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    Hi everyone I'm crobat and I'm new around these parts. I am purely a Diaper Lover, with little to no interest in the AB aspect, although I do use plastic pants, and I also have a wonderful onesie from Onesies Down Under which I love. My current favourite diaper is the Tykables Overnights because of the amazing velcro tapes. It also fits me better than most other diapers that I've tried. The ABU Simple comes in at a close second because I like it's plain white look and excellent absorbancy. I have samples of the new Simple Ultras arriving soon that I am very excited to try. I am also active at ADISC (with the same username) and /r/abdl. Aside from diapers, my other interests include mobile tech (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.), anime/manga, and casual PC gaming. My favourite games are FIFA, Civ, Football Manager, and Pokemon, although I've yet to find the time to play Pokemon US/UM. I also used to spend a lot of time on Minecraft, but I've not touched the game in years. I hope we get along!