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  1. ALICE Alice is 25 years old. She is a tall girl and has a stature to carry with a remarkable presence. Her bright eyes are like the sky on a clear day, captivating one's gaze and rendering a person a feeling of depth and calm. Red waves flowing around her face frame it, expressing her lively and passionate character. She has a well-toned body, acquired only by a constant devotion to physical exercises, which is visible through her well-developed muscles. The large breasts add a touch of femininity and prettiness to the already prominent figure of hers. SARA Sara is 24 years old. She has black hair and her eyes are dark as the night; with it, she has a quite mysterious and intriguing charm. Compared to Alice, she is of a smaller stature, though her presence is equally significant. Her slender body is almost fragile, with thin lines that, however, stress her natural elegance. Sara has a deep quality of reserve and gravity, usually reflected in her compelling gaze. Her type of beauty is sophisticated and discreet, as well as her character, which often has small notes of quiet inner strength and determination. MELISSA Melissa is 22 years of age and thus the youngest. Youthful, fragile features of her face give the girl a somewhat babyish air and make her instantly lovely and cute. Her eyes are shining with innocence and curiosity, reflecting her lively and playful character. Melissa is slightly above 1.5 meters, and her very small breasts are in perfect correspondence with the slender figure. Even though her body is small, the spirit is big and the energy is contagious to bring joy and lightness wherever she goes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " No, I'm not going to wear that just to pay less for our vacation!" Said Melissa, stamping her feet on the ground. "Come on, you were drawn, Sara and I had the same odds as you," said Alice holding up the diaper-it was an adult diaper with childish designs. "I know but it's not fair that in order to pay less for the cruise I'm forced to spend all my time dressed like a 2 1/2-year-old." "Either you put it on yourself or we'll put it on you! " said Alice approaching threateningly. Melissa huffed and took the diaper from Alice's hands. She went to the bathroom, took off her panties and tried to put on the diaper herself. It was a genuine feat: she had to lean her ass against the wall while she held the base of the diaper in place with her legs. After a few minutes She managed to get it in. The diaper was very tight around her, at the top it reached above her belly button in front, tightened at the level of her thighs and then re-opened around her bottom. The decorations were savannah-themed, in the front was a drawn lion while behind the fabric had a lush design of plants, fruits and other African animals. She stopped to read the brand name on the package: 'Reaz Safari'. Who on earth could have worn these things voluntarily. She paused to feel the feel of the diaper on her: it was thick and soft; she could feel the plastic touching her skin. She turned to look at the back. The diaper also covered her bottom, in fact the diaper was so loose that it covered her almost completely, leaving her with the typical look of a padded bottom. Probably if she had fallen she would not have been hurt at all. She turned red when at the first step she heard the typical creak. "Here's your dress," said Alice irrupting into the bathroom. Melissa instinctively put her hands in front to cover the diaper; but then she realized it was quite useless. She did not even try to protest when she saw the little dress; she would have been obliged by Alice anyway. Then there was hope that she had covered the diaper. The dress was white with a black bow at breast level, the skirt was wide and seemed to cover the diaper quite well. She did not realize that if she bent over she would show her rear to everyone. "I hate you," Melissa said as she climbed into Sara's car. Of course, she was sitting in the back. The vacation consisted of a month-long all-expenses-paid cruise. Children up to age 3 were not paid. The plan was to pretend Melissa was the adopted daughter of sara and alice, who in turn would pretend to be a newly married couple. Soon they arrived at the boarding gate where the stewardess was waiting for them. "Well welcome! Your room is on the third floor at the family deck," She said, handing the key to Alice. Then She lowered himself looking at Melissa " hello baby, what is your name?" "Melissa," She said blushing and looking down. " I see the baby is still wearing diapers, no problem our baby care has already put some in your room and will provide you with as many as you need, I hope to see her soon at the baby club" Melissa tried to open her mouth but Alice promptly shoved the pacifier into her mouth to silence her. "Perfect, see you at the presentation, " Sara said, taking Melissa by the hand and heading for the room. It was not easy for Melissa to keep up with Sara's quick pace; her diaper forced her to hold her legs open and walk swaying. Upon arriving at the room, all three were amazed: they had been assigned an entire suite! There was a living room with a sofa and a plasma television, a small bar area, a room with a double bed, and another room was made especially for a child: a crib decorated with a maritime theme, a cabinet full of toys and a carpet with puppets, and finally there was a cambina armadio full of baby clothes suitable for melissa. "Well I guess this is the baby's room," Alice said, patting the bottom stuffed with lemon balm. "Kill yourself," said Melissa, spitting the pacifier at her. Alice laughed, then the three headed for the bathroom. The bathroom had a huge tub, in which all 3 of them would fit easily. At the back was also the changing table: it was a tall, white cabinet with padding on the part Melissa would lie on. On the sides were drawers full of diapers: there were ones for the pool, for the night and for the day, all decorated with different patterns. Finished the sweep Sara undressed completely, putting on a T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants, then went to lie down on the couch. "Well it says that we can't leave the room until the ship sails, so we can unpack," proposed Alice. "Can I take off this diaper?" Melissa asked annoyed. "No way, if someone from room service came in? It would blow up everything," Sara replied "At least take off this dress," Melissa said, raising her arms "Aren't you able to do it yourself?" Said Alice. " children don't change themselves," replied melissa. Alice did not respond; she simply removed Melissa's dress and replaced it with a T-shirt. "Aperitif?" Proposed the girl in bundles. "Sure," replied the other two. Sara went to uncork a bottle of white wine and soon returned with glasses. Alice, like Sara received a goblet, while Melissa got her drink inside a baby bottle. Melissa stopped and looked at him for a moment, immediately noticing that the figures drawn were in tone with his diaper. "Why do I have to drink from this thing?" Melissa asked in disgust. "Children don't know how to drink from adult glasses, " Alice said, sticking her tongue out at her. Melissa sighed but decided to give it a try, holding him with two hands at head height, she grabbed the teat with her mouth and tried to suck, immediately her mouth filled with the sweet taste of wine. "I thought worse," She thought. "So child? How is she?" Sara asked, noticing that Melissa was not responding. "Well it's not so bad, I can drink lying down," replied Melissa as she detached herself from the bottle. Soon the conversation of the three veered to the schedule about the month of vacation, which left Melissa on the sidelines-she did not feel much like doing the things that were planned especially when dressed as a child. Solo, however, was happy when Alice ordered more wine. Another half hour passed, Melissa had almost finished her second bottle, when she felt a sensation she never wanted to feel: she had to pee. She tried to resist, but the pressure on her bladder increased more and more. At a certain point she could not resist got up and walked toward the bathroom "What's going on? Where are you going?" Said Alice " according to you? I'm going to the bathroom," Melissa replied. Sara laughed:" your toilet is on you," she said referring to the diaper. " There is no way I am going to pee in this thing" shouted melissa. "Of course you will, and you'll have to get changed, too, since those diapers are designed not to be taken off by the wearer." Melissa could not believe her ears, had no intention of peeing herself like a baby, tried to pull one of the rips in her diaper but did not move "Hurry up so we can get back to chatting " continued Alice. "You're a bitch," replied Melissa, trying to open her diaper. "If you behave and have a tantrum, I will change you baby right away," Sara said. Melissa couldn't take it anymore, she felt drops of urine coming out already. She had no choice but to use her own diaper, like a 2-year-old. Melissa opened her legs slightly and began to pee, felt the flow hit the plastic of her diaper and settle between her legs. She could feel the diaper expanding and becoming warmer, heavier and wetter. But eventually the dampness disappeared, leaving only the warmer plastic. I've already published the next parts to my ream account. Subscribe to get early access to the new adventures of Anna and Melissa. https://reamstories.com/scrittoreanon Also there exclusive stories for my subscribers
  2. This story is a sequel of A.H.C. and it refers to the former story Happy Family Part 1: “Elna, look at this article,” Amanda passed the news to Elna. Elna just returned from her afternoon lessons. She also read and stared at the article wide-eyed: An unusual daycare. A big criminal plot took place in Willingcester. Teenagers were captured and turned into toddlers by means of a strange regression machine. Babysitters were hired to take care of the regressed children in a luxurious villa. A brave babysitter found out about the plot; unfortunately, she also became a victim of the regression. Unfortunately, the villa owners managed to flee before the police arrived, but the regression machine was secured and transported into the local university. The villa was confiscated by the county and turned into a daycare for the regressed children. Several of the children live in that villa and run the daycare; their minds are adult, and they were declared of age despite their body size and condition. The whole article was longer, and there was even an internet link happy.children.us on its end. “I can’t believe my eyes. There was another criminal company like the A.H.C! It is terrible though,” Elna sighed and shook her head, “fortunately, the criminal activity was stopped at least.” “Elna, look at the daycare idea. It would be great to have such place here. I’m not the only A.H.C victim and we could meet there and have fun together. Let’s look at the daycare” Both Elna and Amanda were surprised by the site. It was created by pros, and there were many details about the villa. Besides of the rooms and equipment photos, a very important information was included. The operating costs were covered by the parents and several relatives worked as babysitters or staff. Nevertheless, two regressed girls did all administrative work and accounting. Amanda spent almost an hour browsing the site when she heard the entrance door opening. “Daddy is coming,” she smiled and stood up, “Elna, could you change me please? I’m all wet.” “Okay, let’s go to your bedroom,” Elna stepped forward. Amanda followed her, pulled down her tights, and jumped up onto the changing table. “I will meet more friends and we would have a great place to have fun together,” Amanda turned to Elna while relaxing on the changing table. “I don’t think about fun only. You could have school and possible job there just like those at the Happy Children daycare. Everything would be adapted to your condition,” Elna replied and cleaned Amanda’s wet crotch, “but where do we find a building and who will pay for it?” “Elna, the parents of the A.H.C children are wealthy persons and maybe they would welcome this idea. Let’s ask dad first,” Amanda jumped down and pulled up her tights when Elna diapered her. They hurried up to the kitchen and sat down to the table. “Well, an interesting idea, sweetheart,” Nils nodded when Amanda showed him the article and explained her idea, “however, I’m taken aback by the second criminal company.” “Do you know about a building, daddy?” “No, I don’t, but we could ask more parents of the A.H.C. children if we find them. However, how do you want to find them?” “What about Facebook? I will establish a group. Maybe somebody joins my group. What can I lose?” “Okay, let’s have our dinner first,” Nils smiled and put away the news. Helga brought the plates with food and Amanda did her best to eat her portion as quicky as possible. She didn’t need any help. After dinner, Amanda crawled down from the chair and ran to the living room to create the Facebook group. A.H.Club – the group for the A.H.C children, their parents and friends. Join our group and let’s build a center where we can meet, learn, work, and have fun. Have a look at the happy.children.us Amanda finished her session and yawned; she was getting tired. At the same moment she felt her stomach growling and a mass of poop filled the back of her diaper. “Elna, I need a bath and clean diaper, please,” she walked over to Elna’s room. “Okay, sweetheart,” Elna lifted the little girl in her arms and carried her to the bathroom. Amanda almost fell asleep while Elna was giving her the warm bath. Ten minutes later, Amanda was sound asleep. -- -- -- -- The next day, Amanda took her homeschooling lessons before logging on to Facebook. However, she was surprised when more than ten people had joined the group – A.H.C. children and their parents. That was definitely a good start. The discussion in the group included several topics. All group members welcomed the basic idea of a place to meet. Besides the virtual meeting on Facebook, they supported the actual center like the Happy Children daycare. Most of the parents promised financial support of the project, and a mother even knew about an appropriate building. It was a former kindergarten. The building was owned by the county, and it was in a good condition. After a small maintenance and furnishing it could be used as a daycare. “Elna, we can start. Look at the replies,” Amanda turned to Elna when she returned from her morning lessons, “let’s go to the playground and find Sigrun and Kirsti. I’d like to tell them the news.” “Okay, let’s check your diapee,” Elna poked Amanda’s nose and reached down to her crotch, “of course, wet. Up to your room.” Sirgrun was enthusiastic about the project, and she even promised to help with babysitting or cooking. “What if we asked Mia’s mom?” an idea hit her, ”Mia also could spend her time at the center, and her condition could improve.” “Well, what can we lose if we ask her?” Elna nodded and they headed to Olsens’ house. Mrs. Olsen was a bit friendlier even if she shook her head, hearing about the project. “How can it help my Mia?” she sighed heavily. “At least, she won’t be alone. What if the little children improve her mood, if not her condition?” Amanda objected, “You also could work there, Mrs. Olsen” “Okay, it’ an attempt worth,” she finally nodded, “Amanda, you surprise me by your maturity.” “Yeah, an almost adult teenager in a two years old body and with a wet diaper between my legs,” Amanda grinned and suddenly realized that the poor Mia was in an opposite condition – a teenager girl with a baby mind. “Thanks, Mrs. Olsen, we will,” Amanda added and said goodbye. She and Elna headed home. “Daddy, I’ve had success with the Facebook group,” Amanda reported her father at the dinner. “Okay, sweetheart, but we have a lot of work ahead. It is not easy to build a center like the Happy Children. Do you know what we have to arrange?” “I know, daddy, but I also rely on you and your help.” “Of course; it is really a good project and I’m proud of my smart daughter,” he smiled and kissed her forehead. That evening, Amanda fell asleep and had wonderful dreams about the center and her new friends.
  3. Disclaimer--All characters are fictional and meant to be over age 18. Be warned: this is a non-consensual story, but he comes around in the end. Among the stories I've written, this one has the happiest ending. Chapter 1 Julie was waiting for him in the hall when he opened the bathroom door, so he immediately felt guilty. He wasn’t sure if she had been waiting to use it, or if she had an urgent patient question. But either way, she didn’t look happy, and he felt a little self-conscious that she had been waiting on him to finish peeing. Standing right outside the door drew attention to his bathroom habits, and he had always been shy about other people knowing he was “doing his business”. When she urgently signaled to follow her toward the hallway that ran the length of the building to their pod of exam rooms, he walked closely behind. It was always good to keep your nurse happy; he had learned that in medical school. It made your day MUCH easier. She walked into their work room, a small space with a diminutive computer work station for each of them and a set of cabinets, as well as an old exam table, which was no longer used for patients. They usually piled supplies on it these days, though today it happened to be bare. She waited for him to come in, then closed the door behind him. She paused. He waited, a bit mystified. After a moment she met his eyes, lips pressed firmly together. “We need to talk,” she said tensely. He blinked. “Ok, what’s up?” Julie Davis had been his nurse for nearly a year now, having been hired shortly after he was. She was efficient, smart, and personable. The patients loved her, and he appreciated her as a competent and friendly assistant with a sharp wit. In addition, she was pretty as hell. He’d never seen her upset or angry, but she seemed a little of both right now. It caught his attention. She squinted a little. “What should I do if there is a doctor in the practice who is being irresponsible, keeping patients waiting every day, slowing down employees, and keeping them from going home to their family at night? What should I do?” He was curious. He had a handful of partners. They were relatively tight-knit. This would be news. “Probably tell him. Or her, I guess. They’d want to know.” “Yeah?” She paused, considering. “I guess that’s right.” He sat down at his workstation, interested in the gossip. “Who is it?” She looked up at him. “Well, actually…it’s you.” He shifted uncomfortably, taken aback at first. “Are—are you serious? Me? Really? Wha–” He was lost. She sat down, but her eyes never left his face. “You spend half an hour or more in the potty every single day, keeping patients waiting, and keeping me from getting home to my kids. It has to stop.” His eyebrows furrowed. He was distracted by the use of the word, “potty”. She used it often, instead of the more common—and adult—“bathroom” or “restroom”. He knew she was a single mom with small children, so he assumed it was a habit. But it was odd, and a little embarrassing that she used it with him. It made him feel like a little kid. Especially in this context. “You’ve been…timing me? Thaaat seems a little weird. Normally, I wouldn’t mind the extra attention, especially from you.” He raised his eyebrows at her with a smile, pretending to flirt. He would never come on to her. He felt strongly about professional boundaries and was careful about sexual harassment. But it was amusing to fake it sometimes, and humor was useful in defusing awkward situations like this. Was she really talking about how long he spent in the bathroom?! “But…well, it’s the bathroom, right? So…” She didn’t hesitate. “Well, I wasn’t timing you at first. But it has gotten a little ridiculous, and I started wondering just how long your patients and I spend waiting for you.” He looked down, embarrassed. Ok, so humor wasn’t working. Yet. She seemed to be waiting for him to answer, however, and he wasn’t sure what to say. “Well, everybody needs to go to the bathroom. I can’t just turn that function off, you know?” “But no one spends so much time peeing. Or pooping.” She smiled a little to herself, and he was sure she said, under her breath, “Or…whatever.” He reddened but said nothing. Was she implying what he thought she was? What could you say to this? In truth, he had spent a lot of time in the bathroom. It was the only place the staff couldn’t bother him. He spent the time playing on his phone, and, though he would certainly never admit it to anyone, had in fact pleasured himself–rarely–in the past. He couldn’t believe she had been paying attention. He didn’t know whether he had a right to be offended, or just to be embarrassed. When he didn’t immediately speak, lost in thought about how he could possibly respond, she pressed on. “Of course, it’s none of my business what my doctor does in his spare time. But this isn’t spare time. This is work time, and you are being rude to your patients and to me.” Her cheeks were flushed. If anything, it made her look prettier than usual. At any other time, he would be attracted to her. He swallowed. He thought he could see where she was going. “Well, I’m sorry, of course. I can hurry in the future.” He nodded to himself. “I wasn’t really thinking about your time. I will hurry.” Julie sighed. “I doubt it.” She stood up, and he subconsciously backed his chair up, surprised. She confidently continued, “I came up with my own plan,” looking down at him sternly. He thought for a moment that this was probably how her children felt. It was intimidating. “I thought I would put a diaper on you, and I’d change you when you needed it during the day. It would be a more efficient system, because I can do that quickly, and you wouldn’t have to stop in the middle of seeing patients to go hide in the potty.” He laughed out loud. This humor definitely helped defuse the tension in the room, and he appreciated it. But he stopped when he saw that she wasn’t smiling. Why not? This was a ridiculous idea. She had to be kidding. “I can’t—wait, you’re not seriously suggesting that, are you?” “Of course I am. You said before that everyone has to go to the potty. That’s not quite true,” she said, sitting down again across from him. “Everybody needs to pee, and everybody needs to poop, but not everyone needs to go to the potty to do it. It would save loads of time and make you a more efficient doctor. Agreeing to let me diaper you would show that you care about your patients. And about your staff, or at least about their time.” He stared at her, trying to decide if she was pulling his leg. Finally, he shook his head. “Yeah, wellll, don’t be silly. That’s never gonna happen. I’m an adult, and I plan to go on using the bathroom like other adults. But I’m sorry about inconveniencing you. I’ll be faster when I have to go.” She pursed her lips and smiled at him. “Adults wear diapers, you know. Cool adults, even. Like astronauts and race car drivers. You could be like an astronaut!” Again, it was hard to tell if she was joking. She seemed earnest about this. “Maybe they do, Julie, but that ain’t gonna happen. Let’s drop it. I could never agree to that.” He couldn’t shake the idea that she was putting him on. But she wasn’t smiling at all. She had an intense kind of look in her eye. “You could,” she insisted. “You would show that your patients’ and staffs’ time is important to you. That would be admirable. You’d have nothing to be embarrassed about.” She nodded at him seriously. “It’ll work. You’ll see. Let’s try it!” But he refused to accept the suggestion. He thought he was being generous enough to take her seriously. But this was bizarre. He’d have to reconsider what he thought of Julie’s common sense. If she thought this was a reasonable plan, what else did she think? What a wacko. “I’m sorry, but that’s just too weird. I promise you I’ll be more mindful of your time. But I can’t do…that.” Julie stared at him for a moment. Then she slowly nodded solemnly. “Well, we can try it your way. But if you can’t go faster, I won’t take no for an answer.” She sat back down but held his eyes with her own. “Let’s be clear about my expectations, since I’m not sure you even know what’s normal. “If you are peeing, I want you in and out of the potty in 60 seconds. At your age, there is no reason it should take longer. If you have to poop, it is okay to spend as long as 5 minutes, but no more.” He blushed as she talked to him so graphically, and again felt like a child. What was she going to do now, tell him how to wipe? This was ridiculous, and he found it impossible to engage in this…negotiation, or whatever it was. Instead, anxious to get out of this conversation as quickly as possible, he shook his head. This was humiliating. “Julie, I’ll be quicker. Can we just leave it at that? Now, do we have patients?” Her hand shot out and grabbed his. “Not so fast. I’m serious. I need an agreement from you before we move on. If you take longer than that, we’re going with my plan. Agreed?” He hesitated. He knew he could never accept that. “Julie, seriously. Please!” he said in exasperation. If there was one thing that embarrassed him, it was talking about his bodily functions. Here they were talking about timing his bowel movements. But Julie shook her head. “Nope. I want a commitment from you. We’ll go with diapers if you need it, okay?” Frustrated, he protested, “I don’t think I can agree to that. It’s crazy!” “Fine. Then agree to the deal, and then don’t be slow. It is entirely under your control.” “Argh,” he groaned, blushing furiously. “Okay, just drop it.” Julie nodded, still looked at him closely. “I will drop it, for now. But be careful. We have a deal, and I will collect on that deal if I need to. I’ll be watching.” And he was convinced that she would be. He noticed her interested glance when he walked the long hallway back to the bathroom during the next few days. He even found her outside the bathroom door occasionally, which kind of freaked him out. But he found that as long as he was attentive and mindful, he wasn’t in danger of incurring her wrath. It turned out she was right about the time frames in the bathroom. It was his growing confidence that turned out to be his downfall. More than 2 weeks later, he was harried and stressed, and ducked into the bathroom, unable to keep from glancing at Twitter while he relieved himself. There was an article on his football team’s plans for the upcoming draft, suggesting that the backup quarterback might be trade bait. He appreciated the momentary escape from his day, and didn’t even realize he was 4.5 minutes over his agreed limit until he opened the bathroom door and literally walked into her tapping her foot in the hallway outside. He glanced down at her, surprised to find someone there. When he saw her determined expression, he was so preoccupied that he was genuinely surprised. It finally dawned on him why she might be there, and what the upset look on her face might mean. His stress level returned to pre-Twitter levels. She was going to need to be mollified somehow. She pointed at his chest, and then toward their work space. She turned on her heels and strode away without looking back. He hung his head, embarrassed to have this talk again. Seriously—why wouldn’t she let this drop? He was trying, right? On his way back to the workspace, he started thinking that perhaps he’d need a new nurse. As nice and efficient as Julie was, her preoccupation with the bathroom–and diapers?!–was a bit alarming. It was midmorning, and there was a lull in his schedule, but still. Was it fair to him to keep him from his inbox to talk about the “potty”? She entered the work room first, then stood aside to let him past her. He dutifully went, trying to think about what to say to deflect her anger, and how to set this weird relationship straight. He was the boss in this relationship. She needed to understand that. When he passed her, he was startled to see her shut and lock the door behind them. She stood in front of the door. He paused awkwardly, not sure how to address her actions. But she didn’t wait for him. “I’ll give you this: you held it together longer than I thought you would,” Julie said, shaking her head. “But, of course, here we are. Were you peeing or pooping?” He reddened. She was so blunt and direct about these things. He couldn’t think fast enough to lie. “Peeing,” he said quietly. He was glad he hadn’t been moving his bowels. He wasn’t even sure he could say the other word in front of someone. “Wow. 5 and a half minutes for peeing. Did you get lost? Maybe you had trouble finding it?” she asked sarcastically. He realized that he should feel offended, but she was talking again. “You really think I couldn’t have changed a diaper and had you back to work in 5 and a half minutes?” He stood silently, shocked that she was again discussing the diaper thing. What else could he say to bring her back to reality? Is suggesting that he wear diapers enough cause for firing someone? He struggled to find the right words to say to her. But she plowed right on. “Well, I guess we’re going to find out now, aren’t we? Pull your pants down while I get a diaper out.” She turned to the cabinet and pulled open a door, where an unopened pack of adult diapers had apparently been waiting. He frowned. He knew the office didn’t stock those. He was freshly embarrassed by the idea that she had gone shopping and purchased them specifically for him, expecting him to need them. Had they been here ever since their previous conversation?! Julie pulled out the package, ripped open the bag, and pulled out a diaper, setting it on the counter while she put the pack away again. She reached up into a nearby cabinet and found a bottle of baby powder and a blue pad, then turned back to him. “Pick up the pace. We’ve got someone scheduled in a few minutes.” He stared at her, unable to believe that she really expected to go through with this. “You can’t be—“ “Of course I’m serious,” she interrupted him sternly. “We had a deal. So get your pants down around your ankles and hop up on the table.” His mouth dropped open. “NOW.” He suddenly found it hard to swallow. She was a nut job. “Look, Julie, I appreciate your concern, and I’m sorry, but—“ She walked back over to the door and stood in front of it as he trailed off, intimidated a bit by her confidence. “But what?” “But I told you before that I wouldn’t go through with this…this plan. I just can’t do that.” “You can and you will,” she snapped. “You specifically promised me you’d do it. I told you that it was entirely under your control. You could have avoided wearing diapers, but you didn’t. Today, it wasn’t even a close call.” She paused, seeming to consider. “One might even wonder if you were asking for this.” She tilted her head and looked curiously at him. “Were you?” “No!” he exclaimed. “Of course not. And I wasn’t seriously agreeing to this. I—I can’t do this. I can’t—“ he lowered his voice. “I can’t pull down my pants in my own office. I can’t wear a diaper. I can’t let you see me naked, or talk about my…time…in the bathroom. You’re my employee. I’m your boss. I just can’t. You need to drop it. Let’s get back to work.” He started for the door, but she resolutely stood in his way. “Pants down, hop up.” She stared at him. He froze, completely undone by her attitude. “Look, we’re not getting back to work until you are wearing that diaper. The door is locked. No one will know you’re wearing a diaper unless you tell them, and I can’t imagine you will. It will be under your pants, and no one will be able to tell. No one cares what you wear for underpants. “I care about you as a doctor and a person, and I firmly believe this is in your best interest, not to mention the interest of your patients and of me. Now get those pants down so we can move forward.” He looked at her helplessly. “I…I…can’t…” She suddenly took a step forward. She had a steely look in her eye. “Young man, you’ve got until I count to 3. One…” She raised her eyebrows at him. He stood frozen, afraid. “Two…” He folded. He had no idea why, but he didn’t want her to get to 3. What did he think would happen, here, in his office? But she’d assumed the “mom look” that did not invite argument. He had made that mistake as a child, and it hadn’t ended well. So it was more instinct than anything else that led to his obeying her. His hands, trembling, went to his belt, and he hurriedly unbuckled it and then unbuttoned his slacks. He started easing them down his legs, and tried to look up at her. He couldn’t quite meet her gaze. But Julie smiled, and said contentedly, “That’s better. I knew you’d be a good boy. Now, walk—or shuffle, I guess—over to the table behind you.” His face burned. He glanced around and saw he was a few feet away from the exam table she indicated. He felt ridiculous as he tried to walk and found, as she said, that he needed to shuffle his feet, moving over to the table. She walked around to the end of the table and patted it gently. “Up you go.” He couldn’t believe this was happening. He tried not to think, doing as she asked now without questioning. He backed up to the table and edged onto it, feeling the cold vinyl against his bare thighs. She had guided him to a point a few feet from the end, and, once seated, she gently indicated that he was to swing his legs up to the end of the table and lie down. He took a deep breath and lay back. She cooed, “Good boy. Now let’s get those undies down…” Feeling her hands tugging on his boxers sent him into a bit of a panic. “Wait!” he said, sitting up again. “Um—uh—why don’t we—I mean, why can’t I just put it on myself? I’m not a baby, you know.” He was breathing heavily from the fear that she would see him naked. He wasn’t a virgin, but the number of women who had seen him naked was a very small number. She stared down at him for just a moment before shaking her head. “No, I’m sorry, that wouldn’t be a good idea. How many diapers have you changed?” He stared at her. “Well, none. But I’m a doctor. How hard can it be? Can you just show me—generally—what to do?” He nodded to himself, and spoke more quickly and confidently. “I mean, then you don’t have to be directly involved, and your time won’t be wasted. That would let you get home earlier to see your family,” he added, thinking that might sound appealing. She seemed to like his eagerness, and smiled at him, almost fondly. This made him think that maybe he could sway her, and could make his fate a little less humiliating. ”That’s sweet of you to think of me that way.” But then she said, “But it is a tricky job getting the diaper to lie flat so that no one will see it or hear it, and so that it won’t leak. Keeping it all secret from your patients is the most important thing, don’t you think? I don’t think we want to leave your secret in the hands of an amateur. What if you left a little space for wetness to leak out and walked around with wet pants for the afternoon?” She waited for that image to form in his mind, and was rewarded with his brow furrowing slightly. “And then there is my suspicion that if you can’t just pee in a reasonable amount of time, how likely is it that you could pee and then change your own diaper in a reasonable amount of time? No, if this is to be helpful to you, and to your patients, and to me, I’ll have to be the one to do it.” She smiled at his sinking expression. “I can tell you are embarrassed. Is it because I’m going to see your pee-pee?” If it was possible, he reddened still further. “But really–it will be okay. Remember, I’m a professional nurse, not to mention a mom of boys, and you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before. If it could be done without seeing you naked, we would do it that way. But it can’t be helped, so let’s just act professionally and get through it. Afterward, I think you’ll be relieved that it wasn’t nearly as big a deal as you thought. Now, let’s get to it.” She glanced at the clock on the wall. “We’ll have patients very soon.” Defeated, he let her push him gently back into a lying position. She put her hands on his hands and moved them to his sides, away from his boxers. “Let’s get these big-boy undies down.” Her hands gripped the lower outside corners of his boxers. “Lift your bottom,” she coaxed. He took a breath, looked away, and did as she asked. Once his rear end had cleared the table, shoes firmly on the end of the table, she efficiently pulled down his boxers and slid a blue pad under him. “Okay, back down again.” He could feel the cool soft flat surface under his backside. “Just some basics here. Your cooperation will go a long way toward making this efficient and fast. And I’m sure you want this to be quick. First, your knees should always be as wide apart as you can get them. Ok?” she asked, “Knees apart.” She waited for him to nod. “Second, you’ll always start with your feet down on the table, with your knees apart, of course. That is the ‘down’ position, obviously.” Again he acknowledged her, dimly aware that she had waited for him to be naked to be having this detailed instructional talk. “Third, I’ll need you to lift up your legs so I can remove the old diaper and/or place the new one in place. When you do that, you’ll want to grab your knees (still wide open, right?) and pull them as far as you can toward your shoulders. We’ll call that position, ‘up.’ Okay?” He nodded numbly. He just wanted this to be over. “Finally, we’ll want you in the ‘down’ position again. And your knees?” she prompted him, an expectant smile on her face. “What?” he asked. He was trying to pretend this wasn’t happening. It didn’t help to be asked a question that reminded him he was a person and was helping this process. “Where will your knees be when your legs and bottom come back down onto the new diaper?” she asked patiently. “Oh, uh, open?” he mumbled distractedly. Could this really be happening? “Right! Great job,” she praised him, holding her hand up to be high-fived like he was a little child. “Now, let’s just practice that once or twice to make sure you’ve got it in your head. We want it to be fast in the future.” He sighed silently. “First down.” He kept his feet on the table, knees bent, and opened his legs slightly. He was secretly focused on hoping she wasn’t going to look at or comment on his penis, and was desperately hoping it wasn’t going to become erect. That was the main reason he wanted this over with. “Ah, ah,” she clucked, staring at his groin, her hands moving to his inner thighs. “THAT is not ‘wide open.’” She pushed his knees gently until they were nearly flat against the table, completely exposing his privates. He blushed with humiliation. “That’s better. THAT’S how wide apart your legs need to be. And now, ‘up’.” He was partially in his own whirling world of embarrassment, and was slow to realize she wanted him to move again. “Come on now, up you go,” she prompted again, tapping his bottom to get his attention. He quickly pulled his knees up toward his shoulders, rotating his bottom up toward her. He realized suddenly that now she had an excellent view of his wide open backside, something that no woman other than his own mother had ever seen, as far as he knew. He flushed further as he noticed her eyes drop to his bottom and look appraisingly. She made a little sound he couldn’t interpret, but seemed to want to move past it. She again urged his legs further apart, stretching him as wide as possible, and tapped his bottom up a bit more. Then she smiled and said, “Excellent. That will work nicely.” He heard a rustling sound and felt her touch his lower back. “After you are cleaned up and a new diaper is in place, you’ll hear me say, ‘down,’ again, and that will be your cue to lower your legs into the original position.” He did, relieved, and felt a bulky soft sensation under his upper buttocks as he set down. He knew what that was without having to look, and thought maybe he might be sweating. He started to close his legs instinctively, but felt her hands again on his thighs. “Not yet. Still wide apart. Pretty much always wide apart for me, please, until you sit up.” He felt a cool sensation over his bottom and genitals, and started to glance down before he caught the scent of baby powder. He glanced down in alarm, and saw her shaking a baby powder bottle over him. A quick shake here and there, and she was done. He was too stressed to admit it had always been a smell he enjoyed. He certainly couldn’t admit that here, now. Next he felt her pull the diaper up through his legs and tape it firmly in place on his lower belly. It felt snug and comfortable, but substantial, between his legs. He was very grateful not to be naked, and even happier that he hadn’t developed an erection during the procedure. That seemed like a miracle, given the fact that a pretty young woman was inches away from his naked body. But his stress and worry seemed to have protected him for the time being. “Okay, sit up now,” she directed him. And he did so, pulling his knees together and swinging around to hang them over the table. It was a little awkward to feel the bulk between his legs, and he heard a rustle as he moved. “You did wonderfully! Quite the big boy. Wasn’t that easy and painless?” she asked, smiling. He grunted a little. It had actually hurt, but only his pride. He had to admit that, even with the instructions, she had done that very fast. But what could he possibly say out loud? “Well, I know you can’t admit it, but you did fine. I think this will work very well. Now, you should be careful standing up, because your pants are still down. You can pull them up now, and see how that feels.” He quickly moved to follow her directions, happy to cover up the diaper, which must look ridiculous on him. He pulled up his boxers, which slid slickly over the plastic of the diaper, and then pulled his pants up while she folded up the blue pad and put the baby powder away. He was able to button them fairly easily, and the zipper was a little tight, but he got that up as well. He finished and looked down to make sure it looked acceptable. She turned and looked as well. “Well, that’s not too bad at all, is it? I wouldn’t be able to tell you are wearing a diaper!” she remarked cheerfully. He wasn’t sure. The front of his khakis definitely puffed out, and though he turned his head, he couldn’t really tell about the back. “I don’t know,” he said hesitantly. “Won’t people be able to tell right away?” “Nonsense,” she said, unlocking but not opening the door. “If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t know to look. People aren’t nearly that smart, and people are too polite to stare at your crotch. You’re just overly sensitive.” She turned around again to look him in the eye. “No one will know. It is our secret.” He thought of something else and tensed up. “You put baby powder on me,” he said accusingly. “I’m sure people will smell it.” Julie smiled. “Well, maybe,” she admitted. “But they’ll just think you smell nice. I personally LOVE that smell. And it is way better than smelling like a used diaper, isn’t it?” She was gratified to see his eyebrows twitch with concern. She came nearer and took his hands in hers. “You’ll be just fine. There are really only two things to remember: first, no potty breaks. Second, when you think you need to be changed, come see me.” She saw him swallow self-consciously. “You’ll do fine. Pretend it’s not there. You’ll be used to it in no time.” “Wait—“ he stammered. That made him consider something for the first time. “How long do I have to wear this?” She wrinkled her brow and cocked her head slightly, as if she had misheard him. “What do you mean?” He cleared his throat. “I mean, I didn’t ask before. But this is just for this morning, right? Or today? To prove a point? When can I be done?” He chanced a brief look at her face, but found it hard to meet her eyes. She was 5-6 inches shorter than he, but seemed very intimidating right now. He stared at the floor. She, however, reached out for his chin and brought it up, forcing him gently to look at her. “Sweetie, this isn’t just for the morning or today. But let’s just get through today and tomorrow and then…we can talk about it, okay?” She smiled at him. He nodded thoughtfully, as he thought this sounded like it was up for discussion. He would have to think about what he would say tomorrow to convince her to give it up. Why hadn’t he negotiated how long this would last before he agreed to it? He wandered away, and she watched the diaper through his pants shift back and forth, rustling gently. He wasn’t quite waddling, but the diaper was definitely changing the way he walked. She adored that look in her boys, but was starting to think she might like it even better in her doctor. That could NOT have gone better, from her perspective. She’d planned this for a long, long time, working out options for every possible contingency. She’d expected reluctance, of course. Julie had hoped she wouldn’t need to threaten him, and was very happy she didn’t need to. A lot of what she had planned depended on trust. This doctor was naïve, well-intentioned, attractive, and single. From the moment she had started working for him, she had fantasized about being with him. He hadn’t asked her out yet, so she’d needed to jump-start their relationship. Nothing like having a man naked on a table in front of you to force some intimacy! She had guessed correctly that he could be motivated by his desire to be a better doctor and employer. She knew he was shy, and that was why she took the leap today. She had a little experience bossing around men, and had generally found she liked it. It was part of why she liked being a nurse. Patients responded well to her. But this was a little different. Yes, she truly had a good excuse to diaper him. But this could also turn into a serious, long-term project, and she had high hopes for where it could eventually lead. For now, she had to nurture him through the next few hours carefully and gently. Then she could worry about the next few days and weeks. One step at a time. Chapter 2 He was extremely self-conscious of every step. In his mind, the diaper was clearly visible and audible to everyone, though oddly no one seemed to be commenting about it. His cheeks burned as he made his way through the hallways from exam room to exam room. He could feel it, warm and bulky between his legs, hear it rustling quietly with every step, see it bulging gently under his khakis, and when he sat down, he could smell the faint scent of baby powder. But even in the quiet exam rooms, patients didn’t seem to want to say anything about it. Were they too embarrassed for him to mention it? Was it really possible that they weren’t noticing? As the morning wore on, it became clear that a fair number of them, anyway, couldn’t tell. If he just pretended nothing was wrong, they seemed to carry on that way, too, and with every visit that passed, he did relax a little bit. He tried to keep up conversation during quiet times when he had to move around, just in case he needed to mask the sound. The growing pressure in his bladder was tolerable. He had already had his bathroom break, after all, so it wasn’t difficult to ignore the issue until lunchtime. This was when he usually got a second break to hit the restroom. When he finished seeing patients for the morning, he felt like it was a little silly not to go. After all, there weren’t patients waiting. Would Julie really mind? On his way over to the lunch room he turned down the hall to the bathroom. As luck would have it, he met Julie coming out of the bathroom, the smell of soap fresh on her hands. She stopped and looked him up and down as he stood, surprised and unprepared to meet her. There was nothing else along this part of the hall that he could say he was going to do. “So…what’s up?” she asked, smiling pleasantly, as if they were pals meeting on the street. “I, just, well, needed to…” he faded out, not willing to discuss it with her. Suddenly he realized she might be serious about not wanting him to go to the bathroom. “Were you heading to the potty?” He nodded, at first not saying anything. “Well, I finished seeing patients, so, um, I—well, I—thought it might be okay to, um…” he stammered, looking at his feet. “Hmmm,” she said, nodding. “Well, I don’t remember telling you that you could go to the potty. In fact, I distinctly remember telling you that you were NOT to use the potty at all today.” She touched his elbow gently, making him look up briefly at her. “Remember?” “Yes, but—“ “Yes, ma’am, please,” she corrected quietly, as if it were a common error she had corrected before. He stopped and looked at her briefly, and decided he didn’t want to make a big deal about that right now. “Yes, ma’am, but there aren’t any patients waiting. I thought that was the point.” She glanced around to make sure they were alone. Everyone else had gone off to lunch. “Well, it was part of the point. We’re also trying to make sure that I and your other employees get home as soon as they can. And if you are fiddling around in the potty, you aren’t working or eating, and that will lengthen our day. “I don’t want you in the potty at all today. If you have to pee, I want you to pee in your diaper. Is it too wet to pee in?” He looked confused for a moment. She saw he didn’t understand. She clarified, “Did you already wet your diaper? If you pee again, will your diaper leak?” “Of course not!“ he said, startled that she thought he might have peed in this thing. “Then feel free to tinkle away. You don’t need the potty right now.” He looked unhappy. She knew she had to sound reasonable. “Look, you’re free to use the potty after the patients are gone and your staff is home, or if there aren’t patients waiting and your task list is caught up. But you know as well as I do that you pretty much always have a task list. If today isn’t that rare day—and it isn’t because I just saw your task list—I don’t want you wasting time in the potty. You’ve got something else you can use now. “So…off you go to lunch. Don’t dilly-dally. See you afterward!” She turned him gently and patted him on his padded bottom. To his credit, she thought, he didn’t talk back or seem angry. Just quiet, like he needed time to readjust. He was thinking that he wasn’t truly desperate yet. His bladder wasn’t comfortable, but he could wait to pee. He certainly wasn’t going to do it in his diaper. That would be ridiculous, just what she wanted, and presumably would put him right back up on that changing table for more embarrassment. It was one thing to be forced to wear the diaper, but another thing to use it willingly. He was thinking about how little he could get away with drinking at lunch. He was just wondering if he could last until his patients were done that afternoon! He was sitting down to lunch with the other doctors and a drug rep—without a drink—when Julie walked past with her food and set a tall glass of water down in front of him. She winked at him and said to the others, “Wouldn’t want my doctor to get dehydrated! It’s a long day.” He was really starting to resent her, but–he didn’t need her to be upset with him. That could make their working relationship very difficult, and could cause his task list to grow dramatically. Keeping his nurse happy had truly become instinctual. So he said out loud, “Well, thanks!” She said, “You’re welcome,” and kept walking, but paused at the door and looked at him pointedly, raising her eyebrows. He raised the glass to his lips and took a token sip, setting it down again quickly. She didn’t budge. She kept staring at him, until others turned to see what was going on. Uncomfortable, he sheepishly took a longer draught of the water, until she nodded and left, smiling. Now he had a foreboding feeling. She was going to force him to pee. Not explicitly, but it was not going to be easy to hold off if he had to drink to make her happy. He’d have to talk to her about that. He finished his lunch and went to his desk, working for another 15 minutes on his task list. He worked hard, returning calls and forwarding messages to patients, hoping that the faster he got done, the sooner he could go home and escape this crazy day. And if he hurried, maybe he wouldn’t have to pee before finishing. But the longer he worked, the more the pressure in his bladder grew. Crap. He got up momentarily about 5 minutes before the first afternoon patient was scheduled to put some therapy forms in the “out” bin. While he was up, Julie walked into the work room. She walked right up to him and shocked him by cupping his crotch with her hand. “How’s it going?” she asked pleasantly. He yelped and jumped back reflexively. “Whoops! Sorry, force of habit,” she said, smiling a little. “Just checking to see if you needed to be changed.” “Well you could have just asked me!” he exclaimed, his cheeks burning at the reminder that he had been reduced to the level of one of her little boys. “Okay,” she replied. “Although I guess I already know the answer. ‘Do you need to be changed?’ I’ll point out that I do have about 2-3 minutes before the first patient comes to change your diaper if you do.” “Oh! No,” he replied quickly. “No need.” He tried to sound offhanded, but it came out seeming tense. Her eyes narrowed slightly. “Really? That seems kind of strange. You always use the potty before the afternoon. You must really need to go. Are you holding back just so you won’t have to be changed? Are you scared of me?” She smiled to make it seem like a silly idea. “I doubt you can make it through the whole afternoon. You’ll be so uncomfortable.” He shifted positions a little, quite aware of the discomfort already. She was right, of course. But he hated to think about it. He couldn’t even really talk about it with her. So he didn’t say anything. “We won’t have time during the afternoon, I don’t think. Now is your only chance for a change. If you don’t pee now, once you do wet your diaper, you might have to be wet for the rest of the day.” He definitely didn’t want that. But he couldn’t stand the idea of “using” his diaper like a baby. And now she would know that he had done it, and even when he had done it. Having her so intimately aware of his private habits was almost as bad as using a diaper for them. This was excruciating. “Can we please just stop talking about it?” he pleaded, his exasperation with her bluntness showing. She grinned, clearly unconcerned with his shyness. “You are embarrassed about normal body processes, aren’t you? That is probably because you aren’t a parent yet, and not a nurse. We’re all about body fluids.” She became more serious. “I’m not really that interested in whether you are embarrassed, you might have noticed. I am entirely focused on keeping us efficient and on schedule. And I know that, if you look at the big picture, of course you do, too. “So swallow your pride. Do what’s best for the patients and staff. Now, do you need a change?” He swallowed and looked down. He said quietly, “I have to go, but I haven’t yet.” She folded her arms. “Well, we haven’t got much time. If you’re going to pee, go ahead.” He glanced up, alarmed. “I don’t think I can do it with you here.” He looked around. “Can you…give me some privacy?” Julie shook her head grimly. “I don’t think so, champ. We don’t have time. If you want a dry diaper for the afternoon, you have to go right now.” He shook his head. This was too much. He couldn’t pee right now, in front of her. “Oh, come on,” she said. “I can’t even see you peeing. That is ridiculous.” He stood in front of her, staring at a spot on the floor. The silence stretched on. “Are you peeing? Are you done?” she prompted, eyeing the clock. He shook his head, miserably. His bladder hurt by now, but she was staring at him. He pretended he was somewhere else, that she wasn’t there. It felt so strange to try to pee while wearing clothes. Every instinct told him to hold it in, but he knew he had to overcome it. He shut his eyes completely, and tried to pretend he was in front of a toilet with his fly open. He pretended he was alone in the bathroom. Eventually he felt a little wetness come out, and fought the considerable urge to stop it. More came and more came. He felt warmth spread between his legs, and felt the diaper get noticeably heavier. He kept going, eventually feeling spent and comfortable. Except for the heavy wet diaper between his legs. That, at last, was enough to make him willing to have it changed. Time to act. He opened his eyes. “Okay, I—“ He was alone in the workroom. He was relieved and touched that Julie gave him some space. It seemed a little unlike her, but he wasn’t going to be picky. But where was she? He waddled–and was aware that he waddled now that his diaper was wet–over to the door of the workroom and peeked outside, not willing to show himself in public. He had to wait a moment, but then he spotted her—bringing a patient to the nearby exam room! He pulled himself back into the room. He hated to have to wait for her, but he knew she would be angry if he tried to take care of himself on his own. He’d just need to wait for her. He played on his phone for a few minutes. Eventually she hurried in, but instead of catering to him, she went straight to her computer and started the notes for the patient’s appointment. She barely seemed to acknowledge him. He waited for a moment for her to attend to him, but it seemed like he had completely forgotten about him. He was confused, but also quite uncomfortable. “Um, Julie, I hate to bother you, but would you have time now to, um, well…” he trailed off, unwilling to say the actual words if he didn’t have to. She turned in her chair to face him standing across the room, his legs held slightly apart for comfort sake. “Time to do what?” He reddened. “You know, to, um, change the, um…” “Your what?” she asked, staring pleasantly up at him. He stared dumbly at her. Finally he realized she wanted him to say it. “The, um…diaper.” “Change your diaper? No, sorry. We ran out of time. You took too long. We’ll have to take care of it later if we have a break.” She turned her back to him again. He couldn’t quite believe she had said that. She couldn’t be serious. He started to panic a little. “I really need some help here. Did I do something to upset you?” She turned back and frowned slightly, wrinkling her brow. “Why, of course not. But this is not an emergency. It is not even really an “urgency”. You are not in wet pants. You are wearing a diaper, which by definition is optionally changeable. We’ll change it when we have a minute and patients are not waiting. You prefer being dry? Of course you do. Well, keep up with patients and we’ll get to you, okay?” She smiled at him encouragingly. He didn’t like being patronized. “But—but—what if it…leaks? It is REALLY wet!” His eyes pleaded with her. She dragged him backward and closed the door briefly. “Oh, for Pete’s sake. Let’s see.” She cupped her hand in front of her and reached toward him. Before he knew what was happening, she had her hand against his crotch. It was strange not being able to feel it. But he felt the weight of the wet diaper lift and fall once, twice, three times. She pulled her hand away, then reached for his face. She spoke more quietly, sounding reassuring. “Your diaper is wet, but you won’t leak. It could even take some more, if you’ve got it.” She turned around and opened the door. “Stop worrying. You’ll be fine. Remember, keep up!” He was not happy. He felt humiliated and betrayed by her, not to mention uncomfortable. She had told him to pee, and then he did, and she refused to change him! He almost felt like crying. He couldn’t believe she expected him to work like this. This was far worse than spending some extra time in the bathroom, and he would never be able to get used to this feeling, of that he was sure. It sagged to a ridiculous depth between his legs, rubbing against his mid-thighs. It was warm near his body, but cooler down there, which was very distracting, and any air that snuck inside the diaper made him aware of the wetness. He shuffled into his first appointment of the afternoon shyly, sure his patient was as aware of his soggy diaper as he was. He sat down on his stool, and felt the wetness anew, cool against him. He smelled a wave of powdery urine waft up, and was ready to be embarrassed as the patient asked what was going on. He worried about wetness leaking onto his pants as he stood again. But the visit passed without any apparent observations by the patient that anything was wrong. It was–except for his preoccupation–a normal visit. He was a little less concerned after that, and started to learn to ignore the strangeness of the situation, focusing instead on his work. His diaper never really got warm, as it pressed against him only when he sat, and sagged down and cooled when standing. But he became less paranoid and stressed. After an hour, Julie caught him coming out of a room, and whispered, “Ok, quick—we have a minute now.” He almost didn’t realize what she was saying, but then he nodded and followed at as close to a trot as he could manage with a soggy diaper between his legs. He entered the work room, and Julie closed the door behind him. She was all business. “Ok, pants down, hop up,” she said briskly, patting the exam table, where a blue pad was already laid out. This time, he didn’t hesitate. He hurried to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his slacks, dropping them to the floor. He yanked down his boxers to reveal a drooping diaper. He saw that the yellow line down the front was now blue. He turned and eased himself up onto the table. “Okay, swing around and lie down,” she instructed. She held a dry diaper in her hand, placing it next to a box of baby wipes and the bottle of baby powder she had laid out on the nearby shelf. He did so quickly. He didn’t want to slow her down and miss his chance for a dry diaper. Once he was lying down, he felt her hands at the tapes on the front of the diaper and felt a rush of cool air on his privates. He suddenly felt a cold wet pressure and looked down to see her vigorously wiping him down. She pressed the wipe across his pubic hair, then used the wipe to grab his penis, quickly stroking it down to the tip and releasing it efficiently. He felt her touch his testicles, stretching the skin as she wiped these as well. She turned the wipe over and fed it along his inner thighs and the creases there, then said, “Up.” He only had to think for a second before realizing what she wanted him to do. He reached down to grab his knees and help pull his legs and hips up, spreading his knees as widely as he could. Again he felt silly exposing himself to her like this, but she wasn’t snickering or laughing. Instead, he felt the wet diaper being pulled from under him. He felt another wipe move quickly across his buttocks, and then into his crack, moving up toward his anus. She brushed over it firmly, and he thought she paused slightly here, giving it a little extra pressure before moving up to the back of his scrotum. Suddenly a nice soft dry cushion pushed against his bottom, and a cool sensation as she sprinkled some new powder on it. She directed him, “Down.” He lowered himself obediently, and felt the new diaper under him. She sprinkled a little more powder in the front, then grasped the diaper and pulled it up through his legs, having to reach around his pants, which tethered his legs together. She stretched it tightly over his penis, taping it down. “All done! Go ahead and swing around and get up. You can pull your pants up. We’ll have another patient ready for you in just a moment.” She popped open the door and strode out, brushing a little baby powder off her hands as she went. He glanced down and realized the whole thing had barely taken a single minute. And he felt…good. Dry, cozy, comfortable. He smiled for the first time that day, grateful to Julie for her kindness. “Thanks!” he called after her and was rewarded with a little smile as she turned toward the waiting room to call a patient back. The rest of the afternoon passed pleasantly. He kept up easily, and was rewarded with a very happy nurse. She smiled at him frequently, and seemed to anticipate his every nursing need. They were quite efficient, and finished seeing patients on time for the first time he could remember. All that remained was the rest of the shared task list, which he liked to clean up as much as possible by the end of the day. He worked at his computer, finishing up tasks and calling patients with results. Near the end, Julie came and stood next to him. He turned and looked up at her. She raised her eyebrows. “Anything else for me?” “No, I think we’re good. You can get out of here if you want.” “Great! Then let’s get you cleaned up, shall we?” She locked the door and walked to the cabinet with the blue pads. He had actually forgotten for a moment that he was still wearing a diaper. He looked down self-consciously. “Well, I’m sure I can take care of it myself at this point.” He saw her purse her lips slightly. “I mean, it’s just taking off the diaper, right? Not much chance I can screw that up.” “Oh, I think it is part of my responsibility to return you to your off-work state. I’ll feel better knowing you are yourself again, you know? Pants down, hop up!” She smiled expectantly. He felt himself redden again. This seemed unnecessary, but she had been nice before, and he liked the camaraderie they had developed. He didn’t want to disappoint her, and at the end of the day his fatigue made it easier not to argue. He slowly rose and walked over to her. He lowered his pants and boxers and laid back on the table. She tapped the insides of his knees and he let them fall apart self-consciously. She untaped him and pulled back the diaper. “You’re dry,” she commented, sounding a little surprised. “Well, I didn’t have to go,” he lied, feeling the pressure in his bladder. The truth was that he still didn’t want to appear as though he liked the idea, no matter the “convenience,” and thought he could hold out. “Hmm,” she said doubtfully. “I saw how much you drank at lunch, so I’m not sure I believe you. And we’re not going to save the diaper for reuse anyway, so there’s no point in your bladder being uncomfortable.” She was wiping his penis and testicles, a little more slowly than earlier, but he was grateful to observe that she didn’t seem to be lingering. She was all business, thank goodness. And so far, he’d been able to avoid an erection. He wasn’t sure he could handle that embarrassment. “Up,” she directed, and he obeyed. He felt the cool wetness spread across his buttocks, then invade the cleft between them. As before, he felt it hesitate and poke a little at his anus. He flinched slightly, but then realized she had moved on. But then he felt a sharp pulling from somewhere back behind his testicles. “You know, this has to go,” she mused, staring between his legs. “What?” he asked, somewhat alarmed and confused. “All of this messy hair. It is making it harder to clean. I’d like you to shave it tonight. Everything from here,” and here she indicated his testicles, “on back, should be completely nice and smooth.” He felt the diaper pulled out, and was instructed, “Down.” There was no dry diaper underneath this time when he set his feet back down, knees spread wide, and no powdery smell. She gestured at his pubic hair. “I won’t insist on shaving all of that,” she said, wrapping up the wipes inside the used diaper, “although my personal preference is to keep it much shorter and more neatly trimmed, if you keep it at all. But the front hair is less important for keeping you clean. The hair behind your penis, though, shouldn’t be there tomorrow.” She helped him sit up and looked him directly in the eye, as he had not yet acknowledged her remarks. “Okay? Can I get a ‘Yes, ma’am’ please?” He felt confused. This was her only criticism of his genital area. He hadn’t ever thought about it. It hurt to hear any criticism, of course, and he felt himself wanting to please her. She was so nice when she was happy. But it was weird and embarrassing to talk about. He wasn’t sure she should care, but he obviously wasn’t experienced at changing diapers. “Um, yes, ma’am,” he said distractedly. “Have you ever shaved down there? Do you have a real razor?” “No,” he said. “I have an electric razor.” She threw away the diaper and blue pad. “Well, go out and buy a nice manual razor. They’re not expensive, and I’ll want you to keep yourself nice and smooth down there. It’s your choice, but I think you’ll find the ones marketed to women to be better for this area. “You could use soap, or shaving cream, but you’ll probably want to do your shaving in the shower or the bathtub. You’ll need to stretch the skin, and until you have practiced, go slowly.” She was packing up her laptop and locking it in the cabinet. “Did you hear what I said before? Shall I repeat it? I’d like you to shave the back of your penis, your entire scrotum, and all the hair around your bottom. If you want to keep the hair in front, I guess that’s okay, but cut it nice and short, okay?” He was staring at the diaper cabinet, unable to believe he was having this conversation and not really wanting to engage. She stood watching him, apparently aware of his discomfort, smiling slightly. She turned up the heat. “What do you think? Crop the front short? Or just shave it completely off and be smooth all over?” He was shaken out of his stupor by the realization that she actually expected an answer. “Can…we just not talk about this now? It’s…I’m…I just want to finish my work. May I get dressed?” She smiled. “Of course. I didn’t mean to slow you down. But take care of that hair problem somehow tonight, okay? Say, ‘Yes, ma’am.’” “Yes, ma’am,” he mumbled, standing up and pulling up his boxers and khakis. She picked up her purse and came over and touched him on his arm. “You were a good boy today. Thanks for helping me to get our work done on time so I can see my family. Your cooperation means a lot to me. I hope it wasn’t too embarrassing for you.” It was, but he liked her smile. He didn’t want to argue with her. It was nice to think of today’s weirdness as something he was doing as a favor to her. “No, no, of course. Happy to help out.” “I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning, maybe a moment earlier than usual to get you ready, okay?” she asked. “And remember, nice and smooth. Good night!” “Good night,” he said, happy to be done with the conversation. She was exasperatingly direct about things! The embarrassment had taken a toll on him today. He started packing up his things. She walked away, jingling her car keys, very satisfied with her progress today. She had wanted to go further, faster, of course. She had so many ideas and plans, but she had to pace herself, allow him to fall deeper, deeply enough that he wouldn’t be able to get out. But she didn’t want him to be an unwilling victim. Instead, for now, she enjoyed the game of getting him to agree to do more and more embarrassing things, all because she said to do it. It was a little fun seeing his ambivalence and confusion about wanting to please her and yet feeling such obvious and intense humiliation. Being in charge always satisfied her, and she was not surprised to feel just how much sexual pleasure she felt today bossing her doctor around. It would make what she was planning a lot more fun. She had a long list of activities in her imagination, and after today, she was optimistic that she might get to try many of them. Yes, it had been a great day, and she couldn’t wait for tomorrow. She smiled. Chapter 3 He climbed into the hot shower with some apprehension. While he welcomed the relaxing warmth, he did not feel up to the task at hand. He let the water wash over him, thinking about the day he had just put behind him. He had let Julie have her way, rather than confront her at any point along the way. He knew that was stupid. Was he crazy to play along with her? She seemed so capable and smart, and funny, and nice, but the things she was asking him to do were just insane. He had sacrificed a lot to be a doctor, but she was asking him to give up his dignity, and he was finding it very hard to do. While her rationale seemed noble–he would do almost anything for his patients–at no time during his training had anyone ever suggested he avoid the bathroom in favor of a diaper. He hadn’t really ever heard of that before, but she seemed to make it sound relatively normal. Maybe he really had simply been sheltered. Astronauts? Race car drivers? Maybe he should google it to see. He had stopped at a pharmacy on the way home and found a women’s razor and some shaving cream. Thank goodness, no one looked at him strangely. Maybe they assumed he had a wife? He actually didn’t have a problem with shaving himself down there. He knew from his exams of young people that it was common these days, and even expected. But he had never felt comfortable about how exactly to do it. How much hair should he leave? He’d worried that shaving make him seem like he was trying too hard. He hadn’t known up until now. He was happy to have a little guidance from someone, anyone, though it would have been more natural coming from a lover. Instead, it was coming from his employee. And he was fairly sure that very few men shaved themselves for “ease in cleaning” the way he was instructed to. But if she was going to be looking at him there, he didn’t want her to be judging him every time she pulled down his diaper. And if it could make her smile—he loved her smile. He imagined her smiling at him tomorrow when she saw that he had obeyed her, and it made him feel warm inside. As he washed himself, he wondered just how many times she would be actually be seeing him down there. While she hadn’t been specific, she did agree to discuss it tomorrow. What could he say to get her to drop this whole diaper thing? Certainly she had to agree that he had played along, and that they made a good team. His willingness to share her goals could not be doubted, right? They tried it her way, it would be only fair to give him the benefit of the doubt. But nothing that had happened over the last 24 hours had seemed logical or predictable to him. He pointed the water away from his body and sprayed out a tiny bit of shaving lotion. He had trimmed his pubic hair before his shower, so he just needed to shave the hard to reach places. He had never tried this before, and just wanted to be very careful. He remembered what Julie had said, and stretched out his scrotum to make it easier. How did she know about that? He wondered. He supposed that some couples were intimate in different ways, but he had never shaved (or been shaved by) a partner. Well, he hadn’t really had more than a brief partner or two. Medical school and residency weren’t really conducive to a busy social life. He was book smart, but didn’t know much about relationships. Julie had a child, so her past sexual history might be much different. And maybe much more interesting. He slowly worked his way back, spreading his legs awkwardly and craning his neck to see. This might be easier in a bathtub, but he didn’t have one. Still, he was careful, as Julie advised, and managed to finish without cutting himself. He rinsed off and turned off the water. He dried himself and checked himself out in his bathroom mirror. Interesting. He didn’t mind the new look. He ran his fingers over the newly-hairless parts of his body. That felt so foreign, but nice. He could get ready for bed in a few minutes, but he decided to explore the new feel in a little more depth first. It was kind of erotic, wasn’t it, to have shaved himself because a woman asked him to? It felt so nice. He couldn’t help thinking about Julie as he made himself feel very, very good. Chapter 4 The next morning, he made it to work early. This was part of the plan he had come up with overnight to make his day easier. If he was on top of his task list, he might be more likely to persuade Julie to use the bathroom. He had made a point to pick out underwear that didn’t have holes in them: it was weird to have to consider Julie seeing his underpants, but he wanted to make as good an impression as possible. He didn’t have anything to drink for breakfast, and he wasn’t planning to drink anything all morning. The less he needed to pee, the less he needed to be changed. However, he was considering the likelihood that he would need to pee early during lunch so that he could start the afternoon with an empty bladder and a dry diaper. Most of all, he was going to make sure he spent some time discussing alternative arrangements with Julie for the future. Being shy was no excuse not to be assertive about his preferences. He was polishing off the few accumulated tasks from the overnight when Julie walked in. “Good morning!” she chirped happily. “Ready for the day?” “Yep, I guess so,” he replied, trying to sound as cheerful as she was. But his stress at having to play her game was probably showing through his façade. “I’m assuming you mean, ‘yes, ma’am,’” she noted quietly, putting down her purse, her smile fading a little. “Isn’t that right?” He swallowed. If he wanted something from her, it was a bad idea to get off on the wrong foot from the beginning. Why this little bit of protocol was important to her nagged at him a little bit, but he couldn’t dwell on it without potentially annoying her further. “Yes, ma’am. Sorry about that.” She looked back at him, the smile retaking her face. “I thought so. No harm done.” She looked at the clock. “I think we just have time to get you changed before seeing patients. Okay?” He was polite this time. “Yes, ma’am.” She smiled at him as she shut and locked the door. “Ooh, I love it when I can hear your manners! Okay, pants down. Hop up.” As he stood and began fumbling with his pants, she strode over to the cabinet and retrieved a diaper and blue pad. “You had some homework last night. How’d you do?” He waited, pants around his ankles, for her to put the blue pad down. “Okay, I guess.” He sat on the pad and when she raised her eyebrows expectantly, swung around and lay down. He had been satisfied with the job he’d done and thought she would be pleased, but, when it came right down to it now, found himself just as hesitant to expose himself to her as he had been yesterday. She tapped the inside of his knees. “Come on, now. You know better than that,” she chided, apparently not thinking his legs were spread widely enough. He leaned them out, but they wouldn’t go further. “But—I—“ he stammered, unable to move them. She appraised the situation, then nodded. “Ah,” she said, grasping his pants and yanking them down further to his ankles. “You didn’t have your pants down far enough.” With his pants bunched up down at his shoes, he was able to let his legs fall apart completely, giving her the access she wanted to his diaper area. She moved up so that she stood next to him to get a closer look. “Oh,” she said with an impressed look. “You did well. Doesn’t that look nice?” Her hand reached out to his closely trimmed pubic hair, touching it and even caressing it gently. She traced the outline of it. He was initially shocked at the contact. She hadn’t actually touched him before this, except with a baby wipe in her hand. Lying back, he could see her standing above him, arm outstretched, but couldn’t see her hand, which just seemed to be dancing across his pubic area. Suddenly he felt her fingers on his penis, gently stroking that! They moved slowly from the base down to—but not onto—the tip. He gasped, and saw her smile appreciatively. He felt her lift his penis up and run her finger down the underside from the sensitive area down to the base again. He knew it would happen even before he felt it. His penis started to stiffen. She seemed not to notice at first, holding it up with one hand and now moving her other hand to caress his smooth testicles. Wow, he thought. That feels incredible. The lack of any other contact on his body and the gentle minimalist touch on his genitalia made this feel even more exquisite. Her fingers continued their exploration down and back behind his scrotum, and he stopped being aware of anything around him. He missed it when she said, “Up, please,” to him. He did notice when she took her hands away and gave him a light smack on the buttocks. “Excuse me, did we forget since yesterday? Do you remember what ‘up’ means?” His eyes snapped open at the gentle smack to his bottom. He quickly lifted his hips and grabbed his knees, pulling them towards his head and as far apart as possible. He was rewarded with a “That’s it, ooh, smooth.” She cooed as her hand found him again, touching his scrotum, and making its way toward his anus. He stopped breathing as she traced a little circle around it slowly, then continued up his cleft toward his back. Suddenly he felt both hands across his buttocks, again caressing and circling the area. “Now, that is MUCH better than yesterday. There are a few little hairs you might have missed, but you did great for a first try.” He noticed her speaking to him in a tone that would have been more appropriate for a child than an adult, but didn’t mind. He just wanted her touching him again. But then he felt the familiar soft thick presence of the diaper under him. “Down,” she said. Oh, crap. He thought. He was hard as a rock, and his folded legs were concealing it. He hesitated obeying her, wondering how he could avoid showing himself to her in this state. Maybe he could delay for a moment? If he put his legs down now, there would be no way she could miss— “Ow!” he yelled, as he felt a sharp smack–much harder this time–on his bottom. He involuntarily released his knees in defense, and his legs straightened to protect himself. “When I ask you to do something, I expect you to listen. That is the second time you…” She trailed off when she saw his stiff penis bobbing up and down. He tried to cover himself with his hands, pulling his knees together as well. To his horror, he saw her break into a wide smile. “Now that makes my day. I was starting to think you didn’t like me. It’s quite a compliment, you know?” He remained huddled, covering himself as best he could. She walked over to the refrigerator that held the vaccines, momentarily turning her back to him. “I know it has a mind of its own. I’m familiar with the bodies of boys. There’s no reason to be embarrassed.” She pulled something out and turned back to him. “However, it does present a little bit of a problem for your diaper, of course. We need a good seal, and your peepee can’t be pointed up like that, or we’ll get some awkward leakage later. So we need some way to get rid of that little stiffy.” She held out one hand and touched his knees, still clenched together desperately. “These knees are really going to get you in trouble with me, I can tell. I don’t want to have to tell you again to spread them wide open,” she told him, the smile gone. “NOW.” Slowly, he opened his knees but kept his hands inefficiently cupped around his engorged penis. “That’s better,” she said. “Now, your hands need to find a better place to be. How about behind your head?” He hesitated. This was humiliating. She slapped his hands sharply. “We don’t have time for this,” she said. “If you want to have time for me to change you AT ALL today, let’s get going.” He reluctantly released his penis and put his hands behind his head. There was a trace of a smirk on her face which she apparently was trying to hide. He closed his eyes in shame. But they flew open wide again when he felt something shockingly cold over his groin. Gasping, he looked down, seeing her holding an ice pack to his penis. It was large, and she had wrapped it around it, allowing it to cover his testicles and inner thighs as well. “Holy shit!” he sputtered. “That’s too much!” His hands became unclasped from behind his head, but he stopped them from interfering, sensing that was too much. He glanced at her face, and caught a very stern look he had only seen on his mother’s face. “Hands,” was all she said, her voice as cold as the ice pack. Slowly, he put them back. Her face relaxed a little, but she kept eye contact, forcing him to drop his eyes and finally close them in defeat. His groin was starting to feel numb now. He pretended he was somewhere else. “I don’t like cursing,” she told him sternly. Then, more to herself, “If it becomes a problem, maybe we’ll have to see how you like a little mouth-soaping.” His eyes widened as her words brought him back to reality. He felt like she had to be kidding, but her expression was totally serious. And he was learning to take her seriously. How had he gotten himself into this nightmare? He closed his eyes again. After another minute, he heard the ice rattle and looked down to see that the pack was gone. She was turning back to the refrigerator. He was numb enough that he couldn’t have felt it. He lifted his head and noticed that his penis was limp again, pale white, and shrunken as if he were a little boy. “That will make things easier,” she commented. She turned back, grabbed a towel, and brusquely patted him dry, the condensation having dampened the skin. She sprinkled some baby powder over him and pulled the diaper up tightly, taping him securely, then patted him over his penis, through the diaper. “Ok, mission accomplished, despite the detour. You can get dressed.” He stood and rapidly pulled his pants up. She cleared her throat. “Did you have something you wanted to say to me?” She was suddenly a stickler for manners, apparently. “Thank you.” She raised her eyebrows. “…Ma’am,” he added quickly. This seemed to satisfy her, and she turned to unlock the door. “Oh!” she exclaimed. “I almost forgot.” She went to her purse, pulling out a tall cup with a lid and a hard straw. He saw that it was colored baby blue and had teddy bears on it. “I saw that you were a little dehydrated yesterday.” His confusion must have registered on his face. She explained, “The pee in your diaper was too dark yellow. As you know, it ought to be nearly clear. It is easy to fall behind on your hydration during a busy day, and I don’t want our…arrangement,” and here she looked at his padded diaper area, “to discourage hydration. That could influence your health negatively, after all.” She smiled. He thought it seemed a little mischievous. “So I vow to help you remember to drink throughout the day.” He stared at the cup, which appeared to be full. “It’s water. Sorry if the cup looks a little young for your age, but it’s all I had at home. How about if we say that you should have this drunk by 10am? We can do another by the time you start in the afternoon, and a third by 3pm. That should keep your kidneys working. We’re a team! And I’ll keep you healthy.” His heart sank. He didn’t want to refuse her. She seemed to have a temper today. But she was going to force him to wet his diaper frequently today. “Of course, if your urine is still too dark, we can adjust how often you have to empty it.” The door was open now, and she patted his puffy behind on her way out to get the first patient. “Time for work!” Chapter 5 It was hard for him to focus on anything other than the memory of her touch on his newly shaven body. He couldn’t stop thinking about her smile at his erection, and her gentle, sensitive fingers. Of course, that made him hard all over again, which was extremely awkward. Every time he passed Julie or talked to her in the workroom, she flashed a little smile that seemed designed to set him off again. It was like she knew just what she was doing to him. It was not overtly flirtatious, on the surface being completely professional, but it was fairly close to the line. He could barely feel pressure through his diaper, but that didn’t keep him from trying to put some surreptitious pressure on himself when he could. Ordinarily, in this situation, he might excuse himself and head to the bathroom for just a few minutes to “take care of” the situation, but that was now apparently off the table. He felt frustrated, and comforted himself thinking about how he would be able to make himself more comfortable after work. But that seemed like a long way off. At 9:30, Julie caught him in between rooms, teddy bear cup in hand. She didn’t say anything, but held it out to him expectantly. It was still full. He reluctantly accepted it and sipped a little, handing it back with a very small smile. “Thanks,” he said halfheartedly. She didn’t accept it back. “Nice try,” she said, smirking. “Drink up!” He set his laptop down, and tried not to glare at her. He stood in the hall, sucking water through the straw, until he sucked air. At this point, she beamed, whispering, “Good boy! I’ll see you later,” looking at his diaper meaningfully. He shook his head and went in with his next patient. Within an hour, his bladder was begging for relief. He was able to hold off until 11, but decided to pee a little into his diaper to make himself comfortable enough to finish the morning. He walked nonchalantly into the work room, pretending to look at a chart. He had just about relaxed enough to start peeing when Julie entered. Seeing him there, she strode over and cupped his crotch. “Nothing yet, huh? Is that why you’re back here? Did you duck in here to pee in your diaper?” He reddened. He had hoped for some privacy. “I do have to go, but…I can wait if you need something.” She smiled a little. “Oh, no, I don’t need anything.” She stood silently, a little knowing smile playing across her face. He glanced around, nervously. “Is there a reason you like to be here for this? It’s a little weird. Not to mention that it makes it harder to go…” She folded her arms. “I’m not sure why it should bother you. It is a natural bodily process, we’re both medical professionals. Also, one of the principal benefits of your diaper is that you can go right in public. Seems like most people would LOVE that feature. So why not take advantage of that?” He still looked dubious, but she seemed like a lawyer who had wrapped up a case. He had always been shy about the bathroom; he even hesitated using urinals in a crowded men’s room. Wouldn’t most people feel awkward in this situation? Didn’t he have a right to pee in private? “I really like to be alone sometimes. Would you mind waiting for me outside?” She studied him. “Yes, I mind. You gave up the right to privacy. You proved you can’t be trusted in the potty by yourself. You’ve lost your potty privileges. So, I don’t feel any need to honor your dignity by having to inconvenience myself so you can be alone.” She paused. “And…I have to admit that I enjoy your embarrassment a little bit. It seems so silly to be hung up about peeing in front of me, so I feel like we should get you past that. Why not today?” Her seemingly rational and unsympathetic approach exasperated him, as did her willingness to talk about things that should be private. If there was anything that might be worse than peeing in front of her, it would be talking about his bathroom functions. She seemed to recognize this, and even enjoy it. But the joy she was taking seemed friendly rather than malicious. She really did seem interested in helping him, even as she forced him to do things that were embarrassing. So he closed his eyes as he had done before and concentrated on relieving himself, pretending he was alone. He was able, after a moment, to relax enough to pee, and he drained some of his bladder. He stopped himself before he was done, however, because he didn’t want to be so wet that he might leak. He opened his eyes, expecting that she might have left again. But this time she was still standing in front of him, arms folded, eyebrows raised, with eyes that shifted between his face and his diaper. When she saw his eyes open, she again stepped forward and felt the full warm diaper. She lifted and squeezed gently, apparently gauging the product of his performance. Then she smiled, and patted him on the bottom. “Good work! That wasn’t so hard, was it? We’ll take care of that in a little while. You’re fine for a bit. Better get back to work for now.” And she turned on her heel and left before he had the chance to argue. He stared after her blankly. She didn’t seem upset, just unmotivated to change his diaper. There was a patient waiting. Maybe she wanted to be caught up first. He tried to ignore the full warm bulk between his legs, and focus on his work. He moved slowly, sat carefully, and felt the memorable squishing sensation. He was still sure he couldn’t possibly get used to that. But he had a little more confidence that he could work with it. He made sure he was efficient, and after 2 more appointments, he found Julie waiting in the hall for him. She didn’t say anything, just turned and walked down the short hall toward the workroom. He waddled after her quickly, aware of his rustling, feeling the wet diaper shift with each step. She locked the door after him, and he heard the familiar, “Pants down, hop up!” He didn’t hesitate. She was quick this time, which was good. This time, even without her fingers actively touching him directly, except with the wipe, he felt himself start to stiffen. The last encounter had sexualized the whole thing for him, and his waning embarrassment unfortunately left him more able to focus on the sensations and situation. She seemed to realize the possibility, and efficiently got a dry diaper taped on him quickly. He gratefully pulled his pants up, noting that less than a minute had elapsed. She again patted his bottom as she sent him back to work. He did notice that his teddy bear cup appeared to be full again, but she wasn’t insisting on draining it yet, so he didn’t ask. But by the time his morning was over, she greeted him with it, sending him on the way to lunch with a full cup of water. He actually didn’t mind, because he was planning on trying to wet his diaper early enough that she would change it before the afternoon started. If he had to play this game, he was going to play it smart. He drained the cup at the beginning of the meal, then managed to wet himself surreptitiously while standing in the lunchroom listening to others talk. Wetting himself right in front of other people made him nervous—could they tell? It felt so visible, but no one around him seemed to notice or care. The doctors ate together, often pestered by pharmaceutical representatives, while the nurses ate with the rest of the staff in another, larger room. But everyone retrieved their lunch together and threw their trash out in the same place, and he wasn’t surprised, as he squeezed the last few drops into his diaper, to see Julie watching him out of the corner of his eye. How did she always know? “New cup today?” One of his colleagues pointed at the teddy bear design as they sat down to eat. “Cute.” He blushed. “It’s Julie’s, but she’s letting me borrow it.” His colleague nodded. “Whatever works, I guess. You guys finished a little early today. Light schedule?” He shook his head. “Well, not really. Maybe easier patients?” But he suspected that they had just been particularly efficient that morning. Teamwork could really help the day fly by. Chapter 6 He sloshed back to the workroom to work on his task list on the computer, knowing that he’d be more likely to be changed promptly if there was not a backlog of work. He whittled it down nicely over the next 15 minutes, so that when Julie walked through the door, he only had a call to return to someone who wasn’t home. She walked up behind him and patted him on the shoulder. “Look who’s been busy!” she said, impressed. “Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.” He turned his head to meet her gaze. She winked knowingly. “Looks like you have a minute to get more comfortable. Interested?” He nodded. “Yes, please. I’m—“ He stopped self-consciously. “Damp? Uncomfortable? Soaked?” she prodded, nodding. “Why don’t we take care of that?” She went to lock the door. He stood up and undid his belt. She smiled at how far he’d come. Had it really only been yesterday that she had had to threaten him to pull his pants down? She retrieved a dry diaper. She’d left a blue pad, the wipes, and the baby powder at what had become their changing table. It wasn’t that she wanted others to know about the situation, but she also wasn’t opposed to the idea. Sooner or later, the staff would figure out that he was wearing diapers. She hadn’t yet figured out how they would explain that, but assumed it would be a urological explanation, like maybe he had bladder or prostate issues. Eventually, having him outed would make things easier. But he wasn’t sure his ego could take it yet. Slow and steady wins the race. This race was definitely on, and it looked like she was winning. He had his pants down and was up on the table, lying back, legs stretched widely apart. She untaped his diaper and pulled it down, breathing in the familiar mix of urine and powder that she liked so much. The diaper was indeed soaked, and this also made her happy. He had settled in nicely to following her rules, which certainly boded well for the future. It had been nothing more than pure luck, really, that they had been paired upon her hiring, but there was nothing coincidental about where they were today. She had immediately recognized his submissive nature in the way he dropped his eyes when they talked. He was socially a little shy in an appealing way. She had gently extended some work-appropriate flirtation, and his reaction to these very bland comments had confirmed both his social inexperience and receptiveness to her leadership. He might be smart and educated, but that didn’t mean he knew his way around dating or sex. It hadn’t taken long for her to start daydreaming about him. Julie was in her late twenties, old enough to have a failed marriage but young enough to retain a healthy interest in having another. Her two young children took a lot of energy, and she could see the advantage of having a man in her life. But this time, it would have to be on her terms. And she had decided firmly on her terms at about the same time she had kicked her ex-husband out of her house and life. She had taken two other jobs since her kids were born, one at a different doctor’s office. There were several young doctors, and she realized she shared plenty in common with these men, who were generally smart and professional. Wouldn’t it be nice if she could find someone she could build a relationship with, the way she wanted it? When she couldn’t get the hours she needed to pay her rent, she first worked at a nursing home, and still had friends there. She generally didn’t like the hours, so she had switched back to an outpatient clinic. She would sometimes cover her friends’ shifts for extra money, however. This job was definitely the best she had found. She had lucked into finding a gentle, smart, and apparently submissive young doctor–who might turn out to be a good partner. It seemed too good to be true, and she knew she might never get another opportunity like this one. So she had planned her ambush, thought through what might motivate him, and had a very careful blueprint for drawing him into her life. The plan made good use of her willingness to embarrass him into cooperating. She would motivate him by appealing to his desire to help her, and to help his patients. She wasn’t afraid to shame or bully him if needed, but so far she hadn’t needed to resort to that. She felt on solid footing now. He’d accepted her as being in charge, and seemed to respond well to her mommy’s-the-boss repertoire. He was unaccustomed to being subservient, but by nature seemed to be a natural. He just needed a crash course in what she expected. She felt strongly that if she handled it right, she could indoctrinate him any way she chose. She just needed the right balance of being stern and kind, and she needed to keep him focused on the benefits of obeying her. She pulled out a baby wipe. Chapter 7 He lay obediently with his feet down and knees far apart, exposing himself to Julie as she shocked his pubic skin with her cold wipe. She brought it over his shortened hair, then grasped his penis and efficiently wrapped her fingers and thumb around it, pulling down toward the tip quickly. She cupped and wiped his scrotum, then quietly commanded, “Up.” He raised his legs as he thought about how absurd this situation was. When he came to work yesterday, he would never have believed any of this. But, odd as it sounded, he was starting to trust Julie. Even though she had been–what was the word? stern?