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  1. 18-year-old Benjamin has just been evicted from the college dorms after he has failed out of college for the semester. He sits in the student lounge with his bags while he figures out his next moves. His former professor Megan is talking to her faculty friend and sees him sitting alone. She is confused because he is supposed to be in her class for the semester. "Hi Ben. I missed you in my class this semester. Are you okay?"
  2. Hey everyone - I wrote this randomly in 4 hours today. Posting it for fun. I usually write stories for my own enjoyment but decided I'd share this one. I know there are a lot of fundamental mistakes, grammatical errors etc and I'm naturally bad at writing pros. I did not really proof read this. I know the content is a bit unrealistic and what not - but it the kind of story I like so I decided I'd take shot at it. Anyway - if people like the general theme or where it is going, I'll clean it up - format it and continue it in parts to share... Kyle's Summer Vacation: INTRODUCTION: It has been one week since summer began, and Kyle Connors was anxious with how quickly the last year had gone by. The 20-year-old boy lived with his parents in upstate New York, they were both professors at a local university and had high expectations for their children. His mother was a neuroscience researcher currently on sabbatical to write her book and his father was an archeologist who had just left for a dig in South America which would last most of the summer. Kyle’s older sister Kayla had been the golden child, she was a math/science prodigy and enrolled in Dartmouth two year’s prior. Kyle unfortunately was not as scholastically gifted as his sister, but he did okay was a B student and had been a competitive track athlete until a nasty fall ended his career during the final meet of the season. This led him to take a gap year instead of enrolling in college, he just wanted time to reevaluate his situation. So, over the past 6 months he’d been taking a few classes at a community college and working part-time at a local supermarket. To his parents’ disappointment – his progress at community college was well below their expectations, with him barely getting a C average his first year. More than anything they were concerned with his lack of attention and complacency, he seemed unmotivated. If anything, this gap year had caused him to go backwards – he was still relying on his parents for so much and didn’t seem to want to grow up. In fact – Kyle seemed to be settling into a normal routine as the child in the household. He would wait until the final moment to do his laundry, usually his mother would just end up doing it for him. He was resigned to playing video games and watching cartoons more often than his parents would have liked. He was naturally a clumsy person, so being around the house more often – he seemed to always be spilling on the furniture and tracking dirt through the house. Things like dishes, yardwork and general adult responsibilities were simply difficult for him to handle, so his parents were resigned to do it all themselves. Not surprisingly – Kyle’s parents had put numerous restrictions around his life. He had an early curfew, still had a bedtime and they even had parentals controls for him when he was watching TV or using the internet. To reduce distractions they’d throttled his phone, so the only apps he could engage with were learning based or educational. Beyond this – they had just taken to treating Kyle a bit younger than his actual age, basically wanting to know where he was at any given moment, what he was doing and wanting to make sure he was safe. In their eyes he simply was a kid, not an adult. Kayla had just arrived home two days ago, she was on her summer break and was ready to enjoy a relaxing summer.. Kyle was extremely jealous of his older sister, and it was really dawning on him how much better she had it. At this moment summer vacation was a thing of the past for him, he had to work at his boring job and was in online classes to make up for the failed classes from the prior year. His parents were elated with all her progress, and she was not under the same rules or super vision Kyle was. She had complete freedom as an adult should. This was not helping his stress and anxiety – the peer-pressure was a lot for him to deal with and he was having trouble sleeping, with dreadful anxious thoughts of failure keeping him up at night. Even though Kyle had been injured the prior year, he was still able to run long distance, and this was his main outlet for relieving himself of anxiety or stress. At 5’3 and 135 pounds – he had the perfect body for long distance and was pushing himself to get ready for marathon coming up in the fall. Even with all the strenuous exercise – he still was having trouble getting enough sleep and this was starting to complicate his life even further. About a week ago, the reality of his sisters return and his depressing circumstances set in on him. His mental health was waning and it was all starting to affect him physically. It seemed to all come crumbling down when he woke up a 4:30 AM to discover he’d done something that hadn’t done since the 8th grade – Kyle had wet the bed. This was not exactly foreign to Kyle – he had issues with intermittent bedwetting all the way up to middle school and had worn Goodnites for his predicament until he was 11. In fact, Kyle had struggled with potty training in his early years and because this he’d started kindergarten a year late, since at age 5 he was still in and out of diapers. His doctor had told his parents he had a small bladder and this was something that he’d likely have to deal with for the rest of his life. Kyle was good about limiting liquids but still usually went to use the restrooms 2 or 3 times more frequently than his peers. This is something he just had learned to deal with. That early morning Kyle was so disappointed in himself, he couldn’t believe what had happened and was not looking forward to his parents finding out. He luckily had a change of sheets in the closet. So quickly – he removed his soil linens and stuffed them in shopping bag and was able to fall back asleep. The next morning, he slept in and his mother was gone when he woke up, likely on her morning walk. He quickly went downstairs to do the laundry and cover up his shameful wetting incident. When his Mom arrived home later that day – things began to get complicated… Kyle was sitting in the kitchen watching Hilda when his mother called out from the den -“Hey honey – did you put some laundry down?” his mother asked in a surprising tone. “Yes, Mom I put it down an hour or so ago, just my sheets – I think it should be done soon” Kyle answered in a nervous studder. “Why did you do your sheets? I just washed them yesterday” his mother inquired shouting from the other room. “Sorry mom, I had night sweats last night and they just were gross – I’ll put them in the dryer shortly” he was really hoping his mother would drop this and move on. “Okay well I appreciate you helping, looks like they just finished so I will put them in the dryer – I need to get the rest of our laundry done” she thought to herself that this was a good sign, Kyle almost never did chores like this, maybe this summer he’ll start to grow up. As she opened the washer she was met with a pungent smell – it was unmistakably urine. As a mother of two children, she knew exactly what had happened. “Hey Kyle” his mother shouted presumptuously “did you forget to put detergent in the washer?” Kyle’s face went pale, and he sat in silence hoping the inevitable would not happen – how could he forget such a simple thing. As he turned to go try to mitigate the incident his mother came around the corner with his sheets in her arms. “Kyle Anders Connors – do you have something to tell me!” she was looking at him with a stern expression. Kyle couldn’t bring himself to admit the truth, so he stared at his bowl of cheerios sheepishly. “Kyle these sheets smell like pee, did you wet the bed last night?” his mother asked concernedly. “I, I, I’m not sure what happened mom – I’ve been really tired and I did 8 miles yesterday I must have drank too much water, I’m sorry” his face was beet red with shame and he wanted to run as fast as he could out the front door. His mother responded calmly but in a serious manner “Young man, accidents happen but I will not have you lying about it. I need you to be honest with me and your father all the time. It’s obvious that you can’t handle this like an adult. Let’s hope this is a one-time thing, if it happens again – you need to tell me right away and I will take care of cleaning it up since you seemingly can’t do it properly. If I’m not here, you need to call or text me to tell me what happened and I’ll give you instructions, am I clear?” “Yes mom” he responded with a very embarrassed look on his face. This was not exactly how he wanted this summer to start. He wanted to come up with some sort of excuse, but he couldn’t think of anything worth saying. His mother left the room quickly and put the sheets in the washer to run them again with soap. As she returned to the kitchen she sat down at the table across from Kyle… she sniffed the air inquisitively, there was a musty smell and she realized where it was coming from. “Kyle! Have you showered since this happened? You smell like pee!” she stated bluntly. “Sorry mom, I was hungry and had come downstairs to eat – I just forgot!” He responded with a terribly embarrassed look on his face. He was almost at tears. “That is ridiculous and gross! You must be more responsible than this. What next, am I going to have to bathe you as well! Go up and take a shower this instant!” Kyle immediately got up from the table and ran upstairs – so relieved to get away from possibly his most embarrassing moment in recent memory. After the awful morning and a long shower Kyle was determined to have a better afternoon. He went for a run on his favorite trail and was going to push to do 14 miles today. During the run he thought about what had happened and how much he must have disappointed his mother. Hopefully the next few days would improve, and this would be forgotten about. Unfortunately – the next few days and week did not improve at all. His bedwetting became persistent, and he only managed to have two dry nights over a 7-day period. There was even a day on his way back from a run when he had an urgent need to pee and ended up soaking hit pants just minutes before arriving home, fortunately he was able to scramble up to his room and throw his jogging shorts along with his socks in plastic bag which he hid under his bed. Each wet morning he would strip his soiled pajamas off, take a shameful shower and after which he would head down would go to his mother to tell her what had happened. This routine was becoming painful for Kyle and for his mother. Both of them just hoped things would work themselves out, but it was becoming obvious something would have to be done to help Kyle with his issues. CHAPTER 1: PLANNING FOR BLACK BEAR It was Sunday afternoon and Kyle’s mother Karen was preparing for lunch thinking about the next few weeks. The next day Kyle, his sister and Mother would be driving 6 hours north to Maine for a 3-week trip at Black Bear Resort and Lodge just outside Acadia National Park. This was an annual tradition for the family and something Kyle always looked forward to. This year, since Kyle’s father wasn’t joining them – his mother had arranged for her research assistant Candice to come along. She was a single mother of a three-year-old girl named Karly. Candice has been having a tough year, with a recent divorce and grueling new project she had undertaken that was putting undue stress on her. Her specialty was in childhood/pre-adolescent psychology, and she had recently been working on a new study to identify issue in children suffering from avoidance and regressive behavior. Kyle’s mother always enjoyed Candice’s company and was excited to have an adult friend to spend time with on her annual vacation. The kids always went off to do the various activities during their trips to Black Bear and it would have been a rather lonely experience to be with the older crowd at the pool and bar by herself. In fact, when the kids were younger, they’d typically be in the kids camps and she would spend most of her time at the adult pool with her husband relaxing during the trip. Candice had been somewhat concerned about having her little girl along with her, especially since she explained that she was struggling with potty training. Candice had decided to take a break on training for the first month of summer to relieve pressure on both of them and planned to ramp it up again as they started to get closer to the school year. Kyle’s mother assured Candice that the Little Cubs activity program and daycare would be awesome for Karly. Also, there was a cabin designed for families with little ones or kids with special needs – stocked with a changing table, large tub and Montessori bed for children. She remembered how helpful the resort amenities have been with Kyle since he was also a late bloomer with the potty. Candice was relieved at this and was excited to get a few weeks to really relax. As this conversation was happening – Kyle’s mother was reminded of the current bedwetting issue her son had been having… she decided to bring the topic up to Candice. “Hey Candice… this is a bit embarrassing for me to admit – but can I ask you for some advice in confidence?” she asked sincerely. Candice realized that something was concerning her friend… “absolutely you know you can tell me anything, what is up?!” Kyle’s mother began with a slow sense of apprehension “Well this a bit embarrassing, the past few weeks Kyle has been having an issue… he’s been wetting his bed almost every night and actually I even found wet shorts and socks in a plastic bag under his bed the other day when cleaning – which I think was from a daytime accident ” Candice eyes grew softer and she spoke with empathetically “Oh I see – well that is a bit concerning for a boy his age. I know you’ve voice concerns about him before – have you managed to take him to the doctor yet?” she asked with concern. “Well yes, actually I got the call yesterday and all the tests came back. Medically he is in incredibly good shape. Years ago he was diagnosed with a small bladder and he’d struggled with this until he started middle school but we’ve had no problems until just recently…” She paused nervously getting ready to pose the next question. “You see I’ve been thinking about the trip and what to do – obviously I can’t have my son wetting his bed in the cabin every night. The laundry situation alone would be a nightmare, not to mention the potential damage to the mattress… so I’ve thought about getting him some… well protection for his nighttime accidents. I know this seems extreme putting a 20-year old in diapers but I don’t know what else to do. I wanted to ask – as my friend and a professional in the field – do you think it would be damaging to him, from a mental and emotional standpoint?” her face was glowing red at this point and was filled with dread at how her friend might respond. Candice looked on with a calm and determined expression “Karen – I actually think you’re going in the absolute right direction here. In fact I believe it would have a positive impact on him – both mentally and emotionally. I’d even encourage you to take it… well maybe a step further, let me explain. Look you’ve been talking to me about Kyle for years and I’ve gotten to know him ever since we started working together. It has never been my place to say this, but I think Kyle struggles from avoidant personality disorder. In my recent research – we’ve found that adolescents with high achieving parents and even more so those with high achieving older siblings – can suffer from a fear of failure that pacifies them from taking on challenges since they’d rather not try than fail at something.” Candice pauses for a moment to gauge Karen’s emotion, although concerned, she seemed engaged and willing to hear more. She continued “in my recent studies – we’ve found that lowering the bar – if you will - can have incredibly positive outcomes for children suffering from this condition. In fact we’ve found recently that letting a child take a few steps back, can help them really explore themselves, release anxiety and gain new perspectives on life. This leads to more confidence, a willingness to take chances, helps them understand that failure is natural and is a natural part of life. This is part of the reason I’m having Karly go back to diapers for summer and am encouraging her to be little for a bit longer, not making it a punishment but an opportunity for he to be my lovely baby for just a little while more. This way she can come to terms with her outcome and be ready to try again with renewed confidence.” Karen looked at Candice with a somewhat concerned but very understanding look, “so you’re saying I should encourage Kyle to… umm act like a little kid? How would I even begin to do that?” Karen asked. Candice thought for a moment then said “well I think you just approach the whole situation with as much concern and empathy as possible. I’d suggest you bring up the diapers to him and make rules around the situation. For one, I think you take control over the whole bedtime & diapering process and further put him on a potty training regiment. That means, you’re the one who puts him in them and takes him out of them and you're the one supervising his use of the bathroom. Although he may be resistant in the beginning, it will take pressure off of him – I think it will be key to do this in the most loving and encouraging way possible. I’d also explain that since he is not completely potty trained – that there will be rules – just like I had with Karly. For instance – if he has any daytime accidents - that would mean he is in diapers for the rest of the day. From there – I bet there are little things we can work on together during our trip to help naturally regress him. Also - this is up to your discretion but I think you may need to explain to him the situation and give him options. He would either comply with our program or enroll him in a different type of correctional program... I'll let you decide what that would be. I mean he isn’t that big to begin with and if my evaluation is correct on him – the regression process will be a somewhat natural process for him. One thing I think we do right now, is call the Resort and see if they have any additional family rooms available. I bet Kyle would be just the right fit for the Montessori bed I the room they got for me and it would help with the whole process.” Karen nodded her head apprehensively “Okay I think this is worth giving a try, thank you for the advise Candice and the help in executing this. Hopefully we get great results for Kyle”. Although she was concerned over this, she felt what Candice was saying was right and this might be the perfect opportunity to give Kyle some time to be a kid again… well actually little kid and get him over the fear of failure. So that afternoon – they made all the arrangements and came up with a plan. Candice went shopping for a few things to help and was going to pack basically double for Karly to prepare for how far down the rabbit whole Kyle ended up going. Karen called the resort to make some changes to their reservation and ask some questions on camp policy. She was greeted by the nicest lady to which she explained her situation. She told her that one of her teenagers (she fibbed a bit here) had been having some issues with incontinence and would need extra help during the trip to attend to his “special needs”. The resort admin was extremely grateful for Karen’s information and honesty – since the camp has strict access policies for children who aren’t potty trained. The office woman expanded that she was in luck since a three-bed family cabin had just been canceled on and had 4 weeks of availability. She further explained that it was two rooms with queen beds and a third room that was designed as nursery/special needs room. She wanted to make sure this one was okay with her, since it was equipped with a large built in changing table, twin sized toddler daybed with a detachable front gate and a rocking chair. Also, she added that the room’s additional fee included complimentary access to ALL kids camp programs, which were accessible to children under the age of 17. Karen realized that she was being a bit dishonest here but knew that Kyle could easily pass for a teenager with his small size and baby face. “We’ll take it Miss, thank you for all your help we really look forward to checking in and enjoying our stay.” She got off the phone and went up to Kayla’s room where she was reading – she needed to fill her in on what was happening and how she’d be needed to support this. “Hey honey we need to talk” Karen said to her daughter. “Sure mom whats up?” Kayle responded. Karen explained the situation to her - Kayla although somewhat confused and frankly a bit amused seemed to grasp the plan and agreed to be supportive of everything her mother and Candice wanted to do. With that Karen grabbed her keys and with Kayla were off to the store to get supplies for the 3 week vacation that they were sure to never forget. CHAPTER 2: WAKING UP TO NEW RULES It was Monday morning at 8 AM – the day of the long journey to Maine. Karen walked into Kyle’s room to start the day and get things moving, She had planned this out in her head a thousand times the night before. He was still sound asleep and she was not surprised to smell the extremely strong smell of urine in the air – Kyle had wet himself in his sleep once again. Karen gently shook him awake, as Kyle stirred and slowly opened his eyes his mother in the most sweet tone she could muster said, “Sweety – it’s time to get up we have a very big day ahead of us. You had a big accident last night honey, you go shower to go get cleaned up and come back in here so we can get everything ready” Kyle was dazed and confused, his mother never came in his room like this but he figured it was a big day ahead so she was just trying to move things along. With less shame than usual as this had become more routine, Kyle said “I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean to have another accident – yah okay I’ll go jump in the shower right now” she gave him a sympathetic stare and said “aww its okay my sweet boy, you couldn’t help it – just go get all clean and come back in here for a little chat when you’re finished. We just need to talk a little, don’t worry we’ll get everything sorted out” He nodded cautiously, a bit embarrassed by his mother’s tone and somewhat concerned by what she wanted to talk about. He jumped out of bed quickly to escape the situation and headed as quickly as possible to the bathroom across the hall. While in the shower – Karen got his bed stripped, put on the new plastic sheet she’d purchased the night before and brought in the new bag she had packed for Kyle which she would be showing him as they discussed the new rules he was going to have for summer. After a nice hot shower, Kyle came back in his room wrapped in a towel, his small frame was totally exposed and he was a bit timid to be so bare in front of his mother. His mother had pulled up a chair next to his bed and patted the soft plastic sheet saying “Okay Kyle come sit down, we need to have a talk” Kyle nodded his head and although he wanted to protest, he knew better with his mother and didn’t want to risk having a fight right before they went on vacation. He was somewhat upset by the new plastic sheet on his bed but was not surprised and thought it was rational in a lot of ways. He nodded his head and went and took a seat on the side of his bed. His mother spoke sternly but calmly “Kyle you’re just going to listen to what I have to say and not interrupt me – do you understand – I will tell you when I’m finished, if you interrupt me you will be punished and will not like it” Kyle nodded his head and began to realize this was going to be more than he had expected. “That’s a good boy – so as you know we’re going on our little trip today. The past few weeks you’ve been having a lot of trouble with the potty and it is time we address this issue” Kyle winced at his mother using the word potty, is seemed so childish and demeaning but he continued to listen to his mother “We are in a tough situation here, I simply can’t have you wetting the bed or your pants while we are on vacation. Especially since there is no way for me to do laundry, you could damage the bed in our cabin and plus it is just too much work for me to deal with while I’m trying to relax on vacation. As you know Candice and Karly will be joining us on our trip to Black Bear and will be riding up with us in the car today. I’ve spoken with Candice about your “situation” and we determined that the next few weeks is the perfect opportunity to deal with your problems and help you along. I know you’ve been under a lot of stress and we want to help you release that stress and get over your fear of failure.” Kyle as this point was terrified, what could his mother be talking about and why did she tell Candice about his bedwetting! Still Kyle remained silent and let his mother finish, she continued “I’ve decided that from a practical standpoint, you’ll need to be wearing protection during this trip. That means at night you’ll be wearing a diaper and during the day you’ll be wearing goodnite pull ups. Do not protest, I know you wet your pants the other day and hid it from me.” Kyle was dumbstruck but stayed silent, he new better than to interrupt his mother in these moments. “Further I’ve decided with Candice’s guidance that we should let you have some time to be free of responsibility and give you extra attention during this time. I promise this is going to be good for you and you’ll really enjoy it once you get past some of the natural embarrassment. You do not need to worry about being teased or anything, Kayla, myself and Candice are all on board here. So during the next three weeks, you’re going to be treated a bit like Karly, instead of a 20 years old – we’re going to give you the attention and supervision that a 3 year old would need. Not on everything but on little things. That means there are new rules you need to be aware of: We need to keep track of your potty time and give attention to your bedwetting. As I said you’ll be wearing protection at all times. Diapers will be required at night. You’re not allowed to remove your diapers on your own, an adult will be putting them on you and changing you out of them. During the day, unless deemed otherwise, you’ll be in pull ups. When you need to use the potty, you will come get an adult who will take you to use to bathroom, this will encourage you to be more attentive and will make sure you have no embarrassing accidents. Secondly – if you have an accident in your pull up, you’ll be put in diapers for the rest of the day and the bathroom will be off limits until the following day. We can’t be having accidents all the time. During our stay – we’ve arranged a family cabin. You’ll be staying in your own special room which is setup to accommodate your needs. The first week, your bedtime is going to be 8 PM. I will get you ready for bed an hour early, make sure you’re fed and bathed before bedtime. If you’re good and behave, we can talk about later bedtimes the 2nd and 3rd week. If you misbehave you’ll be subject time outs and if it gets to it, I will spank you if you disobey me, Kayla or Candice. You're required to be under adult supervision at all times. No going anywhere with out me, Kayla or Candice. When we are doing adult activities during our stay, you’ll be going with Karly to Kid's camp. We’ve arranged it all and you’ll be in good hands there. Staff are aware of you potty issues and they have specific rules/policies that you’ll need to follow. I will be picking out your outfits, bathing you and taking care of most things for you so you can focus just on having fun and relaxing during this trip. “Keep in mind, this is not just to address your potty problems but also something we’ve determined will be a therapy to help you overcome your crippling anxiety. I know you want that for yourself, so I hope you can be mature about this and let yourself enjoy this treatment for what it is. If you refuse, then I’ve made arrangements for you to stay at the University Hospital over the next three weeks in the Psychiatric ward – for an experimental drug therapy which I think you’d find to be… well not very fun. Okay so with that, I’ve said what I need to say and you’re free to respond.” Kyle looked down at the floor with and clenched his hands in fist. How on earth could his mother be doing this to him. This was so incredibly bizarre. How could he – a 20 year old man be reduced to wearing diapers and being treated like a child. Beyond the legality of it – he figured it was just crazy, however he knew he was in a pickle. His mother has a lot of power and knew the law incredibly well – he was not about to go to the Psychiatric ward – he’d been there before a few years ago when he took a bunch of pills and did not want to go back. He gathered the courage to respond and held back as much malice in his voice as he could, “I, I can’t believe you’re doing this to me! I do not deserve this… I mean I’ll wear diapers at night, that I can at least understand but why do I have to be treated like a toddler! That is simply ridiculous. Can I just wear the diapers, I’ll even let you change me if that makes things easier… I just can’t imagine going through all this.” Kyle pleaded aggressively. His mother stood up and sternly said “Kyle this situation has been evaluated and the plan is in place, either you accept this or we make the call right now and have you in the hospital this afternoon. This choice is up to you” Kyle looked was furious but he was deflated and staired at the floor. Karen calmy took her seat and put her hand on his knee “Honey I promise you’re going to have a lot of fun these next three weeks and it’s going to be good for all of us.” She gently tilted up his head and looked in his eyes “So baby, can you be brave boy for me and go along with what we have planned – we know what is best for you and this is going to help so much.” Kyle was tearing up and although he was upset at the whole situation – he knew his trade off and he had little choice but to comply. Kyle nodded his head begrudgingly and his mother smiled. “Awww that is my good boy, well we’re going to make this a trip to remember. So I have some things to show you and we need to get you ready for the big road trip”. With that his mother reached under his bed and pulled out an extra-large light blue suit case with Mickey mouse cartoon characters running all over it. This made Kyle blush in embarrassment. “So this has everything we need for your trip but I went ahead and got some of your swimsuits and regular clothes in there too for the last few weeks. Let’s get you all ready for the big car ride little guy” Karen walked over to the closet and came back with some clothes in her hand and to his surprise she was holding a big white diaper, with powder and lotion. “Mom – I thought you said I was going to be in pull-ups during the day?” Kyle asked – he was so embarrassed that he was actually begging to be able to wear a pull up, this was insane. His mother replied “Look we have a 6 hour car ride and we can’t be stopping every few minutes for you baby. Plus you always nod off in the car and your pull ups just wouldn’t hold a big wetting like that. This is for the best and plus – I said you’d be in diaper as “deemed” necessary so lay down on your bed and we’ll get you all ready” Kyle was flabbergasted, this was happening so quickly. In that moment he was paralyzed and just did what his mother asked. He laid down and closed his eyes so incredibly embarrassed on what was about to happen. His mother peeled away the front of the towel and exposed her naked little boy. She was surprised to see Kyle had no pubic hair, but she remembered that she had always bought him extra razors for him to shave his legs, he just preferred it as a runner – I guess he did it all the way up. With her little boy exposed she proceeded to lifting up his legs and having him hold them in position. She fluffed out the thick disposable and tucked it neatly underneath his bottom. She then proceeded to rub lotion on him and dust him with baby powder. She had him lower his legs, so she could do the front and then fit the diaper snugly over him. Taping each side securely in place. She knew in a few days this would become very routine and was actually surprised by how much fulfillment she was getting out of caring for her little boy. “Okay sweety that wasn’t so bad, you can open your eyes now you’re all done” She said softly to him hoping this wasn’t too much for her son. Kyle leaned upward feeling the new padding between his legs. It was humiliating but he was surprised with how comfortable it was, the fresh powder and lotion giving him an odd sensation. The brief moment of calm was disrupted by his mother saying “Okay arms up for me” He complied and his mother put a light blue smoky the bear T-shirt on him, he was about to protest but she was too quick. He was simply mortified by what she had for him next... “Alright little one let’s get you to step in your cute little outfit I picked out special for today” What she held out for him what was unmistakably a dark blue denim short-alls, he wouldn’t have been surprised if they were girls as they were uncommon for men but no doubt they were his size and would fit him. Again, he didn’t see any other thing to do but to listen to his mother. So with one foot and then the other he stepped into his new childish garment. His mother asked him to stand up as she pulled the shorts over his diaper hand secured the buckles of each strap over his shoulder. He could feel his diaper underneath pushing up between his legs and he was blushing red at the babyish feeling he was getting from being dressed like this by his mother. He simply couldn’t believe this was happening to him and stared in defeat at the floor, afraid to even glance at himself in the mirror. His mother gushed “Oh my you just look so adorable, already for our big adventure!" To be continued...
