick diaper which I thought was odd but I learned Daddy is in no mood for questions. Finally, Daddy finished and let me get down on the floor. I had to follow Daddy to the kitchen on my hands and knees because Daddy left my restraints on where he handed me my bottle of juice. Daddy told me I needed to finish it all in 20 minutes otherwise I would get another spanking and he was afraid I would become dehydrated from all the crying. Daddy sent me into my nursery to finish my bottle and told me I could play. I didn’t want to play. I was so wound up from my spanking and all the crying that all I wanted was to relax and have cummies. Now I had frustration to add to my night because Daddy doesn’t EVER let bad little girls have cummies. I thought about humping my giant teddy but I knew Daddy would not hesitate to spank me on my bottom hole again if he caught me. I tried to make the best of it and distracted myself with one of my picture books while I finished my juice bottle. All of a sudden I felt my tummy rumble and it wasn’t because I was hungry. UGHHH…. I felt the biggest cramp and doubled over on my knees until it passed. Now, I began to panic. I crawled as fast as I could to the bathroom. Relief spread through me when I reached for the handle only to send me into a panic again because it was LOCKED! OMG…. another cramp hit just as I reached the knob. Now I began crying again as I banged on the door in frustration. Daddy came running from all the noise and bent down and asked me what happened. I told Daddy, “ I hafta use the potty! Its anmergency!” Daddy just patted me on the head and said, “Babygirl, you’re too little for the potty now. There is no more Big Girl potty for you. You have an extra thick diaper on and plastic baby panties. You potty in your diapers all the time now for EVERYTHING.” I just kept shaking my head and crying hard. Daddy told me, “ The sooner you accept that you’re a Baby girl the easier it will be for you. Say what you are.” I just kept shaking my head in denial. Daddy squatted down in front of me and didn’t even appear angry but said again, “Say what you are out loud.” Knowing Daddy was not going to back down until my humiliation was complete, I said ” I’m a 3 year old peepee princess who can’t control her peepees and needs to be in diapers and plastic panties 24/7 now.” Just as I finished saying it a loud sound came from my diaper and I felt myself pooping into my diaper. Daddy just laughed and said, “ Well, I guess you’re the peepee and poopy princess now and forever. There’s no more Big Girl potty for you again. You’re going to stay in diapers 24/7 because you can’t control when you need to peepee and poopy so Daddy has to keep you in diapers all the time.” I began to cry from the humiliation and the truth of what Daddy said. Daddy reached out to my diaper and began to rub the front of my plastic panties and diaper as I continued to poop. Daddy’s touch ignited my frustration of not having cummies yet and he knew what he was doing. Daddy wants me to get used to being in dirty diapers and started only letting me cum in my diapers a few weeks ago. I am so disgusted with myself right now but the call to pleasure is overriding my humiliation as Daddy continues to rub me through my filthy diaper and whisper in my ear that I’m such a good girl for using my diapers like a baby should. The only sounds are the crinkling from the plastic panties, the rustling diaper and me pooping again into an already full diaper. Daddy continues to rub the mess all over me now. When he knows my humiliation is complete and he is satisfied, he gives me the order to cum. Daddy leaves his hand near my clit and feels the hot wetness from my cummies flow into my diaper. Daddy stops patting my diaper now and leans over the back of me. I think he is checking my diaper but then I hear his zipper. Daddy pulls back my plastic panties and diaper and takes a long piss into the back of my diaper. His hot piss reignites the pungent odor of the poop already saturating my diaper. When daddy is done he makes sure the diaper is still secured and tells me to go play in the nursery. Since I was such a bad little girl earlier, I need to stay in my filthy diaper to remind me that Daddy makes all of the decisions as he is the Daddy and I’m the baby girl. Daddy then gives me permission to have more cummies in my dirty diaper. We both know he is reinforcing my helplessness and his Dominance. I thank Daddy by licking his lollipop until his release again and crawl off to hump my giant Teddy waiting for me in the nursery. It’s a great thing that Teddy won’t mind my stinky diaper. That’s why he is my Bestest friend! THE END
  2. Rick grew up in a fairly rural town. The houses weren’t miles apart or anything, but it definitely took some effort to drop in on your neighbors. There were several families in Rick’s neighborhood, so carpooling was the norm given the distance to get to school, sports practice, music lessons, etc. One evening, while coming home from soccer practice with his friend Aaron, Aaron’s mom Gloria said she needed to stop off for a few groceries. “You two can go choose a soda, and meet me back here in five minutes,” she instructed the boys as they all made their way into the store. Rick and Aaron took off for the soda aisle, but made a brief stop in the bakery where some fresh donut samples had been laid out. After stuffing their faces, they each grabbed a bottle of soda and headed back to the registers. Back in the car, the boys guzzled their sodas on the way home. “Now don’t spoil your dinner,” Gloria chided in a colloquial, old fashioned way, “or else you’ll get your bare bottoms spanked.” Rick’s mouth hung open. He had never been spanked, but he knew Aaron got it from time to time and the subject has fascinated Rick for some time. “She’s definitely just teasing,” he thought, “but what if…” His mind started to wander. Aaron piped up from the front seat, “We already accomplished that!” “Getting your bare bottom spanked??” Gloria balked. “No! Spoiling our dinner! There were donut samples in the bakery.” “Ohhh.” Gloria replied. “Well hopefully you worked up enough of an appetite on the soccer field.” They all laughed, and the moment passed. ————— Fifteen years later, now at age 27, Rick had moved to the city and had a steady job. He had gone through a few girlfriends of late, never quite finding that strong connection. His fascination with spanking had grown considerably over the last several years, and he’d had serious difficulty divulging his fantasies to any of his romantic partners. But his cravings for a sound, bare bottomed spanking from a strong woman never abated. He found himself day dreaming about it often, what it would be like to have his pants yanked down and be thrown over the lap of a stern lady, be it a coworker, friend or a stranger off the street. Whoever was delivering it, Rick just knew he wanted to be spanked. That summer, Rick was visiting his family back out in the country. His mom told him that Gloria’s husband had left her, and her kids had grown and moved out, leaving her alone in the big house down the road. She urged Rick to go pay her a visit one evening and provide some company, even texting Gloria to make sure she was home before practically shoving Rick out the door to go see her. As he walked down the long country road, carrying a bottle of wine his mom had provided, his mind slowly drifted to the day Gloria had playfully threatened him with a bare bottomed spanking. He recalled how quickly the moment had passed, but how impactful it had been. The rest of that car trip home, he pictured her pulling the car to the side of the road to dispense the punishments. Walking down the very road where the spanking could have taken place, he felt his member begin to stiffen in his pants. He wondered if he might be able to steer the conversation with Gloria tonight toward that incident… Gloria greeted him at the door with a big smile and a warm embrace. Hugging her back, Rick caught the scent of her perfume and was again transported back in time to that infamous day in Gloria’s minivan. As she pulled out of the hug and ushered him in the door, he half expected a few pats on the rear, but alas, they never came. Following her into the kitchen, Rick noted how well she had aged. Her figure was impeccable, wide hips and a round butt, accentuated by the high-waisted shorts she wore. Her button down blouse was open far enough that Rick got a great look at her pert cleavage. “Have a seat at the table there, Ricky, I’ll open this wine,” she instructed, using his childhood nickname. Lately he far preferred the more grown-up sounding “Rick.” Returning quickly with the open bottle and two glasses, Gloria remarked, “Look at you, all grown up! I still remember when you were a little boy, running around this neighborhood causing mischief.” She winked at him and poured the wine. Gloria’s teasing and maternal time made Rick blush. He could feel the heat in his cheeks, but smiled and took a big gulp of his wine. “Oh come on… I never caused mischief! I was a perfect a perfect angel,” he replied, batting is eyelashes and flashing a toothy grin. Gloria giggled, “I wouldn’t go that far… but I guess you were fairly well behaved. At least by comparison to my own.” Rick was getting antsy. The conversation had already started out in the direction he had hoped for. His mouth was getting dry, so he gulped down some liquid courage. But then, Gloria abruptly changed the topic. “So catch me up on you! You’re living in the big city??” Small talk ensued as the two of them got caught up. They chatted, laughed and drank, and after an hour or so the wine bottle was empty. Just as Rick began to fret that their time together might end without even a reference to spanking, Gloria picked up the empty wine bottle. Standing, she said, “Well we’re just having too much fun here, we’ll need another bottle. I want to do some more reminiscing.” She returned with a fresh bottle and topped off their glasses. “It’s still a bit funny for me seeing you drink wine. You’re still just a little boy in my mind!” Again Rick blushed. “It was great growing up around here. You were always kinda like a second mom for me.” “Aw, how sweet,” Gloria cooed. “Yes I suppose it was like that. We all looked after each other’s kids in this community.” “Yeah, but it’s not like I needed looking after… I was always a really good boy, wasn’t I??” “Oh yes, very polite and well behaved. Not like the kids in my house,” Gloria chuckled and shook her head. “I always told them, ‘why can’t you behave like that good boy Ricky?!’” Rick laughed nervously. He saw an opening. “Well you didn’t always think so… you did threaten to spank me that one time on the way home from soccer practice.” His words hung in the air. He could hardly believe he had brought this up, but there was no turning back now. Gloria looked at him quizzically. She seemed to be racking her brain. “I don’t recall that…? You were always so polite when we car pooled!” Rick was nervous that he’d overstepped. But he had come this far… “You warned Aaron and me not to spoil our dinner with soda,” he said. Pausing to sip his wine briefly, he added, “or else we’d ‘get our bare bottoms spanked.’” He used air quotes, and held his breath. Gloria studied him for a moment, then clapped her hands together loudly and laughed. “Ohhh yes!” She wagged a finger at him, “You boys were sneaking donuts in the bakery if I recall correctly.” “Yes ma’am,” Rick reflexively replied, suddenly feeling like a little boy again. Gloria clicked her tongue disapprovingly. “And here I was praising you up and down, not remembering you were capable of plenty of naughtiness too.” She smiled and sipped her wine. Rick giggled softly. Silence hung in the air for a few moments. Rick’s cock had be come stiff, and began to throb with anticipation. Finally, Gloria cut through the silence. “Well since you seem to recall this event so vividly, what happened next?” she asked. “Did I pull over to the side of the road and give you a smacked butt?” “No ma’am,” Rick returned, a bit sorrowfully. “Do you think I should have?” Rick stared across the table. Could this possibly be about to happen? He steeled his courage. “Yes ma’am.” Gloria’s eyes pierced through him across the table. She knew deep down all men were still just boys, and they never outgrew the need for firm discipline and a sore smacked bottom. Here in her kitchen, Gloria had a young man who was practically asking to be put across her knee and taught a lesson. What luck. She decided to toy with him a bit more first. “Perhaps it’s not too late. You clearly seem to have thought about that day a lot over the last several years. Maybe you are harboring some guilt about it all.” Rick was putty in her hands. He was silent. Gloria waited a moment, then prodded him. “Well?” “Yes ma’am,” was all Rick could muster. “I see,” Gloria said. She sipped her wine. “Don’t you think you’re a bit too old for a spanking, Ricky?” “Um… well… I’m not… I guess I…” She cut him off. He was firmly wrapped around her finger now - no need to make him keep wriggling. “The correct answer is no you are not too big for a spanking. I believe no one is.” Gloria watched the expression on Rick’s face vacillate between excitement and trepidation. She decided to lighten the mood. “In fact, I sure wish I had spanked that deadbeat husband of mine! I’m sure he wouldn’t have walked out on me if I’d have put him across my knee on a regular basis.” Gloria chuckled. Rick laughed in kind, nervously. “Well then,” she redirected, “you’re sitting here telling me you believe you deserve a spanking?” Rick gulped. He blinked, and answered, “Yes ma’am.” “I know your mother didn’t spank you growing up. Have you ever had a proper spanking?” “No ma’am.” “Well it is certainly high time then. But I want you to understand what you’re getting yourself into, Ricky. “A spanking from me is serious business. You will be put over my knee and thoroughly punished, with a very red and very sore backside. I only ever give spankings on the bare bottom, and I always spank with my hairbrush. You will likely have a hard time sitting down the rest of the evening, and possibly even all day tomorrow.” She let her lecture sink in. Gloria could tell that Ricky wouldn’t back down, that he was craving maternal nurturing and discipline. And possibly craving something else… “So, knowing that, do you still want a spanking?” Gloria was right. There was no way Rick was backing down now. “Yes ma’am,” he said, rather timidly. “Alright then. Stand up young man.” Rick slowly rose from his chair, and Gloria stood to meet him. Taking him by the wrist, she led him around the table. Silently, she escorted him to the foot of the stairs. Leading the way, Gloria took her time shaking her hips side to side slightly as she climbed the stairs, knowing the naughty boy trailing behind her was surely enjoying the view. She had noticed the tent in his pants when he stood from the kitchen table, and sought to tease him a bit. Opening the door to one of the vacated bedrooms, she pointed to a corner of the room. “I want you to stand in the corner and think hard about what is about to happen, and about why you are being punished.” Rick complied, shuffled across the room and stuck his nose in the corner. Gloria came up behind him and quickly unsnapped and unzipped his pants. Hooking her hands in the rear waistband, she said “Let’s have these down,” and quickly tugged Rick’s pants and boxers down exposing his bare butt. His hard cock held them up in the front, and dripped into his underwear with anticipation. “I’ll be back. Don’t you move.” Gloria punctuated her command with a sharp slap on his naked bottom, and quickly left the room closing the door behind her. In the hallway, she gushed. How fortunate that little Ricky had been so eager for a good spanking. She was a bit titillated and more than happy to oblige him. Having just gotten a good look at his cute, tender backside, she knew she would enjoy herself while punishing him. She took out her phone and texted Ricky’s mother. “Hey there,” she wrote, “Ricky’s had a bit too much to drink and I think it’s best if he just stay here tonight. I’ve got plenty of space, and it will be nice to have someone around overnight for a change. I’ll have him check in with you in the morning, ok?” Rick’s mom texted back quickly. “Oh so glad you two are having a fun night! Enjoy the company, and give him a kiss goodnight for me.” “Will do!” Gloria sent right back, thinking devilishly, “I’ll give him more than just a kiss!!” Gloria walked down the hall to retrieve her hairbrush. Picking it up off her vanity, she caught sight of herself holding it in the mirror. A wry smile spread across her face. It had been so long since she’d had occasion to use the brush to deliver a spanking. Though out of practice, she had no lack of confidence in her abilities. Ricky was surely in for a blistered bottom! For his part, Rick stood facing the wall, his mind a blur. His feelings of excitement and disbelief that his spanking fantasy was about to become reality were coupled with fear after Gloria’s detailed description of how the harsh spanking would be. Still, his cock stood at full attention and he knew he’d have to go through with it. If not, he’d just go back to always wondering, what if…? Gloria returned to the bedroom and sat down on the neatly made twin bed. She laid the hairbrush in her lap, flat side up, and beckoned Rick from his place in the corner. “Come sit next to me on the bed dear,” she instructed. Rick shuffled over, his pants slightly impeding him, his bare bottom still on display. He sat next to Gloria, and relished the soft fabric of the blankets connecting with his naked cheeks. “Now Ricky, I’m going to give you one last chance to change your mind. Once you are across my lap, no matter how much you beg, cry or scream, I won’t stop until I decide you’ve learned your lesson.” Rick’s eyes were transfixed on the brush in Gloria’s lap. Taking his chin with one finger, she lifted his head to meet her gaze. He felt about two feet tall. “If you truly want this, and truly believe you deserve it,” she said, “I want you to ask me.” Rick took a deep breath. “Mrs. C.” he said, using the name he had called her throughout his childhood, “will you please put me over your lap and spank my bare bottom? I have been naughty and deserve to be punished.” Gloria smiled at him. “Yes, young man, you have been naughty and you do deserve a spanking. I will gladly put you over my lap and teach you the lesson you need to learn. Stand up.” Rick rose to his feet, feeling much more like “Ricky” than he had in quite some time. Gloria set the hairbrush aside and tugged his pants down further below knees, exposing his massive hard on. Gloria took note, running a single painted fingernail up the shaft. “My my, you certainly are a big boy these days aren’t you? I think we’ll have to make your friend here go away, one way or another.” She quickly snatched his elbow and flopped him headlong across her ample thighs. She captured his hard cock between her bare thighs and squeezed it tightly. Wrapping her left arm around his waist, she started in smacking his bottom with her right hand. Rick’s cheeks quickly turned pink and he began to wriggle. There was a sting, no doubt, but the hand spanks were driving delightful vibrations through his most sensitive areas. Gloria’s grip on his cock between her legs tightened, and he felt his excitement build. Wetness oozed from the tip and provided sensational lubrication as he rubbed against her skin. Gloria picked up the pace and intensity, sensing that the young man was close to climaxing. She allowed his hips to buck up and down slightly, his cock sliding between her thighs. With his butt starting to really redden, Rick finally let loose. The pressure that had built over the last several minutes was released in a massive orgasm, spilling hot cum all over Gloria’s legs. As he moaned in ecstasy, she stopped spanking and rubbed his bottom gently. As he fell limp across her lap, she slowly reached and picked up the brush. Tapping it against his bottom, Rick flinched and gasped. “Now that we’ve dispensed with your little fantasy, we can get down to business,” she chided. “Brace yourself little boy, it is time for your punishment spanking.” Rick felt the brush leave his bottom, and held his breath… Gloria tapped the brush against Rick’s reddening backside. The young man flinched across her lap. With his libido faded, she knew he likely was suddenly less interested in continuing the spanking. “All the more reason to make this a memorable experience,” she thought. Gloria reared back, and brush exploded across Rick’s naked rear. He gasped in shock and instinctively reached back to rub out the sting. Gloria quickly grabbed his wrist and pinned him in place. She began the onslaught. She spanked him hard and steady for several minutes, without speaking a word. Rick wriggled and writhed over her knee, moaning and whimpering, but not yet crying or asking for it to stop. Gloria knew she had a long way to go. She paused for a moment to admire the crimson color that had spread across his cheeks, at the same time tightening her grip on Rick’s wrist so he knew she was not through with him yet. She alternated cheeks, expertly smacking each side with the brush and spreading the sting to all parts of his bottom. She began to scold. “I should have turned you over my knee a long time ago. You are clearly still just a naughty little boy who needs a mommy to look after him. I have a feeling this will not be the last time I have to give your bare bottom a good dose of my hairbrush.” Rick couldn’t believe how much the spanking hurt. His ass was on fire, and the heat only continued to grow. As Gloria scolded him, his mind was able to drift for a moment away from the sting and to her words and disposition. He noted how he felt so small, truly like a little boy being punished by his mommy. He felt searing embarrassment, but also a strange sense of reassurance, that Gloria was spanking him because she cared for him. Gloria kept scolding as she continued beating his bottom. “This is what happens to naughty boys who misbehave,” she chided. “They have their pants taken down and they go over the knee for a good, hard, old fashioned, bare bottomed spanking.” Each word was punctuated by a hard slap of the hairbrush. “This is just what you can expect from now on - a soundly smacked backside each and every time I decide you need one.” Finally, the pain became too much for Rick to bear. He kicked his legs and began begging for mercy. “Please!” he shouted, “I’m sorry! Please stop!” Gloria, though, showed no mercy. She threw her right leg over Rick’s legs to stop his kicking and lock him in place. She turned up the intensity, seeking to make the boy submit and cry. “I will stop when I’m good and ready. Since you’ve never had a spanking, we have some lost time to make up for. This will be a lesson you will not forget anytime soon, little boy, I promise you that.” Rick’s butt has turned deep red and was showing some signs of purple in a few spots. He wiggled on her lap futilely, moaning and ouching loudly. She knew she was getting close. She spanked him as hard as she could, finally hearing some sniffling and feeling his body go limp across her lap. Gloria paused for a moment, resting the brush on his throbbing bottom. Rick sobbed softly, praying the blistering was over. Rubbing the brush in small circles around his sit spots, she indicated she was not done with him yet. She told him so. “We’re not quite finished here, young man. I am going to paddle you 20 more times. These will be hard and will hurt quite a bit. It’s ok for you to cry. After I’m done, you’ll go back in the corner for ten minutes. Do you understand?” Rick was silent, other than his muffled sobbing and sniffling. Gloria reared back and smacked him hard. “OOOWWWW!! Yes ma’am!!” Rick yelled. “Good boy,” she said. Without waiting another moment, she reared again and delivered the 20 blistering spanks. Rick bawled like a baby. Then, finally, it was over. Gloria let go of his wrist and gently rubbed his bottom. Rick lay limply across her lap, sniffing and sobbing. “It’s ok sweetie, it’s all over now. You took your spanking like a very good boy. You can get up whenever you’re ready.” She continued caressing his backside, taking stock of how warm it had become. Rick didn’t move for several minutes. His head was spinning, still trying to catch his breath. As he regained a sense of himself, he became aware of the gentle petting on his red hot ass. He had been punished thoroughly, given a good beating, but by someone who cared enough to give him what he so badly needed. She now reassured him with a gentle touch, telling him he was a good boy. It felt so good. Eventually, Rick rose to his feet. Gloria did not remove her hand from his bare bottom, and kept up her caress. She beamed up at him from her seat on the bed and smiled warmly. “You are a good boy, Ricky. And even good boys need spankings sometimes.” Rick wiped his nose. “Yes ma’am.” Gloria leaned over and produced a tub of baby wipes from the nightstand drawer. Removing a few, she reached up and wiped Rick’s nose and cheeks. With side-eyed wink, she then turned to wipe Rick’s mess from her bare thighs. “I have learned to keep wipes handy when spanking naughty big boys, in case of any accidents,” she smiled. Rick blushed. As she finished wiping up, she instructed, “Ok buster, in the corner for ten more minutes. Then it’s straight to bed.” Rick stared for a moment. “Oh right. You can sleep right here tonight,” she patted the bed. “I’ve already contacted your mother and let her know you’ll be spending the night.” Rick’s jaw dropped. She called his mother?? “Oh sweetie- don’t worry,” pinching his sore bottom, “this part is our little secret.” He breathed a momentary sigh of relief, before she slapped his butt sharply. He jumped straight in the air. “Now go stand in the corner little boy!” she commanded. Pants at his ankles, Rick waddled across the room to endure the last part of his punishment. “And no rubbing!” she called after him, “hands at you sides.” He did as he was told and faced the wall without reaching back to ease the intense pain in his rear end. He could hear Gloria shuffling around the room. She left briefly, and Rick had a chance to process what had happened. For so long, he had fantasized about this moment and now here it was. He relished every bit of it, even the throbbing soreness across his still-bare backside. The stillness of the moment was broken when Gloria came back in the room, and saw him standing there. She had gone to find some pajamas, and now from the doorframe of the bedroom, she witnessed Ricky. The boy from up the road, now 27 and fully grown - bare bottomed and well spanked, propped in the corner on display. The perfect picture of a naughty little boy. She laid the pajamas out on the bed. “Ok young man, come on over here. Time to get you ready for bed.” Rick turned to see her sitting in the bed, with a set of flannel pajamas neat on the bed next to her. He waddled over, pants and boxers still about his feet. Gloria reached down. “Let’s get you out of these,” she said. Rick attempted to grab his underwear, but Gloria slapped his hand gently, and pulled his feet through both leaving him naked from the waist down. She rolled up the legs of the pajama pants and held them out for him to step in. Feeling like he was about four years old, Rick put his hands on Gloria’s shoulders and allowed her to pull the pants all the way up and tie the draw string. The soft fabric felt nice on his swollen butt, and also rubbed him in the right ways in front… “Arms up,” she instructed. Knowing better than to even think about not complying, Rick lifted his arms. In a matter of seconds, Gloria had removed his t-shirt and replaced it with the matching flannel pajama top. “Ok, Ricky, now you are still being punished so it’s straight to bed,” Gloria said. “I’ve left to toothbrush on the sink. I want you to brush your teeth, use the toilet and get right back in here.” As if in a trance, Rick methodically brushed his teeth, peed, and returned to the room. Gloria stood over the bed with the covers turned down. He smiled at her sheepishly and lay on the mattress on his side. Kneeling to tuck him in, she said, “I’ll check on you in 20 minutes. I expect you to be asleep.” Reaching over and patting his bottom, she emphasized, “It is lights out time, so don’t even think about getting out of this bed. I think you know now what will happen if you disobey me.” Cringing as the somewhat gentle slaps sent waves of sting through his ass - but also sent vibrations to his cock - Rick meekly replied as he had all night, “Yes ma’am.” “Goodnight sweetie,” standing, Gloria kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you, Mrs. C,” Rick said softly. Gloria smiled broadly. “Anytime sweetie,” she returned. Leaning down and spanking him several times, she chuckled and added, “in fact I expect I’ll get another opportunity sooner than later.” Rick yelped. And giggled. And felt his manhood stiffening against the soft flannel pants. Gloria pecked him once more, then turned off the lights and closed the door. Left alone, he tried diligently to comply and go right to sleep. He was emotionally and physically exhausted. But replaying the night’s events in his head, he found it hard to sleep, and found something else hard as well… Reaching down between his legs with both hands, Rick rubbed the soft flannel against his stiff member. The sensation was incredible. Closing his eyes he gripped his cock and pictured himself sprawled across Gloria’s lap, being spanked red by her hairbrush. Continuing to rub with his right hand, he reached back and touched his sore bottom. Rubbing the soft fabric against the bruises, squeezing firmly, his dick became immense and dripped with anticipation. It only took a few more minutes of stroking before he squirted cum down his leg and all over the inside of his pajamas. As the ecstasy of the orgasm wore off, his body finally gave in to exhaustion and he quickly fell deeply asleep.
  3. Here's a new story inspired by Cya's story, Not Worth It. Hope you like it. ?? Chi-Chi walked over to Capsule Corp. She wished she had an excuse not to, but between still having the Flying Nimbus and Goku leaving with Shenron after the fight with Omega Shenron, she honestly had nothing better to do. Chi-Chi signed sadly. Both her sons had grown up, and her granddaughter, Pan, had just finished her freshman year at Orange Star High. She never felt lonelier, despite living next door to Gohan and Videl. So she was reluctantly happy to be called over by Bulma. Her old friend greeted her happily as she entered the building. Bulma's hair had grown out, being done up in a ponytail, and she wasn't wearing lipstick. She also wore a blue shirt with gray pants. "Glad you could make it!" Bulma said earnestly. "Come with me." The two walked to the far end of the lab as Chi-Chi looked at Bulma. "You know," Chi-Chi began. "Goku was right. You do look younger without lipstick." "Good to know." Bulma said, half sarcastically. "Look, I asked you here to try out a new invention with me." "Um," Chi-Chi asked nervously as Bulma led her into a room and locked the door behind them. "What kind of invention?" "Well," Bulma began. "Ever since I had Bulla, I got the idea in my head to make automated child care products. The initial nursery worked good, so I decided to branch out." "So what do you need me for?" Chi-Chi asked, already guessing the answer. "I need you to help me test my new inventions out." Bulma said eagerly. "Oh no!" Chi-Chi said flatly. "I'm not letting myself be manhandled while you sit behind a control panel!" "Actually, I'd be going in with you." Bulma explained. "Huh?" Chi-Chi asked, shocked at Bulma's confidence. "Do you know how boring it's been since Goku left?" Bulma argued. "I don't know." Chi-Chi said. "I'll pay you ten million zeni." Bulma said quickly. "Now I am." Chi-Chi said quickly. "Great!" Bulma said. "Don't worry about anyone catching us. Only a voice command from me can open the door." "Okay." Chi-Chi sighed. "What first?" "Those turnstiles will get us ready." Bulma explained. "Just pick one and walk through." Chi-Chi went through the one right in front of her as she realized she was on some kind of treadmill. As she was forced to continue in a circle, she felt her dress get removed, leaving only the green shirt she'd been wearing underneath it. She then sneezed as she felt talcum powder being rained down on her. Next, her panties were removed, and she felt a thick cloth get wrapped around her waist while she heard safety pins being opened before feeling a slight shiver as cold metal brushed against her thighs. Finally, she felt something get tied onto her head before the belt finally stopped, and she found herself on the other side of the door. Seeing a mirror, she realized that she was wearing a cloth diaper like she used to use on Gohan and Goten. She was also wearing a purple baby bonnet. She then saw Bulma emerge with a cloth diaper instead of her pants and a pink baby bonnet. "So, ready to go?" Bulma asked. "That's seriously something you're gonna sell?" Chi-Chi asked, pointing at the turnstile. "Oh no." Bulma said. "That's just to get us ready. The powder in there's designed to cloud the sensors of all the devices in here, or else the machines would know we're not babies." "Oh." Chi-Chi said, a little concerned. "Don't worry." Bulma said. "It wears off in two hours. Let's go." Chi-Chi shrugged as she followed Bulma through a maze of contraptions. To be continued...
  4. (Hi! I would like resume this roleplay keeping tones and the tags of the first part. Is someone interested?) Samuel is a spolit and rude 10 years old boy, whom his mother can not longer ménage. One afternoon in which he come home during school hours accompanied by a police man, because he was accused of stealing a videogame, his mother decided that it’s too mutch. Then she search someone who give her some advice about how to correct her mistakes in the boy’s education. Some hours after nunny Alexandra responds to their ad proposing a particular educational system. (I'd like play the role of Samuel, I can play nanny Alexandra role too if you want, the role play start with Samuel who is accompanied by a policeman in front of the door of his house. Please don't write short answer but be descriptive) P.S.
