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  1. dldave86

    ProtoType High Chair

    Yes. I will be offering customizable designs and the ability to personalize it.
  2. dldave86

    ProtoType High Chair

    It will be flat pack ikea style. That picture is with mdf, but the final will be done with high quality baltic birch. I am planning on making it available in stained or painted colors.
  3. dldave86

    ProtoType High Chair

    I have been working on a prototype abdl high chair. let me know what you think. I am planning on selling them and would like to incorporate any other ideas you may have. The seat is 36" tall and the tray is around 46 " tall. It will have a safety belt and crotch strap for safety. It is well proportioned and really sturdy. I am also working on a 3d printed catch system for the tray.
  4. dldave86


    Babykins has good ones and the current Canadian to us exchange rate makes it a pretty good deal. I also like my babypants onesie it is nice and thick and snug. Also make sure you wash and dry them in hot water to get them shrunk down.
  5. dldave86

    Thank you admins.

    I recently found out that a certain individual was banned. Thank you admins. It felt like that individual was that negative Nancy (sorry nancys) that just brought a dark cloud to the room (or website in our case). This is a support group and not a place for trolls. So if your a troll grow a pair (of wings) and be a nice fairy. That's all. Thank you again. Now I don't feel like anything I say will be picked apart and I won't be told how I am doing it wrong.
  6. dldave86

    Bambino Hybrid Diaper

    This diaper looks great. It's a play though on an older brand diaper that was almost identical to the bianco but had a Velcro type landing zone and Velcro tabs as well as all over plastic. I loved that diaper. I hope these turn out to be a great diaper. Does anyone remember bambinos stretch tape tag blunder a few years back and the stretch tape had
  7. dldave86

    Little Paws ABU

    It looks to be pretty similar to bambinos bellisimo as far as Construction and absorbancy. As far As the price they are pretty much the same if not cheaper than the bellisimo and they have wetness indicators and all over print.
  8. dldave86

    Cooking NASA style

    They do those tests about an hour away from my home. on a cloudy overcast day cou can actually hear them. My Father in law works on the plant as an engineer and says the tests are amazing. I hope Obama can get his head out of the clouds and focus on making our nation a great nation again. Innovation and growth in technology and science come from from programs like that. When the shuttle was mothballed 90% of the employees from the plant got laid off. It really hurt a lot of people here. If you want to get a kid exited about STEM get them to a launch like that, It is awe inspiring. The next test they do i will be there in attendance. After those tests and once the area has cooled down you can actually go up the hill and find melted glass from where the sand got melted. my wife has a whole bunch of them that she calls her rocket pearls.
  9. dldave86

    Snuggies Diapers Finally Shipping!

    I have to agree with you. I have worn Abu diapers and Bambinos to bed for the last few years with very few leaks. This last week I have been wearing snuggies and it seems the plastic is super thin on the diapers shell. I have had wet spots on the sheets almost every morning I when I have worn snuggies. I have also had 2 blow out the back where the diaper split. Not fun. I hate to cover up such a great print with a plastic pant or PUL pant.
  10. dldave86


    They are an OK diaper. Not my favorite but I will order them again.
  11. I got a couple classy comfort. I don't plan on using any time soon. PM me
  12. dldave86


    These are pictures of snuggies and their packaging compared against Bambinos
  13. dldave86

    Snuggies Diapers Finally Shipping!