  3. Joe sat in the passengers seat of his wife’s car and watched the rain fall outside. He sighed and leaned his forehead against the cool glass of the car window. He felt anxious and restless but there was nothing for him to do, nowhere for him to go and no way out. They were almost to their destination and Joe was overcome with a thrill of dread. He took a deep breath, he knew was being silly, ridiculous even but he couldn’t help it! He knew all too well what awaited him when the car stopped. Joe was ripped away from his malaise as his wife laid a gentle hand on his thigh and gave a small squeeze to gain his attention. Julie smiled at her small husband “sweetie, what’s wrong” she asked concern in her voice. “I would think you’d be excited. I mean I know this isn’t exactly ideal but we had to have the house fumigated immediately and I have to go to my friends bachelorette. I already feel guilty enough, I I hate leaving you all alone and I know you really don’t like it either but it all worked out” she said as she gave shoes leg a pat. Joe for his part gave a noncommittal nod as his wife continued “I mean Tim’s timing couldn’t be better. He moved back to town just in time didn’t he.” The received another small nod from Joe “ummm” he added. Satisfied Julie went on “You must be excited to see your best friend and have your little sleepover sweetie hmm, just like old times” she returned her eyes to the road seemingly unaware of her husbands inner turmoil. Joe gulped unable to speak. a return to old times was just what he was afraid of but he couldn’t say that, there were so many things he couldn’t tell his wife so instead Joe just nodded ”of course I'm excited to see Tim” he said in a small voice ”I'm just gonna miss you I guess” In truth Joe was going to miss his wife but that was not the primary cause of his anxiety. Joe’s feelings of apprehension stemmed from knowing that the minute he stepped out of the car he would be back under the care and complete control of his best friend and former roommate and there was nothing he could do about it. Within minutes the car pulled to a stop in front Tim’s new house. Starting to panic Joe turned and looked at Julie who was still smiling serenely at him ”are you sure you have to go” he ask unable to totally hide the apprehension in his voice. He gazed at his wife hoping to change her answer because he just knew that once he walked though that door things would never be the same. Both of their lives would change forever and he was helpless to stop it. Julie gave her husband a hard look ”yes I do, I made a commitment and anyway I want to see my friends” She gave Joe’s shoulder a genteel rub “Honey Tim is your best friend and he's only just moved back to town. We’ve only seen him once and I know he misses you. I think it's important that you two spend some real time together” Her expression grew concerned as she gazed at Joe’s worried face honey you’re being silly she said gently “it's only 2 nights and I'll only be a couple of hours away okay” Joe nodded “you’re right he sadly squeaked” , And she was. Everything she said was true, Tim was his best friend. This in it self a miracle mostly because at first glance they made no sense together, Tim was huge, well over 6 feet tall with dark hair and eyes. He was extremely athletic physically fit. Joe on the other hand could only be described as cute. He was barely 5 feet tall with a skinny, boyish build and blond hair. He had never been athletic and was often confused for a 10 year old boy. This was still almost a daily problem for Joe at 24, at 18 when he met Tim and they became collage roommates it was a major obstacle in his life and made it way for Tim to take on a dominant role in their relationship. In fact, Joe knew that his looks and lack of physical development were the main reason why Tim decided to take control from almost the moment they met. He couldn’t put it off forever, With a final sigh Joe leaned over to drop a kiss on his wifes cheek ”love you hon” he said trying to sound cheerful “see you Sunday” he gave Julie a fake smile before grabbing his backpack opening the car door. She gave him a quick wink as he exited and then she was gone. Joe blinked away tears as his wife drove off. He stared up at the small white house in front of him. It just a normal looking House but Joe knew exactly what waited inside for him and he felt he had no way to stop it. Joe closed his eyes and took a steadying breath. Knowing that he couldn't put off the inevitable any longer Joe slowly made his way to the door. Joe raised his hand and was about to knock when Tim opened the door with a huge smile ”hey little buddy, I’m so glad to see you Joey come in, come in!” Joe tensed Tim was then only one who ever called him Joey. He haven’t been called Joey in over 2 years, Tim and Tim only called him that as a reminder of his place in their relationship. Tim smiled noting the smaller man’s reaction. He held out his hand for Joe’s bag and only once the smaller man had handed it over did he step aside to allow Joe to enter. “This was okay, everything was alright” Joe repeated the mantra to himself silently as he stepped inside. He immediately looked around and froze. Joe closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he should have been expecting this but somehow he just hadn't been. Of course he should have been expecting this. The cause of Joes anxiety was nothing more than a harmless looking wooden crate sitting on floor of the entry way. It was undecorated except for a the the word shoes displayed in large black letters and a picture of red shoes right underneath the lettering. Reluctantly Joe peered inside knowing exactly what he would find and there it was, a tiny desk top trash can in the corner of the crate with a small swinging lid. Joe’s breath caught as he pictured the white board that hung over his bed in their dorm room. He could see the words House Rules written in big letters followed by the words Rule 1- little boys will be barefoot at all times unless given express permission from a grownup. For a minute Joe thought about fighting Tim. He could, he could insist that he was a grown up, not some little boy. He took a steadying breath snd puffed out his chest, then he visibly deflated, Joe knew what Tim wanted and Tim would win! Tim always won. “Just do as you’re told be good” Joe mentally scolded himself. Not wanting to call attention to his momentary flair of rebellion Joe walked right to his crate and quickly toed off his small shoes. He then bent down to place them in the crate. Next he reached down and peeled off his socks and placed them in the small trash can. Before straightening up Joe said a silent goodbye to his socks doubting he would see them again. Joe hadn't been allowed to wear socks his entire 4 years of collage and a big part of him already knew that after today he wouldn't ever be allowed to wear them again. Joe gazed down at his bare toes wiggling them unconsciously. A shiver ran though his whole body. He could never understand why the loss of his shoes and socks made him feel so naked. Tim put Joe’s bag on a nearby coat hook then turned walked directed to the smaller man. Smiling Tim enfolded Joe in his arms and whispered into his ear “you remembered Rule 1, I’m so proud of you my good little boy” He then dropped a kiss on Joe’s hair. In spite of himself Joe melted into the hug and without thinking about it nodded into Tim’s chest. Tim pulled back and smiled down at his tiny friend. Joe couldn’t help but beam back. Though Joe would never admit it, even to himself he only ever felt truly safe with Tim, the same way any little boy feels when he’s with his daddy. Tim stroked is finger down Joe’s smooth cheek and ended by cupping his chin. Joe closed his eyes and leaned into the familiar and loving gesture Tim had always used to grab his attention. Looking at his boy Tim said “Just to make sure we’re on the same page little one, can you remind me what rule 1 is again?” he stroked Joe’s chin as he waited for him to respond. Joe froze noting Tim’s use of the word IS, he said IS not WAS implying that their rules were still in effect and were going to once again be part of Joe’s life. He gulped and mumbled “no shoes and socks, not allowed” Tim pointed down to his own shoe covered feet “what that’s not right is it kiddo, who’s not allowed?” This was one of the things Joe found most embarrassing, Tim always wore shoes and socks and dressed like a grownup. This brought their obvious differences in size and maturity into even more stark contrast. Joe moaned but new better than to ignore a direct question from his…Tim “um just me” he answered slowly “I gotta be barefoot all the time unless you say to wear shoes” he looked up at Tim hating himself for seeking the man’s approval. Tim gave Joe’s chin a tiny shake “that’s exactly right sweetheart and why do you need to be barefoot at all times” he asked the question seriously but smirked at Joe as he awaited Joe’s response. Joe whined just a bit before answering “it’s cause I’m just a little boy and shoes is for big grownups like d… like you” Tim smiled proudly and wrapped his arms around Joe once again “that’s exactly right, my smart little boy”. He dropped a another kiss on Joe’s hair before releasing the boy and landing a playful swat on his bottom “go to the sofa like a good boy please , I’ll meet you right over there” Joe nodded, he made sure to listen carefully to Tim’s command ”go to the sofa” did not mean sit in the sofa it meant go sit on the ground by the sofa until I get there. There were rules about when little boys were allowed to use the furniture right now was not one of those times for Joe. As Joe made his way to the living room he heard the familiar plip plopping sound of his own bare feet against the floor, this sound had been almost ever-present in his collage days especially since early on Tim had trained him to always step heel first so that the ball of his foot always fell to the ground with a plop. This was only reenforced by the fact that Tim only ever let Joe wear shoes like flip flops or clogs that squeaked and slapped when he walked. This only added to his embarrassment and the knowledge that his life was not his own. He belonged to someone else. He belonged to Tim and Being Tims barefoot little boy meant walking like a toddler. Once collage was over and Joe was away from Tim he had started to grow up. Joe changed many thing. For starters he had actively avoided ever being barefoot, in fact Joe doubted that his wife had ever even seen his toes but he knew that was about to change. He repeated rule one over and over in his mind as he listened to the familiar pitter patter of his own little feet. Once in the living room Joe looked around then like a good boy he sat on the ground in front of the sofa and waited for Tim. He didn’t have long to wait which wasn’t surprising in the least. Tim was many things but inattentive wasn’t one of them. In fact he was almost obsessive when it came to his little boy. Tim walked into the living room smiling at the sight of Joe sitting on the ground in front of the couch hugging his knees. Tim smiled upon seeing Joe sitting on the floor and walked over to the sofa. He nodded silent and took a seat, only then did he extend his hand “Joey, come here baby” he said his voice was quiet and self assured it was clear that this was not a request but a comment, an order to be obeyed. Without second thought Joe sprung to his feet. His compulsion to obey was so strong that he grasped Tim’s hand practically jumping into his arms. Then he seemed to regain his composure and stopped himself. He pulled back just slightly giving Tim a shy smile “ah hi” he whispered embarrassed by his own reaction. Tim practically beamed ”hi baby he said as he pulled Joe closer so the little man was standing between his legs. Tim once again cupped Joes cheek and looking into his eyes asking ”why were you sitting on the floor baby” Tim smirked visablly of course he already knew the answer to this question. It was simply a test for his little boy. Joe shrugged and mumbled ”you know, rule 2” Tim nodded seriously ”of course what was I thinking and what's rule 2 again sweetheart” Joe whined but answered ”little boys can’t sit on adult furniture without permission cause it’s up high and dangerous and anyway, I’m still in street clothes which aren’t allowed in the house cause ah you know they’re yucky ” Tim nodded once again ”that’s exactly right sweetheart and you were such a good boy to remember the rule about the furniture. Now then, is there something you need to ask me” Tim kept his voice firm but gentle and pointed to Joe’s shirt. Joe knew exactly what was expected of him, in the four years he had lived with Tim he had never been allowed to dress or undress himself. He was just too little to get it right and Tim could it better and faster. He had to swallow the lump in his throat before asking ”will you in undress me please” he looked away, his cheeks burned with shame as he automatically raised his arms in the air. Tim on the other hand looked positively blissful ”of course baby ” he said as he started to pull Joes shirt over his head. Once Tim had separated Joe from his shirt he paused, he rubbed Joe’s soft round belly noting with pleasure that nothing had changed he still had A creamy complexion, soft hairless skin and the muscle tone of any prepubescent boy. His hands then moved down to Joe’s pants. His fingers moved to button of Joe’s jeans and he tutted with disapproval as he struggles to get it unfastened. He looked Joe in eye as he struggled and said in an almost disappointed tone ”little boys do not need to be messing with complicated buttons and zippers this is ridiculous.” Joe looked away at the admonishment and a tear trailed down his cheek. He felt the same shame and guilt burn his tummy the same way he always did when he knew he had disappointed his parental figure. Tim’s fingers found atheist button hole and worked the button threw quickly. He then allowed Joe’s pants to drop and pool around his ankles. Tim’s annoyance softened when he saw his sad little boy. He sighed and reached up to wipe away Joe’s tears ”oh baby, it's okay I'm here now and I'll take care of everything, we’ll just have to do a little better from now on won't we” Joe nodded fervently not even quite sure what he was agreeing to, just knowing that he needed to make his Tim happy with him and show that he would be a good little boy. Tim nodded too ”right then, step out for me baby boy” Joe obeyed at once looking at Tim as he left his clothes behind and stood there in nothing but his boxer shorts. He shivered slightly as he felt a chill run through his almost nude body yet even as he started to feel slightly cold a feeling of warmth spread through him at the certain knowledge that he once again belonged completely to Tim. He was subject to his rules and domination but he was also object of his love and devotion. Most of all belonging to Tim meant that he was free from all decisions and stress and safe from all harm. Even if it also meant that he was just small child, more accurately he was Tim’s baby boy. Tim eyed his child and former roommate taking note of Joe’s underwear. he knew this would be the last time the little boy wore boxers. He took Joe’s hand again and this time he pulled the little boy onto his lap. He gave Joe a squeeze and began to rock slightly ”missed you so much baby boy” Joe sighed contentedly and leaned his head against Tim’s shoulder. As Tim’s large hands began to gently rub and kneed his back ”missed you too” he whispered just loud enough for Tim to hear. Tim hummed for just a minute, as he Rocked his little boy giving them both time to once again get used to their dynamic, to being a family. He cleared his throat ”I’m so sorry baby, I'm so so sorry that I went away and left you all alone, you know I asked you to come when I moved but you said you couldn't and we weren't even living together. I was in that crappy apartment with no money and you were at least back with your Aunt and Uncle so I figured it might be okay. I mean at least you had a place to sleep and food to eat. but I was wrong to leave you and I'm sorry. It's obvious just by the way you've been dressing that you've forgotten who and what you are, that you're not an adult or even a big boy. You're just a baby, my baby and I'm here now to take care of everything to take care of you. I promise you never have to worry about anything ever again I'm home now”. He stopped for just a moment before saying the words they were both waiting for, the words they both needed to hear ”its okay baby boy daddy's here” he dropped a kiss on Joes forehead ”daddys right here now baby” Joes breath caught as he heard Tims words then without warning he burst into tears sobbing out years of anger, frustration and anxiety. Tim said nothing he simply rocked and rocked his little boy. Once Joe’s crying had died down Tim kissed both of his cheeks before continuing ”I'm so sorry baby and I promise daddy will never go anywhere ever again. I know this just have been so hard for you, I mean you spent 5 years as daddy's baby then you had to pretend to be a big boy but that's over now, you'll never ever have to be anything other than the tiny little baby you are ever again. Joe seemed momentarily calmed by these words but suddenly he went ridged in Tim’s arms. He pulled back trying to get free. When it became clear that that wasn't an option he looked at Tim with worry in his eyes and asked “what about Julie, she can't know about this...I” Joe was silenced as Tim put a finger to his lips ”oh now now none of that, that sounds like a worry to me, is it your job to worry baby?” Joe whined but shook his head ”no, cause I'm little” Time nodded ”such a smart little guy, whats you're job” Joe had a small spasm ”to be a...” the words seemed to get stuck in his throat. He paused to swallow then continued ”to be a good little baby and obey my daddy” Tim smiled and dropped a kiss on Joes hair ”that’s right baby and can you remember what daddy’s job is” Joe paused before reciting from memory ”to make grown up choices and take care of me and know whats best for me cause I'm just a little baby” Tim nodded ”that’s exactly right baby, such a good little boy so I don't want you to worry about anything, Daddy will take care of everything from now on” Joe closed his eyes and without thinking about it folded himself into Tim’s side as he breathed away the anxiety he felt. He reminded himself that he was a baby and his only job was to trust his daddy. This somehow made it all better. Blinking he pushed himself off Tim’s shoulder and looked at the bigger man wondering what came next. Tim gave Joe’s neck a little squeeze ”come on munchkin I think it's time we got you in the tub, it’s getting kind of late” Joe looked at Tim and flushed pink ”no umm no I take showers now and I can do it all by myself I'm good at showers I promise” he chewed his lip nervously. Tim squeezed Joe to him ”now now baby boy you know how daddy feels when you tell fibs now whats the rule” Joe sighed, Closing his eyes, he could picture the white board like it was in this room ”little boys Are given baths and never ever stand in the tub cause it's dangerous” Tim nodded gently ”so no more showers for daddy's little boy you're only little and it's not safe” Seeing no choice Joe simply nodded into Tim’s shoulder where his head had once again settled. Tim shifted Joe in his arms so he was cradled like the baby he was and stood. Tim felt a shiver of contentment pass through his body. He had almost forgotten how much he loved holding his baby. Joe was perfect for him to hold. He was light as a feather and small enough to easily fit in Tim’s arms and lap. He was skinny without being bony, on the contrary he was soft and padded. It was like holding an actual toddler which is exactly what Joe was to Tim. Giving the tiny boy cradled in his arms a little squeeze Tim carried Joe up the stairs to the bathroom. As Joe was carried up the stairs towards his first bath in 3 years he was very aware of the fact that he was about to be naked and totally exposed to his daddy as well as the fact that he had no choice or control in what was about to happen or anything really. He was a baby and daddy had total control. He belonged to daddy. When they walked into the bathroom Tim put Joe on his little feet in front of the toilet and without asking tugged down the boys boxers so they pooled at his ankles. Automaticly Joe’s hands flew to cover his privates. Tim gave a tut and pushed Joe’s hands aside with a light slap ”never ever hide yourself from daddy” he admonished “you know better baby boy now sit and make tinkles while I fill the tub please” Joe nodded and obeyed. As he hopped up on the toilet seat his feet left the floor leaving his discarded underwear behind. Joe wasn't at all surprised when Tim scooped them up and threw them in the trash before turning and going to his knees to fill the bath. Joe closed his eyes, boxers were another thing he'd be saying goodbye to. Tim turned on the taps and adjusted the water temperature humming as he did so. Once he was satisfied the water was not too hot or too cold he turned back to his boy ”I don't hear you making pee pee baby, do you need daddy to help you sweet boy” Joe shook himself from his thoughts and looked at Tim ”I... No daddy, it's just hard to go with someone else in here, even you. I need privacy” he said the last part as an apology. Tim smiled and stroked Joe’s cheek ”well you best get used to it munchkin. Are you allowed in here by yourself? what's daddy’s rule?” Joe cleared his throat and dutifully recited ””little boys aren't allowed in the bathroom or the kitchen by their own selves cause it's dangerous and they need grownups to watch them” Tim took Joe’s face in his hands and lightly kissed his lips ”thats exactly right baby, such a good little boy, you make daddy so happy. Now please go pee