  5. Here's a short story I've been occasionally working on for a couple of months now. Please let me know what you think. ----- The future was not looking great for Hannah. She was 4 weeks into her first term of college and was already failing three of her four classes, with the fourth hanging on by a mere three percent. She knew she was in trouble but just couldn't find the motivation to go to class or do her homework. She tried researching online to see what she could do to get herself motivated, but often she lacked the follow-through to actually follow the guides. While making her way through the dining hall after lunch, Hannah came across a poster that caught her eye. "Failing your classes?" the large title read. Just below that in a smaller font was "Need help finding motivation? Need a helping hand to help keep you going? Call the number below for help!". At the bottom of the page was a phone number. Knowing that she was running our of time and options, Hannah took a photo of the number and went back to her dorm. When Hannah arrived back at her dorm she was the only one home. Her two other suite-mates must have been eating lunch or at class. Hannah's relationship with them was fairly normal. She wouldn't really consider them friends, but they all got along and could maintain conversation with one-another. After going into her room and closing the door Hannah called the number from the poster. After a few moments of ringing a woman answered, sounding not much older than Hannah herself. "Hello, Christa speaking." The woman said. "Hello! I'm Hannah. I'm calling about the poster at Henshaw University." Hannah responded, a little nervous. "I see. Are you looking for assistance with passing your classes?" "Yes, I am. It's my first term of college and I'm failing almost all of my classes. I just can't seem to force myself to want to pass." "That's perfectly normal for someone like you. College is a big adjustment and some people just need a little extra help getting their feet on the ground. What do you say we meet in person at the Henshaw dining hall in a couple of hours and talk a bit more in person?" "That sounds great! I get out of class at 3:00pm and can meet you right after." "Alright Hannah, I'll see you then. Bye bye." Christa said has she hung up. ----- Hannah was nervous all throughout her 2:00pm U.S. history lecture. She was having trouble paying attention most of the time, and when she actually tried she was so lost that it almost wasn't worth it. Once the class was over Hannah made her way to the dining hall, having absorbed nothing. When she arrived at the dinning hall she spotted a tall brunette woman standing right outside the cafeteria. The woman was wearing business casual clothing along with short heals, giving her an almost intimidating look. Hannah's gut told her that it was Christa. 'Hello. Are you Christa?" Hannah asked as she approached the woman. "Why yes, I am. You must be Hannah. It's nice to meet you in person." Christa said, reaching out to shake Hannah's hand. Hannah shook Christa's hand and took a moment to analyze Christ further. She seemed to be somewhere in her mid to late twenties. Her long, straight brown hair was hung up in a ponytail. Christa probably had a good 7 inches of height on Hannah, which contributed further to her intimidating aura. "Well, why don't we take a seat and we can talk about what you need and what I can provide." Christa said as she lead Hannah to empty table. Hannah sat down across the table from Christa. Hannah was having trouble making eye contact due to her nervousness. "Let's start with why you called me." Christa started. "W-well, as I said on the phone this is my first term of college and I'm failing nearly all of my classes." Hannah explained. "I see. And why is that?" "I have a hard time paying attention in class and I can never bring myself to do my homework. Every time I try I end up getting demotivated and can't focus." "Is that so? I'm thinking that my services would be a good fit for you. What classes are you taking?" "College Algebra, Beginners Writing, Art History, and U.S. History." "And what are your grades like?" "I have a 27% in math, 49% in writing, 72% in Art History, and a %36 in U.S. History." I answered, a bit embarrassed. "Oh, wow. If you don't get those up you won't be looking good for next term. It's a good thing you are taking action now. Midterms are next week, so you may still have time to turn this around. What I think this boils down to is a lack of discipline and motivation on your part. I'm guessing your parents helped keep you on track in high school?" Christ asked. "That's right. My mom and dad were always checking my grades making me do my homework. They're hundreds of miles away now, though." Hannah explained, realizing a little how much she was missing them. "And that's the case for a lot of people like you. You've had someone watching over you and making you do your school work your whole life. Without those hands pushing you to succeed, you're losing pace and falling behind. What I do is act as that hand. I'll give you the motivation you need to keep your grades up while also helping you develop routines and self-discipline so that you can be your own pushing hand. Do you want to know more?" Christa asked me. It was honestly all starting to make sense to Hannah now. Back in high school her parents were always threatening her with groundings for not doing her homework. They were always checking her grades and questioning her about low scores or missing assignments. When she had that her grades were fine. But her parents were hundreds of miles away now, and she had only herself to rely on. Realizing there wasn't any immediate consequence for failing, she let myself slip into a cycle of bad habits. "Yes. I think this might be exactly what I need." Hannah answered. "I think so too. Now, I will warn you that my methods are fairly unconventional. I have found that it's better if I don't explain them until it's time to implement them, as my clients sometimes get cold feet after hearing my plan. I want to assure you that I have a very high success rate though." That made Hannah even more nervous. What could be so bad about what Christa does? Would she also get cold feet if she knew what they were, she wondered? In truth it hardly even mattered to her at this point. If she couldn't change course then she was going to sink. This could be her only chance to turn her future around. "I'm still interested. As I see it this might be my only chance at staying in college." Hannah stated. "Then I think we have come to an agreement. I have some paperwork here for you to sign. Once it's complete I will work with the school to bill your financial aid account. I charge a flat fee of $60 a week and require payments for a full term." Christa explained as she handed Hannah multiple pieces of paper. The first form was a general information form. It asked for Hannah's personal information, as well as her student ID number and dorm room number. The second, third, and forth pages were all legalese, which Hannah was having a hard time understanding. Eventually she gave up, assuming it to just be consent to let Christa bill Hannah's account and other mundane information. At the very end it asked for Hannah's signature, which she penned in without a second thought. "Very good. I look forward to working with you Hannah. We'll get started tonight. I am going to come over to your dorm at 6:00pm. I want you to eat dinner beforehand and be ready for me, with all your uncompleted homework. I also want you to setup proxy access to your account for my email address, so that I can monitor your grades." Christa instructed, handing Hannah a business card that listed her email. "Alright. I'll see you tonight then!" Hannah said as she left, proud of herself for finally getting her act together. ----- When 6:00pm arrived Hannah was incredibly nervous. Honestly she didn't know what to expect. Was Christa going to act like a tutor? What were her 'unconventional' methods? Was this going to be worth the money? She had done everything that Christa had asked of her. Her homework was either sitting on her desk or pulled up on her laptop. She had granted Christa access to view her grades as soon as she got back. Hannah was waiting in her room when there was a knock on the door. Hannah got up to answer it, but one of her suite-mates who was lounging in the living room beat her to it. "Hello. I'm looking for Hannah?" Hannah heard Christa ask from the other room. "She's in her room right now. I'll go get her." Angie, Hannah's suite-mate, said. Angie didn't have a chance though, as Hannah left her room to welcome Christa inside. "Christa! Hello! Please, come inside." Hannah said as she approached the door. "Ah, hello Hannah." Christa replied. "Angie, this is Christa. She's going to help me get my grades up." I explained. "Wait? Christa Morris? I think you may have helped my sister when she was in college. She has never told me much about it, but she said you're the reason she got through college." Angie stated. "I am glad I was able to help her! What is her name?" Christa asked Angie. "Elanor Grace." Angie answered. "Oh I remember Elanor! Yep, I helped her get through her sophomore year. I'm happy to hear that she made it all the way through. If you see her please tell her I said hello!" Christa requested. After a little bit more idle chatter Hannah led Christa back to her room. Once inside Hannah shut the door and Christa placed the bag she was carrying down onto the bed. "That's a big bag. What's in it?" Hannah asked. "Just some supplies. You'll see when we get to it. Is that all of your homework on your desk?" Christa asked. "Oh, yes. I also have the online assignments pulled up on my laptop." "Very good. Now, let's get down to business. If you remember, this afternoon we talked about you having a lack of motivation and needing a pushing hand. Well, that's exactly what I plan on giving you. Tell me, Hannah, how did your parents discipline you when you were having trouble in school?" Christa asked. "They usually grounded me or at least threatened to." Hannah answered, a bit embarrassed. "I see. Well I am going to take a similar approach with you. Have you ever been spanked Hannah?" Christa asked with no hesitation. "Spanked?!" Hannah responded, a bit startled. "Yes. Has your parents or anyone else ever given you a spanking?" Christa asked again. "N-no!" Hannah answered, almost a bit defensive. "It's okay, you don't need to get worked up. I found in the past that groundings are too hard to enforce on a college student. That, along with numerous other reasons, is why I opt to use spankings as a punishment. Bad grades and missing assignments earn my clients a spanking, with the duration and intensity being decided by the severity. It helps give them a motivation to succeed, so that they can avoid future spankings. I think that's where we'll start tonight." Christa said, as if it was completely normal. "Y-you're going to spank me?" Hannah asked, her heartbeat rapidly rising. "Correct. Come on over." Christa instructed, taking a seat in Hannah's desk chair. Hannah was scared. She had never been spanked before and she certainly wasn't expecting them to be a part of this. Christa's reasoning made sense to her but she just couldn't imagine herself being spanked. Spankings were for kids and Hannah was an adult. "Come on Hannah, let's get your spanking out of the way. We have a lot to do tonight" Christa said, patting her lap again. "I-I don't know, Christa. Isn't that a little extreme?" Hannah asked, scared and embarrassed. "Nope. In fact, I think it's exactly what you need. Now come on. Don't make me drag you over here." Christa threatened. Hannah gulped as she slowly started approaching Christa. Once close, Christa took hold of her arm and gently guided the small girl over her lap. Due to Hannah's short stature she was left dangling well above the ground. Hannah's breathing and heartbeat increased even more once she was positioned. She felt like she was two feet tall. Hannah yelped when she felt Christa's fingers slip beneath her pants. Christa wasted no time in sliding them down to Hannah's ankles. Hannah blushed as her panties were exposed to the older girl. That couldn't compare to how embarrassed she was when she felt Christa's fingers hook onto the back of her panties. "H-hey!" Christa said as her panties were slid down to her ankles. "Spankings are given bare-bottom, Hannah. Now I'm going to explain how this is going to go. You'll be spanked one minute for every grade of yours below a 'C' and half a minute for every 'C'. Once we're done with that you'll get a paddle swat for every missing assignment you currently have. It looks like tonight's spanking will last three and a half minutes with 9 paddle swats afterword. Do you have any questions before we start?" Christa asked. "Will it hurt?" Hannah asked, more nervous than she'd ever been before. "Yes, Hannah, it will. The pain will help motivate you to do better and avoid more spankings in the future. You should think about what earned you this spanking and what you're going to do to avoid another one." Christa said, taking on a more domineering tone. "W-wait! Won't Angie and Sierra hear?" Hannah asked, trying to think of a way out of this. "I would be surprised if they didn't. Don't worry though. Once we explain to them that it's for your own benefit I'm sure they'll understand. Maybe in the future they will be willing to help with your spankings as well." Christa answered. "C-can't we think of something else?" "No, Hannah. Now no more stalling. I'm going to set my timer and start. Are you ready?" "N-no." "Well you have a few seconds to prepare." Christa rested her arms on Hannah's back while she set a timer on her phone. Once it was ready she clicked 'start' and used her right hand to deliver the first smack to Hannah's bottom. The first spank caused Hannah to let out a small yelp. The small girl clearly was not ready for what was about to come. Christa steadily delivered swat after swat to Hannah's exposed butt. Each one sent a jolt of pain through the smaller girl's backside and caused her to let out a whine. As the spanking continued the swats became harder and the speed picked up. It didn't take long for Hannah's whines to turn into expressions of pain. Hannah was terrified. She had no clue how long had passed since the spanking started and her bottom felt like it was on fire. Each swat was more painful than the last. Before long she could feel tears begin to well-up in her eyes. Not long after they were streaming down her face. Suddenly Hannah's door opened. Both Hannah and Christa looked up to see Angie standing there, flustered. "O-oh! S-sorry to interrupt! I was wondering what all that noise was!" Angie said before quickly closing the door. The interruption did nothing to stop Christa's flow. Hard swats continued to rain down on Hannah's defenseless bottom. Hannah's crying and embarrassment was worsened by Angie witnessing her being spanked. Hannah felt like she was half her age. How could she hope to see herself as equals with her roommates after being seen in this state? The spanking continued on with Hannah's whining growing even louder and more desperate. Her bottom was absolutely on fire with a pain she couldn't remember ever experiencing before. Eventually she was fully pleading with Christa for her to stop. unfortunately for Hannah her requests fell on deaf ears. Hannah had no idea how much longer the spanking went on for before she heard Christa's alarm go off. Relief washed over the smaller girl as the slaps to her bottom ceased. The pain was all still there though, radiating an intense heat from her bottom. "Now that that's done we'll move on to the paddle strokes." Christa said, motioning for Hannah to stand up. The intensity of the spanking had caused Hannah to forget all about the nine paddle strokes her missing assignments earned her. A new dread entered her mind as she was reminded. Christa helped her up off her lap and onto her feet. Hannah's legs were a bit wobbly so she had to try her best to maintain her balance while trying to rub the pain out of her bottom. Her balance wasn't helped by her pants and panties, which were still pulled down around her knees. The pain prevented her from recognizing how exposed she was. Christa went over to her bag and pulled out a large, long paddle. When Hannah saw it she became even more scared of what was about to happen. It looked like something you would see used for hazing new pledges in a college movie. When Hannah noticed the grid of holes on the head of the paddle her fear worsened even further. "Okay Hannah, go ahead and bend over and grab your ankles." Christa instructed. "Christa please! I can't take anymore! Can't we just get to studying?" Hannah pleaded. "No Hannah, not until we've got your discipline out of the way. Now bend over, or I may have to add more strokes." Christa threatened, getting a bit annoyed at the younger girls whining/ Hannah gulped as she slowly started to bend over. Her bare bottom becoming more and more vulnerable. When she was and low and she could go she grabbed hold of her ankles and did the best she could to brace herself. Her anxiety grew as she heard Christa approach her. "Tonight you're getting nine paddle swats. One for each missing assignment you have. I want you to count each one out loud. If you miscount or forget then we'll redo that swat. Understand?" Christa explained. "Y-yes." Hannah said, very much unready for what was about to happen. With no warning Hannah suddenly felt pain explode through her bottom. The spankings she got from Christa's hand earlier were nothing compared to what the paddle could do. Hannah involuntarily let out a scream in shock. "One!" Hannah yelled, not wanting any more awful strokes than what she was already getting. Christa drew the paddle back and harshly brought it back down. A loud 'THWAP' quickly followed. Hannah shot forward from pain. She was trying her best to mitigate it with a death grip on her ankles, but it didn't seem to be helping. "Two!" This rhythm continued for the next several swats. Each one drew more tears and painful screams out of Hannah. She was now truly understanding why Christa was so effective. Who the hell would want to suffer this every week?! "Eight!" Hannah cried out shortly after the paddle hit her. Just one more and she was done. It was all she could think about. "Nine!" Hannah yelled right after the final stroke made contact. Hannah instantly removed hold of her ankles and moved on to rubbing her butt. No matter what she did, she couldn't get rid of the pain though. If she thought it was bad after the hand spanking, then this feeling was truly horrid. "Now that your spanking is done we cam move on to part two." Christa said as she went back over to her bag. Hannah could have never guessed what Christa was about to pull out. Out of the bag Christa brought out a large, pink package. Hannah couldn't immediately tell what is was until Christa placed it down onto her bed and she could see the logo. It was a package of children's pull-ups. "W-what are those for?" Hannah asked, still trying to get her sobbing under control. "They're for you." Christa said, as if this was normal. "What? I don't need diapers!" Hannah exclaimed, almost sounding offended. "First off, they're not diapers, they're pull-ups. And second, they're the second part of your punishment." Christa stated. "What?!" Hannah almost yelled. "Calm down Hannah. The spankings serve to give you something to dread. They are to help motivate you to study and do your homework by making you fear a more painful spanking. The pull-ups are used to accomplish the same thing but in a different way. Until you're grades improve and your assignments are turned in your panties are going to be entirely replaced with these. The thick padding and childish designs will embarrass you, motivating you to study and do your homework so that you can earn your big-girl panties back. You can think of them as punishment panties." Christa explained. This was too much for Hannah. Not only had she just been spanked like a child, now she was expected to wear diapers meant for potty training toddlers? The logic behind it made sense to her in a way, but she was a college student for god sake! She was much too old to be spanked and wearing pull-ups. And calling them 'punishment panties' didn't make it any better. "Christa is that really necessary? I'm 18 for crying out loud. I'm way too old to wear those! They probably won't even fit me!" Hannah exclaimed. "Oh I bet you they will. And age has nothing to do with this. I don't expect you to pee in them or anything. They're just there to give you a goal to work towards and keep you motivated. The pain from a spanking will fade in a day or so, but these will always be there to remind you of what you're working towards. Now come here, we've wasted enough time already." Christa ordered. Hannah was trapped. She knew there was no way she was going to talk Christa out of this. Her only hope was that the pull-ups wouldn't fit and Christa would abandon the idea. Shamefully, Hannah waddled her way over to her bed where Christa was sitting. Christa started by pulling down Hannah's pants and panties even farther. She had the smaller girl grab hold of her shoulders while she worked the pants off of her. Next came the panties, leaving Hannah completely exposed from the waist down. Christa then ripped open the package of pull-ups. She pulled one out of the package and allowed Hannah to get a good view of it. The pull-up was all pink. On the front there were several Disney princesses and just below them was a white oval containing an outline of Cinderella's slipper. A wetness indicator. Christa pulled the pull-up open and slipped her hands through the leg holes. She stretched open the object and brought it down towards Hannah's feet, clearly intending for her to step into it. Praying that they wouldn't fit, Hannah hesitantly slipped her foot through the first hole and then the second. Christa then began to work the pull-up up Hannah's legs. To her horror, there was little to no resistance as it got higher. Hannah felt utterly defeated as Christa removed her hands and the pull-up conformed to her body perfectly. "See, I told you they'd fit. Now, as I said before, these are to be your only panties until your grades improve. The only time you're allowed to remove them is when you're showering or using the toilet. I don't care if you're sleeping, going to class, visiting your parents, or whatever else. Your punishment panties stay on. Understand?" Christa said. "Yes Christa." Hannah lightly said while starring down. "Good girl. Now let's get to work. Get started on your math homework and let me know if you have any questions or need any help." Christa said. Hannah was going to put her pants back on to try to hide the pull-up but was forbidden to by Christa. Humiliated, Hannah brought her padded bottom to her desk. The pull-up was much thicker than her normal panties though. As she walked she noticed that it was slightly forcing her legs apart. Not enough to give her a waddle, but enough for her to notice. She also noticed that every movement resulted in a slight crinkle sound. Hannah wasn't ready for the wave of pain that shot through her as she tried to sit down. The pain from her spanking earlier had minor subsided and became relatively unnoticeable as her attention was focused solely on the pull-ups, but when she tried to sit down it was reignited. Hannah quickly shot back up and began rubbing her butt through the back of her pull-up. "Sit down, Hannah. The pain will fade soon." Christa ordered. Hannah slowly lowered herself back down. She winced as her butt made contact with the chair. She kept going though until she was full seated. The pain was horrible at first, but like Christa said it slowly faded. Not enough to not be painful, but enough to where she could divert her attention away from it. Hannah began working on her homework as ordered. She was interrupted minutes later though when she heard activity behind her. She turned around to see Christa going through her dresser, removing all of her panties. "What are you doing?" Hannah asked Christa. "Confiscating your panties so that you aren't tempted to wear them. Don't worry, I'll give them back once your grades improve. Now try to focus on your homework" Christa explained. Hannah turned back around and tried to focus on her homework. She'd occasionally steal glances back at Christa though. At one point she noticed that Christa was filling up the dresser drawer with pull-ups out of the package. There wasn't enough room for all of them though, so Christa just left the half full package exposed on top of the dresser. Hannah could have never imagined herself like this. She though college was her chance to show that she was an adult, yet here she was wearing what was essentially a diaper for toddlers after being spanked like a little kid. The worst part was that she was PAYING for it. Hopefully in the end she would actually be able to pass. It was going to be a long seven weeks.
  6. Part 1: Paige hitched her backpack up onto her shoulder as she hefted two black garbage bags off the passenger seat of her car before easing the door shut with her hip. She was 20 and short, barely 5 feet tall, and she had wavy light brown hair that frizzed out around her face unless she held it back with clips or bands, or like today, sunglasses perched lazily on top of her head. She might not look it, based on the number of times she was carded for R-rated movies or given children’s menus at restaurants, but she was soon to start her junior year of college. She was living back home for the summer break to save money on housing, and to “bond” with her soon-to-be stepfather and 18 year old step-sister. Though she hated that idea and saw much more than polite small talk with either of them unlikely, she was still looking forward to the summer at home. Paige knew that she should really look for a job or at least an internship and that many open spots were already filling up, but at the same time she felt like she deserved a little bit of a break after such a hard semester. Working on the whole new-family thing would be work enough, anyway, she reasoned. Or at least that was what she had told her dubious mom when Paige had confessed her failure to secure summer employment. Having a roommate at college, nice as she was, had also meant that Paige had little alone time and made indulging in her ABDL interests basically impossible save for some late night online reading and photo browsing and the couple of weekends where the girl, Tess had gone to see her boyfriend. It would be nice to be able to have the house to herself during the days and her own room with a lock on the door at night. And for as long as she didn’t have a job, she would have the house to herself, despite the two new inhabitants who had moved in this year. Jake and her mom both worked weekdays and from what she had heard, went out together most nights or invited friends over to the house. Her mom’s social life had quickly dwarfed Paige’s own. As for Mia, the girl was equally gregarious, it seemed. From what she had heard and experienced in her brief meetings with the girl, Paige thought that she was nice enough, but they didn’t have many shared interests. Mia loved to run, hike, and cook, woke up at the crack of dawn to get laps in at the community pool, went out with friends and her boyfriend all the time, and this summer, she had not one, but two jobs lined up already, on top of her full social calendar. Paige would much rather watch nostalgic cartoons and eat pop tarts and captain crunch on the couch than do a 5k for childhood diabetes, and she was perfectly fine with that. Mia on the other hand, would come down to the sight of this during winter break, having already swam miles and miles, showered, and changed, only to whip up egg white omelets for herself and her parents, getting a full-mouthed mutter of “no fanks” from Paige. And before the two lovebirds had come downstairs, she would have the table set and the dishwasher loaded, counters sparkling. It was like the girl never stopped moving. During the last such impromptu family breakfast that Paige had been a part of, which turned out to be a daily routine for the house now, she had felt so out of place, munching on her multi-colored crunchberries with her bare hands while the other three had a lively conversation about the local mayoral candidates, some fundraiser, and the current situation in the middle east. Clara knew the gist of what was going on, but she didn’t feel comfortable enough in her knowledge of any of it to really engage in the conversation. Add in that the three of them knew many of the same people, many of Jake and Mae’s friends the parents of Mia’s classmates, and Paige often felt like a fourth wheel being talked over more than an equal contributor to the conversation. The idea of ever seeing Mia as a little sister seemed laughable. They would put up with one another for family dinners once or twice a year until they started families of their own or until Jake and her mom fizzled out. But there wouldn’t be the sisterly bond that her mom went on and on about. Tossing her bags down on the floor in the foyer and kicking off her bright yellow flip flops next to a cubby of neatly stacked sneakers and sandals, Paige called out to the empty house to see if She was alone. “Mom? Jake? Mia? Anybody home?” There was no answer, save for the clicking of nails and high pitched whimpers from the kitchen. Making her way through the house, Paige took in the subtle changes even since she had been here for winter break. It was weird to think that even though this had been where she grew up, other people had been making this their own home in the time that she had been gone this year. The fridge was covered in swim team and bake sale schedules, a straight ‘A’ report card, and an acceptance letter to Princeton. A few photos from her childhood were now mixed in with others of her mom and Jake at the beach, at a concert, on a cruise, and then a few of the tall, smooth dark haired Mia. In one, her red, school-issued swimsuit is stretched across her ample breasts, skimming down along her curves to the high cut outs above her shapely hips. She looked like a supermodel or an extra on bay watch more than a high school senior. As if to contrast this, one of the photos nearest that one is of Paige from middle school the one summer she tried the swim team. In the photo her bright purple and turquoise bathing suit clings loosely to her flat chest, slightly off-centered for being too large, follows her square midsection straight down to her non-existent hips, and sags down below her butt a bit, worn thin and pilled from sitting on the rough pool deck outdoors. Her bright orange goggles are pulled up on the top of her head and her face is pink from sunburn with reddish raccoon eyes from the overly-tight goggles. Her hair is wet and frizzing out around the bands of the goggles, off to the sides and down below her pigtails. The worst part of it is that she was barely 3 years younger in that photo than Mia was in her own. Reasoning that she could probably “spill” something on the photo some time this summer, Paige looked away from the starkly contrasted photos and towards the whining and wagging fur ball across the room. “Hi Lox!” She said, sliding open the crate door and immediately being knocked onto her butt by the small jumping Beagle’s furious kisses. She still couldn’t believe that her mom, after refusing her desperate pleas for a puppy her entire childhood, sucked in so quickly when Mia had made the same request. If he wasn’t so damned cute and friendly Paige might resent the pup. As it stood, he didn’t help with her resentment towards her step-sister-to-be. When she had asked her mom why she caved now with Mia when she had said no so often to Paige, her mom had said that Mia had “shown how responsible she is”. Whatever that means. As if Paige weren’t responsible. Whatever kind of revisionist history that was, Paige didn’t know. She had kept a cactus alive for five years on the bathroom window ledge, thank you very much. Sure, she had forgotten it’s existence for the better part of two of those years, and fine, cacti do best when you basically forget about them, and okay, it had ultimately died when she had dropped it into the sink and then overwatered it, upon remembering it one day, but still! Paige scratched Lox’s ears again and filled a glass with water before heading back to the living room for her backpack. She didn’t feel like lugging the two heavy garbage bags she had shoved her clothing into up the stairs just yet. Maybe if she left them long enough her mom would just do it. She had tossed every article of clothing that she had with her at school into the bags at the last minute, mixing clean and dirty together, not worrying about it since her mom was sure to rewash all of it anyway. She had never really let Paige do the wash since she had flooded the kitchen with soap bubbles and she commented on every break about the way Paige was laundering her clothes at school, pointing out the coffee spills and food stains on blouses and dirty seats of her pants from sitting out by the lake. Paige’s mom had seemed dubious about those stains, pointing out that some of her underwear had large brown splotches as well, but Paige had blushingly sworn up and down that it was from the lake. And it WAS from sitting by the lake. Paige would sit there wiggling in the wet and muddy grass and read and write ABDL stories for hours, the dampness of her pants only adding to the excitement. Would someone think she had had an accident? It would be easily explained away, especially when she showed the bottom of her muddy shoes, but no one ever stopped or asked her, never seemed to give her a second look. Not except for her mom who didn’t seem to accept the excuse. Now that there wasn’t the mud itself to prove her point, having washed her things, she felt like a little kid lying about an accident… or more than one. Not that there wasn’t some amount of thrill to that. It certainly added to the fervor of her writing those winter nights here at home. But as much as she was interested in the subject matter in her stories, she still bristled at the idea that her mom would honestly believe she was having accidents-and of that type-during the day no less. And it hadn’t helped that she had felt it best to have this conversation during one of those family breakfasts during her last visit, holding up a stained pair of her panties and jeans and asking about it in front of Mia and Jake, the three of them inevitably talking over and about her, suggesting stain removers that worked with toddlers Mia had babysat for with similar stains on their onesies and pants… despite Paige’s refrain that it wasn’t that kind of stain. It was with a strange and intoxicating mix of humiliation and arousal that met these memories. Paige didn’t fully understand them, but she did know, from the stories she read online and those she wrote, that she wasn’t the only person out there like this. It was confusing knowing where the line was though, where it became too much. And yet, even now she could feel a heat and dampness between her thighs. Like in one of Paige’s favorite stories where a girl pretended to have night time accidents to get her mother to buy her Goodnites and then to spank her as a means to “train her body” to stop wetting the bed. Paige often imagined herself in this same position, but it was always with some faceless mom figure, not her own actual mother. When she imagined her own mom it seemed wrong. And while it had been exciting at first that her mom thought she had been having accidents, she wasn’t sure she liked the way she started hovering after that, her constant refrains about using the bathroom before they went out growing frustrating. And yet, Paige thought, shimmying out of her leggings in her own room and kicking her now slightly damp underwear, (the memories aside, she still could enjoy the fantasies. Riffling through her backpack to the zippered inner compartment behind her laptop, Paige’s fingers found the soft open plastic of the goodnites bag and eased one of the pull-ups out with a smile. Pulling the goodnight on, she turned to the mirror on the back of her closet and imagined that her mom, or some faceless mom figure, to be more accurate, had checked her panties and found them damp, not from arousal as they were, but from a near miss at the potty. She would be marched upstairs to her room and the woman would pull a goodnite out of, not her backpack, but her underwear drawer, where they would be prominently housed next to her few childish and stained panties. She would be scolded for her accident as her mother-figure would place the pull-up on her bed, then leave to retrieve a towel and hairbrush before beckoning Paige over to her lap as she sat in Paige’s own desk chair. Paige’s protests that it was an accident and only a small one, that she had mostly made it to the potty in time, would be met with chiding about how big girls went potty before it was such an emergency and that this was her third accident this week. Paige would then be summoned forward where the woman would pull her leggings down to her ankles, followed by her damp panties with a “tsk” and a disappointed shake of the head, before guiding her over the towel on her lap and lifting the brush to- “-re you up here?” Paige’s fantasy was brought up short, her hand pressed against a now vaguely damp spot in her goodnight, her whole body wanting to continue while her brain kicked back into control. Shit, her mom was home! She shouldn’t be home for another hour, Paige thought with a grumble as she grabbed her leggings quickly off the floor, pulling them on just in time for the door to her room to open after just a cursory knock. How had she forgotten to lock that!?
  7. Hi folks! I have posted my stuff on other sites, notably Reddit and Wattpad. Someone recently encouraged me to post here, and I thought I would give this community a try. I have a fair backlog of stories, but I won't be posting them all at once on here. That seems spammy and rude. Plus, I think it's fun to have regular content to look forward to. For the medium-term, I'll be posting one chapter of a story a week on here, starting with my short novel "Baby Briana". It has twenty six chapters, so we'll be a while on that one. I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and otherwise talk to me in this thread. I don't know how often I will be checking my inbox here, as I already have a lot of inboxes, so my story threads are probably the best place to talk to me. Content Warnings: NSFW content including sex scenes. Spanking and discipline. Consent is not explicitly spelled out; a person acting as a child is considered to be giving implicit consent to be treated as one. Without further ado: Chapter 1 of Baby Briana. Brianna lifted her head and let out a yawn that stretched her jaw. Discomfort made her squirm in the bed. She slid a hand under the covers and immediately teared up. The bed was wet again. She froze in bed, listening and hoping that the house would be silent. No luck. By the sounds of it at least two of her roommates were already awake. The sun blazed through her white daisy curtains; a sign that it was likely they were all awake. For a few minutes she burrowed back into the covers despite the dampness. She wished she could vanish into the bed and disappear. Or better yet, that the stain would. “I don’t know why this is happening!” Briana despaired. “I haven’t wet the bed since I was six. It’s been ten times this month, and it’s happening more and more often.” With a groan she crawled out of bed and stripped off her soaked panties and nightshirt. She was able to scamper to the bathroom to shower without running into anyone. Scraggly red hair greeted her in the mirror. She sighed and tied it up. Haircuts were another thing that weren’t happening. At least the rest of her looked good. A smattering of freckles across a slim body. “Nothing like being poor to keep you trim.” Back in her room she dressed in dry clothes and faced her bed grimly. The comforter was too bulky to launder easily and seemed to be barely damp. She stripped the sheets and wrapped them in her wet bath towel. With the window open and a bit of febreeze on the mattress, she hoped no one would notice. Her feet creaked on the old wooden floors. Normally she loved an old house with tons of character. Now it was a traitor reporting her every move. Since quiet wasn’t an option, she made her way down the stairs quickly to the living room. Her roommate Suzie was there, curled up on the green antique couch. Brianna froze for a moment, but the blonde girl didn’t look up from her phone. Brianna rounded the wall that supported the stairs and opened the basement door. Another flight of creaky stairs and she was on nice quiet concrete. Even better, the washing machine was free. A huge wave of relief washed across Brianna when she set the washer running. Briana checked her bank balance for the hundredth time while she leaned on the kitchen counter. Only a couple hundred dollars left. Her roommates had been generous enough to let her skip the rent. They even let her eat from the groceries they bought. It was a lifesaver, but a guilt-inducing one. The college’s work study wasn’t taking any new student workers mid semester either. “There’s nothing online for jobs.” Briana sighed. “I’m sending out three applications a day but nobody replies.” “Hey, Bri?” Suzie startled Briana out of her thoughts. “Can you come to the living room? We wanted to talk to you about something.” “This is it. They’re kicking me out.” Briana’s mouth went dry, her stomach knotted. She managed a nod but couldn’t speak. Her fears redoubled when she saw her other four roommates sitting in the living room. Suzie led her to the armchair and took a seat on the right-hand couch next to Jane. As a film school student she was the most quirky of the group, short blue hair and a lot of tattoos. When she’d first moved in everyone called her Manic Pixie Dream Girl until it got to be too much. Anything but plain Jane was still in pajamas, her long black hair pulled back in a ponytail. She had striking German features with a resting bitch face that was legendary in the Economics department. Erin and Casey were on the left-hand couch, still dressed for their morning run. The only sporty members of the house, Erin was freckled and burnt, while Casey tended to evenly tan. They always seemed to sit together; Erin was the only one in the house who wouldn’t be dwarfed by Casey’s six and a half feet. Across the coffee table in the other armchair was Veronica, dressed in her usual black house dress. She had a quiet, commanding presence most of the time. At a meeting like this she had the look of royalty. Not condescending, just the assumption that she was in control. She didn’t even need to flex her wealth or Postdoc status to have authority in the house, but they certainly helped. Brianna sat at Veronica’s direction, eyes already brimming with tears. “I think you probably know why we wanted to talk.” Veronica said. “I’m sorry!” Briana burst into tears. “I can have my stuff packed up in a couple of days.” “What? Huh? No!” Several of the girls responded in unison. “Briana, no.” Veronica said with a concerned frown. “Nobody is kicking you out. I’m sorry you thought that’s what this was!” “What then?” Brianna sniffled. “You have been… having to do a lot of laundry lately.” Veronica said. Briana flushed. “That was really kindly worded. Carefully worded. I wonder if she learned that in the counseling program.” “We’re worried about you, and we want to help.” Veronica continued when Briana didn’t seem like she was going to reply. “Help how?” Briana sighed. “I don’t have insurance, or money for a doctor. I can’t ask you to cover me on that too!” “That’s not what we were offering.” Veronica said kindly. “We did get you a couple of things that might help though.” Erin hopped up and grabbed a package from behind the couch. A package of incontinence undergarments. Brianna’s heart sank and her face flamed again. “I uh, I don’t know why it’s happening but I’m not sure that I really need…” She stammered. “I know it’s rough even thinking about wearing those!” Erin said. “So I got you some different ones too.” She placed a second package on the coffee table. This one had bright colors, proudly proclaiming the efficacy of its pullups. “Uh, I’m pretty slim but I don’t think I can fit into pullups.” Brianna said, confused. “They’re adult sized!” Casey chimed in. “I know they look kind of kid-y.” Erin said. “But they’re way prettier than the Depends.” “I don’t think…” Brianna began. “Please think about it.” Veronica said. “Use them until you figure out what’s going on.” “Veronica’s the one covering my rent…” Briana hesitated, “Those things probably weren’t cheap either. This is actually really nice of them, even if it’s embarrassing.” “Um, okay. I’ll try them for at least a couple of days.” Briana said. She blushed and sank back in the chair as the other girls applauded. “We want you to be okay.” Jane said. “We’re here to help you, okay?” Suzie smiled at Briana. “It takes a lot of courage to accept help, especially about something like this.” Veronica said. Briana wiped away tears. Her roommates rose up en masse and helped her out of the chair. Surrounded in warm group hug, Brianna sobbed a couple of times and took a deep rattling breath. “Thanks everybody.” The hug closed tightly around her again. “You’ve all been really nice.” “We’re friends!” Suzie declared. “Just because we’re not a sorority doesn’t mean that I don’t think of you all as my sisters.” Veronica said. “We’ve had this house together for three years.” Brianna nodded, wiping her eyes. Jane helped her carry the supplies up to her room, giving her another hug before she left. Briana put the packages in the far back of her closet and realized there was a third one as well. A plastic mattress cover, that had been sitting under the depends. “I can’t afford to replace my mattress.” Briana thought grimly. She slipped the cover on her mattress and made the bed with new sheets. You couldn’t tell by looking at it, and when she crawled under the covers, the feel wasn’t too bad. “I sure have good friends. I wish I knew why this was happening!”
  8. ABRI Interludes are short one-shot stories involving characters from my main work "Adult Baby Research Institute". Unlike the main work these stories are much lighter in tone, short, slice-of-life style pieces, with lower stakes, slower pace, and softer situations. They focus on characters from the main work, but are intended to stand alone and be accessible to a wider audience. If you like this story, be aware that Adult Baby Research Institute is an ABDL / BDSM / Medfet story that is turned up to 11 and may not be your cup of tea. But it might. Interlude One - Xander Learns a Lesson Dan frowned. He barely got any sleep last night and this was not how he wanted to start his morning. He was knelt over a tub, trying to get an adult baby boy cleaned and ready for his day, but his charge was being a real pain in the ass. He was "bratting out" hard. Dans knees hurt, his ass hurt from the weekend and he needed a cup of coffee. This was not what he signed up for, nor his charge. Another splash of water from the tub hit him in the face. He could see Xander looking back at him with a mischievous shit eating grin. "THAT'S..." Dan started to raise his voice, before he felt a hand on his shoulder. "That's enough Xander. I think maybe it's time I took over." Christine said with a smile, helping Dan up to standing. "I..." Dan started to stammer. "I know, you're really off balance and it's hard to focus. That happens on everyone's first weekend at the institute. I've watched you try to feed this little one earlier and he has been nothing but trouble. We look out for each other here. Why don't you leave little Xander to me and you go downstairs to the cafe to get a cup of coffee. There is a new cute little barista there, and he is dressed in the cutest, pinkest little maid outfit. He would love to serve you." "Really? It's no problem?" "None at all, I've read Xander's profile. 'No spanking, no impact play, no nipple torture, nothing hurty'. That's okay, I think maybe Xander learns how we handle brats at the Institute". "Wait a minute..." Xander started. Christine saw Dan waver a little. Dan didn't want anyone to inflict anything on his little one! "You remember training right? Some little ones really do need the boundaries and discipline. They brat and act out because they are afraid of admitting that's what they really want. That's part of our job—my job—is to give them the safe space to explore that. Your job Dan, is to go relax, and let that little cat-boi serve you coffee. Maybe write in your journal about your experience last weekend so you can properly process it. I need you on your A-game, so that you can put little Xander here back together when I'm done breaking him to pieces." Xander, sitting in the tub turned white at the "breaking him to pieces" metaphor. At least, he hoped it was a metaphor. "You're right, thanks Christine. Okay Xander, I'll be back in a little while." "But wait a second, you can't do that!" Xander whined. "Can and will." Christine said "'Only punishment when strictly necessary' was the box you checked on your intake form. And I think this counts as necessary. You've been bratting out hard since you woke up this morning. I think it's only fair to Dan, and to you, that you get to experience the punishment and boundaries you clearly desire." Xander sat in the tub. It was true. He was bratting out hard. He wasn't really sure why even. He remembered ticking off the "I'll be a perfectly behaved baby" box in his intake form. But there was something about watching that one baby boy get chastised and spanked with a ruler that made him feel really funny. He hated watching it, but he was deeply fascinated at the same time. It was impossible to identify that feeling he had inside. Dan leaned over and kissed Xander on the forehead. "I won't be long. You be a good little boy for Christine." "He'll be the sweetest little thing when you return!" Dan walked away, and Xander turned so white he was pale. Christine just chuckled. She pulled her phone out of her pocket, sent a text, and turned her attention back to Xander. "We're going to learn a lot of things together little guy." She coo'ed while pulling him out of the big tub and leading him over to a small chair in the corner. "Sit." The command was fierce coming out of Christines mouth. Xander had never played hard before. He didn't know what to expect, and the fear of the unknown loomed over him. Even worse, he had a raging hard-on despite being freezing cold and dripping bath water everywhere. Not wanting to temp fate, he sat down. "Now we have a special protocol for little ones like you who says they don't want punishment, but very clearly do. I'm going to describe your punishment for you. Then you have to decide if are you going to take it, or are you going to back out. If you back out, you and I will walk over to the towels, and I'll watch you dry off and we'll go down to the locker together, get you in your big boy clothes. Dan will come give you a hug, there'll be no hard feelings, and you can fill out a new application if you decide to come back. Though you might want to do some reflecting on your behaviour." Xander frowned. He definitely didn't want that. "The other option is that you are going stand up, bend over and touch your toes and I'm going to give you a light spanking. Just enough so you can feel it, but more importantly, everyone in the room will hear it. Then I'm going to put a little plug up your bum because I don't want you to make a mess of your chair. Finally, I am going to put a gag in your mouth to make sure it stays nice and open for the bar of soap that you'll have between your lips. You'll stay like that, shivering cold with your nose in the corner until Dan comes back." Xander blanched. This was scary! "Then at detention tonight,we'll spend a little bit more time. You'll start by writing an apology letter to Dan for your behaviour, and write in your journal about how you felt about the experience you're just about to have. What happens after that is up to you and me." Xander felt his world shrink. He didn't want that! Did he? Didn't he? He wasn't sure about the pain, but Christine said it would be light. And the plug would be little. It did also sound ... really intriguing. And Scary. It sounded really scary. "When Dan comes back after your punishment little one, he will want nothing more than to rescue and dote on you. Believe me." Xander felt his body betray him again. His cock grew harder still. He looked inside his heart and he knew he wanted this. Even the spanking, no matter how scary it was. More importantly he loved the idea of being punished, and then being taken care of afterwards. "Do you want to go home? Xander shook his head. He definitely didn't want that. "So, would you like to take your punishment like a big boy?" Xander paused. Slowly he nodded. "Uh huh." "Are you ready for a spanking as well? I'll go easy this time little one." Xander thought about and and nodded. "I see we're going to learn a lot together Xander." Christine said, gripping his chin, and giving him a devilish smile. "Now, stand up and touch your toes."
