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  1. Good Morning! I have been working on a game for three weeks and I would like you to see what I have done so far, I have been working on the map design and soon I will be able to dedicate myself completely to the story, which I plan to be very long, I have many ideas! If you want to follow this project more closely I will leave you a link to the patreon in which I am publishing it, in addition to the fact that once the map finishes well and has some history, I will publish a totally free Demo. I hope you give me a lot of advice, since I am a little newbie creating video games, and finally I can tell you that right now the game is only in Spanish, although I have thought that for the first version outside of Alpha, it will also be in English! Kisses~ and thanks for reading me n.n Links: https://www.patreon.com/ABDLMiah Links: https://abdlmiah.itch.io/a-whole-week-in-diapers [Alpha 0.21] [Game Update 07/22/2021] In this version, the “potty system” has finally been implemented. I have been working on this update for a long time, now the pee meter works together with the system, when you almost reach the limit the character will pee a little and if it reaches the limit limit will not be able to hold and will let everything out. This update brings 45 different phrases depending on the mental age of the character and how much he wants to go to the bathroom! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. So an online kink video game maker "Jenna D" made a video game based off one of my older stories. You play as a babysitter who finds a genie's lamp, and accidently wishes herself into the care of her (now grown up) ward. Will you end up back in charge, or permanently in diapers? See it here https://jennad.itch.io/wish-of-the-babysitter Or https://www.patreon.com/posts/wish-of-84535115 Special thanks to JennaD
  3. Chapter 1 “Aww look like the little ones lost. Oh well, they can become the next lost ones in my game but now I need a new bunch. These past few haven't been as much fun. They end up giving up too quickly.” The lady gets an idea and snaps her fingers. She then pulls out a laptop laying it on her large table. It has character sheets on it that look in bad shape before they crumble to dust and blow away. She opened up a group chat on her favorite d&d website. There were 4 people chatting back and forth. She smiles as she read them the first one is from someone’s username ‘Beast’ “Hell ya, nat 20 bitch! I want to kill it as cool as possible!” The next person to respond was just called ‘GM’ “Ya ya...how the heck do you get so lucky at all my games…? You just break all my stories.” GM explained how Beast killed the large Minotaur with his large two-handed weapon. “Now Brick, can you roll a d20 for me? You did get knocked out after all.” This ‘Brick’ person rolls a d20 getting a 10 “Come on, my rolls are so bad! I swear this game is rigged!” The last person types just called ‘hunter’ replies to brick “Hehehe seriously? We've been playing these games with the same group for over a year now and you think it's rigged? Come on man take a chill pill.” Brick replies back “Ya ya...whatever.” Gm replies next “Ok brick is going to be out for a few days. You can move on and carry him or stay and rest. But we can do that tomorrow. I need a break. But has it really been a year already? And I still have yet to get to play a single game myself…” Beast replies “Well none of us know how to DM. But fine go to bed, he's probably got a bedtime! Sleep tight lol” Hunter replies “Damn it beast, can you be nice to our DM for once?! I got an idea! DM if you find a new DM we can all play a game how's that sound” Brick replies next “I'm in! That sounds like fun! I bet the DMs even better at this damn game than me anyways.” Beast just sends a rolling eye emoji “Ya sure whatever as long as I get to be the badass two-handed ax welder!” The DM replies “Really?! Deal! I'll look for a new DM tonight and get back to you all. I'll text you all later, bye!” DM has logged out, appears in the chat log. Then Hunter replies. “Heh, he's cute when he's happy. Later beast, later brick see you tomorrow!” Hunter has logged off. Brick replies. “Cute? What was cute about that? never heard him speak like that. Anyways see ya man.” Brick logs off and then so does beast. The lady at the table smirks. “Well, Natalie looks like you just found your next group. Now to figure out who this DM is.” Natalie gets to work looking up everything she can off his account and finds the name Laphin after hacking into his account. “Lapin heh cute name. Hmm, interesting he lives not too far away. What are the odds, guess I rolled a nat 20.” She writes down the address and begins to make an invite to a huge D&D game on her laptop. She quickly finished it and Put lapin's info on it and drove all the way to his place putting it in his mailbox. “Now we just play