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  1. Sophie & Pudding Collaborative Captions!

    Crossing the Line! Thanks again to all our supporters, here's another little peak at what we've been doing on our Patreon!
  2. Okay but where is more?? I'm caught up now and where is more?! *stomps foot, bangs pots together* Selfie! I demand answers! I want *more* why are you making us wait I am a good person ;_;
  3. Untrained

    Core-lay. And Emme is Em-May.
  4. Untrained

    One word for you, Els: OT3
  5. Untrained

    Call's name is short for Callmemaybe. It's a name with a rich and storied history, dating back to the age of the Nords and Sin'dorei.
  6. Untrained

    See? We can write boys
  7. Kit 'n' Kenzie

    A lot of trans girls do sexuality without skin on skin genital contact ^^ its pretty common tbh.
  8. Kit 'n' Kenzie

    I'd like to say we use our 3D feature of our TV often, but we honestly don't >.<!
  9. Sophie & Pudding Collaborative Captions!

    I'm so glad you're liking them! We try to balance the themes of sweet and cute, dark and kinky, and all in between, because we know that there're a lot of really varied tastes in this community. And yes, trust me when I tell you that I feel your pain about wanting more; I want to write more!! But we limit ourselves to six posts, and we're pretty decent at sticking to that... mostly. I'm putting up another sweet and cute one in a little bit; Goodnites & Lamplites. You'll have seen it on the Patreon already tho!
  10. Kit 'n' Kenzie

    A brief notice here for our lovely readers! Most of you already know about it from our Patreon, but we've recently began creating caption-style stories and would love to know what you think! I put up a thread over here if you'd like to give us feedback, or otherwise feel free to check our Patreon and Tumblr ♥︎
  11. These are two of the caption-style stories we've been working on for our fans over on our Patreon & our Tumblr! They're one-off scene stories with images picked out and contributed to us from our fans on those sites, and as well as contributing pictures, we offer caption commissions as well as further Patreon supporter exclusives! As always, the vast majority of our work is free, and we'll endeavor to post our free captions here as well as on our tumblr, and our patreon, as well. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! And please let us know if you like this kind of stuff.
  12. Okay so the Interlude chapter was like the cutest thing have ever read! Like, that was simply adorable and lovely and wonderful, and I am so cross with you young lady because you haven't posted anything new since then! Seriously, everybody should be reading this o_o
  13. Kit 'n' Kenzie

    Definitely! She's a soaking wet baby~
  14. Kit 'n' Kenzie

    We appreciate your support so much!
  15. This is, without a doubt, one of the best stories on the site imo ♥︎ I adore Val, and the back and forth between her and Bridget is one of the most charming and addictive story elements for me right now.