  9. Team RWBY and Nora Valkyrie were looking around Anima after the defeat of Salem. Nora's boyfriend, Lie Ren was away on a mission, and the group's other friend, Jaune Arc, was visiting his sister's family in Argus. As such, the five Huntresses were looking around an old, abandoned village for bandit activity. "What's that big building up ahead?" Ruby asked. The girls looked and saw a large warehouse that looked surprisingly well kept, considering the rest of the village. The windows were boarded up, and a sign nearby read, Reformatory Nursery. "Uh..." Yang said in a confused voice. "What's that?" "I think I heard someone talking about it at a dinner party when I was little." Weiss explained. "It was an attempt to quell the crime in Mistral by making the inmates as helpless as babies." "What happened?" Blake asked, nervously. "It worked too well, and the people who had volunteered to test the place had become mentally... Damaged." Weiss explained. "As such, the whole project was abandoned." "Let's look inside!" Ruby said eagerly. "Ruby, are you crazy?!" Weiss shouted. "We could get seriously hurt!" "We're just going to look around." Ruby said calmly. The five Huntresses headed in, much to Weiss' annoyance. The warehouse was pitch black when they entered it. "I'll look for a light." Nora said as she headed off. Weiss rolled her eyes at this, ready to give her friends the biggest "I told you so" she could if and when something went wrong. Nora found her way to an office as she searched for a light. Her hand eventually hit a large button as the lights came on, and so apparently did everything else in the factory. She looked and saw a sign over the button that read, "EVERYTHING ON". "Huh." Nora said. Back at the entrance, Team RWBY found themselves staring at a room with conveyor belts crisscrossing the area. Just then, mechanical arms grabbed the four and held them up. "Excuse me!" Weiss shouted. "Do you know who we are?!" "No file detected." A feminine computer voice said. "Awaiting warden's assessment." Nora looked around and saw a panel with faded lettering and one switch with numbers on it. Worried for her friends, she set the switch to "one". She hoped that it would at least minimize the damage. "Prisoners to be treated as one-year-olds for one month." The computer said. "Nora!" Weiss yelled. "I'm sorry!" Nora shouted back. "I can't read anything on this panel!" Team RWBY was then placed on the middle belt for processing. Yang was brought forward first, held in place by the arms. A red light then scanned Yang's face, making her blink. "Name?" The computer asked. "My name is Yang!" Yang shouted angrily. "And I am not a baby!!" "File created for Baby Prisoner Yang." The computer stated as a screen popped up with technicolor swirls on it that Yang couldn't help looking at. "When you hear the word, Goldielocks, you will return to as you are now." "Goldielocks." Yang said in a dazed voice as she was let go. Yang then blinked and looked around. As Yang continued forward, her arms were grabbed by a pair of mechanical arms while another pair pulled off her boots, pants, and panties. The arms then pulled off her jacket and tube top. "Let go of me, you perv!" Yang shouted, sitting there in nothing but her bra. Just then, a yellow pacifier was shoved into her mouth. At the tip was a milky substance she accidentally took a suck of. Liking the taste, she continued drinking, unaware that it was a muscle relaxant that would leave her little better than an adult baby by the time she was off the belt. Blake, meanwhile, was being scanned next. "Name?" The computer asked. "Blake." Blake sighed. If Yang couldn't break free, none of them could. "File created for Baby Prisoner Blake." The computer stated as the swirling screen came down, with Blake as unable to look away as Yang. "When you hear the word, Belle, you will return to as you are now." "Belle." Blake repeated in the same dazed voice as Yang. She was then moved forward as Blake looked ahead to see what she was in for next. Yang was then brought to an area where the arms forced her onto all fours, and a baby thermometer was brought out. "Hey," Yang shouted as her pacifier fell out of her mouth. "Wait a minute!" The arms quickly put the pacifier back in and held it there. The thermometer was then gently pushed into her rectum before being pulled out. A ding was then sounded. "Baby Prisoner Yang has slight fever." The computer said. "Administrating medicine." Yang's pacifier was then pulled out before a spoon full of cough syrup was shoved into her mouth. Yang gagged as her pacifier was put back in, and she sucked on it hard to get the taste of the syrup off her mouth. Blake was brought to the next area as mechanical arms held onto her wrists, and Blake was stripped naked, save for her bra. "Uh," Blake began. "Did you have to take my shirt off too?" At that, the arms put a pacifier in Blake's mouth. Tasting the milk inside, Blake immediately began sucking it down as she moved down the belt. Weiss was then scanned by the light. "Name?" The computer asked. "Weiss Schnee!" Weiss shouted angrily. "I demand you let me and my friends go! We have committed no crime!" "File created for Baby Prisoner Weiss. " The computer stated as the swirling screen came down. As with her friends, Weiss was unable to look away. "When you hear the phrase, Snow White, you will return to as you are now." "Snow White." The dazed Weiss said before the belt continued on, and Weiss glared angrily at Ruby. Yang had just arrived at the next station where several soapy loofahs cleaned every inch of her, making her shriek and moan from behind her pacifier. By the time it was over, and Yang continued forward, her skin was bright pink, and when she brushed her hand against her arm, it felt as smooth as a baby's. Blake, meanwhile, was getting her temperature taken, and she groaned nervously as the thermometer was removed from her butt. "Baby Prisoner Blake is healthy." The computer said as Blake was moved forward. Weiss, meanwhile, was struggling against the arms as she was losing all of her clothes except her bra. "I beg your pardon!" Weiss shouted. "Give me back my clothes!" Instead of that, the arms shoved a pacifier into Weiss' mouth, and when she tried to spit it out, the arms held it in place as more arms moved Weiss' cheeks back and forth until she began sucking on the pacifier and drinking the milk inside. At last, Ruby was scanned by the light. "Name?" The computer asked. "Ruby!" Ruby called out, deciding she may as well go for it at this point. "File created for Baby Prisoner Ruby. " The computer stated as the swirling screen came down, and Ruby was almost immediately entranced. "When you hear the phrase, Red Riding Hood, you will return to as you are now." "Red Riding Hood." Ruby said in a dazed voice as she headed forward, mildly interested in what happened next. After being cleaned, Yang was moved to the next station where a mechanical arm rubbed baby oil all over Yang's privates. Yang sighed at the nice feeling before the belt continued on. Blake, meanwhile, was getting cleaned by the loofahs, and she groaned at their diligence. Once they were done, Blake lied on all fours like a tired cat. Further down the belt, Weiss was getting her temperature taken as she groaned angrily, gasping when the thermometer was pulled out. "Baby Prisoner Weiss is slightly cold." The computer said as the arms lifted Weiss up and put her down on an electric blanket, which she reluctantly accepted before continuing forward on the belt. Ruby had just been stripped of everything but her bra as the arms gave Ruby her pacifier, and she sucked on it, giggling. Yang continued forward to the next station where several powder puffs patted her butt and crotch with baby powder, making Yang sneeze once or twice. She was then moved forward. Blake was enjoying having her butt oiled, treating it like a relaxing message. She gasped, however, when baby oil was rubbed on her groin. Blake tried to get off the belt, but the arms held her down and gently stroked one of her cat ears, which immediately relaxed her while she was oiled up and sent forward. Weiss was getting cleaned by the loofahs, struggling with all of her might. To her horror, it seemed that Weiss was getting weaker. Weiss began kicking at the loofahs when an alarm rang. Weiss was moved onto her stomach while her butt was raised up. A paddle then came down and spanked Weiss until she began crying. "Let me out!!" Weiss wailed. "LET ME OUT!!!" The spanking ended, and Weiss' pacifier was put back in her mouth while her cleaning was finished, and she was moved forward. Ruby groaned as her temperature was taken, and she clenched her teeth on the nipple of her pacifier. "Baby Prisoner Ruby is healthy." The computer said as Ruby relaxed as she was sent forward. Next for Yang, she was picked up by the arms and laid on her back, with her butt touching a very thick cloth. The arms then folded the cloth around Yang's pelvis, and she realized that it was a giant cloth diaper. The arms then secured it with a safety pin. The arms then patted Yang's diapered crotch as she was moved forward. Blake, meanwhile, was getting her butt and crotch patted with talcum powder, making Blake sneeze like a cat. Once the powder puff was done, Blake continued down the belt. Weiss arrived at the oiling area and sighed at the baby oil being rubbed on her sore butt. For once, Weiss didn't resist and relaxed. However, she was unnerved to find that she couldn't stop herself from sucking on her pacifier. She continued down the belt, desperately trying to figure out how she could escape. Ruby giggled at the loofahs as they scrubbed her clean. Ruby laughed, having the time of her life. She couldn't understand why it took so long for Weiss and Yang to calm down and enjoy the ride. Ruby sighed as she was on her hands and knees being carried to the next station. Yang was moved to a station with a gallon of milk connected to a hose with a rubber nipple on the end. An arm comes down and takes out Yang's pacifier. "Hey!" Yang shouted. "That's my paci!" The arm then grabbed the hose and put the nipple in Yang's mouth. With no other choice, Yang drank the milk as she found herself enjoying it, even if she was drinking so much of it that she was getting a bit of a pot belly. Once the gallon was emptied. Yang was moved forward, groaning at her rumbling stomach. What Yang didn't know was that the milk was laced with laxatives that would virtually destroy her bladder and bowel control. Blake had just had her butt lowered into her new diaper as the arms folded it around her groin and secured it with a safety pin. She giggled at the soft feeling before she remembered the hypnotic message with a recall word. If the belt was finishing up, why would it have given a code word to turn them back to normal? This made Blake fret as she continued down the belt. Weiss was getting her butt and crotch patted with talcum powder, and she struggled and tried to get off the belt, shouting through her pacifier. Once the powdering was done, the arms held her down and gave her butt a few good smacks. Weiss whimpered sadly and stayed where she was as the belt rolled her forward. Ruby, meanwhile, giggled at her butt being oiled by the arms. She wondered what came after the belt, aside from the obvious. She couldn't wait to see! At Yang's next station, a robot maid picked Yang up and held her over its shoulder before patting Yang's lower back until she burped. Yang sighed with relief as she was sent forward. She was actually starting to like this place. Blake was brought to the feeding station where her pacifier was taken out. "Um," Blake asked nervously. "What awe you gonna do to us?" Blake barely had time to realize she was unable to pronounce her R's when the milk tube was shoved into her mouth. The moment the milk hit her tongue, she drank like there was no tomorrow. When she'd drunk the whole gallon, and got a pot belly out of it, the hose was pulled out of Blake's mouth, and she immediately had a tantrum. "I want mowe miwk!" Blake cried. "Mowe, mowe, mowe!!" Blake continued to cry while she was carried down the belt. She was eventually calmed down by the arms waving plastic keys in her face. Enraptured, Blake tried to bat at them. Weiss was getting her butt lowered into her new diaper as she continued to wiggle, being able to do little more at this point than kick her legs and wave her arms. Once Weiss' diaper was folded around her pelvis and pinned in place, Weiss couldn't help but cry while she was carried down the belt. Ruby, meanwhile, was giggling as the powder puffs patted her butt and crotch with baby powder. Ruby was then moved forward, happy that everyone was still safe and happy, as far as she knew. Yang arrived at another station where she was lifted into a sitting position, and a yellow baby t-shirt was put over her head. It had orange frills and barely reached the top of her diaper. Yang then had mittens put on her hands and booties put on her feet. Next, two earmuffs came from the sides and clamped onto the sides of Yang's head. Before she could ask about it, a new pacifier was put into her mouth. Just then, an electrical current traveled between the earmuffs and through Yang's brain as the overstimulated brain became very malable. "You are a baby." The computer said through the earmuffs. "A one-year-old baby." Yang began giggling like a baby through her pacifier as the earmuffs retracted, and a yellow baby bonnet with orange frills was put on her head. Blake had been picked up by the maid and patted on the back until she burped. At that, she spat up on the maid's shoulder before it wiped her mouth clean. Blake was then put back on the belt and headed off. Weiss was at the feeding area as she continued to struggle. Just then, her pacifier was finally removed. "Wet me out!" Weiss shouted, aware that she sounded like a fussy toddler. "I want out! Me and my fwiends awen't cwiminals!" However, the machine ignored her like always, and the hose was shoved into her mouth. Weiss was forced to gulp down the gallon of milk and was distressed at how bloated she was getting. Eventually, the milk stopped, and Weiss was sent forward, too full to struggle much anymore. Ruby had just been set on top of her diaper. She giggled as the arms folded it up and pinned it together. Ruby was then set forward, starting to feel hungry. Yang arrived at the end of the belt as she was dropped into a large, cushioned playpen. She giggled before standing up very shakily and going to a pair of yellow rattles. Blake, meanwhile, was being lifted into a sitting position as a white baby t-shirt with black frills was put on her, followed by black mittens and booties. Following that, the earmuffs came up, and Blake got a new pacifier put into her mouth. The electric current fried her brain as a new mental state was programmed into her. "You are a baby." The computer said through the earmuffs. "A one-year-old baby." Blake cooed as she was given a black baby bonnet. She laid on her back, continuing to coo and babble like a baby as she headed forward. Weiss was being picked up by the maid as she grumbled. "I'm not a baby." Weiss said meekly as the maid patted Weiss' back until she burped. Weiss was then set back on the belt, to weak and exhausted to do much else but cry as she was moved forward. Ruby arrived at the feeding station as her pacifier was taken out, and she saw the cylinder of milk. "Yay!" Ruby called out. "Miwk time!" Before Ruby could register how her voice sounded, the hose was put in Ruby's mouth, and she eagerly drank her gallon quicker than any of the others. In fact, when the gallon was finished, Ruby began to cry until an arm tickled her bloated stomach, and Ruby squeeled with delight before moving down the belt. At the end of the belt, Blake gently fell into the playpen and crawled to an alphabet book before she sat down and read it while Yang began shaking her rattles like maracas. Weiss had been sat up as a sky blue baby t-shirt with white frills was put on her. She then had blue mittens and booties put on her. The earmuffs then attached themselves to her head while she was given a new pacifier, and the electric current shot through. Thankfully, she had managed to muster enough strength to use her glyphs to protect her higher brain functions. "You are a baby." The computer said through the earmuffs. "A one-year-old baby." "Hmph!" Weiss scoffed. She may be stuck acting like a baby, but before long, she'd get her bodily functions back under control and turn this insane machine off. Ruby was being burped by the maid, and, once she was burped, she was set back down on the belt and sent on her way. At the end of the belt, Weiss was dropped down into a large playpen, the cushioned floor and her diaper breaking her fall. Weiss looked around and saw that Yang was bobbing up and down, shaking her rattles while Blake was reading a cardboard alphabet book. She folded her arms, upset at what had happened and scared of how the warehouse had effectively rendered the two complete babies. Ruby was being sat up and put in a black baby t-shirt with red frills. She was also put in red mittens and booties. Ruby giggled until the earmuffs came up. Before Ruby could ask about them, a new pacifier was put into her mouth. Then the electric current did its work, frying Ruby's brain just like with Yang and Blake. "You are a baby." The computer said through the earmuffs. "A one-year-old baby." Ruby suddenly began crying from behind her pacifier while the belt carried her forward. Ruby arrived at the end of the belt and dropped into the playpen, still crying until an arm came down and pulled out Ruby's pacifier and put a baby bottle full of milk into her mouth. Ruby held onto it while the arm was retracted, and she watched Yang dance. Weiss groaned at the sight. All of Team RWBY, including her, were reduced to giant babies at the mercy of a malfunctioning warehouse. To be continued...
  10. Hello everyone, This is the first chapter of my latest story. This is currently being published chapter by chapter on my Patreon and will be available in its entirety later this year. You can find the latest chapters at patreon.com/alex_bridges. All characters are 18+ Chapter 1 It’s not like I did it on purpose. I’m not sorry, but it’s not like I did it on purpose. I babysit three times a week on average, more like five times in the summer. I want to pay for as much of college as I can in cash, and childcare pays better than retail or waiting tables. Especially now that schools keep opening and closing, parents are desperate for a night away. For me, an opportunity to make more money, which I need. I’m not going to risk my reputation as the best sitter in town just because of a little mix up. “Hi, Mrs. Rooney,” I said when she opened the door. “Hi, Sally. Come on in. Thanks for coming over on short notice.” I followed her into her kitchen; the Rooneys always have good stuff in the fridge. I didn’t get where I am as a sitter by abusing fridge privileges, but I don’t pass up the benefit either. She was dressed to the nines. I never asked, but it always seemed like she and Mr. Rooney must be going someplace expensive. Just based on their house alone, they must be one of the richer families I sit for. They’re not wealthy, but they got the upper-middle-class thing down pat. Literally the only people I know whose entryway it an actual room. “Always happy to when I can,” I replied, “I like Jamie and Jackie.” Well behaved kids, easy to get along with. “O, they’re both at friends’ houses tonight. It’ll just be you and Gordy tonight. Is that okay?” Like I couldn’t tell this ‘misunderstanding’ was totally on purpose. She had this guilty, pleading look on her face, but that was so beside the point. “Gordon? Really?” I knew Gordon. More specifically, I’ve known him since kindergarten, which would make fourteen years we’ve known each other. We graduated a little over year ago in the same class; we were even in the same twelfth grade homeroom, and now we’re both sophomores townies at the same college. I’ve sat for the Rooneys more than a few times, and Gordon was, obviously, never one of my charges. I just figured that was because he was the same age as me. Come to think of it, he was never even home when I sat for the kids because if he was, why would they need me to watch the kids? “I wouldn’t ask. Normally he spends the night at my sister’s or a friend’s house when you’re over, but he can’t tonight.” Like, but he’s … “But why does he need a sitter? He’s twenty. He’s, like, a month older than me, right?” And I’m also twenty. “Yes, but I don’t like leaving him alone if it can be helped.” “O … kay. So we’ll just watch a movie, I guess.” Get paid a hundred bucks to watch a movie with one of my peers? Weird, but fine by me. We’re not friends exactly, but we’re friendly. We were sorta friends when we were younger, but less so once we got to middle school. Gordon’s not exactly Mister Popular. Everyone’s nice to him, though, and he seems nice enough too. Just … different crowds. “Not exactly. I can explain fast, but we’re running late.” “That’s fine. I’ll stay.” “O, thank you. We just really need a night out, and since he got in trouble on campus today, he’s not allowed to go to his friend’s house and my sister already had plans and …” Didn’t really need her life story. “Whatever. It’s fine. Just tell me what’s up,” I said with a dab of false cheer to cover my WTF. She’s running late; I’m getting paid whether she tells me all this other stuff or not, so hey, let’s skip to the part I need to know, right? “Gordy,” Mrs. Rooney said, “come sit at the table with us. I want you to hear all of this so you can’t say you didn’t know later.” I followed her eyes, and color me surprised to see Gordon – Gordy at home, apparently; he always hated being called that in school – standing in the corner in his pajamas at six o’clock. I know the difference between lazy around-the-house-clothes and jammies, and those were definitely jammies. He shuffled over blushing all the way to his ears as he kept his eyes pointed at the floor. We all took a seat at the table. I couldn’t tell if he as about to cry, tantrum, or both, and I wouldn’t blame him if he did. If I were him, I’d probably have broken something and peeled out of the driveway while flipping the bird. I mean, we’re not kids. We’re not even teenagers. We’re way too old for a babysitter by about eight years. “First off,” Mrs. Rooney said, “do you know about Gordy’s issue?” “His diapers? Yeah.” Like he could keep that a secret for since literally the entire time I’d known him. No one made fun of him for it, not in a long time. Kindergarten and maybe first grade a little, but even in kindergarten it quickly became normal: our class had a kid in diapers. An adult in diapers now. And he’s not on the spectrum or delayed or anything. I don’t know what the issue is cuz it’s none of my business, but he’s always been in diapers, at least so far as I know. You’d have to be dense to have not figured it out within the first week of kindergarten. And if even if you were dense, when we got to middle school and had to change for gym, I think they let him change in a private stall or something, but you could totally hear him crinkling through those shorts. And no one teased him. Gordon wears diapers, always has; he went to the nurse a couple times a day, and we all knew why. If anything, people in school were kind of protective of him even though he didn’t need it. I even heard a rumor that when a new kid asked about it in tenth grade, the biggest bully in our class hauled off and punched him just to make it perfectly clear no one bullies Gordon. “You’ll need to check and change him tonight.” Just when I thought Gordon – well, when in Rome – Gordy couldn’t bow his head any lower. “Uh, he doesn’t do that himself? Or can’t he?” You don’t get to be the most sought-after babysitter in town by being squeamish about changing diapers, but one fact I do know: toddlers make bigger messes than newborns, and twenty-year-old Gordy has about a hundred and five pounds on the average two-year-old. Though come to think of it, I didn’t know if Gordy needed diapers for that or just for wetting accidents. In the brief second I had to consider that, it occurred to me even a toddler who still has wetting accidents is usually in a pull-up, not a full blown diaper. Our school’s gym shorts covered everything, but there was no mistaking Gordy’s underpants for a pull-up. He wears diapers. “Gordy got a diaper rash last week. If he wants the privilege of changing his own diapers, he needs to be responsible about it, which means no rashes. I’m sorry to even ask you to change him, but I like to be very consistent with the rules, and the rule is if he gets a diaper rash, no changing his own diapers for a month.” Not surprised exactly. She’s one of the stricter parents I sat for. So yeah, she’s his stepmom, but she’s not really an evil stepmom. She’s just a stickler for rules. I was afraid to ask this and very sorry to have to ask it in front of Gordy, poor little guy, but I had to. “Um, does he … both ways?” I guess I could’ve asked him, but he seemed like he’d rather have a hole swallow him than answer any questions. “He doesn’t usually have a dirty diaper in the evening.” “Still …” “Two hundred for the night,” Mrs. Rooney said before I could finish the sentence we both knew I was in the middle of saying. “Two-fifty.” Hey, I’m not one to miss an opportunity. Do you know what books cost for just one semester? “Done.” “Sorry,” I said under my breath to Gordy. I felt bad enough for him that she was making him have a sitter, but how much worse for him to hear what it costs to get someone to look after him, which he doesn’t want anyway, and pretty obvious why anyone would want extra to sit for him. So yes, I felt bad for him, but it’s just … the ‘usually’ in ‘doesn’t usually have a dirty diaper in the evening’ sorta stands out like sore thumb in that sentence, right? It would if you were me, and I am me. “And another thing,” Mrs. Rooney said. “Mommmm,” he whined. A little spark of rebellion flashed in his eyes. I didn’t know about what, but that’s what you expect from someone his age. I guess I understand if life’s circumstances made him a little more likely to give in than lash out even when any of the boys we graduated with most of the girls would’ve told their stepmom where to go by now. “Gordon, last warning.” I looked from her to him, and that little spark turned into a little water, and he looked back down at the table. “As I was saying, Gordon got in trouble on campus today and is grounded, so he’s not spending the night at a friend’s like he normally does. Why don’t you tell the story, Gordy, since you think you’re old enough to say anything you want?” Did I say ‘stepmom’, cuz I meant ‘bitch.’ And Mrs. Rooney is not normally a bitch, so that got me more than a little curious what exactly he’d done to piss her off so mightily. On top of which, it’s not exactly easy to get in trouble on campus. I mean, we’re adults. You can do some seriously stupid stuff on campus without getting in trouble. He sighed and answered, “I called called someone … a name.” “The ‘C’ word,” his stepmom clarified. Or should I say his very reasonable, no more pissed off than she had a right to be (but could still be a whole lot more chill and even more thoughtful) stepmom clarified. “Gordy actually called a woman the ‘C’ word.” “But she …” Gordy tried to defend his actions. “I know what she said, and you had every right to be angry with her, but that is not how you talk to or about women. You know that, and losing your temper is not an excuse for using a slur.” She turned back to me. “I already washed his mouth out, but that language also earned him a bedtime spanking.” “A sp … O … kay.” Of all the ways my day could’ve gone, didn’t see this one coming. Like, at all. I personally never got why some parents get so bent out of shape about bad words (how bad can they be when you can turn on network TV and hear most of them?), and I didn’t really get why she cared given that – did I mention it six times already? – Gordy is twenty years old. On the other hand … now I understood why Mrs. Rooney was taking it so seriously. It’s not that big a deal if you think of the ‘C’ word as a swear, but if you think of it as a slur, yeah, much bigger deal. I guess it depends on how you use it, cuz I could see how it could be a slur, but I’ve always thought of it more as a swear. Not that my opinion meant anything in the circumstances. I’m the babysitter – I literally just work here. “I’m too old,” Gordy interjected probably (more like definitely) more loudly than someone in his position should’ve. I mean, I agree with him, but he still should’ve just kept quiet. There’s standing up for yourself, and then there’s digging the hole deeper. If she had already washed his mouth out (ick!), not let him go out with friends, and hired a sitter for him, I couldn’t imagine any argument, not matter how obviously valid, changing her mind. Mrs. Rooney is a fit woman; I’ve seen her play a heckuva game of tennis at the club, so not a surprise she could be on her feet and have her stepson by the ear so damn fast. Gordy’s not the first kid I’ve gone to babysit and found standing in a timeout; or the first kid I’ve gone to sit and seen spank-marched to the nearest corner for corner time; or even the first kid I’ve sat for who earned a spanking on my watch. But he was the first kid I’ve sat for who wasn’t, ya know, an actual kid. He may have crinkled all the way to the corner; he may have eeped a little when she tugged his ear; he may have tried to get out of the way of her hand as she delivered those underhand spanks; and he may even be kinda cute in a boyish kind of way, but definitely an adult. One whose birthday actually comes before mine. Diapered or not, adult. “Not another word,” Mrs. Rooney warned him, “or I’ll take your pants down right here. You just stand there and listen.” And damn did she mean it, even in evening wear. That tone? Enough to make me almost jump out of my chair to find my own corner and listen. “Are we ready, honey,” Mr. Rooney asked as he appeared from somewhere. Not that I wanna be that babysitter, but Mr. Rooney can take me anywhere so long as he’s wearing his tux. Shawl collar? Makes him seem even taller. No mistaking him for your waiter. And who even goes places that are black tie? “Just a minute,” Mrs. Rooney replied and picked up the pace; they probably had a reservation at one of those places you have to reserve six months ahead of time. Anyway, she continued quickly with, “He takes a bath on Fridays, not a shower. When he gets out of the bath, please give him his spanking. His diaper comes down, and he goes over your knee. He knows where to the hairbrush is. Then it’s straight to bed. Lights out at 9:30. That means no dawdling in the tub, Gordy. Out at 9:15. Understood?” He either understood or he didn’t want to risk saying anything he had every right to say but shouldn’t unless he wanted two spankings in one day. “Any questions,” she asked me. “So … on his … bare?” “Have you ever given a spanking before?” “Yeah … Well, a swat on their reset button,” I said, oddly embarrassed. I mean, most parents don’t even spank anymore, let alone allow – let alone ask! – a sitter to do it. I’ve tapped a tantruming toddler on the bottom before, but that’s not even a spanking. “Are you okay doing it? I wouldn’t ask, but the rule is a bedtime spanking. It’s best for them to get their consequence as soon as possible, and Gordy really needs the structure.” I guess that was all Gordy could take. “But she can’t! She’s the same age as me!” There was silence as Mrs. Rooney turned and looked at him like he was out of his mind. I thought he was in his exact right mind, but if I had to live with her, always strict like she is and and just then downright exuding this weird kind of determined, calm-but-pissed-off vibe she was giving off, I think I’d have kept my mouth shut. I think he realized that too cuz he didn’t say anything else or turn around. So that was two outbursts (justified if unwise) since I’d gotten there plus calling someone the ‘C’ word all in one day. Talk about your verbal incontinence. I don’t feel very strongly about spanking one way or the other. It didn’t do me any harm – though the last one I got was in third or fourth grade, and it was pretty rare before then too – but I’m not one of those crazy people who thinks you can’t possibly raise godly tomatoes (or whatever asinine phrase the bible bunch uses) without it. Still, I was the babysitter. It’s kind of my critical to my job to not let “you’re just the babysitter so you can’t XYZ” slide. On the one hand, pick your battles. On yet another hand, some battles you gotta fight. So I got up and connected that hand hard with Gordy’s butt. “I’m the babysitter. I’m in charge. And if your stepmom says you’re getting a spanking, you’re getting a spanking.” Two bonuses to stepping up like I did. First, and this wasn’t the main thing but was intentional, Mrs. Rooney smiled thinly and stood up, not to follow up on her threat to spank Gordy but to leave. Good riddance. Who needs those vibes around? Second, unintentional bonus: holy crap did I feel more powerful than I ever have in my life. And turned on. My promise ring didn’t make the journey from youth group to my mom’s car, but never I felt the way I did right then without a D or a D-cell battery before. Downside? Gordy finally lost it and started sniffling. I know the two spanks I landed didn’t actually hurt through his diaper, but I’m sure he was feeling about two inches tall having his college classmate spank him on his diaper while telling him she could and would give him a real spanking later that same night. I hated that I made him feel that way, even if I was just his stepmom’s instrument in this case. But also, and I feel guilty for saying this, it kinda added to the whole arousal hearing him sniffle. So … there’s a thing I learned about myself that night. Mrs. Rooney said to me, “I think you’ll do fine, but if you have any questions, Gordy will answer them. Not his first trip over a knee.” “Another fifty.” Did I say that? Good for me! “That’s fair. Edward,” she called out to wherever Mr. Rooney had gone, “ready when you are.” To me she said, “Thank you again and sorry for all the fuss. I didn’t want to call just anyone over. I trust you. He may not want you here, but I told him you’d keep everything between us, won’t you?” “Of course.” Also, ‘may not?’ Try resented the hell out of it, understandably so. And I resented the hell out of her asking me to sit and springing this on me. “We’ll be home very late.” “I know. I’ll probably be asleep on the couch when you get home.” I stood against the doorframe and watched Mr. Rooney count out three hundred dollars and put it next to the pizza money. I told them to have fun. She called me a godsend and barely avoided the door hitting her on the butt on the way out. To my right, Gordy in the corner, no longer sniffling but still staring at the wall on his naughty spot. To my left, three hundred dollars on the counter just for spanking and diapering a grown man. If I’d only known about this cottage industry sooner! Heck, I’d have paid off my car by now. Go to patreon.com/alex_bridges to continue reading
  11. Elizabeth's Behavioral Modifications (Rewrite) Edited and Updated 11-18 Chapters 1-4 https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/326758372-elizabeths-behavioral-modification Plea For Help Greetings, I am Dr. Anna Christenson; I want to introduce myself and my finding on you to the Board and my Peers regarding the revolutionary behavioral modification program my team, and I have developed for unruly Individuals who tend to misbehave. We begin with our most recent case study. The patient was presented to us by her so loving husband, who contacted us on her behalf regarding her poor behavior. He described her behavior as an out-of-control teenager with the mouth of a sailor. I explained to Ryan that our behavioral Program is considered experimental at best as we are still collecting long-term data, and we couldn't charge him for services. Ryan understood these conditions and asked if we could set an appointment to discuss this further. I was initially hesitant, but something in his voice sounded desperate. I agreed and got his contact information for our intake coordinator to contact him with the pre-physiological questionnaire. Good Morning; I see everyone has gotten their coffee and treats. Let's discuss our caseloads and possibly new candidates. Let's start with a quick update on patients; Alisson's responded after looking at her notes. Adma is doing great with his continued hormone the virtual environment therapy sessions; Greg and Sarah have been transitioned to the daycare program while their caregiver is at work with private one-on-one sessions with you, Dr. Christenson. Melissa, how are you coming along with the maintenance dosages for behavior control? Making excellent progress, Dr. Christenson. I'll have a new formula ready for clinical trials by next week, which should prove more robust and resilient. Ok, on to new business. In your folders, I present you with a 26-year-old female who shows signs of verbal abuse towards others while acting immaturely. Her husband has hired four life coaches to date. The first three quit, and the other was put into the hospital. The patient threw a vase at her. Her husband also says she has a mouth of a sailor. Please Let me hear your opinions. Can we help this young lady learn to act appropriately? Dr. Greg smirks; it sounds like she needs a good spanking and a bar of soap in her mouth for that kind of language; nurse Heart says, we all know you'd enjoy that way too much, Doctor, but I think she will be a good fit for phase three trials. After a few more comments, everyone agreed they had their next candidate, willing or unwilling. Alison, will you contact Ryan and set up an appointment for the first available in my calendar? Yes, Doctor. I'll make the call and get everything in motion for her. Good Moring, is this Ryan? Dr. Christenson asked to call you to make arrangements for you and Elizabeth to come into our office for an intake appointment this coming Monday at 7 am if that could work for you. Please, pack Elizabeth a bag of clothes for her trip home. We'll have you done here in about 2 hours. We are sorry to admit that you must wait about an hour Before meeting the Doctor. This is entirely for Elizabeth's benefit, though. Ryan and Elizabeth arrived at the clinic with the ruse of them participating in marriage counseling. Ryan and Elizabeth buzzed into the waiting room, where the receptionist had already set out some breakfast pastries and drinks. Elizabeth jumped at the opportunity for free food and proceeded to have several cups of expensive coffee and pastries. Ryan just sipped a cup of coffee while reading an article on his phone. Elizabeth whined to Ryan that she forgot to charge her phone and was about to die and he should let her use his work phone to play games on. After an hour of waiting, Elizabeth was bored, and her whining turned into insults and profanity about Ryan being inconsiderate for not letting her have a new phone. Elizabeth demanded that the receptionist get off her lazy ass and get the Shrink so they could get this over with. The receptionist typed into her computer, "The Patient is ready. "Exactly 5 minutes later, Heart walks into the waiting area and Says," Good Morning; you must be Elizabeth and Ryan; please follow me to the therapy room. Nurse heart pulls out her access card and passes it in front of the card reader, unlocking the door to a hallway; as she escorts the couple down the hallway to a beautifully decorated office; The Doctor will be with you in a moment. I'll be back a bit when it's time for her physical exam. A moment later, A knock on the door; opens with a tall, slender woman entering who is wearing a lab coat. Good Morning you must be Ryan. It's a pleasure to meet you in person finally. I'm Dr. Anna Christensen, Head Psychologist, and you must be Elizabeth Ryan has told me so much about you and how much he loves and cares for you. Now Elizabeth and Ryan, what brings you into couples therapy? Elizabeth goes first, proclaiming her worthless husband will not provide for her and is neglecting her needs, thinking he should do more to help out at home once he gets home from work. After Elizabeth finished berating Ryan, I messaged The Nurse to come to get Elizabeth for her Physical so that Ryan and I could speak privately. A moment later, a knock on my door Nurse Heart entered the room with a clipboard telling Elizabeth it was her turn to take her vitals. After Elizabeth leaves the room, I ask Ryan what the real story is; Ryan begins with I am sorry for my wife's horrid behavior. As you can see, she has no respect for anyone and believes the world revolves around her. Elizabeth refused to work at home or find a paying job out in the town; as I told you on the phone, Elizabeth injured the last life coach I hired. She feels work is beneath her, so I am forced to come home, cook dinner, and do the housework before I get any free time. It is like living with a helpless child; I have to tell her to shower half the time because she smells horrible and is still wearing the same clothes from 3 days ago. I'm sorry, Doctor, for ranting like this, but I am desperate. Can you help us? I am so sorry, Ryan, that you have endured this, and why haven't you left Elizabeth? You have only been married for five short years. Ryan responds, stating he still deeply loves his wife and believes she can do better with some counseling. Ryan, this Program is an intensive program. We start with a five days inpatient program that will use medication and hypnosis to curve the destructive behaviors. At first, there might not be many new changes, but gradually over time, she will change and have those more desirable and appropriate behaviors. Now I do have to warn you that we have had some behavioral regression in this Program. The reversal does have the advantage that the patients are more docile and cooperative, and there have been cases of even infantile behaviors. Rayan Infantile behaviors! Like what? Well, Ryan, in all our cases, all the patients have regressed to the state of a small child. This state can last for as little as a few weeks while we work through her childhood traumas, so please don't be surprised if she has a few accidents. You did say you were taking care of a bratty child. How about a polite child? Ryan sat there listening to every detail, almost unsure how to respond. A moment later, Ryan calmly says, ok, but just one question, will I be washing her bedding more than the 2 or 3 times a week she is peeing in her bed? No, Ryan, we'll send her home with some appropriate nighttime attire for that issue. Ok, Ryan says what do I need to do to make this all happen? Nothing at all, Dr. Christensen says it began. My nurse or I will call to keep you updated on her progress this week, and you will take her home Friday on your way home from work. The Exam Meanwhile, Nurse Heart was getting Elizabeth's height and weight back in the clinic. While Elizabeth was taking her blood pressure, she began nervously shifting in her seat, asking the Nurse to hurry up because she needed to use the bathroom. Nurse Heart told her she would be done sooner if she could sit still to get an accurate reading. Elizabeth was dam near dancing in her seat when the Nurse took her blood pressure cuff off and then proceeded to have her put the thermometer in her mouth. Elizabeth was almost begging to be finished because she had to pee so badly. All done, the Nurse proclaimed. Elizabeth ran down the hall, trying to remember the direction that had come to find her way back to the bathroom. The nurse Heart followed, telling her they needed a urine sample. Still, it was too late as Elizabeth rounded the corner finding the bathroom just as she began losing control busting into the bathroom, ripped off her tight jeans, jerked her panties down in one motion, and sat on the toilet. While sitting in the bathroom, Elizabeth surveys her wet clothes to see how wet they are and convinces herself they'll be okay till she gets home in an hour. A moment later, there was a knock on the bathroom door. Nurse Heart asked Elizabeth are you alright? Is there anything you need? A few moments later, Elizabeth emerges from the bathroom and greets by the waiting Nurse Heart; Elizabeth, all done? May we finish with our tests before returning you to your husband? Elizabeth nods and" says yes, Nurse." Now let's get you down to the exam room so one of our fine resident doctors can do a quick physical on you to make sure you qualify for this Program. Elizabeth questions the Nurse what about Ryan? Oh, don't worry, Honey; Nurse Megan is taking excellent care of Ryan as he is having the same test down and some blood tests to check his testosterone levels, just in case. Hello, you must be Elizabeth; I'm Dr. Miller. I am here to give you a quick physical. Please take a seat at the exam table. The Doctor quickly checks her heart, asking her all the routine questions, asking when her last period was and if she has had recent issues with her bladder. Elizabeth answered that she had just finished her period and had no bladder issues since she was a teen. Dr. Milles asked her if he could do a quick OB exam. Elizabeth, now panicking, asked the Doctor if this was necessary. It's just marriage counseling. Dr miller responded yes; it is essential because there might be the need for medication to help her feel happier if the Dr orders it. We want to make sure there will be no unforeseen issues. Reluctantly Elizabeth lies back on the exam table, allowing the Doctor to remove her black sweatpants, revealing her white-soaked panties. Excuse me, Nurse, can you make a notation in her chart that our little patient has had an incontinence episode so that Dr. Christensen is aware of her minor issues? Elizabeth, did you have an accident? You just told me you don't have any bladder control issues. Did you lie to me? Trying to avoid making eye contact, Elizabeth said, "no, Dr, I'm a big girl only children pee their pants." You are correct, Elizabeth. Only children who can't control themselves wet their panties, the Doctor responds condescendingly. Nurse, can you get her some dry clothes and appropriate panties for her to wear, please? Yes, Dr, please excuse me. I'll be right back, Elizabeth; one last question has you got this year's flu shot? Elizabeth Answers no, Doctor, I have been too busy to make the time. Okay, thank you, Elizabeth. Would it be okay if I gave you your flu shot? You aren't scared of needles, are you? No, I'm not afraid I'm a big girl, and yes, you can give me whatever shots I need so that we get this dam appointment over soon. Okay, I understand, but language like that is inappropriate and will not be tolerated here, especially with Dr. Christensen. He disapproves of little girls using foul language like this. OH, I'm glad you're back, Nurse. I explained to our little patient that her potty mouth was not appreciated and not allowed in our offices. A moment later, Nurse Hearth returns with what appears to be a pair of sweatpants and a clean pair of panties for Elizabeth to wear, handing them to Dr. Miller while she walks over to the tall glass cabinet and retrieves three vials. Elizabeth is already lying on the exam table, and she instructed her to lift her legs up and then lift her butt so Dr. Miller can slide her pants on so they can see Ryan. Elizabeth hardly noticed as she was paying close attention to the Nurse's Heart, filling three syringes with clear liquids. Dr. Miller announces there all done. Elizabeth's attention snaps back to Dr mill just as he fishes, pulling up the sweatpants and what feels like some very bulky granny panties, not her bikini-cut panties. Elizabeth is confused as she begins to reach down her pant to feel her underwear just as the Nurse comes over to the exam table with the syringes in hand. Okay, Elizabeth, I have three-shot for you as Dr. Miller has requested, and you also agreed to know with these three shots, some of our patients might get a little sleepy, but it's okay and will pass quickly. Okay, here is the flu shot, your B12 shot, and lastly, some Ativan to help you calm down and help you act your appropriate age. Elizabeth begins to tense up as the user gives her shots, thinking how much she hates needles. As Elizabeth becomes very relaxed and begins nodding off, Nurse Heart steps out of the exam room and promptly returns with a wheelchair. The Nurse and the Doctor transfer her to the waiting wheelchair securing her with a butterfly harness. The Nurse comments to the Doctor, "I hope she can stay dry till Doctor Christensen is all ready for her" Therapy Hello, Doctor Miller. Is our little patient ready for her therapy session? Yes, Doctor, she is already wearing a pair of training pants because she already peed all over our guest bathroom earlier. Nurse Heart, can you please assist Doctor Miller with setting up treatment room 3 and go ahead and top off the diaper cart with some extra supplies for our little patient? Doctor Miller started her IV, so she is well hydrated. Nurse Heart, can you get her wired to EEG, EKG, and bladder pressure sensor? Nurse Heart, you perform a "DRE" Digital Rectal Exam on her, please? Doctor, It feels like she is slightly impacted. Would up like me to insert a suppository or give a micro enema now or wait, Dr. Christensen? No, we can work on that in our therapy session today. Okay, Doctor Karen, send her in! Start the dosing of Lysergic acid diethylamide -25 very light we want her to be open to new suggestions from the hypnosis script and let the drip go for 30 or 40 mins for that to take full effect. Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Honey, can you hear me? Yes. And do you know where you're at today? Yes, and where is that? At School. What are you doing at school today? Swinging. Are your panties still dry? Yes, teacher. Thank you, Elizabeth. Nurse Heart, can you note on her chart that she regresses to about a 5-year-old level with our initial induction? Okay, let's begin again, a little light up and the IVs. We want her to be more aware and responsive. Elizabeth, can you hear me? It's your teacher Mrs. Christensen. Yes, teacher, Elizabeth responds. Are you being a good Girl today? Yes, teacher, I am a good girl... That's right; you are a good girl! Do good girls say bad words? No teacher. That's right, Elizabeth, a good girl, uses nice words. What happens if you use naughty words? Elizabeth responds by shaking her head NO. Elizabeth... Bad girls who use naughty words get spanked, and Bad Girls who miss behaving are sent to the corner for timeout... Do you like time out? NO Elizabeth responds Nurse Heart, go ahead and put the VR Headset on her and let's start the program one day 1, please. And we'll let her sleep while we eat our lunch here and let nature take its course, which shouldn't be much longer with all the high-fiber food she ate this morning. As everyone was finishing their lunch, they heard the familiar gurgling sound coming from Elizabeth's direction then the smell filled the room. Doctors, why must we use cloth training pants on the patients if we intend for them to make messes in their panties? Because Nurse Heart is part of the reinforcement program, they are not big girls/boys; only toddlers and babies mess and wet their panties. Okay, back to work, guys; I'll get the diaper cart while you Doctors do your doctor thing for her. Okay, Christensen was ready. I've stopped her IV, and there she goes peeing her already poopie patties like the baby she is. Doctor Christensen removes her headphone and stops the music. He calls Elizabeth, Elizabeth; what did I say about being a good girl at recess? Elizabeth shakes her head and says I was good, I promise. Elizabeth, did you have an accident again? No, teacher, I didn't have another accident. I'm a big girl! I see. Let me check your pants then and see if my nose is lying. You should be ashamed of yourself, and you said you're a big girl. Do big girls wet and mess in their big girl panties? No teacher. Elizabeth, can you tell me who pees and poops their panties? Little girls? Wet and mess up their panties. And what do little girls like you wear, Elizabeth? Diapers, "Elizabeth responds," Do little girls get to wear pretty panties? No teacher. Little Girls wear diapers. Okay, Honey, let's take you to the Nurses office so she can clean you up. Alright, Nurse Heart, your turn. Let's get her cleaned up and into something more appropriate. Okay, Doctor, give me one minute to finish up her notes. Did you ask her daddy if he wanted cloth diapers or disposables for her? We need to know by Wednesday so that I can submit the requisition order to the diaper delivery service with her measurements. for her diapers, rubber panties, and onesies. Okay, back to the business at hand. Elizabeth, still under the effects of the chemical cocktail Hurse Heart, "I thought you were a big girl; I was mistaken. You are just a little girl, aren't you? Elizabeth," making a pouty face, Nurse Heart says firmly, you are a preschooler; only preschooler make wet and mess their pretty panties as you did. That's not being a good girl. Now is it Elizabeth? It's okay, baby. The Nurse responds, let's get you cleaned up. There you go, all cleaned up; let's get you into these pretty diapers for the rest of the day. I know, Honey, these aren't your panties. You soiled your backup panties, so all we have is emergency diapers for you till your daddy picks you up with clean clothes. It's okay; I'll tell you, daddy, it was an accident. Why don't you lie here in my office and take a nap till it is time for your daddy to get you? Okay, Doctor, your turn. Okay, let's take her down to level 2. Do 2 hours of subliminal messages following up with 1 hour of post-hypnotic trigger words. The Alarm will sound if she wets her diaper and will record how much pressure is in her bladder so we can work on those levels later this week. The Nurse Heart, please let Megan on the Teen floor know that we have a new tween for her coming up at the end of the day. A short time later, an alarm begins to sound from the therapy room as Nurse Heart pushes around a cart of supplies filling the cabinet before she goes home for the evening. Nurse Heart coos to Elizabeth while checking her IV to see if it is empty yet, who is still wearing the headphones, that she is such a good girl and you deserve a special reward for being a good girl. Nurse Heart walks over to a metal two-door cabinet and gathers the supplies needed to change Elizabeth's diaper and a new in-the-box magic wand vibrator. She begins by removing her headphone so Elizabeth can see her Nurse. Nurse Heart unpins her wet diaper and pulls the front down, exposing her cleanly shaven Vulva. Only good little girls who use their diapers get this reward. Nurse Hart applies the now pulsating vibrator to her Vulva and gently moves it in a circular motion as she gradually increases the power and speed of the vibrator until Elizabeth's Heart is pounding and she is breathing quite heavily. As Elizabeth's breathing slows and her body relaxes, Nurse Heart Turns off the vibrator, places it back into the box, and changes Elizabeth into a clean diaper. The Nurse places the headphone back on Elizabeth's head and allows her to nap until Megan calls down from the teen floor, saying her room is ready for her. A short time later, Elizabeth is wheeled up to the 3rd floor to a nearly empty secure ward that is brightly colored like a juvenile teenager's room. Nurse heart presses the call button when a heavy-set brunette woman wearing a lab coat approaches the door and buzzes her in. Hey Alison (Nurse Heart), how is our little Princess doing tonight? She had a fantastic first day, with about 8 hours of therapy so she might act a little bratty we're focusing on the usual week one phrase, "Elizabeth is a good girl," "Elizabeth is a bad girl," and if you need to put her in her place tell her is an "Elizabeth is being a brat," be warned she'll probably wet and mess with this phrase and embarrass the hell out of her with any luck. She is in a daytime diaper, but it's up to you now if you want to treat her as you did Sarah. With training pants till she loses her potty privileges, then heavy diapers. Go ahead and do the usual nighttime diaper for bed tonight. She is on diuretics and laxatives. Here is her medication box for dinner and bedtime. Her meds are to be crushed and served in a baby bottle or sippy cup with either juice or milk; Her med dosing is on the high si, so that it might help her in the morning with behavioral issues. We'll see. If she misbehaves, Doc said level one punishment, so Corner time and spanking if she pushes the matter. Typical age-appropriate bedtime pajamas for her and whatever you see fit for the rest of the night for clothing for her The Teen Floor Gradually Elizabeth is awoken by the sound of voices or a TV. She groggily gets out of bed to tell Ryan to turn the fucking TV down so she can sleep off her hangover. As she walks out of her room and yells and swears to turn the TV down, she stops mid-sentence as everyone looks and starts at her with their mouths wide open in shock. A Heavyset Woman wearing a white nurse's uniform gets up from a rocking chair and says it's okay. Let me get you straightened out. Jimmy, Why don't you let someone else have a turn at Mario? Hello, Elizabeth. I am Nurse Megan, and you are on the Adolescent floor for the night. Wheres Ryan? Ryan is probably at home after a long workday relaxing, and you are here at the clinic still. But I was just at the clinic for marriage counseling. I know, honey, But the doctor said your behavior is way out of control, and you need some more therapy to help you and Ryan get along better. Now sobbing and unsure of what to do next, Elizabeth is shocked when she hears Nurse Megan Say," Elizabeth is a good girl" and should come with her to the bathroom to get her wet panties changed for the evening. Elizabeth nods and responds, Yes, Nurse and follows Megan down the hall past several other bedrooms to a communal bathroom. Let's get you up on the changing table so we can clean you up now. Nurse Megan lifts Elizabeth's legs in motion, pulling down her wet sweatpants and exposing her soaked diaper. Elizabeth is almost in a daze and suddenly realizes she is not wearing panties. Still, she is wearing a diaper, not the panties that she was wearing this morning, or even the fucking panties she had to wear after the dam nurse didn't let her go to the bathroom in time, causing her to pee herself. What the hell? Why am I wearing a Fucking diaper? Elizabeth expresses. Excuse me, young lady, Elizabeth, that is being a bad girl; that is not how you speak to a caregiver, now is it? Nurse Megen lifted her legs even higher, exposing her butt to the air in one motion slapping it? Use this as your only warning if you use foul language here, you will be spanked with my paddle. Do I make myself clear young lady? Or do you need a handprint on that pretty butt of yours? NO! Nurse Megan! I'll be good. Now let's find you some age-appropriate panties. Let's see; I have little girl's diapers and preschool panties, Elizabeth cries, begging Megan for adult panties, not those ugly baby ones, and trying to convince Nurse Megan that she is a big girl and wears panties. Megan responded by saying according to what the nurses have said, there were several accidents today, including peeing all over our lovely guest bathroom and them messing in both of your big girl training panties during your therapy today; maybe I should keep you in a diaper like a little girl. Elizabeth was half sobbing and crying, begging not to wear diapers like a baby. Megan says big girls wear pretty panties, not little girls who poop in their panties. Elisabeth, what do little girls wear who wet their panties? Diapers Nurse Megan. And if I let you try wearing big girl panties, that's a big IF, and if you wet those panties tonight, does that mean you are a little girl? NO! I am a big girl. I don't pee my panties on purpose. Okay, Nurse Megan responds I'll give you a chance tonight to wear big girl panties till bedtime, but at bedtime, you will wear a diaper like the other kids here. Elizabeth Nods her head in understanding. If you argue at bedtime, I'll have to introduce my spanking paddle to your bare butt. Now young lady, about the mouth of yours, you used a bad word when you came out in the day room. I will give you A choice. Now you walk back out there and say you are sorry for saying bad words, or you can choose to take a time out in the time-out chair over by my desk, and if you continue to use bad words, I will spank that bottom of yours. Not what is your decision will you go? Say you're sorry for talking rudely or take a time-out. Looking confused and not remembering using any bad words, she told Megan she would be nice and say sorry. Elizabeth shuffled her feet back to the day room where the others were the kids playing the Mario cart and said in an obnoxious tone; I am sorry for being inappropriate. Megan flops on a couch by herself, pouting and watching the others play the stupid game. Elizabeth is more aware of her surroundings and notices that everyone in this room is an adult but acts like a kid. She also noticed a horrific smell from the man playing the game on the couch. At about the same time, Nurse Megan approaches, pushing a metal cart and asking who is ready for snacks. Everyone jumps up and grabs a cup with a straw or what looks like a giant sippy cup Megan hand Elizabeth a cut with a straw and a few containers of animal cookies and goldfish crackers. When the man so smelled walked up to get his snack Megan announced, Hold it right there, mister, I think we need to change your poopy butt first. Elizabeth ripped open her snack because she hadn't had anything since breakfast, and she was starving; throwing her trash on the couch next to her, and then proceeded to suck down her cup of apple juice. A moment later, a young girl looking about Elizabeth's age came bouncing in from another part of the room, still sucking what looked like a giant sippy cup. Hi, I'm Sofia. What's your name? Elizabeth responds, saying hi, to Sofia. I'm Elizabeth. Say you want to go and help me do a puzzle till they let us have a turn playing Mario. The boys always hog the Nintendo after school. Elizabeth having nothing better to do, says sure, gets up, leaves her trash on the sofa, and goes into another part of the room as Sophia takes her trash and now empty sippy cup to the bins over by Nurse Megan's desk. A short time later, the boys come running back into the room, crashing back on the couch, yelling it's my turn now, Sophia, oh that's Jimmy, and he's a big poopy pants. Suddenly Sophia looked up behind Elizabeth and said hi, Nurse Megan; I was making a new friend. Well, that's nice of you, Sophia, but Elizabeth left her trash on the sofa and needs to go pick it up and be a good girl. Now Elizabeth! Please clean up your mess and do like the other kids did and put your trash in the garbage and your sippy in the dirty dish bin. Elizabeth lets out a grown, rolling her eyes, gets up from the puzzle, pushes past another kid, and throws her cup and trash in the garbage in front of Nurse Megan. No, Elizabeth, you didn't listen, did you? I said the cup goes in the bin with the dirty dishes, and the trash goes in the garbage can. Now fix it, or I'll send you to the time-out corner. Elizabeth's mouth lights up without thinking again, "What the Hell? I am the adult here. Why are you treating me like a child?" you have no right to tell me what to do. Now pissed off! She grabbed the cup from the trash, threw it in the dish bin with a loud crash, and walked by Nurse Megan, muttering that she was bitch under her breath. Megan gasps well, "I guess time-out will not work for a mouth like that now, will it." Megan reaches over at lightning speed and proceeds to grab Elizabeth by the ear and a wooden object from the top of her desk, all while dragging Elizabeth down the hall, screaming and swearing toward her room. Once in her room, Megan told her to stand in the corner while getting ready for her spanking. A moment later, Nurse Megan ordered Elizabeth to come and lay across her lap. Now I am going to spank you for being a bad little girl. Pulling down her sweatpants and training panties, exposing her bare butt while keeping her panties in place, I am going to give you ten swats for using such naughty words, young lady. Elizabeth begins kicking and screaming NO, NO, you can't spank me. I'm too old to be spanked. Oh, I see, and what happens to little girls who use bad words? Elizabeth is still struggling. Elizabeth responds that bad girls get spankings. And is Elizabeth being good right now? No, Nurse Megan. Hold still while you get this spanking; smacks her butt with the paddle and says one out loud Elizabeth screams in pain with Megan, conveying now count 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Okay, now that's over; let's change your panties; you are wet. Look like your sweats are still dry here. Let's put these on now. Please be a good girl tonight, so I don't need to spank you again. Megan begins to walk back to the day room. She notices her panties are thicker than she had a moment ago. Nurse Megan the panties feel weird. Those panties are our preschooler training panties. Let's see if you can keep those dry for the rest of the evening. If you have an accident, they should be okay and not leak. Nurse Megan tells Elizabeth to be a good girl and find Sophia so they can play Mario together and play Legos until cleanup. Elizabeth walked over to the couch and took the controller from the boy's. This game is stupid, and I could be home watching reality TV shows. Hey Sophia, can we watch TV instead of playing these silly games? No, we can't watch real TV here. We only get to watch movies here. A little while later, Nurse Megan came around again, passing big cups of juice this time as if I wanted apple juice or grape juice; I picked an apple juice. Nurse Megan said she didn't have any clean straw cups left for the night, so everyone got sippy cups and no complaining, warning us it was almost cleanup time. Nurse Megan disappeared again, probably going to bug the boys; thank God I was trying to win this race until Megan yelled clean up time. After cleaning up, everyone must go potty and wash their hands before dinner. I didn't want to stop. I was having fun for once; Nurse Megan walked over to Sophia and asked her if she was dry. While dodging her head around, Sophia was trying to see the TV, so she didn't crash in the race. Nurse Megan responds no; you're wet; you need to sit on the potty, change your pull-up, and take Elizabeth with you. She probably needs to go potty anyways. Elisabeth proudly says no, I am a big girl, and I'm still dry, unlike baby pee pee pants over here. Nurse Megan Says, "Elisabeth, you're being a brat, that was means," Sofia groans. It's okay, as she crashed her car in the game with Megan turning the TV off. Let's go potty, Elizabeth, before we get into trouble, as you did earlier today. As Elisabeth and Sophia walked towards the bathroom, Elizabeth suddenly needed potty because she had to pee and make poopies and began yelling she needed to go potty; Elizabeth tried running but just froze as she wet and messed in her preschool training pants. Nurse Megan comes over to Elizabeth, asking if Elizabeth is still a big girl and if she is acting like a little girl. Elizabeth, now standing with a yellow and brown puddle crying meekly, said I'm a little girl. Okay, let's get you changed; Sophia flies by, running to the potty and sitting on the potty. Moments later, Sophia, when you are done on the potty, you may pick out any pair of preschool training pants you would like to wear. Would you also please get a pair for Elizabeth while I find her some clean clothes? Nurse Megan says Sophia comes and picks out two pairs of princess-printed training pants and transparent rubber panties for them, about the same as Nurse Megan, returns from the lines cart one last pair of preschool pants and onesie for the evening. Elizabeth was less than thrilled by the attire. Once all dressed, Nurse Megan helped her off the changing table. Sophia took Elizabeth by the hand back to the day room to help set the table as instructed by Nurse Megan. A woman wearing a kitchen apron set out dinner trays and filled our sippy cups with more juice. Everyone was excited to see we were having chicken nuggets and pizza bites for dinner with steamed vegetables and rice. Nurse Megan said if everyone eats all our dinner, we could watch a movie and have popcorn before bed tonight. We were allowed seconds on the nuggets until they were all gone and all the juices we wanted to drink. After everyone had been excused from the table and cleared their plates to the dirty dish bin, we ran to the couches. We waited for Nurse Megan put a movie on. Okay, Sophia, you get to pick a movie while I take Elizabeth to her room to help her get her Pajamas on before the movie starts. Nurse Melisa and I walk back to my bedroom. Now Elizabeth is a good girl. Let's get you ready for bed so you can watch the movie. She then proceeded to undress and change my wet training pants into a thick cloth nighttime diaper and a pair of onesie-style pajamas that zippered in the back with a loud-click sound. After she finished, she told me I was a good girl and told me to tell Sophia it was her turn and to wait on the couch till the movie started. After everyone was in their nighttime diapers and pajamas, Nurse Megan put in the movie Sofia had selected: The "Little Mermaid." I didn't complain about the movie. It was okay, and Sophia seemed to be enjoying it. Nurse Megan joined us on the couches, sitting with us girls, bringing over a bowl of popcorn that we all devoured and sippy cups for the boys and me. As the movie continued, Sophia whispered something to Nurse Megan. Sophia, "Are you ready for your baba?" Nurse Megan asks. Sophia nodded yes. Sophia scooches into nurse Megan's lap. As Nurse Megan reaches over to the tray, picks up a full bottle of milk, and then placing into Sophia's waiting mouth, letting her snuggle until her bottle was all gone. As the movie ended, two boys and I were sound asleep, and Sofia was fighting to stay awake till the movie was finished. Nurse Megan told us it was time for all of us to go to bed, and she would be in to give us night time loves and to tuck us in momentarily; then we needed to be quiet while she did her paperwork and had coffee with Nurse Kathy when she came on shift. The Night Shift How did your evening go with the children tonight, Megan, " it was ok, Kathy, fairly routine we got a new one. She is still in the adult brat stage so she might be an issue come morning time. I had to lite her butt up once tonight. She seemed to have made new friends with baby Sofia. Oh, that reminds me, we need to adjust Sophia's bedtime program to level 3 tonight and that she has a pacifier tonight. How did the boys do tonight? Let's see, Jimmy and Stevie are on week one of level 3. They just had their hormone shots yesterday, so they are a little whiney; watch out for Stevie. He has been tugging at his cage, and it looked red when I changed him tonight. I'll have Dr. Milling check it during morning rounds to ensure it is not too tight. Adam did great tonight. He played with the boys most of the evening. He did ask if his mama would come to visit, but I think she had errands to run after she left for work, so she'll probably check in on him in the morning while he is down at the daycare. Adam stays at level 3 for another week until he starts sucking his thumb more often. At least there were no new notes in his chart about adjusting his program tonight. All their Bottles and headphones are on the cart, along with four new pacifiers. Ok, Great, thank you, Megan; kiss your princess on the head for me when you get home. Kathy poured herself a warm cup of coffee and set off on her rounds, taking care of the boys first with a quick diaper change and placing each of their headphones on their heads for some soft, soothing music for the evening. Jimmy and Stevie were sound asleep, both sucking their thumbs, and Kathy replaced the thumbs for milk bottles with their nighttime medications. On the other hand, Stevie was sucking on the corner of his blanket. Kathy made quick work of him, stopping ever so briefly to appreciate how baby-smooth his pubic region was. On to the girl's room, slipping into Sophia's room and slipping the bottle in her waiting mouth, and placing her headphone on was a piece of cake. Kathy slips into Elizabeth's room to find her sleeping facing the wall and glides her hand down to the hidden crotch zipper; she unzips the sleeper enough to slide her hand in to feel her warm diaper. She is not too wet and will be fine for a little bit. Her favorite part of the job was the week one babies, who are still adjusting. Not sure if Elizabeth would be willing to take her bottle yet, Kathy decided some snuggle time was to ensure she drank all her bottle with the nighttime medication in it; Kathy Slips into her bed and under the warm heavy blankets, allowing Elizabeth to roll over and snuggle her naturally. Kathy gently guided Elizabeth's head to rest on her chest, allowing Kathy to feed her the bottle and rub her back simultaneously. With a bit of rubbing of her lips, her mouth opens, and she begins to suck the bottle slowly, but she is doing well. Kathy eventually stops snuggling, whispering in her ear that she is a very good girl, and slips a pacifier into her mouth before adjusting her headphones for the night. Kathy does the same with the rest of the children swapping their bottles with pacifiers and whispering to each one in their ears what good boys and girls they are. Returning to her desk, Kathy types on the keyboard and, with a mouse click, turn on soothing music for each child. Making a mental note to probably change Elizabeth in an hour once the laxatives work their way threw her. Floating on Clouds Elizabeth walks back to her bedroom with everyone else. She is not sure what to think of her situation. If she argues or uses terrible words, Nurse Melisa will spank her again, but if she acts like everyone else, it is not so bad except for the wetting my panties thing. I had never peed my panties like this before, except for the occasional accident. Nurse Melissa shouts. "Ok, kids, lights out. I'll be around a bit to tuck you all in and give you bedtime, loves." A few minutes later, Nurse Malisa comes in, pulls up a thick heavy comforter, and tucks me in, kissing my forehead, telling me to be a good girl and sweet dreams, princess. Elizabeth, oh Elizabeth, where are you, silly? I hear a familiar voice calling, but I don't see who calls me by name. All I see are other kids playing at a park. All I desire is to play; then I hear the voice again saying good girls get to play with their friends. As I run off to the swingset, my tummy starts to hurt, so I stop running; then I hear the voice again say, Good Girls, make poopies in their diapers; play with your friends. So I run off to play on the swing set. I swing for what feels like forever, going higher and higher until I feel like flying through the clouds. I fly through clouds with a blue waterfall flowing from cloud to cloud. I hear a woman yell snack time, so I fly back to the park, where a bright blanket is lying on the soft green grass. I join several other exciting children for snack time. As I am eating a snack, I hear Honey, you must be thirsty; let's get you a nice bottle of juice to drink. The woman tells me, good girls, drink their bottle till it's all gone, she reaches into a bag, pulls out my bottle of juice, guides the nipple into my mouth, and gently lays me back till my head is resting in her lap as I lay there slowly sucking and enjoying the sun shining down on my body, feeling all warm and tingly. I hear the voice again say it's time to get you changed. I lay there sucking my baba while she unsnaps my Jumper and unpins my wet, messy diaper. "I should give you a big reward for being such a good girl," The woman says as she pours lotion into her hand and slowly works it into my diaper area. I like this a lot. I spread my legs wide and let the woman's fingers work. A few moments later, I felt pulses of electrical shocks racing through me as the woman announced she was all done, closed up my diaper and rubber panties, and pulled her Jumper; ok, you can play some more till nap time. Rounds Nurse Kathy checks her watch, lays down her book that she has been reading out of boredom, and glances over at her security monitors, checking on all of her babies and making sure everyone is sound asleep for the night; their movie-time bottles should ensure that they all stay asleep for the evening. She puts down the terribly written romance novel one of the other nurses left for her to read. Getting up and stepping into her supply room, she emerges with her stocked diaper-changing cart and heads down the hallway with the cart in tow. Starting with her poopy boys, expertly, she unlocks and unzips the legs of each sleeper and removes their soiled diapers. Then uses her pocket lite and inspects each chastity cage. Making sure there was no poop anywhere on the cage, she removed their cages and put clean ones on them. When she was cleaning Jimmy's cage, she noticed how small he was now; she remembered when he first arrived, Jimmy was above average size, but now he was no bigger than 3 inches. Oh, Jimmy, you have been such a good boy, I hear. It would be best if you were rewarded. Kathy reached into her cart, pulled out a bin with Jimmy's name on it, and retrieved a rectal massager slipping a condom over it and slipping into his now lubed bottom. she then proceeded to do quick work of bringing jimmy to an orgasm and obtain semen sample for the lab. In contrast, jimmy lay there sucking on his pacifier. She gives him his reward as she brings him to another orgasm, making sure he is adequately drained of semen, and he slows his sucking. Kathy takes a baby wipe and cleans him up, applying a heavy coat of barrier cream and powder, then locking him back up in a new clean chastity cage and pinning him back into a thick nighttime diaper. Kathy makes her way to Sophia's room; she notes in Jimmy's chart about her rewarding him and producing a semen sample for the lab. Kathy quickly changes Sophia and rescues her stuffed doggy that had fallen to the floor. Her final stop of the night was Elizabeth's room. She turned on a small night light, adjusting it so as not to bother her while she unlocked her sleeper and pulled down her very wet and stinky diaper. She quickly cleans her up, tossing everything into the attached diaper bin on the cart. As Kathy glances at her chart, it doesn't say I can't reward you for the rest of the night. Maybe it will help you sleep better. Kathy reaches into a drawer in the cart and pulls out a small pink device designed for encouraging positive behavior. Kathy applied a liberal amount of lubricant and slipped it into her vagina with a moisture sensor wire sticking out into her diaper. Kathy then programs the device with her tablet to activate when the moisture sensor reaches 98-96 degrees with a ramped program until Elizabeth orgasms; then, the device turns off till it's activated again. Kathy could also manually control them from her tablet anywhere on the floor. After pinning the clean diaper back and snapping on clean rubber panties, she zipped and locked the sleeper back up. Kathy went into the bathroom, pulled out the now full diaper pail, and placed it by the main hallway door for the night crew to pick up when they drop off clean diapers and linens. After she finishes her rounds, Kathy goes into the small kitchen area and fixes herself a meal and a fresh cup of coffee. While eating, she pulls out her cell phone, opens her nursery cam app, and spies on her baby, who is sound asleep at home. Kathy sat back at the desk with her coffee and continued reading her book, tapping a button on her desk to reactivate the motion sensors in case someone tried to get out of bed like last night, glancing at the security monitors every once in a while. A while later, the alarm went off, indicating one of the kids was moving a lot. She mutes the alarm and looks at her security monitors. Seeing that Elizabeth had just rolled over to her stomach, Kathy turned her tablet back on and looked at the app for the vibrator, indicating it had just activated and turned itself off within 5 minutes. This process happened a few more times before the kids were gotten up. Morning Routine At 6 am, the door alarm sounded. Kathy was delighted to see it was her long-time friend Ruth, who had come in an hour early to visit before Ruth started her day shift on the floor. She pushed in two large hampers of clean diapers and another card full of linens and children's clothes. There were five shelves on the tall cart, each labeled with a child's name and containing clean clothing and bedding. Oh good, you found a cleaJumperer for Sophia. She was upset she didn't have one to wear for school yesterday, and I figure she and Elizabeth can share till Elizabeth's clothing order arrives. Over the next hour, Kathy and Ruth worked together to get the ward cleaned up and ready for the day's activities. Shortly after breakfast and the morning rounds, the caregivers from the school program would arrive to collect the children for the day's therapy and learning activities. The two nurses worked quickly to get the kids up from bed. The first began with the three boys taking them to the shower room and stripping them out of their heavy soiled overnight diapers. The Nurses strapped each child into a tilting shower chair with a locking butterfly harness and wrist straps, preventing little hands from wandering while they worked. They then rolled them into the large oversized shower, where the nurse made quick work washing them down and doing a quick shave off any excess facial hair; since the Hormones and laser hair removal treatment last week, the boys now lacked any form of pubic hair making it easy for the nurses to perform their morning duties. Each of the boys was washed and then dressed in clean diapers and secure locking onesies before being allowed to choose their clothes for the day. After the boys were ready for the day, they were sent off to the playroom until breakfast. Next were the girls; the Nurses usually took extra time getting them all pretty for the day. Kathy woke Elizabeth up, removing her headphone and placing them on the nightstand in their charger for later use. Surprisingly Elizabeth was still sucking on her pacifier this morning, so she opted to let her keep it for the time being to see how long till she didn't want it anymore as a way to judge her age level today. If the smell in the room was not telling enough, the vast brown and yellow stain rubber was a sure sign that she was in a very heavily soiled diaper. Still groggy, Kathy helped Elizabeth out of her locking sleeper into the waiting shower chair, where Kathy secured her with a locking neoprene butterfly harness to prevent her from falling out and hurting herself. Once they were in the shower room, she removed the heavily stained diaper. At that moment, Elizabeth begins to moan through her pacifier, breathing heavily as a stream of pee through the over-saturated diaper onto the floor. Kathy noticing that she is peeing, immediately begins to praise her telling her what a good girl she is and that a good girl gets rewards. Let's give you a break as Kathy removes the vibrator from her and places it into the bin to be cleaned later. Kathy went to work scrubbing her down in the warm steamy shower. Elizabeth waking up from her groggy sleepiness, is enjoying the ever-so-gentle touch and soothing lullaby that nurse Kathy is signing. At about the same time, Nurse Ruth entered Sophia's room to discover that she was awake already, having removed her headphone and placed them neatly on her nightstand, which was still happily snuggling her stuffed doggy while sucking her pacifier. Nurse Ruth reaches out her hand to try to steal her precious passy was meant with a blocking hand and her head shaking NO. It's mine in a baby voice. Ok, princess, hop up into the shower chair and let got get your princess parts squeaky clean Ruth helped Sophia into the waiting shower chair and strapped her in with a locking butterfly vest. Sophia loved her morning shower time, especially with Ruth, who knew how to make her feel special. As the hot water sprays over Sophia, she begins to relax as Ruth expertly scrubs every inch of her body, paying extra attention to her princess parts, letting her finger wander into Sophia's now waiting vagina, asking Sophia if she was a good girl last night for Nurse Kathy. Sophia spread her legs wider as the pressure began to build until there was an explosion of sensation and warmth. as Ruth removed her figure, a gush of pee poured out of Sophia onto the shower floor with nurse ruth telling her she was such a good girl as Ruth finishing up washing Sophia's hair as she is making a muffled whining sound though her pacifier that she needed to make poopies without missing a beat, Nurse Ruth whispered in her ear Good Girls don't need the potty to make Make poopies. Soon Sophia was grunting and pushing out a load of poop in the shower while Ruth told her she was a very good girl and would get a treat this morning. The Nurses took each girl into the adjacent dressing room, where brightly colored jumpers with matching tights and diaper covers were on the changing table. Now girls announce Nurse Kathy. Are you big girls today or princesses? Kathy approaches Sophia and asks if princess Sophia is a big girl because if she is a big girl, she could wear those great sweats pants and sweatshirt with training pants, or if she is a beautiful princess, she could wear this beautiful Jumper and matching tights. Sophia almost spat out her pacifier, announcing she was a princess and wanted the pretty clothes. Kathy approaches Elizabeth, still contently sucking on her pacifier and staring at the brightly colored Jumper. Elizabeth, you know good girls wear Jumpers and tight, right? Only big girls wear ugly clothes with yukky training panties; you know you want to be a princess today, don't you? You did not like those yukky cold wet training panties yesterday! Elizabeth is now screaming in her mind that she is a big girl. Still, while staring at that beautiful Jumpers, she slowly nodded her head yes and pointed to the Brightly colored Jumpers for her clothing choice today. Elizabeth, that's a good girl. You make good choices. Nurse Ruth and Kathy do quick work dressing the girls and combing their hair into ponytails for the day. Kathy reaches into a bin under the changing table, finding matching pacifier clips for each girl. Before helping them down to the floor and escorting them into the playroom until breakfast time.
