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  1. 18-year-old Benjamin has just been evicted from the college dorms after he has failed out of college for the semester. He sits in the student lounge with his bags while he figures out his next moves. His former professor Megan is talking to her faculty friend and sees him sitting alone. She is confused because he is supposed to be in her class for the semester. "Hi Ben. I missed you in my class this semester. Are you okay?"
  2. I met Russell at a hotel, one of my girlfriends had gotten married that day and her reception was there. I had about 2 beers, you know what they say about beer, you only rent it. I needed to pee like a doped racehorse! I went to the toilet, did my thing there. Wished my bladder was bigger, I'm one of those girls that need to pee twice as much as everybody else, I was a bedwetter until I was 15 years old. According to every Urologist my parents drug me to, I have a very small bladder. After relieving myself there were 3 guys that were going to the men's room just across the hall. Now these three were beyond drunk. They saw me and I knew that as drunk as they were l wasn't safe, they had lust on their pickled brains. They trapped me in the alcove, one was attempting to go up my dress and another was feeling my breast through my bra and dress. I was beginning to panic! The guys and I both heard "Hey, hey hey!" A guy who was at least 6 foot 3 inches tall was coming to my aid! "Move along, this doesn't concern you!" The guy that had his hand up my dress slurred! "Well attempted rape does concern me, besides I can tell from this girls face, she isn't into it as much as you three are." "Are you deaf? The guy slurred again, I said leave!" The guy that was my rescuer was sideways and he hit that guy that just moment before had his hand up my dress. He hit him with the pinkie side of his hand, still it had surprised even me at how fast and hard it had connected with the drunk guys face! He was down and his eyes were glazed over he wasn't a threat to me anymore. The other two seeing their leader out like that, they lost their courage and ran like the devil himself was after them. "Are you okay they haven't hurt you have they?" The guy asked? "No, I think they were too drunk to get it up for sex! Thank god you came by, when I first saw them I knew they were up to no good!" She said! "My name is Russell Irons" as he offered me his hand to help me step over the guy who was out cold still. "My name is Nancy Adams. Nice to meet you!" I said. After I was safe the guy on the ground came to he sat and looked up and up at the guy who had hit him he saw me and looked for his guys that were with him, not seeing them he kind of scooted away, still staring at the guy who had bested him. He was still backwards crawling on the ground. When he was far enough away he stood up and was attempting to stare Russell down. Russell said "Boo!" Then he kind of flinched in the guys direction. He turned and ran. My parting shot was "Not so tough now; are ya!" Russell escorted me back to the Reception, I couldn't see the three anymore. I did see Russell, he was in his chef clothes and was slicing the Roast Beef and Turkey and he was the server for that. Damned he was handsome! I slipped him my name and telephone number "Call me please!" I wasn't in the habit of giving guys my phone number! Just Russell!
  3. Hi all! My first attempt at writing! Hope you enjoy! Chapter 1: Accidents Do Happen Melissa sat in traffic, twirling her hair, looking somewhat aimlessly toward the coast as the highway traffic inched forward. Growing up around a city, she always expected traffic, but today she seemed to have chosen her route poorly, hitting every light and somehow being behind every slow driver in southern California. Currently, she found herself boxed in the center lane of a highway with equally frustrated drivers all around her, each likely wondering why they continued to subject themselves to long commutes. Melissa had just finished lunch with her best friend Abby, where she had recounted in excruciating detail her breakup with her boyfriend of three years. It was good to verbally recount the collapse of this relationship as today was the start of Spring Break, and with nowhere to go, Melissa would have had to spend the week replaying the pain in her head. Still, Mark’s stereotypical breakup line still stung: “With us going away to different colleges… freedom…if it’s meant to be…neither should be tied down, blah blah blah.” Her heart was crushed as so much of her high school identity had been with hime as a couple. Sipping her diet coke, she began reminiscing about the three years, each interrupted by the painful awareness that they were no longer a couple. Melissa was an emotional wreck, and now she had to go home and face the “I told you so” from her mom and sister, neither of whom had approved of Mark. Time slowly ticked by until the slurping sound of the last bit of diet coke stirred Melissa back to her reality of bumper to bumper traffic. She put the drink down, feeling the slightest of alerts from her bladder that she would need to use a bathroom at some point in the near future. With traffic at a standstill, she took up her phone and quickly responded to a number of texts and chats that had popped into her various social media accounts. When every necessary emoji had been sent, Melissa placed her phone back down in the seat. Putting two hands on the wheel, she looked forward and began to realize that she would probably be late picking up her sister from school. While she debated whether she should text her mom or her sister first to let them know she would be late (both of which would be incredibly angry to learn that, once again, Melissa wouldn’t be on time!), Melissa began to shift in the seat of her Toyota Corolla, trying instinctively to quiet the growing pressure in her bladder that was now stimulated and full from the diet coke she had had with lunch and the “free refill” she had just enjoyed in the car. Deciding it was probably best to ping her sister first, Melissa hoped that she could cajole her sister to find another ride from a friend. That way she wouldn’t have to tell her mom that she was late again. Unfortunately, Sarah’s immediate text response was, “WTF! Why do you always do this to me…Mom is going to be pissed!” Her frustration mounting along with her growing need to pee, Melissa quickly tried to voice text her Mom before Sarah could get her fired up. “Mom, I’m really sorry, but I’m sitting in unbelievable traffic and will be late getting Sarah…I let her know but thought I should make sure you knew too!! So sorry!” There was a long awkward pause before she saw the three dots coming back from her mother. “Missy…if this was the first time….” That was all that was texted before Melissa’s phone rang with her mother’s name blinking on the screen. Reluctantly, Melissa answered the phone only to hear her mom explode without even a cursory greeting. “Melissa seriously, you are being so irresponsible! This is the fourth time this week! I can appreciate you are in traffic, but I gave you the car trusting you could be responsible to help, and all it has caused is more stress for all of us because now I need to scramble to help your sister…..” Her mom was going on and on, Melissa pulling the phone away as she made a face of angst listening to the same tirade about how Melissa wasn’t taking the responsibility that should come with her age and that there would be consequences, blah blah blah. What Melissa could not ignore, however was the now constant pulsing of her bladder, and her now strong clenching that was going on to keep her bladder from exploding. She began to realize that the next exit wasn’t for two miles and at this rate, that could be another 45 minutes of inching forward. Squirming in her seat, she began to feel the first bit of panic about what she could do to relieve her need to pee. She pulled into the left lane, hoping it might move slightly faster, only to find that no matter what lane she picked it always seemed to be the one that wouldn’t move forward! Her mother’s voice rose over the worrying thoughts that were beginning to take over Melissa’s mind, “Missy!! Are you listening to me!! Do you understand what I just said?!!!!” Perhaps it was the desperation over her growing bladder pains that prompted Melissa’s response, or maybe it was anger of being yelled at yet again, or maybe the rawness of having been rejected by Mark, or all of the above, but Melissa took the phone in her hand and looked at is as if it was her mother herself and screamed, “YES MOM, I KNOW I’M A LOUSY DAUGHTER, BUT YOU AREN’T A GREAT MOTHER EITHER!” There was a rush of relief that came from the outburst before the first pang of fear and regret filled Melissa. She was the furthest thing from a yeller, but the bomb had been released and now she waited for the explosion and collateral damage that would likely follow. Still looking at the phone, Melissa had seen the car in front of her begin inching forward and she had taken her foot slightly off the break to match the progress. As her mother began to respond, Melissa realized she hadn’t seen the car ahead of her stop abruptly and She instantly felt the “crunch” sound of her bumper hitting the car in front of her. “Oh $#&@!!,” Melissa screamed at the same time her mother began a tirade of response. Melissa momentarily and involuntarily let go of her “clenching” when she heard the devastating sound of fender on fender and a small amount of pee quickly filled her panties, seeping with ease through the flimsy material to her shorts that tightly hugged her nether regions. Her body quickly clenched to hold everything back again, but not before a dark wet spot the size of an orange had marked her shorts. “Mom….I need to call you back, I just had an accident!!” Melissa shouted to her mother, not noticing the double entendre of her statement, and ignoring the fact that her mother was still in the middle of her “irresponsibility” rant. Fear, shock, frustration, sadness, and anxiety all coursed through Melissa as she worked to restrain her bladder. On top of that she would now have to face dealing with her first car accident. She had been working hard to keep it together, but she suddenly felt like everything was falling apart.
  4. “Daylily” will focus on regression and babying, and will have little to no actual sexual content. This series features the same main character as my earlier story, “Delilah.” It will also be publicly available on my patreon. All characters are adults. This is still fetish content, so 18+ readers only please. Delilah’s Daddy unsnapped the straps of her booster seat and helped her out of the car. She put her arms around his neck and allowed herself to be lifted out and set on her feet. Her pink and white sneakers crunched on gravel as she touched the ground. He kissed her cheek and handed her sea-turtle plushie, which she clutched to her chest. Turning away, he went to fish her backpack out of the back seat. Delilah smoothed the skirt of her onesie against her slim thighs and fiddled with her pacifier clip. Daddy had let her pick out a new onesie for the occasion, and she’d chosen sky blue with a pattern of yellow flowers. They had both had fun getting her ready; her hair was up in pigtails, and Daddy had selected blue and yellow hair ties to match her onesie. She had loved how she looked when they left the house that morning, but now she felt anxious and self conscious. Being babied in public was new to Delilah. She knew that this secluded house, shielded from the road by a thick row of evergreens, was hardly “public.” Still, she felt exposed, standing in a stranger’s driveway dressed like a little girl. They were parked in front of a board fence that separated the driveway from the yard. “Daylily” was painted in cheerful yellow letters on the sign that hung from the gatepost. She stood on tiptoe to see over the fence. Fruit trees obscured the house, but the yellow siding was visible through the branches. Dandelion yellow. Daylily yellow? She wasn’t sure. Delilah did not know much about flowers. She heard Daddy behind her. “Here, let’s get your backpack on, sweetie.” Delilah let her Daddy slide the straps of her jellyfish backpack up her arms. The main compartment in the bell of the jellyfish held her snacks and an emergency change of clothes, as well as the gameboy and three bags of candy she’d shoved inside when Daddy wasn’t paying attention. Plush tentacles hung down her back and swung as she moved, brushing her bum. He took her hand and smiled at her. “Ready baby?” Delilah nodded. Her small hand trembled in his steady one. The gate creaked as Daddy opened it and lead her through. She held her sea-turtle firmly by one flipper, swinging him against her leg as she walked. A path of stepping stones led them through the fruit trees and towards the house. The leaves whispered in the breeze as they passed under them and Delilah could hear insects buzzing. Outdoor toys were sitting in the shade of the trees; a playhouse, a blue plastic rocking horse, a toddler slide. Swings hung from the largest branches. As they stepped out from under the trees, the house came into full view. Delilah stopped. It was large and sprawling, and spilled over the slight hill that it sat on like a riot of yellow daylilies, daffodils, dandelions. Behind the house, Delilah could see the tops of playground equipment and something shining - was that water? Her heart was beating fast. What would they be like? How was she going to handle being little without Daddy there? Daddy let go of her hand and rubbed the small of her back, making the tentacles of her backpack sway. “Are you still nervous, sweetie?” “Little bit.” Delilah laughed uneasily and sucked in air through her teeth. She turned around to hug him, wanting to hide against him. Which wasn’t easy - she was four inches taller than he was. “You’re gonna have so much fun, sweetie.” He squeezed her gently, rubbing her hips. Her diaper rustled under his palm. “And you’ll have lots to tell me about tonight.” “But I’ll miss you." “I’ll miss you too, sweetheart.” Daddy scooped her up, holding her against his hip. Although Delilah was tall, her build was tiny and birdlike. Her Daddy, short and heavy-set, could lift her easily. “But it’s just for the day.” “I know.” She put her arms around his shoulders, her sea-turtle flopping against his back. His beard tickled her cheek and her diaper squished under his hand as he supported her butt. Delilah blushed. She hadn’t realized she was wet already. He carried her the rest of the way to the house. Flowerbeds flanked the front door, and lilies and peonies looked up at her as Daddy climbed the steps. She reached out and trailed a hand along the railing. It was warm under her fingers. It was going to be hot today. She could already smell it. They had reached the top of the steps. Daddy kissed her and tickled her tummy, and she giggled and smiled despite her nervousness. He picked up her pacifier from where it was hanging against her ribs and placed it in her mouth. “Do you want to ring the doorbell, baby?” Delilah nodded, suckling her pacifier to help calm herself. The doorbell was shaped like a sunflower, the button was the black seed head. She took a deep breath, and rang.