–with him yesterday, everything she had done since then had been reassuring. She kept emphasizing efficiency and service to patients. He believed strongly in these things, and had now seen that the two of them, working together, were a very good team. She had always seemed bright, witty, and compassionate, but the last 24 hours had seen her up her game with their patients. It was almost worth it. But wait. Surely it wasn’t completely worth it. Lying naked in front of her was absolutely humiliating, he thought, as she threw away the first wipe and retrieved another fresh one, which—whew!—was cold again, and drew it across his bottom. He had never been outgoing, and she was the kind of person who befuddled him. She was fearless and direct. She did not seem to care about his embarrassment. But Julie also seemed to be so focused on working together for a cause he could understand, and she wasn’t making fun of his nakedness or of his acquiescence. He had certainly met women who had been unimpressed with his shyness and trouble making small talk. Some early disasters with girls had left him tentative and quiet. He counted himself lucky to have had a serious girlfriend in college and another in medical school. They had been even less outgoing than he, and he’d at least had some sexual experience. But women like Julie, while intriguing to him, scared him and left him uncertain. Now, as she brought the wipe down his crack toward his anus, he wouldn’t know how to confront her about the bizarreness of how she was treating him. He felt her poke his anus, twisting the wipe. This didn’t hurt, but he didn’t understand why she did it. Maybe if he asked nicely, she would tell him, or (preferably) stop. After this came the cool sprinkle of the baby powder, with the scent eventually wafting up. Then the new diaper slipped under his bottom, and the direction, “Down.” The new crinkly bulk pulled up over him, and taped down tightly. “Okay, I’ll go check to see if there is a patient waiting.” He sat up, legs hanging off the side of the table, gathered his courage, and asked his question. “Do you mind if I ask you something?” Her face became guarded for an instant, then cleared. “No, of course not. What is it, sweetie?” “Sweetie” was nice, he thought at first blush. He’d have to consider that, but not now. “Why do you do that poking thing every time?” He couldn’t meet her gaze, embarrassed at having to ask the question at all. While he hated talking about anything diaper- or bathroom-related, he disliked the anal probing (that’s what it was, right?) even more. “What poking?” She seemed genuinely confused, then said, “Oh, you mean when I’m cleaning your bottom?” He nodded, staring at the floor. He heard her say, “I can’t hear your manners.” He looked up, then realized what she meant. “Yes. Yes, ma’am.” She smiled brightly. “That’s much better. I love it when you’re polite.” She came back over and sat next to him. He became aware of the fact that he had failed to pull up his pants. He was sitting next to her with his pants and boxers down around his ankles, a puffy diaper showing under his shirttail. But this didn’t seem like the right time to remedy that. It would have to wait. At the same time, it made their conversation a little awkward, since it seemed to make her the adult. It was hard to plead for his dignity when he was happy sitting in just a diaper. “Well,” she said, knitting her brow, apparently deciding how to address his question. “That is a good question. I wasn’t going to bring up the topic with you so soon, but since you’ve asked, we should discuss it.” She scooted a little away on the table and then turned to face him, best she could. “The first time, yesterday, it was just habit. As you know, I have two little boys, both of whom are still in diapers. The older one is just getting interested in the potty. “I change them the same way I change you, of course, and cleaning their bottoms is just a part of that. An important part of that, wouldn’t you agree? Nobody likes a dirty bottom,” she said, as if it was a religious tenet of some common faith they shared. “So yesterday, I just did to you what I usually do for them, just to make sure their bottoms are clean. “I always wipe them, then check the wipe to see if it is clean. You know, to see if they need more attention down there. You can imagine my surprise yesterday, when I checked the wipe after cleaning your bottom, the wipe came away a little dirty. Apparently you don’t wipe enough after you poop.” He sat, shocked, and didn’t know how to respond. “I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, because I imagine it’s something most people would be sensitive about, so I wasn’t going to bring it up. But…you asked…” Julie was watching his face, monitoring his reaction. “It’s not that big a deal to me, you understand. I’ve generally noticed that men, male patients, tend not to pay as much attention to wiping, so I wasn’t surprised. But you’re welcome to work on that a little bit if you want.” She hopped up. “If you look clean for a few days in a row, maybe I’ll just do spot checks,” she said, smiling, trying unsuccessfully to meet his eyes, which were firmly staring at the floor. “I’m sure you want to be clean, and I want that, too. I’ll quit poking your bottom once you show me you can clean yourself up to my standards. Deal?” His cheeks burned, unable to believe they were talking about this most basic of bathroom habits. His stunned silence was interrupted by her hand on his chin, lifting his face until he couldn’t help but look in her eyes. He expected them to be critical, disgusted, accusatory. But they weren’t. Julie’s eyes were warm and happy. Now that he was looking into them, he couldn’t remember what she had asked. “Deal?” she said again, amused at his distraction. “Yes, ma’am,” he said automatically, unsure at first what he had just agreed to. But she seemed to want him to agree. His answer appeared to make her happy, so that was good. “That’s my good boy,” she said, releasing his chin and his gaze, and looking down at him. He was still sitting in his diaper with his pants around his ankles. “Now you’d better get your pants pulled up so I can open the door. We’ll have a patient waiting, I expect.” He hadn’t realized he was still half undressed. He jumped off the exam table and pulled up his pants, hurriedly trying to zip and buckle himself. She smiled fondly at his hurried efforts, then disappeared to start the afternoon. He didn’t really have time to ponder her comments, as they were a little behind due to his question. By 2:30, however, he really needed to pee, and found a full teddy bear cup at his work station in between patients. He wet himself nearly without thinking as he downed the cup under her approving eyes. When she turned away immediately to busy herself with a different task, he understood that it wasn’t time to be changed yet. But he worked quickly, and was rewarded with Julie waiting outside a patient room 30 minutes later. She gave him a “follow me” look he had learned to recognize, and obediently did so. The familiar, “Pants down, hop up!” led to a quick dry diaper, and he was able to finish the afternoon quickly. Chapter 8 At the end of the day, he had only a few tasks to complete on his computer and a single phone call to make. He was amazed, until he realized that not only had he been more efficient, but Julie had, too. She had handled more of his work than he was used to, and as a result, they didn’t have much to do after the patients had gone. That was a nice change. “Would you like to get out of that wet diaper?” she asked, as she watched him finish a final note documenting a phone call. He was confused. “What?” “Your diaper is wet. It’s okay to get you cleaned up and ready for home.” She had that amused look again. He hadn’t realized that he was sitting in a wet diaper. If he thought back, of course, he could remember wetting it, but maybe he had apparently gotten a little used to the sensation. That didn’t seem like a good sign. It reminded him of something. “Yes, please,” he said, getting up and unbuckling his pants. She had the door locked. “Ooh, I like your manners.” She came over and helped him lie down. He decided that if she was happy, he should ask his question now. “Umm…may I ask another question?” She was untaping his diaper and pulling it down. Her cold wipe came out. “Of course, sweetheart,” she cooed. He felt the cool sensation across his pubic area, then down, down, encircling his penis. And gently wiping, and wiping…was she lingering a little? He felt himself stiffen quickly. Uh-oh. His hands instinctively flew down to cover himself. “Ah—no hands,” she said, lightly smacking his hands. Embarrassed, but mindful of staying on her good side—he’d need that in a moment, he reluctantly moved his arms back up above his head. She could see what was happening, and apparently either didn’t mind, or—more likely, given her reaction—had intended it. What did that mean?! he wondered, growing anxious. It was wrong to let her touch him, at least like this. But he had let her do it before, so correcting her would be awkward, and he surely didn’t want to argue right before negotiating. He gulped and tried to think about anything else other than his growing excitement. That was turning out to be impossible. Her touch felt amazing! “What is it?” she asked, her brow furrowed in mock concern. Her fingers were not leaving his penis. He felt them tickle him a little, running up and down the shaft, touching under the head. No one had ever gently teased him this way, and it felt so nice. He was lost in the sensation. What was she asking him? “Umm…” “Your question. What can I answer for you?” She had him at full erection now, and gently touched him to keep his attention, but not so much as to stimulate him any closer to orgasm. Her touch was tender but almost teasing, not taking him so far that he felt he might lose control. He wondered idly if she might have done this before. He shook his head and tried to focus. “Oh, um, right. Well, yesterday, I asked when we could be done. You know, with the, um,” he looked at the cabinet and down toward her hands. “What?” she said casually, still lightly caressing him. She was obviously acutely aware of the effect she was having on him. She might have been enjoying it, but she kept a poker face. He was both having trouble focusing, but was also embarrassed to say the word. “You know, if I could be done wearing the, um…” “You can say the word diaper, you know,” she said, smiling at him. “That’s what it’s called.” “Ok,” he said, blushing. She stopped touching him for a moment. “Well, go ahead. Say the word.” He didn’t like to admit that he’d let her diaper him. But she was going to force him to say it. “Well, yesterday, you said I had to wear the…diapers…through today.” He again felt her warm hands stroke him softly. “And then we could talk about…ooh!” he gasped, as she applied the wipe to his testicles, gently stroking them now in turn. “About stopping. So…can we?” “Stop?” she asked, drawing her hands away from him abruptly. He almost instinctively raised his hips to find her again. “Do you…want to? Stop?” She looked down at him with a knowing smile. He sighed, aware that she seemed to be referring to her hands on his body. He wasn’t really sure how he felt about that. It definitely crossed a professional boundary, but her attitude seemed more flirtatious than hungry and sexual. In this position, with her hands lightly touching him there, he couldn’t really think rationally. He really wanted her touch to continue. It was so soft and nice. He closed his eyes to concentrate, but this kept him from being able to see her eyes. Her eyes were pretty; he’d never really noticed before. “I couldn’t hear you.” She spoke softly. He cleared his throat. His penis throbbed, bobbing in the air. He could imagine how ridiculous it looked, but it was begging for her touch. “I’d really like to stop wearing a diaper. You know, go back to using the bathroom.” “Mmm…because you don’t like it?” She laughed, not unkindly. “I can see that you really don’t enjoy it.” He opened his eyes briefly to see that she was smiling playfully at him. “You…seem to have become more comfortable with the situation.” She reached out and touched him again gently, making him gasp. “It’s just that I don’t think it’s professional for a doctor to wear a diaper, and—“ She grasped his penis firmly, and interrupted him. “We’ve been through this. No one can tell you are wearing a diaper, and we both decided that it is far more professional to be on-time and efficient than to be spending endless time in the bathroom, inconveniencing patients, staff, and me. This is truly a perfect solution. You’ve kept your patients waiting much less, and they are appreciative. They’ve told me so.” He couldn’t really look into her eyes and concentrate at the same time. She relaxed her grip on his penis, allowing her hand to slip gently up and down its shaft. He started breathing harder, and could hear her cooing, “You are thriving, much more efficient than you were before. And we are an awesome team. Working together, you’ve finished earlier and had more free time, AND kept patients and staff happier.” She stopped stroking, again holding his penis firmly, drawing his gaze to her face. “This arrangement WORKS, and you know it. The way we are working, you could even see an additional 2 or 3 patients per day, which would be pure profit, if I understand how it works. It seems like this”—and here she tugged on the wet diaper still tucked under his bottom—“is a small price to pay to work so well.” He swallowed. She could see his will wavering. Almost there… She moved in for the kill. She started stroking his lower belly, just above his neatly shaved pubic hair. “Do you think we are working well together?” He nodded, staring up at the ceiling. “I can’t hear your manners,” she corrected gently. “Yes, ma’am,” he murmured grudgingly. “Have we finished earlier these two days?” He paused just a moment before admitting, “Yes, ma’am.” She looked down briefly at his stiff penis, bobbing in the air near her hand. “Do you think I have handled this…potentially embarrassing…situation professionally?” He knew that she had had plenty of opportunities to embarrass him, but had not. “Yes, ma’am.” Except for this…wonderful…touching… “So at this point, do you think I have earned your trust?” Here she stopped touching him, and waited for him to look at her. “Yes, ma’am.” He certainly couldn’t argue with that. He didn’t understand her very well, but he had started to trust her. She smiled at him kindly as she took him in her hand again, stroking slowly. “Then my opinion is that we shouldn’t try to fix something that isn’t broken. I know it was jarring to try something new, but it is clearly working really well for us. So this time let’s commit to continuing for another week. It will give us more time to decide that these two days have not been a fluke. But I don’t think it IS a fluke. I’m so confident that I’ll promise to quit this business if you don’t also think our teamwork is flourishing after another week. That sounds reasonable, right?” Numbly, he nodded and saw her eyebrows rise briefly before quickly saying, “Yes, ma’am.” Her voice was mesmerizing, her touch transformative. Truthfully, of course, he might have said anything to make her happy when her hands were so close to him. But there was also a deeper part of him, which he was only vaguely aware of, that felt more content and cared-for over the last few days than he had in a long time. He sighed, embarrassed by this strange arrangement, but not completely unhappy with it. She was nodding and smiling. She patted his penis gently, and said, “Then let’s put that away for now.” She wrinkled her eyebrows, noting that it might be difficult to tuck him in. She wiped his bottom, shook a little more powder on him, then pressed his penis up to his belly and pulled his boxers up over it. “That will have to do for now, I suppose. Those things can be so troublesome,” she murmured to herself, though she was also thinking how easy “those things” made getting what she wanted. “Ok, sit up!” His face flushed, breathing a little heavily, he paused a second, then nodded and sat up. That was an abrupt and unwelcome end to what he had presumed would be a bit more climactic. But Julie was all business again, so while he briefly considered protesting, he suspected it wouldn’t make a difference, and could wind up making him seem pathetic. Instead, he should be professional. He took a deep breath and stood up. He stared down and noticed that his boxers tented out in front of him. She glanced over at him, smiling a bit at his predicament, then went to the sink to wash her hands. He leaned over quickly and pulled up his khakis, working at getting them fastened over his erection. Once he had, he looked more presentable. “Ok, well, thanks for all your work today…as usual. It was…a good day,” he said awkwardly, trying to regain his dignity. He started gathering up his things, putting away his laptop and mouse. She went to her purse. She nodded thoughtfully. “Yes, it was,” she said, glancing up at him. “It certainly was. Thank you for being so considerate to me. I can’t tell you how much it means to be done so early and able to see my little ones.” He walked her out, grateful that he was finally dressed normally and talking to her like he might any other staff member. This felt like a more appropriate work situation, surely, than being diapered or naked in her presence. It was a relief. As they walked the short distance to their cars, which were parked at the far end of the practice’s parking lot, Julie said, “My mother takes care of the kids during the day. But she must also see to my dad as well, so I like to relieve her as soon as I can. After a day with the kids, she’ll be happy to see me so early!” She reached her car and paused for a moment. She suddenly leaned over and pecked him on the cheek. “You’re our hero, you know!” He nodded, surprised. “Well, I’m glad it worked out so well.” He realized he was blushing as he unlocked his car. He was flattered and touched, but didn’t know what else to say. “See you tomorrow?” She smiled. “You bet. Thanks again for being so thoughtful. I think we make a great team! Have a nice evening.” She got into her car, and thought more about how this relationship was going. He seemed more and more receptive to her being in charge. That opened up all sorts of possibilities. Julie liked being in charge. She had been drawn to dominance in her relationships from a young age. Controlling the supposedly stronger gender had always held appeal, and she had enjoyed this challenge while dating during nursing school. She grew used to exercising her bossy skills to get what she wanted–and needed. Oddly to her, one boy even seemed attracted to being humiliated, and she learned she didn’t mind giving him what he wanted. She learned that she had a talent for sensing tentativeness, and her comfort with confrontation seemed to put her in the driver’s seat more often than she would have expected. Her only lapse, ironically, had been her marriage, and it had only reinforced her need to control her relationships. Confused by societal expectations, she had married a man who had projected strength and confidence. She had assumed he was the kind of meat-and-potatoes man that women should marry, and had assumed she could change what she didn’t like. But he was emotionally distant. She was used to being able to lead her partners, either overtly or through more subtle manipulation. But he seemed immune for some reason. He just didn’t care. She had two children in rapid succession, and held out hope that this would draw him into their relationship, or that he would grow up. But he actually became more distant after their second son, and she decided she would rather raise her kids alone than remain married in name only. He was surprised, but later seemed relieved, when she kicked him out of their 2-bedroom apartment without asking for more than the lease in return. She hadn’t seen him since. And while it was jarring to find she had so misjudged that relationship, it taught her a lot about what was right for her. She wouldn’t make that mistake again. If she ever married again, she’d need to be in charge from the beginning. She pulled out her phone. As he got into his own car, he could distantly hear her conversation. “Yes, Mom. I’m on my way. I know! It was a good day! See you soon…” As he drove, he thought about the day. And about Julie. She was lovely and nice. Her hands were strong and confident, but felt very gentle and loving. That was going to be hard to forget. He could feel himself getting hard all over again, and he reached down to adjust himself. She was such an alluring mix of sexy and smart, but her insistence on his wearing a diaper was just weird. Wasn’t it? He thought so, but she could make it sound almost normal. The way she talked to him, it would have felt rude if to have refused. And there was a part of him that wanted to make her happy. Her smile was so pretty, and she seemed to be so happy over the last day or two. It was a little weird, but he was almost willing to do anything to see her smile. He squirmed, ready to be home and attend to himself. He thought he knew whose face he was going to be imagining tonight. Chapter 9 Despite how silly he inevitably felt allowing her to diaper him over the next week, he couldn’t deny that work was more fun. He had never felt more in sync with a nurse. She seemed to anticipate every need he had, both professionally and personally. She knew when a patient would need a test, and often had the details settled by the time he came out of a room. He was amazed at how in tune she had quickly become with his bladder habits. He tried to relieve himself out of her sight during his little “down” moments, but he often would glance around afterward, his diaper feeling newly warm, and would see her watching him pleasantly. Then she would busy herself with her work, making no move to change him until they had a break together. He started to relax and trust her judgment about that. His diaper had not leaked into his pants even once. She seemed to have a knack for timing his diaper changes. It was true that she was also the one setting out his water for him. Some days, he noticed, he was offered water more often than others. As he was zipping up his pants after a change one day, he asked her why. “Are you…still, um, keeping some sort of eye on my…hydration?” She smiled a little as she rolled up and taped the warm wet diaper he had been wearing. “Your wet diapers actually tell me a lot. I still keep a close eye on the color, judging just how wet they are and how yellow they look.” She tossed the diaper into the diaper disposal bin she had recently brought into the office for this purpose, she commented, “I want to keep my doctor healthy, you know.” She fondly patted him on his padded behind. He blushed, thinking about how she knew personal things about him that he had not even been aware of. Should he be creeped out by this invasion of privacy? He didn’t feel that way. He realized he felt a little touched, and even reassured by this gentle supervision. She was looking out for him. It had been quite a while since someone had been on his side, helping him. It felt warm and nice, he thought. As he thought about it, he realized that it felt maternal. Julie had assumed that type of role quite naturally. The nice thing was that she didn’t make him feel inferior or less like a man about surrendering that control. She didn’t make fun of him for wearing a diaper, or letting her clean him. She was just very direct and honest. Once he had adjusted to it, he could almost imagine it was normal. It was kind of nice sharing his day so intimately with someone, and not having to worry about mundane things like keeping hydrated or clean. She was a blessing. Like a mother, however, she did occasionally nag him. Nothing he didn’t deserve, though, he admitted to himself. There had been days he hadn’t shaved himself, and of course she noticed. She spent more time looking at his private area than he did, after all. “What is this?” she might ask as she brushed his stubble with a cocked eyebrow. “This isn’t the clean-shaven boy I know,” or “I like you so much better when you’re smooth,” or “Somebody hasn’t been doing his homework.” She was gentle, but firm. She was nice, but insistent. He knew where he stood, and accepted that shaving was important to her. He found himself wanting to feel nice under her hands. He liked the brief smile she had when she touched his smooth, shaven skin. And wouldn’t she usually spend just a few extra seconds touching him? It seemed so, and that was worth the effort. He wasn’t exactly getting used to that one finger she used when she cleaned him, though. It always found its way into his bottom. She did it every single time she changed him. It no longer surprised him, of course, but still didn’t feel natural or comfortable. He had started being more careful wiping himself in the bathroom, but her actions seemed to indicate that she wasn’t quite satisfied with him. Well, he wasn’t really sure what to do about that. He even googled, “how to wipe properly” to make sure he wasn’t supposed to stick the toilet paper inside, but nobody seemed to recommend that. So there didn’t seem to be anything else he could do to convince her he was doing an adequate job. And he decided that at this point, he didn’t want to have another conversation about it. Talks with her were so embarrassing! So even if he didn’t like it, he didn’t complain again. When she asked him to lift his legs, he would start to tense up, squeezing his anus closed in protest. But it didn’t matter. Her finger, wrapped with a cold wet wipe, still found its way inside him. It didn’t linger, just in and out. But he felt embarrassed to be invaded there. He never really wanted to look her in the eyes for a few minutes afterward. Julie seemed to sense this, however, and often tried to engage him either during the process or immediately afterward, calling him on his reticence if he didn’t answer right away. She seemed to be trying to get him past his embarrassment, though he wasn’t sure why she cared. He wished she would just leave his bottom alone. He’d mostly gotten past peeing in his diaper in front of her, but…there were some things that were just too private. But usually, her hands felt great. During the day, she was generally all business. She changed and cleaned him faster than he could pee and wash his hands on his own in the old days. At the end of the day, though, often amid conversation, her hands would slow down, gently caressing him with a wipe. These cleanings would last long enough that the wipe would warm up and feel so, so good. Her hands would linger everywhere, from his shaved pubic area, to his testicles, to the cleft between his cheek, and to the area right around his bottom. And once he realized that this last change was more of a leisurely and pleasurable event, he began to look forward to it. When she untaped him as he lay back on the table, his erection would spring forth, usually drawing a knowing smile from her. And she didn’t neglect his penis, either. She made sure to clean it carefully and thoroughly, deliberately stroking him. He stopped trying to hide his excitement—how could he? And she seemed to enjoy pleasuring him almost as much as he did. But she never brought him all the way to orgasm. He was not sure why, but she clearly had no interest in going that far. She would start stroking him faster and faster, gripping more firmly, until his breathing began to get more ragged and fast. But whenever he thought that today might be the day, she would stop or pause, leaving him waiting and hoping. After a moment, she might turn and dispose of the wet diaper she had removed, or she might return to stroking him. She kept him guessing. He never voiced any discontent, though. He didn’t want her to feel like he was ungrateful for what she did, or to change their intimate relationship. He thought he understood that she was trying to make this situation more enjoyable to him. He had never had any prior experience with tease and denial in a relationship. But he sensed that Julie was in control, and that it wasn’t up to him what happened. He had learned to relax and enjoy it. He puzzled over the rules that seemed to guide her behavior, though. Why did she think it was okay to caress him, but not bring him fully to orgasm? He guessed it was more professional not to cross that line. This is how he rationalized this end-of-day activity, and defended her denial of him in his mind. He would go home every single day denied and hungry, but didn’t stay that way for long. He found himself thinking about it all day in anticipation. During the day, his diaper and lack of private time kept him from touching himself. But he had no such limitations at night. He rushed home daily to relieve himself, and sometimes would pleasure himself multiple times each evening. He would see her face and imagine her hands on him whenever he masturbated, and fantasized about the two of them together. Oddly, it wasn’t only regular sex he imagined. Though he had never been turned on by leather and whips, he started imagining Julie telling him what to do in the bedroom. She seemed like she would know just what she liked, and how he could pleasure her. She took care of him during the day. He would like to take care of her in return. Despite the direction their work and personal relationship had taken, he wasn’t certain he wanted to push it further down that road. He knew all about sexual harassment, and respected her far too much to chance making her uncomfortable. He’d love to ask her out. But what if he broke what they had? It would be risky. Maybe it was better to be satisfied with their wonderful, strange intimacy just the way it was. And anyway, she seemed to have no problem asking for something if she wanted it. Surely she would tell him? When the next week had ended, he didn’t even consider asking to stop using diapers. She surely noticed, but also didn’t bring it up. They had settled into a very workable—and very enjoyable—relationship. The price for their flirty teamwork—wearing diapers—was high, but it worked! Julie continued to be amazed at how smoothly things were going. He hadn’t even brought up the subject of the diapers at the end of the next week. He seemed to be growing more comfortable in his submissive and infantile role. He accepted her rules and supervision, kept himself closely shaved, and didn’t even complain when she popped her finger in his anus, which she was careful to do every single time she could. That would come in handy sometime soon. Sure, her teasing sessions were undoubtedly helping the process along, but what was new? She had learned that men could be influenced via their genitalia. It was too easy not to do it. Men were just built to be manipulated. It wasn’t their fault. Her job was to use her powers for good. She had always tried to help them do what was needed, and she had a responsibility not to take advantage of their simplicity and hurt them. This particular man was a good man. He was so vulnerable and naïve that she had to take care. So far, she thought she was doing well. Sure, she was taking advantage of male weakness and his need for intimacy. She was inducing dependence and submission, but it was for a good cause. Of course she wasn’t going to let him come. It reinforced her dominance, loving though it was. It let him know that his pleasure was not the main goal. It kept him on the edge, stoking his sexual appetite. It introduced the idea that sometimes he might not get to come, and that she was in control of that. But mostly, it let him know that she wasn’t “easy” or there for his satisfaction. If he wanted more, he’d have to ask (or beg, she thought hungrily). He had been uncertain about their “arrangement” at the beginning, but he wasn’t complaining now. She’d been delighted the very first day she teased him and left him hanging. He had sighed, and she thought he might whine. But instead, he seemed to accept her gift to him for what it was. She knew then that she could develop his submissive nature, even if he wasn’t aware of it yet. He could be perfect for her. Time to raise the stakes. Chapter 10 Two and a half weeks after having Julie first ask him to pull down his pants, his eyes were closed and he was enjoying her end-of-day ministrations. He was really starting to like this, and, maybe, like her, as something more than a coworker. Suddenly, she stopped stroking him and held his penis tightly. His eyes opened, as he sensed she wanted his attention. “I had a patient today who recently had a colonoscopy, and she said the GI doctor mentioned how important it is to take fiber every day. She said everyone should take extra fiber. It can cut down on heart disease and diverticulitis, and maybe even prevent colon cancer. Is that true?” Hoping that a quick easy answer would encourage her to get back to their usual late-afternoon activity, he nodded. “Uh, sure. Important for everyone.” She seemed concerned. “Hmm, I don’t take any extra fiber. Do you?” She started slowly stroking him, and he closed his eyes again. “Hmm, no.” …And then she stopped. His eyes popped open. He found that she was looking at him, as if considering something. “Sounds like both of us could use some fiber. It comes in supplements, right? I’m up for it if you are.” She smiled at him and started stroking again, just lightly, with her fingertips. He knew she was teasing him, maybe even manipulating him in some unimportant way, but he decidedly did not care at this moment. His eyelids closed again. “Sure, sure. Good idea.” Though he couldn’t see it, her smile broadened. “Great, great. I’ll feel much better if we’re taking care of ourselves. I’ll bring in some supplements tomorrow.” She gave him a few more slow, gentle strokes, then off-handedly asked, “Somehow I’m guessing that you tend more toward being constipated?” She saw his eyebrows furrow a little, but he kept his eyes closed. “Um, well…”, he started, but didn’t elaborate. She realized she’d need to help him focus. When her hand stopped again, he realized she’d asked him a question. But he wasn’t really paying attention to her words, so he wasn’t sure how to answer. “Oh, um…What was the question again?” He was very aware that her hand was still on him, now with a tight grasp, but not moving. “Well, you’ve been in a diaper for more than two weeks, and you’ve never asked me about what would happen if you need to poop. So I’m guessing you don’t poop very often?” Whoa. If there was anything he didn’t want to talk about with Julie, it was his bowel habits! He had started to fantasize about her all the time, and she was touching him right now. How could he steer her away from the topic? If he had learned anything about Julie, it was that she wasn’t easily deterred. He’d have to say something if he wanted to move on. “Well, it varies, but I don’t think it’s, like, abnormal.” He was relieved when he felt her hand start to move again. But his heart sank a little when he realized she wasn’t moving on. “Well, that’s good…So when was the last time you pooped?” He sighed in exasperation. “Do we really have to talk about that? It’s kind of personal.” She snorted, though her hand still moved. “I’ve been changing your diaper for two weeks, and I’m touching you in an extremely intimate way right now. Are there really things that are off limits?” She smiled expectantly, raising her eyebrows. His face reddened a little. He didn’t want this to stop, awkward as it was. So he nodded slightly, saying, “Good point. I just don’t really like talking about…that.” She smiled fondly at him, exquisitely enjoying his embarrassment. “Why are you embarrassed about how often you poop?” He shook his head. Nothing he could do would shake this woman. “I just don’t like talking about that stuff.” “Stuff like your pooping habits?” He groaned. “Yes. Like that.” She giggled and gripped him a little tighter, but slowed her stroke down. Part of her goal here was to embarrass him, which, it pleased her to discover, turned her on, but part was to get him to associate being embarrassed with being excited, and to associate her with that embarrassment, and with control. And it was even better to be talking about bathroom habits, over which she was soon to be in complete control. The more confusion he felt about whether he was embarrassed or excited, the easier it would be to manipulate him, both toward her intermediate and her ultimate goals. “Well, I’m not sure why you are embarrassed. You are a health professional, and you talk to patients all the time about their own pooping and peeing.” She looked innocently at him. “It looks like you don’t like it when the tables are turned?” She kept stroking him steadily but very slowly, shaking her head. “Well, too bad. You know it is important. Someone needs to keep you honest.” She suddenly stopped stroking him. “So? When was the last time you pooped?” He sighed, realizing that she wouldn’t stop until he gave her an answer. Blushing, he said, “I guess it was probably on Monday.” She frowned, but started lightly touching—almost tickling—his testicles. “That’s been three days. Is that about average for you?” He nodded slightly. “Yeah, probably.” “But I’ve heard you tell patients that they should take enough fiber so that they poop every day. Are you ignoring your own advice?” He squirmed a little on the table. In response, her grip tightened, seemingly intending to pin him down on this point. “I guess, maybe,” he admitted. “A little.” Her grip relaxed slightly, and he felt her hand move up and down his shaft again. That was nice. He must have said something she liked. He resolved to do more of that if he could. “Well, I can help with that, if you’d like. Would you like that?” she purred softly. All he could think about was her soft, soft hand. “Sure, whatev—I mean, Yes, ma’am. You bet.” She nodded. “I’ve got to keep my doctor happy and healthy, don’t I?” His eyes closing, he murmured, “Happy. So happy….” She smiled down at him. She sure loved compliant men. “So tomorrow we’ll start some fiber supplements, won’t we? And we’ll just keep track of your poops so we know how we’re doing, okay?” He nodded, then, realizing she liked to be answered out loud, said, “Yes, ma’am.” Unknown to him, her smile broadened, and she shook her head. She knew she could get his bowel habits under her thumb, but hadn’t really thought it would be quite that easy. Men really were simple creatures. Her job done today, she efficiently brought him just to the edge of an orgasm, and then cleaned him up. His eyes slowly came open, then focused. He seemed a little disappointed, but—like before—didn’t complain. She left him naked on the table for a moment. “Did you want…me to put another diaper on you to go home?” His brow furrowed as he propped himself up on his elbows. “Well, no, of course not.” He sat up and swung his legs around. ”Why would I?” As she washed her hands, she shrugged. “No reason. It’s just that, by now, you know they have their practical purpose. I realized I’d never asked if you wanted to wear one home for convenience.” He considered for a moment, then shook his head. “No, I don’t think so. No need for that, of course. That…would be weird.” She smiled at him. “Either way. I’m going out to pick up some fiber supplements. Are there any you specifically recommend or prefer?” He was buckling his pants. “Not really. I think pills are generally easier. Never tried any.” As she grabbed her purse, she said, “Well, then, I guess we’ll experiment a little.” Chapter 11 The next morning when he walked into the work room, he noticed a new whiteboard on the cabinet, completely blank except for lines and dates hand-drawn to make a calendar. On the counter were a little box of magnets, and an industrial size bottle that he realized was full of fiber laxative caps. Next to his water bottle, already filled for him, was a little cup with 2 capsules in it. Oh, boy, she was serious. As he set his bag down, he noticed her watching him. He nodded at the medicine cup. “I’m assuming those are for me?” She smiled. “You bet! The bottle says to take 2-4 daily, or however many are needed. I figured we’d start with two daily, and just increase the amount until you are pooping daily. And…”, and here she jumped up excitedly and walked over to the calendar. “…this is the poop chart I made for you! Do you like it?” He reddened. “Chart?” She nodded. “Poop chart, that’s right. When you make a poop the night before, or before you come in in the morning, you can put a smiley face magnet on the day. Or more than one if you’ve been really busy. If you haven’t made a poop since we saw each other, you should put a frowny face.” She held out the box of stickers to him. “Go ahead, try it out!” He stood there staring at the magnets, and then looked up at her, pained. “Seriously?” She looked a little hurt, then resolute. “Yes, seriously. I bought the magnets, and made the chart, so that you wouldn’t have to talk about your pooping every day. I was being sensitive to your weird shyness about your bathroom habits. I thought this would be easier. Would you rather I asked you each morning?” she inquired, her eyebrows raised. “No, no,” he said hurriedly. “I guess the magnets are better than having to talk about…that. Thanks for being so considerate.” She stood there with the box, patiently. Eventually he got the clue. “Oh! Right,” he mumbled. “Well, um…” He found a red sad face magnet and picked it out. He put it over yesterday’s date. “How’s that?” She put the box down. “Well, it’s a fine job with the magnet, if that’s what you’re asking. Your kindergarten teacher would be proud,” she said, patting him on the head comically. “But not so great for your pooping. We’ll see how you do on 2 of these daily, and increase it until we see a lot more happy faces on that chart! Make sure you keep track of your poops! Be sure you mark them on the calendar, because otherwise you might get too much fiber!” She patted him on the bottom, and turned toward their diaper cabinet. “Speaking of which, let’s get you ready for the day!” Something about that comment made him a little uncomfortable, but she ushered him onto the exam table and had him diapered before he could think about what it was. The day was fairly typical for them, busy and efficient. His wet diapers were changed, and not another word was uttered about fiber or pooping for the rest of the day. Within a few days, and after she increased his fiber once, he was able to add a happy-faced magnet to the chart, and was rewarded with a big smile from Julie. He grimaced, eager to avoid the subject. “I know, I know. You don’t want to talk about it. But if you get a few more of those in a row, we won’t need to increase the dose.” She patted him on his diapered bottom as he headed off to see patients. As they were getting ready to go home that day, after his final diaper change, he finally was able to verbalize what had been bugging him. “Julie, can I ask you a question?” he said as they were gathering up their things after the other staff had gone home. “What if…if the fiber works TOO well? You know, here at work?” She blinked at him. “What do you mean?” He blushed. “Well, you know, I’m all for regular bowel movements in theory, but what if we’re here, and I’m, you know, wearing a diaper…” He looked at her meaningfully, but was met with silence. “And…” she prompted, appearing not to understand. Damn it, he thought. She was going to make him say it out loud. “And I need to…” He realized she would not want him to use a medical term. “…poop, here at work. I just want to make sure we’re both…clear…on the fact that there is NO way I’m going to do…that…in my diaper. I’ll just go to the bathroom in that case. I just don’t want you to be surprised or upset when I do. Maybe we could make it so I could tell you once I’m back that that’s why I went, or something.” His cheeks burned. This was ridiculous to talk about. Julie shook her head. “Sorry, no. Out of the question.” He stared at her. “Um…what is?” She stared. “You, using the potty. That’s not going to happen.” He stared back, unsure he had heard her correctly. Maybe she had misunderstood. “No, I mean, in case I should need to…you know…poop.” She appeared to relent, approaching him and laying her hand on his arm. “Sweetie, I heard what you said. I just meant that you aren’t going to be allowed to use the potty at all, even if you have to poop.” As she saw his face darken, she stroked his forearm to comfort him. “It took you five minutes to pee before diapers. Imagine how long it takes you to poop in there. I have waited on you, so I know. If it makes sense for you to use a diaper for peeing, it makes far more sense to wear it for pooping.” He was clearly not convinced, so she continued, “And then there would be the business of you trying to undo your diaper, then trying to refasten it correctly in the potty. That could be dangerous for leaks later.” Her lips pressed together, she shook her head sadly. “I’m sorry. I know you want to use the potty like a big boy when you poop, but I just cannot let that happen. It would be a disaster.” She picked up her purse, as if the conversation were over. But he couldn’t leave it there. He couldn’t let this stand as an agreement. She didn’t seem to understand what using a diaper that way would entail. “But…but…no, wait. But you don’t really want that, right? I mean, changing a wet diaper is one thing, but this would be…different. Gross, and horrible. I—I mean, right? Why would you want to do that?” He thought of something. “Maybe I could do it?” he asked hopefully. That would at least not be so humiliating. “Don’t be silly,” she said, turning to leave. “I’ve told you: I have nursing training, and mommy training. I know what it is like to change a poopy diaper, and I’m prepared to do it if it needs to be done.” Why was she so casual about all this? It made no sense. “But—but—the smell. People would know. I can’t—“ He was close to tears. Seeing this, she stopped. She saw that he couldn’t meet her gaze. She reached up and gently raised his chin so that their eyes met. She squeezed his hands firmly. “If it happens, we’ll manage. I’ll take care of it without anyone knowing, just like we do with your wet diapers. I won’t let anything bad happen. I promise.” She watched his face, seeing the uncertainty. She spoke again, and reached a hand up to one cheek. “Here’s how it would work. You are a big enough boy to tell when it will happen. If you feel like you need to poop, you just come and get me. You don’t have to wait until after it happens. You can interrupt me, and come back to this room. You can poop in here, and then we can change you immediately.” She released his chin, and he looked down. He swallowed. “Maybe we could also stop the fiber. It seems like—“ She cut him off. “Oh, no. We’re not compromising your health just because of your embarrassment.” She snorted softly and smiled. “That would be a bad precedent to set. And anyway, we’ve been doing that for a few days, and nothing bad has happened. I’m not giving you fiber to make you poop at work. I’m not bothered by messy diapers, but I don’t need more of them. You can keep doing that at home.” He was clearly not happy, but nodded and was quiet. She knew he’d be okay with it, just as he had agreed to wetting his diapers. He just needed time. But she needed to be careful with how she handled the next week or two, as he would be fragile emotionally. He was surprised when she drew him into a tight hug. She held him for a full minute. Initially shocked, he realized it felt really good. He felt her reassurance, realized that he needed it, and hugged her back. In fact, it was hard for him not to cry. She was so nice, wasn’t she? She also smelled good. Nice and familiar. She felt him return her hug, and heard him sigh. Holy cow, that was sweet. That kind of emotional connection was definitely one of the major highs she got from mothering. And so soon! She finally released him. “Look, if you poop at work, we’ll get through it. No big deal. Then we’ll go back to kicking some medical ass.” She smiled, and turned to leave. He picked up his bag, and headed out. He couldn’t remember feeling so close to someone. Could he trust her that much? It was scary. But she felt like someone who really could take care of him. Chapter 12 Two weeks later, his calendar was nearly solid happy faces. He was taking 3 fiber caps daily, and he found it fairly easy to have at least a small bowel movement daily. He had not had any work-place disasters, which is how he still felt about the prospect of moving his bowels at work, despite Julie’s reassurances. But it hadn’t even come up. He was feeling less worried now, and didn’t mind the fiber if it made Julie happy. Julie had also noticed his comfort level. They hadn’t changed his dose for a week, so she felt it was safe to make her move. If he had to poop at work, he wouldn’t specifically blame the fiber. It was a Wednesday, which meant a lighter patient load. They’d have some extra time, and they would need it. After lunch, he climbed onto the changing table for her to change his wet diaper. They chatted about the upcoming afternoon, and she marveled how natural a diaper change was for him now. She treasured this intimacy, learned as a mother and miraculously replicated in her workplace. She was about to deepen that relationship. He lifted his legs for her to clean him, and she cleaned him as usual. However, this afternoon, when she poked her finger inside of his bottom, she also deftly popped in a small suppository. She smiled as he kept talking straight through the procedure, completely unaware of her secret gift. She quickly diapered him again, allowing him to sit up and pull up his pants. She watched him closely, but he clearly had not noticed. From the very beginning, she had prepared him for this day, desensitizing him to anal penetration, and she was elated at how easy it was to deceive him. As she watched him settle to finish a few computer tasks before seeing their first patient, she was tempted to feel a little sorry for him for what lay ahead for him this afternoon. She regretted not being able to be honest, but sometimes men—especially her man—needed a little push. This was necessary to take their relationship to the next level. He was seeing his second patient of the afternoon when he became aware of some pressure in his bowels. He suppressed any concern he felt about this development, thinking it was likely to be gas, or perhaps something that he could wait through. But within ten minutes he was forced to admit that this feeling might be more insistent than he had expected. This was very unusual. His bathroom habits were typically subject to whenever he had time for them, and never urgent. But he felt…full, and was starting to get some cramping. He finished up with his patient, and debated whether he should see his next patient, whom Julie had already brought back and put in a room for him. He didn’t like the distraction that his discomfort was causing, but this was outweighed by the horrible embarrassment that he would suffer if he admitted to Julie that he had to move his bowels. He had no doubts about her desire to make him go in his diaper. Despite her assurances that she didn’t mind changing him, he had to doubt this. No one could enjoy changing a messy diaper. He had admitted to himself that he had a big crush on her. He couldn’t bear to have her see him with a dirty diaper. How did he ever stand a chance of dating her if he let her change a messy diaper? He decided that he would trust his ability to control himself rather than give in to the mounting need to poop. This next visit seemed interminable, however, both because of the increasing intensity of the pressure and also because of the nature of the discussion, which ironically concerned a young woman’s problem with frequent diarrhea. While he had quickly determined her problem to be irritable bowel syndrome, her description of her bathroom habits was not helping to distract him from his own needs. He found himself wondering if Julie would forgive him if he dashed to the bathroom just this once. She might not ever know, after all, if he was quick and managed to tape the diaper back the way it was. He had admittedly never tried, but how hard could it be? He started sweating, trying not to have an accident as he stood up to examine his patient. It took all of his concentration, and he found it difficult to string coherent sentences together as they discussed the plan for this young woman. As he rose to escort her to the exam room door, he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out any longer. He was going to need to poop in the next few seconds. He decided that he didn’t want to face Julie in this condition—it wasn’t manly or attractive or professional. She would have to wait to change a messy diaper. Feeling desperate and ready to run to the bathroom, he opened the door to the hallway. The patient left the room, and he followed. Almost free! Turning left out of the exam room, toward the bathroom, he literally ran right into Julie, who was standing just outside the door. It almost looked like she had been waiting for him, though she could have just been passing by. But she now stood between him and the bathroom, and he let out a little moan at the sight of her. He quickly stepped to the side, hoping she would pass. He might still get to the bathroom if she kept going and he pretended he needed something in the other direction. But she didn’t pass. She took a step to the side also, blocking his path again. She raised her eyebrows, locked his eyes with hers, and imperceptibly shook her head. She pointed behind him to their work room. When he stood still, panicked, wondering if she could possibly know how much distress he was in, she gently took his elbow and turned him toward her desired destination. No! He couldn’t let her do this. He was about to have a major BM, and it might even be diarrhea. He couldn’t let her witness that. He tried to turn back, but she gave him a firm maternal glance that somehow told him she knew exactly what he was trying to do and that he shouldn’t even think about it. Instead, she nudged him toward the room. He needed to plead with her, but couldn’t do it in the hallway. He quickly strode toward their work room, hoping he could hold for another minute. He reached the room and turned around. Julie was following, but appeared to be taking her time. Suddenly a cramp hit him, and he doubled over. He was able to control himself, but realized it would probably be obvious to Julie what was happening. She reached the room and closed the door behind her as he started to straighten up. He saw her pause to lock the door as well, and again felt the panic rise in him. “Julie, please. PLEASE let me go to the bathroom. Just this once,” he panted, holding his stomach. “Don’t be silly. If you need to poop, then do it. We have a few minutes before the next patient, but not long. It would be best to get this over with now.” He gasped. “But—you don’t understand—this is bad. It—it is bad!” She shook her head in consternation. “Then why are you holding it in? There is no need to be so miserable or dramatic.” He was almost to the point of despair. He had iron intestines, but even he had his limits. “No…” She almost smiled. What he didn’t know, and couldn’t know, since he was unaware of the suppository, was that every moment he delayed meant that the effect of the glycerin would be greater and more volcanic. The only thing that would have defeated her plan was if he had immediately expelled the suppository before it could irritate the intestinal membranes. However, because his most fervent wish was not to let anything out of his anus, he was making it much, much worse. His embarrassment was the key to making this plan so effective. But she didn’t smile. She delivered the next line, long practiced and considered, with what appeared to be the utmost concern for his comfort. “I wonder if a lot of that cramping you’re having is from gas. Maybe you could just try to let some of the gas out and feel more comfortable.” She could have cried at the naïve glimmer of hope she saw spark in his eyes at that moment. God bless him, he believed her. Only a man without much experience with diarrhea could have thought this feat possible. Without saying a word, he moved a little away from her and looked away. What happened next would be burned into both of their memories forever. She saw a passing look of concentration, then the emergence of horror on his face. He choked off a short cry, squatted, and let loose a large amount of soft stool into his diaper. It went on and on, and she just stood quietly near the door, watching. He was, of course, consumed with the process, and had given himself over to the full completion of the task. The room quieted, but slowly became filled with the smell of his act. After a moment, his breathing seemed to become regular again, and she gently crossed the room to him. She touched his shoulder, and asked, “Do you think you’re done? Or is there some more poop in there?” He couldn’t answer, or even look at her. She moved so that she was in his line of sight. “Are you done?” Once his eyes refocused on her, he nodded numbly. She smiled. “Then let’s get you into a nice clean diaper. Come over to your changing table.” She grasped his hand and led him toward the table. He waddled gingerly, slowly, and she could see him trying not to let the contents of the diaper touch his skin. Of course, this was futile, but she understood the need to try. His expression soured as he felt the effects of the suppository coat the skin under his diaper. When he had reached the table, she said, “Ok. Pants down, hop up!” Then she caught herself, and said, “Well, maybe not hop.” He positioned himself to ease himself up onto the table, then stopped. “Would you please let me do this myself? It’s…disgusting.” “Nonsense. Pooping is just a natural part of living. Now get up there so we can get you cleaned up. This is advanced diaper-changing and you would be…outmatched. I can do this far faster than you.” And she really didn’t mind. Babysitting jobs throughout high school–not to mention family members in diapers–had kept her changing diapers much of the time. During and after nursing school, she became comfortable with the medical side of caring for grown men, and she had realized that young or old, men often needed her hands to be gentle at some times and firm at others. Her motherhood of young boys had only seemed to reinforce that. She wasn’t put off by the cleanup, and actually found that changing a diaper was one of the more intimate experiences she could have with a male. It was one her first experiences in being in charge. How could she not enjoy that? He sighed, and discovered that he could not really get up on the table without sitting right in the middle of his mess. As he uneasily settled himself onto the table, his expression mirrored the disgust he felt, and she noticed. “It’s okay,” she soothed. “We’ve done this a hundred times. It’s no different to me. Just lie back.” He couldn’t really respond. His mind was consumed with the horrible sensation of warm squish. He wanted to escape, but he felt caught, like a fly in a web. Not having any better options, he sighed, and gently reclined, feeling movement under him as he shifted weight. Once he was down, Julie let out her breath and put on some vinyl gloves. The hard part was over. Now she had to make it—as promised—easier than changing himself. She smiled as he reflexively let his knees fall apart, showing her the discolored diaper he wore. She untaped him, and pulled open the front of his diaper, immediately instructing him, “Up.” As he pulled his knees up, she took the diaper and efficiently wiped the bulk of his mess off of him, rolling it as she went. A few wipes later, and he was clean. She removed the dirty diaper and placed a clean one under him, powdering and taping him quickly. Within 2 minutes he was sitting up and swinging his legs over the side of the table as if nothing had happened. Julie disposed of the diaper as he dressed himself. She caught him as he was trying to turn away, toward the door. She stood in his way and waited for their eyes to meet. Still ashamed and wanting the experience as far in the past as he could make it, he couldn’t escape her gaze. When he caught sight of her raised eyebrows, he intuited her meaning quickly and now felt bad that he hadn’t said what needed to be said. “Thank you,” he said softly, staring at the floor. He felt her lift his chin again, which made him feel like a little kid. But for some reason he allowed this, and once she held his gaze, heard her say, “That wasn’t so bad, and I don’t think it is gross. If it happens again, please man up and let me change you, okay?” He was silent, his emotions muddled and his mind spinning. How could she not hate what just happened? He wanted her to think of him as a man, not a baby. But she was equating being a man with letting her change his dirty diaper. He was finding it hard to come to terms with what their relationship was. Shouldn’t it be employer/employee? It seemed more like mother/child. She couldn’t really be attracted to him at this point. Not after that. Of course, he felt grateful to her for making him feel better when he had felt terrible, and for not humiliating him about it. It could have been much worse, but she had been so kind. But he was deeply infatuated with her, and wanted to spend time with her. He lusted for her and loved her hands on him. He respected her intelligence and clinical skills. He wanted to be manly around her, to take her and kiss her, but she seemed to want him to be more passive and childlike. And—if he was honest—that did feel like the more natural role for him in this relationship. She was so strong and certain. It felt right to let her be in charge. She saw the thoughts whirling through his brain, and sensed a lot of internal conflict. What could she do to help? What did he need more than anything right now? Probably acceptance. Impulsively, she drew close and put her arms around him, holding him warmly and tightly, as she had first done two weeks ago. She felt his body stiffen for a moment, then relax a bit, then she felt his arms around her, too. She smiled. Chapter 13 He was tense the next few days, unsure how Julie would act toward him, worried that he would have more diaper disasters or that he couldn’t trust his bowels. But everything with her seemed back to normal to him. Julie was nice, and, though he was sensitive to any change in how she talked to him or looked at him, their relationship didn’t seem to have changed. He relaxed a little, breathing easier when each afternoon progressed without those horrible cramps. He was reassured that his system seemed back to normal. It didn’t seem to be the fiber, he realized. He was moving his bowels daily, but mostly at home in the morning, where he could go in private, just as he wanted it. His accident must have been a fluke. These days at work were really great. He’d gotten over the weirdness of wearing a diaper, which was still bizarre, of course. He was wetting his diaper much more instinctively now. Sometimes he wasn’t even aware of it, and was surprised when Julie would surreptitiously cup his crotch and then raise her eyebrows at the heavy dampness. He was enough used to a wet diaper that he didn’t mind it much. That was bizarre too, when he thought about it. But he was kind of enjoying not focusing on when he wet. It seemed like he really ought to take advantage of the perk to wearing diapers, right? And no one but Julie knew about it. It was their secret, as far as he could tell. They worked like a team, and the work burden seemed so much lighter. He got home earlier, and was less tired when he did so. While her methods were unusual, and he could never tell anyone about their agreement, he couldn’t argue with her results. He did have a surprise outside of work that week, however. Before he left each day, when he was on the changing table for the last time, Julie would ask him, “Do you want me to put a clean diaper on you to go home in? Or do you just want to wear your underpants home?” It seemed like a weird question each and every time she asked it. While he had conceded to the infantile garb at work, there was no logic to why he would want to wear a diaper outside of work. He had asked her one evening why she would give him a choice he so obviously wouldn’t take. She shrugged and smiled, as if she were just being accommodating, as if some people might actually answer yes. He shook his head, amused. It was one thing to use a diaper for a specific, noble purpose like he was doing, he thought. It would be another simply to choose to wear one on his off time. But as he stood in line at the grocery store a few nights later, he became aware of a curious warmth in his pants. He thought he was leaning against something warm, but then he felt trickling down his leg. He looked down, startled, and realized he had wet his pants, something he hadn’t done in 30 years. He moved closer to the counter, shielding himself from view, then later held the grocery bags in front of him to preserve his dignity. He made it to the car without anyone seeing, he thought. But it drove home an important point: maybe there actually was a downside to mindlessly wetting his diaper. He had to discipline himself to control his bladder carefully, even at work, when he didn’t technically have to, or this could become a slippery slope that led to his needing to answer Julie’s nightly question differently. During the following week, things were going so well at work that he again started pondering the idea of asking Julie out. He still wasn’t sure about the wisdom of such a move, but he was becoming more infatuated by the day. There was something about the gentle efficiency of their interaction, the confidence of her work with patients and, honestly, with his needs, that made him feel like he wanted to see more of her outside of work. At work, she always had his back. He longed for that feeling outside of work as well. That afternoon, she again spent a few moments longer than needed touching him after the patients had gone. He had gotten used to the idea that it was just a nice reward for a good day’s work, and that she would never take it so far as he’d like. But maybe if they weren’t at work… As they were leaving the office, he couldn’t help himself. “Would you ever have time to grab some dinner?” She stopped suddenly, surprise on her face. He reddened when she didn’t respond right away. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he stammered. “I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I—I just meant…” He didn’t really know how to excuse his proposition. He felt her hand on his arm. “No, it’s okay,” she said warmly, smiling brilliantly at him. “I just can’t believe it took you so long. I would LOVE to have dinner with you.” He exhaled. She’d said yes! “…But I’m afraid that it might be hard to go out to a restaurant. My kids need to eat too, and I’d feel bad about asking Mom to sit for them into the evening. Maybe you could come over sometime and we could eat at my house? You could meet the little guys. I know it’s not romantic, but it is about the best I can do right now.” He nodded vigorously. He’d heard a lot about the boys, and was so thrilled to get to see her that he would have done about anything. She would check her calendar about a workable date. He drove home elated. She’d expected him to ask her out! He hadn’t misread their relationship. And somehow, for some reason, changing his diaper every single day hadn’t diminished her romantic interest in him. That seemed too amazing to believe. The next afternoon, he felt a gentle rumbling in his gut that normally meant he needed to visit the bathroom. It wasn’t urgent, like the other day, however. He plowed onward, seeing patients, feeling a fullness, but nothing he couldn’t handle. It was a very busy day, with his schedule packed. He had added some appointments into the evening to accommodate the demand. This was a bottleneck point in the day, as sometimes happened. He had a complicated patient who needed labs, some referrals, and an EKG. Julie had gotten stuck helping the patient in the room, and hadn’t been able to bring any other patients back for him. He looked for another patient to see, and, seeing none, found himself wandering back toward the other end of the building. He hadn’t specifically meant to, but realized he was outside the staff restroom. He hadn’t been here in nearly a month. As he stared at it thoughtfully, his intestines complained again. He glanced back down the hallway toward his empty workstation. Would Julie mind? Would she even know? Probably not—she was swamped. Certainly if he took care of his bodily functions on his own, especially this afternoon when they were so busy, it would help them both out. Why not? The clincher was that, looking forward to their “date”, the last thing he wanted was for Julie to have a fresh memory of changing another dirty diaper. He quickly ducked inside the bathroom and locked the door. He lowered his khakis, then fumbled with the tapes on the diaper. He carefully pulled them off, and was pleased to see that while they stretched the plastic, they hadn’t ripped it. This was going well—maybe he could do this from time to time and never have to have Julie change another dirty diaper! He rushed a bit, conscious of the need for efficiency. When he stood up again, he found that re-taping the diaper might be the hardest part. He clenched his legs together, holding the diaper roughly in place, then re-affixed the tapes in what he hoped was similar to their prior locations. He pulled up his pants, washed his hands, and rushed back down the hall. He got back in plenty of time to greet Julie as she was leaving the patient’s room, looking harried. She was focused, as always, on her work duties, and he smiled at his decision. If he was smart, he could make this work, limiting their interactions to wet diapers, and avoiding any messy ones. He was happy with himself and relieved to have avoided further humiliation, but felt hesitant about sharing that good idea with Julie. The fact that he couldn’t talk to Julie about it gnawed a little at him, but he put it out of his mind. They worked hard for the rest of the afternoon, then finished the early evening in rapid fashion. He did need a diaper change later in the afternoon, and though Julie frowned a bit as she confronted his doctored diaper, she didn’t ask any questions. As usual, their teamwork had dispatched a huge workload quickly and efficiently. However, due to the extra appointments, they were still the last two staff in the office. As they finished their tasks on the computer, Julie turned to him, and wearily said, “Okay, time to get changed for home.” She seemed a little less chipper than usual, but it had been a very long day. He obediently unbuckled and hopped up on the table as she locked the door. Despite the fact that no one else was in the office, he gratefully noticed that Julie took no chances. She had his diaper off, and his bottom wiped in a moment. She didn’t really tease him much today, but maybe she was really tired. She tossed the wet diaper and retreated to her workstation. He swung his legs off the table and leaned down to pull up his pants. She interrupted him. “Could you…leave those down for just a moment?” He stood up, a little perplexed. His shirttails covered his nakedness, but his pants and boxers were still around his ankles. Usually at this point, she was washing her hands and gathering her things to leave. Tonight, though, she was sitting at her desk, turned toward him, and wasn’t quite meeting his eyes. “What’s wrong?” he asked. She took a deep breath, then blew it out. “We need to talk.” She met his eyes. “Did you make a poop today?” He could feel his cheeks start to burn. She couldn’t possibly know. He just had to play it cool. “Not at work.” Her face fell. She looked disappointed. “Well, that’s not what two different nurses told me. They saw you go into the potty for about five minutes this afternoon. They said it seemed unusual to them, since it almost never happens these days.” She gave him a wry smile. “They don’t know anything, but they still could tell you shouldn’t have been back there.” He stood still, unaware of how ridiculous he looked with his pants down. He was trying to think how to explain his presence in the bathroom. “Well, that’s true. I did go back to the bathroom, but that was to clean my tie. It was after lunch, and I’d spilled something on it.” She frowned a little. “And there was something in the potty you specifically needed? We have sinks and mirrors in all of the exam rooms.” He paled a little, but decided to stick with this story. It was as good as he was going to get. She shook her head sadly. “I guess I could have predicted it would come to this at some point. Look, I already know you went back there to poop on the potty. I noticed that your diaper had been removed and replaced, and I figured that it happened during that nightmare of a patient we had this afternoon.” Her lips pursed. “So we have a problem.” His gaze had fallen to the floor. He’d been caught. At this point he couldn’t think of anything to say. “There are several issues I have with this…situation. One is that you went back to poop on the potty, wasting time that could have been spent on patients.” He protested, explaining that he thought he was making good use of the time. She cut him off. “No, it was wasting time. You could have asked another nurse to bring a patient back, or been working on phone calls and other tasks. You can’t replace a diaper as fast as I can. You know that.” His mouth hung open a little. He shut it self-consciously. Good points, all. “Two is that you broke your promise. We had a system worked out together, and were working as a team. You decided on your own, without discussion with me, your work partner, that you knew better, even though we had specifically talked about this exact situation.” Now he was really starting to feel guilty. They were a good team. He had learned to value that. Maybe— But she was not done. “Finally, you lied to me. You stood right there a moment ago and lied about having pooped on the potty. This is the hardest for me to take. I…felt like we were…” She broke off, apparently unable to finish. She stared at the floor for a moment. He wondered if he should say something. But then she continued. “But now I don’t know how I can trust you.” She looked up at him. It looked like there were tears in her eyes. His heart melted. He felt terrible. He looked down, searching for something to say, and noticed that his pants were still bunched up around his ankles. This was not a comfortable way to have a talk about their budding relationship. He glanced up at her and gestured to his pants. “Um…may I…?” She shook her head slightly. Her voice had regained some control. “No, not yet, if you don’t mind.” He folded his hands in front of his waist. He suddenly felt awkward in front of her. Why was she keeping him half naked in front of her? Then she cleared her throat and spoke. “What do you have to say for yourself?” He looked up at her blankly. “Um, well…” He thought for a moment. May as well be honest at this point. “You were in a room, and we were clearly backed up. I felt the need to go to the bathroom, and I thought—“ “You mean, you felt like you needed to poop. You don’t have a need to go to a bathroom any more,” she corrected helpfully. He faltered. Why did he need to talk like a child? Whatever. “Okay, yes, I needed to…”go”. And I thought there was no way that you would have time under the circumstances, and that if I took care of it, it would help us get back on track. I was trying to help.” He smiled at her hopefully. Julie didn’t look convinced. “You mean, you don’t like pooping in your diaper, and you found a good excuse to run to the potty instead.” He nodded slowly. “Well, that, too. I…well, it’s embarrassing.” “Did you think it was fair for you to decide that all by yourself?” she asked, her eyebrows raised. He paused. This was the crux of it, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it his business? “Look, Julie, I decide things all day. Important things. It’s part of my job.” She eyed him. “Yes, you do. But not your potty business. When it comes to your pooping and peeing, that’s my job. We decided that together. It’s part of what makes us a good team. You let me handle the things you don’t do well. Is there something about how I’ve treated you that hurt you or that you didn’t think was done well?” He was getting exasperated. “No, of course not. You…are wonderful. I love our time together. But…I don’t think that going to the bathroom in my diaper—especially that way—is masculine.” Now she looked frustrated, too. “’Going to the—oh, you think that pooping in your diaper, and letting me change you, makes you less of a man? I’ve told you that you are hung up with childhood impressions about diapers and bodily functions. It doesn’t matter to me at all. So when you say that this embarrasses you, I think that it ought to embarrass you more to have all those preconceived notions about using diapers for their intended purpose. I think you should grow up. What matters to me is being efficient, being honest, and taking good care of our patients. And you violated those things today, each and every one of them.” He stood silently, trying to absorb her words. Her weird perspective on diapers and changing him still baffled him, but he really liked her and was trying to understand. More than anything, he wanted to be able to work with her in the future, and, beyond that, to go out with her next week. All of this seemed in jeopardy right now. “Now, I will grant you that you were partially motivated to help me, and that is the only reason I am willing to look for some way past this terrible error in judgment. And I can only think of one way you could prove your commitment to me and to our team going forward. It would take great personal sacrifice, and—fittingly—would require you to let go of some childhood stereotypes.” He looked up. He had no idea what she was talking about. But if she was offering a way out of her doghouse, he was willing to take it. He was willing to do just about anything. But he was initially confused about what she proposed next. “If you really want to prove to me that you care for me, and for what we are doing here, I need to see a token of sacrifice from you.” He shook his head, trying to read the inscrutable expression on her face. But as she reached into her purse and brought out a compact but heavy-looking hairbrush, his eyes opened wide. She sat up straight, and smoothed her scrubs, then expectantly brought her eyes up to his. He stopped breathing as he realized what she was proposing. This was why she wanted him to keep his pants down. She wanted to spank him for going to the bathroom. Here, in his office. It was ridiculous. It took things too far. Yet there she sat, brush in hand. Was this real? Would she really do it? Of course she would; she’d changed his diaper a hundred times, for God’s sake. But he couldn’t let her do this—it would change their relationship, wouldn’t it? How would they work together? How could they date each other? He wanted to show his dedication to her, to work, to their patients, but not like this. “We—we—we can’t do this here,” he protested weakly, not able to verbalize anything else. “This is crazy.” Julie shook her head grimly. “No one else is here. The building is locked, and so is this door. We’re completely alone.” He looked around, a little panicked. Oh, crap. “But…I’m a…I’m your boss. It wouldn’t be right. Isn’t this, like, inappropriate?” She dipped her head and looked up at him sardonically. “Seriously? After everything else, you’re going to worry about sexual harassment? I don’t think anyone would blame you for going over my knee, or me for spanking you. What other arguments do you have on your list?” He started to sweat. “Julie, I don’t want to do this! If I let you do this, that changes us—this—our relationship. How could we work with each other again? I—how would we ever go out? How could we date each other? What kind of relationship could we have?” She laughed. “You don’t think some partners spank each other? I’ve got some websites for you, mister.” Then she became serious. “I think I understand. You’re worried that this changes our power dynamic, that I won’t be attracted to you if you give in to being punished by me?” He nodded, hands still clutched in front of himself. “But you’ve got it backward. I realize it will take tremendous strength of will and discipline for you, a fully grown man, and a doctor besides, to bend over my lap and take a spanking. It will symbolize that you trust my judgment. That you acknowledge that what you did was wrong, and that you are willing to sacrifice your dignity, not to mention putting up with a little pain,” she said with a wry smile. “If you agree to this deal, I’ll forgive you completely, because I’ll see your strength and devotion to your practice, your patients, and our agreement. I’ll see you’re sorry for your mistake, and willing to move forward with a clean slate. It takes a real man to choose this route.” He swallowed. He saw how she could offer such a thing. He could erase what he’d done if he could put up with this…deal. He met her eyes, and nodded. She was telling him that she’d forgive him, that they could still be together, go out on a date. She would still respect him. “I want…that,” he told her. She nodded briskly, and patted her lap. “Then let’s go, young man.” He stared at her lap, and considered once again whether he really wanted to take this step. He looked up at her face, which was firm, but which he’d learn to trust. She wouldn’t hurt him too bad, would she? She liked him. And how bad could a spanking hurt? He was a grown man, and she was just a woman. He shuffled forward, struggling to walk with his pants around his ankles. She pointed to the right side of her, and he moved to comply. A part of him felt like this was unreal, like it couldn’t really be happening. But there Julie was, helping him ease over her lap, telling him to hold his upper body off the floor. He felt his legs dangling helplessly in the air, then felt a cool breeze on his bottom. He assumed that was his shirttail being lifted. His suspicion was confirmed, as he felt Julie’s fingers run lightly over his bottom. He felt goosebumps form on his arms and legs. Suddenly, he felt quite vulnerable. And he remembered that it wasn’t just about embarrassment. Julie had said something about pain. He questioned his earlier assumption. Could it really hurt? He hoped it wouldn’t hurt that much. I mean, he reassured himself, it could mostly be a gesture. He was about to clarify when he heard a loud smack. A moment later he felt pain on his bottom. It wasn’t bad, and he was relieved. It hurt, but he could stand it. He heard, then felt another blow, this time to the other side. She was spanking on the lower part of his bottom, he realized and noted in some part of his brain. The spanks kept coming, and he could see how it could eventually become difficult to tolerate. So…how long would it last? The answer was, at least a few minutes, he discovered, though it was hard to tell. And then it stopped. He let out his breath. That could have been worse, he thought. It was more about the gesture. Sure, it was embarrassing, but it was tolerable. And now they could move forward and forget it. But she didn’t let him up. She shifted her weight, then shifted back. He felt something cold against his bottom, something hard and foreign, moving around, like it was soothing him. “I hope you didn’t mind that little warm-up. I have found that boys can take a longer spanking if there is a hand spanking first.” Trepidation seized him at that point. That was the warm-up? “Now let’s get down to business. I want you to count these off. Don’t lose track, or we’ll start again. We’ll stop when I think it’s time. You can be thinking about what led to this spanking, and how you’ll change in the future.” Suddenly, he heard a swat, and felt a searing pain in his backside, right where her hands had hit him before. But that was it, just one. He was sure that couldn’t be it— “I’m waiting for you to count, young man. Let’s start over.” SMACK! “One!” he spat out quickly. But as soon as he’d said it, another came down, now on the other side. SMACK! This took his breath away. He yelled, “Two!” quickly, before he’d even recovered, but then realized that as soon as he’d said it, she struck again. He felt trapped: he dare not wait too long and get her angry, but he didn’t want to count too quickly. It became a game of seeing just how slowly he could count. Before he’d counted to twenty, he was having trouble concentrating on the numbers. He couldn’t control her strokes, even though he desperately wanted this to stop. He feared having to start over again, so he yelled out numbers. In between spanks, he would hear her voice sometimes, asking if he would ever lie to her again. Would he ever poop on the potty at work again? Would he ever break his promises again? He blurted out answers, then tried to say the number, trying to make her happy with him. It didn’t seem to matter what he said, however, as the paddling continued. But he eventually started to hear another noise in between the numbers, which he couldn’t control. He realized that he was crying. He couldn’t really say numbers anymore, but it didn’t seem to matter. Julie was strong, and kept going, long past his tolerance for pain. He ended up wailing and crying loudly, for what seemed like a long time. Eventually, mercifully, the spanking stopped. He heard the brush set down on the counter somewhere behind him. He tried to stop crying, but couldn’t, not right away. She helped him up, and took him in her arms. It was just what he needed. He cried softly for a few moments, murmuring, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” She cooed back at him, saying, “I know, I know. You’re a good boy,” quietly into his ear. She stroked his back until he had gotten his breathing under control. He sniffled a little bit, and eventually felt like the hug had gone on long enough. He pulled away a little, and she leaned back from him, reaching a tissue for him. He gratefully took it and wiped his face and his nose. Julie helped him stand up, and sent him to the corner of the room with a nod and her pointer finger. He didn’t mind. He didn’t want to face her in this state. Standing in the corner helped him compose himself privately, which he needed. “Hands on your head, please,” she told him as he shuffled awkwardly to the corner. He heard her clicking on her computer, and then heard her chair scrape the floor. After a few minutes, he heard her voice. “Okay, you can be done. Turn around.” He turned around shyly, letting his arms fall. She was right there, and she was leaning down in front of him. She grasped his pants and pulled them up, helping him tuck his shirt in, and buckling his belt. She handed him his laptop bag, and reached for her purse, which he now saw was certainly large enough to carry her brush. Did she do that every day? Did she always have that brush? Then she extended her hand, and led him silently out of the office. When they got to their cars, she kissed him on the cheek and said, “You did well tonight, you know. Let’s hope that never happens again.” He looked at her, and earnestly told her, “It won’t.” She smiled warmly. “I’m glad to hear you say that. But if it does, you can expect to be over my lap again. See you tomorrow, okay? Be good.” His bottom burned like crazy, and did hurt quite a bit as he tried to get into his car. He was sure he didn’t ever want to endure something like that again. If she wanted to change his dirty diapers, that was fine with him, just as long as she didn’t bring out that brush again. Anything was better than that. And yet, he reflected on the way home, he somehow felt so much closer to her. He felt grateful to her for offering a route back to her after his bad decision. He felt forgiven and cleansed in a way. It had been a surprisingly intimate experience for something that did not involve sex. He marveled over this. But thank goodness it was over. He went to bed early that night, at least in part because it was easier to lie down than to sit up. He realized then why she had focused so intently so low on his bottom: she knew how to make the discomfort last. She’d gone after the place he sat on. And—indeed—he kept thinking of her all evening. He slept easily, feeling exhausted. The next morning, there lingered an extra closeness between the two of them. He had felt that before with a woman, but only after sex with a partner. They had shared something special, and though he never wanted to share it again, he almost understood why she had done it. All anger seemed forgotten, and all animosity had disappeared. When she changed his diaper, he felt her touch his bottom tenderly, then whistle. “Wow, what happened back here?” she said coyly, giving him a sidelong glance. She rubbed in some lotion to the sore, red, bruised skin, and this felt wonderful. Once he was rediapered, as he was pulling up his slacks, she broached the subject of spanking again. “I know it hurt, but there’s an advantage to a spanking, you know?” He stared at her. “I’m sorry?” he said, unsure he’d heard her correctly. “Oh, yes. It is a wonderful way to clear the air, I’ve found. Spanking is my preferred way to settle scores. It is so much better than letting disagreements stew, arguing for days. Can you see how nice it is to move on with no hard feelings?” He stood for a minute, silent. He enjoyed this new closeness, and certainly didn’t want to argue about this if it would complicate things. And…she was right, to some degree. He wasn’t sure it was the only way to move on, but he was glad not to have to revisit his mistake from yesterday. “Yes, I guess so. But…it doesn’t mean I liked it. I…don’t ever want to do that again.” She smiled. “No problem. Just behave yourself, okay?” She patted him on the bottom and sat down to work, satisfied that he had accepted her disciplinary authority, and that he had essentially agreed to accept it in the future. The conversation made him a little nervous, as he considered the possibility of having to face Julie’s hairbrush again. But he didn’t argue with her. It obviously was effective, and had brought them closer together and allowed them to move on. He thought he understood why she liked it. He was still sore. The next few days he was tender, even with the diaper, and every time he sat down, he thought of Julie. Again and again, he swore never to disobey her again. Chapter 14 He made sure he was extra good that week. He didn’t need to move his bowels at work again for another week, and he was hoping it wouldn’t ever happen again. But on a Friday, just after lunch, he felt a lot of pressure, and his hopes sank. He was talking to one of his partners, and he ended the conversation and looked around furtively. He really needed to go to the bathroom, but—Julie wouldn’t like it. He walked tentatively up to their workroom, and, catching her eye, approached her. “Hey, um. I…think I’m going to need…” He trailed off, still embarrassed about the whole thing. He wanted to do this right, but how could he tell her, and have her change him? It was just so awkward. She stared at him for only a moment, but then completed his sentence. “…to poop?” His surprised expression made her smile. “It wasn’t hard to figure out, you know. You haven’t had a poop for a few days,” she said, gesturing at the magnet chart they still used to modify his fiber intake. “And it’s after lunch. My little boys at home usually go after a meal.” His face reddened and he stared at the floor. “Um, well, I wanted to let you know, ‘cause…” She touched his arm. “Because you didn’t want another spanking? That’s a good boy,” she quietly said, pleased. She shrugged. “Well, have at it. We have a few minutes before patients arrive for the afternoon.” She patted his front, which no longer shocked him, and noted that he had already wet, so he was due for a change anyway. He was surprised. He once again hadn’t remembered peeing. He had meant to work on making that more voluntary, something he tried to do, rather than letting it happen. But this time, he wasn’t even aware of it! Right now, however, there were more important things to worry about. Julie went back to work at her computer, apparently leaving him to do his business right there. He hesitated, again reluctant to use his diaper in front of her. Not for this. Not if he could help it, right? He turned to leave. Maybe he could use one of the exam rooms. They were built for privacy. “Where are you going, mister? I thought you had to poop.” If he could have colored any more, he would have. “Uh—well, I just thought I’d duck into one of the exam rooms…” But Julie was already shaking her head. “Oh, no you don’t. You can’t go stinking up one of our patient rooms. We’re going to use those rooms. If you’ve got to go, you can do it right here.” Now he paled. “In front of you? I can’t.” She looked at him. “Really? You did it the other day. You’re wearing pants AND a diaper. I can’t see you do it! What’s the big deal?” He was dumbstruck. Did she really not have the same sense of shame that most people had, or did she like embarrassing him? “I don’t want to…do it…in front of someone else. It’s embarrassing.” Julie shrugged and went back to working. “Poop, or don’t poop. But I’ve got work to do, so if you’re going to poop, it will be right in this room with me here. Get over it.” A cramp struck him. He looked at the clock. “Please, Julie,” he heard himself whining, somewhat childishly. Suddenly she gave him a stern look, and he couldn’t help glancing at her purse. Did she have her brush today? “Never mind…” he murmured. The corner of her mouth twitched, and she went back to her work. He walked away from her, trying to get behind her and as far away within the room as he could. It was hard to imagine himself being alone, hard to go standing up. It was just weird. But if that was what Julie wanted, he would make her happy. He squatted a little, trying not to make any noise. He couldn’t help a little grunt, however, as he successfully accomplished his task. He felt the diaper push out, and then could feel the mess against his skin. He was consumed with how gross that felt, and didn’t notice Julie pushing back her chair and walking over to him. “Let’s get that taken care of right away, okay?” she said lightly, all business. He waddled carefully over to the exam bed and lowered his pants gently. A horrible smell came wafting up, and he noticed that she had thoughtfully already closed and locked the door. He lay back and allowed her to change him. It was a much faster process than the previous messy diaper, which had been all over the place. He watched her carefully for signs of disgust or impatience, but saw none. It was almost like she really didn’t mind! Before long he was in a clean, dry diaper—a feeling he was now growing to like. Julie was washing her hands, and he thanked her. “No problem,” she said, seemingly happily. “You’ve been a very good boy today.” At the end of the day, she changed him out of his diaper, and said, “I think that we might finally have a day we could have you over for dinner, if you’re still interested.” “Yes, please!” he exclaimed happily, in a voice he realized was probably a little too loud. Who cared? This was great. They set a date about two weeks later. She’d make supper, and maybe he’d bring some wine. It sounded good to him. He’d get to meet her young boys. Then they’d put them to bed, and…who knew? Almost whistling on his way home, he again thought back to the bizarre turn his life had taken. It was so, so weird, but Julie somehow made it feel right. He didn’t mind wearing the diaper for her at work anymore. He wasn’t sure it all made sense, but he had a hot, smart nurse making his days easier, and touching him in all the right places. He really needed to move this relationship along. He had waited a long time to be with her. It didn’t even occur to him to ask her about not wearing diapers any more. It was what she wanted. Maybe it was better for their patient care, but somewhere inside, he was starting to recognize that her happiness was becoming more and more of a priority. When she smiled, it made him feel wonderful. He was leaving a friend’s house the next night after watching a basketball game, stopping to check his phone, when it happened again. He felt hot liquid rushing down his leg, and had some difficulty stopping it. He felt his sock dampen! He hurriedly got into his car and headed home, grateful it hadn’t happened in front of someone. He was no longer sure he could fix this while working at the office. He started to doubt whether he could control himself at all. Monday, he casually mentioned to Julie at the end of the day that wearing the diaper at work had had an unintended consequence of making him less aware when he urinated. She broke into a smile. “Great! I told you there would be perks.” His face clouded a little. “Yeah, but it’s not a perk when it also happens outside the office.” Her smile faded. “Oh. You mean…have you had accidents?” She tried to look concerned. He didn’t answer, but she could read his expression. She sat down. “Oh,” she said again, more to herself. “Well, that’s a problem. How many times?” “Two,” he replied honestly. “I don’t think anyone saw, but they weren’t just little leaks. So, I’m wondering if you have any ideas about how to keep that from happening.” He pointed to the magnet chart. “I mean, you’re good at solving problems like this, I’d bet. Is there anything I can do here at the office to keep that from happening at home? Do you think Kegel exercises would work?” Obviously, Julie did not want to seem gleeful about this development, but that was truly how she felt. She’d been wondering–hoping, really–that something like this would happen, and it opened opportunities to evolve their relationship sooner than she could have expected. She had to seem concerned for him, however. “Would it? There is no harm in trying, obviously, but it doesn’t seem like it is a problem of muscle weakness. More like behavioral training? You’ve allowed yourself to relax your bladder, and now you’re not paying much attention to it.” She chanced a smile. “It does sound nice not having to worry about such things. Most people would probably envy you.” She continued, “But. You could certainly try the Kegels. Until we see whether they help when you are away from work, however, I think we should consider another option.” She looked hesitant. “I’m not sure you want to hear this, but there are straightforward ways to handle wetting problems like this.” He looked confused, so she gave him a little more info, hoping he’d figure it out. “You know, there are millions of people with leakage problems. You see some of them as patients. How do you tell them to handle it?” “Well, they ought to wear protection until they can….” He trailed off. He couldn’t meet her eyes, as he said, somewhat dully, “You want me to wear a diaper at home, too?” Time to make the case. “It doesn’t matter what I want. But I think you might need to wear a diaper when you go out. What a disaster if a patient saw an accident! What kind of advertisement would that be for you and your practice? I think from a business perspective, just until you have the accidents under control, you don’t really have a choice.” He looked doubtful but concerned as he sat at his computer. He could use some reassurance. She got up and came over to him, sitting next to him and touching his arm. “Look, your diaper is invisible to everyone else. You know that. You and I are the only ones who know about it. It is a personal solution that no one has to know about. It might be embarrassing to you, but you are certainly accustomed to it at this point, and it works. It only makes sense, for a little while, at least.” He nodded. “I know that, logically. It’s just so humiliating. It seems ridiculous for a grown man.” Julie smiled to herself, but was careful not to let that show. It certainly was absurd! He was an adult who had let himself be convinced by her to wet and mess in a diaper, at his workplace! He had let her spank him, not for some sexy game, but for discipline. He had shaved himself and let her clean him, count his bowel movements, and restrict him from using a toilet. He had let himself be led down this path every step of the way. She decided that she could help him here, too. “Nonsense,” she said, stroking his arm. “Being an adult is taking care of your problems. And it only impresses me more that you’d be willing to take such a responsible step.” She paused, thinking. “Why don’t we just send you home in a diaper each evening, and you can change out of it when you are done being out and about? You certainly don’t need to wear it at home, do you? Have you had an accident at home?” He shook his head. Thank goodness. “Fine, then. And if you did, you’d be in private anyway. That’s where you can practice keeping your pants dry. And things will be better before you know it!” She got a perfunctory smile out of him, which was probably about what she could expect here, so she considered it a done deal. Part of him had to know that increasing the amount of time he spent in diapers wouldn’t help his “problem”, right? But he didn’t say anything. She was sure he really didn’t like the diapers, so she wasn’t sure why he was so agreeable to this “solution”. Maybe he was just too naïve and optimistic for his own good. And maybe he trusted her. That was good for him in the long run, but not if he had any interest in fixing this “problem.” She stood up, finished with her work, and said, “When you’re done we can get you changed.” He finished a note and hopped up on the exam table, still deep in thought about his bladder issue. She changed him, this time putting a fresh diaper on him instead of sending him out in his grown-up attire. He noticed and looked a bit glum. Maybe she could perk him up a bit. “We’re still on for Friday dinner, right?” This broke him out of his funk. “Yes! Of course. Um, did you decide for sure what I can bring?” he asked, knowing that he was not really in much of a position to help. He wasn’t much of a cook. Perhaps sensing this, she said, “How about a nice loaf of bread in addition to the wine? We’ll have spaghetti. It’s the boys’ favorite.” That cheered him up, and she was happy to see him leave on a happy note. As they walked together to their cars, she noted the little diaper waddle he had and thought happily that it was the first time she had seen that outside the office. That was progress! Chapter 15 Friday night, he showed up at Julie’s house wearing slacks and a button-down shirt, more casual than work, but still looking nice, he hoped. He was also wearing the diaper she had changed him into before they left that afternoon. She had made it clear that it might be best if he kept it on for his visit to her house. “Oh, you might as well. I would certainly understand if you had an accident at my house, but it’s just simpler if you wear it home and then to my house. I can change you there if you’re wet. I’ll even bring a few diapers home with me.” He looked uncertain even then, until she had said, suppressing a laugh, “And I’m sure you were hoping to get naked with me on the first date anyway.” She knew how to make him feel better about the situation. He had grinned and agreed, and now he stood on her doorstep with a slightly wet diaper under his clothes. He was nervous as they took their relationship to another level, and felt awkward that he was doing it in a wet diaper. He didn’t feel very romantic. But when Julie answered the door, dressed up in a pretty dress, her face beaming at seeing him there, he forgot all about the diaper. She was pretty in scrubs, but she looked much better in real clothes! As the door opened, delicious smells of spaghetti sauce wafted toward him, and his stomach stirred. He handed her the bread, some artisan loaf he’d found at a bakery—an actual bakery!