pee like a good little baby and we’ll have no more talk about privacy” Joe nodded and looked away torn between sadness at the rebuff and the pleasure he always felt when daddy gave him hugs and kisses, Tim was nothing if not affectionate with his little boy. A sudden thought struck Joe and he looked at Tim in near panic. He took a breath to calm himself before he asked ”umm daddy does this mean I need to use my special potty again” Joe grimaced just thinking about the small red training potty he had been forced to used all though college after Tim had forbid him from using the big boy bathroom by himself. Tim nodded and smiled “such a good memory munchkin of course you’ll get to you you’re special potty again in fact I bought 4 so we can put them all around the house. That will make things much easier won’t it baby” Not meeting Tim’s eyes Joe nodded even as he worked to stifle a sob. “yes daddy” he said in a tiny voice tired of waiting Tim took hold of Joe’s tiny member with one hand and began to gently press on his soft tummy and lower abdomen with the other “this is much better isn’t it baby and actually I forgot you really shouldn't be touching your baby bits should you” Tim whined at the sudden intrusion but nodded “no daddy, it’s naughty for little boys only daddy should touch my tiny weeny little penie” he said remembering Tim’s favorite name for his private parts. Tim smiled and continued his assault “my good boy now go peepee baby boy it’s getting late and we need to get you in the tub” The small bit of pressure both physical and emotional was all it took and as if on commend Joe immediately started to pee. Joe was relieved as he quickly felt his stream slow and stop. He looked up at Tim “all done Daddy, no more peepee” Tim gave Joe’s diminutive penis a little shake to get out any last drops “are you sure baby, I don’t want you going potty in the tub” Joe rolled his eyes but nodded “yes daddy, I’m sure I promise no more peepee” Tim nodded and ripped off some nearby toilet paper. He wadded it up and dapped at Joe’s penis. Once he was satisfied that there would be no drops he stood “ok baby boy you may stand” Joe obeyed but didn’t move knowing what came next. With the tissue still in his hand Tim reached down and gave Joes bum a wipe then inspected it. Shaking his head he said “Joey you haven’t been wiping very well, but no matter that’s daddy’s job now” Tim gave Joe another wipe and once he felt the boy was properly clean he threw the paper in the toilet and gave it a flush “now what baby boy” he asked Joe who was standing there as if frozen seemed to come out of a dream “umm now daddy washes our hands” “That’s right baby” Tim agreed as he lead the way to the sink and turned on the water. He waited for Joe to take his position in front of the sink before standing behind him. He grabbed the soap and cupping Joes tiny hands in his large ones proceeded to wash both at the same time “there we go baby nice and clean” Tim turned off the water Joe knew that it was daddy’s opinion that he was much too little to handle washing his hands or anything by himself and seeing as it was daddy’s opinion that mattered he stayed perfectly still and allowed daddy to do what he wanted. Once Tim pronounced that he was done Joe looked up “thank you daddy” he squeaked. Tim took Joe by the shoulders and turned him around. Once they were facing each other Tim pulled Joe close and enfolded the little boy in his arms “I love my little baby so so much, more then anything else in the whole world” Joe couldn’t help but melt into Tim’s embrace “love you too daddy” he mumbled into Tim’s shoulder. As Tim pulled away Joe was touched by the unshed tears he wiped from his eyes. “I’m just so happy my baby is home with daddy” Tim said as way of explanation “now let’s get you in the tub” he held out his hand. Joe silently took Tim’s hand as he was lead to the waiting tub. Once they were there. Joe stopped and waited relying on their old choreography to know what came next. Wordlessly Tim reached out and hooked Joe under the armpits and easily lifting him off his feet before sitting him in the full bathtub. Joe closed his eyes as his body was enveloped in the warm water. He felt all of the tension leave his body as he leaned against the back of the tub. Joe’s role in the bath ritual had been defined long ago. He knew his job was to do nothing but obey while daddy took care of everything for him. Tim wasted no time in locating a nearby washcloth. He dipped it into the warm water then used a recently purchased bottle of baby body wash to create lather and suds. Smiling he started to gently wash Joe”s tummy making sure to get inside the boys tiny belly button before moving to his shoulders. Tim smiled at the giggles he was receiving before moving on to Joe”s neck and arms. Tim was pleased at Joe”s docility and compliance. He paid close attention to his boys armpits before getting more soap and working his way up the little boys neck to his face. Once Tim was satisfied that Joe was clean from the waist up he knew it was time to go lower. He started with with Joes tiny feet. In truth they were probably his favorite part of his boys body. Tim could remember the first time they met, it was Joe’s feet that made him realized this boy was meant to be his. Tim was sitting in his new dorm room waiting to meet his roommate when he heard a tiny knock at the door. He stood and opened the door to find a worried and confused looking little boy standing there. The boy wasn’t even 5 feet tall. He had light bling hair and bright blue eyes that conveyed anxiety and fear. The little boy opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. He swallowed hard and looked at Tim as if for help. Tim gave the little boy what he hoped was a reassuring smile and put his hand on the kids shoulder “hey little guy, are you lost, I know I bet your big brother or sister goes here don’t they? Did you get separated from your mommy and daddy helping them to move in? I can help you find them” he looked around as if expecting the boy’s parents to come running up the hall any second. The tiny boy in front of him just shook his head. Tim sighed “let’s start with this, what’s your name sweetheart” The little boy looked horrified. He opened his mouth again and all but whined “no I ummm I live here, I’m Joe, your roommate Joe” his statement sounded more like a question as his words died away. Tim shook his head as if to clear his thoughts “are you sure… I mean I’m sorry little buddy you’re just so little” Tim quickly eyed the little boy taking in his pixie like appearance, his small stature but landing almost immediately on his shoes. He couldn’t believe that a guy his age could fit into shoes that small, could have such tiny feet. Tim heard a tiny squeak as Joe scuffed his sneaker against the floor and he knew right then that Joe wasn’t meant to wear shoes, Joe was meant to be barefoot. Shoes were for grownups and big boys and Joe was neither of those things. Joe was just a little boy and though he didn’t know it yet Joe was going to be his little boy. Tim wasn’t gay he knew what he was feeling was love at first sight. He wasn’t exactly sure what kind of love but he did know that this little boy was meant to be his. Tim smiled, a plan already half formed “sorry kiddo, come in, come in this is your room too. Just one rule I don’t want you wearing shoes or socks inside so could you just take them off and leave them by the door” if Joe thought this was odd he said nothing, he simply nodded as he obeyed toeing off his shoes then peeling off his socks and balling them up as he stuffed them in his left sneaker. Tim watched this process silently and almost gasped audibly when Joe removed the first tiny foot from from his little shoe. As small as Joe’s shoes were, they were at least a size too big for Joe. This was unacceptable to Tim’s mind, he decided that as soon as possible, maybe even that night he would take Joe shopping. He couldn’t wait to take Joe into the little boys section to shop for shoes and there would be no more wearing too big shoes that just looked like smaller versions of what adults wore, from then on there would be no socks or complicated laces to deal with. Joe would only wear slip on shoes like flip flops and clogs and those would only be worn when absolutely necessary. Tim would make sure to get everything a half size too small so that Joe could still fit them on his tiny feet but would have some extra incentive to slip off his shoes the moment they weren’t absolutely necessary. Tim smiled again at the thought of Joe tugging on his shirt and asking in a small voice “can I be barefoot now” before long it would be a battle to get Joe to wear shoes at all and this was the first step. Tim nodded they would definitely be going shopping that night and not just for shoes, there were so many options in the boys section just perfect for someone Joe’s size. A whole new wardrobe was in order. Tim was shaken from his thoughts as a now barefoot Joe waited at the door Tim ushered him in with a friendly arm around his shoulder. If Joe noticed that despite his request Tim wore shoes he didn’t say anything not that it mattered, very quickly Joe would have to get used to the fact that grownups and little boys have very different rules. Tim couldn’t wait to get to know his new roommate! A huge smile crossed his face as he shut the door. Tim smiled at the memory as he dipped his hand into the bath water wrapping his large fingers around Joe’s little foot he lifted it out of the bath water. Tim loved how Joe’s whole foot was dwarfed by his hand. He took just a second to lay the palm of his hand against the sole of Joe’s foot as he had done so many times in the past. This little game was a subtle reminder to Joe of how tiny he truly was and how much power strength his daddy had in contrast. Although those things had been clearly evident to the little boy since the moment he walked though the door, a subtle reminder of their respective places in the hierarchy was never a bad thing. Tim held Joe’s delicate foot in his hand and made a small tutting sound “look at that baby” Tim wiggled his large fingers against the sole of Joe’s foot “you’re still just as tiny as you were in collage, have you grown even a little” Tim gazed at Joe already knowing the answer but wanting to hear the little boy confirm it” Joe froze for a second before giving a little shrug “I… no Daddy I’m still the same size” he seemed to hide himself in the water as he spoke. Tim nodded “hmmm well then Baby it’s a good thing you’re back with daddy isn’t it, I mean you just can’t take care of you’re self can you?” Knowing the correct response Joe shook his head a bit sadly and said ”no daddy I’m way too little and I need a grownup… I need my daddy” Tim looked from Joe’s foot to his eyes “that's right baby but don’t worry daddy will take care of you from now on, you’re safe” he leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on the sole of Joe’s foot before gently washing it with soap and water. He repeated the process and placed another chased kiss on the other sole before lowering it back into the bath. Tim made fast work of washing Joe’s little legs and thighs before stopping briefly, this was his other favorite part “almost done baby we just need do you’re little dinky” he gave a mischievous smile “but I can’t seem to find it” Joe remembered this embarrassing game and groaned “it’s there daddy, I promise but it’s tiny just like me so it’s hard to find” Tim pretended to stare then said “ohhh I see it now, but why is your peepee so baby sized” he reached in to wash the tiny member. Giggling in spite of himself Joe responded just like he had been trained “I’m a baby daddy so my peepee is just baby sized like I am” Tim finished up his task happy to see that despite the years, the training he had put in place to keep Joe from getting hard without permission still seemed to be effective. The boy stayed soft the whole time he was being washed. Tim looked up at Joe “ I guess that’s no bigger either is it Baby”. All Joe could do was shake his head. “Let’s do you’re hair now baby then we can get you out of the tub” Tim grabbed the baby shampoo and squirted it into his hand lathering them up before messaging the shampoo into Joe’s blond locks. The tiny boy closed his eyes and gave a groan of pleasure and contentment as his head was messaged. Tim smiled, he loved knowing that he had the ability to make his little boy feel safe and loved with his own hands. Once he was satisfied that Joe’s downy blond hair was clean he stopped scrubbing and used the sprayer attachment to rinse his little boy. Replacing the nozzle Tim hit the switch to drain the tub before reaching behind him to find the hooded teddy bear towel he had prepared for his baby. Joe watched as the water level lowered knowing he wasn’t allowed to move or stand in the tub. He waited until his daddy dropped a fuzzy towel around his shoulders and rubbed him all around to help sop up the water. Tim then dropped the hood over Joe’s head before lifting the little boy into his arms. “ let’s go find you something to wear baby boy”. Without conscious thought Joe clung to his daddy as they made their way to Tim’s bedroom. As they entered the bedroom Tim gave the boy in his arms a little bounce “this is our room sweetheart” Joe was shaken “our room daddy? You mean I’m gonna sleep in here? With you?” Tim carried Joe over to the large bed “ yes baby we’ll share for now, I didn’t have time to set up your crib yet besides, I’ve missed my little boy so much and it will be just like old times” Joe nodded, he’s wasn’t sure why this came as a surprise to him, during thier fist week as roommates Tim had ordered extra tall safety rails for Joe’s bed and once they were set up they had become a fixture all four years of college. From that point on Tim would only refer to Joe’s bed as his crib. Joe had to admit that that made some sense since a crib is what his bed most closely resembled. Tim made it quite clear to Joe that crib was then only correct term for where he slept and would ignore him if he called his bed anyway else. If anyone ever asked about the crib like structure they were told that it was a necessary safety precaution because Joe fell out of bed. Though this caused Joe endless embarrassment it seemed to be effective as neither Joe or Tim were never questioned beyond that point. The crib was a clear symbol of Joe’s status but It was primarily used for naps and punishment. On the first night they were living together, Joe woke up in the middle of the night crying from a nightmare and not sure where he was. Waking up himself, Tim worked to calm his tiny roommate before lifting the boy into his arms and taking him back to his bed where they both fell asleep easily. It was never discussed again but Joe spent the next 4 years sleeping in daddy’s bed which was clearly what he needed as he never had another nightmare. At least until after graduation, sadly over the last 3 years Joe had been plagued with almost nightly bad dreams, he couldn’t help but wonder if being back in daddy’s bed and arms would change that. Placing his baby on the bed Tim continued to rub the boy gently with the fluffy towel until he was satisfied that Joe was completely dry. He then stroked Joe’s cheek “just sit tight baby while daddy finds you something to wear” “Oh um ah I brought clothes Daddy, they’re just in my bag, we can go get them” even as Joe said the words he realized that the clothes he brought were part of a previous life when he was pretending to be a grownup and before he was once again Tim’s child. He knew that he would never wear those clothes again. As if to confirm this Tim gave the little boy a smile “I’ll take care of those later baby, but little boys don’t really need those kind of clothes, do they” he turned and began rummaging though his top drawer” “No daddy, they don’t” Joe sighed and stared at his toes as he waited like a good boy. He could be a good boy. Momentarily Tim spun around holding two bags in his hands “look what daddy has baby boy” Joe’s eyes were drawn to the bags in Tim’s hands. He couldn’t help but groan as his brain registered what his daddy held. Both hands held an unopened package of little boys underwear. The pack in his left hand were emblazoned with Superman graphics while the ones in his right were Spider-Man themed. Tim held them up in emphasis “you remember how this goes sweetheart, do you want to be spider baby or super baby tonight” Joe remembered how this particular game worked Tim always provided him with colorful, childish underwear usually superhero themed and he would always let Joe choose which kind he wanted to wear but he always forced him to replace the word man with baby. Joe sighed “can I be spider baby daddy” Tim nodded happily “of course baby boy excellent choice” he dropped the Superman underwear back in the drawer the ripped open the Spider-Man pack. Pulling out a fresh pair Tim unfolded them and stretched them out before walking back to the foot of the bed where Joe sat. Tim knelt down before his little boy and held the underwear open “come on baby step in” Without hesitation Joe scampered off the bed to obey. Joe stood in front of Tim and knowing just want to do put both hands on his daddy’s shoulders to steady himself. Then he stepped into the waiting underwear one foot at a time. Once Joe had stepped in Tim easily pulled the little undies up his little boys legs and over his bubble butt. He pulled them in place with a little snap and gave Joe’s bum a couple of love taps “there you go baby all nice and dressed”. Tim stood and held out his hand “come on baby let’s go downstairs and find some dinner” Joe knew better than to expect to be dressed in anything else while at home so he simply nodded and took Tim’s hand “what’s for dinner Daddy” he asked as Tim lead him out the door and to the stairs. Tim gave his boy’s hand a squeeze “you’ve been such a good baby for daddy tonight sweetheart so you can choose, do you want Mac and cheese baby boy or chicken nuggets, what will it be?” Joe gave an involuntary shiver of delight. daddy knew all of his favorites. He practically shook with delight and jumped up and down “oh oh mac and cheese please daddy, mac and cheese” Tim chuckled at the little boy’s excitement “sure baby that sounds good to me” when they reached the top of the stairs Joey lifted his arms in the air to be picked up without even thinking about it. Tim noted this with pride and rewarded his boy with a kiss on the cheek as he lifted him up and settled him on his hip. Just as they made it down stairs the door bell rang. Tim could feel the tiny boy in his arms freeze and go ridged. He gave Joe a reassuring squeeze “ohh baby it’s okay, I promise it’s just Corey, the neighbor boy from next door, I forgot that I asked him to come over about now to introduce himself to you, I must say he has excellent timing” As they made their way to the door Joe squirmed and whined “no daddy, I’m not even dressed he can’t see me like this” Tim stopped for a moment and shifted Joe in his arms so he could look into his boy’s eyes “now now baby we’ve talked about this false sense of modesty you seem to have developed, remind me, what do little boys wear at home” Joe sighed, he was trapped and he knew it. There was only one right answer still he felt embarrassed. He hid his face in daddy’s neck as he answered “just their little undies daddy and I’m spider baby”. Even while hating himself a bit for giving in so easily Joe knew his words were true and this was just another part of his life as daddy’s baby boy. Tim gently kissed Joe’s forehead and temple while rubbing his bare back “there’s daddy’s good, good little baby, such a good boy” Despite himself, Joe glowed with pride. Daddy thought he was good, he was a good little boy. Tim resumed his corse to the door but stopped before opening it “now baby what does Daddy expect when we meet someone new, one of daddy’s friends” Joe took a deep breath “umm use pretty manners, and be good, listen and don’t call grownups by their names it’s rude” Tim gave his boy a squeeze “that’s exactly right baby, you have such a good little memory” reaching out Tim and grabbed the door knob then opened the door. In a cheerful voice Tim greeted their visitor “hi Corey, come in, come in. Thanks for coming” Tim moved aside to allow the new person inside. Despite his anxiety, Joe’s curiosity eventually won out. He opened his eyes just a tiny bit and to see a tall boy with a round face and light brown hair. He couldn’t tell how old the boy was . He was definitely taller than Joe but who wasn’t. If he had to guess he would say maybe 13 or 14. Tim moved aside to allow Corey to enter. Knowing Joe was nervous Tim worked to sooth him by bouncing and rocking him in his arms as he addressed their guest. “Corey I just wanted you to come by to meet my little boy since you two will be spending some time together” Joe was confused by this conversation but not enough to raise his head from his daddy’s neck. He felt Tim give him a little squeeze and he let out a small whine” Tim chuckled “Corey this is my little boy, Baby Joey. Baby this is Corey, he lives next door with his parents.” When Joe only squirmed in response Tim went on “sorry Corey, he just being a little bit shy, you know how babies can be” Corey nodded “oh sure, I see this all the time. It’s normal for little guys to be shy around strangers, new grownups can be scary” he stepped closer and reached out a hand to lightly tickle the sole of Joe’s foot “hey there little guy, I’m Corey I’m gonna be babysitting you sometimes when your daddy has grownup stuff to do and I really hope we can be friends” Joe groaned internally a babysitter, this boy was going to be his babysitter. He was overwhelmed by embarrassment but couldn’t see any way out. Just like in college if daddy made a choice all Joe could do was obey. Still he resolved to not move from his hiding spot in