  12. Authors note This just a story that came to me this morning. It takes place in PrincessPottyPants's Diaper Dimension setting. All characters are in their 20's or older. It's probably just going to be a short story, I don't have any plans for it and I can't promise that I'll be inspired to write more. But I hope you enjoy it and I appreciate any critiques and responses. Fair warning, my writing is pretty rusty so there's bound to be some mistakes (especially if I don't go over it before posting). Also I have anxiety so I'll do my best to respond, just know I tend to be awkward ?. Prelude Marietta shut her eyes and wished she could cover her ears. The sharp laughter was deafening and pierced her deeply. How had she gotten here you ask? She had thought she was safe. Not only had she thought she was safe but she believed it and acted accordingly. One of the biggest mistakes a Little could make, and she had done it so confidently. Her mind kept replaying the events of the day in little bursts she couldn't control. Not being in control is something she will have to get used to, because she will never know it's freedom again. Chapter 1: Winter's Lament The morning had started off better then it had for a while. Spring was finally starting to show itself. Winter was still clutching on to the weather, not quite ready to go into hibernation. But, Winter's time was coming to an end regardless of it's desperate attempts to live on. This duel of the seasons left the mornings chilly and the afternoons warm, the perfect amounts of cold and hot. Marietta had come to hate Winter and it's bitter cold that left her miserable and desperate for warmth. So, while she didn't care for the rainy and allergy ridden Spring, she was ready to embrace it like a long lost friend. Marietta yawned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes as the shrill sound of her alarm clock dutifully made sure she was awake. "Hey Hewie, stop alarm." She told her AI Assistant as she got out of bed and stretched. "Okay, stopping the alarm." The little pink cube on her desk responded. Looking out her open window she felt an inner peace, today would be a good day she decided. Or at least far better then yesterday had been. The warmer weather seemed to chase away her negative thoughts and depressed mood. She knew it was only temporary, but it was still refreshing to have them at bay for now. "Hey Hewie, what's the weather today?" She asked while brushing her long curly black hair. "Right now the weather in Poptonia is 56 degrees, but it feels like 53 due to wind chill. The low for the day is 56 while the high is 73. There's a low chance of rain today." The promise of good weather brought a smile to the little woman's face. Today would be a good day to revitalize her garden. While it had snowed very sparsely this Winter, she had neglected to take any steps to protect her garden during the cold months. This meant she would have to put in extra effort to get it up and ready as quick as possible. Gardening was much more than a hobby for the little greenhorn, it was her lifeblood. Grocery stores are notorious for being a dangerous place for littles, especially if they go alone. Her garden helped her get all the fresh vegetables, fruit, and herbs that she would need for the year. Everything else she ordered online, but fresh food was something you couldn't trust to an online delivery service. If an Amazon or Tweener delivery driver found out they were delivering to a Little, they could tamper with the food and the Little would be none the wiser. That is, until they ended up having a massive 'accident' from the laxative that was injected into the food. Of course it would only be a few moments before the delivery driver, or someone sent on their behest, came to 'help' the poor Little. Helping them out of their soiled underwear and right into a nice thick diaper. Marietta shook her head to stop herself from ruminating on the unfairness and dangers of the life she lived. She was determined to use the nice weather as a springboard for positive thinking and a happier mood. Spring was for the right and now, it was for admiring the roses and enjoying life. Winter was for the past, nursing old pricks, and surviving. To cement her determination to a brighter day, she decided to wear some brighter colors then usual. The jeans she slid up over her bright pink panties were a nice deep blue. They would've looked better if they hugged her curves and showed off her long legs, but she couldn't take that risk. With them being baggy no one could tell what she was wearing underneath. She knew it was safer, and smarter, to wear a Pull-Up, but she couldn't bring herself to do it today. That would certainly tank her mood, and it would be a constant reminder of her place in this cruel world. Which, she was certain, was the whole point of the Amazons wanting her to wear them. To an Amazon a 'mature' Little didn't need diapers, and while their undergarments weren't policed like those of 'immature' Littles, a Pull-Up was a true sign of a Little's 'maturity'. Without one she was making herself vulnerable to Pull-Up Preachers and accusations surrendering her maturity. If the price of being happy for the day is a few minutes of being uncomfortable, that's a price she's willing to pay. In theory the baggy jeans are supposed to protect her from such experiences, but in practice Amazons were free to 'check' her if they wanted to. Even though there weren't any laws, or rules at her college, that demanded she wear protection, her Amazon teachers were still allowed to feel her up and openly embarrass her. After all, it would be their classroom she would 'ruin' or interrupt if she had an 'accident' due to not being properly 'protected'. And of course, 'Amazons Know Best', meaning they're always right and can get away with practically anything. After spending a few minutes perusing her closet, Marietta finally finds a suitable top. She slides the deep red blouse over her lacey pink bra. The short sleeved blouse was loose enough that it doesn't show off her breasts, and 'mature' enough that you can tell she's an adult. If she wore something that hugged her curves or showed off her breasts it would only be used against her by an Amazon hoping to adopt her. They would say she was trying so hard to look like an adult that she didn't care how 'risque' she looked. The cherry on top would be a comment along the lines of how she doesn't have very much to display anyway. She finishes off her look with a dark green cardigan, black sneakers, silver stud earrings, and a simple silver sun necklace. If she wears colors that are too bright it will invite an Amazon to imagine her in colorful baby clothes. If she wears too much jewelry, or if it's too loud in color or design, it would bring comments of how she's trying to hard or how cute she is. The life of a Little is one of meticulous planning and preparing. Grabbing her bookbag and a premade breakfast shake, Marietta steps out of the safety of her home, prepared for the beauty and potential dangers of the day. A hard slap on her bottom drags her back to the present, where she should be. After all, Winter is for the past, and despite all the mourning, Spring is here and it's time for the here and now. An involuntary whimper escapes from the little woman, drawing more of the deafening laughter. Opening her eyes Marietta's attention is greeted by hungry eyes and toothy grins. Awaiting her are dozens of grasping and wandering hands as their owners are desperate to take part in her torment. "Stop squirming!" The booming voice shouted at her. She couldn't think of who the voice belongs to, but she was sure it sounded familiar. In fact, she can't think of anything. Time feels excruciatingly slow and everything has a blur to it, not a single thought bubbles to the surface of her mind. A numbness seeps through her entire body, and her head feels weightless. Staring into the distance, Marietta is once again swept up into her memories, and away from the nightmare that is the here and now. *authors note* Okay so I'll definitely write another chapter because I have more ideas for this. Also while I do love a good cliffhanger, I hate unresolved ones and unanswered questions. But i have no idea when I'll write/post more, so I'll see you when I see you! ❤️ I don't have any experience posting in online forms/rooms like this so any advice relating to format and suggested tags would be appreciated as well!
  13. Ryoko was fuming as she walked to Washu's lab. Nine months of carrying Tenchi's baby girl, Rika, and Washu had the nerve to send her and Tenchi to Jurai, allegedly to meet Funaho, and ask her to come have a "class" on child reering. To make matters worse, Ryoko was doing this with Ayeka, who had also had a baby with Tenchi, Achika, but at least Misaki will have a ball playing with the babies. She saw Ayeka and groaned. "Look," Ryoko said as Ayeka glared at her. "We just have to stomach whatever Washu's planned for us and go back to normal once Tenchi comes back with the kids." "All right." Ayeka sighed. "For Tenchi and the girls." "For Tenchi and the girls." Ryoko agreed. Ryoko opened the door, and they headed into Washu's lab. As they entered the garden, they saw Washu at her computer as usual before she stood up, smiling. "Now then ladies," Washu said enthusiastically. "What we're going to do is teach you two about raising children by example." "So what?" Ryoko asked. "You're gonna have us care for dolls?" "No." Washu said with a familiar smirk. "I'm going to show you what being a helpless little infant is like." "Well," Ayeka said smugly. "Ryoko surely needs such extreme measures, but I don't!" "Ha!" Washu shouted. "Yeah, right." Washu pushed a button on her computer, and the two were grabbed by various mechanical arms. The arms brought the two to Washu's proper lab and hovered over a dark cube. "This will teach you how easy it is for a baby to be shaken up." Washu explained. Ryoko was then dropped into the cube as it lit up for Ayeka to see a gaggle of mechanical arms. Ryoko groaned as she felt herself moving backwards before she looked behind her to see a buzzsaw. She ran for dear life but didn't get any further as she realized that she was on a conveyor belt. She saw Washu on a screen and smirked and pulled a lever as a boxing glove hit Ryoko in the gut and knocking her into the saw. Ryoko screamed and leapt up as Ayeka was dropped down. Ryoko slammed her head into a winch that shoved her into a high chair with a hole in the bottom that left her butt sticking out. The tray then snapped into place, trapping Ryoko in the chair. A pair of clippers then came up and shaved Ryoko bald. "You bitch!!" Ryoko shrieked, not caring that she could regrow her hair once she gets a minute. A rack of rolling pins then come up and hit Ryoko in the head to the tune of "Pioneer". The chair then pulled Ryoko over to a rack of boots that kick her in the butt to the same tune. Eventually, the tray released just as the last boot kicked Ryoko away. While all of this was happening to Ryoko, Ayeka was crawling on the belt to avoid a paddle wheel that had replaced the buzzsaw, thankfully. Again, Washu pulled the lever, but this time, two mechanical arms held Ayeka down as the paddles continually spanks her until Ryoko was kicked out of the high chair, and the arms tossed Ayeka upwards. After Ryoko was flung out of the chair, she landed head first into a hole as her neck was clamped in place while a pair of boxing gloves began punching her in the face and the back of her head. While Ryoko was being punched, Ayeka slammed into the winch which pushed her into the chair before Ayeka was clamped in place by the tray and shaved bald. "I beg your pardon!" Ayeka shouted. "Just what is the meaning of this, Washu?" "To have less cushioning." Washu explained. "For what?!" Ayeka asked. The rack of rolling pins then came down and hit Ayeka in the head until she began drooling from all the head trauma. Ayeka was then moved to the boots and kicked in the butt, making her start crying. "MAMA!!!" Ayeka shrieked. After Ryoko's second beating, the clamp was released, and a pair of arms came down and picked Ryoko up and lifted her to a barrel of yellow liquid. Ryoko was then stripped naked and dunked into the barrel several times before she was lifted out. She suddenly realized that she felt much weaker. She wiggled her legs and was relieved that she could still move, though she was still not liking losing her strength. Once Ryoko was lifted out of the hole, Ayeka was kicked into it. She was then clamped in place, and the boxing gloves began punching her in the face and the back of the head. After Ryoko was dipped in the liquid, the arms brought her to a table that had folded out, and she was placed on it with the arms holding her firmly in place. Another pair of arms came up and lifted her legs up before setting a cloth diaper down. She tried to struggle, but in her weakened state, the arms didn't budge. She then got her butt liberally sprinkled with baby powder, and the diaper was folded around her crotch before it was held in place with a safety pin. Ayeka, meanwhile, was crying worse than ever as she was picked up by the arms, stripped naked, and dunked into the barrel of yellow liquid, with her swallowing a good deal of it. The liquid rendered Ayeka barely able to move as she finally began calming down. Ryoko was finally brought to a crib and set into it as she got a blue baby bonnet with pink frills tied onto her head. Ayeka was being powered and diapered as this was going on, with Ryoko watching as she grew her hair back. However, it did nothing to loosen the bonnet. Ayeka was placed in a crib next to Ryoko and given a purple baby bonnet with blue frills as she grabbed the rails of her crib and pulled herself up to stand unsteadily next to her. The cribs began to rise out of the cube, and Ayeka shrieked, grabbing Ryoko's hair and making her call out, making Ayeka giggle before Ryoko slapped her diapered butt, making Ayeka whimper before they were brought to Washu's screen. "Well let's see what we've learned." Washu said as she snapped her fingers, and Ayeka's brain trauma was fixed. "Big deal." Ryoko groaned. "Babies are sensitive! We knew that." "And I didn't appweciate being hit on the head so much!" Ayeka shouted before gasping. "My voice!" "That'll be the numbing agent to make sure neither of you break anything." Washu explained. "As for the head hitting, think how bad it'd be if one of you lost your temper and hit one of the girls." The two groaned, knowing she was right. "Now," Washu said. "The rest of the lessons are hidden throughout this part of the lab." The arms deposited Ryoko and Ayeka on the floor. "Look around and have fun." Washu said with a smirk. "They aren't all torturous." To be continued...
  14. Hi there! This is about a fictional ABDL community that I'm working on. It features adults who live in a kinky community for ABDLs. Everyone is over 18. I have about 10 chapters done and will be posting them here over time. Here is a detailed disclaimer that talks about the content and themes of this novel:: https://www.patreon.com/posts/65186383 Content Warnings Extensive Diaper Use (Wetting and Messing) Extensive Regression themes Extensive Sexual themes Adult Nursing CNC Spanking/Corporal Punishment/Orgasm Control-Denial/Chastity Bullying and teasing Humiliation ------- Previous chapter is here: --- Chloe sat on the stool in the upstairs preschool playroom and fumed. She turned her head, slowly, inching her chin millimeters at a time to make it seem like it wasn’t moving at all. The clock was directly behind her. “Chloe, face the wall,” said a voice from behind. It was the voice of Mr. Hentier, the grownup in charge of this section of the playroom. “If I have to tell you again, you’ll stay there longer.” She snorted and returned her head towards the dull pink walk ahead of her. Whatever. Without being able to see the clock, Chloe guessed that only ten minutes had passed. That meant another twenty remained. Well, twenty minutes remained on the stool, though her discipline wasn’t going to end there. What a fucking baby, she thought. Tattling because she’s a big crybaby and can’t handle the truth. Chloe had been rudely disturbed during her nap, and had to make things clear. She stayed under her covers, because her covers were the best thing available to help shield her nostrils. She yelled and screamed with righteous fury. These miserable two months could not end fast enough! Her roommate gave it back (though with tears) until a stern knock came at the door. Not waiting for permission to enter, as the two women inside were merely preschoolers, Mrs. Marath burst in. “I’m bigger than she is,” Chloe said, whining when Mrs. Marath began ripping the covers off and grabbing at her arms. The smell was even worse without the covers on her face. “She’s lying.” “Oh, nobody cares,” the grownup said, annoyance dripping from her words. “Behave more, then. Then maybe someone will believe you.” Chloe had still pleaded her case while she was marched down the halls of the Preschool in pajama pants, which did a poor job of covering her Todders, and a black bra. Mrs. Marath hadn’t even given her time to put a shirt on. She was dressed like a goddam Nursery stinker. “She pooped in the room,” Chloe pleaded. “I told her to get out and that she was a baby.” “And that’s all you said?” Mrs. Marath laughed. “You want to keep going? I haven’t decided how many spankings to assign you. And besides, I don’t see pullups on that bottom of yours yet, so you shouldn’t talk.” Chloe held her tongue. Everyone agreed that it was a faux pas to mess in a Preschool dorm room. Hell, it was frowned on in Daycare, so even though Jaclyn was essentially a Daycare baby at her core, she still should have known. It wasn’t even her first time in two months. Sometimes, in cribs, people couldn’t help it. But in Preschool there were beds, and there were always nighttime grownups to help find a potty in a pinch, if you pressed the button in the hall. This, though, was a midday mess. Unacceptable really. Jaclyn had gone out of her way to do it or take her business to the room and stink it up and Chloe had told her so. If she said dumb or bitch or shit pants thumbsucker, that was what Jaclyn likely needed to hear. Go ahead, little crybaby. Tattle on me for being a big meanie. Just make sure you tell them why I was a meanie. Then we’ll see whose reputation stands in the long-term. Oh right, nobody is going to care about you because you’re going back to the DAYCARE! There was a boy beside her, sitting on his own stool, also staring at the wall. His name was Karl, and Chloe did not know him well. He wasn’t new to Preschool, in fact he’d probably been here for the last year and a half, the whole time she had. Maybe even longer. But he was quiet and uninteresting and she didn’t find him altogether attractive. A waste of a man in pullups, really. He’d been sitting on the stool since before Chloe had been brought into the playroom, and Chloe had overheard that his crime had been skipping his chores. As boring a sin as he was a person. Chloe wasn’t sure what the Nursery penalty for skipping a chore was, she wasn’t even sure Nursery babies could tell time. But in the Daycare and Preschool, truancy called for a spanking after a timeout. And Chloe knew that well because she’d been on one of these stools for the same thing just yesterday, and she had had a makeup chore this morning because of it, and after she completed it, she would still have to plead to her room grownup Mrs. French to get her outdoor privileges back. Though Jaclyn’s crybabyness probably caved any hope of that until at least tomorrow. At least Chloe had a good reason to get in trouble. Mr. Hentier walked over to the stool area to fetch Karl. Chloe watched him stand and follow the grownup out of her sight. She made sure not to turn around too much to bring the grownup’s wrath once again. The pair did not walk far, and Chloe heard them clearly. “You’re wet,” Mr. Hentier said. “I’m sorry,” Karl said. There was no more on that topic. His pullup, in addition to his shorts, was going down around his ankles too, right there in the playroom. “You need thirty,” Mr. Hentier said. And then he began to bring the palm down on Karl’s bottom. Hentier brought it hard, and the smacks were loud and crisp on the man’s bottom. The punishment stools of the upstairs playroom were located along one wall, right beside the potties. Both of the Preschool playrooms were considerably smaller than the massive ones that could be found in the Daycare. Even the smaller Daycare playroom dwarfed both of the Preschool playrooms. The Preschool building lent itself to smaller alcoves and quieter spaces. It had a large upstairs library, which was the only library in all of Nurserton. There were more changing rooms, rather than theme-park sized ones in Daycare. Occasional potty rooms were sprinkled throughout all of the floors in a far greater density than could be found in Daycare. They were still the bowls on the floor potties though. Flushers were for Juniors and grownups only. Chloe could hear the conversation in the playroom behind her. Preschoolers, overall, were a disappointing bunch. There wasn’t a whole ton of difference between what Preschoolers did for leisure, and what Daycarers did. Games, baking, watching Disney, taking naps (this wasn’t so bad). They just did the same things, but did them in slimmer, less stinky diapers. Karl’s spankings punctuated the din of a crowded playroom. Perhaps about two dozen other Preschoolers were in there now, but many of them hushed to watch Karl get a spanking. Karl’s punishment was over as soon as it began. Chloe knew it wouldn’t feel that way though. There were footsteps and rustling as Karl got dressed. Mr. Hentier would be taking him to the changing room down the hall. She waited, counting in her head and imagining the distance it took to get from the punishment area, across the playroom, and through the door. She turned her head to look at the clock and her surroundings. Fifteen minutes left, she saw. She also saw that the playroom had gotten a bit more crowded than it had when she was first marched in here. A group of Preschoolers were watching Star Wars, almost a dozen were having a very elaborate tea party. Two women were having a handstand competition, their skirts flipping to reveal their diapers underneath. A bunch of babies were nearby her in the lounge playing a card game, probably Magic the Gathering. Beside them was a single woman, sitting in a chair with her legs crossed, meeting her eyes over the cover of a book. It was Jessica, one of the few special ones. The soon to be Juniors. Chloe almost wanted to laugh every time she saw her. It was earlier this year when Jessica had been dragged out of the outdoor pool with a stinky swim diaper, and the pool had only opened in early May. Jessica had no chance in undies. “You’re supposed to be turned around,” Jessica said, folding her book closed on her lap. Chloe stuck her tongue out back at her. She didn’t turn her head back for her, though. Chloe knew that Mr. Hentier would soon be back. When exactly he did, Chloe couldn’t be sure. That he had shoes on barely made a difference against the carpeted floor of the playroom, and grownups were just averaged sized adults after all. But then she heard uppity Jessica’s voice. “Chloe turned around for a while,” she said. “Did she?” answered Mr. Hentier. His voice got louder. “Did you turn around Chloe?” “No,” she said. “She’s lying, ask anyone.” “No, I believe you,” he said. Then the footsteps got louder. Chloe heard his clothes rustle. The pink on the wall became purple as his shadow cast over hers. “You earned fifteen more minutes, and it’ll be more if you argue.” Chloe didn’t even nod. She sat and stared at the wall and fumed. Stupid Jaclyn and stupid Jessica. They were friends, that’s what it was. They were both sitting together at breakfast this morning, they were often together. Probably met as thumbsuckers in the Daycare together or something. Daycare babies who couldn't cut it always stuck together. They liked to hold hands as they rode the elevator back down to stink town. Jessica included. Jessica very much included. Who did she think she was? She wasn’t even a Junior yet. She’s probably all hopped up on her newfound power. The little bed puddler. Whatever. It’s just a half hour. At least she wasn’t getting locked in her room. She felt her diaper through her pajamas. It had been a little wet, and her last change had come before lunch, towards the end of potty training. She’d pooped on the potty at the beginning of class and got a star, and then she wet for the rest of class until she needed a change. She’d wet at lunch, and the grownup who checked her as she left the cafeteria let her go. After that, she went back to her room to take her nap, during which she wet again. She woke up to pee; she wasn’t a bed piddler, though she’d barely gotten to drift off to sleep again before Jaclyn came in to crap her pants. Now, probably no more than an hour since the end of lunch, she had to pee again. She let it go. She’d hit her twenty stars a few days ago anyway. The minutes ticked away, though they did so in secret, somewhere behind Chloe. Timeout can, at times, represent its own sort of sedentary adventure, and sure enough, Chloe did not spend long alone. Two women were brought this time, and Chloe felt confident enough to crane her neck to look at them. Penny was the one whom Mr. Hentier sat down just beside Chloe, a tall brunette, strong and rather intimidating, who always wore pigtails and was the poster child for big-but-not. Yes, Chloe knew that someone foolish, like a Jessica, might think that it was herself that was the biggest hypocrite in the whole building. But it was Penny. Chloe, at least, never lied about having earned pullups. She was honest about that, not just because she didn’t actually want pullups, but because she didn’t care about being the biggest. She admired Sofia, another Preschooler, who never did her number #2 in the potty and earned all her stars the hard way, simply because she found the whole concept of using the plastic potties repulsive and decided to use them as little as possible. Chloe sympathized with that. Penny was the type of baby who couldn’t see how Sofia or Chloe was bigger than her, and even when backed into a corner with all the evidence that her few dalliances in pullups didn’t amount to much, she still wouldn’t. To take shit from Penny was all the more annoying because Chloe had her own, very valid reasons for being ‘below-average’. Below average, at least, as the Preschool went. The other woman sent to the stools was Ariba, one of the youngest people in the entire village. A fresh, fresh, 21-year old. Chloe would only learn later that Ariba was there for pouring a bowl of cereal, milk and all, down the back of someone’s diaper. Mr. Henriet sat her on Chloe’s left, so that Chloe was the prisoner in the middle. “Mr,” Penny said, seated upright on her stool, “I have to go potty.” “You know the rules,” Mr. Henriet said. “I really have to go,” she said. “You should have done that before you started playing with yourself,” he said. Penny turned herself and stomped her feet. “Please! I need my stars!” No you don’t, Chloe thought. You coulda shit in the potty in PT today. Penny hadn’t. During PT, during Simon Says, Penny had bent forward and filled her diaper, and then kept on playing. Before that, multiple grownups had all but led her to the toilets and asked her (as they asked everyone) if she had to go. She’d said no. Penny was doing worse than even Jaclyn, as she often did. The only difference was that Penny always managed to offset her failures with a passable month, though just barely. It was no secret that if Penny ever missed the mark and was finally put in Puffington Pluses, she’d never climb back out of Daycare. Mr. Henriet walked away after only saying to Penny what everyone knew he’d say; “Hold it, you’re a big girl.” That was the rule. In the Daycare they’d swoop you off a timeout stool to carry you to the potty, and sometimes even knocked time off a timeout for potty success. In a world of stinkers like Jaclyn, grownups had to cherish every poop that got in a potty. In Preschool, you held it through your timeout. Penny crossed her arms and huffed. A few minutes later, Penny put both hands on opposite ends of the stool, lifted her bottom up, and did her business. Chloe watched it all happen and then buried her head in her hands. “Jesus Christ,” she muttered, loud enough for Penny to hear it. All she did though was hold her chin high in the air and examine her personal piece of the pink wall. A whisper came from Chloe’s other side. “Who did that?” “Who do you think?” Chloe complained. “You,” Ariba said. “Eat me,” Chloe spat back, still in a whisper. “I don’t pay to eat pussy,” Ariba snarled. “Especially not from a bitch like you.” The grownup’s voice, now tired, rose up from behind him again. “For God’s sake ladies,” he said. “No talking! How hard can this be!” Chloe chewed on her tongue, but couldn’t help herself. “Ariba called me the b-word!” Ariba groaned from beside her. Mr. Henriet could be heard growling behind them. Once again he crossed the carpet to reappear behind the ladies. Chloe began retelling the events, starting from Penny’s accident. “She’s leaving out that she said ‘eat me,” Ariba said, taking both of her hands and karate chopping her own diapered crotch. Mr. Henriet registered this in silence. “Did you say the b-word?” Ariba considered for a moment, and looked at Chloe. Then she turned her head toward Mrs. Henriet. “Sure did. Didn’t stutter one bit. Bitch bitchy bitchy-ass bitch bitch assbitch poopybitch little pussy is a coin slot bit..,” Mr. Henriet did not listen to any more. In one motion he scooped Ariba up. He lifted her off the stool and into the air. Ariba laughed like a crazy person. Chloe watched, breaking the head-turn rule once again, as Ariba was hauled over his knees, as her diaper was ripped off and the spankings began. He didn’t even ask her to count, he just began…bam bam bam! They were serious and they snapped. He covered thigh and upper cheek. Ariba laughed through the first fifteen until she started to squeal and cry. Now and then Henriet would stop and tell her to hold still. Eventually, he asked her if she was sorry. “Didn’t stutter one bit,” she said, through tears. The spankings resumed, and come the end, that moment of continued defiance would turn out to be only the halfway point. Ariba soon began to bawl as if Mr. Henriet’s hand was in fact a hot poker, branding her bottom with every slam. The 21 year old would not return to the stools. Instead, Henriet would fix up her diaper and send for an attending Junior, who would take Ariba back to her room. Ariba was in for a decent grounding, which would start with room-confinement until possibly dinnertime. Chloe would receive yet another fifteen minute extension for her poor choice of words, which was even worse because of Penny’s stink. Worse yet was that Penny only had a twenty minute timeout, meaning that she’d be let off the stool without a spanking and taken to the changing room before Chloe was off. The spanking finally came, after an hour on the stool. Chloe’s lower back hurt, as did her thighs, though she didn’t know why. She’d know why soon enough. Henriet took her to the wooden chair he had set up beside the stools and had her stand in front of her while he untapped her soggy diaper (he checked for number 2 first, just to humiliate her). Chloe’s eyes met many of the other playroom denizens. The numbers had thinned since she’d been dragged into the playroom Mrs. Marath’s haughty storm. The heat of the high afternoon was passing and many of the babies had pilfered outside. Or, the juice and other drinks everyone had for lunch had done their work, and the changing room was packed. Chloe had thought Jessica had left, but there she was, pullups around her ankles, seated on a plastic potty with a Junior standing beside her. Oh, what a showoff. Chloe felt many eyes on her when her diaper came down, and the air in the playroom felt cool now that the warmth of her pee had fallen away. Her hair was trimmed to nothing, as was everyone’s who still needed diapers and pullups. It’s easier to change that way, but here, cheeks and lips out in the middle of a room that boasted a few dozen, Chloe felt even more naked. Mr. Henriet made sure she laid across his lap such that her butt faced the most populated angles of the room. He told her she’d have to count to 45, thirty for what she’d said to Jaclyn, and another fifteen for how she’d acted during her timeout. If she misbehaved on his knee like she had been since she’d been there, he warned, it could be more. After ten Chloe was already panting and closing her eyes before the hand came down. “Are you going to apologize to your roommate?” he asked. “Yes sir,” she said. His legs against her stomach made it hard to breathe. After 12: “Are you going to do it again?” “No sir,” she said. If Jaclyn doesn’t mess in the room again, I’ll hold off. After 20: “We’re going to use respectful words when we don’t like something, right?” “Yes.” “Yes what?” “Yes sir!” She was panting for real now. She wasn’t even halfway…though she would be if it hadn’t been for Jessica and Penny and Ariba. He’d switched to her thighs and back again, and everything was burning. After 25: “You’ve been a bad girl,” he said. After 26: “Where do bad girls belong?” “Right here sir!” Fuck that one hurt bad. After 31: “Where do you look when you’re in timeout?” “At the wall sir!” After a few more she bucked and almost slid off. Mr. Henriet didn’t scold her, and helped her readjust across her lap. Seeming to know she was nearing her limit, the last dozen were quicker pops. Built on the earlier spankings, these still stung. They would continue to sting for hours. Chloe’s misdeeds continued that day, though that was the end of what she was caught for. After her spanking, Mr. Henriet took her to the changing room. She had to watch Penny’s poopy butt get changed, making that the second such privilege this day alone. She didn’t see any of Jaclyn, not in the playroom, not with her best friend Jessica. Surprisingly, Jaclyn hadn’t been in the upstairs changing room, though Chloe supposed that more than an hour had passed since her faux pas in their dorm room. Hoping that Jaclyn was getting lost in the woods, Chloe returned to her room. When she opened the door, she found that Jaclyn wasn’t there. The smell was, though, but perhaps it was her imagination. She didn’t take her clogs off to step on Jaclyn’s bed to open the windows. That, at least, was fair. Chloe figured that she’d resume her nap, now that it was almost two hours after she’d tried to start it. Laying down felt better than sitting, after all, and a few more minutes of the breeze and Chloe’s room wouldn’t smell like poop anymore. Yup. It was Chloe’s room. Not Jaclyn’s. Jaclyn was meant for a crib. That was for sure. She took her skirt off and changed her shirt into something comfortable. She put headphones from the cabinet beneath her bed and laid on her tummy to avoid feeling the sting of her bottom. She procured an old iPod. A laughably ancient artifact by outside standards, it was a perfect one for Nurserton. It provided music, but no phone to the outside world. More importantly, there was no camera. She didn’t remember where she got it. That was the case for many of the things in her cabinet. And it would not be the case for something else. Chloe relaxed for a while, and then stood up and shut off her iPod. Yes, that would seem fair. She thought. She walked to the door and opened it. The hallway was empty, all she could see was a row of still doors. Ariba happened to be one of her neighbors, and hers was the only room where the light was on. The door wouldn’t be locked, but Ariba would be dead meat if she was caught coming out for anything less than a fire alarm. Chloe shut the door and returned to her room. It couldn’t be anything obvious, nothing that she’d wear on a regular basis; nothing that she’d notice anytime soon. Normally, nondescript and regular things were the best targets; like the headphones and the iPod. Even if the original owner had seen them in Chloe’s hands, as they had, in fact, they would have no way to prove the Chloe’s were indeed theirs. Often, they wouldn’t even suspect it. Fancy personal onesies and clothing items, things that Jaclyn had acquired plenty of over her time here, wouldn’t do. But this item needn't be for Chloe’s benefit. This was for Jaclyn’s loss. She reached into a drawer on Jaclyn’s bedside table. There she found Jaclyn’s jewelry box. She took it out and opened the latch. There was a little song that played when she did, something she’d heard and rolled her eyes at countless times. It was a little Disney song. It reminded Chloe of Cinderella. What a drooler. There, sitting on the side of the box was a smaller, inner box. She reached in and opened that box, black and felt, which housed a single pair of earrings…small and shiny, with a pink heart set in the middle. Chloe had seen many roommates get their demotions, and knew that in the craziness that the move entailed, baby Jaclyn wouldn’t have time to even open her jewelry box to make sure everything was where it was supposed to be. Baby Jaclyn wouldn’t think of it until she was set up in her boisterous baby room, and then she’d suspect that she’d lost her precious earrings somewhere in transit. Even if she blamed Chloe, she’d never find them. Chloe left her room, diaper dry and ass sore, and marched off to her hiding place. She gave Ariba’s door a good tongue for posterity. The felt box was still in the larger singing jewelry box, which itself still remained in Jaclyn’s bedside drawer. Its contents, however, jingled in Chloe’s pocket.
