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  1. ...wearing one of my four RearZ medium gauze nighttime cloth diapers that I've had on since yesterday. Don't use them for their purpose though, so far love 'em nice & dry. Do wet disposables once in a great while when the urge hits. Been to a movie, three restaurants & drove the mother-in-law around half the day. Was a great feeling.
  2. ...you could have also told her sometimes boating makes you seasick & gives you diarrhea and a diaper prevents the mess(well, contains the mess lets say).
  3. ...no friggin doubt she was skeptical, get her out of that newspaper diaper & get her some super soft comfy cloth diapers and she'll be "changed" forever!!!
  4. ...I don't wet or mess my cloth diapers, but that's just me, but I love 2 full wine glasses of Bailey's Irish Cream w/Salted Caramel. Knocks me out the minute my head hits the pillow for a good diapered 11hr sleep!!!!!
  5. ...whose going to send a pic of themselves in their "best" baby attire? Maybe we should just flood the corporate office with our pics, LOL, LOL. Sorry, couldn't help myself, getting ready for bed and have a had a few drinks. I need another diaper before I go to bed, LOL!!!
  6. ...kinda like my Facebook page. Now all I'll I see are f'kin diaper ads. And I've never ever once searched anything relating to diapers or ABDL while on Facebook.
  7. ....exactly, that's what I liked about them. No fancy prints, no color leak detector stripe, just a nice, plain white disposable 2 tape no leg gatherers, exactly like the first '70s Pampers. Putting two or three of them on was great!!!
  8. ...loved Green Acres. Some people didn't understand the humor, but I thought it was great. Oliver, Mr. Haney, Eb, Mr. Drucker, Zsa-Zsa Gabor were all great!!!
  9. ...I wouldn't wear it cause I wear mainly cloth 98% of the time, LOL. Only wet a disposable once in awhile when in the mood.
  10. ...I wear an adult "mommy's training pants" pant or a medium gauze contour diaper under my gym shorts when I do my spin classes or the bike in the exercise area. It just got me a few looks from some women, but I don't mind that, LOL.
  11. ...great story!!! Wish she was my wife!!! I'd have real fun with a young lady like that!!!
  12. ...Stark county, just west of Canton. Been up through Mogadore many, many times. Use to live in Ellet '84-'88 off of Albretch Ave.
  13. ...love those "pinked edged" cloth diapers, especially Curity ones!!! Great to see another Ohio cloth diaper baby here, welcome!!!
  14. ...yeah, it may be, but I came three times reading it a few times. LOL!!! I'd love to "meet" Lisa!!!!!
  15. .....don't think I've been to a Taco Bell in 20yrs or more. Too many other good taco places around my area to go to one.