  5. IT: Infant Tech By Horatio Husky Commissioned by Bolt Chapter 1: The Office Bolt readjusted his glasses. This was a nervous habit of his, which he would perform with relative frequency whenever he was working with unruly code. Sat in front of his desk, garbed in his normal office attire of dress shirt, black dress pants, classy shoes, and stylish bowtie, the husky was deeply immersed within the contents of his computer screen. The husky’s office cubicle was relatively orderly; a Newton's cradle and Rubik’s Cube served as the only available knick-knacks. The husky knew full well that too much desk clutter was a prime environment for distraction. Sometimes, however, a little distraction was necessary to allow his mind to wander just far enough for him to be able to get some perspective. He had been staring at his computer screen for about two hours straight at that point, and despite the blue light filter in his glasses he could feel his warm, brown eyes beginning to dry up just a little bit. A semicolon… really… that was the error? A sense of weariness suddenly overcame the husky. Moving his right paw, he delicately stroked his keyboard a few times until he had typed in the correction to his code. Bolt leaned back in his chair. He pulled down softly on his one droopy ear, another habit he often performed when deep in coding contemplation. Unseen, conveniently hidden in the break room by drawn blinds, two felines stood holding respective mugs of coffee. A caracal and tiger, the two giant cat species had their attention focused on the husky through a break in the blinds which the tiger held slightly open with an extended claw. Yuri’s had a singular protracted claw, his other paw holding the mug of joe in his paw with a firm, confident grip. Cinder, on the other hand, appeared to be every semblance of calm, cool, and collected. He lounged leisurely against the countertop, gazing down the bridge of his nose at the same husky that had just now caught his feline companion’s attention. “Another office crush, Yuri?” Withdrawing his gaze momentarily from gazing between the break in the blinds, the tiger gave the caracal his best withering look. Which, coming from a tiger, is quite an intimidating experience. The desert cat was left unphased, however, as he had been at the end of such an unflattering glance more often than not. Idly, he took a sip from his coffee mug and cocked his head to the side, his long, pointed ears flopping to the side dramatically. “Oh don’t look so grumpy, kitty cat. Shall I bring out the ball of yarn so you can feel better?” Yuri, who had grown used to the unwavering confidence that the caracal seemed to have a true abundance of, chose to ignore the comment and turn his attention back to staring at the husky. From his vantage point, he could see that the husky appeared to be well distracted and in the midst of work. Having only recently quit his temping position at the company, the husky was now able to exercise his full work ethic with the accompaniment of financial compensation. At this rate, he would be employee of the month in no time. Yuri’s golden, feline eyes pierced through the husky with a predator-like ferocity. Something inside of the tiger told him that not all was what it seemed with the newest member of IT. It was while Cinder was idly browsing through his phone, disappointed that he was unable to get a rise out of his tiger friend when Yuri gasped. Cinder knew this was important. Deftly placing his mug of coffee on the counter he pushed himself off the counter in a quiet, controlled leap landing right next to the tiger. “What is it?” He whispered softly, his feline instincts kicking in as the two cats’ slitted eyes narrowed as they gazed at the oblivious canine. Bolt sighed, stood up, and turned around to pick up a small laptop on the desk behind him. As he did so, an uncharacteristically large bulge in his rear end pressed against the seam of his pants. Cinder’s mouth dropped wide open, an uncharacteristically surprised face coloring the feline’s sharp, noble features. Yuri simply smiled, chuckling softly under his breath which came as a deep rumble inside of the massive cat’s throat. He spoke under his breath. “We got ourselves another one…” “This is the second one this month! How do they keep falling into our paws like this?” Yuri shook his head, a gratified smile across his muzzle as he placed a heavy, reassuring paw on the smaller cat’s shoulder. “Alright, like we did last time. I’ve still got the carseat set up and he looks pretty gullible. I think we’ll be having some good fun tonight, kitten.” Cinder blushed slightly towards the end of the tiger’s comment, knowing full well what the larger cat was referring to. It wasn’t so long ago that he had been the subject of the tiger’s cleverly designed trap. Yuri turned around, in a series of purposeful movements he drained the remainder of his coffee into the sink before depositing his mug on the dirtied dish rack. Taking out his car keys, he placed them on the countertop before departing. His striped tail floating majestically behind him, the muscular feline shouldered his way through the door of the office kitchenette and made his way over to the husky’s cubicle. Cinder had picked up the car keys, slyly lowering them into his pocket before silently exiting after the tiger, making his way towards the building’s garage level. The image of confidence, Yuri loomed over the husky casting a shadow over him. Bolt took quick notice of this, and turned around in his seat to gaze up frightfully at the intimidating fur in front of him, blinking several times. “Uhm… Can I-” “Yes, you can. I’m Yuri. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” The cat extended a massive paw towards the husky. Bolt, recovering quickly, smiled in kind and took it on his own, giving it a firm squeeze as he replied with a clarity in his voice that took even him by surprise. “Hi Yuri, I’m Bolt. The pleasure is all mine.” Confident little scrappy mutt, isn’t he? Ohhh I like him… This should be fun! Yuri’s smile broadened, now feeling a sense of genuine delight at having witnessed a confident introduction accompanied by a firm handshake. He didn’t much like wimps, even though he did enjoy putting them in their place. Cinder had shown significantly less bravado than the canine in front of him, and only after he had discovered the truth behind the tiger’s intentions did he warm up. No, this pup has spunk! It’ll be even more fun to see him crawl now… Still smiling, the tiger motioned with a jerk of his head towards the elevator that led to the garage level below. “Bolt, I’ve got a few computer towers in my car that I worked on over the weekend. I really would have no trouble transporting them myself, but if you come along it’ll only take one trip. How about we use it as an excuse to take a break from work with a little aerobic exercise and a friendly chat, hmm?” Understanding quickly, Bolt nodded and smiled congenially. Closing down his computer, he stood up and nodded indicating that the tiger should lead the way. Yuri turned, and began to make his way towards the elevator. Glancing back briefly, to ensure that Bolt was coming along. Given the size of the cat, Bolt had to take a step and a half for every step the tiger took. The subtle waddle the husky was unconsciously exhibiting slightly was now more apparent. Suspicions confirmed, the tiger turned to face forward with a look of satisfaction on his muzzle. “It’ll be the grey minivan, the company likes its Chrystlers.” Yuri spoke, his tone a low rumble as the two entered the elevator and the tiger pressed a button marked ‘G’ while Bolt nodded in response. The two stood silently in the elevator, waiting patiently for the lift to descend down to the parking garage several levels beneath the ground floor. The company building itself was relatively massive, sporting fourteen proud stories above and three below. The two were stationed on the fifth floor, so the descent was relatively brief. Ding! The elevator doors opened to reveal rows of sparsely populated parking spots, the smell of concrete with a hint of car exhaust hitting their nostrils as Yuri led the way. “I’m parked towards the back.” He stated simply, his smirk hidden behind his turned back as he heard the husky behind him pick up speed to keep pace with him. Everything is running smoothly… “Alright, take a look at what I’ve got here for you!” Speaking confident, he opened the passenger side door with a flourish to reveal what was inside. It took Bolt a moment to process what he was seeing. In front of him appeared to be a baby’s carseat, except no ordinary one. This particular seat looked large enough to comfortably seat him, with an impressively robust five point harness that looked as if not even Yuri would be able to break through it. Stunned, the husky stood open mouthed for a few seconds while he tried to process what he was looking at. This was exactly the opportunity that Yuri and Cinder were looking for. “Now, before we get you snuggly buckled up for your car ride little guy, let’s check something really quick.” Unable to react in time, Yuri placed his hands underneath the husky’s armpits and raised him up effortlessly. Taken by surprise, Bolt let out a whimper while his legs dangled helplessly behind him. As suddenly as he had been picked up, he felt something fiddling with the front of his belt buckle. Twisting around, his cheeks burning bright red, he was able to catch a glimpse of the Caracal he had seen wandering around the office earlier trying to undo his pants. At last he succeeded accompanied by an exclamation. “Aha! There we are.” His pants now around his ankles, Bolt’s choice of underwear that morning was now on full display for both of the large cats to examine. “Just as I thought, we have a little puppy on our hands.” Yuri stated, a condescending but not unkindly tone in his voice. Bolt was now blushing furiously, his tail curled between his legs in a vain attempt to hide the large, white diaper that hugged his waist snuggly. It was apparent to both of the onlookers that it was designed with both comfort and absorbance in mind, as a trail of puppy paws ran from the front middle all the way through the back. “You won’t be needing these, I don’t think.” As Bolt spluttered, an overwhelming feeling of helplessness and smallness washing over him as he continued to be held up in the air, Cinder delicately disentangled his pants from his ankles. Now, he wore only his work shirt and sneakers, which made him feel incredibly exposed. The tiger looked him up and down, an expression of approval across his muzzle while Cinder neatly folded the husky’s pants and placed them under his right arm. “Cinder, do me the favor of checking the puppy’s diaper, would you?” At the direct mention of his padding, the husky’s ears folded against the top of his head. Tail tucked between his legs, cheeks burning, and ears pinned, the canine was the spitting image of an utterly flustered pup. Grinning, Cinder placed an authoritative paw over the front of the dog’s thick padding, squeezing gently before cupping the back in turn. Pressing it upwards, as if to further remind Bolt of what he was wearing, the caracal shook his head as he replied. “Still dry, surprisingly enough,” Cinder commented. “Well then, I think we should do something about that,” said Yuri, giving the husky a large, toothy smile before depositing him into the oversized booster seat. “W-wait a second! I一mmpf!” Bolt, having finally been able to find his voice, barely managed to splutter out a complete sentence before he was silenced by Cinder, who had apparently been waiting for such a moment. Crossing his eyes, Bolt looked down to see what had interrupted his exclamation while Cinder tightened something behind his head. His vision obscured by the caracal’s red-orange fur, the husky only became aware that he had been fully buckled into the carseat when he felt the harness tighten over his shoulders, waist, and onto the front of his diaper pressing it up against him. The husky’s heart was now beating quickly, limbs flailing. As if in anticipation of this, Yuri swiftly grabbed each of his wrists and looped them through soft, padded cuffs. His wrists now suspended by his head, his arms held upwards in an incredibly vulnerable position, he found that he was no longer able to struggle as effectively as before. Cinder had grabbed his ankles and pulled them through a similar set of cuffs that prevented him from raising his ankles more than a few inches away from the bottom of the carseat. Both cats stepped back and took a moment to admire their handiwork. Bolt looked down to see what they had done to him, a lock glowed softly from a small panel that served as the center-point for all of the buckles. From what the husky could gather, the locking mechanism appeared to be activated by a touchscreen, the key to which he was sure was possessed only by the two felines in front of him. “Aww, I think he looks pretty cute! That pacifier won’t let much more than a whimper through, pup. So you can whine all you want on the ride home!” Cinder extended a wiry arm forward, gently booping the tip of the husky’s snoot. Yuri appeared pleased as well, his arms crossed and looking down at the incapacitated fur as if he were appraising a prized possession. Speaking softly, and without breaking his gaze at the pup, he placed a car key into Cinder’s paws. “Yes, I think he does. Take the highway, kitten.” It was Cinder’s turn to blush, which he barely managed to conceal as he lowered his vision and nodded, opening the door next to Bolt’s and sitting himself down in front of the wheel. Moving with the impressive display of control that all large cats appeared to inherently possess, Yuri sat down in the seat next to Cinder's, looking back at Bolt in the rear view mirror. “I encourage you to behave, puppy. This will be fun.” With that statement hanging in the air, Cinder pulled out of the parking garage and had merged into city traffic within a few minutes. Bolt was still trying to process what had just happened to him. The two cats had seemingly quickly found out about his little secret before he had had the chance to react. He was now pacified, gagged, restrained, and being transported to who-knows-where. Despite himself, to make matters even worse, he was beginning to feel himself become aroused at the restrictive tightness that five-point harness seemed to impose on the front of his padding. Wrapping over his shoulder, with three straps ensuring that his waist and diaper were snuggly pressed against him, there seemed to be no hope of escape. He was completely at the mercy of the felines sitting in the front seats of the car. The car ride passed in silence, Bolt pulled helplessly at the restraints holding his limbs hostage but to no avail. Yuri would occasionally look up in the rearview mirror, Bolt could see that his eyes were wrinkled as if he were smiling, hidden from view from the husky’s limited line of sight. Whatever the tiger was thinking, it was causing him great pleasure.
  6. A Christmas Special As a gift to my many readers, I'm making this available here without delay. If you've enjoyed my work over the past year and wish to say thank you, you can subscribe to my Patreon or leave a tip there. This is a sequel to A Thanksgiving Special, available wherever the best diaper stories are found (like here and here). Check out the original story or dive on in. ­­ Purely by coincidence, it was one day short of a month since your life had changed, Thanksgiving falling on November 25th and today being December 24th. You had lain wondering how many years in a hundred it works out that Thanksgiving and Christmas both fall on the 25th of their respective months while your partner changed you into a fresh diaper. You had been mad at her for all of ten minutes the first time, when she had ambushed you with a diaper as you were about to get dressed for Thanksgiving dinner at her parents’ house, confronting you about the rising frequency of your accidents and reminding you in detail about the prior Thanksgiving when you bottomed out your undies before you’d even finished your pumpkin pie. You couldn’t help but admit it made sense though, and when your partner told you on Black Friday, as you were about to get dressed to go shopping, that your change of attire wasn’t just for one night but permanent until you didn’t need diapers anymore, the experience of the previous night kept you from a more than a pro forma protest; that and the look in her eyes that told you this wasn’t negotiable and that she’d take the hairbrush to your bare bottom, a rarity but not unheard of, if you refused. And so you went from being someone who had accidents in their pants to someone who uses diapers. “If it happens in a diaper,” she told you more than once until you stopped apologizing every time it happened, “it’s not an accident.” You had to admit that made sense. After all, like she pointed out, that’s what diapers are for, so how could it be an accident? Hence the new euphemism your partner used in public: an incident, not an accident. No one in public ever seems to notice what you’re wearing, except for that one time three weeks ago you had a very big incident while waiting in line at the department store. What a frightening moment that had been, when you were waiting to check out with the cashmere sweater you were buying her for Christmas, and she was down in the men’s department shopping for you. You didn’t know what to do, the suddenness of it taking you by surprise and leaving you frozen in line. The few times you’ve had that kind of incident in public, she’s been by your side and quietly whisked you away to get you changed into clean huggies. You don’t mind that she calls them diapers instead of briefs, but it does bruise your ego a bit when she refers to them as huggies or pampers, but it’s far from a concern when you’ve, as she sometimes says, fudged your huggies and just need her help. You’ve never changed a diaper before, let alone your own, let alone such a full one as the one almost sagging around your hips that day in the mall. You didn’t even have the diaper bag with you. It wasn’t merely wearing one or even a full one but the smell that alerted the other shoppers, even though they were all wearing masks and on the “stand here” decals the store had put on the floor to keep shoppers six feet apart. The woman in front of you lifted her sleeping infant from the stroller and checked her diaper while you looked around as though you were just like the other adults and trying to find the source of the stench. But you fooled no one, nor did you notice the salesperson pick up the phone at the register and quietly say something to someone, so it came as a complete, and completely embarrassing, surprise when a store manager appeared at your elbow. She was nice about it, recognizing from your watery eyes you hadn’t done what you did for jollies and establishing as she walked you toward the escalator that you needed help. She guided you to the upper floor where the family restroom is located and assured you everything would be okay and asking only for your partner’s name before she left you standing in the middle of that restroom, wondering what was going to happen when you heard her on the public address system. Could your partner “please come to the manager’s office on the third floor behind bedding to meet your partner?” The entire time between the checkout line and being left in the restroom was a blur, and it was only after your partner had changed you into a clean diaper and held you while you let out a few tears did you realize you no longer had that sweater. The manager was waiting for you at the end of the hall, asking as though nothing unusual had happened whether you still wanted to check out. The manager struck you as unusually empathetic, guessing the sweater was a gift for your partner and taking you into her office to complete the purchase. She even gave you a certificate for free wrapping at the customer service desk. That fit with what you noticed your first night back in diapers. Your partner had preemptively told her family, taking away the chance of a surprise discovery, and they had all treated you especially gently. Not even the kids snickered. Your father-in-law even called you ‘tiger.’ But that was her family. Thanksgiving with her family, Christmas Eve with yours, and when you come out of the shower on Christmas Eve, she has an outfit waiting for you on the bed. You’ve always been equal partners even if she does take you over her knee a few times a year to correct your behavior, but ever since she’s declared by fiat that you are back in diapers indefinitely, she’s taken charge of a few things, inconsequential things in the scheme of it but all things that make you feel sometimes like a second-tier adult: your hygiene, your clothes, your diet, your sleep schedule, and of course anything having to do with relieving yourself. “I’m going to go change,” you announced when you’d returned from the Black Friday shopping trip. “Are you wet,” she asked. “No.” “Lemme check.” “I’m not wet,” you insisted in a childishly petulant tone that just came out. You didn’t speak that way to anyone, and especially not to her, the love of your life. “Then hold still and lemme check,” she said firmly as she took you by the elbow and cupped you through your pants. Not satisfied, she unbuckled your belt and slipped her hand down your pants while you stood there trying to resist the desire to push her hands away and reassert your own authority over your body. You were dry, and you knew it. To be fair to her, you don’t always know when you aren’t, and that was true even before she put you back in diapers. She didn’t acknowledge you were dry beyond buckling your belt again and giving you a soft smile. You were briefly taken aback, almost offended, when she didn’t congratulate you or tell you good job. She did that just two days ago when you went almost an entire day without an accident. But underpants are to be kept dry, and keeping them dry deserves at least a verbal reward. Diapers aren’t supposed to be kept dry; using them shouldn’t provoke a scolding, but by the same token, not using them doesn’t deserve encouragement. After all, it’s only a matter of time. You didn’t know that at the time, the full weight and meaning of this change very slowly becoming clear over the course of the past month. On Black Friday, you just knew that you were dry and wanted to go change into your regular clothes. “So I’m going to go change,” you said again as she turned away from you after buckling your belt and started sorting through the shopping bags. “Why? You’re dry,” she said as she searched for something particular in one of them. “Um, because we’re home, so … I’m going to go put underpants on.” That caught her attention again. She straightened up and turned back toward you, her expression very like the one she’d worn when she announced you were wearing diapers to her parents’ house the night before, kind but resolved. “Honey, you wear diapers full-time now, even at home.” “But the bathroom is right there,” you said in more of a whine than you intended. “Please don’t use that tone with me. You have accidents at home too. You’re in diapers now.” “But … I don’t want to.” As an adult, that actually is a valid argument, and you knew that. You are an adult; not wanting to do something is a very good reason for not doing it provided you’re not harming anyone else and are willing to accept the consequences. “I understand that, sweetie, but it’s not up to you.” “Yes it is too,” you shot back, raising your voice, again without meaning to, an outburst that did nothing to make you seem like an adult but did plenty to make you sound like a child on the verge of a tantrum. Your partner wouldn’t be having that, and faster than your reflexes could respond, she had your wrist in her left hand and her right delivered two sharp spanks to the seat of your pants. “Do you need more,” she asked with her hand poised. You tried to cover your butt with your free hand, but you knew from experience that wouldn’t stop anything. “No!” “Because if you need more, it will be on your bare bottom.” “No, I’ll be good,” you promised. “Come with me,” she said and led you to the sofa in the living room. “But I said I’d be good,” you pleaded as she sat down. You only ever try to get out of a spanking verbally, not that it’s ever worked even once. You never run away or fight back, not really. Just trying to bat her hands away when she takes your pants down or feebly attempting to block the spanks or kick your way off her lap. “I’m not spanking you. Sit down.” And you did, quite aware that if you acted up, she was fully capable of changing her mind and pulling you across her lap. “I’m sorry I wasn’t clear this morning. You’re in diapers all the time everywhere, until you stop needing them.” “Even at home?” “You have more accidents here than anywhere else.” “But … But that’s only because I’m here more than anywhere else.” Which upon just a half-moment’s consideration you realized isn’t an argument in favor of underpants. She must not have thought so either because she didn’t even bother to counter it, merely saying again, “You’re in diapers until you don’t need them anymore.” “But I’m an adult.” “An adult who needs diapers. You’ll be much happier this way; we both will. No more stained undies or ruined pants or wet furniture. No more public accidents.” “People will find out.” “They might find out, but they definitely will find out if they see you flood your pants or have a brown out in your shorts.” “Can we just try them for a while,” you ventured, searching for a compromise and fairly certain you could find ways to sabotage a trial period. “We’ve tried lots of things, and the doctors are out of ways to help you. It’s diapers from now on.” You knew you were not going to change her mind. “But just until I don’t need them anymore, right?” “Right,” she said back with a tone that struck you as being similar to the tone one uses when telling a child that Santa might bring that toy that’s way too expensive: upbeat but insincere because like that parent, she knows it will never happen and can neither break your heart with the truth nor lie straight to your face without betraying a hint of her true thoughts. But like that child, you wanted to believe, so you said, “Okay, until then,” and she reached out to embrace you while you cried into her breast. All to say you aren’t surprised when you find her waiting in the bedroom for you to finish your shower, with your outfit laid out on the bed, so complete with a diaper. Diapers are part of your outfit now as surely as underpants used to be. And because she took charge of your outfit on Thanksgiving and had taken the great liberty of informing her family, you opt to not say anything about it to your own family. She would do it if she thought it was necessary, and you trust her. A good excuse since you’re too embarrassed to tell anyone. Once you arrive at your childhood home, it doesn’t take long for you to understand from the way people are treating you with kid gloves that she has, in fact, told them. Your dad calls you sport. Your mom keeps placing her hand on your lower back and discreetly, although from whom she’s trying to hide the motion you aren’t sure, sliding her hand down your waist. It doesn’t make any sense that she keeps doing that. As much as you try to take no responsibility for your diapers, figuring that if your partner is the one insisting on them then she can be the one to do all the work they create (with you doing your best to not see how that makes you seem even more in need of her doting care), even you know she can’t tell if you need changed just by putting her hand on the very top of your diaper’s back waistband. Your big sister solves that mystery by being much less discreet, merely putting herself between you and the center of the living room as she turns you around, the sudden shock leaving you wordless and cooperative as she grasps the waistband of your pants in one hand and tucks your undershirt in with her other. “Your Christmas sweater keeps riding up, kiddo. Everyone can see your diaper,” she says above a whisper but hopefully not loudly enough for others to hear, though they likely saw or at least surmised. And when she gives you a pat on the butt and you almost swallow your tongue, you lock eyes with her daughter, all of five years old, who smiles at you as if she knows how delicate your feelings are. “Honey,” your partner calls from across the room not long thereafter, “my parents are about to facetime me. Come say hello.” A glance around the room as you cross the rug and followed her up the stairs makes you suspicious as to whether anyone believed her excuse, because you don’t believe it and find you are right not to as you follow her to your childhood bedroom where she has already prepared a diaper change. “I wanted to get you into something dry before we open presents,” she explains. A day shy of a month, four changes a day, and you are well practiced in the routine. She is already kneeling on the floor as you approach her, and she unbuckles your belt and slides your pants down. “Actually,” she said, pausing, “let’s take them all the way off for this one. Lift your foot.” She takes your shoes off, then your pants, and you gingerly lay down on the changing mat, a habit from never being entirely sure there isn’t a small mess in the seat of your diaper but knowing as occasional as that is, it’s often enough to have taught you sitting straight down can make a change much longer. “Hold your sweater,” she says gently as she pushes it up and away from the top of your diaper. She always uses a gentle tone when she changes you, except when she’s trying to cheer you up or is in a silly mood. You always do your best to pretend you don’t like it, but you can never hold in your laughter when she blows a raspberry on your tummy during a change. “Not so bad after all,” she said the first time she changed one of your dirty diapers, “right? Isn’t this better than having accidents in your pants?” “Yes,” you’d agreed, and while you meant it, you weren’t happy about it and let that emotion show, so she bent forward and blew a raspberry on your tummy and did it again while you laughed, and she tickled your sides and somehow kept you from rolling away as you giggled and pleaded through tears of laughter for her to top. On Christmas Eve, she puts her hand on the bottom of your diaper as you lay on your back looking at the glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to the ceiling since you were a little kid. She bends forward and gives your diaper two investigative sniffs. “You’re a little messy,” she pronounces you. The first few times she discovered you were messy after she’d opened your diaper, she’d asked you if you knew you had stinky pants or remembered doing it, but she doesn’t ask anymore, nor did she ever ask if you’d been doing that before going back into diapers, making very small messes without knowing it. She figures it didn’t matter either way. Worst case, the diapers are making your problem worse, but since she never expects you to be out of diapers, it makes no difference. “Are you having a good time,” she asks as she plucks a few wipes from the packet and sets them next to you. She always does that before she opens your diaper, getting everything ready to make the change as quick as possible and, sometimes, to do everything she can to make sure nothing gets dirty or wet. “Yeah,” you respond. “Cuz you look a little mopey.” “I … everyone saw my diaper … poking above my pants.” “So? Anyone say anything mean?” “No.” “Anyone care?” “I don’t know. If they did, they didn’t show it.” “No one cares,” she assures you. “No one thinks less of you.” “How do you know,” you say sharply. You trust her to take care of all this because you love her and do trust her, but also because you need to trust her because there’s no one else to trust. But sometimes it doesn’t always seem like she understands that she can’t understand what this is like for you. She drops the rubber glove she was about to put on and gets back up on her knees, planting her hands on either side of you, straddling you like she does when she wants to make love, trapping you underneath her as though you’d ever want to leave the protection of her arms and looking down into your eyes while you look up into hers. “I love you,” she says, “and so does every person here.” She leans down and kisses you. “I love you even more every day.” She smiles at you again, and you feel a swell of emotion. “Uh-oh,” she said, “I know that face.” She sits down at your side, and you sit up just enough to bury your face in her lap. “It’s okay,” she coos. Ever since the accidents started, you’ve become more emotional, more prone to tears, and the diapers have only made you more so. You cry more often but rarely for long, and this time like every time she strokes your hair and rubs your back and shushes you until you pick your head up. “All done?” You nod, and she reaches across you to the wipes she plucked from the packet and wipes the tear streaks from your cheeks. “Sorry,” you apologize. “Never be sorry because you have to cry.” “I love you too.” “I know you do, sweetheart.” She kisses you on your hair. “Ready to lay back so we can get this yucky diapie off you and go open presents?” You do, and she finishes putting her gloves on, something you insisted she start doing despite her insisting changing your dirty diapers doesn’t bother her. “I know it’s Christmas,” she says, “but that doesn’t mean you needed to fudge your huggies just for me.” You scoff and chuckle. “Not that I don’t appreciate the present you made me. It’s the thought that counts, right?” Normally you’d be upset if she made that joke, but the day and the circumstances and the reassurance that she still loves you – that changing your diapers doesn’t change how she feels about you – make the joke funny even to you, and in just a few minutes you’re in a fresh diaper and redressed. “Where are you taking that,” you ask when you notice her rolling the diaper up into a ball. “The trash,” she says with a quizzical look on her face as though it was a silly question. “O.” “You want to throw it away at home?” “No, I just … no. Thanks for changing me.” “You’re very welcome like always, sweetie. Let’s go open presents.” You lead the way back downstairs, and while you turn left toward the living room, she walks straight ahead and passes your younger sister, who takes note of what she’s carrying but doesn’t say anything as your partner tosses your used diaper into the trashcan. She doesn’t push it deep into the trash, just setting it on top and letting the lid close. What’s there to hide? Nothing. Your little sister catches up with you and puts her hands on your shoulders, leaning forward to whisper into your ear, “You’re the luckiest person I know,” before she too gives you a light swat on your butt. Both sisters and your mom and your partner’s mom have now all casually done that, and while you think you should feel offended, you don’t. In a way you don’t understand and you can’t express, it feels good, and you know you’ve done the same to your nieces and nephews still in diapers and don’t know why, as though a diapered bottom needs to be patted for some mysterious, irresistible reason. Your partner joins you in the living room, and the two of you sit down on the floor together to open presents and enjoy watching everyone else open theirs. You try hard every year to find at least one gift you’re excited to give, and this year you found several. It warms you to see people so delighted with your gifts. As it always does, the hour it takes to open all the gifts seems over too soon. You help gather up all the stray paper, and you dad asks rhetorically, “Who’s ready for dessert?” “We’ll be down in a minute,” your partner responds. “I don’t need changed yet,” you whisper as she takes your hand. “I know,” she says and lead you back to your childhood bedroom anyway. “What,” you ask behind closed doors, eager to get your share and more of the dessert your mom only makes for Christmas. “It’s getting late, and I want to go straight to bed when we get home.” “Okay,” you respond, unsure why she brought you upstairs to tell you that. “So let’s get your jammies on.” That’s why the diaper bag seemed fuller than usual. There’s been an extra outfit in the back of the car for years, frequently needed and frequently needing to be replaced. For the past month, an extra pair of pants have been in the diaper bag for any trip away from home for more than two hours, but never an entire outfit. You just assumed that was what was in the bag because you never go in there unless she asks you to get something. It’s not because you're not allowed to but because you don’t want to. You had been upset with her only very briefly when she insisted you go back to diapers; it isn’t pique that keeps you out of the diaper bag. It’s acceptance. She’s in charge of the diapers, so there’s no reason for you to go into the diaper bag. “Jammies,” you say incredulously. She’s been on you about your sleep schedule since you were first dating, and you’d reluctantly complied over time, realizing she was right and you do feel so much better when you go to bed at her version of ‘on time.’ “Yes, jammies, silly goose. You always sleep in pajamas.” “Everyone will see.” “See you in your jammies? What’s the problem?” “I just …” It’s not being seen in your pajamas, though they do make your diapers much more obvious. It’s that no one else is in their pajamas. It will make you seem more childish. Even if the diapers are a necessity and everyone understands that, they’ll be a lot less understanding of your partner insisting you get dressed for bed before you’re even home as though you’ll fall asleep in the case and she’ll carry your sleeping body to bed. “Yes,” she says, waiting for you to finish your sentence. “I don’t want people to see me in my pajamas.” “Siena saw you in them last week.” Her best friend. “That was different. We were home, and it was late, and I was about to go to bed.” And you had put on your own pajamas. Does she mean to actually dress you for bed? “And this doesn’t even save any time. It takes less than a minute to get my pajamas on, and anyway,” you sigh, “you’re going to have to change me for bedtime anyway.” Probably, given the hour, but maybe not. Christmas miracles do happen, right? Just as she is about to respond, there’s a knock at the door. “Can I come in,” your mom asks even as she’s in the act of opening the door neither of you had locked. “Um, yeah,” you say since it’s too late and you’re still dressed. “Are you changing into your PJs,” she asks as she closes the door behind her. “Just about to,” your partner replies as though you weren’t on the edge of a disagreement on that very subject. “I figured. I always brought their jammies to my parents’ house on Christmas Eve so they could go straight to bed when I got them home. I got something for you.” “More presents,” your partner asks as you stand there unsure whether you speaking up will make any difference. “Just a couple gifts I thought you’d like to open without everyone watching, but I want to see you open them. I made them myself.” It’s a large box. “That’s so nice of you.” “Um, really nice, Mom.” “Well, come sit, silly,” she says as you stand in front of her. You sit down on the bed next to her, oblivious to the crinkle from the mattress when you do. You long ago grew so used to it that you don’t notice it anymore. “It’s not much. I had the idea when I saw you two for lunch two weeks ago.” “Don’t be so modest,” your partner says as you turn the box over and slide your finger under the seam to break the tape. “You didn’t have to go to so much trouble,” you tell her. She’s always gone out of her way to make each Christmas special, and every year of your adult life, you’ve been profuse in your thanks, understanding in a way you didn’t as a child how much work and love she pours into the holiday. You open the box to find several pieces of clothing, and you hold the first one up. “A onesie,” your partner practically exclaims as you examine the shirt. “At lunch I kept seeing your diaper poking out above your pants every time you moved. It’s been doing it all night, too, and it was just driving me crazy. I thought this would be perfect for that, and that you’d feel better knowing no one will see your diapers when you bend over.” Your partner lets out a chuckle. “Um …,” you say before finding your voice, “thank you. I … Thank you. That will help a lot.” And you mean it. Childish, yes, but also practical, and you know it comes from the heart. “Really? You really like it,” your mom asks. “I love it.” “O thank goodness. I was so nervous. I was afraid you’d be upset with me.” “What? Never. I know you’re just thinking of me. I really appreciate this. It’s a great idea.” “There’s a few in different colors and few plain white ones, and I made one just for Christmas.” She takes the box off your lap and digs through the folded diaper shirts until she finds the one she’s looking for: green and white stripes with red piping along the sleeves and neckline, with a reindeer applique in the center of the chest. “Well,” she asks with a beaming smile. “Did you do this needlework by hand,” your partner marvels at the reindeer. “Yep, and I can teach you. I have the pattern, so we can make more.” “That would be great.” “We can make other things too,” your mom explains. “If we have a pattern, we just need to change the measurements to fit. I’ll show you.” “I’d like that.” “There’s one more thing in the box,” your mom says excitedly. “And I know this isn’t exactly cool, but I know you like to be warm.” She’s rambling now. “And it’s okay if you don’t like it. Really. You won’t hurt my feelings. It’s not to everyone’s …” “Mom,” you interrupt, “I’m sure I’ll like it.” You put your hand on top of hers, and she looks back at you with a warm Christmas smile before she starts taking the onesies out of the box and laying them on the bed. “It’s on the bottom,” she apologizes. “Here,” and with that she lifts a footed sleeper out of the box by its shoulders. The one she used for a pattern was for a toddler, and the zipper on that one was in