daddy’s shoulder until Corey was gone. Then he felt the first tickle. He shivered and let out a high pitched giggle. As Corey continued to assault his soft sole a smile came to Joe’s lips as he gave a little kick. “Mhhhhm” he whined. Corey smiled “there’s a happy little guy” he reached out and repeated the action. This time he was rewarded with a longer giggle and involuntary eye contact from Joe. “There he is”. Corey beamed and looked into Joes eyes “hey there cutie” he reached out to stroke Joe’s cheek “it’s going to be okay buddy I can’t wait to get to know you and I promise we’ll be best buds soon okay” Not seeing any choice in the matter Joe gave a small nod to this near stranger. Tim gave Joe another little bounce and kissed his hair “there’s daddy’s good boy, no need to be shy, Corey is a friend of mine and I know he really wants to be your friend too baby” Tim looked from Joe to Corey and asked “can I leave him with you for a few minutes Corey, I really need to get Joey some dinner before it gets to be bedtime” Corey nodded. “That’s totally fine, we’ll just get to know each other for a bit” “Great” Tim gently pulled a reluctant Joe from his hip and placed him on his feet. He leaned in close to Joe and took his face in his hands “I expect you to be a very good boy for Corey baby, you remember what to do” after getting a nervous nod from Joe Tim smiled and kissed the boy’s forehead then stood up straight and made his way to the kitchen. Finding himself alone with his newly appointed babysitter Joe took a deep breath, he knew what was expected of him. It was the same thing he had to do when ever daddy introduced him to a new grownup. He stepped forward “hi umm sorry about earlier, I get shy around new grownups like you” he nervously rubbed his arm and studied his toes “ like daddy said, I’m baby Joey” he shrugged “you can just call me Joey or baby or whatever you want it’s up to you but umm I’m not allowed to call grownups by their first names, it’s rude for babies like me so can I call you Mr. Corey or Uncle Corey” Corey took Joe’s chin in his hand and forced eye contact “it’s also rude for little boys not to look grownups in the eye baby boy and I’d hate to have to spank your bum bum on our first day together so can you work on that for me baby, can you be a good boy?” Joe froze he hated this and be didn’t think Corey was even allowed to spank him but he realized that he didn’t want to find out so he nodded “yes, I’ll be good” Joe said sadly. Corey smiled “that’s great baby and you can call me uncle Corey since we’ll be spending so much time together. Joe wasn’t really sure that was true either, he didn’t even live there but he knew better than to argue with an adult especially one who was now his uncle. “Yes uncle Corey he softly intoned. Corey smiled “let’s go sit on the sofa baby and have a little chat”. He took Joe’s hand and led the smaller boy to the couch where he sat down and pulled Joe onto his lap. Joe couldn’t believe that he was sitting on the lap of someone at least 10 years younger than him. Still, he had to admit Corey was big and strong. He was sure that Corey would be strong enough to lift and carry him easily. Joe opened his mouth to ask the question he had been wondering since he was introduced to this boy “ummm uncle Corey how old are you?” Corey smiled kindly down at Joe “it’s a really big number buddy but let’s see if you can figure it out, I’m as many as all of your tiny little toes plus one finger, can you guess how many that is little guy?” Joe deflated “that… you’re 11” he said as much to himself as Corey. He couldn’t believe it here he was sitting on the lap of an 11 year old boy, a boy who was already a giant to him and who he had to call uncle and treat as a grownup. A boy who would now be one of his regular caregivers. Joe just knew that soon enough Corey would be bathing him, dressing him and putting him to bed. This thought, more than any other truly brought home the fact that Joe was a baby and there was no way he could deny it to himself or anyone. As much as part of him hated this, he was also shocked at the feeling of contentment this brought. The reality was that he was a baby. Without warning Joe felt tears come to his eyes and like any baby dealing with big feelings he started to sob. Corey had been about to congratulate Joe on his math skills when the little boy started to wail. Instead he quickly changed tacts wrapping his arms around his tiny charge then pulling Joe into a hug. He then began to rock “it’s okay baby uncle Corey’s here, I’ll take care of you. just breath for me little guy, such a good baby” Corey kept up the soothing monologue as he rocked and waited for Joe to settle. As Corey held him Joe laid his head on his babysitter’s shoulder. He couldn’t help but notice Corey’s manly smell which reminded him just a bit of his daddy. Without thinking he snuggled further into Corey’s neck and inhaled finding the musk familiar and comforting. The thought of Daddy calmed Joe. He took a few deep breaths as his tears dried and with a few last sniffles. He was all cried out . He laid there quietly leaving nothing but a wet spot on Corey’s shirt from his leaking eyes and nose. Corey gently rubbed Joe’s back as he felt the little boy calming in his arms “there we go baby nice and calm, such a good baby” he waited for Joe’s tears to stop entirely before asking “what happened little guy, what made you so sad?” Joe lifted his head and looked at Corey. Averting his eyes he shrugged “I don’t know, it’s just everything is different and things are changing and can’t do anything cause I’m just a baby and too little” Corey smiled “it’s hard being a baby isn’t it, but you know what? You’re lucky because you don’t have to worry about anything. You have Daddy to take care of you and me to help and what do you think your job is?” Joe knew exactly what to say “umm to be a good baby and listen to you and daddy” he said softly. Corey hugged Joe and tucked Joe’s head under his chin. “Such a smart little boy, and if you can do that for Daddy and me everything will be just fine, you’ll see” Joe took another deep breath. He felt that what Corey said was true, his daddy would always love and take care of him and if Daddy thought that Corey was big enough and mature enough to help take care of him then he had to trust that. He had to trust his uncle Corey. In spite of his very real embarrassment Joe was already starting to view Corey as a parental figure. This 11 year old was a grownup and Joe was just a little baby that was the reality. Joe was wasn’t sure how long they sat there before he heard footsteps. Looking up he saw his daddy enter the room and look from him to Corey and back again. Without a thought he raised his arms making a silent request for his daddy to hold him. Tim’s heart melted as he saw his little boy reach for him. Without hesitation he went to Joe and lifted him into his arms for a cuddle “hi baby” he inhaled, breathing in Joe’s freshly bathed scent”. Tim smiled and kissed Joe’s cheek as he turned turned his attention back to Corey “was he good for you” Corey stood and eagerly nodded “he was great, the perfect little guy, just a little sad, but nothing I couldn’t handle” Tim looked down and studied Joe’s face noting the tear tracks on his chubby little cheeks. He wiped them away with his thumbs “daddy’s one true love” he whispered adoringly to his little boy pressing their foreheads together. Corey made a little noice “um so I should probably be going but I can’t wait to start helping with this little guy” he gave Joe’s foot a tickle “bye little buddy” Tim nodded “that’s probably best, it’s getting late and I need to get my baby fed. Thanks so much for coming Corey, it was actually a huge help and I’ll let you know about tomorrow night” he placed Joe on his feet “go give uncle Corey hugs and kisses baby boy, he has to go home” he gave Joe’s bum a motivating pat. Joe froze feeling overwhelmingly shy but shook himself, he should have expected this. Since early in their relationship Daddy had always made Joe say hello and goodbye to their friends and other grownups by giving kisses and hugs. It never ceased to amaze Joe how many people were happy to receive kisses and cuddles from him. In college he was shocked that even guys his own age weren’t embarrassed by the open show of affection. On the contrary, several of the guys on his floor would seek out a hug or a cuddle when they were having a bad day. Daddy used to joke that Joe was the dorm therapy baby. As Joe hesitated Corey opened his arms wide and motioned for him to come closer. Joe obeyed stepping into the larger boys embrace. Corey wrapped his arms around Joe and squeezed then he release the little boy and tapped his own cheek. Leaning close on his tip toes Joe gave his uncle Corey a dutiful kiss on the cheek. Corey gave Joe another squeeze “bye bye little guy, see you real soon”. Joe felt his daddy’s hand on his shoulder and they walked Corey toward the door “yah buy uncle Corey see you soon” Joe said as Corey walked out the door. “Thanks again” Tim said as ge closed the door behind Corey. He then turned back to his boy “let’s go to the kitchen baby dinner is about done” Overcome by anger, Joe almost glared at Tim. For the first time that night he had steel in his eyes “why would you embarrass me like that!” He stomped his bare foot and then all but deflated “Corey’s only 11” he said in a near whine. Tim’s expression turned dark he placed a firm hand on Joe’s shoulder “that’s right little boy Corey is 11 and how big are you exactly?” Joe squirmed. When Tim called him little boy it was never a good thing. He gulped “I know I’m only little daddy, I’m a baby but” he was stopped mid sentence when Tim put a finger to his lips. “That’s exactly right sweetheart, you are just a little baby aren’t you which is why daddy isn’t going to punish you for questioning me right now and forgetting your place but let’s review, do babies make choices or know what’s best for themselves?” He waited for an answer Now thoroughly intimidated Joe shook his head “I… no no daddy you make choices and you know best, I’m just a little tiny baby” Joe tried to make himself as small as possible” Tim messaged his boys shoulder “that’s right you’re just a little baby and 11 is much bigger than a tiny baby isn’t it” Joe nodded emphatically “”yes daddy much bigger” Tim smiled “good so you’re going to be a good baby for uncle Corey right little boy” Joe nodded again “yes daddy I’ll be good for uncle Corey I promise” Tim let go of Joe’s shoulder and offered him his hand “that’s a good boy now then we won’t have anymore silly talk from little babies will we” Joe shook his head as he took daddy’s hand “Okay then” Tim said “let’s go eat” he took Joe’s hand and led him to the kitchen. As they walked into the kitchen, Joe looked around and couldn’t help but smile. The table was only set for 1 and he knew it was meant for him. The table setting consisted of a plastic plate with SpongeBob and his friends smiling cheerfully all over it. It had been Joe’s from their college days and he wasn’t surprised that daddy had saved it. On top of the plate sat the matching spoon. Joe moved his eyes to the place next to his and knew what he would find. There sat a single fork on a napkin. Daddy allowed Joe to try and feed himself as long as he could use a spoon. Joe was never allowed to play with forks or knives as they were considered much too dangerous for little babies. For anything that required something other than his spoon Joe could either choose to use his fingers or have daddy feed him. The next thing to catch Joe’s eye was the matching sponge bob sippy cup on the table. In spite of himself, Joe swelled with pride. Daddy considered a sippy cup to be a big boy privilege so Joe must have been a very good boy so far if he got to use his sippy. The final thing Joe noticed was also very familiar to him from his collage days. Sitting atop the chair in front of his plate was a bright blue booster seat, the same one Joe had used all through collage and there was no doubt in his mind that he could still comfortably fit in the toddler seat. Joe didn’t have to wait long to find out for sure, daddy brought him right over to his booster seat and lifted him into it before snapping the safety harness in place. Then without a word Tim took the sippy cup from the table “do you want milk or water baby boy “ he asked in a cheerful tone Joe thought for a moment. He briefly considered pointing out that he hadn’t had his daily allotted one cup of juice but knew that daddy would never go for it so close to bedtime. He didn’t want to press his luck “um milk please daddy” Tim smiled “I love the pretty manners baby boy” he opened the fridge and grabbed the milk. Joes heart dropped as Tim placed his drink on the table but in place of his sippy cup there was now a baby bottle full of milk. He looked from the bottle to Tim “daddy, I thought… why can’t I have my sippy” he asked in full whine. Tim looked his boy straight in the eyes “I put out your big boy cup before you decided to be naughty and question daddy but it’s clear that at least tonight you aren’t big enough for your sippy. As long as you’re good we can try again tomorrow. Just remember you’re big boy cup is a privilege not for naughty little boys” Joe felt like he might cry “But but daddy!” He whined Tim held up a finger and Joe fell silent “careful baby boy, we can always make it the whole weekend unless you’re ready to be a good baby and drink your baba” Joe shook his head “No, no daddy, I’ll be good, I’ll be a good baby and drink my baba!” As if to prove the point Joe reached for his bottle and planted the nipple between his lips and started to nurse. Tim nodded more to himself then to Joe and took Joe’s plate then turned to the stove dished a Joe sized potion on to the colorful dish then placed it on the table in front of his boy. Before sitting down next to Joe Tim reached into a nearby drawer and grabbed a bib then fastened it around the baby’s neck. As Tim took his seat Joe glanced down to see the words Daddy’s boy printed on his bib. He was overcome with equal feelings of contentment and embarrassment which were the feelings that always seemed to fight each other where his daddy was concerned. Now seated Tim looked at his baby “ok sweetheart do you want to feed yourself like a big boy of do you want daddy’s help” Eager to prove what a big boy he was Joe grabbed the nearby spoon “I’m big daddy I can feed my own self” Tim smiled and ruffled Joe’s hair “of course you’re a big boy sweetheart, But you’re still daddy’s baby too, now eat your dinner, it’s getting late” Joe nodded and carefully scooped some Mac and cheese up. He worked hard to balance it on his spoon as he brought the spoon to his mouth. He lost almost half of the spoons contents as he did. Joe blushed he hated to admit it but the bib was a good thing, he was always a messy eater and his hand seemed to get extra wobbly under Daddy’s watchful gaze. Tim just chuckled and used his own fork to gather the macaroni that had fallen onto his boys bib. He then brought the contents to Joe’s lips and waited for him to bite. The rest of the meal fell into a familiar routine alternating between Joe slowly and clumsily working to feed himself with his spoon and Tim using his fork to feed him bites and speed things along. Once Joe’s plate was empty the little boy looked up at daddy and smiled, happily kicking his feet “see daddy I fed my own self just like a big boy” Tim smiled back, he ruffled his boy’s hair and removed his messy bib “you were a lot of help baby now drink your baba” Tim said with a wink. He he waited for Joe to obey before quickly clearing the table. Once everything was put away Tim turned back to Joe with a damp rag in his hand he proceeded to wipe Joe’s hands and face. “okay baby boy, it’s just about bedtime” Joe looked at his daddy then to the nearby clock then back to daddy “but daddy, it’s only 6:45 I still have a whole hour until bedtime cause it’s Friday and I get to stay up late”. Tim made a mental note that he would have to remove all of the digital clocks from the house, his baby didn’t have to be worrying about time, that was daddy’s job. He gave Joe a serious look “I’m sorry baby boy who makes the rules a clock or daddy” Joe knew he was on thin ice so made sure to sound as cute and little as possible, it was what his daddy liked. “You do daddy, you’re in charge of me” he dutifully answered Tim nodded “that’s right baby and can you please remind me about the bedtime rule” Joe thought for just a second “bedtime for little boys like me is 7:15 except on Friday and Saturday when I can can stay up until 7:45 as long as I’ve been good all week and acted like a big boy. I’ve been good daddy I promise” Joe almost begged Tim stroked the boys smooth cheek “you’ve been so good baby and Daddy is so proud of you but what’s the rest of the rule, you may stay up late on the weekend as long as you’re good all week and go o bed by…” he waited for a reply Joe deflated “7:15 all week” he mumbled sadly Tim nodded “exactly baby, do you mean to tell me you’ve gone to bed by bedtime all week because I think that would be a fib” Joe nodded “yes daddy, you’re right” Tim stood “but we will work on that for next week won’t we sweetheart” Joe nodded as he was once again lifted into daddy’s arms and positioned against his firm chest. He didn’t know how he would explain to his wife that he had to go to bed at 7:15 from now on but he just would. Joe was so distracted by his own thoughts that he didn’t even notice them climb the stairs or enter the bedroom he and Tim would share. He was only snapped out of his trance as Daddy gently placed him on the bed. Tim sat on the edge of the bed and started to play with Joe’s hair “now baby, I just want to say that even though you don’t get to stay up late tonight, you have been such a good boy for daddy and I know it’s hard readjusting to all of our rules but you’re doing such a good job little one” Joe couldn’t help but blush “I… thanks daddy and I promise I’ll go to bed by bedtime from now one” Tim cupped the little boys cheek “I know you will baby” he dropped a kiss on Joe’s forehead then his lips “and because you’ve been such a good boy. I think you deserve a visit from Mr. bear” Joe’s breath caught and he felt an overwhelming spasm of excitement as a shiver ran through his body. Daddy called Mr. Bear his special friend and all through college daddy used Mr. Bear to help Joe make stickies . In fact it was the only way Joe was ever allowed to make stickies as little boys weren’t allowed to touch themself and daddy said that Joe’s peepee was so tiny that it was the only way to make it feel good. As much as it embarrassed Joe he had to admit that Daddy was right. No matter how many other ways he tried to make stickies they never ever felt as good as when he got a special visit from Mr. bear. Joe knew that at least some of that was because a visit from mr Bear also meant that Daddy thought he was a very good little boy. Seeing his boys excitement Tim smiled and opened his top drawer. He pulled out a brown and white teddy bear wearing a happy expression. If you looked closely at the bear you would notice several faded spotted created from repeated offerings from a happy little baby and several trips to the washing machine. Seeing his special friend Joe let out a squeal of delight and started to flap his arms and kick his legs. He opened his arms in anticipation and made grabby hands for the bear. Tim smiled at his happy little boy and brought the bear close place it on Joe’s bare chest. Remembering their ritual Joe immediately gave the bear a hug “hi Mr bear. I missed so so much. Thank you for helping me feel good and making me a happy baby” he then gave the bear a kiss and handed it back to his daddy. Tim watched as his little boy did exactly as he was supposed to. He took the bear back and gently almost reverently pulled Joe’s underroos down to his knees revealing Joe’s tiny member. Like every other part of Joe his peepee could only be described as adorable. As if preforming a familiar dance Tim first brought the bear to Joe’s cheek and rubbed it with the soft fur. Once he was rewarded with a happy sigh Tim moved the bear down to stroke Joes soft belly. This elicited a giggle from the baby who was now a quiver with excitement. Finally The soft fur of the bear leaned on Joe’s peepee which was already erect with anticipation. As Tim started to stroke Joe’s baby bits he said “just a tiny little baby, daddy’s good good little boy, only good little babies get to make stickies and you’ve been so good baby so make stickies NOW!” As if on comment Joe exploded into the soft fur of the bear creating what would soon be another faded spot. Tim continued to rub Joe’s privates both teasing and cleaning his baby. He then grabbed a nearby tissue to finish up. By this point Joe was spent. Once he released he collapsed back on to the bed in an after glow and smiled sleepily as his daddy tended to his needs. Tim worked Joes undies back up his legs and set them in place with a small snap. He them lifted Joe up so he was cradled in his arms. Tim Leaned down and gently kissed Joe on the lips then whispered “we need to say good night to Mr. bear don’t we baby then I think he needs a bath” Joe nodded, when Tim brought the slightly sticky bear to his lips he quickly kissed the bear “thank you for helping me be a happy baby Mr. bear, you make me feel so good, have a good bath.” Placing the bear out of sight Tim rubbed Joe’s tummy and watched his eyes close. He knew he should make his baby go to the bathroom and wash up but the little guy had had a long day. “Someone’s a tired little baby” he cooed “close your little eyes sweetheart it’s time for good little babies to go night nights” Hit with a sudden wave of exhaustion Joe obeyed. He fell asleep almost immediately with a contented smile on his face. He was home. He was Daddy’s.
