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  1. "Do you even have any underwear that isn't stained or ripped?" The question came with a healthy dose of lightheartedness about it. Looking back, Jacob's reaction was very disproportionate. But, in his defense, it was only after a whole morning of this "lighthearted teasing". He quickly reached his limit. Today was only the second day after getting a place with his longterm girlfriend. Moving was a hassle, but they managed. And the topic of conversation for that entire morning had been the state of his underwear drawer. He was a frugal kinda guy! Most of his underwear came from when he was in high school as he hadn't grown very much since then. Yes...okay...he should have thrown out the majority of it a long time ago as it was ripped and stained as Margo said. But it, technically, still functioned as intended! "You might as well wear a loincloth!" "Now I know you do your own laundry because no way your mom would let this happen." "Do you enjoy feeling a breeze on your ass or something?" All lighthearted. But...a little too honest. "Oh my god can you just shut up!?" Jacob growled in the middle of the store aisle. The pair went silent immediately. Not even the squeaky sound of the basket moving was heard. Margo's face fell into one of quiet fury. She abandoned the basket to stomp up to Jacob's face. She was a head shorter than him but that didn't stop her from getting up close and personal, her finger stabbing him in the chest. "You don't talk to me that way, Jacob!" She seethed. "If you didn't want me to mention your tattered undies, you would have bought more. I think it's disgusting and you should be embarrassed as an adult to have let your girlfriend see the state of your clothes like that. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you're a fucking slob! But I do know you better. So instead of biting my head off in the middle of the goddamn store, how about YOU shut up while I pick up a pack of underwear off the shelf for my asshole boyfriend!" She was panting by the end of her rant. An angry flush staining her cheeks. And she was right. Jacob felt like a complete dickhead. "Maggie..." He tried using her nickname to calm her down, his arms opened in the offer of a hug. "Maggie I'm sorry-" "Can you just go wait out in the car?!" She huffed, crossing her arms. "I wanted a fun trip to the store so we could get nice things for our home and-" for one heartwrenching moment, Jacob thought she might cry. "And you ruined it!" "Let me make it up to you, babe," Jacob tried again, but Margo was stiff in his arms. "I just need a minute alone. Can you please go wait in the car?" With a sigh, Jacob pulled out his wallet and, after taking some cash out, handed it over to it's entirety to Margo. "Use my card. Buy whatever you want, baby. Let me know when you're at checkout and I'll be by the door. We can get takeout on the way home, yeah?" That, at least, earned him a small smile and a chaste kiss. If all things went well, this would be the "big first argument" everyone warned them about. As promised, Jacob pulled the car right up to the door as soon as he got the text that Margo was almost done with checkout. He helped her load up the backseat without even looking at what all she bought before driving them to a drive-thru. Everything kept well in the car while they went inside and ate their food. And they started unloading everything inside. It was only towards the last few bags that Margo stopped him. "Okay...I might have done something shitty." She admitted, looking down at her feet. "Oh?" Jacob asked. "So I was still mad at you in the store," which was completely fair. "And I...I didn't get you underwear..." A mild inconvenience, sure. Given that he'd thrown all his old pairs away that morning. "I got something else." And with that, Margo pulled a blue package from the bag in her hand to show Jacob a package of bedwetter's pull-ups. His jaw dropped. "I'm sorry," Margo apologized again. "I thought it would be a good idea at the time. But I should have bought you actual underwear too. I was just angry and I wasn't thinking and you've been so sweet since-" She was interrupted by Jacob's laughter. It was a good prank. And Jacob knew he deserved it. He'd already come to terms with the inconvenience of having no underwear for the night. But really there was no harm done. "That's hilarious, babe," He smiled, taking the package of pull-ups from her and looking at the cover. "These even have the cartoon my baby brother watches on them. Blueffy or something-" "Bluey." Margo corrected, a hesitant grin on her lips. "Yeah!" After that, Jacob tossed the package onto the dresser by the receipt to return tomorrow. He'd all but forgotten about them after the couple watched a movie and showered together. It was only as he was pulling on a shirt that he realized he still didn't have any underwear. Margo stood in the bathroom doing her skin care routine. The pack of pull-ups were right there. They were even his correct size. Thinking he could pull a funny joke back on Margo, he found himself breaking the pack open and slipping one on. It fit like a glove and Jacob couldn't help but like the soft padding secured around his private bits. His train of thought however was interrupted as Margo stepped into the room. "We'll, babe, how do I look?" He asked, turning and posing like an Instagram model, the pull-up on full display. "No- wait-" Margo gasped, her hand covering a giggle. "That's actually so cute." Jacob scoffed. "No way-" "Yes it is!" Margo's smile was wide and playful as