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  1. Is Sid a bad guy and does he want to kidnap Rayne to baby her for himself?
  2. Are you continuing to work on the stories of Emily and Lucy?
  3. This should have a short story to it. Just saying....
  4. Here's an idea I tried to convince Inkuhime to use, but she wasn't interested. So here's to some other author who will take it and make it a good story: Kelly and Marie are done signing up for the baby beauty pageant, they then go back to their suite so that Marie can give Kelly an in depth conversation on what her life will be like during the pageant. When that conversation ends, Marie observes what Kelly is wearing and complains on what she should be wearing (basically feminine baby clothes). Kelly counters with a good point and goes to take a shower. Marie sighs, annoyed Kelly didn't
  5. I found it. For those of you interested, it's called; Disney Comics:
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