the back, so she made one in your size with the zipper on the back too, not thinking you wouldn’t be able to get it on and off without help. “O my goodness, that is so cute,” your partner gushes. “Wow,” is your clever response. “That will definitely be warm.” “You like it?” “Yes.” “You really like it?” “Really,” you try to convince her but aren’t entirely sincere. What matters is she made it, so of course you like it. Love it even. But perhaps won’t like actually wearing it. “O, that makes me so happy.” She leans forward to hug you, and you hug back. “I just want Christmas to be perfect for everyone.” “I know. You always do such a good job,” you say and rub her back. When she leans away, you get a better look at the sleeper. The pattern is the same as the Christmas onesie, except the sleeper also has a reindeer tail. Snaps extend across the crotch and down both legs, at the end of which are soft-soled slippers below an elastic ankle cuff. “Try it on,” she urges you. “Um …” “Tomorrow,” your partner interjects. “When we come back for Christmas morning. In fact, I’ll wear my pajamas too.” “We all will,” your mom agrees. Her, your dad, your younger sister, you, and your partner. Your older sister will be opening gifts with her own family, and in the afternoon, you’ll head over to spend the evening with your partner’s family. “But we can try on the onesie right now,” your partner decides. You turn to look at her over your shoulder, and the look she gives back says yes, you will too. It’s not so much that you don’t want to argue in front of your mother as you don’t want to risk hurting your mom’s feelings, so you nod. “Of course,” you say. “I can’t wait to see you in it,” your mom says. “Lay back.” “What?” “Lay back, sweetie.” “We were just about to …” you say. “O, don’t be so silly,” your mom says as she bends down to pluck the diaper bag from the floor. “I did this every night when you were a kid.” You look at your partner for support, and she shrugs. “That was one of your birthday presents one year, remember,” your mom says because she’s a mom and is oblivious to when she’s embarrassing you. She turns back toward you and puts a hand on your shoulder, gently pushing you back. “Lay back. It’s okay.” You do, and she starts taking out everything she needs for a diaper change. “What birthday was that,” she asks absentmindedly. “Do you remember? You said all you wanted was to be allowed to put your nighttime diapers on yourself. It had to be after thirteen or I never would’ve let you. Of course that’s not all we got you, but I did give in and just checked that you did a good job before you went to sleep. Remember?” You’re blushing, and your partner is doing a poor job of suppressing a smile. “Did you know they make diapers for adults with cute designs on them,” your mother asks. “I saw them online when I was doing some searching for onesie patterns. Not that you’d like those probably, but they are cute, and the reviews say they work very well. People are in such a fuss that this new one is only available in Japan right now; it is adorable, but people just need to be patient. It’ll get here.” She spots the packet of rubber gloves and pauses, understanding what they’re for and turning her attention back to you as she puts an empathatic hand on your thigh. Her eyes tell you she’s sorry you have to deal with this, and she keeps her hand there as she turns toward your partner. “I’m so glad the two of you have each other.” She turns back to you. “I couldn’t have picked a better partner for you.” A tear once again appears at the corner of your eye. “Hhh,” your mom pretends to gasp, “you always were mommy’s little crybaby.” She leans down to kiss you on the cheek. “Everything is going to be okay because you two have each other, and of course I’ll always be your mommy. That’s just how it works.” She sounds almost choked up herself. “Anyway, we’re holding up dessert,” she says and clears her throat. “You’re making everyone wait,” you ask as though that’s the nicest thing she could do for you in the moment. “Of course. I know you look forward all year to my Christmas cake.” “Here,” your partner says, “lemme help.” She gets your shoes and socks off, and wanting to not seem completely helpless, you begin to unbuckle your belt. Your mom bats your hands away, and with nothing to do until she tells you to lift your hips, you have a moment to consider why you’re allowing this to happen. You turn your head to look away, and with your ear to the mattress you hear the crinkle of the plastic sheet under the bedclothes. You know exactly why. It’s embarrassing but not mortifying – not what you're wearing nor why nor that your mother is about to see your nudity – because the two of you have done this many times before. She did let you put on your own bedtime diaper when you pleaded for your fifteenth birthday. Not that it was the last time your mother did this as she sometimes insisted when you were under the weather or just very tired right up until you dried up at night towards the end of your senior year. You knew you must’ve been the only senior who had to wear a pull-up on that right-of-passage road trip with your parents to visit colleges. How relieved you were to be dry by the time you filled out your residency form, thrilled to be able to leave off any reason why you couldn’t share a room with someone else and have a regular college experience. Your problem got better for a number of years before beginning to get worse than it had ever been, leaving you in the position you find yourself now. And that fifteenth birthday wasn’t so long ago in the scheme of things, and even less time from your mother’s perspective. For you it’s half a lifetime, but for her it’s yesterday because that’s how time works for moms. “Just wet,” your mother announces when your pants are off. “Usually,” your partner says, “but sometimes there’s a little present in there waiting for you. There was earlier.” Whether the last time your mom changed you was recent or not, that was embarrassing, but saying so would only be more childish than what was already happening, so you don’t say anything. “So how has it been going,” your mom asks as she tears the tapes open on your diaper, and you know the question is directed at your partner and not you. “We’ve both adjusted and gotten used to it. We had some hiccups early on, and there was a blowout at the mall …” “O goodness. I’m sorry to hear that.” But not as sorry as you were to endure it. “…but you live and learn.” “And then get Luvs,” your mom finishes with a chuckle as she wipes down your diaper area. “Ha! It’s the social aspect we’re still working on. Just a couple friends know so far.” “Your friends won’t care, sweetie,” your mom tells you, “And if they do, then they’re not your real friends.” Which is such a mom thing to say, and you manage to not roll your eyes. “I brought a nighttime one,” your partner says as she gets the right diaper out of the bag. “Goodness,” your mom says again, the closest the woman has ever come to a cuss word in your presence. “I wish they’d made them this thick when you were younger. I had to double diaper and get some plastic panties so we wouldn’t have leaks more nights than not.” “Plastic panties,” your partner asks. “You don’t know about those?” “Still new to this.” “Such a lifesaver, and with the mush tush accidents they’d help hold the smell in.” “We don’t call them accidents anymore. If it happens in undies, it’s an accident, but diapers are supposed to be used, so these are incidents.” “That’s very sweet,” your mom says, casting a grateful look at your partner, glad she’s so understanding and doing so much to help you through this adjustment. “Anyway, if there’s a dirty diaper incident,” she says, stressing the word, “in public, plastic panties would maybe save some embarrassment. Nothing quite as unpleasant as everyone smelling you have a poopy diaper, is there sweetie?” Now you’re not sure what’s worse: being included or excluded from this conversation. “All done,” your mom announces as she seals the last tape on your diaper. “You look kind of cute in your diapie, just like you used to.” “What do you say,” your partner asks. “Uh, thanks, Mom.” “You’re very welcome. Just a mom’s job … Ope, and a partner’s if needed.” She takes your hands and helps you sit up. “Stick ‘em up.” You do, and she helps you take your Christmas sweater and undershirt off while your partner unsnaps the Christmas onesie and rolls it up in her hands. “Keep ‘em there, buster,” she says, and your mom pivots out of the way, rolling up your used diapers and repacking your diaper bag while your partner slips the onesie over your head and helps you get your arms through the sleeves. She hasn’t been helping you dress until tonight, and it doesn’t occur to you to wonder whether you should expect more of that treatment. Your mother hands her the pajama pants from the diaper bag and folds your actual pants to put in the diaper bag. You reach for the pajamas, but your partner holds them back. “Not yet. We haven’t seen yet. Stand up.” You do, and your partner leans down and reaches between your legs to find the back flap of the onesie, her forearm pressing firmly into the front of your diaper as she does. A tap on the inside of your thigh tells you to open your legs for her, and as you glance down and back up, feeling self-conscious again, she closes the five snaps. “Let’s show your mom,” your partner says as she straightens up and turns you toward your mother, who is zipping up the diaper bag and turns to see at the same time. “O, it’s perfect,” your mom says. “You look so cute.” She steps toward you gives you another hug, and you don’t jump this time when she reaches down to pat your diapered bottom, not just once this time but six times in rapid succession as she practically beams with pride, of her handiwork of or of you, you’re not sure, but it’s for you. She’s always proud of you. She leans back again, keeping her hands on your shoulders. “Does it feel alright?” “Yes,” you say as you nod quickly. “And you really like it?” “Yes, Mom, I do. Thank you again.” This time you initiate a hug, and it’s your mom who has teary eyes. “I’m so glad. I just want to help. It’s hard seeing your baby go through things like this.” “We appreciate any help you offer,” your partner reassures her. “Ready for pants,” she asks you. She holds open your pajama pants, and you step into them. “I need bigger ones,” you say absentmindedly, something you’ve said several times over the past month. They fit too snugly around your bedtime diapers. “We’ll see what Santa brought in the morning,” your partner says as she puts warm socks on your feet because they always get cold at night. “I really have to go down there like this?” “You can wear your new sleeper.” “Honey,” your mom says, “everyone here loves you. No one would dream of making fun of you, and if they do, they’ll have to answer to me.” She always was protective when it came to making sure no one made fun of you for your problem. “That’s what I said,” your partner chimes in. “You ready for cake,” your mom asks. She opens the door, and your big sister walks by with your five-year-old niece in her arms. The little tyke is also wearing her jammies so she can go straight to bed when she gets home. She’s already almost asleep in her mom’s arms. You all head downstairs, and you get complimented on your new ‘shirt,’ and everyone congratulates your mom for doing such a good job on it. Not a word is said about your diaper bulge or the two diapers, one dirty, in the kitchen trash. You’re almost ready to fall asleep when you get in the car for the ride home, and though you’re a little damp when by the time she steers you to the bedside, your partner yawns as she says, “You’ll last til morning.” And in the morning, you’ll wake up and open presents at home with her before heading back to your parents’ house for yet more presents, this time wearing your new sleeper, and who knows, maybe some of those cute diapers your mom mentioned will be waiting under the tree. Maybe you’ll have a dirty diaper while opening presents – you usually do that time of morning – and it will go unremarked while you all finish opening because some things are more important than getting you into clean pants right away, like Christmas and presents and family. Maybe your partner will change you, maybe your mom, or maybe even your little sister, just two years younger than you but still living at home. It wouldn’t be the first time, and after all, your partner already packs a box of changing supplies to leave at your parents’ house. But no matter. Whatever happens, it will be fine, and so will you. That knowledge and the sense of peace it creates in your heart is the best Christmas present you could hope for. You can read Alex’s extensive library of sweet and kinky ABDL fiction on Patreon, Amazon, and SubscribeStar.
  7. Planets and Pacifiers By Horatio Husky Ion engines engines efficiency at 87% Cooling system: normal Internal atmospheric composition: normal Navigation system: active Radiation shield: active Cargo Hold temperature: 282.9 degrees kelvin Cockpit temperature: 293.9 degrees kelvin Bridge temperature: 293.4 degrees kelvin Exterior temperature 2.7 degrees kelvin Complete system diagnosis: nominal Current Coordinates: 14.22524 tesseracts, 1532.24642 leths, 35.99946 endons Nebula Location Adjacency: Iago’s nebula “Yeah yeah yeah, stuff it.” A light orange fox lounged in a pilot’s seat, designed to be sat in in an upright, rigid position in order to maximize alertness in its user. Apollo did not seem to be so keen on respecting the design of the chair, for his posture gave off every impression except one of attention. He rolled his eyes and twirled a finger in his thick, yellow-dyed headfur. Did the machine really have to recite the information out loud every hour he thought to himself, as he yawned and stretched his arms and legs lethargically. A little shorter and light furred than most orange foxes his age, the 20 year old pilot was bored of his freight mission. “Work in the space fleet they said. It’ll be an adventure they said. You’ll rise through the ranks quickly they said.” he spoke aloud in a mocking tone, scrunching his face up and bringing his lip back, wagging his head in mock chipperness. The fox once again rolled his eyes, and glanced up at the various monitors in front of him, his well trained eyes picking out the pertinent pieces of information before him amongst the myriad of pointless stats and figures. The fox was driving a standard issue military freighter, loaded with food rations, armor supplies, energy cells, hygiene products, and other various necessities required by the military. A crucial job to keep the military sane, but still a very boring one. Apollo wished he wasn’t still such a low ranking pilot, and getting assigned a two month mission of just going from system to system had been taking a serious toll on his mind. He had grown tired of video games, movies, and even the virtual reality simulator, which unfortunately for him, had only demo access on the ship model he’d been stuck with. Cheap bastards. A notification appeared on one of the 9 monitors displayed on the glass in front of him, behind the glass a dual star system was fast approaching, the twin suns each radiating their light, as if to welcome the pilot to their system. The ship itself was shaped like the tip of an arrow, with a larger cylindrical portion hitched to its back, containing the various supplies. The dragon sperm was the nickname Apollo had unaffectionately dubbed his ship which he was more and more beginning to see as a prison of little stimulation. He waved a paw lazily, the dashboard registered his lackadaisical movement and opened the notification. A green x-ray image of what looked to be an abandoned station appeared in front of him, along with coordinates. His eyes glanced to them, and then excitedly sat up in his seat, boredom and self-pity forgotten. “It’s in the upcoming system, along the way!” he said aloud, ecstatic at finding such a relic. Running a quick diagnosis he was told that the station’s power system was in sleep mode as well as the on board AI, for how long it had been deactivated wasn’t specified, but the exterior looked as if it had taken a few decades of being beaten by the radiation pouring out by the sister stars only around 19 million kilometers away. Its primary objective for construction was also stated as infant care, which took him aback for a second. Recovering quickly, Apollo stuck his tongue out to the side of his maw, and excitedly concentrated at overriding the ship’s commands to continue on its passage, just for a quick stop to explore this obviously very important case of spatial exploration. He scratched at his white chest fur with a paw absentmindedly as he flipped a few switches, and pressing a button a semi-circle attached to a bar appeared, grasping the steering wheel he began to gently guide his ship towards the abandoned space station. “Haha!” he grinned to himself,”Finally I can actually use this piece of ship!” Grinning at his stupid pun, he approached the station. As he grew closer he noticed that it was larger than he expected, with a wide array of solar panels that seemed mostly intact, and surprisingly large ship loading and unloading docks. It’s gravitational anchor was a small, red looking planet which Apollo knew from his space class was probably due to oxidation of iron with the soil. Ignoring the planet he synced up his speed to the velocity of the station and chose a smaller landing area that seemed best sheltered from the radiation pouring from the center of the solar system. “Easy does it, come on you’ve done this dozens of times, YES!” exclaimed Apollo, as with a resounding noise the ship docked with the docking area, and the all too familiar hiss of an airlock engaged, connecting with the station. The scrawny fox giddily hopped out of his pilot’s seat and scampered his tail swishing excitedly over to his space suit. Almost shaking with glee, he quickly stepped into his space boots and allowed the system to place the rest of the suit on him. It couldn’t do it quick enough, however after a minute his helmet had set in place, and, clicking his heels together, the static adhesive pads activated on his boots and he stepped into the airlock. More hissing followed and the sounds of heavy metals moving was heard, and with a shudder, the airlock opened to reveal a more colorful spectacle than he had expected. A green light appearing on his helmet as he entered, he clicked a latch on the side of his space suit neck while also pressing a button on a wrist terminal on his left arm. With a sharp hiss, the helmet came off, and Apollo breathed in deeply. A strange yet oddly nostalgic smell entered his sensitive nostrils, and he frowned sniffing further, trying to identify the smell. “Is that… talcum powder?” he mused to himself, as he took a step further into the station. Along the walls were various infantile patterns of little cubs, kittens, puppies, and other children, some of them wearing little space suits and diapers, while others slept on crescent moons or floated through space, attached by a lifeline on a spacewalk exploring the galaxy. Cute, thought Apollo to himself, as he tapped his shoulder to activate a flashlight on it and after moving his eyes up and down and side to side, its beam synchronized with his own focused vision. He continued to walk through the facility, which was only lit by some of the twin star’s lights coming through windows that appeared every once in a while spanning from floor to ceiling, the red gravity anchor planet also reflecting the starlight into the station, giving it a soft, almost pinkish atmospheric light. On his way he passed a particularly sophisticated looking synthetic arm, hanging from the ceiling presumably via magnetism, for there seemed no obvious mechanic for it to be able to move from its spot as it hung dejectedly from the ceiling. “Aww man, is there going to be any loot in here? I really want to be able to show off to the others that I had an actual adventure!” Apollo complained, as he rounded into a corridor with several entrances. Picking the closest one to his left, the door opened automatically when he stepped in front of it to his great surprise, and revealed to him what looked like a room to change an infant’s diapers. A changing table with a menagerie of baby products stood as the centerpiece in the room, along with more depressed looking yet highly futuristic mechanical arms hanging above it, their skin a shiny white color and their exposed wire and machinery parts a glistening black. He noticed that the floor he’d been walking on was a rather soft looking blue carpet, and looking back the way he came he also observed that everything seemed to be designed with comfort in mind, for the safety of the children being taken care of here presumably. Clicking his wrist terminal, he tapped around until he found a locator, and followed the instructions on his monitor through a series of doors and corridors. Seeing much more of the cutesy tyke space exploration mosaic, he finally arrived at a hallway where he