she walked over. He eyes kept looking him up and down with amusement. "You look like a little kid going to tell your Mama that you wet the bed again." Jacob scoffed, feeling a blush strain his cheeks. "I wouldn't wet the bed though. That's what these are for." "Yeah?" Margo giggled. "You think you wouldn't wet the bed?" Jacob nodded confidently. "16 years of potty training will do that." Margo's eyes widened like she'd been awarded a surprise party. "You weren't potty trained until you were 4?!" Shit. "I'll make you a deal," Margo said after she'd gotten a good laugh in. "You go the rest of the night and keep that pull-up dry, and I'll buy you're underwear tomorrow." "And you have to buy a pack of the girl ones for you." Jacob added. "I bet they have little fairies or something on them." "...princess actually...but deal!" She smirked. "But if you lose, you have to finish wearing the pack. I won't buy you undies until it's all gone." "Deal," Jacob knew this was a deal he could win no problem. They shook on it and went to bed that night cuddled up close. Jacob always slept like a rock so he didn't notice Margo slip out of bed and prepare a warm cup of water in the kitchen before dunking Jacob's hand in it. Only when she heard the telltale hiss of his bladder giving out did she return the cup back to the kitchen and crawl into bed again. The next morning, Jacob was mortified. "Wha-!? How did this-?! When?!" He gasped, the pull-up soaked and sagging between his thighs. "I guess it's a good thing we bought those, huh?" Margo reassured softly. "Would suck to wet the bed on our new mattress and sheets." "I've never wet the bed before!" Jacob gaped. "This is-" "A deal is a deal," Margo interrupted by pulling another one out of the package and holding it out to Jacob. "Go shower and get dressed." Well...a deal is a deal... Jacob took the pull-up and waddled to the bathroom in shame.
  2. Diapered on a Camping Trip: Chapter 1 A/N: Here's another story with a slightly different plot than my previous ones. This story focuses on a pre-established Diaper Lover who admits his love of diapers to his rommmate and his rommmate's girlfriend! They all plan a camping trip together, little does he know the couple has more plans for him than roasting marshmallows. General warnings for this story: Sissy activity, dubious consent with regression, wetting diapers, messing diapers. Possible warnings for future chapters that I may or may not get into are: Breastfeeding, enemas, humiliation, and sexual content. I hope you all enjoy! Telling his roommate (and his roommate's girlfriend by proxy) about his diapers was the greatest thing Steven had ever done, he thought as he stacked his suitcase in the back of said roommate's car. At first, it was just out of necessity. After moving out of his parents’ house and into the apartment with his best friend Hayden, Steven was nearly bursting at the seams to finally indulge in his little quirk. The only hang-up was doing it where Hayden wouldn’t see it. Steven ordered his first case of diapers as soon as the last box was unpacked and waited anxiously for it to arrive. “Hey, I have a package coming,” Steven told Hayden casually that morning. “If it shows up before I’m home can you put it in my room?” “Yeah, sure, no sweat,” Hayden said, more focused on making breakfast than questioning what was in the package at all. This continued for the first few months they lived together. Steven occasionally ran into issues disposing of his used diapers discreetly, but that was the only hurdle. That is until Amelia showed up. Amelia was Hayden’s long-time girlfriend. Steven had met her and even hung out with her on a few occasions, but now that they had their own place, she was over almost every day! And she was quite insistent on pulling Steven along in their dates. If there was a movie night, she’d ask him to come watch it with them, if they were going out to dinner, she was asking him to join. It was very sweet of her in a way that didn’t make Steven feel like a third wheel, but at the same time, it encroached on his diaper time. And then it finally came to a head one day. Steven ordered his diapers as usual and waited for them to arrive. Hayden was given the same instructions to just put them on his bed. Only, Steven was mortified to come home after work one day to see Amelia and Hayden digging through his box of diapers right in the living room. Both their heads turned toward him like sharks in freshly chummed water and Steven could barely keep himself from walking out. “Why would you open my mail?!” He cried out in offense, face burning red and charging toward his room. He didn’t care about collecting his diapers right at that moment. He just wanted to hide and never resurface again. Only, Amelia stepped in front of his door with her arms spread wide. “Don’t be mad at Hayden!” She cried, eyes watering. “It was my fault. I ordered some makeup pallets to be delivered here and I thought the package was mine without even looking at the label.” She often had makeup delivered to their apartment so that it didn’t sit out in the sun on her porch. Steven didn’t even think about the possibility of her opening his diapers by mistake. Still, the shame burned bright within him. “Move. I want to go to my room.” He pouted, looking down at his shoes so that he didn’t have to look her in the eyes. “Hey, man,” Hayden’s voice called from the couch. “Let’s talk this out, okay? We promised to resolve every conflict before going to our rooms.” That was one of the conditions they created when they moved in together… Steven gave a