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  1. Hey there Matti, always cool to see another aussie
  2. Sure, if you have a skype or discord account, send me the address in a PM, otherwise if not, we can just talk over pm's.
  3. I wouldnt know either, I have never really used a tablet before, I am not too great when it comes to things like pens or pencils, a mouse is about all I can use.
  4. Just my mouse, and art program of choice, Gimp.
  5. Made another one, this one is for Elfy
  6. Thank you
  7. It can be, as some diapers do sort of show under them when it gets to the padding, but it could also just be some slight coloring, I just wanted to go with what would blend in well with the rest.
  8. Been a while since I really posted here, I would normally just post my art on Devinat art, but I havent really worked on anything too new in months. This image can't be posted on DA, due to part of it being traced, I mostly made this image to test out a new color style, as well as shading style.
  9. That is so close, I like traveling there when I can, but the trip to there from the Gold Coast is so exhuasting only to be there for like 30 mins T-T
  10. I don't think this thread is for recommending where to buy diapers But either way, cool to see another aussie, even if you do live quite north.
  11. Babyboy, you will have better luck if you actually sign up, that way you can get notifications and people can actually message you directly.
  12. @YunicornSparklesI don't mind some jokes, it just annoys me when everyone of them think they are the first one to make the jokes that are so obvious
  13. Thanks, though I could do without all the pun jokes I get about it ><
  14. always awesome to see another Aussie, and one from my state Welcome Yuni.
  15. GC, there has been a lot of talk about that, but anything like that will most likely be talked about over private messages, and things a guest wont be able to see (or on skype/discord, which address for are not given out unless its private) If you want to be part of that stuff, you will need to join up, as guest posting normally gets shut down after a little while.