saw what looked like a terminal at the end. Striding over to it, he tapped experimentally on the large black screen. To his delight the screen illuminated, and he tapped through various windows until he arrived at an inventory and functionality list. His trained mind perusing quickly behind the boring details, he arrived at the description of the station’s purpose. “The primary objective of this institution is the cultivation and upbringing of infants through the first few stages of development; giving them an opportunity to develop stronger immune systems through systematic control of inoculation as well as stimulated development via exposure to an environment such as this space station, where the air, food, and lifestyle are all designed with the healthy and happy development of the child in mind. After the period of post-birth incubation is over, the children are then shipped out using a state of the art long-term space travel system to arrive at their final destination with highly stimulated beginnings and a matured immune system. As of this past century, the entire system has undergone a success in complete automation.” “Huh, a retro-nursery. Sure wish my parents stuck me in one of these before I turned 2, maybe then I could have become a cyborg engineer,” the fox muttered to himself sarcastically. He tabbed through more information screens, which just displayed various shipment records of supplies as well as a few analytics on the function of the energy system. Apollo was a little confused why the station was in a state of hibernation, for as he clicked through he realized that all of the systems in the place were running smoothly with no need for any major repairs. He frowned, and tried accessing an administrative tab to see if he could see if the station had been turned off intentionally. Something squeezed his shoulder and Apollo yelped loudly, ”BWAH!” His helmet which he’d been toting with him under his arm fell from his grasp, and landed softly on the carpet. Whirling around he found that one of the mechanical arms was firmly grasping his shoulder, tapping its index finger expectantly. He brushed away at it, but before he could try and get away from it it released him and pointed down the hallway to the right of the terminal, as if saying,”Come on bub, this way.” The fox blinked, then leaned down to pick up his fallen helmet, cocking his head to the side curiously,”I thought this place was in the hibernation mode.” As if to directly prove him wrong, the hall he was on became illuminated with cheery yellow lights, and he could hear whirring and clanging, as well as what sounded like a generator firing up somewhere in the institution. He looked around, bewildered but a little excited to see the station coming alive again. His excitement turned to a startled feeling however as the arm, seemingly rather impatient, grabbed his wrist and began tugging him down the hall at which it had pointed. Apollo protested, and tried yanking his way out of the arm’s grasp, but found himself comfortably yet firmly trapped in its vice, and all he could do was keep up with wherever it was leading him. His heart rate increased and he tried getting to his wrist terminal, but found that the jostling rate of the arm’s tugging didn’t allow him to punch in the code for a distress signal back to his ship. “Let go you piece of scrap! I’m the captain of a ship! Even though it’s a one man ship… Still a ship!” The arm utterly ignored his indignance as they rounded around a bend and the fox found himself back at the familiar hall with multiple entrances on the left and right. He was half lead half dragged into an entrance to the left, where he found himself faced with five more arms all expectantly holding various physician’s items and forms of measurement. Apollo was seriously starting to panic as the arm that lead him in released him only to immediately click a button on a panel next to the entrance and shut the door behind him. Two more arms descended from the ceiling and grabbed him by the upper arms, he thrashed and kicked, dropping his helmet once again and flailed, trying to get away from the metal captors. The arms began to assail their poor victim with the various instruments, looking inside his ears, forcing his jaw open to inspect his teeth with the instruments, grabbing at various muscles and one arm even had the gaul to gently squeeze his unspeakables. He yelped and twitched a little bit when that happened, yipping at an arm as it passed his head, furious with being manhandled without any consent. The arm that he had snapped at stopped moving, and quickly reversed direction back upwards into a surprisingly high ceiling. Noting that it seemed to reach for something high above him, it quickly descended back towards him and before he could react popped some sort of rubber bulb in his mouth. He tried spitting it out, but found that another arm was fastening something behind the back of his head which pulled on his cheeks, and with a muffled gasp he realized he was being gagged. Not just any gag though, as he moved the alien structure around in his mouth and attempted to suck on it, he realized the arm had stuck a pacifier in his mouth. “Em nawt a ba-MMM!” the bulb in the pacifier suddenly inflated in his mouth substantially, and Apollo found to his dismay that he was not longer able to open his mouth enough to even attempt to say words. He huffed into his pacifier, but before he could further reflect on his situation a panel appeared in the wall in front of him approximately a yard wide and tall, and looking closer he saw that a conveyor belt appeared to be moving inside of the panel opening. Jostling him the arms pushed him towards the conveyor belt and then lifted him onto it, he thrashed and flailed but to no avail, as he was deposited on the conveyor belt the panel shut behind him, and the only illumination was the flashlight on his space suit, which still followed wherever he gazed. The company which had designed the clever device warned strongly to never have it synced with in total darkness, for only seeing light in one’s central vision but never in their peripheral vision could cause bad paranoia and even hallucinations. Given the situation the fox seemed to have landed himself into, his paranoia was already sky high. He got himself up to his knees on the moving belt, only to have something thump him on the back back onto his stomach. He growled into his pacifier gag with frustration, and then began to panic as he felt something unzipping his space suit and grabbing the wrist with his personal terminal on it. The flashlight switched off, and the poor vulpine was thrown into complete darkness as the suit registered it was being taken off. Helpless and blind, the fox soon was being completely stripped of all clothing he wore. He shivered, terrified as his naked body continued to progress on the belt. He felt more things touching him, the machine examining every nook and cranny of his body, leaving him feeling completely helpless. Suddenly another panel opened, and he found himself being thrust unceremoniously into a pool of bubbly water. He spluttered, his thick yellow hair in his face. He tried to clear his eyes of hair but once again found his arms restrained and felt several brushes assault various parts of his body. Surprisingly pleasant, he was able to see past a break in his sopping wet hair that he was being scrubbed head to toe by more mechanical arms in what he guessed was a large bath. Unable to do much but allow himself to be cleaned, Apollo cursed his stupidity at not being more careful. “Still,” he thought,”once the system does whatever this integration protocol is or whatever, I’m sure when it’s satisfied I’ll be able to get back to my ship.” Confident in this assumption, he reluctantly allowed the arms to finish cleaning him, lifting him out of the tub and blasting him with air from vents below where they had deposited him. As the air shut off, his hair fluffed out. He groaned, he must really looked like a little kid with all his fur all over the place. He reached back to try and unfasten his pacifier gag, but wasn’t quick enough for once again an arm grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him out of the room, down the soft carpet, which the still naked Apollo now appreciated, and into the room he had first seen. Before him stood a changing table. “That is a big no from me,” thought Apollo, as to his dismay he was lifted up onto the table and had his wrists and ankles strapped to the corners. The poor fox whimpered, unhappy that he seemingly had lost all freedom and trust to do anything for himself. He winced and tried moving away from an arm that began to spread a white cream into his fur around his groin, on his bottom, and, tensing, around his sensitive bits. Another arm gently slid a hand under his lower back, and lifted him upwards. The fox looked down at himself, and saw that one arm was rising up clutching a thick, dark blue diaper with constellation patterns adorning it. The solar sailor squirmed and moaned in objection as the diaper was unfolded and slid gently under his quivering bottom. As he settled down on it he was surprised at the incredibly softness of the material against him. Another mechanical arm began applying generous amounts of baby powder in his diaper area, causing him to sneeze and shiver. Putting away the various infantile cosmetical supplies, the arms folded the front of the diaper over Apollo’s front, and snugly taped it in place, three tapes on each side. Apollo flexed his thighs and his buttcheeks, realizing that the soft padding was firmly in place. The corner restraints released, but before he could attempt to escape where previously the restraints held his wrists and ankles arms grasped him, lifting him out off of the changing table and unceremoniously carrying him out of the room, much to his displeasure. Trying to thrash and twist out of their grasp, the fox suckled nervously on his pacifier gag as he was carried into yet another room, inside of which were various mirrors and cabinets from the floor high up into the tall ceiling. The arms carried him to the center of the room, where he was able to see his pathetic state in one of the mirrors. His cheeks reddened, the fox was already a little bit on the small size, but the pacifier and the diaper did little to make him look like the adult he was. The poor pilot had gone from commanding his own ship to looking like he able to do little else than use his own diapers and suckle his pacifier. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed some more arms that had appeared from above shuffling through the cabinets. The four arms that had carried him in still firmly holding him in the air, and the arms that had been searching through cabinets soon descended on him with various items. He felt a pressure on his ankle, and looked down to see a slim black bracelet placed above his footpaw. A small red light appeared on it, which turned to green and quickly vanished. His tail curled around his thigh, right under his diaper. “I’ve just been tagged! Am I going to be imprisoned here? Why would they need to track me?!” he thought apprehensively. Something went over his ears and onto his head, then fastened underneath his chin. He looked up into the mirror to see what was being put on him but was blinded by yet another thing being pulled over his head. The arms meandered their way into releasing and grasping his limbs once again as he was forced into a piece of clothing. His head emerging, he saw in the mirror that he was garbed in a thick, and rather heavy infant gown with a bonnet fastened over his hair. Feeling incredibly humiliated and infantile, his indignance was further increased as the arms thrust his hands into blue rounded mittens, and locked them in place with a touch of a finger on the wrist cloth, a lock symbol glowing briefly, telling Apollo he was not getting out of them any time soon. “Blasted station! How on earth is such a sophisticated looking system mistake an adult for a newborn infant?!” he once again thought to himself in frustration and panic. He moaned desperately into his pacifier, realizing that he may not be able to get of his situation as soon as the machine was done babying him. He’d have to wait until the machine left him alone with some time and he could figure out somehow how to get his gag and mittens off. Seeing how his clothes and wrist communicator had been confiscated by the machine, he’d have to do some exploring through the facility to voice activate it. In an all too familiar motion the arms grabbed his limbs and raised him up once more, parading him out of the room and down the hallway. They traveled for a longer period than previously, and Apollo was able to marvel at the true size and infantile design the station sported. It really made him feel as if he were inside a giant nursery, designed to make the environment as soothing and babyish as possible with the patterns on the wall, soft curves of the corners, and the ever persistent smell of baby powder lingering in the air. Or maybe that was just him,”Ugh…” thought the fox to himself,”Where on earth are these things taking me?” After a minute more of being carried through the various passageways they arrived at a large arch, above which was written ”Incubation Pods.” Apollo’s pacifier would have dropped from his agape mouth had it not been snuggly strapped in. The room they entered was gigantic, several hundred meters from wall to wall, ceiling to ceiling, with wide pathways in the center allowing access to both mechanical arms and any bipeds or quadrupeds wanting to admire the space and walk through it. Between tall, narrow windows revealing the gorgeous outer space outside were several spacious pods, around three meters long and two meters wide. Apollo’s question of what was inside of the pods lining the walls was soon answered as the arms magnetic rail connection clipped onto a vertical rail line and he began to ascend upwards. Although a pilot, Apollo still was rather uncomfortable with large heights and with no titanium and carbon fiber vessel to hold him securely in place he tensed with apprehension as the arms carried him upwards. Maneuvering towards a pod in the center of the room, a few pods away from the nearest vertical window the fox saw that the interior was lined with soft, blue padding, a thick fleece blanket covered the middle, and several large fluffy pillows and a few choice large stuffed animals were contained within the pods. The upper half was made of a clear substance, and one of the pods lifted this translucent lid slightly with as hiss as the arms approached with their prey: the poor, rather babyishly garbed fox pilot. Presuming that he’d be put in one of the pods Apollo once again resumed his struggles, now in bigger earnest than before. He kicked and thrashed, yelling into his gag in anger as he exerted himself. His elbow connected with something hard, and he felt a rather nasty pain coming from his arm but realized with delight he must have succeeded in causing some damage. He glanced down, just in time to see one of the arms shattering into a million pieces on the walkway below. Looking up, he saw the end of what remained of the arm, sparking with electricity. Using his now freed arm he reached to attack the others that held him, but almost wet his newly acquired padding instead. Two dozen arms were now surging towards him, they grabbed his arms, legs, torso, and head, with the firmness increasing more and more as he attempted to resist them. They deposited him into the pod, pulling back the heavy looking blanket several arms pulled out several straps and folds hidden within the seams of the internal bedding. A harness with straps thick enough to almost constitute as clothing were drawn across his torso and crotch, tightly fastening them by what looked like velcro the fox. He tried moving and pawing at the restraints with his mittens, but found that it held him tightly in place in the center of the pod. He threw his head back and harrumphed in frustration as the arms retreated from the pod, the glass covering sealing back into place leaving the pilot to his own thoughts. He squirmed, pathetically tring to his use mittened paws to grasp at his secured torso, his pacifier, and the bonnet on his head tied under his chin. “This is humiliating,” he thought to himself,”I’ll never be able to live this down if anybody finds out, but how the hell am I supposed to escape if every time I do anything I get swarmed by those wretched arms!” He gasped slightly, and suckled on his pacifier a few times before consciously stopping himself when he realized what he was doing. “That’s it! I just have to do exactly what the system wants me to do and behave like a baby, then pull a fast one at the last minute!” Had he not been limited in his mobility, Apollo would have patted himself on the back for such an ingenious idea. Before he could further congratulate himself on being the smartest space pilot in the entire galaxy he jumped with surprise as a panel in the side of the bedding of the pod appeared out of nowhere, and more arms appeared. Gods above he was getting really sick of him he thought, as he wearily watched them approach him. Unstrapping the pacifier gag behind his head, the fox had hardly an opportunity to say anything until another rubber stopper was deposited firmly in place. He frowned, biting down on it. A squirt of sweet liquid came into contact with his tongue, and he looking down he saw a large baby bottle had been placed into his maw, patterns of stars, comets, and planets adorning it. The liquid inside of the container was a slight pink color, and as the fox took an experimental suckle on the thing, realized it was flavored strawberry. Apollo loved strawberries, and against his better judgement listened to the anguished growl that arose from his stomach as he realized he had not eaten in quite a while. Mentally shrugging, he allowed himself to be fed from the bottle, the contents tasted like a creamy strawberry milkshake, one of his favorite treats as a young kit back on his home planet. His eyelids drooped, and the interval between each suckle on his baba lengthened. A soothing female voice suddenly began to filter into the little crib pod, whispering little nothings into his ear, cooing and admiring on how incredibly cute and sweet he was. Apollo’s ear twitched and and a drol smile spread across his face, feeling surprisingly content albeit the situation. He wondered why he’d been so worked up just a few minutes ago. Why fuss? He was snuggly secured in his little crib, and his belly was full of delicious strawberry flavored milkshake! He wriggled comfortably, feeling almost fuzzy with coziness. He hardly noticed as the arms withdrew the bottle from his milk stained lips to be once again replaced with the pacifier gag, pulled the heavy blanket onto him, moved a pillow under his head, and placed a large, red dragon plushie in his arms, which he sleepily hugged tightly to himself with both arms. The little pilot’s consciousness dripped, then ebbed, and then slowly sank into a deep sleep, his breath slowing and his mind set at an ease he hadn’t experienced since he had been a little kit oh so many years ago. Apollo would barely remember this occurring later, but after what must have been only a few hours he woke up, but still felt incredibly sleepy from his deep sleep. He squirmed uncomfortably, and found that his surroundings were dark. His mind still in the clouds of hypnos, he tried to get up to empty his bladder. For some reason he wasn’t able to, and his still incredibly sleepy mind didn’t want to put forth more effort than it had to. He settled back down, and as he drifted back to sleep he felt a warm dampness spreading near the front of his crotch. His previously very full bladder now relieved, Apollo snuggled his cheek against the dragon plushie he hugged tightly, his padding now a little bigger and more tightly pressed against him than it had been previously. Apollo let out a sigh, and went back to sleep. ~ ~ ~ His vision was blurry and the light too harsh for his dark-accustomed eyes. He raised a paw to shield them from the brightness, and as his eyes went back into focus he saw the locked mitten still fixed on his hand. The events that had recently happened to him came flooding back, and suddenly he was wide awake. Shifting around to check if he was still secured in the straps, he felt something damp in his diaper. A feeling of shock and slight dread filled him, as he moved around further. “Did I wet myself when I slept?!” his mind screamed, as he brought his thighs together. To his dismay the absorbent material inside his diaper squished and crinkled, confirming his suspicions. His stomach gurgled, and his anxiety intensified as he realized that he had not used the toilet in a very long time. A pressure began to form on his lower abdomen, building up and pressing on his furry behind. Groaning he covered his face with his mittened paws and unconsciously suckled on his pacifier, he clenched his cheeks together, refusing to give up this aspect of his adulthood. The battle was