shaky sigh and plopped onto the couch farthest away from the open box. That night, he explained his diaper inclination to the pair, encouraged by their curious glances without a hint of judgment. And, much to his relief, they were quite accepting of it. To the point where Amelia packed his box back up with care and offered to carry it back into his room. “I think these are the cutest,” She couldn’t help but mention, pointing to the case on top that had little lions on it. “Are you going to wear one tonight?” “Uh,” Steven had stuttered. He did plan on wearing that night, but it was something different to tell her that. “Maybe…” “Don’t be shy if you do,” She said sweetly. “We were planning to watch some movies tonight and I’d hate for you to be too embarrassed to join us. Okay?” And Steven did. From then on, he wasn’t shy about his diaper-wearing around the couple. And everything went back to normal…just with a little bit of diapers involved. And so, as Steven loaded his luggage in the back of Hayden’s car, he couldn’t help but think it was an amazing thing that Amelia opened that box. Because now they were going on a week-long camping trip, he was encouraged to bring his diapers along for the whole trip. Amelia, the sweet woman that she was, even bought a diaper bag to store extra diapers and supplies in for the 12-hour trip to the campsite. Her eyes had been wide with glee as she picked a handful of diapers from his stash to fill the bag with, adding in a bottle of baby powder, wipes, and cream “just in case” she said sweetly. The trio loaded into the car with excitement buzzing all around. Only, Steven blinked in surprise as Hayden followed him to the back seat and made sure his seatbelt was buckled up tightly. “Just making sure you put it on,” He said casually. “Do you need a diaper change before we go?” Steven’s face burned red. “No! I just put this one on!” He said shyly, shifting around to hear the faint crinkling of the thick diaper as if to prove his point. Not deterred at all, Hayden reached down and pulled the front of Steven’s basketball shorts open to peer at the front of his diaper. “Hayden!” Steven cried out embarrassed. “Calm down, I’m just making sure,” Hayden said dismissively, letting the waistband go with a snap. “Diaper butt dry and ready for a roadtrip,” He announced to Amelia. “I wonder for how long that will last,” Amelia giggled much to Steven’s protest. “I can hold it!” Steven denied. “I think he won’t last an hour,” Hayden bet as if Steven hadn’t spoke. “I give him two hours,” Amelia said kindly. “But Steven you have to tell us when you need a change so we know which of us is right.” “I-” Steven stuttered. “No!” “Are you just going to sit in a wet diaper the entire 12 hours?” She asked with concern, making Steven feel just slightly like an asshole. “Baby, that’s bad for your skin!” Head ducking down, Steven muttered, “I’ll say something.” “Yay!” Amelia cheered. __________ Hayden was right, though. Steven barely lasted 45 minutes down the road before his bladder was twitching. It must have been his overzealous diaper usage because he didn’t remember holding his pee taking so much effort. And it didn’t help that Amelia was handing him small bottles of juice from the diaper bag to sip on as the minutes ticked by. Steven’s first wetting happened 48 Minutes into the drive. Embarrassed, and slightly spiteful, Steven kept his mouth shut. He put on enough baby powder and the diaper was thick enough that he was sure it could hold another wetting with no problem. That wetting came followed by 3 more bottles of juice and another wetting only 40 minutes later. Just what was the deal with all this pee? He’d never gone twice in the same two hour span! As the 2 hour marker approached, Amelia and Hayden kept making glances at him from the front seat. But Steven was determined to keep his mouth shut until the first rest stop. “That’s two hours!” Amelia said proudly and unbuckled her seatbelt. Steven watched her confused as the car was still moving. Only, for his surprise, she climbed over the center console and slid into the back seat with him! Her hands fiddled until they unbuckled his seatbelt. But the swell of his diaper was obvious even though the thin basketball shorts. “We have a wet one back here!” She giggled. “Amelia-” Steven tried to protest but was shushed. Amelia pushed and shoved Steven until he was laying down across the back seat and her hands yanked down his basketball shorts without hesitation. “Oh, he’s super wet!” She laughed. Kneeling over him, Amelia pulled up both of Steven’s knees to expose the butt of his diaper. If he wasn’t wearing it, he’d have everything out on display! “This is definitely two wettings. Maybe even three!” “No!” Steven tried to deny only for Amelia’s hand to rest on the front of his diaper and squeeze. “I think so, baby,” She smirked. “You little fibber. I should wash your mouth out with soap! Hayden, toss me the diaper bag.” The diaper bag was tossed back with an answering laugh causing Steven to hide his face in his hands. “Amelia, stop it!” “Stop what?” She asked, rooting around in the diaper bag before pulling out a clean diaper. “I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m just changing a baby’s soaked little pamper.” Steven felt his stomach drop but also his heart flutter. Oh god. There was no way she was actually doing what she said she was. They were in a car! There were no cars around, sure, but they were in a car and she wanted to change him! She never changed him before! And now she suddenly wanted to in a car?! What the hell was going on?!