—and she ushered him inside. Her little boys were waiting just inside the door, obviously carefully placed there for introductions. Thomas, a 3-yr-old, gave him a high-five when offered, but Andrew, 18 months old, hid behind his mother. They ran off to watch TV while Julie invited him into the kitchen of what turned out to be a modest but nicely kept apartment. They talked about the day while the noodles cooked. At one point, Julie’s hand dropped to his pants, patting and slightly squeezing his diaper. She had done this before at work, almost mechanically, so he didn’t find it strange. “Do you need a change before we eat?” she asked as the food neared completion. “I think I can wait,” he replied, and helped carry dinner to the table. During dinner, where Andrew sat in his high chair but Thomas had a booster seat, they talked about the boys, who warmed up quickly to him once they were sharing food. After dinner, the boys went to play in the family room with some action figures, as he helped Julie clear and wash the dishes. When that was done, she said, “I bet you’re soaked now. Let’s get you changed quickly before the boys need to be changed.” Suddenly, Thomas ran into the kitchen. “Mommy, Andrew pooped!” Julie smiled apologetically and said, “Or, maybe I’ll take care of them first. Do you mind?” He smiled. “It’s fine. If you’d rather, I can actually use the bathroom. I’m helpful that way.” She frowned as she left to find Andrew. “Oh, no. No, just give me a minute and I’ll be ready for you.” He wasn’t sure why she didn’t want him using the bathroom here. It seemed like an easy solution to unburden her, and it wasn’t like there were patients waiting. He’d gotten better at handling his diapers, but she still seemed dismissive of his attempts to help. He sat and chatted with Thomas, until Thomas was called to come get changed. Andrew emerged wearing pajamas, and resumed playing without so much as a glance at him, which told him Andrew was growing more comfortable with him. Apparently Thomas was just wet, but he dutifully followed directions and returned a moment later, also wearing pajamas, very like his brother’s. Then he heard his own name called. The boys didn’t look up, and, smiling ruefully, he followed the sound of her voice back to her bedroom. She was tossing a small wrapped up diaper into a sealed container, and had a large fresh one sitting on her bed. “Time for my big boy’s turn,” she said, smiling, and wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him on the cheek, and turned him so he was facing away from her bed. Then her hands came down to his chest, and she playfully pushed him gently back toward the bed. He laughed as he fell onto the bed, then, catching the hint, unbuckled his pants as she locked the door. She changed him without any extra touching, even though he hardened as she touched him. But she pulled the front of the diaper up against his erect penis, pointed up toward his belly, and taped him up quickly. She then patted the front of his diaper, and said with a smile, “You put that away for now. Maybe there’ll be time for that later.” She left the room. He took a deep breath. He’d waited a long time for her to touch him outside of work. But—of course—this wasn’t the time, with her kids awake in the next room. So he took a few deep breaths and tried to distract himself enough that his erection would subside. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so easy when she left his penis in the “up” position. In this position, there seemed like there was more friction and movement against that sensitive part. This combination seemed to make it more difficult to go down on its own. And she had taped the diaper so tight that it was hard to adjust himself, or even touch himself at all. He could barely sneak a finger down to push himself into a more comfortable position after he softened, if he sucked in his gut. He’d kind of gotten used to this type of frustration, but it was still annoying. In fact, he was frequently hard inside his diaper, due both to her deliberate ministrations and also from her more practical touching during changing time. It was certainly one reason he didn’t object anymore to the diaperings. As his desire for her grew, every diaper change was a little magical, so that now almost anything diaper-related made him think of sex. He could hardly see a diaper or smell baby powder without getting a little excited. He was a little overdue for an orgasm; that would certainly help. Normally, he’d have just gone home after work and taken care of that tension himself. But she’d left the diaper on him after work, which put a kink in his plans. So he was ready! And it seemed likely that tonight the reward might be worth all he’d allowed to happen to him this past month or two. Finally, he felt he could leave the bedroom without a visible erection under his diaper. He rejoined the little family as the boys had a snack and read a story before bed. For a while after they were asleep, he and Julie sat up and talked. Eventually, Julie winked at him, and said, “It might just be time to take that diaper off.” In her bedroom, she laid him down on her bed. He sprang to attention as soon as she untaped his diaper. He was surprised and a little alarmed to see he was wet, but was distracted enough by impending events that he didn’t care. Julie noticed his surprise, however, and commented on it. “You didn’t know?” Blushing, he shook his head. “Glad you were tucked away in one of these, then!” Then she rolled it up and tossed it away. Julie cleaned him off, as usual, and this time, did not rediaper him. She cooed to him about how happy he made her, and how she wanted to make him happy. Her soft, warm hand moved up and down his member, and he was in a state of bliss. She reached over to her bedside table, pumped out a little hand lotion, and kept going. He was a little too ready for this, from her, right now. He came quickly, spurting over his belly, even up to his chest. He gasped, and eventually opened his eyes to see Julie smiling fondly at him. She cleaned him off and laid down next to him. “That’s been a long time ‘coming’, hasn’t it?” she asked playfully. “I’ve been sort of teasing you for quite a while.” “Yeah,” he panted. “You have.” He smiled. “But I forgive you. Your hands are sooo nice.” His eyes found hers. “But…I’m sure you’ve been waiting a while as well.” His own hand stroked her stomach. Her breath caught. “Well, perhaps I have. What are you prepared to do about that?” She coyly looked back at him. He smiled. “Anything you’d like! What’s your pleasure, Miss Julie?” “Ooh, ‘Miss Julie’? I could get used to that,” she said, then hummed a little with pleasure as his hands played over her clothes. “I do have a rule about no intercourse on the first date, so no use waiting for you to, um, recharge. But perhaps there is some other way you might be able to help?” She smiled as his face disappeared under her dress. She could get used to this, too. Chapter 16 He left not too long after he’d brought her to two separate climaxes. He felt proud to have shown her his willingness—and ability—to pleasure her this way, and hopeful about this relationship. There were many parts of it that were strange beyond belief, if he was honest with himself. But Julie was special. She was smart and funny, and they clearly seemed to be made for each other. He was still quite sure he could fix this bladder issue. No matter what Julie said, it was weird to try to be the man in the relationship if she was changing his diaper. If he could fix that accidental wetting problem, and not wear a diaper outside of work, that would help his male ego a lot. He wanted to be Julie’s man, not her baby. She was patient, but he worried that if things kept going this way, he’d lose her. Of course, he needn’t have worried. Julie was thrilled with their date, happy with their surface relationship, and ecstatic that he had accepted wearing a diaper in her house. She was setting some important precedents, and he hadn’t really objected. She would dictate the times and manner of sex. He wouldn’t assume he could use her bathroom. And he seemed willing—and capable—of servicing her, which was always a good thing in a relationship. Over the next few weeks, they saw each other often. He dined with them frequently, and really enjoyed getting to know the energetic boys better. They came to expect his visits, and requested him to play with them down on the floor. They would tackle him, and he would tickle them, and Julie would watch, smiling. He always wore a diaper at her house. She did not want him leaking on her furniture, she said, and it was hard for him to argue, now that he wet sometimes without realizing it. At his own house, he went without a diaper, but with only intermittent success. He found his underwear, and sometimes his pants, wet every few days. This drove him crazy. He was sure that if he concentrated, he could solve the problem. But as he spent more and more time with Julie outside of work, he spent less time without a diaper on. And so there was less and less time to work on the problem. One night, Julie took him to bed after changing him out of his last wet diaper. They made love, and afterward basked a bit in the afterglow. “I was wondering if you might want to spend more time with us. The boys love you,” she said, adding shyly, “and I might, too.” His heart raced as he took in her words. “You do?” He reached out for her hand. She looked down demurely. “I do.” Her eyes met his. “Is that a problem for work?” He smiled broadly. “Who cares? I love you, too. We’ll make it work.” “If anyone can, I bet we can. We make a pretty good team, don’t we?” She smiled at him. “Let’s get you ready for bed.” After he had a warm, clean diaper taped onto him, they lay in bed happily for a bit, lost in their own thoughts. She eventually spoke up tentatively. “What would you think…about moving in with us?” She rushed on to explain. “It might be easier for my boys. They’ve grown to expect you here, and are confused when you aren’t. It might be a little tight in terms of space around here, but cozy can be nice, too.” He thought about it. “That sounds great,” he said quickly. He wanted to spend every minute with Julie. “Would I give up my apartment?” She shrugged. “If you want. You don’t have to decide right away. We could just try it for a while.” They weren’t talking about anything permanent, so it wasn’t intimidating. He beamed. “I’m in! Let’s try it.” The next night, after supper, they spent some time talking about the logistics of such a move. They decided on the following weekend, and talked about what he might bring. He wouldn’t really need a moving truck, since her apartment was essentially full. But there were a few things he’d like around, and his clothes. As they cleared the dishes, she looked at him sideways. “You know, it would mean that you have to wear diapers 24/7. I’m still not having you leak on my furniture. Are you ready to man up for that?” He grimaced a little. He hadn’t really thought of that. And that was a big question, wasn’t it? She was laying it out there for him. How much did he want her? Enough to put up with round-the-clock diapers? She saw him hesitate and raised her eyebrows. “Oh, come on.” He wasn’t eager to concede this point right now. Maybe he could put off this conversation to consider how to convince her. “We can talk about it.” She turned to face him. “Well, we’re kind of talking about it now. And it’s not negotiable on my end. My boys need a good role model. To them, the answer to your wetting problem is pretty obvious. You have to wear diapers if you wet your big-boy pants. It wouldn’t make sense to them if you didn’t follow the same rules. I can’t confuse them, and I also don’t happen to like stains and odors.” He looked down. It was hard to argue against her logic. “But how am I going to get better at this if I’m always wearing those things?” She came to him and put her arms around him. “We’ll work on it if that is important to you. But safety—and hygiene—first, you know?” She kissed him. “Guess it makes moving in a little easier, right? No need to bring any underwear.” She smiled at him. He loved her smile. Nevertheless, he resisted, feeling trapped. Wearing diapers was still embarrassing to him. He looked away. “But…I want to be a man for you, not a little boy. How can you love me if you’re changing my…” He couldn’t even say it to her. “Taking care of a medical issue IS being a man,” she reminded him firmly, frowning gently. “Being a good role model to my boys, taking responsibility for yourself, being a good doctor, those are all part of being a grown-up. You ARE a man to me. I don’t care where you go pee-pee.” Her hand traveled down his side and to the front of his pants. “Now, I’m not going to hear another word about it. Instead, it feels like you’re wet, and I’d like to change you and let you show me what kind of man you are.” She squeezed his wet diaper suggestively. He hardened instantly, and she smiled. “Mmm, that’s my big boy.” He wondered for a moment if he’d ever won an argument with her. Then her hand pulled at his insistently, and he decided that, for now, it didn’t really matter. Chapter 17 The boxes were unpacked, supper was served and cleared, and he had just finished the dishes. They had spent the better part of the day moving some of his stuff into her apartment. She didn’t have a lot of extra space, so he was just moving in his clothes (sans underpants), pantry supplies, and books. Julie was getting her boys settled with a coloring activity. He walked into the family room, and felt the pressure start to build in his bowels that told him he was going to need to go. And that meant that it was time to confront Julie about this. He needed to say something now, since it would definitely come up again and again. Time to make a stand. There was no reason he couldn’t poop in the potty at her house. He stood in the entrance to the room, and Julie looked up at him. “Um, do you have a minute?” He shifted his weight uncomfortably. She smiled and stood up, coming over to him. He turned and walked back over to the kitchen table, where the kids would not hear them. “I need to go to the bathroom, and I’d like to use the toilet.” She appeared confused. “Why?” He’d seen Julie take this approach before, playing dumb. It annoyed him, if he was honest. But he managed to keep his temper. “Because I LIKE to use the toilet. I’m a grownup and I need to go.” Her face cleared as she understood. “You need to poop?” she asked. When he nodded, Julie’s face grew firm. “We’ve already talked about this. But I’ll explain again. I want you to use your diaper in this house. I don’t want you in my bathroom except to shave, shower, or brush your teeth. Understand?” she said, looking intently into his face. “Say it back to me so I know you heard me.” “But—“ “No, repeat it to me.” He sighed. “You want me to use my diaper.” “And stay out of my bathroom except for what?” “Taking a shower, shaving, and brushing my teeth.” She patted his cheek. “That’s a good boy.” She turned to go. He couldn’t give up that easily. “But why? That seems unreasonable. I don’t like to…you know, poop…in my diaper. I’d really like to use the potty. And…and…it has to be easier for you if I…take care of it…like an adult rather than if you have to change my diaper, especially when it’s…you know…” She shook her head impatiently. “No, it’s not easier for me. Because it means that you have to bother me to come change you out of your diaper, then wait for you to go, then change you back into your diaper. So it is actually taking more of my time if you don’t poop in your diaper like a good boy. I’m sure you aren’t telling me that your stupid modesty is worth wasting that much of my time, are you?” Her face looked stern now. He didn’t want to make her angry, so this was a fine line to walk. He’d learned that upsetting her would not help him win an argument with her. But his need for a toilet was becoming more insistent. “Of course not, it’s just…” he trailed off, considering a different tack. “I don’t understand why you don’t care about my feelings about this.” Her face turned more tender. “I do care. But.” She caressed his cheek. “Your feelings about pooping are silly, and we have talked about them over and over. You get embarrassed about the funniest things, and I view one of my jobs as getting you over that childish hump. Sometimes being a big boy means doing things you don’t like. And this particular thing is very important to me. Do you understand?” He nodded sullenly, despairing that she would not give in on letting him use her potty. “I can’t hear your manners,” she reminded softly. “Yes, ma’am,” he said, as the pressure in his bowels increased. “It’s just that—“ “Ah-ah,” she interrupted sharply. “That’s the end of that conversation. We’re not having another word about my private potty. Understand?” He nodded, and, when he noticed a pause, said, “Yes, ma’am.” She grabbed his hand, and started to pull him back into the family room. “Then come on back in and join the family. Enough of this silly talk.” He pulled back. “Um, can you please just, uh, give me a moment in here,” he asked, looking around a little desperately. “I just need, like, a minute of privacy. Please. At least give me that.” Julie stepped back and looked him up and down slyly. She suppressed a smile. “No, I don’t think so. I want to show you something in the family room.” He started to object, but when her eyebrows went up, he silenced himself and followed her reluctantly. She went to her boys, who were starting to argue about each other stealing crayons. At least she allowed him to stand behind her, pretending to admire the boys’ drawings, instead of in her line of sight, which was a small blessing. He really didn’t want to poop in front of her, despite everything. He felt his bowels moving, and yet still tried to hold off. “Can I get you anything from the kitchen?” he asked as he started to sweat a little. Anything to let him poop in private. Julie paused and looked around at him. She smiled wickedly. “Oh, no, thank you. Being together is why it’s so much fun to live together.” His face drained. She wanted him to fill his diaper here and now. Not that there was much choice. Damn that fiber! So much harder to fight against it. As she turned her head back to her kids, he let it out, aware that he was grunting softly, but unable to quiet himself completely. He partially squatted to finish. The boys were still busy arguing and coloring, and—oddly—Julie did not react to his act of submission. She had to have heard him. At this point, for goodness sake, she had to smell him. But she kept talking to the boys as if he weren’t there. He didn’t know what to do. Obviously, he needed to be changed. And clearly, Julie must have known this. Did she want him to interrupt her? Or, since she knew, did she want him just to wait quietly? In the office she changed him immediately. Were the rules different at home? He hated to draw attention to himself in this state, so he decided to wait quietly. What he really didn’t want to do was move. But two minutes later, when Julie had shown no sign of paying him any attention, he subtly (he hoped) cleared his voice. Julie looked up at him, and said unexpectedly, “Hey, could you do me a favor? Could you sit here with the boys for a second while I grab them a snack? It’ll just take a second but I don’t like to leave them alone with weapons as dangerous as crayons.” Sitting was the last thing in the world he wanted to do right now. But before he could answer, she jumped up and indicated that he was to take her place at the little coffee table that now doubled as a craft table. He looked at her, concerned, trying to talk with his eyes. “But I—“ She interrupted with one hand on his back and one on his shoulder. “I’ll just stop you there. I think the words you were looking for were, yes, ma’am, right?” She smiled knowingly at him. “Your little…situation…will wait a few minutes. We’re all friends here.” He let himself be guided to the floor. She said helpfully, “Kneeling would be okay, if you don’t want to sit, whichever is most comfortable.” He quickly knelt, leaning forward and trying not to disturb the load in his diaper. She stood behind him now, and he suddenly felt her hands on his head, pulling it back, back, back. He looked up to see her smirking and leaning down to kiss him. “I love it when you are good for me,” she said. He agreeably moved to meet her lips, only realizing as they kissed that she had forced him back on his heels. He could feel his messy diaper becoming messier. She met his eyes briefly, noting the flinching expression on his face. “Just give me a minute. Patience is a virtue.” It was more than a minute. The foul smell enveloped him. He tried to distract himself by asking what Andrew was making. He was mostly scribbling, but determinedly using very specific colors. He would have been a lot more amused had he not been almost entirely focused on his diaper. To make it worse, after about five minutes, he found he could not keep kneeling because his foot was falling asleep. He tried to shift his weight, feeling a squishing around his bottom, but it didn’t help. He tried to pull his foot out from under him, but as he could not feel his foot, he lost his balance and landed hard on his cushioned butt. New waves of stink wafted up toward him, and he choked on the smell. Andrew was oblivious, thank goodness. But he couldn’t exactly make himself comfortable sitting in his mess. How long would it be before Julie returned? He was getting annoyed at her absence, and he was unhappy at the cooling mess in his diaper that, the more he thought about, didn’t even need to be there! He struggled to his feet, shook off the tingling in his feet, and headed to the kitchen. He did take care to walk with his legs apart so that he didn’t make things even messier. Julie saw him waddling into the kitchen and stifled a laugh. She was pushing him a bit tonight to see how submissive he really was. But this night was important to setting their hierarchy in this new stage in their relationship. Apparently, while he was certainly malleable, he still had a little fight in him. She didn’t mind that at all. She didn’t want a wimp for a boyfriend (or husband, if all went well). It was good if he could stand up for himself. But he needed to know that in their relationship, she was the boss, and there were consequences to disobeying her. “Where have you BEEN?” he asked her once he got to the kitchen, his tone a little more angry than he intended. He was so uncomfortable and embarrassed. “If I’m going to have to use my diaper, I need you to change me! It’s…” His voice choked a little. He tried to keep himself from crying. He was so frustrated and uncomfortable. “It’s just so…” Julie was in the middle of pouring milk into sippy cups and getting out goldfish. She stopped and stared at him. “What are YOU doing out here?” she replied icily, staring him into silence. After he trailed off unhappily, she continued, “I gave you what I thought was a simple instruction: to sit with the boys until I got back. I didn’t want them left alone. I was making them a snack that would keep them busy long enough that I could change you. Now please go back and wait with them. Please do not make me upset with you.” “Okay,” he grumbled after a moment. “I just don’t understand what is taking so long.” She glared at him. “Well, I’m sorry you’ve had to spend time with my kids. I promise you that within a few minutes, you and I will be spending quite a bit of time alone together, one on one. Now go sit down at the coffee table.” It must have been the continued preoccupation with his diaper that kept him from hearing the danger in her voice. He sullenly turned around and waddled back out to stand near the coffee table. Rather than sitting again, he decided he would stand to wait. The kids were getting restless. Andrew had stood up and was throwing the crayons at his brother. “Andrew, please don’t throw crayons,” he offered tentatively. Andrew ignored him. This would be a good time to redirect him, he thought, sitting him back down, making him pick up the crayons, or giving him a different activity to do. But that would require him to bend over or sit again, and he didn’t want to move. The weighty lump in his diaper immobilized him. So his intervention was not very helpful, and Andrew threw another crayon. Thomas, of course, did not like that, and soon the brothers were enjoying launching different colors at each other. When Julie entered the room, she took in the scene quickly, pausing only a moment before yelling, “What is going on here? Boys! Pick up the crayons and put them in the box. Now.” The boys quickly complied. Maybe it helped that she was carrying snacks, or the mommy’s-mad tone, but they seemed to know that Julie meant business. She turned to him. “Don’t think I didn’t notice that you’re not sitting like I asked, and that you weren’t helping here. Go wait for me in our bedroom.” Like the boys, he finally recognized that tone, and didn’t argue. He was just happy that she would do something. He waddled into the bedroom and stood near the bed, where there was a changing pad lying next to a large unopened diaper, powder, and wipes. He let his eyes wander around this room, which was now his as well as hers. His eyes settled on a chair from the dining room that was sitting near the window. Was that here before? His musings were interrupted by Julie’s businesslike entrance. “Lie down on the bed on the towel, please,” she said brusquely. She turned and locked the door. Sensing her angry mood, he obeyed quickly. Those boys could really make her mad! He decided he would help ease her stress by showing how he could cooperate. Getting out of this diaper more quickly suited him very well. He laid back into the by-now very familiar position she had shown him. She moved the box of wipes to within reach, and untaped his diaper. She pulled it forward, and said, “Up.” He raised his legs and grabbed his knees. His skin felt cool to the air as the odor suddenly worsened noticeably in the room. He felt her use the diaper to clean the bulk of his mess off, then fold the diaper under him. “You know,” she said as she drew a cold wipe down and across his hips. “We’re all going to need to work together if this is going to work. Those little guys take a lot of work, and I’m going to need your full cooperation. Down,” she said. This time, as he was focused on her words, it took him a moment to realize she had commanded him to lower his legs. He put his feet on the bed, realizing that she did not expect him to say anything. Julie got a clean wipe and used it to clean his groin. He grew hard as she cleansed his penis and testicles, then pulled them to one side, then the other. He hoped she would notice and touch him a little. The door was locked, wasn’t it? But if she noticed, she apparently wasn’t in the mood. His penis twitched, straight up in the air, untouched. He fought the urge to reach down and at least tuck it somewhere so it wouldn’t look so ridiculous. Instead, she continued what he realized was a lecture. “I was NOT pleased with your behavior tonight.” “Up,” she instructed. She finished the cleaning ritual, as she continued, “After I specifically asked you for patience, you came in and yelled at me. If you’d taken time to notice, you’d have seen that I had set up the bedroom to change you, and was making the boys a snack so we’d have time alone.” He was silent, knowing she needed to vent. He realized she was right. She bundled the messy diaper up and wrapped it in a bag. Then she used a new wipe to clean her hands, then tossed all of them into the sealed trash can. “Worse than that, you left the boys alone when I’d directly asked you to watch them. They were getting restless, and I needed you there. You left them alone, and they started making a mess.” He waited for her to grab a fresh diaper, but instead she stood for a moment with her arms crossed. He propped himself up on his elbows. “Yeah, I’m really sorry, honey,” he offered. “It’s just that in the past, you’ve always been so quick about helping me when…that…happens.” She nodded. “Because we’ve been at the office, and we’ve needed to be very discrete. But I’m juggling a lot more balls here at home. I was very disappointed with you tonight.” His cheeks burned. He resented being made to poop in his diaper and then not being changed. Didn’t it seem like too much to ask of anyone? “Look, I said I’m sorry. It’s…just…so gross. You don’t understand. If you want me to use a diaper like that, you kind of need to help me out when it happens. I’m not sure what you want me to do.” She coolly regarded him. “I want you to listen to me and cooperate. Apparently you don’t understand how important that is to me.” She turned around and sat in the chair by the dresser. “So now I’m going to make sure you understand how important it is to me.” He paled as he saw her reach over to the dresser and pick up her hairbrush. His eyes darted around. She had implied this could happen again, but he didn’t think… “Um, I totally understand, Julie. So…but, um…isn’t there some other way? I—I get it now. I understand how important it is to you. I’ll listen from now on. There’s no need for…” But she sat there stonily, staring at him. “If you want to show me that you know how to listen to me and follow my directions, I suggest you come stand next to me right now.” He was sweating a little. He’d been across her lap before and didn’t want to do it again. “But…your boys are…” “They’ll be fine. They’ve got a snack and a little video they love. COME. HERE.” He slowly stood, not sure how else to delay the inevitable. He took a step forward, then another. Her sober face did not promise mercy. When he’d gotten near enough, considering what else he could say to change her mind, she reached up suddenly and grabbed his ear, pulling firmly. Searing pain erupted from his ear. He bent down to relieve it and suddenly found himself over his girlfriend’s lap. She shifted and he found that one of her legs was over both of his. He couldn’t move. He stared at the floor, his stomach in knots. He felt something cool on his bottom. She rubbed him with her brush. “When I tell you to do something, like sit with my kids, or to come stand near me, there is a REASON. I. WANT. YOU. TO. DO. IT.” Each word was suddenly punctuated with a sharp stinging smack to his rear end. It stopped for a moment, and the pain seeped in. He gasped. That wasn’t her hand. She was using the brush right away. This was much worse than last time. “If I can stop to explain, I will. If I don’t explain, you need to understand that I. WILL. EXPLAIN. WHEN. I CAN. JUST. FOLLOW. MY. DIRECTIONS.” He gasped again. It was hard to breathe when she was spanking him this hard and fast. The lecture and spanking went on until he was crying. Crying because of the pain, and crying because he had disappointed Julie. At some point along the line, she stopped talking, but he didn’t notice. Finally, he noticed she had stopped spanking. She let him stop crying, then helped him stand. He stood before her, hands holding his bottom, sniffling. “Look at me, sweetie.” He had trouble meeting her eyes. “Look at me.” She guided his chin upward until their eyes met. “I – I’m sorry,” he sniffled. She smiled. “I know you are. And I’m not mad at you anymore. Give me a hug.” She stood and they hugged for a long time. Eventually she looked at the clock. “We have a few minutes before the end of the video. There are certainly lots of things we could have done during that time if you hadn’t needed a spanking… but for tonight, let’s get you in a nice clean diaper. How does that sound?” He nodded, and laid down on the bed. His bottom still stung, and felt so hot. She retrieved another diaper, and before taping it on him, rubbed some lotion, then some powder, onto his skin. When he was diapered, he stood up. “Can I help you with anything?” Noticing the improved attitude, Julie beamed. “Sure. Why don’t you clean up the boys’ snacks and sippy cups, and I’ll get them ready for bed?” After he dressed himself, they worked to get the boys into bed and the house cleaned up. They snuggled on the sofa watching a movie before Julie yawned and said it was time for bed. Julie let him brush his teeth in her bathroom, then shooed him out so she could pee before bed. She came out and grabbed a new diaper, tossing it onto the bed. “Okay, time for a bedtime diaper.” He had indeed wet himself while she was in the bathroom, so he took his pants off and laid down. Julie cleaned him up, and then, as he hoped, let her hand linger on him until he became hard. She turned down the lights, seductively removed her clothes, and took advantage of his nakedness. As had become their habit, he pleasured her first “to get her in the mood,” then entered her. They came together. Afterward, they lay together for a few minutes, and he felt her hands touch his bottom, still hot from the spanking. “Sorry about the punishment. But I still think it’s better than letting any anger fester unspoken. Don’t you?” At this, her hand drifted around to the front of him. He had to smile. The sex had certainly salvaged the night very nicely for him. “I guess so,” he said thoughtfully. “I still think we could talk about…” He paused when he saw Julie’s eyebrows lift in surprise. “Maybe we can talk about that later. I’m tired now.” She nodded in approval at his discretion. “I bet you are. I’d better get your diaper on you so you don’t wet my bed.” She couldn’t see him roll his eyes, which was good. She cleaned him again, taped him up, then exclaimed, “Oh! I just remembered something I made for you!” Confused, he sat partway up on the bed as he watched her dart to the closet and search for something. “Here it is! Just finished it last night. It’s sort of a welcome-to-our-apartment gift. Hope you like it.” She held out what looked to him like a t-shirt. Wait, no, it was too long—what was that? A nightshirt? She waited for him to say something, good or bad, about her creation—would he accept this next step? Then she saw his wrinkled brow and realized why he was silent. He didn’t know what this garment was. Julie was happy to explain. “It’s a onesie! It can be your jammies now that you live here. You wear it to bed! The boys have always worn one, and I thought it looked so cute on them, I decided to make one for you. The nice thing for you is that it completely covers your diaper. I know you’re still a little self-conscious about that. Do you like it?” He had no idea. He hadn’t been around kids before, and wasn’t familiar with it. But she was so happy, and he was touched by the idea that she would make clothing for him. So he said, “Of course! It’s wonderful.” Her response, a broad smile, made him feel happy. He reached out for it, and she shook her head. She wrinkled it up in her hands, intending to help him into it. He sat waiting, and she stretched it over his head. It fell around him like a shirt, but was quite long. He looked down, frowning. Julie pushed him back. “Lie down, silly. There are snaps.” He let her push him back, and felt her hands pulling at the shirt. It seemed to be connected by something underneath. She was busy for a moment, then patted his diaper. “Ok. Sit up and let’s see how it fits.” He dutifully sat up, feeling the shirt pull downward as he did so. He looked down and saw that the shirt covered the diaper. He didn’t mind that. “Good so far. Can you stand up in front of the mirror?” As he did, he saw that it was just a long t-shirt that snapped at his crotch. He liked not having to see the diaper, though it wasn’t perfect. The bulge from it was still obvious. He looked more closely at the fabric. The shirt was light blue, and had yellow rocket ships on it, interspersed with stars. She saw him looking. “Sorry, this was the only fabric I had around.” He smiled and kissed her. “It’s fine. I like it. I used to love rockets. They remind me of my youth. It was so nice of you to think of me.” She stood back and looked at him. She reached forward and pulled at the crotch, then smiled, apparently pleased. “I believe that is going to work well!” Then she frowned slightly. “But those snaps are kind of tough to handle if you can’t see them well. If it’s all the same to you, why don’t you let me be the one to snap and unsnap them. You don’t really have any need to bother with them.” “Yes, ma’am,” he responded instinctually. But he was still thinking about the childish fabric. He didn’t really love it, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the other stuff he put up with, for God’s sake. And tonight, he certainly wanted to stay on Julie’s good side. His bottom still radiated heat, trapped by the diaper. But lying close to Julie overnight, the heat faded, and he felt safe, falling asleep with her arm around him. Julie was awake for a while, musing over how perfectly this evening had played out. She’d made it clear firmly but lovingly that she was in charge, and he had eventually accepted it, as she knew he would. He’d be careful about listening to her, at least for a while, until he’d need another reminder. He understood that the potty was off-limits. She could keep him out of the bathroom except for supervised visits. He’d help with the boys, which was wonderful. And she’d really only gotten started. Now that he was here, his training could really ramp up. Never out of diapers. Never unsupervised in a bathroom. And now in a onesie, which would help keep his hands from mischief. She smiled and closed her eyes. Chapter 18 The next day was Sunday, and he slept in. When he woke up, he found Julie had already awakened. As he heard the boys chattering happily in the kitchen, he understood why. Small children didn’t allow parents to sleep in very late. He was immediately aware of how hot he was. Well, not all of him, but his crotch. He was confused for a second until his hands found his diaper. He had not slept in his diaper before, and he found he was a little sweaty. But then he wondered if it was really sweat. He pushed at his diaper and was relieved that it didn’t seem wet. But he couldn’t see that little indicator strip now that he wore his onesie. He could unsnap the onesie and look, but—oh, crap, Julie had told him not to do that himself, hadn’t she? Well, he probably didn’t really need to look. He could tell he needed to pee, pretty badly. He got out of bed and turned toward her bathroom. He sighed. That’s right. It was her bathroom, not his. Since he was wearing a diaper, he didn’t have a reason to go in there, did he? She seemed very territorial about it, for some reason. Maybe issues from a past relationship? Otherwise it seemed weird. Should he find her and talk about that? It needed to happen. But—he could hear her, busy with the kids. This wasn’t a good time to get into it. And…he really needed to go. For now, he decided he might as well use this diaper. I mean, he was wearing it, wasn’t he? It would certainly make Julie happy, and that might make for a nice day! He relaxed and emptied his bladder into his diaper, and was somewhat surprised to notice that he was enjoying the sensation. Peeing was nice, and he had gotten used to the spreading warmth in his diaper. It didn’t really feel wet until later. Holy cow! There was a lot of pee this morning! That made sense—he was sure that was true most mornings, but this was the first time he’d peed into his diaper in the morning, so it was just more immediate to him. The diaper held it, but became extremely heavy and swollen. It pulled downward, which in turn pulled the onesie down. He could actually feel the fabric put some pressure on his shoulders. When he was done, he looked around for something to put on over his diaper/onesie combination, and found some loose fitting shorts. It was awkward to dress over such a full saggy diaper. He headed out to the kitchen, aware that he couldn’t even really walk normally with his diaper this wet. When Julie saw him waddling out into the kitchen, she stifled a laugh, enjoying his toddler-like appearance. She got up and went over to kiss him warmly, hoping her mirth did not show. After the kiss, she looked down and tugged on his shorts. “You can lose these, sweetie. You don’t need shorts with a onesie.” He was a little self-conscious, though. “I don’t mind. It feels funny not to wear pants.” “No, no,” she said. “That makes it harder to see when you need to be changed. Please take them off. You can leave them in the bedroom.” She pointed to her sons, obliviously wearing only their diapers and onesies. He sighed. “But—“ “Ah, ah,” she interrupted. “I don’t like that word. It makes me think you want to argue.” She was sort of smiling, and her eyes sparkled. She didn’t seem mad. She reached down and pulled down his shorts, letting them fall to the floor. Then she stood back up and looked him in the eye. “Do you want to argue?” Now there was a flash of a challenge in her face, though she still had a hint of of a smile on her face, as if she already knew the answer. He swallowed and shook his head. He did not like challenging her. “No, ma’am.” She smiled her radiant smile at him. How could she look so pretty first thing in the morning? It was simple–but not always easy–to make her happy. “What would you like for breakfast?” After returning his shorts to the bedroom, he joined the boys for some eggs, toast, and coffee. Julie noted his lack of pants with a nod of approval. He was very self-conscious of this, but the boys certainly did not notice, so he shrugged and sat down for breakfast. He did not enjoy the squishy feeling of sitting in such a wet diaper, but Julie was busy and he assumed she would attend to him when able. After last night, he wasn’t going to complain about not being changed immediately. Sure enough, after breakfast, Julie changed the boys. He cleaned up the dishes from breakfast and felt like he needed to move his bowels. That was more typical for him than the accident last night. But suddenly Julie was there, waving to him to join her in the bedroom. He knew he should probably mention something about moving his bowels, but didn’t want to bring it up. So he was changed quickly and was very happy to get into a dry diaper. She then tended to herself, closing and locking the bathroom door for a few minutes. He found himself alone in the bedroom, with an urgent need to poop. He knew it was useless to ask about the potty, so he filled his diaper, happy at least to have some privacy. His task finished, he realized he was sort of stuck. He didn’t want to interrupt Julie, but also didn’t want to sit down. He awkwardly stood outside the bathroom door, waiting for her. After a few moments, the door unlocked and opened, and he smiled at her bashfully. She looked at him, obviously wondering why he was waiting at the door, then gave a quick sniff. “Seems like you could use another change, my friend,” she observed while she readied her toothbrush. “Why don’t you brush your teeth and shave, and then we can take care of that?” Later, wiping his bottom for the second time in ten minutes, she asked, “So do you usually poop right away after breakfast?” He nodded. “Well, since I started taking those fiber pills every day, I do, anyway,” he said, somewhat annoyed. He gasped a little as she poked her wipe into his bottom. He still couldn’t get used to that. He had to remember to ask her if it was still necessary. But Julie was nodding. “It will make it easier, though, if your messy diapers are predictable,” she said. “It helps me plan. And I’m sure you don’t want surprises, right?” He had to agree with her there. Even worse than pooping in his diaper would be doing it at work. “We can work with that. But maybe we’ll wait to change your wet diaper tomorrow morning until after you’ve pooped. Diapers aren’t cheap.” She helped him off with his onesie, then went to wash her hands. “Why don’t you shower, then we’ll get you into a nice clean diaper and some grown-up clothes for the day?” He liked the sound of a shower. He did notice that Julie didn’t really leave the bathroom during his shower. Women take so much time getting ready! he thought, though he certainly did not express this. He enjoyed his shower and the feeling of being undiapered for a few minutes. He had finished washing his hair when he heard a knock on the translucent shower door and saw Julie nearby. He opened it a crack. “I noticed some stubble down there this morning. I left a razor in the shower if you want to take care of that.” “Sure,” he said, agreeably. At home he didn’t shave his diaper area every day, but he certainly could. If it kept Julie happy, he was all for it. The happier she was, the more likely he could find a time to make her listen to his concerns about not being allowed in her bathroom, or to change himself. When he was done, he found a fresh diaper waiting for him on the bed. He dried off, combed his hair, and applied some deodorant, but Julie still wasn’t around. Still naked, he poked his head out of the bedroom, aware that—in this house, anyway—he couldn’t really get dressed without his diaper. But she wasn’t in the hall. He could hear her talking to the boys in the family room. Again he was stuck with a dilemma. He didn’t want to bother or annoy her, but he felt foolish just hanging out naked. He decided to get dressed without the diaper, and just let her put it on him when she was ready. As it happened, Julie walked in as he was pulling on his pants. “Whoa, cowboy! Forgetting something?” she laughed. He let the pants drop and reddened. “No, of course not,” he said. “I just thought…” She pushed him gently to his back on the bed. “You thought what? That you’d put on your grown-up pants without a diaper? That is not a good idea in your condition.” His condition? he thought. “I can hold it for a while,” he protested. She powdered him and pulled the diaper between his legs. “Maybe, but we don’t know how long. If I’m not here when you come out, I’d like you to come find me before getting dressed.” “Naked?!” he asked. “Well, or with your shirt on. Or you could text me. How about that?” He nodded, then caught himself. “Yes, ma’am. I just don’t like to be dependent on you for everything.” She ducked into her bathroom to wash off her hands. He stood and resumed putting his pants on. She returned to the bedroom and patted his cheek. “Oh, sweetie, you aren’t. It’s no great shame that you aren’t an expert at changing diapers. Men traditionally aren’t,” she smiled, patting the front of his diaper. He was going to comment on that when Julie said, “And now I think we’ll be ready to hit the mall after lunch. Still up for it?” They had agreed to go shopping together today. They needed a few new things for the apartment, and the boys were growing out of their shoes. Together they got the little ones in their car seats, and headed to the mall, listening to a Sesame Street playlist Julie had prepared for the car. She was such a good mom, he thought. On the way, she said, “Maybe this trip would be a good time to work on staying dry. It won’t be as easy for me to change you when we’re out, you know. Can you focus on that, and we’ll see how you do?” He thought that made sense, and was eager for the challenge. He also secretly wanted to show Julie he could stay dry. They had fun at the mall. The boys were very good; Julie had a double stroller for them, though sometimes they liked to get out and walk. They stopped and had a drink in the food court. Not long afterward, they passed a family restroom, and Julie took the opportunity to check the boys’ diapers. Thomas was wet, but only a little. Andrew, however, needed a change. While they were in the restroom, he played with Thomas outside. Julie opened the door and beckoned him over. “How are you doing?” she asked in a low voice. “Still dry?” He considered. Honestly, he had forgotten. His brow wrinkled as he tried to remember if he had wet. Julie sighed a little and pulled him into the little bathroom. They got the stroller inside as well. “Let me just check.” Julie patted his diaper, and a look of concern crossed her face. She quickly undid his belt, unsnapped and unzipped him, and looked at the diaper. He looked down, too, trying to see. She did up his pants again, then stood, a grim look on her face. His hopes fell. “You don’t remember going, do you?” she asked, fixing his belt. Crestfallen, he shook his head, then remembered to say, “No, ma’am. Maybe after we stopped for drinks?” He was silent for a moment, considering. “That’s not good, is it?” While Julie was secretly quite pleased, she did not let her joy show on her face. She shook her head solemnly as they all tumbled out of the little bathroom. “No, it is certainly not good. Looks like you’re going to be in those diapers full-time for the foreseeable future, mister.” Chapter 19 That night Julie’s mother came over for dinner, as she apparently did every Sunday night. He was nervous, as this was the first time he was to meet her. Julie ordered take-out, which was the tradition. She didn’t like to cook on Sunday nights, and he went to pick it up. When he arrived home, Mrs. Davis was already there. She was on the sofa, playing with her grandsons, who were thrilled to see her. Julie had poured some wine for the adults and was setting the table. “So this is the famous doctor I have heard so much about,” her mother said warmly, standing. He walked over, carried dinner in one hand, and said, “It is so nice to finally meet you.” He extended his other to shake hers, but Mrs. Davis held open her arms. “Give me a hug.” She pulled him close for a moment, and he had an uncomfortable thought that maybe she’d be able to feel his diaper. Or hear it. Or even smell it—had he wet this one yet? But she gave no indication that anything was amiss, and her smile was truly warm and welcoming. He could see where Julie had inherited her charms. They got to know one another at the kitchen table over a few glasses of wine. Mrs. Davis had been a nurse, and had inspired Julie to do the same. She was sharp and funny, and he felt comfortable around her immediately. But he did have a little bit of unease as he wondered how much she had heard about him. He heard about Julie’s upbringing. Like all mothers, she had a few practiced stories about her daughter, which seemed designed to embarrass her, but Julie took it in stride. Mrs. Davis helped feed the boys, but attentively listened as he described his family in turn. Afterward, he cleared the table and did the dishes as Julie and her mother played with the boys in the family room. Mrs. Davis noticed and clearly approved of his cooperative spirit, and Julie beamed with pride. They shared a meaningful look as he disappeared into the kitchen. When he had finished that chore, he joined them on the sofa. But Thomas chose that moment to fill his diaper, grunted determinedly in front of the coffee table. “Uh-oh, looks like someone is going to need a change,” Mrs. Davis commented, smiling. When Thomas had finished, she took him by the hand. “I’ll take care of this one,” she said. “Thanks, Mom,” Julie said. When her mother had left the room, Julie said to him, “She loves you. Nice job with the dishes! You passed the test!” He smiled. “Whew! Hope it wasn’t that close.” Julie shook her head. “Of course not. I’ve told her all about you. She was thrilled with you almost before she met you.” That reminded him to ask how many details Julie had shared. But at that moment Mrs. Davis came back into the room, carrying her grandson. “And here we are again, smelling much nicer than before. Nothing like a clean diaper, right?” she asked the room. Julie nodded. “Everybody loves that. Thanks again, Mom.” Her mother brushed aside the comment. “Of course. You work so hard being a mom for this family. I’m happy to take a turn.” Julie stood and looked at him. “Actually, maybe it’s time for us to take a moment as well,” she said. He looked up at her, confused. She cocked an eyebrow expectantly. He blushed. She wanted to change his diaper. “Oh, sure, right,” he said, not having any idea how to cover their obviously intentional exit. “No problem,” Mrs. Davis said, smiling at them. “We’ll be okay for a few minutes. Take all the time you need.” In the bedroom, he lowered his pants and laid down obediently on the bed, but hissed, “Does she know?” Julie unconcernedly pulled off the diaper tapes. “Know what?” She pulled down the diaper, which he saw was quite wet, and ran a wipe over his front. He sighed with exasperation. “About this! About my diapers. Did you tell her?” Julie couldn’t help but notice that now he said “my” diapers. Cute. A good sign. “No, of course not. How would she know?” He breathed a sigh of relief. “I don’t know. It just seemed like it would have been obvious to her when you excused us out there. I mean, what else could we be doing?” Julie laughed as she wiped his bottom and found a dry diaper. “I don’t know. What do couples usually do in the bedroom?” she asked with a sparkle in her eye. He said, “Oh, sure, we just ducked into your bedroom to have sex for a minute.” Julie pulled the diaper between his legs and tightly taped it. “What we do behind closed doors is none of my mother’s business.” He stood and she patted him on his padded bottom. “You worry too much.” He pulled up his pants and refastened his belt. He felt better that Mrs. Davis didn’t know she changed his diaper. When they returned to the family room the boys were deeply engaged in playing a superhero story, with Mrs. Davis enjoying the show. She turned to them. “Everybody all set now?” she asked. “Now tell me: where did you go to medical school?” He wondered what she meant by that first question, but didn’t have time to dwell on that, as he was called on to answer the second. They had a good conversation. Mrs. Davis was genuinely interested in him, and seemed pleased with his answers. When the boys were put down to sleep, she excused herself as well. After Mrs. Davis had left, he cleaned up the kitchen. Drying his hands, he returned to the family room and saw Julie sewing. “You really are talented,” he said, hoping to keep the evening positive. He had hopes that tonight would end up happier than last night. Julie smiled, then leaned over and accepted a quick peck on the cheek. “Why, thank you, my love. Since you liked the first onesie, I’m making you a second one, for laundry days. What do you think?” The fabric was mixed blue and pink blocks. In truth, he had mixed feelings about these clothes. They had turned out to be quite comfortable to sleep in, and he liked that she was thinking of him enough to give him things. But he had come to the conclusion that they were more childish than he’d originally realized. There was a strong pattern in their relationship of Julie treating him like one of her young children. Individually these things—the diapers, the spankings, the onesies—seemed to make a little sense at the time, but collectively they were sort of hard to explain away. He realized he hadn’t answered. “Oh, really nice,” he said, thinking there would be time to talk about the child vs. man issue another time, once he’d gathered his thoughts. But he still felt like pushing back a little. “Hey, if you like the way these things look, why don’t you make yourself one? We could be like a whole onesie household?” He was curious how she would answer. She smiled. “Well, I like having a little easier access to what’s underneath, you know?” She raised her eyebrows at him. “And I bet you like having that access, too!” He caught her meaning and felt himself getting a little hard. How did she do that? She was so sexy, and that made it easier putting up with some of this stuff. She continued, “And of course, the snaps would make it harder for me to use the potty. That’s not an issue for you boys, so it just makes sense that if anyone gets to wear a onesie, it’s you. Boys have all the fun,” she said, shrugging. This seemed like the opportunity he was looking for to discuss the potty situation. He didn’t like how things were settling into a habit of him never using the potty—the bathroom, he corrected himself (Julie’s language was infectious!). He sat down next to her. Julie smiled a bit as she heard his diaper crinkle. “Can I ask you something?” he said. Still smiling, Julie laughed, “As long as it’s not about diapers. That’s settled, right?” Caught off guard, he stammered forward, “Well, I understand that I’ve been leaking sometimes, but…” “Wetting,” she corrected. She wrinkled her nose. “Leaking sounds like there is a problem with the diaper.” Not wanting to get bogged down in semantics, he nodded. “Ok, wetting. I understand that I’ve had some ‘wetting’ accidents, and that you want to protect your furniture. But I’ve never had any bowel issues, so I still don’t understand—“ Julie’s smile had vanished. She shook her head a little sadly as she looked at him. “You and your hang-up with pooping. What is it with you?” He paused to consider how to answer. How could she not see the difference? But she went right on, “I really don’t get it. It’s a natural bodily function. I’ve already told you: I don’t care, and changing you doesn’t bother me. I was hoping that once I’d proven that to you, you’d relax a bit. “And I’ve explained how much time it would take to undo your diaper and let you poop in the potty. It’s not about my personal preference: pooping in your diaper is just good time management.” He’d heard this before. But then why couldn’t he change himself? He clearly had a lot more diaper experience now; it couldn’t be that hard. “But—“ “Do NOT let another word out of your mouth if it is about diapers or pooping. I meant it when I said that issue is settled.” He considered quietly. “I can’t hear your manners.” He looked up and saw her eyes, fiery, and saw her lips pressed together. If he thought about it, he could still tell that his bottom was still a little sore from last night. “Yes, ma’am.” She relaxed a bit. “That’s my good boy. Why don’t you brush your teeth and bring me your onesie? It’s getting late.” He turned to obey. Julie was sweet almost all the time, but she didn’t like being questioned. The woman knew what she wanted! He’d have to think about how to approach this issue in the future. He didn’t want to test her now, but he wasn’t willing to give up his bathroom privileges forever. When he had been to Julie’s bathroom to brush, and found his onesie, he found her in the bedroom getting out a clean diaper. He set the onesie on the bed, and taking her cue, pulled off his pants and laid down on the bed. She attended to him efficiently, and though he was looking forward to some special fun during his bedtime diapering, he found himself rediapered and snapped into his onesie before he could protest. He read a little while Julie readied herself for bed. When she came to bed, she seemed a little quiet. He rubbed her neck a little until she turned to him. “How about taking advantage of that ‘easy access’?” he asked, smiling. That put a little smile on her face, and he happily ducked below the sheets. Julie was not hard to pleasure, and he took some delight in his ability to make her happy so quickly. He could feel himself stiffening inside his tight diaper during the process. When he reappeared above the sheets, Julie seemed more relaxed. She leaned over and kissed him sweetly on the cheek. “Thanks, baby. I needed that.” With that, she fell back against her pillow. He waited a moment, expectantly. When she didn’t make another move toward him, he frowned and scooted closer to her. But…she was breathing deeply like…she was asleep! He could feel himself under his diaper, hard and ready, but now had nothing to do about that. He lay back on his own pillow, and tried to rub himself through the diaper. It felt nice, but not nice enough. He wondered what Julie would do if she found dried cum inside his diaper. Would she mind? Would she notice? He noticed with disappointment that his onesie kept him from getting a hand down his diaper. He could unsnap it, but that might be loud enough to wake Julie. He tried to reach through the side, but Julie had apparently taped the diaper on quite tightly. And the onesie almost seemed designed to be tight around the sides as well, so he could barely get a finger in. Not enough to help, that was for sure. Briefly he considered getting up and going somewhere to attack this more effectively. But where? Because he wasn’t allowed in her bathroom, there was nowhere that could be completely private. He could sneak into the family room, but that seemed creepy with the kids in the apartment, and what if he woke Julie getting out of bed? What possible excuse could he have for not being in bed? Frustrated, he sighed heavily and tried to think of something else. He couldn’t believe Julie had forgotten his needs. It was a long time before he got sleepy and was able to rest. Julie, who was only pretending to sleep, heard him quiet down. She smiled. He had passed the test, though she had certainly made it difficult to do anything else. Her huffy mood earlier had been a bit of an act, designed to excuse her not being “in the mood”. And she had carefully diapered him tightly to make sure he wasn’t overly tempted. She didn’t think he would be crazy enough to untape his diaper tonight and take matters into his own hands. She had specifically emphasized her feelings about his touching his diaper in the past, and she had even told him not to unsnap his onesie. After having spanked him just last night, she had felt sure he would be good. Maybe he was starting to realize the best feature of his onesie, but if he hadn’t yet, he’d certainly notice soon enough. They were designed to cover his diaper, sure, and they made him look adorably infantile, which she enjoyed. But their true virtue was keeping his big boy hands away from himself. She knew he’d surely spent a lot of time pleasuring himself in the past, and she wanted that to change. She smiled as she thought about how he’d respond to her sexual control. They were together at work and at home, and there wasn’t anywhere he could go to be alone. Now that he was in a diaper all the time, which he was not to touch, the onesie might be overkill. But, she smiled to herself, it was still a nice touch. She didn’t want him afraid of her, exactly, but a healthy dose of respect for her discipline was necessary. He needed to know what she felt strongly about, and she was sure she hadn’t left any doubt. They hadn’t talked specifically about masturbation, so she was curious what he would do when given a tiny opportunity. He was a guy in his sexual prime, and so she was sure he was tempted. But he was also submissive, whether he knew it or not. She became surer as each day passed. As confident and decisive as he was in the office, he was deferential and meek at home. And it wasn’t that he was that frightened of her. She was seeing signs—little expressions, big erections—that told her that he was growing to like his position in the relationship. After all, he knew she called the shots, that he would be diapered 24/7 in her house, that she would spank him when she wanted, and yet he still jumped at the chance of moving in with her. Now, as she considered, it was she who felt like pleasuring herself to a second orgasm before she drifted off to sleep. But she could control herself without padding and tape. She would have plenty of opportunities in the future. Chapter 20 The next morning was much more rushed, as he and Julie had work. It generally followed the same pattern as the previous morning, though. He awoke and found Julie already up. He peed and waddled out to the kitchen in just his onesie. They all ate a quick breakfast, then Julie parked the boys in the family room with their toys and dashed to the bathroom. He cleaned up the kitchen and found it necessary to move his bowels before he was done. He finished up and carefully walked into the bedroom to await Julie’s help. He picked out some clothes while he was waiting. She opened the bathroom door, and called, “Ready to be changed?” He realized Julie was specifically asking if he had pooped yet, and he blushed a little. But he called back in the affirmative, and she came out in her underwear and bra, hair wrapped in a towel. She looked great, and he could tell that his horniness was cranked up by not having come the night before. However, the romance of the moment was tempered by the task at hand. She changed his messy, wet diaper, and sent him off to the shower with a pat on the bottom. She finished her makeup and dressed while he showered and shaved. As Julie finished powdering and diapering him, they could hear Julie’s mom arriving to take care of the boys. Julie hurriedly brushed the powder off her hands and set to gathering her work clothes. He finished dressing and emerged from the bedroom. Mrs. Davis was in the boys’ bedroom, apparently changing them into dry diapers. Julie yelled into him from the kitchen, “Sweetie, can you grab three of your diapers for my work bag, please? I’m out.” He turned to obey, then froze. Two things immediately occurred to him. First, there was no way that Mrs. Davis didn’t hear that. Second, that he needed to answer her, and by doing so, he would confirm their relationship status and agree that he used diapers. He could stay silent, but then he risked angering Julie. He wondered for a split-second whether she would spank him in front of her mother. But if she hadn’t kept his diapers a secret, why would she care about the spankings? Crap. “Yes, ma’am!” he yelled back, trying to sound playful but not mocking. He hoped making his response sound like a game to Mrs. Davis would cover some of the embarrassment he felt calling her “ma’am” around others. But for God’s sake, how could he pass off her reference to his diapers?! He felt his cheeks burn. Julie had said she hadn’t told her mom about his diapers. But was this just a slip? Or did Mrs. Davis already know? She seemed to know something the other night… But there was no time to wonder. Julie’s urgent voice broke through his thoughts. “Baby, let’s go. We’re going to be late!” He picked out three of his diapers and headed out to the kitchen. He held them out to Julie, who was tucking his sippy cup into her bag. He realized, staring at the bright blue and pink patterns, that Julie had begun bringing a diaper bag to work. When had that happened? “Did you change bags?” he asked, trying to sound casual. She smiled grimly. “Yeah, do you think it’s too obvious? Sorry, but with all of your…supplies, I needed something bigger. It is the perfect size! I’m sure no one will notice.” He wasn’t at all sure. But before he could say anything, Mrs. Davis and the boys entered the kitchen. Julie was tucking the diapers into the main compartment of the diaper bag as her mother, apparently referring to the bag, commented, “You were right, Julie. Perfect size.” Julie quickly cleared her throat. “Okay, guys, have a great day and be good for Grandma. I’ll be home–we’ll be home,” she corrected herself, smiling at him, “before supper.” “Okay, Mommy!” “Bye!” “Bye,” he called weakly. He grabbed his own bag, trying not to look Mrs. Davis in the eye. He felt like she was staring at him, though. Blushing, he picked up his coffee and fled outside. In the car, angry overtook his embarrassment. “What was that?? You told me your mom didn’t know!” In the passenger seat next to him, Julie sighed. “I know, I’m sorry,” she said. “She didn’t, but somehow she figured it out when you were over for dinner. She asked me about it the next day, so I told her you had some bladder issues.” He reddened further. “So, she thinks I’m incontinent?” “Yes, I thought that was the most reasonable explanation. She’s older. It made sense to her.” She reached over to pat his thigh. “Look, it was bound to happen at some point. We tell each other everything. She’s fine with it, of course. I told her it is a medical thing.” He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. “But you yelled it out this morning so she could hear.” His eyes felt full. Julie was looking out the window as they pulled up to a light that had turned red. “Well, look, there’s no point dancing around it, is there? She’s at the apartment a lot. It’s a fact of life, and she’s part of the family. But I should have told you. I’m sorry about that.” He swallowed, blinking back the tears as the light changed. He’d gotten over some of his embarrassment of the diapers around Julie, but around her mother, too? Julie went on. “I mean, she’s going to notice when we disappear to change you. She’ll see your diapers if she goes into our room. And I don’t see what the point of pretending is. Actually,” she said. “I could imagine she might be helpful in a pinch.” His eyes jerked toward her involuntarily at this. “What? What do you mean, ‘helpful’?” he said, alarmed. She looked over at him, and, seeing his concern, tried to soothe him. “I don’t mean I’ll ask her to change you routinely, unless we can’t avoid it. It’s just nice to have the option of some help. You know, like if I’m at an appointment, or sick or something.” Even as he pulled into the office parking lot, he could feel himself start to sweat. This was not something he’d imagined ever discussing. Julie was already getting out of the car. “We can talk about it later, Sweetie. We’re a bit late now.” He sat for a minute, watching her leave the car. He snapped out of it as he saw a patient arriving and approaching the office as well. He had to move now. But, Jesus, Julie’s mom? He took a breath and shifted to focus on the day. Despite this distraction, the day went well. Once he clicked into work mode, he felt extra energetic today, and used that energy to make sure her day went well. He definitely didn’t want her to be exhausted by the end of the day. He had an investment in making her happy. His quality of life, in general, just like every other man in a relationship, depended on his partner being pleased with him. He wanted to make sure she wasn’t too tired that evening for sex. Two nights in a row would be a disaster! In fact, his mind was clearly preoccupied with her. His penis sprang to life each time she changed him during the day, and Julie noticed. She wondered a little about it, but mostly, it was amusing to her. They finished and headed home a little early for Monday. It was amazing how efficient they were when they were united in their work. As they arrived home, Mrs. Davis was just packing up. “How were the little monsters?” Julie called. The boys gave a yell and came running to hug their mommy. Mrs. Davis smiled tiredly. “Oh, they aren’t monsters. They are the best little grandsons in the world.” Julie raised her eyebrows. “You haven’t seen them at bedtime recently. Your grandsons can resemble wild animals at times.” But Mrs. Davis just shook her head. “Not my boys. I love taking care of them.” She picked up her purse and headed for the door. She smiled at him on her way. “And speaking of boys, it’s nice to see a big boy around the house these days.” Julie smiled fondly at him as well. “I’ll say. Never thought I’d want MORE boys around here, but he is definitely a good addition to the crew. Thanks again, Mom.” “Any time, my girl. Have a good night!” As the door closed behind her, his thoughts were drawn back to their conversation this morning. Julie wouldn’t make him let Mrs. Davis change him, would she? He couldn’t forget to discuss that sometime. While Julie made supper, he played with the boys. They liked running over and tackling him, and he loved their laughs. In bed that night, Julie untaped his diaper and started stroking him gently. He fought his excitement, which built much more rapidly than he had expected. Worried that he would come before they’d even completed the foreplay, he extricated himself from her ministrations to pleasure her. Afterward, to his relief, Julie did not fall asleep. As he returned up to lie next to her, she purred, “I bet you’re ready to go!” She reached down and found this to be true. Their lovemaking was quick, but passionate, and his orgasm was amazing. Julie noticed. Afterward, as she re-diapered him for the night, she said, smiling, “I’ve never heard you so loud. And long—I think yours was almost twice as long as mine.” He was still panting a little, and had to chuckle. “I guess you’re right. I…” he paused as he thought about what he wanted to say. He didn’t want to sound annoyed at her for falling asleep last night, but being frustrated had probably played into why things were so desperate tonight. “I think with the way things ended up last night might have had something to do with that. I was really horny all day.” She laughed and fell back into bed. “Oh, I noticed. Every time I had your diaper off, it felt like you were propositioning me.” She was quiet for a moment. Not a bad time to talk more about it. “Did you like feeling that way?” He let out a grunt. “Hardly. Are you kidding? I’m a guy. I think most of us like coming as often as we can.” Julie propped herself up on her elbow. “Yeah, but tonight seemed way better for you. That’s not worth sometimes waiting a little to have it build up?” He looked at her. She did not look sleepy. She seemed very interested in this discussion. He probably should have taken that as a warning, but he was feeling sleepy post-sex. “Nah—I mean, no, ma’am. I’ll take quantity over quality any day.” He closed his eyes. “Hmm. I’m not convinced,” Julie said thoughtfully. She poked him in the side with her finger to keep him awake. His eyes opened. “I noticed that you were really, really helpful today with the housework and the boys. Almost like you thought it could help your chances tonight.” He laughed again. “Can’t blame a guy for trying.” He looked up at her. “Did it?” She smiled. “You bet. If I’m not so tired, you definitely have a better chance to get lucky. So keep it up, mister helpful.” He nodded. “No problem. I certainly don’t mind.” His eyes closed again. This time Julie did not poke him awake. “Interesting…” she murmured, as she watched him breathing quietly. The next night, Andrew threw up after supper. Between caring for him and worrying about what could be wrong and if his brother would also get sick, Julie was preoccupied. So he wasn’t surprised when it wasn’t a sex night. He didn’t complain. He understood that would be insensitive. Plus, after their talk the night before, he knew Julie understood what he wanted. She would have accommodated him if she could, and he thought she probably would the next night. So he went to sleep unsatisfied, but not really frustrated. Andrew actually seemed fine the next day, though Julie told her mom about the incident and called her several times during the day over the phone to check on him. But he still seemed like himself by the time they got home that evening, and no one else got sick, so Julie relaxed a little. As she was distracted, he took over some of the chores around the house. He also gave her a little massage once they were in bed, hoping she was feeling good enough to be intimate before they fell asleep. She was. She turned over as he was rubbing her shoulders, and he found himself sitting on her with his hands over her breasts. This was a welcome development, and she undressed him. He again exploded into her fairly quickly but vigorously, and Julie noted again how much more attentive he’d been during the day and evening. This was not something she could ignore. As luck would have it, Julie got her period after supper the next night. He didn’t know until after he had helped all day and massaged her that evening. Julie sighed, and patted his chest. “Sorry, baby. We’ve got to take a little vacation for a few days. I’m out of commission.” He stared at her for a moment, not understanding. She stared back. “My period, sweetie. No sex. You have to keep it in your pants,” she said helpfully. Then she glanced down at his crotch. “Well, in your diaper.” He was startled. He hadn’t had a close relationship that could be disrupted by such things. “Oh, of course,” he said. He didn’t want to appear selfish. “So…you…do you feel okay and everything?” She laughed. “Of course. It’s just a little gross to think about sex.” She put her hand to his cheek. “Are you going to be okay with that?” He nodded bravely. “Oh, sure,” before he followed it up with, “So…how long do your periods last?” She shrugged. “Four or five days. It varies.” She watched his face carefully to see what he thought of that. He repeated her words, letting them sink in. “Four or five days…um, sure,” he said uncertainly. Since he was a young teenager, he had never gone without orgasm for that long. He honestly wasn’t sure if he could. And she had him locked away, so to speak. So he was already wondering what he’d need to do. “Mm-hm,” she said, cuddling closer. “But I was thinking,” she said, stroking his chest. He hardened under his diaper. Maybe she was going to help him get some relief! He loved Julie. Of course she wouldn’t make him wait that long. “That as nice as you are after you haven’t had sex for just one day, it might be interesting to see just how nice you are while you wait for me. I’m kind of excited to find out.” “Wait for you,” he murmured. She couldn’t be serious. That sounded terrible. But how could he say that without sounding like a jerk? Of course she wouldn’t have sex either. But he wasn’t sure it felt the same to women as it did to men. “Right,” she said, nodding. “Are you man enough to find out?” Not that you have any choice, she thought to herself. But she wanted him to be on board with this experiment. “Um,” he said, trying to think quickly. “It just seems like a long time.” That didn’t sound nice, did it? He cleared his throat and tried to look at her, though her head was on his shoulder and this was hard. “I mean, a man has impulses. It can be hard—I mean, difficult—to ignore those. I want to be honest with you. I don’t know if I can do that.” “Oh,” she purred. “I’m sure you can. And if you’re good, I can help in certain ways.” Her finger traced his nipples, tickling him. THAT sounded good. Though he wondered what exactly she meant, he wasn’t going to turn that down. “Then you’ve got a deal!” She nodded, smiling. She led her finger down his chest to his belly button. “I know you can be a good boy. You’ll make me so happy,” she whispered. His breathing quickened as he felt her finger drop further. It now ran along the edge of his diaper, playing with the little ruffle above the tapes. And then her voice, “Be a good boy. Sleep well.” And then the finger disappeared, and he felt Julie turn over in bed. “See you in the morning.” By now he could feel his penis throbbing under his diaper. She’d done it to him again. This time he was pretty sure it was intentional. She was good at that! But she seemed to be promising that tomorrow might be different. He groaned and rolled toward her, spooning her to make sure she felt his hardness against her. He couldn’t see her, but she was grinning widely as she went to sleep. This might be her best idea yet. Chapter 21 He worked hard making her happy all day. It helped that he seemed to have endless energy. It surprised him a bit, as he hadn’t thought he’d slept that well after her blatant bedtime teasing. But he felt like he wanted to go out of his way to make Julie happy, and her smiles through the day seemed to confirm that he was doing a good job. It was tough not asking for her to touch him more than usual as she changed his diaper through the day. But each time, after cleaning and powdering him, she would pat his penis fondly, and say to him, “You put that away for now. Maybe later tonight.” After their work was done, Julie came up behind him and cupped his diaper in the front. “Hmm,” she observed grimly. “You are very wet, aren’t you?” He looked down. He honestly hadn’t noticed it was any different than most days. “I guess. Did you want to change it?” Julie powered down her computer and shook her head. “Sadly, no. We’re out of diapers. You’ll have to wait until you get home. Think you can wait?” He collected his things. “I guess so. I mean, I don’t have much choice, right?” She put her coat on and patted his cheek fondly. “No, silly, I mean, does your bladder feel full? I don’t know if that diaper will survive another flooding.” He paused. “Oh. Well, I mean, I could go, but I’m sure I can hold it. It’s a short trip.” He donned his coat and picked up his laptop bag. She regarded him for a moment, pondering. “Yes, but I think we should take an extra precaution, just in case.” She found a blue disposable waterproof pad and brought it along to the car, handing it to him when they got there. “Put this on your seat, please.” He stared at it. “Seriously? I’m sure I don’t need that,” he said dismissively. “Maybe,” she admitted, climbing in. “But I’d appreciate it if you’d put it down anyway.” He shook his head. Julie had a hard time not mothering him. But it wasn’t worth fighting about. Mrs. Davis and the boys were nowhere to be seen, but they could hear Andrew’s little voice explaining something earnestly from the bedroom area. As he and Julie put their things away, The boys and Mrs. Davis, chattering, entered the kitchen. “Hi, guys, we’re all dry and clean,” she said, smiling. Julie smiled back, then glanced at him. “Must be nice. We will be soon, I’m sure.” Then she seemed to notice his surprised expression. Did Julie just tell her mom that his diaper was wet?? To his horror, Mrs. Davis reached over and patted his diapered rear end, feeling the weight of his wet padding. “Wow. Well, I’m still in changing mode if you need a hand,” she said to Julie. He froze. Mrs. Davis wasn’t speaking to him, wasn’t looking at him. Only at Julie. It was…like he was a toddler! Julie paused and appeared to be considering. To his relief, however, she shook her head. “No, Mom, that’s okay.” She handed her mother her purse and coat. “I appreciate the offer, you’ve had a full day. I can take care of it. I’m sure you’re ready to get home.” Her mother nodded. “Of course. Just wanted to make sure you knew I don’t mind.” Julie smiled. “I know, and I’m grateful for the offer. But we’re not quite ready for that yet. Maybe down the road.” “Oh, of course. But it would not be any trouble. I’ve been changing diapers for a long time.” “Yes, you are a pro. Thanks again, Mom. Have a wonderful night.” He breathed a sigh of relief as the door closed behind Mrs. Davis. Julie had saved him, though she hadn’t exactly shut down the idea completely. “Julie, I’m REALLY not comfortable with your mom, you know…” he told her at supper. She was cutting little chunks of chicken for the boys, and nodded. “I know. Don’t worry. I told you–only if we have to.” He took a breath. “But–look, I know you like to be the one to change me.” Julie looked up with a bit of a warning expression, as if she didn’t want to talk about that topic. “And–and–I get that you are better at it than I would be. Although, well, we’ve never tried, so how would we know?” he said quickly, then rushed on. This wasn’t his main point and he didn’t want to get bogged down. “But that’s fine. I obviously love it when you change me and I know you’re in charge of that.” He took another breath. Andrew was feeding himself the chicken chunks. Thomas had asked to be excused and was playing with a truck next to the table. “But in an emergency, it seems like I could handle my own diapers, right? Why would you ever want your mother to help? Because I don’t want her to help!” Julie seemed a little affronted. “What’s wrong with my mother? Did something happen between you two?” He sighed. “No, of course not. It’s just that it would be so embarrassing to have someone else, you know, see me and touch me that way.” He couldn’t believe he had to explain this. Andrew was done, and Julie got up to wash his face. He’d managed to get mashed potatoes on both cheeks and his chin. “I know, but I’m sure she’d be better at it than you would. If she is here, and she could do it better, why wouldn’t we have her do it?” She efficiently wiped the food off Andrew’s face, which he tolerated. Then she helped him down from his booster seat. He ran into the living room, and Thomas took the truck and followed. “I feel like this goes back to you being unnecessarily embarrassed about basic bodily functions.” He sputtered, “But–listen, I’m an adult, and–” Julie interrupted, her voice hardening perceptibly. “…Who wears diapers and needs some help with them. My mother changed my diapers when I needed it. She can change yours, too.” As his cheeks reddened, imagining the humiliation, Julie softened and, standing above him, touched his cheek. “Listen, I’ve already told you that I won’t ask her to change you unless it is really necessary. But if it does, you will agree and you won’t give her any trouble.” She brought his chin up so they were looking into each other’s eyes. “Tell me you understand me.” He swallowed hard, trying to think of an argument that would sway her. But he could see she had made up her mind, and he no longer had that chance. “Sweetie, do you trust me?” He sighed. “Yes, ma’am.” “Then tell me you accept the fact that there could come a time when my mom could have to change your diaper.” He paused. But what could he say? He was also, in the back of his mind, thinking that he wanted her in a good mood for later. Julie had suggested they could have some play time later, and although he knew he wouldn’t come, he was curious what she had up her sleeve. “Yes, ma’am, okay.” Julie smiled. “That’s my good boy. Time to clean up dinner, if you wouldn’t mind.” She headed into the living room to supervise her sons. He cleared the table thoughtfully, coming to terms with the apparent diaper-changing hierarchy in the home. Julie really felt like he shouldn’t ever change his own diaper. He didn’t understand why, and wasn’t even allowed to help make the decision. It left him feeling powerless and small. But he had learned to trust Julie, and he wondered whether he could trust her enough here, too. At bedtime tonight she changed him for the last time up near the head of the bed, which was unusual. She patted his side of the bed, and he laid down where she indicated. She changed and cleaned him, then asked, “Up for a little fun?” She was being funny, he realized. He was hard as a nail the moment she untaped the diaper. “Yes, ma’am!” he cheerfully replied. “I love your manners, mister,” she cooed as she opened the closet and pulled out a duffle bag he had not ever noticed before. “They will get you far in this life. Or at least in this bed.” She pulled out some scarves. His brow wrinkled. Scarves? He was woefully uninformed, Julie saw, and it made her smile at him. “Trust me?” she said. “…Yes?” he said back, looking at the scarves with confusion. Julie tied his hands to her headboard. He smiled once he saw what she was doing. This could be very fun, he thought. She did not tie his feet, and as soon as his hands were immobilized, she unsnapped his onesie and undiapered him. “Time for some fun, baby,” she said, as she positioned herself down near his waist. He was fully erect, his penis bobbing in the air expectantly. Julie addressed it next. “Sorry I’ve been so distant, my little friend.” Her fingers lightly touched it and he flinched, sending it away from them. This amused her, so she repeated the game several times. His breathing was already becoming heavy, she noted with amusement. She would have to be very careful. She tickled his balls, and the bare skin around his member. He was extremely sensitive, making her wonder what several days of abstaining would do to him. She smiled. This was going to be a fun week. When his breathing had evened, she extended her tongue and tickled him all over again. When he seemed to be getting close, she backed off again. Eventually, she was able to use her full hand, pushing him closer and closer to the edge, then slowing down. He was sweating, and his arms started to pull hard on the scarves. She was driving him crazy. No one had ever treated him like this before. It was so hot. He had never imagined himself at the mercy of a woman who was in control and yet who delayed his orgasm so expertly. How did Julie do it? Of course, Julie didn’t know his body that well at this point, so she couldn’t be sure. She erred on the side of caution, backing down sooner than she otherwise might, knowing she would have lots of chances to refine her technique in the future. After twenty-five minutes of playing with him, she took him in her mouth and delicately teased him orally, carefully watching his face, listening to his breathing, and feeling his muscle tone. Eventually she came up to his face. “Enjoying yourself?” she purred. Nearly exhausted, he said, “More than you can imagine.” She laughed. “I’m so happy. Remember you said that in about two minutes.” She jumped up and left the room. He was baffled. Where had she gone? He felt a little silly tied up all by himself. But she returned a moment later carrying a towel. She approached him and laid the towel over him. He smiled. What was next?! The towel seemed like a reasonable precaution if she didn’t want mess all over her bed. He thought that the night’s activities might be ending soon. And he was right, though not in the way he’d hoped. Out came a bag of frozen peas, which went on top of the towel. He looked up at her, again questioning her. She explained, “I’ll never get you back in that diaper without some help. But I thought the peas were cruel without a towel.” She left the room again, entering her bathroom. The toilet flushed and then she returned. Julie checked under the towel. He had softened considerably. She grabbed a diaper and expertly tucked him away for the night, returning the vegetables to the freezer and tossing the towel in the laundry. When she joined him in bed, she reached for the scarves. His face was full of confusion. “But…” She looked at him. He couldn’t finish his sentence. He was heartbroken, but didn’t want to complain. Maybe there was still a chance he could come? It didn’t look good, but… Julie said, “Oh, sweetie, you were never going to come tonight. It’s too soon. But I wanted you to have some fun. And you did, right?” She tucked the scarves into the duffel bag and took it to the closet. He was speechless. “Kind of…” he trailed off. When she turned to face him, her eyebrows raised, he stammered, “Well, yes. It was amazing. I just thought…” She closed the closet door and came back and sat next to him on the bed. “Baby, we’re going to try something this week. You are a wonderful man, but I’ve noticed that, like most men, you are limited by your hormones.” He stared down at her hands. A few moments ago, those hands were doing wonderfully sensuous things to him. He just wanted to get back to that moment! She reached up to his chin, pulling his eyes up to meet hers. He was preoccupied but she wanted him following along with her now. “It turns out,” she explained, “that when you don’t have sex, you become even more considerate than usual. And helpful. Were you aware of that?” Seriously? He was surprised to hear this. “I try to be…that way…all the time. I didn’t realize you were unhappy—“ She cut him off, placing her finger on his lips. “Shhh. No, no, I didn’t mean you weren’t a good partner every day. You are. But something interesting happens when you haven’t had sex. You seem much more connected to me emotionally. I wasn’t sure at first if I was imagining it, but it is clearly true. And if you weren’t even aware of it, then that tells me that this…phenomenon… is not just something you are trying to do when you’re desperate.” She sat back. “Actually, when I look back to other relationships, it might have been true then as well. So maybe it’s all men.” She shook her head a little. “Honestly, I wish I’d noticed this earlier in life. Could’ve been verrrrrry helpful.” Julie turned back to him. “But the point is, I need you to explore this with me.” He frowned. “What do you mean? Explore what? It sort of sounds like you don’t want to have sex with me.” She shook her head and laughed. “No, that’s not right. I love having sex with you. But there might be a balance that would be good for us. And I’d like to see what that looks like.” “A balance? Between what?” She pursed her lips and stared at him hard. “Between you coming every night and you never coming at all. If you come every day, you are a little happy really often, but we might not get as much out of our relationship as we could. I would have to work harder around here, and might resent you not contributing as much.” He looked concerned, then smiled a little. “Well, part of that sounded pretty good…what if I just tried harder around the apartment?” Julie patted him on the cheek, giving him a wry smile. “I bet that sounds good to you. But not as good as it could be. If you come only some of the time, your pleasure will be greater when you do come—right?