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Hey all you crinklebutts.

Do you have a story idea you'd like to see made in to an actual story, but don't have the time to write it yourself? Well you are in luck, for I'm taking short story commissions. ^_^

So here's the deal: You can commission me for a short story, length 1k to 5k words. The price is 5 euros for the first 1k words, and then 10 euros for every 1k word after, payment through paypal (and it should automatically convert dollars to euros I think, so you don't have to worry about that). Also, what you'll pay is for the minimum amount I'll write, so if you pay for a 1k word story and get 1,5k words, you don't have to pay extra or anything. :P I'm willing to write both SFW and NSFW stories, however, I won't write anything too extreme. Also, if you ask me to write something I don't have prior experience with, I'll let you know. Once I have been paid, I'll start writing the story, and you'll get to review it and request some changes to it. Only a limited amount tho, I don't want the commission go to a limbo where it's never finished because it's not quite perfect.

When the story is complete, you can either have it just for yourself or I can post it in the story forum, your choice. Depending on the story idea and the length, it should take about few days to a little over a week to write one commission.

If you want to commission me, send me a message with your idea and desired length, and I'll let you know if I accept it. If you have any questions, you can send me a message or ask it here. I'll only take a certain amount of commissions, and I'll inform it here when I don't accept any more.

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