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  1. DiaperFriend

    Running Rampant

    “Get back here!” “Nuhuh, can’t catch me!” The Hamilton household was filled with the sound of running and the occasional crash, as the older of the two sisters was desperately trying to catch the younger one, who merrily giggled as she ran away. “Get your soggy bottom here this instant!” Melisa yelled again. “No way! I have important things to do!” Abby yelled back as she dived to the left and avoided her big sisters grasping hands. Melisa, not having caught her prey, lost her balance and ended up crashing in to the couch. This was something of a common occurrence these days, and if Melisa wasn’t currently using all her mental energy to think of ways to punish the mischievous little devil that was her sister, she would have laughed at how incredibly unbelievable it all was. Here she was, running after her 11 year old little sister because the little rascal refused to sit still long enough to get her diaper changed. Once I get my hands on her, I swear, Melisa thought to herself, standing up again. Her little sister had always been a very active girl, and that was due in no small part because of the mild case of ADHD she had, which caused her to become very focused to whatever activity was holding her interest. Being a young, inquisitive child, that unfortunately could mean anything and everything. As a result, Abby had a bad habit sometimes to simply not go to the toilet when she was focusing on something, opting to hold it so that she didn’t have to stop what she was doing. Rarely she even got so focused that she didn’t realise she needed to go in the first place. Whichever the case was, the end result was the same, that is to say, many a pair of pants met an unfortunate and cruel end. This had lasted until about six months ago. When their mother had been cleaning up after another accident, Abby had blurted out “why can’t I just wear diapers then”. Up until that point, their mom had patiently tried to help Abby to not forget to go to the bathroom, and to teach her to take regular breaks even if she didn’t feel the need to go. But hearing the question, their mom had been all too delighted to go along with the idea. “Now, where did she run off to?” Melisa muttered, having lost sight of her little sister. She could not hear any pitter patter of feet, so Abby had probably gone to hiding somewhere. It didn’t help that their house was very large, thanks to two workaholic parents who you couldn’t convince from going to work without the apocalypse happening. That was also the reason why she was having to do this in the first place. With their parents spending a lot of time at their respective workplaces, it was up to Melisa, much to her eternal dismay, to worry about her little sister’s diaper changes whenever their parents weren’t around. As much as she adored her sister’s ability to imitate a hummingbird with her endless energy, it was also a major pain in the butt. “Abby! Get over here!” Melisa yelled, knowing full well it was unlikely to work. She stood still, listening for any sounds. After a while, there was a soft click as someone closed the back door. “Hah, trying to hide outside are you…” Melisa smirked, and quietly exited the house using the front door. With quick steps, she started to circle around the house. Once she reached the backyard, she made sure to stay hidden until she could spot where Abby was, which didn’t take long at all. She had crawled inside one of the bushes surrounding their small pavilion, but it turned out that her red clothes weren’t the best camouflage when surrounded by green. Seeing her opportunity, Melisa approached Abby’s hiding spot from an angle that gave her good cover. She moved slowly but deliberately, like a cat sneaking upon a unsuspecting mouse. Once she got close enough, she took a deep breath, prepared for a moment, then jumped forward, reaching in to the bush. “Abby! Time for your change!” The young girl squealed loudly from surprise as her sister’s hands wrapped around her, pulling her away from her hiding spot. “Eek! Nooo!” “Stop squirming! You can go back to your things once I’m done changing you!” While the diapers had been very helpful at reducing the extra laundry Abby’s occasional accidents caused, the girl still found the idea of having to stop what she was doing for whatever reason very much undesirable. Even today, Melisa had asked her several times if she needed a change, and the answer had been a resolute “no” every time. That is, until Melisa got suspicious, and decided to check her anyway, leading to the current situation. “Nooo, I was so close!” Abby exclaimed in frustration, the notebook she had been drawing on all day left behind inside the bush as Melisa finally dragged her out. “I don’t care. You are going to get changed before you start leaking all over the place. I don’t want to end up cleaning your mess,” Melisa simply said back, taking a good hold of her sister as she started to carry her towards the house. “But...BUT!” Abby pouted, trying to wiggle free from her sister’s grasp. “Ack, stop that before we-” Melisa’s warning came too late, as Abby’s constant moving caused her to misstep, and lose balance. They both let out a gasp as gravity took hold, and they fell on a very unfortunately placed watering can. ******************** “Whatever will I do with the two of you?” the mother of the two sisters asked with a smile. She looked at her two daughters, the older one whose clothes were soaked and were dripping water everywhere, and the younger whose clothes had dirt and some wet spots in them. Both had an equally adorable pout on their face. “Would either of you like to tell me how this happened?” “Sis was being stupid,” Abby grumbled. “You refused to get a change.” “I was almost done with my picture!” “You could have continued later!” “Now now,” their mother sushed, silencing them. “No need for any of that. Why don’t we get you changed, and we can all have ice cream afterwards?” she said to her youngest daughter. “Yes, by all means,” Melisa scoffed. “I’ll just be dripping water here while you two hog the bathroom.” “Oh? Perhaps I should help you first then, hmm?” their mother replied with a teasing smile. “I didn’t realise you needed help to get changed as well,” she continued. “Please, mom, don’t even joke about that,” Melisa replied with an unamused frown, but blushed all the same. ******************** After a nice shower and some very delicious ice cream, Melisa was lying on the couch. The ‘excursion’ with her sister had drained her energy, and she was more than ready to lazy around the rest of the day. However, the sound of crinkling getting closer threatened to spell doom for that idea. The sounds came right next to her, then stopped. Melisa was too lazy to open her eyes, and waited for her sister to say something. “Whatcha want, squirt?” she asked after a moment of silence. “...Here,” Abby somewhat grumpily said. “Hmm?” Melisa opened her eyes and turned to look at what Abby was holding. It was her notebook, with a drawing of a girl on the page Abby was showing. “It’s not finished because you stopped me,” she pouted. Looking at it more closely, she noticed it was her in the picture, dancing in a field of flowers. Some of the flowers hadn’t been colored yet, and the tree on the background was likewise only half done. Under the drawing were the words “best sis”. “Hmph,” Melisa snorted and smiled. “I think it’s perfect,” she said, tousling her sister’s hair, who grinned happily after a moment. This was a commissioned story. If you want to commission me, you can go here. Hopefully you enjoyed the story.
  2. DiaperFriend

