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    The Adventures of Alex - part 23 added 27/10/18

    Chapter 23 Alex stood there, emotions flooding through his head, feeling more and more baby like every day, but more girly at the same time. For many years it had been one of his deep down fantasies to become more girly and babyish; he wanted to be treated as someone’s special little girl. But now it was actually happening to him, he was struggling to contain his emotions and desires. He knew it had all been set up by his mum, from Wendy to Val, but now with Hannah as well. Here he was in a public bathroom, clear plastic panties encasing his little boy parts, the soft pvc caressing him with every step, now having to put his shorts back on to walk back like this. The only thing he knew for sure was that they would have several little spurts in them by the time they got back. “You all set sweetie” asked Hannah, once she had helped him back into his shorts and made him presentable to the world again. Alex just nodded his head, let her take his hand; and then walked back out of the bathroom as though nothing had happened. He was feeling strange inside his shorts, the soft PVC rubbing against him slowly as he walked. His mind was elsewhere and did not even notice Val was waiting for them back in seating area. “I hope that everything is ok with you two” said Val, “Yes we are fine” replied Hannah, “a little accident but nothing that we could not take care of” “Little Alex will be just fine until we get him back home” “Did you get everything sorted out”? “Yes thank you” replied Val, “things are coming along nicely and should be finished in time for the arrival of Alex’s mum”. “Now then Alex sweetie, why don’t we head back then Hannah can keep her promise and take you swimming, maybe even Wendy and I will join you”. Both Val and Hannah where having similar thoughts to each other at that point, both anticipating how good Alex was going to look in his new swimming pants. They left the ice cream parlour and headed back off down the sea front, Hannah holding Alex’s hand, with Alex carrying his little shopping bags once again. He could hear something being said between the two ladies but could not make out what they were saying, but he had other things on his mind at that time, the pants where having a very large effect on his little boy parts. He could feel a hot damp feeling building up inside them; the hot morning sun was heating up his body far more than either he or the ladies could have anticipated. He knew he needed to stop for a moment, so doing what he had been told; he gently squeezed the hand of Hannah to get her attention. “What’s up sweetie” asked Hannah, “are you having a little problem down there”? “Yes” replied Alex, “my pants are getting all hot and clammy, they feel uncomfortable”. “I am sorry sweetie” Hannah said to him with some concern, “I did not think it would be this warm, but I am not sure what we can do”. “Don’t worry honey” said Val, “I have something that I think will cure the problem, but we need to find somewhere a bit quieter to sort you out”. Val looked around and spotted a row of beach huts that where for the public to use to get changed before using the beach, and for when they where drying off after being in the sea. They had been left by people that no longer lived in the area, so the locals decided to put them to good use for the good of the community. They where unlocked in a morning and the closed at sunset by the person in charge of the deckchairs. “Come with me little one” said Val, taking his hand and heading towards the beach huts. She found the first one vacant so opened the door and went inside, opening the shutter to let some light in. “Now let’s have a look what is going on inside those shorts”. She unfastened the shorts and lowered them to reveal his plastic panties with nothing inside but his little boy parts. “Oh my, they really are having an effect on you aren’t they, I bet it must feel very funny walking along in them”. She leaned forward cupping his little package in her hand, seeing that he was now very hard and erect. She decided that it would be uncomfortable to leave him this way so she slowly began to rub him, slowly but with a definite pressure. Hannah could see what was happening and wanted to help as well as enjoy the fun, so she walked over to Alex, standing behind him, letting his head fall back onto her buxom. Alex could feel the breasts on the back of his head and relaxed, the pressure now building rapidly inside his little pee pee. “come on sweetie” whispered Hannah in his ear, “show your aunty Val what a good little girl you want to be for her, we all know deep down what you want and one day soon you will get your wish”. Val continued to rub his panties, making Alex want it more and more, Hannah pressing him tighter into her, whispering naughty little thoughts to him. More and more he tried to control himself, not even fully taking in that Hannah had told him he would be a little girl, he was just lost in a little world of desire, until eventually the inevitable happened. Spurt after spurt of thick white cummies started to fill his little panties, but he did not care, not even when Val put her hands on his panties and pulled them down, then scooping up some of his cummies n her fingers and placing them to his lips. “Be a good little one” said Hannah, “suck auntie’s fingers clean for her, let her see how much you want to please her”. Without even thinking, he opened his mouth and let her fingers slip in. Lost in his emotions, Alex had his eyes closed so did not see what was covering her fingers. He just accepted everything and sucked on them. When Alex eventually regained some composure he found himself stepping out of the plastic panties and into something softer but not PVC. “Well it is a good job that I decided to pick up some spare panties for you isn’t it sweetie” said Val, holding the white cotton knickers for him. “I thought these might come in handy but they are the cutest design so I could not leave them on the shelf”. The knickers where a full cut in white cotton, trimmed with lace on the waistband and leg openings, but with several rows of lace across the bottom as well. She had seen them in the dress makers and new she would have to get Alex into them sooner rather than later. Before pulling them up she pulled a spare kotex panty pad out of her handbag and put it into them, telling Alex it would catch any little extra cummy that dribbled out. Finally he was put back into his shorts for the rest of the walk back.
  2. sissydreams