  3. Prologue (part 1) Hi, my name is Antony! I'm nine years old and I live in Oxer, a little town in Goran princedom near the sea. You know what I don't like about this place? The women are in charge and they make all the decisions. They call it "Matriarchy" but I don't really understand what that means. All I know is that I don't like it. I hate being treated like a baby by my classmates. I don't like it when my teacher checks my underwear to make sure I didn't have any accidents. I mean, come on, I can control myself! And I definitely don't like having a teacher assistant accompany me to the bathroom and watch me like I'm a little boy learning to use the potty. It's embarrassing! My mommies say I'm just going through a rebellious phase and that it will pass, but I don't agree with them. I will never like something that I don't like! This morning, I had a brilliant plan to skip school with my friends. We wouldn't learnt anything useful anyway, so we decided to go to the skatepark instead. We were using our skates on the sidewalk to go faster when suddenly, I saw a lady in my path. I tried to avoid her, but I ended up falling onto a greengrocer stand. Oops! Hey there, kiddo! I only remember that I hurt my hand so bad, it made me cry like a waterfall. But guess what? A super nice lady police officer came to the rescue! She took me to her cool police car and let me sit in the back seat. While her friend talked to the angry lady, Officer Koll, that's what she called herself, checked out my hand. She thought my finger might be broken and said we should go to the hospital. But then I got worried that my mommy would find out I skipped school, so I shook my head. Officer Koll understood my fear and said, “Listen, little one, I get that you're scared of your mommy's punishment, but going home like this will make her even more scared. Don't you think that would be worse?” And that's how she convinced me to go with them to the first aid. The doctors took a look at my hand and then went somewhere I couldn't see to talk quietly. While the nurses were treating my scrapes and cuts, I really wanted to suck my thumb, but I stopped myself when the doctors came into my room and told me they needed to take some pictures of my hand. When we were done, I left the room and saw my mommies walking towards me. Mommy Lydia gave me my stuffed koala, Puf, to hug and help me calm down. Normally, I wouldn't take Puf outside, but this time I really needed him, so I hugged him tightly. "Listen, Antony," Mommy Stephanie called me. "A doctor will come here and give you a little shot to make you fall asleep." She told me this just before a nurse and a doctor entered the room where I was. The nurse made me wear a diaper and explained that it was necessary for the surgery. Then I went into a strange room where the doctor gave me a shot and I slowly fell asleep.
  4. Antony, 9 years old, had decided to spend the day with his friends a group of rowdies widely disliked by the residents of the area. While they weren't a violent group, the most serious offense committed by them was drawing graffiti, none of them appreciated being looked down upon, especially by the Gorian women, and officers often annoyed them for simply walking on the sidewalk. What else can you expect in such a harshly matriarchal society? They weren't really violent or dangerous kids, in fact no one in the neighborhood feared them or considered them dangerous for some reason, but the women who had have to deal with them considered them very rude, but they weren't bad boys. He and his small group of friends simply lived the entire Gorian context with a lot of intolerance, because It left them no prospects for the future. Antony had had tried to talk about this topic with his mommies but he didn't succeeded to explain his frustration and he had argued with them, feeling bad for two weeks because it. He was a sensitive child after all. However, a day he and his friends decided to skip the school to go to play skateboard, but to avoid to invest a woman fell on the goods on display in a greengrocer's shop, ruining all the goods. The shop owner denounced him and his friends the judge summoned their legal guardians, along with Antony's mom and her girlfriend, deciding to enroll him and his friends in a re-education program for unruly boys. Some days later, Nanny Alexandra, the designated nanny for Antony's re-education, rang the doorbell of Antony's house and was welcomed in a very cordial way by Antony's mom and her girlfriend. (if you are interested you can contact me privately) (this is Antony) this is nanny Alexandra
  5. Hi,I'm looking for long stories with a daddy and a little boy or two daddies and a little boy. Any suggestions?
  6. My Mommy (wife) has her BFF Stephanie bathe me and change my wet diapers. Mommy and Aunt Stephanie have changed my diapers in the presence of their adult lady friends. They have all been caring and very supportive so I don't feel ashamed.