    Story commissions

    Hey all you crinklebutts. Do you have a story idea you'd like to see made in to an actual story, but don't have the time to write it yourself? Well you are in luck, for I'm taking short story commissions. So here's the deal: You can commission me for a short story, length 1k to 5k words. The price is 5 euros for the first 1k words, and then 10 euros for every 1k word after, payment through paypal (and it should automatically convert dollars to euros I think, so you don't have to worry about that). Also, what you'll pay is for the minimum amount I'll write, so if you pay for a 1k word story and get 1,5k words, you don't have to pay extra or anything. I'm willing to write both SFW and NSFW stories, however, I won't write anything too extreme. Also, if you ask me to write something I don't have prior experience with, I'll let you know. Once I have been paid, I'll start writing the story, and you'll get to review it and request some changes to it. Only a limited amount tho, I don't want the commission go to a limbo where it's never finished because it's not quite perfect. When the story is complete, you can either have it just for yourself or I can post it in the story forum, your choice. Depending on the story idea and the length, it should take about few days to a little over a week to write one commission. If you want to commission me, send me a message with your idea and desired length, and I'll let you know if I accept it. If you have any questions, you can send me a message or ask it here. I'll only take a certain amount of commissions, and I'll inform it here when I don't accept any more.
  3. DiaperFriend

    Youtube let's plays

    Ah. :/ I have the same problem with some of the more graphically intensive games, but usually it's the video that lags for me, not the game.
  4. DiaperFriend

    Youtube let's plays

    I was wondering how many others here watch let's plays. Personally, I like to have something on my other monitor as I do stuff, be it let's plays, cartoons, podcasts or maybe music. I watch quite a bit of Northernlion and Baertaffy as well as few others. Lets me take my mind of things and it gives some normalcy on my routine that is all over the place at the moment. So, what channels do you peeps watch? Got any specific let's plays that are really, really good? Or maybe there's some other youtube content besides let's plays that you like to watch? Also, I wanted to shamelessly self promote my own let's play channel. I started my own channel not too long ago, so go check it out if you please. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHpQLbByTO3KAzTBL4SDjHg
  5. What's on your mind? - Por-....I mean...uhhh....Meooow~