    OK after trying out the diapers I figured I would post my thoughts and feelings on the diapers. I will address fit, comfort, absorbancy, thickness, styling, value and perforformance. First off I typically wear a medium diaper but I can also usually fit into larges as well. I am 6'4" and weigh 185 lbs. I wear a 32-34" waisted jean and have a 36" inseam. I have an athletic build. My usual diaper is typically a medium Abu diaper they fit me well and do good on absorbancy, however I do have leaks if I flood it more than 3-4 times. I tried out the medium and large snuggies to see how they would fit my body, I was pretty happy with the fit. Snuggies diapers run on the small side of the scale. Mediums fit me good but not great. They were OK around the waist and the length of the diaper was shorter so the rise was not very high on my waist. The large on the other hand was a perfect fit. Perfect around the waist and perfect on the length so the diapers rise in my waist sat just where I like it. So as for the fit I will give the diaper a 7/10. As for the comfort of the diaper, it was good, the diaper is not to wide in the crotch. It did not make me waddle like a bambino, and it was wide enough to give proper coverage. The diaper does not clump very quickly and after walking around in a wet diaper for 6 hours there was not significant clumping. Clumping = uncomfortable. For this diaper I will rate it an 8/10. Absorbancy, this diaper in my opinion is just about right as far as absorbancy is concerned. It is a little mor absorbant than Abu cushies, but not as absorbant as bambino classiscos. On an absorbancy scale with cheap generic diapers at a 2/10 and bellisimos at a 10/10 I would give Abu diapers a 6.5 and snuggies a 7.25/10. Absorbancy is a curious thing, I can't soak Bambinos fast enough to leak before they start clumping, abuniverse diaper tend to leak just slightly before clumping. I have tried many diapers and have used them all 24/7 in my active job as a cable installer, I know what diapers work and what don't. I also drink a lot of soda, close to 70-100 oz. A day plus 20-40 oz of water a day. So keep my testing in mind. This diaper is a 7.25/10 on absorbancy. Thickness. Heads up this diaper is not thick. It is a little thinner than an abuniverse. But less bulk is more in line with better comfort. Bambino bellimos are a 9/10 on thickness Abu cushies are a 6/10 and snuggies are a 5.75/10. Styling. I love print diapers they rock. I love the styling on these diapers. It is similar to diapers that you would find in stores today, there is a slight print all over the diaper that is a background pattern. Then there are block letters and numbers and animals that are a darker and then there is the icing on the cake with the tape panel. It is colorful but not to bold. It is the best designed diaper in my opinion. The diaper is not the only thing that has a good design, the box and the packaging has also been designed with a similar pattern. (FYI the box has design on it but they turned it inside out to be discrete.) The design is the all through the diaper and packaging it is the whole enchalada as they say. I give this diaper 10/10 on the graphic design. As for Value. This diaper is similar in cost to all the other diapers in its class (abdl oriented, premium diapers) however this diaper does feel cheper. The inner lining is thinner and the outer plastic shell is thinner. Thebtapes though do feel like a quality tape. For the value of this diaper I will rate it a 5/10 as it is a more expensive diaper that is not super absorbant. And not the best performer. I would rather use an Abu diaper or a bambino diaper as an every day diaper. The last thing I would like to touch on is overall performance. This diaper is a good performer, it has standing leg cuffs, and a front and back waistband. It is absorbant enough to wear overnight or longer. the tapes are great they are wide and they stick and are restickable, bambino tapes are narrower and stick but they tend to not restick after wearing for a bit, Abu diapers stick and are restickable but are really stuck after wearing for more than a few hours. These tapes are just right, as far as width and performance. the tapes are great they are wide and they stick and are restickable, bambino tapes are narrower and stick but they tend to not restick after wearing for a bit, Abu diapers stick and are restickable but are really stuck after wearing for more than a few hours. These tapes are just right, as far as width and performance. the tapes are great they are wide and they stick and are restickable, bambino tapes are narrower and stick but they tend to not restick after wearing for a bit, Abu diapers stick and are restickable but are really stuck after wearing for more than a few hours. These tapes are just right, as far as width and performance. The tapes don't come undone. The tapes are wide and they are not to sticky, with bambino diapers if you undobtge tapes after wearing 6 hrs your can't retake them, they lose there stickiness, with abudiapers the tapes are really stuck after 6 hrs and you really need a good grip to get them off. Snuggies takes are just right. They are refastenable after 6 hrs of wear and they are not so sticky that they are difficult to remove. The diaper does not clump very quickly. My only issues that I have with this diaper is that the sizing is a little small, I would like to see it a little bit more absorbant and I would like to see the outer plastic a bit thicker.( I was wearing a medium diaper to bed and I some up in the morning and I had a quarter size hole on the back of the diaper. I dont know if it split over night or if my wife's wedding ring snagged it and ripped a hole in it. I have not split the back out of many diapers. I have worn thousands of diapers and I have maybe split the back out in 3 individual diapers. I have not had this problem yet with the 5 larges i have worn and I have only worn 1 medium so far.) Take it for what its worth. As a comparison i would guve bambino diapers a 8/10 abu cushies an 8.5/10. I will give this diaper a 6/10 for performance. The last thing that needs to be rated is customer support. I have never had any isues with any diaper vendor. So I can't say what this would be compared to anybody else. Only time will tell on this aspect. Overall I like this diaper. Is is absorbant enough, the tapes stick well, the design us awesome, and the comfort is good. I have 2 kids and right now my 2 year old is in diapers, it feels like these diapers were really designed after real baby diapers. They feel like real baby diapers, they smell like real baby diapers they wear like real baby diapers. Thank you snuggies for a great product. I would like to thank all manufactures who great quality products for such a niche market. I know it is not any easy thing to do. Thank you for supporting us with our wants and needs.
  14. dldave86

    WARNING: ABUniverse may have possibly closed

    Thats good news. I love ABuniverse Diapers.
  15. dldave86

    Snuggies Diapers Finally Shipping!

    I think this brand needs to be pinned.