  7. Hey guys, I’m working on role reversal stories. I have created a Patreon where this story is updated weekly, but I will be posting more chapters in here as time goes on. What other scenarios you’d like to see? Let me know so that I can add them to my list. At the moment I’m working on other stories about role reversals and more! My Patreon is https://www.patreon.com/LittlerWriter?fan_landing=true If you join, I will be adding new stories weekly and you can even tell me if you want me to continue with Evelyn’s regression, From Fatherhood to Babyhood or, if you prefer, something new! Babying James James had always been insecure about his height. It didn't help that at nineteen, he was still in the last year of high school or looked more like a middle school boy than a man. Being held back one year didn't really help, and even if he was the oldest in his classroom, he was the one everyone bullied. His only consolation in life was his best friend Kyle, who was a year younger than him but in the same classroom. Kyle was everything James wasn't. He was tall and handsome, with dark hair and dark eyes. Captain of the Football team, the swimming team, and basically just better at everything. His grades were also perfect. It just seemed to James that Kyle had everything figured out. Chapter One James' mother, Emma, was a good-looking woman, especially for someone in her forties. She worked for a pharmaceutical company, which meant she had to travel a lot when releasing a new drug on the market. She had two kids, James and Charles. Although James was the oldest, he tended to be a sort of momma's boy, which meant that Charles, at only fourteen, would boss him around when they were alone. To the point where Emma would find James crying after spending an entire day by themselves. Now, she needed to travel for over two months, and there was no way she could leave James in charge of the house. She went to the living room, where she found James and Charles playing video games while Kyle, James' best friend, read a book. He seemed so much more mature than both her kids, even if he was younger than James. "Hello, Miss Clement," said Kyle, his voice manlier than James and most men her age, "You look great." "Thanks, Kyle," she said, blushing; that's when it hit her. Why not leave Kyle in charge? He already spent most of his time in their home, and he was responsible enough to keep everyone safe, "Could I talk to you for a minute? In private?" Kyle nodded and stood up, a towering man. She couldn't believe he was only eighteen. "Is there any problem?" Asked Kyle as they reached the kitchen. "No, nothing. I mean, it is not really a serious problem". "It's okay, you can tell me," he said reassuringly. She didn't know why, but his words did make her feel more at peace with her decision. So, she explained what she wanted and offered Kyle money to take care of her kids while she went out to work. "Babysit?" Asked Kyle. "I know James is already a man, I mean…." "He is special," said Kyle, "But I meant more about Charles. He can take care of himself." "I know, but James, on the other hand." "So, I'm taking care of James to prevent Charles from walking all over him." "That's it," said Emma, "I know it is a big imposition, and you already have your plate full. I mean school, and all your sports, and homework..." "I'll do it." "Really? I'm so glad you said yes." "As I said, James is special. And, I think he does need someone to look after him if you are gone for too long." "If you are going to do this, there are a couple of things you need to know," she said, "Now, it only happens once a week or not even, but Jamie will sometimes wet the bed. He has these nightmares, and I think he just cannot tell that it's happening until he wakes up. I know it's a lot, but just reminding him to pee before going to sleep would be helpful." Kyle nodded. "And, he can come from school crying sometimes. It means someone has been mean to him, and I usually hug him until he feels better." There was a short pause. "It's okay. I'll deal with it," said Kyle. "So you'll do it?" Asked Emma. "I will" The two of them went to the living room, where they found James and Charles fighting over the controllers. Though it wasn't much of a fight and more James begging Charles to let him go or he'll tell his mother; and Charles. Well, he was laughing as he pushed his older brother to the ground. Emma knew that she couldn't take James with her, but she wanted to. Her son needed her protection, though Kyle would do a good job. He always did a good job in everything. Chapter Two "I'm in charge of the house?" Asked James, smiling and excited at the prospect of his mother going away for so long. "Yeah," said Emma, lying to her son wasn't something she enjoyed, but she couldn't tell him that his best friend was in charge of babysitting him, "I also talked to Kyle. He will be staying here to keep you guys company." "Sick," said James, his heart beating faster than usual. He would spend more time with Kyle than ever, which made him smile, though he wasn't sure why. "I just want you to be nice to Charles, okay?" "Okay, mom," said Jame. "Now, give me a kiss and go do your homework. I don't want any surprises like last year." James blushed. He was ashamed of failing his last year of school, but because of it, he met Kyle, who was the silver lining of his life. Though, everyone else beside him would tease James because of his size, lack of masculine features, and the fact that he tended to cry when bullied. A nineteen-year-old baby, that's what they called him, and part of him felt like it was true. He left his mother's room and went to do his homework, though he soon grew frustrated at it. It was his second time going through the same homework and exams, and he was still not good at it. He began tearing, which was a mistake 'cause that's when his brother came into his room. "Are you crying?" "No," said James, though it was more than evident that he was. "What is wrong with you? You are supposed to be my big brother, not the baby of the house." Charles left the room, disgusted at his older brother. James knew he was right. An older brother wouldn't be pissing the bed every other night, nor would he cry when things got hard. So, why was he still crying? Was he not the older brother? Yes, he was. Decided to change the way people treated him, James stood up and washed his face. He was an older brother, and he was going to start acting like one. The only problem was he didn't know how to. Maybe now that his mom was going away, he could try and be more responsible, and he should start by not wetting the bed anymore. Their mother left the following day, and luckily for James, he woke up dry. He was so excited and proud of himself, and his mother made him a special breakfast just before leaving. Yes, things were going to change. He was going to change, and nothing would stop him. But, as soon as his mother closed the door, things didn't change. "Okay, loser, I'll be in my room. Let Kyle in when he gets here," said Charles, as if he was talking with someone below him, and, even if James wanted to impose himself as the older bother, he didn't know how. He was alone in the living room until a knock on the door broke the silence. Jame opened the door to find Kyle, tall and handsome, holding a big suitcase and his school backpack. He was wearing a classy shirt, some pants that really let people see he was a full man, and his cologne was almost as strong as his body odor. "Hello, little one," said Kyle, "Ready to have fun?" Little one was the nickname Kyle had given him. He had protested at first but to no success. Now, that and baby were his name whenever Kyle was around. Though, he would avoid calling him that way at school. "I'm ready," said James, allowing Kyle in and feeling better knowing that while Kyle was around, Charles wouldn't make fun of him too much.