—and in the meantime life will be better for me. And when you don’t come, maybe we can have fun like we did tonight.” He sat there, pondering her words. She gave him a moment to think about this. “Now, I care for you a lot, and I want you to enjoy sex as much as I do. But I also want what’s best for us together, and I think we owe it to ourselves to see if that could work. So this week, while I’m out of action, you’re going to be out of action as well.” He looked at her, alarmed. “Like, all week? I don’t–” Julie laughed, then mocked him playfully. “Yes, all week. I mean, I have to wait, right? Are you telling me you aren’t as tough as a girl?” He swallowed. “Well, I’ve never—I mean, I think it’s harder for me than for you. I’m not used to that at all.” She nodded. “Oh, I’m sure,” she said, with what might have been mock seriousness. “But I’ll make it fun for you. I mean, since it’s better for me if you wait, I’m willing to help you hold out.” “Oh, man. I don’t know if that helped me wait or not. I can’t think about anything but you right now.” Julie giggled and snuggled next to him. “Perfect. I want you thinking of me. And I don’t want you neglected, just a little…frustrated.” He smiled slightly, but…this seemed like asking a lot. “Wouldn’t just be easier—I mean, for you—if I…took matters into my own hands this week, and we could try skipping a day or two next week?” Julie sat straight up. “No, no. NO. Easier for YOU maybe, but not for me. It turns out that I love seeing you when you are a little desperate, and I do NOT want you playing with your little thing.” She again made him look her in the eyes. “Please tell me you understand. No jerking off. This is very important to me.” He looked down. It was very clear what Julie wanted. And he had learned that what she wanted, she always got. If there were more nights like this, it could be fun. He might even get to see what else was in that duffel bag. He looked into her eyes. “Yes, ma’am. I understand.” She beamed. “That’s my good boy. You’ll see that good things come to those who wait,” she said suggestively, and patted the front of his diaper. She felt him twitch inside, and she liked it. “Now let’s get some sleep.” Chapter 22 That week was difficult. From that night onward, he couldn’t think of anything except Julie. Having sex with Julie, have Julie play with him some more, doing all sorts of things to her. But he was taped up tightly inside of his diaper, and he couldn’t touch himself. He wasn’t really ever out of her presence for more than a few moments. She seemed to be around him almost all the time. Even when he showered, she was in the bathroom just on the other side of the frosted glass of the shower. He couldn’t jerk off if he wanted to. And he wanted to. Kind of. But it was also undeniably fun to go through the week with Julie teasing and taunting him. During the day she would pat his diaper and make double entendres that her sons could not possibly catch. And at bedtime, the scarves came out. She didn’t use other toys, but she did use some kind of slippery liquid, and drive him nearly crazy. She would push him to the brink, then back off, then repeat. He would be sweating within minutes, but could not do anything about it. He had no idea how she knew how to get him that close. He got so crazy that he tried to thrust into her hand. She would laugh and move her hand just out of the way. She seemed heartless, except that it obviously took a lot of time and effort for her. And it wasn’t like she was getting any relief either. He tried to remember that. Every day, he had difficulty thinking of anything other than Julie and her torture sessions. He hated them, but wanted them at the same time. He had nothing he could do with his energy. It was such a weird feeling to be so wound up without the ability to do anything about it. Every comment, every look was charged with sexual tension. Julie could see it in his eyes, and was smiling at him constantly, which, in turn, drove him even crazier. He tried to keep himself busy. When he could, he would clean their apartment. When she would let him, he would rub her feet or shoulders. Her touch became electric to him, somehow, and this was a form of magic he could not understand. Was it really hormonal? Maybe she knew things about the human body that he, as a doctor, did not. Regardless, he longed to have her near, maybe more than usual. He was conflicted about whether he thought this experiment was something he wanted to continue. At times he felt like he was flying, but he longed almost constantly to come. Or for her to touch him. Both? He wasn’t even sure anymore—his feelings and wants and needs were muddled together into a complex knot of energy. On Saturday night, she changed his diaper, then tied him to the bed as before. She untaped and pulled down his diaper. Then she lightly stroked him until he was hard and starting to breathe faster. But then she disappeared into the bathroom. He heard the shower start. Seriously? NOW she showered, while he couldn’t move? He passed the time thinking of how good things were going to be once her period was finished. He imagined taking her over the bed, or in the kitchen, or on the sofa. Not that any of that would likely happen, as Julie had definite preferences and usually liked to be in control. But he could still imagine what it would be like to be the one who decided when and how they had sex. But when she was in control, that was incredibly sexy too, wasn’t it? He pictured her smile when she signaled it was time to fool around. He felt her hands on his diaper. Now, the simple act of untaping his diaper made him hard. He had never been on the bottom during sex before he met Julie, and since then he had never been on top. That was odd, he supposed, but he had grown to love looking up at her, her face lost in pleasure, her breasts dangling freely. The way she ground her pelvis against his, used him for her pleasure. That was so hot. If only he could touch himself right now! Suddenly the door to her bathroom opened, and Julie emerged, wearing lingerie he had not seen before. A soft pink babydoll nightie hung from her slim body, and her face showed that she knew the effect it would have on him. She glanced down at his penis, still hard, and saw it twitch hungrily. She smiled, retrieved something from the duffel bag and sat next to him on the bed. He strained at the scarves, trying to touch her with any part of his body. Suddenly she produced a blindfold and fastened it around his eyes, and all light disappeared. He immediately became aware of how she smelled, clean with soap, and a familiar, reassuring scent that made him feel close to her. He realized a moment later that he was smelling baby powder, which smelled a little different on her. He didn’t stop to think that by now, after so many weeks of use while she changed him, that it was a smell that excited him. She stroked his cheek, then ran her fingertips along his ears, tickling him deliberately. Tied and blind, he was forced to wait to see what was next. His skin felt electric, as every part of him wanted her touch. She drew her fingers down his neck, then trailed them across his chest to his nipples, which she was happy to see were hard. His sharp intake of air told her they were also sensitive. The week of chastity had apparently charged his body with an insane amount of energy. This was better than she had hoped for. Whether or not he wanted to repeat this experiment, she thought, didn’t really matter. She would now be controlling his orgasm frequency. But she thought she could probably convince him it was a good idea over the next few minutes. She pinched his nipples gently, eliciting gasps. She leaned down and touched one with her tongue. His body became rigid. She played it back and forth and he didn’t move a muscle. She nibbled it a little and she felt him squirm, then buck a bit as she started to suck. He had no idea his nipples could feel like that. It was mostly like tickling, and they were so sensitive. He couldn’t move out of the way, and had to wait for her to tire of it. Finally she relented, leaving him panting. His erection had softened, but stiffened again as he felt her hands play down his abdomen. His skin tightened and relaxed under her touch. As her soft fingers approached his waist, his body became more and more tense. Without realizing it, his breathing had quickened. She noticed, however. She also noticed the clear liquid forming at the tip of his hard penis. She smiled. Bending over, so her mouth was next to his ear, she whispered, “Why are you so sensitive, my love? I’ve never seen you like this.” Her fingers danced around his lower abdomen. Nearly panting now, he croaked, “It’s been so long.” He was waiting for her hand to move closer to his throbbing penis. But instead it stroked upward again, right to his belly button. He gasped. “Oh, please, Julie!” She laughed. “Oh, begging? Wow. I have got you worked up. This is special.” As a reward, she moved her hand closer to him, brushing her fingers over the tip of his penis. He nearly choked. She took it in her hand, shifting it upward, and gave him several soft pets on the underside. And it was too much. Too much time, too much anticipation, too much teasing over the week. She watched as ejaculate shot up into the air and back down again onto his stomach, surprised more than anything that so little direct contact could set this off. She wasn’t even touching him at this point. He was moaning and bucking his hips involuntarily into the air. As his orgasm passed, he whimpered quietly. Julie watched, fascinated, then started laughing once she realized what had happened. She had heard of ruined orgasms, but hadn’t ever seen one. She certainly hadn’t ever caused one. What did she hear about them? That they didn’t feel as good, but that they also didn’t cause a refractory period. It was sort of like a practice orgasm, right? She would find out. She was hungry tonight and didn’t want to be done! “I’m so sorry,” he gasped, nearly in tears. “I couldn’t control it! I…I…” “Shh, baby, you’re okay,” she soothed, using a tissue to wipe up what she could off his belly and nearby sheets. He’d be doing some laundry tomorrow, apparently. “We’re not stopping there. I think you’ve got more in you.” His breathing slowed. She got down close to his waist and breathed on his slightly softened manhood. She licked it a bit. She tickled it. It didn’t take long to stand right back up, gently bobbing with his heart beat. She smiled and climbed onto his chest, facing his head, and scooted closer to his blindfolded face. Time for her to reap the first carnal profits from the week’s efforts. He had been panicked when he’d come just now. He knew he was done for a while, and couldn’t believe the week had ended with such an embarrassing display. It was a different kind of accident than he usually had, and, like his wet accidents, had been watched by Julie. He was relieved when she was able to conjure another erection from him so quickly. Maybe that was because he’d been so deprived all week? He had no frame of reference to understand the week’s events. But he was humiliated by his premature discharge, and when Julie presented herself to his mouth, he was eager to prove himself to her. She could tell. And she was ready. He licked his way to 3 consecutive orgasms in short order. Between them, Julie reached a hand back to keep him primed, but it wasn’t difficult. Neither of them had ever been so excited and in sync. Julie decided it was time for the grand finale, and lowered herself down onto him teasingly. This second time, he was able to last a satisfyingly long time, and they both came together, sweaty and exhausted. Later, once he had been untied and rediapered, they snuggled together in bed. “Well?” Julie asked him. “…How was that?” He exhaled heavily. “Whew. It’s never been like that.” She smiled. “I know. Here’s a hint for the future: don’t ever doubt me.” He laughed. “I promise. I’ve learned that.” After a moment he said, “Anyway, it doesn’t matter. You seem to get your way most of the time, don’t you?” Julie chuckled. “Well, I would hope so.” She traced circles on his chest. “Now that it is over, what do you think about the results of the experiment?” He thought a bit. “Hmm. Well, this week was tough, but…good in a way. I felt frustrated, but kind of alive too.” He grunted and snorted. “Ah, it’s hard to explain.” She turned her head a little and looked at his profile in the darkness. “You were amazing this week. I want that man all the time. That is my dream!” He considered. “I can try. Might be kind of hard to sustain that.” She snorted. “Don’t worry, honey. I think I can help a little.” Intrigued, he waited for her to elaborate. When she didn’t immediately, he had to ask, “What’s that supposed to mean? How can you help? Wait—” But she was already propping herself up on her elbow to answer him, one hand now playing with his hair. “It seems like you thrive on fewer orgasms, babe. There will be a little rationing program from here on out.” Now he sat up sharply. “Now, wait. This was a fun game this week, but—” She looked at him in the murky moonlight shining in through their window. “But, what? This was the best sex ever. And it followed a week of relationship bliss for me. Sorry, not giving that up.” She laid back down. “But—” “That would be a really good place for you to leave this discussion,” Julie advised him. “I’ve had a lovely night, and I don’t want to ruin it with an argument.” She turned over. “You think about it tonight. If you come up with any good arguments why you should deprive me of such a loving partner and productive roommate, let me know tomorrow. For now, sleep! Love you.” She closed her eyes, and he was left to consider her words. The next day around the apartment, he was still considering. He was torn. He had felt truly elated toward the end of the week, and last night had been spectacular. But he was still a young man. Sex was his stress relief and had always been his decision. This relationship had changed so much for him—was he ready to give up control of his sex life as well? But there was only so far that masturbation could take him. He’d been dealing with the stress of a single man’s life. It was different now. He had someone. Someone who loved him and cared for him in ways he still couldn’t wrap his mind around. He felt nurtured and complete. He hadn’t known he’d been missing that. He loved it. He’d always assumed he’d have to make some compromises in a relationship. But he’d thought that frequent sex had been part of the perks of the deal. Did it make sense, as Julie had said, to sacrifice quantity for quality? He considered. Any orgasm was pretty fantastic, after all. But he’d never had a night like last night…. Today he felt different. He felt irritable. That high was gone. Because he’d had sex last night? He didn’t know. Was it worth testing out again? Maybe just with Julie’s next period. He was wiping the counter after lunch, deep in thought, when he became aware of Julie’s voice. But he’d missed what she’d said. “What?” he asked distractedly. She regarded him grimly. “Hmmm. This is how you act after you get sex. Not even aware of me, not listening. Is THAT really the argument you want to make for yourself?” He hurried to apologize. “I was just thinking about last week,” he explained. She raised an eyebrow. “And? What’s your best case for free-range orgasms?” His face fell. “I don’t know. I liked how I felt during the week. I just don’t know if I can do it all the time.” She came close. “Sweetie, you don’t have to do it alone. I’m here. And we’ll have plenty of sex. You just won’t have as many orgasms.” Her hand caressed his face. He was suddenly aware that her touch was not quite as electric as it had been only yesterday. What the fuck?! “Tell you what,” she was saying, studying him closely. “We both need to be on board with this for it to work. I mean, I could just decide, of course, but I want you to be supportive, too. “Let’s try it for a month. Just let me be in charge of when you get to come. I’m not going to be mean. I think you know that. Right?” He tried to meet her gaze. Damn, it was hard for him to have an adult conversation with a fully dressed woman when he was wearing a diaper and a onesie. “I know. I’m just…nervous.” She nodded, trying to divine his thoughts. “Scary to give up control, isn’t it?” “Yes,” he confessed. “The thing is, I think you might be right about this. But I like being able to have a say in this.” Julie took his hand and said to him, “Sweetheart, you are a spectacular doctor and a good man. But in our relationship, there are a few things that I have taken ownership of. And I haven’t been wrong yet, correct?” He knew he couldn’t hesitate here, even if he still had reservations about never being allowed to use the potty. “No, Ma’am,” he agreed. “Right,” she said. “This is another of those things. Remember that I get jurisdiction of—” and here she indicated his thighs—”about here”—and then moved her hand up to his waist—“to here, right?” She grinned at him. “That’s all I get. I take care of your diapers and your orgasms. You get everything else.” He nodded slowly. It didn’t sound significant, but…it was, wasn’t it? “Wait,” he said, drawing her into an embrace. “Aren’t we partners? What part of you do I get to control?” Julie smiled at him playfully. He thought he had her there. But she wouldn’t have brought it up if she didn’t have an answer to that question. “You control my heart, doctor. That’s the most important organ in the human body, isn’t it?” He sighed. It was hopeless. How was it that he had gone to medical school but couldn’t win a single argument with his nurse? Maybe he should have gone to law school. “So let’s try it for a month, okay, babe?” Julie chirped cheerfully. “I’ll make it worth your while…” Her hand tickled his belly, tracing the upper border of his diaper. “Yes, Ma’am.” Julie paused. “Speaking of trusting me, I’ve…got some…news. Tomorrow morning I’m covering a shift at the nursing home for my friend Hannah. She’s going away this weekend. We’d set this up months ago, before you lived here, and before–” she indicated his diapers–”all this.” He nodded. He knew she had worked at the home before his office. He’d never met Hannah, though. Julie was looking at him, like he was supposed to be understanding something important. “It’s a shift that starts at 6 tomorrow morning, until 2:30 in the afternoon. It’s a Saturday. You won’t be up yet.” His eyes widened. His morning routine. First thing in the morning–he’d have a very wet diaper, and then…he’d have a messy diaper. “Oh…” She nodded grimly. “I tried to get out of it, but I can’t find anyone else to cover. I have to do it. So…I asked my mom to come over to help out with the boys…and everything.” He paled. “Julie, I can’t–” She clasped his face in between her warm palms. “Of course you can, baby. My mom knows all about you and your schedule, and she’ll be expecting to change a dirty diaper. It’s fine. She’ll be professional and efficient, just like I was at the beginning. After you get that out of the way, you’ll be old friends, I’m sure,” she said, smiling at him. “This is just like everything else. You’ll need to trust me. There is no need to be overly embarrassed about your poops. Get over it.” She turned to leave the room, then turned back. He was still frozen to the spot, unable to move. “And by the way, this is obviously a fairly big favor she is doing us both, so I expect you to be as polite and helpful to her as you are for me. Be a VERY good boy tomorrow. I don’t want to get a bad report from her about your behavior.” He stood there for several minutes after she left the room. His girlfriend had arranged for her mother to change his messy diaper tomorrow–had essentially decided he needed a babysitter, that he couldn’t be trusted to take care of the boys, or himself, for a few hours on a weekend. He had been fully demoted to being a toddler in Julie’s house, without any autonomy or decision-making ability. He didn’t know whether to be more embarrassed or offended by the situation. They went to a park during the afternoon, then he had some clinical work to do online. By bedtime, he hadn’t figured out how to change his fate the next day. Not surprisingly, Julie was not in the mood for sex. She’d hinted as much earlier when she’d noticed his inattentiveness. After changing him, she was instead buzzing around the bedroom picking out the things she needed to wear in the morning. He watched her nervously from the bed, freshly taped into a clean, thick nighttime diaper. “What if we use the morning as an audition for me to show you how self-sufficient I can be? I’m sure I can change myself. And it’s low stakes. I’m not going anywhere during the day, so if I leak, big deal–” Julie had taken her clothes into her bathroom so she could get dressed in the morning without bothering him. “I think that if we decide to try that, I want to be home for it. Tomorrow is not the day for experiments.” She turned out the bathroom light and climbed into bed with him. “But if–” “Baby, that’s enough. I told you, Mom knows all about your diapers, and is expecting to change you after breakfast.” He reddened all over again, thinking about how that conversation must have gone. “But–” “I know you are stressed about it, baby, but she has changed poopy diapers before. It’s already been decided. Please remember your manners, okay?” She waited for him to answer. “Yes, ma’am,” he said. “But Julie, I–” “Please no more. I need you to be a big helper tomorrow. Andrew and Thomas can be a handful at times, and it would be nice if you are around to lend a hand. I need to get some rest now. I do love you!” she yawned, and turned over before he could respond. He wasn’t surprised that she had shut him down. This was the kind of discussion that wasn’t really a discussion. But he was dreading the morning. Sleep did not come easily to him. He tossed and turned for more than an hour, imagining having to go to Mrs. Davis with a loaded diaper and ask her to change him. He imagined her face as she smelled his mess. He imagined their new relationship as babysitter and toddler. Suddenly he thought of an idea. If he could wake up super early and have his breakfast and coffee before Julie had left, maybe she could change him. What time would that be? She had to be at the home by six, so 4:30 should do it, right? That was early, but it reminded him of residency days. He could do it, and catch up on his sleep tomorrow night. He set his alarm, an old digital clock on his side of the bed. He relaxed a bit, happy that he had come up with the workaround he needed, and was finally able to fall asleep. Chapter 23 He awoke to a bright bedroom and the sounds of dishes and happy boys in the kitchen. He was disoriented. Drawn by the smell of coffee, he groggily got up and padded into the kitchen wearing nothing but his diaper and onesie. He froze in the doorway when he saw Mrs. Davis sitting at the table with Andrew and Thomas. She looked up and saw him, a surprised hint of a smile on her face. Oh, shit, he thought. It was Sunday, and Mrs. Davis was here babysitting. But– What had happened? Why hadn’t his alarm awakened him? Rather than engage, he quickly backed away and entered the bedroom. He went to the alarm, which was switched to the “off” position. Had he imagined turning it on? Or had Julie turned it off? Well, crap, this was a nightmare. He should–maybe he– He heard Julie’s voice in his head. “I don’t want a bad report…” He knew he didn’t have a choice, and his heart sank. He wanted to make Julie happy, even if it was embarrassing for him. He swallowed hard, a feeling of dread settle over him. But maybe he could wear pants over his diaper for Mrs. Davis? She probably didn’t know about that little rule, right? He tried and failed to get his jeans over his swollen nighttime diaper, so he went with some sweatpants. He didn’t like the way they bulged, but it was better than just the onesie. He waddled out again to the kitchen. Mrs. Davis and the boys were still sitting at the table, Thomas explaining to his grandmother the difference between two little action figures he had with him. Mrs. Davis glanced over at him as he entered, but to his relief, didn’t say anything about his sweats. He noticed a steaming cup of coffee at the empty chair, and he sat down there. Thomas paused to take a breath, and Mrs. Davis took the opportunity to ask how many pancakes he’d like. Pancakes! This was a treat. “Um, three, please?” he asked. And then Thomas had to show him his little figures and tell him about the story they had been playing before breakfast. Andrew tried hard to add what he thought were important elements to the story as well. It was charming, and he found it hard to be anxious or embarrassed during the meal. Mrs. Davis helped them down from the table when they were finished, and they scampered off to continue playing in the living room. “Julie was never quite so into those action figures when she was little. She played and had quite the imagination though.” Mrs. Davis smiled at the thought. He was taken back to his own childhood and realized that he did have little guys he played with. “Maybe it’s a boy thing? I had little superheroes and dinosaurs that were part of my adventures.” Mrs. Davis was gazing at him, a pensive smile on her face. “I bet you were an adorable little boy. Kids grow up too fast, don’t they?” He mumbled his agreement. He hadn’t been a parent, but he knew this was something all parents said. Mrs. Davis stood up and cleared the dishes. “I’m so glad you are part of Julie’s life. She seems so happy now.” She brought him another cup of coffee, which he accepted. “She is the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” he said honestly. “Even–” He’d been about to say, “Even with the diapers,” but then realized that would be way too awkward. He tried to complete a reasonable sentence. “Even though stepping into this family was kind of unexpected. Those boys scared me at first. Now I can’t imagine life without them,” he told her. She sat back down. “That must be a tough thing to do, jumping into their lives like that. But they clearly love you. To them, you are a part of this family,” she said, smiling. “And thank goodness. They need someone male around here. I’ve seen you down on the floor, wrestling with them. They just adore it.” He smiled at the thought. They were like little bear cubs sometimes, crawling on him. He noticed they did treat him differently than they treated Julie. He felt like he was contributing something, and it was nice. “Well,” she said. “I definitely don’t mean to pressure you, so don’t take this that way, but you fit well into this family. We’d be happy to have you more permanently, if it works out for you and Julie.” He swallowed. He’d thought about that, of course. How could he not? Julie was the best person he’d ever met. She nurtured everyone she met, and would make a solid partner. He was deeply in love with her. But…he’d always thought the man was supposed to be in charge. He’d never felt entirely comfortable with that, and had instinctively imagined an equal partnership in a relationship. But his relationship with Julie was not either of those things. She was definitely in charge, and as educated as his was, it still embarrassed him a little. She said she claimed ownership over only a few things, and they did discuss and debate things together. She listened to him. His opinion mattered. But he harbored no doubts about what would happen if there was a stalemate and a decision needed to be made. At work, he was the boss. And he made a thousand decisions every day that affected big parts of people’s health. So in some ways it was a relief to cede decision-making control to Julie when they left work. He thought he could live with that decision permanently, especially as his trust in her and love for her grew. But it was still a leap. He wasn’t sure if he was ready. But what else did he need to know? She loved him, and was willing to take care of even the most intimate (and disgusting!) parts of him. She was weird in some ways, but wasn’t everyone? But would he always have to wear diapers? It seemed– All of a sudden he became aware of Mrs. Davis studying him. He’d gotten lost in his thoughts. “Ahem. That is very kind, Mrs. Davis. You have raised a wonderful daughter. She is…kind, and generous, and caring.” Mrs. Davis smiled. “Yes, Julie is a natural nurse, isn’t she? She has always known what she wants, and usually does a good job going after it. I’ve tried to teach her some secrets about that, of course. Tried to help her make good decisions. She is a little stubborn, but it is usually about the right things. There was only one time she got lost.” “Her ex-husband? She’s mentioned something about that, but we haven’t talked in much detail.” Mrs. Davis got up from the table. “Well, it isn’t my story to tell, of course. You could ask her. We could see potential trouble, but she wanted to believe. In the end it worked out okay, but it was hard. I think it changed her, of course. It had to.” She rinsed plates in the sink, then turned around and apparently caught sight of the boys in the other room. “And, of course we got some wonderful gifts from that terrible relationship. And speaking of them, would you mind keeping an eye on them for a few minutes while I clean up?” He was done with breakfast and coffee. “Yes, ma’am. Happy to help.” He stood up and became more self-conscious again about his soaking wet diaper. It was hard to walk naturally in it when it was this wet. If Mrs. Davis noticed, she didn’t say anything. He felt grateful for that. He waddled out to the living room. The boys were deeply engrossed in a story with their little action figures, the coffee table featuring prominently in one of them becoming lost. At his appearance, they rushed to update him on the situation. He expressed appropriate concern to them so they’d keep playing. At the same time he felt that familiar pressure start to build in his lower abdomen. For a few moments during breakfast, he had wondered if he could avoid having Mrs. Davis change a messy diaper, but that wasn’t going to happen. He thought about asking her if she would mind letting him use the potty. Maybe she wouldn’t want to change him and could see the advantage in that? But what if she told Julie? He thought back to trying to sleep with his bottom burning. Even avoiding the embarrassment of having Mrs. Davis change a messy diaper, of her knowing he pooped in his diaper, wasn’t worth that chance. As if reading his mind, she appeared in the doorway. “Can you give me a few more minutes to get some things ready for you boys? Then we can take care of changing some nighttime diapers.” “Yes, ma’am, it’s no problem,” he responded agreeably, but noticed the wording. “You boys.” While they had had an adult conversation, his diaper also meant he belonged to the “babysat” contingent, not the “babysitting” side. A cramp hit. It was time. And within a few moments, he had pushed out a load into his diaper. At least she wasn’t here to witness that. Maybe she had thoughtfully left him alone to give him a little dignity? He could smell himself now, but the little guys were typically oblivious. They’d found the lost character, but now a book-shaped monster was threatening them. Mrs. Davis re-entered the room, surveying the males with hands on her hips. She looked first to the little ones, who were so deeply engrossed they didn’t notice her. Her eyes turned to him, and cheerfully said, “I think they’ll be okay for a few minutes. Your diaper is hanging pretty low. How about if we take care of you first?” He swallowed and nodded. “Yes, ma’am, thank you.” She smiled. “I love your manners,” she said, as he passed her on the way to the bedroom. He entered the bedroom and saw the changing pad laid out on the bed, and wipes, powder, and a new diaper awaiting him as well. He paused, suddenly acutely embarrassed about what was to happen. But Mrs. Davis swept into the room behind him. “Whew. It smells like you need a change, too,” she said, smiling. “Why don’t you get those pants off and lie down on the bed? That’s how Julie does it, right?” “Yes, ma’am,” he mumbled, as he took off his sweats, centered himself on the pad, and laid back. “I’m so sorry you have to do this. I told Julie I was more than capable–” “Oh, hush,” Mrs. Davis said. “It’s no trouble.” She reached down to unsnap his onesie. “I don’t even need a diaper for…well, this. But she really wants me to use it all the time, and she doesn’t like me using the bathroom. She won’t really tell me why,” he said, aware that he was talking to quell the embarrassment. He wanted her to know it wasn’t his idea, and that he wasn’t a complete invalid. Mrs. Davis had untaped his diaper. “Shh, I know.” She wiped his penis, cleaning his front quickly and efficiently. “Can you lift your legs now?” she asked. He grabbed his knees and pulled them open as Julie had taught him. “Perfect,” he heard. “Julie has taught you well.” She pulled the diaper away from him and used it to clean him, front to back. “And she keeps you so well shaved. Very nice.” He was sure his face was bright red from the burning he felt in his cheeks. “Julie told me that you don’t like to poop in your diaper. She said you need the diapers because you wet your pants, but that it is just easier to keep you in diapers the whole time. Is that what she told you?” she went on, reaching over to get a wipe. He nodded, deciding not to argue about whether he routinely wet his pants. “Yes, ma’am. It’s–well, it’s obviously just so embarrassing, but she doesn’t want to debate it. I can’t imagine it is easier for her. Or pleasant for that matter,” he noted, feeling the familiar coldness of the wipe clean his bottom. It made him clench his sphincter; that was always a little shock to his system. But it warmed up quickly. Mrs. Davis was obviously experienced. She was fast, too! She smiled grimly. “That’s my girl. I can’t speak for her, but sometimes there are hidden reasons for an action that help explain it.” Mrs. Davis rolled the diaper up. “Okay, lift a little?” He felt the diaper removed and watched her tape up the dirty diaper and set it aside. She looked pensive. She opened the new diaper, seemingly considering something. “I guess I can tell you,” she decided. “Okay, up again?” She slid the diaper under him. “Did you know that I keep her father in diapers?” His eyes widened. He was stunned. What?!! Of course he didn’t know. He’d never met the man. ‘Kept him in diapers?’ “What? Why? What’s wrong?” She sighed. “Well, nothing, other than he’s a man.” He instinctively let his legs fall apart so she could powder him, which she did liberally. He blinked, confused. “A man? What does that have to do with it?” She brushed off her hands and pulled the diaper up between his legs. She considered her words. “I…have found…that he is a better husband and was a better father when he was dependent on me for…his…bathroom needs. So, long story short, that is how we have always done it. For decades now.” He was stunned. That was truly bizarre! But–very similar to his and Julie’s arrangement. Mrs. Davis pulled down the front of his onesie. “Julie said you can wait to get a shower until later when she is home, so if it is okay with you, we’ll wait to get you new clothes, too.” He hardly cared at this point. “That’s fine with me. Thanks. But–so–” She nodded and started snapping his onesie. “Yes, so that is the parental model Julie had growing up. We have a wonderful relationship, so she probably internalized and, what’s the term? Idealized it.” Mrs. Davis put away the wipes and powder. She smiled at him. “So, you see, it doesn’t surprise me to see your arrangement. And I know it doesn’t reflect on you or mean that you can’t take care of yourself. You are a good man, and you listen to your girlfriend. That’s all. And I can’t tell you how much that means to me. So thank you.” He sat up, overwhelmed. How much of their arrangement was him, or the need to be efficient at work, and how much was just the way Julie had been brought up? He had so many questions, and so many new things to consider. Mrs. Davis, however, had moved on. “Okay, well, I’ve got to get out and take care of Andrew and Thomas now before they leak. I’m not sure what you’ve got to do this morning, but you are welcome to play with us. I’ve got some crafts, and I think we’ll probably head out for a walk once it warms up.” He nodded, distracted. But he remembered to be polite. “Thank you. I’ve got some little things to do, but I’m happy to come along and help out where I can.” Mrs. Davis left the room. He was stunned, but some pieces certainly did fall into place. Why Julie had thought his wearing diapers would be a reasonable solution, why she wasn’t embarrassed about it. But did she think he needed to be a “better” boyfriend? What had he done wrong to make her think that? She hadn’t even known what he was like as a boyfriend before he wore diapers for her. Why hadn’t she ever told him about this? The rest of the morning passed quickly. He worked a little, then played with the boys to give Mrs. Davis a break. She asked him once before lunch if he needed a change. “No, ma’am,” he said. “I don’t think so.” He wasn’t too surprised when she came over and prodded his diaper to confirm. She nodded. “I agree. You’ll last a while. Carry on.” The morning with Mrs. Davis had gone well, for all of his worrying. She, like Julie, was matter-of-fact about the diaperings. She hadn’t belittled him, just treated it like a fact of life. He was grateful to her for that, even if she sometimes lumped him in with the little boys at times. They enjoyed a nice lunch, then had a walk. The boys were changed and put down for a nap. Mercifully, there was no talk of napping for him. He was reading a medical journal when he became aware of Mrs. Davis tidying up. He looked at the clock. It was mid-afternoon, time for Julie to come home. Her gaze fell upon him, and she paused. “Let’s get you changed into a nice dry diaper before Julie comes home.” He protested, “I’m not that wet, I can wait.” Sure, Mrs. Davis was kind and professional about the whole thing, but did he constantly have to be on his back around these women? Besides, he was right in the middle of an article about– She shook her head. “You boys would go all day in a wet diaper if you could. No, it’s not nice for her to come home to a wet diaper. Let’s go. We’ll get you dry and comfortable.” He opened his mouth again, but realized Julie’s mom had made up her mind. Decisive women ran in the family, apparently. He followed Mrs. Davis back into the bedroom and sat on the bed while she rummaged around for the supplies. “Okay, lie back,” she said as her hands went to his onesie again. “I love this fabric. So playful. Julie has turned into quite a seamstress. I’ll have to look around for more patterns for her. Just adorable.” He was a little alarmed at this. “Um, do you think you could put in a plug for something more, um, grown-up? You know, normal colors or something?” She had untaped him and was wiping him already. “Oh, but these are adorable. A onesie should be cute and child-like. But it wouldn’t hurt to have more variety. You probably need a ‘good boy’ onesie with trucks and footballs, and then one for when you need to be taken down a peg.” His eyes bulged. Where was this going? She had unfolded the new diaper. “Up–there you go. Tell me, how would you feel about a nice pink onesie with unicorns and princesses on it?” He choked. “No! Please! Why would I want that?” She smiled as she taped him up. “Ooh, struck a nerve with that one, huh? I’ll make sure to find a nice girly one to use as a punishment onesie. You don’t have one of those yet, right? For after a spanking?” He was speechless. How did she know about–had Julie told her everything? He just stared at her in embarrassment. She smiled as his cheeks burned. “I’m her mother. Of course we talk.” She cleaned up, disposed of the wet diaper, and snapped him back up. “Well, I’ve got some homework to do, apparently. Gotta get on that.” She went into Julie’s bathroom to wash her hands. He needed to talk to Julie about this onesie thing, and about talking to her mother about their most private– Just then he heard the front door open, so he set aside those thoughts and hurriedly waddled out of the bedroom. Julie was arriving home. She put her purse down on the counter and took in the sight of him entering the kitchen in his onesie. She smiled. “How’s my big boy? How was your day?” He opened his mouth, trying to think of something to say that sounded like what a boyfriend might say, not a child. Most of the day had been spent worrying about diapers, then privacy about onesies and spankings. But Mrs. Davis walked into the kitchen. Julie turned to her mother, eyebrows raised. “Everything go okay today, Mom?” Her mother smiled. “Of course, honey. All of your boys were well behaved, and you have a keeper in this one,” she said, indicating him. He blushed. Julie came over to him and put her arms around him fondly. “Oh, yeah? He didn’t give you too much trouble?” Mrs. Davis smiled and put on her jacket. “Trouble? Of course not. We got to know each other, and he was a big help with the boys.” She picked up her purse. “But I do hope it is the regular time tomorrow. This was an early morning.” Julie said, “Yep, that sounds good. I’m sure that was rough on everybody,” she added, giving him a look. “Let me walk you out, Mom.” When Julie returned, she surveyed the apartment. Perhaps awakened by the door closing repeatedly, the boys sleepily toddled out of their room. Seeing their mother, they broke into a run and gave her a big hug around her legs. “Oh, that’s what I needed after being at work on a Sunday!” she exclaimed, squatting down and letting the boys kiss and hug her. “Anyone need a change?” Andrew and Thomas submitted to having their diapers checked, but Julie found them clean and (mostly) dry. She turned to him. “How about you, mister?” Her hand cupped his crotch, though her eyes didn’t leave his. Her eyebrows rose. “A completely dry diaper?” “Just changed,” he explained shyly. Julie’s face showed surprise. She hadn’t expected him to need more than his morning change. “Your mom insisted.” She smiled. “She can be convincing.” She stood and gave him a deep kiss, ignoring her sons trying to get her attention. “Thank you for being such a good boy.” Then she turned to the kids. “Show me what you guys did today!” Chapter 24 He made supper for the family, which she appreciated after a day at work. The boys had asked for spaghetti, and, luckily, he could boil water. After Andrew and Thomas went to bed, he and Julie sat and talked on the sofa. “Mom said you didn’t put up any fuss at all today. Aren’t you big!” she said, stroking his hair fondly. He dropped his eyes. “Your mom was very kind. It was horribly embarrassing. But she was nice about it.” “Oh, good. I told you it would be fine.” Time to get some answers. He gathered his courage and asked, “Did you turn off my alarm? I’d set it so I could–um, say goodbye to you this morning.” She snorted. “I know why you set it, you goof. Yes, I turned it off. You need your weekend sleep. And apparently, just like I’d promised, it turned out just fine. You remember that next time you second-guess me.” He nodded. It still would have been better his way. On to the big revelation of the day. “You never told me that your dad wears diapers. Your mom says she thinks that’s why you don’t let me use your bathroom.” She paused, her eyebrows raised. “Did she now?” He sat up a little, looking at her fully. “Didn’t you think I’d like to know that? That I might find it relevant?” This time it was Julie who broke eye contact. She looked down for a moment, then back to him. “Yes, I know. It was just–it was just hard for me to find a way to explain. I realize you might be interested in that.” She thought for a moment. “I never knew my father before their…arrangement. He was always in diapers, and I grew up thinking it was common. He was never embarrassed in front of me, just matter-of-fact. I assumed he needed them,” she told him. “It wasn’t until I got married that Mom confessed it had nothing to do with medical need. She explained that Dad seemed more, um, devoted to her when she kept him in diapers. It wasn’t that he was abusive or mean. He was a good man, she said. But–he just seemed more present and emotionally available to her when he used diapers instead of the potty. “She decided that, for them, their relationship would be better if he stayed in diapers. He later agreed, apparently. He needed them, but not for a physical reason. He needed them to be the best husband and father he could be.” Julie’s eyes dropped again. “My marriage was terrible. I know I haven’t talked much about it. I don’t like to think about it. I thought I knew what I wanted in a man. Let’s just say, I was young then. It probably would have been better if I had an arrangement like my parents had, but…he…wouldn’t consider it. “Our relationship was terrible, even with two little babies. Maybe worse because of that, I don’t know. When I told him I wanted to try diapering him, I knew how it would go down. And it was predictably bad. He told me I was a freak. It’s not the only reason we got a divorce, but it might have sped the process a little.” She smiled grimly. “And that was okay with me. I’d given him an ultimatum, and he chose divorce. In retrospect, that was definitely the better option.” He reached out to her, his hand on hers. “I’m sorry you had to go through that marriage. But–I’m trying to understand how I’m–why you wanted me to–ugh, I don’t know. We weren’t in a relationship at the time. Were you thinking we should be? Do I remind you of your ex-husband in some way?” She laughed. “No, sweetie. I put you in a diaper because you needed it. We really did need to work better together.” She looked at him fondly. “But you can see why it seemed, oh, I don’t know, like, reasonable. You looked at me like I was crazy,” she said. “But it wasn’t weird to me. Just what I grew up with.” He sat next to her, in thought. This explained a lot, actually. Why an adult wearing a diaper wasn’t bizarre to her. Why it was the first solution she had thought of at work. Why she still thought he was datable even though she had changed his dirty diapers. He felt relieved that she didn’t think of him the same way as her ex-husband. But she rose now, apparently done with the conversation. “Let’s go to bed now. I had an early morning, you know.” Later as they snuggled together in bed, they were each lost in their own thoughts. Julie, satisfied from 2 orgasms he had given her, was pondering how lucky she felt. She had entered this relationship attracted but wary, wondering if she could persuade a physician to give up ultimate control to her. She hadn’t been been able to assume they’d have a personal relationship necessarily, but was just looking for a bigger say in her professional career. But she had fallen in love with his gentle and naïve openness, his willingness to follow her lead, which encouraged her to push him further down an unknown road. Now, that road seemed even more inviting and promising. She had been leery of another relationship, honestly, but this was on her terms. Her mother had shown her the way. He was under her thumb in such a personal and total way that she felt completely secure. She was delighted that he was actually diaper dependent, which was not something she’d known to expect. Her father, apparently, was not. But this development meant that she could be supportive and helpful, not pushy and controlling, and still keep his infantile side front and center. And while she had thought the diapers would be the key to keeping him humble and well controlled, now she realized that she had unintentionally stumbled upon another big key, never mentioned by Mom. Controlling orgasms was clearly more powerful than she had expected, and seemed to work well with the diapers. They kept his hands out of trouble. The longer he went without an orgasm, the more obedient and eager to serve he became, and the less likely he was to complain about the diapers. It was a perfect system! If he thought that this month of orgasm control was going to end, he would be surprised. She had heard of chastity cages; if he put up any kind of fuss, he would find himself locked in a cage inside of a diaper. A part of her almost hoped he balked at following her lead on this, but she also knew it would be better if he was invested in making it work. So she would have to make it fun for him, even if his sex life was changing forever… And hers was, too. She hadn’t known how much she liked the gentle domination that had evolved, but it worked for her! Yet another reason they’d never go back to him being in control. She considered the path ahead. She thought she had done a good job preserving his ego—a critical challenge with any man. She didn’t want him to be completely emasculated, just deferential to her. She had laid down the law, and he had accepted. He was getting more and more dependent on her, and yet remained the efficient, caring provider she had loved. He wasn’t going to cheat on her, she felt sure: as perfect a mate as he had turned into, wearing diapers probably made him less appealing to others. She had made him more attractive to her and less of a catch for others. He was the perfect partner, and he was all hers! She couldn’t be happier. “Baby, you still awake?” she asked quietly. He was. He was simply thinking about his unfulfilled sexual need. It was true that Julie had played with him a little, but she had decided he wasn’t going to cum tonight. She didn’t seem mad at him, so he guessed that it was just to keep him frustrated. “Yes, ma’am,” she heard him murmur. It was starting to give her a little sexual thrill to hear him say that. She cleared her throat. “I have a confession to make.” “Oh?” He’d been getting drowsy, but this roused him a little. She turned toward him in bed, and she reached out to caress his face. “I kind of like this.” He was confused. “Like what?” She stared into his eyes. “Us. Together.” She propped herself up on her elbow. “I like you here in the apartment, with my boys. I like you, in diapers, letting me change you.” She smiled. “And I really like that you let me decide when you get to come.” He swallowed. He wasn’t so sure that would always work for him. But…this probably wasn’t the time to argue, he could see. He smiled a bit to himself. Actually, there was never a good time to argue, was there? Her hand was tickling his chest now. “We’re good together, aren’t we?” He nodded and admitted what he had known for a while now. “Yes, ma’am, we are.” Julie swallowed, a bit nervously, it seemed to him. “What would you think about making this arrangement more, um, permanent?” He was thinking about the sex. He still wasn’t sure he liked the new system…but…maybe she wasn’t just talking about the sex. “What–” Now she was looking intently into his eyes. “What would you think of getting married?” she asked. He swallowed, but his throat was suddenly dry. “Is this a proposal?” She stared for just a moment, then nodded. Her voice was suddenly kind of husky. “Yes, I think it is.” He was surprised. Wasn’t he supposed to propose? But he admitted to himself that nothing about their relationship had been conventional. He’d thought about marriage. A lot, actually, since they’d been living together. But it was a leap. Sure, it was probably always a huge step, but this…this arrangement… Julie had asked him to do all sorts of bizarre things: wear and use diapers, poop and pee in front of her, allow her to change them and dress him in babyish clothes, allow her to spank him and control his orgasms. He thought back to the first day, when she’d fixed him with that “mom” look and told him to pull his pants down so she could diaper him. It had all followed from his decision to obey her at that moment. He hadn’t felt like he’d had a choice that day. Had he ever had a choice since then. Well, it seemed like he had a choice tonight. It was all incredibly embarrassing, but it had taken him down a spectacularly intimate path. She truly didn’t seem to care about things other people found humiliating or gross. He had gone with it. If she didn’t care, why should he? After wearing diapers for a few months, he wasn’t confident he could keep his pants dry. That wasn’t good, and it was a direct consequence of following Julie’s suggestions. But if he was with Julie, it didn’t really matter, did it? He realized that nothing really bad had happened to him since they had been together, despite all of her twisted instructions. There were some difficulties with how she wanted him to live, but with her help, it was easy. In fact, after a day full of making nonstop important decisions, how nice was it to come home and not have to worry about deciding anything? And now, he had to admit, he was accustomed to wearing diapers. After so much intimate touching and teasing, the smell of baby powder gave him an erection. Her “baby” voice, the quiet soothing voice she used when changing him, made him hard. Even that stern look she gave him, almost every day for some reason or another, turned him on. He realized he loved being babied by Julie. It had been a crazy ride so far that had challenged him. But he loved this woman. Maybe they could still work on his wetting problem. Prior to today, he had been sure she wouldn’t want him in diapers forever, but now he wasn’t entirely sure. Did it really matter, though? He smiled at her. “If I say yes, can we have sex tonight?” She laughed. “Definitely not.” He stared at her with an expression that said, Seriously?! She patted his cheek. “But I’ll make sure you enjoy it when we DO have sex. This time and every time.” Exasperated, he fell back on his pillow. She leaned over him and kissed him. “Have I ever steered you wrong yet? By this point, you should trust me, right?” He relaxed and realized she was right. Julie was always right. He was so happy with her. He would stay with her, in diapers, getting sex when she said so and being spanked when he angered her. Because somehow, now, that seemed like the place he had always been meant to be. So he answered her proposal the only way he knew how. He made sure she could hear his manners. “Yes, ma’am.” And she smiled.
  4. My second attempt at writing a diaper story after my first story wasn't quite as good and I have writer's block on the first one. I will try to update it as often as I can. English is not my native language so I am sorry for mistakes as I will also use a translator to get a good result. I have made many changes Prologue Sara was just 20 years old when she had her two children Tim and Liz. Her husband had left her during the pregnancy. She was quite happy when she had the twins and was sure that she would make it on her own and her mother was supportive. The first 5 months were pretty normal but then she noticed that Tim was behaving differently and he was actually starting to speak his first words, which was a nice moment for Sara. At the age of 7 months he could already form complete sentences and started to walk, at 8 months he could already use the potty. Liz again had a normal development and needed someone to change her diapers and feed her and when she cried you had to find out what she wanted like any other baby. With 3 years it went then in the kindergarten at least for Liz because Tim stayed at home to learn also when his mother wanted him to go to kindergarten also because she wanted him to make contacts there but he could convince you that it would be better if he learns because meanwhile he could speak perfectly and already read books. But while Liz physically developed over the years, he remained at the size of a 3 year old. What also, led to the fact that he got more attention than Liz. Tim was the attention of his mother but no matter, although she really gave everything for him. Tim preferred to keep to himself and did not make friends because he never went outside. Meanwhile both are 11 years Liz was quite independent cooked her food washed her laundry and so on. While Sara was still doing everything for Tim, Sara didn't really notice how much she neglected her daughter. Tim spent most of his time on the computer programming various things. What also led to the fact that he now momantan an It study makes. The professor also recommended him to a company Nano Inc. which is a leading company in nano technology. They also wanted to bring nanobots on the market with which one should change almost all characteristics however they stood with the programming before a problem of the Nanobots changes coincidentally characteristics at the body no purposeful services when they of Tim heard thought they finally a chance have to get their problem in the grasp. When Sara heard about it, she was not thrilled because Tim was supposed to live there for the duration of the development and rejected the offer at first. She also wanted to build a relationship with him, he had no friends and he did not want to do anything with the family, he had been cold to her. At 17 years Nano Inc came back to him and he managed to convince his mother, they also offered a lot of money which suited Tim well because as soon as he was 18 he wanted to move out. Liz was happy that he would be out of the house because she just wanted to spend time with her mother she did not hate him but knew that he makes your mother's life difficult and it would do her good because even in the household he was pretty useless. Sara did not like it but he had to promise to be back before his 18th birthday. Tim was brought there by car. They showed him around the facility and the projects. The nanobots were his department at the end of the tour and they explained everything to him. He was very excited not only because he had a great job, but also because it gave him the opportunity to finally have a normal body and to be tall. Tim: "If the project is successful, can I use them myself?" The project leader: "Of course you can, that's a promise. So Tim immediately got to work I would be very happy about feedback.
  5. Big thanks to @kasarberang for commissioning this story that I wrote for them! Chapter 1 Daniel is a 22-year-old male about 4 feet tall. He's sleeping in bed after a long session last night hanging out with friends. Well, one friend. His only friend really. Her name is Sarah. Unfortunately for Daniel, his downfall was he was short but for Sarah, she was tall, very tall. About 8 feet. She was called a freak and Daniel was called a midget. Being how they became best friends. Even though Daniel was as straight as could be he never felt love for Sarah. Not the love you find between two people that want to live together forever. But unfortunately for Daniel, Sarah didn't feel the same way. But you will find out soon enough. It was very early in the morning when Daniel was jumped awake in his bed. He looked around his very room. His room was kinda messy with clothing on the ground. His walls were a boring white color as he hasn’t had the money to paint. He even had a few ripped-up posters of cute girls that someone ripped up. His closet was pretty empty as it was close to time to do laundry. Nearly everything was dirty and on the floor around his bed. Daniel grabs his pillow and stands up. "Hello? Is someone in my house?" He says shivering. There was no response he steps out of his room and into the hall when he swears he hears giggling. His eyes get bigger and shake more. "If this is a joke it isn't funny!! You better leave now! I-i got a gun! I know how to use it!" He shakes more with each step before rounding the corner of the hall before someone yells and sticks their face in his. "HI DANIEL" Daniel screams the girliest scream and slams the person in the face with this pillow. The pillow falls off her face reviling his best friend Sarah who is laughing her ass off. "You're such a scaredy-cat!! I thought you were a big man, not a scared little baby." Daniel blushes and pushes her face away. He was angry now. "Sarah!! How many times have I told you not to break into my damn house??" This should have been his first clue something was suspicious about her but he was scared of losing his only friend. Even if she was odd or kinda creepy. Who else would he have to talk to? Sarah giggles and hugs him his face going deep into her oversized breasts. Daniel's face was deep red. Trying to pull away from this monster of a woman. "I'm so sorry dani~ I couldn't help myself!" He finally gets pulled away and rubs his face. "Yuck… I feel like I need a bath now…" He shivers. He loved women, hell he loved breasts but it was completely different when you only see a girl as your best friend. Sarah smiles looking down at the small boy. "Whoops sorry. Accident, it's hard to hug someone so small, well hell anyone really and they don't get a face full of them." She adjusts them, moving them around. He blushes. "Stop that! Jesus… anyways I'm going to take a shower. Then uhh how about we head to the store then back to your place for a while." She gets a sly smile and he stomps his foot. "Don't even say 'oh you want to come back to my place’ in that stupid trying-to-be cute voice it's creepy and weird!" He sighs. She laughs. "ok ok sorry. Man, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Maybe you just need someone to help take care of you. Because you clearly don't do it well enough." He glares. "I can take care of myself just fine." He turns back to his room and grabs some clothing and to the bathroom. "Oh! If you even attempt to peek in again I'll call the cops for real this time." He says before slamming the door. Sarah giggles and smiles. "Feisty little guy. I love it when he's in this attitude makes him so cute and attractive~" Sarah pulls out her phone and opens an app called Remote Camera. She clicks the one called bathroom cam. It opens up to Daniel undressing unaware. "Stupid pervy friend…" He says with a sigh he pulls down his boxers and his flaccid cock hanging down now. "Can't we just talk like a normal friend?" He says Turing on the shower letting it warm up. Sarah licks her lips. "Such a cute boy, can't wait to get ahold of that~" She watches him finally get in the shower. She sighs and shakes her head. "No no Sarah, it's still too early. But we are getting very close. Mmm~ very close indeed." She kisses her phone and closes the app and waits for Daniel to get done. He comes out fully dressed and sees Sarah in the kitchen at the table. "You didn't eat all my food, did you? Not like I got much anyways." She looks at him and frowns. "You are so skinny Daniel, you need to eat more than you are." Daniel sighs and shrugs. "Too broke for that. What are you, my mom? Sheesh, I'm only a little underweight." She gets up and begins to go through his pantry and fridge. "Ok, buddy, sit down I'm about to make you a big breakfast!" Daniel looked confused but sat down. She said with so much authority he just had to listen. "Umm well I won't say no, but you don't have to Sarah. But I suppose it's not that far out of your character heh…" Sarah begins to cook. She was quite good at it too. She finished in about a half-hour having made some biscuit and gravy with pancakes and sausage. She put a plate in front of him. With an overly filled plate. There was no way he could eat it all. "W-wow thanks so much Sarah… but I'm not going to be able to eat this all. I'll be full before then." She leans over the table and fills his plate with syrup just smirking. "I expect you to eat it all. Tell you what, you eat it all I'll pay for any one thing you want. Within reason that is." His eyes got big and look back down at the food. "If I lose?" She smiles and grabs a paper and writes down what the losing part is. She folds the paper up and lays it under the plate. "You get to find out after you lose. So what will it be you going to pussy out?" He glares at her then back at the food. All his food is now covered in pancake syrup. She stopped before it overflowed. He grones and grabs a fork. "Deal! But you better be prepared to lose!" He quickly began to shove it down. Sarah just watched with this stare. Sarah didn't mind a win or loss. But if she could win she would be a small amount closer to her goal. Another half-hour passes. Daniel has his head on the table groaning. He still had a single sausage to eat. He was so close to his goal. He leans his head up and grabs it on his fork getting it close to his mouth where he nearly pukes. He quickly lays it back down. Sarah smiles. "You give up yet? As fun as this has been to watch the past 10 minutes you have been trying to eat that single sausage. I think you lost buddy." He wines and holds his stomach leaning back. "I-I was so close too… fine I give up… I don't want to throw up." She goes behind him and rubs his belly. "Aww, poor Dani. When you get the chance you can read my losers note. But take your time. Don't make yourself sick." He blushed at the stomach rubbing it was awkward as hell but it did help him. He let it happen for a while before he was able to move again. He reaches up, lifts the plate, and opens the note. He reads it out loud. "Must go to the store and buy a package of adult diapers then come home and put one on and show me." He blushed and looked at Sarah quickly. "This is a joke right?! I-i can't do that, people will think I'm some kinda weirdo. They already do as is!" Sarah frowns. "Oh, so now that you lose a bet you get to get out of it? I always did what you asked for your bets when I lost." Daniel sighed and whined. "That's just cruel… fine you are right. Not like I have to use them or anything. The worst part will be buying them." Sarah smirks. "Well, I need to see you in the diaper. To make sure you don't lie about it." He blushes but nodded. "That makes a lot of sense… fuck! This is such a good prank, why didn't I think of it!" Sarah giggles and smiles. "Don't know, now come on let's head to the store. I can't wait to see you do this~" He sighs and follows her out of his house. He makes sure to lock up and they go out and get in her car. He wasn't allowed to drive being so small. So he was lucky he had her. But her car was so freaking tall it made him feel like a child just being in it. He buckled his seat belt and Sarah got in the driver’s seat. Then they head off to the closest store that sold adult Diapers. They get out of the car and head inside Sarah sits at a bench by the front to see all the registers. "Well you head on in, I'll be right here. You know what you need to do." He blushed the whole trip inside and headed to the adult diaper section. He nervously looked them over before some lady walks up. "Hiya, can I help you find anything today sir?" He jumped and blushed. "N-not looking for diapers nope!" She giggles and smiles. "Ahh, I see well if you need any help not finding any I’ll gladly help. But hmm…" He still blushing looked confused. "W-what?" She sighs. "Unfortunately I don't believe any of these will fit you." He looked more confused. "What do you mean? Too big? I mean I’m not buying them anyways!" She nods. "Excuse me, if this comes out rude but you are very… small. but do not worry! I know a great place! Follow me." She walks off and Daniel drops his head in shame and follows her. They finally make it to the baby aisle. She grabs a package of Huggies the largest in them and hands them to him. "These would fit your size perfectly! But the cute print might throw you off. But I suppose it's better than an accident." He began to nod and blushed more, shaking his head. These had mickey mouse all over them. It was very humiliating. "A-accident? Woah ok you have the wrong idea…" She tilts her head. "Why else would you need protection?" He thought for a very long time shaking his leg nervously. But she was right he would just have to suck it up and pretend. "O-ok you are right can we just not talk about that…" She nods. "So sorry sir! I wasn't thinking I'm sure it's very embarrassing. But I need to get back to work." She walks off and he hides the diapers the best he can going to the front and paying the guy behind the counter smiles. "Aww, you got a kid?" Daniel blushes and just nods he quickly pays and rushes to Sarah who's laughing. "I can't wait to see your kid Dani~" He's bushing deep red and leaves the store. Sarah follows him and gets in the car with him as they buckle up. "What's with the diapers though? Those are for baby's aren't they?" He grones. "The worker said these would be the only size to fit me… I hate my life. That cute girl probably thinks I'm a diaper-wearing weirdo." Sarah squeezes the wheel tight. "She's probably a bitch anyways…" She says jealousy. "Let's just get you home." They travel back home in silence and head back inside. Daniel heads to his room. "Don't come in! I'll come out when I'm ready." Sarah giggles "oh I can't wait, this is going to be so good~" He goes into his room blushing only more shutting the door and lays the diapers down and rips them open they fly everywhere. He growls and stomps his foot. "Damn it all!" He quickly picks most of them up and throws them off his bed they were like an odd fabric he opens it up shivers. "I hate my life…" He pulls down his pants and boxers and begins to put this diaper on himself. He finally gets it on and lets his shirt drop to hide it. "There's no way I'm walking out like this Sarah!!" Sarah sounds sad. "But Dani you promise…" He frowns and scratches himself but the diaper makes it hard and opens the door. Sarah peeks down the hall curiously and lifts an eyebrow. "Well?" Daniel takes a deep breath and shakes grabbing his shirt and lifting it up exposing his very childish diaper to Sarah. Her breathing goes heavy just staring at Daniel. He had his eyes closed and was embarrassed as hell. Suddenly Sarah bursts out laughing like crazy. "Oh my God Dani that's the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life! Wiggle your hips! Shake that bootie!" She says continuing to laugh. Daniel’s humiliation is so much he doesn’t even want to move. He wanted to die. "Does little Dani need a bottle I'm sure mommy can let you breastfeed if you like~" Then laughs more he turns and slams his door and just screams. He rips off the diaper and throws it in the corner of the room and gets dressed back. He steps back out. "Ok Sarah! Time for you to go home! I did your stupid-" He grones holding his tummy. "Prank… haha you got me in diapers. But you need to-" He grones and his eyes get big and he runs to the bathroom quickly. Sarah smiles. "Good to know the laxatives work for later~" Horrible sounds come from the bathroom, Daniel pooping in the toilet. Sarah giggles. "So close to making him use it too. Next time though he won't be so lucky. If I can get him to use just one diaper. I can begin my plan. But it can't be forced for the first time. It needs to feel like it's 100% his fault that will lower his confidence a lot. Making him less likely to fight anything I do to him. If only a little~" She leaves the house whistling back to her house. She goes inside and into her room. She opens her closet and there she had a bunch of pictures of Daniel naked. From different rooms in his house. She must have had cameras all over the place. She opens up her phone and hits print on something. She pulls out a picture off the printer. It's Daniel holding up his shirt showing off his diaper. She licks her lips. "Soon my baby you will be mine to feed, diaper, and milk just you wait~" Back at Daniel's house, he comes out of the bathroom holding his stomach. "Oh God… anyways Sarah i-" He looks around and tilts his head. Then looks around suspiciously. "You better not be hiding in my house again! I swear if I wake up in bed next to you I'm going… do something probably." He sighs and goes to his bedroom and lays on his bed. All the diapers were still all over his bed and some on the floor. He lets out a yawn. "I'll pick them up later. Why don't I get better friends… oh right because she's the only one who at least listens to me... As much as she annoys me." He closes his eyes and slowly falls asleep. It was only like 4 pm so it was very off for him to be so tired. But he didn't care he just wanted to forget he ever put on a diaper for Sarah. Being the last thing he thought before he drifted off to sleep. He has nightmares waking up to Sarah above him. He's completely naked and she's got a diaper putting it on him. But no matter how much he struggled he couldn't move it was like he was paralyzed. She put him in a diaper and then lifted her shirt as his mouth was slowly moved to her nipple he was trying to fight it before he jumps awake screaming. He breathes heavily holding his chest and looking himself over. He was still in what he was wearing when he went to sleep. He grones and rubs his head. "Damn it… what a nightmare." He says sitting up and looking out the window. It was the dead of night. "Man I fell asleep early huh? First the shits then I get mega sleepy. Did Sarah drug me?" He shakes his head. "No… She’s insane sure but I don't think she would do that. Probably just all the food I ate. I never eat that much." He says yawning. "Might as well go back to sleep till morning." He says closing his eyes and falling right back to sleep. For whatever morning holds for him.
  6. Chapter One I sat at the bar, quietly surveying the crowd. It was a good crowd for a Saturday, I just had to find the right girl. This was the perfect part of town to find my type. Smart, willful, playful, with a high pressure job. Those were the ones who needed to let go the most. The past couple of weeks of hunting had been frustrating. Things with Lauren hadn't gone the way I planned. I really thought she was going to be the one, she ticked all the right boxes and she was a joy to be around. She had balked at the last minute, though.. and she dumped me. I don't know which was worse, that or how things had gone with Kailee. Kailee had gone too willingly, it was too easy to move her along... there was no challenge, no thrill. Kailee had been disappointing. I had gotten what I thought I wanted, but I had to cut her out of my life after I had it. It hadn't been easy to admit, but she hadn't been right for me. I needed more from my partner. I scanned the girls.. too loose, too messy, too cold. I would know her when I found her, I knew my type. She would look oh-so-serious with some very adult and mature fashion, but there would be a tell. Lauren's had been a peek of Hello Kitty panties. The ones under the most pressure to succeed were always the ones who wanted someone else to take over. Life was too hard for them, they needed to be "on" all the time at work, had to do a better job than the boys, had to be perfect. That was just part of life in Silicon Valley. By the time I came along, they were so happy to hand over control. Finally, she caught my eye. A boho girl, that style was getting popular. Multiple bracelets, dangly earrings, earth tone makeup, chunky sandals.. she had a good figure, you could tell she worked out. She had a smile that lit up her eyes, someone had just told her a funny joke. Ah, but the tell. The tell was her purse. She couldn't help it, she needed something cute.. her purse was shaped like a squirrel - she had what was essentially a stuffed animal on her at all times. This is how I knew she wanted the loss of control I needed to give. I had to have her. The latest K.Flay blared overhead, conversation was impossible.. so I'd have to do this with a look. I leaned back, my hair brushing the bartop and I watched her. Humans could feel when someone was watching them with intent, this wouldn't take long. Her eyes found mine, and I smiled. I had a million smiles, every one practiced carefully. This smile said, "I like your style, and I'm pretty sure you like mine." She looked down into her drink and blushed. That was all the invitation I needed. If I had read her wrong, she would have reacted with fear or hostility, not with embarrassment. She wanted to be noticed. I waited for her to glance up again and I tilted my head. This smile said, "I'm nice and I'd like to talk to you." You could say so much with just a look if you knew how. I turned slowly as she moved closer, drawn by my wordless communication. I signaled the barkeep. I order a Guinness for myself and an Apple Bomb for her. We'd see if my read was spot on or not. When she slides up next to me, I don't make eye contact. I just turn slightly so she can see the smile on the corner of my mouth. "You looked thirsty," I measured my voice.. it was hard to do under the dirty bass of K.Flay, but I was practiced. My voice was low, resonant, but playful. I turned slowly to face her as the barkeep set down our drinks. With a fluid motion, I picked up the Guinness and took a draw, but didn't touch hers. "Ever tried an Apple Bomb?" My guess was that she hadn't, it wasn't a very popular drink even though it was from this area. But big girls who were hiding little girls inside... they liked it. "No, I haven't... thanks. I'm Dani," she slid up next to me and took the untouched drink and sipped it. "Wow, this is really good. Thanks again." "Vanessa," I smiled, turning toward her fully and sweeping a strand of hair back from my face, tucking it behind my ear. I tapped my own dangling earring on the way down, causing it to glint at Dani. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Dani." I had to play this part carefully. Too strong and she'd bolt, too weak and she'd ignore the hook. "It's so good to just relax with some music, away from the pressures of the office." Nailed it. Her right hand tensed as I said it, she had some stress getting to her. "Ugh, it really is," she said, letting her weight rest more fully on the barstool. "What do you do?" "I'm a consultant. Systems analysis," I smiled warmly - this smile said, 'I have a tough job, too'. My job was to find the weak points in an organization, and destroy them. And I was very good at what I did, reading people is what made me so good. "What about you?" "Herding cats," Dani grimaced. "Project management then," my smile projecting 'I feel your pain', "I've been there." "How did you know?" she laughed lightly, musically, the blue light of the bar dancing across her green eyes. Oh, how I wanted her. "Lucky guess," I finished the Guinness and paid the tab. The hook was set, I couldn't linger. "I've got to go, it was really nice meeting you, Dani. I thought I was up to this, but I'm still busted up about my girlfriend dumping me. Maybe I'll see you around?" Her eyes flashed a twinge of disappointment. Perfect. "Yeah.. it was nice to meet you, Vanessa. Thanks for introducing me to this drink, I like it." "I'm glad - have a great night." I stepped through the front door of the bar, pausing to look back at her. She was watching me go. I gave her a smile that said, "I really wish I didn't have to go now." She gave the smallest wave in return. I exited into the crowd of Castro Street, the heart of downtown Mountain View.. but I didn't go far. No, I had just ruined Dani's night. She wouldn't be staying much longer. She would suddenly want to go home... if I was right. It took her about ninety seconds longer than I expected. She slipped out the front door alone and started walking north. I flowed through the crowd, following her. It was a warm night, but not too hot. The bars were full and the people were happy, it was a good night. Dani went straight for her car. Silver Prius, so typical. I leaned on the corner, obscured by a tree. "Naughty girl," I said quietly to no one, "You shouldn't drive after having that drink. I'll punish you for that later." I committed her license plate to memory and watched as she drove off. North, then west. I adjusted my purse on my shoulder and started walking home myself. I had some research to do. * * * I spent two days studying Danielle Peters, learning her habits, her path, her preferences. Every tidbit I learned only solidified the feeling that I had to have her. Her credit card statements laid everything bare to me. Dani was a reader, a painter, a jogger. She went to the same coffee shop in Sunnyvale every day and ordered the same thing - iced chai, the only thing on the menu at her coffee shop that came to the amount that went on her card daily. She had no pets, and according to her social media profile, her last relationship ended roughly. Her name was Elaine, another high-powered type.. they probably drove each other crazy. Too similar. I knew where Dani worked, what gym she went to, what gas station she filled her car at, what grocery store she frequented.. credit cards were beautiful things for an interested party like me. I just happened to be at her favorite coffee shop at exactly the same time she visited normally the next day, laying in wait.. sipping a mocha. Dani didn't want someone too similar. Normally on a bright day like this, I'd wear a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses.. but I needed Dani to notice me and recognize me, so I suffered through. I thumbed through a magazine, Us Weekly, something Dani wouldn't be interested in. She had no time for gossip. I had positioned myself so she'd see me just as she came out with her chai. "Vanessa?" her voice was light, unsure. I looked up and smiled at her 'Oh, I'm so surprised but so very happy to see you here!' "Dani! Wow, um hey - I'm sorry I disappeared on you the other night. You seemed really nice... I just... " I trailed off, an invitation for her to step in. "It's okay," she said as she stepped closer. I gestured to the chair across from me, inviting her to join me. "I'm really glad I ran into you... that drink was amazing." She covered. She was interested, she took the bait. Now I just needed to coax her in. "I had a feeling you'd like it, you just seemed like an apple sort of girl.. sweet," she blushed.. I was coming on a little too strong, I had to play it just a bit shier. "I.. I was kicking myself all night that I didn't ask for your number. You seemed so nice.. just this energy about you.. " I looked down, feigning embarrassment, "It's stupid." I pushed my chair back and started to stand. She reached across the table and placed her hand on mine. She was trembling ever so slightly.. the hair on her arm was raised. "No, Vanessa.. I was wishing the same thing," the last word rang flat. A lie. She hadn't been thinking the same thing, but she wanted me to think she had been that interested.. she was ready to take a risk. Blushing on command wasn't easy, but I did it nonetheless. "I uh, here.. " I fished a business card out of my purse and scribbled one of my cell numbers on it. I slid it across the table to her, I had to appear reluctant to touch her back. The weakness would draw her in. "Would you.. like to get dinner sometime? I know this Chinese dumpling place that I haven't been to in a while.. " I knew she liked the place, she'd left a positive Yelp review for it, she hadn't been there in eight months. "That sounds really nice.. how about Friday?" "I.. that sounds great," I looked her in the eyes now and my smile read 'I really, really like you but I'm afraid you don't like me the same way'. "I'll text you the place and we can meet there?" "How about I pick you up?" Shit. I misread that one, I couldn't be the passenger in her car, it would tip the power dynamic too far in her favor. I was playing too timid. My mind spun for a moment on how to salvage this. "Actually, I get carsick if I'm not driving. How about I pick you up instead?" "I would like that a lot," her smile read 'I think I'm falling for you already, I need to know more about you'. I needed to feed her a tidbit. "I'm really glad you didn't think I was coming on too strong at the club. I really like that song and you looked so beautiful under the lights. Your eyes light up when you laugh.. I knew I had to learn more about you." "I'm an open book," she was actually completely open. She was making herself vulnerable, faster than I expected. I hoped this wouldn't turn out to be another Kailee. "What would you like to know?" "What's your favorite movie?" I asked - it was a test. If she was a Kailee, she'd tell me something cutesy. I'd break it off right there and resume the hunt anew this weekend, I'd done it often enough. No amount of wanting her was worth making the wrong pick again. If she had a shell for me to crack through... she'd say something serious. "It's stupid because nobody likes it, but Stranger Than Fiction - you know, that Will Ferrel movie that wasn't really a comedy?" A drama about a writer. Funny, but not silly. A good answer. "Oh, I like that one. His antics usually bother me, but he was really good in that one." "Exactly! What about you?" I went similar to her with the last response, I had to give her something mysterious, something to draw her in here. "You'll laugh," I said sourly. "I won't laugh, I promise." "Amadeus." "The one about Mozart? Okay, I didn't expect that one. Why?" "Tortured artists," I smiled. Just then my phone alarm went off. Two minutes earlier in the conversation than I planned. I had set it up to use a ringtone as the alarm, so it would look like I was getting a call. I slipped my phone out of my purse and held it under the table. "I'm sorry, Dani.. I've got to go. It's work, you know how it is. Text me your number and address.. I'll pick you up on Friday." "Sounds great. I'm glad I ran into you, Vanessa." "I'm glad you did too," I agreed, "Hello?" I greeted my telephone alarm, silencing it, grabbed my mocha with a little wave to Dani, and walked off.