  4. Hello. after some time, I begin another role play. I hope someone come to play with me. After the war of sexes, Lucas was one of the scant males that weren’t been jailed after the men’s defeat. However, despite at the time of the war he was only ten years old, he had saved a high officer of the female army’s life, for which he was been rewarded personally by the new amazonian confederation president. However, the war didn’t finish to hurt him: The chemical weapons used by the female army had made him sick with cancer and the only therapy that could have saved his life was too expensive for him. After the end of the war, all better-payed jobs have been forbidden, they can play only the most tiring and less-paid jobs. Lucas couldn’t play that job because of his serious health conditions, then he would never have the money to pay for treatment. For this reason, he tried to rob a bank, though with only a toy gun: he didn’t want to hurt anyone after all. Now he was in front of the judge a forty years old woman who looked at him with a lot of disapproval “Then young man I see that you tried to rob a bank with a toy gun. It's not a very common thing!” “I didn’t want hurt…” he said before inspiring from his inhalator “anyone”. The tumor had destroyed the 50% of his lungs and he had a lot of difficulty in breathing “What did you want to do with that money?” the judge asks the young man “I wanted to pay a nanomachines therapy” he explained to the judge before inspiring from the inhalator again “to cure my cancer” he explained to the woman in front of him, “I thought for that money’s owners one or two hundreds of thousands of credits less wouldn’t do any difference, while for me it would safe my life” he explained before cough in a brown handkerchief for his dry blood “OK! I understand the situation!” the judge said “I admit to finding myself in a deeply embarrassing situation. In light of the new elements and considering that in this case we can’t talk about the armed robbery but interruption of public service” the old woman said “the penalty for this infringement is a fine of 500 credits. Can you pay for it?” “No, I can’t” Lucas answered to the judge before inspiring by the inhalator “OK! Then I condemn you to the reborn!” the woman said beating the gavel “after the treatment, you will be entrusted to the orphanage at S. Elisabeth convent. I admit to feeling relieved to issue this sentence; my conscience would forbid me to give you a more severe punishment. Good luck young boy!” (I would like play Lucas) Three weeks passed since he has been entrusted to S. Elisabeth orphanage. The Nanomachines operation succeeded, and though his hair wasn’t still ground back and sometimes he needed the inhalator, in that period he felt very better, so much that he had regained some kilos too. He was 110 cm tall, very low than before but it wasn’t a problem for him. He stayed sat down on sister Kate’s knees, wearing only a light blue tank top, listening to the sister who read a book for children for him, when sister Amelia came to pick him up kissing his check: “Come on! Let's go to know your new mom!” she said going to her office. (Pleas contact me only if you're really interested)
  5. This is the story of university student Jimmy and his descent into diaper dependence and baby treatment at the hands of jocks from the Alpha Beta Delta Lambda fraternity. Will he end up back in diapers? Probably. Will he ever escape and get his big boy pants back? Not likely. But there's only one way to find out! If you read my old story, Back to School, you will find some of the characters and places familiar. This takes place 4 years after those events. If you like this story, you can read ahead on my Patreon, where all my stories and hypno files unlock a month after they are posted. I hope you enjoy, and please comment if you do! Babied by Billy By Champ (Patreon.com/ChampTehOtter) Chapter 1: Butterfingers I was chillin’ at my friend David’s house one day with a few friends. David is an Abercrombie boy who collects expensive cologne and does his hair up just so every day. At first glance you might get the wrong impression, but he’s really a cool guy. His roommate Billy, however, is a big loud frat boy. He’s exactly what he looks like too; a bully. If only I had known just how far he would take things. So as we were sitting in the living room, David got the brilliant idea that I should play Billy’s guitar for Carly and her friend. There was no way I was going to touch Billy’s stuff, though. "Don’t worry, he’s not even here. It might just get you laid, dude!" He whispered, knowing I had a crush on Carly. "No way, dude! " I said as he insistently shoved the guitar in my direction. "No reall-" I pushed the guitar back at him, but he had already released his grip. The guitar hit the ground and all the conversation in the room stopped. I carefully placed it back in its stand hoping Billy - who only got it for looks anyway - wouldn’t notice. Suddenly, Billy came bounding in. "Did I just hear what I think I heard?" He asked, looking round slowly and meeting the eye of every person in the room. Nobody answered him. He walked over and picked up his guitar and looked it over. "What the fuck?" He fingered a large chip in the bottom of the guitar and made a face like murder. "Who chipped my guitar?" He glared at each of us, as I tried to avoid eye contact and act natural. It didn’t take him long to read the glances in the room and suss out the culprit. H-hey, man," I stammered, "I d-d-didn’t mean to drop it. David just threw it at me, and I couldn’t hold onto it right…!" "Don’t bring me into this, man!" Shouted David. "Shut up both of you," Billy yelled. He looked again at me. Slowly, an evil grin spread over his face. "I should really kick your ass for this, buddy, but I have a better lesson in mind for you. Wait right here." Before I even had a chance to run out the door he returned with a backpack. What the hell could he have in mind? Everybody was watching this scene fold out so intently, I felt like they should be eating popcorn. Billy came up close enough for me to feel his breath and whispered in my ear in a calm voice. "All right boy. Since you obviously don’t know how to behave proper, you’re gonna have to learn from scratch. You’re gonna do what I say when I say it whenever you’re in my house and you’re not going to stop until I tell you to.” I wanted to get up and leave, but from the second he said the word ‘boy’, my body began to feel heavy and I couldn’t seem to move away from him. He stood back and pulled out the contents of the bag. A camera, a pacifier, and a big diaper. Aloud he said, ”You want to act like a baby in my house, fine. But you’re gonna have to wear the proper attire. It’s a good thing I had these left over from the last fraternity pledge who gave up! Who knows, if you behave you might be Alpha Beta Delta Lambda’s newest member!” What the hell? This was just too much. I shook off my stupor and rose to leave but Billy caught me by the arm. "Hey, where do you think you’re going, buddy boy?" He pulled me into a headlock and began to whisper again in my ear. I looked at the others with a hopeful expression but nobody in the room moved to help me. He started speaking again in that strangely soothing voice. "Don’t think you’re gonna get off that easy, boy. I’ve had plenty of experience working with squirrely little runts like you. You’re going to put this diaper on, and then you’re going to go and play in the sand box out back until I say you can stop. And I’m going to video tape it. You’re going to act like a baby whenever you are in my presence and if you disobey me, everyone you know will find out just how much of a baby you really are. When I snap my fingers you are going to strip and do just what I’ve told you and you won’t be able to stop yourself until I say so.” Billy snapped his fingers. I froze for a few seconds. Nothing happened. Then, my face went red as I realized what an idiot I was. For a second, he had me going there! Why the fuck would I do anything he said, especially if it gave him something on me? I was so busy mentally slapping myself that I almost didn’t notice David’s exclamation of surprise. "Dude! What are you doing?" I was taking off my clothes is what I was doing. The girls started to giggle. Was this really happening? Before I knew it, I was lying on the floor putting on my first diaper since I was two. Billy grinned as I lay there taping it up, as if to say, ‘I knew you were a bitch’. David already had his phone out recording. Some friend he was! “A little help here, David?” I asked, desperately hoping for a way out of this predicament. “Nah, dude! Looks like you got it covered!” He replied, mistaking my plea for help as an invitation to help me put the diaper on. “That’s enough from you, diaper boy. This oughtta shut you up!” Billy shoved the large pink pacifier in my mouth, and I instinctively began to suck, unable to spit it back out. Next thing I knew I was padding over to the back door with nothing but a diaper on to keep me decent. The whole crew followed me out back where I began playing in the sand box and sucking on my pacifier. Billy already had the camera rolling so he could capture this precious memory in 4k. Try as I might, I couldn’t seem to regain control of my body to stop this craziness, and to top it all off I had to pee. Bad. "Oh, shit!" Said Billy a moment later as my diapers turned yellow, "He’s actually using them! It’s a good thing you guys didn’t let him sit on the couch!" “Ewww!” Said Carly’s friend, giggling at the embarrassing display. I was totally fucked. Forced to suck on a paci and use diapers in front of everyone who, by the way, were laughing their asses off, except for Carly, who only smiled sympathetically. And it was all on camera! Well at least they were enjoying my miserable situation. Unfortunately for me, this was only the beginning. Babied by Billy Ch. 1 (2020).pdf
  6. Here's another series I've been working on. I hope you enjoy it as much as I like writing it! -<3 Champ Room for Rent Chapter 1: What’s the Catch? Looking to Share a House With Another Chill Professional Dude ‘If anyone is interested in sharing a nice house close to the beaches for around $500 a month, hit me up... I'm looking for a roomie ASAP. Let me know what you do for work and hours, and maybe send a selfie or InstaPic link... I'm a clean professional guy with a house full of nice furniture and basically everything else anyone needs including a home gym + backyard. I don't smoke so you too and stay healthy + exercise. Not going out due to Covid, but party at home with your new roomie. I'm responsible and considerate of others, so you too... thanks!' "$500 a month? Seriously, what's the catch?" Rob looked at the Gregslist ad over and over but could find no red flags. Just that the wording sounded a little more casual than other ads. But that could be a good thing. He decided to send a little message, taking a quick selfie in the process. Okay, maybe one more. Didn't want to try too hard. Just a casual selfie. Thirty minutes later he finally got one he could use, and he sent it off with a message. 'Hey, my name's Rob. I'm a stocker at the beachside SuperDuperMarket. My roomies both moved back in with family on short notice so I need to find a new place ASAP. I'm super chill and easy to live with, and I can give references on request. Here's my pic. Hit me up if you want to meet up and talk about it.' Rob kept his fingers crossed. He had nearly given up on finding an affordable place in any inhabited region of California. Lucky enough, he wouldn’t have to wait long. Colt received a notification on his phone. It was probably the thirtieth one that day for his recent ad. The first 29 were total duds, and like Rob, he had all but given up hope. "Oh great. Who am I gonna get this time? …Hmm! This is interesting…" The message immediately got his attention. The guy was pretty cute. Young guy, but not too young, with a shy smile in just a casual shirt and jeans. Didn't look like a stoner, or a frat boy. He looked at the background of the photo - clean place from what he could see. Nothing looked out of place - he had to have taken time to get the shot just right. He liked that. Yeah, this guy could be good. Then he spotted something in the background that made him smile. A little well-loved teddy bear was lying on the couch where someone would sit. It wasn't organized like the rest of the house. It looked like it had been just dropped there. Didn't he say he lived alone? Colt's grin grew wider. This was the one. He sent off his message and waited. Then he closed the ad. 'Hey, got your message. The name's Colt. My phone's been blowing up since I put out this ad, but I still haven't filled the spot. I'm free for the next hour or two but then I'm slammed. Can you swing through? Here's the address.' Rob got the notification only minutes after he sent it off. It sounded like that place wouldn't be available for long. He quickly sent off a message in the affirmative and grabbed his keys. He took another look at his half-packed apartment as he reached for the front door. He hoped by this time tomorrow he would have a new place to call home. Rob whistled as he pulled up to the house. It was a fairly large two story not far from the beach, and the Greg's list pictures didn't do it justice. "I wonder what this guy does for a living?" he said to himself. Well, he'd find out soon enough. He didn't really know if he was dressed appropriately. The language of the ad seemed casual, but the mention of the word professional seemed important. He needed to make a good impression. He checked his hair in the mirror, trying his best to smooth down a cowlick. "There we go." he said, before stepping out of the car. Of course it popped right back up making him look like a young kid more than a young professional, but he was none the wiser. A guy about his age answered the door in jeans and a backward cap, and Rob breathed a sigh of relief. At least he wouldn't be underdressed for this. Colt invited him inside and they sat down on a leather wraparound couch in the living room. "So, a stocker huh? Not exactly professional work, but it's cool, bro. You want something to drink?" "Oh, uh. Yeah, I guess it's not a career job, but I'm very professional in my attitude!" Rob said, suddenly feeling self-conscious. "Hey, don't sweat it man. You like apple juice? Let me get you an apple juice, bro." "T-thanks," called Rob, trying to keep his hands on his lap where they wouldn't fidget. He looked around while Rob disappeared around the corner. This was a really nice place. It was clean, the furniture was comfortable but very tasteful. Despite his casual dress and speech, everything about the place said Colt was anything but a young slacker. There wasn't even a TV in the room - just a large picture frame on the wall across from the couch. He felt like the place was almost too good for him, but he shook that thought out of his head as soon as he got it. "Don't think that way Rob. You're good enough. You can do this." He wished he had his bear with him right about then, and it was all he could do to keep from sucking his thumb to comfort himself. That always calmed him down when he got nervous, even if it was super embarrassing in front of strangers. "Hey, buddy, who you talkin' to?" "Wha?" said Rob, nearly jumping out of his skin. He blushed furiously. "Oh, no nothing. I was just... thinkin out loud. Sorry." "Hey, no need to apologize. You didn't do anything wrong. Here, man. Enjoy." Colt set a juice box of apple juice in front of Rob. He had a bottle of beer for himself. Rob looked at the apple juice and then the beer. He knew which one he wanted more, but he accepted the juice out of politeness. They chatted a bit and Colt seemed like someone he could get along with. He was just like most of his straight guy friends. Laid back, liked to joke around, and darn handsome. He was involved with law, though what kind he didn't say. He said he worked from home and seemed a little put off that Rob didn't work from home as well. "Well, we might be able to work around that. How are you at keeping up with your share of things around the house - laundry, dishes, that kind of thing?" "Oh, I'm a neat freak. Your house will look like this all the time if you live with me. It's one thing my roommates really liked about me." "Sorry to hear they bailed on you like that." "Yeah, me too. But hey, more for you, right? Uh. I m-mean..." Rob stammered. "Sorry, that didn't come out right." Colt had to suppress a grin. What a cutie this boy was. "Hey man, no need to apologize. It was cute. Let's just finish up these questions and I can show you around?" Rob just nodded, blushing harder. He should have been used to being called things like 'cute' and 'sweetie' by now, but it still made him feel about two feet tall. He didn’t have much time to dwell on that, though, as Colt continued with a barrage of questions. "You don't smoke? Good. And you look like you keep pretty fit. I could really use a workout buddy if you're down. You'd try it out? Hey, that's all I ask. And last but not least, how often do you have people over, or go visit other people? Never? Really? So you just hang out with your roommates, you don't go to any parties or anything? Just when your roommates brought you along, huh? That's fine by me. It's safer that way anyway, and I always bring the party. We can just party at home, if you end up living here, that is." "Gosh, I hope so," said Rob. "I could really use a stable living situation with someone I can depend on to have the rent every month. Uh, speaking of which. Is there a reason the rent is so low? You must own the place or something, huh?" "Yeah, that's right," Colt replied. "Got pretty lucky with my career early on and was able to get this house cheap when the housing market tanked. I put a lot of work into it. It'd just help me out to rent a room. Plus it'd be nice to have someone to hang with again. Sucks being cooped up by yourself. Well, I'm sure you know what I mean." Rob knew exactly what Colt meant. He’d been going stir crazy with only some online friends and his teddy bear to keep him company. They toured the house, and it was even better than he expected. The gym was well stocked - really more equipment than one person should ever need, but it was Colt's house, he supposed. All the rooms looked nice - even the bathrooms looked like they had been plucked out of a high-end catalog. By the time they got to what would be Rob's room, everything seemed covered except one door that was closed. When Rob asked about it, Colt said not to worry about that room, that was just for his personal projects. The guest room that Rob would rent looked like it was plucked out of the kids section of the catalog - or perhaps young teens, which surprised him. "Oh, this was my geek-out room,” said Rob. “I have my comics, cartoon nostalgia stuff, that kind of thing in here. The bed set is just a bit of fun to make it all match, but you can totally change it however you like if I end up picking you as my roommate. Rob nodded. It made sense. Although he had to admit it looked pretty darn cool as it was. There was kind of a mashup of dino, space, and BattleMon themes going on. "Oh my gosh, is that a Meow Meow plush? Dude!" "Hehe, yeah. I've got a Mousechu hiding around here somewhere too. I could geek-out on BattleMon all day but I gotta cut this short, bud. The next person will show up pretty soon to look at the house. That's pretty much everything, so I guess I'll let you go and I'll let you know what I decide?" "Oh man, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get carried away! Thanks for the tour man, you seem like a chill dude that would be fun to hang out with. I'd sure like to be the one you pick, but even if not, we should keep in touch." Colt smiled and chuckled lightly. Could Rob be any more adorable? "Hey man, thanks. I'm not gonna lie, you're definitely in the top five! I'd hand you the paperwork now, but we don't really have time to go over it together." Rob’s heart skipped a beat and he stepped forward, his face dead serious. "Dude, give me the paperwork. I'll sign right now." "Haha,” Rob laughed and shook his head. “I'm flattered that you trust me but I'm sure you want to read it, and..." "For $500 a month, and living with a super chill roommate like you? I don’t care what I have to agree to." Colt stopped and appeared to consider the offer. After a moment’s hesitation, he spoke. "Alright man, if you’re sure. The other people are gonna be really disappointed but oh well. Let's get it taken care of." Colt put in a fake call to the people who were supposedly scheduled to come later that day, and then presented Rob with several papers for him to sign and initial. Rob filled out the lease agreement as quickly as possible, as if they would disappear if he didn’t sign fast enough. "Oh, one last thing," said Colt, as he looked over the completed documentation. "About that teddy bear in the picture. What's his name?" "Oh dude, no, no.” Rob said, his eyes wide with fear. “Totally not mine. It's just an old bear one of my roommates left. I'll get rid of him before I move in." "Don't. I think it's cute you still carry your bear around the house,” said Colt with a sly grin. "Aw geez," said Rob, pulling up his shirt to hide his face. "Was it that obvious?" "I'm gonna tell you this once and only once, kiddo. If we're going to be roommates, I don't want us to have any secrets, okay? Just be yourself. And if you try to hide your teddy in your room, you're gonna be in big trouble!" The way Colt said this with just a hint of authority in his voice made Rob chub up a little in his pants. If only Colt knew what that did to him! Mercifully, he was seen off before his chubby could go full mast and embarrass them both. He drove home, practically glowing. He had done it. He had gotten the place. Colt was also over the moon as he looked over the contract that Rob had signed. His instincts were spot on and he had snared the cutie hook line and sinker. He adjusted himself in his pants. Gosh he loved it when Rob got all blushy and squirmy. If only he knew what that did to him. He went up to check that everything was ready in Rob's real bedroom. Rob would be moving in there when the time was right. Colt was practically glowing. He had done it. He had gotten his boy. ***** When Rob got home, he jumped for joy. He couldn't believe he'd gotten the place. Cheap rent, right by the beach, and a cute roomie too? What more could he ask for?" He began to pack right away. It wouldn't take too long - most of what was left would have to go in the trash or to the junkyard since Colt's house had everything he needed – even a bed. "Goodbye cheap IKEA bed!" he said to himself. He quickly disassembled what he could and moved everything into the empty living room. The Junk Prince junk haulers would be by soon to pick it up and take it to a donation center. With that out of the way, all he needed to do was pack his car. He was proud of the fact that it would only take one trip. He didn't believe in clutter and holding on to stuff you didn't need. During this time he kept Colt updated on his ETA and Colt asked about his progress. "You sure you don't want any help, bud?" "Oh, no. I can handle this." "Okay, be careful. If you need to move something heavy, I can come and help." His roommate was really nice to offer, and he got a warm and fuzzy feeling in his gut from that. But after all, he didn't want his roommate to think he couldn't do anything for himself, so he declined. It was getting late in the day when he finally finished. The shadows had grown long, crossing the streets of the city. After he paid the Junk movers to take away the last of his stuff, he sent a text out to Colt and left, dropping his keys in the mailbox for his landlord. "Hasta la vista, baby!" he said, quoting one of his favorite action movies of all time, and he drove off to his new place. Of course as soon as his roommate answered the door, he insisted on helping. "I won't take no for an answer," said Colt, as Rob insisted he didn't have to go through the trouble. When he got to the car, Colt looked through the window and was surprised at how little Rob had brought with him. "That's all you brought? Are you sure that's everything?" "Yeah, I mean you said it yourself - your place has everything. And really, I don't need much - just my toiletries, important paperwork, and a few personal items." "Yeah of course, no sense in having two sets of everything, right?" Then Colt stopped dead in his tracks as he caught sight of something in the passenger's seat. "Is… is that your Bear?" "Oh, huh, yeah..." said Rob, blushing slightly. He was hoping his new roommate wouldn't see that. "Did... did you buckle him in? Like a person?" asked Colt, trying not to giggle at how cute that was. He didn't want to make his new roomie feel bad, but the boy was so stinkin’ cute! "He doesn't like being packed away in boxes," said Rob blushing harder now and staring at his shoes. "I mean... I guess that sounds pretty dumb, huh? I'm sorry. I'm such a-" "Stop it right now,” said Colt, looking Rob dead in the eyes. “That's not dumb at all, kiddo. You're being a good friend, and I totally get it - I wouldn't want to be packed away in a box either. Now no more sorry for the rest of the day, or else." Rob nodded and gulped, feeling his pants get tighter as he chubbed up once again. Even though it was in a playful tone, the authority in Colt's voice was unmistakable. He had no doubt that Colt would follow through on whatever it was he meant by 'or else'. "Sorry, no more sorry." "That's one," said Colt, smirking. He saw his roommate's eyebrows go up and put his hand on Rob's shoulder. "Don't worry, I'll keep reminding you." He then quickly brought his hand down to give his new roomie a swat on the butt for his transgression. Rob jumped in surprise more than anything and looked abashed. "There’s plenty more where that came from, so don’t test me,” said Colt, crossing his arms. “And if I ever hear you finish that sentence 'I'm such a' with anything but the words great guy, sweetheart, or cutie pie, you'll be sore for a week." Now Rob's face was the color of a lobster with a sunburn, and he buried his face in his hands. "Okay, okay, enough teasing. Let's get your stuff inside, huh?" Rob just nodded, took a couple breaths, and brought his hands back down. He clicked the remote to unlock the doors and Colt opened up the back door to grab the first box. “Hey wait,” Rob started, when he saw Colt grab the box that held his nighttime wear. He didn’t want Colt to get a peek inside and see what he had in there. “Don’t worry, bud,” said Colt, mistaking the source of Rob’s concern. “I’m plenty strong. Besides, aren't you forgetting something?”