  8. Chapter 1: Ricky This was it. This was the moment I anticipated for every job, the first actual contact. I could feel the heat of my breath and the thumping of my heart. Like a lovesick teenager, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach dance with an eager delight right before the crescendo. Ricky sat alone at the open restaurant. It was a “safe” place for peoples of all sizes. The muscular tattooed bouncer ensured that there would be no funny business here. His stern gaze and crossed arms gave most baby fevered Amazons a second thought before even entering the premises. As I gazed longingly at the boys dirty blond hair draped delicately across his forehead, my mind drifted in and out of its own fog. His thin uncovered arms sat neatly folded in front of him as he hunched over his drink. Everything looked normal if you focused on him and him alone, but three seats down at the bar was an adorable mid girl who I could easily envision toddling around with a dolly or playing with her little brother. Maybe I could… no. No. Focus on one task at a time. First comes little Ricky. Anyways. Getting back to the comparison, the girl was already several heads taller than little Ricky and the glass she twirled in her hand could easily have lasted the boy all night. Such a naughty thing. Ricky himself sat with a half finished glass of a much darker shade. He swirled it back and forth on occasion as if he was about to spill it. Won’t have to worry about that for long. Might as well start. I had finished my meal by this time and “decided” that it was time to head to the bar. I asked the waitress who removed my plate for an Amazon sized bar stool so that I could sit down for a drink. Carrying the new stool over to the bar I sat down next to my handsome little man with a small grunt. That had the desired effect of getting his attention. His deep green eyes shaken from their stupor as he gazed up at me wide eyed. “Oh. Hello there.” He fidgeted in his seat. His little bottom wiggled in adorable discomfort. My heart skipped a beat as his face flushed with embarrassment. He knew his nerves were on prominent display, he knew I knew that, and he knew that I knew that he was embarrassed. Oh what it would feel like to scoop him up in my arms and whisk him away right now, but that wouldn’t do. Instead I barely glanced at the adorable round cheeks and light freckles and instead kept most of my focus on the mid bartender. “Hello. Excuse me. One glass of red. Any will do.” The bartender nodded as he shuffled away. His haggard stance and broad shoulders spoke of heavy work in his early years. Even without his more advanced age he’d be far from anything I’d look for. As he returned I sipped at the cherry colored drink while keeping my eyes forward. It pained me, but disinterest was key. I needed to make sure the fishy to my right was unaware that he was the catch of the night, while also moving things along. I barely tasted the wine as I downed the entire glass before placing it down before me with a loud sigh. “Another please.” The squeaking of a mouse sounded next to me, “Wow. Er… um… that was… quick.” I turned to him with my eyebrows raised, “Oh? Yes. I guess this isn’t the kind of place for that. My apologies.” It tore at my heart, but I turned away from that perfect hairless face once again. I was halfway through my second drink when he spoke up again, “Sooooo. A rough day at work maybe?” My, my. What a gentleman. Striking up a conversation. Someone was taught good manners. “Hm?” I could feel him shift in his seat again. Clearly shaken by my lack of response, “Oh… er.... Nothing. Nevermind.” Boys. Such little scamps. I turned myself to face him, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. I just didn’t hear you. What was that?” I was happy with the desired effect. My long legs peeking out from the short revel dress I wore, my dark brown hair pinned up in a pseudo messy bun, and my dark magenta lipstick all turned heads, including the one currently no higher than my chest. His gaze followed up from the ground, to my legs, up my dress, past my chest and then finally met my eyes where it lingered for just a moment before turning back to his own drink. “Sorry. I was just saying… asking if you had a rough day at work. That’s all. Hehe.” His nervous laugh was precious. Like a little boy trying to impress his babysitter. BABYSITTER! I mentally changed plans for the near future. This little boy was about to be calling me Miss Marlet instead of Aunty Sue real soon. It’s been a while since I pulled out my schoolgirl uniform, maybe something more relaxed this time. Shaking myself from the fantasy, I smiled down at the little romancer, “You could say that. A few hours searching through files, making sure things are perfect for my newest project. I find it always best to be over prepared, though you never know when things can be turned upside down for you.” He nodded his head vehemently, “I totally get what you’re saying. I’m Richard, by the way.” He held out his wittle hand like a tiny businessman! I took it gently and gave it a gentle shake, “Susan. Nice to meet your Richard.” I turned back to the bar, happy that friendly contact was established. The buzz inside my stomach was now like a low hum. I could feel a purr in my throat before shoving it back down. Almost. Calm it back. The best part is yet to come. The night progressed from there. We sat, we talked, we drank. He began bragging about his toys around the end of his second drink, by his fourth he was acting like he was fourteen foot tall, and after his fifth, he ordered a water. “Not going to drink with me anymore?” He flushed as he shook his head, “No I’m good for now. Like you said, better to be overly cautious.” “Over prepared.” I corrected. “Same idea.” The bartender returned with his water and noticed my empty glass, “Any more for you ma’am or will you have some water like your friend?” Time for some fun. I reached into my bag and pulled out my “phone” before flashing the holographic image of a badge at his