waged for several minutes, but Apollo saw how it would eventually end. He whimpered, the pain beginning to register a higher intensity as he tried not to mess himself. A tear welled up in his right eye, and with a defeated cry muffled from his pacifier the contents of his bowels thundered into the backseat of his padding. He leaned forward slightly, bringing his legs up only to be hindered by the heavy blanket still weighing down upon him. The warm messed ballooned into his diapers, spreading out slightly into the front of his diaper. His release had been complete, for along with the back he had also wet the front even more. Apollo, military space pilot, captain of the ‘dragon sperm,’ had helpless used his diapers like a baby. No readjustment or movement allowed him to get away from the mess in his pants, the crinkling was muffled by the blanket as he shifted, the restrictive straps further pressing the padding onto his body as the material had swelled with his multiple instances of wetting. He lay there for what felt like an hour, during which he once again wet his diapers. “I must have been drugged, why would my body be reacting like this just because I’m dressed in baby clothes?” He shook his head, cursing himself for being so stupid as the puzzle pieces fell into place. They must have given him quite the cocktail to have completely incapacitated him to the point of being unable to keep his pants clean. “Good morning piddlepants!” a voice rang through the pod, jumping Apollo out of his revery. He looked around confused, the voice behind the exclamation was the same as the AI announcer voice he had heard before his rather lengthy nap, and it surprised him to be hearing it addressing him so directly. “How’s our little baby boy today! Did we use our diapers last night? Good little babies use their diapers and let their mommies and daddies love them for it!” Blushing at the infantile talk, Apollo saw through the glass that several arms were approaching his pod, clutching various changing supplies they approached, reaching into it as with another hiss the upper dome opened. Moving the blanket off of the little pilot they worked at unstrapping him out of the bundle and unclothed him until only his used diaper was open to the air. The smell hit his nostrils and he whimpered, a feeling of complete helplessness coursing through his mind as the arms held his own above his head and untapped his diaper. Cool, soothing baby wipes began wiping his messed fur, and he was slightly relieved that the arms were doing a good job at cleaning his accident from his body. The diaper was wrapped up, and a cream and powder was once again generously applied to his diaper area, his boy parts and cheeks rubbed with the substance to ensure maximum coverage. Cringing at the infantility of it all, he was both glad and dismayed when another, even thicker, diaper was placed beneath his raised behind, and he was securely fastened back into thick padding, the tapes snuggly ensuring he was nice and comfy inside of his thick underpants. The arms did what they did best and grabbed and lifted him up, his heart falling somewhere into his thick padding as he was retrieved from inside of the pod and carried back down onto the walkways in the middle of the vast space. At the bottom he saw what looked like a carriage, and found himself being placed into a thick, cushy bag of sorts. His arms were wrapped around himself and his knees were brought up to his chest. The fox squirmed, not uncomfortable but confined in what the fox took to be an oversized bunting bag. The arms placed and secured him into the carriage, strapping the bunting bag in over his chest and legs. Apollo could only suckle on his pacifier still lodged in his mouth and squirm as he was lead out of the giant room and further into the station. Something about the structure of the station where he was traveling through rang a bell, and he realized that they must be heading towards the main docking station he had spotted earlier when looking for an appropriate entrance. One of the arms delicately pushed the carriage through the station, and after what seemed like the longest hallway in the entire facility they emerged into another open space, smaller than where the pods were kept but still impressively large. The docks overlooked the vastness of space and were separating the bubble of air that Apollo relied on by a pink force field which buzzed quietly. Apollo was lifted out of his carriage and saw out of the corner of the force field window about half of his ship, still docked where he had left it. His heart leaped up in excitement, as he began to struggle even more against his bonds, hoping the ship would register his distress through the force field and send a signal for help. Help arrived at that very instant, but not the kind that the pilot expected. Another military freighter arrived, decelerating as it approached his docked ship, and Apollo whooped into his pacifier as he saw it approach his ship. His vision was blocked as the arms placed him into a small ship he hadn’t noticed. Seeing his reflection in one of the arm’s shiny white limbs he saw a picture of a stork in a spacesuit flying a ship with the words, ”Baby on board” written across its side. A glass seal then slid in front of him as arms located inside of the little space vessel secured him into a small baby seat, like the carseats he had seen kits being placed in when going on car trips. His pacifier gag was removed, and a bottle was thrust in instead, he bit down on the nipple of the bottle clenching it shut, he refused to be drugged again, he refused to be babied, he wanted release! A sweet, tinkling melody began playing from the speakers in the ship, and the voice of the AI once again began to coo at him, reassuring him that everything was going to be alright, that he was just a little helpless infant, and that he was well loved and comfortable. The ship rumbled, and the engines fired. As the little vessel rocketed out of the station, he saw way off in the distance the new freighter that had arrived, towing his old ship behind it as the ion engines reached maximum velocity. Apollo looked up in dismay and frustration at realizing that the new ship had not noticed his plight, and saw that a mirror was placed above him. He gawked at his appearance. The pilot was small for his age true, but now he looked even fluffier, shorter, and younger than he had before. With a bit of effort, he pulled his arms out of the bunting bag and examined his mittened paws. It was true, they seemed stubbier and shorter for some reason. The arm holding the bottle in his mouth squeezed it, and the fox found he was no longer able to contain the liquid from entering his mouth. As the liquid poured into his mouth the effect was almost immediate, he relaxed, his arms laying down by his sides as the babyseat began to rock forwards and backwards slightly, a slight vibration starting at the front and back seat of his diaper as the seat worked away at his tense nerves. The stars outside of his window twinkled, and the voice informed him that he should be excited for the future. His new mommy and daddy were waiting for their new baby. Apollo felt a release happen, and uncontrollably wet the front of his diaper. The sweet, strawberry solution tasted rich and creamy as allowed himself to be fed. His mind felt once again at ease, why should he care about his freighter? He was only a little kit! Piloting ships was something big furs did, not little baby ones! His eyelids grew heavy, and the fox began to doze contentedly; the ship cruised through the ethers of space, gently rocking the little fox to a pleasant sleep. The last thing his eyes saw before they dropped were the twin suns, their bright light still warmly radiating into space, now as if to wish him a farewell. ~ ~ ~ Do you enjoy reading my content? Check out my other stories on my page or follow me on Twitter or FA! Twitter: https://twitter.com/horatiohusky FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/horatiohusky/
  8. Basically, this idea was inspired by my current playthrough of New Horizons. Basically the idea is that when humans are offered a chance at island life by Tom Nook, what they don't know is that they are in fact going to be basically in a baby/pet role for all the animals on the island. The specifics are this: *Humans are rendered unconscious shortly after boarding the plane to the island; unbeknownst to them, during this time they are rendered completely incontinent and dressed in babyish clothes. *Upon arrival at the island, they are placed in the care of the animals (who take turns looking after them) until such time as a permanent nursery can be built for them. *While they are unconscious they are also given mental conditioning that creates uncontrollable urges to act "cute" and/or "babylike" at random; for example, if a human sees the Bunny Day character (forget his name atm), he/she may have the sudden and absolutely overpowering desire to hop around like a bunny and giggle, or something to that effect. *Humans are not allowed to change their own diapers, bathe themselves, or find or make their own food (they must either be bottle-fed or have food placed in front of them by their caretaker). If an animal gives them a command, the human must obey. *If the humans attempt to defy their control, they are given a tickle session until they wet themselves; the post-hypnotic trigger thus activated robs them of their intelligence, and when this effect is applied lost intelligence stays lost longer with each successive punishment. Three strikes, and your brain is turned to silly baby mush, and you truly become 100% helpless! This is not to say that humans are free to be treated poorly. Island management frowns heavily upon mistreatment and/or neglect of the island's human pet, and residents are encouraged to play with their human. All of the restrictions aside, humans are generally allowed to play and run around as they like. The focus of this RP would be on entirely harmless, non-sexual, non-humiliation and non-icky fluff. Basically, just a big cute fluff babyfest! This would be an open RP; the players would choose in advance what they would prefer to be: an animal, or a human. Islands can have multiple humans, but when the human house/nursery is built it is done so with the intention of housing all of the humans together. The RP would be open to anyone who wants to join in, so long as they post a character description here with the following format: CHARACTER NAME: SPECIES: GENDER: APPEARANCE:
  9. Aizawa Shouta-the infamous Eraserhead-wasn’t happy with Class 1-A. On numerous occasions he’d told them to shape up and they never had, they never started acting like adults or taking any type of responsibility. What he didn’t know was that they would soon start seeing him as nothing more than a baby, a baby they were going to be responsible for whether he liked it or not.
  10. Chapter 1 Caleb strolled through the forest, pokeball in hand. Today was the day, the 15-year-old mentally told himself, the day he finally, finally caught a pokemon of his own. Every other kid from the town had found one and started their journey years ago, and Caleb hated feeling left behind. A rustling in the nearby bushes alerted him to the presence of a pokemon. Stepping back cautiously in case it was dangerous, he saw a hypno slowly emerge from the greenery; Caleb smiled. “Wow! Talk about luck!” He raised his arm to throw the pokeball... only for something to catch his eye and distract him. It sparkled in the sunlight, and slowly began to move back and forth... back and forth... back and forth... Caleb slowly realized that the sparkling item in question was the hypno's coin. A part of him warned him not to look, that he'd be at the pokemon's mercy... but the more he watched, the more he questioned that voice. It's so pretty... so shiny and sparkly... maybe... maybe I should be at her mercy... I want to be at her mercy... I want to watch the pretty shiny sparkly coin and be at her mercy... Caleb didn't even register that he somehow knew the hypno was female. A smile slowly formed on his face as he sighed happily, relaxing every muscle in his body, his thoughts forming into a mantra repeated in time to the swinging coin. Back... and forth. O...bey. Back... and forth. O...bey. Back... and forth. O...bey. Back... and forth. O... bey. “Hyp... no... hyp... no... hyp... no... hyp... no...” Caleb's smile widened, too enraptured to realize that he, not the pokemon, was saying “hypno”. The mantra changed slightly as the hypno responded in a calm, soothing voice. “Hypno, no... hypno hyp hyp no, hypno hypno. Hyp hypno hypno!” To Caleb, the meaning was clear. <“Good job, little one... you're doing soooo good, watching my pretty coin. What a good boy you are!”> “Hyp... no... hyp... no... hyp... no... hyp... no...” Back... and forth... little... one... back... and forth... so... good... back... and forth... pretty... coin... back... and forth... good... boy... <“That's right, little one. Be a happy boy. It's silly-dum-dum time for you. You want to be sooo stupid and dum-dum, just a dumb little boy...”> Caleb could feel his intelligence slipping away, making him dumber and dumber. He was going to be very stupid indeed... and he couldn't wait. No more thinking, no more smarts, just empty-headed bliss. He'd be as dumb as a toddler. Back... and forth... little... one... back... and forth... Dum... dum... Back... and forth... little... boy... <“Aww, my baby is getting soooo stupid! Just a stupid baby... a happy baby... time to wet yourself, happy baby... you'll be soooo happy when you go pee-pee for mommy...”> No, not dumb as a toddler, dumb as a baby. Even better! Back... and forth... stu... pid... back... and forth... ba... by... back... and forth... hap... py... back... and forth... pee... pee... Caleb's pants quickly became utterly soaked as a near flood of pee came out, the sound hissing loudly as he sighed in utter happiness. He was happy because he made pee-pee for his mommy like a good little baby. <“Aww, my widdle baby made his first wetsy! I'll stop the coin and snap my fingers soon... when I do, you'll get your big boy thoughts back, but you won't be able to refuse anything I say, no matter how much you want to... and whenever I say 'silly baby', you'll be sooo stupid again...”> Caleb nodded, his smile not wavering. SNAP! “Wh... what? What happened?... Wait... I'm wet?!” Caleb tried to cover himself up in embarrassment, but a voice interrupted him. “Now now, babies don't feel shame! Take your pee-pee-pants off and be nakey for mommy!” Caleb suddenly realized that the hypno was talking, and he understood it. “No way—what?” His shock at his new comprehension was quickly eclipsed by how fast he was removing his clothes, tossing them aside until he was completely nude. He tried to cover himself up, but his body refused to do so. His horror only increased when he saw the hypno put the coin away and hold up something else: a very thick diaper covered in pictures of baby pokemon smiling happily in one hand, a bottle of baby powder in the other. “Good baby! Now lie down for mommy and let me diaper you!” His body once again obeying against his wishes, Caleb laid down on his back, the soft grass tickling his naked flesh as the hypno approached and covered his groin and butt with lots and lots of powder before putting him in the diaper. Its thickness was so great that Caleb knew he wouldn't be able to stand up, let alone walk. And yet, it wasn't uncomfortable... in fact, it was very comfortable... he shook off those thoughts as best he could. “Stop, I'm not a baby!” “Yes you are! You're just mommy's little baby! Aww, you look soooo cute!” “No, I'm a—” “Baby.” “I'm—” “A baby, that's right! What a good baby, you know what you are!” “STOP! I'M NOT A BIG BOY, I'M A BABY!” Caleb's eyes went wide as he realized what he'd just shouted, almost reflexively. The hypno just smiled, and with a wave of her hand, he felt himself floating in midair, suspended by her psychic powers. “Good baby! Time to come home with mommy.” Wearing nothing but a diaper, Caleb could do nothing as he floated helplessly along behind the hypno; as they passed through the forest, he tried to think of an escape plan... “Silly baby! You're too stupid and little to plan anything! And you don't ever want to escape from mommy!” A flip switched in Caleb's mind at the trigger word and the goofy smile returned. Heehee! Why would I want to run away? I'm happy to be sooo dum-dum! I like being a stupid dum-dum widdle baby for mommy! His cheer was so great he giggled happily like a baby, kicking his feet in the air as he floated along. Soon, they arrived in a clearing with a shimmering wall of light; passing through it revealed a large building painted in bright, soft colors, with a sign reading “Poke-nursery” above the door. The hypno walked in, followed swiftly by Caleb, who was soon deposited in a playpen. SNAP! Coming out of the trance once again, Caleb looked around, startled by his new surroundings. Strangely enough, he vaguely remembered something about his trance, though it was fuzzy like a fading dream... “Welcome to your new home, my sweet little diaper baby boy!” He looked up at the hypno, who was smiling warmly down at him. Before he could speak, she waved her hands, and he found himself shrinking down, his diaper shrinking with him. Though his appearance and physical age remained the same, he was now the size of an actual baby. Caleb didn't have much time to panic about this, as a few more pokemon approached; one was a hypno—this one male—accompanied by a miltank and a jynx. The male hypno smiled at him as well and spoke, and once again Caleb found himself understanding every word. “Hello, baby! I'm your daddy!” the male hypno said; gesturing to the miltank and the jynx, he continued. “These are your other caretakers, and they'll help us take good care of you! Meet Auntie Milk and Auntie Song!” The latter two cooed at him, talking to him in baby-talk as one would do toward an actual baby. Caleb had never felt more humiliated in his life, and blushed considerably... “Ah ah ah,” Mommy—no, the female hypno chided; “babies don't blush because babies aren't ever embarrassed!” He felt his embarrassment fading away rapidly, and was left not knowing what to feel about his current situation. His confusion increased as the miltank approached an picked him up, holding him against her udders. The miltank smiled down at him and spoke in a cheerful, playful tone, the kind meant for the smallest of infants. “Time for milkies, widdle baby!” No. That was a step too far. He shut his mouth tight and turned his head away, only to be pressed tighter against the udders. “Let Auntie Milk feed you, baby.” As the order came in, he found his mouth opening wide to allow one of the miltank's nipples to enter, and against his will he began suckling. To his surprise, the milk tasted good. No, not good; it tasted absolutely wonderful, and soon he found himself hugging the pokemon's soft, warm midsection tightly and suckling hungrily, eager for more. When one nipple went dry, he felt almost disappointed... until the miltank guided his head toward another. This time, he didn't hesitate, and in fact shoved his mouth onto the nipple with an almost desperate need. This process repeated until he had drunk from all four udders. The miltank then handed him over to the jynx, who cradled him in her arms like a baby. Caleb quickly realized that the milk had a physical effect on him; no longer was he lean and fit. Instead, he was chubby, his baby fat having returned. He squirmed in the jynx's arms, until she suddenly began singing, rocking him slowly back and forth as she did so. “Time to wet, baby boy! Time to wetsy-wet! All your shame and all your worries, you will soon forget, when you wetsy-wetsy-wetsy-wetsy-wet!” The song was soothing; Caleb had never heard anything so beautiful in his life. He barely noticed as he helplessly soaked his diaper, a loud hissing noise accompanying the swelling of the diaper. The hypno's earlier suggestion held on, preventing him from feeling embarrassed at the wetting... or was it the song? Either way, he felt absolutely no shame or worry at it, even though he knew he ought to be frightened. “Good baby,” the male hypno cooed, “time for a changie, then it's beddie-bye-sleepy-time for our widdle baby!” The jynx carried him over to a changing table, and the male hypno began to remove his wet diaper and change him into an equally thick one before putting a baby blue footed sleeper on him and picking him up. Caleb could do nothing as he was carried to a crib and laid down gently. He didn't think he could sleep at all. This entire situation was too much for him to handle. Then the mobile was sent spinning, a soft lullaby tinkling from it; this wouldn't have worked on him if not for the fact that all four pokemon began singing to him, the jynx's power amplifying the psychic effect on him. Caleb yawned heavily, and found himself laying down on the soft, soft material as a baby blanket was draped over him, and before he knew it he drifted off into a peaceful slumber.