  7. Hi everyone, So I've been a lurker for years. Reading your stories, a little jealous sometimes at certain scenarios. I love writing but never had the courage to write ABDL stories. Today I just felt like trying and made my own account to publish. English is not my native language, constructive criticism and ideas are always welcome. If you guys like it, I will definitely continue. Nina ":) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro The sun was finding it's way through the half open blinds, small beams of light peaking through on the early Monday morning. The first sign of hopefully good weather today, not that they wouldn't go out if there was chance of rain but for an outside activity it surely was a plus. The bedroom was quiet, except for the soft snoring of a young man. Next to his sleeping form was a woman, just a few years his senior. She had been awake for several minutes already but hadn't moved yet, she was content with just looking at her sweet for now. He had cradled himself against her, the head full of dark brown curls nestled against the woman's bosom and his hand holding onto the fabric of the pink nighty she was wearing. The other one held a grip onto a stuffed red panda, his favourite animal. His light snores wear still heard, but the pacifier in his mouth continued to move up and down every now and then as he suckled. He also was content. This new dynamic had been going on for seven weeks now, they had been together for two and a half. But they had both missed something in it, well, Jessy mostly. A mother. Esmee had always cared for him, right from the start she nurtured him a little more then a girlfriend probably should have. But that's what he needed, someone to tell him what do, make his decisions. It gave him structure, less stress and she was more then happy to see him blossom in life because of that. She was his partner but also his mama now. In the last seven weeks there had been changes, obviously all in agreement. Some he was unsure about, like the bedroom across the hall being turned into his nursery. He liked the big bed, loved snuggling with his Mama as he slept. But there he was all alone with just his panda, so for now they agreed only naps were to be taken in his crib. Diapers on the other hand hadn't been much of a problem. He was naturally a little lazy, so the diapers were introduced as the perfect solution for gaming, no potty breaks needed. Jessy liked his diapers, the infantile underwear felt nice and thick. And his Mama always gave him bum pats when they snuggled, those were the best. With every drop of motherly love Esmee gave Jessy the last seven weeks, he became a different person. He slept better, was less anxious and just in general much happier being her little boy. There was only one thing that he struggled with most, outside. Jessy had no trouble being his Mama's boy inside, but out of the house? What if friends saw him, family? Or if a stranger noticed the bulge of the thick pampers? The thought on it's own made him physically ill. What if they noticed? Esmee understood, but this dynamic they had, she liked it too. More then she was willing to admit and she wasn't just going to 'play house' at the house. So every now and then she would take him with her on errands, just small ones. Dressed in shorts a size too big, a clear white onesie underneath that was snapped closed at the crotch, the tight fabric against his thick diapers and a striped red and white t-shirt to hide it under. They would wander through the grocery store, one that was two towns away from theirs. She would hold his hand, like any mother that wouldn't want their child to wonder off. Jessy would toddle next to her, his legs splayed apart because of the underwear. And he was quiet, with a faint little blush on his cheeks as Esmee walked through the store with him, occasionally patting his crinkling behind, reminding Jessy of his status. And with every small outing the young man had with his Mama, he felt more relaxed. It was only a small routine trip after all, she was there, making sure he was alright and taken care of. On the last trip he even emptied his bladder, right there in the baby isle as Mama was getting new wipes. But today would be different, today they were going to the zoo. Jessy was excited to see the red pandas, but the realisation that it was a full day out made him anxious. And when he was anxious, he became a fussy little boy. He didn't listen or cleaned up his toys. To top it all off, Mama made him lunch and he purposely tossed it on the floor. Yesterday evening they were supposed to go out for dinner with friends, the first time in a full week he would be out of diapers and in a pull up. Mama made him wear those just to be sure. But she had canceled it because of his behaviour, told them they couldn't make it. And when Mama announced that, Jessy threw his PlayStation controller on the ground in anger. As it collided against the black tiles, the back came off and the controller glided away to the other side of the living room. Seeing the state of the item he immediately regretted it, more reason because it been a gift. Mama had pulled some serious strings to get it for him when it came out, it was hard to get but she managed and here he was throwing it around. Esmee wasn't going to punish him for his behaviour, she knew what the real source of the behaviour was. Not to mention that the guilt was already written over his face before the controller had come against the ground. His cheeks were now red, glistering of tears in his eyes as he looked up slowly, even Jessy was embarrassed at his own childish tantrum. So she took his hand, deciding that an early bedtime and some extra motherly love was in order. Now here they were the next morning, Jessy cradled against his loving Mama as he dreamed of red pandas with diapers on.
  8. Chapter 1 “Aww look like the little ones lost. Oh well, they can become the next lost ones in my game but now I need a new bunch. These past few haven't been as much fun. They end up giving up too quickly.” The lady gets an idea and snaps her fingers. She then pulls out a laptop laying it on her large table. It has character sheets on it that look in bad shape before they crumble to dust and blow away. She opened up a group chat on her favorite d&d website. There were 4 people chatting back and forth. She smiles as she read them the first one is from someone’s username ‘Beast’ “Hell ya, nat 20 bitch! I want to kill it as cool as possible!” The next person to respond was just called ‘GM’ “Ya ya...how the heck do you get so lucky at all my games…? You just break all my stories.” GM explained how Beast killed the large Minotaur with his large two-handed weapon. “Now Brick, can you roll a d20 for me? You did get knocked out after all.” This ‘Brick’ person rolls a d20 getting a 10 “Come on, my rolls are so bad! I swear this game is rigged!” The last person types just called ‘hunter’ replies to brick “Hehehe seriously? We've been playing these games with the same group for over a year now and you think it's rigged? Come on man take a chill pill.” Brick replies back “Ya ya...whatever.” Gm replies next “Ok brick is going to be out for a few days. You can move on and carry him or stay and rest. But we can do that tomorrow. I need a break. But has it really been a year already? And I still have yet to get to play a single game myself…” Beast replies “Well none of us know how to DM. But fine go to bed, he's probably got a bedtime! Sleep tight lol” Hunter replies “Damn it beast, can you be nice to our DM for once?! I got an idea! DM if you find a new DM we can all play a game how's that sound” Brick replies next “I'm in! That sounds like fun! I bet the DMs even better at this damn game than me anyways.” Beast just sends a rolling eye emoji “Ya sure whatever as long as I get to be the badass two-handed ax welder!” The DM replies “Really?! Deal! I'll look for a new DM tonight and get back to you all. I'll text you all later, bye!” DM has logged out, appears in the chat log. Then Hunter replies. “Heh, he's cute when he's happy. Later beast, later brick see you tomorrow!” Hunter has logged off. Brick replies. “Cute? What was cute about that? never heard him speak like that. Anyways see ya man.” Brick logs off and then so does beast. The lady at the table smirks. “Well, Natalie looks like you just found your next group. Now to figure out who this DM is.” Natalie gets to work looking up everything she can off his account and finds the name Laphin after hacking into his account. “Lapin heh cute name. Hmm, interesting he lives not too far away. What are the odds, guess I rolled a nat 20.” She writes down the address and begins to make an invite to a huge D&D game on her laptop. She quickly finished it and Put lapin's info on it and drove all the way to his place putting it in his mailbox. “Now we just play the waiting game~” Laphin is an 18-year-old boy about 4’5 he was quite short. He is a white tiger with glasses he has taped up. He stands up from his computer desk and sighs. “How am I going to find a DM? I'm so tired of DMing games, I want to play for once. I also don't want to let my friends down. Well, I know hunters, my friend, and maybe brick? I don't think beast likes anyone. I really need to get everyone's IRL name sometime.” He lays back on his bed and yawns and an older white tiger lady walks into his room. She looked like she was straight out of the wild west. She carried a gun on her hip and a cowgirl outfit. “Laphin? You're still awake? Get to bed now. Way past your bedtime!” Laphin takes off his glasses and covers up. “S-sorry mom!” Even though he was 18 his mom still treated him like a child. She leaves and he sighs laying on his side. “I bet no one else has to deal with this…what's worse is I get bullied all the time at school for it too. Glad it's my senior year, I can't wait to graduate.” Laphin drifts off to sleep, he sleeps great before suddenly he's woken up the next day. “Time to wake up, Laphin you got mail!” Lapin's mother throws him a letter and leaves. Laphin groans and rubs his eyes looking at the paper, unable to read it. He grabs his glasses and opens it up. “Why am I getting mail? Maybe I got into that nice school?” He begins to read it. “Are you big on Dungeons and dragons? Do you want to play a game for 100 thousand dollars for each person on your team?! Well, come join my challenge for your chance to win, remember teams must be of 4! Give me a call if interested if you need help paying to get your team together I'll help pay for a trip there and back! So come and join my world of Babulis!” Lapin was blown away. He jumped up on his bed and jumped off his bed making a loud thump as he quickly grabbed his phone. Suddenly his mother screams. “Laphin you better not be breaking anything in there!!” Laphin shiver “S-sorry mom! It was an accident!” He quickly messages his three friends telling them about the letter he got. His first message back was from Hunter. “Holy shit dude! This is awesome but it almost sounds too good to be true? You sure we can't trust this?” Next was brick “LET'S DO IT! I'm needing some money anyway. My rent is getting way too high.” And last was Beast to reply “100k?! Let's do this!! I'll beat this game with my eyes closed!” Laphin sighed, and it seemed only hunter wasn't sure. He messaged him back. “Come on, please don't let me be alone with beast and brick. I feel like we are the only two smart ones. But I'm sure we can win! As for safety, why would they spend so much money to get you here if it's a scam or something?” The wait was killer on Laphin before Hunter finally replied. “Heh, alright I'll come. But only if my trip over and back is paid. So you better get ahold of this person ok? I'm sure beast and brick can't afford a trip out there either. So you think you can handle that responsibility?” Laphin jumped up and down typing back “YES YES! Yay thank you, thank you!!” He messaged both beast and brick that he would make sure they had a way over as soon as he could then began to call the number on the mail he got. He held his finger over the call button nervously before taking a deep breath. He hit the call and it rang then someone picked up. “Hiya! This is Natalie! Are you calling about my D&D challenge? “ Laphin was awfully shy talking to real people, not on messages. So he talked quite quietly and softly. “Y-ya...and I got some fri-” Natalie giggles “No need to be shy, but you got some friends that need a trip over, correct?” Laphin was confused. “Ya but-” Natalie interrupts him again. “Wonderful! Just tell me their address and by next week we will start the game. I can't wait to have you all here! Don't forget to tell your family that the game might last a while so you need to be here at least a week. Maybe longer, don't worry about food, I have that covered!” Laphin was just so confused but excited “O-ok I'll get you their addresses” Natalie smirks “Can't wait to play, bye cutie~!” She hangs up and laphin just stares at his phone blushing and then smiles then his face goes pale. “Wait a week?! There's no way mom will let me do that… I’ll ask later I got a week I suppose.” He asks everyone for their addresses and sends it to this Natalie in a text. Suddenly Laphins mom calls him. “Laphin! Come and get your breakfast! What the heck are you still doing in your room??” He finishes up before He puts his phone down “Coming mom!” He then rushes to the kitchen and sits at the table and his mom sits some eggs and bacon in front of him. “Thanks, mom” He sighs and begins to think about how he can ask his mom if he can go play a game of D&D for a week or so. Then he remembered his mom was very greedy. “Oh, mom! You know these games of D&D, I play?” She sighs “Oh, these games that you play when you should be studying?” Laphin groans “I guess, but schools too easy! But that's not the p-” His mom interrupts “Laphin I don't care it’s still just a stupid game they cant make you money!” Laphin smirks “What if I told you I could make 100K from one game if I win?” His mom looked interested. “I'm listening…” Laphin then goes on to explain his chances at this game with his friends. “A week? Or more? Hmm.” They finished eating. “Hmm...Fine but if you win you will pay me some money you owe.” Laphin jumps up out of his chair and hugs his mom “Thank you, thank you! Anything! You can have it all for all I care, I just want to hang out with my friends!” His mom hugs back surprised and smiles. “I'm glad you made friends. I know it's hard with your size and all. And you just being a nerd” She laughs and Laphin blushes. “Mom!“ She pats his back. “Oh get over it Laphin you're still my little boy. But you better win this uhh game, your Christmas present might be on the line!” She laughs and he pouts. “That hardly seems fair...whatever so I can go?” She nods and he smiles. His mom gave him one last kiss on the head. Next, we head on over to Beasts place. There stood a tall black goat named Rie who wore a grey hoodie and jeans. He sets his phone down and heads to his room. He was 28 and lived alone, he smirks. “So I guess I'm meeting these nerds I play with. I'm sure hunter and DM are like these big nerds with glasses but brick acts differently. Don't even know each other's names and we are going to meet. Heh, 100k man so many things I could buy! Fuck my job I will quit as soon as I win!” Rie begins to pack clothing and stuff for next week who knows how long they will be gone. But otherwise, he has a fairly easy week till his trip. Next, let's check on Brick. Brick or Zev as he's known by is a half-goat he's got a goat tail, ears, and horns. He's a 23-year-old man who lives in a small apartment with a bunch of posters of girls. He's quite strong-looking and built well. He always wears a sleeveless shirt and shorts. He puts his phone down on his table. “100k huh? Heh, we will win this easily! Beast will kill an ill tank like normal, we are the best team! Well, and hunter he gets off a few lucky hits...ok maybe a lot whatever. So I'll be going far out next week. That's a shame. Hope mom and my little brother will be fine without me around. Probably won't even tell them so they don’t worry.” He heads to his kitchen to eat then begins to pack his bags. Next, we check on Hunter. They are in a large hoodie covering their body and some baggie pants they smile at their phone after sending their address. “Heh, Gm always acts so cute. He must be a little younger than the other two. Maybe a lot? Kinda hope he's at least 18. That would be fun.” They pull down their hoodie to reveal their long hair dyed purple and reddish-pink. She was a young girl about 26 her name was Zoe. she laid back on her bed. “Hopefully he's not underage….that would be awkward. He acts like he's 15 sometimes. Oh well, guess I'll find out next week. I'm kinda excited for everyone to meet me. I'm sure they think I'm a guy. Better off I'm sure brick and beast would have been hitting on me a lot if they knew.” She giggles. “But that's how I preferred it. I know if Beast or brick knew I was a girl I would never hear the end of it...gross there ok friends I guess, but I don't see myself with assholes like them. Well bricks less of a dick and just kinda...dumb heh” She fantasizes about their first time meeting. Now that everyone was on track all they had to do was wait to see each other next week. I know I'm excited too. Oh sorry, you know me, I'm Natalie and I'm going to be telling the rest of this story. I would let the others tell it but there...busy! Very very busy. WANT TO READ MORE I HAVE 2 MORE CHAPTER UP ON MY PATREON OR YOU CAN WAIT TILL ITS COMPLEATE BEFORE ANY MORE ARE POSTED HERE. I POST A NEW CHAPTER EVERY FRIDAY! ONLY $1 A MONTH https://www.patreon.com/Little_Rie
  9. Chapter 1 Aikawa is a tall black fur bull with a red shirt and jeans. He was working like normal at his job. He's worked at for years. When he got called into his boss. Aikawa takes a seat and sits across from his boss who sighs. “Hey, look ill get straight to the point. we have had a major decrease in sales lately and we are now losing money.” Aikawa looked confused “Am I not doing a good enough job?” He shakes his head. “No no! You are doing a wonderful job! But that's the problem you have done such a good job you are being paid quite a bit. And we can't afford it, unfortunately. So we are going to have to let you go” His eyes get big “Wait, you can't do that. I need this job! Come on please I will lose my house...I just bought a car and I won't be able to pay anything.” He nods “I understand but we have thought about this long and hard. I'm sorry Aikawa but you’re fired.” He started to get angry, jumping out of his seat and knocking it over. “You know what?! Like I care! Screw you and screw this place I worked hard at this place for years and this is how you treat me! No, I'm not fired! Because I quit!” Aikawa leaves the room and slams the door and tears up heading to his office to clear out his thing he quickly grabs what he wants and storms out trying not to cry. For a big strong bull, he was pretty emotional. He put his stuff in his car and got in the driver's seat and put his head on the steering wheel crying some. "What am I going to do...? I'm lucky my bills are paid this month along with my car but what about next month...if I don't find a new job quick ill be moving back in with mom..no ill live on the streets before I get that desperate." He laid there a while before Finally starting his car “I just need to get home and clear my head” He begins to drive home with the radio playing some music he loves to take his mind off things even though all he wanted to do was cry. He was able to stop himself from crying. What good is crying going to do, If anything it will only make a situation worse? He thought to himself. He Finally makes it to his home, pulling his car into his drive then shutting off the car then getting out. He locked the doors and accidentally locked his keys in his car. His eyes get big. "DAMN IT!" He groans and looks into the car "Today's just not my day..." He wanted to go back and cry but he didn't want to be seen either so he holds it in fighting it. "I'll just go inside and play some games with friends on my computer. That helps me take my mind off stuff ill call a lock pick later." He heads to his door then remembers he also locked his door key in the car. He kicks his door so hard from anger he accidentally kicks a small hole in the bottom. Now he was just angry, luckily for Aik, he keeps a spare key hidden under a rock in his yard. He goes out and grabs it, he heads to his door and unlocks it. He gets inside, shuts his door and throws his shoes off, and sits at his computer desk. "keep calm... Just relax Aik...if not you will have to pay for more shit you can’t afford." He breathed in and out deeply hoping to calm down. But it got a bit too much for him and he silently started to cry when one of his friends called him on discord. He quickly rubs his eyes and takes a few more deep breaths to calm himself. Before grabbing his headset and joining the call. "Hello?" He said. "it's about time you answer. I thought you were ignoring me or something." His friend said joking around with a laugh. "Nah just had to take a long piss. But you know I had work today why would you even call? I might have still been at work." He lied and laughed. It was kinda a forced laugh, His friend kept laughing as well. "Good point, I forgot oh well don't matter I just got excited and had to show you, dude. I sent you a link to this cool new website! You answer a few questions then boom you're sent money directly to a special bank! It's so easy, I have only done a few once in a while you get some strange questions but you should check it out!" Aik sat there thinking that sounds like a wonderful way to make money. And he wouldn't have to leave his house. But it was odd how convenient it was. "hmm ya, I'll check it out. Thanks, dude. Now-" He was interrupted "wait hang on a second" His friend muted himself for a while. But it gave Aik time to think and check out this website. ‘Www.surveybab.com’ he clicks the link and it goes to a nice-looking website easy to navigate too. He wondered what was up with the name though. "Survey bab? Must mean something like... Uhh, big amazing bounties?" He laughed at other things it could be that did cheer him up quite a bit. His friend was still muted, So he decided to sign up for this; he just had to make a username and password and fill out a bunch of other information. He makes his username Aikawa. Surprisingly it's not taken. Awsome he thought. He also noticed a small stuffed animal on the side of the screen but thought nothing of it. Next was a password but he had a program on his computer that would make random passwords and save it so all he had to do was remember one master password to his other passwords. He gets a random password and hits next. Next was a bunch of questions to start reading them out loud. Still seeing the bear on this page. "How old are you" Aik Types in 22 "Do you live alone or with someone?” He types in alone "Do you have any other source of income?” He goes to write yes but stops. He then puts in use to. He keeps going through a lot of others then gets to the last few. "If you start a survey you must be willing to finish it, doing so could result in being kicked off. Whoa, but I guess I could understand that. I wouldn't want to do that." He agrees to it then reaches the last question. And it says one thing. "Do you like toys? The heck? Uhh... Sure?" He puts yes and hits finish. Finally, he gets to a screen with a bunch of recommended surveys to start with. He looked kinda confused as to what to start with. He also had a money counter at the top that had 1.00$ on it. “It must give you a dollar for signing up and I bet my friend got something because I clicked his link.” Again he noticed that bear on the screen it was like it was watching him. But then he remembered and checked the discord and his friend messaged him. "Sorry man, I gotta go my lady's mad because I won't get off the computer. Catch you later man, peace." Aik sighs he was kinda relieved he didn't want to talk he kinda just wanted to spend time alone but he wasn't going to ignore his friend. But this did give him time to answer surveys. It was 5 pm and he didn't have to work so he could do surveys till he passed out. So he does, he starts his journey down survey rabbit holes. Some would be like 50 to 100 questions. It was very boring but it was kinda engaging like the questions were specifically made for him. Once in a great while, he would get some strange questions. "Do you or anyone you know buy toys for themselves or yourself?" He checked no and continued answering them. Another strange question appeared in the next survey. "If you had the chance, would you buy some toys and play with them? We have seen an increase in adults enjoying toys." He wasn't sure but he marked yes, I mean he's an adult but hey playing with some toys could be fun he guesses. He was having fun answering questions at this point and he'd already made 50$. It wasn't much but hey it was easy money but it was 1 am and Aikawa had to head to bed. But it was like something was telling him he needed to buy something. He got to the store on the same site and found most things cheaper than normal shops. This was nice then he noticed a bear, the same one that's been looking at him on every page of the question. He was almost enthralled; he couldn't stop thinking about it. But he didn't find it that odd. He sighed and shrugs "Why the hell not. It's... Kinda cute. Maybe I can give it to my friend's kid. Or just sit it on a shelf." He clicks on it and pays for it. It was pretty cheap at 5$ with next-day delivery. "Wow, even next day shipping? That's amazing, this site is incredible. Can't wait to come back and do more stuff it was kinda compelling. It's almost like a full-time job on its own." He chuckled some but he needed sleep. He undresses down to his boxers and lays down in bed. Unaware of what might happen in the coming days. He falls asleep and dreams of doing surveys in his sleep. Chapter 2 Aik gets woken up by his doorbell ringing. He groans and gets out of bed throwing on some PJ pants and answering the door. "Hello...?" He said kinda zoned out before he saw the postman. "Sign here." Aik signs and is given a box then the postman walks off hopping back in his car and driving off. Aik shuts his door looking confused and grabs a knife to cut open the box. Inside was a teddy Bear that he ordered last night. There was a strange machine that he pulled out the Teddy Bear. He then sets it beside him. Seeing the bear so much in the Surveys secretly made him secretly excited to really have it. But his curiosity was on the machine that he pulled out of the bear checking it out. It's got a cord to plug it in, then another cord that looks like a USB. He was even more confused at this point. But he notices a paper on the bottom of the box. He grabs it, sits the strange machine on the table then reads the instructions. "Hello, thank you for doing so much work on surveybab.com as thanks we sent you a very thank you gift. a special machine called Care-o-Matic. that will help you make money more quickly. All you must do is hook it up to your pc through the USB cable. It does have a chance to order items it thinks you will enjoy but they will be very cheap. It will learn as you answer questions. Also, software updates and new parts can be added to it, they will be coming to you free of charge. Once we think you need them anyways. The current version is 0.1, it's the most basic version and can't do too much more than specified. You can buy new attachments from the store or wait for the free features to come. So get back to work and make Some money! Love the Survey bab team." Aik looks at the Care-o-Matic and grabs it along with the Teddy Bear and takes them to his computer. It's only 9 am, he could get in a few surveys before lunch. He plugs in the Care-o-Matic and puts the bear beside his computer, it made him feel safe watching him. He gave it a smile then logs in to his computer and starts to answer questions. Some of the questions start to get more and more strange and off-topic. "You said you would buy a toy and you did. Do you mind telling us how you like him and what his name is?" Aik looks confused "Why would it ask that...uhh whatever." he grabs the bear and feels him "Well, he's very soft... And his names... Chocolate!" He laughs and gives it a small hug and puts it back on the desk. These questions made him feel younger almost but were very relaxing. He fills the questions in but the strange questions get more frequent than last night. As another comes up. "When was the last age you remember having an accident" Aik looks at it "Accident? Like wetting myself...? Why would it ask that... That's kinda personal but maybe just to learn what age kids stop having accidents?" Aik shrugs it off and types in 9. He also noticed all these surveys ask about his age and gender. It got pretty repetitive but whatever it was easy. Before too long Aik felt like he was floating outside his own body watching himself do surveys. Maybe he was bored, or maybe he was just so in the groove he didn't even have to pay attention? But he couldn't oddly, he couldn't stop at all. minutes changed to hours, it was already 5 pm. He hasn't eaten or used the restroom all day but he finished a survey and something brought him back to reality something was dripping down his leg he looked down and noticed he wet himself. Aik blushes and stands up shaking his leg. "T-the hell?! Crap I must have spaced out so long I forgot I had to pee! Damn it glad no one was here to see that." Aik quickly takes off his clothes throwing them in the basket. He grabs a towel to soak up the urine on the ground before he hopped in the shower. He related and just sat back thinking about what happened. “So odd I don't even remember having a feeling to pee…” He sighs, getting out and drying off. He changes into some new clothes. He goes to where he wet and picks up the towel. "So glad I live alone, anyways... What time is it? 5 pm?! I did surveys for 8 hours straight?! No wonder... I'm starving too. Note to self eat breakfast before starting surveys heh." Aik goes and makes some food to eat quickly then goes back to his desk. sitting down at the desk all he sees on it is an item that says bought and it goes back to the Survey page. "The heck? It just spent 20$? Damn thing must be broken!" But he couldn't complain he made over 100$ doing surveys for 8 hours twice as much before the Care-o-Matic so what was 20$ it's probably going to be something he likes. He hopes anyway it's supposed to learn what I like anyways. He decides to get in a few more surveys while he's there. Some of them ask the same question again. "What age were you when you had your last accident?" Aik goes to write 9 then blushes "W-wait... I technically had an accident...but I should probably write the truth" He puts in 22 then the question starts to get even more strange. "Because you're 22 and had an accident, have you ever considered an adult diaper?" Aik looks strange and puts in no. He could control his accidents it was a one-time thing. "What a stupid question... I'm not losing control... I just lost track of time. I'm not a baby." He finishes the last few as it keeps asking him basically the same question over and over. In every survey. He started to space out again and he swears it reads. "I need diapers." He keeps reading it over and over before he realizes what he's doing. He looks and it's 1 am and he feels wet again and looks down and he's wet himself again. But he can't understand why. "What the hell?! Again...huh? Maybe the questions were right?" He cleans his mess up then takes another shower. He gets dressed and he goes to lay down but stops and walks to the desk grabbing his bear and going back to his room. "it's been a strange day hasn't it chocolate? Well except maybe you... Uhh, you want to sleep with me...? What the heck are you doing Aik...you're an adult, not a child." But He makes the bear nod and smiles “But no one has to know…” He lays down and puts the bear beside him and hugs it. He didn't have a girlfriend or anyone to sleep with and this made him happy and not feel so lonely. These surveys got harder and harder to take his mind off. He had fun doing them; he couldn't even remember to get off to eat and pee. But that wasn't that big of a deal. Right? He quickly fell asleep hugging his bear wondering what tomorrow will bring. Chapter 3 The next morning aik woke up around 8 am. It was very early compared to normal but all he could think about was doing more surveys. He sat up in his bed. His crotch was cold and wet. He pulled his covers back and he couldn't believe his eyes. He was wet, not only wet but soaked. He had pissed himself. He felt so ashamed and so confused at what was going on. He has never had an accident like this in forever. He grabs his bear and hugs it and gets up slowly, he begins to strip his bed. After he takes it all to the laundry room to wash later. He heads to the bathroom and strips and takes a shower. He thinks long about the accident today and peeking out at the teddy bear on the bathroom counter. He shakes his head and finishes his shower and gets out dries off and goes to his bedroom for clothes. He gets dressed and begins to talk to himself. "Man, if I keep this up... I might need diapers." he shakes his head and blushes "what am I saying? I don't need diapers, I'm not some kinda baby... But the Surveys seem to think so and they seem like they know me better than I do?" Aik looks at his bear sitting on the bathroom cabinet he grabs and hugs him walking past his computer. Looking at the bear-like it's almost another person. He's growing to like this bear way more than he ever would have thought. "Do you think I need them diapers chocolate?" Suddenly a voice comes from the Care-o-Matic as he walks past. But aik mistakes it as chocolate talking. "of course you do, but that's ok I love you anyway! You have a problem, unlike most adults. Remember you use to have a Bladder problem as a child they said it could come back. but think of this, you could answer questions all day without having to worry about using the bathroom!" Aik blushes as much as he hates the idea of wearing diapers. He kinda liked the idea of not having to go to the bathroom and being able to do questions all day but he wishes he had a way to have food brought to him. Then he remembered the Care-o-Matic has upgraded, maybe he can get one that cooks him food. He quickly gets on his computer keeping chocolate close looking in the survey store. He finds an upgrade for it from 0.1 to 0.5 it can do a few more things but importantly it cooks food. It basically has arms and legs and will plug itself back in when low battery. It can do a bunch more stuff but Aik decides not to read all of them and quickly buys it up. It was quite expensive at about 80$ but he didn't care. It left his account low on money but it was with it in his eyes. Now he just had to wait, he opened up a survey to prepare to work. Suddenly the doorbell rings nearly jumps out of his seat, he then remembered the Care-o-Matic ordered him something. He goes and someone is standing there with a tablet. He has him sign for it and the postman hands him a big box. He takes it inside opening it up. His eyes got big and his face turned red. It was a case of 40 adult diapers. What if someone saw this he thought. He would die of embarrassment. But even if, let's just call it care from now on. thinks he needs diapers. Well, He was starting to believe maybe care knew him better than himself. He takes the case out of the box and takes it to his room sitting them on the bed and looking at them. He could not believe he was about to try this. He opens the case and pulls out one of the huge diapers.it was just a plain boring white color. Luckily he didn't need to leave the house with these. "This is incredible... They're so big... Who would have known they make them so big..." He gulps and pulls down his pants and boxers and he undoes the diaper laying it out. He keeps looking at his window even though it's closed. If anyone caught him he would die his heart was going a million miles an hour. He sat on the diaper and pulled it up over himself. It was soft and different. It wasn't the worst thing ever; he reluctantly tapes it up and stands up. It was sort of difficult to walk like this. But he managed he thought best not to put pants on.it would be easy to see if they got wet and didn't want to risk them leaking. He heads to his desk and finds a sandwich on his desk he looks around covering himself in embarrassment. No one was there; he sat down and shrugged. He ate the sandwich and started to do surveys. After 2 surveys he was already out of it, not because he was bored he wasn't sure why. it was almost like being hypnotized and you know you're there but you can't do anything. He can't even read the questions. It was like his body was on autopilot. It's kinda fun and freaky, he just remembered enjoying every minute. When suddenly it hits 5 pm and it completely wears off. He had an odd warm feeling in his crotch but it was weird he felt the front of his diaper and blushed. "W-when did I use it? I mean, I do need them. I guess? This is why care bought them for me. I would have been too embarrassed to do it. Thanks care, I think." Suddenly it talks back. "it's ok sweetie. Little bulls need help all the time." Aik was blown away that it could talk. He just stares at the care unit. "Y-you can talk!?" But it didn't respond, he thought he was hearing things. He rubs his eyes and scratches his ears, and just looks at it. Before his stomach growls. "I'm hungry... Last day I had to make myself something though isn't that exciting chocolate?" He chuckles to himself he felt very childish in a wet diaper with his teddy bear. He hugs chocolate before he heads to the kitchen with him. His diaper was sagging from being soaked. Who knows how long he's been wet. He makes himself a quick sandwich and heads to the front room walking awkwardly from the wet diaper. Sandwich in hand. "I probably need to change first. I definitely don't enjoy this wet diaper. Hmm, I wonder if care could get care to change me when it's updated." This really piqued his interest. He could have care do all this stuff for him and all he had to do was answer questions. This will be a blast, But he still needs a change today. he goes to his room and puts his sandwich down. He then pulls out a new diaper and removes his wet one-off and throws it away. He diapers himself in a new one. He was still pretty nervous but much quicker that time. It was different but it was beginning to feel normal to him. He grabs his sandwich then heads back to his desk to eat it before working on more surveys. When he sat down though he found the screen saying thanks for your purchase. And goes to the normal screen. He looks confused but he shrugs. Probably just care she seems to know me well. "Care knows best. It will know what I want and need. But it spent quite a lot of money... 150$ shesh I'm going to have to work hard on questions if I'm ever going to use this money for food and stuff. And not diapers...and teddy bears. God, what am I four?" He sighed but he could make that back quickly. He starts working on questions getting the same feeling as before. Time Flies by and around 1 am he comes around with an awful smell. His eyes get big when he moves, once he realizes it's him. His hand moved to his crotch he was also soaked. He jumps up. "Eww! This is so gross!" he runs to the bathroom and un-tapes his diaper and cleans up a bit and throws the messy diaper in the trash "I-I can't believe this. I have no control over anything anymore, Why don't I? I swear I could control my body before this." He sighs and cleans up taking a shower luckily he didn't have to clean up more clothes thanks to the diaper. Then it hit him that he didn't take a shower after wetting himself today. Strange normally that kinda stuff grosses himself out but he wasn't thinking correctly. After the shower he dries off staying naked, then goes and grabs chocolate and goes to his room to see his sheets and stuff all washed layers out nicely. "H-hello?" No response. "That's creepy... But I won't complain...maybe a little" He grabs a new diaper, puts it on, and just lays down in his bed only diapered and hugs chocolate and smiles covering up. He's never slept in a diaper but it felt so normal to him. "Tomorrow is going to be so fun with care upgraded! Hopefully, I can get to a doctor, maybe I'm getting sick with all these accidents?" He lay for a while before falling asleep he didn't notice it but he was definitely changing these surveys were slowly hypnotizing him, making him believe this is who he is. How far will it go? Why would someone want adult-sized babies? Chapter 4 Aik grones as his doorbell rings at 6 am, he decides to ignore it; he wasn't going to leave his bed so early. whoever it was could wait till later. He quickly fell back asleep. An hour later something shakes him and he feels the covers thrown off him. Exposing his very wet diaper. Aik was still so out of it he didn't notice till he heard tape ripping off the plastic diaper. His eyes open quickly and there's a robot that looks like care and it's removing his diaper. He blushed and pulled chocolate in for a hug. He held him close unsure what to say; he just stared in disbelief as care changed his diaper cleaned him off and put a new one on him with baby powder. He was happy to be clean but the idea of anyone but himself changing his own diaper was strange. It was strange enough he had to go back to diapers. Suddenly it talks. "is the little Aikawa hungry?" It says in a calming voice. Aik nods and he swears he sees it smile and takes his hand. It pulls him out of bed in nothing but a diaper and it leads him to the kitchen. He was still holding his bear close; it was the only way to feel comfortable right now. He sits down and air escapes his diaper he blushed some. suddenly. The robot begins to cook making waffles. It smelled amazing aik couldn't wait. A bit later care puts a plate in front of him and a waffle with a bunch of syrup. Aik licked his lips and dug in eating it all up. Nearly forgetting his situation. Care suddenly grabs the plate and hands aik a tablet and Aik looked confused looking at the tablet it was signed in to his account on survey bab. "How about you get to work?" He looked at it and it had a Survey link opened up. “But…” He was quieted as she forced his finger to hit the start survey. It was like his mind went blank again. He waddles his way to the front room laying on the rug and starts to do questions but this time oddly there done with pictures, it's awesome. He didn't have to read at all. It was so relaxing he kicked his feet back and forth and just spaced out like normal. His diaper would crinkle every leg move but he didn't pay enough attention. He couldn't remember what he was answering but it was about his favorite toys and stuff. He was out of it for another 8 hours before he was able to move on his own again. He started to think it was suspicious but something was also telling him what's the point if you're having fun and his hand touches the front of his diaper and a change. He giggles Blushing. He found it funny he couldn't control it now. He was such a child he's never felt so relaxed in his life. "Care... Umm, can you help?" Care comes in with a diaper in hand and quickly gets him changed into a new one. Aik smiles. "Thanks, care." Care walks off and comes back with more food and puts it in front of him, it was a hamburger. He was starving; he quickly ate it up. But today he wanted to do more than questions. A strange part of him wanted to play with something. He had chocolate but he needed more toys. He opened the store on his tablet and just clicked a bunch of toys just buying a ton. He pays for them all and looks excited for tomorrow. He didn't care about how much money he had only about what he wanted. He holds up chocolate smiling. "See that chocolate! Me and you will have more friends soon!" He looks at the bear for a moment. "You think care needs more upgrades? She could do more for me? That's a great idea!" He gets back to the store and finds a final upgrade for care. This will completely take care of anyone to the max. He quickly ordered it agreeing to anything it asked him. To Aik this was his own decision but it was the surveys. once he spaces out it starts to hypnotize him by repeating what he is and needs to do over and over and over. It's getting bad he's starting to forget what age he is. He lays back and plays with chocolate pretending it can talk and care comes in and touches Aiks diaper and he blushes. "Y-you just changed me I don't need it again...I'm playing shesh..." It gives him a curious look "Well, you are wet again already it has been a few hours." Aik looks surprised and puts his hand on his own diaper. "A few hours?! I just started playing! Whoa, it is wet...aww." Care pats his head and picks up aik. Aik wasn't small so this surprised him so much. "Ahh! P-put me down please!" Aik hugs care close and she takes him to his room. she changes his wet diaper. And lays him back in bed and covers him up, Care kisses his head. "Time for bed." Aik looked blown away. "B-bed? It's... 7 pm?" Care nods. "Yap and also your new bedtime. Now get to sleep." Aik wasn't a bit tired he grumbled. "Stupid robot... I'm not sleepy, you need to take care of me not give me a bedtime!" Care grabs a book and sits by his bed. It was a children's book where did aik get that? he didn't own any strange. Care started to read and Aik could not stop listening. It was like it was also hypnotizing him. it was familiar but he liked it before too long he fell asleep. Care puts a pacifier in his mouth and aik oddly accepts it and sucks it hugging his bear. Care gets on his computer and ordered a bunch of stuff. Today was probably Aik's last day of being somewhat of an adult. But aik will probably accept it pretty easily after more surveys. Chapter 5 Aik could hear the doorbell ring again today but he decided to ignore it again. He could feel his diaper was soaked and he was still sucking his pacifier, he hasn't realized he even has it yet. But care was sure to get the door. The mailman brings a bunch of boxes in the house, to care some are really big and some quite small. What could all the boxes hold? Care opens each box setting them all out. One has an adult-sized crib, another adult-sized baby clothes. Another an adult high chair. The next had an adult playpen. And a whole bunch of toys and stuff enough to change Aiks entire house into an adult baby house. Hours passed and Aik didn't wake, but he was moved. He gets picked up and laid on a table he yawns and feels his cold wet diaper being removed. This woke him up quickly and he looked down to care, changing him. he smiles and relaxes. And goes to talk through his pacifier. "fanks cawe. I not realize I was wet..." He blushed hearing how he was talking and pulls out the pacifier and looks at it confused. Why was he sucking a pacifier? "How did I get this...? I mean it's odd it was relaxing." Aik looks around while he's getting changed. All his stuff was gone, his room looked like a nursery. a crib sat where his bed used to be that's when he noticed he was laying on a changing table. He felt like he should freak out but something was telling him this is normal. But he wasn't sure. Finally, care finishes his change and starts to put a cute red onesie on him and he blushes. Ok, this was definitely not normal. "I-i can wear big kids clothes care..." They look at Aik and it smiles. "Aww it's ok but these hide diapers better and help with the sag. I wouldn't want anyone to see you in them, would you? I promise I know what's best." Aik thinks for a while, was that true? This gave care enough time to quickly put it on him before he realized it. "H-hey!" Suddenly care picks him up and walks to the kitchen and Aiks eyes get huge as he sees his whole house looks like it's made for a giant baby. This was enough to make him know this was not ok "What happened to all my stuff?! What's with all the baby stuff?! Care! " Next, he's put in a big high chair and strapped in, and has the tray put on his high chair. He couldn't get out if he tried. "Let me out now! Stop, cancel! I want to go back to normal! I was ok with the diapers but this is way too far you stupid robot!" Care puts a tablet in front of him on his tray and has surveybab.com opened. He looked down and instantly calmed down. He couldn't control himself; he started to do surveys now all surveys were pictures of toys and stuff he would like. Suddenly it's pulled from his hands he feels himself whine a bit before he can think somewhat normally again. "Huh? What happened? " Aik looks around and care sits in front of him with some baby food cans. For some reason, Aik felt like this was normal. He felt like he was freaking out over something but for some reason, it was normal to him. "Open up baby" Aik didn't know what but he had a strong sensation to do as care asked. He opens his mouth and care puts a spoon full of food in his mouth. It was good, This made him smile. He kept getting spoon-fed by care till it was all gone and he was full. He lay back on his high chair as care took him out and held him taking him to the front room sitting him in a large playpen. There's a bunch of all the toys he picked out and chocolate was also in there. Aik didn't know why but he just wanted to scream with excitement he thought this was not normal but he knew it had to be. "TOYS! Yay!" Aik couldn't contain his excitement. He started playing with all his toys, later care gave him his tablet and he would play and answer questions. He couldn't remember the last time he had some much fun. He suddenly could feel he had to pee and poop but he was having too much fun to care as he just lets it all go laughing and having a blast. It was almost like he was no longer blanking out completely during surveys. Later Care comes into the room "Seems like someone had an accident" Care smiled at him and he continued to play, unable to quit even if he wanted to which he didn't. Care picks him up and he grabs some toys. "NO! I WANT TO PLAY!" He threw a tantrum then care gave him a stern look "You've been playing enough first you need a diaper change baby. Or you will get a rash in that stinky diaper" He throws the toys in his playpen and crosses his arms pouting. Then it hits Aik what he's been doing and what he just did in his diaper and he blushes like Crazy. Aik couldn't figure out why he was acting like this. Then it hits him. "THE SURVEYS! I-I GOT TO QUIT THEM! OR I'LL BE LIKE THIS FOREVER!" Care lays him down on the changing table and gets ready to change him before he rolls off the table and lands on his butt feeling everything squish around. He felt disgusted. He tried to get up but his legs just gave out on him. He keeps trying before care picks him up. "Goodness are you ok? it's ok you probably haven't learned to walk. Or forgot." This scared Aik he couldn't even think while he was changed and cleaned up and put in a new diaper. Was care in on this? She's trying to change him in more than one way he had to get away. "I-i can't walk...? Ever?" Care picks him up. "Maybe once you are all grown up sweetie. right now you're still way too young." Aik normally didn't cry easily, But he just burst into tears. "I'm an adult, not this baby I'm not! It's this survey! You can't make me do them anymore! They're messing up my Brain and making me a baby! Please! Care if you really know what's best you will help me!" Care didn't listen and took him to the playpen and plopped a pacifier in his mouth and forced his face into the tablet. He started sucking his pacifier slowly, stopping the crying not even remembering why he was crying. He went back to doing surveys and playing with his toys while sucking his paci. He doesn't even remember when but somehow he passed out face first hugging chocolate and his soggy diapered butt in the air. Care came in and picked him up and changed his soggy diaper and then put him in his crib with no change. "Analysis... Aikawa is trying to fight back. This might take a few more days than expected to fully make his mind into a baby for good. Punishment program engaged, Yelling, trying to run or anything bad will result in a bad punishment. Will make my little baby boy love his new lifestyle." Care leaves the room and goes to the front room to charge and plug herself into the computer. Chapter 6 Aik was in such a deep sleep in his crib when the familiar warm liquid started to push against him, he grones sitting up. Why couldn't he feel it anymore? He's got to escape before this gets worse. He can't live like this, it's not right. He looks around, it's still pretty early. He used the bars on his crib to help him stand then held himself up. The bars went up to his chin. He was blown away by how big it was. He shakes his head and tries to climb out. He Finally gets a leg over and tries to get down but he feels so high up. He panics a little and his grip slips. He goes to land on his legs but they did nothing but slip in front of him and he slams on his butt. Lucky he had a super wet diaper, it caught his fall. He could feel his diaper leak a bit from not being changed last night. He crawls out to his front room looking around seeing care plugged in. He smiles this was his chance to escape. He crawls to the door to open it. He gets on his knees and tries to turn the doorknob but it wouldn't open. "The hell...?" He sighs and crawls to the back door it also wouldn't open "Come on... What's going on? is this crazy robot trying to keep me from escaping... It's already ruined my bladder and my walking. If it keeps going I'll never be myself again... And that's scary...it's not like I'm suffering or hurting. I'm just scared to not be myself anymore." Suddenly he's grabbed from behind and picked up. "what are you doing out of bed young man!" It was care. Aik screams and struggles, beginning to cry, scared. "Let me go you stupid fucking robot! I don't want to do this anymore!" Care looked angry. Could robots feel angry, it takes Aik to the couch and she sits down laying him over his knee. "What are you-" Suddenly his eyes get big as his diaper is pulled down and he realizes what she might be doing. He tries to fight but the robot is too strong. suddenly he feels a hard smack on his ass. Aik fights hard not to cry as it hits over and over and over and over. Suddenly Aik Burst into tears. "I'm sorry I won't do it again! Please stop! It hurts so much! Do whatever you want! Just stop the pain!" Care stops and pulls up his diaper and Hugs him patting his back as he cries. The hitting was so hard it made him wet himself again his diaper was leaking badly. Next, a pacifier was put in Aiks mouth. He didn't fight it and sucked it. It kinda helped with the pain at least and relaxed him. She then took him to the changing table gave him a quick change before taking him back to the front room. Then care sits him in her lap and hands him the tablet with the normal website on it. "I think you need to relax with some surveys, sweetie." Aik gulps. He shakes trying not to but nothing could stop it. He started doing surveys and having fun with it too. He soon began to fall back asleep. "... Regression 75% complete. Just jumped up 15% in the past hour. Best Increase all week. Upgrade to 1.0 bought and shipped. Once upgraded I will take care of my baby forever till I can't anymore." Lay him back in his crib and let him sleep a few more hours till 9. Keeping him on a somewhat schedule. Aik gets woken up and taken for another diaper change Aik was happy to be in a new diaper. Care takes him to the kitchen he's was expecting to be fed but care grabs a strange bottle and fills it with something and then care screws the strange bottle with a small nipple on its chest. Care then brings him closer and it hits him that she wants him to drink from it like he was being breastfed he blushed. He wasn't going to fight through he didn't want to be hit again. He opens his mouth and starts drinking from it. He couldn't imagine how he looked. Probably like a little baby being breastfed. At Least it tasted good. He was also feeling full from this strange stuff. Before it was empty Aik was full but he was forced to finish it all. Aik grones from his full stomach. He's sat down in something that he didn't notice. suddenly he's being pushed forward. He laid his head against the thing and closed his eyes, relaxing. He hears the door open and he's pushed outside. This woke him up as he opened his eyes great big. Even his yard looked like a place for a big kid. He couldn't say anything, what if someone saw him. This was the most embarrassing thing to happen in his life. And not only that he can feel himself filling his diaper and peeing. He could only blush as he was pushed outside and taken down the street. This makes him realize he hasn't been outside in over 4 days. The fresh air was nice but this is crazy. He was keeping a close watch for anyone he knew. But there wasn't anyone except a few ladies pushing strollers around like Aiks. That's strange he thought, then he sees the kids inside them aren't kids there are people his age and there in diapers and playing with toys. This must be all the people who have been tricked into this website. He had to fight this and save everyone. If he gave up he will be just a baby like the rest of these people. But how was he going to do that he thought? If he did anything to fight back, care would hurt him. Care kept pushing them all the way to the park. It was full of real-looking people but they all had a "baby" or two I would say the once with two are couples. Do they even remember they love each other or do they just think like babies? This made Aik shiver. These poor people are forced to live forever like this. Who's ever planned this must be so evil. But what could care have planned for him and the others? He looks back and care looks human and his eyes get big. And it says. "1.0 upgrade complete. Mommy mode engaged." Suddenly it started to talk like a real human. It was almost scary how well it was. Care smiled at Aik. "Hello sweetie. Do you want to play with some other babies? While mommy talks to other mommy’s?" Mommy? It's joking right she doesn't expect me to call her that. I won't I won't become this baby she wants me to be I won't. But the tablet was held in front of him. He doesn't remember what happened but he knows it couldn't be good. Chapter 7 Care picks up Aik out of the stroller after his hypnosis and puts some strange mittens on Aik and some kinda strange backpack on his back. Aik crawls around and sees like 15 other boys and girls. The boys had a shirt on and no pants with a big diaper and the girls had on a dress and not that he was trying but he would peek see them sitting and they also were wearing thick diapers. Aikawa felt lucky he still had pants on. He felt like the most adult person there before all his dignity was taken away and care pulled off his pants. He would be lying if the girls didn't look kinda cute and his eyes were always looking up at them. Aik blushed and was sat down by the other diapered adults with baby minds. Aik knew this was his chance to run; he starts to crawl away when he was pulled back by something. He's on what seems like a leash. He crosses his arms and sits there in the grass. That's when he remembered he was in a dirty diaper. He looked down at His diaper, it was brown in the back and yellow in the front. Not only that but he was really itchy but he couldn't scratch himself with the mittens on. He felt kinda embarrassed but no one seemed to have a normal mind anymore they were all laughing and playing with each other. Then Aiks eyes get big he sees his friend sitting there in a diaper and shirt. He looked funny. He wanted to laugh but he was also in the same predicament. He crawled over to him. He also saw his wife also diapered. "Umm... Hi, bud..." Aik waves and his friend sees him and his eyes get big and hug him "AWK! ME NO SEE YOU SO LONG!" Aik pats his back, blushing his friend wasn't much of a hugging person but he also was talking funny. "O-oh right sorry about that... What happened to you...? Are you-" He gets cut off from his friend feeling Aiks diaper and he blushes and pulls away "Miss Aiks mommy! Aik had an accident!" Aik blushed more "Shhh! And she's not my "mommy"! That's weird! She's a stupid robot." His friend looks at him "Me fank you need more surveys? You don't sound baby enough...it ok Aik! We all have fun join us!" He smiles and aik couldn't believe it he had to be imagining it. His friend wouldn't say that. It had to be the Surveys that's messing with his brain. Suddenly care comes over and lays a cover on the ground and picks up Aik and lays him on it. He was confused about what she was doing. Then she started to remove his diaper and he blushes. "W-wait! Not in front of my friend! And everyone!" Care gave him a glare and aik gulps he didn't want to be spanked. Care removed his dirty diaper and cleans him up. Aik covers his face in embarrassment with his junk hanging out for everyone to see. Care puts a new diaper under him and diapers him up. She then gives him back the tablet he couldn't control anything after that and he remembers watching himself play like a baby with his friend. They played for hours. Aik was so worried what if he didn't get back control, what if this part of his mind disappears forever. This made Aik start to cry, and knock him back to his senses he couldn't stop crying. Care came over and picked him up and rocked him and aik found it hard to stay awake. He wanted to rest, he wanted to forget about this baby crap. He wanted to be normal. He let out a big yawn before falling asleep in her arms. He woke up what felt like shortly after in his crib he was sucking on his pacifier he didn't know why but he felt very relaxed with it in. He sat up and felt his diaper was soggy he only sighed. He hated it but it was something he can't control. He knows he's better off in diapers than wetting everywhere but being treated like a full-on baby was getting to his head. He barely had anything left to fight. He started to think maybe he was just a baby then he shakes his head and slaps his face. "Stop thinking that! You're not! I-i'm sure I'm not... I'm..." He shakes and tears up "I'm...a baby..." he starts crying. And quickly care runs in with her human-like new body and picks up Aik and cradles him. "Oh no sweetie what's wrong?" Aik just kept crying unable to express how he felt he just wanted to cry but he was happy to be comforted. Soon care smiles. "I bet my baby's hungry huh?" Care pulled up her shirt and aik just started calming down some, care had real human breast but he kinda didn't care he was pretty hungry. He put his mouth over her teet like a baby would and just started to drink it was so relaxing he just drank till he was full. Then something happened to Aik. His mind was put at rest and he no longer wanted to be an adult. He wanted to be mommy's baby. No, he was mommy's baby. He pulled away from the breast and smiled. "Me full mommy!" Care smiles and kisses Aiks head. "Such a good boy!" Aik looks at his diaper. "Mommy me messy can you change my diapy?" Care takes him to the changing table and lays him down. "Well of course sweetie! Do you want your cute diapers?" Aik looked excited. "Ya! And then I want to play! And watch cartoons!" Care laughs. "Alright you can do that then" Aik gets cleaned up and put in a fresh diaper. These new diapers had childish print on them, she had taken him to the front room and put him into his playpen. He spent most of the rest of the day playing and watching TV just having fun. Aik didn't realize it but his mind was completely changed. The old Aik was nearly gone; it was crying out for help to come back. Aik would almost just be this baby if he could control it himself. He wanted to be himself not someone else. Chapter 8 It's been a few days Aiks been nothing but a complete baby. In his mind he wants to gain control, He hasn't even taken a survey in the past few days he thought maybe after that he could gain back control. But nothing came to mind. He would play with his friend and even have diapers changed together; they had a blast together. But he didn't seem that much changed except being in this little headspace. Maybe it's not changing us to be different but changing us to accept this new thing? After that Aik could feel more in control of his body but in reality, he has full control. It's more of the fact Aik didn't want to admit how much he loves this new life being a baby, it was amazing, He could play all day and not even have to stop to pee or anything. This started to go through his mind and he accepted it more and more before in his own mind he had full control. He woke up the next day in his crib. He smiled and hugged chocolate. "So I always had control... I was just too ashamed to admit it to myself." Aik feels his diaper and giggles. "Oopsie looks like the baby's wet" Aik shushes chocolate "let's not tell mommy heheheh." Aik lays in bed for a while before care walks into the room. And aik sits up quickly. "Morning mommy!" Care smiles and picks up Aik "Someone's a happy boy today isn't he?" Cares checking Aiks diaper without him noticing. "Yap!" Aik smiles Bigger "Me just realized how much me like being you baby!" Care gives a sweet smile and hugs him "Sweet taking won't get you out of a diaper change sweetie." Aik puffs out his cheeks and crosses his arms. "How did you know?" Care laughs "Well, I checked it while you weren't looking. Boy, are you soaked! But you did drink a bunch of mommy's milk before bed didn't you?" Aik nods "Mommy's got such good milk too!" Care lays him on the changing table and changes him and gets him in a fresh diaper. And picks him up she pulls up her shirt to reveal her breasts and like a newborn Aik quickly grabs on and starts to drink. Aik could drink and nearly fall asleep and know mommy would take care of all his needs. This was definitely the most relaxing time of his life. He's taken to the front room and sat down in the playpen and lays there half asleep when he hears the door open he sits straight up. "Bud?!" But it wasn't his friend he saw a few people in suits he felt embarrassed. He hasn't felt that in a while. They walk up to Aik and smile and coo at him. "Hey, little guy! We wanted to tell you we got a lot of information from you so we are going to pay for anything you want. This offers going to most of your community for accepting our little test." Aik sat there and thought ‘anything I want?’ Information? The guy could see Aik was embarrassed he just laughed. "I see you're embarrassed and confused. Let's see I'm from surveybab.com the website designed to hypnotize you into being a baby but it only works on people who mentally would enjoy this stuff. But would never admit to it." Aik blushes and sucks his thumb for comfort. He began wetting himself in embarrassment. "Y-you did this to me? So I can have anything...?" The man nods "What if me wanted to be normal..." The man Smirks "Then you would be lying to yourself, little one. But we can arrange that no problem." This made Aik blush more and think more. "Hmm, I got an idea little one how about we let you keep care forever and we will pay for everything you need and throw in a vacation to a beach. Imagine running around the beach in your diapy and laying in the sand. No one to judge you." Aik could feel his excitement rising and it sounded amazing. "But... What if other people saw me? They would mock me..." The man thinks for a second and smiles. "Well, we will rent out the beach then! Just for you and all your uhh... Adult baby friends?" Aik hopped on his diaper butt in excitement. "DEAL DEAL DEAL DEAL! YOU HEAR THAT CHOCOLATE!" The man laughs. Then look at care. "Care! Implement care for your baby till he asks you to quit!" Care smiles "I planned on it" The man looks confused "Hmm seems your care unit thinks it's actually your mom... That must have been harder on you trying to fight it thinking you don't want it." Aik nods and hugs chocolate close. "Yap me though that! Then me realize I love this! What about my friends thought, they like it too?" Aik tilts his head. And the man just smiles. "Well, most would prefer to only be babies once in a while so we allowed it. You're probably the only one that wanted to be one full-time. But I'm curious how it will affect you so continue being you. And just have fun." Aik nods and smiles big as the man leaves. The next day he and his best friend with a lot of other Littles crawling around on the beach in diapers and mommies or care units changing them. It was the most fun and cutest week ever. But Aik enjoyed every minute of it. He couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life like this. Maybe they would let him get other friends involved in the future?