. "What's that?" "You're not going to leave your bear in the front seat, are you? Go get him, he should go in first.” “Yeah but-“ “No buts. Go get your bear, buddy.” Although he didn’t like seeing Colt holding his most intimate items, Rob thought better of saying anything more. It would only lead to more questions. “By the way I still haven't heard his name.” said Colt, interrupting Rob’s protest. "Oh, uh, he's Cuddle E. Bear, Mr. Cuddles for short. And I guess he wouldn't like being left for last," said Rob, giving his roomie a look like he was asking for permission as he went and grabbed the bear. He instantly felt better holding his teddy, even though it was a bit sooner than normal for a new living situation. They walked together to Rob's new room, and Colt flipped on the light to once again reveal a room decked out with anything a young boy could want. Shelves filled with geeky superhero memorabilia, toys, you name it. Everything stuck to the theme of space, dinos, or BattleMon, right down to the rocket ship lamp and Buzz Lightspeed bedding on the rail bed by the wall. "If there's anything you want to change..." started Colt, but Rob interrupted. "It's perfect!" he exclaimed. Then he stopped himself, blushing a bit at his own enthusiasm. "Sorry... I… I like it. I think it's a cool room." "Ah, thanks, little dude," said Rob, patting his new roomie on the shoulder. "That makes me feel better. It is pretty cool, isn't it?" In two trips they managed to get everything and Colt left Rob to unpack. "Dinner's in an hour buddy. You like burgers?" "Sure! Where from?" "From here! Your new roomie is a good cook, believe it or not. But I'll let you see for yourself. All I ask is that you clean when I cook, okay?" "My specialty," said Rob, who had already outed himself as a neat freak. "How did you know?" "Dork," said Colt, laughing a bit as he left. "I resemble that!" called Rob as his roommate walked away. Rob checked to see that the coast was clear and then quickly opened the box Colt had been carrying. He took out a pack of DryNites and slipped them into the top dresser. This was a new place and he sometimes wet the bed for a few days when he was somewhere new, so he'd taken the precaution of getting some pull-ups just in case. It was just his luck that they made these ones in XL now - they were much cooler with his favorite superheroes on the front, though he'd never tell a soul he liked that. With that bit of business out of the way, he was able to finish packing in ease, his teddy watching propped up on the bed. "Pretty good place we got here, eh cuddles? Colt is nice too. I don't know what I did but I must've done something right because this is the perfect place for us. You won't tell him about the DryNites will you? Good, I won't either. Thanks, buddy." Colt smiled as he listened in on his roommate's exchange. "This is going to be easier than I thought.” He looked once more into the mystery room and slipped in, locking the door behind him. He went over to the special table, fingering something crinkly and plastic lying on a shelf below. "I can't wait to show him how much better these are than DryNites." He picked it up and smelled it. Nothing like the smell of a diaper. But it would smell much better after a night on Rob. He rubbed the bulge in the front of his jeans. "All in good time," he said to himself. "All in good time." As far as Colt was concerned, that time couldn’t come soon enough. However, with much effort, he managed to put the diaper back down and leave the room to go make dinner. ***** Colt set the plate down on the kitchen counter in front of Rob. "One fresh grilled burger, and one box of apple juice! Here ya go!" "Thank you, it looks delicious!" said Rob, blushing slightly as Colt once again took the liberty of putting the straw in his juice box for him. "I can do that myself ya know." Colt smiled. "Just showing a little hospitality. And thanks for complimenting my cooking. Just wait til’ you try it! By the way, have you washed your hands?" Rob's eyes went wide and he shook his head, the color on his cheeks rising. "Go wash 'em!" said Colt, pointing to the sink. He looked on in approval as Rob jumped up and did as he was told. "Good boy. Don't forget to sing happy birthday twice," he said, as Rob washed his hands. "I can't hear you! How do I know you did it long enough if you don't sing it out loud?" "Come on, really?" asked Rob, feeling childish enough as it was. Colt did not look like he was going to give in, so Rob sighed and began to sing out loud. Colt's smile grew. He liked how obedient Rob was. He was a good boy - he just had a few bad habits, like trying to act grown up because of what other people might think. Colt loved to put cute guys into diapers, sure, but this one actually might get more than just a little fun out of it. It might actually be just what he needed. the idea was exciting to Colt. As Rob finished washing up, Colt's attention turned to the Teddy that had been dropped beside him on the table. "That doesn't look very comfortable for Mr. Cuddles. Don't you think he might want to eat too?" "Oh gosh," said Rob, grabbing the teddy and kissing him on the nose. "I didn't even think about that.... Well... Hm..." Rob sat the teddy in the tall kitchen chair beside his own, but the teddy's head barely cleared the counter. "I think we need a book or something for him." "Well, I guess you could grab the coffee table book or some of the magazines in the living room. But hurry up or your burger will get cold. Does teddy like anything in particular or should I just give him some teddy food?" Rob smiled big at this idea, "Teddy food! Okay, I'll be right back." "Hey! No running." called Colt as the excited boy hurried to get a booster seat for the Teddy. Rob immediately stopped and slowed his pace at his roomie’s behest, earning another smile from Colt. When he got into the living room, he had a look at his options. There was a cool looking BattleMon encyclopedia which looked too nice to use, and a bunch of magazines on various topics. One caught his eye, as it had been folded open. It was an article titled Littles: Embracing their inner child. He managed to catch a few words like comfort, diaper, safe, relax, before the featured picture grabbed all his attention. In the featured photo, a chubby middle-aged man sat on a changing table smiling around a bright red pacifier while his shortalls were being unsnapped at the crotch. In the next picture, he was hugging his teddy while a caretaker began to untape his obviously wet diaper. “What the…” He didn't even have time to come up with an emotion to respond with before Colt called him back. "Rob! Are you lost? Get over here, our food's getting cold!" Rob set the magazine down on the table and grabbed the BattleMon encyclopedia. It was better than setting Mr. Cuddles on a bunch of slippery magazines. He returned with the encyclopedia in hand. "Here we are! I have it. It really looks too nice to be a booster seat, though. Teddy's a messy eater so can we put a towel down over it?" Colt smiled. "Yes, that would be good, besides, Teddy's not wearing any protection, so he could have an accident. We'll have to find a more permanent solution for him soon." "Hehe, yeah…" Rob gave a nervous laugh, thinking about his own night-time accidents. He quickly changed the subject. "Oh, is that milk for him?" He saw a tall glass of milk on the counter next to his box of apple juice. "It sure is. I know that teddies love their milk, so I put it right there. And I expect it to be empty by the end of lunch, because good teddies drink their milk!" Rob nodded. This made sense to him. He would have to drink the milk and pretend it was the Teddy doing this. This game was fun. Colt and Rob chatted more throughout the meal, getting to know each other a bit better. Rob was the youngest child in his family, and only now getting to be on his own. He was always treated as the baby of the family and he enjoyed his new independence but had a hard time with the trade-offs, like not being able to take his teddy when he went to work. He also drank the milk and made comments to his bear, which made colt chuckle to himself every time. Colt was an entrepreneur and made a good amount of money off of something he came up with when he was in high school. He was the oldest child, and so naturally had to help raise his younger siblings. He missed it sometimes, being the big brother, and he told Rob he can carry his Teddy as much as he wanted, because it reminded him of his younger brothers growing up. "For that matter," Colt added, "If there's anything else you wear, do, or say that you think grown-ups aren't supposed to, you just go right ahead and do it. I'll even help, if I can. I want you to be completely comfortable here, because it's your home now. Is there anything else you wanted to tell me that you think I should know about that?" The word diapers immediately sprang to Rob's mind before he replaced it with pull-ups. No, nighttime protection. Why did he think diapers? Must have been that article he saw... He couldn’t get those words and images out of his head. He put his hands in his lap and immediately felt something hard poking up against them. "Hello? Earth to Rob? Looks like you were thinking pretty hard there. Is there something you want to tell me? Anything I can help with? Now is the time to speak up." "N-no, it's nothing," said Rob, blushing for the hundredth time that day. He wasn't ready for Rob to know about his nighttime protection yet. Besides, he would probably only need it for a few days until he was adjusted, or so he hoped. Colt shrugged, knowing full well what Rob was hiding. "Okay. If you say so. Uh oh, better finish your burger fast! Looks like Mr. Cuddles is beating you!" “Oh no! Not so fast, Mr. Cuddles!” Rob quickly finished his burger and drained both the glass and the juice box. “I win!” “You sure did, buddy. All gone!” said Colt, enthusiastically. Rob nodded and patted his full belly with satisfaction, then he yawned and rubbed his eyes. "You're looking a little sleepy there, buddy. Do you need a nap?" "Oh, I always get tired after lunch. I'm fine." "Hey, if you're tired just rest. You haven't even tried your bed out yet, have you? The mattress is so soft you'll sink right into it. "Really? Wow that sounds nice. My last mattress was just a cheap one that came with the bed I had. Maybe I will try it out." "Yeah go for it, just don't forget to brush your teeth before you nap." "Oh... uh... right." Rob didn’t brush after every meal but he knew he should. After washing the dishes, he headed upstairs to do just that. ***** “What the fuck is happening?” muttered Rob to himself. He was used to being treated a bit like a kid by his friends and even strangers who might call him ‘sweetie’ or ‘honey’ in everyday interactions, but he was getting some very strong vibes from his new roommate that made him feel quite literally like he was small again. Or maybe it was just him. As he brushed his teeth in the mirror, he imagined being tucked into bed by Colt and smiled. Then he thought about what Colt had said about being there to help, and the fantasy changed. For just an instant, he imagined Colt sliding a pair of DryNites up his legs and helping his ‘little brother’ into bed. He jolted back into reality, nearly choking on his toothpaste as he tried to forget that image altogether. Where the hell did that come from? Then he looked down and saw a tent in his pants. He remembered this had happened at dinner too. Did he actually want Colt to diaper – no that’s not the word. Did he want Colt to night-time protect him? What was wrong with him? “This is too weird… too weird…” he muttered to himself as he walked into his room. Mr. Cuddles was waiting on his bed. That’s right. He’d forgotten the poor bear downstairs. Colt must’ve brought it up for him – that was so nice. He felt like Colt really ‘got’ him. He took off his clothes, folding them neatly and setting them on the dresser. His boner was immediately apparent as soon as he slid off his pants, allowing his erection to spring free and fully push his soft boxer-briefs away from his body. There was a visible wet spot in the front of his undies from all the Pre-Cum. He touched it and when he drew his finger away, strings of sticky liquid followed behind. “How?” He was pent up, but not that pent up. He stared at his wet finger, mesmerized. Then he slowly brought his finger up toward his mouth to taste it. *Knock* *Knock* *Knock* He must’ve jumped three feet into the air when the sound of knocking broke the silence. “Hey Rob, you in there?” “Y-yeah,” he stammered, quickly wiping his finger off on his underwear and jumping under the covers. “What’s up?” The door opened and his friendly roommate peeked in. “Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for being a good roomie today and helping with the dishes. I’m super happy to have you as a roommate, man. Really, I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun.” “Oh, y-yeah! I think so too,” said Rob, sweating bullets as he bent his knees up to hide his erection under the covers. That was a close call. Too close. His adrenaline was still pumping. “You okay, bud?” said Colt, taking a step forward, “you look a little pale…” “Y-yeah. I’m fine,” Rob lied, drawing his knees up to hide his erection. He was probably pale because all of his blood was being diverted to the area between his legs. A loud crinkle rang out from the bed. Colt froze. Rob looked down and felt the bed. “Plastic sheets?” “Oh, that’s just to protect the mattress when my cousins come over,” said Colt, scratching the back of his head. “I actually have to check to make sure they’re wearing the proper protection at night because they try to go to bed without. Can you believe it? Anyway, I can help you later, if you want.” “W-what?!” asked Rob, his face turning bright red as the image of Colt holding his pull-ups came right back. “Help you take off the mattress protector. I’m sure it’s not very-“ “No!” said Rob, a little too loudly. Then more softly, “It’s… it’s fine. It’s okay like that…” Colt raised an eyebrow. “Is there something you’re not telling me, buddy?” “Mmm? No! No… I don’t,” Rob lied. “I-I mean I wouldn’t... I haven’t wet the bed in a long time. I just… you know, I’m a neat freak. I just like to keep things clean!” “Hey, hey,” said Colt, holding up his hands. “I never said you did. Is that what all this is about?” He left the question hanging but started speaking again before Rob could manage a response. “Hey, you know what, I should go. You’re tired, it’s been a big day. I’ll let you have your rest.” Rob exhaled a breath he didn’t know he was holding. “Thanks.” Colt was almost out the door when he stopped. He put his hand on the doorframe and seemed to become very interested in the paint job as his eyes traveled up the frame. “Hey bud, just so you know, if you did wet the bed that would be okay with me.” He glanced briefly over at Rob before shutting the door behind him. “Sleep tight, bud.” Rob was speechless. The blood was rushing in his ears. Did he just give himself away? Did Colt know? He lay back in the bed and heard the crinkle. He’d definitely have to wear a DryNite that night. As he finally started to drift off, he felt a twinge in his bladder. All that juice and milk were having their effect. “Son of a… I just got comfortable! And I don’t think this hard-on is going away any time soon.” Rob could only imagine what Colt would say if he saw the state he was in just then. “Oh screw it. It’s only a short nap. I’ll pee when I get up.” He snuggled his teddy bear and finally drifted off to sleep. Room For Rent Ch. 1 (2021).pdf
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    Hiya, im 30, m uk, and a little boy of around 2, wear 24/7
  8. I do not own this however i do want to share the lost Stories of Kenk7us with everyone after having a nice person give me all the files Robby ch1 Robby was pissed no worse than pissed he was mad, mad at the world. What had once been so perfect was now all so bad. He had just turned sixteen and finished tenth grade. He was the starting point guard on the junior varsity basketball team and played second base on the varsity baseball team. He had been one day from getting his driver's license when it happened. He was riding his skateboard hanging on too a pick up truck driven by and old man that did not know he was there. Of course Robby was not prepared for the sudden turn he made whipping Robby into a park car. Robby had a concussion he was not wearing the helmet he knew his Mom considered mandatory. A broken arm a couple of bruised ribs and damage to and internal organ. That organ was his bladder and rendered him incontinent possibly for life. He was in the hospital for three weeks. At five six and one hundred thirty five lbs the good-looking young man despised having the nurses change his diapers. It became even worse when he moved back home with his mom. She had been widowed since Robby was two he did not even remember his father. He knew that his father was a contractor and left them well off. Mom got a steady income from two apartment buildings she owned free and clear. Leaving her free to be a stay at home mom. As far as Robby was concerned his Mom had always been too strict and tended to baby him, now that he was back home it was totally worse. First she insisted on changing his diapers and it was all he was allowed to wear around the house. She said something about knowing when he needed to be changed. Until his arm was out of the cast she insisted on feeding him. She had even put a changing table in his bedroom. Robby spent the summer pretty much as his moms baby boy. He was not allowed out of the yard even to ride his bike. When he mentioned his driver's license she had simply said that his skate boarding accident with out a helmet had simply proven he was not up to the responsibility. Today she had taken him to school to find out about his classes starting Monday, too his dying embarrassment she talked to the school nurse about changing him. Robby lost it on the car on the way home telling his mom he was more than capable of changing his own fucking diapers at school. That brings us up to now Robby laid on his bed sobbing his eyes out. Mom had spanked him good for his comments about the nurse. Then diapered him and told him to take a nap. Before his accident Robby had not been spanked since he was twelve years old. Now he was lucky if he did not get at least one a week. Robby finished crying and went looking for his mom. "Mom I need to talk to you if that's ok please." His Mom smiled and nodded at him "sit down honey what's on your mind I hope you don't want to talk about the nurse anymore?" Robby shook his head "not really Mom it's the way you baby me in general and my fears of going back to school. Mom I am sixteen years old sure I guess you could call what I have now a handicap. But I am not a baby mom and I don't understand why you are treating me like one." "Well let me enlighten you my son. Just about three months ago you almost killed yourself. Hanging on the back of a pickup truck and skateboarding with out a helmet. I thought that young man was responsible. I was wrong and it almost cost me the most important thing in the world to me. So now you are my baby boy again until I say different. I will bathe you watch you and take care of you like any mother would a child not ready for these responsibilities. Now that this about your fearing going back to school?" Half defeated Robby began to speak "well now that things are different I just don't want to go I was thinking maybe you could home school me?" "Just how do you think things are so different sweetheart?" Robby rolled his eyes "Mom I can't play basketball and baseball in diapers the guys would find out. I cant just go do things with my friends anymore you want let me. Besides I don't have any friends anyway. You know not one of them has called me this summer, out of site out of mind I guess. Anyway my high school life is over. If you home school me I promise to do the work and make you proud. I could even probably finish school early. I will go year round if you want Mom please?" "First off lets talk about your friends I called all of there parents and told them you needed some adjustment time when you got out of the hospital. Remember also that you have not asked to call them. I knew that was because you were afraid they would find out about your diapers. Well Hun guess what sooner or later they probably will and if they cant handle it I suppose their not your friends." "As for your playing sports I expect you to continue, as do both your coaches. They also know about your problem we will work it out. Now that we have all that out of the way its time for my babies nap it looks like you need a change anyway." Ten minutes later Robbie lay in his Mom's arms nursing the bottle that she had began giving him at nap and bedtime. Honestly he admitted it helped him sleep when he first got out of the hospital now he was just not sure he could sleep without it. Robby felt his life was over and his argument lost. Robby ch2 Robby sat on the floor in his bedroom playing with his toy trucks sucking furious on his pacifier. Today was D Day the first day of school. He was simply waiting for mom to come change him and get him dressed for school. Another chore he was no longer allowed to do by himself. Just then Mom walked in the room "Ok sweetie time to get you ready for school." First she placed him on the changing table and changed his wet diaper from two glasses of juice and the morning bottle mom insisted on. Then she began dressing him basically in a pair of baggy shorts and a t-shirt. Robby was grateful that mom had already stocked the nurse with diapers for him and he did not have to carry them to school. She put his socks and Nike's on him then brushed his hair. Robby grabbed his book bag and was headed to the car when mom asked "do you want to take your paci with you dear." Robby quickly pulled it out of his mouth and sat in on the dresser. The ride too school was a short one, knowing that mom would insist if he did not he kissed her cheek and promised to be a good boy before exiting the car. Robby's heart was beating like a drum as he headed into the schoolyard. "Robby Robby Peterson hey stop." Robby turned to see his best friend since pre school Tina Barnes running towards him. "Hi Tina nice to see you." Robby said. Tina threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight "I have missed you shit head are you all better now?" Robby wanted to throw some colorful expletive back at her but was afraid to use those words anymore. Mom had heated up his behind one too many times for using them at home he was trying to break the habit. "I think I am close to one hundred percent Tina how was your summer?" Just then Jack Robinson walked up and popped Robby in the arm "owwww " yelled Robby Jack just smiled "Speak of the devil there's his dog how you been you little twerp?' Jack was Robby's other best friend and fellow athlete. He had also been Robby's protector since fourth grade Jack was now about six four and well over two hundred and thirty pounds. Everyone knew not too pick on little Robby unless you want to mess with Jack and know one wanted to mess with Jack. Jack was a three-sport man he was a tackle on the football team forward in basketball and both a pitcher and catcher for the baseball team. The truth was Robby had never known Jack to get in a fight everyone was too afraid of him. "Hi Jack good to see you ya big lug how have you been?" The three of them chatted like the true friends they were until the bell rang. When asked about where he had been all summer. Robby simply said that mom put a leash on him after his infamous skate boarding accident. He also told them the leash was still on. Robby's first two classes went fine, and then he needed a diaper change and headed to the school nurse between classes. She told him to go in a room and remove his shorts and she would be right in. Actually Nurse Sue was very nice she changed his diaper and made normal conversation as she did. She actually made him as comfortable as he could be with his legs in the air. She then gave him a note to give to his teacher for being a couple minutes late. His next class was Mr. Schmitt's Algebra 11 class Robby had the man last year for Geometry. He was like eighty years old and very cranky but actually was a pretty good teacher. Robby showed up about three minutes after the bell and walked in the room. "Robby where the hell have you been young man you know how I feel about tardiness?" Robby walked to the front of the room and handed him the note. Then watched as Mr. Schmitt's read it "oh yeah I forgot about your diaper changes take your seat young man." Robby was mortified it was like a bomb went off. Robby turned and ran from the classroom the sound of his classmates giggling ringing in his ears. Robby ran down the hallway he vaguely heard the Principal yelling at him to stop running as he ran out the front door of the school. Robby ran for at least a half-mile before he stopped tears streaming down his face. In his anger he ran in the opposite direction than his house. Eventually Robby sat down on a park bench and just sobbed. He sat there for two hours then got up and walked home the long way, anything not to have to walk past the school again. In Robby's mind he was never returning there he would rather die. His Mom was just pulling back in the driveway when Robby walked up. She quickly ran to Robby "Please Mommy don't spank me it was not my fault that stupid old man ruined it all I can never go back there." Mommy just held him in her arms and attempted to comfort the once again crying boy in her arms. "There there baby it will be ok Mommy will take care of everything. Now lets get you inside and get you some lunch, and a nice nap we will deal with this later and baby Mommy is not going to spank you she understands why you ran." Robby ch3 Robby barely touched his lunch. Mom attempted to feed him but she did not push it the boy was just too upset to eat. He did nurse his bottle till it was empty and start another one before he fell asleep. Mrs. Peterson went straight to the phone. Robby's Principal said there was nothing he could do about Mr. Schmitt's mistake. "Honestly the man did not understand what all the fuss was about a child needed and got a diaper change." Mrs. Peterson hung up on the principal and called the superintendent of schools. "You hear me and understand if that man is not removed from the school I intend to sue him the school principal and the school board. I am more than prepared to spend what ever it takes." The man on the other end of the phone told her he would see what he could do. "Mrs. Peterson I assure you that lawyers will not be necessary." Just as she hung up the phone there was a knock at the door. She opened the door to find Tina and Jack standing there. "Hi Mrs. Peterson is Robby home we want to talk to him?" Robby's Mom took a deep breath "Oh kids that's sweet but I don't think now is a good time." She then started to close the door Jack stopped the door with his big hand and Tina spoke. "Mrs. Peterson you kept us away from Robby our best friend all summer and looked what happens. We agree he needs his mother's love and nurturing but he needs his friends and the support we can offer him. Now if you will excuse us we want to see Robby." Jack pushed the door open and both kids walked right past her to Robby's bedroom. When they opened the door Robby woke up and sat up in the bed just wearing his very soggy diaper and t-shirt. On his nightstand was a half empty baby bottle of milk. His pacifier was in his mouth until he realized who was there and spit it out. All sorts of little boy toys were scattered on the floor of his bedroom. Robby quickly grabbed for a blanket to cover himself his eyes were swollen and red from crying. Tina and Jack were still a bit stunned but as Robby's mom came to the doorway. Tina found her tongue. "What do you think your doing trying to cover yourself Robby jeez I know we used to take baths together and I am sure you and Jack have seen each others underwear before. After all that's all a diaper is Robby now why are you making a big deal about it were not." Jack then spoke up "and if anyone else in the school does I will squash them each and every last one of them. The one thing you cant do is let this thing get too you." Robby looked up at his two friends "Thanks guys I forgot what good friends you were I should have told you about my problem I mean my diapers myself." Moms mom spoke up " Ok kids let me get our boy changed and you kids can talk some more" Tina turned and pushed Robby's mom gently back out the door, "We will take care of that Mrs. Peterson now please leave us a lone." Once she had Robby's mom out the door she shut it and locked it. Then turned to face Robby "Ok good looking up on the changing table I know you cant be comfortable in that soggy diaper." Robby pushed back the covers and hopped up on the changing table. Then watched as Tina removed his diaper and began cleaning his now shaven pubic area and his butt. He could not help but get and erection when she began rubbing the lotion in. That's when Tina using her best Mae West voice said "What ya glad to see me big boy." Everyone laughed and before he knew it Tina had him changed and helped him sit up. That's when the ever straight to the point Jack spoke up "Hey dude what's with these toys and baby bottles and shit like that?" Tina gave him a very evil look but Rob just smiled. "Mom is punishing me for that stupid stunt I pulled to be honest she pretty much treats me like a baby all the time. If I argue she spanks my ass. I don't think I will be able to hang out with you guys much unless it's over here." Tina nodded "Its ok Robby I showed up late for curfew a few weeks back and found out my mom had not forgotten how to spank me she tore my hinny up." Jack raised his hand "Duh me to dude my Mom took a paddle to my big butt just yesterday for back talking her." Tina and Robby both laughed at the thought of Jack across his Moms lap. Just then Jack looked at his watch "Speaking of that spanking I am still grounded and need to get home. Before Mom gets that paddle after my butt again." Tina stood up too "Yeah I better go too I have to take Becky to her dance class in a little bit. Will see you in school tomorrow Robby it will all work out. You will be in school won't you?" Robby looked at Tina "Yeah I guess I am up for round two see you guys tomorrow." Tina hugged him and Jack punched him in the arm and they left. Tina spotting Mrs. Peterson in the kitchen on her way out the door walked up to her and hugged her. "Sorry about the bum rush before Mrs. Peterson our boys ready to go back to school now." She then turned and headed for the front door. Robby's Mom whispered under her breath "God bless those two kids." Just then she spotted Robby "Mom can I have some cookies I'm hungry." Robby ch 4 Tina and Jack showed up at Robby's house the next morning to walk with him to school. After kissing his mom goodbye Robby said hello to his friends "Its nice to see my celebrity status is finally being recognized and I have the body guards I deserve." Tina laughed and Jack put him in a headlock and gave him a Chinese haircut. "Hey that's enough." Robby yelled. Robby took a deep breath just as they entered the already filling up schoolyard. He was certain these kids were not going to let and opportunity like this pass. Robby told himself to stay cool words could not hurt him, besides he had his two friends with him. "Hey there's baby Robby the diaper boy come on fellows lets give him a googie goggie goo." Robby Tina and Jack turned to see who was yelling. It was AJ Stanton the biggest Hood in the school and about six of his followers. These guys would not be very tough compared to and LA street gang but around these parts they were as tough as they come. '"Well wittle Wobby do you need a didee change?" Robby did not feel tears welling inside him just pure anger. AJ was almost as big as Jack but suddenly Robby just did not care. With out another thought Robby ran right at AJ and speared him to the ground knocking the breath out of him. Robby started letting his fist fly while AJ just wanted his next breath. Jack saw his friends moving to stop Robby and piled into them like a raging bull fist flying. AJ bleeding from his nose and his lip finally shoved Robby off of him and even though Jack was like a bull in a China shop five on one was not working in his favor. Just then a standing AJ punched Robby hard in the chest sending him sprawling to the ground. Just then Tina came running with the about ten of the schools athletic finest members of the basketball, baseball and football teams. They had put up with these punks individually for years today the bill came due and payback was hell. In less than five minutes they beat the hell out of AJ and his gang. The Principal himself pulled Robby off of AJ somehow someway he had kicked AJ's ass all by himself. Robby stood up staring right at AJ when AJ looked away like the cowardly dog he was. Robby knew right then and there he had nothing more to worry about. The Principal had a pretty good idea what had happened and his reaction surprised everyone there. "Ok you kids quit goofing off and get ready to head to class the bells going to ring in about two minutes. AJ with a tear in his eye pointed at Robby "he started it." The Principal just smiled "well its nice to see Robby is back to his old self and leading the games, but you boys got a little carried away with your rough housing I think the six of you need to go see the nurse and be more careful next time.' After that no one really ever mentioned Robby's diapers again. There was a certain Mystique that went along with beating up the school bully Robby was just known as one of those guys you don't mess with. Before he knew it Mom let him have his life back away from home even let him get his license and bought him a car. Of course when he was at home she still babied him Robby had come to expect and accept that. Sometimes to hide from the stress high school life he even looked forward to it. The End