    The Adventures of Alex - part 23 added 27/10/18

    Glad you like the story so far, I hope to write more now I have some time
  3. sissydreams

    The Adventures of Alex - part 23 added 27/10/18

    Chapter 22 Alex was still coming around from the excitement when he found himself once more in the arms of Val; Hannah had left him to go and change herself, now left with no choice but to buy the costume. She was almost wishing that she had put a pad inside her swimsuit before getting carried away with little Alex. She called out to Fiona telling her to add both of the costumes; hers and Alex’s to her bill, she would make sure to have fun with him again dressed as they were. “Come on sweetie” said Val to Alex, “its time that we got you changed back into your shorts, we have a few more places to visit before we head back for lunch”. Alex, now being totally submissive to the ladies in charge of him, simply stood there while Val removed his new swimming bottoms, she knew that for now they would be the closest to a swim nappy that she could get him to wear, but was perfectly happy with it. He stood there before her in his t-shirt, training panties and plastic pants, wanting to lower them there and then to see the mess he had made, but she did not bring anything with her to clean him up. Hannah soon appeared once more at the entrance of his cubicle, already changed back into her clothes. “Come on sweetheart” she said to Alex, “we haven’t got all day”, constantly looking at the gorgeous pink plastic pants he was wearing as Val pulled his white shorts back up once more. She left to pay for the items leaving Val to finish dressing Alex, collecting her bags as Alex and Val joined her once more. Before leaving the store she made sure to give Alex his own bag with his new jumper in, keeping the swim pants in the bag with her own new swimsuit. Alex took the bag, blushing slightly when he saw the writing on the side, “For those Special Girly Moments” was written in fancy italic letters across the side, all fancy but easy for others to read. He took the bag without commenting, knowing it would be impolite to say anything to Hannah. The three left the store and headed back out into the warm sunshine. Once outside Val said that she needed to collect a few things but was happy if Alex wanted to go for an ice cream with Hannah. Without even giving Alex chance to respond, Hannah took his hand and told Val they would meet later on the sea front. Val left them and headed to a dress maker friend of hers, she had placed an order several weeks ago upon the instructions of Lesley, Alex’s mum. So Val thought she would stop by and see how things were progressing. The order was something special, there where terry cloth nappies, frilled baby pants, short and long sleeve rompers, several summer dresses and even a set of baby reins that one day Alex would be wearing. Meanwhile Hannah had taken Alex to a ice cream parlour on the sea front, where both of them happily tucked into small tubs of ice cream. With it being such a hot day, the parlour had provided free disposable bibs for babies and toddlers, save getting too messy, so Hannah was only too pleased to put one on Alex before he could complain. Alex was not really bothered, he was too interested tucking into his scoops of raspberry ripple and sherbet lemon ice cream, not even noticing the odd dribble onto the bib. Once finished he asked where the bathroom was, he needed a pee, which was not surprising after his morning fun and games. Hannah took his hand and led him towards the bathroom, waiting outside with their shopping bags while Alex went inside, telling him to call her if he needed anything. Alex went in and straight away had a problem with the drawstring on his shorts; he had pulled it the wrong way and now had a knot which he could not undo. The pressure on his bladder left him with no choice but to call for Hannah to try and help him. Hearing his calls, she went into the bathroom only to find him struggling with the knot; she tried herself watching the expression on his face change to one of desperation. As she was finally getting the string undone, Alex felt himself peeing lightly into the trainer pants. As Hannah lowered his shorts and saw the dark patch forming in the plastic pants, she just looked at him, “Its ok honey, that is why you’re wearing them, just hold it for a second if you can then we will get you on the potty”. Alex did his best to stop the peeing, with just a little dribble, so Hannah could lower his now wet training pants and plastic pants, before setting him down on the toilet. Alex then opened the floodgates, not realising how much he had wet. With him now finished, Hannah could not let him walk back in soaking wet towelling panties, so she removed his shorts, closely followed by the plastic panties and training pants. Using some toilet paper she dried the inside of the plastic pants and then held the open for his feet to slide back into. “I am sure you won’t mind just walking back with these and your shorts on for Aunty Hannah will you honey”, she said cupping his face in her hands when she had finished pulling the plastic pants up. “I know you love the way they feel against your soft girlish skin”, “If you get a bit excited then just squeeze my hand and we will take a break”.
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    Just some pics of me and what I like
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    Toddlerjunior Site

