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  1. just make an account on here, you can check my age out on my profile and message me here.
  2. I live between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
  3. I play it all, PC, Xbox One, PS4, and my fair share of Nintendo games
  4. oh wow, this thread is so old that I forgot that I even started it
  5. not enough to warren doing it for any particular reason though
  6. Thanks, though these are bit old by now, but I am not sure i plan to continue with art.
  7. yeah, though the last one is based on an image made by padded-room, but yeah, I made them
  8. Yet another art thread by me, sorry.
  9. Good to see you joined, at this point, I am the only one who really reply's to this thread, and mostly because it just sends me emails when ever someone makes a post, not sure why.
  10. Trentoss, you wont have much luck staying as a guest, guest accounts often get shut off.
  11. glad to see you finally on this site, but this isn't an australian heavy site, you should try advertising this a bit more in the QLD groups on Fetlife. That being said, it sounds like a nice idea.
  12. Hey Kaliborio, always cool to see QLD members. Not really sure why I keep getting notifications for this thread whenever someone posts in it, I didn't make it ???
  13. Hey there Matti, always cool to see another aussie
  14. Sure, if you have a skype or discord account, send me the address in a PM, otherwise if not, we can just talk over pm's.
  15. I wouldnt know either, I have never really used a tablet before, I am not too great when it comes to things like pens or pencils, a mouse is about all I can use.