  15. This is my first story and I'm not a native speaker, so please be gentle. Tags: lesbian, wet, messy, diaper girl, humiliation, erotic, spanking Some tags will be relevant in later chapters. Dirty girl Megan comes home early and finds out her young flatmate is not as innocent as she thought. 1 - A surprise She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Megan had been home early and still not used to having a flatmate had wandered through to her bedroom to get out of her work clothes without announcing her presence. It came as quite a surprise when she walked by her flatmate's room and saw her, back to the open door, kneeling on her bed and humping one of her pillows. Not that she minded, in fact she was enjoying the show. She had been quite taken with young Lisa from the moment she walked into her life. She liked them young, shy and tiny and Lisa, barely 19 years old, fit that description perfectly. With her long blond hair, beautiful face and youthful body, she was very sexy, at least in Megan’s opinion. And here she was, humping her pillow, giving Megan the show of her lifetime. It had all started with a call from her mother, who had been living next to Lisa's parents for at least 20 years. They were good friends and when Lisa's mother had mentioned to her that Lisa wanted to move to Megan’s hometown to go to college there in fall, it had taken her all but a few seconds to suggest that Lisa rent a room in Megan's big condo. Megan herself had been here for the last 13 years, first for college, then later to work at the company she had been an intern for during her first years. It had been a small company at the time, but with some luck and the right strategy, they had risen to be one of the bigger employers in town. And with Megan being part of it almost from the beginning, she herself had risen to be one of the senior employees in the company, now being responsible for 20+ other employees. She had bought her condo only 2 years ago, giving herself the treat of getting the penthouse of the 4 story high building, which added privacy and a big balcony to the deal. It was almost too big for her alone, but she had fallen in love with it the moment she had stepped into it and bought it a short time later. She knew she could easily afford it so the decision had been easy. So she hadn’t been looking for a flatmate, not needing one and enjoying her freedom from her former flatmates, and had been less enthusiastic than her mother thought she would be, when she had told her about Lisa's plans. She had known Lisa since she was a baby of course, she even had babysat her from time to time. But it had been 5 years since they had seen each other, and now being 19 years and going to college, Lisa might have changed from little girl to a drug addicted goth for all Megan knew. It had taken her mother almost half an hour to convince her that Lisa was still the shy, pleasant girl she had been back then. They had agreed to Megan visiting her parents and having a talk with Lisa about her plans. That had been 3 months ago and it took Megan all but 5 minutes to decide that Lisa could indeed rent a room from her and that she would have to restrain herself from seducing the girl on her first evening there. Since then it had been a constant struggle for Megan to not be too obvious, not wanting to scare innocent little Lisa away. The same innocent little Lisa, who was now right before her own eyes, not so innocently humping her pillow while squeezing her small breasts and moaning like a pornstar. Megan couldn’t tear her eyes from the view, now leaning against the doorframe and starting to massage her own breasts through her blouse. She watched fascinated, as Lisa continued for almost a minute, then stopping abruptly and leaning slightly forward. At first Megan thought she had been seen and slowly backed away a few steps. But Lisa didn’t look at her or made any move at all, just leaning slightly forward. Then a grunt, and bending a bit further. Now it looked like she was having some cramp or pain. Megan looked on, now slightly concerned for the wellbeing of her flatmate. That is until Lisa gasped in relief and then started humping the pillow again in earnest. Megan looked on, now confused about that little interlude until it started again, Lisa leaning forward a bit more this time and now exposing her little butt to Megan. Megan almost gasped at what she saw at that moment, holding her hand over her mouth in shock. Lisa wasn’t wearing panties as she first had thought. They had looked a bit childish to Megan, with small animals printed on them. But now Megan recognized them as some kind of pull ups or diapers, and Lisa was right in the middle of filling them to the brim. It took her a few seconds more, then she gasped again and resumed humping her pillow. By now it had been a few minutes of Megan watching Lisa, and Megan was unsure of how to react, when Lisa’s moaning got a bit louder and then stopped suddenly. Looking up Megan saw her shaking all over her body and then slump forward, panting like she just ran a marathon. Megan was still confused but she knew she had to leave or Lisa would see her right away, which would be very awkward for both of them. So Megan slowly backed away towards her own bedroom, still somewhat unsure of how to react. When she entered her room, she tried to analyze the situation she had just seen. Was Lisa really wearing a diaper while she masturbated? It could have been some odd panties. But she had watched her mess herself. Could she just have misinterpreted the grunts? Perhaps she was in pain. But then Megan shook her head. No, she had seen what had happened. Hell, she had smelled what had happened. Little innocent Lisa had humped her pillow while wearing a diaper and messing herself, and from the looks of it, she had had quite the orgasm in the end. Who would have thought Megan thought to herself, now smiling and starting to undress from her work clothes. With the confusion and concern for Lisa out of the way, Megan's arousal came back with full force. It had been quite the show and to Megan’s own surprise, the kinky behavior of Lisa hadn’t been repulsive at all. When she had thought about scat and similar stuff before, it had been quite disgusting for her, not being sexy at all. Now looking back, when picturing Lisa with her filled little diaper on her pillow, it only added to Megan’s own arousal. She started squeezing her breasts again and it only took her a few moments to let one hand slip into her panties, which were already quite wet from the show earlier. With the picture of Lisa in her mind, she started masturbating again and it only took her a few minutes to finish with a very satisfying orgasm. An orgasm and a decision that would change hers and Lisa’s relationship quite a bit she knew. Megan had taken a shower in her ensuite afterwards and had put on some casual clothes again. Now she was hungry and went down the hall to the kitchen. When she reached Lisa's room, things were unchanged from when she had left. Lisa was still lying in her bed, fast asleep. Megan almost laughed when she saw it, but then she started thinking that this would be her perfect opportunity. She continued on to the kitchen and started making something to eat as fast as she could. A few minutes later she returned, now entering the room and sitting down right next to the girl on her bed. She was still sleeping, and Megan looked over her with hunger in her eyes. She would make Lisa hers, of that she was sure. And it would be so much fun to do it, too. Megan looked at Lisa's butt again and saw that her suspicions had been right. Lisa was wearing some pull ups, and looking at them from the side, Megan could see an opening in the back where the leghole was. Lisa obviously had made a big mess, bigger than what the pull up could handle and it had pushed back against the pull up so that she could see the mess from where she was sitting. It was quite a surprise for her to not be disgusted by this but to look forward to cleaning up her little dirty girl in the future. But that would have to wait, today Lisa would be very embarrassed and it would be Megan's first priority, to make her comfortable again, preferable in her arms. With a deep breath and steeling herself for what would come next, she gently touched Lisa on her shoulder, slowly caressing her down her arm and ending on her hip, just touching the side of Lisa’s diaper. “Lisa honey. Wake up, it’s time for dinner.” Lisa's eyes fluttered a bit and she started moving, but it took her a while to open her eyes and look around in confusion about what was happening. Megan smiled down at her and gently patted her on the hip. “Come on sleepyhead, it’s time to get up. I prepared dinner.” “What time is it?” “Almost 6:30. You were fast asleep and I thought you would like something to eat before you go to bed again.” Lisa smiled at Megan’s grin, knowing that she was just lazily wasting most of the day since she had assembled the last of her furniture in the morning, which had been quite tiring. “That and I think you need a change.” With that Lisa’s eyes flew open in shock. She had completely forgotten what she had been up to before she fell asleep and now it came back to her. And Megan had caught her. Slowly she was fumbling for her blanket to cover herself, knowing that it didn’t really matter anymore. Tears started running down her cheeks while she looked up at Megan with fearful eyes. “It’s alright, Lisa.” Megan was still caressing her side and now looked up, seeing Lisa’s hand becoming frantic in her search for her blanket. “Shhh, it’s okay. Here, let me help you.” With that, she pulled the blanket over Lisa’s still mostly naked body and then resumed gently petting her on her shoulder. “It’s alright, you’re not in trouble. I know you’re embarrassed, but I’m really okay with it. You know, why don’t I go back into the kitchen and look after dinner again, while you get up, go take a shower and then join me and have something to eat, okay? We can talk about it then.” She was looking into Lisa’s eyes and then nodded her head and with a small hug started to stand up and slowly leave the room.
  16. Disclaimer: https://www.patreon.com/posts/65185502 Content Warnings Extensive Forced Diaper Wearing (Wetting/Messing) Extensive Public and Private Humiliation Extensive Corporal Punishment and Bondage Extensive use of the themes of fear, shame, guilt, and dread Some consensual sexual slavery/servitude themes Occasional Sexual Themes Occasional Sexual Intercourse ***I do not condone any of the events or themes in this story, and do not intend to glorify or advocate that anyone conduct their life in this way. Nobody should model any sort of erotic behavior on the events of this story.*** Previous chapter: ------ Lily rested her mop on her shoulder. After a moment with her eyes closed and her breath steady, she peed. Warmth surged out of her. It hit the front of her diaper like a tennis ball against a wall, and then it sloshed backwards beneath her. She took a deep breath. It wasn’t a good feeling. She didn’t like her pussy being dipped in a pool of her own hot urine. But it was a familiar feeling, and fleeting. The diaper absorbed it all to carry it like a pocket against her inner thighs. Whatever peeing used to feel like was a distant memory. Another inmate walked by, heedless of the wetness on the ground. The woman smelled like sweat. She smelled of worse things too. This inmate had clearly come from the yard, and brown streaks of dirt from the women's tennis shoes followed the inmate through the part of the block that Lily had been told to mop. Lily sighed and took the mop off of her shoulder. She held it over the bucket, wrung it out, and then plunged it back into the soapy broth. Clean the floor from Cell 230 to 260. That’s it. That’s all she had to do. So she set out to deal with the tracks left by the other inmate. She didn’t bother yelling at her. What was the inmate to do? It’s not like there was a mat by the big double doors that separated the interior of Cellblock A from the yard. One couldn’t leave shoes anywhere but in one’s own cell (against the wall, under the cot, if one didn’t want to anger a guard during an inspection). This wasn’t a house, where shoes were left by the door. This was a public place. And nobody cared whether or not the floor was actually clean. Lily did though, so Lily mopped. She started in the direction where the woman came from, towards the double doors to the yard. She wasn’t supposed to go beyond cell 230 with her bucket and mop, that wasn’t her job. Her job was to just clean the floor from Cell 230 to 260 and to do it, and nothing else, for an hour. That ‘nothing else’ included talking, but she spoke anyway. Other inmates that she knew would come by and they’d say hello. Sometimes they’d ask her if she knew where another inmate went, or if the guard walking on the upper deck was in a good mood. Those bad moods really mattered because that determined if even a little amount of conversation merited discipline. But almost always, even the surliest guards don’t feel like writing a discipline report on an inmate for some chitter chatter. That doesn’t mean they never did, no, they absolutely will at some point and there is also nothing to do about that. But there’s no point in living to avoid it. They’ll write up an inmate when they want to, and Lily had learned to accept it. She took a look at the nearby guard. He was a big man, and thick around the belly. He had a belt with a club in it, though she’d never seen any of them actually use those. He was up on the upper deck, and he looked like he had seen the same thing Lily did; a woman coming in from the yard in muddy shoes. He made his way to the nearby staircase and went in the direction of the orange-clad woman in muddy shoes. Mopping wasn’t enough to fully occupy Lily’s attention, even if it was difficult to make out the dirt footprints against the reflective surface of the floor. She felt like a tracker, following some wounded animal. But really, no, she felt nothing like a hunter. She felt more like a roomba, with wheels and an optical lens that could spot filth and hone in on it. Lily see dirt, Lily clean dirt. That’s what Lily is capable of. The guard disappeared into the cell where the woman had gone. Honing in to check that diaper. A different breed of roomba. He came out a few moments later, with the woman walking in front of him. The woman’s face was expressionless as she walked in front of the guard. Her diaper was thick. Its outlines were clear in front, and they puffed out the orange fabric of her jumpsuit. Lily’s was no better, no, Lily’s was worse. Most uniforms shrunk in the caustic detergent of the laundry rooms, though the tightness and revealing embarrassment around the crotch were always the least concerning aspects of the shrinkage. The outlines of the woman’s diaper were visible on her tummy, where the top of it stopped, and across her hips, even though the plastic wings of the diaper there were very thin. The woman looked uncomfortable as she made her way, and her gait had the tinge of a waddle to it. She had probably been like that when she came through Lily’s section of the floor before, but Lily had been too busy peeing to notice. She had noticed the woman’s smell, though, and it was no surprise that she was going where she was going. Not far away, towards the center of the cross-shaped block where Lily lived (and would continue to live) was a changing center. It was one of two in Cellblock A, the other being located symmetrically opposite across the rotund central area of the block. It was nothing more than an area blocked off by a low wall, with chairs oriented around a medical table. The woman walked there and sat down in one of those chairs. From Lily’s position in the middle of the hall, she could count maybe ten or so heads sitting in chairs just like that woman. She knew almost all of them (though this particular woman in the muddy feet was someone she wasn’t familiar with). They all stared blankly at the medical table, which featured another guard as well as a woman, an inmate, stark naked on her back. The best seats in prison. Lily watched as the guard began his return journey down the hall. His boots squeaked as he went. Lily looked at the path that the guard and the woman took. Another trail of muddy footprints crossed the space between 230 and 260. These were less visible, but Lily had little else to direct her attention towards. She made a mental note to mop down in that direction once she was done with the first set of footprints that the inmate had made. She doused the head of the mop once more in her bucket and made her way. One of the things to think about in Stenton, when there is just nothing else to think about, is when you’re going to get your diaper changed. To say that Lily was not resentful of the woman who had tracked dirt not once but twice through her section of the floor was an understatement. She was jealous. Jealous that the woman was now sitting in the changing queue. The best seats in the house. She’d be out of her diaper and she looked like she’d used it well enough to make the trip worth it. Did it suck to be over there, with the other women in the changing queue? Yup, always did. Did it smell bad to be over there? No doubt. It never smelled good when you sat down in a chair next to multiple other grown women in soiled diapers. Was it fun to be stripped while a guard draws wipes through your ass? Nope. Never was and never would be. But at least the full diaper would be gone, and that was something that the woman with the muddy feet could say that Lily couldn’t. Though it wouldn’t be long until a guard took her there either. Hopefully. Although you could always guarantee that at some point, for even the slightest thing, a guard might cell you and write you up, you simultaneously couldn’t guarantee that a guard would actually take you to the changing area. Whether or not a guard took an inmate to one of the changing stations around the block had nothing to do with what was in their diaper. Everyone was on a schedule, more or less. Even a quiet, boring, and ordered place like Stenton prison could experience enough chaos such that any schedule could become wildly unpredictable. When it came to changing, guards had a plan for the day, one they didn’t share, often not even with each other. All of them, though, agreed that the diapers were there for punishment, and that if a little chaos resulted in discomfort for the inmates of Stenton, then chaos was working as intended. There was no legal requirement that the part of Lily’s sentence that enumerated ‘three diaper changes a day’ had to be religiously followed. There was no independent committee that interviewed prisoners to make sure they were getting the appropriate amount of diaper changes a day, according to what their judge had ordered. Nobody cared, for one, and nowhere in Lily’s sentence did it say she had a right to any amount. It only said: In addition; Lily is to be diapered for the entirety of her incarceration. She will be permitted no more than three diaper changes in a calendar-day during the duration of her custody. This aspect of Lily’s punishment will begin with the issuance of this sentence. Indeed, she hadn’t. She’d lost track of the days long ago, but she knew without a doubt that she’d got no more than three diaper changes a day. The average was undoubtedly lower. There were days when she only got two. There had been some sticky, hot, itchy, mushy, smelly, sleepless days where she’d only got one. Three was just the ceiling. There were no four-change days in her memory to match any of the under-three days. The only thing keeping her at three at all was the guards, for following the rules was part of their nature. Lily’s lawyer had prepared her for sentencing, way back when. “They’ll probably give you two. We’re fighting for three.” “Why not four?” Lily said. Technically, five changes was a possible limit, but she knew enough to not hope for that. The lawyer shook her head. Apparently, Lily’s lawyer knew enough to not hope for four either. Lily was already convicted by that time, already in orange, already diapered. There had been a thick diaper waiting for her in the side chamber where they took her after they dismissed the jurors that had decided to convict her. She’d remembered holding it together in court but bursting into tears as soon as that huge white diaper came into view. Her bowels churned and her feet felt like lead in the bright concrete warren beside the courtroom. Her hands had been cuffed in front of her, and two guards on either side were holding her by her biceps. Their guidance was firm as they took her, almost limp, to the table. They took off her cuffs and stripped her… Her last use of the toilet had been so unceremonious. A rushed evacuation before it was time to listen to the prosecution put the cherry on top of Lily’s public evisceration. A few months later, with her jury long gone and presumably eating ice cream and tanning on the fine Shamurian beaches, her lawyer shook her head. “No, four would anger the judge,” she said. “Three is the best we get. We ask for four and we guarantee that the judge will give you two.” Lily understood negotiation well enough to agree with her lawyer’s logic. It was hard to sit there in the sentence proceedings (there were two appearances in court prior to her actual sentencing) and listen to her lawyer argue for three diaper changes a week. Especially since she was already wearing them in jail, between her conviction and her final sentencing. In jail, prior to sentencing, they gave her five changes, and that was already unbearable. Worse, she’d seen the path of many women whose trials had gone before hers. She’d seen them all try to adjust to four from five (most wound up getting four to five changes, but Lily was in for something more serious). All whined and begged and complained. “My client is sorry for what she did, she has expressed sincere guilt. This is her first mistake before the law, and she is going to vow that it never happens again.” It wouldn’t. It literally couldn’t. They’d made sure to take away Lily’s license to practice law as soon as they diapered her. “My client looks forward to her punishment,” her lawyer said. Lily remembered herself sitting in the uncomfortable wooden chair for the first time not wearing a dress, but in the same kind of orange jumpsuit she wore today. She had tried to imagine that being true; that she was looking forward to it. Yes, I’m excited for what’s coming next. I woke up this morning in my jail cell in my diaper, and listened to the woman next to me in the van to the courthouse who told me that the smartest thing to do, if I could, was to shit myself as soon as I got off the van so I wouldn’t have to shit my diaper in court because they generally wouldn’t change me again until the whole day’s proceedings were done. I figured she was right, yet she was only half right. Piss and poop was in my diaper for an hour before they changed me to bring me out here. I just got my asswiped by a policewoman who thinks my buttcheeks need to be scrubbed like metal pan, and yes, I am looking forward to years and years more of this. “Lily understands that four changes a day is fairly prompt and she’s aware that her crimes are too serious for that, and she wouldn’t want her upcoming incarceration to be wasted on a punishment that isn’t severe enough.” Her lawyer spoke correctly, if inaccurately. No matter what, once convicted, it was best to prostrate yourself before the mighty righteous will of Shamurian society. Even if you plead ‘not guilty,’ you were supposed to be ecstatic and thankful that the good people of Shamuria had put you where you belonged. You didn’t have to believe it, but you had to say it. The prosecution argued for two changes a day. The prosecuting attorney, the winning attorney, was dressed impeccably and conducted herself with the same bright-eyed enthusiasm she had worn the entire way. She was young and Lily had overheard that her case was her first-ever as the lead attorney. The swagger she brought was contagious, and the jury had awarded her with a conviction. “Got the bitch!” The bitch was Lily. She was got. Lily picked at her hot wet diaper and took a break from mopping, resting the haft once again against her shoulder. She tried to recall the attorney’s name, but couldn’t. She must have been no older than twenty three at the time. Long straight blond hair, always wore a skirt to the knee and leggings. Designer jackets, glasses. More importantly, she had perfect pitch. She sang a lullaby to the jury in a manner Lily could only dream of. Her voice rose and fell as she unveiled fact after fact, damning Lily with every note. Two hours into the first witness hearing, and Lily realized she had worse odds than a lobster hovering above boiling water. She asked questions and left them unanswered, leaving the jury to contemplate Lily’s criminality on their own. She rarely pushed the line and the judge rarely had to scold her, whereas Lily’s lawyer had to fight tooth and nail for every edge. This woman doesn’t need a law degree, the young prosecutor had said during her closing statements. She needs diapers. And you’ve got a chance to put her in them for a long time. It took just two hours of deliberations, which is barely more than the time it takes for a jury to retreat into the decision room, have a snack, and run through the list of things they have to do. Fresh off cold-cut sandwiches and soda, the jury took advantage of their chance, and a diaper had been laid out for her in the processing room. Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! A win for Shamuria and humanity! Months later, when the number three came down from the mouth of the judge, the lawyer tried to be cheerful for Lily. It was as if to say, an average of eight hours in your piss and shit between changes isn’t so bad. Imagine if it was twelve! Yeah, it could have been six. It could have been less than five hours on average. But eight isn’t so bad. You’ll be fine. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yeah, you’ll have to sit in it for a while longer than you do now, but those two extra changes of five a day don’t amount to that much. It was the only thing that Lily could be cheerful at throughout the whole trial. Lily watched as a tall, slender woman exited a cell in the section she was assigned to clean. Her name was Lindsey, and like Lily and the other woman, she too was dressed in orange with an obvious diaper underneath. She stepped out onto the newly mopped floor and looked both ways, as if addressing a street that she was about to cross. In doing so, she made note of the guard, who had returned to his post on the catwalk. She looked at Lily too, and gave Lily a long, forlorn look until Lily turned away and pretended to be busy. Lily continued mopping and made a deliberate effort to not pay attention to the woman. Lindsey was a newer inmate, here for maybe three months at most, and was a four-changer. It was weird, how quickly you learned to remember how often someone got their diapers changed. But it mattered because it directly affected how pleasant they were to be around. Lily knew a few more things about Lindsey though, as she was one of the more famous residents of cellblock A. A television actress, Lindsey received a two year sentence for bribing an admissions office with cash to help get her daughter into an elite Shamurian university. Rumor was that wouldn’t be the end of it, as some of the other inmates claimed to have seen her get loaded back on the ferry, which either meant you were being freed or you were going back to court. In Lindsey’s case, it couldn’t be the former; she hadn’t been in Stenton long enough and judges never, ever, reduced sentences. Lily hadn’t seen her go, and hadn’t heard any concrete evidence of such happenings. But she did know that no matter what, whether you’re a five-changer or a one-changer, the only toilets in the building are located behind the huge blast doors for the guards. This wasn’t a guess. Inmates who had the misfortune to be taken through the doors reported that on the other side were a pair of men’s and women’s bathrooms, just for guards. Not really a big surprise, Lily saw no need to take her own trip through the doors to find out. One was never in a state of freedom when going through those. Just so, by standing in the middle of the hall, Lindsey had already internalized the dominant code of ethics among inmates at Stenton. You have to shit, so shit responsibly. Shitting at or after lockdown was a recipe for drama, as was doing it at mealtime. You tried to avoid doing it in your cell at all, unless you had a good reason. That rule was more up in the air, as sometimes avoiding a dirty diaper in the cell was a bit much to ask of one-changers. Everyone violated it at one point or another, sometimes simply because a lockdown could happen in the middle of the day. Lily had once been sitting in the changing area, one inmate away from getting her dirty diaper changed, when the alarm bell rang. She had to race back to her cell, her diaper still engorged and disgusting. That lockdown had lasted over two hours and her cellmate had to suffer through it with her. There were lots of reasons that could happen, some more forgivable than others. The rule was that you tried to avoid it. Lily saw out of the corner of her eye that Lindsey was still doing her business. It would seem odd to do it so blatantly, but it made perfect sense. She wanted to do it out of her cell, in a place where nobody would be surprised by her. Now and then that backfired, and a rowdy prisoner might point and laugh at a woman trying to be as obvious as possible so others could avoid her. Nobody wanted to come around a corner just to bump into a grown woman taking a dump in her pants. You learned to appreciate blatant evacuation as a global favor, as humiliating as it was. The most important thing, which Lindsey knew already, was to do it so the guards would notice it. Being obvious was great, yet being heckled drew even more attention, no matter how much it made you want to die. That was another part of it. The surest way to ensure that the guards don’t change a diaper is to ask them to change it. The surest way to sit in poop for the rest of the day was to see yourself to the changing queue on your own. As dirty as Lindsey was making her diaper, she wouldn’t be changed out of it until a guard decided it was time for her to sit in the chairs. Finally, Lindsey finished loading her diaper. She stretched, checked again to see if Lily was watching her, and then looked up once again at the guard. The guard, who had surely seen everything, didn’t react. Lindsey didn’t hide her dismay, and rolled her neck dramatically and sucked on her teeth. There was nothing to do, though. She fixed her uniform, pulling it out where it had gotten too snug around her crotch. She sniffed her hands. Then, pooped diaper and all, Lindsey walked gingerly towards the center of the cellblock, out of Lily’s area to clean. Lily’s chore continued. A rectangle that is fifteen cell blocks long is large, but not large enough to occupy her and her mop for an hour. To use up more time, she offered to mop the cells of inmates in that area. She didn’t go in any that were empty. Most waved her off or pretended not to hear her at her door. Some she avoided because she already knew the answer of the occupant inside. Some were asleep. But a few stepped out of their cells so she could clean the small floor that they nominally called their own. One of those women was Kimmi. Lily came across her, mop and bucket in hand, while she was kneeling on her pillow, which was placed on the floor. She was bent over a deck of cards that she had splayed out on her cot. The international card game of prisons…even diaper prisons: solitaire. “Yeah sure, though it’s the air that’s dirty,” she said. Kimmi laughed and hauled herself up. She pushed past Lily, and she crinkled as she went. Lily’s nose rankled, but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle. “Don’t worry,” Kimmi said. “The bitch is on the dock.” Lily took this to refer to Kimmi’s cellmate, Rita. She didn’t need any reference to know what Kimmi meant by the dock. “Hope it hurts,” Lily said. Kimmi laughed again and nodded in agreement. Kimmi stood by as Lily mopped. The cells weren’t big enough for it to take too long, but Lily took her time. Why not take her time? Kimmi talked to her as she cleaned, despite the rule forbidding inmate job-conversation going both ways. Despite her soiled diaper, Kimmi had bubbling energy inside her, and she seemed to hum to a rhythm whenever she was silent. “I hear you got a whole hell coming to you,” Kimmi said, bobbing her head. Lily wasn’t surprised the word had already gotten to Kimmi. You’ll be fine. Just fine. A few docks is better than a lot. Four docks in a row is not a lot. Argue and you’ll get five, so shut up. “It won’t be so bad,” she said. “They going to break you up?” Lily hadn’t thought about that. “I don’t know,” she said. “That’d be a bummer. Luckiest thing in this whole place finally coming to an end. You two have been bumping it forever.” Kimmi said. Then she opened her arms to envelope some of the bars that formed the open wall of her cell. “Come to mine,” she said. The notion that Lily had a choice of what cell the guards put her in made them both laugh. The comment had more meaning than a simple joke, but for now Lily preferred to treat Kimmi’s absurdity as simply that. “Come on. I only stink up the room to get back at Rita. You should hear her! It doesn’t stop at lights-out.” “I can imagine.” “She’ll be writing a whole slam book on me, you can be sure of it. She’s going to make a series about her awful cellmate.” Kimmi laughed again. “I can’t wait to read it.” Lily bent low to mop under Rita’s cot. Part of her wanted to rung the sodden head of her mop onto Rita’s bed. To leave a dirty and soapy mess so that Rita had nowhere to rest on her way back from the dock. But she thought better of it. She was in deep enough trouble as it was. “So, what do you think about rooming with me?” Kimmi asked, again. “I’m still rooming with Marji.” “Yeah but not for long.” “We'll still be together.” “Really?” Kimmi said. She narrowed her eyes as the true thrust of the conversation was laid bare. “They’ll be watching you.” Kimmy leaned against the bars and stared at Lily. Lily became hyper aware of her own contours under her orange jumpsuit. She’d never thought she’d be sexy again, though this concern didn’t arise until weeks after actually being put in diapers. In retrospect, it would have been wise to get some action when they still let her wear panties. One of her greatest regrets. There had been more important worries back then, though as a lawyer, she should have foreseen where it would all end up. Now her pussy didn’t know or had forgotten that she was in prison. Her pussy was the one that made her look forward to diaper changes not just so she could get out of the diaper she was wearing, but so that she could see the bodies of the other women without their jumpsuits and their own thick diapers. It could be a gruesome sight, at times, but you could always close your eyes for the beginning and just look when the woman’s bottom was cleaner. Most diapers weren’t like that anyway. It was a weird, discordant feeling, to be aroused in a place like a changing area. But it made a sick, twisted sense; her pussy had adapted to the situation. It’d taken much longer for her to realize that other inmates had accepted the same realities, that they’d learned to ignore the thickness of her ass and crotch, and the garish glare of perpetual orange. Her thighs and ass, covered in a diaper that she had been wearing since the morning and forced to move in and pump in as she sweated in her full length suit, hadn’t gotten used to it, like her pussy had. She wanted a change badly, which, conveniently, was what her pussy wanted too. Somedays, she wished she could be more like Kimmi. Kimmi was one of those rare few in Stenton who seemed to enjoy her time behind bars. Or at least she was able to tolerate it effortlessly. She’d been cheery from the getgo, quick to joke, quick to to laugh, and quick to stop taking pee and poop so seriously. How could she care what was in her pants? She was a one-changer. The answer to what was in her pants was almost never good. She’d openly estimated that she maybe spent less than an hour a day without piss in her diaper. She even didn’t care to admit to the other women that she was wetting the bed ‘involuntarily’ and that she was ‘definitely wetter when she woke up than when she went to bed.’ Even more, she’d turned a whole breakfast table red with embarrassment when she blurted that ‘masturbation felt better when the front was thick with pee because it gave you firm something to rub against.’ Kimmi could be a hoot around the dock, too. If she was on the benches, watching woman after woman get spanked and paddled on the dock, she’d call and cheer. Kimmi never did it maliciously (as some might be for Rita right now), but always in a way that, if it were you getting spanked, it made you feel better. Lily hated, most of all, that the pillories and the dock were in the very center of the block, but Kimmi made it bearable, provided she was there. Oh come on, that one was a little low! Swing batter-batter swing! Come-on tootsie keep that back straight we gotta see that roast beef. Yes girl! Lily likes it doggie doesn’t she? She’s doing a great job! Show us what you’ve been hiding in those diapers hun! Sometimes she would get other inmates singing so that the sounds of the smacking died away, even to the ears of the woman getting hit. Nobody ever minded the raucous atmosphere she could create, save the guards and the occasional women who still thought they could sleep through their sentence. The guards sometimes felt that Kimmi’s irreverence took away from the essentially punitive exercise, and they would cell her for the rest of the day. That only made the average inmate appreciate Kimmi more. Except for the Ritas of the world, of course. The inmate cheers were markedly different when it was Rita’s bottom up on the platform called the dock. The mood was a bit more in line with what the guards intended when Rita got spanked. So it was fine to be around Kimmi, even when Kimmi smelled like shit. She was the type of inmate that could make you forget there was a bag of piss around your waist and that it’d been years since you’d had a private moment of free access to your own vagina. Moreover, she was the type of gay that wasn’t a gayness of reluctance. Kimmi guessed that up to half of the women in the prison, at least, were willing, but very few were voracious about it. Like Lily, they’d sexualized what was available. The straighter girls relished those few moments on changing tables with male guards, doing everything they could to repress their extreme embarrassment and the awareness that the guard who was seeing her excrement couldn’t possibly find her sexy. They’d whisper to each other about the way he wiped. He lingered. He palmed my butt. Nobody ever had the heart to remind the women of what they already knew themselves. Well, Rita did, and gave everyone yet another reason to hate her. It mattered greatly to the straights what fantasy they could roll their eyes back into when the stiff and pissy diaper on their crotch was pressed into their clit by another female inmate. If they could believe that they were back on that table with strapping officer Sipho, if they could believe that the mouth kissing their breasts through their orange jumpsuit featured his stubbly lips, they could cum. Lily never disabused a straight woman of that fantasy. She knew best to melt away, to simply appreciate the time between her legs, even if she wasn’t thinking about Lily and there was nothing down there but diapers and urine to smell. When their half-assed efforts to help Lily cum in return brought them both to boredom, Lily was fine to leave. The memory and imagination of the straight woman’s genitals beneath all those layers and the memory of her convulsing body, were vivid enough for Lily to pleasure herself alone in her cot. But Kimmi meant it. Kimmi reciprocated. Kimmy sought it out and saw her as more than an elaborate vibrator which she could place between her legs while she fantasized about what lay behind the zipper of officer Sipho. Kimmi didn’t become ashamed and refuse to talk to Lily for weeks after one shared moment. She would be eager again and again until the guards hauled them both on the dock. And then some. “I think we’ll still be together,” Lily said. “We haven’t talked about it.” “What’s she doing?” “I don’t know. Probably celled,” she said. Marji had been in an equally bad mood since the guards had caught them on top of eachother yesterday. Knowing Marji, she’d lashed out and was sitting on her cot with a chain around her ankle. “Atta girl,” Kimmi said. “I’m not trying to steal her girl, you know,” Kimmi said. At this point, Lily was only pretending to mop. “No. I couldn’t imagine a lady with a diaper like yours would attempt to flirt with a catch like me,” Lily said. Kimmi laughed again. “Hey. If I waited to be clean to make my moves, my cunt would close up. You gotta know what you’re working with.” With this, Kimmi made a shimmy and showed her bottom to Lily, pressing it against the bars. It was a grotesque thing to do considering what Kimmi’s diaper had inside it, but Kimmi never shied away from the absurd. It was refreshing, even when it made Lily recoil in mock disgust. “Oh stop it,” she said. “Hey, your hour is almost up, by the way,” Kimmie said. She motioned to the clock that was high up on the wall at one end of the block. “You on one or two changes today.” “I’ve not been changed since just after breakfast.” And didn’t she know it. Her diaper was soaked, and she’d been holding number two since then. A guard had felt her ass right after the end-of-breakfast bell, before her meal had got things moving. She’d discretely pushed as he felt her, but all she managed to do was fart into his hand. It wasn’t atypical timing for a first change, and as a three changer she could expect to get changed in the two or so hours after breakfast. She preferred on the later end of that range, so she could get her movement going and so her first change of the day could be a dirty one. It didn’t always work out that way. “When they let you out, let’s get changed together,” Kimmi said. She didn’t mention let’s try to get changed together. Sometimes, it was nice to pretend that you had agency. Surprisingly, she was dead right. Lily’s diaperchange was all but assured after her chore was done. It was more than an hour after lunch now, and the guards went looking for the threes before and after lunch. Lily was probably one of the last threes to still be wearing her post-breakfast diaper, excluding those who’d been downgraded to twos for discipline. It sure felt like it. The ideal day, for Lily, was a late post-breakfast change, a late post-lunch change, and then a post-dinner change, so that she was fresh for lockdown. She rarely got all three in a day, but much of her excess effort was spent trying to orchestrate it. What else was there to do? She’d hide from guards before meals and find them after, when she was fuller. The goal was always to spend as little time as possible in full and dirty diapers. She doesn’t need a law degree, she needs diapers. She wondered if her jury thought of that when they considered her guilt. Yes, this woman needs her priorities narrowed down to nothing but a toddler’s mindset. Where to pee and poop most effectively. That’s where this grown woman, who once argued cases before a court, who survived three years of law school, who was about to make partner at just twenty-eight, belonged. That’s what her mind was really good for. Good mopping and good fecal logistics. “You just want to see me naked.” Kimmi craned her head. “It’s officer Billie at the table,” she said. “At least at the close one.” Lily stepped out of the cell with her bucket and mop and looked down the hall. She still knew most of the women sitting in the chairs there. Lindsey was there. The woman who’d tracked mud through her section was there too. She was the one on the table, but from their angle they could only see her large tits bouncing about as the officer Billie raised and lowered her legs. Way beyond, she could see the blast doors to the guard quarters. One of the doors creaked open, and a guard came through it and into the cellblock. The door shut lazily behind them, but the hollow slam reverberated all the way down to Kimmi’s cell. “Damn,” Lily said, looking at officer Billie. Kimmi allowed herself to be distracted by the scene for a few moments. For once, Lily knew Kimmi wasn’t looking at the bare-chested woman. She turned back to Lily. “Well get it done and stick together. You got five minutes so nows your time,” she said. She was very likely right. Five minutes left in her hour (which was almost all the time she needed to actually complete the job allotted for an hour), meant she should get to business. She was only relieved when a guard ordered her to bring her bucket and mop to the closet. Generally, a diapercheck would come after that. Lily had planned all along to poop right at the end of her hour. Her early change notwithstanding, and the squicky itchiness she felt right now (which was par for the course after the prosecution nailed her many years ago), today was fixing to be an efficient, reasonable day. The punishments for playing with Marji would not come until tomorrow. “Alright,” Lily said, and she headed out of the cell toward the center of the block, where Lindsey had pooped earlier. It also occurred to her that she had spent conspicuously long in Kimmi’s cell, and she was definitely pushing discipline if the guard on the catwalk was paying attention. Kimmi put a hand on her shoulder, though. Lily stopped, and watched where Kimmi pointed. “Do it on Rita’s bed,” she said. Lily turned. “Noo,” she said. “That’s a little much.” “Come on. She won’t notice it over everything else,” Kimmi said, waiving to herself. “Just give her a nice extra flavor to her pillow. You know she deserves it.” Kimmi’s suggestion was extreme. It represented a side to Kimmi that Lily had rarely seen. A ferocity and vengefulness that did not coincide with her general cheerfulness. But it still made sense to Lily. Loyalty and camaraderie were the root of Kimmi’s character. It was her and her girls against the bullshit. Rita wasn’t one of them. Rita with her horn-rimmed glasses, who paid the commissary extra to get her hair products, who threatened everyone with a salacious expose, who bragged that when she was out, the world would welcome her eagerly. Many of inmates, despite their lofty origins, knew that nothing waited for them but diapered slavery and middle-class employment. And even the best outcomes were still many, many years down the road. She’d even written about Lily. Before Rita had found trouble with the law, Rita made headlines finding out everything she could about other wealthy men and women who’d fallen out of favor with Shamurian society. Case Closed! Corrupt lawyer weeps and begs like a helpless lamb as she realizes the law is no longer on her side. “She really squirmed when we got her out of court. They’re all very emotional so we understand. But they have to learn quickly that if they fight us, we’ll change them less. We’ll keep that diaper on ice until the morning and she’ll understand what she’s in for.” It’d all been true. Rita had gotten to one of those guards and got the quote. Even the story about sitting in that first diaper until the following morning was true. At first, Rita’s own fall from grace was celebrated in Stenton. Then they met her, and realized nothing could be worse than having to hear her talk. Rita was the bullshit. All of this is to say that yes, Lily leaned her mop against the bars, kicked off her slippers, and squatted right on Rita’s pillow. Here’s what happens when you’re not on our side but you’re inside, you cunt. It was relaxing and delightful, truly. One of the best bowel movements she’d ever had in her entire time at Stenton. A massive relief. Her stomach shrunk an inch in circumference. Officer Billie at the table waiting to deal with it. The rest of the day to relax and play cards and only have to worry about how fast she was pissing herself. Her poop was huge and firm and as disgusting as ever, but she wouldn’t have to be in it long. “What the fuck!” came a voice. Lily hadn’t realized she’d opened her eyes. “Fuck you,” Kimmi said. Her voice wavered though, and Kimmi seemed to shrink away from the new person standing in the door between the bars of her cell. Lily gasped and stumbled off of Rita’s bed. “I said the fuck are you doing?” Rita asked, stepping into the room. She was blonde and freckly, and she kept her hair wavy with the product she bought. “Nothing,” Lily said. “Nothing?” Rita was shouting. Lily was anxious to leave. A guard who arrived had a lot of pretext in the scene that was unfolding. “You were shitting on my pillow.” “No she wasn’t,” Kimmi said. Rita spun and pointed a finger at Kimmi. Rita’s cheeks were flush, and her eyes were still watery from the spanking she’d taken on the dock. She didn’t deserve any sympathy, but it was hard to imagine her being anything but angry at what she’d returned to. “It was your idea,” she said. “It wasn’t my idea because nothing happened!” Kimmi shouted. Lily was trying to step between the two, to get her bucket and leave. Kimmi could handle herself. If a guard came now to see this, she was sure to be disciplined. Getting into a fight in a cell when she was supposed to be mopping was way out of line. Rita’s bone to pick was clearly with Kimmi, despite the fact that it had been Lily’s action that had enraged her. Lily pushed past them, grabbed her bucket and mop, and exited the cell. Her diaper was incredibly full of piss and poop, and it squished into her as she walked. She was sweating all over now too, and she could feel the oil of her hair on the back of her neck, the moisture down the sides of her hot jumpsuit, and of course, all of the heat generated by the mess she’d made in her diaper. She wanted out of there, to continue making wet circles on the ground until some guard took her to be changed by officer Billie. “Stop! Hands on the bars!” Lily’s heart sank. She propped her mop in the bucket and did as she was told. She was outside the cell, and she knew the position. Palms open, hands up above the head, feet spread, chest against the bars. She didn’t even see the guard who had ordered her against the bars, but she could hear his boots and that his voice was male. She could also hear that he wasn’t messing around. “You two, against the wall, now!” Kimmi and Rita immediately stopped talking and assumed the same position, but against the wall at the back of their cell. Lily was anxious for what came next. She heard the guard walking, his boots creaking and the chains and metal hanging from his belt loops were jingling like he was Santa Claus. “What happened?” came another guard’s voice. This one was female. “Fight.” “Physical?” “No.” “About what?” Rita, like an idiot, decided to speak. “They shit on my pillow!” “Quiet!” The guards barked at the same time. “Head against the wall,” the female guard said. Lily could see that Rita’s head was against the wall, but the guard continued. “Do you hear me?” “Yes ma’am!” Rita said. “You talk again, I’ll bring you right back to the dock, you hear me?” “Yes ma’am!” “You want that to happen?” “No ma’am!” Lily could hear the smugness in the voice of the female guard. They enjoyed doing that to inmates. It could go on for minutes. Rita surely hated it, Rita would be scratching a hole through the concrete in rage right about now. Lily couldn’t enjoy the schadenfreude, though. Her’s was coming. The guards then talked to themselves. They were so quiet that Lily couldn’t even hear them. Finally, the male guard addressed her. “You, out here,” he said. “Yes sir.” “What happened just now?” Lily gulped. “I was offering to clean cells because I had mopped the main floor, sir,” she said. “I was cleaning this one,” she said. “You were cleaning this one?” “Yes sir.” “Whose cell is this?” “This is their cell, sir,” she said. She realized that this was vague, so she motioned with her head inwards, towards the two women. “Have you defecated in your diaper?” this time the female guard asked. “Yes ma’am.” “When did you defecate in your diaper?” “A while ago ma’am, while I was doing my job, ma’am.” “When’s your job up?” the female guard said. Lily knew this answer could damn her. “Not sure. It might be soon, I might have had another hour. I’m not sure if I’ve been given two hours or not, Ma’am.” The male guard spoke to the female one. “She’s up on her chore now, I was about to come get her.” They were quiet for a moment. Lily wondered if they were still talking. The guards knew the schedules and goals of their inmates as well as the inmates. The guards knew that inmates would try to time their messing for when they were most likely to be changed. This meant that Lily’s claim to have messed herself a while ago was doubtful to them, and if Lily was lying about that, then Lily was in all likelihood the guilty party. Rita was then asked to give them a play-by-play. Contrary to her signature journalistic flourish, Rita was not unlike the blonde prosecutor that had sent Lily here in the first place. Another blonde bitch getting the better of me. Rita knew to tell her story politely, soberly, and with plenty of sir’s and ma’ams so as to be as deferential as possible. She told everything she could. She said I think I saw and I think that to make herself seem more impartial. She might have been screaming at Lily and Kimmi just moments before, but now she ‘wasn’t quite sure what she saw.’ When Rita was done, the pair of guards returned their attention to Lily. “What do you have to say?” “I don’t know sir.” “Is she right?” “I don’t know sir, I’m not sure what she said, sir.” “She said she saw you on her bed, squatting on her pillow.” “No sir.” “No sir what?” “I didn’t do that, ma’am.” “Then what were you doing in that cell?” “Mopping ma’am.” “For ten minutes?” They were probably already going to side with Rita for everything, so there were was no use lying further. Lily felt her legs tremble. She tried to maintain her composure. Despite all of the wetness in her jumpsuit, and the piss in her diaper, Lily’s throat was dry.“Yes ma’am.” “Were you talking with another inmate while on your job?” Answering truthfully also got Kimmi in trouble, but she knew that Kimmi knew that ship had sailed. “Yes ma’am.” Lily bit her lip and rested her head against the bars. The day had been going so well… This woman doesn’t need a law degree. She needs diapers. Send her where she belongs. They’d probably cell her in her dirty diaper until dinner. She was probably looking at a two-change day. They might add an extra visit to the dock next week too. Kimmi would get something similar. “Did you lie to us earlier? Did you defecate yourself on that inmates pillow? Be honest now, don’t make us have to ask this stupid question a million times.” And then, for reasons Lily didn’t quite understand, she started crying. The tears came out of nowhere, as if they were as incontinent as Kimmi was when she was asleep. She convulsed and her stomach sucked in like she was experiencing the mother of all hiccups. She could see the jury, the prosecutor with the long blonde hair, the lawyer trying to be as nice as possible when she was really tying to say: “You’re fucked beyond belief.” She could feel the dock, which was coming for her ass tomorrow. She could feel the good day she had slipping away. Another good day lost in a sea of lost days, spent mopping and plotting out when she peed and pooped like it was life or death. “Yes,” she finally said, not knowing why she said it, and wishing she hadn’t. “Yes ma’am?” the guard asked. Her voice was a lot closer. Lily was trained well enough to not move her head. “Yes ma’am,” she said. Snot choked her voice. She thought about being in this same position, against a wall, side by side with Marji. Just yesterday. Different officers, different violations, different cells. Same awful outcome. “You defecated on her pillow?” “Yes ma’am!” she said. Tears were getting into her mouth and sticking her hair to her cheeks. Was she one of the bad ladies now, one of the idiots who couldn’t avoid the dock? “You lied to us, why?” “Because I didn’t want to get in trouble,” Lily said. She felt like such a child saying that. That was the guard’s whole point. “Ma’am.” She wanted to wipe her eyes, but she knew she had to keep her hands on the bars. “You happy you’re in trouble now though?” Always, always, guards asked questions like that. Just like in court. Lily is eager to get this next phase of her life underway, so that she can learn from her mistakes. Yes, I’m looking forward to my docking. I love my diapers. I love them so much because they remind me of who I am. “Yes ma’am.” “Say it!” “I’m happy I’m in trouble, ma’am,” she said. She broke down again, and coughed. She could hear the guard stand up. She expected one of them to grab her arm and pull her, and her full diaper, back to her cell for the rest of the day. But that isn’t what happened. Not exactly. Instead, the two guards talked quietly for the final time. “Take her through the doors,” the female guard said.
  17. Hi All, This is my first story in a long while. It's 11 chapters and about 14,500 words; I'm not sure if I'll be writing a 12th chapter or if I'm happy with where it is. I'll be posting a chapter a day for the next 10 or so days. I'll post the first two here tonight... I appreciate your support and your feedback; I hope you enjoy!!! Emsy Chapter 1 - FRESH Coleridge Towers wasn’t the most luxurious building in the City, but it certainly was luxurious. It had old-school charm—uniformed doormen and 24-hour concierge service—along with more modern amenities that befit its early 1960s construction, like a fitness center with an indoor pool and central air conditioning. And while East 54th and 2nd was not the most happening neighborhood or the coolest address, Abigail needed someplace safe and convenient to work. The tiny studio was relatively inexpensive, especially for something in midtown, and while it didn’t have a fancy view, Abigail was excited to have found something that barely fit in her budget. While the apartment fit in her budget, Abigail definitely did not fit in socially with the Coleridge Towers crowd. “Any packages for me, Mark?” she’d asked at the front desk on her third day in the building. The concierge seemed flustered. “Hi Abby, please give me a sec” he said quietly, turning his attention back to a middle-aged woman glaring at her. “As I was saying …” the woman continued. “MARK, come on, really, is there a package for me there or not?” Couldn’t this lady wait for just a second? “Before I was rudely interrupted,” the woman said, staring daggers at Abby. Abigail looked at the ground and gritted her teeth, determined not to show how frustrated she was to have to wait as the lady droned on and on. “There dear,” said the older woman finishing her business at the desk, “things tend to go better for little girls who wait their turn.” Abby blushed and bit back an insult, rolling her eyes dramatically and sighing. The woman seemed unaffected by her show of annoyance. Some days, Abby knew, that’s just what it was to be trans and tall and visible: some asshole was there to knock her down and she couldn’t stoop to their level. “Who was that witch?” Abby asked the concierge loudly as the older woman finally started to walk away. She hoped that the lady heard her, but the woman showed no signs of annoyance. Mark handed her the giant package that was waiting for her. “Evelyn Matson? I’d watch out for her if I were you, Abby. She’s lived here forever and she’s just… peculiar.” “You mean rude for no reason?” The “little girls” remark, while gender affirming, still stung. Mark shrugged. “Everyone who lives here long enough has a run-in with Miss Evelyn some way or another. It’s easier just to try and not antagonize her” Abby didn’t see Evelyn Matson for the next few weeks, and a day or so after the unpleasant incident at the desk, she stopped thinking about her, too. Near the end of October, on her way to work, she saw her again in the elevator. It was one of those late fall days where the weather is unseasonably warm, and Abby was ready for her Friday dress down at work. Evelyn was already on the elevator when it arrived on the 14th floor. “Are you on your way to work, dear?” Evelyn asked, as Abby stepped on. “Um, good morning. Yes, I am,” Abby replied. Evelyn’s eyes lingered for what seemed like a few moments longer than necessary, staring at her bare legs underneath the short skirt. “Are you sure you won’t be…” Evelyn seemed to pause and look for the right words, “too cold?” “Nope!” Abby answered cheerfully, “I’m pretty warm-blooded!” Ugh, she thought, how annoying. Best to kill her with kindness. “Hmm… Are you sure you mightn’t want some stockings?” Five more floors to go. “No thank you! I know how to pick out clothes. Byeee!” Abby’s voice fairly dripped with sarcasm. Three more floors before she could escape. “And telling someone ‘Byeee,’” Evelyn said imitating her drawn-out pronunciation of the word sarcastically, “you think that’s an appropriate way to speak to someone who’s trying to help you?” “Oh, only when the person trying to ‘help me’ is being a total bitch!” she answered with fake cheerfulness, using her hands to put air quotes around the words. The elevator doors thankfully opened before Evelyn could retort, and Abby practically ran to the front door. What was this lady’s problem with her? She huffed as the doorman opened the door for her and she stepped into the brisk fall morning. It was hard enough being the only queer person for like 10 blocks in either direction. Why did this lady insist on making her so uncomfortable? “That girl,” she heard behind her, as Evelyn loudly struck up a conversation with the doorman. By the time she’d swiped her MetroCard and made her way onto the northbound Q train she’d made up her mind: no more Miss Nice Girl, next time, she was just going to confront Evelyn directly. Chapter 2 - VIEW FROM THE 26TH FLOOR Contrary to popular belief, Evelyn Matson had not lived in Coleridge Towers forever. She’d purchased her unit 10 or so years ago because she loved the sweeping southeast views of the city and the river from the 26th floor. She’d liked it so much that when the penthouse unit above her had come on the market, with its ridiculously large private balcony, she’d purchased that one, too, and combined the units together. She’d knocked out the bedroom walls downstairs to create more living space and converted the upstairs unit into bedrooms. In the mornings, she loved to sit above the City’s hustle and bustle and bask in the morning breezes just after she got out of bed as she waited for the coffee to finish its preprogramed cycle in the upstairs kitchenette. This morning, however, as she sipped her coffee and looked out toward the the river, she was perturbed. And Evelyn Matson was not a woman who liked to be perturbed. It had to do with the new girl in the building, Abigail something-or-other who had moved into one of the rental studios on the 14th floor. She recalled her interaction with her in the elevator yesterday: the gangly girl was cute, somehow uncomfortable in her own skin, not unattractive, but certainly not well-mannered. She was petulant. No, Evelyn thought, sipping her too-hot coffee, that wasn’t the right word. As an educated person, Evelyn felt obligated to find the proper word. She blew on the coffee and waited a few seconds before taking a satisfying slurp. Fresh. That was the right word. At 42, Evelyn had never called a young person “fresh” before, but that was precisely what she was. The too-revealing clothes, the childish eye rolls, the air quotes, the bratty attitude, the interrupting. Yes… “Fresh” sounded like something that her mother would call a young lady like Abigail and it fit perfectly. A young woman in need of guidance and discipline. The coffee was no longer too hot, and Evelyn was determined to get to know this Abigail whoseit better. She thought again of the creamy white thighs in the elevator, the subtle curve of her bottom visible through the slit in the trench coat and smiled to herself; she was certainly not unattractive. And the ”Good Out Here” rainbow t-shirt suggested a certain… openness and, perhaps, kinship. She smiled to herself. To say that Evelyn had a plan would have been to give her far too much credit. Evelyn didn’t need plans; she simply determined that she would do things, and through sheer force of will, they happened. It had been this way since her parents died when she was young: a combination of willpower and wealth meant that little stood in her way. On her way out of the building, she stopped to chat with Mark for a moment, exchanging pleasantries. “What do you know about the new girl? Tall girl, 14th floor, renter I assume?” Mark nodded. “You know, the one who interrupted us when we were speaking the other day?” “Oh, Abigail Lawrence?” Mark shifted uncomfortably. “She just moved into 14L recently. A studio. No dishwasher, hasn’t been renovated.” Mark paused, and while Evelyn didn’t ask any follow up questions, the intensity of her attention drove him to expand. “She has a little dog, a yorkie? Its name is Apples.” “Boyfriend, girlfriend, visitors?” “None that I’m aware of. She’s a teacher at Selborne.” “Selborne? Really?” Evelyn was surprised. The girl must be whipsmart to teach at one of the most exclusive all-girls private schools in the City. “What does she teach?” “English I think? It’s only her first year there, though, and she’s still finishing her master’s during weekend and summer breaks.” As she walked the four blocks to her office to do a bit of drafting work on the quiet Saturday morning, Evelyn considered how surprising it was that Abigail had managed to land a job at Selborne. “Progressive” in name only, it was the kind of old-money school that her parents had chosen for her, and Abigail’s choice of clothes certainly didn’t fit with the conservative image that the school cultivated with its uniforms and exclusivity. Evelyn wasn’t the only one who had noticed that Abigail’s clothes didn’t exactly fit the Selborne image. On Friday afternoon during the last period of the day, Abigail was sitting in the teacher’s lounge when the Dean for Student Affairs, Ms. Thompson, stopped in and asked to speak with Abigail in her office. “How’s it going so far with the 10th graders, dear?” “Fine, thank you.” Sitting in Ms. Thompson’s office, the skirt felt especially too short and her confidence from earlier in the day evaporated. Should she cross her legs? “We’re working through Milton now, and it’s such a pleasure to read with the girls.” “Oh? I’ve always been partial to Paradise Lost myself. ‘Into this wild Abyss/The womb of Nature and perhaps her grave-/Of neither sea nor shore nor air nor fire,/ But all these in their pregnant causes mixed/Confusedly and which thus might ever fight,/ Unless the Almighty Maker them ordain/ His dark materials to create more worlds,--/Into the wild Abyss the wary Fiend/ Stood on the brink of Hell and looked a while…’” “I love that moment,” Abby began, “the vulnerability that Satan feels, the uncertainty. His dependance on God, but also his bravery…” Mrs. Thompson was struck again by how much she liked Abigail; she was a careful reader, and she had the potential to be a wonderful teacher. And being just 10 or 12 years older than the girls she taught, she was relatable, too. It was no wonder that the girls had taken such a shine to her. As they talked about the book, Abby seemed to lose herself in the language, and Mrs. Thompson shifted the conversation to her purpose with regret. “In any case, I’ve had some complaints that I wanted to address with you.” Abigail’s blood turned to ice. Not this. Not again. She felt the tears well up and start to fall softly. Fired for being too trans? Too queer? For wearing the gay pride shirt? Stupid, stupid, stupid, she scolded herself, I should have known that I was pushing it… “It’s about your skirt, dear. It’s a bit… more revealing… than what we generally consider to be appropriate for a young woman. Now, as a role model for young ladies, we place the utmost importance on ensuring…” Abigail’s tears turned momentarily into tears of relief, and then into humiliation. She should have listened to that bitch in the elevator who made the nasty stockings comment. She took the proffered tissue and wiped her eyes to try and preserve some degree of dignity. She made out the words “leggings” and “only a warning” while trying to pull herself together. “And of course, if you ever want advice, you’re welcome to come to me.” “Thank you,” Abby said tearfully as she finished blotting her eyes. “I appreciate it.” In reality, Abby did not appreciate it. She did not appreciate it at all. As she fled the office and the school for the weekend, she considered that asking for advice about her wardrobe from Ms. Thompson was about as likely as Satan in Paradise Lost returning to God’s good graces. Back in 14L, there was no need to even pull the curtains to enjoy the privacy of a good cry in her tiny, dark studio. At least this was hers, and no one could take that from her, she thought, as she curled up under the covers of the full-sized bed that dominated the space. She took her pills early, letting bitter progesterone dissolve under her tongue. She hugged her teddy bear, Stephen, and drifted off to sleep. Her dreams that night were ultra-realistic and terrifying. When she woke up the next morning, her sheets were soaked, like they always were when she had bad dreams.
  18. (Before anyone reads this, I think its only fair to warn you that there are 'dirtier' themes then you would normally find in an abdl story. I don't believe it breaks any site rules, but as I usually don't write like this, I may be mistaken and I apologize if so . )SMACK SMACK SMACK!The sissy squirmed as his bottom was spanked by his daddy. Tears were streaming down his face as he grasped tightly onto his teddy bear for comfort, and only his pacifier keeping him from calling out. His diaper was pulled down to his knees and his skirt lay on the ground, leaving his bare skin open to the harsh smacks. His daddy took his time, spanking him again and again until he was satisfied the sissy had learned his lesson.He stopped and rested his hand on the sissy's bright red bottom, feeling the new found warmth comming off of it."Now little Nathaniel, did you learn your lesson?"The sissy squrimed and looked at him through tear soaked eye lids. He didn't answer and kept suckling his pacifier, knowing the trick.His daddy patted his upturned bottom. "Good baby," he said. He removed the pacifier and asked again, "did you learn your lesson?""Yes daddy," he sniffed."What did you learn?""I learned not to deny to mommy or daddy that I'm a sissy baby.""Exactly right." He began absent mindedly stroking and patting the sissy boy's bottom, making him moan. "Now, remember when you came here. You played with your mommy, being her little baby, pretending to be a boy..."The sissy groaned and the word "pretending."The sissy's 'daddy' began speaking in an overly sweat, mocking tone. "But then she tried putting her baby in a skirt. She's told me how you whined and complained that you were a boy, and how you didn't want to do that... and how hard you became the second you were in pink. Remember?"He nodded."It wasn't long after until you were always in your pretty pink skirts, always a little sissy, and always loving it. But you still complained, didn't you? Were you a naughty little liar to your mommy?" He spanked him hard.Nathaniel yelped. "YES DADDY!""And whats more... I bet you never expected to be subby to a daddy, did you?""No daddy...""But the little sissy saw all the big strong men, and mommy saw how he stared... and it wasn't long until you were in the lap of your first male babysitter, crying in humiliation, and beging for more, wasn't it?" He spanked him again, and Nathaniel shouted."Yes Daddy!""And then you asked for something you never thought you would, to please a daddy, didn't you?"He blushed deeply. "Yes daddy.""Good baby. And yet it still seems you deny it sometimes, don't you? Like you did to mommy and me earlier?""Yes daddy.""Was that a lie? Was that a naughty little lie?" Another spank, another yelp.He nodded. "Yes daddy!""Then beg me for it. Beg to be a little sissy in pink dresses, bending over and kneeling down to please me. Tell me how much you love it.""Oh god daddy please no..."He spanked him, harder then before. "NOW!""OW! PLease daddy! I want to be a little sissy in pink dresses, bending and kneeling to please you! I love it I love it!""Good. Then I have a reward for my sissy. Stand up." He helped Nathaniel to his feet. He then reached over and pulled up the sissy's diaper, straigtening it out."Now. Pick up your skirt and put it on."He looked at the skirt and back at his daddy. "But... Daddy?" Normally he was forced into his fetish clothes, not asked to put them on himself."Do it yourself. If you want it, that is. I don't want any way for my little sissy to pretend we made him do it."Nathaniel glared, but reached down and pulled up the skirt.Nathaniel was now dressed head to toe in fetish wear. Almost everything he wore was pink and was designed to drive home his feminine and infantile state. Around his waist was a flouncing skirt that was short enough to leave his patterned diapers visible. Underneath it were long, pale stockings that went to his knees and were tied in bows, then Mary Jane shoes. Above it was a pink shirt he tucked into his skirt, a bonnet, and his pacifier. Though he was still clearly male, his hair had grown long, and the clothes were cut to fit his thin stature.Jordan, his 'daddy,' on the other hand, was far broader, and wearing only shorts and a t shirt. The contrast between the muscular sitting man and the thinner one in the skirt was clear.Jordan patted his lap. "Sit down sweetheart."Nathanil sat down gingerly, then whined and squirmed as he rested on his aching bottom."Oh hush up, your diapers are more then thick enough for cushioning," Jordan said. "Now, for your reward. And remember, you can stop this anytime you want"He picked up a bottle of white frothy liquid and brought it to Nathaniel's lips. Nathaniel looked at him suspiciously, then began to drink what he assumed was milk.A moment later Nathaniel gagged. "Keep drinking sweetheart," Jordan said sternly. "And yes, that is exactly what you think it is."Nathaniel whined but kept drinking. The bottle tip was thin, and the liquid came out slowly, forcing him to taste each drop."Like that? This was ordered online. I bet you didn't know they sold stuff like it, eh?" Jordan said. Nathaniel cringed and kept drinking. "It comes other doms and real men, intended for little sissies like you. I of course added my own, plus a little something to help you fill your diapers." Nathaniel groaned loadly at the last part, but kept drinking."I want you to know that this is your place. Look at you, a grown man dressed like a little girl in diapers, suckling a bottle in your daddy's lap. Longing to be in pretty pink skirts and getting taken care of and spanked. Pathetic. But you love it, don't you?"Nathaniel nodded between gulps. He squeezed his eyes shut and had to fight back gags from the salty taste."And now you're drinking this just because I told you to. We both know you hate the taste. We both know you could leave if you really wanted to. But we also both know that you won't, don't we? You love this more then anything?"Nathaniel didn't respond, and Jordan slowly reached down to his waste, lifted up his skirt and put a hand on the front of his diaper. Nathaniel gasped."Oh no? Sure seems like youre enjoying it." Nathaniel whimpered and pushed himself into his daddy's hand.Jordan laughed. "Oh ho look at you. Really loving it. Love the feeling of your pretty pink diapers, nice and soft against you?" He began rubbing it back in forth. Nathaniel didn't move. "Admit it, sissy. Admit you love it or I'll stop."Nathaniel nodded vigerously."Good baby."Nathaniel felt something poking the back of his diaper. He began rubbing it with his diaper almost instinctively, moving his bottom back and forth in his daddy's lap as he'd been taught to do.Jordan smiled. 'Very good baby."The bottle was almost done. Nathaniel still struggled to drink each drop, chocing and gagging at the taste."Keep going little one, almost there. Baby isn't going to be able to finish in his diaper unless he finishes his bottle!" He spoke in a high, teasing voice. "And remember, that is filled with a nice laxative, so finishing means your going to be in a VERY full and VERY stinky diaper soon, and we're going to keep you in it ALLLLLLL night. Sound fun?"Nathaniel whimpered and shook his head."Oh no?" Jordan pressed down on his diaper, and Nathaniel began nodding again. "Mmm hmm! Mmmm hmm!" he groaned, wordlessly begging for the punishment his daddy had promised."Now, you want to add something else to your pwetty widdle diapies?" Jordan asked."Mhmm!" "Finish the bottle and I might let you." He rubbed slower, keeping Nathaniel on the edge.Nathaniel sucked as hard as he could and tried to drink faster, resisting the urge to gag as he swallowed it all. Jordan kept rubbing him slowly, stopping when he felt him get to close.Finally the bottle was finished, and he moved it away."Oh god daddy!" Nathaniel shouted. "Please! Please let me!"Let you what? Let you be my little sissy forever? Let you please your daddy? Let you fill your little diapies?""Yes daddy please I want it all! To be your sissy, to please you, to fill my diapers!""Good. And you'll never play pretend at being a man again?""No daddy! Never! I'm not! I can't be!""Good. And you know that even though you're going to finsih in your diapers now, you'll still have to please your daddy, you'll still have to be a little diapered sissy, and you'll still spend the night in a messy diaper since when the fun is all gone?"Nathaniel was sobbing in desperation. "Yes daddy.""And you know this will prove how much you love being a little sissy in diapers, how much it turns you on, and how you only need to finish in your diapers from now on?"Tears streamed down his face. "Yes daddy!""Good baby. Then finish." He rubbed harder. Nathaniel gasped, convulsed, and lay shuddering on his lap.Jordan let him rest for a moment, smiling down at him. He then gently picked him up and cradled him in his lap. He began rocking him."Good baby. Good baby. Good sissy. You did well little one, you really did," he said in a soft voice.Nathaniel's eyes opened. "Daddy?" he said questioningly."Shhh..." Jordan said. "You were a good little sissy." He bent down and kissed Nathaniel on the forehead. He stroked his hair and back as Nathaniel became more and more awake. When Jordan was satisfied he was rested enough, he sat up straighter and hugged him. "Now, go rinse your mouth out," he said louder. "Then you'll come back and finish pleasing your daddy. When you're done, we'll give you a nice hot bath, and maybe some cookies if you're good, ok? How's that sound?"Nathaniel smiled. "Good, daddy.""Good, then go." He stood Nathaniel up, patted his bottom, and sent him on his way.
  19. Maggie was a little girl 8 years old, even if because her childish and and very spoiled behavior nobody would ever say that. She had red and very curly hair hairstyled in two twin tails and two dark green eyes on a face sprinkled with freckles. It was very terrible for her when her mother decided to abandon her to her sister Louise to start together her new boyfriend for who knows where, specifically because she didn't see her aunt since she was only two years old, and she didn't know anything about her. Now she was sat down under the porch of her aunt's house, very scared and sad with only a suitcase with her clothes in it, two red eyes because the cry, a letter from her mother for her aunt pinned to her skirt and a pair of very wet panties.
  20. Hi Everyone! In order to have more time to work on stories without it taking away from other things I need to do (stupid adulting!?), I've decided I have no choice but to move my writing to Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/alex_bridges. It's only $3 a month, and that's less a Starbucks. Now, we all know what you're doing while you read this stuff ?, and isn't AN ENTIRE MONTH of that worth more than a coffee (if you don't think so, you're doing it wrong!?). So as many do, I'll be posting new chapters here one week after they've posted on Patreon, beginning with Chapter 8. ________________ Prologue It was bad enough I was in trouble again. Hearing her tell her friend all about it over the phone just made it so much more humiliating as I stood with my nose in the corner. Nothing I ever did could delay a punishment, but a call from Kiley apparently could. I could hear her fine as she talked in the hallway. “Hey, Kiley! … O, nothing much. Just about to give that boy of mine a spanking … He just has an attitude today and took the wrong tone of voice with me; you know how he gets … He thinks he’s too old to be spanked, too, but you know how I feel about it: if he’s not too old to be in diapers, then he’s definitely not too old to go over my knee … Yeah, always over my knee … Because being spanked bent over is for big boys who wear big boy underwear … Haha, yeah, just like a little boy, but it’s like my mom used to say, a spanking doesn’t just stop for tears … Yeah, let’s do that this weekend … Anyway, I think I’ve kept him waiting long enough … Yeah, thanks … Bye bye.” I swallowed hard, knowing she was on her way down the hall now. I wanted to start crying already, though that never seemed to elicit the sympathy I hoped for, and anyway, I wanted to at least seem grown up and not like a kid. Just because my wife treats me like one sometimes doesn’t mean I am one. How did this happen anyway?
