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  1. Hey there! Sounds like a good call... trust and open communication are crucial elements in any relationship. My wife and I did a bout in couples counseling for about a year, and finished up earlier this year, and yes, the diapers came up pretty early in the process. Honestly, the thing the counsellor was most concerned about was the fact that I seemed to become very uncomfortable / ashamed when talking about my love of wearing diapers, and wanted to also make sure that our activities were balanced (so I'd do plenty of things to please my wife that she likes, and that I'd get my desires met as well). Long and short of it I got referred to some individual counseling with a wonderful therapist, and we've managed to work through the shame that I had around the fetish, and I'm much more comfortable in my own skin... So all in all it was a great thing for us (and my wife and I are closer, more connected, respectful and intimate then we ever were... and yes... the we have found a way to make my diapers, as well as her likes, fit into it all). Years ago, I mentioned my fetish to another therapist (this was in the 90's) and long and short of it is the response was that my desired to be diapered was "inappropriate" and they suggested I do a form of aversion therapy to "overcome" this fetish. This felt wrong to me, so I terminated that relationship, but it's pretty amazing how much of an affect that had on me in terms of compounding the shame until recently... Also, I think we've come a long way, as a society, in terms of being sex positive, and accepting everybody's kinks / fetishes / desires on a much more wholesale basis (as long as they don't cause harm. I think there's been a big shift in therapy (and I know resources like the DSM have increasingly become kink / fetish positive) over the years. So yeah, I'd vote that you should bring it up yourself even. If the therapist takes issue with diapers themselves, then I think you need to find another person to see. Otherwise, it shouldn't be a big deal at all... But pay attention to how you feel when you talk about it. Do you feel nervous? scared? ashamed? tense? There really is no need to be, but many people with fetishes like this need to let go a little. It's important that both people in a relationship are open, honest and trusting, and share their innermost desires (including fantasies) with each other. Kudos to you for starting the process, and good luck in repairing things yourselves!
  2. porter

    My fianc

    I think the comments about seeing a counsellor are spot on. Love, and some open communication are the only way to find an arrangement that is mutually satisfying.
  3. Read the comments.... http://www.thestranger.com/slog/2016/06/06/24173898/savage-love-letter-of-the-day-diaper-rush What strikes me most about this is there's nary a mention of "ew, diapers" or the like... Although there are some oddball responses, all in all it's mostly
  4. porter

    Masters of Sex on Showtime

    Pretty engaging so far... Good characters / acting; great storyline. Would give it 2 thumbs up.
  5. Was watching the second episode of the new Showtime series, Masters of Sex. There is a scene in a brothel in 1957 where the main character; an esteemed doctor; is looking for a place to do his research on human sexuality after getting the kilbash from the University Hospital. Cut away from the conversation, and you see a man wearing a fez and a giant cloth diaper being fed babyfood by one of the ladies of the house. Quick google search brings up a screenshot. http://happynicetimepeople.com/masters-sex-sexxxy-week-actually-really-lovely-deal/
  6. porter

    Diaper Fetish And Girlfriend

    It does take time. Just keep things balanced, make sure you are doing things for each other, communicate and you'll be fine. It just takes time for someone unfamiliar to warm up to the idea of this lifestyle / fetish. Sounds like things are on the up and up. You owe it to yourself, and to her, not to bury these desires, which will result in you sneaking around with the diapers. Its unavoidable in a long-term situation.
  7. porter

    Www.abkingdom.com Is Gone

    It's back!
  8. porter

    Dry Care 24/7

    Looks like XP just pushed the date for more Dry24/7's back to June of 2013 as they are relocating their manufacturing. http://xpmedical.com/dry247.html.
  9. I've been a big fan of the very absorbent disposable products (Abena, Dry 24/7, Molicares etc) for quite some time, but my conscience is telling me that the time is nigh to begin exploring the world of cloth products, so that my recreational wearing is in sync with my distaste for over-consumption of our earth's resources. So my question is this... How much cloth would it take to contain heavy overnight wettings... I'm talking 2 liters plus? I was looking at adultclothdiaper.com, and I see that they sell the "leakmaster" nighttime pre-folds, and was thinking about starting off by checking that product along with a booster (and pants, of course). But, the rub is that there doesn't seem to be any kind of figure regarding the overall capacity of these products... Does one need to wear multiple diapers (2, 3, more?) at once to reach the capacity of the euro disposables? Would the thickness raise your butt up enough to cause chiropractic distress? What would be a good first order to create an effective diapering situation for one night so that leakage onto the mattress was not an issue. So many questions, I know... but any advice / ideas would be appreciated. Cheers!
  10. porter

    Last Night

    This is fantastic advice for any couple...
  11. porter

    Clejuso Handcuffs

    Just wondering if anyone else out there has played around with the german clejuso line of handcuffs. Got me a pair of the model 13, their "medium weight" and at over 1" think, I have to say they are pretty awesome, and well worth the cost... works of art, really. This video is total cheese, but shows how awesomely substantial these things are... pair them with a dry 24/7 and your golden.
  12. BBOY, Went through something similar with my wife (then gf / fiancee) about 6 years ago. My experience was (thankfully) different... we're happily married. The fact that your fiancee stewed one time after a 3 day wear may not mean the end of you guys. But, it is crucial that you enter a phase of open communication and extreme honesty before you marry. While I don't know any of the answers, I would consider the following questions to be important ones to explore now. Could you work out a set routine / agreement where you wear -- no questions asked -- for a certain length of time on a routine basis? (i.e. a weekend a month or a certain day / certain days per week?) This way there are no surprises, while needs are met...How much of your love for your fiance stems from some form of acceptance or validation of the diaper thing vs. your relationship and collective happiness as a whole? What do you value the most in your relationship?What do you ultimately want from her with regards to diapers? Do you want her to wear diapers? Change you? How often? Does she know this? (Be really honest here...)Does she love you enough to accept this part of your life, and indulge your fantasies reasonably?What are her (non-diaper) needs / desires / fantasies that you could fulfill that you may not like? Have you explored this together?If you choose to have children, how will you handle the diaper wearing? Mi wife and I found a solution together that works for us and we are happy together.... diapers and all... But, it has been a ton of work, and a (sometimes) difficult path. Good luck & best wishes. PS... Be sure to seek out & share Dan Savage's column in the Seattle Stranger (and syndicated in Alt. weekly papers across the US) for some great info. on fetishes and couples in general, including a fair amount of diaper related stuff. His general premise is that if you and your partner are both "good, giving and game" towards each other's needs / desires, then all is well.
  13. porter

    Ab/dl Podcasts?

    I thought that these 2 from Fetish Flame were excellent http://www.fetishflame.com/archives/diapers/index.html
  14. Hi, Just out of curiosity, does anyone think that their ability to read / understand French has been improved by surfing over at abkingdom? Cheers, Porter