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  1. JTDalmationPup

    Has anyone worked for lyft or uber

    i worked for lyft when it first was getting started. back then it paid very well. but over the course of the 2.5 years I did it, the rates dropped a lot due to all of the price wars, and all the drivers became a number to corporate that did not matter anymore. it was odd seeing how hands on things were at the start, to how now it is damn near impossible to get any human connection and feedback on things. greed! i still occasionally will do Uber Eats. It can be discouraging as not a lot of people tend to tip with Uber Eats and the mileage rates etc have dropped so low, so that the average delivery is about $4.00. On busy evenings/nights, you can average about $8.00 a delivery... but with the restaurant wait times, distances, etc. it can still be real push to break $100 for the shift. All in all it can add up if you have the time, commitment and need the money. Once I do it for a few days and fall into the routine of it, it is quite easy. I just get disgruntled and find it takes some real motivation to get started with it a lot of days. I have had much better luck with Postmates. There are times where I have easily made over $40 for just 1 delivery due to the fact people can order from wherever they want. With that, comes some high-dollar restaurants that lead to really nice tips. Whereas Uber Eats focuses on a lot of fast food and easy pickup orders, that don't leave any room for profit.
  2. JTDalmationPup

    Adult Onesie Pattern

    Does anyone have an adult onesie pattern(s) they may be willing to share or sell a copy of? I used to have a set of patterns from an Etsy store that I used to believe was called "Aiden". I have not had luck in finding such posting again and am wanting to replace the patterns as I lost them when my computer hard drive took a crash awhile back. If anyone can be of assistance, please let me know! It would be greatly appreciated.
  3. JTDalmationPup

    Etsy ABDL sewing patterns - aidankid

    I have been looking for these patterns, or something similar, as well since my computer hard drive crashed. can anyone be of assistance?
  4. JTDalmationPup

    Accidental Exposure Thanks To UPS

    had a similar experience several years ago. had placed an order from Bambinos. The box did not make it through shipping and arrived fairly damaged.... as it busted open, with one looking as if someone had literally ran it over. It was left on my doorstep while at work and the neighbor decided to take it into their place as our complex was in a high traffic area and was having deliveries go missing. They didn't act too weird about it. They could clearly see what was inside the box. But coming home, for them to tell me they have a package for me and they will bring it down to me a bit later, only to realize what it was... and how exposed it was... was highly embarrassing. Luckily Bambino replaced the order after I sent them pictures of how messed up portions of the order were. But, it did not save me of embarrassment. The neighbor didnt mention it at the time, but then during parties in which they were invited and whatnot, a few subtle jokes came forward, after a few drinks. I was always too shy to pry or acknowledge the joke at all. So, not sure what their intention was-- to make light of the situation, or if they may have really been interested in the kink themselves?!
  5. JTDalmationPup


    Is anyone familiar with the "NaughtyBoyz ABDL, PUP & FETISH" clothing collection on Amazon? It steadily continues to grow. There are now over 70 designs available and new ones popping up weekly. Some of the designs are really basic with words such as "Bedwetter." "Daddy's Boy", etc while others are fully animated/illustrated. So there is quite a variety. A friend started it then has been taking idea submissions from several guys within the community, myself included. Check them out at: https://tinyurl.com/NaughtyBoyzTShirts . Has anyone ordered any of the items yet? If so, what do you have to say about them? Any pics to share?!
  6. JTDalmationPup

    Plastic Spoons Dvd Review

    dvd is available at:
  7. JTDalmationPup

    New Abdl Dvd -- "Share&Tell: Babywabbit"

    now available at:
  8. JTDalmationPup

    Adult Onesie

    thanks!! out of all the diaper sites ive posted on, this one had the most replies... i would prefer snaps... so any advice on fabrics to use/not use, etc would be great... HELP! lol
  9. JTDalmationPup

    Adult Onesie

    Does anyone have a sewing pattern for an adult onesie? I just got a sewing machine and want to try to make some of my own onesies with some fabric I have laying around... Any advice or anything I should know? HELP!!!!
  10. JTDalmationPup


    haha cause i "dodged" it a bit too much and after putting that pic through the skin filters it totally made it look too "plastic" lol no pun intended
  11. JTDalmationPup


    hehe thanks
  12. JTDalmationPup

    Los Angeles Boys

    im in west hollywood
  13. JTDalmationPup


    The new JTDalmation Pup dvd is available for pre-order on ebay now! Check it out: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160586762291
  14. JTDalmationPup

    Abdl University Article

    Hey Guys, Lots of stuff going on!!! So, let's catch up! *** First of all, my Yahoo messenger name is now "[email protected]". If you have Yahoo messenger, and would like to stay in touch that way, please feel free to add me and drop me a message. *** www.ABDLU.net is slowly but surely being rebuildt. As of last night, we have a new survey up and would very much appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to answer the questions posted. Your answers will assist us in the final design of the site! You may view the survey at: http://abdlu.net/survey/index.php?sid=76223&lang=en . *** "STUDENT SHARE & TELL: BABYWABBIT" DVD is now out. The DVDs started shipping as of May 18th. Be sure to grab your copy. This weekend we had the DVD on sale ($5 off regular price) to celebrate it's release. It wasn't very well publicized due to busy schedules and whatnot. So, with that, we have extended the sale price. You may purchase it at the discounted rate at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ABDL-Student-Share-Tell-Baby-Wabbit-dvd-gay-diaper-/160561011737 . The good news is that a few of you have taken time to write in some quick reviews on the DVD. Thank you!!! The DVD is just under 2 1/2 hours long and features interviews, how-to videos, home video content, slideshows and more. It does contant full nudity and sexual content! Here are two reviews that were posted onto our site: babytaylor86 6 days ago I got mine last Friday. I watched it Saturday night with a friend. There is a lot of different stuff included. As hot as some of the scenes were though, I found the interviews and question sessions the most interesting. BabyWabbit shared quite a bit of stuff that most people would be embarrassed to talk about on screen. All of it was broken up and presented in just the right way that kept me watching to see what he would do or talk about next. Although not everyone's story, some of the interview stuff could be a good thing to show certain friends or family that have learned about your lifestyle and are questioning things themselves. Now that would be one hot educational video! hehe :-p fluffypawz 6 days ago I got my copy yesterday! The DVD is really long. It is like 2 1/2 hours. But, it is really interesting. There is a lot of good information included through the interview sessions with BabyWabbit. And, there are some really hot scenes with diaper changes and stuff and a ton of cute pictures! *** "Leather & Diapers With DarkPaws" -- The LEATHER & DIAPERS dvd is available for pre-order. It is set to ship in about 2 weeks. The film has been compiled of footage provided by DarkPaws showing everything from diaper changes, Adult Baby play, bondage, leather and more. You may order your DVD at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ABDL-Leather-Diapers-DarkPaws-DVD-/160573757451 . Please take into consideration that this title is also on SALE right now as well-- marked all the way down to $12.95. The DVD features nudity and sexual content. *** YOUTUBE -- ABDLUniversity has started a new YouTube channel. Please visit it and subscribe to it. Currently we have trailers for both of the new films, some clips, and slideshows for your viewing. Please be sure to share the links, rate the clips and comment on them! Lots more stuff coming soon. You may find our YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/theabdluniversity *** TWITTER -- Please follow us on Twitter. http://www.twitter.com/abdluniversity . Twitter has been a great way for us to keep in touch with everyone. We have made several announcements on there in regards to DVD sales, upcoming events, etc. Please be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with these everyday announcements!!!
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    Your Royal Name

    Lord James Wrangler-Cascade