  10. This is a sequel to "human to baby Pokémon" it takes place after my story please read that before this one! Storm the part eevee and part ralts child of Dakota the gardevoir and dill the eevee. Storm always knew his mom and dad where hiding something from him but when he snuck in to there room to find out he did not plan on the punishment he would get. He just hopes none of his friends come over. And what will happen when he goes back to school? Well find out in this story. Storm looks kinda like a eevee and kinda like a ralts in ways he can stand on his back legs looking mostly like a eevee that can walk in his back legs. It was the first change in Pokémon breading with different species and being part humans. But after all the humans where gone this became the normal thing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1 Storm is a cute eevee and ralts boy a standing eevee basicly. He about 12 years old he's a guy that's very manly and hates anything childish and girly. Unfortunately though he didn't know about his dad's urges. His mom and dad keep that secret from him. But he was always curious why his dad never evolved. It was stupid to him but he couldn't change his mind. But one day at night while he was soppose to be sleeping he hered his mom taking out the trash. He peeked out his door and seen his mom holing a smelly bag and taking it outside he noticed a thing of baby power sticking out of it. He didn't think much of it And shrugged it off and went back to his bedroom. But he couldn't get the thought of his mom and dad keeping a secret from him. He had to know! "ahh! I can't take it I have to find out what there hidding! But how can I do it without them noticing..." Suddenly a idea hits him. He remembered his parents had a school meeting today to talk about his own school work and stuff. But he couldn't go because it was adults only or something stupid like that. He smirks and covers up just you wait till I find out this secret. Shortly after storm fell asleep. He sleeps only in boxers. After all the humans become pokemon and had kids the adults make all the new kids wear clothing because they have more human like bodys. Kinda. The next morning storm get woke up being shook some. "storm sweetheart it's time to wake up" A gardevoir said in a soft voice. Her name was Dakota. Storms mom. Strom groaned "I'm sleeping leave me alone..." Dakota glares. "brat I said get up..." Dakota picks him up with her psychic powers and walks him to the bathroom. He blushed hating to be picked up like this. "mom!" She smirks. "I don't care young man now take a shower you haven't bathed in like a week you reek..." She sets him down and he grumbles. "I don't reak! I just smell like a big man!" She looks unamused. "mhm.... Or a baby that hasn't been changed" He bushes "alright ill take one! Just leave." Dakota laughes and leaves the bathroom. "and make sure to clean everything young man or ill come do it for you!" His face couldn't go any brighter red. "I hate it when she dose that... Thank God she don't say this stuff when my friends are over..." Storm removes his boxers and gets in the shower making sure to take a good shower then remembering last night. "oh ya! The secret... Heh once I find this out I bet I can use it against them to get anything I want!" He giggles to himself excitedly. Cleaning up quicker and getting out drying off and finding some clothes layed out for him. Must have been his mother choice. They looked casual. He threw on the boxers and a pair of shorts and a white t-shirt. "alright they should be leaving after breakfast... Then my chance." He leaves the bathroom and goes to the kitchen to see his dad, dill the eevee sitting on the kitchen chair and smiles at him. "hey kiddo! You going to be OK while me and your mom are gone?" He rolls his eyes. "duh..." He sits in a chair by his dad. And his mom puts pancakes down in front of them both. "ok eat up if anyone needs help I'll feed them." She giggles. And he roll his eyes. He can't belive they would think he can't eat himself he's freaking 12! And she still asks this. Then again she seems to look at dad when she says it. After breakfast mom and dad give me a hug. And mom looks at me. "ok emergency numbers are on the fridge and you know the rules no going in to our room without permission. Got it?" He grones. "yes mother... Shesh...." His Mom kisses his cheek making him blush and they leave. And storm takes a sigh of relief. "about flipping time... Shesh I'll wait a while to make sure they don't come back in." Storm sits down on the couch and watches some TV. Half a hour passes before he remembers. "CRAP I ALMOST FORGOT!" he jumps down from the couch and runs to his mom and dad's room nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Except it smelled like baby powder and stuff almost like a nursery. But he shrugged it off to old people smell and laughed. He looked under there bed and found a strange box he pulls it out and sits it on the edge of the bed. It's a box full of stuff like a pasifier a large one and like toddler toys. "where these my old toys...? This was definitely not my old pasifier though... This thing looks like it's for a adult... Maybe it was when mom and dad where kids? They told me there life story mostly..." He shrugged and put the lid back on it and goes to the closet and opens it up and his eyes get huge. There's a large supply of diapers and not for baby's like adult diapers but they also had some kinda baby print on them. And clothing that looks like it would fit dad suddenly it hits him. His dad dresses up like a baby. He starts to laugh. "oh my God! I can't wait to tell eveyone! I'm going to embarrass him so much!" He pulls out one of the large diaperes and unfolds it. "I sometimes forget dad's still a eevee so he's not much bigger then me... Creepy. These could almost fit-" Suddenly he's cut off from the door shutting and his eyes get big and hide the diaper halfway in his pants and half in his shirt and starts to panic seeing he left the box of stuff out he goes to move it when Dakota walks in. "STORM! What are you doing young man!" He froze with fear. Not even sure what to say his mom turns him around as he's holing the box and the diaper falls our from under his shirt and it hanging down from his pants and he blushes. And his mom smirks. "I see you found daddy's stash. And just what where you planning on doing with that?" He felt his hear beating like crazy. "n-nothing..." She smiles. "oh I get it! You wanted to test them out didn't you?" His eyes get big and shake his head. "n-no!!" Dakota laughes. Then glares at him. "i don't care if you did or not your in a lot of trouble and as punishment... you will while you are at home will be treated very special for ohh... 3 months." He gulps. "s-special...?" She just smiles and takes the box from his hand and sits it on the bed. Then grabs his hand. what could she have in store for him? He wondered it kinda scared him he never seen him mom act so... Sweet it was almost scary. He hopes he won't regret this. Chapter 2 Mom picks me up and sits me on. The Edge of there bed I sit there just staring and mom pulls out the diaper from my pants making me blush she smiles. "dill sweety! Can you come in to our bedroom?" Dad runs in and his eyes get big seeing me siting on the bed and a diaper in mom's hand he blushes. "w-what are you doing with that silly thing Dakota?" He looked very nervous I could see why they would hide this from me...i didn't know my dad was so... weird... "he knows dill" He almost wined a bit. "I think it's time we had a talk with him. And explain this to him." My eyes get big. "n-no I'm fine! I don't-" Mom glares at me it was scary. "storm shut up you are in trouble... Only speak when spoken too understand me young man?" I gulp and look down nodding she smiled. "good! Now as for all this stuff your dad is into acting like a child in diapers. That's also why he hasn't evolved." Acting like a child... And wear diapers... OK he's very weird... And he hasn't evolved because he likes to pretend he's a child... And mom tells me to grow up...I can see dad blushing and I look at him strangely. Mom pulls him closer and yanks off dad's pants and my eyes get big as I see this wet looking diaper on him it was sagging. I can't belive it... My dad's a big baby... "d-dakota!" Dad is blushing insanely and mom smirks. "alright! Dill wanted like a month where he didn't have to do anything he could pretend to be a child or baby." Dad covers his face and I look in disgust. "so dill you and storm will be my baby's for 3 months! No more adult thing except when storm has to go to school. Dill you don't work so you will be a baby most people in town know already so no normal clothes for 3 months" My face goes pale. D-did she just say my name too...dad sighs. "yes Dakota...but storm too? Why?" Mom smirks. "I'm not Dakota I'm mommy for the next few months. And storm is in a lot of trouble that's why. He broke his promise and this is what happens to kids who break promises!" I could barely think straight. "Y-you can't be serious mom...? This is a joke right? I-I'm sorry I won't do it again! But if I get caught people will laugh at me for the rest of my life!" Mom just giggles and winks at me. "then I guess you better not be caught. But don't worry you don't start school for a week you will have time to adjust to your new life style at home baby." I blush and glare "I'm not doing this..." Mom smirks. "I kinda hoped you would say that" Suddenly my body feels paralyzed. M-my mom just used paralyze on me! Oh my God I can't move is all I could think before I fall on my back blushing this can't be about to happen! "ok dill you first let's teach storm the rules while I change your dirty diapy." Dad blushes and walks up to my mom she picked him up and pulled out a strange table from the wall. It was a large changing table. She lays dad on it and starts untappeing his diaper and pulls it down I look away at this point. I don't want to see my dad's... thing... "aww looks like the little baby soaked himself that's OK mommy here to change you and make you all clean." I blush just from like second hand embarrassment. And knowing she's going to do this to me. "d-dose dad have... Like bladder problems?" Mom looked at me as she put a clean diaper on dad. "unfortunately he never learned to use the bathroom..." Dad blushes like crazy. "why?" Mom laughes. "your dad has been into diapers and I think he just didn't want to lean and going this long kinda messed up his bladder and doctors say he will never have control." What do they mean by into them? Like he just enjoys them? Weird... I don't see why people enjoy that... Being mocked looked down on... I'm already looked down on and treated like a child. He dose it willingly. Suddenly mom puts dad down and I float in the air going closer to her and my heart races. "m-mom please! We can talk about this I'm sorry please don't do this!" I start shaking and tearing up. I rarely cry but this was so humiliating I couldn't take it. "aww... Storm... It's ok... Don't cry mommy's here." She hugs me and I lean against her unable to move still crying. And Shaking. I don't even notice my mom taking off my shirt and pants. Then when she removes my boxers it hits me what she's done and I cry more. "no mommy don't please!" She just smiles laying me on the changing table and I'm blushing not liking being naked in front of my mom and dad. Mom grabs a diaper from the closet and unfolds it and lifts up my butt putting the diaper under me. All I can do is watch in horror as my mother diapers me a 12 year old! "aww your going to look so cute Storm!" I blush more and watch as she puts baby powder on me and flips the diaper over me. Just wait till she puts me down Im ripping this thing off. She straps it on then touches the front and a lock appears in it and looks like it locks and disappears. "magic my mom used on me heheh no matter how hard you try you won't be able to remove this." She can't be serious right...? This can't be happening my whole life is ruined! All because i had to find out my mom and dad's secret! And it some how it turned in to my own secret and If I tell people I'll give away my own it's not fair! Mom picks me up and I feel the paralyze disappear and she puts me down in nothing but a diaper. I blush and try and hide it. It's so hard to close my legs completely. I haven't had to use one of these since I was 3...now I get to do it for 3 months. And school starts in one week... If anyone catches me they will humiliate me to no end...this is the end of my life as the cool kid... And my new life as the freaking stupid laughing stalk baby...wait... Mom don't expect me to use this right?! Chapter 3 Mom grabbed my hand and then my dad's hand then she walked us both into the front room and sat us both on her lap. It was so weird to see my dad on my mom lap and looking like a baby. Wait what am I saying I also look like a damn baby sitting on my moms lap! God I want to die from embarrassment. "alright kiddos. Dill you probably know most of the rules but I'm going to explain the rules for the next few months." Dad lays his head on mom and sucks his thumb then looks at me blushes and hides his face in mom's chest. Is it possible to disown my own dad... "alright rule number one. You wear diapers for 3 full months no exceptions. There's a few more for storm once school starts it's a punishment not trying to make him the laughing stalk of the school." I kinda take a sigh of relief. "wait...? So d-dose that mean I got to use it... To... You know?" Mom smirks and quiets me. "I was getting to that. No more trips to the bathroom. You can only use the diaper." My eyes get big. "but that's disgusting!" Mom laughs. "you don't have a choice storm. Now rule number 3 you will both refer to me as mommy. No mom no Dakota nothing but mommy" I blush. "W-what about around my friends?" Mom pats my head. "oh especially around your friends" She giggles and I blush looking down at the padding between my legs. Curiosity killed the cat... Honestly I wish I did more like curiosity diapered the cat... I let out a big sigh. And continued to listen to mom. "rule number 4 you both will act like your age 3 years old when at home well Dill has to act like it for the full 3 months no exceptions. Storm only has to do it when he's at home while out or at school you can act your normal age of 12. Rule number 5 if you need a change you call me if at school or wherever I'll teleport there and change you. I'll try and keep people from finding out." I just stare at my diaper. This isn't happening. This can't be happening. My life is over. I'm going to be called a baby for the rest of my life. Mom sighs. And pets on dad who's clearly embarrassed to see me acting like this. "This is how we will punish you from now on Strom. "little" punishment. This is to teach you what's right from wrong. We don't believe in spanking or anything we don't like violent punishment for reasons. But I'm sure the fear of everyone will find out about this if you don't listen to us will make you act good won't it?" Spanking me probably wouldn't have made me listen... But this... This isn't fair! I don't have a choice or i'll be mocked! I'm that cool kid at my school! But I sigh. "yes mom... " She clears her throat. And glares a bit. "I-i mean... Yes M-mommy..." I bush oh my God that's so embarrassing! I haven't called her mommy since I was also like 3! "alright I think that's most of the rules now I think it's almost bedtime for my Little ones." Wait what? Bed time? I look at the clock. "U-uhh.... Mommy it's only like 7pm..." She nods and stands up holding me and dad in her arms my eyes get big and I hold on to her scared I haven't been held like this for a long time. Mom takes dad to his bedroom and lays him down. "goodnight baby" Dad blushes and smiles. "goodnight mommy!" Man just him calling mom mommy is kinda weird... What am I talking about this has been the strangest day of my life.. Mom takes me to my room and tucks me in to bed and kisses me I blush. "M-mom..." She giggles. "you're so cute your going to make a cute baby for a few months. But it's nap time. Oh you don't need changed do you? Because you won't get one till tomorrow morning." My face goes bright red. "n-no! I don't plan on using it..." She laughs. "well you will have to sooner or later. Unless you can hold it in for 3 months. Anyways good night love you." She leaves my room and i grone but I won't lie she did tuck me in to a really comfortable spot. No I can't fall asleep... It's too early... Only babies go to sleep... This.... Early.... But it was too late I passed out asleep. Probably from all the stress of today. DREAM I woke flipping the covers off me and to my surprise I was still in my boxers I smile great big. "yes! It was just a nightmare!" I jump out of bed and opened my door I see mom and dad sitting on the couch completely normal. "thank God it was just a dream..." I walk in to the front room. "hey mom? Dad? I'm hungry can I get something to eat?" They don't even act like I'm there. "... Mom? Dad? Hello?" I walk in front of them and my eyes get big. Mom and dad were suddenly younger mom was a ralts and dad was still an eevee. They were in diapers laughing and playing with each other. "mom! Dad! What happened to you two?!" Suddenly something talks in a deep voice. "I changed them in to baby's just like I'll do to you next." My body freezes and I turn and look and it's a giant diaper floating in the air coming at me I scream. And cry. NEXT MORNING I wake up screaming sitting up really fast and hugging myself shaking I pull the covers back and I see my greatest fear. The diaper. I sniff and wipe my eyes when mom ran in. "storm?! What's wrong?! Are you ok?" I nod wiping my eyes. "J-just a nightmare..." Mom hugs me and I hugged her back she gives me a confused look and suddenly grabs the front of my diaper I scream and blush. "MOM!" She smiles and kisses my cheek. "looks like that nightmare was very scary... How about we get you change?" My eyes get big and I feel the front of my diaper it was warm. N-no this can't be happening! I never wet the bed! No no no! This was just a one time thing! I know it was. I blush like crazy as mom picks me up. I can't believe this is happening. Chapter 4 While this is happening it hits me. I don't have to deal with this why am I accepting this happened?! I starts struggling in my mom's arms. I might be stuck in a dang diaper buts I'm not stuck acting like a damn baby! "put me down!!" Mom holds me well walking me to her room before I swing my arm and accidentally smack her across the face. My face goes pale as she stops and glares back at me with the most pissed off look I ever seen my mom have. "you're in so much trouble... We might not believe in hitting you but I'll show you something much... Much worse." This was terrible... Good job Strom you went and made a terrible situation worse. Mom lays me on the changing table still looking pissed I didn't move as she removes the diaper and wipes me with a cold baby wipe. I blush a lot it's so weird to have my mom clean me up. But something tells me it's going to be a bad day. Mom pulls out a new diaper and my face blushes like crazy. It was pink very girly. And mom walks over with it. "don't you dare start struggling or it will be so bad on you... Did you know I always wanted a little girl?" Mom puts it under my butt. Holy crap this thing feels thick and it's not even on yet?! Then it hits me. Mom's not planning on treating me like a girl right?! She knows I absolutely hate that. "b-but mom..." She laughs as she puts the new tick girly diaper on me it made my legs spread far then I see the locking thing again. Won't be removing this either... "aww my cute girl stormy! Good thing your the same size as your dad. I'm using the same sissy stuff I used on him when he pissed me off." Mom opens her closet and pulls out a pink dress as well and smirks. I start crying again I don't know why I this makes me cry. But I can't help it. "m-mom I don't want to be a girl it's bad enough I have to be a dumb baby!" She smiles and puts the dress on me. "don't worry, it's just today you really pissed me off for hitting me so this is what you get. Any other day you piss me off depending on how much you make me mad the punishment will change. I just hope for your sake you don't piss me off during school heh" She wouldn't make me dress up as a girl and send me to school right? No... This is mother she would so do that. OK no more pissing off mom... But God kill me. This is so embarrassing mom picks me up and kisses all over my face. "who's momma's pretty little girl!" I just look down to embarrassed to even speak. Mom takes me to the kitchen where I see dad in a highchair he's got syrup all over him and he's only in a diaper and I think we both blush and look away from each other. But dad giggles. "looks like mommy made you her girl... Better you then me..." Mom sighs. "dill your a mess come on let's go give you a shower. Stormy you will sit here and eat some pancakes while I give your dad a bath" Mmm pancakes do sound good mom puts me on the ground on my butt and undoes dad. I'm trying to get up but the damn diapers so thick I can't close my legs enough and I just fall back down and cross my arms and pout. Dad's set beside me then I'm picked up and put in a highchair and locked in with the tray in front of me. Eww... It still sticky from dad... What the heck did he do? Mom picks up dad and puts cut up pancakes on my tray. "alright you eat while I bathe your dad." She turns on the TV to some baby TV show. I grown as mom walks off. "this is awful... This highchairs all sticky! I have this TV thinking I'm some dumb baby now I can't even find my fork! Mom! You forgot my fork!" No response. "Does she really expect me to eat without one..." Then I remember how sticky dad was. Wait... Oh my God she dose... Gross... So I grab one of the pieces covered in syrup carefully with 2 fingers and eat it. At least it's good. I sigh and keep this up till there gone. Getting quite a bit of syrup on me. And sit there for what seems like forever. Watching TV out of boredom. "I'm going to have this stupid song stuck in my head all day... Can I just grab a knife and cut out my own ear drums?" I sigh. "you know what no... That would hurt more than the music..." I sat there though another like 3 episodes of the same show. I hate to admit it but I was kinda starting to like it. The music was catchy the plot was bull. But at least the music was good. It was like watching a Disney show. Suddenly mom walks in and sits dad in a play pen I didn't even know we had. Then again this must have been dad's baby stuff or whatever I don't remember a high chair being in here either. "oh no look like we have another dirty baby!" I blush. And dad laughs. "don't worry, you get use to it after a while... Be careful if mommy gives you a bath though she's rough. Heheh..." I hated hearing dad call her mommy... Wait give me a- my eyes get big. No no no! My own mom is not about to give me a bath! "no im not giving her a bath at them moment I'll wipe off her hands and stuff with a baby wipe I just got her in her cute clothes and diaper." Her? Oh.... Right.... I groan. I forgot... I'm this stupid girl for the day... At Least no one can see me... That's when the doorbell rings. Chapter 5 Mom walks over to the door opening it my eyes get big and I look away praying to God it's no one I know and hopefully they just think I'm some dumb girl... Baby girl. I hear mom talking. "hello?" Then I hear a guy's voice. It sounds so familiar. "howdy ma'am. I'm just here to pass these to all families of kids that go to the new school." No I know I know that voice... "aww thanks so much young man... But what is it?" I got curious I turn and look slightly at them. I see mom talking to a male Grovyle my eyes get big. Why is the school bully here?! I must have caught his eye because I see him look at me and I blush and look away. "well... It's..." he shakes his head "it's the list of supplies you need to bring stuff has changed with the new generation of Pokemon I'm just supposed to pass them out...uhh cute... Babies?" Mom giggles. "thanks there both very rotten especially the one in the high chair" The Grovyle laughs some and I blush a lot thinking he found me out. "well she is cute. She looks a bit tall for her age but I guess most new generation Pokemon do." He shrugs. "by the way my names Bryn. But where's your kid? Shouldn't you have like a kid my age?" I started shaking and look over at them scared moms going to tell him. "oh. You mean Strom? S- ahem he's sick today in his room sleeping." He looks at me for awkwardly long time and this stupid smile goes over his face. "oh ok well I'm going to get going. Have fun with the baby boy and baby girl" Mom shuts the door and I blush hearing some laughing from outside. "m-mom! I-i think he knows!" I feel like I'm going to start crying. "oh relax stormy. He seemed like a sweet boy he wouldn't tell anyone." I look down. "sweet my ass... Mom! He was the school bully! He would pick on me all the time specifically! It's not Fair!" I start crying and Mom sighs and takes me out of the high chair and pats my butt making me blush as it makes noises. But I lay my head In her. "... I'm not over looking how you cursed stormy. That's another punishment. But what?" Dad giggles. "how about you break his bladder?... You always had fun doing that to me." Mom smirks and my eyes get big. "W-what....but I need that!" Mom touched my gut and a strange key like thing popped up and suddenly I hurt for a moment then it was gone and I got confused. "for the rest of today you will have no control of bladder for cursing. Tomorrow I'll fix it." I was shaking and stopped crying. "Y-you're joking... R-right?-" My eyes get huge as I felt warmth out of no where start to spread across my diaper. Mom smirks. "oh no looks like mommy's baby girls having her second accident." I blush insanely and hide my face. "just change me..." Mom tilts her head "nah it's just a small wet" Mom sits me in the playpen with dad. "Dill teach your baby sister how to play with toys and stuff." I was as bright as a tomato at this point. And I thought the embarrassment couldn't get worse. Mom walks off to clean up the kitchen and dad smiles at me and holds up a bunch of toys. "want to play?" I shake my head and lay down in the playpen trying to keep from crying. This has to be the worse time in my life... My dad is happy to act like a weirdo baby... My mom is making me be a baby and wear a freaking dress! I would take it off but who knows what the hell mom would have in store for me next... I shiver at the thought. Dad gets by me. "you best get use to this... You need to get in to a little space. Or this will be the longest 3 months of your life..." I sniff and look up at him. "what's a little space?" Dad thinks for a moment. "it's where you act like a toddler or baby and just forget how old You are and just have fun!" I look at him unamused. "no... No way am I doing that... Ever. I'm a guy! And I'm a teen! I'm not some dumb baby like you! You're just a creepy weirdo!" Dad tears up and start to cry. I look down not knowing what to do just poking at my diaper. It's so mushy and warm it's disgusting. Suddenly mom comes in and picks up dad and pats him and hugs him. "what's wrong sweetie?" Great... I'm going to be in even more trouble... "I-i accidentally pinched my finger!" My eyes get big and look up. "aww dose mommy need to kiss his finger" He nods and mom kisses his finger and giggles and dad lays his head in mom "... I'm tired can I go lay down?" Mom smiles and kisses dad's head. "sure let's go lay you down." They walk off to the bedroom and I sigh. Why was dad so nice and not get me in trouble? He could have made this worse... As much of a weirdo my dad is he's a very nice guy... I'm sorry dad...I pick up one of his toys he had. "I haven't played with toys since the bully mocked me for it... There for babies..." I grab another toy and pretend like there talking. "well guess what stupid bullie I am a baby now so I can play with all the toys I want. And my mommy's going to make. You a baby also" I giggle as I pull out a toy that looks kinda like mommy and and pretend like it beats up the bullie and puts him in a diaper. I laugh. "now who's a baby!" Then I hear moms voice who's clearly been there behind me for a while and my face goes bright red and I throw the toys. "having fun sweetie?" I shake my head "aww that's too bad. I think it was so cute. You need to relax storm. I feel like you think you have to grow up so fast... But you don't you can be mommy's baby as long as you want" I start tearing up and wipe my eyes. Mom leans down and kisses my head. I still hate this. But... I love all the attention I get... I feel like I'm really loved... If I wasn't forced to wear a diaper and a stupid dress... Chapter 6 Mom sat on the couch and watched me as I awkwardly moved toys around. I didn't want to play while she was watching me. It's embarrassing. We probably sat there for a few hours it was dark out. Man the days seem to go by faster when I'm like this. I guess I'm so embarrassed I forget what time it is. Mom comes over and leans down by me. "you getting kinda hungry?" Honestly I was kinda hungry. I keep looking down rubbing the toy I had on the floor lightly not wanting to look up at her. She smiles and picks me up. That's when it hit me I haven't peed all day. but I didn't even notice that I had used it so I just figured I didn't, because I'm not a Dumb baby who can't hold it. She can't take it away from me heh. She takes me to the fridge and pulls out a bottle. I groan please tell me she's not about to bottle feed me... I would rather die... She warms it up and tickels my stomach making me giggle and push her hand away. I blush. "heh your going to like your num nums aren't you stormy?" I look away I'm not giving that a response. I'm just looking forward that tomarrow I get to go back to being Strom and not this dumb stormy... Suddenly the microwave goes off and mom holds me on my back. "hey what are you-" But I was cut off by a bottle being pushed in my mouth. I was about to try to push it out of my mouth when my mom glares and I shake pulling my hands away. Mom's glares are scary... And I know if I piss her off more I might get something worse then a damn diaper and dress... "come on now stormy you should eat up or you might have to go to bed without supper" I grone and start sucking. Actually I hate to admit it but this stuffs not half bad. It's sweet. It's not milk like I thought but kinda like a oatmeal but not exactly. I drank on it about half way I closed my eyes relaxing before I knew it i was asleep. DREAM I woke up and I was in someone's arms. But when I went to say something only noises came out. It was strange. Then I hear moms voice she laughes some. "aww look Dill he's trying to talk." Wait mom? And dad's here? But where am I? On Closer inspection I think I'm on a plane? I keep trying to talk but no words suddenly a pasifier it put in my mouth. I wanted to spit it out. But I couldn't it was like my whole body relaxed and I just sucked looking at my mom and dad. Suddenly there's a large boom. We hear the pilot come over the radio. "where going down! Get eveyone out of the plane immediately make sure they all get out safely!" There was panic even I was scared I started crying shaking. Am I going to die? Mom and dad take me to a plane door they open it helping people out but while doing that I felt the wind blow hard and the plane shook really hard as well. And I flew out of my mom's arms. And out the door falling out of the plane. I cried and cried. I don't want to die! I can't die! No please mommy!! END OF DREAM I was still asleep but Dakota come flying in the room to my crying and screaming for mommy. And she shook me and I woke up. Hugging mom tight and crying and telling her what I saw in my dream but even I know I didn't really say words I was just so scared. "shhh... It was just a dream storm... You been having a lot of nightmare lately haven't you?" Mom holds me in her arms that's when it hit me I was naked but my yellowed diaper... Wait yellowed diaper. I blush insanely. N-not again! This makes me. Whimper a bit mom held me till I calmed down. "now you more calmed down." I was more relaxed I nod "mhm" I wipe my eyes and mom smiles. "good now how about we get you changed? That must have been a scary dream to make you wet yourself." I blush covering my face embarrassed. Mom laughes and picks me up taking me to her room where dad was sleeping in only a diaper... Also wet. But it definitely helped seeing him in the same situation kinda... He enjoyed it but it made me feel a bit more comfortable. Mom changes my stupid pink diaper and cleans me up and puts me in to a normal diaper. I look outside and it looks like the sun just coming up. It must be pretty early. I sigh and mom picks me up after my change and takes me to the front room. "how about some TV To relax to." Honestly that sounded nice. Mom sits down and sits be beside her she turns it on to the same kids shows as yesterday. They where doing more missions and singing. It it was relaxing. I watch them for a while then I lay my head on my mom and I can feel myself falling asleep again. Why am I falling asleep so often? And so early? I can't tell if Im just mentally exhausted... Or something else. Oh well...this has definitely made me grow closer to mom... I love her so much... And that nightmare only made me realize I'm scared that I'm going to lose them. Or maybe it was more they where scared to lose me? Wait? Now that I think about it it was super scary for me too but my nightmare tonight was completely different then yesterdays. Like someone was forcing me to have a nightmare... But that's not possible right? You can't just force someone to have a nightmare? I don't know I just want to rest. I hope today is atleast less embarrassing... Chapter 7 I woke up oddly I was super relaxed. I don't know why but I laid there and sucked on something in my mouth a bit longer. Then it hits me I spit out whatever is in my mouth and blush like crazy seeing a pacifier in my mouth. I throw it down. "damn it mom... I bet she was involved in this... Why would my body want something like that. That's so weird..." I lean up and see I'm still in a diaper and it's soaked. Mom's magic must have still been in effect. I stand up and it sags down I can't help but blush and poke it. I'm so surprised it can hold that much. I'm so tired of this already. I'm a teen not this stupid baby... And yesterday a stupid baby girl... This is all the things I hate in life all in one. I try to remove my diaper thinking mom forgot to lock it. Nope... Still locked. I go to my door and peek out making sure no one else is here just in case. "mom...? Hello?" I see mom peek out of the kitchen "oh morning storm. You sleep well? Come on in I'm cooking breakfast we got some stuff to talk about." I blushed and looked down. "B-but.... I-" She rolls her eyes. "storm come on I'll change you after breakfast." This made the embarrassment worse. I leave my bedroom exposed and walk to the kitchen with the sagging diaper. Dad's in a high chair and he giggles. "whoa soggy butt today aren't we" I blush I thought I was going to cry when mom speaks up. "dill you have no room to speak your diaper was so full this morning we couldn't even wait" He blushed looked at the table. this made me laugh some and mom also smiled and picked me up. "there's a thing at your school going on I know you still got a few days till it starts but this is important for you to go to. So let's explain the rules for your... Problem." I sigh. "problem?... More like a curse..." She laughs. "how ever you think of it. So I told the nurse your problem. She said if your at school and have an accident she will change you in privacy" I blush and my eyes get big. "Y-you told the nurse?! And I have to ask her to change me?! Why can't I do it myself?!" This is it my life is over! "because I don't know if you will change back to one. And if I find out you cut even one out. I'm going to take you to school as stormy the new girl in school who has bladder problems." My face goes pale. She wouldn't dare... No she's my... no she would. I gulp "I-I understand... Do I atleast get enough clothes to hide... T-this?" Mom nods. "Oh ya if your good and don't make this any problem I promise no one will find out. And if your lucky never will even have an idea. But if you mess up in any way I'll promise you won't like the outcome. Understand me." I nod and she smiles putting me down in a chair. And puts some more pancakes cut up in front of me. With a fork this time thank God. "now eat up and I'll give you a bath and a fresh diaper." I sigh. And start to eat before it hits me. "w-wait give me a bath?! No! No no no! I can do that." Mom glares. "hmm let me think what kinda dress would you enjoy for school." My eyes are huge and shake my head. "I-I mean I can't wait for mommy to give me a bath!" I blush just eating. Mom smiles. "aww your such a cute little boy aren't you storm." Dad speaks up. "oh me too! I'm super cute and adorable right mommy!" Mom laughs and goes over and hugs him. "yap that's why... I'm going to give you a very good bath tonight~" I look confused. My mom and dad are weirdos... She took dad out of the highchair and picked him up. "alright storm you finish up I'll bath your brother." I grone. He's not my brother... He's my dad... I hate my life. Mom takes dad to the bathroom I eat and hear dad saying some strange stuff. Can't quite understand him but he's saying "mommy" and groaning but in a weird way... Probably just dad being freaking weird again. I sigh finishing my food. I see mom taking my dad only in a towel to her room. They take a while but mom comes out pushing a stroller with dad in it. He's in shorts and a childish shirt and a pacifier in his mouth. I give him that weirdo look. But he was relaxed and already half asleep. "alright storm your turn!" Oh god this isn't happening. Mom picks me up. "wait I wasn't done eating! Ya!" She pats my dipared butt. "too bad bath time baby's don't get a choice heh." I groaned and leaned over her shoulder and she takes me to the bathroom and she pulls off my diaper and sits me in a fresh tub of bath water it's jot too high but not too short. I blush as she started to wet me and scrub soap in my hair. "I haven't given you a bath since you were like 5. Mommy I do take good baths you would say then come to find out you stood in the bathroom for like 10 minutes and left" She laughs and I blush mom smiles. "you where a super cute kid... Then you became more... Like this." Mom washes the soap from my fur. "like this?" I was confused. What did she mean. "well you act like it's awful if you act a bit childish. Or terrible you act a little girly. You don't even talk about the girls you like." She smirks. "wait storm do you like Guys?" I blushed. "MOM!" she laughs. "sorry sorry! Hey whatever you like we won't judge you or hate you we love you storm. And this might not seem like it but I think you will understand later this is all out of love." I wasn't going to admit I understand... Kinda anyways but this is still humiliating. Mom takes me out of the water and dries me off leaving me in the towel and picks me up taking to the changing table to to no surprise puts me in a new diaper. Then she puts some shorts and a shirt on me. My shorts kinda puffed out some. But not too noticeable. "now to your school thing!" If one person found out they will blackmail me for the rest of my life... Chapter 8 Mom puts me down to let me walk then she walks up to dad in the stroller and pushed it to the door. "storm come open the door please." I sigh "yes mom... " I walked to the door a little awkwardly I forgot it's definitely not easy to walk around in these things. I open the door and mom pushes the stroller out the door with dad in it and I blush going out with them. My dad's sucking a pacifier in a stroller and I'm secretly in a diaper going to school. This will be the worst beginning of school ever. We walk all the way to school girls would laugh at dad who was still asleep mind you. They all thought he was a toddler or My brother...better then them thinking it's my dad... I see a bunch of kids with their parents like me. But I can bet none of them are forced to wear a diaper. "alright your suppose to head to class room 101. Me and your d-farher will head to the parents meet up. They will get you figuring out what your going to do Monday when school officially starts." I sigh and look up at them. "alright..." I walk inside and start to look around for the class it was so quiet I could hear my diaper crinkeling. I pray no one can hear that. As I look someone pushes me over and I fell on my butt. "hey-!" My eyes get big as I see a tall grovyle standing there. Oh no it's Bryn... "whoa hey watch where you're going shorty" He laughed and grabs my hand and pulled me up and bent down to my ear. "or should I say stormy" My face goes pale as he laughed and walked in to class. Yap this is it the end of my life. My ill never live this down...I shake as I step in to class all the seats were taken except for one by Bryn. Just kill me now... "oh storm you finally made it! Take a seat by Bryn would you?" I nod and carefully walk up to him and sit down my him. The teacher starts to talk about how everything's going to go Monday. I could barley pay attention I would look over at Bryn who was just smirking at me. I finally worked up the courage and whisper to him. "h-how much do you know...?" He doesn't stop smirking. And Whispers back. "not much but enough. So I assume you don't want this getting out do you?" I shake and nod. "please... You can't tell anyone... I-I'll do anything..." Bryn lets out a small chuckle. "great. I think this year where going to be the best of friends." He laughs more then the teacher stops and looks at him. "and what's so funny Bryn?" He stops and smiles. "oh i'm sorry. It wasn't a laugh of funny it was a laugh of excitement! I can't wait for the school year to begin ma'am!" The teacher smiles. Damn as much as I hate this guy he's definitely a smooth talker... "isn't that nice but please don't interrupt class like that again. I only get you for an hour today. I know you all probably don't want to be here but it's only an hour so let's make it quick!" The teacher goes back to explain more stuff. What could bryn have planned this scared me. And at the same time I had to pee very badly. I shook my leg up and down Just to take my mind off it. Bryn looks at me. "problem? That's annoying the hell out of me..." I shake my head. "N-nope no problem..." He sighs. "liar... Guess it's time to let out out secret." My eyes get big and shake my head. "n-no wait... I-I just gotta pee..." Bryn gets this shit eating grin. "well was the other day just a one off or are you still... Uhh diapered I guess?" My face goes bright red and I nod slowly. He smirks. "then go" My eyes get big. "but-!" Bryn clears his throat. "excuse me teacher?" I quickly start to wet myself in fear he's about to tell people. I felt all the warmth go all between my legs. "o-ok I did it please don't..." Bryn smiles. And the teacher looks at them. "what?" Bryn stands up. "I hate to bother you but could I use the bathroom? Me and my friend here storm really need to go." I could feel everyone stare at me and whisper. Bryns never had a friend in years. So I'm definitely a weirdo in this class now... Not as much if people found out about my Diapers. The teacher sigh. "ya I suppose I'll let two people go at once first you two then I'll send another group go on then." Bryn smiles at me to follow and we leave going to the bathroom bryn walks over to the door and locks it. He smirks at me. "take them off." I looks confused. "w-what?" He glares. "I suppose I need to tell everyone how you're a diaper wetting baby. Or you can take off your pants now." I blush and pull them down revealing my diaper I feel him push me up against the wall and cup his hand around the front of my diaper. "wow it's warm you really did wet yourself." He laughs and I blush so badly I want to die. "alright put your pants back on. Your going to do as I ask. If I tell you to wet or mess you do it. No if or ands or buts got me? Also why are you wearing these in the first place. The other day I saw you in them and a dress." I gulp so embarrassed. "w-well I found my dad's secret stuff... It turns out he's some kinda diaper lover or something... And he acts like a child... I was going to make fun of him but my mom used it against me." He looks curious. "interesting... And the dress?" I take a deep breath as I put my pants on. "well I got mad and accidentally hit her..." He smiles. "and if anything bad like that happened again you would probably be back in them huh" I nod Reluctantly. "great. Today after school I want to come to your house and hang out with my new "friend" " I looked confused. " B-but why?" He glares at me. "I have my reasons now your going to tell your mom you want me to come down and I'm your best friend understand me diaper boy?" I look down and nod "good. Now let's get back to class." We both head back to class and sit through the rest of the day. I headed to find my mom and dad outside and walked up to her. "H-hey mom?" She looked at me. "Ya storm?" I breath heavy being nervous. "c-can I have a friend come over today..." Mom looked excited. "of course! But I'm not hiding any of... The stuff." I sigh. "but!... that's fine..." I wave my hand to bryn who was standing not too far away and he runs over and half hugs me. "hello again ma'am! And this is... Storms little brother right?! He's so cute! I'm storms friend! Best friend" Dad blushes and so do I he knows that's my dad what's he playing at. What could he be planning... And why did he grope me today? Was it just to embarrass me... He could have easily seen it was wet... Today has been an awful day. But what could he have planned? Chapter 9 We make It back to my place Bryn hasn't shut up yet he's been talking my mom up. It's like there both best friends now... Of course the bully would have to make friends with my mother... Thats just weird. No weirder then the situation I'm in. Actually I almost forgot I'm wet. I sigh as we walk in mom shuts the door after bryn comes in. Suddenly mom chucks my pants off my face goes bright red as I try and pull my shirt down to cover the diaper. "m-mom!" She laughs and so does bryn which was even more embarrassing. "oh you knew this was going to happen I told you at home you can't keep pants on I got to know when you need changed." Bryn smirks. "oh look at that storms mom I think he's wet." She smiles. "well so he is! Hey I got a idea bryn. Your close friends with storm right?" I shake my head. Like hell if he is... But he would expose me if I said that. I sigh and bryn nods. "of course! Even if my friends a diaper wearing baby it doesn't bother me" She smiles "aww that's so cute. OK how about I give you permission to change him during school time." I blush and bryn smirks. "no way in hel- heck!" Bryn gives my mom a smile. "I would love to help with this punishment! I'm sure going to the nurse would be too embarrassing I bet him asking his best friend would work great." Mom smiles and picks me up. "ok let me go show you how to change him." Bryn nods "yes ma'am!" She takes me to the changing table and I blush insanely. "I-I don't want him to see me naked... Mom please..." She rolls her eyes. "storm please this is your best friend just let him do it." Mom quickly untaped my diaper and bryn watches so carefully. This creep... Is he just staring at me undressed?! Was thats his goal? To be able to see me naked and change me...What kind of weirdo is he...mom gets a new diaper on me and puts me in front of bryn. "and just like that." I could see bryn was blushing slightly smirking. I glare at him and he laughs and spanks my diaper butt and I jump and blush. "he's so cute when he's like this!" I blush like crazy and cover my face. This creep is in to me isn't he?! Well Im not gay so jokes on him! Mom laughs. "I have to agree. You should see him in a dress" She laughs more. And so done bryn. I just want to die... "so are you two more than friends? Is this why he's never had a girlfriend heheh" Bryn laughs more "NO! MOM I'M NOT GAY! how many times do I have to tell you?!" I don't think anyways... But god I hate that she just assumes stuff. "well maybe we will one day" He winks at me and I shiver. "people don't know it but I am bi." Bryn smiles at me all I can do is shiver more. So he was just doing this to stare at me naked... And mom's probably going to let him change me more... As long as I don't got to go back to wearing girls clothes. "oh storms mom you should make him go to school like a girl. If this is a punishment make sure he has to do it at least once." My eyes get big. "w-what?! No! Never!" Mom glares at me. "I wouldn't say never young man. But I like that idea. It would be cute!" No come on! Can't she see he's trying to embarrass me! I don't know if being bi is True or just another way to embarrass me and make me seem bi?! I don't know but I hate this guy! But... I can't do anything he owns me right now... "would it be too much trouble if I stay the night ma'am?" Mom smiles and I shake my head. "you can stay all you like bryn also my names Dakota. Call me that." he smiles and nods. "ok then. Thanks Dakota! I can't wait to play with my friend who's now a baby" He laughs and I just give up. "I'm going to my room..." Mom sighs. "fine but lunch will be ready later. You both go have fun and bryn if he makes a mess go ahead and change him I made it so only you the nurse and me can remove his diaper. And don't remove the diaper for him. I know your friends but-" Bryn smiles and nods. "ok I won't don't worry!" At this point I have already left and was in my room sitting on my bed in a shirt and diaper and sigh. A while later bryn walks in and sits by me. "man this is too easy. I got full permission to rear you like a little baby." I glare. "shut the fuck up..." He smirks. "oh no I wonder what will happen if I tell your mom you said fuck." My eyes get big. "w-wait! We can talk about this..." He keeps smirking the coky little fuck. "fine then for the night you do what I tell you to do got it?" I sigh. "got it..." He looks at me. "now how about you use your diaper like a good boy." I blush and grind my teeth. "I don't have to..." He thinks then smiles. "not even number 2?" My eyes get big. He can't be serious. Please no I don't want to do that it's bad enough I got to wet them... But... I have definitely got to go. "M-maybe..." He pats my diaper. "then squat and mess right here in front of me." I blush and stand up. "and if I don't..." He smirks. "you might end up being a girl for your first week of school." I gulp and sigh. "ok...just please don't tell mom..." I blush as I squat. This isn't real... Right? I just want to wake up. I don't want to do this anymore. It's not fair... Chapter 10 I squat there for a while just looking at Bryn who just smiled down at me. "well?" I look away blushing. And I mumble "I can't..." He glares down at me. "what?" I gulp. "I-I said I can't... I-I don't feel comfortable doing it... I can't force myself." Bryn sighs. "that's a shame. Your going to be a cute girl again" He laughs and it scares me and I fart a bit and my eyes get big. "W-wait I think it's happening!" He looks at me curiously and I feel myself start to go I feel it packing into the back of my diaper. This is disgusting... Oh God I can smell it... My face goes bright red as it just fills. And like out of a habit I also wet. I was kinda surprised by how easily I did it. But then again I never been pee shy. I just don't like to go number 2 around anyone I can't even do it when I'm in the school bathroom with someone... Surprised I did it now. "damn you stink storm!" He laughs and hugs me I blush. What the hells this creep doing? I feel the back of my diaper get pulled back I tried to pull away but it was too late. "wow you really did it. Didn't think you had it in you. That's gross. Your gross." He laughs more. Then groped me from the front again. This has to be the most uncomfortable ever... Oh God I just thought of him changing me! "wow your a wet one aren't you Storm?" He smirks. And pushes me down my eyes get big as I hit the ground and feel everything squish in to me. I shiver in disgust. "aww oh no the baby fell down good thing he had a full diapy to help with the fall." I drop my head in shame I never felt so stupid. When I was just around mom and dad at least they would mock me... But it didn't feel like they were trying to be mean but Bryns doing this on purpose. I start to tear up and whimper. Just hitting my emotional top. Bryn stopped laughing and looked down at me. "are you crying?" I shake my head and start wiping my eyes starting to cry more knowing he's going to mock me for this now. But he sighs. "I didn't mean to make you cry... Well not like this... I wanted to have some fun with you..." He pats my head. And I sniff tying to stop crying but my voice crack. "W-why are you doing this?" He shrugs. "I don't know at first it was because I seen you in a dress and diaper and I was going to mock you but... Never mind that's it I just wanted to mock you! Best go ask your mommy for a diaper change! But uhh I gotta go... I don't think I can stay today I got to go now!" Bryn runs out of the house. What did he mean by he was going to mock me but? Wonder what he was going to say. I stand up and groan. "this is never coming out of my fur..." Suddenly mom walks in "why did Bryn leave? I thought he was staying?" Suddenly she sniffs around the room and I blush worried she might notice it was me. "I-I don't know... He just-" Suddenly mom grabs me and pulls back the back of my diaper and I scream. Hoping it would make her get back. "mom!!" She smiles. "wow, no wonder he ran looks like this little baby made a stinky!" I was so embarrassed I covered my face I didn't even know what to say. Mom giggled "heheheh let's get you cleaned up and a bath then we will get you ready for bed." I mean I was starting to get sleepy. Damn her and making me go to sleep so early... But I don't want a bath or cleaned but at the same time I do... Mom takes me to the changing table and dad was on the floor with toys. "phew... Wait did storm have his first stinky?!" Mom laughs putting me on the changing table and untapping my diaper I was so ashamed this is the worst I ever felt "B-Bryn made me..." She gave me a stern look. "seriously storm now your going to lie about your friend? I Can't believe you. You had an accident all your own get use to it mister." She gets me all cleaned up and takes off my shirt and picks me up going to the bathroom. "but-" She glares. "no buts!" She gives me a small spank on my butt and both our eyes get big moms never hit me before. It didn't hurt but I was surprised and kinda scared. "oh my God storm! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean that I have just been dealing with your dad and I have to spank him because he can get a little crazy among other reasons... Anyways I'm so sorry!" She hugs me and I hug back laying my head on her. Me being naked would normally bother me. But I have gotten so used to it over the past few days. "it's ok... You just never hit me before it was kinda scary..." She hugs me close starting some bath water. "I know... How about I make your favorite food for supper?" I look up at her and smile. "you mean mashed potatoes?" She smiles and nods and I smiles great big. "YES!" She laughs and puts me in the water and dumps a bunch of soap on my head and gets me wet and scrubs it in. There's a bunch of toys floating around. Probably from dad. I get curious though I grab one and push it along and it comes back then I push it under water and squeeze it and it makes a noise. I do this for a while I wasn't really having a bunch of fun if it was amusing while I get cleaned. I even forgot to be embarrassed before I notice mom taps me. "huh" She smiles. "I hate to interrupt your play time but you ready to come out?" I blush. "I-I wasn't playing!" I cross my arms and moms picks me up laughing and drying me off. "oh really not paying that's why you stayed in the bath an extra 15 minutes?" My eyes get big. "wait... You been done bathing me for 15 minutes and I didn't notice?!" She nods. "yap it was so cute. Ive never seen you play with toys since you were like 4 it's a shame really most kids still play with toys but you wanted to grow up way too fast...it killed your dad" She laughs and picks me up taking me to the changing table. "because he wanted to play with me right...?" She nods and smiles. "when you were young you two used to play together a lot you loved it. And so did he it was... Weird I guess but it was father and son bonding. But once you became able to talk he got scared to do it around you... Then it becomes this big secret." Mom lays me down getting me in a clean diaper. It was honestly so much more nicer then the messy one that was awful, I hope I never have to mess in one again. "hey mom? Was dad ashamed of himself because of me?" She sighs and nods. "you always wanted to grow up so quickly... That Dill was scared you would do exactly what you did a few days ago." I look away. I feel awful... Even though dad's weird for liking this... He's still my dad... And I love him no matter what I say... "hey mom? Can me and dad play stuff tomorrow." She picks me up and hugs me and I blush. "your dad would love that... You know storm you became such a good young man. It's a shame this will only last 3 months. I could do this forever." She laughs. I laughed awkward. "Y-ya... But I want to go back to underwear sometimes..." She sighs. "I know and I won't stop you. At Least now you understand your dad more and maybe tomorrow you two can grow closer. You and him haven't really been that close." Shs has a point I feel like I barely know him. Well tomorrow's all for dad! It's going to be embarrassing and probably make me wish I was dead but dad will be happy. And right now I know how he feels after Bryn got ahold of me... I get taken to eat and then after getting back to my room and tucked in. I quickly fell asleep hopefully no nightmares tonight.
  11. So here it goes. The absolute love of my life has had this fetish since he himself was in diapers. I'm completely new to the scene and I need help with tips, advice, anything helps! We as a couple have just opened discussion into exploring this together. He's bought his preferred type and we've been through 3 nights of him being super comfy! I'm happy for him, now that he's comfortable with himself he's so much happier. But my dumb ass normie brain keeps getting her feeling hurt! How can I try learning about the desire for this when the community is so obscure!? I need a guru. I need links. I need friends who are going through this or wish to help me understand how my love feels and how to better make him comfortable. Also ya girl is a XXL and needs a site for cute sizable diapers to try this thing out!! Wish me luck, even if I get no responses airing this has kinda been therapeutic in a sense. Anyways, peace and love. Thank you for the time.
  12. It was 3 days before Christmas. I was making Chocolate Chip Cookies. I was using my KitchenAide mix master, I have had for years I had all the dry ingredients mixed I just was adding the eggs, vanilla, butter and shortening. After this I just had to add the chips and bake. I was the manager of the Hospital Supply Store we sold everything from Air, well oxygen to X-ray machines and everything in between. I have been making these cookies every year for Christmas since I got here almost 10 years ago. It was my tradition, I didn't have a family, well none here in California anyway. I was a transplant to LA from Phoenix Arizona. I had brothers and sisters back in Phoenix. I had never married, I guess in a way I was married to my work. Anyway as I was mixing the last few ingredients. My mixer started to protest it began making a noise like it was bogging down then it stopped turning I could hear the motor that was just buzzing it was no longer working. Before I could turn it off I could also smell the smell of electrical smoke. I turned it off cleaned the blades. I tried it with out anything in the bowl. It hummed and I could see a little smoke come out of the motor! It was toast! Shit! I thought. I'm almost done, 5 more minutes and I could of been baking these cookies with the chips in them. I could mix them in and... no the mixture wasn't complete I would still see white from the flour, and sugar. I needed a new kitchen Aid mixmaster. I grabbed my keys and drove to the nearest appliance store. About 2 miles from my home. I was cursing that damned mixer under my breath the whole way there. I walked through the door, I was beginning to cool down some, even though I really didn't want to! "Mixers?" I asked the greeter. " Aisle 12 Marnie" The greeter said! It took a second to realize he had called me by my first name. I looked down I didn't have my name tag from my work on me. "How do you know me," I asked? "That's easy the guy said, I knew you in high school. Your Marinie Carlson, at least you were when I knew you at Arroyo High School in Phoenix." "That's right I did go there, and your?" "Sorry, I'm Daniel Green." "Danny Green I thought! THE Danny Green. The guy who everybody used to say looked like Donny Osmond I though, I used to have such a crush on Danny Green. I was probably still blushing! He was a year ahead of me he was a Senior and I was a Junior. I knew he had been offered a schlorship to play baseball at USC. He was our second basemen. He was good he had made it into Sports Illustrated you know the segment that has amature players that are really good. He was leading the country in double plays plus batting like .450. I knew him!" "Danny how are you doing?" I'm good and you Marnie, what brings you here today?" "My Mix Master took a dump while making cookies." "Tell me it wasn't your grandmothers chocolate chip cookies! I used to really love those!" "Yes, yes it was!" "If you didn't know I used to buy those at the bake sales we used to have in high school, I loved them! I kinda had a crush on you because of them!" "Really, I asked I kinda had a crush on you, you were so dashing in those days out there on second base!" Dashing? Really? Do they even use that word anymore? Could I get anymore lame? "I bet your husband just loves them," Dan said! "I never married." I said. That just slipped out. "How about you how is Mrs. Green?" He had married I heard while he was at USC. "My wife was killed a few years back, nasty auto accident." "Sorry to hear that!" I said. Is there a boyfriend or somebody else?" Danny asked. "No just me and my beagle Peanut." "If you aren't busy I would love for you to come for Christmas! Sorry that came out weird. I mean since were old friends. Old high school friends and there isn't any others that I know of in the area. Your welcome to spend Christmas with us. The Greens there are me and my three kids!" "I would love to I said!" That also slipped out! "Great when you get that mixer bring it to me, I can get it for you a lot cheaper. I am manager here!" Instead of being $209 dollars he got it for me for $179. I asked him if there was anything he wanted me to bring? "Just you and some of your chocolate chip cookies?" "That can be arranged," I smiled. He wrote his address on a business card and it wasn't to far from my place. I got home finished the cookies up for work the next day. I realized he hadnt told me what time to come on Christmas. I gave him a call. "Marnie good to hear from you. I know I realized after you left I didn't tell you what time to be there. My bad! Listen I was thinking, can you wrap presents?" "Yeah I'm pretty good why?" "Because I can't wrap worth anything and my oldest is 8, she will know that Santa didn't wrap the presents. If it wouldn't be too much trouble could you come on Christmas Eve?" "What I asked you want me to spend the night?" "That came out wrong, sorry but yes, you will be sleeping in the guest room. By yourself!" "Aw, shucks I teased I thought for a moment you was propositioning me!" "A. A , nothing like that I promise to be a good boy!" This was said very quickly. Even through the phone I could tell he was blushing. I guess I could spend the night and help you wrap presents." I thought to myself I just have to prepare a bit. "I nedd to pack a few extra things and my sexy underwear isn't one of them! Too bad!" "Yes, Thank you ever so much, and I promise you no hanky panky!" I spent the next few days thinking about what to pack and wash before I actually spent my Christmas Eve at my high school crushes place. I guess I seemed distant. June one of my sales people asked me "What's up? I have to spend the Christmas Holliday at a man's house." "Oohh, said June do we know him?" "No! "No, he was my high school crush." "Even better! Does he know about you and....?" "My bedwetting? No!" Everybody here knew about my problem, I was the go to person when somebody needed diapers, ether for themselves or loved ones, lots of kids wore them just like I used to when I was their age, I still needed them at night and I was 28 years old. I had planned on taking my most absorbent diapers with double inserts and plastic panties. With my flannel pajamas, you could hardly tell I was diapered. "He isn't going to find out about it either! I will be taking extra precautions. This a one time deal, you know I don't date because I don't want to have to tell a guy that at 28 years old I still wet my bed like I'm 3 years old!" "Well have fun anyway whether your diapered or not! Said June. You deserve to be happy just like the rest of us!" I went home and packed my suitcase. Diapers, plastic panties, wipes to wipe the pee smell away on Christmas morning. Baby Powder at night to keep my skin from getting a rash. Dr. Budrouxs Butt Paste for where I was getting a rash. Panties to go over the diapers and plastic panties. Extra in case I leaked. Clothes for Christmas morning. I was ready, I had also made my chocolate chip cookies for Dan!
  13. The Woes of Maddison Page Prologue - Monday, The Week Before Christmas Break - Mom was sitting on the couch in the living room spaced out. She’d had another feverish afternoon buzzing around cleaning up an already spotless house. She also cooked us a meal that was way too big for the two of us, again. I swear Mom had to have imagined dirt to clean and mouths to feed! Daddy had never pushed her to keep the house that clean or cook that much. He’d been just as happy with take out as the next guy. Mom did this. She did this to herself somehow. It was just after we lost Daddy that these tics started showing up. Whatever the reason, I’m pretty sure we could have eaten off the picture frames in the hallway, the house was that damn clean. Hell, I bet the FDA would have approved eating off our floors! Our house was that clean! You’d never believe the woman sitting on my couch worked full time, cooked for an army, and cleaned house like a full crew all before seven. She just looked too cute in her PJs. Mom was crashing hard after her long day. She was just sitting there looking adorable watching Adventure Time. It was my senior year of high school and we were in the off season of cross country. I was done. My high school athletic career was over. No more practices for me, so I was getting home around three of four in the evenings. It was a big improvement over six or so that I’d drag in after practice. I’d finished my homework as soon as I got home, and moved on to other tasks. I finally felt like I had time to properly prepare for school and my job with sports no longer a draw on my time. It was a treat not to be so rushed! I wasn’t working that night either, so I decided to be productive another way. No time like the present to get the adult stuff done! I had my laptop setup on the kitchen table working my way through this month’s bills. You have to be careful or it will really pile up on you. Besides, someone had to do it and Mom wasn’t ever going to be the best candidate. Mom and I were paid on different schedules. I was paid twice a month, once on the fifteenth and then again on the thirtieth. Mom was paid every two weeks. You have to keep up with that stuff! It makes it tricky to pay bills when your income isn’t as predictable as the due dates, but I kept on top of it. I’ve been paying our bills and managing our budget for the last three years. It was much easier to just break everything down to the first and the sixteenth right after I got paid. Then, I’d pay it all and didn’t have to worry until the next half of the month came around. This month’s stuff was stacked neatly in two piles representing two different excel worksheets in the master budget workbook that I kept. Three years in the Microsoft Office Certification electives at my high school were actually coming in handy! My spreadsheet was pretty elaborate. It’s a real shame I didn’t have a good backup plan going. “Honey, are you done with the paperwork yet?” Mom called from the living room. She called everything from my homework to reading the mail the ‘paperwork’. “Almost, I just balanced our checking accounts. I just need to deduct the bills and pay stuff online real fast.” I replied. “Will you bring me sumpin ta drink when you come this way?” Mom yelled. “You bet. I’ll be there in a few minutes.” I told her. Electronic Bill Pay is a Godsend! I didn’t even have to keep up with stamps anymore. I just created a new payee and boom, they got their money. It really streamlined how I managed our finances. I checked my notes and vowed again to read up on mom’s retirement plan. I just didn’t understand 401k’s enough for my own satisfaction. So, I typed a note on my digital calendar reminding me to look into it. I blew out a tired breath. I’d be leaving for college soon, and I really wanted to make sure mom would be taken care of. I might not be living with her, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t keep up with this stuff for her. The bills were the easy part, now at least. I could do it from a dorm room too. “Momma, looks like Wellington’s will be out to top off the gas early next week. We have that covered, but it will be a bit tight till the eighteenth when you get paid.” I shouted from the kitchen. I paused and asked, “Are you going to be home to take the invoice and pay them? It should be Monday or Tuesday.” “Baby, I’m still good in savings, right? If something comes up, you can just transfer some money over with your phone thingy, ya?” Mom yelled back. “Yup. I put it on your phone too. I added air filters to the Walmart list.” I told her. “I’ll make sure I’m available for the gas guy honey. I’ll just run home from work. They usually call before they show up. That should give me time to get home. “Come sit with me awhile before you go up to your bedroom baby.” Mom patted the couch next to her. Mom must have needed some cuddle time. She’s the short petite kind of woman, you know straight up tiny. I look just like an upsized version of her which is odd, her being older and all. Dad had a lot of height and width. He had been just a big ole teddy bear of a guy, but looked like he could have played football! Apparently, Mom’s look dominated my genes because I was petite too, but I got dad’s height. In fact, I’ve been taller than mom since I was twelve. I entered the living room and gave her the once over before I went to her. She had her dark hair up in a high off center ponytail that was draped over the back of the couch. Mom kept her hair longer than I liked mine, and being the size of a high school kid made her hair look even longer. She was wearing the bugs bunny footed sleeper that I’d bought her last Christmas causing me to smile at my cutie mom. “Here ya go Momma.” I told her giving her the hard plastic cup with a screw on lid and hard plastic straw, her living room cup. I had a sudden instinct to remind her to put it in the sink when she was done. I guess it was because of how she was dressed and the show she was watching, but I didn’t really need to. She’d probably clean it and put it back in the cabinet before she went to bed. God knows, it wouldn’t be dirty long! Her PJs didn’t have a hood with the ears or the poofy tail that the new ones did, but it did have the coloring and the rabbit feet. Mom had a new set of PJs wrapped up under the Christmas tree. I got her a Sylvester the cat set that came complete with tail, paw looking feet, and a hoodie topped with cat ears. She was going to love the two piece sleeper and I was really excited to see her open it! The PJ set wasn’t the most expensive gift I’d gotten her, but I was making sure she opened it first. She’d likely wear it the rest of the day. There was a good chance that would be her favorite gift. She was going to smile and squeal like a kid, which would make my heart swell. I nearly teared up thinking about her being so happy. We both worked hard to make sure we got those moments. Mom only dressed her age when she was at work. At home, all bets were off. She is still small enough to wear anything from tween to small adult things. It did, and still does, suit her sense of style. She keeps an immaculate house like a fifties house wife, but she’s just a kid at heart. Her bed had more stuffed animals than pillows on it! It wasn’t uncommon for mom to pass out on a teddy bear instead of a pillow. I had bought her a big fluffy stuffed rabbit the first Valentine’s Day after dad passed. I just wanted her to have something positive to hold onto that day. She’s been known to sit round the living room in her PJs holding it vegging out to whatever was on TV. That night she was snuggling one of the couch throw pillows sitting cross legged watching Adventure Time. Looking at her made me smile. I knew I wasn’t a real adult yet. I didn't’ feel like one either, but that wasn’t for lack of responsibility or trials. It was only a function of age and attitude. I envied mom sometimes. I wish I could relax as hardcore as she does. Work hard and play hard and all that. I sat with mom for a commercial-less DVR’d episode of Survivor. She never fought for the remote, but it was often on the satellite channel for Adult Swim whenever I took it over. She knew I wouldn’t sit there and watch those brainless cartoons with her, so she just handed over the remote when I sat down. She enjoys watching TV with me, but I’m pretty sure it has more to do with me than what we are watching. I’m positive she genuinely liked survivor though. When Jeff said “Next time on Survivor”, I headed upstairs to shower after kissing mom goodnight. Hurrah for skips! I always feel like a commercial assassin, my weapon of choice – the remote. I hate ads! I ran through the shower down stairs, packed my lunch for tomorrow, texted mom my work hours for the next couple of days, and headed up to my bedroom. It was as spotless as the rest of the house. Long ago, I had decided that the lack of privacy was worth mom keeping everything in order. I had nothing to hide from her anyway. I had a single drawer in my in-closet-dresser that is set aside as “private space”. She tells me she doesn’t go in that drawer, but I don’t keep much in there, just in case. Frankly, I just didn’t have anything I that would bother me if mom saw it. Between Cross Country and Track, homework, actual work, and the house finances, I just didn’t have time to clean. Forget about time to get into normal teenage trouble! I’m an old soul, or so I’ve been told. I would be graduating in a few months with four hundred other students, and I was currently ranked fourth in my class academically. I had become very Type-A. I didn’t have the best ACT score at thirty, but I was determined to get the most scholarship offers, so I applied for everything! I sat down at my desk and turned my attention to toward that goal. I started flipping through all the different college materials on my desk checking the due dates for entrance exams, ACT score submissions, finical aid info, and the like. Eventually, I sat back in my desk chair and puffed air through my bangs. I’d finally turned my hyper focused mind off about eleven pm, but it took a melatonin tablet to do it. I waited about ten minutes until I was good and under the influence. Then, I tried to work up the energy to get up and lay down on my bed, but the smell of my life going down in flames rolled into the room on a cloud of gray smoke from under my door. The Woes of Maddison Page Chapter 1 – My Hair Still Smells Like Smoke - Wednesday Morning - “Maddisonnnn.” Mandy Page whined through the bathroom door at her seventeen year old daughter. “We’ve got to go by Walmart for some panties, toothbrushes, and other stuff. Get off the pot and let’s go. Move it baby!” Mom whined at me. Her attempt at assertiveness failed miserably. She didn’t fool anyone. Even after everything we’d been through the last few days, her sad little attempt at parenting me made me smile. Tiger Mom she was not! “Momma.” I replied as respectfully as possible, which wasn’t as respectful as I’d normally have been. It was seriously hard not to laugh at her! “I don’t want to yell at you through the door, crack it alright?” I begged her tears forming in my eyes and a clearly quivering voice as my mood shifted dramatically. My back suddenly lanced pain through every nerve ending in my spine. My mood followed. “Listen baby, I know all of this is awful, but...” Mom said peeking into the bathroom inadvertently interrupting herself. Tears started streaming from my mother’s eyes when she saw me. It was an admittedly pitiful sight. “Oh My God, Baby my hair still smells like smoke! Oh Maddie, it’s all gone! Everything! All of Quentin’s pictures. Oh!” Mom dissolved into a pool of sorrow in the bathroom floor of our La Quinta Inn Suite. I was usually the strong one, but I was a straight up hot mess. I wanted to comfort her. She had mistaken my pain for sorrow, for trauma. I wanted to go to her, and hug her until all of our tears were spent. I couldn’t though. I was stuck on the damn toilet in desperate need of comforting myself. Mom’s breakdown took my painful tears down her emotional path with her. Then we were both bawling. Sometimes life finds fun new ways to kick you in the lady balls when you’re down. Not being able to help mom was a serious blow to my budding adult sized ego. I hurt everywhere and my lady balls had been kicked so much they were totally demolished! I needed to be the strong one like I’d always had been, but it just wasn’t happening that morning. I was only seventeen after all, but mom had been relying on me for a few years. Our dynamic had shifted after dad passed. I just sort of assumed his role at the house while mom healed. She’s just not built to be alone, or in charge for that matter. I thank God every day for the strength he gave me to support her back then, and I thank him for the purpose he granted me when I needed one. ‘Monkey Balls! I’ve even been keeping the checkbook and paying bills for almost three years now, I’m better than this! Get your shit together Girl!’ I gave myself an angry pep-talk. It’s not like mom wasn’t smart enough to pay our bills or balance the checkbook, but Daddy always handled those things for her. He worked and took care of the financial side of things. She had a debit card on the checking account and just brought Daddy the receipts. He kept her life simple because she likes it that way. He did it for her, so I had too. Dad had a budget and what not, so mom knew what was available for monthly toilet paper, groceries, and stuff, but she didn’t have any idea when we paid bills or how much we paid. She didn’t even know what bills had to be paid anymore. I did though, and I took care of them for years afterward too. I missed my Dad more and more with every passing day, and all of the sudden our memories of him were buried in a pile of ash where our home once stood. Every photo album, every framed picture, and even all the digital pictures that weren’t on Facebook were gone. I didn’t even make it out with my cell phone much less my laptop. It really crushed my heart. I was going to be right in the middle of this insurance claim, the city officials, and the financials on this house fire too. Just one more item in the overwhelming list of crap I had to keep up with. Worse, none of the officials would want to talk to me because I’m a year short on the year tally to be an “Adult”. There’d be a lot of relaying stuff through Mom. It’s not like I cared if she knew what was going on, but it was my job to keep things simple and easy for her. She is an awesome mother, but she seems to thrive when things around her are simple at home. No one can praise a child like my mother can. She related so well to me at every age and through every milestone. She was always right there in the floor with me. We colored. We watched cartoons. We played. We read. We did homework. We swam. We tickled. We had sleepovers and mom was always the star of the party. After Dad died though, I aged. I moved on into my teens and left mom in her footed PJs watching Cartoon Network happy to just be. I’d do anything for her. I’d protect her peace with everything I had! After all, a girl should keep her promises, especially those made over their father’s casket… I may have had the best childhood any kid could ever ask for, at least until dad. We weren’t loaded or anything, but mom’s demeanor almost forced the people around her into a happier simpler mood. She is a force of peaceful love. Her love is tangible, and I fought my teenaged hardest to make sure her light shined for everyone to see. Unfortunately, that laid a heavy burden on me, but it was a burden that I carried voluntarily. Worse though, it was my senior year in high school. I was totally booked up on time already. Paying the bills and watching the budget wasn’t as hard as you might think on my time, but it sure added a layer of worry to my life. Worry that none of my friends had to deal with, but I was ok with that it was my life. I chose to step in for Daddy, no one chose it for me. I wouldn’t let anyone take it from me either. My mind flooded with all the things that needed to be done. “Oh, Mommy!” I sobbed filled with crushing despair thick in the bathroom. “Oh, Baby!” She balled. I listed off all off the calls I needed to make to begin fixing this debacle. I cried to her about how I had to use the hotel phone to do it all, but I couldn’t stay in the office area of the suite long enough to finish a call before I was back in the bathroom. I couldn’t get anything done and it was adding to my sense of hopelessness. ‘Enough! Maddison get your crap together. You swore to Daddy that you’d protect her. You’re hurting her. Listen to her!’ I gave myself a hell of a motivational speech, but it fell on deaf internal ears. Mom came crawling over to me from where she’d collapsed to the floor, still in tears. I was sitting there with my shorts and panties down around my ankles stuck on the toilet like I had been for most of the past day and a half. She struggled up and hugged me fiercely despite my state of undress. We slowly got our shit back together. “Momma I’m so sorry about that. I guess I kinda lost it there.” I said gathering the strands of my resolve. “Oh Maddie,” my mom cooed with the weight of the world on her shoulders. “You are absolutely the best daughter any mother could hope for. You saved me when Daddy passed. You’ve been helping with everything sense then too. Don’t think I don’t know how much of your paycheck goes in my account.” I gave her a sad smile that told her that I knew I was caught. Mom worked in the back office for a medical billing company. They handled the collections for smaller firms like general practitioners or smaller surgical clinics that weren’t affiliated with a hospital system. Mom has a sweet voice and a tender disposition. She was perfect for first contact. She was horrible at the follow up collection calls. Sometimes I forget that she can put on office clothes and carry on like an adult at work. ‘Oops. Guess she’s not always Momma like she is at home.’ I thought. I had a nearly full time job with Tractor Supply Company, almost forty hours a week. Mom made decent money and could cover most of the bills. Dad’s retirement and his life insurance helped us even more, but I moved about half my check to the house account to cover my little car payment. I paid the insurance payments for both of our cars. Essentially, I paid for myself out of mom’s account, but I had thought she never really looked at it. I thought I was being clever, but in hindsight, I wouldn’t have left those duties to a thirteen year old either. She had let me “help” for almost four years, but I was certain, even back then, that she really didn’t check things that often. She wanted someone else to handle those things for her. So when I proved I could, she’d let me. We would never have had any money for new things or entertainment if I asked mom to cover my car, insurance, and other senior stuff. I bought my own clothes for the same reason. I thought I was being sneaky and leaving mom where she would be when I went off to college. That way it would be an easier transition for her, and I suppose that was still true. She just wasn’t quite as oblivious to it as I thought. ‘Guess I’m not as sneaky as I thought I was.’ I conceded. I could handle all the bills online. Mom had added me as an authorized decision maker on everything she could. Until I hit 18, our hands were tied in some places. She’d work, cook, clean, and not have to be burdened with anything else except an occasional “yes, I do” on the phone or a signature here and there. She relied on me handling those decisions for her. Daddy was doing his best to take care of us from beyond the grave, but mom would likely always have to work. It was probably for the best. Too much free time and that level of grief might have been the ruin of her. “It’s better for both of us this way. I have a sense of what income I’m going to need at state, and I don’t have any chores anyway. I’m kinda spoiled and this lets me contribute. Plus, you won’t have to adjust your budget when I leave for college. I can keep taking care of things from up there too.” I try to joke through my pesky tears. “Maddison, you don’t even have to clean your room! I do everything around the house honey. You are very spoiled.” Mom elbowed me. Then she threw on a very serious face. “I know things will change when you go off to State. I’m going to miss you so much. This is just the worst time for all this to happen! Maybe we should just get an apartment or something.” I hugged my mom and flushed the toilet. I was used to being the backbone of my little family. Being this angry and this scared just made me want to cry in frustration, but crying just pisses me off more. It was becoming a cycle feeding on itself and I needed to put a stop to it. I stood up and pulled my shorts and panties back up my slender hips. Then, I sat down next to her on the hotels bathtub wall. I gave my mom a powerful side hug, as much to bolster my courage as to reaffirm hers. “Pfft, you’ll probably see more of me in college than you do right now. If my scholarships come through, I’ll only have to work for my car, gas, and food. I’m going to try and pull enough hours to do that during the week and have the weekends at home for homework and Momma time.” “Really Maddie, you really are? Ewe, I hope you can. Oh, I’m going to miss you so much. I’ll do your laundry.” Mom sobs against my shoulder. “I promise to find a way to help you at school baby. I don’t want your next four years to be like the last few have been. As soon as the fire department makes their report, the home owners will kick in. It’ll get better Maddie, you just wait and see.” “I hope it’s soon. I don’t know how I’m going to keep up with school, college, the bills, and the fire stuff without a phone or a computer Momma.” I confessed to her as my shoulders slumped in defeat. Suddenly, I remembered the crispy computer held our budget, account information, and bank records. I immediately start listing things off building To-Do lists in my head. I had to rebuild all of that from memory, or at least enough of it to make a list of people to call. “How are your little legs honey?” Mom asked as she grabbed my bad leg and sat it in her lap to inspect it. Both of my legs were bruised and cut up pretty badly, but my right leg was at least sprained, possibly broken. I’d bailed out of my bedroom window after all! The smoke had come barreling under my door and I confess to shrieking like a blonde in a slasher movie before jumping for my life. - Back to Monday Night - I smelled the smoke as I saw it billowing out under my door. The scene stunned me for a moment, but I quickly got my wits together and tested the doorknob. Finding it hot, I raced over to my bed and battled the paint-stuck window. I finally jerked it open with a loud wooden thud. I moved back to my door and yelled “Fire” at the top of my lungs three or four times. I hoped that was enough to wake my mom. I was afraid she’d passed out on the couch watching TV and would never wake up again. That was a paralyzing thought. I snapped out of it, and I snagged my pillow with the Power Puff Girls pillow case on it. I chunked it out the window onto our hedges directly below my window. My bedroom was on the third floor, and it was a good distance to the ground from up there. The hedges around my side of our house were old, dense, and about six foot tall, not the best landing zone, but beggars and choosers and what not. I took a labored freighted breath, and slid out of my window. I tried to “fall” out onto my pillow, but only my left leg found it. My right leg fell straight into the hedge tearing it up and wrenching my leg in unnatural directions. I teetered off the top of the hedge and fell down to the ground butt-first in one long continuous action. I hit hard directly on my tailbone. I ended up on the ground with my right leg all bruised and torn up. My hedgerow idea sucked. ‘I guess it could have been worse. At least I didn’t just land on my feet and break a bunch of bones, but this feels almost as bad.’ I imagined. My left butt cheek was pretty banged up too. My lower back was bothering me fiercely from hitting the ground so hard. I felt blackness dancing at the edges of my sight. ‘I guess falling or flinging myself out of the window onto the hedge during my escape wasn’t the best idea. Gotta get my shit together and find out if mom got out. Just as soon as I can convince myself I can walk.’ My right wrist was throbbing from trying to catch myself both in the hedge and on the ground. I was torn up and bleeding everywhere but my left leg that the pillow had protected from the worst of it. It wasn’t a bad list of injuries for a major house fire and two story flight from a third story window! I finally managed to talk my battered body into getting up. I hobbled across the road to the Johnson’s house carrying my stupid pillow. I have no idea why I didn’t just leave it there on the lawn, but I didn’t. I had to get to our emergency location, and mom just had to be there. I clutched my stupid childish pillow tightly, because seriously, the entire neighborhood needed to see Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup! I guess comfort was more important to me than anything else right then, and that pillow had been with me for years. I rounded the corner of my house skirting the heat from the fire. I made it across the road and collapsed in the Johnson’s front yard. My leg wasn’t working right and Mom wasn’t where I wanted her to be, and I think I might have passed out in shock. The next thing I knew, a pair of strong arms was picking me up. I opened my eyes to see Mr. Johnson smiling down at me. “Oh thank God Maddison.” He hugged me close to him and screamed for my mom who was standing in front of our house trying to get to me. She got her only injuries from standing too close to the fire yelling for me to jump to safety. It was sort of stupidly heroic. “Oh My God Maddie, My Baby!” She bellowed running back to me across the road wearing her beat up Bugs Bunny jumper. “Hey Momma.” I grunted out around the pain and confusion. The four of us collapsed to the ground again in a huddle of hugs and reassurances. Sal and Jenny Johnson were our emergency contacts and location. The older neighbors had helped us a great deal since Dad. The four of us sat there on the lawn and watched the hungry fire devour our home while waiting on the professionals to arrive. I’ll always remember that night, but the thing that stood out the most was the fire was so hot I could feel it from across the road. The Woes of Maddison Page Chapter 2 – My Bipolar Bladder - Later that Monday Night - The fire department arrived within eight minutes of mom placing the call from the Johnson’s front yard. It hadn’t made much difference. The old place went right before our very eyes up like dried popsicle sticks. Smoke under my door to the four corner posts of the house falling into the basement only took twenty-eight minutes. Well that what I guessed based on the quick scan of my alarm clock on the way out of my window. When the posts fell I marked the time on mom’s watch just after she assaulted me in our neighbor’s front yard. Twenty-Eight minutes and everything we had been destroyed. Twenty-Eight minutes and our lives were forever changed. Twenty-Eight minutes between life before the fire and life after the fire. “Something in the kitchen went up first baby.” Mom babble to me still in her Bugs Bunny sleeper. She was terrified that I had been stuck and caught in the blaze and it was hard for her to believe I was going to be okay. “It was just so horrible. I couldn’t get to you! I was so scared! Nothing was on, and I was in the living room watching the TV. Then fire raced up the stairwell and I couldn’t get to the stairs. I couldn’t get to you!” She bellowed. “I can’t believe you’re ok. You are ok aren’t you? I was so scared Maddison. All I could think of was you were stuck up there in the fire. I thought I had lost you baby.” She whispered that last part to me and cried. It dawned on her that I likely had a problem getting down from the third floor. Mom frantically freed me from Mr. Johnson’s strong grasp and laid me out on the plush carpet of their manicured lawn. She started running her hands over me asking what hurt as she ran through her first aid training. I remember looking around laying there wondering if their sprinklers would come on while I lay on the grass. Shock does weird things to the mind. That, and mom looked kind of ridiculous checking me for wounds in those bunny footie pajamas. My right leg and arm were bleeding pretty badly. I was cut up all over the place, but my left hand was just scuffed up a little. Mom looked around and put my childlike pillow under my head. ‘I love this pillow and its childish pillow case. I’m kind of glad something from my old life survived. Plus, who likes sleeping on someone else’s pillow? This shall be my squishy!’ I declared mentally channeling my inner Dori. I decided that if mom was ok out there in her goofy PJs then I cherish my old pillow. “Honey, does your head hurt at all? Did you hit your head?” Mom asked me retaining bits and pieces of her emergency classes. “Mandy, the ambulance is here darlin.” The grandmotherly Mrs. Jenny addressed Mom. She had called them while mom was yelling at the fire to let me go. “Ma’am, please step back and speak to my partner Frank. I’ll check on your sister right there.” The EMT told her pointing to his partner. “That’s Maddison, she’s my daughter.” Mom supplied the EMT staggering meekly over to Frank. ‘That’s funny! PJs got ya Mom.’ I chuckled to myself. “Maddison, tell me what happened...” The EMT started, but I don’t really remember the last half of that sentence. I know I answered his questions, but the pain wiped away most of my memory. My next memory was from the ambulance for just a few moments. It was long enough to see mom sitting next to me and that I was strapped onto a gurney. She was talking to the EMT that had checked me out. I remember hearing mom was going to be fine. She’d only had some mild burns on her hands and forearms trying to get to me through the fire. I, on the other hand, needed a trip to the hospital for x-rays, stitches, and who knew what else. - Wednesday - Mom checked “my little legs” and we made our way back to our hotel bed. That whole window-flying hospital-staying experience was sitting at a nine out of ten on the suck-O-meter. In my short life only losing Dad had sucked worse, that had been a solid ten out of ten. I sat down heavily on the hotel bed trying to hold my leg up from the recoil, but my back wasn’t putting up with a slow descent. Mom put my bad right leg up on a stack of pillows to elevate it, cause Dr.’s orders, but my back was hurting no matter how I laid. I didn’t want to go to the store with mom. In fact, I really didn’t want to move at all. I hurt everywhere! It felt like how I imagined being in a car wreck would feel, and I was totally prepared to throw a fit about getting up again. ‘Maddie – 0, Gravity - 1 – Well done gravity! You have surely kicked my ass.’ I chuckled at my own stupid internal commentary. “Momma, I don’t want to go with you.” I whined. “ It’s freezing out there, and I can’t wear pants with this leg splint thing.” Then a tingle in my lady bits hit me again. “Plus, it seems I need to use the bathroom. Again! I shouldn’t have even left. ARGH!” I groused. ‘Why can’t the eff’n toilet be friggin cushioned or something? I need one of those gunshot-in-the-ass pillows from TV.’ I mumbled pushing up out of bed. ‘Of all the leftovers from my two story flight, my bipolar bladder had to be my least favorite.’ I thought. “Honey, you just went, literally moments ago. I’m sure you’ll be fine.” The concern flooded mom’s face while she waved her hands around. I couldn’t help it. I began to cry, “Dammit, I know momma, and it hurts so bad when I get up. Please help me back in there. I’ll just fucking sit on the toilet for the rest of my goddamn life. Maybe I can fold up some towels to sit on.” I lamented. I was filled with exhaustion and aggravation, and my poor attitude got the better of my vocabulary. I hardly ever cuss, out loud at least, but I was tired of… everything. I was exhausted. I threw myself a well-deserved pity party. I’d just have to feel bad about biting mom’s head off later, but being a God fearing young lady from the south, I knew I would be mortified at my own behavior later. How many seventeen year old girls do you know that work thirty plus hours a week, go to school, run cross country at a state level, maintain a 4.16 GPA? I was trying my damnedest to get into the best school I could afford for my bachelors. Now I had to do all that while trying to piece our life back together from the pieces the demon of a fire took from me. Not to mention all the responsibility I picked up after Dad passed, and now my bipolar bladder was forcing my injured back into service it wasn’t apparently prepared to give. I sighed and got up. As always, I was doing my best, and I was way too stubborn to give up. While I wallowed in my own pity, mom helped me up off the bed. I made it vertical with a weight lifters grunt, and I shuffled on to the bathroom by myself. I really needed that tiny bit of independence, but I just left the door open this time since I couldn’t talk to mom if I closed it anyway. I looked at my sickly pale complexion in the bathroom mirror while sitting on the toilet. I stared at it for a solid minute before deciding that the crew of The Walking Dead would have to put color on me to let me shamble on their set! Mom had seen my perky butt a million times, and we were bunked in this one bed suite with little to no privacy anyway. Modesty just didn’t matter to me anymore, at least where my mom was concerned. So, I just left the damn door wide open. ‘God I look horrible. I look like a disabled vampire with coffin head.’ My morbid sense of humor supplied. ‘I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.’ I mentally quoted one of my favorite books. I had my bad leg stretched out in front of me with my panties around that ankle. ‘I wish I could figure out how to prop it up on the tub and leave it there. This would be way more comfortable.’ I thought while playing around with it unsuccessfully. We’d only been in this suite for a couple days, but it was already wearing on me. I was hurting not wanting to move, but I was cagey and wanting to get out of there. Nothing was mine. Nothing was the same. I couldn’t get anything done without my stuff. I was already battling the senior everything-is-changing-stress, but this was just too much. ‘I have nothing. I mean technically our cars are just singed, but drivable. Bubbly paint doesn’t keep the car from going. The cars were a crispy silver lining I guess.’ I took a stab at cheering myself up. It didn’t work. “Mommy, I don’t know what’s going on inside me.” I broke down again feeling the overwhelming emotional weight of my situation. I needed my mommy, and like always she was right there ready and willing to bend reality for me just like I do for her. I cried into my hands in the bathroom of a hotel with all my dreams falling away in tears and ashes. Seriously, I was conjuring scenarios in my mind where I’d have to stay with mom in an apartment and take care of her for some reason, or a ton of different scenarios where college never happened. My overactive imagination was jumping down every horrible situation I could dream up. I was spiraling. It’s wasn’t one of my finest moments. “What do you mean honey.” Mom sounded petrified. She needed me sure, but right then she had no idea how to help me. “I just went to the bathroom. I mean, I barely peed at all, but I felt like I couldn’t hold it anymore as soon as I sat down. It was hurting to hold it while I walked in here. It felt like I was about to pee all over myself sitting there on the bed. Walking was even scarier. Even when I manage to go a little, the relief doesn’t last long before I’m back at the near pissing myself feeling.” I wailed. “Maddie you didn’t drink anything, and we were only in the other room maybe five minutes. You know there’s nothing in there right? Why don’t you try pushing a little, and I’ll help you lay down again? Then you won’t have to worry.” Mom coached while pointing at my traitorous bladder. “GAWD Momma! I know how to pee. I’m telling you something is wrong. My bladder isn’t full, but I’m tingling like I’m about to wet myself.” I huffed at her while crossing my arms. “Don’t take it out on me young lady! It’s only been a couple days since the fire. Maybe you hurt yourself worse than we thought? I don’t remember talking to the ER guys or the EMTs about bladder stuff. Did you talk to them?” Mom prompted. I dried my eyes with some toilet paper, “No Momma. I’m not even sure it was a thing then. Plus, the pain from the fall was keeping some of this other stuff away. I was hurting too bad to feel the tingle, but it’s all I feel now! And… I’m sorry for yelling.” I conceded hanging my head. Mom sighed and looked down. The look on her face told me her fear had elevated. “Baby, your panties are a little wet. Do you know when that happened?” She asked me still staring down at the condition of my underwear with a patient look of concern in her loving eyes. “They’re WHAT!” I sobbed anew. “It’s not much honey. Maybe you just went a little when you stood up. It looked like it hurt. Ha! that happens to me all the time. Peeing a little here and there happens to a lot of girls. I’ve had to wear a heavy pad since you were born.” Mom offered. It did hurt, but I had no idea that I’d “leaked.” The thought was simply terrifying. ‘OMG!’ “Have you ever held it so long that your control was literally bouncing. You’d flexed the muscles so long they would contract and relax, like a pulse you don’t have control over. That feeling of you have literally one moment longer before there’s a mess to clean up. When your bladder says a rowdy Fuck You and dumps its load without your consent?” I begged her to understand. Mom nodded. “That’s how I’m feeling all the time right now. It’s exhausting and it’s killing my already pissed off back.” I groused. In another fit of age-inappropriate mental fatigue, I dramatically kicked my underwear and shorts off of my bad leg with the good one. I needed the wet panties as far away from me as possible. Mom took some toilet paper and wiped the tears from my face, and started a bath. “I’ll go to Wally World by myself honey. You said your back was hurting, so you just take a nice long hot bath and enjoy all this never ending hotel hot water. Mommy will be right back baby.” She told me visually assessing me for further damage. She wasn’t sure what to do. It seemed like a terrific idea, soaking in the tub. I have always loved to soak in a deep hot bath. Our hot water heater was under too much demand and way too old to keep up with a deep water baths at home. Suddenly, I was excited that I could soak, then shave, and have enough hot water to shower off too. ‘I’ll finally feel human again, at least until I had to resume my porcelain vigilance.’ I sighed. ‘What the hell is going on with me?! Mom’s still got to make that Wal-Mart run, but at least she seems willing to make it on her own now. I’m just glad I don’t have to go and that she can get to her checking account. Fuck!’ I shouted internally. I’d forgotten that I couldn’t “submerge” my leg. Mom had grabbed her purse on the way out the front door of our former home. She still had her debit and credit cards. Thank the Lord! If she’d lost those too, we’d have no access to the meager funds we currently had available. As it was, I only had temporary checks on my account. Work had given me the week off paid. That was super nice of my boss, and the old jerk wasn’t known for his super niceness. Mom had taken the week off too. She wasn’t fortunate enough for bonus unpaid leave though. She had to burn the rest of her vacation and sick/personal days. She wouldn’t be off around Christmas now. That realization hit me hard. “Oh momma, all your Christmas presents were already under the tree, and I can’t take a bath cause of the stitches.” I cried yet again feeling the weight of our loss. My emotions were all over the place. I knew it, and still couldn’t stop it. That just pissed me off more. I was really excited to give her the Sylvester Jumper set. It was the pivotal part of her Christmas. Mom still had what was left of the Bugs footed sleeper, but I don’t think she would be sleeping in it anymore. It probably reminded her of the fire, and neither of us wanted that. My resolve hardened again. Mom would have the Sylvester jumper set for Christmas! With that goal I rediscovered my strength, if only temporarily.
  14. Diving for Love Darren and Paul were not only best friends they were also one of Britain's best hopes in the up-coming European Synchronised Diving Championships. They had been best mates since they were ten and now, at 18, they had formed a tremendous chemistry that made each know and do whatever the other was thinking. As divers, that had to be split-second perfect, not only to complete the precise entry, but to do it as one, it had taken real effort and determination to succeed on both their parts. Standing at the top of the high board together, looking identical in their pale blue, bum hugging, crotch enhancing Speedos, their mental fusion was total. As they bounced on their toes, making calf and thigh muscles strain, arms held high, each smooth chest taut under the forceful push-off into the air, the perfect spin, the graceful twirls and the sleek slip into the water, only they knew how they had perfected that union of souls - eight years earlier… with a kiss. No matter what psychiatrists, specialists or people who think they know say… even at the age of ten these two friends knew they wanted to be together. Through school, through sport and through their young lives they had always been there for each other; helping, encouraging and loving. People who knew them couldn’t help but notice the synchronicity of their minds and bodies. In class they raised their hands together to answer questions, in tests they got the same marks and in sport they matched each other perfectly in whatever game they undertook. Some teachers tried to split them up, put them on opposing teams, but that would usually end in disaster because apart - they just didn’t function correctly. What their teachers didn’t know was when the boys were ten they had committed themselves to one and other. Where this idea of commitment at such a tender age had come from, no-one but the lads themselves knew and it remains a mystery to the public to this day. Only Darren and Paul knew why, at the age of ten they had kissed, or why from that day to this, they always kissed when together. What people didn’t know was that also at ten they realized they had something else in common… they both wore nappies to bed. It was when Darren was having a sleepover at Paul’s that they’d embarrassingly discovered their mutual secret. As it turned out, it was the thing that drew them together, the thing that made them special and also what made them inseparable. They knew, even at that early age, if they were to survive peer pressure and bullying, they needed each other for comfort and strength. They built up a formidable partnership. They indulged in their passion for diving and swimming whilst enjoying the thing that set them apart… their love for thick and copious protection. Each secure in the comfort of their partner’s love. Other kids called them names and tried to shun them but the truth was… it was Darren and Paul who shunned all the others. No one could get close to them without both boys wanting that to happen. Hell, even their diving coach was kept at arms length by the two as they explored and honed their developing aerial gymnastic skills. Jealousy and envy followed the two friends as they ignored the rest of the world and only listened to each other. That commitment was now paying off as with each synchronized dive they got nearer to perfection. They knew this wasn’t a ‘big time’ sport but medals bred interest and now the cameras were on them for the final dive of the competition. As they waited to be called, and in front of a European television audience of millions, they kissed each other passionately before climbing up to their starting points. A gasp could be heard from the crowd watching at the pool, no doubt echoed in the homes of the viewers, but they didn’t know that this specific act of love and friendship was the thing that made these supreme athletes the winners they were about to become. A deafening hush descended on the pool as the two boys gathered at the 10-meter board edge. Separated by just a few centimetres, concentrating but not looking at each other, they took their cue purely on instinct. Legs bent to launch themselves high into the air in perfect formation, the elevated twist, the super sleek multiple spins, the final tumble and the perfect entry into the water took just a couple of seconds but they emerged to see the scores; the highest scores ever recorded… and it was unanimous. The crowd went mental. A perfect score was never easy to attain but the boys had pulled it off. The viewers at home might have caught the brief underwater shot of our two champions embracing briefly just before they surfaced, in unison, to the side of the pool. But what no one could have foreseen was the way these two best friends would be catapulted to superstardom on the back of that televised aquatic kiss. The world wanted to know them, sponsors wanted to endorse them and the media wanted to expose them to a bigger audience. They celebrated their gold medals at home in their favourite thick terry nappies but now wore sleek, glass-like golden plastic pants to commemorate that victory. Again, the boys were in perfect sync as they climbed into bed and indulged in their favourite celebration. ####
  15. Hello Everyone, This is my first time writing a story. I have been reading everyone else's stories for years and finally decided to make an account and try writing my own. I want to try and have a new Piece once a week to add on and hope i can achieve that. Diapers will come in later chapters as it develops, i have a lot of different ideas that i want to try out and inspiration comes at random times. There will be dark times and good ones, sadness and joy and hopefully humor as well. Thank you for giving me a chance if you are reading First Piece Keys could be heard as a door was unlocked and someone returned home. Felicia had returned from work and was looking forward to an evening of comfort. She emptied out her pockets on the counter top in her kitchen in the usual manner, followed by her phone and purse. Walking into her bedroom the first to go was her top followed by pants and lastly underwear while heading for the bathroom. No care was really taken in where her clothes landed, no one visited her anyways. All she desired right now was a hot shower to clean the days dirt from her. Coming from a middle income family and having average grades in school limited her options in pursuing career interests. In the end she had to settle with vocational school and learning a trade. It wasn't glamorous and she often felt she was looked down upon by others for not having earned a degree but she was free and independent. The only downside really was it was hard dirty work some days. Over the years since school she had lost touch with friends who had become great successes by the normal definition. College grads with bright careers and lovers to support them in their dreams. Looking in the mirror she saw none of these things, her reflection was one of a girl whom really needed a shower that had dark circles under her eyes. Letting the shower run and steam the whole bathroom up helped hide the face she did not want to see in the mirror. She took her dull blonde hair out of its twin tails placing the hair ties on the counter and stepping into the shower. As hot as the water was she didn't really feel anything, the heat didn't bother her in the least. Wetting her long blonde hair she proceeded to grab her shampoo bottle and scrub until her hair was full of suds and soap. Scrubbing all over until the grime was gone and she was clean as could be she proceeded to step out of the shower. Seeing herself in the mirror she was finally satisfied that the remains of the day at work had been all removed. Skin clean and clear and her hair having its shine restored with all the muck removed. "Finally" Felicia said. It seemed to take forever to get clean some days. Standing at only 5 foot 2 everyone at work would always seek her out when a space was too tight for them to reach hoping her small stature would help get the job done faster. She often wondered if that's the only reason they kept her around, simple convenience or someone to tease. None of the guys ever hit on her, they always would cat call girls passing by wearing expensive heels and flowing skirts with halter tops showing their cleavage for the world to see. Being so short and having breasts barely even a b cup gave her no confidence in the realm of attracting anyone's eyes. Her high school boyfriend Daniel had not helped with her poor self confidence. She had loved him so much and he was the first person she ever opened up to and got close too. They had started dating in sophomore year after one day out of the blue he had left her a note with his contact information. He took her to the movies, bought her dinner and did all the things a good boyfriend should. He even opened doors for her and treated her like a princess. Coming from an affluent family he was allowed to live alone and was given a large monthly allowance. He seemed like the perfect guy at first, however that was before they had become intimate and she learned of a much darker side. He had kinky interests such as wanting to tie her to the bed, spanking her and making her call herself his little slut and whore. It being her first time and losing her virginity in such a manner had left an impression. She loved the feelings her gave her in bed. They had stayed together until their senior year in high school and at one point he had promised to always be with her. He had proposed but instead of with a ring it was a collar that only he had the key to. Accepting happily without a thought she never expected that only a few months later he would cheat on her and tear her whole world and life asunder. Her name was Ashley, she was taller then Felicia by a good 6 inches and had large breasts a small waist and curvy hips. She had the figure every girl wanted and then some. Along with curly brown hair and eyes to match boys would gawk at her wherever she went. Daniel had gone on a skiing trip with some friends and met her there. Within only a matter of weeks it seemed like Daniel was constantly bringing Ashley up or mentioning something about her. During one of their passionate sessions Daniel had tied her into a black open bust leather corset with ankle and wrist cuffs to match as well as fishnet stockings with garters. Lying in bed with her hands behind her back linked together by small chains and legs raised high and apart Daniel leaned in and whispered into her ear"You know my little pet maybe we could get you some breast implants one day" Slightly taken aback she answered "but i thought you loved me as i am why do you want to change me?" Kissing her neck and nibbling he only responded with an animalistic growl before taking her without further comment. He thrust deep into her causing her to yelp in response. Choosing to end any further chance of conversation he pulled out her bright red ball gag he reserved for special occasions. "No more talk now little one, its time for fun" Grabbing and twisting one of her sensitive nipples she opened her mouth in pleasure which he quickly took advantage of forcing the gag in and strapping it behind her head. Placing nipple clamps on her following this only pushed her further into pleasure and submission. Recently he had taken to teasing her off and on by stopping and using a vibrator on her as well as a special arousal oil he had gotten online. It drove her mad, the tingling of the oil as he rubbed it into her slowly drawing out begging mewls behind her gag begging for more. He next blindfolded her taking away sight and then something new, earplugs. He had never taken away her sense of sound before. Not knowing where he would attack next she could only lie in wait and anticipation. Nibbling starting on her neck as a vibrator was placed just on the inside of her thigh. Roaming her up and down both legs but just missing her pleasure center. He continued this off and on until finally he stopped completely. She felt him mount her and place himself ready to enter and then it happened, he thrust deep into her hard and without mercy. Rocking her harder and harder she could only squeal into her gag in pleasure until he brought the vibrator back full force. Pressing it hard against her as he thrust deeper sending her into a screaming frenzy behind her gag. Somewhere along the way one of her earplugs had come loose and fallen out. Feeling herself reaching orgasm she could hear and feel him reaching his as well. "MM Ash...." She thought she heard but lost all train of thought after that only coming to when he was untying her hands and taking away her gag. "I love you my little pet" He said before snuggling her and letting her fall asleep. One day a couple weeks later Felicia was out at the mall picking up a special order item for her mom when she saw Daniel waiting outside a store. Happy for the chance encounter and not thinking she rushed to see him only to stop when she saw Ashley walk out to meet him. Stunned she could only observe her fiancee kiss her on the lips and then turn and head in her direction of all places. Frozen in shock she was easily spotted. "Hello Felicia" Ashley greeted, "fancy meeting you here" "Wh...wh.. whats going on here? Daniel whats happening? "Felicia asked, too many thoughts and confused feelings flooding her mind not knowing what to say. "It should be obvious" He stated coldly and without emotion "You have been replaced, did you really not suspect something was going on?" "Silly little girl" Ashley followed up with "You were practice for a much bigger prize" Looking down on the shorter girl with a smug smile Reeling in shock with every word and at a loss panic began to settle in her heart 'Please tell me this is a joke, this is not real. I ... I gave you my everything. My virginity, my heart, all of my love. You said you wanted to marry me" tears flowing Felicia ignored any passerby who may of noticed her breakdown. "You were great for a while, you were so submissive and ready to meet all my needs like a good little slut that you got so good at calling yourself for me. You accepted any little pet name i would give you and would submit to my every desire but that was part of the problem. What i need is an equal who can stand next to me and not a little girl" He stated coldly. "Just look at yourself" Ashley interjected " You look like a middle schooler still, you have barely any figure and even allowed yourself to be collared as an engagement. How dumb could you be?" Everything became blurry at that point, feeling extremely light headed Felicia reached for something to steady herself on her feet trying to catch her breath with tears streaking her cheeks. "I think we are done here honey its time for us to continue our date, You mentioned you wanted to go by the jewlery store to look at rings right?" Was the last thing Felicia heard Daniel say before they moved out of sight walking away. Looking around she realized that they had attracted a crowd filled with hushed whispers, women holding hands over their mouths. Several stealing glances at the couple walking away and even one whispering "She really is wearing a collar, i thought it was just a silver hoop necklace at first" another woman whispering "calling herself his little slut, does she have no dignity?" No longer able to take the pressure Felicia bolted right for the exit running as fast as she could. She ran and ran and ran as long as she could and as far as she could only stopping when she finally reached home. Her home she shared with her mom for the past 18 years, the one constant in her life she could depend on. Busting in the front door eyes red and puffy her mom was nowhere to be found. Wandering the house she came across her mothers painting studio and decided to wait here for her to come home. Nothing felt real , her entire mind reeling from what had just happened. Not only was she dumped, no that would have been easier. A break up would of been a gift in comparison to this. She had been publicly humiliated, torn down in front of others for her body being little, called stupid. Her most intimate secrets outed in front of strangers at a mall she went to all of the time. Made to be a fool and implied she was nothing but practice, a disposable toy that would of never been Daniels equal. Eyes roaming the studio, nothing made sense and nothing felt real. There was no way this was real it had to be a terrible dream she needed to wake up from she just needed a way to end this nightmare. A glint caught her eye on the table, a retractable razor blade her mother used to trim things around the studio. She played with it in her hands feeling the weight of the tool and opening the blade observing its gleaming edge. "If this is a dream then this wont hurt and maybe i will wake up, but if its real and i really am awake it will all be the same. I just want this nightmare to end" Barely a whisper heard by her own ears as she said it. She dragged the cold blade swiftly across her wrist feeling a sensation all new to her and eyes widening in realization this was no dream. Her blood starting to run out on the canvases on the table, dropping the blade everything started to go hazy, "Felicia, are you back honey" She could hear her mother calling from somewhere. Her eyes feeling heavy and unable to support herself falling to the floor. All she could see was the floor next to her face, light fading and hearing far away foot steps and a distant scream.