  21. Part 1 I had been working at a small company for a couple of years, my first real job out of college. I was naive, and made a few mistakes along the way, but had also made some good impressions with my boss, Mary. She seemed to value my work and my potential, and had started to act like a bit of a mentor. As VP of Operations, Mary certainly didn’t tolerate any nonsense, but she was also compassionate and supportive. A recent empty-nester (and longtime divorcée), it was clear she had a strong maternal side - firm, but caring. Mary was also easy on the eyes. She had a full, hourglass figure, dark hair and blue eyes. She was a smart dresser, professional but sexy in an authoritative way. There was no question she was the boss. As a horny, rather inexperienced 23-year old with a penchant for take-charge women, I was a bit smitten. I was, of course, always professional, but welcomed every opportunity to interact with Mary, and eagerly accepted her guidance. Over time, I eventually developed a fantasy of being privately scolded by her for making some mistake, then pulled over her lap for a solid spanking. The fantasy evolved, but always remained just a wild fantasy, until… I had been assigned to help on a proposal for a new client. It was a months long effort, but had the potential to be huge new business for the company. It was a stretch opportunity for me, and I was eager to show Mary I was up to the task. The deadline finally came to submit the proposal and we were editing down to the wire. Working well into the evening, eventually no one was left in the office but Mary and me. Finally finished with every last detail, I clicked submit on the online document repository, then got a prompt: “Documents loading … approximately 2 hours to full upload.” “Aww dammit!” I let my frustrations out. It was already after 9 pm! I’d be lucky to make it home by midnight. Suddenly Mary popped in my office. “Everything okay?” she asked. “Oh, yeah, sorry,” I blushed a bit. “The documents are loading, but it says it will take two hours before they’re fully received.” “Ah, bummer - all that work, now hurry up and wait…” she replied. “I don’t mind staying to wait for it to finish, you can head home,” I offered, trying to score some brownie points. “That’s ok,” Mary said. “How about I wait with you? I think there’s some wine leftover from the event last week, I’ll go dig it out. We should celebrate anyway, your first big client proposal!” She disappeared around the corner. My stomach fluttered. One on one time with Mary, after hours, with wine…! The evening was shaping up. Mary came back to my office and poured the wine. As she leaned over my desk to check the upload progress, I got a nice view down her blouse at her big tits. “Ugh, 1 hour 55 minutes,” she read, taking a big slug from her wine glass. “We’d better drink up.” She winked at me, and I followed her lead, taking a nice long gulp from my glass. Taking a seat in an empty chair across the office, Mary started in with small talk. The more we drank, the more we laughed. Eventually, the conversation came around to my first few weeks on the job. “Oh my,” Mary commented, “you were so fresh faced and eager, but a little clueless,” she giggled. “Sometimes I felt more like your babysitter than your boss!” I nearly choked on my wine, but managed to hold it together. I could feel myself blushing. I feigned indignation. “Oh what do you mean?? I could handle myself!” I said, laughing nervously. “Oh please. I had to constantly clean up your messes. Remember what you blurted out at that client meeting in your first week? You’d have been better off with a pacifier stuffed in your mouth!” she erupted in laughter. I could feel my face flush deep crimson. Mary stopped laughing and suddenly looked slightly concerned that she had crossed a line in her teasing. For my part, even though she had embarrassed me a bit, I desperately wanted to egg her on. I quickly took a gulp of liquid courage. “Ok, ok yeah that one was pretty dumb on my part,” I said, “but I wasn’t THAT bad. I mean, it’s not like you ever had to punish me!” I giggled. Mary raised an eyebrow. She seemed to study me for a moment, then slowly sipped her wine. “Well maybe I should have…” she said. Her words hung in the air. I let out a nervous giggle, anticipating what might come next. She stared at me intently, a half smile starting to curl on one side of her mouth. Her red lipstick glistening, her blue eyes seeming to pierce right through me. I reached for my wine glass and clumsily knocked it over, spilling across my desk. Mary gasped and jumped up. Grabbing some tissues, she started to mop up the wine from the desk top. “What did I say? Always cleaning up your messes,” she chided. “Next time I’ll have to remember to bring you a sippy cup.” I stood behind my desk feeling about two feet tall. Mary’s playful scolding was making me feel like a small child. And it was also turning me on. She finished wiping up the wine and tossed the tissues in the trash can. She leaned across my desk and checked my computer to see how long the upload still had. I again took the opportunity to ogle her voluptuous rack. “Ahem..” Mary cleared her throat. I snapped my gaze away from her tits to see she was staring me dead in the eyes. “About 35 minutes still…” “Now then, before you went ahead and proved my point about you needing someone to clean up after you, we were discussing the matter of your punishment. Or rather, lack thereof.” My mouth went dry. I was in a daze. Could I really be on the cusp of realizing my fantasy? Mary’s voice cut through, sharp and firm. “How long has it been since you were last spanked?” I smiled reflexively and nervously. My mouth was still too dry to speak, my brain too stunned to form words. I gaped back at her silently. “Well? Come on now… when was the last time someone pulled down your pants and put you across their knee for a good spanking??” she pressed. “I… um… well I guess… never really,” I stammered rather meekly. Sitting back in her chair she stared back at me. “Never???” she repeated incredulously. “Yeah, I mean, my parents didn’t really believe in that.” “My, my,” Mary shook her head. “And you never had a girlfriend give you a good smacked bottom?” she pried, a thin smile growing on her lips. I shook my head no. I had never worked up the courage to share my fantasies with anyone I had dated this far. By now, my cock was raging hard, bulging beneath my pants. I could hardly believe what was happening. “Well I think it’s time we fix that. I believe strongly that you’re never too old for a trip over the knee. And there’s no time like the present. Come on over here young man.” As if on a conveyor belt, I glided across the room to where she sat. Mary took my hands and directed me to her right side. Then with a quick tug she had me sprawled across her ample lap, face down with my butt skyward and exposed. “Since this is your first ever spanking, I’ll allow you to keep your pants up. But I’m warning you, if we have to repeat this any time soon, it will be on you bare little bottom. Understood?” Somehow I managed to squeak, “yes ma’am.” My cock pressed through my thin dress pants and into Mary’s thighs. Squeezing her legs together and acknowledging my bulging manhood, she commented, “It seems like someone is enjoying himself… let’s see how long that lasts.” CRACK! Her hand fell firm right in the middle of my cheeks. SMACK SMACK! She gave a few good hard slaps, the paused and rubbed my ass all over. My dick throbbed with anticipation, and worked its way deeper between her legs. Another volley landed, SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK!! The sting was real, but it felt strangely good, and made me buck and shift, rubbing my cock back and forth across Mary’s legs. My pleasure and anticipation grew as Mary alternated spanking and caressing my butt. “This is what happens… SMACK… to little boys …SMACK… who make big… SMACK… messes… SMACK… for their mommies… SMACK… to clean up …SMACK SMACK SMACK!” The scolding made my cock even stiffer. She began rubbing again. “That’s what you need, isn’t it?? A mommy to look after you. Clean you up when you make a mess. And… SMACK!! … spank… SMACK … your little … SMACK … bottom … SMACK … when you misbehave.” The barrage of spanks that followed were too much. As Mary spanked, my cock rubbed harder and faster against her thigh. The pressure became too much, and I spurted a hot puddle of cum into my underwear, groaning deeply as I did. Mary finished with a flurry across my backside, just as I finished blowing my load. She rubbed my butt for a minute while I caught my breath. “Ok, stand up young man,” she instructed. Still in a fog from my orgasm, I complied. “Oh my, just look at your pants you naughty boy!” I looked down. My light gray slacks had a massive wet spot in the crotch. Mary clicked her tongue and tsk, tsked me. “I knew you needed looking after.” She picked up some tissues and dabbed at my wet pants. It did little to clean the mess, and left fuzz on my crotch, further accentuating the stain. “Well we can’t send you home on the bus in this state. You stay right here, there’s a Walgreens around the corner and they’ll have everything we need.” Mary stood and took my chin in her hand. Looking me squarely in the eye, she said, “You’re not quite done being punished young man. I saw you peaking down my shirt earlier.” I blushed again, and swallowed hard. I stammered “I wasn’t… I didn’t mean to… you just leaned over and … I’m sorry.” “Yes I know you’re sorry,” she winked at me. “But you still need to be punished.” Guiding me by my hips, she shifted me back behind my desk. Checking the upload she noted “oh good, only ten more minutes.” She continued pushing me by the hips past the desk and toward the wall. “Stand here with your nose in the corner until I come back. I’ll only be a few minutes.” Propping me in the corner with three sharp smacks to my tingling bottom, she added, “Don’t even think about stepping out of there. I’ll know if you do. And you won’t like what will happen next.” A final hard whack to my rear, and she was out the door.
  22. Tea was walking around Times Square in New York City. She had just finished her dance training and was ready to head back home and see her friends again before looking for a job. She smiled at a deck box attached to her belt. She doubted her skills were at Joey or Yugi's level, but she was excited to show the two what she had picked up over the past two years. She had decided to cut through an alleyway when she saw someone come up. Tea moved to run until the figure pulled out a rag and held it to Tea's face. She could smell the chloroform as she began to feel weak. "Oh," Tea said weakly. "Not again." Tea then lost consciousness. When Tea came to, she was sitting on some kind of conveyor belt. She tried to leave, but a thin but powerful cord pulled her back onto it. "Welcome to the last day of your old life." A woman said. Tea looked and saw the figure who kidnapped her. She was also attached to another conveyor belt, and Tea saw a life point counter in front of her that read 4000. "What's this about?!" Tea asked. "Who are you?!" "I'm a relic hunter." The woman said. "However, work's been rather slow since Marik started working with his sister, so I've begun moonlighting as a human-trafficer for childless couples." "What's that got to do with me?!" Tea asked angrily. "Easy." The hunter said. "Kidnapping children is despicable. Kidnapping adults who can fight back, though, there's a challenge." "So we're going to Duel?" Tea asked. "Exactly." The hunter said. "As our life points drop, the belt will carry us down, making us more and more like babies. Once one of our life points hit 0, that person will be sent off to my clients via a fully automated system. Got it?" "Got it." Tea said, nervous but determined. "Let's Duel!" The two drew their cards from a stand directly opposite from them as Tea looked at her hand. It was a Dark Magician, a Dian the Cure Master, and a few other Magic Cards, all useless for the moment. Everything counted on the first card she drew. She drew the card and found Lemmon Magician Girl, and after a brief moment, a plan formed in her head. "I summon Lemmon Magician Girl!" Tea called out as she put the card on the reader connected to her stand, and a dark-skinned girl of about eight appeared with blonde hair and dressed in yellow armor. (Atk: 800/Def: 600) "Next, I'll play Dian the Cure Master to raise my life points by 1000." Tea called out. (Tea's life points: 5000) "And I'll end my turn." Tea finished with a smile not unlike the Pharaoh's. "Hmph." The hunter grumbled. "If you're not even going to try, this will be over quickly." She drew and smirked. "I play Cost Down to allow me to immediately summon monsters with five or six stars." Her smile widened. "Next I summon the Goddess of Maternity!" The hunter called out as a white haired woman appeared. (Atk: 2000/Def: 1900) "Next, I'll set a card face down." The hunter explained. "Now attack the Lemmon Magician Girl!" The hunter called out as the Goddess pointed at the Magician Girl. "Not so fast!" Tea called out. "When my Lemmon Magician Girl is attacked, I can summon a spellcaster from my hand, and I choose the Dark Magician!" The violent robes and purple armor of the Dark Magician appeared as he glared at the Goddess with his blue eyes. (Atk: 2500/Def: 2100) "Once that's done, your Goddess' attack is redirected at him, and her strength is cut in half." Tea finished. (Atk: 1000) The Dark Magician repelled the attack at the Goddess, and she was destroyed. (Hunter's life points: 2500) "Oh no!" The hunter called out as the belt rumbled to life. She was moved into a box as Tea saw all of the hunter's clothes tossed out as she came out completely naked. At another station, a hand came out of a green cube next to the hunter's conveyor belt and held her down as another hand spanked her, and she called out. She was then moved to another station where she got a soapy brush shoved into her mouth before the rest of her was washed, and her skin glowed like a newborns. She was then moved to another station where her stomach and crotch were powdered, and a spatula flipped the hunter onto her back as her butt was then powdered. "You wiww pay fow dis!" The hunter called out, and Tea gulped at how effective and efficient the belt was. She had to win... or else she'll never see her friends again! To be continued...
  23. During my first semester in college, I was enrolled in the usual intro classes - Philosophy, History, Anthropology… I had also signed up for a one-credit “freshman seminar,” more or less an intro to surviving your first year on campus and living on your own. An easy A, I thought, and maybe a chance to meet some freshmen girls. The seminar instructor was a young faculty member from the Theater department. She was very casual and warm with the class, encouraging us to use her first name, Anna. I was a bit smitten from the moment she walked in the class room. She had very kind eyes, an attractive build, and a firm but gentle air of authority. I knew I’d have no trouble with attendance for Anna’s class! In the first few weeks of class, I started wondering (wishfully?) if Anna was flirting with me. She called on me often to share, and always did so with a broad, beautiful smile. Of course, she was friendly and kind with all of the students, so I convinced myself it was my imagination. The semester wore on, and I found my way into the various party scenes on campus. By October, I had made some friends among a group of Theater majors. They invited me to the annual department Halloween party, which they promised would be wild. Makes sense, I thought, that the Theater kids would take Halloween pretty seriously. I knew I couldn’t miss it… Realizing I wouldn’t be able to compete costume-wise, I simply put on a striped tie, some kakhis and a sweater vest, ready to do my best “Frank the Tank” impression. My friends and I pregamed with some beers in the dorm, then headed out to the off campus apartment for the party. The party was raucous, the costumes raunchy, and the drinks stiff. I was still finding my tolerance, so got pretty lubricated pretty quickly. A Senior dressed impeccably as Princess Leia invited me to step on the back porch to smoke a joint. No chance I could say no to that… I reentered the party feeling a lot lighter. I nearly walked right past her. I was halfway through the kitchen when I realized, the leather clad Catwoman serving herself from the punch bowl was my seminar teacher, Anna. We locked eyes. “Oh hi there,” she said a bit awkwardly. “Oh um hi!” I stammered, shuffling past her. I was caught so off guard, a naive freshman feeling like I was busted, in trouble with my teacher, having broken the rules, broken the law even! Wait, though, I thought. she was having a drink! she was partying too! …or was that really even her?? Considering my state of mind, I couldn’t know what I actually saw or what to think of it. I figured best think would be to sleep it off. I made an Irish exit, and slinked off to my dorm and passed out. Sunday morning was a blur, I slept off my hangover most of the afternoon, spent the evening studying, and before I knew it, my alarm was blaring Monday morning. I shuffled through my routine and went off to class. It wasn’t until Anna walked in the room that it hit me. She was at the party! Right..? she was at the party..? I fidgeted in my seat nervously. “Good morning everyone! How was the weekend for you all?” Anna said. I slunk down in my chair, and fortunately she didn’t look my way. Some other students offered innocent sounding Halloween anecdotes. Anna smiled entertaining each story cheerfully. Eventually, she said, “I had a fun weekend too. “The Theater department had it’s annual Halloween party, which can get a little crazy.” My stomach dropped. She was there. She saw me… But she still didn’t make eye contact. In fact, it felt like she was intentionally avoiding my gaze. She looked around the room quizzically. “I feel like I saw one of you there… Ryan, weren’t you there?” she asked another student. My mouth was dry. I was in the clear, she didn’t know it was me. Ryan shrugged and shook his head. “Oh, well, I guess you can what my state of mind was,” Anna giggled. “Like I said, it can get a little wild…” The rest of class was a blur. I was in a daze, feeling like I’d gotten away with something. I was still a bit spaced out when I realized my classmates were picking up their things, class was over. I snapped out of it and scooped up my books and stuffed them in my bag. Shuffling toward the door I heard a firm voice call my name. “Matthew.” Anna beckoned me to the front of the room, looking a bit stern. I slowed my pace as the room emptied. As I approached, her face softened. Now alone, she crossed the room and closed the door. Smiling at me she said, “Matt, I wanted to say thanks.” “For what?” I stammered. “For not calling me out about the party. I know you were there and saw how drunk I was.” “Oh…” I said, “um, no problem, not a big deal.” I grinned. “Well, it’s kind of a big deal,” she told me. “I was behaving inappropriately, drinking that much around my students. It wasn’t right.” I wasn’t sure where this was headed, but she seemed to be feeling guilty so I tried to be affirming. “Don’t worry about it. Lots of people were drinking. You didn’t even really seem that drunk to me.” “That’s sweet of you to say, thank you,” Anna smiled. “But I should be setting a better example. I really should be punished.” My mouth went dry and my cock flinched. Was I dreaming? Anna didn’t give me much time to consider the notion. “I think because you were generous and didn’t call me out during class, it would be fair for you to punish me for my bad behavior. Would you like to give me a spanking?” Now I knew I was dreaming. This couldn’t be real. I’m sure she could see that thought on my face. She took me gently by the shoulder and looked me dead in the eye. “Don’t worry. I deserve it, and it should come from you.” Anna winked at me, turned and leaned over a desk in the front row. She stuck her round butt up in the air and tugged her skirt up above her hips. I stared at her panty-clad ass in disbelief. Turing back to look at me, Anna said invitingly, “Come on now. Give me what I deserve.” My cock was now rock hard straining against my jeans. I slowly moved over to her. Cupping my hand on her waiting ass cheek, I took stock. This was a thing of fantasy. Could I really be about to spank my teacher?? Drawing my hand back I brought it down with a slap. Anna barely reacted. I took the hint and reached back a little further. Smacking in the same spot, I elicited a tiny yelp. Anna raised her bottom a little higher anticipating the next smack. I couldn’t resist… I spanked in quick succession, harder each time. Anna moaned a bit and wriggled her hips. But she stayed firmly in position with her ass in the air, and took everything I had to give her. As I noticed her butt getting a little red, I slowed down and admired my work. My cocked throbbed and dripped into my underwear. Anna tugged her skirt back over her hips and stood up. Her other cheeks were blushing too. Clearing her throat as she turned around, “well thank you again for your discretion. That was a fair punishment, don’t you think?” I nodded, unable to speak. “Good, I’m glad you think so,” she asserted. “Because there’s also the matter of your misbehavior that we need to discuss.” I swallowed hard. “You were in fact at that party, and you were drinking under age and smoking marijuana. Those are serious offenses that the Dean of Students does not take lightly. “But, as I think you might know by now, I like to deal with things like this directly. Fair is fair; you gave me my punishment, now it’s time for you to take yours.” She walked behind the desk, never breaking eye contact. Sitting down, she opened a drawer and produced a long wooden ruler. Setting the ruler on the desk, Anna crooked a finger and beckoned me. She might as well have been using a tractor beam. In seconds I was standing at her side behind the desk. With two hands on my belt, she sternly pulled me closer. Keeping one hand firmly affixed to the front of my pants, she shook a finger at me with the other hand and scolded. “Young man, your behavior this weekend was unacceptable. I do not tolerate boys who refuse to act their age. So now, Matthew, I am going to put you across my knee and spank your bottom good and hard.” My dick was aching, throbbing and dripping. Even though I stood looking down at her, I felt like I was about two feet tall. Anna went to work unfastening my pants. She quickly tugged them to my knees. Grabbing my wrist, she roughly pulled me forward over her lap. I tried to drink in the moment. I was relatively inexperienced sexually, but had fantasized about spanking scenarios extensively, just like this one. Anna seemed to be enjoying herself too. She wrapped an arm tightly around my waist, and rubbed my waiting bottom gently with her other hand. She lifted it for a moment and then… SMACK! I was snapped out of my trance by a sharp sting on my backside. “This is what happens,” she said, raining down three more hard spanks, “to naughty boys who misbehave.” The sting grew and spread as she peppered both cheeks evenly all over my sit spots. The pain wasn’t enough to assuage my erection though, as it throbbed against Anna thighs. She continued chiding me as she spanked. “When you act like a little child, you can expect to be treated like one, along with childish punishments. “Don’t you feel embarrassed, a big boy like you with his pants pulled down getting a smacked bottom like a little boy across his mommy’s knee?” She stopped for a moment. “Well, aren’t you embarrassed, Matthew?” “Yea ma’am,” I mustered. She cupped my cheeks and tightened her grip around my waist, indicating she was far from through with me. “It seems to me you are going to need some rather ‘hands on’ attention and guidance to navigate the rest of your freshman year. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I have to put you over my lap.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! She kept up the barrage with her bare hand making me wriggle and yelp. Stopping again, I heard the ominous sound of the ruler sliding off the desk. “To make sure you know what to expect going forward, I’m going to give you a good dose with the ruler. This will be just a taste of the spanking you’ll receive the next time we have to have this conversation.” Anna tapped the ruler against my boxer briefs, taking aim. CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK! She lit up my butt, striking in the same spot repeatedly, right at the curve of my ass above my thighs, across both cheeks. I gasped as the pain seared across my backside. Just when I thought I might start to cry, Anna paused. She rested the ruler on my back and firmly rubbed my butt. The sting deepened as she did. Just when I thought maybe I was done being spanked, I felt Anna’s fingertips in the waistband of my underwear. “You’ve taken your punishment like a very good boy so far. I’m proud of you. We’re almost finished. Just to make sure I get my point across, I’m going to have to pull these down and give you the ruler on your bare bottom.” She tugged my undies down over the crest of my butt. I held my breath waiting for the crack of the ruler as I felt her retrieve it from the small of my back. I didn’t have to wait long. The ruler exploded across my bare behind and I lost control. I howled and bucked. Anna held me tightly in place and steeled her resolve. “Hold still and take your punishment little boy,” she scolded as she continued beating me. “A good bare bottom spanking is just the medicine you need.” I fell limply across her lap and sobbed. Anna kept spanking for a few minutes, then finally relented. I kept crying as she rubbed my butt and cooed, “good boy, good boy. Let it out.” Eventually she guided me to a sitting position on her lap. Anna rubbed my still bare butt and held my head on her shoulder. Despite the sharp pain in my backside, I felt loved and cared for. A strange sense of relief and comfort washed over me. After a few moments, Anna broke the silence. “You were a brave, good boy and I’m proud of you. But like I said, I don’t think that will be your last spanking this year.” She patted my bare bottom firmly. “We’ll talk more about that later. I want you to come to my office tomorrow at 1:00 pm sharp. Don’t be late. For now, you need to get to your next class.” She slid me off her lap and stood me up. As she pulled my underwear back into place, my erection was returning. Anna noticed and commented on the wet spot that had grown there. “Oh my, a little accident. We’ll have to discuss that tomorrow too.” She fastened my pants and turned me toward the door by my hips. “Off you go,” she said, with three firm seats to the seat of my pants. “And remember to behave yourself, or else…” she smiled at me broadly. I returned the smile, “See you tomorrow ma’am,” I said. “Yes until then,” Anna said, “Oh, and please wear that cute costume from the party when you report to my office.”
  24. Hi. I’m new here. Live near SLC and am a bbw baby girl looking for a Daddy. Does this exist in Utah?
  25. Hi I’m new here, and this is my first attempt at ABDL fiction. Hope you like it. — Part 1 It was my 25th birthday. I was out at a bar having drinks with a group of friends, including my friend’s coworker Melissa who I had been crushing on for a couple of months. I had hoped tonight might be my chance to finally make a move, but before I got my chance, she made her move. “Hey birthday boy!” Melissa said, sitting down next to me at the bar. “Tell me, have you had your birthday spankings yet?” My mouth went dry. I had a huge kink for spanking, among other things. I had enough liquid courage in me to play it cool, though. “Not yet,” I said smiling, “but the night is young.” “Hmm… well no time like the present!” “Right here in front of everyone?” I asked. “Well.. we could go back to my place, but fair warning: if I spank you in private, it’ll have to be on your bare bottom.” My cock was rock hard by now and I could feel it staring to drip into my underwear. I had fantasized about being spanked by a woman for as long as I could remember, and had very recently fantasized in particular about being across Melissa’s knee with my pants around my ankles. I was fairly shocked that, in fact, here she was proposing just that. I couldn’t think of what to say, so just stammered with a grin, “um… that sounds pretty good to me.” She didn’t say another word. She took me firmly by the hand and led me out of the bar. The cool air hit me and snapped me out of my trance. It hit me: I was finally about to get a spanking! Melissa lived in the neighborhood so it was a short walk to her apartment. She didn’t let go of my hand the whole way. Once we reached her door, she opened the door and sent me over the threshold with a few sharp slaps to the back of my jeans saying, “Come on in, little boy, it’s time for your spanking.” Now, when she called me little boy while patting my bottom, I thought I might explode into my pants. See, besides spanking, I also have fantasies involving being treated like a little boy or a toddler. If not for the mild sting and tingle on my butt from when she had slapped me, I would have definitely thought I was dreaming. Melissa guided me to her bedroom and pulled out a chair from her vanity. Sitting down she beckoned me with a crooked finger. It may as well have been a tractor beam - I immediately walked to her side, unable to resist. From this vantage point, I had a great view of her spectacular tits, along with her waiting lap. She looked up at me smiling and said, “OK birthday boy, let’s get those pants down.” I reached for my belt buckle, but she quickly swatted my hands away, insistent on baring my bottom herself. Undoing my pants and pushing them to my ankles, Melissa then quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me across her lap. Resting her hand on my boxer-clad bottom, she said, “Wait now, I promised you a bare bottom spanking, didn’t I?” “Yes ma’am.” The words came out of my mouth reflexively. I couldn’t believe the headspace she had me in. Melissa didn’t seem to notice or mind, and instead just yanked down my underpants exposing my bare butt. “So you’re 25 today, right? I think I’ll give you 25 with my hand and another 25 with my hairbrush for good measure.” Before I could (pretend to) protest about an extra 25 spanks, she started smacking. As this was my first ever real spanking, I was surprised by how much sting she could deliver with just her palm. I squirmed a little, but mostly relished the heat in my seat as my cock throbbed against Melissa’s thighs. After 25 smacks with her hand, I felt her reach back to the vanity and I held my breath as I waited for the brush. I had fantasized for so long about a bare bottom hairbrush spanking, but now had a bit of trepidation about what it might actually feel like. I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Melissa spanked me in earnest, like she was trying to prove a point. I gasped at first, and squirmed a bit, but held still after she firmly wrapped her arm around my waist. I took my 25 smacks and soon had a blushing backside. Melissa put down the brush and caressed my stinging butt, teasing my crack with her fingertips. My dick continued throbbing and dripped readily. Patting me gently, Melissa instructed me to stand. “You took your spanking like such a good boy, I think you deserve a reward,” she said as she started to fondle me through my underwear. “Uh oh, looks like you had a little accident. Better get you out of these.” She pulled down my boxers and slid my member into her mouth in one motion. I thought I might cum right then and there. The anticipation had been so intense and now I was in ecstasy. Melissa took my cock from her mouth, stood and bent over the chair, lifting her skirt and sliding down her panties. I wasted no time stuffing her pussy with my cock. I caught a glimpse of my red backside in the mirror, which inspired me to return some of the spankings I had received to Melissa’s waiting ass. As my pink handprints appeared, I lost control and had an earthshaking orgasm. We flopped down in her bed. After we caught our breath, it wasn’t long before she was rubbing my still tingling butt, and my cock began to swell again. Melissa mounted me and rode my cock, tits bouncing, to two scream-inducing orgasms. After she had had her fill, she rolled over on her back and spread her legs. Grabbing me by the hips, she thrust my cock back into her and spanked my upturned ass mercilessly until I came again. We collapsed in a heap, and passed out as she rubbed my throbbing backside. Part 2 I fell asleep replaying the events of that night in my head again and again. That Melissa had been so keen to spank me, and her effectiveness in doing so indicated that mine was not the first bottom she had spanked. I was on cloud nine having met someone with a kinky streak. Just as I dozed off, I remembered she had called me “little boy,” and had commented that I’d had “an accident.” Could it be that Melissa was into things even kinkier thank spanking…? I woke with a start when the light hit my head. In the fog of my mild hangover, I wasn’t quite sure where I was. It slowly came back, and I grew excited as the memory of going over Melissa’s knee came back to me. As my cock stirred, I noticed some dampness. Rolling over slightly, I realized the sheets were wet all around me. Oh shit! Had I wet the bed?!? “Oh good you’re awake,” Melissa’s voice cut through my panic. “You, uh, peed the bed.” I was mortified. I jumped up, muttering and stammering. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I can’t believe I did that, that never happens, I’m so sorry, here let me clean it up, or should I just go, I’m sorry. I’ll just go…” I reached for my pants and Melissa grabbed my wrist. “Oh no, you’re not going anywhere.” I froze, feeling about two feet tall. “You go stand in the corner while I clean this up. You are in big trouble mister.” Her tone aroused me - I felt like a naughty three year old being punished. But I was still far too embarrassed to think anything sexy. I started walking to the corner, but Melissa hooked the waistband of my boxers saying “give me those little pee pants, I’ll put them in the wash with the sheets. You can do your corner time naked.” Compliance seemed to be my best way out of this dilemma, so I slipped them off and Melissa scooped them up. She then took me by the arm and walked me to the corner, propping me there with three sharp spanks to my bare butt. Standing in the corner, my brain still a bit foggy, I couldn’t tell what to make of the situation. I hadn’t wet the bed since I was nine years old. How could it have happened now? And I couldn’t sort out Melissa’s reaction. She seemed mad, but she wasn’t sending me away in disgust, or making me do her laundry… what did she have in mind? Behind me I could hear her stripping the bed, then rustling around in the closet, seemingly Melissa getting out some clean sheets to make the bed. After ten minutes or so, I heard from behind me, “Okay buster get over here.” I slowly turned around to find her sitting on the edge of the unmade bed wearing her silk night gown showing plenty of cleavage, her legs bare. A few things seemed to have been moved around or brought out of the closet, but all I could focus on was the hairbrush in her hand. Remembering its sting from the night before I was both excited and nervous. Melissa snapped me out of it. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?” I fumbled through the some more of my earlier responses, “I’m so sorry. I swear this has never happened to me. I’m so embarrassed, please don’t tell anyone, I’m really sorry, please…” She cut me off. “I don’t have much tolerance for immaturity. I believe firmly that if you act like a baby, you need to be treated as one. “So I’m going to put you over my knee again, and this time it won’t be a little patty cake spanking like you got last night. You need to learn a good lesson.” I swear I saw a smirk run across her face. She was being stern, but Melissa was clearly enjoying this. I took it stride and retorted, “Yes ma’am.” “Good boy.” Then she pulled me forward onto her lap. My stiffening cock slid neatly between her bare thighs. She started slow and firm with her palm, clearly warming me up for something more serious. It was just before she started a strong volley with the hairbrush that I noticed what was on the floor in front of me: a tub of baby wipes, a bottle of powder, and… an open package of Super Dry Kids diapers. There was no mistaking them - I had repeatedly tried to work up the nerve to order some SDKs, but had never gone through with it. I stared at the bag… No way, I thought, it can’t be… she’s not going to… diaper me?? Just then I felt the brush connect with my bare bottom. I suddenly lost all notion of the diapers in front of me and could only focus on the barrage raining down on my backside. Even though it hurt like hell, my cock remained at attention between Melissa’s thighs. The spanking continued and I started kicking my legs a bit. Melissa quickly threw one leg over top of mine to hold me in place. She started to scold. “You hold still and take your punishment little boy. Since you can’t behave like a big boy, I’ll have to treat you like a little boy. And little boys need their bare bottoms spanked regularly. I have a feeling this is not the last time I’ll have to put you over my knee young man.” I was being brave and trying to just take whatever she had to give me. But my ass hurt like hell! Just when I thought I might start crying, the spanking stopped. Melissa took me by the shoulders and guided me to sit on her lap. She held me and rubbed my stinging bottom. I was lost in the glow of her embrace, and the feeling in my bottom. Meanwhile my cock had become rock hard and was starting to drip. Melissa took notice. Grabbing me gently, she said, “oh my, look at you. You’re about to have ANOTHER accident. We need to do something about this. Lie down in the bed.” As she shifted me off her lap, the thought came rushing back to me - the diapers. I lay back on the bed just as Melissa bent down and slid a diaper from the package. I got a fantastic view of her ass peeking out of her nightgown. Coupled with the sight of her unfolding the diaper as she approached me, it was too much. My dick throbbed wildly with anticipation, pre-cum dripping down the shaft. “Ok little one, it’s time to get you back in diapers so you don’t make anymore messes. You’re lucky I had this bag of pampers on hand.” Why DID she have a bag of pampers in her apartment?? I started to wonder but was snapped out of it quickly as she moved closer to me. “Lift that bottom,” Melissa instructed with a wide grin. I complied, and she slid the SDK under me. As I lowered my stinging bottom onto the soft padding with a distinctive crinkle, my cocked bounced wildly up and down. Melissa started pulling the diaper up between my legs, but hesitated as it brushed against my throbbing member. “Hmm… this diaper isn’t going to fit over that thing.” She produced a bottle of baby oil from beneath the bed. Squirting some into her palm, she grabbed my cock and stroked me up and down. My hips thrusted and I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to burst. Melissa seemed to know too, as she pulled the diaper up against me. “Oh my! Is mommy’s little boy going to make a big sticky mess in his diapie?” she cooed. The sensation of the padding against my cock and the crinkly plastic between my legs was too much - I groaned and shot hot ropes of cum into the diaper. Melissa looked very satisfied as she reached for some baby wipes to clean me up. With my cock wiped down, she spread powder around my crotch liberally before pulling the diaper into place and fastening the tapes tightly. She smiled broadly and patted my padded crotch. “You stay put, I’ll be right back,” she said rolling me over and slapping my diapered behind. She left the room and I finally had a moment alone with my thoughts. My wildest fantasy had just been realized. I’d been spanked, stroked and diapered by a hot stern woman. I couldn’t believe my luck that Melissa had been so forward in initiating kinky sex. And that I’d been drunk enough to wet the bed… I had nearly forgotten my humiliation from earlier. I was so puzzled by how I could have done that, and then i realized I was laying in a spot on the bare mattress that should have still been damp, but it was bone dry. Then I saw a small bowl on the night stand that seemed out of place. I peered into it to find it full of water. Looking quizzically around the room, I then saw tucked in a corner of the closet, an open bag of Goodnites bed pads. It hit me all at once: I’d been set up! To be continued…
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