the waiting game~” Laphin is an 18-year-old boy about 4’5 he was quite short. He is a white tiger with glasses he has taped up. He stands up from his computer desk and sighs. “How am I going to find a DM? I'm so tired of DMing games, I want to play for once. I also don't want to let my friends down. Well, I know hunters, my friend, and maybe brick? I don't think beast likes anyone. I really need to get everyone's IRL name sometime.” He lays back on his bed and yawns and an older white tiger lady walks into his room. She looked like she was straight out of the wild west. She carried a gun on her hip and a cowgirl outfit. “Laphin? You're still awake? Get to bed now. Way past your bedtime!” Laphin takes off his glasses and covers up. “S-sorry mom!” Even though he was 18 his mom still treated him like a child. She leaves and he sighs laying on his side. “I bet no one else has to deal with this…what's worse is I get bullied all the time at school for it too. Glad it's my senior year, I can't wait to graduate.” Laphin drifts off to sleep, he sleeps great before suddenly he's woken up the next day. “Time to wake up, Laphin you got mail!” Lapin's mother throws him a letter and leaves. Laphin groans and rubs his eyes looking at the paper, unable to read it. He grabs his glasses and opens it up. “Why am I getting mail? Maybe I got into that nice school?” He begins to read it. “Are you big on Dungeons and dragons? Do you want to play a game for 100 thousand dollars for each person on your team?! Well, come join my challenge for your chance to win, remember teams must be of 4! Give me a call if interested if you need help paying to get your team together I'll help pay for a trip there and back! So come and join my world of Babulis!” Lapin was blown away. He jumped up on his bed and jumped off his bed making a loud thump as he quickly grabbed his phone. Suddenly his mother screams. “Laphin you better not be breaking anything in there!!” Laphin shiver “S-sorry mom! It was an accident!” He quickly messages his three friends telling them about the letter he got. His first message back was from Hunter. “Holy shit dude! This is awesome but it almost sounds too good to be true? You sure we can't trust this?” Next was brick “LET'S DO IT! I'm needing some money anyway. My rent is getting way too high.” And last was Beast to reply “100k?! Let's do this!! I'll beat this game with my eyes closed!” Laphin sighed, and it seemed only hunter wasn't sure. He messaged him back. “Come on, please don't let me be alone with beast and brick. I feel like we are the only two smart ones. But I'm sure we can win! As for safety, why would they spend so much money to get you here if it's a scam or something?” The wait was killer on Laphin before Hunter finally replied. “Heh, alright I'll come. But only if my trip over and back is paid. So you better get ahold of this person ok? I'm sure beast and brick can't afford a trip out there either. So you think you can handle that responsibility?” Laphin jumped up and down typing back “YES YES! Yay thank you, thank you!!” He messaged both beast and brick that he would make sure they had a way over as soon as he could then began to call the number on the mail he got. He held his finger over the call button nervously before taking a deep breath. He hit the call and it rang then someone picked up. “Hiya! This is Natalie! Are you calling about my D&D challenge? “ Laphin was awfully shy talking to real people, not on messages. So he talked quite quietly and softly. “Y-ya...and I got some fri-” Natalie giggles “No need to be shy, but you got some friends that need a trip over, correct?” Laphin was confused. “Ya but-” Natalie interrupts him again. “Wonderful! Just tell me their address and by next week we will start the game. I can't wait to have you all here! Don't forget to tell your family that the game might last a while so you need to be here at least a week. Maybe longer, don't worry about food, I have that covered!” Laphin was just so confused but excited “O-ok I'll get you their addresses” Natalie smirks “Can't wait to play, bye cutie~!” She hangs up and laphin just stares at his phone blushing and then smiles then his face goes pale. “Wait a week?! There's no way mom will let me do that… I’ll ask later I got a week I suppose.” He asks everyone for their addresses and sends it to this Natalie in a text. Suddenly Laphins mom calls him. “Laphin! Come and get your breakfast! What the heck are you still doing in your room??” He finishes up before He puts his phone down “Coming mom!” He then rushes to the kitchen and sits at the table and his mom sits some eggs and bacon in front of him. “Thanks, mom” He sighs and begins to think about how he can ask his mom if he can go play a game of D&D for a week or so. Then he remembered his mom was very greedy. “Oh, mom! You know these games of D&D, I play?” She sighs “Oh, these games that you play when you should