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  1. Bambino diaper used in Zero Puncuation

    Most gamers do not wear diapers, and most here who do just do it for the novelty, not because it helps with gaming. I doubt it was an ad, most likely just looked up a diaper that had a single color background so it could be easily photoshopped.
  2. Art Commissions

  3. Is Anyone Here From Australia

    I'm sure it does, this just isn't a australian heavy site.
  4. Is Anyone Here From Australia

    Hey fany, there are a couple of sydney based members, but most of the people in this thread no longer even use the site
  5. Genie Down Under, Aussie TV

    Is it ironic that this video isn't available in my country, Australia?
  6. Anyone familiar with writer's clubs?

    Eh, it's not something I like to explain in public.
  7. Anyone familiar with writer's clubs?

    No idea yet, still having trouble figuring out a lot of stuff about it.
  8. Anyone familiar with writer's clubs?

    Just sort of a lore book. It's really just meant to be a simple little journal like thing, using a combination of art and writing to resemble something enjoyable to read through, but mostly it's just a bunch of short entries written from 1 characters perspective.
  9. Anyone familiar with writer's clubs?

    What do you need this group/club for? Working on a book myself, and kind of curious to how that helps.
  10. Art Commissions

    A commission I worked on for someone on DA
  11. New ABDL Artist

    Hey Paddedpencille, cool to see another commission artist the site. You might have a bit more luck if you post some of your pictures here, as well as your prices.
  12. Is Anyone Here From Australia

    Hey Mizu, cool place to live I do actually want to visit somewhere in Australia with proper snow though, so that is awesome.
  13. Art Commissions

    Something I am kind of experimenting with:
  14. Little Trans Boy Who Travels

    Hey Lukey, welcome to the site Quite a list there, I also enjoy gaming and cartoons, as well as some good music. What places have you been to with all that travelling?
  15. Mandy says hi

    Hey Mandy, welcome to the site. I am also Aussie, so always awesome to see another join the site