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows what has happened to the "Toddlerjunior" website, seems to be down.
  6. sissydreams

    The Adventures of Alex - part 23 added 27/10/18

    Firstly I apologise for the delay in writing but here is the next chapter Chapter 21 Alex was torn between two extremes, he was a boy standing in a ladies clothing shop about to be bought his first ladies jumper whilst standing there; he should be horrified and refuse without question. On the other side was his feelings that he had been hiding deep down inside for many years, his longing to be a little one again that contained a love of things all feminine, he loved the soft feel of the jumper the previous night, loved his little white training panties that where boarder line unisex at best. Watching Alex in his little world of torment Val decided that she would help him out this time, so she walked over to him, “it’s ok sweetie, I know you haven’t had something so nice bought for you by someone you only just met before, but I think we both know you will look so cute in it. You don’t have to try it on, it will be the same as the pink one”. Alex was happy for the intervention of Val, so just walked over to Hannah, kissed her cheek and then said “Thank you, it is so kind of you”. “Don’t mention it sweetie, it was the least I could do after you where such a good boy last night” replied Hannah, giggling a bit when she saw Alex’s face going bright red through blushing. “Now then” said Val, “Thats a jumper taken care of, but I am sure we have a few other things to get yet, starting with some swim pants, you can’t go anywhere near the beach without those”! “Well I have to admit that I could do with a new swimsuit or bikini myself” replied Hannah, “its going to be such a special holiday that it would be a shame not to do so”. Fiona had been listening to this and thought there might be more sales for the day coming up, “Well ladies, I hope you will take a look at the new lines in swimwear we have just received, they are extremely nice and I can do you a good deal seeing as you have already spent money today”. Not being one to miss out on a good deal, Hannah took Alex by the hand and headed off towards the swimwear to see what they had. Fiona walked over to Val to have a quiet word with her. “I can see what you told me now about the sweet little Alex, I am sure we can find him some suitable swimwear here with a little bit of help and gentle persuasion Val knew exactly what Fiona had meant, she would love nothing more than to see Alex running around the beach in a swim nappy but that would be a pleasure that would have to be reserved for his mummy to do when she arrived. For now she would have to settle on something else, maybe she could get him to try some bikini bottoms, some hi-waisted ones would be very similar to swimming shorts. But after pulling a box from behind the counter, Fiona showed Val the latest item that had arrived. They where ladies swim pants with extra material between the legs to enable washable pads to be inserted for various reasons. Val saw them and knew straight away that they where almost capable of being a swim nappy, all she had to do now was to get Alex to try it on. Hannah was busy looking throught the swimsuits and had visions of Alex wearing one of them at some point, running around in the guest house grounds like a girl, maybe even on the beach. But for now they would have to take it easy with him, coaxing him slowly into losing his boyish ways and slowly turning him into the little girl that they now his mummy would love. Alex was watching what Hannah had found and was surprised that she was looking more at the 1 piece suits than the bikinis, ok she was not youthful anymore but still had a amazing figure. She held up a navy swimsuit, with shoulder straps, full back and little frill around the waist, “What do you think sweetie” asked Hannah, “Will you