be studying?” Laphin groans “I guess, but schools too easy! But that's not the p-” His mom interrupts “Laphin I don't care it’s still just a stupid game they cant make you money!” Laphin smirks “What if I told you I could make 100K from one game if I win?” His mom looked interested. “I'm listening…” Laphin then goes on to explain his chances at this game with his friends. “A week? Or more? Hmm.” They finished eating. “Hmm...Fine but if you win you will pay me some money you owe.” Laphin jumps up out of his chair and hugs his mom “Thank you, thank you! Anything! You can have it all for all I care, I just want to hang out with my friends!” His mom hugs back surprised and smiles. “I'm glad you made friends. I know it's hard with your size and all. And you just being a nerd” She laughs and Laphin blushes. “Mom!“ She pats his back. “Oh get over it Laphin you're still my little boy. But you better win this uhh game, your Christmas present might be on the line!” She laughs and he pouts. “That hardly seems fair...whatever so I can go?” She nods and he smiles. His mom gave him one last kiss on the head. Next, we head on over to Beasts place. There stood a tall black goat named Rie who wore a grey hoodie and jeans. He sets his phone down and heads to his room. He was 28 and lived alone, he smirks. “So I guess I'm meeting these nerds I play with. I'm sure hunter and DM are like these big nerds with glasses but brick acts differently. Don't even know each other's names and we are going to meet. Heh, 100k man so many things I could buy! Fuck my job I will quit as soon as I win!” Rie begins to pack clothing and stuff for next week who knows how long they will be gone. But otherwise, he has a fairly easy week till his trip. Next, let's check on Brick. Brick or Zev as he's known by is a half-goat he's got a goat tail, ears, and horns. He's a 23-year-old man who lives in a small apartment with a bunch of posters of girls. He's quite strong-looking and built well. He always wears a sleeveless shirt and shorts. He puts his phone down on his table. “100k huh? Heh, we will win this easily! Beast will kill an ill tank like normal, we are the best team! Well, and hunter he gets off a few lucky hits...ok maybe a lot whatever. So I'll be going far out next week. That's a shame. Hope mom and my little brother will be fine without me around. Probably won't even tell them so they don’t worry.” He heads to his kitchen to eat then begins to pack his bags. Next, we check on Hunter. They are in a large hoodie covering their body and some baggie pants they smile at their phone after sending their address. “Heh, Gm always acts so cute. He must be a little younger than the other two. Maybe a lot? Kinda hope he's at least 18. That would be fun.” They pull down their hoodie to reveal their long hair dyed purple and reddish-pink. She was a young girl about 26 her name was Zoe. she laid back on her bed. “Hopefully he's not underage….that would be awkward. He acts like he's 15 sometimes. Oh well, guess I'll find out next week. I'm kinda excited for everyone to meet me. I'm sure they think I'm a guy. Better off I'm sure brick and beast would have been hitting on me a lot if they knew.” She giggles. “But that's how I preferred it. I know if Beast or brick knew I was a girl I would never hear the end of it...gross there ok friends I guess, but I don't see myself with assholes like them. Well bricks less of a dick and just kinda...dumb heh” She fantasizes about their first time meeting. Now that everyone was on track all they had to do was wait to see each other next week. I know I'm excited too. Oh sorry, you know me, I'm Natalie and I'm going to be telling the rest of this story. I would let the others tell it but there...busy! Very very busy. WANT TO READ MORE I HAVE 2 MORE CHAPTER UP ON MY PATREON OR YOU CAN WAIT TILL ITS COMPLEATE BEFORE ANY MORE ARE POSTED HERE. I POST A NEW CHAPTER EVERY FRIDAY! ONLY $1 A MONTH https://www.patreon.com/Little_Rie
  4. Chapter 1: The Realm of Methrella Regina opened her window, watching the waves crash on the beach and people mill around her small town. A warm breeze entered the room and filled it with the distinctive smell of the ocean. Regina took a deep breath in... and out. "I should text Abby and the others soon. Today seems like a nice day to play outside", she thought. As she was turning on her phone to call her best friend, the young woman heard a soft knock on her door. She stepped away from the window. "Come in", she called. In stepped a small boy in blue jeans and a black shirt with a knight's helmet print in the middle. He smiled softly at his sister, flicking his dark brown-blonde hair out of his face. It was her 8-year-old brother. "Hi, Regina", he said in a soft voice. "Hey, Riley. What's up?", she asked curiously, watching as her little brother sat on her bed and laid back, staring at the ceiling. "Well, mom said you bought a game