face, “This is the Financial Review Bureau. Surrender your red wine or we will be forced to open fire.” The bartender looked at my stern face before we both burst into laughter. He wiped a tear from his eye, “I like you lass. I didn’t know the F.R.B was doing stings now. Should I be getting my revenue charts out, or will another glass get you off my back.” I smiled at the man. At least he had a sense of humor, “Bribery of a government official is a class 2 felony good sir, but I think we could classify this as a gift. No financial review necessary in that case.” “Right away.” He chuckled as he shuffled off. I let the laughter die out as I turned back to my drinking partner. The bravado from before was gone as he stared at the glass in front of him, pale as a ghost. “Richard.Richard?” I waved my hand in his face. He physically shook from his thoughts as he stared back at me with the same wide eyes as when I first joined him. “Huh?” “Nothing. You just look a little pale. Maybe you should drink some of the water you ordered.” I reached out and brought the glass to his face and turned the straw to his lips. His lips quivered as they wrapped around the straw. His eyes stared up at me as he sucked down the ice cooled water. I could see the flight or fight response in his eyes. Had he been caught? Were his business dealings being tracked by this F.R.B woman? Maybe this was just a coincidence? I need to calm down. Like a little boy caught with cookie crumbs around his mouth, Ricky tried to brush off his nerves and act normal. He released the suction around his mouth and allowed the straw to fall back into the glass, “Thanks. You’re right, I feel better.” I leaned a little close, brushing the strand of hair from my eyes, “Good. You had me worried. I was having fun and didn’t notice how much you’ve had to drink. Sorry about pressuring you.” He smiled up at her, his secret still safe, “Yeah. Don’t worry about it. I’m glad you’re having fun… Sooooo, your’re a F.R.B agent? I guess that would lead to some stress at work..” “A little. Oh. But don’t call me an agent. That makes it sound like I run covert operations and take down criminals. I’m really just a glorified accountant. I’ve always loved the way everything seems to fall into place for a normal business. It’s only when the numbers don’t line up that my job starts to get hard.” He was piecing my story together, “So then something wasn’t adding up today.” I flippantly waved my hand back and forth as I spun the story further, “Yeah. First I’m going through resource reviews and tax filings, then I notice there’s additional revenue from the tax forms that don’t match the bla, bla, bla, bla, bla.” “Does that happen often?” “All the time. Usually it’s just a filing error,” My smirk was hidden by my hand as I faced forward. The butterflies were back with a vengeance, “but this time I did some digging and I found an account in the Camonine Islands that was pushing money from offshore into an LLC.” Silence from my neighbor. I tightened my thighs as the heat between them was rising. “It then routed to the secondary account I’ve been investigating before weekly transferring to the primary.” I turned to Ricky. Little baby boy Ricky, shaking in his chair. Like a little tiny bunny staring up at the salivating wolf. Once again he knew, he knew that I knew, and he knew that I knew that he knew that he was screwed. “Tell me Ricky, did you have fun? Did you feel tough and macho acting as a middle man for all kinds of big bad men? Even came up with a comic book villains code name, Deep Dark, just to fit in with the criminals you helped.” His mouth was opening and closing but no words came out. Oh what great delight would it be to see him wet himself in fear right then and there, but that would make things harder getting past the bouncer. I turned back and finished my drink. Time for the lie, “Oh don’t be so scarred, Ricky. Miss Marlet,” I shivered at using his new name for me, “isn’t here for little old you.” A glimmer of hope flashed across his face, “You… you aren’t.” I smiled down at him, “Nooooo. No. Of course not. No one cares about a little boy playing on his computer. No I just want the big mean men you’re helping. That’s all.” His sigh of relief was shaky. Time to seal the deal before he starts thinking too much. “So you help Miss Marlet out with finding what she needs, and then I make sure the rest of the F.R.B forgets about the Deep Dark.” I couldn’t help but giggle at mentioning the goofy name once again. I could see him weighing down his options, but the choice was clear. His crimes would be mandatory etiquette school as well as permanent adoption. Maybe he thought he could trick me along the way. Get away on a speedboat to a Little’s island and never be seen again. Little did he know that as he followed me out past the bouncer that he wasn’t walking towards a F.R.B safehouse, but to a private nursery I set up in the apartment downtown. Instead of tracking down routing numbers and gathering evidence, he would be chasing the mobile above his head and gathering messies in his thick diapie for his sweet but strict babysitter. This will make my third little in Nearport. Maybe one more before I pack up and take a small vacation back home. Little Ricky is going to be such a cute little boy for his new Daddy. Maybe this will teach him to try and scam his customer base. I bet the spanking he gets when he gets to his new home after my training will redden up those buns perfectly! Maybe they will let me watch. I turned back to watch him follow. His eyes were focused and he was jogging just to keep up with my strides. His waddle was about to be precious. I imagined what would be the best first outfit to match with the cute little BlueBear diapers I had waiting for him. The sailor outfit was always a favorite, but if I was going to be Miss Marlet, home from college to watch over her neighbor’s baby boy, maybe something more playful. Either way I couldn’t wait to get home with my new toy. I only get to play with him so long. Gotta make it count!