  9. I do not own this however i do want to share the lost Stories of Kenk7us with everyone after having a nice person give me all the files Just call me Nicky ch1 Nick looked forward to getting home but not to getting to his bus stop. Some nights when his bus dropped him off from work he got hassled by some of the neighbor kids. Now they were harmless enough. They would frog him in the arm pat him on the head and tease him. Even going as far as making him refer to them as sir. One boy once made him kiss his foot. They thought it was hilarious. Nick found it humiliating Nick was four foot one and half inches tall and less than a hundred pounds. At twenty years Old Nick simply put hated most of his life. Nick was a bit lucky when the orphanage released him at eighteen. He had been put on welfare for his disability. He still got Medicare and help with his rent. The Medicare even supplied him with his diapers. That was Nick's disability he was and always had been bladder incontinent. His parent's musicians by trade had simply left Nick at the orphanage one day when he was five. Nick's social worker had gotten him his job. He did data entry for a company downtown. Nick did good work and his boss a woman named Beth liked him a lot. Nick liked Beth too but was embarrassed that she was always insisting on changing him at work. Once when he had put up and argument the woman in her late forties had simply put him over her knee and spanked him. Nick never argued again. She had changed him today for the third time just before he left for his bus. Nicks bus arrived at his stop and he was grateful there was no sign of the kids. Just the same his diaper bag in tow Nick made a run for it to his apartment. Nick quickly unlocked the door to his apartment and made his way inside. The apartment was small basically one room and the bathroom. His bed and makeshift changing table against one wall. His most valued possession his computer against the other. A lone old and ragged recliner and a small TV. In the corner was a very small bar and kitchen. Nick had a fridge a stove and a microwave. He lived on frozen food and lunch meat. Nick had never even turned on the oven. He did not know how to boil water. Nick made a note he needed to dust and clean the bathroom. Nick did everything on a schedule. It was Friday night and those were his cleaning chores for tonight. He stripped off his clothes leaving himself in just his diaper and got right to work. Thirty minutes later he was finished and popped a TV dinner in the microwave before turning on his computer. Nick checked the storyboard first. He was after all what you would consider an adult baby. It had been the way Nick had learned to cope with his miserable life. He loved the stories on the board his favorite writers. Were Elfygirl12 , Elfking88 and Sallykat. He liked Brandy's story a lot too. He read just about everything. Yet he was not even registered on the forum. He never made comments; he was just a guest and kept to himself. He had both yahoo messenger and Aol but never yet had the nerve to im another adult or teen baby. After reading for a few minutes Nick got up and put his bib on and ate his dinner. When he finished he hand washed his fork and knife then, grabbed his pacifier and went back to his computer. He checked his email and read the numerous messages he got from the yahoo groups he belonged too. His id was incontbaby but again he had never posted the first message. When he finished he watched some TV and played some computer games before fixing himself a warm bottle of milk and heading to bed. It was nine thirty but just the same Nick knew he had to get up early. Nick snuggled his teddy bear and nursed his bottle before long he fell into a deep safe sleep. His alarm went off at six am Saturday morning Nick had a full morning ahead of him. He jumped out of bed refreshed from a good nights sleep. He checked the weather on his weather bug. Today's high was supposed to be seventy-five. Nick removed his diaper and sat on the toilet to do his business. He had tried pooping in his diaper a couple of times but the clean up was just too nasty. He had however done it by accident a couple of times when he was sick. When Nick finished he wiped his butt and got in the shower. Nick hated that the apartment did not have a tub, so he could soak and play with some bath toys. Nick diapered himself in his normal youth size disposable but added a depends booster. Knowing that he would be out for a while. He then put some shorts and a t-shirt on not tucking the shirt in to hide the bulk of his diaper. He put his socks and tennis shoes on then grabbed his wallet and his cart and headed out the door. Nick had bought the small grocery cart at a yard sale it was perfect for his shopping needs. Nick then took off for his Saturday morning routine. His first stop was at the park. Nick checked his watch then played on the park toys for about forty-five minutes. He loved to play on the swing the jungle gym and the big slide. He only did it early in the morning like this when no one else was around. Before Nick knew it his time was up and he headed to the dinner. Millie the woman that owned the dinner smiled as Nick walked through the door just like clockwork every Saturday morning. She thought to herself I could set my clock by that boy. Nick had eggs bacon and pancakes just like usual along with a glass of milk. Checking his watch he said by to Millie. Nick had two more stops to make and one hour to do it in then he needed to be home. It was nine o'clock sharp when they open the door to the video store. Nick returned the ten DVD's he had rented and checked out ten more. He had a list of exactly the ones he wanted and it did not take long. All he had to do was sign for them. Nick paid fifteen dollars a month for all he wanted ten at a time. But most of the time he only made it here once a week. When he finished he made his way next door to the super market. Nick filled his little cart with all the things he needed for the week. Mostly frozen food a couple of gallons of milk some juice and soda. Some lunch meat and bread. Everything he needed including some cookies and other sweets. He paid the lady with his debit card, and then quickly headed back to his apartment making it just as he had planned by ten am. The whole idea was to make it back to the apartment before the bullies even got out of bed. As far as they knew he never left the apartment on the weekends and he liked it that way. Nick was surprised to see someone moving into the bigger apartment next door. At least he could see the movers. Nick undid his locks and pushed his cart inside. Nick did not bother his neighbors and up to now they did not bother him. He put his groceries away and then removed his shorts and shoes. Before clicking on his computer. He checked the forum thinking to himself damn no new stories. He then popped a DVD in his player and made his way to his toy box. Nick was watching the DVD while playing with his wrestling action figures when he heard the knock at the door. Who the hell could that be he thought. Nick looked straight down at his soaked diaper. I just won't answer he thought. Then the knock came again. Panicking Nick got up and quickly pulled on his shorts. He then went to the door and opened it leaving the chain on of course. Outside his door was the most beautiful creature Nick had ever seen. He realized this must be his new neighbor and quickly unchained the door. Standing before him was a blonde bombshell about five nine or ten. Her figure was perfect but her face was that of and angel. Nick could feel his pulse quicken as he tried desperately to speak. She beat him to it. "Hi my name is Tiffany I just moved in next door is your Mommy home dear?" "No I mean uhhhhhhh well I live here a lone I am older than I look." He could see Tiffany looking past him. Shit he thought I left the toys out. "What can I do for you Tiffany?" "Oh yeah sorry I was wondering if I could borrow a couple of light bulbs until I get to the store?" "Oh sure hang on I will be right back." Out of habit Nick closed the door right in her face. He managed to find his light bulb stash quickly and grabbed a package of four. Nick always kept a lot of bulbs on hand he was scared to death of the dark. He opened the door and handed her the package. "Uhhhhhh don't worry about returning them consider them a welcome gift." "Well thank you by the way sweetheart what is your name." "Nicky uhhhhhhhhh Nicholas Danners. Just call me Nick." "Ok Nicky and thanks again sweetie I will see you later." As Nick closed the door he felt like kicking it. Why had he said Nicky why had he left his toys out were any of his diapers laying out? He knew the reason he said Nicky was simple that was what everyone had always called him only he referred to himself as Nick. Nick removed his shorts then changed his diaper. He then put his shorts back on and his toys away in case she came back. Nick still had his pacifier as he set down to watch the DVD again and play on his computer. All the time thinking of the beauty that had just been at his door. He found himself rubbing the front of his shorts a bit then made himself stop. Nick spent the afternoon, reading surfing and playing games along with watching his DVD's. When nighttime came Nick got dressed and made his way to the steak house down the road. He knew the kids were inside for the night by now. Nick loved the steak house no one ever bothered him or made him feel like a child. Just the same knowing the size of his appetite and always wanting to watch his budget Nick ordered the child portions. Tonight he had baby back ribs with all the trimmings. When he finished he paid the bill then asked if someone would call him a cab. When the cab arrived Nick had him take him to the Cinemaplex. Nick of course picked out the action movie, and then got some popcorn and a coke. The movie he wanted to see tonight was "Blade Trinity" he had read the reviews and could not wait to see how his favorite wrestler Triple H did as and actor. Nick loved the movie, but it was scary between that and the coke he had wet a lot during the show. Nick noticed he had leaked a bit as he made his way to the payphone to call a cab and head home. Nick could only hope no one noticed as he made his way outside. The cab showed up directly and Nick told him the address and was grateful to be heading home. Nick was tired and ready for bed. Just as he entered the hallway to his apartment he saw Tiffany and older girl that looked just like her coming toward him. "Hi Nicky this is my sister Janice, she has been helping me set up house keeping. I was living with her and her husband until I finished school." "Uhhhhh Hi nice to meet you." Nick then turned to unlock his door, he looked back to see Tiffany looking at his pants. he was sure she was looking at the wet spot at the back of his crotch. Of course she had already seen it on the front he had on tan slacks. Nick had forgotten all about it. He quickly made his way inside his apartment. Without even saying goodbye. He heard a faint giggling as the two women made there way down the hall. Putting it out of his mind. Nick quickly undressed and changed his soaked diaper for bed. He did not even check his email or make himself a bottle. He just grabbed his pacifier and Teddy and went to sleep. It was almost eleven and Nick was seldom up this late. Nick fault it a bit the next morning when his alarm went off. He hated Sunday mornings just the same he had things too do. Nick checked the clock it was about seven thirty he had plenty of time. He did his morning business and then after a fresh diaper and booster pad he made himself a bowl of cereal. When Nick finished he cleaned everything up then went about gathering his garbage and emptying his diaper pail. Once he had everything in its plastic bags and in his cart he got dressed and made his way to the dumpster. It was almost eight when he made it back to the apartment, and gathered his laundry stripping the bed before he finished. Nick then gathered his new wrestling magazine and headed to the Laundromat. Nick did his laundry and read his magazine it was his least favorite time of the week. At least it was not crowded. He hated it when some of the people that visited the Laundromat tried to make small talk with him. It was just about noon when he made it back to his apartment. Smiling to himself it was amazing the way's he had learned to avoid his tormentors. Once again safe in his apartment Nick put his clothes away and made his bed. He then popped in a DVD of the Music Man the original version. It reminded Nick of simpler times he had seen the movie so often that he had it memorized. He then sat down once again to play with his toys and eat the sandwich he had made. Nick was having a wonderful afternoon playing with his racecars. When the music man finished he put on and old John Wayne DVD McClintock and watched that. While it was on he got out his cowboy pistols and little cowboy figurines and horses? The movie had finished and Nick was putting the cowboy toys away. When he heard a knock at the door. Nick checked the clock it was five PM. He quickly finished what he was doing and slipped on some shorts. Forgetting completely about the pacifier hanging around his neck. He opened the door then unchained it seeing it was Tiffany. "Hi sweetie I was trying to think of a way to thank you for your kindness yesterday. Well I just made some Chili I thought maybe you would share it with me. To be honest I am way tired of being alone. This living by myself may not be as exciting as I thought." Nick thought to himself, wow dinner with a gorgeous girl come on now Nick you can do this. "Sure Tiffany I would love some Chili just give me a few minutes to freshen up and I will be down. Can I bring anything?" "Well if you have a cool DVD we can watch after that would be nice." "No problems see you in a few then."- Nick was a wreck he quickly started to undress himself. Wanting a shower and a fresh diaper and nice clothes for his dinner date. It was when he was undressing he noticed the pacifier dangling from his neck. Damn he thought to himself she had too see it. Nick felt tears well up in his eyes but he fault them back. Soon he was in and out of the shower, he put on a fresh diaper and a booster pad along with a pair of plastic pants. There would be no leaks tonight. He then slid on a pair of pants and a shirt. As he brushed his hair Nick paused too look at himself. Actually he was a pretty nice looking guy and had gorgeous brown straight full hair. If it was not for his miniature size women would maybe find him attractive. Who was he kidding he thought as he finished getting ready before selecting a DVD for the entertainment tonight. He then made his way down the hall and knocked on Tiffany's door. She let him in quickly "Hi sweetie and welcome to my apartment pardon the mess. As you know I am just moving in." Nick noticed right away that Tiffany had one of the bigger apartments. It had a bedroom and a small dinning area divided the living room and kitchen. "Hey Nick you want a beer my sis bought me a couple six packs at the store. Six more months and I can buy it myself." "Wow Tiff we must have been born the same month and year my birthday is the fifteenth. " "Lol that makes you a whole day older than me sweetie. Now how about that beer." "Yes sure thank you I would love one." "Do you drink often Nicky?" "Not really but I do when I get the chance." This was a true and false statement. Nick had never had alcohol in his life. Then this was the first time he had ever had the chance. They ate chili and drank a few beers Nick felt giddy but he kept drinking. Every time Tiffany had one Nick did too. They were watching the movie "Coyote Ugly and laughing having a good old time. When Nick simply passed out. Drunk on his ass. Tiffany was a bit drunk herself but she still managed to carry the sleeping Nicky back to his apartment. Tiffany laid him down on the bed and went to remove his pants. She was somehow not completely surprised too see he was wearing a diaper. Giggling softly Tiffany removed his plastic pants and then his wet diaper. Wow she thought there's one place he is not so little. Tiffany looked around and found his diaper supplies. She had baby sat enough as a teenager to make quick work of cleaning and changing him. Spotting his Teddy she handed it to him. Then she placed the pacifier to his mouth and Nicky began to nurse it. He is simply adorable thought Tiffany. She then turned out the light and made her way to her room. Soon she too was fast a sleep. Wondering exactly what she was going to do with this adorable baby boy she had found. Just call me Nicky ch2 The next morning Nick woke up when his alarm went off. He sat up to turn it off and it hit him. He had a headache that felt like someone had beaten him with a hammer. His mouth felt like the Sahara desert had move in. He was nauseous and realized that his diaper was not just wet. The smell only reeked not helping his nausea one bit. He quickly headed to the bathroom fell to his knees and lost the remainder of the chili from last night. Still nausea's he lay on the cold bathroom floor. Trying to get the room to calm down. Nick was truly a sick little boy. He tried to remember the events of the night before. That's when what else happened hit him. The diaper he was wearing when he went to Tiffany's had a boost pad in it. The one he had on now did not. Nick sat up and said out loud "she must have changed me." Even through his blinding headache Nick had a vague memory of Tiffany carrying him to his apartment and indeed changing him. He was more than a bit humiliated by all this. Right then and there he decided not to see Tiffany again. How could he face her after this? Nick stood up and took a long drink of water from the faucet in the bathroom sink. He then brushed his teeth twice. Finally he removed the wet and messy diaper that was on the verge of leaking. He walked back and checked his bed to see if it did. Seeing it had not he made his way to the kitchen and took three baby aspirins. He had never taken anything stronger. Nick then made his way to the shower. He thought about calling in sick, but knew he needed to work to keep his mind off his embarrassment. Once Nick had showered and was diapered and dressed he made his way to the bus stop. Having skipped breakfast having only a glass of juice. While Nick was walking the two blocks from his bus to work he messed his diaper a little again. Thinking to himself could this hell get any worse? Nick made his way to the office that he shared with Beth. He always beat her to work, so he locked the door and went about changing himself, on the leather couch Beth had put in when she found out about Nicks problem. He was cleaning himself up with a baby wipe when he heard the key in the door. He tried to hurry and finish but it was no use. Seeing what Nicky was cleaning up Beth hurried over to him. "Nicky are you sick honey you look horrible. " Not waiting for and answer she grabbed the baby wipes and started finishing the job Nick had started. "I will be ok in a while Beth." When Beth finished cleaning Nick up she went to her purse and got out the rectal thermometer she had used on Nick a few times. "I don't think I need that Beth it's just a hangover I think." "Just why young man would you have a hangover since when are you old enough to drink?' "I'm not and I never am again but I had a few beers last night." "That and the fact that you are sorry and sick does not excuse the fact that you got drunk in the first place Nick." Without another word she pulled Nick over her lap and began to spank him hard." Nicky was bawling like a baby and at the same time worrying that someone else might hear him. After about twenty smacks mercy set in and Beth stopped. She then diapered the crying boy and helped him get his pants on. Before placing his nose in the corner to think about what he had done. Beth left him there for twenty minutes then let him out of the corner and offered him a carton of orange juice. A grateful well-spanked young man took it. "I am sorry for disappointing you Beth it will not happen again." "Suppose you tell me exactly how it happened in the first place Nicky." Nick told her the story about meeting Tiff and going over there for dinner. Not thinking he even mentioned where Tiff got the beer. He did not mention about her carrying him to bed or changing him. Beth told Nick to get to work she was going out for a while. She then drove to Nick's apartment building to see if Tiff was in. She too was at work but Beth got her sisters phone number from Nick's landlord. When Beth got back to the office she called Janice to give her a piece of her mind. Janice listened politely to what Beth had too said. Before she spoke herself. "Ma'am I am sorry that the boy is hung over, let me check something." She was gone just a couple of minutes when she picked up the phone again. "Ma'am I assure you this will not happen again but I did not give my sister that beer she sort of took it. I will have a talk to her she is due over here when she gets off work." "Honestly Janice I do not think talking will do much good unless you speak to her behind." Janice chuckled to herself she had indeed spanked her sister before but not since she was like sixteen, that was for finding some grass in her room. Janice was seven years older than Tiffany. Tiffany had come to live with her and her husband when she was fifteen because their Dad could not handle her. After that one spanking Janice never had a problem again. "Maybe you are right Beth although Tiffany is not exactly a child. Lets just say I will think about your advice." They said there goodbyes and then Beth settled down to work. Nick was devastated he could only hear one side of the conversation but heard enough to know he had gotten Tiffany in trouble. Well he thought I do not want to see her again anyway this will make sure of it. A very embarrassed and freshly spanked Tiffany was driving towards the apartment. Having just left her sisters house. Tiffany was not near as angry about the spanking as she was her action. She knew that Janice was just going to chew her out. Maybe even ground her until she made that comment about paying her own rent and doing what the hell she wanted. Still Tiffany felt the idea for a spanking must have come from another source Janice only spanked her four-year-old daughter as a last resort. Sure it was true she paid her own rent. But it was Janice and her husband John that had bought her car and were making the payments. Plus paying the insurance. It was also them that had paid her way to dental hygienist school. They had done everything for her she had no right to speak to Janice like that. Tiffany had apologized long and sincerely after her spanking. Janice just said that Tiffany was not to forget who the boss was again. If she did she might find herself in her old bedroom again. Then Janice had grounded her for a week. She was not to leave the apartment building even to go to the store without calling Janice for permission. Of course she could still go to work. Tiffany turned down her street and was looking for a parking space when she saw a group of boys teasing Nick. They had what was probably his diaper bag and were playing keep away with it. Tiffany quickly parked the car before running to help Nicky. Nicky was standing there crying and begging them to leave him alone. "Hey boys are you guys having fun tormenting my boyfriend." "Let me tell you little shits how it is, this ends now. I know where two of you live already. Unless you want me to have a talk with your momma's now hand over the bag, and don't let me catch you teasing Nicky again." The boys said yes Ma'am in unison handed her the bag and scattered. Nick then ran for his apartment not even getting his diaper bag from Tiffany. He was simply too embarrassed. Just Call me Nicky ch3 Once Nicky made it to his apartment he felt safe even though once again his diaper was wet and messy. He simply collapsed on his bed and continued to cry. Soon he heard Tiffany yelling at him as she knocked on his door. "Nicky the least you could do is talk to me. You're not the only one that had trouble today." Suddenly it was quiet feeling bad Nick got up and went to the door and opened it the hallway was empty. He then locked the door again and decided he needed to change is diaper. He went into the bathroom and stepped out of his pants and then removed his both wet and messy diaper. Tossing it in the diaper pail he removed his shirt and stepped into the shower. The warm water cascading over his back, Nick finally began to relax. He began to think what Tiffany had said. "Leave my boyfriend alone" Nick was confused how in the world could she be interested in him. As he stepped out of the shower he realized he had to have the answer. Nick diapered himself then put on some shorts and a t-shirt. He took a deep breath and made his way down the hall to Tiffany's room. Nick took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Tiffany took a moment and then opened it, honestly surprised to see Nicky standing there. "I thought you did not want anything to do with me Nicky?" "Tiffany I think we need to talk, I was thinking maybe I could take you to dinner and we could maybe." "I can't go out my sister not only spanked me but grounded me for stealing the beer. Thanks for ratting me out." "Tiffany believe me when I say I had no idea you answered to anyone. My boss beat my behind as well for showing up to work hangover and for the drinking in general. When she was done I simply answered her questions." "Well if you want supper you can have what I am having bacon, eggs and hash browns?" "Sounds good to me I am starved." "Ok sweetie I hope you can at least peal potatoes?" Actually Nick could not and Tiffany had to show him how. She also half slapped his hand once when she caught him eating a slice of raw potatoes he was peeling. Tiff sliced up a couple of onions for her hash browns and got out the rest of the things she needed for dinner. Eggs, bacon and green pepper and cheese for the hash browns. She then began to heat up the pans. Nick watched until Tiffany ordered him to watch the potatoes and keep them turning so they did not burn. Nicky, are scrambled eggs ok with you?" Nicky simply smiled soon the meal came together and they sat down to eat. Both of them with a big glass of milk to drink instead of the beer they had the night before. When they had finished Tiffany washed and Nick dried until the dishes were done. Nick was floored by what happened next. "Nicky I know you have questions and want to talk with me, but do I need to change your diaper first love?" Nicky was stunned but looked down at his crotch and knew his diaper was soaked, Tiffany did not wait for and answer and took Nicky by the hand and led him into her bedroom. Nick spotted his diaper bag as they entered. Before he knew it he was on the bed and Tiffany was pulling his shorts down. Nicky stared at Tiffany concentrating only on her beauty as she changed his soaked diaper. When she finished she did not bother to put his shorts back on. Nick was not sure what he should do but he realized he still had questions. Standing there in his diaper and a t-shirt Nick knew it was now or never. "Tiffany I am half your size and in diapers I am sure that is not a turn on for you. So why did you tell those boys that I was your boyfriend?" "First off little man, your size has nothing to do with my attraction. Even though your plumbing is pretty much real man. One I find you adorable, and only wish for you to be yourself with me. That includes your baby or little boy side Nicky. I had a hysterectomy when I was fifteen for cancer. The thought of having a baby boy to take care of is incredible where I stand." Nick was not sure at all about any of this. Tiffany wanted him to be her lover and her baby. Just then Tiffany took Nick in her arms and kissed him. It was his first real kiss and as he kissed her back feeling ran through his body that he had never felt before. Tiffany then led him towards her bedroom. Nicky was terrified at what was to happen next. Then again what do you think happened? Two months later Nicky and Tiffany were married her sisters husband gave the bride away and her sister and her husband paid for the wedding. Beth paid for the rehearsal dinner. Nicky now bounces between baby boy, and husband. Yes he spends some of his time over Tiffany's lap. But he spends way more time making love to his goddess.