yesterday?", he asked hopefully. "I want to know if I can play it too." "Umm... yeah, I did", she said. Regina glanced at her phone and considered her options. She knew that her mom would be bugging her later on if she didn't let Riley play for a little while. Even though the siblings didn't have a bad relationship at all, their parents always pushed Regina to socialize more with her little brother. "So... can I?", Riley asked again. "Y-yeah, sure. Why not?", Regina sighed and put her phone back on the table. "I can send the guys a message in a few hours. I just hope that this doesn't take too long", she thought. The 18-year-old booted up her computer and started the game. "Sandbox Kingdoms...", Riley read, excited. "What is it about?" "It's a game where you can create your own civilizations and stuff", Regina answered. "You can make empires, kingdoms, and even small towns in different parts of the world and give them their own cultures." As a passionate fan of fantasy stories, Regina had gotten into worldbuilding since she was 14. She knew no one else who shared that hobby in her town, but through her years on the internet, she had managed to meet many online friends and writers that only made her love of worldbuilding grow bigger. And when a friend of hers showed her the game for the first time, she knew she had to buy it immediately. As the game finished loading, Riley got up from the bed and sat on her lap. Regina created a new world for Riley, and the boy started scrolling through the many options that the game offered. "This is hard to read!", he complained. "Too many big words!" As Regina had said, it seemed to be a very customizable game, having settings for the number of days in a year, the number of seasons, the world map, and so on. "So, what should I do now that the world is created?", Riley asked. "Well, you can start making civilizations for it", Regina said. "Look, this seems like a good place to start." She clicked over some plains between a range of mountains and a long river. A small flag icon appeared on top of the place. A new civilization had been founded! "Now, these different settings alter the reality of your world and its people", she said after a new window appeared on the screen. Her brother grinned and watched as his world unfolded. Regina helped and guided him, telling him where it would be good to place houses, castles, farms, and much more. Eventually, after modifying almost everything in the 'create civilization' window and creating the perfect town in Riley's eyes, the game showed them a timelapse animation of the history of the place, which Riley had decided to name "the Town of Thieves". "Town of Thieves?", Regina questioned, looking at the name. "Why did you decide to call it that way?" "It sounds cool and mysterious!", he answered happily. "It sounds kinda copycat-ish to me...", Regina teased, even though she knew her little brother wouldn't understand what she was referring to. "Shhh, it's perfect!", Riley said. After a few hours of playing and comprehending the game, Riley stretched and slid off Regina's lap. "I gotta go do my homework, sis", he smiled and headed towards the door. "But thank you, it was really fun." Riley closed the door behind him, leaving Regina alone with her computer. She looked at her phone and sent a message to her friend's group chat. "I hope they answer soon. I guess I can keep playing on my own world while they do", she thought. She saved Riley's world and opened hers. She had been playing on it since the afternoon the day before and until late at night. Her parents didn't usually check on her after 11, so she invested a few hours of her precious sleep in order to make her world perfect. She had created many civilizations of various sizes and alignments all around the world, but she had left her 'homeland' for the very end. This would be the place where she would create her main character, who would travel and set on daring quests in that world full of adventures and dangers. Once again, after completing the design of the place, the game asked her to name it. "The Realm of Methrella", she typed. She came up on the spot with that name. It didn't have a concrete meaning for now, but she'd eventually give it one that fit with the narrative of the world as a whole. Once the realm had been finished, she clicked on the long-awaited 'character creation' tab and started creating her avatar. She somewhat resembled her real-life self, nothing too fancy. "Huh?" As she was going through the final details, she noticed that the height settings were apparently jammed. Her character seemed to be as tall as a 10-year-old, and it didn't change at all even if she modified the settings. "Well, we might as well stick with that" A notification sound came out of her phone. It was Abby. "Great! They are free", Regina thought. She saved the game and logged off her computer. She got dressed into her sport clothes and went