go swimming with me if I wear this”? Alex was briefly lost for words, so just mumbled out “yes that is very nice”, for want of a few words. Saved by the voice of Val calling him, Alex was glad of the distraction, he liked Hannah and thought her very pretty, but couldn’t bring himself to tell her that. “Alex” called Val, “I need you to come and try something on for me, you need something to wear when we go swimming”. Val chose a red pair of the bottoms shown to her by Fiona, then took Alex’s hand when he came over before going to the changing rooms. Val took him inside and closed the curtain behind him but not completely, leaving just enough for Fiona and Hannah to see in if they wished. Alex looked at the bottoms laid out on the bench, wondering if he was really going to wear them. Val started to undress him, firstly unfastening his shorts and lowering them to reveal his plastic pants and training panties. She looked into his eyes and said to him, “I think we had best leave these on for your to try these wonderful little pants that Fiona showed me, we don’t want you getting too excited and messing them before we buy them”. Alex wanted to say something, say he could quite easily control himself, but he knew that was not really the case, with all the little accidents he had had over the last few days, he knew that Val was right. “You see the little pad in the bottom” said Val as she opened the bikini bottoms up to show him, “they help to protect the wearer from any little accidents”, “Now don’t you agree they would be good for you”. The now very submissive Alex could do nothing but to agree, he even very tentatively stretched his hand out to touch the soft material of the bottoms, the soft satin like material on the outside, the elasticated control panels across the front to ensure a good fit, then the soft padding inside to protect the wearer. Val watched him and now knew she had him hooked, she knew deep down there was a little feminine creature wanting to escape. Fiona was watching from outside while Hannah was in the next change room, fitting her slender body into a new swimsuit of her own. Alex did nothing as Val held open the pants in front of him, just simply put one leg then the other into them before allowing Val to slowly draw them up his legs and into place. He was now standing there in nothing but his girlish little t-shirt and a pair of ladies bikini bottoms, of course he still had the plastic and trainer pants on. He felt strange as her saw himself in the mirror, his excitement now showing because of feelings he had held inside for so many years. He hoped to keep it all under control but then from behind the curtain appeared Hannah, now sporting the swimsuit that she had showed him before, but he did not realise how good she would appear. Hannah walked in and took over from Val, pulling in Alex, hugging him close making sure she could feel her breasts pressing against him, Hannah now determined to have her way with the young man in her arms. “Do you like you bikinis bottoms Alex” she whispered to him while holding him close, “Do they make you feel all soft and girly inside”, “You know deep down that you want to be that way, let all those girlish little feelings come out”. Hannah was getting worked up as much as Alex was, she body pulsing at what she was doing with him, she need some relief just as much as ever and she was determined that Alex would provide it. She reached around and rubbed the front of his pants, wanting for him, eager to touch him. Alex was getting to the point he could not return from, Hannah’s breast pushing into his back, her hand rubbing the front of him, she now only wanted one more thing, to take his other hand, put it between her legs, then close her thighs on it. This she did and within a minute she got the result she wanted for both herself and Alex, both where wet for the same reason for the first time together.
  7. sissydreams