  6. DiaperFriend

    The Lovely Kitten

    Jen smiled to herself. Suzy reactions were same as hers, althought she seemed to be even more nervous. Ter had turned his eyes on the floor again and Suzy was blushing and unable to do anything. "Ter..." Jen suddenly said. "?" He turned to look Jen. "Don't you find it strange...that people touch you?" "No." He said embarrassed. "It...it feels nice..." Jen wasn't really surprised, but Suzy fidgeted. "I see." She said and pattet his head. When Jen continued to do it, Ter leaned slighty towards her. Eventually Suzy managed to gather her courage again and sat next to Ter, but couldn't make herself touch Ter again.
  7. DiaperFriend

    The Lovely Kitten

    Oh the joy of making your charachters feel nervous and shy.
  8. DiaperFriend

    The Lovely Kitten

    "So...do you already know what...kind you will get?" Jen asked after they got away from Pattys intense stare. "I don't know...I kinda wish to get a cat like you but...but then I thought that dog might be nice too..." "Hmm." "...or mayby a bunny...so many choices..." "Hey what are you talking about?" Suzy appeared from behing them again between them. "Ah. I was thinking about getting a pet, but I don't know what kind..." "Oooh. How come you are suddenly interested in getting a pet?" "I gave Jen a coupon to a pet shop, and when I went to see the pet she got herself, I kinda wanted to have one too." "Wooow." Suzys eyes sparkled. She loves all kinds of animals and she frequently visits the local horse stable. "What kinda pet you have Jenny?" She immeaditly turned to Jen. "I got a cat..." "Is it a cute kitten?" "Uuuh...I'm not sure if you could call him a kitten..." "Can I come and see him?" Suzy looked like she would start crying if Jen would refuse. "I umm..." She sighed. "Sure...why not." "Awesome. I can't wait. Let's hope the rest of the day goes by fast." "Jeez..." Jen sighed again. This is going to be interesting. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when she spotted Riki further down the hallway. Riki noticed her too. It seemed he wanted to wither smile or wave at her, but decided to just awkwardly look away when he couldn't decide if it was a good idea or not. They walked past eachother, Jen staring at him the whole time, while Riki just looked in the other direction. Jen wasn't really sure if Riki had a crush on her of if he was just shy around girls. "I really should go talk to him..." She muttered to herself. "What?" Sherry and Suzy asked simultaneously. "N-nothing. You go on ahead, I'll have to go to one thing." She turned around and quickly went after Riki, and soon caught up with him. "Riki." She grabbed his shoulder and could feel him flinching. "Wha?" He turned around and wasn't sure what kind of face he should make. Jen started to giggle. "You don't have to be that scared of me." "S-sorry." He started to blush. "And you don't need to apologize either." This time he just nodded. "..." There was a brief moment of silence. "How did the party go after I left?" "Huh? It uhh...it was boring..." "I see. Did you stay for long then?" "Y-yeah...I stayed till the end..." "Mmhm." "A-althought..." "?" "It was n-nice...that I got to talk to you..." Ah. So he has a crush on her. "Oh." Was everything Jen could say. She was sure of it now. "Well aren't you full of sweet talk." She giggled when she regained control of herself. Riki was visibly blushing. "Hey Riki..." Jen wanted to say that as much as she liked him, she didn't have interest in dating right now, but she couldn't say it, and before she could say anything, Rikis friends called for him. "..Your friends are calling." "Y-yeah..." He was obviously dissapointed. Jen offered him a smile. "Talk to you later." She waved and turned around. "Bye." Riki said after her. After she had gotted far enough, she leaned against the wall and sighed. She had flirted with him again, eventhought she was suppoused to do the exact opposite. Despite that, she felt oddly energetic when she went to the next class.
  9. DiaperFriend