  11. Several years back, I read a fic on some digimon-related fansite that involved Ranamon forcibly babying Takuya, but it veered into smut rather quickly; I figured I would do my own non-sexual version. I can't remember the name of the fic, the site I read it on, nor the author, but if anyone finds out that information please let me know so I can credit who I got the idea from [EDIT: original creator contacted me with a positive review, giving me their blessing and telling me not to give out their name as the handle they used when they wrote the original story involved public information. Please respect their wishes as well, and if you figure it out on your own please do not post their name here]. Enjoy! “Crap! Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap!” Takuya ran through the brush, cursing mildly as he shoved aside plants and ferns in his mad dash to escape his pursuer. Ugh! Why can't I transform? Stupid digivice, fine time to glitch out—! No sooner had he said that than a plume of water shot out just over his shoulder, startling Takuya and causing him to trip, his signature goggles flying off as he fell face-first into the dirt; he pressed himself off the ground, ready to sprint again when his eyes landed on two blue-green feet right in front of him. “Heh, what's the matter? Suddenly forget how to walk?” “Ranamon...!” Takuya did his best to hide his fear as he attempted to get to his feet, only for another plume of water to appear and envelop him, carrying him helplessly over to Ranamon's grasp. “Urgh... you won't get away with this!” The evil hybrid laughed. “Oh, but that's where you're wrong! Isn't it funny how your little gadget just happened to stop working now? That's the result of one of my new toys... and guess what? Since you're the newest one of all, you get a special preview of what I have planned for all your friends once they come to rescue you!” A dark mist seeped out from her hands, moving slowly towards his face; unable to hold his breath in time, Takuya quickly felt himself fade away into unconsciousness; the last thing he saw before he blacked out was a strange smile on Ranamon's face. “Sleep tight... little one.” Takuya knew something was weird before he even opened his eyes, not including the detail that he was still alive somehow. Firstly, he felt something soft and surprisingly comfortable between his legs; secondly, most strangely of all, he heard what sounded like odd whispering and music just off the edge of hearing, both of which ceased as something was quickly removed from his head before his eyes could open fully. Once he did, he nearly cried out in shock at Ranamon's smiling face staring down at him. “Ah!” A soft chuckle came as response. “Aww, how cute! Did mommy startle her widdle baby?” “What? I'm not a baby!” “Well then,” she said with a smug grin, “if you're not a baby, explain where you are and what you're wearing!” He looked around to see that he was, in fact, sitting in an oversized crib; it was exactly as large relative to him as a regular crib would be to a real baby featuring soft bedding, several stuffed animals on one end, an overly-cutesy baby blanket covered with images of baby digimon, a small mirror, and a mobile of stars and moons dangling overhead. The room itself was nothing short of a gigantic nursery, with a large playpen, a changing table, a rocking chair, and a giant baby bouncer. In addition to this, there was a television-like screen near the bouncer, and—bizarrely enough—a large swimming pool, though the latter was fenced off for the moment. The biggest shock of all, however, came when he looked in the mirror and saw what he was wearing: a baby blue footed sleeper made of extra-soft fabric, baby blue mittens, a bib covered with baby digimon, and an attached pacifier (also baby blue); he didn't need to be informed directly to know that he was also wearing either several layers of diapers or one MASSIVE cloth diaper, big enough to keep him from ever closing his legs enough to stand up on his own, let alone walk. “Wh... what did you do to me?!” Ranamon giggled, though oddly the giggle seemed entirely without malice or menace as it usually was with her. “Oh, silly baby! I didn't do anything to you! You've always been mommy's widdle baby digimon! Did you have a bad dream, baby?” The repeated stressing of the word “baby”, combined with the syrupy-sweet tone of voice reserved purely for the tiniest of infants, sparked an indignant rage in the human boy as he blushed red. “Sh-shut up! I'm not your baby, you stupid bitch!” In a flash, Ranamon's smile was gone, replaced with an angry frown; before he could react, he felt a plume of water lift him up into the air—to his surprise, the soft fabric making up his sleeper was waterproof as well—and place him face-down on his captor's lap as she sat in the rocking chair nearby. “Good babies don't use that language! Naughty baby! Time for a spanking!” As she opened the rear flap of his sleeper, Takuya did his best to struggle, only to find that he was somehow weaker than he had ever remembered being, able to do no more than squirm helplessly. Before he could do anything else... WHAP! The sting of the hit was rather mild, but Takuya was certain that without all the padding on his bottom it would have been far worse; what hurt the most was the humiliation of being spanked like a disobedient child. “Ow! Stop it—” WHAP! “Ow! No, don't—” “Will you be a good baby digimon for mommy?” WHAP! “What? Ah! I don't kn—OW! “Will you be a good baby digimon for mommy?” As the spanking continued, the same question was repeated, the stressed section making it clear what his response would have to be to stop the treatment; for the moment, that was far too humiliating to say, but each successive strike from her hand on his increasingly-red bottom—not even the padding could protect him from the impact completely—eroded his will to resist more and more until, at last, the dam broke as he burst into genuine tears, begging for the punishment to stop. “OKAY! OKAY! I'll be good!” WHAP! Not enough, apparently, as evidenced by Ranamon's repeated question. “Will you be a good baby digimon for mommy?” “I'LL BE A GOOD BABY DIGIMON FOR MOMMY!” No sooner had he finished saying it than the flap on his sleeper was snapped shut, and he himself was turned around in her lap for a hug, his legs straddling her and his arms over her shoulders in much the same fashion as an actual baby would be held; one of her hands wrapped around his back, resting on his padded bottom, while the other gently stroked the back of his head as she softly whispered to him. “Shhh... it's okay, baby. Mommy loves you... Such a good baby digimon, relaxing in Mommy's arms and doing what you're told... you're such a good baby now, Takuyamon.” It felt almost genuinely comforting until he heard the addition to his name; he made a brief protest through the tears that just wouldn't stop. “I-it's just T-takuya—” “—Mon. That's a clever baby, you know your name...” “N-no, th-there's no 'mon' in it! I-I'm not a d-digimon...” The stroking stopped as Ranamon looked him in the eyes with a mild glare. “Is mommy going to have to spank baby Takuyamon again?” “N-no! Please!” He'd had quite enough spanking for one day. Apparently satisfied with his answer, she continued stroking the back of his head while whispering comforting words for a while before slowly standing up—wow, she's strong, she's lifting me up and carrying me like this with no problem at all—and gently setting him down in the crib again. “Now, we're going to play a little game! All you have to do is say the right answers, and you'll get a reward,” she said, placing a bonnet on his head and tying it under his chin. “Are you ready, baby?” As much as Takuya hated this treatment, he had little choice but to go along with it for the moment. “Here's the first question: are you a human, or a digimon?” “What? I'm a human—AAH!” Suddenly, images and sensations of the recent spanking flashed through his head. Clearly, that was the wrong answer. “Okay! Fine! I'm a digimon!” “Aww, good baby,” Ranamon replied with a warm smile. Just as suddenly as the spankings flashed through his head, Takuya was now bombarded with images of being held and comforted by her. “Now, say it five more times for mommy!” He paused for a moment before deciding to just bear with it for a while. “I'm a digimon...” Loving arms around me “I'm a digimon...” Soft hand gently stroking my hair “I'm a digimon...” Soothing words spoken in my ear “I'm a digimon....” So safe and comfortable “I'm a digimon.” Feels nice to be held by mommy With every repetition, the sensations grew stronger; upon the last one, he felt a wave of pure bliss rush through him—nothing sexual, just a sublime feeling of being loved, being wanted, being comforted. It felt like the blissful sensation would last forever, but when it finally ended it suddenly felt like it had barely begun, leaving him almost wanting more. Takuya yawned; the whole experience hadn't lasted long, yet he felt so sleepy all of a sudden. “Aww, is my baby digimon just sooo sleepy? Shhh... it's okay, babies need their naps,” Ranamon cooed, switching on the mobile; something about the soft music-box-style lullaby coming from the mobile only exacerbated his tiredness, and Takuya found himself inadvertently rocking back and forth as he sat there, struggling to keep his eyelids open and yawning again. Ranamon reached behind Takuya's head with one hand and placed the pacifier in his mouth with the other, gently lowering him down on his back, shushing him all the while; he didn't even have the strength to spit the pacifier out at this point, so tired was he. Ranamon walked to the edge of the room to dim the lights, leaving only a small nightlight near the crib to prevent total darkness before returning to the side of the crib itself and smiling warmly down at him. She said nothing, but as Takuya drifted off he could have sworn he heard soft music and whispering all the same...
  12. Aizawa Shouta was being lazy; he’d been fired from his latest job and since then was just lying around his house. His wife was nagging him about having a baby and complaining, asking if he lost his job. Typical woman. He simply tuned her out each time the baby conversation turned up, and never really told her he was fired because...well, all that got her off his back when he shrugged on his coat in the mornings was “I have to go to work”. Most days, he just went to a bar and got drunk. Sometimes he fucked a girl or two, maybe even let them top him depending on his mood. He was usually pretty sloppy anyway, getting stains on his ties and shirt collars, but he always managed to hide the evidence that he was cheating on his wife. Until today. He came inside reeking of alcohol and sex, tie missing, shirt collar undone to reveal that his neck was covered in purple hickeys, his stubble-covered face flushed and black hair hanging loose around his shoulders. His pants had an unusual sort of dark stain on the front, and he made no effort to hide it, too tired to care.
  13. Nicole had recently turned nineteen years old, and was really still at the home for replacement of orphans because she had not finished high school yet, but as of two weeks ago, she had finished high school, and so she was given an old tattered suitcase at the time, twenty dollars, and a taxi that would take her anywhere she wanted to try to start in the city. Almost penniless, and on the street, Nicole had not known what to do at the time. She spent the first two nights on a bench in a park, but then she met someone who would change her life, and the lives of her little sisters who were still at the replacement home. The sisters met up three times since Nicole was out, and during those two weeks, the person she had met had been letting her stay with him. His name was Jim. After Nicole had told him about her sisters, about the system, and about her fears of losing contact with her sisters when the state decided to move them again, Jim proposed a bold plan to help her keep her family together. The sisters had arranged to meet in the back of an old shopping mall that had closed down about six months previously due to a better one being open on the otherside of town. Of course, there was no way to get inside, and the little sisters were not to be seen, so Nicole had planned to meet them in the ditch that ran along behind the old mall. When Nicole had caught up to the place where she was to meet her heavy set fourteen year old sister and her much lighter twelve year old sister, she sighed in relief that they had been waiting for her, and so were not held up. She pulled out a bottle of water for each of them, and then whispered the plan to them. "We need to get to the highway out of town," she had told them. Once we get to the right spot, that Jim showed me last night, then we will have to wait in the ditch again until his car pulls over at the side of the road. That's when we'll know it's the right car." She tried to smile reassuring to her little golden-skin sisters, but it was hard to be reassuring when your hair was wet from from walking in fog, your clothes were a bit messed up so that people didn't question that she was still on the street. They couldn't give the police any reason to connect Jim to their getaway if Jim's plan were to work. And finally, Nicole was just tired from all the walking thus far, but she had to press on and encourage her sisters to come with her. Eventually, after another near three hours, and it coming upon about nine-thirty in the evening, they made it to the spot that Nicole said they would meet Jim. She then looked her sisters over the best she could in the dark to see that they weren't too buised up from crawling about in ravines, mud, and brambles to stay hidden from anyone that might recognize them. There were light scratches, a poke or two from thorns in each of the girls, mud all over their arms, their pants or legs, and their shirts. Olivia, being the one in a skirt, even had mud all over her panties and some inside her panties, but there wasn't much they could do about it at the moment. "He'll be along soon," Nicole said to her sisters trying to keep them calm.
  14. I'd like to try a one-on-one RP where a male trainer (me) gets captured by a motherly Kangaskhan and taken to a secluded area where other pokemon (including a Miltank, a Wigglytuff, and a Jynx) baby him. Anyone interested in being my poke-mommy?
  15. Ashley was 21 and a in prison for carjacking and being under the influence of weed she was serving a three year sentence after realizing she was being stupid she volunteered for the new reform program the guard told when her it would be her final day as Ashley would be transferred to the reform loction. She sat in her cell till the time came soon guards came to get her they brought Ashley to the lobby where a women was waiting for her.