  16. So, I've been trying to find different narrative voices to try out and see what speaks to me. I did the sissy, typical abdl story thing, which I will continue, don't poop your pants! I did a dark short story that probably no one should read, it's seriously so dark that it screams "Wakanda forever!" after you read it. Now I'm here with something unlike either of those two things, a love story! Yay! I've never written a love story and I've only written one short story, so this may or may not be a complete dumpster fire outside the zoo on animal haircut day kind of terrible, but it made me happy to write it and maybe one of you lovelies will find it enjoyable. Anyway, I'd very much appreciate it if you told me what you thought in the comments below, if you liked it, great, if you hated it, also great, let's talk about it and see if we can't make me a great writer when I grow up. Anyway, here's my new jam! Her Lullaby By: RambleLamb The screen glowed in the dark of the room, bathing the bed and it's occupant in the cold light, destroying what useful eyesight she still had left. A quiet yawn competed with the sound of the laptop's fan ramping up as the young woman in the bed stared at the screen in anticipation. Without taking her eyes from the screen she felt around the bed, searching the sea of cutesy, colorful sheets for her prize. Her search ended with disappointment and had to be called off prematurely to rub her sore and puffy eyes, the hours she'd spent crying up to now having taken their toll on her physically as well as mentally. Her search resumed and quickly bore fruit as she found her pacifier down near her knee, her pale white skin glowingly in the monitor light making her look like some kind of primordial cave monster, a wretchedly adorable primordial cave monster, but a primordial cave monster all the same. Pacifier in mouth, she shifted her position, the plastic sheet beneath her childish bedding crinkling with deafening loudness in the quiet night air of her bedroom, and laid on her stomach, moving the laptop to the end of the bed. Fresh thoughts of her latest romantic failure bubbled up to the surface of her mind and the tears started to form again and she buried her head in her folded arms and began to sob. She wasn't sad that he'd broken things off with her, her low self esteem and shallow belief in herself and her value as a human being ensured that she was prepared for that inevitable outcome from the jump, no, she was sad because she'd made a fool of herself by trying to step out of her comfort zone and play the role of a sexy, normal girl and that had gone over about as well as a dog trying to teach a university calculus class. She knew her place. She knew her station in life. She knew that her role was that of cute little girl that can't seem to handle using the potty. How could she forget that when the thick padding around her waist was currently swollen with hours of reminder juice? No, she knew who and what she was and what was expected of her, or rather, what she assumed was expected of her, and she'd stepped up and out anyway and now here she was, alone on a Friday night waiting for a response from the person she actually wanted. She'd gotten together with Chad, the name voted "Most Likely To Ensure Your Kid Grows Up to be a Douche Canoe", out of desperation more than anything else. She was lonely and horny and he was there and conscious so she'd approached him as he left the counter at the coffee shop. Chad was a government issued "Red Flag Checklist", and she saw a lot of them but rationalized that since her loneliness was reaching Sarah McLachlan benefit concert for shivering animals in cages and alleys levels of depressing she needed to ignore his platinum blonde hair tied into a man bun and put aside the fact that he was dressed like a tennis instructor that was having a midlife crisis and decided he wanted to be in a 90's era Seattle grunge band. She had to overlook the "electronic cigarette" in his hand, ready to deliver that sweet sweet S'Mores smelling vapor into his lungs and into a cloud that everyone in the immediate area would just have to deal with because hashtag yoloswag. Despite being a completely socially retarded person and having the anxiety level of a chihuahua in a mosh pit when faced with the prospect of talking with people face to face, she'd done well, even though she asked if he wanted to get coffee sometime while standing in a coffee shop with her already holding her beverage and him waiting for his to be finished being prepared. She left the coffee shop with his number and practically ran home to share her news with her friend. The site was a forum for stories and discussions about the lifestyle and fetish of adults wearing diapers and pretending to be little kids and babies in their behavior. She'd joined the site to share her writings, but was also hoping that that would open the door to meet new people and make friends, possibly even find someone to be more than friends with. She wasn't sure whether a Mommy or a Daddy was what she wanted for herself, but she knew that she wanted someone compassionate and patient, someone that would be able to manage her emotional shortcomings and mental hangups. She sent her message sharing the accomplishment of asking a guy out and waited to see if she'd get a reply. She smiled to herself as she put her dirty blonde hair into a loose ponytail and heard the chirp from her phone followed by the little red number '1' popping up on the little letter icon in the top corner of the page. She wiggled her bottom happily, wetting her diaper a little as she clicked the icon and brought up the response. "Meeting" the girl that went by the username "ApexofEloquence" was something unexpected. The new girl, deciding to beat people to the punch, had decided on the name "BigDumbBaby" and had stumbled upon of one of the prolific writer's stories while posting her own first attempt at writing. She drank the story up, entranced by the deft use of language that was reserved for best selling authors, not someone on a diaper fetish story board. The juxtaposition of this unfathomably amazing writing prowess in a realm full of barely literate masturbatory fantasies given life was intoxicating to her and she shared her thoughts in a comment that basically boiled down to a small child babbling about how wonderful their new toy was while no one actively listened and just kind of nodded and smiled. Apex took the praise well and established similar interests in the response she'd posted, leaving Baby full to the brim with happiness over the spark of a connection, a chance encounter turning toward possible friendship. As more comments and more responses were filed Baby found herself feeling more than friendly toward Apex. She'd never been in love before and had certainly never been loved before, at least not by anyone that wasn't legally obligated to love her by the laws of shitting out a child, but no one had ever loved her romantically before. When the personal messages had started was when Baby realized she was in love with Apex. Every word that this woman used filled a role within a sentence and that sentence took its place within a paragraph of opulence, pregnant with emotion and raw strength to move a person at their very core. Baby read and reread each message, delighting in them as she swam in the feelings of infatuation, her face plastered with a ridiculously happy smile that nothing in her life had managed to ever come close to replicating. Baby had confessed her love to Apex on a whim one night, her heart racing and her diaper warming as she hovered the mouse over the "send" icon. Her mind swirled with possible outcomes, rejection mostly, imagining Apex turning on her in an uncharacteristically cruel manner, laughing at the naivety of this young girl that conducted herself in the general population of the forum like an overgrown toddler with the attention span of a piece of cotton. She imagined Apex posting the confession for all to see and everyone laughing at her and commenting about what a stupid baby she was for thinking she had any kind of chance with someone as universally respected as Apex. Regret filled Baby as she sat numbly staring at the screen, chiding herself for thinking any good could come of this gambit. She wished she could take it all back but assumed that the length of time between sending the confession and receiving a response was due to Apex reading it and possibly having to clean up an unfortunate wetting accident because she'd laughed so hard at Baby's expense and thus deleting it now would serve no purpose, the damage had been done. Baby had fallen asleep crying, her pacifier doing little to quell her embarrassed sobs, and she dreamed that night of Apex towering over her, pointing and laughing, the sound booming in Baby's ears like a thunderous drum. She found herself in a crib with a dunce cap on her head, pages of her story strewn about the crib bedding with large red F's on them circled hastily like a teacher with little time or patience for an underperforming student had graded them between sips of heavily "Irished" coffee. Baby had stood up and toddled to the side of the crib yelling pleas of mercy at the giant woman, but every word came out not as the intended word, but as a drool soaked, infantile babble which only brought further peals of laughter from her tormentor. Baby began to wail in earnest, dropping to her bottom in resignation as the air above the crib was filled with more giants, all laughing at her derisively, shrinking down and morphing into a mobile above her head as she looked up with tear blurred vision. She clutched her stuffed otter to her and began to suck her thumb, pausing as the stuffed otter struggled to pull free of her grasp, revealing Apex's head on the stuffed otter's body. "God, you're pathetic." the Apex otter spat in disgust. Baby tried to protest but remembered that her words were meaningless anyway and continued slurping noisily on her thumb as she watched the Apex otter climb her side and march across her tummy. "Did you really think I would want to have anything to do with a sniveling infant like you?" the Apex otter sneered. "What would we even talk about?" it asked as it sat down crisscross applesauce on her tummy. Baby hiccuped sullenly between sobs and babbled wetly around her thumb. The Apex otter laughed uproariously at her, falling onto its back and kicking its stubby stuffed legs, holding its stomach as it rolled around. "I-I-I can just imagine me starting the conversation with an insightful anecdote about the duality of man and you'll smile at me and fill your little diaper." the Apex otter said between gasps for air and giggles. Baby flushed crimson and munched her thumb as she began to grunt and- She'd woken up just as she'd fallen asleep, crying, her feelings of inadequacy and sadness compounded by her dream which was thankfully fuzzing out of her memory even as she rubbed her wet eyes with the back of her hands and retrieved her pacifier from next to her pillow and put it into her mouth sullenly. She looked up at her laptop, the screen black after hours of inactivity. She stuck her leg out and nudged the mouse with her toe bringing the screen to life once again, revealing a little letter icon with a red number "1" on it. She sucked nervously on her pacifier and leaned forward to move to the end of the bed and put her hand on the mouse, moving up to the letter icon and taking a deep breath before clicking onto it. Baby, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to know that you have feelings for me. I confess that I've been feeling similarly about you. I find you to be quite delightful to talk to, you're funny and I love the words you use in your story. Your writing style is very entertaining and I find myself rereading every message you send me just because of how lovely a picture it paints about who you are as a person. I would love to continue talking to you and learn more about you and see where things go from there. Thank you for reaching out to me, I greatly admire the braveness you've demonstrated by taking a chance to share your feelings with me, I think you're a wonderful girl and I'm very proud of you as I know how hard taking the initiative in this instance must have been for you. I can't wait to hear from you! All my love, Apex Baby squealed loudly, her pacifier dropping from her mouth as the near sonic frequency of her excitement filled the room and she flopped backward onto her bed giggling happily and kicking her legs. She wiggled her way back down to her computer and typed as fast as her excited little fingers could go. Apex, I am so ridiculously happy right now, you have no idea! She stopped typing, her mind working on the downsides of being overly eager with Apex, proving herself to be a silly little girl with no restraint that just vomited up all her thoughts without even trying to collect them into some kind of coherent message. She thought of all the wonderful words Apex used to describe her, wonderful among them, she thought of those words and the tone with which they were strung together. Apex obviously cared for her, that much was apparent even without the girl's admission, but the more Baby thought about it, the more she began to notice a pattern in the messages of the past and went back through them to confirm. She found that every message from the first to the most recent was written in such a way that it was clear Apex was more of a Big, the term for a caregiver or dominant partner in the community they were currently chatting in, to Baby's far more little demeanor. When Baby sent her messages out they were written by a girl that was happy to have a friend, excited to share things with that friend, eager to garner the approval and praise of that friend, like a small child with an older sibling or parent. The love was there, but it wasn't romantic. Baby didn't want to be with Apex in a carnal way, she just wanted to be with her. Rereading her confession message she found that she'd basically told Apex how great she was and how pretty her words were and how jealous she was of her talent but the important message, the one that she'd agonized over and had bad dreams about was relegated to one small statement at the end, "You make me feel little and safe with your pretty, soft words. I wish I could sew them into a blankie or jammies and have them keep me warm and safe all night always.". Baby wondered if Apex was romantically interested in her or if she simply saw her as a little girl to be cared for. Baby furrowed her brow wondering if that was such a bad thing, on the one hand she'd never been romantic with anyone before and the stress of that was something she wasn't sure she could deal with while also sorting out this tangle of crossed wires she found herself bound up in, on the other hand, if Apex was interested in being someone in her life that looked out for her and wanted to take care of her what would be the problem there? After all, Apex had been there for her when things had gone south with Chad, her words calming the crying girl almost instantly, the sweet sentiments about Baby's value and worth as a person making her feel as if nothing else in the world existed beyond the two of them and she was light as a feather being swaddled in the other girl's adoration as the words melodically flowed around bringing her serenity in her time of turmoil. She smiled as she thought of these feelings and started writing. My dearest Apex, I've been struggling to organize my thoughts and make them make sense to me so that I can present them to you in a way that will make sense to you. I thought when I wrote you that I was telling you how in love with you I was, but somehow I'd written something that came across to me after reading it later as a confession of love more akin to a younger sister talking to an older sister or parent and I think I've figured out why that is. I was an only child growing up so I never had a sibling to look up to and admire and think the world of, to love. When you talk to me I feel very little, but not in a bad way, not even a little bit. I never feel like you're talking down to me, more that you're meeting me at my level to talk to me, that you're tailoring your message to fit me and my level of emotional development, which is obviously quite stunted. I've never had anyone care enough about me that they crafted their statements just for me. I've never really had anyone talk to me rather than at me and you doing it resonates so strongly with me on a subconscious level that I instantly and completely loved you. You're so smart and compassionate and you take time to listen to me and to fold my feelings into your responses because you want me to be okay and to be happy. I come to you a blubbering mess and you don't get annoyed with me, you don't get frustrated with my myriad of mental and emotional issues, you embrace them as a part of who I am and assure me that I'm valid and my feelings are valid and that I'm lovely and deserve to be loved and that's not something anyone has ever told me before. I was trying to come up with a profound analogy for your words, something that would do them justice but that would also crystallize my feelings so perfectly that you would instantly know exactly how you make me feel and what you mean to me, and all I could think was that your words are like a lullaby. When I read your messages the world falls away and I'm at peace, no matter how sad I am or how anxious, the moment I start reading what you wrote I'm calmer and the more I read the calmer I get and by the time I'm done reading I'm content and feeling warm and safe. To say that your words make me feel little isn't entirely accurate as it doesn't fully capture the magnitude of the effect your words have on me. When I read your words I start wetting myself, not even intentionally, it's almost Pavlovian at this point. As soon as I see that the little red number belongs to you the trickle starts and as I start to read it grows steadily until I'm finished. That calmness is profound to me, even if it's completely embarrassing. This is probably going to sound weird, but trust me, it's meant to be wholly positive, you're the human embodiment of every item that brings joy to little me. You're the pacifier that stops my fussing and helps me to calm down. You're the soft, dry diaper that wraps around me to protect me from ruining the things around me. You're the baby shampoo that smells like lavender and helps me feel at ease before bedtime. You're the bottle of warm milk that warms my tummy on cold nights and puts me to sleep with a satisfied smile on my face. You're the soft melody being hummed to me as I'm rocked to sleep. I think all of this means that you're the perfect Mommy type person, but I'm not an expert or anything, I mostly just make awkward jokes when I'm nervous, so you might just be a living nursery...and there it is. I don't expect you to respond with anything like "OMG of course I'll be your Mommy!", I know that you're little too and I don't want to make you feel like I'm trying to encroach on that in any way, I mainly just needed to tell you how you make me feel in the best way I know how, and I hope that I did a good job. You mean the absolute world to me, and I thought you should know. Love always, Baby She hit send and flopped onto her side with a contented sigh, feeling incredibly free and good about her message. She didn't know what Apex would say, but she was sure it would be positive and she was sure that even if she wasn't interested in being a Mommy, given that Apex herself identified as a little, though she seemed so much bigger in Baby's eyes than Baby seemed to herself, she would more than likely have a lifelong big sister, and that was just fine with her. When the little red number popped up on the screen an hour later Baby smiled and calmly shifted herself into position to read it, no doubt or worry in her mind, just the warm happiness that she carried with her always in her heart and mind thanks to Apex's words.
  17. The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions. 1. *The sound of Jawas fills the cab of my car making me smile.*Allen told me they were haggling over scrap on Tatooine, but I had no clue. Don’t get me wrong, I love those movies, but nothing like my husband does. Clearly, he has been messing with my phone again. “Ok Google, Read New Text.” I tell the dead air in my car while rolling my eyes at my nerdy husband’s antics. “You have one new text from Allen at five thirty-two PM. Do you want to hear it?” “Yes.” I tell my phone.The female computerized voice reads back my husband’s text. It is an odd juxtaposition listening to his words and imagining his face to the female’s jilting voice. Google reads, “Shit hone. That ducks. You don’t have a lot of options there.”Autocorrect hates him. It always makes me giggle while I try to interpret what he’s going on about. I get tired of dictating to my phone and pick it up directly. Normally, I’d wait and talk slowly through the menu’s to send a reply, but it wasn’t dangerous just sitting here. I’m not about to text and drive. That shit is dangerous!I text him back.[Me:] Radio says there’s a tractor trailer rig overturned. I’m locked in. I can’t stop bouncing my legs. I gotta pee so freaking bad! At least Molly’s sleeping through it. Thank god for pool day.[Allen:] ITH (our own code – In The House)[Me:] You never beat me home! (Yeah, I’m whining at this point.)[Me:] I don’t know what to do! If I pee my pants, the leather will be fine but the carpet…[Allen:] You can’t do anything about it babe. Don’t hurt yourself. I’ll have the car cleaned.[Me:] You’d use Bill though! We KNOW them![Allen:] You have a leaky 3.5 year old in the car. They won’t know who it was. [Me:] Still, I’d know…[Allen:] Getting in the shower. Text me when you finally break free. [Me:] KI sit there looking around at an utter loss. Molly’s daycare is only fifteen minutes away from the house on the interstate. I had come up on the wreck just after I picked up my daughter. I was still a mile away if the radio report was correct. I was locked in and at a full stop before I knew what had happened. No matter which direction I look, all I can see are cars. Worse, I’m on an inside lane and can’t even off-road through the median! I’m stuck tight, and my bladder isn’t happy about it. In fact, it feels like it’s going to be downright rebellious.The tide is changing and I began to lose the fight with lactic acid and muscle fatigue. I shouldn’t have left the house without peeing first, but I thought I’d be home in thirty minutes! Turns out that was a bad decision, one that was biting me in the ass. The muscles between my legs twinge. I’m long past the pain stages. In fact, everything that I’ve been clinching is numb. I smack at my knees trying to get some feeling back into my legs and to distract myself from the numbness and the impending disaster. I start singing along to the radio at the top of my lungs. That distraction doesn’t work either. Molls, just keep sleeping baby. Mommy can’t handle peeing herself in front of you. I thought dreading the implications that seeing me wet myself would have on my daughter. Allen said I could blame the mess on my little Molls, but that doesn’t feel right either. I need a solution. Spontaneously, a really crazy thought burns brightly in my head. I snap a picture of my hand coming out of my daughters diaper bag and send it to my husband before breaking out into a feverish flurry of activity. I turn up the radio to keep all my wiggling from waking up Molly. I can’t believe I’m about to do this… I can’t believe I’m doing this… I can’t believe I did that…-----I get home at fifteen after six, which is far later than I normally pull up. I’m super not thrilled about it either! Traffic was a bitch even after I FINALLY got past the wreck. I’m not sure how my half day of working from home turned into eight full hours of work, or how easing back into fulltime turned into such a stressful day. The lousy drive home from picking up Molly was the icing on my crap cake. I am very anxious to get my daughter in the house and try to find a way to process this situation. I need a fix of my man! I need to cuddle up to him and watch some TV, and maybe drink a glass of wine. I stand up stretching my back and lean against my car. I take a breath then reach in and grab all our stuff. Lastly, I shoulder our diaper bag popping open Molly’s door. I wake her up with sweet words. Molly takes my hand grabbing my fingers tightly and we make our way to the house. I have an unbalanced load for sure, and it's leaning heavily to my diaper bag side. Waddling around didn’t make it anything graceful let me tell you!Thank God she's walking now. I'd be done in if I had to carry her too. I wouldn’t have had the strength. My little Doodlebug is too big for me to haul her around on my hip anymore. I think sadly.She toddles beside me into the house. She doesn’t quite wake up either. She sways on her feet still groggy shambling like a zombie. I smile entering my house. It is simply thrilling to be home, it smells like safety and relaxation. Today, it seems like a major accomplishment just to get here. It had seemed impossible only thirty minutes ago. My little angel and I had been stuck for more than an hour behind that overturned tractor trailer less than ten miles from our house! I drop everything on the couch leaving Molly just inside our front door. She sways on her feet trying to wake up, but with little success. My attitude went from relief to anger in a heartbeat wanting to get out of my work clothes and Allen nowhere to be found.“Allen.” I bellow stress lining my voice. Seriously, he should be here! He knew I'd be coming in in a hurry.“Hey, Rob. Glad my girls…” He inhaled sharply seeing my face. “I take it you’re both wet?”, he chuckles.The balls on this man!“Funny aren't ya!” I growl. “Just take her will you. I'd like to get cleaned up.” I shoot him my best grouchy face, and let me tell you it can melt the paint off the walls! “Are you still wearing it? I mean did it fit?” My devoted husband stutters with an odd air about him. It’s almost seems like he is excited and it’s overriding his sense of self-preservation. I blushed instantly losing my bluster, “Ya to both. I mean I need to go freshen up, and I'm sure Molly would like a fresh diaper.”“Show me.” He insists not moving an inch after taking Molly’s sleepy little hand.“What! No. It’s bad enough I'm wearing it and its freaking wet! I'm not going to be showing this thing off. I’m supposed to be sexy to you, not some kind of screw-up.” I gasp.“I'm going to be honest here. Those do nothing for me on Molly, but I've been messed up thinking about it since you texted me that picture of her diaper. I wasn’t sure if you’d use it. I can't believe it fit.” Allen confesses.“I couldn't either. I mean it's a stretch, but our Doodlebug isn't very little. In fact, I probably shouldn’t really carry her around anymore. She doesn’t need to see this.” I ramble not so stealthily to divert his attention. I say anything trying to distract him with my moment of nostalgia from earlier.I’m super embarrassed about my situation, but at only twenty-four, I am still very interested in keeping my husband turned on. Getting him excited gets me that way too. Most of the time it would be a win-win situation, but this isn’t one of those times.But, the look on Allen’s face gives me pause. My excuse to be out of this thing was that it wouldn’t be attractive, but is it. Is he turned on?I think about it and decide I am pretty comfortable in one of Molly’s diapers, even though it was a little soggy and was pulling tightly at my hips. He clearly wants to see it. If it turns him on... Wearing it doesn’t cost me anything but some embarrassment.“Show me, babe.” Allen interrupts my thoughts prompting me a second time.“Pick her up first.” I instruct and he complies.Almost on auto-pilot, I kick off my heels and slide out of my slacks. I drop my boy-short style panties which leaves me in my blouse and Molly’s size five Luvs diaper. It’s a startling contrast, half a business outfit and half a toddler's. I try to pull together some sexy thoughts so I can model the diaper for him. I end up laughing instead. Allen laughs too. His laughing caught our little Doodlebug’s attention causing her to wake up from her shoulder nap. She looks around for a moment to see what all the laughter is about. “Mommy, it's ok. That's what diapers are for. You'll make it next time.” She tells me full of love and support. ----- The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions. 2. Molly parrots the phrase she'd heard so many times in the last couple years. My poor little Doodlebug continues to have some setbacks with her potty training. She’s heard that line a lot. My tall three year old daughter takes after her daddy. We are betting Molly will end up over six feet tall. I’m worried I'll wake up any day now and she’ll be taller than me. I’ll go to get her out of bed and she’ll stand up in some cute little girl night gown and I’ll have to look up to look her in the eyes. The doctors tell us that she’ll grow out of the bladder problems eventually. They said her bladder isn’t keeping up with the rest of this growth spurt. Things will even out in a year or so. “Thanks Doodlebug. I can't believe how comfortable this thing is Allen.” I say feeling the outside of the soggy diaper. “Do I need to give you two a minute.” He teases me. He might, I thought. Damn, I can’t believe I thought that. This is super comfy though. A bit tight, but all warm and soft feeling inside and out. Watching me play around with the diaper clearly gets my husband wound up. Suddenly, I find myself excited too. The diaper is still comfortable to me, but I felt... naughty!?! Standing there in a wet diaper, in my living room, in front of my horney husband, and lovely little daughter. I send Allen off to change Molly while I head to change myself and get cleaned up. I slowly make my way to our master bathroom and start the shower. Shutting the bedroom door, I look the diaper over checking the fit for the first time. The length is ok. The diaper comes up over my ass and covers my lady bits, but the sides are struggling to stay latched without my panties holding them together. Still, it fit! I can’t believe it. I rub the wet front panel and clinically study the garment. I've changed countless diapers on my Doodlebug, but this one is different. I focus in on the diaper so completely that my mind stills. That almost never happens! I bet the size up would fit pretty good. Wonder what my options are? Maybe there’s adult or teen diapers out there I could get. It seemed to hold up most of that wetting. I’ll need to start shaving again. Allen will love that. I think I’ll like that feeling too. Smooth skin next to delicate cotton. I shiver and it dawns on me that I haven’t finished peeing. I sit down on the toilet with the diaper still on. I decide to let it have its shot at holding a full wetting. I release into the diaper and smile at the hissing sounds. Well, that’s not subtle at all. I sit there on the toilet grinning like a fool. I have a short internal debate before letting it all go and just going for it. I wet the diaper with the rest of that initial payload that I had been holding back since the wreck. Surprisingly, it holds ok till the very last when I heard the tinkle of my water hitting the toilet water. I sit for a bit to let the diaper catch up with my flood. Then, I stand feeling a little bit of my urine still sloshing around inside waiting to be absorbed. I know from years of changing Molly that there is a big difference in a small wetting and a full one. She’s getting big enough that she can flood her size fives if I didn't keep an eye on her. Those fives should fit her a while longer if I can squeeze my Momma-ass into them! Even the sixes aren’t going to fit me like they fit Molly, but they'd probably fit about like my bikini panties. They would cover my front and rear leaving some coverage over my hips. I stand and poke at the diaper turning little circles in front my full length mirror. I take off my top and bra getting one last look at myself in the mirror before jumping in the shower. It would have leaked more if I'd been sitting on it when I wet it. I’m thankful I only trickled a little in the car. I rub the soaked diaper enjoying the change in texture for a moment. I’m not sure how wearing that diaper changed from necessity to fulfilling some dream of Allen’s, or how it turned from dressing up for him to sort of maybe-kind-of-liking-it for myself, but it did. Allen’s mood must be contiguous. My intentions change from feeling the diaper out of curiosity to pleasure, and I don’t hold back. I shake my head smiling at my reflection in my vanity looking like a guilty child with her hand in her pants. Oddly, even with the diaper wet, it was still comfortable to me. Eventually, I decide I look sort of good in it too. With no small amount of regret, I take off the diaper and toss it into our bathroom trashcan. Still smiling and full of impulsiveness, I get in the shower and wash my hair. My mind is in a million places diner, bills, chores, work, Allen, Molly, and strangely that diaper. My thoughts drift from one train of thought to another, though never fully exploring any to the point of making any decisions. I find myself soaping down my pantie area and reaching for my razor. I shave myself smooth trying to remember why I had stopped, laziness I suppose. I have been tidy recently, but I haven’t been bare since before Molly was born. I know Allen will be thrilled. It feels new and fun and playful to be smooth again. I dry off and grab my favorite fleece nightgown. My mind is still buzzing with dozens of unfinished thoughts clouding my ability to concentrate. My gown is red with little white bears all over it. Allen bought it for me for Christmas a few years back. It reminds me of the Christmas Coke commercials. I tug some boy short style panties, my favorite kind, up my legs and head toward our kitchen. My mind is floating as I move around on auto-pilot. Unfortunately, it’s a common thing for me to be wandering around with my mind adrift. Allen and Molly are still in the guest bathroom giving her potty a whirl. I smile and wave at her behind Allen’s back. She smiles and waves back at me. Who knew her diapers would be that comfortable? I didn’t even feel gross after peeing in it! If she’s having bladder problems and the diapers are that comfortable for her too, it’s little wonder we are having trouble potty training her. I muse. Then, I pad barefoot toward the kitchen, but as I pass Molly’s room I’m struck by a brand new desire. My panties suddenly feel too thin. They aren’t making any noise. There is no sense of air pockets moving around as I move. I thoughtlessly draw closer to my daughter's changing table. I want another diaper. They are naughty and fun and comfortable and… I start justify my actions internally. Wait. I don’t have to have a reason! I’m a damn adult. If I want to wear a diaper around my own home, then I can damn well do it! Before I can second guess anything, I find myself sporting a brand new dry Luvs diaper tucked away safely under my boy short panties. I smile like an idiot on my way to the kitchen. I feel like I’m in some sort of trance, like I’m not totally in control of myself. I can’t reason why, but these diapers are making me happy. I damn near skip the rest of the way toward my next objective. In the kitchen, I finally snap out of my haze and find myself able to focus. I mean really focus on preparing dinner. It’s totally crazy. I simultaneously preheat the oven, start some knock off DiGiorno pizzas, and put out drinks for my little family while setting the table. I know I am enjoying my naughty secret, but I'll bet Allen will enjoy it more. I grow more excited by the minute thinking about teasing him until Doodlebug goes to bed. I can hear them leave the bathroom and head to Molly’s room to change for dinner. You’re not the only one sister! I think. They'll be here any minute and my private time with my growing obsession will end. I am very comfortable standing there in my diaper and nightgown. I sort of feel cheated that it won’t stay on without the panties though. It is fine up and moving around, but as soon as I sit the tabs will pop off. I need my own diapers, ones that fit me better. I decide. I'd no sooner come to that conclusion than my husband and daughter come into the kitchen. They are both smiling at me. I show them a warm loving smile in return. I genuinely love my little family. I guess we are pretending that I didn’t just pee myself in the car earlier. K? I shrug turning back to the work of preparing the meal. Allen helps me set the table, while Molly shuffles back and forth carrying anything we let her carry. We aren’t perfect, but we are happy. Suddenly, I realize that I could hear my Doodlebug toddling back and forth in her crisp new diaper. I hadn't even thought to listen to see if I was crinkling too! As turned on as Allen had been, I am fairly confident I’m not scuttling around as loudly as my daughter is. If I was, he'd have been asking to see it again. I’m almost certain of it. ----- The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions. 3. I try to put the diaper out of my mind and just continue on with my day. I try, but I can’t quite do it. I decide to blame Allen. Him being in the room with me changes how I feel about the diaper. I feel like I could zone out and forget about it if he wasn’t in here. He is though, so I keep focusing on my diaper creating fun random moments where I feel what I am wearing. Those moments cause goofy smiles. These smiles aren’t timed with the conversation at all. They are timed with the bulk between my legs and the tugs at my hips. I probably look crazy puttering around the kitchen smiling at random unexplainable moments. Fortunately, Allen is focused on Molly and I don’t have to explain myself. Allen whistles something peppy and Molly gets up to dance around. She flitters around my kitchen like a little diapered fairy princess. I decide my happiness must be contagious, that or it’s the diapers! It’s all sort of surreal. Two of the three of us are diapered, but only I know this secret. “Daddy da big twuck laid down.” My three year old told her father sitting down. “That's what mommy said.” Allen. “I felt so bad about it honey. We were close enough to see what happened. It looked awful.” Me. “I know babe. I'm sorry you had to see that.” Allen said patting my hand. “I falled asleep daddy.” Molly. “You fell asleep.” Allen corrected. “She didn't make it long. She left me all alone stuck in traffic and bored to tears. If it wasn't for AC and candy crush, I'd have gone crazy.” Me. “And what about the potty situation?” Allen asked with a smile. Bastard, I project at him mentally. “I didn't make it daddy. I went potty in my sleeps.” Molly. “That's what your diaper is for princes. You'll make it next time. And you went potty in your sleep.” Allen told our daughter with comforting confidence. “We all need some help sometimes baby.” I tell Molly patting her shoulder. *ding* “That's me guys. Let me get our pizzas in.” I tell them standing. I get up doing my best to move normally, but it proves harder than I expect. The small bulk of my toddler's diaper between my thighs alters my gait a bit. I probably look just a tiny bit uncomfortable in the ass area while walking, but in my mind I look like a bow-legged cowboy. Gonna have to remember to practice with that a bit. I think forcing myself to walk normally. A few strides and I’m standing at the oven. My waist is hidden from my family. I put the two pizzas directly on the rack. Mhhhm crispy pizza… As I bend down, my diaper pulls tight and my nightgown rides up my thighs. The diaper is peeking out of the waist band of my panties, but my gown doesn’t ride anywhere near that high for it to be seen. If my husband could see me from the table, he’d likely see the diaper behind the tight thin material of my panties poking out from under my gown. I know he’d be looking if he could! Too bad for Allen. I think and wiggle my ass in the air like a happy puppy. Then for the first time I hear myself crinkle. I break out in a huge smile and can’t hold back the happy giggle. “What's going on in there?” Allen calls from our tiny dining area sounding suspicious. “Nothing.” I call back still laughing. “Sounds like we're missing out on some fun in there.” Allen. “Nah, everything is great. I'm just glad to be home with my family.” Me. I go with a partial truth since I don’t want to talk about the diaper in front of my Doodlebug. I don’t want to admit it, but I want to keep it a secret for myself too, at least for a while. I feel like me wearing a diaper on purpose would be confusing for Molly at this critical potty time. I fail to consider that I have already been caught in one, and that to her perception of things probably wouldn’t be any different. I walk back in the dining area swaying my hips trying to look seductive as possible in a fleece mid-thigh nightgown. Allen’s smile is full of promises for adult fun time with excitement dancing in his eyes. That promise of intimacy lights a fire in my already warm diaper. Shaving had been a terrific idea, and it’s adding to the excitement of my situation. I can feel my entire diaper. It’s feels like taking a Band-Aid off a finger after several days and feeling things directly against your skin again, only in reverse. All that cottony goodness feels delicious. I saunter over to Allen bending to get a big girl kiss from my husband. I can hear myself crinkling and it just ups my thrill level. Too bad I can’t just send Molly to her room. We could get naked in the kitchen if she weren't in here with us. Yeah, I’m that freaking horney now. After I confirm for Allen that naked things are coming with my lips, I sit back down. I take a deep breath to ask Allen about his day and try to focus on something besides my rampant teenage-level hormones when Molly tugs on my sleeve pointing at the coloring books on the table. We keep a twenty-four pack of colored pencils and a stack of coloring books on the kitchen table for just such occasions. Molly talks, but she's not much for conversation, and those colored pencils have saved more than one meal in the last few years. “Hey Doodlebug, let's color Daddy a picture.” Me. “May I have da street one Mommy.” Molly. “Good manners princes, it’s THE street one. Sesame Street.” Allen. “I'll take the Spider-Man one.” Me. Molly just sort of ignores her dad’s verbal guidance reaching for the requested book. We color a few pages while waiting on the pizza to cook. I take my time and color my picture thoroughly. It’s a nice job, if I do say so myself! Coloring has always been therapeutic for. I really relax simply sitting there in my diaper coloring Spider-Man pages with my daughter. “Rob, babe, don't chew on your hair.” Allen chastises me. “I, what.” I blew a raspberry spitting my blonde hair from my mouth. “Jeez, I haven't done that in years.” I stutter softly to myself. *ding* Allen puts a hand up to stop me from getting out of my chair. “You just keep coloring babe. I'll cut up the pizza. You look sort of cute sitting there.” Allen smiles at me. “Yay, Mommy cowors wid me!” Molly. “Colors.” Allen. “Colors.” Molly says concentrating. “With.” Allen. “Wiff.” Molly. Allen shrugs indicting that her last shot was close enough. “Alright, since you're both twisting my arm.” I grin happy to stay seated and finish coloring my page. I knock out the page I started while Allen gets the pizzas out of the oven and plates them. Then, I pick out another page from my super hero coloring book. I’ve always loved superheroes, but it is a causal fandom. I decide to see how black and yellow looks on our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Cause… why not? I unconsciously narrow my focus on my coloring. I slip away from all the fuss that usually clouds my head. Full Coverage. Stay between the lines. Even color depth. Light position. Let’s see, I’ll trace the outer edge of the yellows to a darker shade just inside the existing black lines. Yeah, I like that. Really helps the contrast with the black to yellow conversion. Molly and I are coloring so hard that we don’t even notice Allen coming back. He walks up to the table and sits the two cut pizzas down, and grabs our drinks for a refill. When he walks behind me to get to his seat, he reaches down and slides a finger between my cheek and my hair. He pulls gently and I feel my hair tugging from my mouth. Again? Huh, I didn’t even really notice. “Rob, baby, I asked you to keep your hair out of your mouth.” Allen chastises me again with a huge smile on his face. “Sorry, I truthfully didn’t even notice that I had started chewing on it again.” I apologize. “Asked me…” I mumble loud enough to be heard on purpose clearly displaying my displeasure. “Sorry babe. I just don’t want Molly to start that. Apparently, it’s at least a twenty-four year habit.” He tells me tucking my hair behind my ears on both sides of my head. It’s a sweet gesture. I loved him for it for giving me the tender reminder. His hand rests on my shoulder as he looks at Spidey’s new threads. I reach up and put my hand over his trying to push my love through the contact feeling a bit guilty about being pissed. “Cool costume remake. Eat up girls. Friday night is movie night. I’m feeling some like Dory since the second one is out. I haven’t seen it yet.” Allen. “I love Ellen. Such a sweetheart.” Me. “Nemo!” Molly squeals. “Speaking of nemo, when is the last time we did the filter sock? I think the charcoal is due too. Do we have any saltwater mixed up?” I ask Allen. “Yeah, I have like twenty gallons mixed up on your cart.” Allen. “Do you want tank work or dishes?” I ask Allen as I plate some pizza for Molly and me. “Uh… we’ll get the dishes. You fit down there better than I do anyway.” Allen fires away at our long running size joke. ----- The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions. 4. Allen’s nearly six and a half feet tall and a bit over two hundred fifty pounds. I likes my men big! Me, I’m pretty average at five foot three. The pediatrician is positive Molly will race after her Daddy’s height, and that I’ll soon be the shortest inhabitant of the house. Frankly, it won’t be as far away as I’d like. I’ll have a giant of a man and an Amazon of a girl around here in about ten years. “Good thing I’m close to the floor! Someone has to clean up after you you great hairy beast!” I giggle. We joke and eat till about seven thirty. Molly is practically yawning at the table. Her normal bedtime is eight. I’m antsy to have her in bed safe behind her door. I’m horney and my diaper needs my husband’s attention. We Smiths are early to rise, it’s just, Allen and I are late to bed and early to rise. When Molly is asleep is the only time we get to be a couple any more. We guard that time jealously. I wonder if we could keep up the eight o’clock bedtime even after we don’t send her to bed at that time. I could make it room time not bedtime… I mean she wouldn’t have to go to bed, just be in her room. I have no idea how successful that will be, but Damn! It’s worth trying! Weekends are the exception. Molly pretty much gets to stay up till she crashes on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s clear she isn’t going to last long today. I yawn and stretch too as I stand. I feel my nightgown lift, and just for fun I bend forward a bit making sure that I’d flash my diaper at the living room. I flush realizing I’m being more than a little bit naughty. Allen and Molly get up to work on the dishes and I head toward the living room to work on our aquarium. It’s a nice custom one-hundred and ten gallon tank I’d made. Allen is pretty handy with wood work so I “let” him help here and there. We had special glass cut for the front panels, and we siliconed our own aquarium together. I had researched for months and planned the whole tank design. It was a bit of an obsession for a while there. I can get like that, you know stuck on something. We talked it through and built both the tank and stand to make water changes and maintenance as easy as possible. So easy I could do it myself, but in the end it is still my tank. They are my fish and coral, and my responsibility. Allen and Molly love watching them, but they’d both rather leave maintenance to me and just enjoy them. Getting to work, I drop the clogged filter sock into an old butter dish and put a new one in the sump. I scrub some algae loose from the sides of the sump and the display tank. The whole time I relish in the not so private pleasure that my hidden diaper is bringing me. Allen and Molly don’t make it back into the living room until after I finish up with the tank which is a clear loss for Allen. I was flashing padded ass cheeks left and right! I sit down on the loveseat with my aquarium directly to my right. Allen comes in with popcorn and Molly is carrying some cans of pop. “Allen, you’re spoiling me!” I tell him lovingly. “There’s no one I’d rather spoil more, except maybe my princess.” He says sitting the popcorn down and hugging Molly. Soda goes right through me. I wonder if he’s figured out my diapered situation? Molly has a little bean bag chair in the rough shape of a recliner. It’s pink and covered in ponies. She pulls it up beside her father's legs. I tuck my feet up under me sitting side saddle facing the TV with the tank on my right, Allen on my left, and the hidden diaper on my butt. It is heaven for me. I pull my fleece gown up a bit so I didn’t feel like I’m trapped in the shirt. Claustrophobia inside one’s own night gown sounds goofy, but wake me up tangled like a burrito and watch me flip the hell out! I purposefully flash him my pantie clad rear end. I bet if he tries hard, he could make out the outline of the diaper in the tight material. The abstract pattern on this pair probably prevents visible edges. I smirk behind my popcorn. It’s thrilling. Sitting here diapered is so innocently naughty, so inappropriately comfortable. I wiggle around excessively trying to get comfortable. I’m purposely filling the air with crinkles. I feel like a kid again excited about the unknown parts of sex with my partner. It’s fucking amazing. This could be addictive… I ponder. Allen just has no reason to look for that sound coming from my rear end despite me being this close to him. Besides, Molly is having trouble being still and clouding the air with diaper noises. One of my true pleasures in life is people watching. Watching them fight sleep is very entertaining too, especially toddlers. She’s wiggling all over the place even shaking her head trying to stay awake. He has no real reason to believe it’s me. Nothing but the sound even connects the noises with my hidden secret. Allen just laughs while watching Molly watch the movie. We’ve seen it a million times, so we mostly “people-watch” her while she watches her favorite parts. Allen gets out his tablet and starts reading some fantasy novel or another. The man reads all the time! I keep wiggling around and smirking behind my drink and popcorn. Once he draws the connection it’ll be obvious like a blinking neon sign, but apparently not until then. I decide to up my flirty game. I stretch out my legs until they are touching Allen. He looks over at me with an inquisitive look on his face. I just smile and rub his thigh with my foot. We aren’t very adventurous in the bedroom, but neither of us were board either. We were just happy, and happy is ok too. Allen reaches down and rubs my sock covered feet. It feels heavenly and I can’t help the little moans that escape my salty lips. Damn, this feels so nice. His strong hands cause me to writhe in happiness, hidden pleasure, and with a touch of pain. Turns out, my feet are knotted up muscle mess and I really needed a message. “Mommy, u k?” Molly askes. “Yeah Doodlebug, mommies feet hurt and Daddy is fixing it. It kind of hurts, but makes me feel better when he’s done. Daddy is super strong.” I explain. My little goofball just looks at us and then uprights herself. She throws her legs over mine with her head in the seat of her chair. She’s totally upside down at this point. I cringe knowing this is going to wake her up a bit. “Daddy fix my feets too.” She asks/demands. “Mommy, I’ve only got one hand. Can I fix Molly’s feet?” Allen. “Of course Daddy will, Molly will probably feel so good she’ll fall asleep.” I tease my inverted yawning daughter. I love a foot rub, the intimate contact, the message itself. It always feels great just because someone cares enough to spend the time on me. I’ll spend the time on Allen later, and he knows it making him an eager participant. After a few minutes I have Molly sit up, “Ok Doodlebug, right yourself. You're showing your panties to God and everyone.” Molly “eeped” in that little girl way and swirls around having been totally ignorant of her exposure. Allen had rubbed her feet for a few minutes and that had relaxed her enough that she’d nearly fallen asleep upside down! Turning around like that will keep her up a few minutes longer, but it couldn’t be avoided. He resumes his one handed mission to turn my feet in the well kneaded butter, it was melting me too! I take whichever foot that he isn’t working on and keep a steady rub on his thigh. I’m craving a different kind of contact, but this will have to do for now. Molly throws a last yawn around the room before simply leaning over and falling asleep. We wait a few moments after her head goes slack in her bean bag recliner, then Allen turns off the movie. I get up slowly so as not to spook her, and clear a path through the toys in her room. Allen follows me into her bedroom after having given me enough time to clean up a bit. He lays our Doodlebug Princess down for the night. We pray over her and sneak out of her room. Closing the bedroom door is always the trickiest part with the highest risk of waking her, but we manage. I head for the living room and Allen makes for the bathroom to get his shower. I’m tip toeing around my house picking up toys, bowls, and popcorn kernels. I hear my crinkling and it just ups my arousal. A bit of a wicked thought strikes me while I’m sitting in the living room by myself. I realize that diapers are going to be a part of my life from here on out, if for nothing else, randomly injecting some fun into our love life. I’d never given them a second thought beyond protecting stuff from Molly’s leaky rear end, but I have now. I commit myself to teasing Allen with my diaper covered ass. I slip my panties down freeing the diaper. I hope this thing will stay on without my panties. God, this feels like the first time I wore lingerie. How weird is that! ----- The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions. 5. I sit gingerly down on the couch. My Momma-ass spreads wider than I’d like as I sit. The tape and hook/loop tabs of the child’s diaper dig into my hips as my shape changes. Nothing pops loose, nor do I hear the sound of the hook and loop pulling free. I smile to myself and wiggle my butt a bit against the couch. I'm rewarded with the lovely crinkle that accompanies the cover of my diaper. I also hear a hook or two pop loose as I played, but the tapes don’t come off. I press my hand tightly into my hips reseating the tapes. I end up sitting out there with my panties on the floor in front of the couch wearing only my nightgown and socks. After a few moments, my head clears up and another teasing thought occurs to me. I’ve never been this forward or aggressive with my own desires. My husband is a young virile man. I’ve always been the bottleneck in our love making not the catalyst. Allen is ALWAYS ready. I smile to myself standing up and picking up my panties with my toes. I toss them in my bedroom on the floor in front of the bathroom door. I bait my trap with the best cheese a married mouse has, my vagina! I know I want to wear a better fitting diaper, and I’d be petrified of my sudden crashing desire for them if Allen hadn’t been so turned on by this situation. Instead, I giggle excited like it was my first time walking back to the living room. Something about these diapers appeals to me. Uncharacteristically, I don’t find myself over analyzing things. I realize that my anxious nature seems pacified for the moment, and I try to just relax and enjoy it like Allen is always telling me too. I’m a whole hog kind of girl. Once I decide I’m into something, I do jump in the deep end with gusto. I mean, I seriously have 3D renderings of my aquarium, sump, stand, and cabinetry that we made. Hell, I had to learn Google Sketchup to build and test everything which is a whole different obsession that grew from the simple idea of keeping fish and coral. Holy Crap! If I don’t get a handle on these new impulses I’m going to end up throwing my whole damn pantie drawer away! I’d end up filling my closet drawers with diapers! The thought just causes me to smile and wiggle my ass instead of freaking out and nibbling my finger nails like I normally would have. Running around my living room carefree and diapered is another new liberating experience for me. Allen comes in the living room in his boxers and just stops to stare at me. I’m dancing around to the music in my head and smiling to the world about my unconventional underwear. He sneaks up on me and glues himself to my backside. He’s clearly still excited from seeing me earlier. I feel a flush of heat realizing that I’m standing there in my diaper in front of him, even if he doesn’t know. I can feel the evidence of that excitement even through my padding. Just when I think my level of arousal can’t elevate, he finds a way to do it again. I can’t wait for him to discover my new… packaging. Suddenly, I’m a woman possessed. A wild thing growls out from my throat as I grind backward into my husband. I bend down to the coffee table and start my sexy Pandora station. Allen and my diaper are really pushing all my buttons. I can hear the diaper crinkle with every gyration I make. I swing my hips in time with the beat of the music teasing both of us. I feel like I’m on the edge of every nerve in my body. It’s fantastic. I feel sexy. I feel seductive, and my poor husband doesn’t even know what has overcome my normally docile demeanor. I crack a smile, Diapers are making me more bold. How screwy is that!?! Allen reaches down above my panty line and starts to inch my nightgown up my legs. He continues to wad the fabric up in his hands. I swear the crinkle seem to grow louder every centimeter the gown rises. “Suddenly, I'm all hot Hon. Just take it off me, and let's go to our room.” Me. “Your wish is my command my lady.” Allen carries on playfully. I wiggle out of my less than sexy nightgown as I turn to face him. He pulls the top over my head slowly exposing my breasts, but not the diaper. I’m too close to him for him to see it yet. I pull him into a hungry kiss continuing to distract him. I grind against his leg marveling at his muscular thighs and how they feel beneath the padding on my crotch. “Take me to bed lover.” I purr into his mouth. I think he grunts but I'm not sure. I crawl up him straddling his stomach and locking my legs around his waist. We continue to make out as I cling to him like a baby monkey. We make the night rounds shutting off lights and locking up the house in fits of amorous laughter nor breaking the long kiss. “Get me a water honey.” I growl into his mouth still undetected. Allen redirects us to the kitchen, and I grab a bottle of water as we pass by killing the kitchen lights. Suddenly, one of Allen’s skillet sized hands cups my diapered ass easily encompassing an entire cheek. He presses my pelvis against his fluffy abs, and redoubles his affections on my neck. “Oh my god.” His gravelly voice pours into my ear as he finally comprehends my diapered state. “Same one?” Allen took his turn growling. “Nope. I’m crinkly, dry, and clean.” I manage in return biting at his ear. “You put on a new one for me?” He rumbles. “I think I put it on for both of us.” I admit feeling the blush on my skin from head to toe. Allen’s other hand leaves my back and directly grabs my diaper covered tushie. All the way to the bedroom, Allen runs his hands over my new underwear. He traces every edge he can get to playing with the elastic around my legs and waist. I start to slide down my husband when as enter the bedroom, but I stop when I feel his excitement pressing against my padded kitty. If ever there is a time for a human to purr it is right fucking now! I do my best giving him a human purr against his hairy chest. Allen pulls me back up and kisses my mouth like he had before we got married. If I had any doubts, any at all, that kiss removes them. He’s totally into this! We aren’t a kinky couple, but it seems we’ve have stumbled on something a bit off of center. This whole thing is driving me wild and I’m dripping with excitement. It feels like it’s driving him wild too. We have a thing! I think smiling into Allen’s aggressive kisses. Abruptly, I’m flying through the air. I laugh arching through space grunting on impact. I hit our bed a giggly umph. A fit of laughs assault me as my large husband crawls up the bed between my legs and re-tapes my diaper where it had popped loose. It’s heavenly and I make noises to let him know I approve. Allen rises up on his knees taking in my mostly naked visage. My flushed chest heaves with the rush of excitement. I’m not the teenager I was a few years ago, and seeing that look in his eye is the most flattering thing in the world. I find myself waiting patiently for something. I just don’t know what yet. “Babe, I swear you in this diaper is the hottest thing I have ever seen.” He tells me jumping up from the bed. He grabs his phone from the nightstand where he’d left it while he showered. If Allen has a weird thing, it’s how often the man showers. Meh, we all have something! He smiles at me and nods toward his phone. Allen travels for work occasionally. I have always allowed him to take pictures of me. He keeps them on a password protected website that we both have access too, but I administrate. He’s not supposed to be able to get the pictures off there, but I trust him so I don’t lose sleep over whether he can or not. They aren’t on his phone for his buddies or employees to stumble across, and I can access it and remove the stuff I don’t like or change the password at will which I do frequently. I setup the account so that if he ever leaves me he can’t reset the password. I know he could probably get around the no download settings and save them, but I trusted him enough to marry him so... I tug the sheet across my midsection to cover my tummy. I partially obscure my chest and diaper, but this is my permission to his request to take pictures. He just smiles and starts clicking away. He poses me and snaps pictures until we can’t take it anymore. I guess he’s afraid he’ll never see me this way again and wanted the record the night for his personal time or when he was away. I don’t mind, better me than someone else as his fapping material. It always makes a girl feel powerful to turn her man on. I’d go in and crop my face out of these pictures later anyway, but for right now I get even more excited thinking about him stroking himself looking at these pictures. After what seems like forever, Allen finally touches me. I’ve been in a wanton state for so long that my little diaper is literally damp, but not because of any traffic related accidents this time. I wet this one with anticipation. He puts the phone down and crawls up in the bed to lie beside me. His hands and mouth wander everywhere. I fall in love with the sound and feel of the diaper as he plays with me. The feeling inside my diaper as he runs his fingers along the outside of the leg gathers is amazing! It is the most tantalizing thing I have ever experienced. I feel like a teenager again getting felt up for the very first time. This feeling of renewed sexuality is driving me nuts. “Time to unwrap my pretty princess.” Allen says breathlessly. Then I remember that I have another surprise waiting for him. I’m totally shaven for the first time in like four years. Depending on how he reacts, I intend to stay shaved for a good long while! It feels terrific in my diaper. “Holy Shit! Just when I thought this couldn’t get any better.” Allen looks at me lustfully and amazed. His camera is instantly in his hands again, and he is clicking away at my shaven crotch resting in my opened diaper. My hips involuntarily grind against the open air in excitement. “Take me Allen.” I insist reaching my limit. He leaves the diaper under me and assaults my kitty. After bringing me off a few times orally, Allen takes me with an animal passion. The diaper lies forgotten on the floor by the side of our bed. When we finish and roll over to our backs panting and staring at the ceiling, I decide I rather enjoy the reaction my unconventional underwear sparks in my man. That thought brings a big smile to my face. ----- The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions. 6. “You animal. That was perfect. I don’t think I can move.” I say sighing happily.“Yup. *pant* it was *pant* amazing. Thank you so much for wearing that for me. It must have been weird for you, but I really appreciate it. You looked so freaking sexy!”He still thinks I did that for him. He thinks that I wore the diaper because it made him horney. No wonder he took so many pictures. He thinks I'll never wear one again!“Babe, after my shower I was walking past Molly’s room and I sort of followed a pull, and put that other diaper on. You sort of caught me prancing around in it enjoying the feeling of my shaved kitty against the diaper.” I say blushing but confidently.“You mean you wore that for you and not me huh… Well, I guess I’m thankful either way, but why did you want to wear another one?” Allen.“Awe, I don’t know. They were super comfortable. It turned you on a lot. I sort of liked their feel. I felt naughty. I love turning you on.” I tick off on my fingers.“Oh yes it did.” He interrupts trailing his fingers down my side.“I don’t know. I didn’t think of wearing another one until after I finished using the first one.” I blush… again.“What do you mean baby.” Allen says wiggling his eyebrows, the old pet name implying something new between us.“I sort of wanted to see if it could hold, ya know, everything.” I mumble.“Did it?”“Almost, but those are a little small on me. When I get some that fit me better, I don’t think I’ll have that trouble.” I tell him thinking out loud with no leash on my tongue.“When you get bigger ones? This gets to happen again?” He asks in a hushed tone.“I want it to. It drove you nuts, and I was kind of already there. I can’t believe how turned on I was.” I admit.“Was that a four or five?”“We just moved her into the fives. I saw sixes at Walmart though.” I hint.“We need anything else from the store?”“List on the fridge. Whooo… Al, it’s like nine-thirty. Stay in bed.” I exhale totally exhausted.“I'll be back baby.” He chimes entirely ignoring me.“I’ll be right here then. I can’t really move yet anyway.” I yawn.He leaves the room headed for the bathroom. I, however, have trouble relaxing back into my post sex numbness. I feel restless lying there naked, but still too weak to do anything about it. I just can’t get comfortable. Something just doesn’t feel right. A smile creeps across my face. I know what I want. No, not what I want, I know what I need. I wiggle and scoot to the edge of our California king sized bed. I reach down to recover my discarded diaper, but that’s about as far as I get.I let out a breath and sort of fall asleep with my arm hanging off our bed. I don’t mean to. I had meant to put my diaper back on and curl up in the bed. Instead, I hear Allen’s phone click again. I can’t be bothered to care. He smiles at me and my eyes flitter closed again. I feel Allen put the diaper back on me. It seems like it’s easier for him get it on me than it was for me to put it on the first time. I must have stretched it out. My knees stay butterflied open and he pats my thigh standing up. I hear the door close and roll over falling back to sleep. I float halfway awake and sigh into these new unidentified emotions. I crawl my crinkly butt back up to my pillow and stretch my diminutive body out. I fall back to sleep waiting on Allen to get out back from the store. I “eep” dramatically waking up to Allen rolling my hips over and pulling me to the edge of the bed. I look into his eyes. They are still hungry for me. I grind my hips against my padding and decide that I’m getting aroused all over again. I call him to me and he takes me again. We haven’t had sex twice in one night since Molly was born. This time is amazing too, but it’s slower and more caring. My diaper doesn’t survive this go around. He rips it straight off my hips. Thankfully, it rips at the sides and doesn’t spill the inner crumbly stuff everywhere! We make slow happy easy love until we both pass out naked with Allen still inside me. Sometime around three AM, I weasel around our big bed until I my feet hit the floor and head toward my bathroom, nature is screaming at me. At that point a shower was the fastest way to go potty and clean up. I jelly leg out of the shower at half past three AM. I’m dry, freshly shaven (again), and lotioned up. I head back to the bedroom. “All clean?” Allen asks groggily.“Yup.” I smile wearing nothing but the towel on my head.Allen reaches across the bed and grabs a bag of size six Luvs diapers. There is no need to fake my smile, or try to hide how happy I am. I’m sure he'd be able to tell if I tried anyway. I just can’t figure out why I’m reacting this way.He tosses it to me and I fall even more in love with the diapers and my man. Even the dang package crinkles perfectly in my hands. I flush with happiness and anticipation, and a splash of embarrassment. He chuckles heading for another well-deserved shower.I tear open my very own stash of diapers, and can’t be happier to have them. Doodlebug isn’t going to be the only diapered princess around here anymore. I usually sleep in just my panties, but that didn't feel right with the diaper. I fish around and find one of Allen's wife-beater undershirts. I pull it over me for a top. It fits tightly across my moderate bosom. I look around a bit and notice it leaves some killer side boob!I giggle to myself and easily tug his shirt between my legs. I look a bit like I was wearing one of Molly’s snap crotch onesies. I add that to my list of things I suddenly need.Abandoning my playful thoughts, fatigue catches up with me again. I yawn a great big face splitting yawn and fall into bed. I pass out on top of the covers in wonder that he’d run off in the middle of the night for me like that. Allen turns down the air and tucks me under the covers coming after coming out of the bathroom.And that's how I wake up at about six am dying to pee again. I rub my eyes and look at my phone. No point in holding it till eight (when Molly usually wakes up on the weekends), I just decide to get up and go. I’m pretty sure I'll fall back to sleep pretty fast, I’m still pleasantly exhausted.I roll onto my back so I can scoot off my side of the bed. That movement reminds me of my diaper as I slide across the mattress. I smile and immediately and try to relax. I don’t know how much I have to go so I took about fifteen minutes to slowly fill the diaper. Hehehe yay no leaks! Slows the way to go. OMG! I should wear these just so I don’t have to get up three or four times a night!I yawn, stretch, roll to my side and pass back out. My diaper is warm and squishy as I pass out. I love it and sleep reclaims me swiftly. I wake up disoriented because my alarm hadn’t gone off. I’m flat of my back with my knees in the air. Suddenly, there is a rush of cold air against my very warm crotch. Allen is changing my diaper!He notices me looking at him, “Princess Mommy! I figured you could use some help. My shirt looks awesome on you by the way.”“Uh… That was on purpose.” I say pointing at the used diaper beside me.“Figured. On purpose for now huh?” He says patting my newly re-diapered crotch.“I wasn’t planning on wearing another one today.” I admit.“The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry.” He teases. Allen has to work today, so I roll over happy and dry, maybe feeling a touch confused. He's gone by the time my alarm chirps at me. With Allen at work, I’m in no danger of being discovered by my three year old. I saunter into the kitchen for coffee in just his undershirt and my diaper. Lots of cream and sugar later, I sit on my side of the couch. I tug my legs up and enjoy the first few sips of my coffee. I stare at my fish tank taking my time waking up. This is my “me” time. My hand drifts to my diapered crotch and an evil grin slides across my face.Behind my smile, I ponder my new underwear and my wardrobe. If I wear something tight everyone would know. If I wear something too loose I'll have the sound to contend with.Too bad I don't have any button crotch leotards. I could wear diapers with a skirt or slacks. I could wear jeans, but I hate to do that for work…I can’t believe I’m even thinking about wearing a diaper out of the house!I sit there staring at my fish swimming around and go through my closet in my mind. I have dressed my diapered Doodlebug for the better part of four years, but never paid the slightest bit of attention to hiding her diapers. I suppose there were handicap people everywhere around me wearing them that I haven’t noticed. So, it can be done…Just have to try things till I figure it out. ----- The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions. 7. By the time I finish my coffee, I have a choice of clothes firmly in mind. I’ll have to try on a few things to make sure, but I think I have Monday figured out too. That takes care of diapers with casual and work clothes, well if they work!I rinse my number one Mom cup, fill the coffee pot back up with coffee grounds and water, and absentmindedly scratch at my diaper. Stretching, I reach over and set the timer for tomorrow morning. I want to kiss that coffee pot every morning when she greets me with that rich drink of happy morning goodness!God bless you morning happiness fairy!I take my time heading to my bedroom simply enjoying the sound of my diaper crinkling in the silent house. Sitting on the edge of my bed, I comb out my hair. I follow my normal morning routine only I do it diapered.A bit later in my bathroom, I wash my face and brush my teeth still lounging in Allen's shirt. I eventually resin myself to getting on with my day. I pat my diapered butt and head over to my closet.Let’s do this!I reluctantly slip out of his shirt and into my pants suit. I want to see how my work clothes fit first. I’m not super interested in any well-meaning three year old assistance while re-designing my wardrobe around my new diapers, so I want to get this done while Molly is still drooling on her pillow. A few giggles and a stray thought or two hit me. I might actually want to wear a diaper to work. What the hell? I have an office meeting Monday morning I’d forgotten about. At least I could fight off the drowsiness knowing what was under my suit…I’m constantly in business meetings including several video conferences. They happen every day whether I’m in the office or telecommuting. My whole team knows I’m working from home these days, but I still feel compelled to maintain business appropriate dress, so my infrequent trips into work don’t change my daily routine much other than the drive in and out of town. I twist and turn checking my pantsuit from several angles in my dressing mirror. The small diaper doesn’t disrupt the drape of the material. The pants are much better at hiding my diaper than I’d have thought. My perky boobs leave tremendously flattering cleavage staring back at me in the mirror from the confines of my suit jacket. I’ll need a peach onesie to tie this all together. But I still feel sexy as hell.Happy with the suit, I switch into some jean shorts and a tank top taking time to put on a light coating of makeup. I stretch my arms over my head and see the diaper peeking out over the top of my low cut shorts. I tuck in the tank top to prevent accidentally flashing the world. The peek-a-boo my diaper was doing draws my attention again to onesies and their practicality. It’s finally time to get Molly rolling. I repeat much of my prep time on her, minus the coffee and makeup! I dress her in her onesie and a skirt, because that's what I'd rather be wearing! I make mental notes on how easy that would be to change my own diaper.“Where’s Daddy?” Molly asks me.“He had to work a bit today. He’ll be home around lunch Molls.”“K, Can I has a poptart Mommy?”“Yeah, orange juice or apple?”“Apple.” She asserts.I make some toast and slather some strawberry jam to go with a glass of orange juice. I take Molly a piece of toast and jam with her poptart. Her tummy is legendarily fickle. Molly isn’t fully woken up yet and sort of spaces out while eating her poptart. I want to grab a couple of leotards today. It’d be ungrateful to be mad at Allen, but I wish he’d have gotten the Wal-mart list last night. It seems he only got the one “vital” thing. I giggle. I need to run by PetSmart for some fish food too.I continue to plan a morning of running errands and scheduling the stops where I won’t lose Molly’s attention. She’s a great kid, but if she gets tired and board… Well, she can get pretty whiney. That’s not my favorite version of Molly to run around town with! We finish up breakfast and clean up after ourselves. Molly seems set on a real effort at “big girl” today. She brings me all the dishes and insists on helping me rinse them and put them in the dishwasher. Molly skips and sings lyrics from Frozen while we finish up.Cute little thing! These are the kinds of mornings you remember your whole life. I feel a twinge in my bladder. My coffee is making its way through me already. Coffee and soda have always had a fast track through my bladder, but it’s been worse since Molly was born.“Doodlebug, why don’t we set you up some TV? Mommy’s gotta potty.” I tell her in third person.Why do we do that? I think deciding I need to invest some pronouns on Molly’s education. [Me] Need anything not on the list? Molls and I are hitting the stores. You may beat us home. I text Allen leaving Molly with Frozen playing while I took off for the bathroom. I don’t expect a return text. Allen will be working hard to finish working so he can get home to us. I realize that I’m headed to the bathroom while wearing one. It’s a more than a little ironic and I laugh at myself. I freeze in the middle of my bedroom. I work to relax my bladder giving my body permission to relieve itself. Which, as it turns out, is super hard to do. I go a bit but can’t fully release. Making my way to Molly’s bedroom, I allow dribbles out between my stepw. I pack her diaper a bag and head back toward the living room. The diaper is quiet enough in the jean shorts that I don’t notice my own sounds. I approach the living room and pause. Should I wear one to the store? God, I can’t believe I was about to leave the house in a wet diaper. I put off the decision and yell at Molly that I have her bag packed and am heading to the bathroom. She’s snuggled up to Olaf on the couch watching her movie and yells back an “ok” at me. Standing in front of my mirror, I shuck my jean shorts and stare at myself in my tank top and diaper. I can see the number six proudly telling the world that it’s mine. The diaper is tight, but I can fit in a baby diaper! These don’t seem near as apt to pop loose either, but they don’t offer full butt cheek coverage, so that’s a minus. On an impulse, I stick my thumb in my mouth, but that immediately feels wrong. I yank it out and wipe it off almost violently. I pose sexily in front of the mirror feeling much more natural in my skin with the thumb out of my mouth. Nope, that’s not for me for sure. I adore how this feels, even soggy. But, I don’t want to sit around with my thumb in my mouth like Molls does. I’m a big girl. I don’t think about it anymore. I untape the diaper and throw it in the bathroom trash the mood being slightly spoiled with my thumb experiment. I squirt some air freshener directly into the trashcan and finish my business in the toilet. Back in my bedroom, I slide a yellow pair of boyshort panties up my legs with a winking smiley face settling on my butt.I pull my shorts back up my legs ready to start my day. Dressed like an adult, I approach my daughter in the living room. I shove my cell phone in my back pocket and grab my purse shouldering Molly’s bag. Entering the living room, I have a sudden change of heart and race off to Molls room to change out her bag. She can be a big girl too. It’s time she starts hauling her own crap around. I’m no pack mule! Plus, she needs some more dignity. I stuff a skirt, some wipes, and a couple size fives in the tiny backpack I’d bought her. It looks like a tiny pink canvas hiking backpack, suitability girly and less childlike. In fact, I bought it because it looks a lot like my business laptop bag. “Here you are Doodlebug. Mommy, er… I mean ‘I’ packed your bag so you can carry it like M… er ‘I’ carry my purse!” I tell her excitedly tripping over my new resolution to introduce some pronouns.“K Mommy! Mowwy wubs it!” I can almost hear Allen correcting her. Nope, I’m not going to do it. She’s too cute. She doesn’t ever need to grow up! Lord knows she’ll never have a sibling! I don’t suffer from the labor amnesia like some women do, and the changes in my body are to pronounced to risk it again. Molly trundles over to me and I slip the backpack over her arms cinching up the straps sizing it to her little back. Molly sways a bit as she adjusts to the weight. She looks like she’s headed out for a super cute hike. I smile widely appreciating my daughter. I’m just happy she’s mine and it makes my heart melt. I snatch her up, backpack and all, cradling her little diapered butt on my arm hugging the life out of her. I kiss her all over her face tickling her with my bangs.“Stop Mommy! It tickles!” “Never!” “Mommy!” “Muah, Muah, Muah” “Mommy! I’m gonna pee!” “Muah”“Mom….eee”“One too many tickly kisses huh? Someone’s butt is warm!”“Meeee!”“No worries Doodlebug. That’s what your diapers are for honey.” That’s what He said! I quip internally thinking of Allen.“I know.” “Let’s get you all cleaned up Molls.” I sit her down and take her hand. We head to Molly’s room for a quick dry-butt. Molly is flat of her back and I’m tugging her new diaper up between her legs when my own crotch feels the absence of a diaper. A sudden charge of jealousy rushes through me. So, I finish her change quickly and we finally make our way out of the house.Holy Shit! What the hell was that!“Molly, baby. Today we have several stops to make ok? The last one is the pet store though. You can see the kitties! Well, you can see them if you’re a good girl for Mom… eh, me.” “Kitties! Me want the Kitties!”I get her buckled in the car and we make our way to the mall. It’s the first time I have been back in my car since I wet Molly’s diaper. I certainly feel its absence the jealousy lingering despite my wishes. Molly talks about kitties all the way to the store. I wish Allen wasn’t allergic. Molly would take such good care of cat. She’d be a terrific kitty mommy!I change my mind and we make our way to Walmart first. I grab some supplies for Molly and some things for the house. In the pharmacy area, I grab some new eye liner and get Allen his sport scented spray deodorant. I have crossed everything off the house list that isn’t food except pads. I always wear a pad these days. My tiny bladder just ain’t what she used ta be, not after Molly. I have my hand on one of Playtex’s assorted boxes when I see Poise Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Pads. My hand shakily moves toward the package. I didn’t think of that. I can get away with these can’t I? I giggle to myself.I pick up the package and then reach back down to grab another. I decided that these could do for work and everyday life. Even if I am caught wearing them, I’m expected to be! I’m about to leave when my eye catches something right there next to those pads. I see the Depends Maximum Overnight Protection. My bottom lip tucks between my teeth. I bite down working it nervously. My palms turn clammy and my heart races. I feel drawn to them. “Mommy. Da mobies stopped.” Molly says jolting me from the stupor.I reach out and take my phone reloading YouTube Kids. I literally shake my head trying to free myself of the gravitational pull of that ridiculous green package. It won’t be denied though. My eyes move of their own accord. With Molly distracted, my hands move rotating my shoulders. I grasp the small size and rotate the bag. The waist size seems ok. They feel amazing. The bag itself feels like a diaper within a diaper. It has an amazing rubbery plastic feel and a marvelous sound. I feel drawn to it like a starving survivor to a juicy cooked steak. I re-arrange the cart hiding the diapers around between the boxes of pads. We grab several things and cover the contents of the cart. I haven’t found the courage to walk out with my head high and proud holding a package of diapers. Nope, not yet. We make our way to the check out and then to the car while I try not to die of embarrassment. I load up the trunk swapping out my stash of car pads in the console and my purse with my new ones. We drive to our next stop, the mall! Molly and I make our way to the family bathroom where I change her and she stands in the stall with me facing the door watching YouTube on my phone. I grab on of the incontinence pads and swap it out with the lightly damp thin panty liner that I have on. I poke at the pad and notice that it’s slightly longer than the back of my panties. I adjust the pad forward so that it won’t make any unplanned appearances while we are shopping. I tug up my shorts and freshly lined panties. God, this feels just like my diaper only with better sides. I wonder if I can use these like a diaper?I wiggle my butt and stand and sit a few times.Good, I can’t hear these any more than my Luvs. “Mommy, zat a diaper?” “No Molls. It’s a pad for grown up girls.” “K”Molly thought she had me cornered, but when I denied that the pads are diapers she believed me and lost interest quickly. Staring at the phone, Molly froze for a moment.My baby just peed I’ll bet.I reach down and check her formerly fresh diaper finding it slightly squishy.“Sorry Mommy.” Molly says sniffling. “That’s what they’re for Princess.” I tell her ruffling her hair. We make our way to the sink where we wash our hands. Then I stand her on sink to freshen up my makeup and let her play in the mirror a bit. Feeling fully “put together”, I wet my hands and tame Molly’s fuzzy thin hair. Hand in hand we make our way to Claire’s.“Mommy! Mommy! Can I has dis?”“May I have this?” I correct.“May I has dis.” She tries. “Give it here. Let me see it.” The cute knit hat has some wireframe kitty ears covered in plastic gems. The little hat is amazingly adorable. I cave because it’s cute and we really are here to distract Molly for a bit. I let her wear it around the store with the tag hanging off. Molly just holds things up meowing at me the rest of the time in Claire’s. She has me cracking up by the time we leave. “Next stop is JCPenny Molls. Mommy needs some new shirts like yours.” God! Why am I so excited to about this shit? This pad is bigger than my diaper was. I shimmy my hips playing with the humongous pad between them while walking through the mall holding Molly’s hand. ----- The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions. 8. I change Molly at JCPenny before we start shopping, she had clearly wet several times.Look Molls, I get it. They are comfortable. It’s hard for you. If kids wouldn’t make fun of you, I wouldn’t even ask you to worry about using the potty baby. I’m sorry. I really do believe it’s best for you in the long run. Mommy knows it’s hard to make it when your body doesn’t cooperate. “Listen Molls. Are you listening?” “Yeah Mommy.”“Baby, you have to try and use the potty. It’s an important part of growing up to be a big girl. Do you understand?”“Mommy, you said dats what der for?” She asks me. “I know, baby. It’s… well, that is what they are for. If you have an accident, it’s ok. Maybe just tell Momm… I mean me if you have an accident. Tell me. Accidents are ok. You can’t stop those.”“I jus happens. Poof and potty in my pants.” Her arms gesticulate.“And that’s fine baby, your right. That’s what your diapers are for. Just tell me when it happens so I know, and don’t use your diapers if you can find a potty. Ok?”“OK.” Molly says defeated. “I don’t like da potty.” She mutters under her breath. Why do I feel dirty? I know it’s important for her. Gah! Being the Mom sucks sometimes!I grab a cart and pick Molls up putting her in the child’s seat. She’s engrossed in my phone while I wander the isles. I need some leotards, the snap crotch ones specifically, but the labels call them bodysuits now.Whatever, they’re onesies! I think reading a tag on a top.“Look Mommy, el-la-lants is weally stwong!” She points at the video about elephants she’s watching.“El-ah-phants” I articulate. We aren’t hurting for money, but I grew up frugal and I always will be. I browse for sales eyeballing cute tops while we make our first pass in the store. There are several designs with various necklines and some with lace around the collar. I move back through all the tops. My eyes land on my new favorite top. I fall in love immediately. It is a blue velvet bodysuit by Arizona with several lacey strings crossing over the cleavage creating a beautiful design. I drape one over the cart along with a few others, including a set of five plain white ones from the underwear section. We head off to the dressing rooms so I can try on these new onesies. The closer we get, the more excited I find myself. Raising Molly is full of Awe inspiring moments, but I’ve been through some stuff college, falling in love, getting married, buying a house, working in marketing, being a stay at home mom, and a part time mom/work from home employee. I’m sure I still have a lot of experiences left to discover in life, but everything about my diapers seems to be thrilling me in new and exciting ways. It’s a bit like re-experiencing my own life with a new filter on the movie, like re-watching black and white memories in full technicolor.Even this simple act of trying on adult clothing that functions the same as Molly’s toddler clothes is exciting me. I hurry into a stall closing and locking the door. I check the bench for lingering push pins and sit Molly down starting a game on my phone. I try on the peach onesie I got for work Monday. Ok. Cool. It fits. Let’s button this thing up. Huh, I can feel the snaps. Don’t like that. You will be wearing a diaper there’s no way you will be able to feel them then. Oh yeah!God, the cut on these are different than Molls. Sexier. Thinner in the crotch. Higher in the hips. I hope the velvet one fits better. My diaper will hang out all over in this one.I run my hands over the crotch of the shirt protected from my smooth skin by a layer of yellow smiley faced hipster panties and a thin pad. I can feel the ridges in my finger print bumping over the ribbed material of the top through the panties on my shaved crotch. OMG! That’s so erotic. Even covered in two layers of fabric and a thick pad, I feel naked to the touch. This is fucking amazing. I can’t wait to feel my diaper pressed in tightly with these. Ok, God please let this fit. I thought grabbing my favorite velvet top.I try on the top. The snaps hit a little further forward than the peach one. It’s far more comfortable than the first one I’d tired on. It comes down over my hips following my hipster panty line pretty closely. I spin in the mirror adjusting the straps on the top tying the fanciest bow I could manage leaving the string hanging low over my boobs.I love it when my favorite is the best. My girls look amazing in this. I push them together, pull them apart, and lift them high and low. Who doesn’t love a top that looks this good no matter where my boobs roam off to! This may be my favorite top in my whole closet! My God this velvet feels so good.Wonder how it’d feel without a bra? I file that thought away for later.I decide to wear the top out leaving the tags on it. I’d never reacted badly to new clothes, so I wasn’t concerned about wearing it out of the shop. The cashier smiles at me scanning the tags under my arm along with the rest of my clothes. She can tell I was in love with the top and compliments me on how it looks on me while asking my “kitty” tons of cat questions. Turns out Molly likes the taste of field mice the best… HA!I’m very much excited to get home. I look down at my watch seeing it is now about eleven twenty. We head to the car with our bags of goodies hand in hand. Molly looks so grown up. My tall little Doodlebug looks twice her age with her height and the backpack, like a grade schooler off to conquer the world. How tall will my little amazon be when she’s really eight, thirteen, twenty? “I love you Doodlebug.” I sniff.“Whaz wrong Mommy?”