    The Lovely Kitten

    I apologize the lack of updates. ;___;
  10. DiaperFriend

    The Lovely Kitten

    So....tired...must...try....to...write....moreeeeeee!!!!! =P
  11. DiaperFriend

    The Lovely Kitten

    Jen didn't sleep for long. She soon opened her eyes, and was greeted by Ter as he walked in the room. "Did you sleep well?" "Yeah..." Jen yawned and glanced at the clock. A little more than half an hour had passed. She rubbed her eyes and felt like going back to sleep might be a good idea, it was starting to be late anyway. She looked at the book on her desk and sighed. She wouldn't be able to finish them today, an tomorrow she wouldn't have any time. "Ter." She turned towards him, now that he was sitting next to her again. "Hmm?" "Are you sure you are going to be okay tomorrow? Or any other weekday while I'm in school?" "Yeah..." "Hmm..." Jen felt bad for Ter, because he obviously didn't like the idea of being alone. But there wasn't really much she could do about it. Ter let out a big yawn. "Mayby we should go to bed already?" "Yeah." He agreed and went to the bathroom. Jen went to the living room to take a glass of water and turn off any lights that were on. She then joined Ter to wash her teeth. "I'll...go to bed first." Ter said after he was done. "Mmph." Jen didn't know why, but seeing Ter brushing his teeth made her feel normal. Just being there with someone, brushing teeth, not worrying about anything...it felt normal...it felt the same as with Mark. Her thoughts wandered to Mark...to what it had been like with him. She got surprised when something ran down her cheeks, and saw from the mirror her tears. Jen missed Mark. No matter how much she wanted to deny it, she missed him, and suddenly the thought that he wasn't there felt unbearable. She felt more tears running down her cheeks and chin. The toothbrush fell from her hand and she started to sob. "Jen." Jen flinched and let out a surprised sound when Ter lowered his paw on Jens shoulder. Jen looked at Ter, and then quickly away when she understood that Ter had seen her cry. Ter pressed his head against Jens shoulder, and wrapped his other hand around Jens waist. Jen started to sob again, and accepted Ters comforting.
  12. DiaperFriend

    The Lovely Kitten

  13. DiaperFriend

    The Lovely Kitten

    Soon the two of them were back in the apartment. Jen went straight to the fridge and started to put the stuff in it. Ter seemed to be in his thoughts, so Jen didn't say anything, but he came to help her soon anyway. "I'll start making food right away." Jen said when Ters stomach let out a grumble. "Can I help?" Ter asked hopefully. "Yeah, I don't mind if you help. But you are the one whos going to clean if you mess things." Jen said with a giggle. Ter grinned at Jen and then giggled too. With Jen instructing him, Ter didn't make a mess of everything. Jen smiled as she watched Ter help her. She liked cooking, and making food for others and eating with them always made her feel nice. "Now let's put the cut onions here, and let them cook." "Mmh." Ter poured the onions he had cut onto the frying pan. Tears were pouring out of his eyes like rivers. "Sorry...I didn't think it would have that bad effect on you." Jen apologized and handed Ter tissue. "It's okay." Ter blowed his nose and wiped the tears away. "You can go and sit at the table untill it stops stinging. And you better wash your...your paws." Ter did as he was told and let Jen take care of the rest. Not that there were much to be done from the begining. Jen sat next to Ter while they waited for the food to cook. "You are surprisingly good with children." Jen said to break the silence. "Huh?" "That child back at the convenience store. She seemed to like you." Ter got embarrassed. "I'm not that good with children..." "Hehe, you are getting all shy again." "...Jen?" "Hmm?" "What you said then...it made me really happy." "Huh? What did I say?" "That I'm your cat." "Oh..." Jen blushed. She hadn't been sure what to say when the girl had asked about it. Was she Ters owner? She had already made her mind to give Ter back after the week afterall. "Ter..." She should just say it to Ter. So that he wouldn't bee too shocked later. "I..." Ter looked at her with his big, green eyes. "Did it really make you happy?" "It did." Ter said shyly and nodded. "Why?" "Because I have always wanted an owner." Jen tried to smile, but she felt guilty inside.
  14. How many videos were there then?