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  1. Pudding

    Change Inc. (One-shot)

    It tends to be a perspective favored by those looking for an immersive and self referential experience <3 I had fun writing it!
  2. Pudding

    Small Frosty (Ch. 44 up!)

    I hope you're recovering! ;_; We do write sweet stories too!
  3. Pudding

    Small Frosty (Ch. 44 up!)

    It should make you ethically uncomfortable, because Ginger is being pretty rough and stuff, *but* I promise there's a payoff.
  4. Pudding

    Project Calibeen: Velvet (ch.27~)

    I only come up with good names!! That's why my Fursona's name is Cotton!
  5. Pudding

    Project Calibeen: Velvet (ch.27~)

    Lemon is a very good name you shut ur mouth!!
  6. Pudding

    Project Calibeen: Lottie

    Thank you so much for the detailed review and I am so glad we were able to reach out and touch your heart like that! Lottie has always been such a close to my heart story and I'm so happy that you loved it so much
  7. Pudding

    Project Calibeen: Lottie

    I will yell at her to finish posting it
  8. Pudding

    Sophie & Pudding Commissions!

    I can't seem to receive PM's here for some reason, so you can always use the email above! <333
  9. Pudding

    Project Calibeen: Lottie

    Welcome to the team!
  10. Pudding

    Too many abandon stories

    I get so sad when a story goes unfinished, as well! I get invested and attached to characters as tho they're family - there's this WONDERFUL story called Project Phoenix that has this amazing sense of mystery and intrigue, awesome characters, and then... no ending. Ahhh! (tbh I feel so gratified knowing we're doing Baby Luvs justice!)
  11. Pudding

    Project Calibeen: Lottie

    We'll try to be back on schedule as soon as we can! If you absolutely can't wait, the completed PDF/ePub *is* available on our Patreon ^^ Thanks so much for loving our work!
  12. Pudding

    Project Calibeen: Lottie

    If you use Google Chrome, there's an official extention called High Contrast that lets you toggle per-site color changes to help with stuff like that For example, in inverted mode, our posts would look like this ^^ iono if that could help you or not~
  13. Pudding

    Equality Through Diapers, Ch 12

    I think it's on the $10 tier and you can come and hang out on our discord and stuff? I'm on my phone so it's a pain in the butt to check XD ALSO THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! As for the issue with the girls already being incontinent; that's not too big an issue because there are emotions and feelings that can come with further things and situations. What you did with the regression in the Play Pen was a great example, but there're other really little things too that can help - for example, they're incontinent, right? Well, to an incontinent diaper girl, being deprived of her diapers would be a great punishment and motivator. So if there were an incontinent Diaper Girl for example, a troublemaker, that begrudgingly accepted her lot in life, but didn't celebrate it the way that Diaper Girls are expected to, breaking her emotions down by having her wind up having to beg for diapers could be really compelling. Another angle you can take is fixation, addiction, preoccupation - just because a girl is incontinent and in diapers doesn't mean she'll like it, it could just be a utilitarian thing to her (an issue I think you've had,) and the kind of training and emotions involved in making her see this as more than an article of clothing, and even something to be proud of? Well that kinda stuff is fun! I like your Japan idea, too; the notion of super richly steeped traditional countries and how they cope with things. Or even yet, the idea of heavily male-centric cultures where the females may have decided to follow the path of transformation for their males, but, they hold Diaper Girls in a higher social status as a remnant from their past society. Fun to ponder~
  14. Pudding

    Equality Through Diapers, Ch 12

    So as we all know, I'm a total slut for a good worldspace. And I love yours! It's super creative, if at times a little inconsistent. But thats how world building can get; it runs away with you at times! I do think the grammar issues are concerning; not story ruiningly so, but enough to keep me from having my hand in my knickers the entire time... mostly. I think everybody should be reading this, and I hope if you can maybe get a proofreader (we do actually offer it as a service via our Patreon, and I know others do, too, if you need it!) because I think this has so much spirit and potential to be hampered by shaky grammar. Jus' my thoughts. I love it. Keep it up!
  15. Pudding

    Project Calibeen: Lottie

    Thank you for the lovely words!! We know that Lottie is a little more inaccessible due to it being kind of a sweet tale, but having fans is lovely!