“Nothing Molls. I was just thinking you look like a beautiful big girl instead of my tiny baby girl.” “Yup. Imma big girl”“Gettin there huh?” I chuckle ruffling her hair. “Mommy I’m wet K?” “Did you have an accident? Let me see how bad.” “You’ll make it till we get home.” “It was a hack-sa-dent Mommy. I didn’t know till I was goin.”I need to pee too Doodlebug. Should I? Allen won’t care, even if I make a mess. Can these pads really hold up?We leave the mall and head for AquaWorlds, our local fish store. I promised Molly kitties. I’ll have to take her to PetSmart on the way home. I resign myself to two more stops instead of one. PetSmart doesn’t have the saltwater fish food that I need though. I’m always forgetting that. The aquarium care stuff is cheaper there, but I only need the saltwater shrimp for feeding the tank today.Well, honestly. The second stop at PetSmart would keep me from buying anything at AquaWorlds. Hey! If you don’t keep fish, you can’t understand how hard it is to walk out without a new fish, coral, or piece of equipment!Inside AquaWorlds, I prowl through their coral frags and make my way to the refrigerated shelves. I deny the impulse to add some new coral to my tank and just get the frozen shrimp. I pay for my purchases and we make our way toward the house stopping only for a few minutes for Molly to poke the adoptable kitties through their cages. She gabs on about the kitties all the way home. Pulling up at the house, I see Allen’s truck, he has beaten us home. Getting out, I finally stop to check my phone. I’d missed a couple texts from him. They aren’t anything important though, so I text him we are home and could use his help.Opps. I’ve been known to get pissed at him for that move.Standing up, I begin emptying my bladder into my inco-pad. I certainly don’t mean to. It’s one of the things I contend with now. This is the reason my panties are always lined. Instead of standing there concentrating on flexing all my muscles until I regain control, I boldly take a step forward around Molly’s open car door ignoring my leaking lady bits. Reaching my leg out for the next step releases a big spurt of pee. The small squirt and pinch move I usually pull in these situations isn’t working. Frankly, I didn’t want it to. I hold back enough that I don’t flood the pad, but every step and flex releases some tiny bit of urine. It actually feels really good not to have to worry about standing in my yard in wet shorts because of the pad. This is one of the little gifts Molly’s trip through my body left me, and it’s one of the reasons I don’t have labor amnesia like some women. I have constant biological reminders of the cost of motherhood. I don’t see as well and had to get glasses! On a positive note, I haven’t had the period-migraines since I had Molly, and I’d had them since puberty started a decade ago. That is sort of amazing to be honest.Pregnancy is still a miraculous thing. My doctor told me that pregnancy doesn’t cause these changes like the eye sight and migraine stuff, not medically. Then he went on to tell me dozens of stories about body adjustments that some of his patients had gone through after pregnancy, some temporary and some, like me, permanent. Peeing myself when I don’t feel like I have to go, just because I decide to change my personal elevation, that seems a bit extreme to me. It happens to me nonetheless. I feel the texture of my pad changing from fibrous to jelly between my legs. I decide to let my body evacuate whatever it feels like is necessary, but try to keep a heavy wetting out of the picture. I force myself not to fight the piddles. It’s a word I coined for myself. It’s what I call these little wetting episodes that just really fucking brighten my day. Ever hear of the walking farts? Well, I have the walking piddles. I take Molly’s hand and lead her, wearing her backpack diaper bag, into the house with the frozen food from the local fish store. I finally stop the piddling and plunk her down on the couch with my phone. Allen comes out of our bedroom at about the same time. I shake my head at the small fortune we spend on water for his showers.“Hi girls! Did you have a good time shopping?” Allen asks kissing my neck. “We did, huh Molls?” I ask looking at her over my shoulder.“Yup, Meow” “Did you get a kitten while you were out Mommy?” “I did! Isn’t she great!?!”“She’s not house broken though.” I whisper loudly giving her a hard time.“Moom eeee!” Molly whines like a teenager. “Wow, learn that move early don’t you girls?” Allen asks me.“The Sass is Strong in this one.” I nod sagely.“You dropping Star Wars puns is hot.” Allen says causing me to blush. Allen pats my butt while our kid is fully engrossed in an episode of SpongeBob on my phone. She’s safely distracted so we can run in and out of the house. He kisses my ear. I sigh happy and turn resting on his chest. Then I straighten up and smack his chest. “Is anyone wet today?” “Allen! Seriously!” I shout exasperated. “I un know.” Molly slurs together.“How bout Mommy? Was she a good girl? Did she keep her diaper dry?” “I did no such thing you turd!” I huff walking toward the door embarrassed to my core.“I had a hack-sa-dent Daddy. Mommy used da potty like a big giwl. She buied big giwl diapers.” “I bought Pads Molly. Pads.” I say forgetting the Depends I’d picked up altogether.“Oh relax honey. It’s ok. I love my girls whether they are wet or dry!” Allen teases.“Stay put Molly. Daddy and I will be right back. We’re just going to the car to get our stuff.” I say dragging Allen outside.“Don’t be mad baby.” Allen pleads sensing my mood.Sigh “I’m not mad Allen, well maybe a little. What we do in the bedroom doesn’t have anything to do with Molly’s little reality. Plus, you don’t go embarrassing me anymore.” I fix him with my don’t-push-mom look. “To be perfectly clear, that’s not a request. It’s an expectation. This is for me and you and no one else. I’m a lady regardless of my clothing choices, and I won’t be belittled!” “Robin, baby, I’m really sorry. I was just playing. I wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings. It was stupid and I’m really sorry.”I let him stew in his own remorse just to reinforce the point I’m making. I may not do a lot of off-center stuff in the bedroom, but come on Internet. I know, at least on the surface, what a submissive is. I am not one of those. I may be meek and a bit humble, but I’m no one’s floor matt. No offense to those who get off on that, but that ain’t me boy-o. I think and throw an angry eyebrow at Allen. I grab my shirts filling up my arms and head back into the house. ----- The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions. 9. Dumping my clothes on the bed, I begin sorting out my new tops by color. I drop the white ones in my whites laundry basket, and the colors I decide to wash individually with a couple older towels each on tiny load settings. No sense in lettings these fade over something I already own.I make several mini-laundry piles and lug them into the laundry room. I decide to start the whites with some bleach first. The water begins filling while I add the bleach, but I discover a problem when I bend over to grab the white load. Apparently, I still need to pee quite a bit. I decide to put these pads to the test.No better room than the only one with a floor drain!I take a wide legged stance and relax my bladder, or try to. I fail. It’s not so much a factor of permission, but a matter of forcing muscles that I don’t EVER think about to open. I guess that’s the thing though. Maybe being flexed shut is the relaxed state for those bladder control muscles. If that’s the case, it’s a bit like doing a bladder pushup! I make a mental note to look that up. Interesting theory. I decide It’s really a mind over matter type thing. I envision a Sci-Fi type scene of casting my consciousness down the nerve synapsis to the bundles controlling my bladder. With the piddles always on the horizon, I have perhaps a stronger connection to my troubled bladder muscles than most people do. I envision my bladder as a hand tightly clasped holding something in.I lean forward bracing myself on the washing machine angling my body in a new way while trying to tug those mental fingers loose. I finally feel my control loosen and I begin to wet the incontinence pad. Suddenly, I’m releasing a full wetting onto the pad, but it’s like the pad doesn’t even try keep up.My hipster panties plus this type of pad don’t make a good pairing. The pad itself stays in a circular shape instead of flattening out gathering correctly. Apparently, I need some full on tighty-whitey granny panties. I don’t know if it fails because of being a crappy product, or because I wasn’t wearing correctly either way the pad definitely fails. I feel the pee trailing down my leg and “eep” shocked back into action. I shuck my tennis shoes and strip my socks off tossing them in the washing machine with the whites. I stand over the drain as my body finishes the business I started not having any options.Sadly, I strip out of my new favorite top that’s now soggy in the crotched. I rinse it in the utility sink and drop some water over the floor using a towel to clean up my mess. When Allen finds me a few moments later, I’m still standing there in my yellow smiley assed panties with a totally soggy incontinence pad soaked so badly it looks like it just phoned in the effort, I mean come on! “Hey Babe. Ooo, Boobs!” Allen says taking a good thirty seconds or so to notice anything else.“Shit.” I grumble when he eventually looks down.“Everything ok over there Princess?”“Awesome…” I threw him a you’re-a-dumbass eyebrow. He waves his hands, “Alright I give!” “Do you need any help Rob?”“I rinsed my top and threw my socks ‘n shoes in the whites.” I say pointing at the washer. “So what happened here? An accident?”“No… an experiment. A failed one.” “What didn’t work?”“Well, I got a new heavy wetting pad to see if I could sort of wear a diaper, but not really.”“Ok”“I piddled a lot when I got out of the car, you know… like I do.”“That’s what your pads are for baby. I really don’t care that you dribble.” “I know. I love you for it too.” I say meaning it while straddling the drain in the laundry room.“I thought this was the safest place to test em.” “I’d have went with the shower…”“Well, damn. I had to go and NOT think of that.” I admit a bit defeated.“Meh, no worries looks like you already cleaned it up.” “I was just going to strip and shower really fast. I’ll wash these panties with one of these loads.” “I’ll take care of that. You just flash me those gorgeous butt cheeks and scoot out of here.”“Allen, you don’t have to. I’m not some kid.”“Well, you certainly are playing at it.” He smirks.“Wipe that look off your face or I’ll kick your ass.”“Ma’am, Yes Ma’am.” He salutes.“God you’re impossible.” I say stripping. “Nah, I’m amazing. I clean up after wet girls around here all the time.”“A wet toddler maybe…”“Nope, I washed your wet stuff yesterday too.” “I… Oh… I… I was going to do that. You didn’t have to.” “Well, I don’t get off on handling your pee or anything, but your accidents don’t repulse me either. You certainly never will!”“Fine, you can be out of the dog house.” I tell him turning to him naked as the day I was born.“I’m going to shower. Did you get the rest of the stuff out of the car?” “Yep. On the counter.” “Will you run a kitchen wipe with bleach on the floor between here and the washer?” “Already planned to. I’ll put the rest of the bags on the bed.”“You can return or throw away those bags of pads. Even if I could figure it out, I’ll never trust them now.”“Done. I’ll just toss em. Not worth the gas or my time to take ‘em back. We should stick them all over something and then take a funny picture.” He jokes. “We’ll do no such thing. My totally manageable leaky issue and my new found love of thick underwear is no one’s business but ours mister!” I say getting a little heated again.“Sorry, not what I meant. Just thinking of that kid from AFV covered in pads the other day.”“Nope. Trash or take back. That’s your options. No negotiation.” “Trash it is!” I leave the laundry room running on my tip toes like a spooked deer. I’m genuinely upset that the pads didn’t work and that my new favorite top is in the laundry room in the sink. I totally stomp off to the bathroom pissed the hell off, just not at Allen, this time!I take my time cleaning myself and lotioning up my skin. When I get out of the shower I fix my hair and do a light coating of makeup. I feel the need to look my best for Allen after him seeing me in the laundry, all boobs out and wet panties. That’s not the look I want to foster! I paint my nails and toe nails too. By the time I’m done, I look like I’m ready to go dancing or for a night out doing something young and fun. Perfect, I think looking in my mirror. This is exactly the level of nice that I’m looking for! I look around in my Tee-Shirt drawer for something cute that will go with my nails. I find a purple My Little Pony shirt that I bought to match one Molly just had to have a few months ago.I feel like a cute day! I can be cute and sexy too. I love it. Ooo, I’ll put my hair up too!I tease my hair into a cute dangling updo with floppy bangs. It feels summery, light, and cute. I scratch at my chest and cup my breasts. I let them fall back to their resting position and smile at myself. It was a hard fight back to this shape after Molly, and I’m a bit proud despite a little remaining pudge. Naked below my shirt, I sit on my bed trying to decide what my bottom half should look like for the rest of the day. I know I want to wear a diaper. So there’s that. I guess I need to decide what I can wear with this top that will help me hide my diaper. I pilfer through my closet and the bottom drawer in my dresser. I sit out a few pieces, but struggle making up my mind. I rest my hand on my hip cocking it out to the side while I stare at my bed. My door pops open startling me. “Ahhh!” “Shhh… It’s just me baby.” “Damn honey. Scared the shit out of me.” I say resting a hand over my throbbing heart.“Didn’t mean to.” “I’m ok now.” I smile at him half naked. “You look amazing.” He smiles at me lecherously. I turn fully to him displaying my fuzz free goodies. Allen smiles the sight. I sashay over to him wiggling my hips as I walk. He stands there mesmerized by my movements. “Hey babe. I can’t decide what to wear over my diaper.” I tease.“I’m ok with nothing!” He gets a well-deserved really eye for that, but knowing him he probably thought it was worth it. “Allen…” “Bah fine. You know I wasn’t serious. I just hate to cover you up. I could stare at you all day.” “Well, we decided to have a child so… no day long ass staring for you.”“I like the new packaging anyway. Speaking of. May I?”“Please.” I giggle and move the baggy overalls I set out further up the bed. Allen takes my ankles and tugs me closer to the edge of the bed. I close my eyes to focus on the feelings. This isn’t the first time my husband has diapered me, today even, but this is the first time I am awake enough to focus on it, to enjoy it. He spreads my legs at the knees leaving then laying open like butterfly wings. My shaven kitty stares up at Allen, and I feel the air caressing my delicate places. His hands trace up my ankles gliding up the insides of my legs. They spread outward at my hips reaching under me to cup my ass tracing the back of my legs pulling them together. I moisten enjoying the luxurious feeling of Allen’s rough hands on my skin. He raises me off the bed far enough to slide a diaper under me. Immediately, I feel that this diaper is bigger than I expected. I resist the urge to open my eyes enjoying the sensory deprivation. May have to add a blindfold to the naughty drawer! ----- The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions. 10. Allen fits up my diaper tugging it around to center it. This one’s incredibly crinkly. I focus my ears listening to every noise it produces. Finally, he tugs on my diaper pulling it down to the right level on my butt. I feel the diaper gathers tugging at the creases between my ass and legs as Allen pulls the diaper up. He lays the front of the diaper over my crotch and I know it’s not one of my Luvs. Struggling to keep my eyes closed, Allen cups my crotch to see where the front waist will lay. His hand shifts to my waist holding the diaper in the center. My man’s a diapering professional… mhmmmm He tucks the left front side in around my hip and tugs the back over the front panel. Allen abandons his hold on the middle of my waist, and tugs the front side for a tighter fit. He repeats the process on the other side completing the fitting. I wiggle my ass in this larger diaper enjoying the feeling of a properly sized one. It tugs and pulls in the directions of the tapes and across my waist. It feels amazingly tight and secure. I pinch my legs together bunching the diaper up between them. It crinkles seductively as I move my legs like a cricket. Allen parts my legs and lies lightly on top of me. He kisses my heart up into my throat. I drape my arms around his neck and peck his cheek. “Babe, Molly.” I say pushing him up smacking at his chest and standing up. “What am I wearing?” I ask looking down at my fully diapered ass. “I don’t know, I didn’t look. They were in the bag with your trash pads.” “Oh, I forgot I bought those. I was too pissed at the pads. I thought you’d bought me something.”“Bawahahaha!” Allen laughs. “What’s so funny?”“You said pissed at your pads that you just peed in.” “Oh pissed, I didn’t mean that as a joke. I get it.” “Oh crap… still funny though.” “Hey before you go… what bottoms?”“Uh…” He stalls looking his options over. “Oh! The overalls for sure. No doubt.” Allen takes off for the living room to check on our little Phone Zombie. I stand up and run to the full length mirror in the closet. I spin, turn, jump, bend, and gaze at myself in the mirror. I feel awesome. I feel sexy and desirable, and I feel fucking silly. I shrug off the silly and just go with happy. I tug the overalls up and clip the bibs in place. I check myself in the mirror again. I haven’t purposefully dressed cute in a good long while. I have to actually work at looking my age. An older looking girl stares back at me in the mirror. She’s a cute girl, maybe in her late. She sure doesn’t look like a mid-twenties mother! I giggle behind my hand and clap. I jump a few times feeling my bouncy bangs dance around my face. I laugh and bend over touching my toes. I can hear the diaper crinkling away loudly. It’s not as prolific as it was before I put on the overalls, but I can hear it more than I’m comfortable with. Oh, I love how this feels. God, my hips are getting a clammy already though. Gonna have to fix that. I head toward the door pondering the clammy heat around my waist and notice the noise the diaper is making is beyond my tolerance. Yeah, nope… not running around crinkling this much. Hmmm… What to do? I think tapping my chin. I go back to the laundry room inspired. I pull one of my new tops off of a pile of laundry. Pulling a baby blue onesie over my head thrills me. The cut of the onesie leaves it poking out around the collar of my shirt with the overalls, in turn, covering up the decal on pony shirt. Ultimately, I decide to peel off the pony shirt throwing in the load I’d pulled the blue onesie from after fastening up my overalls. I make my way back toward my bedroom having spent a totally conspicuous amount of time by myself at this point. I feel like I need to hurry and get out there with my family but walking by Molly’s room, I catch a whiff of baby powder and ammonia. The smell of pee is there, but faint. The biggest smell is the baby powder. I tip-toe in there and grab one of her many containers of baby powder. Back in my room, I slide my overalls down my ankles and unbutton my snap crotch pulling it up under my chin. I poof out some powder into my hand lightly coating powder around my own hips. Oh, now that’s better. Seems to be breathing fine where the padding is heavy… weird! Better run my hand around my belly too. Nice! This is… OMG! I can’t believe how good it feels to wear a diaper that really fits me! Hell, this may even be a bit too big. Better poof my pussy too! I button my blue onesie wishing I hadn’t gotten the whites load going first. I could have worn the pony shirt. I don’t like the blue with my purple nails, but the Pony top worked great with them. I pull up my overalls and button the bib leaving my feet bare. Girl’s gotta show off dem toes! I laugh at myself wiggling them in the carpet. I really stare at myself in my mirror getting ready to leave my room. I see a toned seventeen year old version of myself staring back. The baggy overalls and the updo really bring down my age. My loud purple eyeshadow also shaves off another year or two. I love the dangling brown curls framing my face. My dark eyes look a little moody and mysterious with the darker eyeshadow. I look like an Emo teenager trying to dress like a little girl… I giggle at my image. It’s ironic that in reality, I’m a twenty-four year old mother who looks like a teenage lady trying to dress like a twelve year old girl. Even given the visual Mobius strip I’m creating, I feel as sexy as hell. It is very odd to look in the mirror at the image I cut, and yet feel as sexy as a nearly naked cat girl on Halloween! I trust-fall onto my bed and roll around a little bit. The noise from the Depends is considerably lessoned with my onesie. With the TV on, or any background noise at all, the crinkle will totally fade away. I should probably feel guilty, but everyone will just assume its Molly, even if they hear something. Well, except at work…hahaha! I stood pausing just a moment at the outrageous thought. I have a hard time imagining wearing a diaper of any kind at work, and yet, an equally hard time going that long without one. I can’t tell if I feel out of control, or that I’ve already accepted this as something I want. It’s a pleasant coincidence that Allen seems to be getting off on it. At least we can be strange together! “What do you guys want for lunch?” I ask the living room where Molly is playing ABC Mouse while Allen reads away on his Galaxy tablet. At least THAT has some educational value. I think watching her tap away at her alphabet. Occasionally, I feel guilty about her tech time. All the “Pros” at raising kids tell you exactly what’s appropriate for everyone’s kids and circumstances. I try to make sure she plays her educational games as much as watching Kids YouTube or one of her games. We color, play, read, and talk in a good balance for us! Molly wakes me up from my soapbox daydream. “Pitha!” Molly screams looking quickly back at her tablet. “We had pizza last night. Nope.” “I’m not super hungry Robin.” Allen admits.“Yeah me either, but it’s like one. I’m not cooking till six-ish.”“How about a sandwich?” He asks.“Yeah. That’ll work. Molls, you want PB&J?”“Pleassse.” Molly begs.“You got it kiddo. Allen, I’m gonna do a small turkey and mayo. Can I get you something?”“Really? Thought I’d be fixing my own…” He chuckles.“You’re not in that much trouble. Besides, I’m feeling pretty awesome right now.”“Good. You’re looking pretty awesome too. Just don’t tell your older sister you’re hanging out with us. My wife gets jealous.”“God, Allen.” I bark in laughter. “Your dad-jokes are getting stronger.” I mumble. I turn to start setting out the sandwich stuff and Allen suddenly grabs me in a hug from behind. His hands invade my overalls trailing down over my not-quite-toned stomach. I feel the bump as his hand hits the onesie covered front of my diaper. It makes him shudder. “I bet you look super cute without the overalls on.” He purrs.“You know I do, but the cut of this onesie doesn’t fit the diaper to well. It’s hanging out on the sides. I look like a toddler wearing her mom’s panties, but I freaking love the feeling, all mushed up. Thanks for changing me earlier. Sorry I got snippy.”“Sorry I was an ass.” We laugh at each other’s apology.“I don’t know where this is going Rob, but I fucking love where it is right now. Make sure you let me know what’s not OK as you figure it out. I don’t like pissing you off, or when you’re mad at me.” “I will. I tried sucking my thumb.” I dangle.“And, did Princess Mommy like that?” “No and I don’t think I like that tone in your voice either. I’m not our daughter or some kid here.” I say politely.“Shit sorry.” Allen moves to stand up and withdraw his hand.“No stay. I’m not mad. You told me to tell you. I was just telling you.” I grind my pelvis against his hand.“Will you wet this one?”“Of course. That’s how I got here. I’m dying to know if it’ll hold.” I giggle and moan at the same time.“Let me know when it happens in case I have to go distract Molly. No sense in her seeing that.”“Yeah. That’s the idea behind these onesies too. They are diaper mufflers!” I admit. He stands up kisses the top of my head telling me I look cute before leaving the room. Allen smacks my padded rear end as he goes. I smile enjoying the attention. It’s so normal and yet abnormal with the diapers. Everything, and I mean everything, feels like a new sexy secret. Every move I make, every step I take, he’s watching me. Hahahaah, I crack myself up! “Hey let’s eat in here guys!” I yell to the living room. We pile up at the table not saying much. I log Molly out of her educational tool and put on Pandora putting it on the bar. Molly and I eat and color some more while Allen reads and eats his sandwich. We have a super terrific peaceful family time singing and eating. “Mommy, I wanna bow bubbles.”“Sounds good to me. How bout you Daddy?”“Good idea girls. Molly, I want to BLOW bubbles.” ----- The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions. 11. We head outside as a family. It’s bubble time! Molly has like a million little bubble blowing toys. She has a hard time settling on one toy at a time. I’m almost certain she’s got A.D.D. watching her hover over all the options. She attacks the large Tupperware with her bubble stuff taking out a bubble hoop. It’s a bit chilly outside today, barely seventy-five degrees, and I’m just a little too cool in the shade of our covered porch. I move sitting on the edge of the porch by Molly. The sun feels amazing. Allen joins us after a bit with some drinks taking his seat at the picnic table in the shade of the porch. Guess what he does… got it in one! He pulls out his tablet and starts reading.“Your wizards and werewolves keeping you company over there?” “I’m reading a Star Wars book…” He says raising an eyebrow. “Fine. Bubbles and girls are way more fun… Are your wookies and porgs keeping you company?” “Good company thanks.” He sasses me back. “and there’s no porgs in this book! God I hope those aren’t another Ewok Species.”“I loved the Ewoks! They are cuddly and deadly!” “Blasphemy! How could a feral teddy bear kill a futuristic soldier in body armor!” He scoffs.“I can’t wait to get a stuffed porg for the bed and a six inch one to put with my Jar Jar! Oh! Molly will need one too.” I giggle losing my serious tone.“What’s funny Mommy?” “Daddy baby. Daddy is funny!” We both laugh at Allen, each for our own reasons. “We need to start screening those with her ya know. I was thinking of taking her in December.” Allen adds hopefully.“Yeah, The Last Force is coming out then right?” I tease.“The Last Jedi.”“Whatever…” God, it’s easy to rile him up.***Insert 5 min very motivated tirade on how awesome Star Wars is here***(Not sure what he said. I was smiling too hard to hear him!)“Ok babe, Ok! It’ll be fun to watch Molly see the porgs. God I hope Chewy doesn’t eat one!”“GRAH!” He pretends to rage.I do everything I can to rile him up about his fiction. I can’t help it! He just takes it so seriously. I have picked up a thing or two over the years, but mostly just what his hot button topics are. I own a Jar Jar Binks six inch toy just to annoy Allen.“Eep!” I squeal seeing him rock forward to get up. I sprint out into the yard running from my fanatic of a husband. The guy’s as big as a wookie! You’d run too if he thundered across the deck after you! Molly gets up chasing after Allen who’s chasing after me. Molls laughs so hard she can barely run. I can feel my diaper warming up around my hips. I’m thankful for the powder I used earlier. Allen is a typical ex-football guy. He has large grass eating strides, but not classically quick or maneuverable. I am. I’m quick and maneuverable as hell!We race around the front yard laughing, giggling, and with Allen thundering behind me pretending to be mad. Our neighbors undoubtedly think we are nuts, funny, but nuts for sure! That fun comes to a jarring halt when I step in a mole-run or something. The grass beneath my foot collapses under me. I twist my ankle in terrible unintended and hit the ground hard. Well, I hit hard, but not as hard as it would have, cause you know… diaper! I hear a tremendous pop and then pain radiates through me. It hurts, but the whole thing is so fucking funny that I can’t quit laughing even though tears streaming down my cheeks. I roll over and lay on the grass putting my injured leg on the knee of the good leg letting it dangle.“God Rob, are you ok baby?”“Nope, hurts.” I sniffle.“Mommy gonna go to da hospital?” “I hope not Princess. Let me have a look baby.” “Just… don’t move it, or touch it, or look at it. Damn!”Just under fifty minutes later, we pull in at the hospital’s emergency room. There’s an ace bandaged wrapped around my barefoot and the bottom of my overall pant leg. Allen parks the car under the awning and picks me up sitting me and Molly down in the waiting room. “Al, prop it up for me honey.” “K, then I’ll move the car.” “I’m so sorry, I love you.” I tell him.“Oh Robin, I love you so much. This isn’t your fault, don’t apologize. Fucking feel like Bill Murry in Caddyshack.” “But our weekend. God my foot is throbbing. I hate moles.” I give up trying to be the adult here. I sit Molly in my lap as she hugs me tightly. I sniffle into her hair amazed at the pain in my leg. Allen shuffles uncertain of what he should do. He needs to move the car… and register me… and comfort me. He’s uncomfortable with the whole situation and having a hard time deciding what to do first. “Baby… I… Shit, I’ll be right back.” He says finally committing to parking the car first.“Ummm… Daaddyy!” Molly tuts.All I could really do is look at him and let the tears trickle down my face. Shooting wicked arcs of pain radiate from my ankle down into my big toe. I can still wiggle my foot so Allen didn’t think my leg was broken, but there is something structurally wrong with my toe. It doesn’t look like it’s laying the way it should anymore. He knows I’m a pretty tough chick. I can handle pain, and my failure to handle this pain is freaking him out.Allen sprints out of the room, the doors slowing him down while he waits on them to open. I lean my head back wiping my eyes while rubbing Molly’s back. I don’t mean to scare her, but it’s impossible to push all this pain aside. “Mommy is ok?” She asks. “No not yet, but that’s why we are here baby. They’ll fix me up.” “You gonna gets crutches?” “Probably, but not right away. They will tell me to stay off my ouchies for a while.” “Girls, I’m back. Molly I have to go tell them Mommy’s here.” Allen rushes over to the ER Nurse’s intake window. He’s up there for a while filling out paperwork and describing my injuries. My phone chirps a Jawa sound after a bit of writing on his part.[Allen] Hey, I need your social and date of birth.[Me] 555-55-5555, *raised eye emoji*[Allen] nvmd on your date of birth… I figured it out.[Me] good![Allen] Almost done baby. We’ll get in pretty fast she says. [Me] *crybaby face emoji*“Allen, unwrap this. It’s too tight. Fold up my pants so I don’t have to take them off.” I make eye contact with him. Allen suddenly remembers my unconventional underwear. “Alright, if it hurts tell me.” “Should I just start screaming and not stop until you’re done?” I ask arching my eyebrow. The nurse comes out calling my name and Allen just picks me up. He holds me like a baby with my arms around his neck and face in his chest. My big toe is already turning some very unflattering colors clashing with my polish, which unreasonably pisses me off on top of the pain. He doesn’t have an arm to hold Molly’s hand with so, he shifts me around in a baby monkey hold my good leg wrapped around his waist. I keep my arms draped around his neck and straddle his stomach with one of his hands under my diapered ass. It is a super embarrassing way to be hauled around! We follow the nurse into a room and he sits me down on a paper covered exam table. We wait about fifteen more minutes with nurses and others coming in and out of the room. The doctor comes in like a paperwork tornado. He pokes and prods at my ankle, leg, foot, and toe. I hold up, but I can’t pull back the tears, that shit freaking hurts.“I’m fairly certain you have a severely fractured big toe. I think it’s dislocated too. I’m sending you for x-rays of your toe and ankle. The bruising is already starting up. That’s pretty quick. It’ll be a nasty sprain if nothing else. I’ll have a nurse clean up your foot before you go in. Your ankle is at least a high sprain and may have some hairline fractures as well, but nothing is massively out of place there. If your toe is dislocated, I’ll have to reduce it before we get you out of here. You’re looking at maybe casts for sure walking boot. The x-rays will tell.” He pats my knee calling for his nurse. The ibu I’d swallowed at home finally starts kicking in. I feel a layer or two the pain peeling back as the nurse cleans my feet. It is super weird and I don’t my like feet anyway, so I’m very uncomfortable. I focus on talking to Allen and Molly instead.“Stop squirming Rob. She’ll be done in a bit.” Allen comforts me. He turns to the nurse, “She doesn’t like feet.”A bit later they wheel me into x-ray leaving Allen and Molly in the waiting room. They painfully articulate my ankle snapping two of the toe and four of the ankle. I thoroughly wet my diaper while trying to hold my ankle in a bad angle that ramps up my pain. Back in the emergency treatment room, “Allen” I whisper. “I’m soaked. I’m super worried I’m going to leak. What the hell do we do?” ----- The Diapered Story of Robin Smith and Her Unconventional Solutions. 12. I’m genuinely terrified, but Allen doesn’t appear to have any answers for me. Worse yet, it doesn’t look like I’m getting out of here any time soon. So, we sit and wait on the doctor while I worry anxiously over my wet butt. Molls starts getting impatient fidgeting and starting to whine. Of course, that does nothing positive for my mood! Now I have a soggy ass and a kid that is about to lose her cool. Allen picks her up smiling at me. He sits her beside me in the hospital bed while breaking out his phone.I guess she was quiet longer than I thought she would be. I love you so much Doodlebug! I can’t wait for you to grow out of this awful whining stage though. Lord, it’s annoying. Shit. I’m whining too. I think as I realize I’m pouting. The edges of my mouth twerk up and I smile to myself.We’re still waiting when I feel the need to pee rise. Everything I’d drank at lunch and outside before my “foot thing” calls knocking at my bladders door. I “psst” at Allen catching his attention and motioning toward my diapered crotch with my eyes. I release a little pressure and sigh letting him know that I was wetting right then. I see the comprehension in Allen’s face. He moves Molly to the chair and checks the hospital door. Finding it fully closed, he comes to stand by my head. He leans in and picks me up gingerly. “Why don’t you just finish really fast? Then I’ll take it off of you and clean you up. You can go commando till we get out’a here.” “That’ll work. Hey, just sit me on the toilet… I can finish there.” I whisper out loud improving his plan cause there wasn’t any sense in wetting my overalls.Why the hell didn’t I think of that…? Because you don’t want to be without one! That’s why you twat… I bash myself. Answering your own mental questions is the first sign of insanity? I narrate internally. Then I mentally laugh at myself causing a physical laughing to trickle out into Allen’s shoulder.Allen sits me on the humongous hospital potty. I undo my overall bibs and hold myself up off the toilet while he tugs them down to my ankles. I look up at Allen with a mischievous look on my face and wet the diaper before he can pull it off me. As I’d feared, I over flow my protection hearing my water meet the toilet’s. Good call Princess Mommy! I think to myself.“You done yet?” Allen asks chuckling. “Yeah, hey look there! There’s wipes in here.” I point.“Got ya.” I don’t go commando very often, particularly in jean material! There are some delicate bits that should never suffer the indignity of blue jean friction. I can almost feel the furrows forming in my ass cheeks leaving funny prints in my skin. Redressed and cleaned up, Allen deposits me on the bed. I adjust my overalls moving and tugging the crotch trying to make sure no jean seams line up with my own!The doctor knocks once rapidly and sliding in the room. He puts the X-Ray’s on the wall unit lighting it up. He smiles at us grabbing his rolling doctor’s stool and scooting over to my bed side. Allen drops Molly in his lap and silences the phone preparing to listen to the doctor.“Well, I have good news and bad news!” The doctor breaks the strained silence. I sigh at his response, “Well, let’s start with the bad news!”“K, Good news. Your leg isn’t broken, but your toe sure is!” He says. “I wanted the bad news first!” I huff.“Well, the bad news is your leg isn’t broken!” He dead pans.“I don’t understand.” Allen says. “Well, my diagnosis is a high ankle sprain with a tearing of the ligaments between the tibia and fibula. Frankly, it’s more painful and is a longer recovery than a brake. In fact, most patients with this injury require physical therapy to get back in motion.” He concludes.“Well, that’s not good. Short term?” Allen asks.We talk for about thirty minutes while the doctor reduces my toe. The pain causes me to lurch forward in the bed. I feel the crotch of my overalls dampen. I immediately flush red color swamping my features. The guys simply believe it’s my reaction to the pain, but it’s not. It’s a insane feeling of embarrassment. Son of a BITCH! I yell internally.In the end, I wind up without a cast! They have this wrap-splint thing for my foot that stabilizes my toe and a high ankle walking boot for the sprain. I’m stuck 24/7 in the boot for four weeks and in the toe cast-wrap-splint-thing for the same. The doctor suspects that I’ll be in the boot for another six to eight weeks tapering off after the initial four weeks.The hospital insists that I ride a wheel chair to the emergency room outdoor pickup. I don’t fight them, but I can feel myself piddle when the orderly helps me up and then I sit into the chair. Allen picks up Molly trailing us out of the ER treatment area. I sit with the orderly while Allen grabs the car. We make a bit of small talk, or I try to. It seems like I have too or somehow he’d know that I’d wet myself. This is why I always wear a pad! Fuck! I yell inside fully of anger and shame. God, I just want to be home and cleaned up!Allen pulls up and hops out. Molly waves frantically at me. I wave back at her shyly. The orderly helps me to stand as he comes around our car. I turn around facing the orderly who smiles gently at me.“Sir?” “Yeah?” “Do you have a towel or something? If you don’t, I can get a trash bag or something for your wife.” The orderly murmurs.“I… Uh…” I stutter mortified.“We keep a towel in here for our daughter. I’ll get it.” Allen says walking to the back of the car and popping the trunk. “Oh. My. God. I’m… I can’t…” I flounder for words.“Oh Ma’am. Don’t worry about it. Stuff happens all the time. We have to sanitize these between each patient anyway. There’s no extra work and you don’t have to be embarrassed.” He tells me.“I can’t help it. This is so embarrassing.” “Can I give you a hug?” The fatherly large blonde orderly asks me.“I guess.” He leans in, “Listen, no one comes here because everything is fine.” He releases me.“We’re like IT. No one calls those guys when their computers are working fine just to say ‘Hey, my PC is working great and screaming fast!’ Nope, folks come here messed up. We try to send them home better than they arrived. That’s all we are hoping for. I’ve seen much worse. Please try not to feel to bad.”“Thanks man. She needed that, but she’s still gonna moan for days about this.” “She’s right. the. Fuck. HERE!” Anger is easier than embarrassment. So I go with anger.“Awe, here let me help you up Rob. We’ll get you home and cleaned up!” Allen says lifting me into the car. “Ya’ll take care now!” The orderly says turning his back and waving at us. It is late afternoon by the time we pull up into our driveway. Allen gets Molly to grab my purse and he carries me into the house directly to our bed. I sigh and take another round of Ibu. I’d taken the good stuff the ER doc prescribed immediately after we picked it up at Walgreens on the way home, but it hasn’t kicked in yet. I sag into our soft bed happy to be home, but injured and whiney about it lying on another towel. “On the bright side, you love skirts!” Allen teases. “I do, but I love my jeans more!” I pout. “Are you in a lot of pain right now?” “I think that stuff the doctor gave me is kicking in. I feel sleepy and tingly. Like my fingers are waking up from falling asleep.” I tell him snapping my fingers.“Sounds like it.” Allen chuckles. He diapers me with the same tender care he did the first time. I relax even further lying on the fluffy bead in my fluffy diaper elated to be dry. I put my arms out to the side making a comforter snow angle and giggle at the ceiling. God, I’m high as fuck… hehehehe I realize and find hilarious. “Yeah, I think you are hon.” Allen agrees. “Was that out loud?” I ask with wide eyes.“Yeah.” He laughs at me. “I hate this.” I whimper.“I know. You just can’t stand not being in control can you?” He laughs.“Well, I mean… yeah. Mine! All of it… hahaha.” I laugh.“You staying in here or coming out there?” He asks.“I don’t wanna be all loopy in front of Doodlebug.” “I get it. You just gonna lay there in your bra and diaper? Want some more clothes?”“Uh… yeah rotate the laundry. Remember coldy-cold water for da colors man.” I try for a suffer guy voice. “Oh man, I’m sad I’m gonna miss this. You’ll adjust though. You’ll be fine tomorrow I bet.” He assures me.“Leave me here until the whites dry up. I wanna wear a onesie, but I’ll stay here under the covers until then. Maybe take a nap.” I try to roll on my side. “Let’s get you covered up Princess Mommy.” Allen reassures me patting my butt.“Don’t forget to change me. I’m totally not getting up for peeing in this thing. Hey bring me my phone and put the charger in here… pppppwease.” I let him tuck me in like a kid and quickly drift off to sleep.
  18. Crinkle Part 1 He loved that sound as he moved. That tell-tale ‘crinkle’ that announced to those in the know just what it was he was wearing. They were a new acquisition. The online firm had been very specific that this particular piece of protection was very noisy. Up until he saw the colourful image of butterflies and birds festooned all over the satin briefs, he had never really wanted anything that might draw attention to his ‘slight’ fetish. He was happy for those in the know to be one – him. He wasn’t interested in having DL friends. He wasn’t interested in being babied, all he wanted was that comfort he felt when he wore his nappy and the joy it gave him putting it on and taking it off. However, the online firm he bought his little ‘bits and pieces’ from had launched a new ‘noisy’ range and the photo of this particular pair of waterproof pants had attracted his attention. MAKE SOME NOISE said the headline for the range, and there had been a fair few pairs of pants that he would have been happy to buy but it was this, rather cute, childish and sweet design that appeared to have made the biggest impression. They must have done because for almost a week before he bought them they were occupying his dreams, both night and day. Eventually, the obsession needed to be satisfied so, via PayPal, he made the purchase and waited impatiently for them to be delivered. ++ The impatience didn’t last long because within two days a brown package arrived at his home where, as he was out at work, his mother signed for them. She squeezed the package as she took possession from the mailman and liked the soft feel and the muted crinkle she heard as she did so. She smiled to herself and assumed her boy was treating himself again. Good for him, she thought, he should have other interests beside computers and work. Her son Ryan was 24, slim, nice-looking (she always said he was the handsomest and cutest baby) but a bit of a loner. Her husband Jeff had died in an accident at work when Ryan was 4 years-old so for the past twenty years it had just been the two of them together. The insurance had made it so she was well compensated for her loss and the fact that her son seemed more than happy to live at home had made her content with life. Mother and son spent a lot of time together and socialised (if that was the correct term for the few friends that they bothered to see) and even went on vacation together hardly ever inviting others into their tight band of two. Despite Ryan feeling his ‘fetish’ was only know by him, his mother had known about it for a long time. In fact, she remembered the time it took to get him out of nappies and how much her son of 9 had cried when he was made to wear only his pyjamas when he went to bed instead of the protection he’d happily worn up until then; his mum eventually convincing him to be grown-up, even if she had a secret longing for him to stay forever her baby. Of course for a mother all children remain their babies… no matter how old they get and Ryan, well Ryan had found his own way to satisfy something he needed. She was happy about this but didn’t want to be seen obviously condoning it because she knew that he thought his secret was just that… a secret. However, she had a secret of her own and that was she knew Ryan wore his nappies to sleep in and had noticed he occasionally went to work wearing his padding. It was at those times she just wanted to ‘mother’ him and return to those days when she looked after every aspect of his life. But, she was of the opinion that she would only do so if and when her son asked her to. She didn’t want to provoke any reaction that might somehow make things awkward at home. She liked her son being with her and would hate for him to feel she had driven him away because of something she wanted. No, the best thing was to support her son when it was needed but in the meantime, enjoy her memories of when he was young… though she could add those images that ran around her head of him sucking his thumb and wearing his nappy now. +++ He walked up and down his bedroom knowing that no one else would know what he was wearing but rather pleased about what he could hear. Crinkle, crinkle, crinkle. Over the years he’d kept this secret he’d had no desire to broadcast it to anyone else but, and this was the part he really wondered about, this new possession, this stunning pair of satin and plastic protection, gave him a whole new insight to his fixation. The nappies had been wonderful; comfortable, soft, bulky and held happy memories for him. The plastic pants had been a later addition; one that seemed to set off his nappy and give it a new, smooth, sensual aura that he suddenly craved. These new pants had been that step further; an acknowledgement of his own desires (even if he was only admitting it to himself) with that audible response to each step he took. Crinkle, crinkle, crinkle. He thought this was a bold step, although he wasn’t sure why. He wasn’t a brave man and couldn’t see himself wandering down the road ‘rustling and crinkling’ till heart’s content but the fact that he had picked up the nerve to buy them, he thought, must mean something. He looked in the mirror. Naked apart from his thick nappy and beautiful silky covering he was amazed at how spectacular and wonderful it all looked. He moved slightly… crinkle… he moved again… crinkle… he was looking forward to sleeping in his new noisy protection. In fact, he might have an early night so he could enjoy the strange and electric sensations that were coursing through his body. Just as he was about to shout down to his mother (who he presumed would be downstairs watching the TV) unannounced she walked in to his room. ++++ An ice-cold feeling of panic coursed through his body. This was the first time his mother had seen him dressed in such a way since he was a child. The smile on her face wasn’t noticed as he screamed angrily at her to “Get Out”. “Get out, get out, GET OUT.” Despite his harsh words terror rooted him to the spot, his slim naked frame only highlighting his padded outline but his mum wasn’t to be put off. “Ryan it’s alright I…” But Ryan shook his head and screamed more, “Get out, GET OUT.” The feeling of wellbeing that had encompassed his body and mind just a few moments earlier were now transformed into anger and guilt… he shivered at those very guilty feelings. His mum stepped forward to comfort her irate son but he stepped away, trying to hide his embarrassment and push her away at the same time. “Don’t worry Ryan… it’s going to be OK… I…” Again he pushed his mother towards the door, tears beginning to form in his eyes, but at that moment fury conquered his guilt as he spat those words once more. “GET OOOOOUUUUTTTT”. His mother’s beseeching hands held out in comfort were rejected amid her son’s confusion and terrified shame. He screamed at her but this time his mum would have none of it. She grabbed him by the arms, spun him around and landed three quick slaps to his padded bottom. He would have hardly felt a thing but was so surprised by this that he immediately stopped screaming. His mother sensing the change of mood stormed in. “Don’t you ever,” spank, “raise” spank, “your voice” spank, “to your mother” spank, “again.” She knew her actions would have caught him off guard and pressed this slight advantage. “Ryan Gatland… do you understand?” and she raised her hand as if threatening to repeat the spanking. “Yes,” his voice was almost inaudible. “Yes what?” His mum pursued her point with another slap. Through sniffles he told her the words she insisted on hearing. “I will not shout at mum… mummy.” She hugged him close to her chest and smoothed her son’s hair. “That’s right. Mummy is always here for her little baby boy… no matter what.” She hugged and kissed his head more. “No matter what…” she quietly repeated. +++tbc+++
  19. Never More Content - Part 1 Rob had been with Doctor Mark Thompson now for around 19 months. It was a relationship that, at the beginning, neither could have foreseen the outcome. However, Rob has never been happier; his days are now filled with fun, adventure and that rarest of gifts… love. For these last few months he had learned that he didn’t have to fight for everything, he didn’t have to worry about anything and, in fact, he didn’t have to think at all, Daddy would see to his every need. Rob was only 14 when he tried to mug the rich-looking man who was getting out of his BMW. His stomach was empty and he was desperate because for the last few weeks he had been living rough on the streets. He’d had to learn how to survive quickly since he ‘left’ home and he wasn’t doing too well. Opportunities to find food, shelter and safety weren’t as easy to come by as he had hoped they would be. In fact, he hadn’t had a decent meal or a place to stay since he’d slammed the door and swore at that drunken bitch… his mother. Recently, his home life had deteriorated badly, he’d been expelled from school because of his mounting violent streak, he fought against any form of authority, he hated the world and everyone in it and he needed to get OUT. However, living rough was even worse. When he wasn’t being offered drugs, he was the victim of those desperate drug addicts who saw him as an easy target. He carried the cuts and bruises to prove it as he was no match against the rougher element he met. His stomach ached with hunger and he urgently needed to get some money and this smart, swanky, well-to-do guy appeared to have loads. In the past he'd begged for money but people either took no notice, as if he didn’t exist or worse, screamed abuse at him for daring to ask for help. The only way he’d found effective was to threaten, then he was listened to and the sharp 8” blade he now carried certainly got most people’s attention. He waved it at the BMW owner and demanded money but his threat was swiftly countered by a speedy kick from the man that sent the knife spinning through the air and a follow up kick to the would-be mugger’s head that knocked him to the ground. It all happened so fast that Rob didn’t know what hit him until he regained consciousness… then things really began to get weird. Forty year-old Mark Thompson is a man who knows what he wants. He left school and university with an armful of top class awards, flourished quickly in his specialised field and found the demanding intensity of his martial arts programme the perfect way to relax, keep fit and stay alert. In the dark he hadn’t realised the age of his assailant, all he saw was a body rushing towards him and a fleeting glimpse of a steely pointed object being jabbed in his direction. His training took over and in a nanosecond the would-be assassin was dropped to the ground unconscious. As he checked the prone body he realised that the youth lying at his feet was in need of some treatment. He reached down and easily picked up the grubby, thin urchin and carried him to his apartment just a few yards away. The boy was filthy. His clothes were torn and tattered whilst the bruises and cuts on his hands and face made Mark wonder what the poor little guy had been through recently (apart from a kick to the head that is). He got the lad into his home and started to inspect the comatose body now he had light to see just what his injuries were. He removed the lad’s thin jacket and t-shirt and saw that there was a very bad, festering cut on his arm that appeared to have gone untreated for some time. He removed the boy’s trainers and jeans and saw that he was just a mass of bruises and, strangely perhaps, he felt sorry for his would-be mugger. The boy was still out for the count so Mark called a friend of his who was a doctor and asked him to come around and check the boy out. He arrived minutes later from an apartment in the same block just as Mark had finished trying to wipe as much grime away as possible and the lad was beginning to regain consciousness. Although not fully compos mentis Rob realised that something was going on and he was being touched… so he lashed out. Although there was hardly any force to the blow he managed to cuff the doctor at the side of his head and was about to throw another punch when Mark grabbed his arms and pinned him down. Despite being naked and having little strength he tried to fight back and break away from his captives. Alas, he was no match for them and a quick injection from the doctor calmed him down and he drifted off into unconsciousness again. Once he’d gotten over the brief commotion Paul, the doctor, carried out his examination and treated the bruises and cuts on the pale thin body as best he could. His diagnosis was more malnutrition than any great injury but recommended that the large cut on the boy’s arm was kept under scrutiny for any infection. He gave the boy various injections that would help him recover and suggested that Paul feed the lad up before letting him go… or call the police… or do whatever he was going to do with his young attacker. “He’ll be out for about 12 hours,” the doctor informed Mark. “So, is there anything else… or can I get back to Little Liam? I left him sitting in front of the TV watching the Cartoon Channel.” He saw Mark’s raised eyebrows, “Yes again,” he said with a shrug of the shoulders, “it’s his favourite.” Before he left Mark asked Paul to check to see if the lad had been sexually abused. Paul checked the boy’s anus and said that it was inflamed and torn and he reckoned that the lad must have been the subject of a vicious attack, and had probably been raped… and perhaps more than once was his diagnosis. Mark sighed “Poor little fellow.” Mark looked down at the lad once more and began to wonder what had driven this sorry looking soul to this point. He was even worried that if he threw him out and back onto the streets, the boy would be an easy victim of some unscrupulous druggies or bullies. He wondered what he could do to help; after all, he was a trained (and rather expensive) behavioural psychologist, perhaps he could help sort the lad out. As he speculated he suddenly became aware of a strong aroma and gathered that the boy had just urinated onto his leather sofa. He quickly grabbed the nearest thing to hand to mop it up, which led to the lad’s thin t-shirt, pants and jeans soon soaked with stinking piss. Rob was unaware of what had happened as Mark took these smelly objects and tossed them into the washing machine. Then he realised he couldn’t leave the lad naked so went off to find something to cover him with. Mindful that he needed to protect his sofa from any further accidents he found a large towel and some safety pins. Returning to the sleeping boy he fitted it like a diaper around the lad’s waist. Whilst pulling the towel up between the lad’s legs and fastening it tightly a sudden shiver ran down Mark’s spine. He caught his breath at this moment of recognition. His mind catapulted him back to the last time he’d done this - it was during his final exams in his last year of senior school. A huge trauma had recently affected Mark and he remembered waking up some mornings to find he’d unconsciously wet the bed. The trauma had been the dramatic death of his father in an explosion at the chemical plant where he worked, which had killed 17 others and had devastating consequences to all concerned. Finding he’d wet the bed at his age was another upset he found difficult to deal with and although he and his mother were very close, he didn’t want to burden her at this time with what he saw as a ‘stupid childish’ problem. Each night he’d diaper himself with a towel just in case he wet again and every morning he’d wake to find it soaked but on the plus side… at least the bed and bedding were reasonably dry. The pressure of exams and the death of his loving father, who had encouraged him to do well and to work hard, had ultimately had a distressing effect. He wanted his dad to be proud of him so worked exceptionally hard to pass his exams. The hours he put in to revision, the empty loss he felt inside, the sadness he could only imagine his mother was going through, all just built and built until it found some kind of release. It was just over a week that he’d been diapering himself when his mom found out. It was early one Monday morning when she entered his bedroom to wake him and found him sat on the edge of his bed in the soaked makeshift diaper. His youthful looks were etched with anguish as he shrugged not even trying to hide his obvious shame. She hugged her bed-wetting son and told him that he shouldn’t have to carry that worry on his own as she was there for him… for anything… and everything. Between them they would meet head on and solve any problem that came up. They had always been close and, like when his dad was alive, there were few secrets in this loving family. He was relieved that he didn’t have to pretend to her anymore and, as she sat beside him, both cried in their mutual sorrow. Once the tears were almost dried up she asked if he needed any help with his diapers. Apart from the soggy one, which at that moment was hanging heavily between his legs, he wasn’t sure what she meant. He gave a side-long look at his sympathetic mother and asked if she was offering to change him. She giggled, relieving what could have been a tense situation, and put her hand to her mouth as if she’d said something really stupid. They both laughed. “If I thought you needed it, of course I would, but you seem to be coping OK.” She looked into his eyes reassuringly. “But,” and she looked down at the sagging diaper, “don’t forget the other things… you don’t want to be getting a diaper rash at your age.” She paused to check he was still OK with what she was saying, “What I meant was, do you need me to get you anything?” He realised she was correct… it had all been a bit haphazard. He hadn’t been taking care of that side of his diaper hygiene, just having a shower then dressing for college… and his crotch and bum were raw and beginning to itch. His mom bought him some more appropriate disposables, plastic pants and assorted lotions and powders, it was like when he was a kid again and she loved the diversion from her own problems. One evening when Mark was getting ready for bed and applying his night time protection his mom came in and asked him if he recalled that he went through a similar period of bed-wetting when he was four. He remembered but, perhaps surprisingly, not in a negative way… it had all been so normal. She told him that he’d been potty-trained for two years when, just before he started school, he started to wet again. “Stress,” she said as if it was the answer, “you were very scared of leaving me and going to school.” His mom went on to tell him about the fun she and his father had with diapering their slightly older, but still little scamp as he played. “Wearing a diaper never stopped you doing anything. You never seemed to worry about it.” Indeed, from the moment it had been suggested that he needed to go back into diapers to save the bedding and loads of washing, he seemed to accept it. His dad was determined that he shouldn’t get distressed by being back in a diaper so had gone out of his way to be positive when his son was wearing them. This was partly due to the fact that he had also wet the bed as a child and his father, Mark’s grandfather, had given his own son such a horrible time about it; ridiculing and chastising him all the time. Mark’s dad was determined that if that type of misfortune should happen to his own son he would never be made to feel guilty about it. In fact, his dad, and mom to a certain degree, had loved having their 4 year-old baby back. They loved him scampering around the house in just a diaper and it never bothered young Mark because he was always being told it was normal as it was no more than just another style of underwear. The truth was that both his parents had loved his sweet little padded butt getting into all the things a 4 year-old got into. His dad had made it into a game for Mark and bought special plastic covers for his son’s diapers. Soon the little imp was running around in brightly coloured pants, that although made the padding thicker, didn’t seem to hinder his ability, or confidence, in getting around. At school there was no difficulty as he wasn’t the only one still in diapers and while at home, he seemed to prefer to wear little else. Even though it started as just a night time precaution, Mark was often up and dressed first thing in a morning before his parents and he’d have fastened himself into a diaper for the day… no matter what he was doing or where he was going. Both his mom and dad thought this was the cutest thing and Mark himself seemed to love each new design that was slipped over his diaper… often choosing the colour and pattern that his dad offered him each day. He wore all that extra padding from 4 years until he was almost eight, when, after a stay-over with his friend Danny, he'd asked his mom to buy him some big boy pants for when he started school again. Although his parents were sad that their little boy had grown up, they didn’t want to keep him dressed that way if he it made him unhappy. As his mum told him this story, parts of that time came flooding back to him and he remembered it as a period when he had never been happier. There was a great deal of loving attention from both his mom and dad and he recalled the constant picking up and hugging by them both. “We just loved patting your thick diapered butt.” His mom had said with a reminiscing smile, “and you… well you’d never seemed more content”. Suddenly those words struck him “never more content” and he knew exactly what he could do with his young, would-be assailant. His mind was suddenly dazzled with the possibility of this new enterprise. As the boy slept on oblivious of the thoughts that were now so appealing to Mark, the psychologist regretted chucking the lad’s clothing into the wash. As the final spin-cycle came to a stop he realised that any clues to his identity would probably have been washed away. The damp bundle of clothes revealed nothing at all. In fact, only the boy’s jeans appeared to have held together, the rest had simply dissolved to mere bits and pieces not even fit for rags. Finding out any information about the boy was now down to what he was prepared to reveal. He wasn’t sure if this would be a problem but looking down on the lad, wrapped in such a thick diaper, he thought it all might be worth the effort. He had this grand plan developing in his head as he slipped upstairs to his doctor friend to tell him about his intentions and to borrow some items that he thought would come in useful. ***tbc***
  20. Danni – My life as a living boy doll Part 1 My older sister has been dressing me up since I was a baby. Shortly after I was born, Julie, who was 5 at the time, took it upon her young shoulders to look after her baby brother and make sure no harm came to him. Apparently, even at her early age, she was the one who washed and changed me and made sure I was clean and tidy at all times. She chose and fitted the nappy I was to wear, the plastic pants, the romper outfit, the clothes, she bottle fed me, winded me and choose my dummy…every decision seemed to be down to her. My mum would go shopping but it was always Julie who decided on the clothes she thought I should wear and, as it took a great deal of stress away from my mum, who had other things to think about, like running her own business, I was more or less brought up by my loving and attentive older sister. My mother, a ‘peppy’ Californian girl had arrived in England desperate to get bedded by the lead singer of one of the world’s top rock bands. She followed them on tour but the closest she ever got to having her way with the singer, was to be part of an orgy that the bass guitarist held in his hotel room. It was after that dispiriting experience she decided she needed to find something else to occupy her time. From being a trainee at a London advertising agency, she quickly rose up through the ranks and within two years was heading her own creative department. A year later and she went solo, taking a whole host of the firm’s client base with her and making an absolute fortune in a very short time. She spent all her time working and had little time for relationships. Julie was the result of her first failed marriage to the boss of the original agency she had worked for – it had lasted 22 months and was a messy divorce. I think the fact she took so many of his clients with her hadn’t helped in the settlement. Her husband, Julie’s father, had wanted nothing to do with his young offspring when the divorce was finalised, so mum was left to bring her up on her own. From an early age Julie was encouraged to be her own person and mum saw her young but determined daughter flourish when given responsibility. On the other hand I was the product of her getting shagged by a young sexy intern. I gather I was created over her office desk by an 18 year-old who, I understood, had just left a local art college. Apparently, mum had taken to him from the moment of his interview. His fine bone structure, his soft flowing blond locks, a gentleness and soft speech that set him apart from all the other young go-getters, really appealed to her. After the experience with her much older first husband, she set her sights on good-looking young men who would satisfy her occasional sexual cravings… and, she being who she was… the boss, got into his pants at the first available opportunity. Mum may have been 15 years older than her sex toy but she was (and is) a fantastic looking woman so I suppose it wasn’t that much of an ordeal for him. I must have been conceived on that very first occasion, mum obviously not taking the correct precautions because, two months later, when she realised she was pregnant, the young intern disappeared from the company pretty quickly. Mum told me many years later that he was a terrific, gentle lover and would have been a fine father, but at his age she knew he couldn’t, and shouldn’t, face such responsibilities and her guilt about using him had made it so he would simply slip into the annuls of history without the knowledge he was a father. His name was Daniel and that is what mum called me. Perhaps another thing you might be interested in knowing is that I was a ‘star’ baby. Mum, always keen to keep an eye on her projects, had bundled me up a few weeks after my birth and had taken me along to an important client’s photo shoot. The photographer thought I was there for the scene and used me instead of the baby who’d been booked for the part. Apparently, even just weeks old, I was a very cheerful and passive baby who seemed to smile and gurgle all the time. I was adorable - according to both my mum and that original photographer. From then on I appeared in TV commercials, my naked bum being lathered with baby oil, wearing the latest disposable nappy or having me sucking in the latest milky formula… I was much in demand. Indeed, up until I was 2 years old I was used to sell every conceivable product for babies and toddlers. I was also the face for a range of baby food and milk products and according to my mum, I was on TV and posters right around the world. Alas, my career was over by the age of two when I was just too overused and a new face was needed. I can’t say it worried me one way or the other. Evidently, I’d been a baby boy or girl, depending on what sex the client wanted, and my sweet cute ‘none-specific gender’ looks meant I was the right image for whatever product they wanted to promote. As a baby I was often mistaken for a girl. People would come up to the pram and goo-goo at my cuteness and say what a gorgeous little girl I was. My blond curly hair not adding much to the image of being a boy and the clothes, all pastel colours, lace and ruffles, contributing to the gender confusion. Although my name was Daniel, ever since I was a baby, Julie always called me Danni (with the emphasis on the ‘a’) and it seems that everyone else followed suit. In fact, I’m told that Julie would correct anyone, even family members, who called me Daniel insisting that I prefer Danni, the truth is I never had a say in anything. My life was pretty much organised by my sister, and to a lesser extent, my mother, so very little male influence ever entered my life. I suppose I was dressed more often as a girl than a boy because Julie was in charge of my wardrobe, so whether it was shorts or a skirt, it was all the same to me as I never knew if one was for a boy or girl. Even my mum’s occasional boyfriends weren’t really bothered, I think all they saw were two young children - both of whom were girls. I remember one of her boyfriends, as always he was young but a bit rougher than her usual ‘type’, who used to ask me to dance for him. Although I was quite shy I had been encouraged to dance by Julie from a very early age, so thought nothing about such a request and I was hoping to please this new man in my mother’s life. He obviously thought of me as a little girl as every time he’d seen me Julie would have me dressed in a rather feminine way. On this one occasion I was about to attend a party organised by my sister, which included her friends and various dolls. I was dressed in a peach coloured satin dress and matching peach ruffled knickers that she had worn to parties when she was my age and thought the ensemble was the perfect festive wear. To me it was all the same, I wore what I was told and at 5 years old, it made no difference to me as I’d been wearing such stuff all my childhood. However, dressed as I was, and dancing up close to my mother’s boyfriend, he grabbed me and pulled me close up between his legs telling me what a clever little girl I was and how pretty I looked and what a terrific dancer I was. Meanwhile, as I partly danced and partly squirmed about in his ‘loving’ embrace he was tickling me and trying to make me giggle, which I did. Unfortunately, as we were both laughing and ‘enjoying’ the moment I felt myself release a bit of pee. As the tickling continued it was pretty soon a flood and my satin peach-coloured ruffled panties became sopping wet through. Mum came in wondering what all the laughter was about and saw me wet and wriggling in pure delight. “He’s always doing that. He loves to play dress up with his sister but…” She noticed I had a damp stain. “Poor boy has got over excited. Come on sweetheart let’s get you sorted out.” As I left I looked back and he looked stunned. I think it was the first time he knew I was a boy. When Julie saw the mess on my stained underwear she assumed whisked me away to be changed. This time, and even at 5 years-old, I was nappied and returned to the party in a new clean outfit that barely concealed my new protective plastic pants that rustled noisily as I moved. Again everything matched; they were lace trimmed, like the new blue frilly dress I was wearing (another set of Julie’s old clothes that had never been thrown out and that I now struggled to fit into). Once I was looking pretty and dressed accordingly I was finally allowed back into the fun with her friends where we all sat down to fairy cakes, ice cream and juice… Julie always threw a terrific party. Danni - Part 2 – Scary boys As I got older all my playmates were Julie’s friends and they were all girls. Up until I went to nursery I’m not sure if I ever had any boys as friends and when I did meet them I was very nervous and scared of their rough ways. I cried an awful lot as a child when I wasn’t at home or with Julie, she was both my friend and protector and I loved her. Whatever she asked me to do I did without question because I knew that Julie was always right and was only thinking of me. At the nursery when I was 4 she once pushed one of the boys in the paddling pool after I told her he’d made me cry by grabbing a doll I wanted to play with. He was the one wet and crying after that and I never had any trouble with him taking my toys again... Julie was fantastic. I didn’t realise that Julie keeping me in nappies until I was six was anything different to anyone else. I wasn’t only a brother to her I was a real live doll who she loved to wash and change and dress up. She was the one who decided my bed times and was brilliant at reading me a story; some she often made up that featured either her or me in heroic situations. Even though I was toilet trained, Julie saw to that, I was regularly still put into nappies and plastic pants. This was partly my fault as at nursery, after lunch we had to have nap-time. All the children lay on little cots with a blanket and told to rest and go to sleep. I was one of half a dozen kids who were so afraid of getting up at these times, so ended up wetting themselves. My shorts and undies would be taken off and put over the radiators or hung out to dry and I was put into a pair of pull-ups or disposable until ready to return home. Even when mum arrived home with some boy’s briefs she’d just bought and told me what a big boy I now was (I was at nursery after all) and that I’d be wearing them from that moment on, it didn’t happen. The following morning the briefs had gone and Julie had found some of her old childhood knickers, which she proceeded to dress me in. I didn’t care; it was all the same to me. I was glad to be out of my nappy as I was the last kid at the nursery still wearing one, but briefs or knickers, it made no difference to me as they were all the same. When I got home from nursery Julie would put me back into a nappy and plastic pants for the night “Just to be safe” she would say although I can never remember having any night time accidents. Although, perhaps I did but just can’t remember. Only once at school did I pee my pants in public and again it was when a boy pushed me over. I cried and pee’d myself at the same time. I didn’t like boys they were always making me cry. Most of my early life was being thankful to be home from school and back with Julie and her friends. They were always nice to me, dressing me up, telling me how sweet I was, and encouraging me to perform for them. Every time I learned anything at school I couldn’t wait to get home and show off. Whether it was a new word, a poem or some fact, I was always so excited to tell my audience of one, Julie, or all her friends if they were around. They always said how clever I was and I loved the fact that they loved and encouraged me so much. On the first day of a new school term I met a boy who I liked. We were both seven and the reason we sort of clicked was because we were both dressed the same. The school didn’t have a uniform as such but, where the other boys were in trousers or jeans, we were the only two boys in grey shorts and we were both wearing yellow polo shirts. We were so alike, even out hairstyles were almost the same that people thought we must be brothers. He said ‘Snap’ to me and I nervously smiled back. He then seemed to stick to me for the rest of the day and we chatted and, for the first time ever, I spent the entire day in another boy’s company and not with the girls. We played together and he wasn’t as rough as I found other boys. He seemed to like the same things I did but had a different way with going about it, whether that was at play or in class. He was definitely the leader of our small group of two and I was happy to follow that lead. By the end of the school day it was weird, all the way home all I could think about was the next day and being with Simon… Simon McKay. That feeling continued every school-day and even at weekend, although I was with Julie and her friends, I kept thinking about Simon and what we’d be doing on Monday… and I couldn’t wait. I became less and less interested in being dressed up. When we did P.E. in class I noticed, when we were changing, that Simon wore different underwear to me. Whereas mine was silky and often flowery, his were just cotton, often with a cartoon picture on the front and I wanted some like him. After a bit of pestering mum eventually bought me some and, as Julie wasn’t around at that moment, she gave them straight to me. It was a moment I treasured because from then on they were the only thing I wanted to wear and for the first time in my young life I refused to wear what Julie had organised for me. Often she got my clothes ready for school and she’d put out what she thought I should wear but now I argued and stamped my foot and cried to mum if I couldn’t wear my boy’s cotton underpants. Mum thought I should and I thought I should, it was only Julie that balked against it but she was loosing her influence and from then on, I wore my Simon influenced pants to school every day. I hadn’t fallen out with Julie it was just I didn’t join in her, or her friends, games anymore and she was growing up too, she was now 12, and didn’t need to be looking after her little brother as much. Danni - Part 3 - Simon One weekend I asked if Simon could come and stay over and mum said that was a terrific idea and that she’d make some cakes (well she actually bought them) and that we’d have a lovely time. We did but on the Sunday mum was called into her office for an emergency meeting and left Julie as usual in charge. It was a lovely warm day and Simon and I had been playing out in the garden. We’d been in and out of a little paddling pool, shooting our water pistols and running around laughing and screaming like lads do when Julie called for us to come in and get ready, as she’d planned a party. We were both dressed only in our shorts, which were sodden because of all the water fun we’d been having so we needed to change. Some of her girlfriends had arrived and it looked like it was going to be a big party as we saw the table being set with loads and loads of scrummy food. As we rushed upstairs to grab a towel and dry off, the girls followed us up to my room. There, laid out on my bed were girl’s clothes. Before either Simon or I knew it, we were being stripped out of our wet shorts and dressed up as I had been when I was younger. I really didn’t mind as it never occurred to me that anything was wrong but Simon fought and kicked. He screamed and cried as he was forced into his disposable nappy and plastic pants but as I didn’t see what the fuss was I allowed myself to be clothed in that fashion. However, it wouldn’t have mattered as the girls were so much bigger and we both ended up dressed as little girls going to a party. Julie had gone to a lot of trouble to have an absolute feast ready, which I loved, but Simon complained and wasn’t going to be “nice” as Julie and her friends put it. However, once he saw that I wasn’t causing an argument he calmed down a bit to snaffle the sandwiches, buns, jelly and ice cream. Julie’s friends were all older now but still seemed to have enjoyed their fun in dressing up two little boys. They were all compliments and praise so before he knew it Simon had forgotten about what he was wearing, just enjoying the food and games that Julie and her chums had organised. The time passed quickly and we were all having fun but then a surprise came when there was a knock on the door - Simon’s mum had arrived early to pick him up. She was shocked to see the type of games we played with him dressed in a girl’s pretty party dress, a bit of make-up, wearing girl’s shoes and socks… and not forgetting a thick nappy and matching plastic pants. Mrs McKay initially appeared speechless as Julie welcomed her in and told her what a delight her son was to have as a guest in her (yes her) house and how he’d been such a good sport joining in my (yes my) dressing up game. There were other parts of the conversation between the two I didn’t quite catch as I went over to Simon initially to take him back up to my room to change. Simon was horrified, standing in the hallway almost scared to say or do anything. He was so shocked that his mother should have seen him dressed as he was he didn’t know what to do or where to put himself. But she was a smart woman and said something to the effect that he looked lovely but there was no time for him to change as they had to get home. Julie handed his mum his rucksack that he’d come with and told her that he’d been playing in the pool and all his clothes were wet. However, she suggested, that if Mrs McKay was in a rush she could take him as he was and return the clothes he was wearing later. She took about 10 seconds to respond and then said “Come on Poppet, we have to be at your Aunty Jean’s later… so we’d better get you home and ready.” A very shy and embarrassed boy dressed in a pink and blue party dress, with matching nappy and frilly plastic pants - Julie was a stickler for making sure everything was co-ordinated - was dumbstruck as his mother held out her hand and gestured they were leaving. He never said any goodbyes, just slowly walked as if he was being led out to the executioner. He was sobbing and reticent to go but his mum gently took his hand and eased him out to the car. We all stood and waved him off and, now in retrospect, I suspect that there was an air of triumph about Julie, a sort of getting back at the boy who had replaced her as the most important person in my life. As I say, I wasn’t aware of such a thought at the time but once Simon was gone I wasn’t in much of a mood to continue playing games but of course Julie and her friends were and insisted that I join in. I was no match on my own to a bunch of demanding, older girls so I complied… like I always did. For me the dressing up game continued as I was stripped and re-clothed in different outfits that the girls had brought along. They thought it great fun to get me to wear items that they had worn at my age… the game went on for hours. Mum didn’t get home until late that night and I ended up going to bed wearing a pale blue, satin, baby-doll nightie one of the girls had brought and a very thick nappy, which seemed to emphasise the billowing nature of the fabric. I was just too shattered to do anything but submit to Julie and her friend’s wishes. They said I looked ‘lovely’ and in all honesty, I wasn’t bothered what I wore so, after kissing and thanking everyone for coming (Julie was a stickler for manners) I said my goodnights and toddled off to bed; the girls saying how nice my silky pale blue knickers looked over my nappy as I climbed the stairs. I think I was a glutton for compliments because I slowed my climb so I could hear more of their praise for how good I looked. Julie came and tucked me in and told me what a nice boy Simon was and how much she liked him and hoped we’d be seeing him again. I fell asleep hugging my teddy bear, thinking about Simon and how good he looked as we’d run around the garden in just our shorts. I couldn’t wait to see him at school the following morning. Danni - Part 4 – All change for Simon The journey home for Simon hadn’t gone too well. His mum had decided to call in at the supermarket for a few items and despite his protestation she had insisted that he accompany her as she had no intention of leaving him alone in the car. In the store, his young petulance and frustrations led to him being noisy and defiant to his mum’s request for him to behave. His bad behaviour only ended when his mum, who had never done it before, slapped his well-padded bottom and told him to be a good boy. Up until that moment the rest of the shoppers had just thought that the poor frustrated and uptight lady had a misbehaving little daughter to contend with, now they realised ‘she’ was an annoying and disruptive little boy. With the eyes of all the shoppers now on him, Simon was in floods of embarrassed tears, especially when he was gawped at by a bunch of kids his own age who were all laughing at him and pointing at his obvious nappy, which was showing beneath his dress. Mrs McKay was still a bit angry with her son but finished her shopping with a thoroughly chastised and sobbing, though acquiescent, little boy in a dress following her around. She pointed out to him that if he hadn’t been acting up no one would have been any the wiser. Unfortunately for Simon the humiliation didn’t stop once they left the store, his mother had decided to go directly to visit her sister Jean so her son was even more horrified when they pulled up outside her house. Once again, he sulkily refused to leave the car but his mother, in a tone that was in no way ambiguous, told him that she’d make him wear girl’s clothes all the time if he started acting up again. The weeping Simon was almost dragged out of the car and into his auntie’s home where he sat sullenly while his mum and her sister caught up on all the gossip. His thick nappy and plastic pants were difficult to hide as his dress rode up and he shuffled around in his seat impatiently hoping for a quick end to this visit. Aunty Jean herself was a bit shocked to begin with but after her sister had told her what had happened she simply said that her nephew ‘looked very nice’. She was very encouraging and in fact, she wondered if this wasn’t an opportunity for her sister to have the daughter she always wanted – even if only for just a short time. The sister’s were on the same wave-length because that was exactly what his mother thought and was determined to have her ‘little girl’ for as long as she could. Strange that it had never occurred to her before to simply dress her son up but now, thanks to Simon’s friend Danni, who appeared to enjoy dressing that way, she might be able to dress him herself… when she felt the need to have a ‘daughter’ around. She appreciated that he would take quite a bit of training to achieve that but, it looked like a start had been made and was sure that with time she could mould her son into occasionally being the daughter she’d always wanted. The trip to the supermarket had been the beginning as she bought a whole batch of disposable nappies and protecting pants. She also found some sweet girlie clothes and pyjamas that she thought would look really nice on him. Simon’s young life changed on that day and Mrs McKay… well she’d never been happier. After initial tears, tantrums and childish defiance was met by a far more steely and authorative attitude from his mother, Simon soon learned that disobedience was a painful option and meant longer dressed as a little girl in a nappy so eventually, because it made his mother happy, he did as he was told. Unfortunately, for Simon/Simone the periods of time as a girl got longer and longer as his wardrobe of pretty clothes his mother enjoyed buying got larger and larger. As all the boyish things; his clothes and toys, got replaced it soon became apparent to Mrs McKay that she couldn’t keep her son at the same school so, decided to teach him herself. From that moment on it was Simone, her daughter, who played with other little girls in the garden. No boys allowed, not even young Danni, which she regretted but thought that he held too many memories for her son… now that he was ‘happy’ as a girl. Danni – Part 5 – Return of the boy toy I didn’t see Simon again, the teacher said that his mum was now home-schooling him, which greatly upset me. I still found it difficult to make friends with others in class so I immersed myself in painting and music. I tried to learn to play the recorder, which Julie said was an instrument of torture when I tried to practice in my bedroom. Often, if she was around, she would distract me with one of her games and even though I was getting older, she still had me dressed either in some of her old clothes or in a nappy so she and her friends could practice changing me and in so doing become ‘good mummies’ for when they had babies of their own. My rebellious streak had disappeared as quickly as Simon and my ‘big boy briefs’ and it was back to normal in our household. Julie redoubled her insistence that at night I was to wear protection. She even doubled the thickness of my nappy and I found bedtime a bit of an ordeal but she wouldn’t let me wear pyjamas; a thick nappy and plastic pants were all I was allowed with an occasional t-shirt if I was lucky. In retrospect I was being punished but of course, all the ‘love’ and ‘attention’ she was lavishing on me was for her benefit. She even told mum that I’d begun to wet the bed again, “No doubt caused by the stress of school”, she added sympathetically, so my dear mother didn’t object to me being put to bed dressed the way I was. She believed anything that Julie said, and why shouldn’t she, her daughter had more of less brought me up so why would she possibly lie. One night I did wet myself, having been given a huge glass of cola just before I went to bed. Julie had come into my room, checked on my nappy, felt that I was wet and had slipped away pretending she didn’t know. Somehow she’d managed to get mum to check on me so she was able to discover for herself why her son needed to keep his protection on at night. I couldn’t deny I had wet myself, so I couldn’t fight what was coming next. Mum, Julie and I went shopping for new summer clothes. I was quite excited as I thought I’d get to choose a new outfit and I’d seen some of the boys in class wearing t-shirts with action figures on that I liked. In fact, the film that the characters were from had spawned a huge range of clothing for boys and girls and I hoped that mum would buy me some. Julie had got me ready and insisted that I now wear a nappy when we were out, as she said, “Just to be on the safe side.” I was relieved that she hadn’t made me wear a dress but there was absolutely no doubt what I had on under my shorts. The bulge and the fact that my shorts were very short so my nappy and plastic pants could easily be seen broadcast to everyone who was interested that I was a seven year-old (almost 8) who still wet himself. We visited a big, out-of-town mall so that mum could do all her shopping in one place. I stayed with mum as she looked around for clothes to buy for herself and no matter how much I tried to ask for things, the answer was always “Later” or “Maybe” or “Let’s wait for Julie”. Meanwhile, Julie was secretly buying stuff for me. She just filled up the trolley with the items she wanted, no matter what it was, and mum would just pay for it, such was the trust mum had with her. At one point I think mum had got so fed up with me whinging on about a new t-shirt with the film character on it, she relented and bought it for me. I was so excited and grateful I didn’t complain for the rest of the visit. The mall was quite busy and we were there for a long time. I noticed other kids sniggering and pointing to my nappy hanging down from my shorts but there was nothing I could do abou