  9. Six weeks were spent since Lucas, 8 years old, was been introduced in his new adoptive family and many thing was going good his new mommy was fantastic. But at school the things weren’t going good at school: He was having difficulty in attending the lessons, and he had often problems with bullies. But this was very comprehensible since he had a very childish behavior. He was a very he was a fairly short and thin child, with green eyes and black and short eyes. Now he stood sat down on a chair in front of the principal office, because he had rowed with an older student who had bullied him and to defend himself he bitted him until he bleeds. He knew that his mommy would scolded him and he feared that his mom would have abandoned him at the institute like his natural mother did, then he was sighing while he waited that his mother come to take him, since the principal had decided to suspend him from school for at least a week. When his mother arrived at school he was sucking hi thumb trying to calm down.
  10. Lucas was a 4 year old boy who lived in an orphanage until a new family adopted him. He was sat on the floor of the play room wearing only a pull up and a Tshirt while he was playing with his favorite toy machine when the social worker brought a woman and a teenage girl in front of him. "Hello Lucas" miss Claudia said him with a smile "they are your new mommy and your big sister". Lucas watched miss Claudia an then he raised his arms to be picked up by her new mommy. "oh! Why he don't wear the pants? I thought that he was ready" miss Claudia said when she nodded what he wore "I'm very sorry!" she said going to take a pair of that from another room while Lucas was taking the pacifier attacked to his Tshirt with a plastic chane. He did a shy smile to his big sister when he turned his eyes to her . (I'm searching someone who did the part of mother and sister . Please don't write two lines for answer but be descriptive)
  11. Hi. Looking for a daddy to look after me.
  12. Alex was 28 and worked as a Nanny. She did all the usual things a Nanny did. She looked after children, she played with them, gave them food, took them places. The only odd thing about Alex's
  13. Hello! I'm an ABDL Little Boy in Singapore, 23 years old. I'm looking for a caregiver who enjoys spending time with and taking care of a cute little boy who still needs his diapers.
  14. LtlGary


    I'm Little Gary, or LtlGary for short. I'm a 34 year old guy who has browsed this site for a while now and I finally worked up the courage to join the forums. I don't wear diapers for any medical reasons but I've always loved how they felt. My first experience was working as a cashier at a drug store and having to stock them on a regular basis. I eventually worked up the nerve to buy my own and I've worn them off and on (mostly on!) ever since. They are a big help when it comes to dealing with my depression/anxiety issues. My biggest dream is to be an author. I've started writing science fiction/fantasy but I've also written some diaper loving stories as well. But I'm too timid to share them with anyone. I'm still working on them so hopefully I'll post them in the Story Forum. Hope you guys have an awesome day!
  15. hello... my name is max and i am in south america. i´ve had a medical fetish since i can remember. for the last few years i´ve been experiencing that the sensation of being a little boy has turned into a fetish for me too. would love to share my feelings and experience with new people. ah... and i enjoy a lot roleplaying online too... thanks and regards, max
  16. Hi my name is George, I'm 24 and I don't quite know what to say. I started off as a diaper lover about 5 years ago, it then started making me feel little. Just looking to make some new friends really as I'm sure most of you are
  17. Jace was staying at his Nanny'a house, nothing too out of the ordinary except that he was 16. He'd been abdl for ages yet never felt safe in his own, so he hired a nanny to take care of him on weekends and holidays. But he was dissatisfied with just the short time he had.
  18. Hi! I'm new to the site since I just turnt 18. I'm a sweet little from South America. You can call me Lou,my little
  19. Heya. Little boy looking for a caretaker or other little
  20. So I'm new to the acting like a baby and was hoping for some advice from people who love the AB side.
  21. Mituna wasn't a normal teen in the least. He was intersex, and had had a skateboarding accident a few years ago that led to him loosing his speech filter and not quite having full control of his bladder. Today, he was coloring in his living room, and didn't realize he had to go pee. After about an hour, he finally realized that he had to go, but when he stood, all of
  22. An ongoing WIP project by Young'N'Rebellious! I've divided the following into 4 categories - Ideas (To be split into Fun Ideas and Punishment Ideas), Activities, Things To Say (To be split into Positive/Reassuring Things and Not So Positive/Teasing Things), and Advice & General ABDL Info/Knowledge.
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