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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/video/2017/apr/11/first-impressions-a-virtual-experience-of-the-first-year-of-life-video-trailer Apparently you need to download an app that is Android only. The trailers look interesting. I'm hoping for they have included the experience of being diapered, but I'm not holding my breath,
  2. Great topic. I love to hear about people's hobbies, especially if they don't involve staring at a screen. Hobbies I have plenty. I have a small 1:76 model railway which is more scenery than railway. I have a three-storey dolls' house for my fashion dolls, of which I have maybe 100. The railway and the barbies overlap when something in 1:76 works in 1:6. I am into cats, although I do not have a cat right now. I write stuff, mostly non-fiction, although there is a comic book in my head wanting to get out. Right now I am in a ballet phase, but I can't do much beyond going thru the five ballet positions and stretches.
  3. I correct grammar and spelling for my living; I am the ultimate grammar Nazi. However, as a linguist, i favour descriptivism over prescriptivism. The simple fact of the matter is that languages change and evolve; we don't speak like our ancestors from 1746, and our descendents in 2274 will not sound like us at all. Moreover, a standard national language is something quite arbitrarily chosen, summed up in the linguists' joke that "a language is a dialect with an army and a navy." In some parallel universe where the CSA won the Civil War, no doubt a Southern accent would be more standard today. But pet peeves I do have! Wrong homophones are right at the top of the list such as "there" vs "their" vs "they're", and ones that drive me particularly insane include "principle" vs "principal" and "discrete" vs "discreet". Like Gah, "Legos" grates on me, but I have noticed it is of mainly US usage. Lego is the name of the system ("I like Lego") as well as my collection of it ("My Lego"), while the individual pieces are "Lego bricks", or just "bricks".
  4. i voted juice, but i also like baby tea.. which is highly milky and sugary
  5. I am finding it impossible to use with the user list bug. I can live with connectivity.
  6. Slowly getting used to this. Let's hope all the new features make it worthwhile.
  7. i don't think a diaper would last for 6 days. they need the whole portapotty system.
  8. great post. i also loved how they made the bras out of diapers . all the others are pretty funny, too.
  9. The ones in the dress are Smartina, whether you need a "little" body shape for her that is up to you, 

    The girl in the onesie is you for clothing although i love your avi with the key x






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      Looks like you need some TLC.


  10. hey, been a very long time! not sure if you remember me?

    1. smarti


      The nick is familiar, must have been many years, right

    2. Poopy-Diaper-Princess
  11. diaper dimension

    Around 2007, I think, I once calculated the proportion of female to male users on sites like this and the proportion came out to be a surprisingly consistent 15% (1 in 7) which seemed to apply across the western countries: US, including breakdown by populous states like New York and California, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia and Japan. Data from both Daily Diapers and DiaperSpace (the latter very popular at the time) also being impressively consistent with this 15% number. France's low figure was presumed to be an outler as there are popular Francophone AB sites such as AB Kingdom that I did not measure. I also believe that there is a huge Western bias to this due to factors like disposable income, leisure time, privacy and liberal social attitudes, including openness to transgressive behaviour, but this obviously needs further study. The website count is a bit of a crude measure in the sense that a female member might be mommy, baby, dl or something else, so the definition is "participants in the lifestyle in any capacity", and also in the sense that many biological males list a female gender, whether they are genuinely trans or predatory fakers. A gross count of membership also ignores the fact that many accounts are inactive (although as long as they were made by genuine people, they should be counted). Other unknowns include the people who do not voluntarily join a website, or indeed are not on the Internet at all. Gross estimates of the total number of ABs might be hazarded for numbers from simlar fetishes, which might top out at say 0.5% of the population, so say 100,000 indviduals in the US, which gives you 15,000 women. Despite the smaller proportion, this is still a significant number of women. As to WHY, I have only theories. The standard explanation is that males outnumber women in many paraphilias and fetishes, so infantillism is no exception. In the real world, women are often making babies rather than being them. In most cultures the mother is usually the primary caregiver. There is a skewed attitude between men and women. But generally, if the majority of participants are males, the majority of them are heterosexual. I've not measured it, but my intuitive feeling is that although there might be slightly more gays here than the population at large, the absolute proportion here in ABDL-land is still in that ballpark. Therefore, you'd expect the objects of affection in stories, and particularly the soft-porn imagery, to be mostly females, for the male customers of the same. There are historically big taboos for males. "Female", "sissy" or "infantile", are the antithesis of "macho" and "masculine". The world is also changing, and perhaps the proportion of females will be more equal in the future.
  12. I don't like the taste of formula and I was reared on cow's milk, which I love to drink by the gallon. So that's the milk in my bottle. I love to drink fresh-squeezed OJ and there are filters available to strain it for pulp so it will get out of a nipple hole. I love a fresh banana, mashed, with a slight dusting of sugar. Of jars, I like Heinz, and SWEET: particularly: apples, apple and oatmeal, pears, mango and pear, egg custard. But my all time fave jar from Heinz is HEINZ CHOCOLATE PUDDING. Heinz also took over Farley's, makers of the famous wheat Rusks, the only baby cereal I will eat, crumbled a rusk in a little milk. If i've eaten all the above at one meal, I'm feeling pretty full as if I'd eaten a grown-up meal.
  13. Leave home? Otherwise, if you are not comfortable, just do it out of her sight. One thing you can say for this hobby, is that to fully enjoy it, you need a lot of personal privacy.
  14. Loved it
  15. I'm sure that this is a question that has been asked before and I'm sure that there are equally varying opinions on the topic. For the ABs who are not into the "sexual" aspect of wearing diapers, but rather those that live the AB lifestyle for whatever reason and it is not a sex related "fetish", do you think that there needs to be more public/social acceptance of ABs? I understand the pros and cons of this, but I'm interested to hear what others think about this. ====== What is interesting to me about this is not my personal take on it - where I am now it would be professional suicide and all kinds of unforseen consequences - but how it's indicative of changing attitudes. Transsexualism has become almost mainstream, gay marriage has become an expected right in many countries, and so on. For transvestism, something closer to my situation, I look at people like Eddie Izzard and Grayson Perry, by virtue of having a bohemian profession like entertaining or art, able to indulge their predilections in public and not facing serious censure. Grayson received honours from royalty all dolled up, that shows how far we have come. My gay friend found it a paradox that I could not so much as even mention this to my Dad, after he came out as gay in the 80s and his own father was very "anti". I guess if Dad was not around (and this is not something I want) and I was in a different line of business, then I might feel less inhibited. Grayson Perry also had an epiphany similar to me, which was that just dressing to "pass" was too boring for him and he thought he might as well go for the full Bo Peep. For me this was equivalent to only being a diapered little girl. For BDSM, see the case of Max Mosely. A tabloid newspaper calculated that he would be in such deep shame about their revelations of his BDSM predilections that the embellishments they added to their story would go unchallenged. Not so: he sued them for libel and won. He was hoping that the courts and the public would just regard BDSM as just something that people do, nbd, and he was right. This was probably not the case 10 years ago, and certainly not 30 or 40 years ago. As all this progess in individual expression continues there remains a hard core of intolerance and social conservatism, in some countries more than others; for all the progress in gay rights, it remains a capital crime in many countries. There will continue to be a backlash which might be dangerous to some degree, such as the recent horror in Orlando. Among the more tolerant folks, there are probably more people who know about ABDL than ever before; and my take is that the majority of these see it as a harmless kink. I can see a future where it may be become more usual to express this in public, but I don't think we are quite there yet.