    Baby Care Class (remixed)

    I thought the shopping chapter was amazing but this one tops it
  8. sissydreams

    A Week Less Ordinary

    does anyone have a copy of this, it seem to have gotten messed up in the last overhaul
  9. sissydreams

    Baby Care Class (remixed)

    Loving this, can't wait for some more, not many stories like this around
  10. sissydreams

    The Adventures of Alex - part 23 added 27/10/18

    Chapter 20 Alex took his seat next to the three ladies, knowing that once again many of the people in the dining room where looking in his direction. He was still wondering whether or not his plastic pants crinkled or showed through his shorts, but there was no real way of knowing. He could hardly ask one of the ladies, he would be just far too embarrassed. “Well how are you this morning sweetie” asked Wendy, “Hannah and Angela have been telling me about your little walk last night”. “I gather you had a couple of little accidents”. “It was a nice walk but the rain started” replied Alex, “But fortunately Auntie Val had everything covered, she had a nice jumper and raincoat waiting for me, so I kept warm and dry”. Alex purposely never mentioned the wetting incident or the little creamy mess that Hannah made him have; he hoped that no more would be said. “I am glad you had a nice time sweetie” said Wendy, “I am glad that your little plastic pants helped out, are you wearing some more today”? Alex’s hopes were dashed by the reply from Wendy, he looked slightly shocked and his face started to turn bright red in embarrassment. He really didn’t know what to say, but seeing the distress he was getting in, he got a welcome helping hand from Hannah. “Now stop teasing him Wendy” said Hannah, “he was a perfect little angel last night, especially after Val promised that we would be going shopping this morning”. “After I saw him in that lovely pink jumper I knew I had to have one myself, but maybe I will get Alex something as well”. Alex had forgotten about that with everything else that had happened through the evening, but knew that it would be wrong to cause a scene and upset anyone. He quietly tucked into his breakfast, making sure not to spill anything onto himself. After about 30 minutes he was all done and just taking the last sips of his cup of tea, when Wendy leaned over and wiped his face with her napkin, just like a mother would with her child. Val had made sure that all the guests where happy with their breakfast, given the staff their instructions for the rest of the morning, so she could now turn her attention to Alex for the next few hours. Wendy had some work to finish that she had brought with her from the girls school, something that would become a little surprise for Alex later in the week. “Right then sweetheart” said Val, returning to the table, “Hannah, you and I have some shopping to take care of; I hope you are ready to walk all that breakfast off”. With that she stood next to Alex and waited for him to rise from his chair, before checking him for crumbs or anything spilt. Once she was happy with his appearance she took his hand and led him off with Hannah following closely. “I think it might be best for a trip to the bathroom first” said Val, “I don’t want you to get caught short again like last night”. “Hannah, if you would like to get whatever you need, I will take care of young Alex, then we can be off into the warm sunshine”. Once inside the bathroom, Val unfastened Alex’s shorts to once again reveal the pale pink plastic pants covering his white towelling trainer panties. She carefully lowered both pairs to reveal the so immature hairless body underneath, so wanting to once again tease the young body in front of her, but knowing that she would have to wait until another time. Alex sat on the toilet and took care of things, slowly getting used to the fact that he was being watched, but happy that he wouldn’t find himself in a desperate situation needing the bathroom later. All finished, Val patted him dry with some toilet tissue before pulling up his trainer pants, then the plastic ones, making sure that he was all tucked in and secure. She gave him a quick pat on the bum before finally pulling his shorts back up, Alex at the same time trying to see in the mirror if pink plastic panties showed through the material. Minutes later they where back outside meeting with Hannah once more, then heading out of the hotel into the sunshine. This was the first time Alex had seen Hannah in daylight outside in her summer finery, now seeing how attractive she really was. About the same age as his mum but a bit taller, with long flowing blonde hair. Dressed in a strappy summer dress, she looked stunning in the sunlight, taking Alex by the hand walking off towards the shops, looking like mummy and little boy due to the size difference. Soon finding themselves at the main street of shops in the small seaside town, Val pointed out the shop where she had purchased their jumpers, but much to Alex’s surprise, the sign on the outside of the shop read, “Girlish Surprises”. He was expecting a general clothing store or department store, not a female clothing store; now realising he had been wearing a girl’s jumper. “Oh how sweet” said Hannah, “let’s go in and have a look, I bet they must have lots of sweet little things in here”. With Alex still held firmly by her hand, Hannah followed Val into the shop. Inside was like nothing Alex had seen before, it wasn’t as though he had been in a girls’ clothing shop before, although he had walked past a few, his heart beating rapidly so wanting to go in and satisfy some of his little desires. There where row upon row of dresses, skirts, tops, shorts, coats and jumpers of all designs imaginable. Towards the rear of the store where walls covered in lingerie that catered for all tastes, from the plain and simple to the finest he could imagine. The final rack on the other side of the counter had different style of swimwear on show, both swimsuits and bikini’s. While still trying to take in his surroundings, the silence was disturbed by a lady calling out to Val, “Val honey, it is so good to see you again”. “Hannah, Alex, I would like to introduce Fiona Davies” said Val, “She is the owner of this wonderful shop”. “It’s a pleasure to meet both of you” replied Fiona, “So this is the sweet little one you have been telling me about”, leaning down to give Alex a little hug and kiss on the head. She then whispered into his ear, “I hope that you enjoyed the jumper”, before standing up again, “Now what can I do for you ladies today”. “Well” replied Hannah, “Having seen the sweet little jumper that Alex was wearing last night, I just had to find where it came from and get one for myself”. “Well thank you” said Fiona, “I can certainly sort that out for you, and did you want the same colour”. “Yes please” replied Hannah, “but would it be possible to have one in pale lemon as well if you have it, but a matching one for sweet little Alex as well”. Alex knew he had been mislead into wearing a girls pink jumper the previous night, but now he was being bought one right in front of his eyes. What should he do, how was he supposed to react.
  11. sissydreams

    The Adventures of Alex - part 23 added 27/10/18

    Thank you to everyone for all the kind comments, I will be back with more chapters very soon. I am excited that my first story is working out so well
  12. sissydreams