  10. Kimberly is a women who married young to her husband Brian who is a bank executive Brain: I want to make my wife so happy and after trying to conceive a child.
  11. So I have been here roleplaying for years and have been here reading stories for nearly ten years. This is the first story I've ever writen. Check it out. Give feed back. Tell me what you like and what you don't like. If you want more. Let me know. Part 1 The lights burn down onto the white canvas. The rattling of the cage shakes the arena. The crowd roars as blood covers the increasingly red floor. The ones spilling it are two men in the middle battering the mess out of each other. One is a big beefy behemoth of a man with scars and prison tattoos. That man…is not the hero of our story. No our hero is our hero is his opponent. Meet Jamie Kaze, he’s a young 18 year old Japanese-African American. Most of his peers would be in college or working at a McDonalds or something. But young Jamie is up to different stuff like fighting in the rookie leagues of an underground arena. The young lanky boy kicks the larger man in the head twice before blocking a heavy blow sliding back and when the large man throws another heavy blow, Jamie ducks it and side steps it before popping up and jump kicks the back of his head bringing the big man down knocking him clean out. The blood thirsty attendees stand up in cheers, but Jamie isn’t caring about them he’s looking at one person and one person in the crowd. A beautiful woman of middling age with golden brown skin and dark brown hair tied into an over the shoulder pony tail wearing an expensive skin tight dress. Who is smirking down at the young boy. Jamie exits the cage as the scene changes to him resting up in the locker room with a towel on his head covering his long braided hair. As he sits in his green fighting shorts that have a slight noticeable bulge in them. The sound of the locker room door opening and closing can be heard as Jamie stares down at the floor trying to take back in the oxygen that he used up fighting for his life in the cage. The distinct clicking sounds of heels can be heard which puts a smile on his face. “My my someone had quite a showing out there" a soft spoken voice can be heard as Jamie's vision gets obscured by a feminine figure. He looks up and has a big smile on his face seeing the woman he was looking at after his victory. But in his eyes aren’t a look of lust like most would have seeing a beautiful woman like this. “sorry I didn’t get the job done faster.” He says his voice even softer but lighter but has a sense of exhaustion to it. “Awww sweet baby, I’m just glad you got the win and didn’t get too many bruises on that cute face~” the woman coos as she leans down and takes the towel and wipes Jamies face with it and the two just smile to each other for a moment. Before the door can be heard opening again as a man in a suit comes in “Hey kid I got your cash for winn-" the man stops as and sees the woman in there as well “Oh Ms. King, sorry didn’t know you were here. Giving victory speech to your client?” He says as the woman leans back up and puts on a trusting smile. “Oh Greyson, just in time. Nothing like seeing the owner of the hottest fighting arena in the south at a time like this. Plus you can just call me Lilith.” The woman we now know as Lilith King says as she sits the towel aside. “Flattery will get you places Lilith. Having a fresh young fighter like this kid will get you even further.” Greyson laughs as he comes over and pats Jamie on the head and Lilith takes the money and counts it up “Two thousand for a low ranked victory.” She says fanning herself with the cash “This kid keeps becoming a draw here in Limbo, and you’ll see more of thatm I’ll leave and give you two some privacy. See me before you leave to get the kid his next fight" Greyson says walking out. Lilith smirks and turns to Jamie with a bigger smile “Here that baby boy?” she askes and daps his nose “You’re making a name for yourself.” She tells him before Jamie counters with. “Its all thanks to you managing me. “Don’t you forget it" She commands before continuing with “Now, let Momma see the state of that daipee" she declares before laying him down on the locker bench and sliding his shorts down to show a yellowed adult baby diaper with animals on it “Oh dear my baby bear had a weewee while that big meanie was giving him an owie owie~” she coos once more causing Jamie to giggle as he looks up with a flash of innocence in his eyes and his thumb slowly moves to his mouth as Lilith sits her purse down and opens it pulling out changing supplies. Some baby wipes, some baby powder, and a fresh clean baby diaper. “Changie time!” Jamie declares with a sudden air of excitement. “Yes baby boo. Momma's gonna clean her baby up. Yes she is~” Lilith confirms before untaping the diaper and pulling out two wet wipes and begins wiping his crotch making him squirm and shiver. “Oh stop it. Its not that cold" Lilith playfully scolds making Jamie giggle. Its like a switch went off in his head swapping this on the rise rookie underground fighter into a big helpless baby at the hands of this gorgeous femme fatal. Just how Lilith likes it. “Legs up honey bunny~” She commands and he follows his command immediately. She follows by wiping the pee from his bottom. “To think I can lead that little street punk trying to find his way in life into my big strong champion, and in return I’ll be your loving mommy. Just like you wanted" She says in a moment of rreminiscing. Just mumbles and blushes remembering how they met. He tried to rob her and she took him down with a tazer and instead of calling the cops she yelled and lectured at him making him feel small and like a child. One thing led to another, deals were made, and now a relationship was formed. “I see that bluuuuush" she teases tickling his flat hard tummy making him giggle. “Mommy put the baby in his place. Yes she did" Lilith coos as she shakes some powder on him and rubs it in making Jamie relax and lean his head back with a sigh and before he knows it a new diaper is under his butt. “Legs down booboo bear" She commands and he follows. She lovingly tapes the diaper up making sure its nice and tight before standing up and admiring her work with a cocky smirk “Best change yet if I do say so myself. Now lets get the baby all dressed in his big boy clothes and go on home. She says giving Jamie another tickle and he squeals kicking his feet in the air before looking up at her. Lilith King. His manager. His Mommy.
  12. William Montgomery-or “Bill”, as he practically insisted everyone call him-seemed to believe he was meant to be in charge. He was a brat, who tended to behave as though he already owned the business, refusing to defer to anyone regardless of how experienced they were. If something didn’t go his way, his subordinates would have to back up and cover their ears as he started another one of his infamous “rants”, yelling and making demands at the top of his voice. Today was no different. He came in with his usual attire-a black suit jacket and slacks, white dress shirt underneath, a red tie-and sat at his desk. If someone dared to mess up-a poor young lady spilled his coffee the millionth time he asked her to bring it to him, a man filed something incorrectly, and god forbid you don’t call him “sir”-his face would flush a deep, angry red and he’d stamp his foot on the carpet. He’d open his mouth, and then the yelling would start and everyone in the office would need to cover their ears. This was how things were done; Bill made demands, and people gave in to them as soon as he started to raise his voice. It was only natural that they do this, he figured; only natural that his ranting and yelling get through to his weak subordinates. It was proof he was in charge, and the fact that they couldn’t do a damn thing about it was all too amazing, a rush of power that had him acting arrogant. The man was completely unaware that, on this day, everything would change. His father had died several days prior, and while he had been pretty broken-up about it, he was mostly excited. He’d finally get his spot in the company, finally get to prove his worth to the man who’d always insisted he wouldn’t be good enough to get the spot. When someone knocked on his door, he muttered something under his breath and called out, “Come in!” in an annoyed tone, slumping in his chair as he was want to do.
  13. i need someone to take me in as their own
  14. marxthebaby


    I have a scenario planned, but I can always try something new if anyone wants that. We don’t have to RP exactly like this, it’s just an idea I had. Scenario: My character is a man who isn’t exactly submissive; a bratty dom through and through, he tends to be the one on top in most non-sexual and sexual situations. He gets the job he wants and he’s just gotten a promotion on top of that, he’s always winning arguments, and most people know not to fuck with him. He’s dominant, powerful, too cocky for a man his age, and he enjoys getting punished(though he’d never admit to it). One day, he meets Daddy online while looking for a quick fuck: a man who has set out to change that, maybe change a few other things, too. Like that cockiness of his; maybe that could be remedied with a firm enough hand. Their true Daddy/baby boy relationship starts with the realization that the supposed dom loves being a brat...and getting punished for it. Cue Daddy bringing the belt out because this bratty little shit won’t keep his damn diapers on(or his mouth shut).
  15. marxthebaby

    RP Idea

    I have a scenario planned, but I can always try something new if anyone wants that. We don’t have to RP exactly like this, it’s just an idea I had. Scenario: My character is a man who claims he isn’t submissive; a brat through and through, he tends to be the one on top in most non-sexual and sexual situations. He gets the job he wants and he’s just gotten a promotion on top of that, he’s always winning arguments, and most people know not to fuck with him. He’s dominant, powerful, too cocky for a man his age, and he enjoys getting punished(though he’d never admit to it). One day, he either gets abducted by someone for revenge for his cruel actions or gets punished by a new supervisor who’s grown tired of him acting like he’s hot shit. He is made to wear diapers like a big baby and use them or else his reputation will be ruined.
  16. marxthebaby


    If anybody is willing to be a Daddy who forces my character into diapers(and eventually babyhood) then please let me know. I am into my character being older and eventually forced to wear diapers/gets babied by someone younger. I also enjoy my character being humiliated/talked down to by the Daddy who dresses them like a big baby. Other than that, I have no preferences; like I said, I just prefer it to be noncon and very embarrassing for my character. If anybody is interested or has any ideas for some scenarios involving my character getting forced into babyhood please let me know.
  17. Don Dominic Angelo head of the Angelo family sits in his office going over reports his men have sent him about his speakeasies and all of the products he has being smuggled in from the motherland. It is 1925 the economy in the U.S. is better than it has ever been and the Angelo family are seeing the results. These prohibition laws are a pain but it helps make him money to give his lovely wife and his one and only pride and joy the life they deserve
  18. Gabriela is 32 years old and is an executive for Dynamean Corporation who have a multitude of products and are involved in multiple markets. Gabriella only recently got promoted to an executive position after years of working with the company and years of college. She loves her job and that let anything interrupt it. Not even her baby crazy significant other.
  19. Alex struggled helplessly in his binds. Stuck in a diaper and dress, gagged with an oversized pacifier, and with a bright red ribbon wrapped around, he could do nothing but wait. He supposed that was what he was a Christmas present for someone. The only question was for whom. It was a question that had haunted him since the day he arrived at the training institute. Like everyone, he knew there was someone paying for him. Like most, he had no idea who they were, when he
  20. Part 1. “You go first,” Caroline smiled. “Remember, I want complete honesty.” My very attractive, 24 year old, black-haired date smiled and folded her arms across her large chest, enjoying my embarrassment. This was new to me, Truth or Dare on a first date. I remained silent while the waiter cleared the plates from the table. I felt my heart beating in my chest but decided to take the plunge. After all, my Match.com dates never result in a repeat meeting and I knew I wouldn’t see Caroline again. “I used to wet the bed and my mother would beat me for it.” Caroline’s eyebrows rose. “How old were you?” She asked. I thought she would be shocked, even appalled but nothing showed on her face. “What do you mean?” “When was the last time she beat you?” Her tone filled with impatience. “When I was seventeen.” My reply hung in the air. Across the table, Caroline kept her face impassive while she absorbed this news. I knew the next question was coming. “Do you still wet the bed?” Burning red but managing a smile, I waved a finger. “Ah.. No, it’s your turn now.” Caroline smiled and drummed her fingers on the table cloth. “When I was eight, I was sexually abused by my father and when I was thirteen, I was raped by him.” I sat there shocked and stared at her. There was no emotion or shame in her voice. My first instinct was that she was telling a joke in extremely bad taste. But how could anyone lie about such a thing? “That’s dreadful!” I muttered, finding it hard to hold eye contact with her. “How long did it go on for?” Caroline remained silent for a few seconds before smiling and picking up the desert menu. “Ok, game over. I really fancy some Crème Brulee, don’t you?” ----*---- Two weeks later she took me by surprise while I was preparing my evening meal. Neither of us had committed to another date and a handshake had finished the first date. However, she had asked me for my address on the pretext of sending me an invite to some party she was having in the future. I had offered email, but she waved that off, saying she found a real letter far more personal and acceptable. My apartment in West London has 24 hour concierge service, and the doorman would never let anyone up if I had not been contacted first. When the doorbell rang, I naturally thought it was a neighbour, after a cup of sugar or a helping hand. It took a second to recognise her after opening the door. “Caroline!” I exclaimed. “What a surprise!” Nervously, I wiped my hands on my apron and an awkward silence fell between us. “Well, aren’t you going to invite me in?” She finally asked, a smile lighting up her face. I took her through to the kitchen and poured her a glass of wine while I finished off the meal. There was enough for two. After I had served up the lamb curry and rice on the table she appeared. I had that feeling that she hadn’t actually been solely in the bathroom. After a few pleasantries over the delicious meal, she rested her knife and fork and looked up at me. “Truth or Dare. We never did finish it, did we?” Caroline raised her eyebrows in question. “It’s my turn to ask the question?” The food was feeling heavy in my stomach and I had a sinking feeling. I nodded in acquiesce. “So, I will repeat, do you still wet the bed?” There was no sympathetic smile or gentle tone. Something deep inside me compelled a truthful answer as I had nothing to lose. “Yes.” Caroline didn’t appear surprised. “And what about your mother, do you still see her?” I nodded. “She lives in Devon, but comes to stay occasionally. And of course, I go down there on a regular basis.” Caroline looked puzzled. “But the abuse you suffered. Surely you would have ostracized her?” I went pale and looked down at my plate. “She is a powerful woman,” I mumbled. “But also she is the trustee of my inheritance.” Understanding showed in Caroline’s eyes. “Ah, she controls the purse strings; a powerful force indeed.” I got up to clear the table but she smacked my hand away from her plate. “Sit down Peter, they can wait. We still have plenty to talk about.” She produced a packet of cigarettes and lighter and lit one up. I hated smoking and stared at her. “Hope you don’t mind.” I didn’t feel it was a question. “No,” I mumbled. Something compelled me to surrender. Normally I would have objected strongly. “Now,” she said, flicking ash onto her dinner plate. “Tell me the truth about the current relationship you have with your mother.” “What do you mean?” For the first time, Caroline raised her voice slightly. “I don’t like lying. And lying is telling a lie and not telling the truth, the whole story. Peter, stop lying to me will you? You are 34 years old and you have told me that she stopped beating you for wetting the bed when you were seventeen. So how do both of you handle the bed wetting now?” I was stunned. My heart was hammering in my chest and I felt my eyes water over. I stood. “I will show you.” Caroline followed me into the bathroom where I opened one of the wall cabinets. She was greeted by the sight of neat rows of disposable nappies and folded plastic pants, along with Johnson’s baby powder and zinc oxide cream. I felt weak and sat on the bath rim. If she wanted the truth, well, she was going to get the truth. “It was on my seventeenth birthday that I was woken by my mother who was holding a cup of tea in one hand and a wooden paddle in the other. Then the bed clothes would be pulled back for the normal bed inspection. She didn’t really have to inspect the bed. I was wet every morning but the inspection was just there to shame me. After breakfast, we got in a taxi and went to a clinic in Harley Street where they specialized in incontinence and since that day I have worn nappies every night to protect the bed.” Caroline looked at me. “Why the tears?” I was crying. Feeling so vulnerable and helpless. So humiliated after admitting my shameful secret. “Are you missing your Mummy?” Caroline was smiling now. Was she mocking me? Back at the dinner table, she lit another cigarette and waved at the opposite chair for me to sit. I obeyed. “Remember,” she waved a finger at me. “No lying now. We are still playing Truth or Dare.” Well, one of us was, I suppose. I nodded in agreement. Why did you join Match.com?” “I wanted a partner, maybe a wife,” I blurted out, perhaps a little bit too fast. I jumped as Caroline slapped her hand on the table. “What have I said about lying?” Again, that raised voice. She tapped her neck with one hand. “I have had it with men lying. Peter, you are not allowed to lie to me.” I was frightened and somewhat confused and didn’t reply. Caroline eased up and took a deep drag of the cigarette. “Alright,” she said softly. “I will make it easy for you. Are you looking for a partner or a mummy? Tell the truth now?” ----*----
  21. Hellou, New to the siteit and somewhat new to abdl, but loving it so far. Friendly and laid back boy, with no drama and lots of questions, and also lots of experience with other lifestyles Feel free to send a mail or message Till next time, see ya
  22. i am wondering has anyone been changed at disneyland and disneyworld? my mommy and I are going to disneyland over christmas and i was wondering do they have handicapp restrooms at disneyland you can use to change in or my mommy can change me in and if so is there a lot. I have never been diapered to a theme park before so it would be my first time. would love some good advice from everyone.
  23. Looking for Ab/Dl's in Melbourne region wanted to meet a few new people
  24. From the album: playpen scene

    A scene I did last summer in my playpen.

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