  16. Let me tell you a most interesting story from my youth. My parents divorced when I was three years old. My mother raised my little brother (then newborn) and I. I was a bed wetter and desperately jealous of the fact that my brother got to be cared for by my mom. I’m not saying that she didn’t love or care for me because, she did. My brother was very young so he, naturally, required more care. To my child-mind, it just didn’t seem fair. I did not wear diapers for bedwetting after I was day trained but I really wanted them so, my mother would give me more attention. When I was six, my mother had the opportunity to get a much better job but, it meant going out of state for a few days to be interviewed. Mom asked her friend, Catherine (whom I called Miss Kitty, much to the amusement of both ladies) to watch my brother and me. Catherine had four little girls, all around my age; Patty-age 5, Kate-age 6, Sherry-age 8 and Jodi-age 9. I would play with the girls when we visited Catherine. I liked the girls and they thought that my brother and I were simply the most adorable little boys they’d ever seen. Catherine knew about my bedwetting and wanted to let me wear diapers TO BED. My mother however didn’t want me to get used to it so, she nixed the idea. As soon as I arrived, the girls drug me upstairs to show me where I’d be sleeping. When we got to the guest room, I saw two baby cribs. Catherine had pulled the cribs out of storage so that she had something waterproof for me to sleep on. The second I saw the cribs, I very nearly wet myself right there. I think that the girls could tell that I was excited. They gave me questioning looks but, turned away quickly when I looked at them. They helped me put my clothes away until Catherine called us for lunch. As we ate lunch, Catherine asked me how I was doing, if I was excited about staying over and, if I would be ok playing with the girls for a few days. It was small talk to ease me into being away from my mother. After lunch, Catherine took me upstairs, into the guest room and closed the door. She told me that she knew about my bedwetting and my mother nixing the idea of me wearing a diaper to bed. She said that since she didn’t have any other waterproof covers, I would have to sleep in the crib. She looked and me and asked if I was going to fight her. I hesitated for a moment then, gave her a reluctant “no”. I really thought I was pulling one over on her. The girls and I played some games for a while until, we heard the telephone ring. Catherine sounded upset and entered the living room a moment later. She told us that a very dear friend of hers had fallen from a ladder and couldn’t get back into her apartment for her I.D. and wallet, before the ambulance took her to the hospital. She wanted Catherine to get the items and bring them to her in the hospital. Catherine told us that her friend had no family so she had to help her. She then informed us that her sister, Mattie, would be coming by to watch us while she helped her friend. That was when I saw a look of pure mischief on Jodi’s face. Jodi whispered something to the other girls then told us that we should all go up to her room so we wouldn’t be underfoot. Catherine was glad to get us out of her way until Mattie arrived so, she agreed and we all raced upstairs to Jodi and Sherry’s room. Jodi was the last to arrive, a few minutes later, with a suspicious package, wrapped in a garbage bag, under her arm. I could hear Catherine running around outside, getting ready to leave and checking on my brother, in the guest room. Jodi asked me if I wanted to play another game and I said yes. It was the best mistake of my life. Sherry and Kate, pinned me to Jodi’s bed while Patty put a pacifier in my mouth. Jodi had changed my brother’s diapers before so she knew exactly how to do it. She pulled my pants off, leaving my socks intact then, went my underwear. A pink diaper was put under me and baby powder was splashed all over. The diaper was pulled up and taped on. It happened before I could put up much of a fight. The girls released me and I sat there, absolutely gob smacked. My mind was racing, trying to process that I had just been diapered in front of and by my friends. I started to cry and Jodi pulled me onto her lap. “It’s ok. I watched how you look when your brother gets his diaper changed or when you mommy feeds him a bottle. You want to be a baby too, don’t you?” The emotions flowed out of me and I buried my head in Jodi’s shoulder. The other girls came over and hugged me, assuring me that it was alright. Catherine must have heard my crying and came upstairs. We all heard her footsteps and knew where she was headed. I dived under Jodi’s covers as the bedroom door popped open and Catherine stuck her head in the door, looking a bit upset and nervous. “What’s going on in here? I distinctly heard crying.” Jodi was quick with a probable and Ironic explanation “We’re Playing house, mommy. Jamie is the baby and he was pretending to be hungry.” I popped my head out from under the covers, the pacifier still in my mouth Catherine’s face squished up and she came over, pinched my cheeks (the ones on my face) and told me how adorable I looked. Just then, the doorbell rang. Catherine picked me up, along with the blankets and a look of shock came over her. She didn’t open the blankets to investigate but instead, carried me downstairs. At the door was a large woman with long, green hair and, the same mischievous look on her face that the girls had when they planned this little adventure. Catherine passed me to the woman, Mattie. She explained the situation to her sister but, strangely enough, left out the part of me being six years old. She even went so far as to say that my mom had mistakenly loaded the diaper bag with my brothers diapers and forgotten any of mine. She said that they still had some disposables from when the girls were little and to just use them until she returned. Now, before I continue, I would like you to understand something. I was never large by any definition of the word. While it is true that I might have passed for an average four year old, there was no way that I could have been mistaken for a toddler. To this day, I wonder if Mattie simply played along and if it was a giant conspiracy to baby me. The first thing Mattie did, after hugging her sister out the door was, check my diaper. I have to admit, I was nervous. I hadn’t been in diapers for nearly four years and no one, other than my mother, had ever diaper checked me. I started to cry but, Mattie was a baby expert, having babysat all through high school. She put me up against her shoulder and began to pat my back. My emotions were all over the map. I was happy to be babied, terrified that this woman would be angry when she inevitably discovered that I wasn’t a baby, confused about my feelings but, most of all, I was exhausted. As Mattie kept bouncing and patting me, I was lulled to sleep. When I awoke, I was in the crib and the side was up. I realized immediately that my diaper was soaked but, the crib was dry. It felt so secure and comfortable that, I sat down and began playing with the baby play station, on the cribs bars. I played for some time until my diaper cooled off and I began to notice a growing need. Lunch was going to force itself into the bottom of my diaper, in short order. I was in a panic. I realized that babies poop in their diapers but, I hadn’t messed myself since I was three. I also knew that if I Didn’t poop, Mattie might discover that I was faking being a baby. The more I thought about it, the more my stress built, as did my need. Finally, nature won out and I filled my diaper. I was so upset and scared that, I began bawling. My crying woke up my brother who also, began bawling. Mattie and the girls were in the room seconds later. Jodi went to take care of my brother while Mattie came to console me. “What have we here? Two stinky baby boys?” Mattie said, looking over to jodi who, nodded. Mattie gave me a pacifier which, in all honesty, made me feel better. She called to Sherry who, laid a plastic-coated mat on the crib mattress. Mattie laid me on the mat and I realized what was going to happen. Mattie was going to change my poopy diaper! I began wriggling, never thinking of calling out that I was not a baby. I then looked at myself. I was wearing a poopy diaper, laying in a baby crib, sucking on a pacifier. I could not deny it to myself any longer, I was a baby and, by my own hand too. If I had fought off the girls when they first babied me or, denied it to Catherine but, I hadn’t. Now, there I was, having my mom’s friend’s sister wipe my poop covered but and slip a baby blue…BABY BLUE??? Catherine had said that they could use the girl’s diapers from when they were little but…girl’s diapers are PINK! How did they get boys diapers? Sherry must have read my mind and said, “It’s a good thing Mrs. Dunglow could spare some boy diapers, cause the girl ones almost leaked “Yes indeed. I’m going to have to have a word withy his mommy, if I see her. Forgetting diapers for a baby! What a terrible thing to do to a child and your friend.” Mattie said as she fastened the tapes on my diaper. What happened next shocked me even more. Mattie pulled something from under me and over the front of the diaper. I heard and felt, four snaps. I wasn’t wearing my tee shirt, I was wearing a baby’s ONSIE! I was still in shock as Mattie picked me up and carried me over to see how Jodi was doing with my brother. Jodie was just finishing with his onsie and Mattie looked over her work. “Good job sweetie, you’ll make a terrific mommy some day. Let’s hope however, for your mom’s piece of mind that that day is a long way off Now, let’s get some dinner, I’m sure these two little guys are hungry. Mattie carried me into the kitchen where, I saw Two highchairs. Mattie slipped me into one and fastened the tray while Jodi did the same for my brother. We were just about to start the meal when the front door opened. Catherine came in, took one look at us and immediately pulled out her phone. I saw a few flashes of light and Catherine giggling. Mattie stayed for dinner and insisted on feeding me. She also gave me a baby bottle. By the time the bottle was half-way done, I had wet my diaper. Catherine was surprised but, almost fell over when Mattie said, “Be glad it’s only wet. For crying out loud sis, what did you feed this kid for lunch. His naptime diaper was really stinky.” I buried my face in my hands to hide my shame “Honestly though, you should really remind his mommy to remember his diapers, the next time you baby-sit. If not for the girl’s old ones and Carol’s donation, we would have been in trouble.” Mattie continued Stunned, Catherine could only stare at her sister. Finally, she managed to speak. “You asked Mrs. Dunglow for diapers? Did you tell her who they were for?” Catherine asked, concerned “I told her you were baby-sitting and needed a couple of boy diapers, around size 6. Why? I heard this and began crying. I knew Mrs. Dunglow. She was a very nice lady and she often gave us cookies and, she knew me and my brother. My brain put together the pieces and came up with the idea that she would ask mom why she had me in diapers at age 6. I could see my mom blushing then, me getting spanked for not speaking up and telling Mattie that I wasn’t a baby. Catherine picked me up and tried to console me. I kept telling her that I was sorry. She told me that she would make sure I wasn’t punished for this. Mattie was stunned when I spoke and demanded an explanation. A few minutes later, Catherine had explained everything to Mattie. Mattie looked at me, frowning then, suddenly smiled and took me from Catherine. She held me in a hug and said, “Six years old? No, I don’t believe it. This little guy can’t be more than three. As far as I’m concerned, I just helped take care of a couple of babies this afternoon. Nothing more.” She looked at me then, passed me back to Catherine. “I know that sometimes, children are forced to grow up too fast and need some “baby-time”. I remember a certain little girl who loved to play baby when she thought she was alone.” Mattie continued. Catherine looked shocked and blushed. I really didn’t understand, at the time, what was going on but, I was glad that I wasn’t in trouble. Mattie said her goodbyes and left. Catherine sat me down and talked to me about my wanting to be a baby some times. We finally came to an agreement. Neither one of us would tell my mom about what happened and, whenever she baby-sat my brother and me, she would let me be a baby if I wanted to. I had several more baby adventures at Miss Kitty’s house, until I was 10 years old and then, Catherine said that she couldn’t do it any more. We still visited and I still stayed over from time to time and, the girls embarrassed me on occasion with tales of my baby-time visits but, never in public. I have remained friends with the girls and we talk from time to time. Jodi and I have even begun dating (I’m 15 now and she’s 18). She says that if I want too, when she get’s her own place, she’ll “baby-sit” me whenever I want to.   I’m a very happy baby boy
  17. Zoey Matthews befriended Wendy the last month of the school year. They were really close friends yet she hasn't stayed at Wendy's house before. It was always her house they had sleep overs at. Zoey didn't know why Wendy never wanted her to stay at her house but she practically begged her to have a sleepover at Wendy's house for once. So when Wendy learned her parents were going out of town she finally decided that Zoey could come over for the weekend since it was beginning of the summer after all. It was an early Friday morning and Zoey decided to head over to Wendy's house. She was super excited to finally have a sleepover at Wendy's. She sent a text letting her friend know she was on her way. Finally around 11 am, she arrived at her friends door. She held her bag which contained her clothes, extra blankets, make up and other necessities she would have for that day through Monday. She wondered what was planned for there weekend.
  18. Gram Williams was a 22 yr old male, tall with black hair and dark-brownish eyes. He lived in a medium sized house 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms something nice if their was a family of four living there. But unfortunately it was only him which made the house so big and empty for him. He was a nice enough man, always talking to co-workers and helping them out whenever they needed his help and just all around trying to create a more friendly-like environment. He was a computer technician which meant whenever someone needed a computer part replaced or maybe help with upgrading their computer he was the one of the ones that got sent out to resolve the issues and or just advise on what would be best for that particular persons needs. He also had a degree in IT-Solutions with an emphasis on network engineering. He had graduated from university with a pretty solid GPA and no student loans to pay back either. Recently he had been talking to one of his fellow co-workers as they had brought their daughter in for "take your daughter to work day" and he had asked his fellow co-worker "Man, how much fun as well as responsibility is it to raise a child of your own? I mean i can imagine it must get pretty stressful sometimes with all the things children do" to which the co-worker replied "Its fun but also very hard work, but if you can find the child that you love and are willing to commit you will have a perfect relationship and fun memories with them" he said. This conversation had stuck with him ever since that day and he had started to research how to properly take care of a child so that he didnt get the child taken away by protective services. After all he didnt wanna make the goverment think he was incapable of taking care of a child because he could. Once all the researching had been done he began to start child-proofing the house so that when the child in question was gonna explore the house they didnt get into anything that might hurt them badly. Once all the preparation was done he then began the lengthy process of filling out and applying to be a foster parent. In the application he made sure to state that he didnt want a teenager as he had heard from some of his co-workers teens were a lot more difficult to deal with then children as they required more independence, plus he would rather raise a young innocent child then have to raise a stubborn, thinks he/she knows-it-all teenager. After months of waiting he received a call from a social worker and after chatting with her he agreed to meet the social worker at a local foster home so that they could go through the final steps of the process faster.
  19. Alexis was so happy to have a friend move in with her and her boyfriend (or girlfriend, whichever you choose). It was sad though that her parents had kicked her out. Her friend Grace was only 17 years old, Alexis was 20 and thought she was a bit young to be kicked out for no reason. So her and her boyfriend took her in and gave her the guest room.
  20. My idea for the Rp is about two brothers. One about 16 and the other about 24.
  21. Daniel Lewis was an average 17 year old boy. It was just him, his mom and his new step dad. They moved to his step dad's house after his mother got married to him. Lucky for Daniel, his new house was still close to his school so he didn't have to move schools. Daniel's step dad, Jim was a very nice man. Always asked if he needed help with anything, gave him rides to school, and watched TV with him now and then. But after a month of living with the man, Jim seemed to baby him more after his mom got a job in the evenings. She worked from 4:30-11:30 pm at a store that was downtown.
  22. Set 9 months before Jim and Daniel's mom were married. January 2017 It was an early Friday evening in the Lewis house hold as both Mother and Son got ready to go out to dinner with Jim, the mother's boyfriend. However, Daniel was being really stubborn about going. He was trying to get out of going since he's went with her to Jim's the past few weekends. Besides, he was a teenager after all, he wanted to go hang out with friends. Every time they went over there to stay for the weekend, Daniel had to follow specific rules. They were so embarrassing. He didn't even sleep in a normal bed over at Mr. Jim's house, he slept in a toddler bed with railing on the sides. He couldn't even call him Jim, but he had to call him Mr. Jim. Like a little boy. As Jim always referred him as such. He was in the middle of complaining to his mother when she was helping him put his bow tie on. She liked it if they dressed up for Mr. Jim since he puts a lot of work in making them dinner. "Mom, he makes me wear those baby bibs at dinner and I don't even sleep in a regular bed. I sleep in a toddler bed with railings. Railings! I'm not two!" Daniel whined. "You sure sound like you're two right now. " His mother teased putting his bow tie around his neck. Which earned a glare from Daniel. "Danny, do not give me that look. It's Jim's house, Jim's rules. He wants you there cause he wants to spend time with you too. He really likes having you around, he has rules for you to keep you safe." She explained and sniffed a little. "Did you forget to put your baby powder on? I know you don't like it, but you know I expect you to wear it when we go see Jim. He got it for you for Christmas to smell nice and he doesn't want you to get chaffed skin. So go put some on real quick, mister. He's gonna be here very soon. " she scolded her boy and turned him around to get him to go. "You know, most guys my age get cologne for Christmas, not baby powder!" Daniel said with attitude. Which earned him a swat on his bottom. They heard a knock from the front door. "Go now. We will wait for you. " she ordered. As she went to go let him powder up. Daniel went to his bathroom. He started to put baby powder on his neck, stomach and back being very careful not to get any on his nice clothes. "I swear if he makes me play peek a boo or patty cake one more time over there..." Daniel just shook his head as he put away his baby powder. He tried to get rid of it before after Christmas, but his mother caught him and gave him a good ol fashion spanking for it. She made him keep it, despite his protests against it. Claiming he'd smell like a baby, which he did. "Danny, sweetheart, time to go!" Daniel's mother called. Daniel put a fake smile on his face and left the bathroom grabbing his bag of clothes, so they can get going.
  23. Katherine Holmes, she goes by Kit. She has an introvert personality, very shy and stubborn . Her parents put her into daily counseling/ therapy, so Kit has an outlet and isn't isolating herself all the time. She has no choice since her parents are concerned for her health. When Kit starts to go to therapy, day by day she is subtly treated like a child and furthered back into babyhood where there were no worries or cares in the world. After all, that's all her parents want for her. Is too no longer worry or stress and just be there happy little baby again. I need someone to play the therapist that babies Kit. I will be playing kit. This roleplay is open. But message me first if you're interested. Also 3-4 sentence replies are required, as well as playing in 3rd person and this is non sexual.
  24. "Well.......here we go" Gabriella says as she takes a deep breath and steps off of the airplane and enters a new world. Gabriella is 19 years old. She had graduated high school months ago but due to having no job and her family having low income and bad credit she couldn't even afford to go to community college. However when she was researching online for possible scholarships she came across a writing contest where the contestants would write an essay about what they believe living life abroad would be like. There will be three winners and they would get a chance to study abroad in Japan for 2 years fully paid for and if they did well they can stay for the full four years. Gabriella is a smart girl, though pretty naive, so she wrote her essay and a few weeks later she received a letter that she was one of the winners. So here she is stepping off the plane and beginning her new life.
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