downstairs. "Mom! Dad! I'm going out to play volleyball with my friends!", she said in a loud voice. "Sure, Reg. Take care!", her mom answered from the kitchen. Almost half an hour passed after Regina had left her home when little Riley sneaked into her sister's room. He had left one of his action figures there a few days ago, but had forgotten to ask Regina for it. As he began looking for it, the computer suddenly turned on, revealing Regina's personal world in the game. He giggled slightly and got on her seat, tampering with her world mischievously, before pausing and undoing it all. "Let's try something from here", he decided, going into the 'daily life' tab, and changing a small but significant detail of the world. Riley quickly saved his progress and turned off Regina's computer. He stayed a few minutes there looking for his figure. Once he had found it, he ran off to his room. "I'm home!" Regina arrived an hour before the sunset. Tired because of all the time she had played, she went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. At dinner she noticed that her brother kept looking away from her, giggling occasionally. She shrugged it off, finishing her food quickly and going upstairs to her room. The young woman fell asleep, staring at the white ceiling. A soft flicker of blue light appeared on her computer and her world turned on at the 'character creation' tab. It was empty. As the screen changed to green for a second, Regina vanished from her bed.
  5. Good morning babys! My name is Miah, I am a video game creator who has started her career this year, right now I am developing an ABDL game on Patreon called “A Whole Week In Diapers”, and now im developing this one, “The Demon Nursery”! If you want to know more about the video game you can visit Patreon because all the official versions of the game will be published there, all the story and minigames that are created will only be accessible from Patreon! I love you all and thank you for reading me, kisses~ History: This is the story of a very unruly young girl who suffers a car accident, when she wakes up she realizes that she is in a place that she does not recognize, a very strange one in which she will spend numerous adventures and puzzles with new friends and enemies that she will meet on your way out of that strange place, can you escape? If you are interested in playing any of my games I recommend you stop by my patreon! You can enjoy all of them for a small contribution as well as helping me to continue creating this content. You will also have access to the ChangeLog of all versions and the updates and unique content posts that I put up! It’s really worth joining n.n Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ABDLMiah Discord: ABDL Games | Miah [Alpha, 0.02] [Game Update 11/14/2021] The Purgatory! I have created a new background for the beginning of the story. I have changed the visual image of the protagonist, both of the character and of the token that is seen when speaking. I have been looking for a lot of tokens for the other secondary characters, I have also looked for visual images, all this is already in the files ready to be used, and you will soon see it in other posts! You will have a new scene in this version, just before reaching purgatory. The reception area with some characters is also created. I have a puzzle in mind for that room but it will be in the next version, I still have it half. I have also started with the game’s HUD, although it still has a lot of work ahead of it. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ABDLMiah Discord: ABDL Games | Miah
  6. From the album: Little Heavenly Pics

    Hi everyone! I sowwy fo not being on here much. But I also have Fetlife! If anyone has one you guys can add me ^^
  7. From the album: Little Heavenly Pics

    My Cosplay as Serous Sam (Sissy Version) and I got my new cribs to sleep in :3
  8. Hi! I wanted to know everyone's opinion on Smite & about being casual.
  9. Hey, everyone. :] Does anyone here have a Nintendo 3DS? If so, post your friend codes here! (^v^) I would love to play and chat with some of you. My friend code is: 4811-7736-7258 Let's all add each other!
  10. So I recently was inspired by a post on another forum to concoct a set of rules for a potty training game playable by one or two people.
  11. If You Could Only Wear One Kind Of Diaper For The Rest Of Your Life What Would It Be?
  12. I'm roleplaying as a mommy in SL. so if anyone still plays my username is irishdemon
  13. This is a good game to play and it is good fun. the object of the game is to choose which one then start another like newspapers or mags and the next choice might say mags and then give another / different choice so i will start and the only rule is that you can't have the same one twice. Also you are not allowed to say both it has to be one or the other
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