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  1. Black diaper ^_^



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    2. HanaTheHedgehog


      Note to Self: Get some black nappies. xD

    3. HannahBG


      get some Hana they are immense :)

    4. HanaTheHedgehog
  2. More of me. ^_^



    1. BabySissySamantha


      I know. the skirt and shirt is not baby or little. But how ever, its still girly clothes that I'm wearing for Samantha time. :)   I'm limited to what I have currently.


    2. HanaTheHedgehog


      Its nice nonetheless. 

    3. BabySissySamantha


      Thank you :)


  3. Me in my Fabine. :D


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    2. Lil_jasuto


      hehe your so cute Sammie <3

    3. babyboypat


      nice looking diapee 

    4. pault112
  4. Grats
  5. Love the story Mamma Rose
  6. I am in the chat sorry if I missed you

  7. *Huggles*
  8. That's a cute Paci. :)

  9. Thank you. Glad to see I'm not alone on that lol.
  10. I am a DL and a big toddler looking for anyone relatively close to Grafton WV? Seeking to make new friends with the same interests to hang out with and/or part time parent. All I mostly wet but rarely mess. We can hang out playing Video games and watch movies. Not looking to get into a deep, deep relationship.
  11. Hello, Here I'll introduce my self. My name is Steve. I currently reside in WV and lived here for about 7 to 8 years ish. I am originally an Army brat and moved around to various places with my pops. I am also currently married as well. I play a lot of video games on my down time when I'm by my self or when the wife is in bed. I like to play video games. I play on the PC and PS4. I can provide the list of games upon request. My wife knows I like to wear diapers and wet/mess them. But however she does not want anything to do with it. So I wear them and such when she is not home. Some times when I get home from work, I like to wet my pants and then put on diapers after that. I like to age play as like I'm 2 or 3. Reason for joining this community is to be able to chat and make friends with other who also likes to wear diapers and age play. Also maybe be able to find a friend that maybe near by if possible. But we all know the slim chances of that could be lol.