    The Adventures of Alex - part 23 added 27/10/18

    Chapter 19 Now left on his own except for the nightlight glowing gently in the corner of the room, Alex thought of the events that had happened wondering what lay ahead. But before he could wonder any more he was drifting off to sleep, off into a very deep sleep, one where he would have dreams filling his mind. But these would not be bad, nightmare like dreams; they would be ones of happy thoughts, memories from his childhood mixed in with his soft boyish fantasies. After a few hours of Alex being alone, Val walked quietly back into his bedroom to check up on him, to make sure that he was sleeping ok. She was quite surprised but so happy when she saw him, his eyes closed tight, mouth slightly open and breathing softly and quietly. She knew there was only one thing for her to do, so she opened one of the drawers and pulled out a pacifier, then walked over to him and slipped it between his lips making sure not to disturb him. Val then kissed his head once more before leaving him to sleep peacefully, his mind filled with such different things to the night before, but hopefully so much happier. “Good morning sleepyhead” said Val the following morning as she opened the curtains in Alex’s bedroom, “you have been asleep all through the night without waking up once”, “Wendy and I must have taken far more out of you than we thought”. Alex was still coming to his senses when the curtains where drawn back, the sunlight flooding in revealing a bright sunny day outside that would be lovely and warm. He soon felt something strange though, a feeling that was both familiar and at the same time unfamiliar. It was then that he could feel something cool next to his skin. Peeling the covers back he soon began to work out what it was. As he looked down he could see the bodysuit still fastened around him, holding the thick padded cloth nappy and the plastic pants in place, but it was now a wet padded cloth nappy. What he hoped would not happen, had happened, he had wet himself without knowing during the night, that was the familiar feeling. The unfamiliar part was one that he had not felt in many many years, the feeling of wet cloth surrounding his little boy parts. His usual night time protection had been disposable pull ups. Val had suspected that Alex’s nappy would be wet, but decided not to tease him over it, there might have been some that would have but she was not one of them. She sat down on the bed next to him, put her arm around him and rested the other on his thickly padded crotch. “Its OK sweetie” said Val, “I don’t mind if you are wet, that is why you where dressed properly for the night, I think I would have been more surprised if you hadn’t wet it”. “I just didn’t feel it happening” replied Alex, “It just makes me feel so bad that it happens that way, I am sorry”. Val held him, then looked into his eyes, “I don’t want you to think badly of yourself, it really doesn’t matter, I am here to look after you and very soon you mummy will be here to look after you with the rest of us”. “Alex sweetie, you are going to become the most loved little one in the world, so just relax and enjoy the summer and enjoy your life”. “Now I think it is time to get you changed out of that wet nappy and then we can get you dressed for the day ahead. I think we have someone itching to go shopping with us, get a matching jumper for her as well”. Val gently pushed Alex back so he was lying down, giving her chance to unsnap his bodysuit and remove the wet nappy. She removed the bodysuit from him, leaving him only the nappy and plastic pants, which she then pulled down before unpinning the nappy. Then Val pulled some wipes out of the box before cleaning up all of Alex’s body, making sure he was once again squeaky clean. Once satisfied that he was totally clean and dry, she sprinkled some powder on him, finally adding some cream. “Now then sweetie” said Val, “lets get you some of those training pants to put on, but maybe today we had best cover them in some plastic pants”. “It might be better to be safe” replied Alex considering the accident the previous night, so he just sat up and held his legs out ready for the pants. Val came back from the dresser and proceeded to put the crisp white towelling training panties on Alex, next came the plastic pants but Alex had not noticed that they where pale pink and not the ones he had used beforehand. It was only when they were finally being pulled into place that he noticed the colour and that they were different. Noticing Alex’s face staring down, Val turned her face to his, “It’s ok, no-one else will know, but I couldn’t use the others, they where wet and that will never do will it”. Alex had to agree with what she said, it made total sense and he didn’t want wet ones next to his skin again. He just relaxed and let Val carry on dressing him, once again in a t-shirt and shorts, finished with some socks and his trainers. “Now then” said Val once she had finished, “let’s get you downstairs for some breakfast and then we can have all day to have some fun”. Val then took Alex by the hand downstairs to the dining room, where waiting for him was Wendy, Hannah and Amanda, Alex new that the day ahead was going to be real fun.
  13. supper story keep up the great writing.