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  1. how's my little girl?

  2. smarti

    Another girlfriend story.

    She's gotta understand that a) this is not pedophilia and b ) this is a permanent part of you that won't go away. Otherwise you might have bigger troubles down the road, if you persist with the relationship .
  3. Looking through old Top of the Pops videos this came up. The TOTP dance routines were famously literal for their song and I guess this was too. Many other TOTP dancer videos had a "fetish" element to appeal to "the dads". Clock those silver nappies, groovy
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/video/2017/apr/11/first-impressions-a-virtual-experience-of-the-first-year-of-life-video-trailer Apparently you need to download an app that is Android only. The trailers look interesting. I'm hoping for they have included the experience of being diapered, but I'm not holding my breath,
  5. smarti

    Hobbies- who has them?

    Great topic. I love to hear about people's hobbies, especially if they don't involve staring at a screen. Hobbies I have plenty. I have a small 1:76 model railway which is more scenery than railway. I have a three-storey dolls' house for my fashion dolls, of which I have maybe 100. The railway and the barbies overlap when something in 1:76 works in 1:6. I am into cats, although I do
  6. smarti

    Grammar Pet Peeves

    I correct grammar and spelling for my living; I am the ultimate grammar Nazi. However, as a linguist, i favour descriptivism over prescriptivism. The simple fact of the matter is that languages change and evolve; we don't speak like our ancestors from 1746, and our descendents in 2274 will not sound like us at all. Moreover, a standard national language is something quite arbitrarily chosen, summed up in the linguists' joke that
  7. smarti

    What belongs in a sippy cup?

    i voted juice, but i also like baby tea.. which is highly milky and sugary
  8. smarti

    Chat Forced Beta Coming

    I am finding it impossible to use with the user list bug. I can live with connectivity.
  9. smarti

    Chat Forced Beta Coming

    Slowly getting used to this. Let's hope all the new features make it worthwhile.
  10. i don't think a diaper would last for 6 days. they need the whole portapotty system.
  11. smarti

    Miss Diaper Queen

    great post. i also loved how they made the bras out of diapers . all the others are pretty funny, too.
  12. The ones in the dress are Smartina, whether you need a "little" body shape for her that is up to you,

    1. Sweetscent


      Looks like you need some TLC.

  13. hey, been a very long time! not sure if you remember me?

    1. smarti


      The nick is familiar, must have been many years, right

    2. Poopy-Diaper-Princess
  14. smarti

    AB Statistics and Guesstimations

    Around 2007, I think, I once calculated the proportion of female to male users on sites
  15. smarti

    Eating Baby Food - Drinking Infant Formula

    I don't like the taste of formula and I was reared on cow's milk, which I love to drink by the gallon. So that's the milk in my bottle. I love to drink fresh-squeezed OJ and there are filters available to strain it for pulp so it will get out of a nipple hole. I love a fresh banana, mashed, with a slight dusting of sugar. Of jars, I like Heinz, and SWEET: